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00:00mdz>I'm surprised the qmake guys don't seem to care
00:00mdz>doesn't KDE use qmake?
00:00mdz>that thing takes days to compile
00:02Chutt>naw, i think they still use autocrap
00:02Chutt>qmake is a qt thing, i doubt all that many people use it outside of themselves / their paying customers
00:03mdz>I thought KDE used Qt
00:04Chutt>yeah, but qmake is relatively new
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01:10shamoun>hey all, i got by bttv card running!
01:10shamoun>now, i did some video capturing but i dropping some frames
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01:12Sanguine>wooo! well i finally broke donw and threw in my old SB LIve! card.. and now i have 5.1 surround workin!! :DDD
01:12shamoun>Sanguine, nice
01:12shamoun>Sanguine, so what, are u doing two channels on one card and two one another or something?
01:13shamoun>or does sb live support 5,1 out of the box?
01:13Sanguine>no, spdif passthrough
01:13shamoun>Sanguine, ahhh
01:13Sanguine>spdif -> marantz sr8000 that supports 5.1 :)
01:13shamoun>Sanguine, what do you use for video capture?
01:13shamoun>Sanguine, oh i see, the spdif is on the sb
01:13Sanguine>nothing yet.. i dont have a card... this is just playing dvd
01:14Sanguine>ive been fighting all week with a cmedia 8738 card to get 5.1 with no luck.. so i though i would try the sblive.. it worked the first time i plugged it in (and recompiled in supprot)
01:14shamoun>Sanguine, i have a hercules fortissimo II, it has spdif in and a crapload of features, but i don't think they are all supported under linux, although i can use 4 chans, i can
01:15Sanguine>what chipset is the fortissimo?
01:15shamoun>Sanguine, i have a hercules fortissimo II, it has spdif in and a crapload of features, but i don't think they are all supported under linux, although i can use 4 chans, i can't use the setting for headphones yet
01:15shamoun>cs46x or csx46 or something, one of the crystal soundfusion entries in the kernel config
01:16Sanguine>ah.. i havent messed with those.. just cmedia 8738, allegro and emu10k1
01:16Sanguine>allegro i had 0 luck.. 8738 supposedly worked, but i couldnt get it to..
01:17shamoun>i have used an allegro and an sis 636
01:19Sanguine>now i just have to work on good settings for xine + dvd playback
01:20shamoun>Sanguine, yea, interesting
01:21shamoun>oh sorry, i meant to type that in the other window
01:21shamoun>Sanguine, why are you having probs with xine and dvd playback?
01:22Sanguine>sorry, am i babbling and annoying all? :p
01:22shamoun>Sanguine, no, i was trying to say that to someone in #gentoo
01:22shamoun>but i started typing my last sentence to you
01:22shamoun>and then...
01:23shamoun>bad things happened
01:23Sanguine>im runnin myth on gentoo also
01:23shamoun>Sanguine, yea, me too, i never used myth though, still emerging it, but ill probably just use the command line tools anyway
01:24shamoun>i am trying to move all my multimedia projects from windows to linux
01:24shamoun>i just need to find a way to reprocess my dvd-9s and back them up on dvd-r
01:24Sanguine>xine plays OK, but the video isnt centered right, and there is a bright blue line across the top where the widescreen/blackbar is
01:25shamoun>Sanguine, xine normally makes those as an aspect ratio problem
01:25shamoun>Sanguine, there is a very simple solution, use vlc or mplayer instead ;)
01:26Sanguine>i cant get mplayer to do do ac3, nor does it have menus..
01:26Sanguine>-ac hwac3 still gives me 2 channel pcm. not sure how to get around that
01:26shamoun>i believe vlc does menus. not sure about ac3 tho
01:27shamoun>i never watch dvds on my pc, use my ps2 for that, but i like vlc as a video player
01:27shamoun>when i first tried xine it crashed every 10 seconds
01:28Sanguine>well, i have this PC plugged into my home theatre setup, so watchign dvd's is good thing :)
01:28shamoun>this channel is boring, it is almsot the size of #knoppix, but noone ever says anything
01:28shamoun>Sanguine, got a big screen?
