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00:07mikeked1>ug, I keep losing my connection
00:07ChaosExiguum>did you get my reply?
00:08mikeked1>chaosexiguum: I got 2 messages that said you got it working; but still had another problem afflicting you
00:08mikeked1>did you say anything after that?
00:08ChaosExiguum>ahh.. (rewinds a bit)
00:08ChaosExiguum>I've got my listings back, and stuff it recorded since the upgrade, but I did not get rid of my "backend seems down, but its not" problem
00:08ChaosExiguum>seems like something is causing the backend to stop responding the the frontend, but not die
00:08ChaosExiguum>I don't know if it's still recording shows or not, and I have not tried mythweb while its "down", but restarting it brings it back
00:08mikeked1>hmmm, haven't had that
00:09mikeked1>this is with latest cvs?
00:09mikeked1>or backed off to friday?
00:10mikeked1>how did you get the latest stuff to show your recordings??
00:10ChaosExiguum>latest cvs, after backing off then rebooting and going back
00:10mikeked1>unfortunately not enough people seem to have our glitch
00:10mikeked1>I've had to work on my wifes flaky xp laptop since we last talked (since I kept losing my connection)
00:11ChaosExiguum>when you updated to the latest cvs, what cvs were you using?
00:11mikeked1>but, I've almost fixed her problem; so back to myth :-)
00:11ChaosExiguum>flaky laptops make me grumpy :)
00:12mikeked1>what do you mean "what cvs"? tip from earlier today; around 4:45 or so
00:12mikeked1>flaky xp with flaky dlink G super/turbo/super-duper drivers is more like it
00:13ChaosExiguum>*grin* super/turbo/super-duper.. I like that :)
00:13mikeked1>if I ever get the "latest" dlink drivers downloaded we'll see just how much faster this new "108" stuff is under xp
00:14mikeked1>is that what you meant? cvs from 4:45 est
00:14ChaosExiguum>what I was trying to ask was what version of cvs were you previously using, that worked, when you upgraded (if that makes sense)
00:14mikeked1>not sure exactly; either .13 or just after .13
00:14Chutt>mikeked1, dja's problem was his error, btw
00:15Chutt>not a problem with the code
00:15mikeked1>forgot what his problem was; same as mine?
00:15mikeked1>(that was like yesterday)
00:15mikeked1>I still dont know what my problem is
00:15Chutt>he had bumped up the database version with some other patch
00:16Chutt>and so didn't get upgraded properly one time
00:16Chutt>which broke things.
00:16mikeked1>I don't think I did that; .13 worked ok
00:16ChaosExiguum>I think thats probably what happend to me
00:16mikeked1>I "may" have gotten a post .13 cvs; but I don't remember applying any specific patches from the email
00:17mikeked1>how can I tell if thats my problem as well?
00:17mikeked1>do a "show table" or where is the version?
00:17Chutt>it's in the settings db
00:18mikeked1>847 rows in my settings :-)
00:18mikeked1>care to give me a name to search for :-) ?
00:18Chutt>or something like that
00:19Chutt>that really doesn't say anything
00:19mikeked1>not to me either :-)
00:19mikeked1>what is yours?
00:20Chutt>because that's the latest
00:20Chutt>describe recorded;
00:20mikeked1>should I try to bump it down and see if restarting the backend will "fix it"?
00:20mikeked1>| Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
00:20mikeked1>| chanid | int(10) unsigned | | PRI | 0 | |
00:20mikeked1>| starttime | timestamp(14) | YES | PRI | NULL | |
00:20mikeked1>| endtime | timestamp(14) | YES | MUL | NULL | |
00:20mikeked1>| title | varchar(128) | YES | | NULL | |
00:21mikeked1>| subtitle | varchar(128) | YES | | NULL | |
00:21mikeked1>| description | text | YES | | NULL | |
00:21mikeked1>| hostname | varchar(255) | YES | | NULL | |
00:21mikeked1>| bookmark | varchar(128) | YES | | NULL | |
00:21mikeked1>| editing | int(10) unsigned | | | 0 | |
00:21mikeked1>| cutlist | text | YES | | NULL | |
00:21mikeked1>| category | varchar(64) | YES | | NULL | |
00:21mikeked1>| autoexpire | int(11) | | | 0 | |
00:21Chutt>you didn't get the 1022 update
00:21Chutt>so something you did bumped the version up
00:21Justin_>mdz: do you know of anyone using your packages on ppc?
