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00:24crib2>Whatdup all I got xawtv working!
00:24crib2>Had to add the fonts from the fontpack
00:25crib2>and had to add v4l to the #modules section of XF86Config
00:25crib2>but i'm having some color problems
00:25crib2>would anyone who has US Cable and NTSC be willing to send me a copy of their .xawtv file?
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01:10crib2>figured it out: adjust color in xawtv by right clicking and adjusting!
01:10crib2>night all
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01:17vax>next door
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02:11meth>when program guide trys to connect to back end i get..
02:11meth>2003-12-17 02:10:51 ReadStringList timeout (quick).
02:11meth>QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
02:11meth>2003-12-17 02:10:51 Error writing stringlist
02:11meth>mysql and backend are started, mysql has proper tables and data
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02:43*meth trys -r1
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03:11Netslayer>this is odd, when there is a lot of motion or scene change the picture kind of ripples. It's not interlacing, i have that off, it's always near the middle like an image tear, but only for a split second
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03:16meth>man wth
03:16meth>2003-12-17 03:16:19 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)
03:16meth>2003-12-17 03:16:23 ReadStringList timeout (quick).
03:16meth>QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
03:16meth>2003-12-17 03:16:23 Error writing stringlist
03:16meth>Connection to backend server lost
03:16meth>recompiled -r1
03:16meth>still fails to connect
03:19meth>screw it ima install .12
03:19meth>apparently problems with .13 like this on gentoo
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03:41meth>oh joy .12 doesnt work either
03:41meth>but no errors atleast
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04:17meth>now it can connect to the program guide and populate data
04:17meth>tv fails to load
04:17meth>no errors
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04:25hardwired>good morning
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04:26hardwired>tach auch
04:27hardwired>while we're at it... sfr, how do you do a mythfilldatabase in germany?
04:27*hardwired is reading about a python script for de and at which sound pretty promising
04:28sfr>hardwired: i'm using bukschs tvmovie grabber <-- a python script
04:29hardwired>ah, yes. i am looking at that right now. should be easily adaptable to ch
04:29sfr>hardwired: is nxtvepg working in ch? i used it in the past
04:30hardwired>dunno... up to now i skipped the whole tv part and concentrated to get the rest of myth working
04:31meth>grr put in my zip code in setup and it freezes
04:31meth>get 4 numbers in and bam
04:31*meth finds the table
04:32hardwired>what sort of powersaving are you using? apm? acpi? none?
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04:32sfr>hardwired: none
04:32hardwired>mmkay. my box gets awfully hot even when idle
04:33hardwired>and it's jammed into the hifi rack, so i dunno if it will live long if it's turned on for days
04:36meth>what table is the zipcode stored in
04:36sfr>not sure, but i think so
04:37meth>ya not there
04:37meth>to bad the frontend locks up when i add it
04:37Rule>It doesn't
04:37Rule>probably :)
04:38meth>it does
04:38meth>my zip is 47401, i get to 4740 and it stops
04:38meth>cant do anything
04:38meth>gotta ctrlc it
04:39Rule>I know nothing about the US postal codes :) are they always 5 digits ?
04:40meth>gah does it even store the postal code
04:40Rule>it might just use it to fill the database
04:40Rule>no need to keep it around I guess
04:40meth>tho that should be stored in tv_grab_na.conf
04:41Rule>passed to tv_grab_na maybe ? is there an option ?
04:41Rule>hehe be happy that you have xmltv support :) I have to fill an xml file with the program info and import it :)
04:42meth>ya im glad xmltv works
04:42meth>hell im glad its still free
04:42meth>im just amazed that i got mythtv to work on redhat and in 6months ive not once gotten tv to work on gentoo
04:43Rule>didn't take me 6 months on debian...
04:43meth>ya but gentoo > debian
04:45meth>how do i remove a source
04:46meth>do you know
04:46meth>video source
04:46Rule>not sure. tried in the settings ?
04:46meth>no option to del
04:47meth>i love it
04:47meth>asshat mythtv # mythtv
04:47meth>connecting to backend server:
04:47meth>fuck it
04:47meth>almost 5am ive had enuf lol
04:48meth>back to watching tv with shitty tvtime w/ 2 speakers
04:49Rule>started mythbackend ? :)
04:49meth>i went back to myth .12 too
04:49Rule>eek :)
04:49meth>cause apparently the qt changes in .13 are fucked
04:49meth>doesnt like me
04:49Rule>going back didn't work well for me, unless you start with clean db
04:50meth>ya i redid the db just now
04:50meth>programguide doesnt work cause it has no channels
04:50sfr>meth: local frontend? there's been a fix applied to cvs for similar problems afair
04:50meth>but the tv portion never worked
04:50meth>with chans ant not
04:50meth>sfr, with -r1 as wlel.. still borked
04:50meth>compiled and installed still failed
04:50meth>.12 fails
04:50meth>thats what its called in portage
04:50meth>its .13 with the patch
04:50Rule>-r1 he means the dbase upgrade fix I guess
04:51sfr>there was another change in cvs
04:51sfr>Rule: the one on the website?
04:51Rule>I don't know for sure, I think so :) I don;t run gentoo
04:52meth>well i dont get why mythtv starts and says connecting and sits at a black screen
04:52meth>even before i went back to .12
04:52meth>everything was setup correctly
04:52hardwired>the -r1 in gentoo was purely a fix for the tv stuff mentionen on the myth website
04:52sfr>meth: often a black screen is related to audio problems
04:53meth>audio works fine for me
04:53Rule>that's one for the quotes really :)
04:53meth>in tvtime atleast
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04:53sfr>Rule: which one? ;)
04:53sfr>meth: did you run the xawtv/aplay test?
04:54Rule>"often a black screen is related to audio problems"
04:54meth>i get a pink screen with xawtv
04:54Rule>just looks funny :)
04:54meth>aplay works
04:54sfr>meth: hm, it's a long time ago but sounds familiar
04:54meth>o well
04:55sfr>^^ pink screen
04:55meth>ima remove it
04:55meth>start fresh tomorrow
04:55Rule>I got a pink screen on the epia tvout once
04:55Rule>if you're using that hardware :)
04:56meth>im using a basic ati tv-wonder ve
04:56meth>tvtime works fine
04:56meth>freevo i think even worked
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04:57meth>ya freevo of all things plays tv fine
04:57meth>tho it doesnt record
04:57sfr>HA 'freevo works fine'
04:57sfr>Rule: another quote
04:58meth>wowo freevo giving better quality then tvtime
04:58Rule>hmm even "cat" can record :P
04:58meth>i just want mythtv
04:58meth>i goto sleep watching tv and thinking about all the shows i could be recording
04:58meth>mainly that on on comedy central
04:58sfr>nothing against freevo, i never tried it. thanks to mdz debs i started with myth
04:58meth>what is it called
04:58meth>the cartoon where they make fun of hollywood
04:59Rule>some people dream about world piece... good thing you're realistic and don't aim too high
04:59meth>i started with mythtv for a pvr thing
04:59meth>after a few days got it to work on redhat
04:59meth>but ive not once gotten anything close to working on gentoo with mythtv
04:59meth>and it puzzles me
05:00hardwired>it works pretty good here. some issues tho.
05:00meth>on gentoo?
05:00meth>what you have to do to set it up, anything special?
05:01meth>i emerge it, mythsetup, mythfilldatabase
05:01meth>well add mysql tables
05:01meth>im gonna stick to .12
05:01meth>i dont get qt errors with it
05:01hardwired>i had use the right kernel version so i could apply lirc patches
05:02meth>lirc for the kernel or myth
05:02meth>my lirc works fine
05:02hardwired>and change some settings in myth between unpack and merge
05:02hardwired>oh yes? what version? and what kernel version?
