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03:54shamoun>i am having some trouble getting video4linux to work
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03:59juju>hi everyone
03:59juju>how hard is it to add new encoding codecs to mythtv?
04:02shamoun>juju, impossible
04:02shamoun>just kidding
04:03shamoun>i am not running myth, just here for video4linux help
04:24Misirlou>juju: Which codecs were you thinking about?
04:25shamoun>juju, divx is not good for real time encoding
04:25juju>I mostly use the 'vcr' program, which uses the avifile lib, which supports divx
04:26shamoun>but for conversion, libav and xvid both provide superior quality, and they are both mpeg4
04:26juju>I see.
04:28Misirlou>I wonder whether Theora can pull off real-time encoding.
04:33juju>so what settings would be best for a
04:34juju>whoops.. wrong window. :)
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10:09Matt>gave up trying to fix the source
10:22Matt>into the realms of dirty hack now
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10:31Matt>thought I'd cracked it there for a moment, but alas, no
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10:41Rroet>any1 tried the new epia hw mpeg decoding drivers already ?
10:44Zeran>but the pvr350 mpeg decoding drivers are working well for me on an epia
10:44Zeran>the recent patches are great
10:45Rroet>I have a pvr250
10:45Rroet>so I need to get that hw mpeg decoding running.
10:45Rroet>ivor posted patches 2 days back, I'm compiling everything now to test them again.
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11:44Rroet>Zeran: ..... it's working !!
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11:49Zeran>good work
11:53Rroet>Yeah.. I'm friggin' happy
11:53Rroet>it's working on gentoo
11:53Rroet>yet it has a load of work to be done.. I'm getting an AWFULL load of prebuffering pauses from mythtv
11:53Rroet>they're causing the stuttering in the mpeg2 stream I'm getting from the ivtv card.
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12:29crib2>sfr you around?
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12:29sfr>crib2: yeah
12:30crib2>cool... thanks for the help yesterday. i was able to correct the picture's vsync and hsync by using v4lctl setnorm NTSC
12:31sfr>great, and setting myth to NTSC doesn't work? odd.
12:31crib2>if you had not told me i never would have found it
12:31crib2>i believe i set myth to NTSC during the .setup or thereafter
12:31crib2>is there somewhere i can verify that setting?
12:31crib2>using v4lctl setnorm NTSC is flaky
12:32crib2>i sometimes have to call it more than once...i don't see a pattern yet. the test recordings i made from myth last night are still messed up
12:33crib2>but viewing is ok.
12:33crib2>i need to figure out how to declare it globally. actually before i asked your help yesterday i spent some time looking through the myth menus to find where to set NTSC but i couldn't find it.
12:33sfr>crib2: my setup is broken right now, but it's set with the setup progr. iirc. just find where it's being set and verify it is set to NTSC, that's all.
12:34crib2>what is an iirc?
12:34crib2>Oh wait..
12:34crib2>it means as far as i know or something
12:34sfr>...remember, yes
12:35crib2>do you know what file the setup program generates?
12:35crib2>so i can look at it directly?
12:35sfr>all setting are stored in the db
12:36crib2>oh, f that, i know no sql
12:36crib2>i'll just re-run it
12:36crib2>actually one more question though...
12:36crib2>can i put something like
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12:37crib2>well v4lctl is not a module. basically how can i run v4lctl setnorm ntsc at startup or put setnorm NTSC in a config file for v4l or something?
12:38sfr>hm, you might be able to abuse the external channel-changing script option.
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12:38crib2>over my worries
12:39sfr>it's meant to change channels on external tuners like satellite tuners using a script that sends the needed IR commands
12:40crib2>so what's wrong with your box
12:40[iago]>can anyone comment on the quality of the mythtv gentoo port?
12:41sfr>i upgraded to cvs without updating the setup programm on my master backend
12:41crib2>iago-the mythtv install docs suggest it is fine
12:41crib2>iago-but i run gentoo and i built from the tarball
12:41crib2>iago-so i would understand the underlying componentry
12:42[iago]>crib2: thanks, i'm rebuilding my home server (hopefully turn it into a myth box) and am planning on dumping debian
12:42crib2>iago: i've never messed with debian
12:42crib2>iago: but i like gentoo, and the community is pretty good
12:44[iago]>crib2: debian is great
12:44sfr>[iago]: why dump debian?
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12:47crib2>sfr: if mythfrontend is not running, will scheduled recordings still occur?
12:47[iago]>sfr: no longer pogammin' for a living, i want more recent GUIs and whatnot, i'm still goingto use it as a firewall/vpn, but no longer as a desktopish machine
12:47sfr>as long as your backend is up, sure.