00:21mikeked1>but it bumped the ver
00:21mikeked1>should I lower it to 1021 and restart the backend?
00:22Chutt>just reset it to 1021 and restart the backend and frontend
00:22Chutt>and it should work
00:22Chutt>should have a 'commflagged' field in there
00:22*ChaosExiguum hopes for good news
00:23mikeked1>says its upgrading
00:23Justin_>Chutt: has anyone ever considered replacing the one sql query per second thing with something that makes the frontends send a signal to the backend when the recording status changes?
00:23Chutt>justin, sure, but it's not a high priority item
00:24mikeked1>recordings are all back; nothing like talking to the author ;-)
00:24Justin_>its a reasonable idea though?
00:24Chutt>justin, yup
00:24mikeked1>anyplace I should look for logged errors to see went amiss?
00:24Chutt>not that i'm aware of
00:25ChaosExiguum>all my shows (pvr350) play with 'pillar bars' down the sides in software decode, they didn't used to (circa .12 they were fine), any ideas?
00:26mikeked1>thanks isaac
00:27ChaosExiguum>I noticed a similar problem with the latest mplayer on the same files, maybe an ffmpeg issue?
00:28Chutt>could be
00:29ChaosExiguum>hmm, Ill see what I can dig up
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00:31mikeked1>I was noticing very recently that trying to fast forward thru a recording or a show that is shifting would often cause it to reset to the beginning; seems ok now; was this a known issue that was addressed?
00:34cmorgan>Chutt: removed those qApp->lock/unlock and processEvents calls through PlaybackBox and getting odd hangs. appears that the pthread_join() in killPlayer() and the pthread_rwlock_rdlock() in Ringbuffer::ReadAheadThread() are blocking...
00:34ShockValue>hi all.. im trying to play dvd's in xine... they play OK, but it looks like the 'resolution' isnt right... like everything is shifted and im missing the bottom right corner of the screen ... (through mythtv, but also out)
00:35Chutt>cmorgan, what's holding the rwlock in ringbuffer?
00:35cmorgan>Chutt: how can i check?
00:35Chutt>debug statements would be easiest
00:36Chutt>it's not grabbing the lock in all that many places
00:36cmorgan>around each of the lock places?
00:36Chutt>that's how i do it
00:36cmorgan>ahh alright
00:36cmorgan>valgrind gives me some useful info as wel
00:37cmorgan>Thread 1: status = WaitJoinee(2), associated_mx = 0x0, associated_cv = 0x0
00:37cmorgan>==8543== at 0x40C76946: pthread_join (vg_libpthread.c:737)
00:37cmorgan>==8543== by 0x80836E6: PlaybackBox::killPlayer() (playbackbox.cpp:1083)
00:37cmorgan>==8543== by 0x807EF41: PlaybackBox::updateInfo(QPainter*) (playbackbox.cpp:326)
00:37cmorgan>==8543== by 0x807EB0F: PlaybackBox::paintEvent(QPaintEvent*) (playbackbox.cpp:282)
00:37cmorgan>Thread 2: status = WaitMX, associated_mx = 0x43EBD144, associated_cv = 0x0
00:37cmorgan>==8543== at 0x40C76EA3: __pthread_mutex_lock (vg_libpthread.c:944)
00:37cmorgan>==8543== by 0x409D212B: QRecursiveMutexPrivate::lock() (in /usr/lib/
00:37cmorgan>==8543== by 0x409D2533: QMutex::lock() (in /usr/lib/
00:37cmorgan>==8543== by 0x406F2B13: QApplication::lock() (in /usr/lib/
00:37cmorgan>Thread 3: status = WaitCV, associated_mx = 0x40C8D71C, associated_cv = 0x40C8D6BC
00:37cmorgan>==8543== at 0x40C77223: pthread_cond_wait (vg_libpthread.c:1087)
00:37cmorgan>==8543== by 0x40C79C40: __pthread_rwlock_rdlock (vg_libpthread.c:2554)
00:38cmorgan>==8543== by 0x8178BF1: RingBuffer::ReadAheadThread() (RingBuffer.cpp:728)
00:38cmorgan>==8543== by 0x8178AFE: RingBuffer::startReader(void*) (RingBuffer.cpp:697)
00:38Chutt>what's thread 2?
00:38cmorgan>is thread 3 blocking thread 2?
00:38Chutt>in mythtv?
