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---Logopened Fri Dec 19 00:00:38 2003
00:08monkeyBox>FryGuy: Damn.. I just tried compiling the 2.4.23 kernel with the -epia patch, and it fails when I compile in the CLE V4L driver... (with "undefined reference errors) perhaps I should compile it as a module instead?
00:10meth>can someone send me their .lirc file
00:16mikegrb>Chutt: ping
00:32Teflon-->oh wait i'm not chutt
00:37mikegrb>heh ;)
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01:12mikegrb>got myththemes stuff with downloads and counting and no mod_rewrite
01:12mikegrb>lemme tar it up
01:12Chutt>something to play with tomorrow =)
01:13mikegrb>you can see the output at
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01:14mikegrb>added a line to the themes.meta, the name of the archive to download
01:14mikegrb>there is a themes.sql file there for creating the table
01:14mikegrb>just uses one table so you can just add that table to the existing nuke database
01:14Chutt>tmk, yo
01:15Chutt>yeah, no problem
01:15mikegrb>oh I figure the descriptions for pictures should probably be longer
01:15mikegrb>could even be used as a screenshots section on the site
01:15mikegrb>there was something else I wanted to mention
01:16tmk>sup chutt
01:16mikegrb>oh, my irclogs have mod_rewrite goodness now so you can access mythtv logs at
01:16mikegrb>a little nicer then the old url
01:16Chutt>that's cool
01:17tmk>chutt: you see that thread on ivtv-dev between me and david engel?
01:17tmk>any thoughts?
01:17Chutt>don't dismiss his requests out of hand like that
01:18tmk>i only dismissed 2 :)
01:18tmk>20% :)
01:18Chutt>the additional ioctls are necessary for better playback
01:20tmk>the flush one?
01:20tmk>yeah i didn't understand what he meant on that one
01:20tmk>i think i said i would put that in
01:20Chutt>and the playback speed stuff
01:20tmk>i need to look at that.. all the options are there though
01:21Chutt>pain in the ass to set all of them separately
01:21tmk>are the separate ones really changed that often
01:22Chutt>2 of em are
01:22Chutt>at least
01:23Chutt>since his stuff really does work quite a bit better...
01:23tmk>well the flushing should, yeah
01:23tmk>which are changed frequentlyl
01:23tmk>mute audio while ff?
01:23tmk>skip by frame or fieldd
01:24tmk>or # of frames to mute on playback resume
01:24Chutt>args 0 and 4, from his patch
01:24tmk>option 0 is is read from user
01:25tmk>4 is mute
01:25tmk>so only mute is separate
01:25Chutt>i imagine the other params will be useful once mythtv allows more than 3x forward
01:25Chutt>and reverse
01:26tmk>are you using the card's ff buffers
01:26tmk>or having myth skip
01:26Chutt>using the card for now
01:26Chutt>probably will make mythtv skip eventually
01:26tmk>that's new right?
01:26tmk>last time i saw that discussed, myth was skipping on ff
01:27tmk>so it was real choppy on the card
01:27Chutt>you really should look at his patches.
01:27tmk>i did
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01:30Teflon-->hey tmk. should i bother upgrading to ivtv cvs or stick with what i have for now (pvr-250, cvs date oct 1 it looks like)
01:30Chutt>don't use ivtv cvs
01:30Chutt>it's horribly broken.
01:30tmk>grab jens' latest
01:31tmk>i have a new cvs in the works (diffrent from the new version)
01:31Chutt>how soon is 'in the works'?
01:31tmk>i'm testing it out locally before i release it
01:31Chutt>i'd be pretty damn embarassed to have my cvs tree broken for as long as yours has :p
01:31Teflon-->where's jens' version hiding?
01:31tmk>it's on the news page
01:31Teflon-->thx, my bad
01:31Teflon-->i was waiting for it to load while i typed
01:31Chutt>grab rkulagow's tarball
01:31tmk>no problem
01:31tmk>i hear people have problems with that
01:32tmk>if it's the m179 one
01:32Chutt>oh, i dunno about the m179 patch
01:32Chutt>but anduin's patches fixed my 0 length recordings
01:32tmk>yeah that's most of what this new one is
01:32Teflon-->this url?
01:32tmk>the 0825 one
01:32tmk>or whatever
01:33Teflon-->tmkhave you heard of the pvr-250 getting vertical bands?
01:33tmk>checkerboard yes
01:33Teflon-->my pvr-250 randomly gets vertical stripes that are off-colour
01:33tmk>what resolution
01:33Teflon-->720x480 NTSC
01:34tmk>can you get a screenshot
01:34Chutt>you've said that it's a firmware bug before
01:34Teflon-->probably, perusing wife's recordings.
01:34tmk>checkboard is
01:34tmk>vertical bands is new to me
01:34Chutt>naw, it's been brought up on the ivtv lists
01:34tmk>ok i don't recall then
01:34Chutt>you said it was a firmware bug :p
01:35tmk>only problem i have with it anymore is that recordings get choppy
01:35Chutt>i keep telling people on my lists that are complaining about ivtv bugs to take it to the ivtv list
01:35Chutt>and no one ever does
01:35tmk>fine by me
01:35Chutt>i figure it'd be more incentive for you :p
01:35tmk>i don't like playing tech-support
01:35Teflon-->i subscribe to it
01:35Teflon-->i just don't seem to read it of late
01:35Teflon-->bad me again
01:35Teflon-->too much email
01:36Chutt>naw, stuff like the tinny audio problem
01:36Chutt>0 length recordings
01:36Chutt>etc :p
01:36tmk>never had tinny audio
01:36Chutt>several times a day
01:36tmk>i believe it exists
01:36Chutt>on -users
01:36tmk>but i've never seen it
01:36tmk>i'm not on users
01:36Chutt>i know =)
01:36Chutt>i don't want to be
01:36tmk>unsubscribe :
01:37tmk>i just wish people would do what they say they would do patchwise
01:37Teflon-->i should really just filter it to a subfolder
01:37Teflon-->someone do something they say they will?! bah
01:37tmk>yeah ridiculous
01:37Teflon-->(continues browsing recordings for one that's got the banding)
01:37Chutt>david's done a ton of work on this stuff so far
01:37tmk>yeah his research is helpful
01:38tmk>i mean the people who have promised to do major parts of hte driver
01:38tmk>then they disappear
01:38tmk>after i annouce that a new version is coming
01:38tmk>it's happened 3 times so far
01:38tmk>ima go roll a new CVS
01:38Chutt>that's the way things work
01:38Chutt>do you have versioning info in there?
01:39Chutt>i really want an ioctl i can call to ask for a version number
01:40Chutt>so i don't have to deal with incompatabilities anymore =)
01:42Teflon-->doh i have a recording that's killing mythfrontend and mythbackend
01:42Teflon-->probably from when fsck ate 100gb of data
01:46meth>can someone send me their .lircrc setup for myth
01:46meth>besides teflon :P
01:49Teflon-->sorry tmk, can't find any recordings with banding left on the drive :(
01:49Teflon-->next time it happens i'll grab a screen cap.
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01:53tmk>yeah chutt, it has versioning
01:53Chutt>thanks =)
01:54Chutt>allright, back to the new gene wolfe book
01:55meth>erm guess no remote for me :(
01:55meth> prog = irxevent
01:55meth> button = CHUp
01:55meth> config = Up
02:01meth>even that wont work :/
02:07tmk>chutt: it's in teh VIDIOC_G_CAP ioctl
02:07tmk>versioning is
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03:01meth>erm cant get esc to bind
03:01meth>config = Key ESC CurrentWindow
03:03meth>and its not recording :/
03:05ChaosExiguum>have you checked out they've got lots of docs and such.. sorry thats all the help I can offer :-/
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03:06meth>docs on mythtv configs?