05:02meth>im off
05:02meth>i cant deal with this lol
05:02Rule>I like the sound of the KnopMyth thing
05:02meth>newest lirc
05:02hardwired>ah, ok then, i use vanilla .22
05:03meth>ah hehe
05:03meth>ya ive been on gamings since day 1
05:03meth>started with r-3 i think
05:03meth>-r3 even
05:03meth>im off
05:03meth>ill be back in 10hrs to fuck with this crap again
05:03meth>hopefully it decides to work for me
05:03hardwired>Rule: indeed. very promising. but with the current ivtv mess, i think it's impossible for them to make an all-working system
05:03hardwired>at least right now
05:05Rule>what mess ?
05:06Rule>surely they can just merge patches :)
05:07hardwired>heh, sure they can, but it's time consuming to track them all, and i also read that some don't work together (that tarball that is floating around works for that M1xx card, but not for the 350 or so i read)
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05:18hardwired>oh sweet. the local cable tv provider has a frequency list by zip code
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08:15dja>o_cee - you around?
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08:33o_c>2 minutes..
08:34o_c>exam tomorrow, trying to study ;)
08:35marc>if you need today, you're not prepared ;-)
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09:55Zeran>hey all
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10:06Zeran>any pvr350 users here today?
10:07sfr>only the rec part
10:07Zeran>oh cool
10:07Zeran>do you guys use the tv out part of it?
10:08Zeran>do you know if there is any way to adjust the colour/brightness/etc on it?
10:08Zeran>my 350 output is incredibly.. red
10:08marc>mmmh. mine is quite fine.
10:08marc>I would presume the test_ioctl could do that
10:08Zeran>mine may be adjusted incorrectly
10:08marc>or your TV set
10:08Zeran>Well, the TV itself looks fine on a normal signal :)
10:08Zeran>and on the myth GUI, etc
10:09Zeran>(also sent via the tv out)
10:09Zeran>but mpeg output is very red
10:09marc>take a look at what test_ioctl -Y says
10:09Zeran>I thought test_ioctl was for the encoder?
10:09marc>well, yes. that's a point. but if you encode in balanced colors... that helps.
10:10Zeran>I've checked the recordings on another PC.. the colours seem to be fine there
10:10Zeran>its just when they are decoded & output by the pvr that they show up all red
10:10Zeran>very weird
10:10marc>i can see that
10:10sfr>i think it should also work via myth itself, the F1-F8 should do that, but see keys.txt for more
10:10Zeran>well, I know ivtv driver has APIs for setting brightness, saturation, etc
10:10Zeran>but I dont know how to get myth to use them
10:11Zeran>(APIs for setting them on the decoder, I mean)
10:11sfr>i never used tv-out on the pvr350 yet
10:11Zeran>its very good
10:11Zeran>except for the redness :)
10:12Zeran>negligable CPU use, very stable picture..
10:12Zeran>no overscan related issues or anything
10:12Zeran>mind you I can't compare to much as I've never used another kind of TV out with myth
10:12Zeran>but using TV out on other cards in the past (geforce cards mostly), it seems much cleaner on the pvr
10:14Zeran>so marc you have never had cause to adjust the tv out colour settings?
10:15marc>no, not really.
10:15marc>just comparing direct signal vs time shifted as we speak
10:15marc>it's spot on
10:16Zeran>thats why I am assuming (hoping) some setting is screwed up that I can then adjust :)
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11:06sfr>hm, i think i found a frontend bug. only with entering mythmusic the frontend will still connect to the backend when exiting mythfrontend. i don't think it should do so just for leaving mythfrontend.
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11:11sfr>for compensation, i fixed the segfault when the mp3 encoder was unable to write mp3 data. ;)
11:24Crib>whaddup sfr
11:24Crib>i figured out most of my crap last night, xaw working
11:25sfr>hi Crib
11:25Crib>regarding that font error when starting xaw
11:25Crib>the bytesex guy has a font pack on his page
11:25Crib>install that and you're good
11:26sfr>strange, i didn't need them on debian.
11:26Crib>what kernel
11:26sfr>a wolk kernel based on 2.4.20
11:27Crib>huh...i have 2.4.22
11:27Crib>how did you install xawtv
11:27Crib>.deb or tarball?
11:27sfr>apt-get install xawtv . but i use a wolk kernel
11:27Crib>what the hell is that
11:28sfr>iirc working overloaded kernel. basically _lots_ of patches
11:29Crib>you better let me look that up
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11:29Crib>i don't even know what iirc is
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11:30sfr>if i remember correctly. you need jargon/dict
11:30Crib>is that a program
11:30sfr>yes, so jargon iirc or dict iirc would tell you more
11:31Crib>so i could bullshit better in IRC...awesome
11:31Crib>I'm looking at the sourceforge wolk page.
11:32Crib>I'm not sure I understand the point of it.
11:34sfr>the point is not to have to apply different patches by hand. which can get difficult if they conflict with each other. it's all included in one big patch already.
11:35Crib>are we talking patches for kernel or for applications
11:36sfr>for the kernel.
11:37Crib>OK, i'm really new to linux so this is difficult for me to understand...i'm a win2k sysadmin...I can't conceive of Microsoft realeasing different patches for Windows 2000 server which conflict with each other.
11:38GreyFoxx>Well partially that would be due to one single entity, aka Microsoft, creating all patches which are applied to the OS
11:39GreyFoxx>but if you had 2 people or 10 people that all make their own individual custom patch to do something it wouldn't be too hard for conflicts to arise
11:40sfr>but it can happen if two independent projects start work based on an official kernel, say 2.4.20 and release their s/w as a patch to that kernel. if both projects modify the same 'area' of the kernel to make their software work you cannot use both at the same time (not without sorting out the conflicing parts that is)
11:40Crib>s/w = software?
11:40GreyFoxx>Unless you can integrate them yourself
11:41sfr>Crib: yes
11:41Crib>ok, so this could be two projects that want to use iptables for example
11:41sfr>not use iptables but maybe extend its functionality, yes.
11:42Crib>right...dick with the underlying iptables stuff in some way
11:42Crib>you guys are good, this actually makes sense
11:43GreyFoxx>So company A: adds or changes a part of Function Y in order to make their product work. But Company B also makes their own patch that modifies Y in a different way and then you end up with a conflict :)
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11:44Crib>My only question is how the hell does WOLK sort that crap out? That would include it would seem some sort of calculus of what projects are worth reconciling even
11:44Crib>and then the actual work must be insane
11:45Crib>so if you run wolk, you only have to get wolk patches...but then you have to keep up on what projects & combinations of projects wolk supports...whoa!
11:45GreyFoxx>Personally I use a vanilla custom compiled kernel. So I wouldn't know :)
11:45GreyFoxx>Sometimes I'll play with the ac patches, but 99% of the time it's the vanilla kernel
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11:46sfr>exactly, many people are happy with a stock kernel.
11:46Crib>GreyFoxx: That is what I I only have to keep up with patches relating to my kernel and the services I run, right?
11:47GreyFoxx>The services you run definately, or at least any that are reachable from outside your box. As for the kernel I only believe in upgrading for a reason. Either because of a security concern, a bugfix or improved functionality
11:47Crib>sfr: Do you use wolk because it makes you more stable, secure, or because it makes your life less complicated.
11:47GreyFoxx>Except for MythTV since I upgrade that every couple days :)
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11:48Crib>I have learned SO much linux in the last couple weeks trying to build a myth box. I think linux projects should come with a difficulty rating.
11:48sfr>Crib: more secure (i lean towards paranoia :)) and less complicated, e.g. the v4l2 is already included in wolk
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11:49Crib>I feel like I've been to hell just getting xawtv to display tv...I still don't have sound in KDE, and I can't get xawtv to capture frames hehe
11:49GreyFoxx>With time it will be second nature. Trust me :)
11:50sfr>Crib: in generall you should pick a distro with which your friends are already familiar with.
11:50Crib>sfr: how much time do you have to spend keeping up with what is in seems as though the documentation in individual projects doesn't address wolk compatibility specifically.
11:50Crib>sfr: I have no linux friends :(
11:51sfr>Crib: i haven't updated my kernel for a few month now.
