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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-12-18

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00:03crib2>chill out dude this is the internet, where everything breaks
00:03crib2>i can speak english as well as you can but my gf is asleep so i'm trying to cut down on the hammering away
00:04DogBoy>what is that "create new profile group" feature for
00:07Chutt>to create a new group of profiles
00:09DogBoy>I knew someone would say that
00:09DogBoy>what's the point of it
00:09Chutt>per-host groups
00:10DogBoy>I created one and now it seems everything defaults to it
00:10Chutt>right, if you only have the one backend server
00:11meth>do you need programs in the db to play mythtv
00:11Chutt>just hit 'm' on the profile group name
00:11Chutt>and you can delete it
00:11DogBoy>how would you delete it
00:11Chutt>unless you've rebound 'm' to something else, it's the menu key
00:12hadees>is there anyway to give prefrence for recording on one specific tuner? for instance i have a PVR250 and 2x M179, i would rather have everything record on the 250 and only if somthing is recording on the 250 use the 179
00:12Chutt>order they're defined in the database.
00:13hadees>Cool, how about if i am watching live tv? would it switch me to the m179 if i was watching on the pvr250?
00:14hadees>oh well, anyone know of any new mythtv plugins being coded right now?
00:20bma>Chutt: slacker
00:21bma>Chutt: changing desktops in KDE kills the visualizations in mythmusic until you fullscreen it :)
00:21bma>not that you care, tho
00:23Chutt>i've known that for a long time =)
00:29bma>is there a way to change the visualize method on the fly?
00:29Chutt>hit 6
00:29Chutt>i think
00:29bma>that worked.
00:31Chutt>that's in mythweb's keybindings settings section, in case you didn't know that existed
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00:36DogBoy>hmm, I deleted that profile group but now it's not recording a show that I had scheduled
00:40meth>do you need programs in the db to play mythtv
00:41Chutt>meth, speak english.
00:42meth>tv programs updated from tv_grab
00:42Chutt>you need _channels_ in your database to watch tv in mythtv
00:42meth>i have channels
00:42*meth checks again
00:42Chutt>then you're fine.
00:42Chutt>unless it's printing out errors that you don't.
00:43meth>select * from channel;
00:43meth>Empty set (0.00 sec)
00:43meth>erm nor not
00:43meth>no errors but i get black screen
00:43meth>had 500 page error for tv_grab_na
00:43*meth trys filldb again
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00:54meth>zap2it failed to give us a page: 500:Internal Server Error
00:54meth>looks like we located the right form, check postal/zip code on web site (maybe they're down)
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01:01kvandivo>Log Message:
01:01meth> is down
01:01kvandivo>'ware, a ffmpeg update. _May_ require a make clean, but I don't think it does.
01:01kvandivo>i don't get the first part of that message
01:02kvandivo>ahh.. makes much more sense now
01:05meth>erm the time i want listings the server is down :/
01:06meth>319 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 318035ms
01:08Chutt>yeah, keep doing that
01:08Chutt>get the zap2it people _more_ annoyed with xmltv users
01:08meth>i forgot i left it on
01:10meth> works online :(
01:10Chutt>so just wait until tomorrow
01:10Chutt>and try again
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01:39hadees>in mythweb can you do all the stuff a remote control do? or is it strickly database editing?
01:40hadees>for example change the channel on the tv to 5
01:45pahli_bar>hadees: its only database editing for now (and that too quite limited)
01:47hadees>are there plans for adding it?
01:49pahli_bar>hadees: i don't know. u will have to ask the mythweb author(s). i don't its going to be easy or anyone's priority list right now
01:49hadees>i would have just made somthing i wanted to do easier
02:18Teflon-->slinky:~# e2fsadm /dev/main_vg/video_lv -L+140.5G
02:18Teflon-->340gb of video spool space
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07:55*Matt waves
07:57*StuartL oscillates.
07:58Matt>after much recompiling of qt, mythtv finally appears to work
07:58Matt>now I just have to work out why the tuning is off
07:59Matt>unless I run xawtv first
07:59Matt>after which it works fine, until mythtv goes to record anything
07:59Matt>damn flakey tv card :&)
08:00Matt>oh, and sort an X config with a lower resolution, but that's trivial :&)
08:03StuartL>Bah, how I hate Xconfigs :)
08:03Matt>miro pctv
08:04*Matt peers
08:04StuartL>I think Hairlocks is running a Miro.