00:38Chutt>probably the other way around
00:38cmorgan>thread 2 appears to be Qt itself...
00:38Chutt>no, you just need to go back a couple more levels
00:38cmorgan>could it still be thread 3 locking and not locking something?
00:38Chutt>set the number of stack levels to 6 or something
00:38cmorgan>oh ok
00:39Chutt>i think
00:39cmorgan>valgrind is a neat tool huh?
00:41Chutt>yeah, when it works
00:42cmorgan>Thread 2: status = WaitMX, associated_mx = 0x43EBD144, associated_cv = 0x0
00:42cmorgan>==8577== at 0x40C76EA3: __pthread_mutex_lock (vg_libpthread.c:944)
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x409D212B: QRecursiveMutexPrivate::lock() (in /usr/lib/
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x409D2533: QMutex::lock() (in /usr/lib/
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x406F2B13: QApplication::lock() (in /usr/lib/
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x402E9BE2: RemoteFile::Reset() (remotefile.cpp:174)
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x402EA2A1: RemoteFile::Seek(long long, int, long long) (remotefile.cpp:221)
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x8179F1D: RingBuffer::Seek(long long, int) (RingBuffer.cpp:1110)
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x8104847: NuppelVideoPlayer::OpenFile(bool) (NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:432)
00:42cmorgan>Thread 3: status = WaitCV, associated_mx = 0x40C8D7A8, associated_cv = 0x40C8D748
00:42cmorgan>==8577== at 0x40C77223: pthread_cond_wait (vg_libpthread.c:1087)
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x40C79C40: __pthread_rwlock_rdlock (vg_libpthread.c:2554)
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x8178BF1: RingBuffer::ReadAheadThread() (RingBuffer.cpp:728)
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x8178AFE: RingBuffer::startReader(void*) (RingBuffer.cpp:697)
00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x40C76759: thread_wrapper (vg_libpthread.c:660)
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00:42cmorgan>==8577== by 0x40158398: do__quit (vg_scheduler.c:1787)
00:43cmorgan>so RingBuffer::Seek() and ReadAheadThread() are contending for the lock?
00:43cmorgan>or still nothign useful there? ;-)
00:43Chutt>oh, just remove the qApp locks from remotefile.cpp
00:43Chutt>i thought i did that already
00:43cmorgan>sounds so easy ;-)
00:44cmorgan>there are locks around the socket it seems
00:44cmorgan>in RemoteFile::Close(), Reset(), Read()
00:45Chutt>not needed anymore
00:45Chutt>same qsocket -> qsocketdevice changes
00:45cmorgan>something you have in your cvs that hasn't been committed?
00:45Chutt>i thought i committed that awhile ago
00:45cmorgan>i recall you mentioning you could have removed the locks in PlaybackBox wihtout issue
00:46cmorgan>alright then, i'll take those out of the remotefile.cpp code then as well
00:46cmorgan>unless you are giong to commit a change doing so
00:47Chutt>not right now, no
00:47cmorgan>alright. thanks for the debug help again ;-)
00:47cmorgan>i'll see about mailing the list with the patch tomorrow if this clears up the issues
00:47Chutt>actually, bruce just committed that big patch
00:48Chutt>so don't touch remotefile until after you update
00:48Chutt>else you'll have conflicts
00:48cmorgan>have a good christmas ;-)
00:49Chutt>you to
00:49Chutt>err, too
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01:07tmk>chutt: just got the message the some of the mythtv problems with keeping track of position are due to ivtv reporing the wrong time in between pause,close,open,write
01:07tmk>i put in a thing to return 0 if it's not decoding
01:07tmk>hopefully that will help
01:09Teflon>tmk, not sure why, but the ivtv-031125A (with new i2c) wouldn't work reliably. Timeout waiting for data! and timeed out waiting for firmware and stopcap error 1. Code -16 and error 2. code -16 and EOS interrupt not received! stopping anyway
01:09Teflon>haven't had time to debug, switched back to an ancient but stable ivtv
01:11ChaosExiguum>Chutt, it appears that my problem is a scailing problem, works okay at 640x480
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01:15Chutt>tmk, great
01:26tmk>teflon: your firmware crashed
01:27tmk>try latest CVS, should be better
01:27Teflon>will do after christmas.
