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00:20josephk>MythTV: "Now if you can just get it to decode the porn channel..."
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00:34meth>is there any way to force myth to use more cpu?
00:35ChaosExiguum>why oh why?
00:37Captain_Murdoch>meth, increase your recording resolution.
00:37meth>well the frontend is slow for me
00:38meth>like loading the program guide
00:38meth>figured it wasnt using all the cpu
00:38ChaosExiguum>ahh, I always thought it was just mysql slowness
00:38Captain_Murdoch>maybe your computer or network is slow if your frontend is remote. or could be your mysql server.
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00:40meth>mysql slowness lol
00:40meth>db is itsy so its not mysql
00:40meth>its local host front end too
00:41meth>Linux asshat 2.4.20-gaming-r6 | CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2200+ 1783.14 MHz | Load: 0.29 - Procs: 83 | Mem: 485/904M (53%) | Gfx: GeForce4 Ti4200 64mb (1600x1200 @ 24 bits) | Disk: 178.78Gb/301.38Gb (59%) | Net: In 20.29M/4.23M Out | Uptime: 19:46 |
00:42ChaosExiguum>are you running cvs or .13?
00:43ChaosExiguum>ahh, there have been some commits to cvs of late that are supposed to speed up some of those operations drasticly
00:43meth>it takes a good 5-20 seconds for program guide to open
00:43*meth checks changelog
00:45meth>ya read it the other day no major changes to speed it up listed
00:46*meth checks the loads
00:47ChaosExiguum>hmm, it was sometime in the past week or so, mostly mentioned the play recoding screen
00:47meth>ya its not using much cpu
00:48meth>guess its QT
00:48ChaosExiguum>could be
00:48meth>would be nice for a gtk frontend :)
00:51ChaosExiguum>why gtk?
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01:51meth>fn~ChaosExiguum i dunno
01:52meth>its fast and simple i think
01:52meth>i dont know much bout qt cept that most things made in it are slow
01:52meth>since qt does everything
01:52meth>yes 2hrs later i respond
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02:01ShockValue>howdy folks! :)
02:01ShockValue>workin on getting my first myth box setup... almost got it going like i want.
02:01ShockValue>last hurdle (for now) is getting ac3 sound out of spdif.. is there a howto someplace that you could point me at?
02:22ShockValue>ok, i've made sure the AC3 setting is checked in the settings section.. ive tried all the different output options, but I am only getting stereo output.
02:23ShockValue>this is playing straight from a DVD known to have 5.1 soundtrack
02:23ShockValue>using cmedia 8738 card with spdif output
02:23ShockValue>Any suggestions? im stuck
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03:16ShockValue>hrm.. im playing with "mplayer -ac hwac3" command, but it seems to freeze mplauer.. bummer
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09:21dunc>hi, i'm setting up mythtv. it's working nicely excepth for the channel changing. it always just records whatever the grabber device was tuned to last
09:22dunc>i've the the docco, and I can't see anything abiout this, only stuff about external remote controls
09:22dunc>can anyone point me in the right direction?
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10:37dunc>hi Zeran, don't suppose u can help me with channel changing?
10:44Zeran>thats probably right, but still, whats the problem? :)
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11:07dunc>Zeran, it doesn't work :)
11:08dunc>i can watch tv, and record things, but only the channel that my card was last tuned to with xawtv
11:08dunc>i can't get mythtv to change channels for me
11:08dunc>(it's just a standard tv tuner card, no external sky boxes or anything)
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11:16@Chutt>did you bother to look for any error messages mythbackend prints out when you attempt to change the channel?
11:17dunc>no mention of channel changes, do i need to switch on extra debugging for that?
11:18@Chutt>i'm pretty damn sure there's an error message in there
11:23dunc>i get this when i try to change channel with 'all' logging turned on
11:23dunc>2003-12-20 16:22:50 169 (MW) Saturday Sportsound[]:[] []:[] []:[]Genera...
11:23dunc>2003-12-20 16:22:50 2 ok
11:23dunc>2003-12-20 16:22:51 2 ok
11:23dunc>2003-12-20 16:22:51 169 (MW) Saturday Sportsound[]:[] []:[] []:[]Genera...
11:23dunc>rest of the time, just :
11:23dunc>2003-12-20 16:22:50 1 0
11:24dunc>it looks like it tries to change channels, but after brief pause, just leaves me on the same channel
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11:40CrazyDrClaw>anyone in here have experience using myth with an external cable or satellite box? I need to know how to get a MythTV to work with my Dish Network 500 satellite, but don't know how to do it
11:42CrazyDrClaw>thanks :)
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11:43dunc>Chutt, does that ouput i pasted indicate an error?