12:48sfr>[iago]: i see
12:48[iago]>sfr: not for political reasons either :)
12:49sfr>although sid works nicely here (knock on wood :))
12:49[iago]>sfr: yeah, and mythtv devel is done on sid, which i actually had mythtv working on before the machine got uh...'reassigned to work' :)
13:00dja__>anyone else having problems with the latest CVS? I (and at least one other :-) seem to be having troubles -- when I go into "Watch Recordings", it reports back that there aren't any...(and yes, I'm running the same version of mythbackend and mythfrontend -- I only have one machine :-)...
13:02sfr>i've seen someone mention it, yes. not sure if it's already resolved.
13:07dja__>I updated to the latest (as of 15 minutes ago), didn't seem to fix it. :-(
13:08*marc_ is away: dinner
13:08dja__>anyone else get "Result: mythfilldatabase ran, but did not insert ..." on the System Status page? Even though everything seems to be fine?
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13:36o_cee>dja: you wanted to talk to me the other day?
13:36dja__>just wanted to say wow -- my wife and I really like gant (although I'm not sure how valuable our opinion is since we also like visor, but gant is now our favorite) :-)
13:37dja__>any thoughts on an OSD?
13:37o_cee>heheh, thanks :) the version that's on the page at the moment is pretty old
13:37dja__>you'll have to get it updated. :-)
13:37o_cee>not really, no.. using the osd theme of sasquatch, really like it
13:37o_cee>yeah, i'm working on it ;)
13:38dja__>hmm -- haven't checked that one out -- I'll give it a try (after I do some more debugging, having 2 odd problems right now...:-(
13:38sfr>dja__: until o_cee comes up with an osd, have a look at sasquatsch, yeah a duplicate now
13:38sfr>i didn't wanted to have it written for nothing ;)
13:39dja__>yeah, I hate it when someone types faster than me...:-)
13:39dja__>(or thinks faster than me :-)
13:40sfr> :)
13:41dja__>that's great :-)
13:47crib2>sfr: still around?
13:48sfr>crib2: yup
13:50crib2>sfr: still same weird problem - when i start mythtv up, say on a fresh reboot, the picture is f'd. so i run v4lctl setnorm NTSC, that fixes the picture on run: mythtv, mythfrontend-> watch tv
13:51Rroet>any mythtv devs in here ?
13:51crib2>However, when I record a show the picture is messed in the same weird way.
13:52sfr>might be the backend initialeses the tuner before starting a recording.
13:52Rroet>I'm working on getting via epia hw mpeg decoding working with mythtv
13:53sfr>crib2: what tuner card do you have exactly?
13:53Rroet>I almost have it, but the immage is stuttering.
13:53crib2>anyway i can get the backend to pass those options to the tuner?
13:53crib2>It says Hauppage WinTV NTSC 44801 Rev D110
13:54crib2>Chipset says 878
13:54crib2>Rroet: nice
13:55sfr>crib2: i don't know, i'm not at all familiar with mythtv's code. i'm only messing a bit with mythmusic :)
13:55crib2>eh, bummer
13:56crib2>Maybe Rroet knows?
13:56crib2>He seems like he's doing quite a bit of hacking on mythtv
13:56crib2>Rroet: when i start mythtv up, say on a fresh reboot, the picture
13:56crib2>is f'd. so i run v4lctl setnorm NTSC, that fixes the picture on run: mythtv, mythfrontend-> watch tv
13:56crib2>[11:11:50] <crib2> However, when I record a show the picture is messed in the same weird way.
13:56crib2>any ideas?
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13:58Rroet>ehm.. ok.. was doing laundry, lemme read up.
13:58Rroet>ehm.. how is it fucked up ?
13:59Rroet>as in vibrating image ?
13:59crib2>oh right...sry, I had told sfr before
13:59Rroet>what type video card do you use ?
13:59crib2>the colors are all screwed, there is a horizontal black bar 3/4 down the screen, below which is displayed what should be the top
13:59crib2>images have a double
14:00crib2>hard to describe
14:00crib2>but xawtv did the same thing before i set the .xawtv file and told it NTSC
14:00Rroet>hehe, what video card do you have ?
14:00crib2>I re-ran the ./setup file and told it myth NTSC
14:00crib2>but no dice
14:00Rroet>did you run mythsetup and put everything into NTSC ?
14:00crib2>11:14:45] <crib2> It says Hauppage WinTV NTSC 44801 Rev D110Haup
14:00crib2>sorry, no Haup on the end
14:01Rroet>crib2: videocard is something different from tv-capture card
14:01Rroet>or do you have a PVR350 ?