03:06ChaosExiguum>not that I know of, but on configs in general and troubleshooting stuff
03:07meth>i can do several things now in myth with the remote just cant esc
03:07meth>and for some reason its not recording my epps
03:07ChaosExiguum>are you trying to use the native lirc support in myth?
03:07meth>using irxevent
03:08ChaosExiguum>hmm, I can offer up my lirc config if I'd be of help
03:08meth>ya it would
03:08meth>does it have comments?
03:08meth>on what does what
03:09ChaosExiguum>dunno, lemme check
03:09meth>wonder why its not recording too
03:10ChaosExiguum>yea its got comments, looks like esc is "Escape", btw
03:11meth>keys.txt says its ESC
03:11meth>yup thats it
03:11meth>very nice
03:11mdz_>no it doesn't
03:11mdz_>it says Escape in keys.txt
03:12ChaosExiguum>the man says his file says ESC :o)
03:12meth>Cancel Escape Cancel, quit playback
03:12meth>says ESC everywhere else
03:12mdz_>yeah, but that one has a column saying "LIRC Keystroke"
03:12meth>i spose
03:12meth>but it doesnt list all the lirc stuff
03:13meth>i thihk thats all i need
03:13mdz_>it has enough
03:13meth>my g/f finnally learned how to use the remote w/ tvtime
03:13meth>now shes gonna have to learn with mythtv
03:13meth>downside is not having the ability to change fullscreen mode
03:14meth>i like to change from full and windowd so i can see irc status and such
03:14ChaosExiguum>ahh, my myth computer only runs myth
03:15meth>mine will soon
03:15meth>gotta come up with a way to do dual inputs on my monitor and switch em with the same remote :)
03:15meth>ok i setup my own recording profile
03:15meth>is that all i need to do to record?
03:16ChaosExiguum>you gotta pick a show :o)
03:16meth>ya hehe
03:17meth>i got a lot picked
03:17*meth waits 15more mins to test
03:17ChaosExiguum>live tv works okay?
03:17meth>pause and playback too
03:18ChaosExiguum>huh, well thats beyond my abilites at 3:20 :o)
03:19meth>well i think adding my profile will do it
03:19*meth hopes
03:19meth>i cant wait 30 mins after that to test again hehe
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03:23meth>erm damn volume control doesnt control surround :(
03:24ChaosExiguum>think of it as two free keys on your remote
03:33meth>oh man mythvideo rocks
03:33meth>i love how it downloads the cover and everything
03:34meth>bah still doesnt record
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04:07meth>erm no recording and all but blue and liquid themese appear to work with my program guide :(
04:09DogBoy>you have to jostle it a bit
04:09DogBoy>I had to anyway
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04:36meth>i got it to record woot
04:36meth>to bad it doesnt disable the screensaver :/
04:38Matt>yeah, I've discovered that
04:38Matt>anyway, recording is useless here until I have a hack at the v4l initialisation code
04:39meth>is there any way to get it to disable the screensaver
04:39meth>default blank screen
04:39Matt>what window manager? kde?
04:40*Matt has a think
04:40Matt>it's a while since I've had E
04:40Matt>ran it for ages
04:40meth>i dont want to disable the saver
04:40meth>just while in myth
04:40*Matt uses blackbox and fvwm2 atm
04:41Matt>I think you have to disable and reenable it in that case :&)
04:41Matt>I don't think mythtv can change the screensaver settings
04:41meth>xset s off
04:41meth>xset s on
04:41meth>i could possibly link that up in my lirc somehow
04:42meth>ok off to bed again
04:43nchip>I don't think it would be hard to myth disable screensaver when entering record viewing/tv viewing and enable back in menus again
04:44sfr>it's just that noone cared enough to do it
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04:51meth>bah made my pc crash
04:51meth>i just wanna goto sleep :P
04:57Peitolm>nchip, that's in the faq :) xset is your friend
04:58*Peitolm gets his coat
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06:52hardwired>sfr: with 0.13 and your patch, is it already possible to stream mp3s from webpages?
06:52hardwired>or even without your patch>
06:53sfr>no. but i once posted another patch that adds very basic support for shoutcast streams
06:54Matt>how about icecast?
06:54Matt>or more to the point, icecast2
06:54sfr>all it does is to make mythmusic not delete musicmeta entries that contain ://
06:55hardwired>all i need is nectarine and digitally imported :)
06:55sfr>hardwired: ?
06:56hardwired>sfr: nectarine: oldschool mod streaming (mp3 streaming)
06:56hardwired>sfr: digitally imported: mp3 streaming service, mostly trance and house
06:56hardwired>sfr: can you point me to that other patch of yours?
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06:57sfr>hardwired: got dccc?
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06:58hardwired>probably doesn't work through the corporate fw, hold on
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06:59sfr>hardwired: doesn't work. so search the -dev ml archive for 'shoutcast stream'
06:59hardwired>sfr: send to hardwired2
07:03sfr>someone recently said it's working for him.
07:04hardwired>cool. i'll try it out over the holidays
07:07sfr>but beware the 'Search for Music files' will probably delete all stream urls. my latest patch will avoid this.
07:08hardwired>ah, ok.
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07:47marc_>anybody 'round?
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08:53Matt>sft, icecast2 = ogg
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09:08Zeran>frequent visitor :)
09:08janek>heh, yeah ;)
09:09Zeran>hows the digital TV?
09:10janek>going well now
09:11janek>just got two problems left, crashes on a channel that changes aspect ratio after adverts (but it's fine if I skip past the actual change), and crashes when I try to watch a channel that I don't get good enough reception on
09:11janek>(but that doesn't really matter I guess since I don't get good enough reception on it ;))
09:12janek>(well it does sort of matter because sometimes when the weather is really good or something (or maybe it was the solar flares) I do get good reception on it, but if I try to find out myth crashes (backend too) ;))
09:16Zeran>you get crash logs and stuff?
09:17janek>haven't checked actually... should do I guess ;)
09:18Zeran>probably :)
09:19janek>where does it put the log files anyway? I haven't seen a configuration option for that yet...
09:20Zeran>I'm not an expert
09:21Zeran>you have to run it under gdb, etc
09:26Zeran>I'm having some crash problems with it myself
09:26Zeran>it seems using mythweb can actually crash the backend
09:28+Octane [] joined #mythtv
09:28janek>wow, that weird ;)
09:29Zeran>I think the request processing code in the backend is very shaky
09:29Zeran>it seems to have lots of thread related issues
09:29janek>it does appear so
09:29Zeran>like if you make a request but close the socket before the response is complete, it crashes
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09:44PeteCool>Something weird is happening here: some of the png's in themes (I thought it was only funhouse, but visor 0.13 does it too) don't get loaded at all, and the default ones are used instead
09:49PeteCool>like this:
09:51PeteCool>Could it be a problem with qt (I have version 3.2.3 installed)
09:51Zeran>whats the latest qt?
09:51Zeran>and wow, where do you get these funky themes? :)
09:52PeteCool>Zeran: that's visor 0.13, that was posted on the mailing list yesterday
09:54PeteCool>colors look to be off in that shot though... it's a deep blue, and not a faded green, on my TV
10:00Zeran>do the people "in charge" of mythtv ever come on here?
10:00GreyFoxx>Chutt is here a lot
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10:03Zeran>what is his role?
10:04GreyFoxx>It's his project, and he is the main coder
10:04GreyFoxx>Chutt = Isaac = Guy who gave us all a reason to spend money on new toys
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10:15kvandivo>it should be pointed out, though, that this is a development channel
10:15kvandivo>it is not a general help channel and user should not _expect_ to have their questions answered here.