11:51Crib>It's been a good experience...expanding my global perpsective...learning more about Windows in some ways.
11:51sfr>Crib: which distro are you using now?
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11:53Crib>sfr: you said earlier "i didn't need them on debian" how can you say you run debian if you run a wolk kernel...
11:53sfr>not sure if it's the right one for a 'beginner'. i use Debian and some say, as a beginner pick a distro that your friends know and if you want know more about the internals later, look at debian.
11:53Crib>the difference between kernel & distro is something i'm unclear on
11:53janek>Crib: you can install any kernel you want on any distro, pretty much ;)
11:53sfr>Crib: the kernel is what makes all user software run. it's not tight to a specific distro
11:53janek>in fact in theory you could completely turn one distro into another by replacing bits of it one at a time
11:54GreyFoxx>A Distrobution is a collection of utilities that a company packages with a a Kernel
11:54Crib>sfr: I'm not a total beginner...I used redhat 8 for a while after it came out but the rpm crap pissed me off after a while.
11:54Peitolm>can mythtv use any output plugins ala mplayer?
11:54janek>a distro is basically just a particular packaging of the kernel together with the system scripts and applications, and a way to install it all and update it
11:54Crib>It's no fun when an rpm doesn't work, and basically every time i wanted an app. i spent all this time hunting down the rpm.
11:54sfr>Peitolm: what kind of plugins?
11:54Crib>Then i realized it wasn't much harder to just install the tarball
11:55Peitolm>sfr output plugins (like um, mga_vid or sdl or whatever
11:55Crib>janek: thx
11:55janek>not much harder to install, but harder to keep track of what you installed and where ;)
11:55GreyFoxx>I never use prepackaged binaries. personally I prefer to compile most everything manually
11:55Peitolm>the non-xv stuff is quite slow, even my 1800XP can't handle it, it's fine with sdl though
11:55Crib>janek: that makes sense, i have no idea how I would install a raw linux kernel...actually i think i could
11:55GreyFoxx>I usually do a minimal Distro install and then compile most everything manually
11:55Crib>that would be hard
11:56Crib>i would have to start with a linux boot disk and fdsik
11:56sfr>Peitolm: well myth itself only does the tv for which Xvideo is used. dvd /video playback is left to an external player like mplayer, xine.
11:56Crib>holy crap that would be like digging a grave with a hand shovel
11:56janek>Crib: actually installing a kernel that you compiled from the official kernel source is surprisingly easy, easier than most applications that you compile yourself as it doesn't have that many dependencies
11:56Crib>janek: i roll my own kernels
11:56GreyFoxx>Crib: I'm acontrol freak. I want stuff where Iwant it and compiled with my specific options
11:57janek>ah, I see what you mean, install linux without the aid of a distro... there are people that do that also, see "Linux from Scratch"
11:57GreyFoxx>And honestly it doesn't take very long if you know what you are doing
11:57Crib>i emerge or compile from source
11:57Crib>no rpms or binary packages here :)
11:57Crib>rpms break
11:57GreyFoxx>A buddy of mine made his own that we used for a while called Navi
11:57janek>useful if you want to know exactly what you installed, and how it all fits together... (but more of an educational experience than anything else I think)
11:57GreyFoxx>I'd do up the compile scripts and init scripts and they'd end up in the next version
11:57sfr>Crib: debs don't ;)
11:58Crib>sfr: i didn't know that.
11:58janek>well, debs can break too if you mess around with experimental packages (well the debs don't break, but you can get strange dependency problems), but then I'd expect the same would be true with gentoo
11:59GreyFoxx>Crib: In the end it all comes down to what you get comfortable using and how much effort you are willing to put in :)
11:59Crib>i'm pretty happy with gentoo so far actually, much happier than with redhat
11:59sfr>sure, as a Debian beginner one should stay away from experimental and unstable anyway
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12:00GreyFoxx>Crib: And it's fun to watch people get into Distro wars :) "My dad can beat your dad up" type stuff :)
12:01Crib>i don't really care for that...i guess i don't know enough about any other distro than the ones i've used
12:01sfr>Chutt: for reference: hm, i think i found a frontend bug. only with entering mythmusic the frontend will still connect to the backend when exiting mythfrontend. i don't think it should do so just for leaving mythfrontend.
12:01GreyFoxx>It's fun to watch because most people who get REALLY into it and all red faced usually don't know what they are talking about :)
12:02Peitolm>sfr yeah, it's the playback of the mpeg2 recordings that were causing the problem, mplayer -vo sdl was happyish (60% CPU)
12:02sfr>mpeg2? recorded off a pvr card?
12:02Crib>Hey I have an interesting question. After I got xawtv working last night and did the channel scan thing, I was flipping channels, playing with color adjustments and whatnot and I came across THE PORN CHANNEL
12:02%Netsplit over, joins: nchip
12:02Crib>It is scrambled of course, but it seemed to come through better than on the TV
12:03Crib>I'm curious if there is software for decoding scrambled broadcasts?
12:03sfr>how to decode it? *greedy_green*
12:03Crib>It has to be possible...
12:03sfr>grin, whats green got to do with it.
12:03Crib>I mean it is a computer right? Computers can do anything :)
12:04GreyFoxx>There might very well be software. Depends on the scrambling. They usually just play with the horizontal/vertical sync and leave all audio in tact
12:04GreyFoxx>But I've never actually tried to play with any of them
12:04Crib>sfr knows more than he's telling...
12:04sfr>Crib there was a scrambled channel like this here in the past. and many used a special s/w to watch it without paying. but they changed the encryption recently
12:05Peitolm>sfr, yeah, PVR350, on a remote backend, i'd love to have a hardware decode in the box, but
12:05Crib> you're saying you need a pvr350 to do the initial decode so you can harness the power of the cpu for descrambling, right?
12:06sfr>Peitolm: why can't you use Xvideo on the frontend then. Myth really prefers Xvideo i think.
12:06Crib>oh sry
12:06Crib>wrong thread
12:07+martman [] joined #mythtv
12:07Peitolm>sfr because Xvideo relies on the graphics card drivers supporting Xvideo, and the matrox ones don't on the second head (TVOUT)
12:07Crib>sfr: i want to know more about stealing cable hehe
12:08sfr>Crib: sorry, i've never done it myself.
12:08martman>sorry for sounding alittle insane, are there any usb hdtv tunners out there that will work with myth/linux?
12:08martman>so of the mini itx look nice
12:08sfr>Peitolm: i have a matrox card set up and working. You have to setup the framebuffer console and tell X to use that.
12:09Peitolm>martman, most mini-itx will fit a hardwarae card
12:09Crib>sfr: no worries :) if it's out there I'll find it.
12:09+Zeran [] joined #mythtv
12:09Peitolm>sfr oo, i couldn't get that to work, which matrox are you using?
12:09martman>Peitolm yeah, i know. but id like to have picture in picture and the one im looking at only has 1 pci
12:09Peitolm>martman, ah
12:09Zeran>hey guys
12:09martman>yeah, complicates things alittle
12:09sfr>Peitolm: a Marvel G400, basically a G400 with on-board tuner
12:09Zeran>anyone know how to post to the myth dev list? I assume I gotta use email?
12:10Peitolm>martman, remote main picture, and overlay from local board
12:10Peitolm>Zeran, pardon??? a) you need to subscribe b) you need to subscribe c) look on the website, subscription details are on there
12:11Zeran>ahh.. d) thanks
12:11martman>Peitolm not a bad idea, how could i pull something like that off? switching my tv from normal line to mythbox with one remote
12:11Peitolm>sfr could you email me a copy of your X config, along with the matroxset and fbset commands you use? (or even put them on a webopage
12:11Peitolm>martman learning remote?
12:11martman>but what would switch the signals?
12:11Peitolm>martman, i think i'm missing something,..