08:04Matt>this card is very very odd
08:05Matt>first time you put it in a machine, you have to install windows drivers and let those do something, otherwise you can't tune it properly in linux
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08:05StuartL>Sorry, my mistake. he's running one of the ATI cards.
08:05Matt>it always looks like it's almost tuned in, but you can't fine tune it
08:06Matt>it's rather odd
08:06StuartL>Sounds it :)
08:06StuartL>And under 'doze?
08:07mikegrb>Matt: !!!
08:07Matt>ello mike
08:07Matt>oh, under doze it works fine
08:07Matt>and once you've run it once under doze, it works fine under linux
08:08mikegrb>mythtv has capability of finetuning
08:09mikegrb>when you said you can't fine tune it, did this mean that you tried that and it didn't help?
08:11StuartL>Maybe the 'doze driver is setting a signal preamp up or something?
08:13mikegrb>but it works in xawtv? or still the almost tuned problem
08:27Matt>if you put it in a machine without windows and try and do anything with it in linux - you can't get it tuned in anything
08:28Matt>if you install windows, install the windows driver, run a windows tv program *once* and tune that, then delete windows, it works just fine in xawtv
08:28Matt>you can tune it just fine
08:28Matt>xawtv even hits the channels spot on, without any fine tuning
08:29Matt>if you boot the machine up, load the bttv module, fire up mythtvfrontend, none of the channels appear tuned
08:29Matt>if you close mythtvfrontend and run xawtv, all the channels appear tuned
08:30Matt>if you then close xawtv and re-run mythtvfrontend - the channels are all tuned
08:30Matt>but the moment it re-initialises /dev/video (at a guess) i.e. when it goes to record something, everything goes grey and fuzzy again
08:31mikegrb>two posibilities
08:31mikegrb>one the tuner type is mis-detected by the bttv module? perhaps xawtv has some sort of auto-finetune
08:32mikegrb>second possibility is just the auto fine-tune thing heh
08:32mikegrb>as for fine tuning in mythtv
08:32Matt>tuner type already crossed my mind, before I could lay my hands on windows xp drivers
08:32mikegrb>there are two ways to do it, one is manipulating the database, the channels table in particular
08:32Matt>so it's set to modprobe tuner type=1
08:32Matt>which I know is the correct type
08:32mikegrb>well then that handles that
08:33mikegrb>the other way to finetune in myth, and you might want to give this a go...
08:33mikegrb>have xawtv write a config file
08:33Matt>xawtv must be doing something during it's initialisation of /dev/video that mythtv doesn't
08:33mikegrb>then there is an option to mythfilldatabase to have it read the xawtv config file
08:33Matt>oh, I've done that you know :&)
08:33mikegrb>it will setup all the fine tuning values from there
08:34Matt>but xawtv has finetune=0 for all the channels
08:34mikegrb>you've written the config from xawtv?
08:34Matt>and it works just fine with those values in xawtv
08:34Matt>it must be something that's xawtv is doing during initialisation that mythtv doesn't do
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08:34mikegrb>perhaps so
08:34Matt>but I've only had about 45 minutes to play
08:34Matt>so I've not got there quite yet
08:35mikegrb>this brings me to my next question... have you met my good friend gossamer threads?