10:16Zeran>but this would be the right channel to whine about the nasty thread synchronization issues in mainserver.cpp, right? :)
10:17kvandivo>i suppose people can whine about anything whereever they wish. :) But users should not _expect_ to have their questions _answered_ here
10:17+bitbyte [] joined #mythTV
10:17kvandivo>and before anyone whines about anything here, they should check the mail list archives to make sure it hasn't been whined about before
10:18+chris` [] joined #mythtv
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10:19Zeran>I would guess that issue has been whined about before
10:19kvandivo>judging from the important of mainserver.cpp, i would guess that if it were a common condition that it would have been whined about quite a bit, actually
10:21Zeran>it tends not to come up if connections are reliable
10:21Zeran>but if connections are getting closed unexpectedly (unstable frontend, bad network, hosts going down, etc), it shows up pretty quickly
10:22Zeran>you can also get it to show up by using mythweb very quickly
10:31Zeran>kvandivo: do you happen to know where exactly the qsocket objects get deleted?
10:32kvandivo>without looking through the code, no
10:32janek>short of someone starting a #mythtv-users channel (and that seems a tad over the top given that the noise isn't excessive here atm anyway), surely it would be appropriate for users to help each other with their problems, no?
10:32kvandivo>grep is your friend, though
10:33kvandivo>ya.. users can do whatever they want here.
10:33kvandivo>but users should not _expect_ answers to their questions here
10:33janek>especially since in many areas using mythtv involves having to understand the development anyway (like with dvb;))
10:33kvandivo>zeran, in particular, was asking if the developers were here regularly
10:33janek>fair enough, I don't think users can expect to have their questions answered anywhere really ;)
10:34kvandivo>you might be surprised how irate some people can get when they don't get immediate answers to their questions here
10:34janek>well, that's understandable too, people look forward to all the shinyness of mythtv and it's a letdown if things don't work ;)
10:34Zeran>it is a common phenomenon
10:35Zeran>people like to expect attention :)
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10:51sailor420>ok... I am in the first config section of mythtv (where you can setup XMLTV and such). I can enter my zip code into the XMLTV section, but no providers appear in the dropdown box. I checked the MythTV documentation and it said that it may be waiting for some other input--so I tried alt+tab to see if there was a terminal window open somewhere waiting for me (like the documentation said there may be)... There wasnt. Would anyone be willin
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11:06Zeran>sailor420: there should be a terminal window open from which you started setup?
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11:54-Zeran [~public@] left #mythtv ()
12:05+PeteCool_ [] joined #mythtv
12:05=PeteCool__ [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
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12:34+fathom [~fathom@] joined #mythtv
12:35fathom>is there anything that can play the file format that mythtv generates other than mythtv?
12:35fathom>i'm trying mplayer w/o much luck
12:36sfr>there's a patch available for older version of mplayer
12:37fathom>is there a way for me to use ffmpeg or something to convert it to another format?
12:49=racer32 [] quit ()
13:03meth> Using the patched mencoder I
13:03meth>was able to convert the .nuv to an .avi
13:05mdz_>that usually doesn't turn out too well
13:06meth>nuvexport or the patched mencoder
13:06+o_c [] joined #mythtv
13:10meth>oh wow nuvexport looks cool
13:23steelep>will nuvexport work on ts files?
13:23mdz_>converting to AVI
13:24sfr>mdz_: quality-wise?
13:24steelep>svcd is probably acceptible too
13:25mdz_>svcd will have the same problems
13:25steelep>but was thinking 8K xvid for hd streams
13:25mdz_>NUV has a timestamp for each frame and audio packet
13:25mdz_>while AVI only has a global frame rate and audio rate
13:26mdz_>so if there are any dropped frames, or any drift in the audio coming from the sound card (and there always is), then you will lose a/v sync
13:29dja>o_cee: you around?
14:03fathom>meth, thanks for the info
14:05+bishop [] joined #mythtv
14:09=KikoV [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:10=nulltank [] quit (Connection reset by peer)
14:21=fathom [~fathom@] quit ("Leaving")
14:22+teletype [] joined #mythtv
14:25+holger [] joined #mythtv
14:30+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
14:30=bishop [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
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14:50=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:09+Miteorite [] joined #mythtv
15:09Miteorite>hi guys.
15:12Chutt>that's a good way to get yourself banned from the channel.
15:12Miteorite>why is that?
15:12Chutt>because it's damn annoying?
15:13Chutt>you don't ping the entire channel just because no one responds to you immediately.
15:14Miteorite>you get exactly one ping from me, i bet your pardon, but how is that damn annoying?
15:14Chutt>it's rude?
15:15Miteorite>i really don't know what to say.
15:15Miteorite>i'll exclude you from my ping requests in the future..
15:15Chutt>how about 'i'm sorry, i won't do that again'
15:16billytwowilly>exclude me as well.
15:16billytwowilly>It's rude.
15:16=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:18Miteorite>i'm not sorry though, i came in and pinged exactly one.
15:18Miteorite>i find it rather ridiculous that we're having an argument about this.
15:18Chutt>ok, i'll be happy to ban you to end it.
15:19Miteorite>if that'll make you happier.
15:19~ChanServ set +o Chutt on #mythtv
15:19~Chutt set +b *!*dmitry@* on #mythtv
15:19!Miteorite was kicked from #mythtv by Chutt (Chutt)
15:19@Chutt>yes, yes it will =)
15:19~Chutt set -o Chutt on #mythtv
15:22kvandivo>gee.. looks like i missed some excitement while i was away at the holiday lunch..
15:22kvandivo>had an excellent filet mignon at the teppen table, though
15:24Chutt>that's cool
15:24Chutt>i should probably eat sometime today
15:28+latetalk [] joined #mythtv
15:37+bishop [] joined #mythtv
15:58+curreyr__ [] joined #mythtv
16:03+virsys [] joined #mythtv
16:05+n00bster [] joined #mythtv
16:06n00bster>How's it goin?
16:09~ChanServ set +o Chutt on #mythtv
16:09~Chutt set +b *!*BigJim@* on #mythtv
16:09!n00bster was kicked from #mythtv by Chutt (Chutt)
16:09dja>:-) thnx
16:09kvandivo>what is it with these people today?
16:10dja>I bet it was the same person...
16:10@Chutt>well, that's the same guy, i'd assume
16:10@Chutt>just immature little kids
16:10kvandivo>yep.. i'd say so.. i was just doing some digging
16:11kvandivo> comes up in google as a frequent visitor to, which is out of british columbia.. is also going to be a canadian isp..
16:15kvandivo>apparently he has a striking resemblance to jennifer aniston
16:15mdz_>Chutt: did you see that gentoo/gaim bug report
16:16@Chutt>vektor pointed it out to me =)
16:19+marc_ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
16:22=sailor420 [] quit ()
16:22+adamantium [] joined #mythtv
16:22adamantiumis now known as aamiic
16:23@Chutt>i've got a stalker, cool.
16:24aamiic>stalkers arn't cool dude
16:25kvandivo>but he(she?) is a pretty stalker
16:30@Chutt>i just got half a dozen emails from different people who misspelled mythtv-users
16:30@Chutt>all in the same 15 minute period
16:30kvandivo>brilliant people are just coming out of the woodwork today, i suppose
16:32+dilate [] joined #mythtv
16:32=marc_ [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:33@Chutt>mikegrb, you around?
16:33+marc_ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
16:34-dilate [] left #mythtv ()
16:35mikegrb>Chutt: yes
16:35@Chutt>hm, nevermind
16:35@Chutt>was going to ask you something about the themes web stuff, but
16:35mikegrb>how's the php look
16:36mikegrb>any request?