11:45dunc>i'm sorry if it's an obvious mistake i'm making, but i have read the docs on the website and can't see what i've missed
11:49@Chutt>you could have a setup error
11:49@Chutt>like having tuneto set to something
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11:51dunc>where is tuneto set?
11:57mikegrb>my guess would be in the setup
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12:32dunc>Chutt, i'm getting this from verbose debug of mythfrontend when tryin to change channel
12:32dunc>QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
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12:46kvandivo>are you _positive_ that you are running the same version of myth on the frontend and the backend?
13:04dunc>i just did emerge mythtv :)
13:05dunc>there is only mythtv-0.13.tar.bz2 in my distfiles, so i assume so
13:13tmk>chutt: you around?
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13:51juju>Is there a way to adjust the vertical and horizontal in mythtv? It isn't quite displaying correctly..
13:52juju>but it displays perfectly in xawtv.
14:00dunc>Chutt, sorted at last, was screwing up my mythfilldatabase options
14:02dunc>cheers for help anyway
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14:22dja__>is anyone else running the latest cvs? I'm having trouble since I updated today...seems to be linked too the latest mythbackend/mythfrontend update (from Fri Dec 19 19:59:16 2003 UTC)...the frontend claims there are no recorded shows...:-)
14:23crib2>bummer...sorry i'm running the latest release
14:25crib2>does anyone know how i can control "tuning" settings? when i initially got xawtv setup eveything was pretty screwed up (hsync, vsync, color, hue, brightness contrast) until i generated the xawtv config
14:25crib2>i don't know how to do this in mythtv
14:25crib2>what fixed the hysnc and vsync was setting xawtv to use NTSC
14:26crib2>i have a feeling i'm supposed to fix this with the bttv module, but i'm not sure how to pass args to it
14:29crib2>anyway, now xawtv works fine but the mythtv picture is all f'd up
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14:55crib2>One more thing. I wasn't looking at this earlier because pressing F has no effect on hsync & vsync
14:55crib2>but pressing f while watching mythtv through mythfrontend does nothing
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15:23kvandivo>the man from the far away land
15:24kvandivo>it was 3 degrees F here this morning when i woke up. how about where you are?
15:24thor_>warm on the coast, snow in the mountains :-)
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15:59crib2>Can anyone give me some general guidlines for how one adjusts the horizontal and vertical sync within mythtv?
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16:50juju>crib2, that's something I'd like to know, too. :)
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17:04crib2>this place is dead
17:35crib2>little frustrated: spent 6 hours today trying to fix this via google & mythtv docs
17:35crib2>it's not in the faq or common problems
17:36sfr_>what sync?
17:36crib2>horizontal and vertical synch
17:37sfr_>for tv-out?
17:37crib2>3/4 of the way down my screen is a horizontal bar of distortion below which begins crazy distortion...clear images above have a double
17:37crib2>for viewing in mythfrontend
17:38crib2>xawtv works fine
17:38crib2>when i say clear, i mean you can tell they are people
17:38sfr_>so watching tv on a monitor results in this distortion?
17:38crib2>with mythtv yes, with xawtv, no
17:40sfr_>is that bt8xx based card?
17:40crib2>correct, a bt878
17:42sfr_>there was guy here yesterday who said that he has to use v4lctl to tune a channel in order to have a clear picture in myth. maybe try to do that
17:42crib2>ok, that gives me somewhere to start at least, thanks.
17:42sfr_>his nick is Matt btw.
17:45crib2>roger, thanks. I need to restart.
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18:13sailor420>having a little problem here... When my mythtv starts, the mythtv backend fails with error: "error creating /.qt"
18:13sailor420>anyone heard of this problem, or have any insight into it?
18:15sfr_>and what's the problem?
18:15sailor420>the mythtv backend wont start--it throws that error
18:16sfr_>ignore that error (it's not critical) and read the logfile
18:16sailor420>does the mythtv backend not have to be running?
18:17sfr_>sure does it. but that error is NOT important. i get that too.
18:17sailor420>ok, thanks
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19:34tdb30_>humm myth keeps ging me an erro when it gets to the mythfrontend part of the compile. it says collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
19:34tdb30_>am I missing something?
19:39mikegrb>can you paste a little more of the error message? perhaps via privmsg?
19:40mikegrb>little more then that ;)
19:41tdb30_>heh err
19:41tdb30_>its cutting it short.
19:41tdb30_>../../libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.a(moc_profilegroup.o)(.gnu.linkonce.d._ZTV18ProfileGroupEditor+0x3c): undefined reference to `SelectSetting::fillSelectionsFromDir(QDir const&)'
19:41tdb30_>there thats a little better
19:42mikegrb>is this cvs or a release?
19:42tdb30_>that seems to be the actual problem
19:42tdb30_>is that my problem?
19:42mikegrb>a clean check out?