01:27tmk>sure :)
01:29Chutt>i need to update my ivtv cvs checkout
01:29Chutt>but that box is working well, for the most part =)
01:31tmk>latest CVS is running pretty well for me
01:31tmk>encoding's been perfect lately
01:32tmk>i used to get about 25% skippy mpgs
01:32tmk>and once it went skippy i had to reload divtv
01:32tmk>why that guy wants to use yuv for screenshots is beyond me
01:33tmk>option A) jump through many hoops and use yuv, option B) tail, pipe to mplayer, generate file
01:33Chutt>ah, sorry
01:33tmk>not 'distributed ivtv'
01:33Chutt>see, i need to get another fb driver loaded
01:33tmk>speaking of which, have you heard of dcc?
01:33Chutt>i can't reload ivtv :p
01:34tmk>as in distcc
01:34tmk>they use it at work
01:34tmk>pretty slick
01:34Chutt>some people in here use it
01:34tmk>i may have to employ that for compiling myth
01:34tmk>maybe it'd take days instead of weeks ;)
01:35Chutt>it only takes a half hour or so on the m10k
01:35tmk>i bet it doesn't support c++ tho
01:35Chutt>i think
01:35tmk>yeah the m10k is quite a bit faster than my celery
01:36Justin_>I'd use distcc more if each one of my computers wasnt a different arch :-)
01:36tmk>justin: does arch matter?
01:36Justin_>no, but gcc+libc is big
01:36tmk>that's just for linking tho isn't it
01:37tmk>err i guess not
01:37Justin_>deb ./ has packages for most arch's:)
01:37Chutt>allright, i think patch night is over
01:37tmk>i need to figure out how to unload the ivtv-fb
01:37tmk>some guy posted a way but i never really tried it
01:38Chutt>how hard would fixing the console palette be?
01:38Chutt>so it's not black on black text
01:38tmk>in the fb code?
01:38tmk>oh that
01:38tmk>i think that's the whole argb thing
01:38ChaosExiguum>I just put fb support in the kernel, it grabs the consoles
01:39Chutt>should be able to work around it
01:39Chutt>that annoys me every time i reboot that machine =)
01:39tmk>jsut do the video:vc=64-64 thing
01:39tmk>that clears that up
01:40Chutt>i need the console on there
01:40Chutt>to like, log in and stuff
01:40ChaosExiguum>lol chutt
01:40tmk>straight to X
01:40Chutt>too much effort
01:41tmk>i'll take a look i guess
01:41Chutt>if i hadn't flipped the wrong breaker earlier today, i wouldn't have had to reboot the machine
01:41Chutt>naw, don't bother
01:41Chutt>just eventually =)
01:41tmk>i want to get that stop_decode ioctl for david
01:41tmk>since that should fix myth's pause-o-rama
01:41Chutt>and let him start merging his stuff into cvs =)
01:41tmk>your cvs i hope
01:42tmk>yeah i thikn he's got some good ideas
01:42tmk>and he seems willing to do it
01:42tmk>so i'm trying to make his life easier now
01:43Chutt>he knows what he's doing, generally
01:43Chutt>he's had write access in my cvs tree for a few months now
01:43tmk>i'm kind of sad that jens has disappeared
01:43Chutt>eh, he did respond to that email recently
01:43Chutt>busy time of year
01:43tmk>right, but he was hoping to have the stuff done last week
01:43tmk>and originally a month ago
01:44tmk>i just don't like keeping people waiting after promising a new better rev
01:44Chutt>is this new rev going to probe for actual inputs instead of just listing them all?
01:44Chutt>been several questions about that on mythtv-users recently
01:45tmk>not probe, but have a table
01:45tmk>so it'll know, yeah
01:45Chutt>just so there's not 10 inputs to confuse people with
01:45tmk>also it'll have support for gpio stuff natively
01:45tmk>and detect tuner type
01:45tmk>lots of cool stuff
01:45Chutt>ah, cool
01:46tmk>yeah i like the new design a lot
01:50Chutt>snapstream renamed to 'beyondtv'
01:51tmk>what's that
01:51Chutt>windows pvr app
01:51mdz>Justin_: no, I don't know of anyone using mythtv on powerpc at all, but if it doesn't work out of the box, it can probably be made to work with relatively little effort
01:51Justin_>I'm trying to get it to build:-)
01:54Chutt>endian problems in the nuv file headers
01:54Chutt>i'd assume
01:55tmk>problems endian hate i
01:56Justin_>vsync.c:25:20: sys/io.h: No such file or directory
01:57tmk>hmm. touch sys/io.h
01:59Chutt>i was referring to actual run time problems, not compile errors :p
02:00ChaosExiguum>i thought ppc was bi-endian
02:00Justin_>i wonder why that file is missing
02:01Chutt>probably because it's non-standard
02:01Justin_>i dunno...