12:12sfr>Peitolm: a webpage, but that's where i got mine from. Joking, what's your mail address
12:12martman>lol, i think i am Peitolm
12:12martman>Peitolm i was thinking, i have a cable line, tv and myth
12:12martman>Peitolm have some kind of switych going
12:12martman>so when i want to watch one thing and record another the myth box gets its own cable
12:12Peitolm>i see
12:12martman>and mmy tv gets a seperate cable line
12:13martman>and id need something to switch the coax around for me
12:13martman>but not sure how to pull that off
12:13martman>or if thats what you were thinking
12:13Peitolm>why? have the cable feed going into two mythbackends
12:13Peitolm>s'what i'm going to do
12:13martman>lol, 2 boxes?!
12:14martman>that would be nice and nerdy but not enough cash for that
12:14martman>would be kind of kool though...
12:14martman>myth cluster :)
12:15Peitolm>martman, i shudder to think and how much \xA3\xA3 i'm going to be spending on hardware for myth over the next couple of months
12:15martman>lol, yeah. thats just with normal stuff too! what about hdtv stuff
12:15Crib>peitolm: do you have the basic s yet?
12:15martman>thats what im worried about
12:15martman>and weather linux will support the hdtv stuff
12:16Peitolm>Crib, i have one mythbackend, 1x120gig drive
12:16martman>could be fun :)
12:16Crib>basics: box & cheap card
12:16Peitolm>pvr-350 in the master backend
12:16Crib>peitolm: and you're going to spend more, damn
12:16Peitolm>going to build a raidded NFS box for storage, buy a Hush-itx for the front room, a 250, or a 350 for that
12:17Crib>what is a hush-itx
12:17Peitolm>and then look at seeing if i can get a feed from the sattelite dish outside my window
12:17martman>thats what i want too, seperate data storgae box
12:17Crib>you guys are insane
12:17martman>but im still going tro give the mini alot of hdd space for encoding for tv
12:17Peitolm>hush-technologies mini-itx silent, box,
12:17martman>and have the server for movies and a long term storage....
12:18Crib>*shakes head
12:18Crib>i need a better job iguess
12:18martman>lol, im still debating on raid 2(maybe its 3...) or a 0+1
12:18Peitolm>Crib, yeah, i'm doing consultancy to buy these toys
12:18Peitolm>martman, software raid 5
12:18martman>i think 0+1 would be easier and no rebuild time....
12:18Crib>actually right now, i think i'd be elated and feel like i'd just finished a marathon if i could just get myth working!
12:18Peitolm>going for 6x120gig drives :)
12:19Crib>it's that awesome huh, that once you get it working you want to expand it hehe
12:19martman>Peitolm o, thanks. can never keep them straight....
12:19martman>Peitolm what about rebuild time?
12:19Peitolm>martman, you could have raid 2 and raid 3 if you wanted, they all do different things
12:19Peitolm>martman, what rebuild time
12:19Peitolm>if a drive dies, a drive dies
12:19martman>umm, isnt 5 where it mirrors and strips
12:19Peitolm>i'll take the whole array offline whilst it rebuilts
12:20Peitolm>martman, nope
12:20Crib>God this is straight lunatic fringe shit
12:20Peitolm>stripeis 0, mirror is 1 a mirrored par of stripes is 1 +0
12:20Peitolm>raid 2 is some wierd propreitry stuff
12:20Peitolm>raid 3 is similar
12:21martman>i was thinking 1+0 just so theres no rebuild time. is it that bad(rebuilding)?
12:21martman>havnt heard much, just that with hardware it can take awhile...
12:21Peitolm>raid for is parity with dedicated drives, raid 5 is distrubeted parity
12:21Peitolm>martman rebuild times are a function of speed of cpu and dries
12:22Peitolm>obviously the way you raid has an impact, but i'm not sure how they rank
12:22martman>o, ok. cant be that bad then
12:22Peitolm>i'm aiming for maximum useable space, with resilience
12:22martman>Peitolm anychance you have a idea for my 1 pci slot problem?
12:22Peitolm>your 1+0 will give you 1/2 the total disk space, with a fair chunk of cpu usage
12:23Peitolm>martman, um, nope, other than another mythbox,
12:23martman>really? it will need alot of cpu time for file copies?
12:23=Zeran [] quit ()
12:23martman>harware raid is probally out, so this is either a software raid or some kind of quick script ill do
12:24Peitolm>martman, will,for every file write, it has to be written twice
12:24martman>yeah, but disk io is cpu intensive?
12:24Peitolm>you could have 2 striped raid sets, and write only to one, then have a background rsync process
12:24Peitolm>disk io on ide is, scsi is less so, a lot depends on the speed of the processor,
12:25Peitolm>i recommend you read the software-raid HOWTO on
12:25martman>lol, probally going to be a 1.3 ghz duron...i cant get many decent used comps around here so ill just get a cheap one from tigerdirect
12:25martman>cpu and mobo is like $100
12:27martman>so no usb tunners are supported now? um hate to0 ask this but myth for windows? :)
12:27martman>alittle evil i know....
12:28Peitolm>i'm considering trying to get it to build,... i have no idea if it will
12:28Peitolm>martman the rule is, if videl4linux supports it, myth should, i'd check or whatever and see if they have a hardware compatibility list
12:30martman>thanks videl4linux, maybe ill have this in a month or so
12:31martman>haha, solaris drivers, thats evil and i love the idea :)
12:31Peitolm> appears to suggest that there are cameras with supported chips
12:31Peitolm>so there's no reason that it couldn't be possible
12:31Peitolm>i may give it a go over christmas, get myself one, and see what chips are in it :)
12:32martman>i also have to see if i can get a usb thingy to give me digital out, want this to be my new stereo too
12:32martman>i need a usb sb 5.1......
12:33Peitolm>no idea if there are linux drivers though
12:33martman>there nice, but i could just pipe plan old digital to a real reciever
12:33Peitolm>most mini-itx have a soundcard, just make sure you could get a spdif :)
12:35martman> looks promising
12:35martman>'This page contains an experimental Linux 2.4 driver for the Pinnacle Bungee and the Hauppauge WinTV PVR USB'
12:35martman>nice for mini itx people....
12:38martman>no hdtv....
12:38sfr>i doubt hdtv will work via usb, maybe usb 2
12:40*martman wishes chipset would be in every spec page.....
12:44=martman [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:50+hardwired [] joined #Mythtv
13:58+cesman [~cesman@] joined #mythtv
14:00hardwired>hey cesman
14:01cesman>hey hardwired
14:01cesman>what is your email address?
14:01cesman>my logging was off when you sent it...
14:02hardwired>cesman: so i'll let the mirror as it is? cause you didn't link it yet
14:02cesman>yes, you can leave the mirror I'll link it shortly
14:03hardwired>ah ok
14:06+Peit|Home [] joined #mythtv
14:17sfr>Peit|Home: == Peitolm ?
14:29sfr>got my mail?
14:30Peit|Home>one sec
14:37+Drikus [] joined #mythtv
14:41hardwired>ahw fsck
14:41hardwired>my video playing is broken
14:41hardwired>or rather alsa is
14:52+brown [] joined #mythtv
14:54+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
14:58nchip>do precompiled frontends for m$ windows exist?
14:59nchip>at least I got a clear answer :)
14:59sfr>iirc there might be a viewer or s/t similar available. search the ml archive
14:59sfr>i don't remember exactly what it was about ;)
15:02+bma [] joined #mythtv
15:05nchip>looks like there is a .nuv support for m$
15:06nchip>that's probaly enough for my flatmate, as he can set recordings in web and I can share the videodir with samba
15:06sfr>nchip: ah, that explains it :). aren't you a dd?
15:07nchip>altough not a very active one :/
15:09+billytwowilly [~chris@] joined #mythtv
15:09+Chutt [] joined #mythtv
15:13hardwired>uhh, now i have to patches for mplayer to output to the pvr... argh
15:14=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:21sfr>Chutt: hi! Is it possible to call a verify function to check user input from a settings entry before saving it in the db?
15:22kvandivo_>verify in what way?