16:36@Chutt>converting it to a module
16:39mikegrb>Chutt: heidi seemed to enjoy working on it
16:39mikegrb>Chutt: kvandivo banged on it and tried to break it for a bit last night
16:40mikegrb>one suggestion he had was possibly making sure indexs are off
16:40mikegrb>for files dir
16:40mikegrb>also someone mentioned some sort of auto dl theme thingie
16:40@Chutt>already is
16:41mikegrb>would be pretty simple to have a sepereate php script that has the same logic as index.php but lists the available themes
16:41@Chutt>generates some xml for mythtv to grab
16:41mikegrb>then the client can dl the themes.meta file
16:41mikegrb>hmm just put the themes.meta info in the xml
16:41mikegrb>maybe a list of urls for screen shots
16:42@Chutt>he sent an email about that to the lists
16:42mikegrb>I saw that one
16:42mikegrb>I need to patch mythtvosd like you requested
16:42mikegrb>shouldn't be hard but I've been putting it off because I want to remake the image
16:42mikegrb>perhaps come out just a bit more to give more room and move more towards the bottom of the screen
16:42*mikegrb is not a graphics guy
16:43@Chutt>easy to tweak it once it's running
16:43@Chutt>oh, what about osd themes?
16:43mikegrb>the email stuff
16:43mikegrb>email alert
16:43mikegrb>the patch I sent in about a week, week and a half ago
16:43@Chutt>no no, for the themes stuff
16:43mikegrb>heh yeah
16:44mikegrb>shouldn't be too hard
16:44mikegrb>could even just have two instances one for themes and one for osd themes
16:44mikegrb>I don't know how much changes making it a module do
16:45@Chutt>putting it all into one file, mainly
16:45mikegrb>could make the images array have a prefix for osd or not
16:46mikegrb>and then filesdir and filesurl have one for osd and one for not
16:47mikegrb>so you would have like a /myththemes and /mythosd
16:48-curreyr__ [] left #mythtv ()
16:48+sfr_ [] joined #mythtv
16:50=Teflon-- [] quit ("Leaving")
16:56@Chutt>allright, think i have it mostly working now
16:56=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
16:56@Chutt>well, except for downloading
16:58=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:59@Chutt>mikegrb, what about theme versions?
16:59mikegrb>ahh shite
16:59mikegrb>forgot that one
16:59@Chutt>no biggie =)
17:00mikegrb>should be pretty easy
17:00@Chutt>can be added after i get it running
17:00mikegrb>next line in the meta file and next element in array if you just want it to display it
17:00mikegrb>I need to add the new icon too
17:06@Chutt>is the website updated?
17:06@Chutt>or is the cache still there
17:08kvandivo>the 'main myth themes' link is telling me that the module isn't active
17:09@Chutt>ok, it's partially cached
17:09kvandivo>main page has 'themes' in the left column... themes page has 'themes - old' in theleft column
17:09@Chutt>try now?
17:10kvandivo>'return to main themes page' is bouncing back to / and not to the main themes page
17:12@Chutt>did anyone grab the sleek theme?
17:13@Chutt>and the matching osd?
17:13@Chutt>looks like the machine's down a day early :(
17:15@Chutt>link's fixed
17:15kvandivo>i concur. /me grins evily.
17:17mikegrb>just need lots of screenshots now :)
17:17@Chutt>and sleek, gant
17:17@Chutt>and the osd themes
17:17mikegrb>if you mention it in the news make sure you include heidi's name ;)
17:17kvandivo>i've got my rankings code actually adding rankings into the db.. just have to tie in all the spots i want now, and write some code to prime the prgRank table that I have planned
17:18@Chutt>are you still using a slider?
17:18kvandivo>haven't changed that code..
17:18@Chutt>how 'bout an icon list? +'s or -'s
17:18@Chutt>graphical representation
17:18@Chutt>instead of the slider
17:19@Chutt>oh, i've got a link for you
17:20kvandivo>just trying to visualize how it will work on the screen.. the slider gives me the controls for free.. (right arrow increases, left arrow decreases)..
17:20@Chutt>i'm just thinking something more in line with the mythmusic intelligent playlist stuff
17:21mikegrb>interesting page isaac
17:21@Chutt>found it in the referral logs
17:21@Chutt>when i was bored a while ago
17:21kvandivo>sure doesn't work well on mozilla
17:21mikegrb>referal logs can be interesting
17:21@Chutt>yah, their flash app is busted
17:22mikegrb>Chutt: so where is their submitted code?
17:22@Chutt>mikegrb, i'll do a news story once i get more screenshots up
17:22@Chutt>no where i can see =)
17:23@Chutt>haven't gotten any emails from them, either
17:23*mikegrb goes afk
17:23mikegrb>gots to take care of the wife
17:24kvandivo>the 'contributions' page is the only one i can actually get to come up.. looks like some possibly interesting stuff
17:25@Chutt>kvandivo, you can pull urls out of the page source
17:25@Chutt>frame source
17:25@Chutt>for the left most frame
17:25kvandivo>ok.. will do.. trying to find the intelligent playlist stuff right now so that i can comment on it. :)
17:25mecraw_>it looks like they intended to post their souce, but the server appears to be down
17:26@Chutt>it just uses separate keys for up/down
17:26@Chutt>and uses a set of icons to represent the rating
17:27@Chutt>i didn't see that before
17:27@Chutt>i imagine it's a tad more hackish than what kvandivo's working on, though =)
17:27kvandivo>heck, it might be my earlier version that i had sent to the list, for all i know. :)
17:28mecraw_>makes me want to go to georgia tech and take classes, though
17:28o_c>meep meep
17:28o_cis now known as o_cee
17:29@Chutt>hey o_cee
17:30o_cee>dja: i'm here now?
17:32kvandivo>they've used a lot of tivo terms.. i've been very careful to _not_ use the tivo terminology in my stuff..
17:35kvandivo>i like that it looks like they use imdb to augment the data that they have for a show.. granted, all of these comments assume that the code actually does what the html says it does, and does it well
17:36@Chutt>i imagine hitting imdb that often in a script would be kinda frowned upon
17:38kvandivo>yep.. i suspect that is correct... really probably the same reason that it hasn't been done in the past for additional data (for non recommendation reasons)
17:40=virsys [] quit (Connection timed out)
17:40@Chutt>trying to decide if i want to host larger screenshots than just the 320x240 thumbnails
17:41kvandivo>well, to submit my opinion... if you decide 'no', remove the link that just loads the jpg file
17:41kvandivo>it's annoying to click on the link and see the exact same size image
17:41-aamiic [] left #mythtv ()
17:41*kvandivo waves to aamiic.
17:48@Chutt>yeah, i agree with that
17:48@Chutt>done =)
17:50@Chutt>let's see, what to take screenshots of
17:58@Chutt>ah well, i'll do all that after dinner
18:04kvandivo>crap.. i didn't have the 'show song ratings' toggle enabled in the settings screen
18:05kvandivo>no wonder i wasn't seeing them
18:07Octane>o_cee your theme is beautiful
18:08Octane>Chutt the download for purple galaxy is broken
18:08kvandivo>ok.. having seen them, i don't have a problem with that, chutt.. i'm going to proceed as i have been, though, and get the basics in. then, i've got a single class, RankLine that prints out that line and can be tweaked to show different visuals
18:09@Chutt>download link works for me
18:09@Chutt>kvandivo, great
18:10Octane>both on this box and the mythbox clicking the download takes you to a blank page, other dl's work, dunno
18:10kvandivo>worked fine for me when i tried it earlier
18:11Octane>'s okay, im gonna be sticking to gant for a while now... its beautiful
18:11@Chutt>can you try it now?
18:11Octane>there we go
18:11+mecraw__ [~mecraw@] joined #mythtv
18:11@Chutt>manually disabled the php caching stuff for that page
18:11@Chutt>remembered it doesn't work on some browsers
18:12@Chutt>for downloads
18:12kvandivo>so what looser browser is octane using? :P
18:12kvandivo>loser, even
18:12Octane>using fb .7+ on both :D
18:12kvandivo>hmm.. that's not much of a loser browser...
18:13Octane>i know, its the best!
18:13@Chutt>mainmenu, watch recordings, program guide, program finder, music playback, weather, video browser
18:13@Chutt>enough snapshots?