14:01crib2>Oh sry
14:01crib2>The video card is on board Nvidia GeForce2 MX
14:02Rroet>mm.. I presume you loaded the newest nvidia-glx and nvidia-kernel for your distribution.
14:02crib2>For sure.
14:02Rroet>that could seriously f00k up the machine if it isn't.
14:02crib2>The sticking point to me seems to be the NTSC thing
14:02crib2>because I saw the same symptoms with xawtv
14:03crib2>and running v4lctl setnorm NTSC fixes viewing live tv in myth, just not recording
14:03Rroet>ok, as you have an hauppauge, you're prolly using the ivtv modules ?
14:03crib2>negative, bttv
14:03Rroet>ahh.. there goes my abillity to support.\
14:03crib2>This is a card witht th bt878 chipset
14:03Rroet>I have an pvr250 card.
14:03Rroet>with the ivtc-15 chipset.
14:04crib2>No worries.
14:04crib2>I'll get it figured out.
14:04Rroet>mmm.. but for bttv, did you download the latest patches ?
14:04crib2>I believe so, not sure
14:04sfr>crib2: did you see the post (from Matt i think) to the -users list? i didn't read carefully but could be the same problem
14:04crib2>I mean I just built it last week.
14:05crib2>sfr, no I couldn't find it.
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14:05sfr>it was posted two days ago at most.
14:05crib2>I'm not really familar with how to search newsgroup archives
14:05Rroet>k.. just a sec.. rest of laundry is waiting.
14:05crib2>Well that should narrow it down
14:05crib2>heh thx
14:06sfr>crib2: you should subscribe to mythtv-users anyway
14:06crib2>will that flood me with mail?
14:07crib2>it's kind of useless if you get so many messages you can't read all of them
14:08sfr>well, this channel isn't meant for user support you know.
14:08crib2>huh? really? what's it meant for? is there another one i should be in?
14:09sfr>developement discussions. user support is purely optional
14:09crib2>Sorry, I didn't know that.
14:10crib2>Well, I didn't think anyone was obligated to help me, but I didn't know where else to go. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the list archives aren't searchable.
14:10sfr>no, they are.
14:11crib2>I am there, I don't see a search button
14:12sfr>right off -> lists:
14:12crib2>Sweet, I bookmarked it. Thanks.
14:13crib2>Gonna go get my learn on.
14:13crib2>Found it:
14:13crib2>Record defaulting to PAL vice NTSC
14:14crib2>awesome thanks.
14:15crib2>Yep, exact same problem.
14:16Rroet>I hope the userlists help you ;)
14:16Rroet>it did with me.. and still does.. :)
14:16crib2>I'm sure it will. Wealth of knowledge here.
14:17crib2>It looks like the problem just cropped up in .13. If all else fails, maybe I roll back to .12
14:19Rroet>but don't forget to remove the database
14:19Rroet>there have been db changes from mythtv 12 to 13
14:19crib2>shit thanks, I would not have known to do that.
14:20Rroet>they haven't released .13 twice ;) it contained a small db error ;)
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14:27ShockValue>hi everyone
14:28ShockValue>ive gotten myth up and running.. I am able to listen to my music via the SPDIF output on my soundcard
14:28ShockValue>i can also watch dvd
14:28ShockValue>with the SPDIF output.. but I can't get 5.1 sound.
14:28ShockValue>all the dvd's play with 2 channel
14:29ShockValue>i've checked the "AC3 passthrough" in myth, as well as added "-ac hwac3" line to mplayer.. but still 2 channel only
14:29ShockValue>any suggestions?
14:29sfr>ShockValue: myth doesn't play dvd's. it uses the player you told it to use, so we can't really help you.
14:30sfr>the AC3 is for digital tv afaik.
14:30ShockValue>ah i see
14:30ShockValue>are you familiar with the mplayer command switches? all the forums ive read suggest tht -ac hwac3 should do it, but its not workin for me
14:31sfr>ShockValue: try to get 5.1 sound working with your fav. player and then use mythdvd to be sure myth really isn't messing it up.
14:32ShockValue>ok, ill mess around with mplayer some more.. supposedly it can do it.
14:32Rroet>I can't get mythtv to use more then 4 speakers here.
14:32Rroet>but that seems to be my alsa driver issue
14:32ShockValue>well, 4 is 2 more than wht i got :)
14:32Rroet>*big grin*
14:33Rroet>at least you have a stutter free image..
14:33Rroet>that's what I'm still fighting about.
14:33ShockValue>i havent tried TV yet (dont have my card), but DVD playback is (visually) very good
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15:16Rroet>little question.