15:25Chutt>generally, it's best to make the selection widget limit the users choices to valid ones, then
15:25sfr>i mad a patch to store files in mythmusic only relative to the music directory and right now check for atrailing / in different places.
15:25Chutt>i'm going to start unsubscribing people from mythtv-users that continue posting about ivtv problems.
15:26bma>howdy chutt
15:27bma>Chutt: so I'm considering getting a pvr250 or something ... something wrong with the drivers for it?
15:27bma>or just PEBKAC
15:27Chutt>there's some minor bugs
15:27Chutt>that can sometimes require a driver reload
15:27Chutt>i'm just pissed that everyone posts about it on _my_ mailing list
15:27Chutt>and not the ivtv-devel list
15:28bma>is there a better card to use?
15:28Chutt>it generally works fine :p
15:28bma>for as much as they cost, I would hope so.
15:28Chutt>it's just driver issues
15:29Chutt>nothing wrong with the hardware
15:29hardwired>huh, still no crash with that dvd playing... weird :)
15:29bma>I installed 0.13 yesterday, considering setting up a 'ghetto tivo' :P
15:29bma>on a related note, it would be nice if mythweb would still show me program information even if it can't connect to mythbackend
15:29Chutt>but, that's where it gets the scheduling information from
15:30bma>well then, have mythbackend not die when there's no tuners
15:30Chutt>ya ya
15:30bma>slacker :p
15:30Chutt>mythbackend's not useful when there's no tuners
15:30hardwired>the video play command... does it get the file to play as argument?
15:30bma>I just named a use for it
15:30bma>looking at program information
15:30Chutt>run mythepg as a separate program
15:30sfr>but that won't work for a user-entered path i think. all i wanted is to check for a trailing / and remove it as i'll add it myself when building the complete path. but a/b//nirvana/blah will work just the same ;)
15:31bma>instead of using zap2it's crappy website
15:31Chutt>sfr, i don't think there's a way, but ask mdz when he's around
15:31sfr>Chutt: ok. he wrote most of the settings stuff?
15:32Chutt>all of it, really :p
15:33sfr>that reminds about something: it'd be easier to locate the original/main author if everyone just add it's name in the files he contributed
15:33Chutt>would be
15:33Chutt>i'm just not in the habbit of doing big headers at the tops of files
15:33hardwired>what's different in the player handling with mythdvd vs mythvideo? my dvds play just fine while mpegs give me alsa errors when playing and are choppy therefore
15:33bma>Chutt: how well would a wintv go card work with an xp2000?
15:33Chutt>hardwired, absolutely nothing
15:34sfr>Chutt: no problem. for files without headers i'll simply bug you
15:34Chutt>bma, well, if you're using the machine for other purposes
15:34Chutt>you really want a hardware encoder
15:34Chutt>sfr, heh, you can just use cvs :p
15:35hardwired>Chutt: so myth has not much to do with both of them? everything is handled by the external player?
15:36hardwired>ok thx
15:41+Racer [] joined #mythtv
15:51sfr>Chutt: do only classes inherited from QWidget have the tr function used for translations?
15:52Chutt>i think so
15:52Chutt>or from QObject
15:52Chutt>that's why the QObject::tr stuff in the settings code
15:55mdz_>sfr: hmm?
15:56=janek [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:56sfr>is there an 'easy' way of making tr known in most classes, like NuppelVideoPlayer? reason being that in linguist the QObject list of strings grows and grows.
15:57Chutt>mdz, he wants to do some validation of lineedit settings before dumping them in the db
15:57sfr>mdz_: hi! Is it possible to call a verify function to check user input from a settings entry before saving it in the db?
15:57mdz_>it would be easier to validate it when it's set in the class
15:57mdz_>better feedback to the user that way, too
15:58Chutt>sfr, well, have to make the class inherit from QObject and add a Q_OBJECT macro to the class definition in the header file
15:58mdz_>so when you fix it up, they see the changed value
15:58Chutt>but that makes qt make moc_ files for it
15:58Chutt>and increases compile time, so, i dunno 'bout going through and doing that for everything
15:59sfr>Chutt: well it's not really a big deal.
16:01Chutt>your mythmusic patch looks good
16:01Chutt>you want a debug verbose level?
16:02sfr>i just noticed some debugging_only functions in mythmusic that cout stuff. i left them as is but wondered wether a debug level makes sense.
16:02Chutt>yeah, probably
16:06sfr>and i just remembered mgetty's logging logic: they use levels of severity. so error > warning > notice > debug in order of importance. sounds simpler to me (well, now) than a growing list of logging options
16:08+cocoduck_ [] joined #mythtv
16:08cocoduck_>hey all
16:09sfr>mdz_: but by checking the input right in the settings screen a pop-up/whatever could inform the user 'the path is invalid/ mythtv can't write to it, Please correct' or am i missing something?
16:09nchip>apart from the seriously hard-to-remember long list of kebindings, mythtv appears rock seriously
16:09cocoduck_>im having some trouble getting my PVR250 to work on mythtv, im using knoppmyth. Can anyone please offer some help i would really appreciate it
16:09mdz_>sfr: nothing is saved to the database until the user dismisses the dialog
16:09hardwired>nchip: map them to a remote, then they are easy to remember :)
16:09mdz_>so doing it when it is saved to the database seems less desirable than just doing it as soon as the user changes the value
16:10hardwired>cocoduck_: there is also #knoppmyth
16:10nchip>huge cudoz to everyone who has made this possible!
16:10sfr>mdz_: but it could be checked for sanity before moving on to the next screen.
16:10cocoduck_>hmm there are 5 people in there
16:11cocoduck_>in the MythTV setup, they ask me to choose which video device it is the default is "/dev/video" how do i check if this is right. I am pretty much shure that the car is working, i just dont know which it is "/dev/video" "or /dev/video0" and so on....
16:11cocoduck_>im using a PVR 250
16:11nchip>hardwired: Actually I have a irman here - it just appears broken
16:11mdz_>sfr: things are set up so that the value of the setting is independent of any particular UI, so if you want to do validation, you should do it in a UI-independent way
16:11mdz_>above it sounds like you wanted to check for trailing slashes
16:11mdz_>I would just put in a hook to remove any trailing slash
16:12mdz_>the user will see what happened immediately and there is no need to have a prompt or dialog or anything like that
16:12nchip>hardwired: test_io from libirman works the first time I plug it in, never after :/ and lirc/irw never recieved enything from it
16:13sfr>mdz_: ah, ok. is there such a lineedit setting that does correct a users entry i can have a look at?
16:13hardwired>nchip: bummer... my hauppauge remote worked almost out of the box
16:13mdz_>sfr: no, I don't think anything does that right now
16:13mdz_>what I would do is create a directory setting
16:14mdz_>override setValue to do the correction
16:14mdz_>and have things htat are supposed to be directories inherit from that
16:14nchip>hardwired: have pity on us with budget cards :P
16:14mdz_>don't worry about the UI (lineeditsetting); it will be independent of that
16:14mdz_>so you could have a combo box that's also supposed to be a directory with a trailing slash
16:15hardwired>nchip: even the cheapo hauppauge cards have ir receivers :)
16:15sfr>mdz_: you mean a new widget?
16:15mdz_>sfr: no, a new setting class
16:16mdz_>no widgets or any UI components involved
16:16mdz_>look at pathsetting for example
16:16sfr>mdz_: sorry for the dumb questions, i haven't actually looked very hard at that code yet. so i'll look for the settings classes
16:16mdz_>in fact it does a little bit of what you want
16:17mdz_>pathsetting enforces the restriction that the specified path must exist
16:17mdz_>it's a selector so it works through addSelection
16:18sfr>mdz_: thx, i'll have a look
16:21sfr>mdz_: has the pathsetting been there forever? i seem to remember (maybe around 0.8) that i could specify non-existing directories for the ringbuffer or recordings directories.