02:01Justin_>it wants it for ioperm
02:02Justin_>ahh, man page says its only for i386
02:04Chutt>the vgasync stuff could probably just get cut out of there
02:04Chutt>since it's not used at all
02:05Justin_>it complained about PAGE_SIZE and PAGE_MASK, but in ivtv so I just commented that out
02:05mdz>wtf is sys/io.h?
02:05mdz>that's not ISO
02:05Justin_>moving on :-)
02:05tmk>hopefully you don't' need ivtv-fb
02:05Justin_>mdz: man ioperm...
02:05mdz>oh, ioperm and friends
02:05mdz>won't get too far with that on powerpc. what uses it in mythtv?
02:06Justin_>mdz: scroll up:)
02:06mdz>ah, vsync
02:08mdz>Justin_: you are talking about Linux/powerpc, right? and not osx or something
02:09Justin_>yeah, debian sid
02:09Justin_>building your packages from source
02:09Justin_>only thing I changed was made it run ./configure --disable-altivec
02:09Justin_>and the march in the .pro file
02:09mdz>does the altivec stuff not build? or does your cpu not support altivec?
02:10Justin_>no altivec, g3 500
02:10mdz>I got it built on ia64 before
02:10Chutt>the ppc stuff in libavcodec is really untested
02:10mdz>the only significant problem was the alignment of the struct used for the nuv header
02:10Justin_>i get 800K/s from my computer at school, so I figure I should be able to watch tv on it :)
02:10Chutt>i don't even know if it'll link properly
02:10mdz>that ioperm stuff wasn't there at the time, I don't think
02:10Chutt>mdz, it was in there
02:11mdz>hmm, I guess it has ioperm
02:11mdz>makes sense I suppose
02:11mdz>I guess ia64 doesn't weed out too many i386isms :-P
02:13mdz>so many people are still downloading the 0.11 packages for woody
02:14ChaosExiguum>woody is so outdated
02:14mdz>I ran mythtv on woody until 4 or 5 months ago
02:14mdz>it was perfectly adequate
02:14Chutt>not anymore =)
02:14mdz>which is why the debs are still at 0.11
02:14ChaosExiguum>4 or 5 months ago :)
02:16mdz>if there's a Qt backport, and I'm sure there is, that would probably be fine
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02:57Justin_>well I had to butcher the filters to get them to build
02:58Justin_>silly asm stuff
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03:13Justin_>hmm, in in theres a lot of
03:13Justin_>OBJS += ppc/dsputil_ppc.c ppc/mpegvideo_ppc.c
03:14Justin_>i think those are all supposed to be SOURCES
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03:59teletype>anyone know w hhyymmtusic would pause sayiing jusstt""pleeaawfor30sec or so when i try toplay music?
03:59teletype>ack... keyboard problems. anyway, why would it pause for30 sec when trying to play music?
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06:17teletype>my friend's downstairs neighbor's gf died of alcohol poisonining one night after he was down there drinking with them =/
06:17teletype>they had just gotten engaged too
06:18teletype>that's not as bad as my HS friend who was a cop down in like one of the carolinas or virginias... he had proposed to his wife on christmas day last year and then like the 26th or 27th a crook shot him in the face and he died
06:20teletype>wrong network i am just going to leave now
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10:04fulmust>hello.. i installed mythtv with rpms.. and it seems like the mc.sql didnt come along.. can anyone send me this file, so i can set up the initial database?
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10:09fulmust>i got disconnected.. did anyone have the mc.sql file to set up the database?
10:13fulmust>come on.. it's x-mas after all..
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11:44Rroet>I'm running arround with qmarks above my head here.
11:44Rroet>how the heck can I get my channels sorted the way I want them to be.
11:45Rroet>I have like 20 channels and they're all in freq-channel sorted way... no in the unique channel ID I gave em.
11:47dunc>there's an option somewhere
11:47+Kreats [~asdsa@] joined #mythtv
11:47dunc>order by $thing
11:48Rroet>order by channel number .. gives me freq-channel ordering.
11:48Rroet>channel number (alpha)
11:48Rroet>... same.