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08:35Matt>no :&)
08:36Matt>I have very little free time yesterday, and I spent most of that recompiling stuff
08:36mikegrb>heh yes
08:37Matt>the mythtv howto ought to say that QT needs to be compiled with threads and QSQL mysql support enabled
08:37Matt>and that it doesn't work with qt 3.3.0-beta1
08:38nchip>well, most distros already come out with a qt packaging that provides a working qt-mysql plugin
08:38Matt>this is true, but some of us don't use packages
08:39Matt>and having something that said it needed threading and qt-mysql would have saved two compiles of qt
08:39Matt>as would something saying it doesn't link against qt3.3
08:40Matt>then again, I should have checked out cvs before saying it unequivacably doesn't
08:40Matt>1.3 doesn't link against qt3.3 :&)
08:40Matt>worked just fine once I grabbed 3.1.2
08:41mikegrb>Matt: not finding anything good yet in the archives about your card
08:41Matt>pinnacle bought miro AFAIK
08:41Matt>it's an ancient card
08:42Matt>and it's always had this issue with the linux drivers
08:42Matt>I was running win95 originally
08:42Matt>I've needed a good project to work on, I suspect this may be it
08:43Matt>oh, that's after I got mythtv to compile sanely
08:43Matt>for some reason it wasn't picking up the CONFIG_ENCODERS 1 define in a handful of the libs (the ones with large chunks of code in #ifdef CONFIG_ENCODERS)
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08:44mikegrb>I was looking for a pctv miro
08:44mikegrb>I knew pinnacle was associated with pctv
08:45mikegrb>figured miro was a specific version of the pctv card
08:45mikegrb>well beside miro being a person
08:48Matt>when I bought it it was a "Miro PCTV"
08:48Matt>pinnacle deny it exists now
08:48Matt>they don't officially do drivers for it for windows
08:48Matt>I forget how I managed to find functional XP drivers
08:49Matt>it's an old card :&)
08:49mikegrb>got to run and go pick up a mess of files
08:49mikegrb>be back in a bit
08:49Matt>you can tell how old it is - it's "cart=1" in the bttv driver
08:49Matt>"card=1" even
08:52Matt>ah well, I shall go have a root in the xawtv source
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09:08*Matt shall poke tonught
09:10mikegrb>good luck
09:23Matt>just had a glance at xawtv
09:23Matt>going to be a fun job
09:23Matt>I think I'm going to try using v4lctl to set a channel
09:24Matt>and see if that makes it magically work
09:24Matt>cause the source to v4lctl is a little simpler
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12:07Matt>alright - definatly an initialisation thing
12:08Matt>if I do any v4lctl command, then go into mythtv, it works in colour, properly tuned
12:08Matt>until mythtvbackend re-initialises the card
12:09Matt>then it goes back to not right grey snowy image
12:09mikegrb>post to dev list Matt!
12:09mikegrb>with all your good findings :)
12:09Matt>gonna have a look at the code first
12:09Matt>cause if I can post with a patch, that's even better
12:09Matt>I also need to get a bigger hard disk now
12:09mikegrb>you just got 4 karma points for that
12:10Matt>cause this is going to eat drive space sommit rotten
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12:11mikegrb>heh indeed
12:12Matt>any recommendations?
12:12Matt>20G? 80G? 120G?
12:13sfr>as big as you can afford :)
12:13kvandivo>300 at least
12:14Matt>well you see I just forked out for a dvd writer?
12:14Matt>so I've done my spending
12:14Matt>I've got a spare 20G drive tho
12:14mikegrb>I'm using 200gb of space
12:14kvandivo>granted, that's a crappy deal, but you get the idea
12:15mikegrb>an 80and 120gb drive lvm'ed together
12:15Matt>considering this is paired with three VHS VCRs
12:15kvandivo>120 and 160 for me
12:15kvandivo>i wouldn't mind droppy a couple of 300's in there to complement the 280 i've got, though
12:15kvandivo>dropping, even
12:16mikegrb>never can have enough space when you have mythtv
12:17Matt>well, I've got an 80G drive that's going in my colo
12:17sfr>unless there's only shit on tv
12:17Matt>so I might sling that in over christmas
12:17Matt>sfr, remember I only have 5 channels :&)
12:17kvandivo>most of my recording comes off of about 5 channels
12:18Matt>no, there's 5 channels in total :&)
12:18kvandivo>and right now i'm sitting at 30 gigs free..
12:18Matt>most of the stuff that's on is full of crap
12:18sfr>probably also true for me
12:20sfr>anyone want to test a patch to mythmusic? it removes the requirement that all myth hosts must have the same MusicLocation defined
12:21sfr>test = look over it,comment and test it ;)
12:22kvandivo>man, that sounds like a lot of work
12:22*kvandivo grins evily.
12:22sfr>me beats kvandivo in grining evily
12:23sfr>anyone know an irc client with s/t like flyspell included?
12:23kvandivo>i would, but a) i'm not at home, and b) i can't remember the last time i used mythmusic
12:24sfr>kvandivo: well, ok. you use a different player for music?