16:24mdz_>sfr: it's been there for a long time
16:24mdz_>but not forever
16:24mdz_>sfr: note that there's a boolean flag to say whether or not it has to exist
16:24mdz_>so the particular setting decides whether a nonexistent path is OK or not
16:24sfr>i see
16:25=Racer [] quit ("Leaving")
16:30=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
16:32=Peit|Home [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:32sfr>any objections against naming new musics ripps 01, 02... instead 1, 2...?
16:33sfr>i don't like how ls 'messes' the ordering in a terminal ;)
16:36kvandivo_>wow 12 feet away from the tv. my room isn't that large
16:36kvandivo_is now known as kvandivo
16:37Chutt>tv's too small for how far away the couch is
16:37kvandivo>i've been seriously considering a projector
16:37Chutt>i want one
16:37kvandivo>give me about 80 inches or so
16:37Chutt>i'm in the process of finishing my basement
16:37Chutt>and i really wanted to put a projector down there
16:37Chutt>but i don't think it's going to work out :(
16:38kvandivo>i'm going to have to just put it in the living room. i'm planning some nice curtains, though, that should block out light
16:38Chutt>not enough room for the screen and the requisite speakers
16:38kvandivo>and i've already got the room wired for 5.1..
16:38Chutt>heh, the deal with my wife was that we'd finish the basement if i moved the tv + stereo downstairs =)
16:38kvandivo>best buy has the infocus X1 now, so i might pick one up some time and try it out
16:38kvandivo>i figure that makes a good starter projector
16:39kvandivo>nothing super fancy, but definitely more than a plain tv
16:39kvandivo>forcing you to move the tv to the best viewing location in the house.. bummer
16:39sfr>Chutt: that she called a deal? finish the basement and you can have a home cinema there?
16:39Chutt>we have a small-ish house :p
16:40kvandivo>how big is smallish?
16:40Chutt>1100 sq ft or so
16:40kvandivo>i think i'm at about.. 1250 sq ft, with no basement
16:40Chutt>biggest thing about the basement is the big support poles
16:40kvandivo>wish i had one, but they are extremely uncommon in this part of the country
16:41kvandivo>(no hills, no drainage. rough on basements)
16:41sfr>people, even the UK moved to metric measures! what's that in sqare meters?
16:41kvandivo>well, divide it by 9, sfr. :)
16:41Chutt>i just couldn't come up with a workable floorplan for a projector + seating + 7.1 =)
16:41Chutt>oh well
16:41kvandivo>there's always the next house, right?
16:41sfr>*blush* merci kvandivo
16:42hardwired>sfr: lol
16:51bma>mdz_: there's several bugs in the mythtv-common postinst
16:51bma>namely: adduser --quiet --system --group --disabled-password --system \
16:51bma> adduser --quiet mythtv video
16:51bma> adduser --quiet mythtv audio
16:52bma>first line shoudl be removed, next two should be 'addgroup'
16:52mdz_>bma: why do you think it is wrong?
16:53bma>well, becuase it errors out?
16:53mdz_>works fine here
16:53bma>didn't yesterday for me
16:53mdz_>and for everyone else
16:53mdz_>those addusers should absolutely not be addgroups. they are correct
16:53mdz_>the adduser invocation is also correct as far as I can tell
16:53bma>It was giving me a syntax error yesterday.
16:54mdz_>perhaps if you showed me the error I would be able to see what is wrong
16:54kvandivo>just guess, mdz :)
16:54bma>mdz_: maybe I had something screwy earlier. If it works for other people, I'll accept that
16:55bma>alls i knows is that it bombed miserably for me when I was working on it this morning :)
16:55mdz_>bma: do you have an old version of adduser or something? I'm pretty sure all those options are ancient, though
16:55bma>mdz_: "It's working now" </pebkac>
16:55hadees>i like superadduser
16:56hadees>nice script
16:56Chutt>all i want is updated kde debs :(
16:56bma>Chutt: whine, whine :)
16:56bma>Chutt: I thought of another user for mythbackend on the drive home ... have it stream out stuff from mythvideo and the like :)
16:56hadees>anyone here have AverMedia M179 working?
16:56Chutt>mythbackend only does tv stuff
16:57rkulagow>hadees: yes.
16:57bma>I suppose if I wanted a central movie location I could nfs mount something
16:57Chutt>that's the idea =)
16:57mdz_>hadees: what does it do that adduser doesn't? or will I be sorry I asked?
16:58hadees>rkulagow: where did you get the patch for ivtv? i thought i am using the most up to date one but mythtv stoped workin after i patched my ivtv driver
16:58Chutt>ooh, the kde cvs deb guy said 'an update in the next 1-2 days' 2 days ago
16:58Chutt>so maybe i'll get new debs soon
16:58mdz_>what's new and interesting in CVS?
16:58hadees>mdz_: nothing really, i was having adduser problems and i used superadduser it worked
16:58mdz_>not that I use kde
16:58Chutt>betas 1 and 2 =)
16:58kvandivo>ya, and we are going to have $1,000 7inch think plasma screens next christmas, too
16:59rkulagow>hadees: why, from the bundle that i put together that incorporated a bunch of patches that were floating around the ivtv list.
16:59rkulagow>hadees: try
17:01+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
17:01kvandivo>i'll give that a try myself
17:01kvandivo>is close_stream andiun's patch?
17:02kvandivo>anduin, i meant
17:02hadees>i wonder how long before M197 is in the offical source
17:02kvandivo>nifty. i never actually had the tinny audio problem myself (must have missed the problem commit) but its nice to know it apparently is fixed
17:02hadees>i got two of them from that ebay deal
17:04kvandivo>Chutt, you still having the 0 byte recordings, or has that been taken care of as well?
17:04Netslayer>what's a good guide to follow to install a pvr250? myth docs 22.1 "pvr250 hardware mpeg2 encoder" know any others?
17:04kvandivo> comes to mind
17:04hadees>Netslayer: you mean just to install pvr250 and the driver?
17:04hadees>check out the faq on
17:04Netslayer>do i have to patch the kernel?
17:04Chutt>kvandivo, haven't recorded anything
17:05hadees>not unless you really want v4l2 support
17:05hadees>Netslayer: how ever you need to make sure you have the right modules installed
17:05hardwired>Netslayer: especially the tuner.o
17:05Netslayer>i believe everything under the vl4, etc in the kernel is in there
17:05hadees>Netlsayer: if you have problems while doing the ivtv stuff asked questions in #ivtv-dev this channel is for mythtv stuff
17:23+Racer [] joined #mythtv
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17:41cocoduck_>how do i get to mythweb?
17:43sfr>cocoduck_: what do you mean?
17:44+Netslayer2 [] joined #mythtv
17:45Netslayer2>anyone know what would cause image tearing on the screen? In motion scenes, or where there is a lot of color change the top 1/3 of the screen quickly tears. I have de-interlacing on, but it's also in mplayer (mythvideo).. any ideas? i'm getting this on two computers
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18:18warlordis now known as warlord-afk
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18:35warlord-afkis now known as warlord
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19:20warlordis now known as warlord-afk
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19:47CodyB>I wish the lirc documentation didn't just breeze right over to dealing with lircd.conf, etc. I can't even get lircd to run at all, no matter which modules I load, it's: "lircd 0.7.0pre2: there's no hardware I can use and no peers are specified," yet it works A-OK in Windows.
19:47CodyB>And /dev/lirc/lirc0 does exist.
19:55+Ripp_ [] joined #mythtv
19:55Netslayer2>anyone here?
19:55Netslayer2>is that Xv bug fixed :-P? i just was playing with it and my hue went to 0, and i can't change it now
19:56+Kreats [~asdsa@] joined #mythtv
19:57Chutt>it's not broken.
19:58hadees>Chutt: if the ivtv driver was messed up but loaded could that screw up mythbackend?
19:58=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:58hadees>it keep quiting on me, and only since i updated the ivtv driver for AverMedia M179
20:01=jbeimler_ [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:01+jbeimler [] joined #mythtv
20:14Netslayer2>ok just wondering how do i adjust hue or any of the options under F?
