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00:00Chutt>if you can find that =)
00:00kvandivo>he apparently lives here in my town. i could go bop him on the head for you, but i really don't have a clue who he is
00:02mdz>Chutt: the libmyth/httpcomms stuff does it, but it uses qhttp
00:02mdz>mythnews uses qurloperator
00:02mdz>seems like a simplified interface
00:02mdz>in which case it ought to just do the redirect by default :-P
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00:03mdz>qurloperator doesn't even let you get at HTTP stuff
00:05mdz>Does this look like a reasonable contact address: Renchi Raju <>
00:05mikegrb> <- I see lots of them urls on irc
00:06*kvandivo looks around.
00:08mikegrb>don't try to look innocent
00:08mikegrb>it isn't possible
00:08mikegrb>I'm trying to work my way down to your groups site from the main page
00:08mikegrb>not being very successful
00:08kvandivo>just go to
00:09kvandivo>that's the easy way
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00:09kvandivo>or search for 'schulten' on the main site.. that's a surefire way to find it as well
00:10mikegrb>sighup: translate schulten to en
00:15mdz>my word, I need 50M of additional packages to compile mythbrowser
00:16mikegrb>that is what stopped me from using it
00:16mikegrb>that and always having at least one laptop in the living room :)
00:25mdz>mythbrowser isn't quite usable without a keyboard and/or mouse
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00:40mdz>mythbrowser and mythnews debs are up now
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00:56Chutt>mdz, thanks =)
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01:57shamoun>could anyone here please tell me what capture card they use in linux and how well it is supported by v4l?
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02:10Teflon>shamoun, hauppauge pvr-250 with the ivtv driver
02:10Teflon>works really well
02:10Teflon>mpeg2s in dvd format without transcoding
02:10shamoun>Teflon, how much does the card cost?
02:11Teflon>do you need a remote?
02:11Teflon>if not, get the hauppauge freestyle
02:11Teflon>if so, get the pvr-250
02:11Teflon>but you gotta be decent with linux to get the stuff working
02:11Teflon>also what source you plan to use? sat? cable? digital cable?
02:11shamoun>Teflon, i care not for a remote
02:11shamoun>i have a card now, not supported in linux, never use fm or remote
02:12shamoun>i just care for video and audio
02:12Teflon>what card?
02:12shamoun>avermedia avertv studio pvr
02:12shamoun>it is bt878 based
02:12Teflon>thats supported IIRC
02:12Teflon>bt878? thats in the kernel i thought
02:13Teflon>i think i used that
02:13shamoun>but i compiled the kernel and it doesn't seem to be working no matter what i try
02:13shamoun>it says /dev/video/video0 does not exist
02:13Teflon>did you compile as a module?
02:13Teflon>did you run modprobe bttv?
02:13shamoun>Teflon, yes
02:13Teflon>or depmod -a then modprobe bttv
02:14shamoun>Teflon, ...damnit!!!
02:14shamoun>ill try just now
02:14shamoun>i need to recompile my kernel with i2c support anyway, so ill let it finish
02:14Teflon>i'm just upgrading my i2c to 2.8 so i can use lmsensors on my k7s5a pro
02:15shamoun>Teflon, i have that mainboard ;)
02:16Teflon>great cheap mainboard
02:16Teflon>wish the slot next to the video card didn't cause the system to crash at boot when i put the pvr-250 in it.
02:18shamoun>Teflon, yea, my next board is gonna be an albatron, great boards, work like gigabyte boards, fraction of the price
02:18Teflon>ecs is already dirt cheap
02:19Teflon>okay booting with i2c-2.8
02:20shamoun>well, gotta reboot w/ my new kernel and insmod
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02:29shamoun>well, xawtv is launching but i am only seeing black
02:29shamoun>going to read the docs now
02:38Ku-less>Hmm..mythtv live tv seems to stop working after a while in 2.6.0. :/
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02:44shamoun>Ku-less, really?
02:47Teflon>i really need to stop forgetting to reinstall msp3400 after reinstalling the kernel
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03:06Rroet>too bad myth isn't doing yet what it's supposed to..
03:07Rroet>via hwslice isn't working quite right yet.
03:07Ku-less>shamoun: Yea, it plays, stutters once, then a few seconds later stops playing.
03:08Ku-less>shamoun: The error log says that the socket is lost.
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03:47shamoun>Ku-less, i only tried kernel 2.6 for a few minutes, it lacked support for some of my drivers so i went back, the names of the modules porbably just changed and i am unfamiliar with the new ones
03:48Ku-less>Very little changed name wise.
03:48Matt>I still want to fix the bug with the tuner on my pctv
03:48Matt>it does render mythtv largely useless on this box
03:49Chutt>bitch bitch bitch
03:50Ku-less>If it blows, it doesn't have to go.
03:51sfr_>Matt: unless it's pebcak, crib2 also seems to have a similar problem. for now he runs v4lctl an sets the card to NTSC which gets live-tv working for him.
03:51Chutt>that sounds a whole hell of a lot like a config problem.
03:52sfr_>i thought so too, but what do i know about other people's setup ;)
03:52Chutt>unless it's the standard 0.13 release bug that the fix is plastered all over the website for
03:53Matt>sfr_, that gets livetv to work, yeah - doesn't help matters when the backend reinitialises the card
03:53sfr_>oh, stupid me. i helped him yesterday to correct the tvnorm setting. but iirc he didn't said if that helped
03:53Matt>i.e. when you want to record something
03:54Matt>the thing that's got me is xawtv and v4lctl initialise the card fine
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03:54Matt>mythtv with same frequency band doesn't
03:54Chutt>probably because you either have it set to pal
03:54Matt>so there's something libng does to initialise the card that mythtv doesn't
03:54Chutt>or you're running stock 0.13 and haven't bothered to read the mailing lists or the website.
03:55Chutt>there's absolutely nothing that it does to init the card that mythtv doesn't do.
03:55Matt>Chutt, to be honest, I'd be very confused if not setting it to pal made it work :&)
03:55Matt>I'm in the UK
03:55Matt>we use pal
03:55Chutt>ah, whatever
03:55sfr_>Matt: you run 0.13? and fixed the channels table?
03:55Matt>and yes, it is stock 0.13 - but I didn't see anything on the site about tuner issues
03:56Matt>the channels table is fine
03:56Chutt>matt, um
03:56sfr_>Matt: i beg to disagree then
03:56Chutt>the second fucking story?
03:56Matt>if you run v4lctl having started mythbackend, it's all fine
03:56sfr_>Matt: it's right on 0.13 release followup
03:56Matt>oh, the one about the db - already read and digested that
03:56Matt>db is fine - first thing I checked
03:56Chutt>that's your problem, or you have a config issue.
03:57Matt>matches xawtv settings to the digit
03:57Chutt>there is no problems with the v4l init in mythtv.
03:57Chutt>else, everyone would be having the exact same problem.
03:57Matt>I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was a quirk with this card
03:57Matt>it's given be alsorts of strange problems
03:58Chutt>i'd highly doubt that
03:58Matt>it's one of the original Miro PCTVs
03:58Chutt>unless it was using the cx88 driver
03:58Chutt>which is still broken, to my knowledge.
03:58Matt>it doesn't even work in linux until you've booted into windows once and installed the windows drivers
03:59Matt>you never have to boot windows again, just the first time you physically install the card in the PC
03:59Chutt>i really don't care
03:59Matt>otherwise tuning is screwed
04:05Matt>trust me - it's a wierd problem
04:07Chutt>so stop bitching about it and fix it.
04:07Matt>cold boot pc, load tuner & bttv modules, start mythbackend, startx, start mythfrontend, go to watch livetv, none of the channels appear tuned. quit mythfrontend, run any v4lctl set* command or xawtv, start mythfrontend again, and all is normal
04:07Matt>Chutt, I'm trying :&)
04:08Chutt>sure as hell doesn't sound like it
04:08Matt>but not being familiar with the v4l api makes life a little difficult
04:08Chutt>there's absolutely nothing to it
04:09Chutt>set an input, set a frequency
04:09Chutt>set another control
04:09Chutt>get a list of inputs
04:09Chutt>blah blah blah
04:09Matt>yeah, I understand the basics of it from reading api docs
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04:09Matt>it's a matter of finding the relevant bits inside mythtv and libng
04:10Matt>this would be one reason I'm actually asking people about it - I wouldn't mind a few pointers in the right direction
04:10Chutt>the only place where non-capture related v4l gets done.