12:24kvandivo>na.. just don't listen to music at home.. here at work i just use xmms
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13:19knight->hey Chutt
13:35nchip>mythtv_backend is constantly ioctl()'n /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0
13:35nchip>no mythtv_frontend running
13:39crib2>Question: Documentation says: run the mythtv setup program on the master backend. WHat is the mythtv setup program called. It doens't say!
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13:40Kreats>I think
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13:41crib2>duh.. hehe thanks
13:42crib2> least it didn't run
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13:44Kreats>should be a whole heap of scripts that are similar to that
13:44crib2>any idea where i should look
13:44Kreats>in /usr/bin/
13:45crib2>damn that's what i thought...something is fcd
13:45Kreats>could be /usr/local/bin/
13:45Kreats>check all the likely suspects
13:47crib2>kreats thanks, i'm still pretty new to linux, so the examples are helpful
13:47crib2>found it in usr/local/bin
13:47crib2>well some myth stuff anyway
13:47Kreats>yeah I'm only using knoppmyth myself
13:47crib2>what would i do to slocate files containing the strings myth and setup
13:47Kreats>so it was pretty much all setup for me
13:47crib2>any idea?
13:48Kreats>find / -name "myth*" -print
13:48crib2>that would be myth...i want myth and setup in the same string
13:48Kreats>it'll find everything with myth in it
13:48crib2>i.e., mythtv-setup, mythtvsetup, mythtv_setup, myth_setup
13:49Kreats>well beginning with myth
13:49Kreats>there are all sorts of funky syntax you can use for searching, but I'm not up with it
13:49crib2>yeah i'm not that cool either
13:50Kreats>type in myth and press tab a few times
13:50Kreats>if the script is in one of your paths then it should autocomplete
13:50crib2>yeah, doing that now
13:51Kreats>oh, I'm stil running .12
13:51crib2>matt-so it's in the directory the tarball unpacks to?
13:51Matt>(directory with the source in)
13:52crib2>do i have to run it as sh setup
13:52crib2>hmm there is a makefile in here
13:55crib2>gotta go all thanks kreats & matt
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13:58Chutt>like hell it doesn't say
13:58Chutt>Switch to the setup directory and run the setup program:
13:58Chutt>$ cd setup
13:58Chutt>$ ./setup
14:12Chutt>knight, so, that theme downloading stuff
14:12Chutt>email looked good to me
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14:35nchip>mdz_: mythbackend.deb logrotate is semibroken - logs get rotated, but backend keeps writing to the old logfile
14:36mdz_>nchip: there is no way to reopen the logfile without killing mythbackend (yet)
14:36sfr>nchip mdz_ use copy, copytruncate
14:36mdz_>ugh indeed
14:36mdz_>that will just help me to put off adding a signal handler for it
14:36mdz_>which it ought to have
14:38nchip>on the happy side, I got xfree up on my epia-m :)
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14:46knight->i'm gonna go buy two more xboxes
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15:40sailor420>when setting up a nvidia card with TV out, in what section of XF86COnfig-4 does the Option "ConnectedMonitor" "TV" command go?
15:41sailor420>I cant seem to find it anywhere, and xserver crashes if it is just added to the end of the file
15:44sfr>try the Device section
15:44sailor420>will do, thanks much
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16:27Matt>well, I think I've tracked down the code in mythtv that initialises the video device
16:27Matt>now I've just got to find the code that does that in v4lctl
16:30Matt>I'll get there eventually :&)
16:32kvandivo>a journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.
16:33DogBoy>that's heavy
16:33DogBoy>can I quote you on that
16:33kvandivo>yep. made it up myself
16:34sfr>haha 'myself' ;)
16:34billytwowilly>kvandivo: Wow... who knew plagiarism was rampant in mythtv?;)
16:34kvandivo>gee.. i see this channel isn't filled with all of my adoring fans
16:35sfr>kvandivo: remember, it's Chutt whose fans we are. :)
16:35billytwowilly>My northbridge fan started making a whining noise. the heatsink is attached with clips. Anyone know how to get hem off?
16:35kvandivo>a hammer?
16:36sfr>billytwowilly: force
16:36billytwowilly>sfr: Do I have to unmount the motherboard and get at the back of the board to get them off?
16:36DogBoy>put a big pillow over the whole thing
16:36sfr>not when using force or a hammer. my mb chips don't have fans
16:36DogBoy>I saw it on slashdot
16:37billytwowilly>DogBoy: It must be true then;)
16:37Matt>stick it outside where it's cold
16:37billytwowilly>sfr: I don't think a hammer would work.. I want to get it off.