18:13Octane>how about of status too
18:14kvandivo>na.. nothing interesting on status
18:14@Chutt>it's not themeable
18:14Octane>how about of #mythtv
18:14@Chutt>these are for the individual themes :p
18:14kvandivo>i think that's pretty representative, chutt
18:15@Chutt>all of em will be the same, but hopefully o_cee'll start changing that =)
18:16Octane>i cant stop looking at the icons of gant
18:16Octane>did he do the artwork?
18:16kvandivo>i hear he hired a high-dollar new york city designer
18:17Octane>the ones who did the 'tower of freedom'?
18:17kvandivo>yep. that's why it took them so long to do the tower.. they were working oc's stuff
18:18o_cee>Octane: thanks.
18:18o_cee>wth :)
18:18o_cee>Octane: the artwork is done by another guy (look at the readme)
18:19o_cee>did anyone actually understand what that roll of toilet paper meant? :)
18:21kvandivo>so anyway, my plan for priming the 'ranking' db table is to prerank shows that you have in the record table. rankings are -5 to 5. i'm planning to give '1' to 'record only this showing', 2 to record in timeslot or on channel, and 3 to record anywhere, anytime.
18:22kvandivo>i figure that if you have it in the record table that indicates a better than average chance that you like the show.. (these are, of course, just initial settings... after first updating the db i wasn't planning to preset anything)
18:23kvandivo>hmmm.. now that i think about it.. i might not preprime it..
18:23kvandivo>i might just let the user decide completely what they like and don't like
18:24*kvandivo is liking that idea.
18:24o_cee>yeah, leave it up to the poor user :)
18:24kvandivo>this way is more accurate...
18:25=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:28mikegrb>who cares about accuracy?
18:28=marc_ [~Marc@] quit ("Leaving")
18:29o_cee>heh, wow. who put gant at the website?
18:29o_cee>you Chutt?
18:29mikegrb>that would be chutt
18:30o_cee>wich version would that be?
18:30=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:30@Chutt>i dunno
18:30o_cee>seems to be the first one
18:30@Chutt>what i had on my harddrive =)
18:30@Chutt>i can update it later, just wanted to get it up there for now
18:31o_cee>allright. possible to get write access so i can update it myself? (skipping cvs then i assume?)
18:31o_cee>need to add a preview and stuff
18:34Octane>holy... i have so many roms
18:34Octane>i just remembered that i kept all my roms on my laptop
18:34o_cee>need to get a joypad for that.. haven't got that many tho
18:35Octane>i have 1.67 gigs of nes alone!
18:35Octane>i havent played a single one
18:35Octane>each game has like 10 versions
18:36=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
18:39o_cee>will this new theme stuff download stuff automatically from within myth or something?
18:39o_cee>or whats the idea?
18:39mikegrb>I presume
18:41+dunc [] joined #mythtv
18:41o_cee>i'd really need a couple of days to fix thing up with gant
18:44o_cee>anyone know what AT command you check a modem for CID capability?
18:45*mikegrb grins
18:45mikegrb>with the question mark of course, otherwise it might think it is a statement
18:45kvandivo>and if you do it as a statement, it will upgrade the modem to have the caller id capability, which is clearly not what you were asking
18:47o_cee>does all v.92 have cid?
18:48kvandivo>i seriously doubt it
18:48dunc>any idea why doesn't mythtv change channels? it just records whatever channel the card was last tuned to
18:48sfr_>don't know i stopped at v.90
18:49o_cee>sfr_: i've never had a 56k modem :)
18:49kvandivo>i've had a 300 baud modem
18:49=m0j0 [~m0j0@] quit ("Client exiting")
18:49o_cee>trying to find something cheap to get the cid stuff in myth, would b ereally cool :)
18:49kvandivo>it was a big brown thing that i plugged in my c64 and used it to 'mud' with back at 'university'
18:50sfr_>o_cee: i've got two zyxel 1496 sitting here collecting dust? rumors have it by upgrading the eprom chips one can add callerid
18:50o_cee>ooh? doing some googling on it
18:55o_cee>how old is this thing? doesn't find anything intresting really, hehhe
18:55mikegrb>kvandivo: they had universities back when you went to school?
18:55mikegrb>and the c64 was out already?
18:55kvandivo>ha ha ha.. that's a real knee-slapper there, mikegrb.
18:55mikegrb>sheeesh I didn't know they even had electricity
18:55mikegrb>you learn something new everyday
18:55*mikegrb runs
18:55kvandivo>i'm laughing. really, i am
18:55sfr_>o_cee: ~93 maybe they do 14400 and 19200 btw. two zyxels iirc
18:56sfr_>think so, yes
18:57sfr_>U-1496E even
18:57=mecraw__ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
18:58sfr_>o_cee: the mgetty mailing list should be a good resource for caller-id
18:59sfr_>i assure you, you won't loose the warranty *grin*
19:01o_cee>new modem with cid isn't that expencive really
19:01mikegrb>my voip service recently started sending name with number for caller id :)
19:01mikegrb>now I just need a CID modem too
19:02mikegrb>oh! or sniff the packets going to the cisco ata
19:02mikegrb>that might be interesting
19:02sfr_>you are using voip?
19:02+virsys [] joined #mythtv
19:02mikegrb>I even get voice mail via email as an attatched wav
19:02mikegrb>with caller id info in the email
19:02mikegrb>well it has a web and phone interface too for voice mail
19:03mikegrb>I use the web interface mainly
19:03mikegrb>very spiffy indeed
19:03mikegrb>we have 3 phone numbers all in different states
19:03mikegrb>(military moves around a lot ;)
19:03sfr_>they are everywhere ;)
19:07+o_c [] joined #mythtv
19:07=o_cee [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:07o_cis now known as o_cee
19:08+Invisi [] joined #mythtv
19:12o_cee>the progress on the 350 tvout looks really promising
19:13sfr_>Chutt: btw, there's a minor translation update waiting to be added to cvs. i sent a few days ago
19:14o_cee>hahahha, what a response from kenneth
19:14o_cee>"I have no idea"
19:20+Exdaix [] joined #mythtv
19:21Exdaix>I have a quick question: Do you NEED to have alsa working? I have perfect sound usingthe OSS kernel drivers...
19:21Exdaix>im about to install mythtv
19:22sfr_>not at all. oss should be good enough.
19:22Exdaix>i wasn't sure if it relied on it for something
19:22=virsys [] quit (Connection reset by peer)
19:23sfr_>it relies on the driver/soundcard being able to work in fullduplex mode (playback/recording at the same time)
19:35o_cee>Chutt eating filet mignon or something=
19:35o_cee>? blargh
19:36sfr_>may i help you Sir?
19:37o_cee>i'm defenately not hungry, that's for sure
19:37o_cee>eaten two christmas dinners today :)
19:38sfr_>how come? it's the 20th today, even in Sweden.
19:38o_cee>heh, yeah
19:39o_cee>first with work.. then at my girlfriends dad since i won't be there at christmas
19:39o_cee>i'm stuffed
19:39sfr_>um, two at the same DAY? you are sick
19:39o_cee>heh, yeah..
19:49o_cee>i'm bored.
19:50o_cee>i'll do some work on gant i guess
19:50sfr_>finished all your exams?
19:50o_cee>could someone please remove gant from the website for the time beeing? doesn't feel like its ready for the masses
19:50o_cee>yeah :)
19:57o_cee>arwhg, ntsc and pal resolution anyone?
19:58o_cee>720*576 right?
19:59sfr_>it's been talked about on the ml just yesterday -dev or -user.
19:59=Crib [] quit ()
20:00o_cee>yeesch, was just going to calculate where the "test safe" area for the theme was
20:03o_cee>damn -users list.. too much traffic
20:04sfr_>yeah, it has exploded lately. there are not enough bugs in myth obviously
20:05o_cee>stupid people who can't search
20:07+Ripp_ [] joined #mythtv
20:07-Ripp_ [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
20:18sfr_>is cvs or viewcvs having problems?