11:49dunc>oh, dunno then
11:49Rroet>or it has no effect with me... or I have to restart mythfrontend.
11:49Rroet>lemme restart it.
11:50Chutt>your freqid in the database does not have to be the same as your channel number.
11:50Rroet>it's the unique channel number you get to give it first time you fill the database.
11:50Chutt>then say to order by database order.
11:51Rroet>well.. *grin* it wasn't that nicely ordered..
11:51Rroet>it's not like the tv grabber filled the database is the right order..
11:51Chutt>it's a mysql database
11:51roodee>anyone tried the new nvidia drivers?
11:51Chutt>you can edit it however you damn well please
11:51Rroet>you get to fill in a unique number, 2times a channel name.. and a freq id.
11:52janek>in fact, I'm wondering if there's any news if the new nvidia drivers support overscan again?
11:52Rroet>roodee: read the mailinglist.
11:52Rroet>there's a topic about it.
11:53roodee>yeah, I did last night..
11:53Chutt>Rroet, ok, so it's mythtv's fault that you didn't enter the data properly for how you want it to order now?
11:53Rroet>Chutt: no.
11:53Chutt>you just said it was
11:53Rroet>the program orders it on freq-channels
11:53Chutt>no it doesn't.
11:53Rroet>so like 47 corrosponds with a channel..
11:53Rroet>and 61 and 65.
11:53Rroet>and it's sorted on that .
11:54Chutt>there's an option with 4 different channel ordering options.
11:54Rroet>Chutt: jup.. and none seems to be working.
11:54Chutt>they all work fine.
11:54Chutt>try again.
11:55Rroet>I tried: database order, channelnumber (alpha) and (numeric) ...
11:55Chutt>_none_ of the various options sort by the freqid in the database.
11:55Rroet>even on channel name.
11:55Rroet>chutt .... not the absolute Freqid..
11:56Chutt>database order sorts by the chanid field.
11:56Chutt>channel name sorts by the callsign field
11:56Chutt>channel number (numeric) sorts by the channum field, converted to ints
11:56Rroet>will try channel name for a sec see what that does.
11:56Chutt>and channel number (alpha) sorts by the channum field, with just straight string compares.
11:57Rroet>just lemme open up myphpadmin here so I can use the right words for you to understand.
11:58Rroet>I'm opening the table "channels now"
11:58Rroet>it's always.. always sorting on: channum
11:58Rroet>or freqid
11:58Rroet>what ever option I select
11:58Chutt>i wrote the code.
11:58Chutt>it never ever sorts on freqid
11:58Chutt>and it sorts on the column that you tell it to in options
11:59Rroet>channum / Freqid contain the same values.
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11:59Chutt>unless you're fucking up and not saving the option in the first place
11:59+fulmust [] joined #mythtv
11:59Rroet>Chutt: I do believe you did a fine job.. yet... it's not working at my end.
11:59Chutt>it's _your_ error if it's not working.
12:00Rroet>ok.. let's put the damn blame issue somewhere else for now..
12:00=fulmust [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
12:00Rroet>we'll discuss that later on..
12:00Rroet>could we just work to a sollution?
12:00Chutt>sure, send in a patch
12:01Chutt>if i can't reproduce a problem
12:01Chutt>there's absolutely no way for me to fix a problem
12:01Rroet>mm.. would be nice if you could point me to some sort of direction how to backtrace the issue.
12:02Chutt>how can you get a backtrace of user error?
12:02Rroet>Chutt: never mind. You're not helping and not even willing to help.. typical dev..
12:03Chutt>the source is there
12:03Rroet>... so how can I see an output of what it does when it changes channel?
12:04Rroet>is there a way to get a debugging output ?
12:04+fulmust [] joined #mythtv
12:04Rroet>the setting on how to sort channels is kept where ?
12:04Rroet>i the database or in a file in the homedir ?
12:04Chutt>grep for the setting name
12:05Chutt>all settings are in the database.
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12:06Rroet> ChannelOrdering callsign video
12:07Chutt>are you restarting the backend?
12:07Chutt>after changing that option?
12:07Rroet>is that a feature?
12:07Rroet>how to get it sorted on chanid ?
12:07Chutt>database order
12:09Rroet>k, so restarting the frontend doesn't do it..
12:09Rroet>ok.. trying.
12:09Chutt>right, the frontend has nothing to do with channel changing, the backend does.