01:29Sanguine>not really.. 27" regular screen.. but i do borrow nice projectors from work from time to time :D
01:30shamoun>Sanguine, lol
01:30shamoun>must have a nice boss
01:30Sanguine>working for a projector company has its perks :)
01:31shamoun>seriously, a projector company?
01:32Sanguine> (and our home theatre division
01:32Sanguine>i dont get to play with the equipment much tho.. im just an IT peon ;)
01:34shamoun>peon heh
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02:56_kch_>hi KikoV
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04:03sfr>anyone remember the local8bit fixes in the mythmusic decoders?
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04:37Zeran>anyone using the new pvr350 output patch?
04:43shamoun>zeran, sorry,i am using a bt878 card
04:43shamoun>i wish i had a pvr-350
04:48Zeran>no probs
04:48Zeran>they are indeed nice cards
04:48Zeran>but get hot enough to start a fire if you leave something combustable nearby :)
04:48Zeran>brb food
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05:14Rroet>*update*: has been updated to allow MPEG2 hw decoding with mythtv
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08:45nbrow>anyone here this morning ?
08:48dunc_>i'm here this afternoon
08:49Lad>me too
09:01nbrow>hehe... i got a newbie question i hope you gus dont mind since this is more of a development forum however i'd like to get this worked out so i can keep setting this up...
09:01nbrow>i am however a developer and hoping that i'll eventually be able to start contributing :)
09:11nbrow>Anyways I installed a PVR-250 (Jarod guide) and video works fine but no audio (seems to be a common problem) and I'm using S-video and line-in on the hauppauge... is it safe to assume that my problem must be software/driver related ? could there be a conflict between my onboard audio card and tuner audio-line in ? i'm not exactly sure where to go from here...
09:13Lad>fraid i'm not really sure about that.
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10:02fulmust>i'm just curious.. will mythtv work if I dont have like cable-tv or something similiar, but only a regular tv-tuner.. i mean, how can it know what programs are next and so on?
10:02mikegrb>it uses xmltv to download listings from the internet
10:03mikegrb>if xmltv has a grabber for your country you are set
10:04bitbyte>sfr, you still going to record that miss sofie's birthday party thing for me?
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10:10fulmust>mikegrb: okey, great
10:46sfr>bitbyte: Hi! sure, i wasn't sure who wanted it recorded.
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11:01zeronett>i am getting an input/output error when i 'cat /dev/video0 > file.mpg', all the modules are loaded and it does create the file just doesnt capture anything. (this is using ivtv with a pvr250)any suggestions?
11:01Chutt>go to #ivtv-dev
11:02zeronett>oh ok... i was in #ivtv but no one was there
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11:25zeronett>when i go into the setup program to setup the caputure card it is set to /dev/video but my card is at /dev/video0 and i try and change it in there but it still looks at /dev/video is there somewhere else that i need to change this?
11:26Chutt>most distributions have /dev/video symlinked to /dev/video0
11:27zeronett>slack must not have it because when i goto setup the inputs it wont pull any up
11:27Chutt>and for the change to stick, use the finish button, not escape, to exit the settings screen.
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11:28zeronett>Chutt: i do use the finish button but it still doesnt save
11:28Chutt>if it's not saving, you're not using the finish button
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11:32mikegrb>lay the smack down chutt :)
11:36zeronett>Chutt: it really doesnt but thats alright i just changed my capture card to /dev/video but it still says "Couldn't open /dev/video to probe its inputs"
11:37zeronett>nm its working now
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12:10*Matt pokes mike
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14:12Smokie>blame on me, but i am not able to change any channel. I modified the channel table by hand, but nothing happened. Can someone plz help me on ?
14:13sfr>Smokie: what tuner card are you using?
14:14Smokie>Haupauge WinTv, which works well with tvtime.
14:15sfr>Smokie: i suspect pebcak. do you have xawtv working? you can use it's config file to import all defined channels into myth.
14:16Smokie>hmm, i tried, but have no "scantv". What about entering the values into mysql by hand ?
14:17Smokie>i have a tvtime config file with the freqs.
14:17sfr>Smokie: have you checked with:
14:18sfr>Smokie: tvtime's config file cannot be used, only xawtv's can.
14:18Smokie>i haven\xB4t recognized a database error. Do i need the program database ?
14:19Smokie>i had a problem with --manual on mythfilldatabase.