20:30@Chutt>o_cee, gant's just as much 'ready' as purplegalaxy or whatnot
20:30@Chutt>keep it there :p
20:31o_cee>updating stuff now..
20:31o_cee>you skipping adding it to cvs then i guess?
20:31@Chutt>naw, just putting it on the site for now
20:32o_cee>allright. any way of getting write access so i can update it myself?
20:32@Chutt>just email me the changes
20:33o_cee>okay. won't be until tomorrow, need to try it out on the tv first
20:47o_cee>is there any script or something that checks against the db and cleans out old files from /var/video? feels like there's old stuff there that's taking space
20:57mikegrb>shuldn't be too terribly difficult
20:59=o_cee [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:59+o_cee [] joined #mythtv
21:15@Chutt>mikegrb, check out the themes stuff on the website now
21:15mikegrb>okie doke
21:16*mikegrb starts a pretty graphical browser
21:17o_cee>nice :)
21:17@Chutt>used all the font definitions for the rest of the site
21:17@Chutt>and stuff
21:18o_cee>maybe there should be a changelog or something like that?
21:18@Chutt>so it'll be even harder for you to test it yourself
21:18@Chutt>o_cee, for the themes?
21:19@Chutt>it does need at least a version number field
21:19@Chutt>and that *new* image =)
21:19mikegrb>can you give me a copy of your modulized version?
21:19@Chutt>of course
21:19o_cee>i've got updated to both mythmusic and mythweather
21:20@Chutt>o_cee, great =)
21:21o_cee>yepp.. i'll try to get it all together soonish :) christmas and stuff soon, but we'll see i guess
21:22o_cee>anyway, time to get some sleep.. later!
21:22*o_cee is away: sleepie time
21:27@Chutt>mikegrb, you get that?
21:27mikegrb>thank you
21:28@Chutt>i didn't hack it up too much, did i? :p
21:30mikegrb>I haven't looked at it just yet
21:30mikegrb>I'm sure not though ;)
21:30mikegrb>without a doubt I kknow your coding abilities are better then me though, so any changes are likely for the better ;)
21:30kvandivo>why do i get the feeling that the 'sort by' stuff is going to break in the gui's that let you sort by fields if there are more than 999 items to sort...
21:31@Chutt>sort by stuff?
21:31sfr_>the new search screen?
21:31kvandivo>na... the pages where you can change priorities is what i was looking at..
21:32sfr_>'nobody needs more than 640 items to sort'
21:32kvandivo>channelrecpriorities.cpp in particular.. I'm modeling my view-rank page off of that, and i'm not convinced that i love it
21:33=crib2 [] quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
21:33kvandivo>programData[QString::number(999-i)] =; where i>0, and stuff like that
21:33kvandivo>well, actually 'programData' is my name.. but you get the idea
21:44=Exdaix [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:48*kvandivo would really dig having a -j option on make that worked)
22:04=latetalk [] quit (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
22:09+[VS]SSilver [~bubba@] joined #mythtv
22:09[VS]SSilver>lo all
22:09[VS]SSilver>where is mythtvbackend's ./setup. i cant find it running gentoo
22:13kvandivo>do an updatedb as root, and then run locate
22:14+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
22:20[VS]SSilver>still not doing what i need it to
22:20[VS]SSilver>what do i do to setup mythbackend?
22:21[VS]SSilver>mythtv works. mysql works. mythfrontend works
22:21[VS]SSilver>mythbackend wont work though. i dont know how to set it up
22:21billytwowilly>[VS]SSilver: have you checked the good docs on the webpage?
22:21[VS]SSilver>actually, to be precise, i dont know where it is
22:21[VS]SSilver>yes i have
22:21[VS]SSilver>all it says is: Switch to the setup directory and run the setup program:
22:21[VS]SSilver>$ cd setup
22:21[VS]SSilver>$ ./setup
22:22[VS]SSilver>it doesnt say where the setup directory resides in
22:22billytwowilly>in the mythtv source you un tarred...
22:22billytwowilly>all the directions are as if you were in the source dir I think.
22:23[VS]SSilver>i didnt untar anything, i used gentoos portage which automatically compiles ind isntalls
22:23[VS]SSilver>does that mean it prolly already ran the setup program?
22:24mikegrb>[VS]SSilver: try looking in /usr/share/mythtv
22:24billytwowilly>I don't think so... the setup program asks you some questions..
22:24mikegrb>it might call it mythtvsetup or some such
22:25[VS]SSilver>in my mythtv folder, i have something called setup.xml
22:26mikegrb>it calls it mythsetup
22:26mikegrb>looks like it might be in your path
22:26[VS]SSilver>thank you very much
22:26[VS]SSilver>it finds mythsetup
22:26+RavenHair [] joined #mythtv
22:27kvandivo>which was why i had said to use locate.. locate myth, locate setup.. a bunch of things could have found it
22:27mikegrb>you can always look at the ebuild files under /usr/portage too
22:27-RavenHair [] left #mythtv ()
22:27mikegrb>that one was in /usr/portage/media-tv/mythtv/
22:27+hfb [] joined #mythtv
22:27mikegrb>kvandivo: the mythtv ebuild applies the 0.13 patch from the website :)
22:27[VS]SSilver>i was locating setup, which was giving me hundreds of files, a bunch of setup.c /.h files and such
22:28kvandivo>locate setup | grep myth
22:28mikegrb>grep++ locate++
22:28[VS]SSilver>i gotta start remebering to use grep
22:28kvandivo>grep is your friend
22:28mikegrb>grep is my friend
22:28[VS]SSilver>is there anythign i have to do after i rung mythsetup to actually run the mythbackend?
22:28mikegrb>I use it at least 100 times a day
22:29kvandivo>the docs should have that info, silver
22:29mikegrb>you probably need to import the database
22:29[VS]SSilver>this: /etc/init.d/mythbackend start right?
22:29[VS]SSilver>i already imporeted the database
22:29mikegrb>look at the ebuild
22:29mikegrb>it has instructions at the end
22:30[VS]SSilver>well the thing is, ive added mythbackened to run at bootup, but now when i connect to mythtvdfrontend, it says could not connect to the master backened server, it is running, is the ip address set for it in the setup program correct. ill try rebooting the system to see if it works now
22:33mikegrb>there are more steps you have to do first
22:33mikegrb>they are at the end of the ebuild
22:35[VS]SSilver>i dont know hwo to read ebuilds. im just goign through the install docs
22:35[VS]SSilver>blah, im going to reread the install web docs
22:35=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
22:36kvandivo>actually, i stand corrected on the channelrecpriorities sort thing.. it appears that it will break if you happen to have channel ids > 999. so, it was a different issue than i thought
22:39=[VS]SSilver [~bubba@] quit ()
22:39+CrazyDrClaw [] joined #mythtv
22:40+crib2 [] joined #mythtv
22:40crib2>Hey can anyone tell me how I can set my timezone ? mythfilldatabase is complaining about it not being set
22:40CrazyDrClaw>hey, does anyone here know how well supported the pcHDTV card is under Myth?
22:40crib2>I am in EST or GMT -5
22:40CrazyDrClaw>what distro are you using crib?
22:41CrazyDrClaw>oh ok
22:41CrazyDrClaw>that's whta I have
22:41CrazyDrClaw>very easy :)
22:41crib2>Crazy: I've heard of people using that card i think
22:41CrazyDrClaw>ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/your_zone /etc/localtime
22:41crib2>I manned zic but it's totally confusing
22:41CrazyDrClaw>that will take care of it :)
22:41CrazyDrClaw>just gotta symlink to the proper zone under Gentoo
22:42crib2>AH, that's right...I remeber now
22:42CrazyDrClaw>lol you're luck
22:42+latetalk [] joined #mythtv
22:42CrazyDrClaw>*lucky you're using Gentoo
22:42CrazyDrClaw>cause that's the only distro I know anything about anymore O:)
22:43CrazyDrClaw>hey, since I got another fellow Gentooer here using MythTV, by any chance are you using a PVR-250/350?