04:11Matt>hmm, I'd got that far
04:11Chutt>can be found by grepping.
04:11Chutt>that's all there is to it.
04:11Matt>yeah, I'd got that
04:11Chutt>the libng stuff is more difficult, because whoever wrote it doesn't know how to code an abstraction layer.
04:12Matt>I'd got that far too
04:12Chutt>right, but it's a mess
04:12*Matt nods
04:12Matt>that's part of the issue :&)
04:12Matt>and having a read through both, I didn't see anything immediatly obvious that either did differently
04:13Chutt>but it's pretty damn easy to figure out what's going on if you turn up the verbosity in xawtv
04:13Chutt>since that prints out something every single ioctl
04:13Chutt>because there isn't anything that either does differently
04:13Matt>then how do you explain one working fine, and the other not, when they have (as far as I can tell) the same config for the tuner
04:14Chutt>there's not all that many ways you can call the same three or four ioctls that need to be done in order
04:14Chutt>a config error in your mythtv install?
04:14Matt>both set to Europe-West, both set to PAL, both set to the same channel numbers
04:14Matt>both have fine tuning values of 0 for every channel
04:14Chutt>i can pretty much guarantee that that's it
04:14Matt>I've been through the mythtv config about 5 times
04:15Matt>everything I can find that's related to the tuner is identical to that in my xawtv config
04:16Chutt>give me a line out of your channel table
04:16Chutt>with headers
04:17Matt>ok, 3 lines from settings first tho...
04:17Matt>| TVFormat | PAL | NULL |
04:17Matt>| VbiFormat | PAL Teletext | NULL |
04:17Matt>| FreqTable | europe-west | NULL |
04:17Chutt>i didn't fucking ask for those, did i?
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04:17Matt>I'd already bothed to copy them :&P
04:17Chutt>i don't fucking _care_
04:18Matt>| chanid | channum | freqid | sourceid | callsign | name | icon | finetune | videofilters | xmltvid | recpriority | contrast | brightness | colour | hue | tvformat |
04:18Matt>| 1004 | 4 | 65 | 1 | C4 | Channel 4 | /home/matt/.mythtv/channels/logo-53.gif | 0 | NULL | | 0 | 32768 | 32768 | 32768 | 32768 | |
04:18Matt>matching entry from .xawtv
04:18Matt>[Channel 4]
04:18Matt>channel = 65
04:18Matt>key = 4
04:18Matt>capture = on
04:19Matt>it's all terrestrial - it varies depending on where you are in the country
04:19Chutt>you applied the patch that's supplied on the website?
04:19Matt>adjacent transmitters use different frequencies to prevent interference
04:19sfr_>tvformat looks empty to me
04:19Matt>hmm, to be completely honest, I don't recall
04:19Chutt>sfr, that's fine if the patch is applied
04:19Chutt>if it's not, it's not fine
04:20Matt>but I'll double check when I get in
04:20Chutt>but you said you read that and digested it!
04:20sfr_>oh, sorry for the confusion
04:20Matt>Chutt, read+digested it at work
04:20Matt>this would be the problem with not having a tv card at work
04:20Chutt>sfr, the patch just checks for null in the source, since i didn't want to mess with different db revisions
04:21Matt>anyway, I'll check that when I get in at lunch
04:21Matt>if that fixes it - I owe you a pint or three
04:21Matt>for being stupid
04:21Chutt>that's really the only thing it could be
04:22Matt>well I'll give it a try :&)
04:22Matt>this card can be a real pita tho :&)
04:22Matt>didn't work in this pc for 8 months cause there weren't any drivers for windows xp
04:23Matt>and it really doesn't work in linux until you've let windows initialise it once - god knows why
04:23Matt>noone else in the world seems to have that problem, but it's consistently done it in every PC I'ce tried it in since 1997
04:23Chutt>spend $50 and get something that works.
04:23Matt>I'm waiting for DVB cards to come down in price a little more
04:25Matt>which reminds me - I was gonna check todayonly
04:25janek>they're not that bad any longer are they?
04:25Matt>still talking about \xA360+VAT tho
04:25janek>though support in mythtv is still a bit hands-on
04:25janek>Matt: that's a really good price, I payed \xA385 inc VAT ;)
04:26janek>you'd pay about that much for an analog card with nicam too
04:27Matt>Hauppauge WinTV-Nova-T Freeview receiver PCI (909)
04:27Chutt>matt, only other thing to check if that doesn't pan out would be the values that are passed to set the various ioctls. Shouldn't take all that long to verify that everything's right
04:27janek>darn, I got ripped off
04:27Matt>janek, where from?
04:28janek>too late now ;)
04:28janek>but I'll make sure to check them in the future
04:28Matt>oh, and don't by anything from is you ever want any kind of customer service, like, say a repair under warentee
04:29Matt>they've had my wireless access point for over 6 weeks now
04:29Matt>which reminds me - I was going to update my rant
04:30janek>I don't really like dabs anyawy
04:30janek>they tend to be a bit overpriced usually
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04:30janek>and their website is way too confusing ;)
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04:43Matt>complete with update
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04:45Matt>only reason I'm not gonna go out and get a dvb card right now is cause fingers crossed I'm moving to canada this summer
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04:47janek>ah, that would be a bit silly then ;)
04:48Matt>so unless they get cheap, I won't bother replacing this pctv until I move
04:49Matt>hmm, looks like I didn't apply that patch
04:49Matt>right, well, we'll see if it works when I get home in a couple of hours
04:51janek>Matt: why don't you just write some certified mails to dabs to give them a deadline to return your access point? It doesn't sound like you're going to get much respone from them by email...
04:52janek>their is excuse of "you're better off dealing with the manufacturer" is bull, it's their responsibility (unless you bought as a business? I guess you might have done as you're talking about your MD...)
04:53Matt>janek, we told dabs we expected it back immediately or we're going to the trade press
04:54Matt>also said we expect it back before close of business (12pm) on christmas eve, cause that's the end of our financial year
04:54Matt>only response those generated was "it can take four to six weeks for a repair"
04:54janek>well, I suppose the trade press is indeed one of the ways to get retailers to respond ;)
04:54Matt>they got it on the 06/11/03 - I can prove that
04:55janek>yup, I read your rant
04:55Matt>they've had it 6 weeks last thursday
04:56Matt>they're about to come up on their own 6 week deadline on wednesday
04:57*Matt is seriously annoyed about this
05:01Matt>anyway - enough of that
05:01Matt>it's almost christmas and time to be jolly :&)
05:01Matt>anyone for a coffee?
05:01janek>heh, indeed :)
05:01sfr_>already had 2 cups this morning
05:04Matt>coffee good :&)
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05:49Matt>dammit, if this actually fixes mythtv I shal have to go out and spend money
05:52Matt>200Gb IBM/HGST Deskstar 7K250 ATA-100 (7200rpm,8MB Cache, 8.5ms) 3 yr
05:52Matt>\xA3109.00 +VAT
05:54*janek wishes he had lost of money... ;)
05:55*Ku-less can help janek lose money.
05:55janek>heh ;)
05:55Peitolm>ick, expensive :)
05:55sfr_>what's that about in \xA4?
05:55Ku-less>160GB is the best value on pricewatch.
05:56Ku-less>Too bad I have no use for it. :)
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06:19Matt>200G drive is very tempting
06:21Ku-less>What's that in US $?
06:23Ku-less>Hmm..around $192.
06:24Ku-less>I could get a 250GB for $171.
06:24Ku-less>I could almost get two 160GB for $192.
06:32Peitolm>\xA3120 or so inc vat..? wheres that from?
06:34Peitolm>surely that;s a link to another store though?
06:35Ku-less>Go to pricewatch and look yourself. :)
06:38Rroet>160GB for 192 ???