20:15sfr>after query('SELECT filename from musicmetadata') can i change the filename via a db_conn->exec call from inside a 'while ( loop?
20:17sfr>the idea is to update the musicmetadata table such that the filename column is being changed from an absolute pathname to a relative one
20:22=jbeimler [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:31Chutt>sfr, think you'll want a different query object
20:32Chutt>but you should be fine, otherwise
20:34sfr>which means? ;) can a QSqlQuery query("blah") also be used for an UPDATE query? you used db_conn->exec in mythtvs dbcheck afaics
20:34sfr>ok, answered my own question
20:35sfr>it can.
20:37sfr>or did you mean to define a 2nd QSqlDatabase db_conn2 for the update?
20:41+Teflon- [] joined #mythtv
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20:43+Teflon-- [] joined #mythtv
20:45Chutt>naw, i just meant a second QSqlQuery (query2) or whatnot
20:45+crib2 [] joined #mythtv
20:46crib2>hey ya
20:46crib2>what's up all anyone around?
20:46sfr>Chutt: ah, ok.
20:46crib2>sfr: you live here heh
20:47crib2>I have xawtv working, got audio working now too...should I try to install mythtv now
20:47sfr>i'll only stay a little longer today. only 5 min. until this code is tested.
20:48sfr>crib2: you created an .xawtrc file with all your channels? makes it easier later on
20:49crib2>I'm not sure, I ran something to make it scan for channels, but it looks like the output file is .xawtv
20:50crib2>let me slocate
20:50sfr>crib2: could be. simple look at the file
20:51crib2>lots of entries in .xawtv that look like this:
20:51crib2>[unknown (49)]
20:51crib2>channel = 49
20:51crib2>capture = on
20:51crib2>color = 99%
20:51crib2>bright = 99%
20:51crib2>hue = 96%
20:51crib2>contrast = 99%
20:51=hadees [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:52sfr>see s/t like: [ARD]
20:52sfr>channel = E5 [another]<CR>channel = E9?
20:52sfr>yeah thats it, better to also set up the channel names. are you in the US?
20:53crib2>i configured the channel names on a few of was an afterthought...
20:53crib2>the only thing is, i can't grab frames
20:54bma>is there something special you have to do to get mythdvd to transcodes thing to the correct aspect ratio?
20:54sfr>then i think you don't actually need xawtv ;) the US system is quite different. xmltv contains everything you need _i think_
20:54crib2>with xawtv...when i start with the noxv option i get a black window...i'mpretty sure that is because of the nvidia drivers
20:54crib2>so since i can't grab frames with xawtv, will i still be able to record?
20:54crib2>right on ... sfr are you not in the us?
20:55Chutt>grabdisplay doesn't work?
20:55sfr>crib2: No sir. i'm in good old Europe
20:55crib2>Grab Image (jpeg)
20:55crib2>and Record movie (avi) dont' work
20:55sfr>crib2: but can you watch tv with it?
20:55crib2>ain't the internet cool :)
20:55crib2>yeah, watching right now
20:56sfr>then you should be fine i believe
20:56crib2>had to figure out how to fix the color settings
20:56crib2>yeah i *think* i read that the issue is that i can't start with the noxv option because of the nvidia drivers, and that xawtv needs xv to frame grab (it can't use the v4l driver) for that
20:57sfr>so for the channel setup, a proper set up of mythtv / xmltv might be enough in your case. but try the xawtv/aplay test to check audio recording
20:58crib2>xawtv/aplay test?
20:59sfr>look at in the docs section for details. it's a test wether recording from your soundcards dsp is working. mythtv _needs_ this working
20:59Teflon-->okay time to go add more disk space to my myth box.
21:00crib2>awesome...i figure i'm 30% there :)
21:01crib2>you know if you figure time in, the mythbox is MUCH more expensive than a Tivo hehe
21:02sfr>there is no Tivo
21:02bma>there is in my house. :)
21:02sfr>and a mythtv box as well?
21:02bma>well, not one that does TV stuff
21:03bma>I wouldn't mind one, but it's too spendy
21:09=billytwowilly [~chris@] quit ("Client exiting")
21:10+cocoduck_ [] joined #mythtv
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21:12cocoduck_>is it hard to get my IR Blaster working with knoppmyth?
21:18=Kreats [~asdsa@] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:21Teflon-->now preparing to move my root filesystem... "rsync -avzHSWx / .
21:27mikegrb>{standard input}:11644: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.se' <- globalsettins.cpp :<
21:28=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:28Chutt>mikegrb, ran out of ram, i'd bet =)
21:28mikegrb>thanks for the pointer
21:28mikegrb>that is a big one
21:29mikegrb>and this is on the xbox with only 64mb of ram
21:29mikegrb>removing the -pipe option might help?
21:29+sfr [] joined #mythtv
21:30+billytwowilly [~chris@] joined #mythtv
21:31Chutt>or just setup a bunch of swap
21:33mikegrb>I'll try that next
21:33mikegrb>I'll run free and see what it says
21:33cocoduck_>could somone please help me get LIRC working for an IR Blaster? i would really appreciate some help, i have gotten this far and i am about to give up
21:33Chutt>cocoduck, there is a lirc mailing list
21:33mikegrb>but right now I have 240mb of swap free
21:34Chutt>ah, well, i dunno
21:34mikegrb>we shall see
21:34mikegrb>it is going down quite quick
21:34mikegrb>wife has been yelling at me because mythweb and backend don't match
21:35mikegrb>so I figured might as well update frontend/backend at same time
21:35cocoduck_>thanks Chutt i checked out some guides but they were a bit confusing, i have only been using linux for a short time, and i used knoppmyth to install it
21:35Chutt>the mythtv irc channel isn't a tech support place for lirc
21:36cocoduck_>Chutt sorry i just thought it was relative because i am using it for MythTV
21:36mikegrb>cocoduck_: the channel is for developmet rather then support
21:36mikegrb>hence it not being mentioned on the website
21:36cocoduck_>ohh my bad
21:37cocoduck_>sorry guys
21:38mikegrb>Chutt: down to 46 mb of swap
21:38mikegrb>thanks for the suggestion
21:38mikegrb>was searching google and didn't really turn up much
21:53=billytwowilly [~chris@] quit ("Client exiting")
21:59sfr>Chutt: one more question, is the frontend supposed to connect to the backend even when only starting mythmusic? i does so whenever one wants to exit mythtv
22:02Chutt>that's the stuff to decide if it should offer you the option to shut the machine down or not
22:02Chutt>it's checking to see if there's a backend on the same machine
22:03sfr>ah ok. i never used a slave backend
22:04mikegrb>Chutt: it ran out of ram with the -pipe removed
22:05mikegrb>added another 256 mb of swap
22:05mikegrb>will see how that goes
22:08sfr>the musicmeta table upgrade seems to work. i'll clean it up and _may_ add support for a musicdir per host.
22:08Chutt>that'd be cool.
22:09Chutt>it'd also be neat to add a media-id or whatever to that table
22:09Chutt>for better data cd support
22:09sfr>media-id? like mp3, ogg...
22:09Chutt>naw, like an id for a specific CD
22:10Chutt>say you have a bunch of CDs with songs on it
22:10Chutt>on them
22:10=brown [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:10Chutt>be nice to have them in the database
22:10Chutt>and have it be able to prompt you for the disc
22:10Chutt>or find it if it's in a different drive or whatnot
22:11=cocoduck_ [] quit ()
22:11sfr>so that would be a user-defined id per cd? i guess the cddb id stuff gives too many duplicates
22:12sfr>or actually not. i had single mp3 files in mind which give false duplicates with p2p soft
22:12Chutt>if there's a disc id on there, use that
22:12Chutt>else, it could generate one
22:13Chutt>hash the first so many bytes of data off the drive
22:13Chutt>don't worry 'bout it =)
22:13Chutt>i'm just babbling
22:13sfr>i don't. i'm too tired. ;)
22:14Chutt>is that guy working on your streaming code?