14:19Smokie>So i run only from file and tried to change it by hand.
14:19sfr>Smokie: just for kicks, paste the output of 'select chanid, channum, freqid, sourceid, callsign, name from channel where chanid=1000;'
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14:20Smokie>hmm, my chnnales start at 3000
14:20bma>"MySQL & Open Source Code Quality"
14:20grillvanten>is it necessary to have ALSA for mythtv to work, or will OSS do?
14:20bma>way to go mythnews
14:20Smokie>and i am playing with one channel to get iit work. It looks like :
14:20sfr>grillvanten: OSS is fine
14:20Smokie>| chanid | channum | freqid | sourceid | callsign | name | icon | finetune | videofilters | xmltvid | recpriority | contrast | brightness | colour | hue | tvformat |
14:20Smokie>| 3019 | 1 | S16 | 3 | Pro7 | Pro 7 | /home/tmb/.mythtv/channels/s32_pro7.gif | 0 | NULL | | 0 | 32768 | 32768 | 32768 | 32768 | PAL |
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14:21cmorgan>Chutt: you here?
14:22sfr>Smokie: you have three tuners defined?
14:23Smokie>my chanid starts at 3000
14:26grillvanten>sfr: alright.. no need to compile a new kernel then :)
14:26sfr>Smokie: i'd set up xawtv to your liking, blow the mythconverg db and start again by following the docs. except for importing the channels i'd run 'mythfilldatabase --manual --preset --xawchannels 1 $YOUR_XAWTVRCFILE'. where 1 is the sourceid which, for some reason, is 3 in your db.
14:30sfr>Smokie: one more note: channow now defines the position you want to assign a channel to, like 1 -> ARD. freqid contains the real channel number (e.g. E5 or similar for cable channels)
14:30sfr>with channow -> channum ;)
14:31sfr>Smokie: which version of myth are you using, btw?
14:31Smokie>channow = channum ?
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14:31sfr>so it is as i say
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14:32sfr>Smokie: i wrote 'channow now defines...' but correct is 'channum now defines...'
14:33Smokie>hmm, thats how i tought about the channel table. I rerun setup and now have chanids from 1000 and a sourceid of 1.
14:34sfr>Smokie: and what did you before rerunning setup? iirc setup doesn't populate the channels table.
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14:37Smokie>iirc setup ? i dunno, i tried to get it on. I trying since the weekend (more that 2 days)
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14:39sfr>Smokie: you said you run setup again and now have channels starting with 1000 and a sourceid of 1. did you answer yes to the question if your configuration should be deleted?
14:39Smokie>ohh yes.
14:40Smokie>time before i delete the tables myself. Maybe that caused my 3 tuner problem :-()
14:40dunc>is it possible to get 1 box to do all the transcoding, or does the box that records a show transcode it?
14:41zeronett>i am having trouble seeing the picture when i try and watch the tv... it will play the sound and allow me to change the channels but its just a black screen. but when i go in the recorded shows section where there is a thumbnail view of the tv it shows the picture there... any suggestions?
14:41sfr>Smokie: and did you already set up any channels again?
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14:42Smokie>yes, i run mythfilldatabase --file 1 -1 my.xml and modified the channum, freqid and tvformat of 2 channels.
14:44grillvanten>i installed mythtv with apt-get (for redhat), and i wonder.. how do I setup the initial database? i can't find no mc.sql to import in my /usr/share/mythtv or anywhere else..
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14:45sfr>Smokie: a better way is 'mythfilldatabase --manual --preset --file 1 -1 my.xml' that should ask you for details about every channel it finds in the xml file.
14:45fathom>how do i create a cutlist for a show? i can't find that in the docs.
14:46Smokie>sfr: but manual gets stuck after the first question here ...
14:46sfr>Smokie: hm, are you sure it's not waiting for your input?
14:46Smokie>ohh, i got meal while waiting ...
14:47Smokie>There is something in the mailing archive, saying the cvs is fixed about it. But i thought i can modifie the tables by myself before recompiling the whole thing
14:48sfr>Smokie: oh, yes there was something with that --manual option. but i run cvs all the time so didn't care.
14:48Smokie>when do .14 arrive ?