06:38Rroet>whoah... heavy on the price m8
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06:38Rroet>I bought a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 160GB for just 133 euro's.
06:40sfr_>a few months ago i bought a 120GB IBM hdd for ~120 \xA4
06:41Ku-less>Rroet: I said 2 160GB for almost $192. $99 each is $198.
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06:44Matt>.uk even
06:45Matt>they're in bolton
06:45Matt>I get stuff their cause they're cheap and local :&)
06:45Matt>I can drive up and pick stuff up
06:46Rroet>Ku-less: wholy f*..
06:46Rroet>that's fecking cheap.
06:46Rroet>you won't get that in EU.
06:46Matt>UK prices are approximatly $1 = \xA31
06:47Peitolm>mad isn;t it
06:47Matt>not really
06:47Matt>by the time you add in shipping and duty
06:47Matt>customs and excise like their bite of it
06:47Peitolm>duty is the killer i think
06:48Ku-less>Not according to one converter thing.
06:48Ku-less>Prices I've seen seem to be something like 1 pound == $1.4
06:50Matt>that's getting closer to a real exchange rate a 12 months ago
06:53Ku-less>Two different converters claim it's near 1.7:1
06:53Matt>if you actually look at what price you can get stuff at in this country
06:53Matt>it compares $1 = \xA31
06:53Matt>$1.7 to \xA31 is the real exchange rate
06:53Matt><sigbus> Matt: 1 British Pound makes 1.76 U.S. Dollar
06:53Ku-less>So, logically, you'd buy everything from the US?
06:54Matt>but you then have to factor in carriage and duty
06:54Matt>and VAT
06:54Ku-less>What the heck is carriage and duty?
06:54Matt>if I bring in computer parts from the US, and the value exceeds \xA360 (IIRC) then I have to pay VAT and duty
06:54Matt>VAT is at 17.5%
06:54Matt>(sales tax)
06:54Matt>and duty is at whatever's applicable to that type of goods
06:55Matt>and gets calculated by customs and excise on import of the goods
06:55Matt>carriage is the cost of shipping something
06:55Ku-less>Here you only pay sales tax for goods you buy in-state.
06:55Matt>you pay VAT on imports
06:55Ku-less>And shipping still doesn't work out, since my comment about $99 included shipping.
06:55Matt>shipping to where :&)
06:55Matt>shipping US to UK by courier is quite expensive
06:56Matt>you're looking in the region of \xA320+
06:56Ku-less>US to US
06:56janek>plus import taxes, potentially
06:56Matt>but I'm not *in* the US
06:56Matt>I'm in the UK
06:56Ku-less>200GB HD is $144 raw price.
06:56janek>good price that though
06:56janek>might want to order one in the us and get someone to bring it over ;)
06:56Ku-less>Shipping is $5. :)
06:57Matt>$144 is about \xA385
06:57janek>Ku-less: how is mail order in the US? Do places deliver pretty quickly?
06:57Matt>plus VAT
06:57Ku-less>Removing the VAT goes down to $132.
06:57Matt>is \xA372.34
06:57janek>I guess I'd be out of luck getting something delivered to AZ by the 26th right?
06:57Matt>plus shipping, which will be around \xA320
06:57Ku-less>janek: By now, yes.
06:57Matt>it's just not worth getting stuff from the US :&)
06:58janek>Matt: It'd be worth it if you can get someone to bring it back here for you
06:58Ku-less>janek: Usually it's something like 5-7 days for the cheapest shipping.
06:58Matt>Ku-less, I work for a company that imports from the US and europe
06:58Matt>janek, oh yeah, if you can get round it that way it's great
06:58Ku-less>Matt: What's the total price of the 200GB from the UK?
06:58janek>and customs are incredibly lax in the UK now
06:58Matt>so long as you don't get stopped by customs
06:59janek>whenever my in-laws come to visit me in Edinburgh, there is _nobody_ at customs (as they arrive in the special luggage area for people who arrive on a UK flight with their luggaged checked through from the US)
06:59Matt>janek , lax at checking maybe
06:59Matt>but if they decide to sto pyou and check your bag
06:59Matt>and find bits and pieces, they'll charge you VAT at least
07:00Matt>and probably duty as well
07:00janek>well then you just say it's for your personal use ;) (though, with a HD that might be hard to justify...)
07:00Matt>doesn't matter
07:00Matt>personal use or not
07:00Matt>you've bought it outside the UK and you're importing it
07:00janek>not if you intend to take it back with you on your return (like with a laptop)
07:00Matt>it's over their predefined value, which I *think* is \xA360
07:01Ku-less>Matt: Does that include the shipping?
07:01Matt>Ku-less, not really
07:01Matt>but that's from a shop I can drive to
07:01Matt>so I don't really pay shipping from them
07:01Ku-less>Matt: So factor in gas. :)
07:02Matt>Ku-less, the other thing to consider is replacement/repair
07:02Ku-less>From what you're saying, the cost of importing about breaks even.
07:02Matt>you have a problem and you've bought it in the US - that's a hell of a way to send it back
07:03Matt>importing on a small scale probably works out slightly cheaper than buying it in the UK
07:03Matt>forgot currency exchange charges
07:03Matt>you never get the bank rate on currency exchange
07:03Ku-less>Of course not.
07:04Ku-less>I wonder how much it'd be to order the 200GB HD from the UK.
07:04Matt>for who? :&)
07:05Ku-less>For someone in the US.
07:05Matt>a lot
07:05Ku-less>That's the impression I got.
07:06Ku-less>It'd be $185 as just the bare price.
07:06janek>Matt: you can get very low currency exchange rates from places like moneybookers though
07:07janek>Matt: do you know anything about UKP-Euro exchange btw? It seems that lately my UK bank doesn't charge me any longer when I receive Euros into my UKP account (ie, when I work out the exchange rate it's the ECB one)
07:08Ku-less>I'm not sure how you figure that it's a 1:1 ratio given everything.
07:08+holger [] joined #mythtv
07:08Ku-less>145 > 128
07:08Ku-less>Our gas is a lot cheaper..
07:13janek>hmm, never mind, I messed up my calculations
07:13Matt>hmm, it was that db issue
07:14*Matt locates conical hat with a D on it
07:14Matt>oh well :&)
07:14Matt>Ku-less, no, just 1:1 on computer parts
07:15Ku-less>Ah, so nothing important. :)
07:15janek>still, they only charged me 0.85%, that's not too bad
07:16Ku-less>Why must the cone be the object of ridicule? There's the perfectly good rhombus to insult.
07:17sfr_>why read the docs when you can have fun browsing the source, :)
07:18*Matt laughs
07:18Ku-less>Because browinsg the source is more informative?
07:18Matt>oh well, that's what you get for leaving a 3 hour gap between installing the software and setting it up
07:18Matt>could've sworn I'd done that patch
07:18Matt>oh well :&)
07:20sfr_>i spend ~3/4hour trying to find out why adodb couldn't connect to a postgresql db. installing php4-pgsql helped a lot in the end ;) but adodb never returned any error, just a blank page.
07:20sfr_>^^ yesterday that is
07:21janek>worst kind of error ;)
07:24Matt>now all I have to do is work out how to organise tv aerial feeds
07:24Matt>which *should* be a simple enough job
07:25Matt>has this actually crashed the box?
07:29*Matt puts it down to his PC being strange
07:34Matt>ok, small job for this evening - create an X config with a more save resolution for watching TV
07:35Matt>1280x1024 is not really ideal :&)
07:44janek>which reminds me... does anybody know a modeline to get the nvidia binary driver to run at pal resolution on the tv-out?
07:44janek>it's refused with all I've tried so far
07:51Matt>ah, I've not tried that yet
07:51Matt>only why I get composite/s-video onto my tv is through my vcr
07:53Matt>ok, so now the basic bits and pieces work, I shall read up on some of the other bits and pieces this afternoon I think
07:54o_cee>janek: don't think it's possible.