22:43crib2>I'm pretty happy with gentoo
22:43CrazyDrClaw>me too
22:43CrazyDrClaw>it's my favorite so far
22:43crib2>it is just newbfriendly enough for me without being overly stupid
22:43crib2>the community helps out ALOT
22:43CrazyDrClaw>yup, the community's awesome
22:44crib2>also, it's free, which rules!
22:44CrazyDrClaw>they're very open to noobs and that's the only reason I was able to get it running properluy
22:44CrazyDrClaw>hey, I don't suppose you know anything about the ivtv drivers under Gentoo
22:44crib2>Nah, I use bttv, sry
22:44CrazyDrClaw>I haven't set Myth up on my home system yet, but so far I've only installed Myth on Fedora so I'm not too familiar with what to do under Gentoo
22:44CrazyDrClaw>oh ok
22:45CrazyDrClaw>I guess I'll just do some googling around then
22:45crib2>Fedora = a distro?
22:45CrazyDrClaw>Redhat under aonther name
22:45CrazyDrClaw>the free version
22:45CrazyDrClaw>changed names, so now the official "RedHat" distro is only commercial
22:45crib2>I can help you with ALOT of stuff with myth setup, but not the ivtv
22:45CrazyDrClaw>sure, that would be awesome
22:45crib2>JUST NOW am i getting it running!!!
22:45crib2>like rightnow
22:45CrazyDrClaw>I won't be setting it up for a while but i could use the help when it comes time
22:46CrazyDrClaw>wow lol, well I'm glad you finally got it working ok
22:46crib2>the time zone was the very last hurdle (i think) mythfilldatabse is running
22:46crib2>yeah i have 20 hours + on this project *whew
22:46CrazyDrClaw>wow, that's a lot
22:46crib2>I started with knoppmyth, messed with that for a week, it didn't work and i was clueless about where to start trying to fix it
22:46CrazyDrClaw>and I thought installing it via apt-get and getting everything configured was a pain :-P
22:47crib2>because it sets everything up for you
22:47CrazyDrClaw>I tried Knoppmyth, but it didn't even boot lol
22:47CrazyDrClaw>I just figured screw this, I'll try to set it up
22:47crib2>yeah...with gentoo i didn't emerge i built it per the instructions
22:47CrazyDrClaw>oh I see
22:47crib2>i emerged mysql though
22:47crib2>i think
22:47CrazyDrClaw>so you're pretty familiar with the build process then
22:47crib2>right now, yeah intimately :)
22:48CrazyDrClaw>I was just planning on emerging it and letting portage configure the build for me
22:48crib2>i don't know man, i'm pretty happy i did it the other way...
22:48crib2>i learned alot
22:48CrazyDrClaw>well, maybe i will too then
22:48crib2>have you got xawtv running yet?
22:48CrazyDrClaw>I just want to be able to cleanly un-merge/re-emerge at will when I need to
22:49CrazyDrClaw>nah, I didn't even hear about it until recently
22:49CrazyDrClaw>in fact, I don't even know what exactly it does lol, is it just another way to watch TV?
22:49+bobnvic [] joined #mythtv
22:49crib2>that is a good place to start because if you have xawtv running correctly, you know your card is pretty well configured
22:49CrazyDrClaw>I just did: cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg
22:50CrazyDrClaw>then played test.mpg with mplayer
22:50crib2>yeah, but like i said, i would get that running before you even start messing with mythtv
22:50CrazyDrClaw>well I have configured myth already
22:50crib2>well, in that case, you should be good to go
22:50CrazyDrClaw>just not built it from scratch
22:50CrazyDrClaw>I'm pretty familiar with configuration now
22:50crib2>the other thing is that xawtv is a good place to configure your color settings
22:50crib2>mine were all screwed up
22:50CrazyDrClaw>except I still don't know anything about getting it to change channels via an externam device
22:50CrazyDrClaw>that's true, I guess it's easier when you can see it
22:50crib2>although I don't know if those settings persist in mythtv
22:51CrazyDrClaw>instead of tweaking the module options on the command line
22:51crib2>yeah...i'm not that cool
22:51crib2>this is a low budget project :)
22:51CrazyDrClaw>oh no, by external I just meant changing channels on a cable box or satellite
22:51CrazyDrClaw>rather than having it tune directly with cable or antenna
22:51crib2>huh...i had no idea you can do that
22:51CrazyDrClaw>I just don't know how
22:51CrazyDrClaw>I know you can though
22:52crib2>i thought you were talking about using one of those pctv remotes
22:52CrazyDrClaw>you set it to tune into channel 3, then itwill issue the commands to the box to get that to change channels
22:52crib2>linux is so awesome because you can really do anything with it.
22:52CrazyDrClaw>oh no, i just used the remote that came with the card ;)
22:52crib2>some people have home security systems that run on linux...emails you if someone breaks in
22:52CrazyDrClaw>yup, I know
22:52CrazyDrClaw>awesome stuff :)
22:52CrazyDrClaw>I love Linux
22:52crib2>how much was that card?
22:52CrazyDrClaw>for PVR-250, $120 I think
22:52CrazyDrClaw>someone else ordered it though
22:52CrazyDrClaw>so I can't remember for sure
22:52crib2>with remote?
22:53CrazyDrClaw>nah, new
22:53CrazyDrClaw>comes with the card
22:53crib2>wow i thought they were 250
22:53CrazyDrClaw>maybe they are
22:53crib2>i think that is the retail
22:53CrazyDrClaw>I think cheaper though
22:53crib2>for 120 i'm buying one
22:53CrazyDrClaw>my friend bought it online
22:53CrazyDrClaw>I may be wrong though, so don't get your hopes up
22:53CrazyDrClaw>I just can't remember
22:53crib2>because my card is totaally software
22:53CrazyDrClaw>oh yeah, that puts lots of stress on the CPU
22:53crib2>well that's not too suprising
22:54CrazyDrClaw>I like the PVR-250 cause you could run the system on a low end Celeron or P3 and it would work just fine cause all the encoding is done onboard
22:55CrazyDrClaw>the only real issue is the data transfer rate for your HD
22:55crib2>If i'm correct I could use the machine for web or whatever and not worry about dicking up a recording too
22:55CrazyDrClaw>yup you could
22:55crib2>huh, i didn't know that
22:55crib2>transfer rate i mean
22:55CrazyDrClaw>cause it has to send to disk before it can continue
22:55CrazyDrClaw>the faster it can do that, the faster it runs
22:55CrazyDrClaw>and the smoother the video
22:55crib2>is getting a 7200 rpm hd fast enough
22:55CrazyDrClaw>the slower the transfer rates get the choppier the video gets
22:55CrazyDrClaw>oh yeah
22:56CrazyDrClaw>by speed I mean ATA/66, ATA/100, etc.
22:56crib2>isn't there a somewhat knew ata spec too
22:56crib2>ultra dma or something
22:56CrazyDrClaw>make sure you hdparm the disk first though
22:56CrazyDrClaw>in fact, on your system, run: rc-update add hdparm default
22:56CrazyDrClaw>that will speed things up tremendously if you aren't running hdparm right now
22:57crib2>what is hdparm
22:57CrazyDrClaw>then so you don't have to reboot just run /etc/init.d/hdparm start
22:57CrazyDrClaw>it tweaks the HD settings in the kernel
22:57CrazyDrClaw>I think
22:57crib2>huh, i have never hard of that
22:57CrazyDrClaw>it just tells the kernel it's capable of more advanced mechanisms
22:57crib2>can i do make menuconfig and add it?