15:16Rroet>where did the metadata.sql from mythmusic/mythvideo go to ?
15:16sfr>Rroet: db updates are handled automatically look for dbcheck.cpp files
15:17Rroet>sfr ?
15:17Rroet>so I just start mythfrontend and open video ?
15:17Rroet>and then it's done ?
15:18Rroet>because I can't open mythvideo in mythweb yet. .. it says things are missing in the database.
15:18Rroet>tables ..
15:18sfr>might be not all plugins are converted to do it automatically. let me check...
15:19sfr>mythvideo does it autom. so starting mythfrontend should suffice. but run mythvideo once to be sure.
15:19Rroet>mythvideo does not exist
15:20sfr>so compile/install it
15:20Rroet>ahh.. it worked
15:20Rroet>I compiled mythvideo , but it does not give me a binary called mythvideo
15:20sfr>because all plugins are built as shared libraries
15:20Rroet>now updating for mythmusic.. thnkx.
15:21sfr>Rroet: you run latest cvs?
15:24Rroet>0.13-r1 to be exact
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15:28crib2>sfr you here?
15:28sfr>still there
15:30crib2>ok tell me if you don't have time for this, but I'm pretty sure I found a fix on the lists. Applying it is an issue for me although it should be simple..
15:30crib2>Issac said:
15:30crib2>> > well, the following _should_ fix it:
15:30crib2>> >
15:30crib2>> > update channel set tvformat = 'Default' where tvformat = '';
15:30crib2>I have a mysql prompt and I'm not sure what to type. I did that and it says
15:30crib2>No database selected.
15:30crib2>I've never used mysql before.
15:31sfr>really? ;)
15:31crib2>Really :(
15:31crib2>If you don't have time I'll take this to #mysql
15:31crib2>It seems kind've...big
15:31crib2>Like it would take me weeks to learn
15:31sfr>type 'use mythconverg;'
15:31crib2>at the mysql>
15:32sfr>got an error?
15:32crib2>It says:
15:32crib2>Reading table information for completion of table and column names
15:32crib2>You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A
15:32crib2>Database changed
15:33sfr>now type the update command.
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15:34crib2>Query OK, 72 rows affected (0.00 sec)
15:34crib2>Rows matched: 72 Changed: 72 Warnings: 0
15:34crib2>would those be my channels?
15:34crib2>fucking wild
15:35crib2>I should learn some mysql
15:35sfr>type 'select * from channel;' to see all your channel info.
15:36crib2>holy cow man that's wild
15:36D-side>sql is mostly simple.
15:36D-side>I had never touched it before myth, but the online docs are great.
15:37D-side>i rarely have to bug these guys with asinine sql questions.
15:37dja__>sfr: any suggestions on where I can get sasquatch. :-) (since the themes page hasn't been updated to handle OSD's yet :-)
15:37crib2>BAH IT WORKS
15:38sfr>dja__: sure:
15:38dja__>cool - thanks :-)
15:38crib2>D-side: Can you refer me to thes docs?
15:38D-side> iirc.
15:39crib2>Ah, the official ones :)
15:39D-side>its all you need, usually.
15:39crib2>I'll check those out.
15:39crib2>Got to see if sound works now :)
15:40crib2>Been saving that for last.
15:40crib2>SFR: THANKS
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17:27rkulagow>howdy, all. anyone know if there's an xmltv IRC channel anywhere? tv_grab_na grabber's been failing for the last 4 days now... google didn't show any likely prospects.
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17:35rkulagow>chutt: docs sync please.
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17:55ShockValue>hey, if anyone has 5.1 working on their system from dvd, i'd love to know your settings so i might try em out
17:55ShockValue>i cant seem to get any player to work.. mplayer, xine, ogle..
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18:02kvandivo>tv_grab_na has been working fine for me
18:02kvandivo>only thing that seems to have been failing is the version check that it does at the end.. apparently has been acting up or something
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18:11tmk>shock: sure
18:12tmk>mplayer options i use are: -ao alsa9 -ac hwac3
18:12tmk>what mobo?
18:12tmk>and soundcard
18:12ShockValue>um.. old p3 via mobo..
18:12ShockValue>soundcard is Zoltrix Nightengale.. has a spdif on it.
18:13ShockValue>cmedia 8738 (i think thats the righ tnumber)
18:13tmk>using alsa?
18:14tmk>there are a lot of little trick settings for alsa
18:14tmk>have you tried amixer?
18:14tmk>sometimes the digital's muted
18:14ShockValue>ive gotten 2.0 challen audio to work fine with the spdif+alsa.. but i cant get 5.1 to work
18:14tmk>2.0 means it's just pcm'ing the audio out
18:15tmk>not really passing it through
18:15ShockValue>what settings do i need to tweak to get passthrough?