07:54janek>I'm using an svideo->scart cable
07:54janek>o_cee: that's what I feared... seems insane though
07:55o_cee>gfx cards tvouts usually sucks
07:55o_cee>pvr350 gives you real pal
07:55janek>yes, but that's pricey :(
07:56o_cee>i ran my nvidia at 800x600
07:56Matt>janek, well, considering windows drivers can give you pal
07:56Matt>whether you can get a sane res is another matter
07:56Matt>I suspect you just have to approximate
07:56Matt>oh bugger. I've not put the case back on wok properly
07:56Matt>have to sort that
07:57janek>well if the windows drivers can I guess it should just be an issue of finding a modeline it likes
07:57janek>I don't understand why it doesn't just provide one itself though like it does for the more standard resolutions
07:57Matt>I'm pretty sure windows drivers can do it
07:57Matt>I'm going from memory here :&)
07:57Matt>I tend to use the TV out on the hollywood+ when I'm in windows
07:57janek>it just doesn't make too much sense... it should be easier for it to do output at pal res than at 800x600
07:58janek>though I suppose the tv-out chip doesn't really care
07:58nchip>what's the PAL res?
07:58Matt>something silly
07:58janek>I wonder if there's a card that has only the tv-out part of the pvr-350?
07:58janek>720x478 I think?
07:58janek>something like that
07:58nchip>I have 720x576 but it leaves black borders all around
07:58Matt>it's on the mythtv site somewhere
07:59*Matt rummages
07:59janek>720x572 sounds about right
08:00nchip>I guess I need setup some overscan option?
08:02Matt>site says 720x576
08:02sfr_>nchip: i use a different resolution for tv-out and had to experiment quite a bit to get a full-screen picture on my tv. i used fbset and then used my working modeline in X.
08:02Matt>nchip, nvidia?
08:03nchip>Matt: cle266
08:04nchip>but looks like I have to setup hardware mpeg decoder anyway, and I guess that doesn't use the xfree modelines at all(?)
08:04Matt>I don't have a lot of motivation to get tv out working
08:05Matt>I have a 14" TV and a 21" monitor
08:08=marc_ [] quit ("Leaving")
08:10+Drikus [] joined #mythtv
08:14+dunc [] joined #mythtv
08:15=Justin_ [~justin@H250-136.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] quit (No route to host)
08:22=jeffpc [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
08:49janek>nchip: it seems overscan only works with the older version of the nvidia drivers
08:49o_cee>that's why you use 4363
08:50+Racer [] joined #mythtv
08:50-Racer [] left #mythtv ()
08:53janek>o_cee: indeed
08:54janek>but I'm mighty annoyed at that ;)
08:54o_cee>why? when those are better drivers?
08:54=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
08:56janek>o_cee: the newer drivers have other advantages, like proper XRender support
08:56janek>and I use the same machine as a desktop and tv-watching machine
08:56janek>so I have a conflict between the different drivers
08:57janek>and not to mention, if they don't fix it in future versions of the drivers, what do I do when XFree86 4.4 or something comes out?
08:57+jhs [] joined #mythtv
08:59jhs>My PVR250 is not running on mythtv but works with "mplayer /dev/video0". If I start LiveTV I get no error messages from mythbackend or -frontend and none in /var/log/messages but I get a black screen and if I change the channel I get "waiting too long for decoder" from mythfrontend. Any ideas?
09:00o_cee>setup your soundcard
09:02jhs>o_cee: What else than installing and configuring ALSA must I do? I am using the via_82xx driver
09:02o_cee>you using native alsa?
09:02jhs>should I?
09:02janek>does anybody know more about the Holywood+ cards?
09:02o_cee>then you need the oss emulation stuff from alsa as well of course
09:02janek>do those provide a proper interlaced PAL output if fed an interlaced mpeg2 stream?
09:03jhs>OK, I will take a closer look a it. Thanks for now!
09:03o_cee>janek: yes
09:03o_cee>jhs: read the docs, its all there
09:03janek>oh, sorry I was just googling and didn't find anything yet ;)
09:03janek>that's ideal then as those are just \xA310 or less
09:03jhs>o_cee: I have read it, twice. But I will look at it a third time...
09:04o_cee>janek: you can't get any osd on them
09:04janek>ah, that's a shame, I guess I'd have to use dvr with it then
09:13janek>I wonder how the vdr plugin for the dxr3 works
09:13janek>since they manage to display an OSD apparently...
09:14o_cee>only shitty text osd
09:14o_cee>as the h+ only was designed to show CC
09:14o_cee>not real OSD
09:15janek>better than nothing...
09:15=Ku-less [] quit (No route to host)
09:16o_cee>not compared to myth, no.
09:16janek>also, presumably it should be able to handle dvd sub-pictures, so a black@white OSD should presumably be possible
09:17janek>which is all I get with XvMC anyway ;)
09:38+sfr__ [] joined #mythtv
09:39=sfr_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:39sfr__is now known as sfr_
09:39janek>should work just as well as with XvMC really
09:46+marc_ [] joined #mythtv
09:47+holger [] joined #mythtv
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10:01=jhs [] quit ("Client exiting")
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10:27Matt>janek, H+ cards are nice
10:27Matt>but the linux drivers are still a bit rough
10:28+Kreats [] joined #mythtv
10:28Matt>and if you let the card handle the audio, I think you only get two channel stereo
10:32janek>Matt: well that or AC3 presumably?
10:33janek>atm I only have stereo at home anyway, and I think all the UK channels only broadcast in stereo in dvb-t anyway so no problem
10:33janek>and if I was to go multichannel again it would be by getting back my av amp which is ac3 ;)
10:35janek>but come to think of it I think I don't have any free PCI slots anyway ;)
10:36Matt>neither do I
10:36Matt>but if I needed one at a push, I'd take the H+ out
10:36Matt>cause it's not getting *much* use ATM
10:37Matt>cause I don't use it in linux
10:37janek>I'd only really like one for the tv-out
10:37Matt>I bought it when I only had a K6-2-300 so it could cope with DVDs
10:37janek>since the tv-out from the nvidia card is a little jerky since it's not synced to the TV's refresh rate
10:38janek>as in, the mpeg2 decoding isn't synced to the tv
10:38janek>and I get interlaced material displayed in the wrong way so it looks weird during flashes of bright light
10:41+hfb [] joined #mythtv
10:43=StuartL [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
10:43+StuartL [] joined #mythtv
10:57rkulagow>morning, all.
11:04rkulagow>anyone with in-depth knowlege of the MPEG-2 frame stuff here? I know that commercial flagging runs after the program has been recorded, but if a user either doesn't want or doesn't need auto commercial detection what's the impact of a slow CPU? doesn't Myth still need to run through the MPEG-2 .nuv file after it's been recorded?
11:04rkulagow>(and is that CPU or I/O bound?)
11:06janek>should be cpu bound
11:06janek>unless you have a really fast cpu perhaps...
11:06janek>unless it doesn't actually decode the mpeg2 but just tries to work out blank frames?
11:07janek>sorry I'm just guessing ;)
11:08rkulagow>janek: right, that's why i'm hoping for a definitive answer. i want to update the HOWTO for those people that are looking to put in slow "silent" CPUs but don't want to steer them in the "too slow" directtion.
11:09janek>I was actually wondering about the same thing myself, I have a dvb card that delivers an mpeg2 stream and I'm not sure if myth is doing commercial detection at all atm
11:09janek>but I guess it should...
11:23+mecraw__ [~mecraw@] joined #mythtv
11:23Chutt>rkulagow, i really think the minimum would be a neheimah-based m10k, but some people are silly and go even slower
11:24rkulagow>chutt: thanks. so the MPEG-2 file is still scanned afterwards regardless of source (DVB, PVR-250)
11:25rkulagow>and the scanning is actually doing what? putting GOP points into the db? (i know there was a change to the code recently)
11:25Chutt>well, for the commercial detection stuff
11:25Chutt>it puts the seektable stuff into the db as it goes
11:26rkulagow>ok, so the seektable is being written in near-real-time, commercial detection runs afterwards for MPEG-2 sources.
11:27rkulagow>so one of those quiet-type fanless CPUs can cause extremely long commercial detection times if it's running nice'd at 19.