16:37sfr>wasn't my idea anyways
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16:51Matt>and now I think I've located the code in libng for xawtv that does the initialisation of the video device
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17:11+Rroet [] joined #mythtv
17:11Rroet>busy channel in here
17:17Rroet>... not.
17:17Rroet>anyone got mythtv running perfectly on an Epia ??
17:24nchip>tried today - sound is fragile from, and at the end I crashed my xfree :)
17:26Rroet>hehe, I still have speed issues due to the use of heavy QT
17:26Rroet>qt is taking too much load on the system.
17:26Rroet>if mythtv would use mplayer as a player the whole issue would be there and I'd be happy ;)
17:27nchip>what cpu does your epia have?
17:28Rroet>1ghz epia
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17:29nchip>are you using the harware mpeg decoder or software?
17:29Rroet>no hardware supported.. :(
17:29Rroet><-- gentoo
17:30nchip>well I'm running debian so I'm the same support limbo
17:30+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
17:30nchip>fortunetly there seems to be reverse engineered drivers
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17:30nchip>but haven't tried them yet
17:30Rroet>nchip: not working yet... :(
17:30Rroet>at least.. I can't get them working.
17:31Rroet>it's too bad actually, I'm now using freevo, just because of the speed.
17:33=cesman [~cesman@] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
17:34Rroet>used debian as well, but it had no support for the mythtv0.12 at the time.. so I skipped back to gentoo.
17:35nchip>no support is relative :P
17:36Rroet>didn't wanna go out that time to compile mythtv from source
17:36nchip>so instead of compiling just one app yourself, you compiled an entire distro
17:36Rroet>I got a bit bored with the stiffness of debian.
17:37sfr>makes a lot of sense ;)
17:39Rroet>I'm back to just 1 machine debian now and the rest gentoo.
17:39Peit|Home>why doesm't the hardware support work under gentoo?
17:39Rroet>Peit|Home: it's VIA
17:39Rroet>they give the hardware support only in binaries.
17:39Peit|Home>Rroet: and that is a reason why?
17:40Peit|Home>and the binaries are static or dynamic?
17:40Rroet>They haven't released the source to the hardware mpeg decoder
17:40*Peit|Home is going to be hitting this soon, so is interested in it
17:40Rroet>if it was static it wouldn't matter what platform now would it ?
17:40Peit|Home>so they link against specific versions of libraries?
17:41Rroet>redhat, redfag,suse,mandrake
17:41Rroet>ehm.. redflag
17:41Peit|Home>is it kernel level or?
17:41Rroet>both has a kernel and xfree implementation
17:41Rroet> file.
17:41Peit|Home>suppose i'm going to have to wait until i get my eden to test it out on
17:41Rroet>and a via_v4l_drv which is a kernel module.
17:42Peit|Home>can't imagine that being a problem, you may have to mask stuff so that you get the specific version of X that the driver was compiled against
17:42Rroet>Peit|Home: has done some tremendous work getting it reverse engineerd, yet it's not working properly yet.
17:42Peit|Home>EPIA-M hardware MPEG decoding on kernels not supported by VIA is now possible.
17:43Rroet>Peit|Home: that's the problem.. that's out of the portage tree.. a LONG time ago.
17:43Peit|Home>^^ from that page
17:43Peit|Home>if you know what versions you need, they can be retrieved i think
17:43Rroet>Peit|Home: stock redhat 9 stuff.
17:43Rroet>that's kernel 2.4.20-8 and xfree 4.0.1 or 4.1.0 afaik.
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22:18chiphead_>evening, anyone around
22:30warlordis now known as warlord-afk
22:33meth>ok so a black screen while trying to play tv means the audio is messed up
22:33meth>any suggestions on how to debug that
22:44meth>yes audio
22:44meth>i was told last night when you get blackscreen on mythtv it usually means your audio is messed up some how
22:44meth>tho my alsa works fine and is setup as the manual says
22:49meth> My screen goes black when I try to play something.
22:49meth>MythTV prints error and status messages to the shell that was used to start the application. If nothing seems to be happening when you try to view a program, try switching back to the shell and look for error messages there.