22:14sfr>how's thor doing? no, he wanted to start with the gui/high-level stuff. like adding another tree like the cd entry
22:15Chutt>thor's on vacation, i believe
22:17+thor__ [~thor_@] joined #mythtv
22:17sfr>last bit from me: i sent a small update to the latest translations for the status page. forgot them in my first patch.
22:17sfr>speaking about the devil ;)
22:17thor__>I'm in hell
22:17Chutt>oh, nevermind then
22:17Chutt>hey thor
22:18sfr>chatting off a beach on hawaii?
22:18thor__>I'm pirated in on an 802.11b network with WinXP
22:19thor__>(still haven't really figured out how dhcp works)
22:19thor__>not hawaii
22:19sfr>haven't you been there a few month ago?
22:20thor__>my better half is Lebanese
22:20thor__>great for relaxing, bad for connectivity
22:21sfr>i know Beirut only from the bad news back in the 80's?
22:21thor__>great city ... very liberal
22:22thor__>Chutt, anything I should be worrying about ?
22:24sfr>wth are you chatting at 5:30? 04:30 is already insane.
22:24thor__>major jet lag
22:24Chutt>everything's going smoothly
22:24thor__>... travelling with my daughter ...
22:25thor__>so I'm just pluggin away on the mfd/httpd/DAAP/etc. stuff
22:26sfr>talk to you later. me --> bed. g'night
22:26thor__>I hope nobody sync'd to the stuff I sent in before I left
22:27thor__>a big stinking pile of C-style char[] copies
22:27+hadees [] joined #mythtv
22:28thor__>it's getting better now
22:28thor__>vector's, etc.
22:30thor__>but that reminds me of an open (Chutt?) question ... if I have a list of "things" that could all be ref'd off of an integer, is a QTIntDict the best place to store them?
22:30thor__>sfr, night
22:33Chutt>thor, i dunno
22:34thor__>this goes back to the GenericTree stuff
22:34Chutt>if the ints are sequential, then just a vector is better
22:34thor__>what's the best way to get data back from a container
22:34Chutt>data back from a container?
22:35thor__>well ..
22:35thor__>in mythmusic ...
22:35thor__>you have AllMetadata
22:35thor__>and you can ask it for details
22:35thor__>but I don't think it's very efficient right now ?
22:36Chutt>i dunno
22:37Chutt>are you talking about the MusicMap?
22:37thor__>obviously sorting the same tree 8 times isn't efficient :-)
22:37thor__>but if one were to try and begin to rationalize these sorts of things ....
22:38thor__>I'm guessing that a QIntDict is a good way to do lookups (pass an int, get a very fast response)
22:39Chutt>QMap should be pretty fast
22:40thor__>seen slashdot today?
22:41Chutt>not really
22:44thor__>the whole "on-line music stores" thing .... heh .... push zeroconfig content and your venture/device/service/etc. will work just fine with mythmusic
22:47mikegrb>Chutt: upping swap to around 500mb got it :)
22:48thor__>for the libdvdread/md5 universal checksum database ... and the on again/off again reccomendation database ... I'm tempted to just go ahead and pay the money for
22:48mikegrb>seems odd though
22:48mikegrb>it didn't go anywhere beyond the initial swap
22:48mikegrb>having the extra space just made it feel more comfortable
22:49mikegrb>I didn't even reboot or change running applications
22:49mikegrb>oh well
22:49mikegrb>thanks again for the ointer
22:49Chutt>thor, heh
22:49mikegrb>pointer rather
22:49thor__>major brand ?
22:50Chutt>i didn't think it used that much ram
22:55thor__>any thoughts on the (long term potential value) of the MFD lgpl interface?
22:57thor__>any thoughts on consulting the myth "API" to OEM's ?
22:59thor__>any thoughts on a network resource that provides metadata to myth users ?
22:59Chutt>if it'd make you happy, just make it gpl :p
22:59Chutt>i can't write such a thing
23:00thor__>it's holidays here
23:00thor__>just thinking about alternatives ....
23:01thor__>but you're screwed
23:01thor__>no reccomendation
23:01thor__>no central server
23:01thor__>no intelligence
23:02thor__>it's a friggin curse
23:03thor__>... sorry .. that may have cut a bit too close to the bone ...
23:05*thor__ is sensing that Chutt is (vaguely) f**ing pissed off ...
23:05kvandivo>how's beirut?
23:06kvandivo>temperature this time of year?
23:06thor__>around 20
23:06kvandivo>not bad.. not bad..
23:07thor__>and you?
23:07thor__>where are you?
23:07kvandivo>what's it _like_ there? soldiers with machine guns on the streets, or more normal, or what?
23:07kvandivo>illinois here. about 25 (F) right now
23:07Chutt>naw, i'm just doing something else :p
23:08*thor__ and yup
23:08*thor__ ok
23:08thor__>kvandivo, not many soldiers ...
23:08thor__>but my wife's brother is in the army ...
23:09kvandivo>mandatory over there?
23:09thor__>so even when there are soldiers ...
23:09thor__>blah blah blah
23:09thor__>standard story
23:09thor__>not like Israel (male & female), but mandatory for men
23:10kvandivo>2 years?
23:10thor__>9 months
23:10kvandivo>wow.. not very long
23:10thor__>pretty easy
23:11kvandivo>what's the general mood? they happy and loving life? think that america should disappear? think that france is cool? or what?
23:11thor__>standard lebanon mood ....
23:11thor__>Iraq was bad
23:11thor__>Iran was bad
23:11thor__>Israel is bad
23:12thor__>America is bad
23:12thor__>let's have another coffee
23:12thor__>great for vacation
23:12thor__>hopeless place to accomplish anything
23:13kvandivo>you near the water?
23:13+hfb [] joined #mythtv
23:14thor__>I can see the Mediterranean from where I am sitting
23:14kvandivo>how big is beirut, anyway? you actually in the city, or just near there?
23:15thor__>about 3 million (?)
23:15thor__>nobody knows
23:15thor__>the christians are in power
23:16thor__>and they don't want to do a census
23:16kvandivo>i'm just reading about that..
23:16kvandivo>Beirut is now home to nearly half of Lebanon's population; estimates exceed 1.5 million for the city. The figure is inexact, however, since the last census for Lebanon was conducted in 1932.
23:16kvandivo>The Druze.... neat name
23:17thor__>they are very cool
23:17thor__>excellent religion
23:17kvandivo>i love learning little bits and pieces about other places. I really haven't had that much of an opportunity to travel, and I like to live vicariously through others. :)
23:18thor__>no lessons here
23:18thor__>Lebanon is a disaster
23:18thor__>Canada is a success
23:20kvandivo>you had a chance to see the cedars of lebanon? and do they look any different than cedar trees anywhere else?
23:22thor__>they're just cedars
23:22thor__>but there are fewer of them here
23:22kvandivo>which makes the ones that _are_ there more special
23:22kvandivo>i see..
23:23thor__>well .. yeah ... biblical ... etc.
23:23thor__>nice trees
23:23thor__>would be nicer if the Lebanese managed to keep more of them around
23:24kvandivo>i guess that is the cash crop around there
23:24meth>why in mythsetup when i add my zip code mythtv freezes
23:24thor__>meth, just wait a while ...
23:25meth>few mins?
23:25thor__>maybe 20
23:25meth>is it looking up the zipcode?
23:25kvandivo>ahh a psychedelic.. interesting stuff.
23:25kvandivo>well, anyway, go somewhere neat and learn something new for me while you are there.
23:26thor__>meth, patience
23:26=thor__ [~thor_@] quit ("Leaving")
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23:52+Lead [] joined #mythtv
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23:55=Octane [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:55+Octane [] joined #mythtv
23:56crib2>ne1 around
23:59kvandivo>do you mean 'Anyone around?' ?
23:59kvandivo>we try to speak in something akin to english here.
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