11:27=_kch_ [] quit ("Terminando cliente")
11:28+fathom [fathom@] joined #mythtv
11:28+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
11:28fathom>is there a way using nuvexport to get it to cut out the commercials?
11:28Chutt>rkulagow, yeah, and just general slowness too
11:29rkulagow>chutt: right, thanks.
11:29Chutt>rkulagow, i doubt you could run the more cpu intensive vis effects in mythmusic, you'll be waiting on mysql a lot, etc
11:29fathom>sweet my copy of mxp uploaded
11:31Chutt><Matt> hmm, it was that db issue
11:32rkulagow>ok, neheimah-based m10k is just as hard to write/spell as hauppaugue.
11:34Chutt>just say a m10000
11:34Chutt>all of em should be the nehemiah variant nowadays
11:35rkulagow>Yes, I'll probably do that. Maybe SolarPC will run another contest and this time I'll apply before the deadline.
11:37fathom>how do i create a cutlist that nuvexport is talking about?
11:37Chutt>edit mode in mythtv
11:38Matt>Chutt, give me a shout if you're in the UK before the summer
11:38Matt>or around toronto after the summer
11:38Matt>and I'll get you those pints eh? :&)
11:39Matt>hey, I said I'd get you pints if that was the problem
11:40*Matt is not a man of idle promises
11:41Matt>I'm not about to fly to wherever it is in the states you are just to buy a few drinks :&)
11:41Matt>what's the minimum spec for a frontend?
11:42Chutt>whatever can play back your video files
11:42Matt>well, yes :&)
11:43=janek [] quit ("Lost terminal")
11:44*Matt ponders
11:44+mdz [] joined #mythtv
11:45Matt>just musing which of the machines around the house might work as a frontend
11:45Matt>got stuff ranging from my P266 laptop up to my lil bro's XP2100
11:48+marc_ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
11:55kvandivo>cool... boomtown is coming back with 4 original episodes this weekend
11:58+marc__ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
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12:03+marc_ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
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12:04dunc>anyone here use gentoo and mythweb ?
12:05dunc>did it emerge nicely for you? mines installed but i get sql errors
12:05kvandivo>umm... don't know if i ever emerged mythweb
12:06dunc>ah right
12:06kvandivo>according to emerge -s i never did emerge mythweb
12:07dunc>oh it's ok i think i've spotted the problem, i've got mythtv-0.12 and mythweb-0.13
12:07kvandivo>that'll definitely do it
12:15+Justin_ [~justin@] joined #mythtv
12:38=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
12:44dunc>yep, all sorted now
12:44dunc>it's _very_ nice too
12:45dunc>i still can't get over mythtv. been using it all weekend and i'm still lost for words
12:45dunc>it's just ideal
12:46-Peitolm [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
12:46sfr_>i really hope myth won't let me down over the holidays. there are some nice movies being shown. :)
12:47dunc>have faith
12:48dunc>i was sooooo stoked when picture in picture worked
12:51=bishop1 [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]")
12:53=dunc [] quit ("Client exiting")
13:00+hfb_ [] joined #mythtv
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13:02sfr_>fyi: nVidia XFree86 4.x Drivers 1.0-5328 released
13:06dja>did they fix TVOverScan?
13:06sfr_>no idea ;) i don't have a nvidia card
13:07dja>:-) I was debating trying it...but been to busy breaking other things...;)
13:11o_cee>Chutt: have you got any automated way of taking the screenshots for the themes page?
13:21=KikoV [] quit ("Client exiting")
13:25+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
13:43+jeffpc [] joined #mythtv
13:46dja>o_cee: I tried sasquatchOSD, but didn't find it to appealing -- I found the text too hard to read on my TV...:-(
14:11=rkulagow [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:15dja>'tis ok -- the main theme is the most important part...:-)
14:16=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
14:20o_cee>repository dead?
14:20-sc00p_ [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
14:28dja>the online version seems down, but I can access it via cvs commands...
14:28o_cee>then it's viewcvs again
14:30*o_cee leads the theme downloads :)
14:33kvandivo>actually, i'd say that 'blue' leads the theme downloads.
14:33*kvandivo hides.
14:34=Misirlou [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
14:34+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
14:34sfr_>*pst* kvandivo let's download visor a view times
14:34kvandivo>i'm on it
14:35o_cee>don't make me cheat :)
14:35o_cee>ah dammit! you actually did it
14:35o_cee>fuckers :)
14:35kvandivo>did what?
14:36*mikegrb wgets a few
14:36sfr_>o_cee: looks like you already are ;) refreshing the download page doesn't update the counter for me :-)
14:36kvandivo>amazing what a while [ 1 ] ; loop will do, huh, mikegrb?
14:36o_cee>the good and righteous will win in the end.. uh, right
14:37sfr_>while [ -ircchannel #myth ]; do nonsense; done ;)
14:37mikegrb>kvandivo: indeed with a wget followed by an rm
14:37kvandivo>just wget -N
14:38kvandivo>ahh. .nevermind.. wrong switch
14:38mikegrb>then --
14:38kvandivo>well, one of those switches. :)
14:38sfr_>ok, i'll download gant once to be fair
14:39kvandivo>my stance on the issue is the same as it has always been.. as long as i'm using cvs i'll be using 'blue'
14:39kvandivo>or whatever the default theme is
14:39sfr_>forever then
14:39mikegrb>kvandivo: heh I kind of agree
14:39o_cee>i'm also running latest cvs
14:39mikegrb>I cant wait for gnant to be the default
14:40kvandivo>if we had an automated way to make sure that themes handled cvs changes....
14:40kvandivo>tricky tricky issue, though
14:40mikegrb>kvandivo: I look forward to your patch
14:40mikegrb>I got it!
14:40kvandivo>ya, i know
14:40mikegrb>just like the db :)
14:40dja>my wife wouldn't let me stick with blue (not that I'd want to when I can use gant) :-)
14:40o_cee>best thing would be to have it in cvs so those who make changes that needs theme updates fixes all themes at the same time
14:40mikegrb>kvandivo: put a version number in the theme and check that number in the code
14:41sfr_>but what if HE doesn't care about other themes :)
14:41kvandivo>ya, but you don't necessarily want everything to just _break_
14:41mikegrb>if there is a change you increment the number
14:41kvandivo>but anything you do to ensure that it doesn't break limits the creativity of the theme designer
14:42mikegrb>a popup just like the lost connection to db pops up on theme load that says something like the frontend is newer then the theme, there may be problems
14:42sfr_>i haven't looked into how themes work, but some kind of fall-back behaviour based on a version might work?
14:42mikegrb>discuss amongst your selves
14:42kvandivo>well, a lot of pages have that code built into them, mikegrb.
14:42mikegrb>a lot of pages?
14:42mikegrb>oh the blue stuff?
14:42kvandivo>umm.. the rec priorities pages, i know
14:43kvandivo>it has a check at the top that checks for an id in the xml file and if it isn't there it tells the user that the page isn't gooing to work right
14:43mikegrb>I'm just saying to make sure the theme works with the cvs version at startup
14:43mikegrb>oh right
14:43mikegrb>but perhaps a broder check
14:43mikegrb>er broader
14:43mikegrb>at startup or theme change time
14:43kvandivo>but that is just going to break that much more often
14:43mikegrb>that says there is stuff in this theme doesn't know about
14:44mikegrb>and increment it like db schema, only when there is a change in the frontend
14:44mikegrb>and it should be informational only
14:44mikegrb>"something might not work right or fuly" with ok to dismiss the box
14:44Rroet>wheeeee... I have hardware mpeg2 decoding working 100%
14:44Rroet>I'm satisfied ;)
14:45-marc_ [~Marc@] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
14:45+dunc [] joined #mythtv
14:46dunc>what is the 'tvformat' channel option for? i've just upgraded to 0.13, and mythfilldatabase wants an extra option
14:47mikegrb>pal or ntsc
14:47mikegrb>see the second news item at
14:50=david_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:50=Kreats [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:51+Viddy [] joined #mythtv
14:52dunc>mikegrb, hmm, there's nothing in my database until mythfilldatabase has run, so that bit of SQL mentioned has no effect
14:52mikegrb>there is a patch too
14:52dunc>aaah, i see.