22:57CrazyDrClaw>yup. For example, you can tell the kernel to use UDAM
22:57CrazyDrClaw>nah, you don't need to
22:57CrazyDrClaw>hdparm is an external program
22:57crib2>man i am so not up on hard drive technology
22:58CrazyDrClaw>it will make a big difference :)
22:58crib2>oh wow, not a kernel add on?
22:58crib2>i'm on that
22:58CrazyDrClaw>cat /proc/pci | more and see what type of IDE chipset you have on your mobo
22:58CrazyDrClaw>and make sure support is in the kernel
22:58CrazyDrClaw>that's the only catch
22:58CrazyDrClaw>if it is, then hdparm will run fine
22:58CrazyDrClaw>just make sure you have it enabled for your chipset
22:59crib2>i'm taking notes
22:59CrazyDrClaw>just search the Gentoo Forums for hdparm and see what comes up :)
22:59CrazyDrClaw>lemme check my kernel config and I'll tell you where to find if it is enabled or not
23:00crib2>sweet thx - i'm takin gall this doen
23:00CrazyDrClaw>ok, under make menuconfig, it's under ATA/IDE[...]Support -> IDE Block Devices
23:01CrazyDrClaw>then just check to see if your chipset is already checked :)
23:01CrazyDrClaw>if not, just compile support for it and run hdparm :)
23:01CrazyDrClaw>I'm not sure if it works well as a module or not, I just have it built in
23:02crib2>so one question
23:02crib2>i ran watch tv in myth a second ago and the color was all f'd up
23:02crib2>same as it was initially in xawtv
23:02crib2>in xawtv you could right click on screen and adjust
23:02crib2>how do i do that in mythtv?
23:02CrazyDrClaw>I'm not sure how to adjust that under Myth
23:03CrazyDrClaw>I htink you have to tweak the driver manually
23:03CrazyDrClaw>but I could be wrong
23:03CrazyDrClaw>ask the mailing list :)
23:03CrazyDrClaw>I'm sure someone there will have the answer
23:03CrazyDrClaw>the dev's hang out there too
23:04crib2>in knoppmyth they were teaching me how to pass arguments to the bttv module at startup..
23:04crib2>is that what your'e talking about?
23:04CrazyDrClaw>it may do the same thing, but I tweak the ivtv settings afterward
23:04CrazyDrClaw>I don't know enough about it to tell you though
23:04CrazyDrClaw>I just changed some simple settings like resolution, etc.
23:04crib2>cool man no worries, you've taught me alot
23:05CrazyDrClaw>glad I could help
23:05CrazyDrClaw>if you want you can email me if you have questions and I'll try to help if i can
23:05CrazyDrClaw>I was just learning for a while and I had to find out lots of stuff the hard way so I figure if I can make someone else's life easier that's always a good thing
23:06CrazyDrClaw>if you're ever on the forums and have a question you could just send a PM to masquedavenger
23:06crib2>Cool, thanks alot
23:07CrazyDrClaw>no problem
23:07CrazyDrClaw>actually, not sure if the names are case sensitive or not
23:07CrazyDrClaw>so MasquedAvenger
23:07CrazyDrClaw>just in cas
23:07crib2>i'm going to do some googling about the color settings...i don't know if audio captrue and video capture are working yet....let's hope!
23:07CrazyDrClaw>try a quick test:
23:07CrazyDrClaw>oh wait, nevrmind
23:07CrazyDrClaw>I forgot it's not encoded from the hardware
23:08CrazyDrClaw>I was gonna say cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg
23:08CrazyDrClaw>buit that only works if the card encodes it
23:08@Chutt>mikegrb, news story up on the site now
23:08CrazyDrClaw>I forgot you were using software encoding
23:08crib2>oh, didn't realize that
23:08CrazyDrClaw>yup. Hardware encoding just makes life so easy
23:08CrazyDrClaw>you should consider getting one if yo ucan
23:09crib2>i just checked out pvr 250s on ebay they're around 70-90...DEFINETLY going to consider it...I'm going to run software for a while and see if I can tolerate it
23:09CrazyDrClaw>ok, cool
23:09CrazyDrClaw>if you are though
23:09CrazyDrClaw>make sure you run hdparm
23:09crib2>i should run that anyway right?
23:09CrazyDrClaw>otherwise it's going to be very sluggish and choppy
23:09CrazyDrClaw>always a good idea
23:10CrazyDrClaw>load times will be faster for large programs too
23:10CrazyDrClaw>especially mozilla and OpenOffice
23:10crib2>video viewing is choppy now (:( ) but I have 10 prorams running
23:10crib2>does mythtv have to run on top of xwindows
23:10CrazyDrClaw>that could be it considering it puts a load on the CPU ;)
23:10crib2>just wondering how much fat i can trim ;)
23:11CrazyDrClaw>lol yup, gotta have X ;)
23:11CrazyDrClaw>and gotta have qt 3.1 too
23:11CrazyDrClaw>cause that's the widget set it's built against
23:11crib2>man more question
23:11crib2>KDE knows that it is 23:12 here
23:11crib2>but when I run date, it thinks it is 18:13
23:12CrazyDrClaw>oh yeah, changing your time zone will change the time reported
23:12CrazyDrClaw>change the timezone in KDE as well
23:12crib2>but kde is the one that's right!
23:12crib2>and i set the time zone correctly like you said
23:12CrazyDrClaw>oh ok
23:12CrazyDrClaw>you did ln -s?
23:12CrazyDrClaw>for /etc/localtime?
23:12crib2>right symbolic link from zoneinfo/america/indianpolis to /etc/something
23:13CrazyDrClaw>try running on the console:
23:13CrazyDrClaw>as root
23:13crib2>which did allow me to get mythfilldatabase to work
23:13CrazyDrClaw>date -s 23:12:00
23:13CrazyDrClaw>that's good you got that to work
23:13CrazyDrClaw>see what happens when you change the actual system time
23:13CrazyDrClaw>just takes some playing with. I couldn't figure out exactly what did it when i had the problem, just kinda tinkered with it
23:14CrazyDrClaw>I still dunno exactly lol
23:14crib2>shit, that was easy
23:14crib2>thanks again
23:14crib2>you're hookin me up
23:14CrazyDrClaw>anytime :)
23:14CrazyDrClaw>lol good, glad i can help
23:14CrazyDrClaw>message on on the gentoo forums at MasquedAvenger if you need anything :)
23:14CrazyDrClaw>I gotta go now so I'll talk to you later
23:14CrazyDrClaw>good luck with everything :)
23:16crib2>thx have a good one!
23:16=crib2 [] quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
23:16=CrazyDrClaw [] quit ("BitchX: a modern client for a old world")
23:19bobnvic>I just updated my mythtv and mythweb to current CVS and in mythweb the recorded programs and scheduled programs listings are totally messed up. seems fine in mythtv though. is mythweb broken in cvs or is it my system?
23:19@Chutt>mythweb needs a small update
23:30@Chutt>if you update mythweb again, it should work now
23:35bobnvic>works beautifully! thanks again and thanks for the great work in general
23:44+crib2 [] joined #mythtv
23:44crib2>Can anyone tell me how to adjust color/hue/brightness/contrast in mythtv?
23:45@Chutt>read keys.txt
23:45crib2>Roger, thx Chutt.
23:45crib2>Chutt are you a developer on mythtv?
23:47crib2>Can I say THANKS
23:47crib2>I hope you're making over 100k a year because this shit is tight as hell
23:47crib2>simply amazing in every respect
23:47@Chutt>i don't make anything off of mythtv.
23:47crib2>i know, like in your real job
23:48crib2>i just mean if you're this skilled someone should be paying you well
23:48crib2>thanks for the joy
23:48crib2>the program is really really amazing
23:51=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
23:51=bobnvic [] quit ()
23:53crib2>Now if you can just get it to decode the porn channel...
23:58=crib2 [] quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
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