18:15tmk>different for each card
18:15tmk>check alsa's site
18:15tmk>they have a lot of driver-specific info
18:16tmk>what driver is it
18:16ShockValue>cmedia 8738
18:18tmk>i msg'd you
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22:11Teflon>Woot! Solved my slow EPG problems.
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22:41Chutt>why do i even bother trying to be nice when i comment on someone's patch
22:41Chutt>the guy completely missed the point of every single thing i said
22:42billytwowilly>because it's the decent thing to do?
22:42billytwowilly>because it's Christmas?
22:42Chutt>now i have to waste _more_ time explaining things using one syllable words
22:43billytwowilly>because you want to get into heaven after a short stop in hell to talk to all the cool rock stars you've always wanted to chat with?
22:44billytwowilly>I dunno.. that sounds like a pretty accurate description of what a project manager does.. aren't you the project manager?
22:45Chutt>if i were a real project manager, i would be able to choose who worked for me
22:45Chutt>i wouldn't have to look over halfassed patches that i couldn't _ever_ possibly accept
22:45billytwowilly>I always thought that was one of the funny things about opensource projects;) noone wants to be the project manager because you get the same work (if you do the job right) and you get none of the power..
22:46Teflon>and everyone wants to argue
22:46Chutt>i wouldn't have to say 'why don't you do it like X' 'but X doesn't apply to me' 'that's why i said _like X'
22:47Chutt>or 'write a new function in class Y' 'i don't see how it could be done without an extra function inbetween there' 'that's why i said _a new function in class Y_'
22:47Teflon>my myth box: AMD Athlon 1800+ XP, ECS K7S5a PRO, ancient SB Ensoniq, Hauppauge PVR-250, 512mb ram, Thermaltake Silent Boost, Ahanix D.Vine 4 case with VFD, LG DVD-Rom, 2x120gb, 1x160gb, ATI Remote Wonder (USB), Homemade Serial IR Xmitter, Debian, LVM, lcdproc, lirc_serial, SilenX 400W power supply, MSI Geforce4 MX440SE
22:47billytwowilly>Why don't you post a style guide line for all patches and write a quick script that checks for the poper style and rejects it if the style is incorrect? wouldn't that cut down on a lot of bad patches?
22:47Chutt>it's not really a matter of style
22:47Teflon>many people dont bother to investigate how the code works
22:48josephk>I don't know, why don't you see if people want to take responsiblity for different parts of the project and let them manage commits to those parts
22:48Teflon>they just hack it till it works for them.
22:48Chutt>josephk, that's what i'm doing :p
22:48josephk>oh ok
22:48josephk>fire someone then
22:48Chutt>core stuff's still all mine, though
22:48josephk>you'll feel better I'm sure
22:48Chutt>except for what thor's working on
22:48billytwowilly>the mfd thing?
22:48Teflon>Chutt, anyone said thank you lately?
22:49Chutt>not without bitching attached
22:49josephk>to that jerk? :D
22:49billytwowilly>Chutt: Thank you!
22:49Chutt>heh, thanks
22:49josephk>hey chutt
22:49Teflon>My wife seems to love mythtv
22:49Chutt>mine does too
22:50billytwowilly>Chutt: ok.. Thank you! <generic bitching>
22:50Chutt>no no
22:50Chutt>you did it wrong
22:50Teflon>Chutt, i had to give her more disk space!
22:50Chutt>it's 'i've can't read the docs, so i have all these problems *blah blah blah blah on for 20 pages* oh yeah, and thanks for mythtv!!!!@#!@#
22:50Chutt>complete with broken english =)
22:50josephk>I got it...."Wow Chutt myth is great...I love it!'ve outdone yourself its the best!"
22:51josephk>" There's just one thing"
22:51Teflon>Chutt, i think i did that to you once back in the beginning.
22:51bma>Chutt's a loser
22:51bma>'course, I've known that since way before mythtv :)
22:51*Teflon whines: the epg is slow!
22:51josephk>"It doesn't work"
22:51Chutt>but not reading -users list is nice
22:51Chutt>teflon, you the .gif guy
22:51Teflon>Chutt, yep.
22:52Chutt>is your qt compiled with gif support?
22:52Teflon>i haven't tracked it down further than i found the problem and commente dout the part of mythfilldatabase that updated channels.
22:52Teflon>Chutt, dunno, maybe not. is there a quick way to check?