22:50meth>heh no errors :/
22:53chiphead_>any errors in the backend log?
22:54meth>let me check
22:54meth>no error
22:55meth>Running as a slave backend.
22:55meth>2003-12-18 22:55:07 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
22:55meth>2003-12-18 22:55:08 - Connecting to master server:
22:55meth>2003-12-18 22:55:08 - Connected.
22:55meth>asshat mythtv # mythtv
22:55meth>connecting to backend server:
22:55meth>same as root or user running mythtv
22:55meth>alsa works correctly too
22:56+paulproteus_ [] joined #mythtv
22:57chiphead_>you should be getting way more info than that in he backend server logs
22:59meth>mythbackend -l test.log
22:59Chutt>you've got your stuff misconfigured.
22:59meth>in mythsetup?
22:59Chutt>did you change hostnames after running mythsetup?
23:00meth>only thing in mythsetup i dont have is my zip code
23:01meth>but in my xmltv file its set correctly
23:01meth>mythfilldatabase filled the database correctly and i can see programs from mythfrontend
23:01meth>it connects to the db fine and al
23:01Chutt>i'm pretty sure that the only way you can get something like that is to have changed your machine's name
23:01meth>machines name has been the same since day 1
23:02+vax [] joined #mythtv
23:02Chutt>in the first section of setup, are the two ip addresses different?
23:02Teflon-->hmmm wonder how the ivtv driver's doing
23:02meth>Ip address for hostname: hostname
23:03meth>master server ip addy:
23:03Teflon-->i'm trired of the periodic colorized vertical banding of my pvr250
23:03Chutt>meth, change the first to
23:03Chutt>then restart the backend
23:04meth>still blackscreen
23:04Chutt>you'll have an error message now.
23:04meth>in backend?
23:04Chutt>or the frontend
23:05Chutt>unless you didn't change the setting properly
23:05meth>no errors
23:05Chutt>it says 'starting up as the master server' now?
23:05meth>erm it didnt take the ip change
23:05Chutt>you have to go through all the pages of the wizard.
23:05meth>ya just realized that hehe
23:06meth>woa tv works :)
23:06meth>thanks chutt hehe
23:06meth>i had it sset to on .13 and it didnt work, i went back to .12
23:06Teflon-->hmmm newer firmware!
23:06Teflon-->i'm running 21226 and 21288 is out.
23:06Chutt>that's the driver revision.
23:07Chutt>iirc, the firmware is the same.
23:07Teflon-->i want to kill the vert banding
23:07Teflon-->it comes on periodically and randomly
23:07Teflon-->has to be rebooted to kill it... unloading/reloading doesnt fix.
23:08meth>now to get my tuner setup right
23:09Teflon-->yup identical firmware :(
23:10kvandivo>here's a new one... i386/dsputil_mmx.c:610: can't find a register in class `GENERAL_REGS' while reloading `asm'
23:10*kvandivo goes to investigate.
23:10Teflon-->hey, is current myth CVS stable?
23:10Teflon-->ie: should i update and rebuild?
23:10Chutt>teflon, for the most part
23:11Chutt>kvandivo, is there an -O3 or whatnot in the compile line?
23:11Teflon-->want to try to reduce frequency of crashing
23:11Chutt>if you want to do that, get backtraces.
23:11kvandivo>gcc -c -pipe -w -g -DHAVE_AV_CONFIG_H -I.. -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_REENTRANT -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DPREFIX=\"/usr\" -DMMX -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -I/usr/qt/3/mkspecs/linux-g++ -I. -I../.. -I/usr/qt/3/include -o dsputil_mmx.o i386/dsputil_mmx.c
23:11Teflon-->Chutt, my wife restarts X before I get a chance usually.. she seems to be the one able to crash it.
23:12Chutt>any reason in particular you're compiling in debug mode?
23:12Chutt>and mmx =)
23:13kvandivo>well, i always compile in debug mode.. because i never know when i might hit a segfault. ;)
23:13kvandivo>and mmx.. geez.. no clue.. let me check around
23:13Teflon-->mmx is bad?
23:14Chutt>it's more difficult to debug
23:14Chutt>kvandivo, i _believe_ that error goes away when compiled with optimizations
23:14meth>ahh now to hookup lirc to mythtv hehe fun :)
23:14Teflon-->meth: i just used ati_remote as a keyboard/mouse :P
23:15kvandivo>looks like release { DEFINES += MMX }.. but i'll have to dig more to say more..