14:52mikegrb>I don't know how it affects new mythfilldatabase runs though
14:53mikegrb>hopefully that will help :)
14:53mikegrb>I'm off for home now
14:53mikegrb>good luck
14:53dunc>i thought that was the other option, coz it says theres a couple of things
14:59-bishop [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
15:00+sailor420 [] joined #mythtv
15:02=StuartL [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:02+StuartL [] joined #mythtv
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15:16+racer [] joined #mythtv
15:21=[iago] [] quit ("Confucius say: I didn't say that!")
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15:32+zeronett [] joined #mythtv
15:33zeronett>is there a channel for help on lirc?
15:34zeronett>or can someone in here help me?
15:40Rroet>what's the problem ?
15:42ananke>i think the problem may be using the latest pre version. i already suggested him to use the latest stable.
15:49+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
15:54dunc>with 2 tuner cards, should i link them both to the same video source, or create 2 identical video sources?
16:00-fathom [fathom@] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
16:06zeronett>im installing lirc and when i run 'irw' i get a "connect: Connection refused" error.. any suggestions?
16:07sailor420>hello all
16:07sailor420>im getting some errors when mythbackend starts... I checked the logs, and this is what is coming up:
16:07sailor420>QSettings: error creating /.qt
16:07sailor420>QSettings::sync: filename is null/empty
16:07sailor420>Starting up as the master server.
16:07sailor420>ERROR: no capture cards are defined in the database.
16:07sailor420>2003-12-22 15:09:08 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
16:07sailor420>Unable to create '/video//nfslockfile.lock'!
16:07sailor420>Be sure that '/video/' exists and that both
16:08sailor420>the directory and that file are writeble by this user.
16:08sailor420>open lockfile: Success
16:08sailor420>sorry for the long paste
16:08o_cee>why don't you just do as the error message says?
16:08sailor420>i checked the permissions in the /video/ directory--I even changed it to 777
16:08sailor420>still, nothing
16:08sailor420>its there, and its writable
16:09o_cee>and /video//nfslockfile.lock doesnt look suspicous to you?
16:09sailor420>not particularly, should it?
16:09o_cee>try setting it to /video instead of /video/ in the setup.
16:10o_cee>and it says you didn't define any cards
16:10sailor420>i defined the card in the setup, it should be there
16:10o_cee>as the error message says, it isn't
16:11sailor420>should I be setting it up elsewhere?
16:14+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
16:23+poo [] joined #MythTV
16:23=sfr_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:24+sfr [] joined #mythtv
16:24=sfr [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:25+sfr [] joined #mythtv
16:29nchip>2003-12-22 23:26:30 Changing from None to WatchingPreRecorded
16:29nchip>X Error: BadAlloc (insufficient resources for operation) 11
16:29nchip> Major opcode: 143
16:29nchip> Minor opcode: 19
16:29nchip> Resource id: 0x1e00001
16:30nchip>in other words, my laptops videocard sucks?
16:30sfr>or the driver
16:35nchip> VideoRAM: 2048 kByte, NEOMAGIC driver
16:36sfr>sounds old ;)
16:36ChaosExiguum>neomagic is icky
16:36ChaosExiguum>in linux at leat
16:36ChaosExiguum>or least
16:44=dunc [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:04sailor420>getting another error now... the last one isnt showing up anymore.
17:04sailor420>QSettings: error creating /.qt
17:04sailor420>QSettings::sync: filename is null/empty
17:04sailor420>Unable to connect to database!
17:04sailor420>Driver error was [1/-1]:
17:04sailor420>QMYSQL3: Unable to connect
17:04sailor420>Database error was:
17:04sailor420>Unknown database 'mythconverg'
17:04sailor420>I just checked to make sure that the mythconverg database is in there--itis
17:04sailor420>*it is
17:05sailor420>mysqld is running
17:10+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
17:14pahli_bar>wohoo. just got my pvr 250 to work. man, is the quality good or what
17:14kvandivo>you on insight, or an antenna, or what?
17:14pahli_bar>kvandivo: insight.
17:17kvandivo>i definitely like the quality on mine. i've not tried anything other than the 'reasonably good' insight feed, nor have i tried a non x50 card.
17:17kvandivo>well, i've tried an m179, but i'm considering that an x50 card for all practical purposes
17:18pahli_bar>kvandivo: i was using bttv card before this and the quality difference is dramatic
17:18+Fade [] joined #mythtv
17:18pahli_bar>kvandivo: any more deals on those m179?
17:19kvandivo>the ebay thing was the last i had heard of. i bought mine back before that when newegg had them for $35 apiece.
17:19*pahli_bar is jealous
17:19kvandivo>right now i've got it sitting in my dev box. i need to move it to the real server at some point
17:19=sailor420 [] quit ()
17:19Fade>I have mythtv setup with a Leadtek tv card, and it's bringing in the channels but they're not tuned correctly. it identifies the channels as one less than the correct number.
17:19pahli_bar>the lowest price i can find now is around $79 from aver directly
17:19kvandivo>fade, i'm pretty sure the docs discuss that
17:20pahli_bar>Fade: canada-cable issue. read docs
17:20kvandivo>or at least the mailing archives
17:20Fade>Yeah, they do. I've identified the card in the modprobe line, but it doesn't fix the problem.
17:20pahli_bar>Fade: leadtek winfast 2000 xp?
17:21Fade>it's a winfast tv 2000 card, but lspci -v doesn't identify it as an 'XP'
17:21pahli_bar>Fade: did you compile the driver/kernel urself?
17:21pahli_bar>Fade: i followed instructions here:
17:22pahli_bar>Fade: got the remote to work well as well
17:22pahli_bar>Fade: the modprobe option thing won't work too well.
17:22Fade>ah, I haven't seen that yet. ;)
17:23Fade>can you point out any docs to get the svideo output on my geforce4 card working so I can display to my tv?
17:23pahli_bar>Fade: nvidia readme with the drivers are more than enough
17:25Fade>when you solved the 'off by one' issue, did your card bring in the channels clearly, or did you still see some channel distortions?
17:26pahli_bar>Fade: distortions?
17:27Fade>yeah, I have to 'finetune' all the channels using tvtime.
17:27pahli_bar>Fade: the first time i tried i just used the instructions and things worked fine. channels were quite ok
17:27Fade>okay. I'll look through that site.
17:33+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
17:49o_cee>dja: around?
17:51o_cee> | work in progress.. gonne update the dns
17:51kvandivo>you and your https...
17:54ChaosExiguum>o_cee, me likes, I'd add a black border around "main" to increase edge contrast
17:54ChaosExiguum>well, not black actually, grey like with mythTV
17:55ChaosExiguum>nope, third thought, don't listen to me, see how it shows on a tv first
17:56dja__>o_cee: interesting -- I'm not sure if I prefer it or not...:-)...I almost wonder if the "main font" (for "TV", "Music", etc...) shouldn't match with a similar "wavyness"...
17:58sfr>o_cee: is that the final design? too much comic-like for my taste (the grey font that is)
17:59o_cee>gantnewfont2.png shows that
17:59sfr>kvandivo: i just thought the same :) https...
17:59o_cee>maybe i'll just do thte logo that way
17:59o_cee>not sure yet, still testing different styles
17:59pahli_bar>o_cee: looks real nice. especially the selected menu item is much clearer now
17:59sfr>i liked the previous font
18:00o_cee>sfr: this fonts fits more letters :)
18:00o_cee>verdana is pretty wide
18:01o_cee>and the icons have a cartoonish style to them.. so i thought this font might fit
18:01sfr>i always wonder why on many s/w packages the vendors name _has_ to be shown on most/every screen. i fucking don't really care what the s/w is being called
18:01pahli_bar>o_cee: comic sans might fit in nice with the general theme
18:01o_cee>pahli_bar: i'll try it
18:02o_cee>sfr: i agree :)
18:02o_cee>anyway, just wanted to show what it looks ilke at the moment
18:02o_cee>giong to bed now
18:02sfr>so mythTV in the lower left corner is only shown on the main screen?