22:53Chutt>something like /usr/lib/qt3/plugins/imageformats/
22:53Chutt>all of my channel icon images are .jpg
22:53Chutt>oh, except 1
22:53Teflon>i dont even get all of mine :(
22:53Teflon>does that one show?
22:53Chutt>i don't know what channel it's for =)
22:54Teflon>select * from channel where icon like '%???%' :)
22:54Teflon>slinky:/usr/local/qt/plugins/imageformats# ls
22:54Teflon>so jpeg and mng? interesting.
22:54=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
22:54Teflon>maybe i should rebuild qt
22:54billytwowilly>I wish Sony or someone would pickup mythtv for use in their PVR product. instant manpower boost.
22:54Teflon>and politics and they'll aim it at a specific piece of hardware.
22:55Chutt>it does
22:55billytwowilly>Chutt: If you want to work for apple, here's your chance:
22:55Chutt>show up, that is
22:55+hfb [] joined #mythtv
22:55Chutt>but i don't have an image plugin for gif
22:55Chutt>maybe that's not a good test
22:55Chutt>teflon, anyway, what it's doing is falling back to trying to request images from the backend
22:55Chutt>is this a remote frontend?
22:56Chutt>on the master?
22:56Chutt>i can fix it
22:56Teflon>convert em to jpg at download time?
22:57Teflon>when i get around to uncommenting the channels update code in mythfrontend (when i make a flag to not update the icons ever, i'll submit the option as a patch
22:57Chutt>don't try to load from the master if it's local
22:57Teflon>that probably makes sense for a general purpose speed fix.
22:57Chutt>it might make sense to check the extension is valid
22:58Chutt>ah, could you do something for me?
22:59Chutt>in programs/mythfrontend/main.cpp
23:00Teflon>yep, got it open
23:00Chutt>line 788 or so, before it starts running the menu
23:00Teflon>see it
23:00Chutt>cout << QImage::inputFormatList().join(" ") << endl;
23:00Chutt>should make it print out the valid image formats on start up
23:00Chutt>just curious to see what you have
23:02Chutt>ok, cool, so that'd work too
23:02Chutt>i'll fix it to not fallback to the master if it's local, and to cull out any unsupported image formats
23:03Chutt>is mine, just for your comparison
23:03Teflon>(and if mythfilldatabase detects an unsupported format, use imagemagick, if present, to convert it to jpeg?)
23:03Teflon>wonder why i didn't get gif support ... wonder what i didn't have installed when i built qt
23:03Chutt>i won't go that far, but if someone else were to
23:03Teflon>i might, but i doubt it, a bit busy at the moment
23:03Teflon>the most i suspect i'll get done is the hack to mythfilldatabase to never modify my icons
23:04Teflon>since zap2it is incomplete...
23:04Teflon>and sometimes even wrong
23:12tmk>sup chutt
23:13Teflon>i'm annoting him with trivial bugs
23:13Chutt>tmk, yo
23:13Chutt>naw, it's not trivial
23:13tmk>new ivtv out today
23:13Teflon>tmk: stable?
23:13Chutt>tmk, haven't had a chance to test it
23:13Teflon>or will it piss my wife off?
23:14Chutt>been working on my basement all day
23:14Teflon>damn purplegalaxy theme is broken.
23:14tmk>no biggie
23:14tmk>working on setting up a remote frontend in the basement perchance?
23:14Teflon>Error parsing: /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/PurpleGalaxy/ui.xml
23:14Teflon>at line: 601 column: 17
23:14Teflon>tag mismatch
23:14Chutt>teflon, yeah, i told the author about that
23:14Chutt>it's the spanish and catalan translations
23:15Chutt>tmk, working on setting up walls and stuff in the basement :p
23:15Teflon>i need a house
23:15tmk>i was just hoping you'd start using a remote setup again so the code would catch up :P
23:15Chutt>tmk, hrm?
23:16Chutt>remote stuff should work fine
23:16Chutt>bruce tests all that
23:16tmk>it crashes frequently on me (master backend does at least)
23:16tmk>and i don't think it's ever told the slave backend to record
23:16Chutt>might be a config problem
23:16tmk>i'm a week or two back on cvs though
23:16tmk>could be
23:16Chutt>or they aren't in sync with each other
23:16tmk>it knows about the remote backend
23:17tmk>i guess i'll read the mailing list a bit or something
23:17tmk>generally only crashes when i reboot my remote box without shutting myth down nicely
23:17Chutt>see, thing is, i'm down to two machines
23:17tmk>crashes when it reconnects
23:17Teflon>Chutt, ouch.
23:17Chutt>myth box in the living room
23:17Chutt>and my dev box
23:17tmk>hey me too :)
23:17mdz>Chutt: hardware failures, or repurposing?