14:49sfr>Smokie: whenever Chutt decides so. probably in a few weeks
14:49dunc>i think u can just run it without --manual, let it set the frequencies to the same as the channel number
14:49dunc>and then just prod yer frequency values in by hand
14:50sfr>dunc: in DE there is no channel info in the xml files, only the stations names.
14:50Smokie>dunc: i tried, but nothing changed
14:51dunc>have u run the bit of sql from the website, to add 'Default' to the tvformat field ?
14:52Smokie>dunc ohh, i used "PAL"
14:52sfr>Smokie: i could send you my channels table as a reference. btw, what actually happens if you try to change channels?
14:52dunc>oh, maybe that's ok
14:52dunc>it said Default meant PAL anyway, so i just went with Default
14:53Smokie>sfr: nothing :-() I had a channel info sometimes, but the channel remains the same it was when i left tvtime.
14:53Smokie>Looks like no tuning happens.
14:53dunc>run backend and frontend with --verbose channel ?
14:54Smokie>dunc: no
14:54Smokie>sfr: i have a german channellist from the mailinglist
14:54dunc>aah ok
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14:55dunc>but still. it lets u know if it's actually changing
14:55fathom>how do i create a cutlist for a show? i can't find that in the docs.
14:56sfr>fathom: hit m while watching a recording, and read keys.txt.
14:56Smokie>dunc: so i use "--verbose channel" now.
14:56Smokie>the backend gives me : Unknown video codec: strange error flushing buffer ...
14:56Smokie>ioctl VIDIOC_G_FMT: Invalid argument
14:56fathom>sfr, there's no commandline tool to do it after something's been recorded?
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14:56Smokie>and the frontend some QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
14:56Smokie> while trying to change the channel
14:57sfr>fathom: not that i know of
14:57dunc>i had parameter out of range
14:57fathom>darn :(
14:57sfr>Smokie: did you import any programm data?
14:57dunc>it's when your frequency is set to a channel that doesan't exist i think
14:57fathom>i thought there was some way to have it auto cut commericals after recording
14:58Smokie>sfr: yes i used a script to get xmltv data from tvmovie (the alternate to xml_de)
14:58sfr>fathom: i only tested editing once, so my knowledge on that is limited.
14:58Smokie>does mythtv require the program table to show tv programs ?
14:59sfr>Smokie: that's the idea, yes.
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14:59Smokie>so i delete it now
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14:59daralc>what does "enable xbox hardware" do?
14:59kvandivo>special stuff if the frontend is an xbox
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14:59daralc>and is it reasonable to try and run the mythfrontend on a computer where the backend is across the internet
15:00Smokie>ohh, there is some 2003-12-23 20:56:12 Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None
15:00Smokie>2003-12-23 20:56:12 Changing from None to None
15:00kvandivo>only if you've got a very impressive pipe
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15:00daralc>well what about the xbox hardware deal? what is that
15:00sfr>Smokie: did you set the xmltvid's in the channels table to match the tvmovie grabber script or vice versa?
15:00kvandivo>if you have an xbox as the frontend it will blink the led to indicate what the backend is doing
15:00Smokie>sfr: good question, i`ll take a look
15:01daralc>oh ok cool
15:01daralc>you have to mod your xbox to do that though right?
15:02jag__>does mythtv have a way to burn recorded shows to vcd or dvd?
15:03sfr>kvandivo: what about adding a 'sponsored by microsoft' to myth when running a xbox frontend ;)
15:03Smokie>sfr: in the channel tab xmlvid is set to something like "" which is the tvmovie notation i think.
15:04sfr>Smokie: ok
15:10kvandivo>"additional funding provided by Microsoft", maybe
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15:16Rroet>sfr: sponsored by Microsoft ??
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15:17Rroet>You mean Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 ...
15:17Rroet>you have to pay shitloads of kudo's for that.
15:17sfr>Rroet: no, the xbox. microsoft is loosing money on the hardware.
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15:18Rroet>sfr: they're stupid :)
15:19Rroet>then everybody buys a modchip for about 30-60 euro's and mod the xbox.. never buying 70 euro games anymore.
15:19sfr>well, not if the xbox really were tightly locked.
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15:21Rroet>then sales would go down.
15:22Rroet>nobody would want to buy something so expensive.