18:02o_cee>no ;)
18:02sfr>err, right, right
18:02o_cee>harr harr
18:03o_cee>ttyl, merry christmas and all! g'night
18:03sfr>o_cee: same for you & family
18:03dja__>'night o_cee
18:03pahli_bar>o_cee: merry christmas and good nite
18:04kvandivo>happy kwanzaa
18:07=mdz [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:11Peit|Home>anyone know of a guide to transcoding? specifically MPeg4 to say Mpeg4?
18:12sfr>anyone using Layer 1 audio with a pvr350? i only get silence with thatt setting. Audio Layer 2 works fine.
18:13Misirlou>Peit|Home: MPEG-4 to MPEG-4 transcoding? That might get useless after a while.
18:13Peit|Home>oopsie, i ment Mpeg2 to mpeg4
18:14Peit|Home>ah ffmpeg looks like it will do the job
18:15pahli_bar>does tvtime work with pvr 250
18:15pahli_bar>or 350
18:25Rroet>not afaik
18:25Rroet>pahli_bar: ask in #livid
18:25pahli_bar>Rroet: ok thanks
18:26pahli_bar>i was wondering because i used to use tvtime for testing the capture card before setting up myth
18:27pahli_bar>guess will have to go the cat/dd way then
18:27Rroet>tvtime doesn't work I was told by one of the devs
18:27Rroet>it has to do with the output the pvr250/350 cards give
18:27Rroet>xawtv will work, but only when specially patched
18:27Rroet>your best hope is to use either freevo or mythtv :)
18:28pahli_bar>Rroet: hmm thanks for the info
18:29Rroet>what hardware are you running on ?
18:29pahli_bar>Rroet: hardware? you mean the capture card - pvr 250
18:29Rroet>no, not the card... the rest of the computer :)
18:30Rroet>pvr250 at my place gives a superb signal
18:30pahli_bar>Rroet: its working fine now. excellent quality too. i had trouble setting things because my tuner input was 4 and ivtv defaulted to using 0
18:31Rroet>pahli_bar: ehm... what region are you in?
18:31Rroet>I'm in a PAL region and I had to force my tuner module into 5
18:31Rroet>and 2 is for ntsc
18:32pahli_bar>Rroet: tuner type = 2 (NTSC). but the tv tuner signal input (like composite/svideo/blah) is 4 for me
18:32Rroet>pahli_bar: have you setup your modules.conf properly ?
18:32Rroet>i have set: options tuner type=5
18:32pahli_bar>Rroet: yup. everything's fine
18:33Rroet>mmm.. ohh. tuner input type..
18:33Rroet>it's getting late..
18:33*pahli_bar pours Rroet some coffee
18:34Rroet>well, when recording with the pvr250 you'll notice it will only take up to 2.2gb/h at full PAL resolution :) which is pure DVD quality
18:34Rroet>but what system are you building that prime piece of card into ?
18:34pahli_bar>heh. i was getting around 2-4GB with my old bttv card
18:35Rroet>pahli_bar: that's software encoding I presume ?
18:35pahli_bar>Rroet: yup
18:35pahli_bar>specs: athlon xp 2000, 120 gb maxtor drive, gforce4 mx
18:35+mdz [] joined #mythtv
18:36Rroet>ahh.. then you'll have no trouble getting it to software code 2 mpeg4 streams realtime.
18:36pahli_bar>Rroet: now that i have my 250, i'm planning to get rid of the bttv card
18:37Rroet>pahli_bar: why ?? set it up as second card with mythtv :)
18:37Rroet>then you'll have a recording and livetv card :)
18:41pahli_bar>heh. i bought the pvr250 on the condition (wife) that i will return the bttv card if the 250 worked well.
18:41Rroet>ahhh .. :)
18:41Rroet>both are new buys :)
18:41Rroet>ok :)
18:41Rroet>ahh well, I only have 1 PCI slot.. so only 1 PVR250 :)
18:41pahli_bar>in any case. i have a second signal routed to the tv. so i can watch live tv directly
18:42Rroet>smae here :)
18:43pahli_bar>now that i have a pvr250, i will route the vcr and dvd player through it as well
18:43pahli_bar>low on inputs on the tv
18:56=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
19:01=pahli_bar [] quit ("[BX] The birds kept calling his name, thought Caw")
19:05shamoun> damnit!
19:05shamoun>could someone tell me the syntax to get xawtv running on channel 3?
19:24+Rule [] joined #mythtv
19:25Rule>Hi all. Can I run the frontend (and OSD I guess) on my via display, and have myth output the mpeg2 stream to the ivtv decoder ? (ie, /dev/video16) ?
19:39=mecraw__ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
19:49+dunc [] joined #mythtv
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19:52dunc>if i have 2 grabbers that have the same aerial input, can i point them both at the same video source?
19:54sfr>yes, same setup here
19:55sfr>you mean the input connections screen
19:56dunc>just create one entry in the bit where u select xmltv country settings
19:56dunc>and then point 2 devices from input screen at that entry
19:58sfr>iirc each video source is connected to one xmltv source. so yes.
19:59=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
20:04-shamoun [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
20:09+thor_ [~thor@] joined #mythtv
20:10Fade>well, got the tuner sorted out. ;)
20:10*Fade is wondering how to deal with audio desyncronisation in playback
20:11Fade>ah, I think I found the section in the docs.
20:17=thor_ [~thor@] quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.1")
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20:43+shamoun [] joined #mythtv
20:45+hfb [] joined #mythtv
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21:17+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
21:28cmorgan>Chutt: you interested in taking a look at a patch for PlaybackBox?
21:54billytwowilly>cmorgan: You should have asked chutt about patches last night;) He was venting;)
21:59cmorgan>he didn't like the patches? ;-)
21:59cmorgan>not enough patches? ;-)
22:01billytwowilly>I think it was more the general quality of the patches and the general mental capabilities of the people who submit some of them..
22:01dja__>hey, I resemble that remark. :-)
22:02billytwowilly>hehehe.. yes.. I can see how you could look like a sentence on IRC...
22:02billytwowilly>and I think that was the joke...
22:02*billytwowilly slaps head in disgust;)
22:32+ahbritto [] joined #mythtv
22:42+es_leoj [] joined #mythtv
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23:04Chutt>cmorgan, send it to the -dev list, please
23:06cmorgan>Chutt: alright, its still rough around the edges and i was wondering how one would prevent reentry of a function
23:06Chutt>what would be causing reentry?
23:06cmorgan>updateVideo() is being reentered by the timer callback
23:06cmorgan>so i added a bool to prevent that, i set the bool at entry, clear at exit
23:07cmorgan>seems racy to me ;-)
23:07Chutt>that works
23:07cmorgan>like what if both set it at the same time?
23:07Chutt>the timer callback will be run from the qt event loop
23:07Chutt>so the only way it'll reenter is if the event loop is run while in the callback
23:08Chutt>or you could change the timer to be a singleshot
23:08cmorgan>i think thats what the problem is
23:08cmorgan>recall that i mentioned that switchign items was taking a long time for me
23:08Chutt>and just set it off again at the end of the callback
23:09cmorgan>basically i've made the timer call invalidateWindow or whatever the qt command is to cause a refresh
23:09cmorgan>that gets called all of the time now
23:09cmorgan>when the item is changed it sets a variable that signals to updateVideo()
23:09cmorgan>so there is no need to block key press processing
23:10cmorgan>now you can fly through the list of items and updateVideo() takes care of shutting down and restarting nvp
23:10Chutt>that's cool.
23:10cmorgan>and if you change items twice it simply uses the last item
23:10cmorgan>it actually cleans some stuff up
23:10cmorgan>but this is a bit of a hole
23:10Chutt>actually, try just removing the processEvents calls from playbackbox
23:10Chutt>except for during actual playback
23:10Chutt>they shouldn't be needed anymore
23:11cmorgan>checking now to see what you mean
23:12cmorgan>alright, so the timer timeout calls update(videoRect);
23:12cmorgan>i think the processEvents() are necessary so the nvp can run
23:13+Netslayer [~chris@] joined #mythtv
23:13cmorgan>the killPlayer() code locks and unlocks qApp and calls processEvents()
23:14cmorgan>maybe another way to do that without blocking?