23:18Teflon>i think its time to have a fundraiser for chutt
23:18tmk>i bet his wife got tired of being surrounded by computers
23:18Chutt>hardware failures, and i didn't replace things since i didn't really need them
23:18Chutt>like, one was a test frontend and an irc machine
23:18Chutt>that's 6 or 7 bucks a month off my electricity bill, and more space in my office =)
23:19Teflon>i could probably turn my freebsd box into a frontend but then i'd have no bsd at home.
23:19DogBoy>what's a home without some bsd
23:20Teflon>DogBoy, a bsd-less home?
23:20Teflon>i can always get my bsd fix at work. 60-odd FreeBSD machines
23:21Teflon>hmmm ... maybe that dead laptop.. if i can convince X or XV to completely negate (invert) all colors somehow its useful again... or if i just hook up a monitor. but i dont think K6-2/333 is fast enough to play an mpeg-2
23:24Chutt>is curtis wood in here?
23:25Chutt>i'll take that as a no
23:26Teflon>my LCD panel currently reads "Not Recording" and "63% Free" and then the next recording coming up. wheee.
23:26Teflon>lcdproc is neat.
23:26Teflon>and easy.
23:26kvandivo>so who's not yet ready for christmas?
23:27kvandivo>i've spent the entire day wrapping presents
23:27Teflon>i cant wait to open my epson 2200 printer.
23:27Teflon>i did that yesterday.
23:27rkulagow>i'm pretty sure that comcast's "upgrade" to 3Mbps here in chicago has totally fucked my internet connection. packet loss, dns weirdness, failure to connect to google, etc.
23:27Teflon>i'm not sure where i'm going to put the printer on my desk though.
23:27Teflon>rkulagow, call and complain?
23:27Chutt>i spent half the day trying to clean up the rats nest in my breaker box
23:28kvandivo>you running a router, rk? and, if so, are you running the latest firmware?
23:28rkulagow>yeah, i'll do that.
23:28Chutt>i want my speakeasy speed upgrade, but nooo, not until march
23:28kvandivo>been there, done that, with the breaker thing.. i'm glad to be done with the major required hoursework for a while
23:28Teflon>shit, i do have a router. forgot to put the 2nd nic into the freebsd box and make it my gateway. next weekend i guess.
23:29Teflon>and i forgot to look into the latest dvdauthor package
23:29kvandivo>i remember a while back, i started getting ssh connections being dropped all of the sudden.. come to find out, the cable company had changed _something_ and I needed a firmware upgrade on my router to make them talk nice to each other
23:30Teflon>kvandivo, is your router your cablemodem?
23:30kvandivo>na.. i've got a linksys box sitting after the cablemodem
23:30Teflon>i have a USR box, still hasn't ever had a firmware upgrade released
23:30Teflon>wish it had SNMP though
23:30Teflon>i can't MRTG my usage without it.
23:31Teflon>not unless i throw in a hub, and that would suck.
23:31rkulagow>well, it's hard to check for updated firmware when you can't get a reliable connection...
23:31*kvandivo grins evily.
23:31kvandivo>pesky little details
23:32Teflon>i better go pay attention to my wife.
23:32kvandivo>sounds rough
23:32Teflon>fixing the pvr still doesn't make up for the loss of 100gb of recordings.
23:33rkulagow>i've called at&t tech support/comcast. "unplug your cable modem. is your computer connected directly to the modem? turn off any firewall software. no, we don't support hardware routers. linux? what's that?"
23:35Chutt>"Hi, I can't ping your gateway" "Here's what I want you to do. Go to start, then click on run. Type in 'command' then hit enter. Now type in 'p' 'i' 'n' 'g'."
23:35Chutt>ah, that was a fun call
23:35kvandivo>i've learned it is better to just make them think they are giving you useful instructions
23:36kvandivo>lot less explaining that way
23:36Chutt>speakeasy told me that the reason i wasn't getting email the other day was because my mailing list server wasn't set up properly
23:36Chutt>regardless of the fact that telnetting to / 25 timed out
23:36kvandivo>apples and oranges come to mind
23:37rkulagow>"i'm not getting a DHCP address from your server." "we don't support DHCP". "uh, sure you do. that's how you give out addresses to computers." "sir, i'm not sure what you're talking about."...
23:37Chutt>well, i told him that my mail server logs were full of connection timed out errors to speakeasy
23:37Chutt>bad choice, since the guy zeroed in on that =)
23:37kvandivo>you supposed to be getting 3 megabit up and down, or just down, or what, rk?