15:24chiphead_>what file is the "select recording to view" screen declared and what its class?
15:25kvandivo>grep -r from the root on some text on that page and follow the yellow brick road
15:25sfr>chiphead_: i don't know, but like Chutt said: grepping helps ;)
15:27chiphead_>yeah, but the text strings are in the ui.xml files
15:28kvandivo>and the theme files have an identifier for each object that is referenced from the source code
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15:30chiphead_>ok. "Select a recording to view" is in ui.xml. The name is "messageplay", which only appears in ui.xml too. the yellow brick road is a circle :)
15:31kvandivo>the window has a name. that will be referenced from the code
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15:47jag__>how much ram should i get for a dual tuner mythtv setup?
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17:10Rroet>ehm, does any1 have a list of all keys to be used withing myth??
17:10Rroet>I still haven't found them yet.
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17:11sfr>Rroet: there's keys.txt in the mythv source-tree
17:12Rroet>sfr: another undocumented feature ?
17:12Rroet>*big grin*
17:12sfr>Rroet: afaik neither undocumented nor a feature :)
17:13Rroet>every keystroke is a feature.
17:13Rroet>yet it's undocumented in the myth docs ?
17:13*Rroet turns on mythvideo
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17:13sfr>Rroet: the docs show you how to install mythtv, not how to use it *fat grin*
17:14*Rroet opens documentation before making the next smart remark.
17:14Rroet>jup, usage documentation is missing.
17:15Rroet>that's what I expected to be present when clicking "Documentation" in the menu ..
17:15sfr>Rroet: feel free to start a user manual
17:15+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
17:16Rroet>AAAAHHHHH found it.
17:16Rroet>'I' was the key I was looking for.
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17:48+roodee [~roodee@] joined #mythtv
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17:51roodee>anyone come across solutions for jaggies during scenes with motion?
17:52Rroet>jaggies ?
17:54=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:55roodee>yeah, during scenes with any sort of motion there is some serious blockiness/jagged picture around the edges of whatever is moving
17:55+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
17:55sfr>enable deinterlacing?
17:55roodee>does nothing..
17:55roodee>nothing noticeable anyways..
17:57roodee>I've tweaked test_ioctl settings for dnr_spatial and dnr_temporal, but nothing noticeable either..
17:57=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:59sfr>roodee: you use a pvr250? no problems here on a laptop tft.
17:59roodee>sfr: really?
17:59roodee>sfr: suck, which build of ivtv/mythtv are you running?
18:00sfr>quite an old ivtv driver iirc from September. and cvs as of one week ago maybe.
18:00+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
18:01roodee>what about firmware for the pvr250?
18:02Rroet><-- using PVR25 on a 3years old laptop.
18:02Rroet>no problemo.
18:04roodee>that sucks
18:04roodee>I'll trade ya..
18:05roodee>spent all day on racoon <-> freeswan interop so now I'm forced to solve this problem..
18:05sfr>roodee: did you fu err change the default profiles for the pvr's?
18:06roodee>I have done that yesterday or the day before..but I've drop the db and started from stock several times..
18:06=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:06+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
18:07roodee>DVDs look great on the TV when played from my drive, so TV out and such shouldn't be the issue...just when I watch TV using the pvr250..
18:08roodee>I guess I'll try some older builds of the ivtv driver and firmware..
18:08steelep>did anyone commit the mythmusic local path patch to cvs?
18:08=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:09sfr>steelep: i didn't commit it, but wrote it. should i seek shelter now?
18:09+mythtv [] joined #mythtv
18:09mythtvis now known as bro
18:09steelep>no I am looking forward to it :)
18:10steelep>it is going along with a couple patches I am making
18:10sfr>steelep: i'd like to hear wether it works for you
18:10steelep>autoplaylists and export library to iTunes xml file
18:11steelep>I'll install ithe patch in the next day or 2 as i will need it for the export to iTunes thing
18:11sfr>steelep: btw, there was a fix for qt 3.1 commited shortly after.
18:11+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
18:11bro>dont suppose someone can give me a hand trying to get something working for a few secs, i'm sure you guys will know the solution right off the bat
18:12bro>(if you dont mind me asking a question)
18:12steelep>ask away
18:12steelep>thank sfr
18:12sfr>steelep: automatic playlists?