23:14Chutt>no, they shouldn't be necessary anymore.
23:14cmorgan>setup a timer to callback instead?
23:14cmorgan>updateVideo() is still called from the normal qApp path in paintEvent()
23:15Chutt>the processEvents were only there to make sure the qsocket stuff ran, i believe
23:15cmorgan>if killPlayer() is only called from updateVideo() can we skip over waiting for nvp->isPlaying() and just pthread_join(decoder, NULL); ?
23:15=Netslayer [~chris@] quit (Client Quit)
23:16cmorgan>i'm sure the nvp can't run while updateVideo() is running unless qApp->processEvents() is called
23:16cmorgan>so its the waiting in killPlayer() that really necessitates calling qApp->processEvents()
23:16cmorgan>i'm pretty sure that is ;-)
23:16Chutt>why is the processEvents necessary now?
23:17cmorgan>if you look in killPlayer() you can see that it waits until nvp is at certain stages before continuing
23:17cmorgan>else it unlocks and sleeps for a short while until the state is true
23:18Chutt>i wrote that code
23:18Chutt>i know what it's doing
23:19Chutt>and i'm pretty damn sure that the processevents aren't needed any more.
23:19Chutt>if you'd fucking stop arguing with me and try it
23:19Chutt>like i said 10 minutes ago
23:19cmorgan>so if the path is paintEvent->updateVideo->killPlayer() it should be ok to skip the process events? skip the unlock/lock as well?
23:19cmorgan>or is that still necessary to let the nvp run?
23:19Chutt>god damnit
23:19Chutt>read what i'm fucking typing
23:19Chutt>why the hell do i waste my time with this shit
23:19cmorgan>hey i'm just trying to help out, i tried it the other night and it didn't appear to work
23:20cmorgan>i'll give it another shot now
23:20cmorgan>just trying to get some info on how and why things are working
23:20Chutt>you're not asking questions
23:20cmorgan>still loop with the sleep until each of the nvp conditions are true?
23:20Chutt>that's not getting info
23:21Chutt>why would that change if you just had to remove the processEvents calls?
23:21cmorgan>not sure. i thought that was there to ensure that we didn't leave things in a bad state with the backend
23:21Chutt>remove the processEvents calls
23:21cmorgan>and the unlock/lock calls?
23:21Chutt>except when it's doing real playback, not the preview windows
23:22Chutt>as they're absolutely useless without the processEvents calls, yes.
23:22Chutt>try that
23:22Chutt>all the other logic needs to stay there.
23:24cmorgan>hmm, without the process events and lock/unlocks in killPlayer() it "took too long to pause ringbuffer"
23:25Chutt>shouldn't be too hard to figure out why.
23:25cmorgan>can you recommend a technique for doing so?
23:27mdz>Chutt: Mr. mythnews said he found a way to fix the redirect problem
23:27Chutt>cmorgan, yeah, look in the ringbuffer code and see why it's not waking the wait condition
23:27Chutt>mdz, great
23:27cmorgan>Chutt: alright, thanks for the info
23:28cmorgan>i'll see if i can't resolve this stuff tomorrow and send a preliminary patch
23:28Chutt>cmorgan, and, removing those calls works fine here
23:29cmorgan>well i look at the ringbuffer code to see
23:29cmorgan>the nvp stuff should be its own thread right?
23:30cmorgan>so it shouldn't really matter if we don't process events
23:30cmorgan>or if qApp is locked/unlocked right?
23:30Chutt>it was needed before for the QSocket stuff
23:30Chutt>but since we're not using QSockets in the frontend anymore
23:30Chutt>it shouldn't be needed
23:30cmorgan>so maybe the issue is that we are locked inside of another playbackbox routine prior to starting up the nvp
23:31=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
23:31+zeronett [] joined #mythtv
23:31zeronett>hey everyon
23:33zeronett>im in the setup program in the video source config. when i enter the zip code i can get only 4 of the 5 numbers in before it freezes. any suggestions?
23:33Chutt>switch to the console you ran it from.
23:33=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:37kvandivo> hmmm.... it doth appear that i might get to test the autoexpire/delete code when i go away for christmas.
23:37kvandivo>i've somehow managed to fill my 270 gig up (along with another 200 gig on my tivo)
23:39Chutt>heh, removing those processEvents also works pefectly fine on remote files
23:39kvandivo>clearly, it could be said that i watch too much tv... or not enough tv... or both
23:40kvandivo>hope you guys aren't mucking playbackbox too much. i might have to manually manage conflicts when i check out patches for it
23:40Chutt>i'm not touching it
23:40kvandivo>i'm dying to get some code sent in. it's just a rough time of year to find time to actually program
23:42mdz>kvandivo: what are you working on?
23:42Chutt>damn cvs uml
23:43mdz>zeronett: it doesn't freeze; it goes out and looks up cable providers for that area
23:43mdz>Chutt: I hope Snow-Man didn't upgrade to my latest UML package
23:43mdz>or recompile his recently
23:43Chutt>i doubt he's touched it in months
23:43mdz>UML is fucked when built against current unstable glibc
23:44kvandivo>mdz: current thing in alpha/beta testing on my machine is the ability for users to rank programs.
23:44kvandivo>and following close on its heals will be a revision of the recommendations engine i sent in a few months ago
23:45kvandivo>heels, i guess it is
23:45mdz>kvandivo: what does it do with the ranking data? resolve conflicts?
23:45kvandivo>nope. that code is already there. :)
23:45kvandivo>ranking lets the recommendation engine know what shows you like/dislike
23:46kvandivo>(I've got to get this stuff committed so i don't have to keep explaining it in the channel every time this comes up! :)
23:47kvandivo>distinctly different than the current rec. priorities stuff, mdz. people can choose rec priorities to work with their available tuners, and timeslots, etc. ranking is purely for how much you like or dislike a show
23:47mdz>so it doesn't do anything until you've updated the recommendations stuff, right?
23:48kvandivo>well, nothing that the user will be able to see. behind the scenes it will be compiling a database of words associated with shows that you've given a positive or negative ranking.
23:48kvandivo>hopefully, by releasing this first, people will have already primed the recommendation engine with enough stuff that it will be able to give useful data from day 1
23:49Chutt>get real :p
23:50kvandivo>well, we can always dream, right?
23:50Chutt>still no updated kde debs :(
23:51Chutt>"There will be an update in the next 1-2 days" from the 15th :(
23:51kvandivo>you've been complaining about this for some time, haven't you? tell them to get off their duff and start doing some real work ;)
23:52Chutt>naw, it's not time for my regularly scheduled debian rant just yet
23:52kvandivo>and, it's christmas!
23:53kvandivo>and i'm done wrapping presents!
23:53mdz>Chutt: make an NMU :-P
23:53Chutt>i don't have the cpu time to compile everything
23:53Chutt>else i would
23:53mdz>heh, I barely have enough to compile myth
23:53mdz>even that would be intolerable without ccache
23:54kvandivo>ccache rocks. _especially_ on my xbox... I need to wrap cvs co with a script that notes when mythcontext.h has changed and only do a distclean if that happens
23:55kvandivo>if i could get mythtv compiling with -j reasonably, i would get distcc going.
23:55kvandivo>question about that, chutt.. is it worth pursuing getting -j going with the qmake stuff?
23:56kvandivo>i'm not really experienced in that enough to know if it even possible
23:56kvandivo>from googling, they don't ever even mention multi process compiles when you look up how qmake does its thing
23:56kvandivo>its as though it is a non issue
23:57Chutt>i wouldn't spend any time on it
23:57kvandivo>ok. that's what i was wanting to hear.. (rather, i was wanting to hear one way or the other.. i figured you'd know if it was a low enough hanging fruit)
23:58Chutt>i don't believe it'd be trivial, without messing around with qmake itself
---Logclosed Tue Dec 23 00:00:06 2003