23:38Chutt>it's like 3 down, 256 up
23:38kvandivo>that would rock to have that up.. but i'm guessing you mean down
23:38kvandivo>i get 128 up, and i've seen _up to_ about 5-7 megabit down.. i'm usually at about 2-3 down, however
23:38rkulagow>i read that comcast was going to go to 3Mbps down and leave the up-rate the same. chicago was supposed to switch on the 15th or so. based on when xmltv began to fail and how many days of data i have left, they did the cutover on the 15th.
23:39mdz>isn't there a bit higher level interface to LIRC than what curtis wood's patch does?
23:39Teflon>Chutt, whats speakeasy? lists?
23:39Chutt>mdz, that wouldn't matter if he did it in an external program and kept that shit out of channelbase.cpp
23:39Chutt>teflon, isp
23:39mdz>it would still be a mess; isn't this what liblircclient is for?
23:39Teflon>odd name for an isp.
23:39mdz>when I get my box back together, I'm going to do serial to the dct2000
23:40Chutt>i was all nice and didn't say 'i can't possibly use this patch because the code sucks'
23:40Chutt>i commented on what needed to be fixed
23:40mdz>and I"m going to write a 10-line python program to replace the 1000-line C program in there right now
23:40rkulagow>i've got to translate technical crap into something the phone monkeys can understand. "i can't get to hotmail."
23:40Chutt>and he comes back 'you're not understanding me!@#!'
23:40rkulagow>chutt: obviously you're in the holiday mood.
23:41Teflon>i was amazed when i called my cable company for support and they knew the answer, had my file up already, and didn't take 30 mins of hold time (immediate answer).
23:42Chutt>gant pulls ahead in the download race
23:42rkulagow>i'm glad dave alden found my thinko in the mythfilldatabase status stuff. i had setup for debugging to see what i'd done wrong, and of course xmltv hasn't been working.
23:42rkulagow>(for me)
23:43mdz>the 0.13 debs have seen a few hundred downloads now, and I have only gotten one "IT'S BROKEN" email, and that guy had mistyped the line in sources.list
23:43mdz>so I assume they're working fine
23:43mdz>or else all of the problematic users went back to building from source while I was away
23:43Chutt>bma's problems were just pebkac? =)
23:44mdz>I have no idea what he was smoking
23:44rkulagow>chutt: docs sync please?
23:44Chutt>rkulagow, sure
23:44rkulagow>thanks. night all.
23:46Chutt>docs updated, they'll get recached soonish
23:48mdz>Chutt: has the plugin API changed at all since it was implemented? or would any plugin still work?
23:49Chutt>need to be recompiled
23:49Chutt>i don't recall any major changes
23:51mdz>because I just noticed that the plugin packages depend on mythtv-frontend (>= 0.11-1)
23:51mdz>because I hadn't bumped that when I released the 0.13 packages
23:51mdz>so I wondered if it would actually be broken
23:51Chutt>no, that won't work
23:51Chutt>libmyth's changed quite a bit
23:52mdz>I guess you would need versioned symbols for it to work
23:52mdz>then the plugin and myth would each have their own libmyth
23:52mdz>just packaged up mythnews; seems pretty simple
23:53mdz>doesn't seem to work though
23:53mdz>displays a two-sided dialog with no text in it
23:53mdz>and says "Ready"
23:53Chutt>go to setup
23:53mdz>MythNews: Error in loading Sites from DB
23:53Chutt>need to select some rss feeds
23:54mdz>3 pages of settings
23:54Chutt>need a better error message on screen for that
23:54Chutt>yeah, it's getting cumbersome
23:55mdz>hmm, the mythnews settings dialog seems to be done weird
23:55mdz>not as a wizard
23:56mdz>huh, now it fails in an entirely different way
23:56Chutt>what'd it do?
23:56mdz>MythNews: NewsEngine: failed to set content from xmlfile
23:57mdz>apparently this means that QDomDocument::setContent failed
23:57Chutt>couldn't parse something
23:57mdz>where does it put these files?
23:57mdz>ah, ~/.mythtv
23:57mdz>the document is a 302
23:57Chutt>doesn't handle it?
23:57mdz>301 actually
23:58mdz>apparently not
23:58Chutt>the mythnews author's nick is pahli_bar
23:58mdz>mizar:[] cat ~/.mythtv/MythNews/Linux\ Weekly\ News
23:58mdz><TITLE>301 Moved Permanently</TITLE>
23:58mdz><H1>Moved Permanently</H1>
23:58Chutt>he's in here _very_ occasionally
23:58mdz>I think there's a flag
23:58mdz>to the http stuff to tell it it's OK to follow redirects
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