18:12steelep>yeah :)
18:13bro>i've followed Jared's guide and installed the PVR-250 last night... the audio didnt work and i followed the reload module steps and this has fixed the problem. i then shut down, booted up and now same audio problem however these steps no longer fix it ?!?
18:13bro>any ideas/suggestions ?
18:13=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:14bro>i'm pretty new at linux and really dont know where to start.. i'm following the exact same steps to fix the audio but cant figure out why it's not working this time...
18:14bro>I'm using S-video in as well as audio-in on the pvr card
18:15steelep>I want to put a where clause in songlist, detect that it's a where clause and rehit the db with a query for intid
18:15steelep>should work spledidly
18:15sfr>ah, i remember. Chutt didn't seem too happy about it, though.
18:16steelep>because I don't think he was clear about what I meant
18:16steelep>bro: sorry, I know nothing about pvr250
18:16+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
18:18steelep>if all you are doing is storing "where genre like '%rock%'" there is no implication whatsoever as to security issues
18:19steelep>saying "it can't be checked" makes no sense, if the front end is controlling the where clause insertion and a bad clause just returns nothing, it's fine
18:20=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:21+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
18:22sfr>steelep: i don't remeber the details. how is that auto-playlist feature supposed to work?
18:23Rroetis now known as RroetZzZz
18:24bro>woohoo, got it.
18:26steelep>basically you get a ui that builds a where clause based on mp3 metadata. it then stores the where clause in mythplaylist:songlist
18:27steelep>when the playlist reader reads songlist, if it detects 'where' in the string, then it rehits the db and grabs the array of songs that match the where clause
18:27mdz>steelep: if the string is "where genre like '%rock%'", then it's safe; if it's a user-supplied string, it is not
18:27steelep>so in essence, it's just building the songlist for you based on a where clause
18:27sfr>steelep: so i could ask myth to create a new playlist which includes all songs from Ac/DC?
18:28steelep>exactly mdz
18:28steelep>yes sfr
18:28sfr>sounds usefull
18:28=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:28steelep>or where year >=1960 and year < 1970
18:29+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
18:29sfr>ah, yes, go for it steelep ;)
18:29steelep>I will have it soon as I want it really bad and know exactly how to do it, I just need to figure out the ui is all
18:29=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:30steelep>I already have it reading the where clause that I insert myself
18:30sfr>mdz: but user input could be checked for 'bad input'
18:30mdz>sfr: it's not as easy as it sounds
18:30steelep>checking a raw string is a real pain
18:30mdz>SQL is non-trivial to parse
18:30sfr>mdz: that might very well be the case ;)
18:31steelep>offering the metadata and operators in a dropdown is much better
18:31steelep>it's not very hard to do that
18:32steelep>how to do the and/or and perentheses is a bit trickier
18:32steelep>no one is doing it the way I want it yet, but iTunes is close
18:32steelep>iTunes only allows and everything/or everything
18:33steelep>smartly inserting parentheses will make it super useful
18:34steelep>lets you select say all blues in the 1970 with an artist starting with B :-)
18:34+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
18:34steelep>you obviously get the idea, slogging through playlists right now is awful
18:36sfr>steelep: netjuke should let you do that today.
18:36steelep>but it doesn't read my myth library
18:36=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:37steelep>I want to centralize the metadata somewhere
18:37sfr>steelep: i started coding an ugly patch for mythmusic some time ago.
18:38sfr>to add the netjuke db that is
18:38steelep>I have a week off for the holiday, so hopefully I can do some of this stuff
18:39+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
18:39sfr>same here. i want to pick up the shoutcast streaming support and continue.
18:39=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:44+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
18:48sfr>mdz: re your comment about mythbrowser? lacking support for redirects. do you think creating a new class for http communications which could be used by plugins would make sense?
18:48=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:49+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
18:50sfr>that's what mainly stopped when adding streaming support for mythmusic. i want it to be able to honour http_proxy env. var., redirects. apparantly these features are also useful to other plugins.
18:51+marc_ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
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19:09mdz>sfr: I think everything you need is in Qt already
19:09mdz>QHttp, etc.