19:45mikegrb>don't know what to tell you really
19:46tdb30_>maybe I'll try to use the official release
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20:06mikekedl>good evening everyone
20:07mikekedl>I was running mythtv from cvs from last week with no real problems; updated mythweb today to try to fix a patch for Chris; looked like I needed to update mythtv as well because the data looked scrambled; so I updated mythtv on my backend and frontend from cvs; and now I don't seem to have any recorded programs
20:08mikekedl>anyone else seen a problem with very recent cvs? I didn't see any commit warnings and just checked again; did I miss one?
20:09mikekedl>the files are still in my video dir; just mythtv says I have none; (frontend and mythweb)
20:09dja__>yup -- I reported it earlier, unfortunately I don't think anyone was around :-)
20:09mikekedl>not sure my scheduled recordings is right either;
20:09mikekedl>ah; missed the email then
20:09dja__>I backed off to Friday afternoon's cvs and everything is fine...
20:10dja__>I was bad, didn't email, just reported it here...I'll send an email to mythtv-dev now :-)
20:10mikekedl>did you do any diffs? is the problem obvious? or should I take a stab at it?
20:10mikekedl>just watching football; I have an hour or 2
20:11dja__>hang on one sec :-)
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20:13dja__>If you look at the mythtv-commits list and look for the message from "Fri Dec 19 15:00:39 EST 2003", that seems to be the culprit. Something about cutting down on the SQL queries for the playback box's little status icons....Chutt commented "NOTE: This breaks backend/frontend comms compatibility" -- I'm assuming he meant that you had to update all frontends too. I've only got one machine, so I know I updated both ends at the same time...:-)
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20:18dja__>there - I sent a note to mythtv-dev :-)
20:18mikekedl>thanks :-)
20:19mikekedl>I updated frontend and backend; so there must be more to it than that
20:19mikekedl>I did see that note; was just wondering if that was it
20:20dja__>I backed out of that commit (which was several items, including the sql patch) and it fixed it for me...I looked at what was done to the frontend and backend -- didn't really understand it...don't have time to look into it right now...:-)
20:54mikekedl>well, its in one or more of: NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp programinfo.cpp programinfo.h mainserver.cpp playbackbox.cpp
20:54dja__>I'm willing to bett it's the mainserver.cpp and playbackbox.cpp changes :-)
20:54mikekedl>I'm up and running again; I'll look and see if I understand the changes and can spot the problem.... probably not; but you never know :-)
20:55mikekedl>well those 2 depend on at least some of the other changes
20:55dja__>ahh -- ok...
20:55mikekedl>at least the .h
20:56mikekedl>I'll poke at it with a sharp stick and see what happens :-)
20:56dja__>cool...:-)...I'm looking forward to the speedups it's supposed to offer...
20:56mikekedl>faster -> good
20:56mikekedl>broken -> bad
20:57dja__>true -- that's why I backed off...:-)
20:57mikekedl>I so like open source; at least I can try to fix it
20:57dja__>me I can make (very small) improvements...:-)
21:13mikekedl>well, I'm getting some kind of sql error
21:13mikekedl>maybe the tables changed but they forgot to checkin the sql update?
21:13dja__>I thought that it was odd that 2 other folks said it worked for them...
21:14mikekedl>that is odd
21:14mikekedl>maybe they erased their tables and started from scratch?
21:14mikekedl>or had no recorded programs?
21:14dja__>maybe...I would have expected them to comment on that if they had...:-)..
21:15mikekedl>I get: ERROR 1030: Got error 28 from table handler
21:15dja__>where did you see that error?
21:16mikekedl>if you run mythbackend interactive
21:16mikekedl> says error 28 is no space left on device??
21:16dja__>hmm -- I made the assumption that running it as a daemon with "-v all" would be good enough -- silly me. :-)
21:17mikekedl>I usually run it as a daemon; but wanted to see if it was spitting anything out
21:17mikekedl>strangely enough; my tmp drive is full
21:17mikekedl>but it shouldn't be...
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21:19dja__>hmm, here's what I get (no error's that I can tell):
21:19dja__>2003-12-20 21:19:32 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
21:19dja__>2003-12-20 21:19:32 adding: as a client (events: 0)
21:19dja__>2003-12-20 21:19:32 2 OK
21:19dja__>2003-12-20 21:19:32 1 0
21:19dja__>2003-12-20 21:19:32 17 572328[]:[]394271
21:19dja__>2003-12-20 21:19:32 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
21:19dja__>2003-12-20 21:19:32 adding: as a client (events: 1)
21:19dja__>2003-12-20 21:19:32 2 OK
21:22mikekedl>ok, that was a red herring; a transcode left a tmp file about 1.5GB on tmp, thats what the sql error was....
21:22mikekedl>yeah, thats about what I get
21:24dja__>oh well -- time for me to do other things (the wife is home :-)...
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