23:15Chutt>i think someone's mentioned that on users already
23:16Teflon-->hey, btw, dont trust ext2resize if you ever need to resize a ext2/ext3 volume via LVM, just use resize2fs instead
23:16Teflon-->i lost 100gb of media to ext2resize
23:17Teflon-->exactly 50% of my media went byebye
23:17kvandivo>ya.. says that -O2 fixes it...
23:17Teflon-->oh well at least my wife has 260gb free now.
23:19meth>teflon mind posting your lirc config for mythtv on the web somewhere so i can grab it?
23:19meth>or emailing it
23:19Teflon-->meth, for my ati_remote?
23:20Teflon-->are you sure you want to fight with lirc and the ati_remote module?
23:20meth>i can change it to work for my remote just need the mythtv functions
23:20Teflon-->actually, lirc doesn't control my ati-remote
23:20Teflon-->it is used only for my serial port transmitter
23:20meth>i have lirc setup now
23:20Teflon-->my ati_remote is setup as a keyboard/mouse for x.
23:20Teflon-->i think i posted the config to the list some time ago. it was nontrivial to get going.
23:22meth>well what config = stuff do i need for mythtv
23:22meth>i dont really see good info on the site
23:23kvandivo>so i'm curious, chutt.. do you not normally compile in debug mode yourself?
23:23Chutt>only when there's a problem to fix
23:24meth>ohh i have to make it press a key
23:24meth>i see
23:25meth>wheres a list of commands for myth
23:25meth>or the keys i spose
23:27Chutt>just run mythweb
23:27Teflon-->does mythweb now have a remote control?
23:27Teflon-->liek the tivoweb had?
23:27Teflon-->that would be fun
23:27Teflon-->maybe i can make tivoweb stuff keys at X
23:28Chutt>it has a setup page for keybindings, though
23:28Teflon-->it does now?!
23:28Teflon-->i really should upgrade!
23:28Teflon-->cvs co mythweb!
23:29Chutt>assuming you're running 0.13
23:31Teflon-->i'm on an early 0.12 i think
23:32Teflon-->hmmm i am on a 0.13 libmyth acoording to ldd
23:32Teflon-->but an old 0.13 for sure, about 3 months old.
23:33Teflon-->oct 30th... so only 2 mos.
23:33Teflon-->not as bad as I thought
23:38FryGuy>is it normal for mythbackend to only take up like 5% cpu on an amd XP2400+ while recording a show?
23:39kvandivo>deja vu
23:39Teflon-->FryGuy, what encoder?
23:40FryGuy>i'm trying to figure out why my mythtv is borked though.. the audio cuts out for a while, then the video stops for a while, then it kicks back on in the recordings
23:40FryGuy>i hope it's not because of the patch I did
23:42FryGuy>wait maybe it's the swap file. i've got like 4 mythbackend processes each taking up 14% of my memory
23:48+monkeyBox [] joined #mythtv
23:49monkeyBox>Does anyone here use the epia-m ? Is it necessary to include V4L if it's just going to be a frontend?
23:49meth>Teflon-- can you send me your lirc config file
23:49FryGuy>V4L is the stuff that displays everything, so yes. otherwise it uses CPU to scale everything
23:49meth>i dont want to spend hours trying to get things to work
23:49FryGuy>and the EPIA-M cpu's aren't very good at that
23:49Teflon-->meth i only have it setup for transmit
23:49meth>so you dont have stuff like..
23:49meth> prog = mythfrontend
23:49meth> button = CHUp
23:49meth> config = Up
23:51meth>damn hehe
23:53Teflon-->my rogers digital cable receiver's audio keeps dying suddenly and is fixed by changing channels
23:53Teflon-->lasts about 5 mins
23:53Teflon-->even after a powercycle
23:54meth># Suggested remote key bindings for MythTV Version .8
23:54meth>damn thats old hehe
23:59Teflon-->wow that was nice, the customer support rep at the cable company had my profile up when he came on the phone before i'd done anything (call display used effectively!) he knew right away my digital terminal was old and said just replace it.
---Logclosed Fri Dec 19 00:00:38 2003