19:09mdz>there is already some extra http stuff in libmyth
19:09=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:09+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
19:13sfr>mdz: i had a look at the http stuff in libmyth when i started, but wanted to get something working quickly and started from scratch (and assumed it could only be used to request a simple html file which doesn't work for streaming) . i think i'll change to start using/extending that instead of my own stuff.
19:13mdz>sfr: you might want to coordinate with pahli_bar who does mythnews
19:13=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:13mdz>I don't know whether he decided that he needed to extend that stuff or not
19:14sfr>yeah i'll talk with him.
19:15+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
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19:29Peit|Home>i've looked in keys.txt but i can only see a way of clearing a cutlist, is there a way to manually mark cut points?
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20:49+D-side [] joined #mythtv
20:57Octane>what happens when your recording buffer finishes
20:59D-side>bad shit, i'd assume.
21:02Misirlou>Does the video codec used employ CBR or VBR coding?
21:06+virsys [] joined #mythtv
21:11Octane>my livetv is on pause... what happens when it gets to 100%
21:12Octane>will it just stop recording? or will it start playing?
21:12D-side>it'll force an unpause and start playing, i think.
21:25chiphead_>whats the command to generate a diff against the cvs again?
21:27Misirlou>chiphead_: cvs diff
21:27chiphead_>something else with it -uP?
21:29-lavigne [] left #mythtv ()
21:41+tmk [] joined #mythtv
21:44+mikekedl [] joined #mythtv
21:47mikekedl>I've read in the emails that several of us are having problems with the latest cvs not showing our old recordings (after some of last fridays checkins); yet others seem to have this working; I just did a completely new checkout on my backend and frontend machines; compiled and installed and it still things I have no recordings; has anyone been able to make sense of this? I have checked libs and executables and all were just compiled.... I d
21:47mikekedl>if I revert both to friday morning then everything seems to work....
21:50chiphead_>Ill let ya know in a couple mins. just did a checkout myself
21:51ChaosExiguum>mikekedl, how did you revert to firday morning?
21:52chiphead_>just finnished the qt-embedded/directfb support stuff
21:52mikekedl>checked out older versions of several updated files
21:52mikekedl>cvs update -r1.110 playbackbox.cpp
21:52mikekedl>cvs update -r1.107 mainserver.cpp
21:52mikekedl>cvs update -r1.300 NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp
21:52mikekedl>cvs update -r1.92 programinfo.cpp
21:52mikekedl>cvs update -r1.60 programinfo.h
21:52mikekedl>these files (and others that didn't matter) were updated friday
21:54ChaosExiguum>did you have to distclean?
21:56mikekedl>I did to make sure
21:56mikekedl>today I did checkouts from scratch
21:56mikekedl>and it fails again
21:56mikekedl>I wonder if the db is out of sync; but the changes are supposed to be automagic now
21:57ChaosExiguum>Im having similar trouble, so Im going back to friday now and we'll see if it fixes it up
21:59mikekedl>it should
21:59mikekedl>I just don't understand why everyone doesn't see it
21:59mikekedl>my cvs update list should give you the right versions
21:59mikekedl>just have to do them in the right dirs
22:00mikekedl>frontend/backend and lib/libmythtv I "think"
22:00mikekedl>1, 1, 3
22:00ChaosExiguum>yea, I 'find'ed the files ;)
22:01mikekedl>I didn't have time to analyze what these diffs really did; maybe I'll try 2nite
22:01mikekedl>(wife always seems to want me to spend time with her... ;-))
22:01=D-side [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:03cmorgan>Chutt: you here?
22:27+mikeked1 [] joined #mythtv
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23:00+mikekedl [] joined #mythtv
23:00mikekedl>chaosexiguum: finally got reconnected; any luck?
23:01=mikeked1 [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:22-mikekedl [] left #mythtv ()
23:47+mikekedl [] joined #mythtv
23:48mikekedl>what a night for network problems; chaosexiguum: any luck?
23:48ChaosExiguum>heh, indeed; kinda
23:49ChaosExiguum>I've got my listings back, and stuff it recorded since the upgrade, but I did not get rid of my "backend seems down, but its not" problem
23:50ChaosExiguum>seems like something is causing the backend to stop responding the the frontend, but not die
23:51ChaosExiguum>I don't know if it's still recording shows or not, and I have not tried mythweb while its "down", but restarting it brings it back
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