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12:11Rroet>well, I'll be darned
12:11+mecraw__ [] joined #mythtv
12:11Chutt>amazing, huh :p
12:11Rroet>seems to be working... jup.
12:11Rroet>nice "feature"
12:12Chutt>people generally don't change that often, so i didn't bother making it reload
12:12Rroet>so you're isaac ?
12:13Rroet>well, anyway.. nice that it works..
12:13Rroet>btw, I got hw mpeg2 decoding working on gentoo ;)
12:13Rroet>it's working like a charm.. nice work with Ivor and Tony there.
12:13Chutt>i didn't work with them.
12:14Rroet>you just worked with the via binary drivers ?
12:14Chutt>of course
12:14+fulmust [] joined #mythtv
12:14Chutt>considering mythtv had support for the decoding like a week after via's version of xine was released
12:14Rroet>... well, good news then. it's now also working with the reverse engineerd drivers.
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12:16Rroet>Chutt: is it common for epia users to get a load of prebuffering pauses when doing playback of liveTV watching ?
12:16Chutt>i don't use the decoder anymore, as the picture quality sucks.
12:17Rroet>well, it seems reasonable here with the rev.eng. decoder
12:17Chutt>my m10000 has a pvr-350 in it
12:18Rroet>software decoding the pvr250 signal.. my epia just can't handle it.
12:18Rroet>not with mythtv.
12:18Chutt>that should work fine
12:18Rroet>not at 720x576
12:18Chutt>50-70% cpu usage, unless you're insisting on full sized video
12:18Rroet>at least not at my end.
12:18Chutt>which is stupid
12:18Rroet>Chutt: I have to.
12:19Rroet>or I have PAL.
12:19Chutt>drop the 720 down a bit
12:19Rroet>If I don't my screen will move up/down reall fast.
12:19Chutt>really old ivtv driver
12:19+fulmust [] joined #mythtv
12:19Rroet>Chutt: I used the 2003-11-17 drivers
12:19Chutt>as i said, really old ivtv driver
12:20Rroet>so 480x480 should give a fine image as well ?
12:21Rroet>will have to try.. I'd have to recompile myth.... lucky I have a distcc farm :)
12:23Rroet>time for food. bbl
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12:37Chutt>you still need x576
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12:40~Chutt set +b fulmust!*@* on #mythtv
12:40@Chutt>the continual bouncing was a tad annoying
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13:07@Chutt>replacing qwaitcondition with a local copy to get around the broken wait() in qt 3.1.x won't work
13:16+Servo [] joined #mythtv
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13:56Justin_>Chutt: did you see what I said around 3am?
14:01Justin_>hmm, in in theres a lot of
14:01Justin_>OBJS += ppc/dsputil_ppc.c ppc/mpegvideo_ppc.c
14:01Servo>I don't have any digital out when watching tv... Though I do have sound through my headphones. Has anybody had this kind of problem?
14:01Justin_>i think those are all supposed to be SOURCES
14:02Justin_>i changed that nd it built on ppc, didn't play video though :-)
14:02Justin_>it connected to my backend and worked correctly otherwise
14:12Servo>I have a problem: I don't get any audio through my digital out while watching TV, but there is sound coming out of my headphones (analog)...
14:13Servo>for some reason there are lots of people in the room, but no bodies talking
14:13Rroet>what type of card do you have ?
14:13Servo>Hauppauge wintv theater
14:13Rroet>ivtv drivers or the bttv ?
14:13Servo>bttv I think
14:14Servo>but let me double check
14:14Rroet>lsmod | grep bttv
14:14Rroet>lsmod | grep ivtv
14:14Servo>ivtv doesn't have an output
14:14Rroet>Servo: sorry, ivtv is what I use because I have a different hauppauge card.
14:15Servo>ivtv, hmm
14:15Rroet>I have the sound issue some times and then I just reload the driver.
14:15Servo>ill try to install the ivtv drivers
14:15Rroet>Servo: .... only if you have a itvc-15/16 chipset
14:15Rroet>Servo: .... noooooooo
14:15Rroet>Servo: do you have a hardware mpeg2 chip onboard the card ?
14:16Rroet>if not, don't try the ivtv.
14:17Rroet>anyhow did you check if it's in tv watching mode only? what if you playback a recording or cat /dev/video(your specific number) > test.avi
14:18Servo>avi play back fine with sound
14:18Servo>as do mpg's
14:19Rroet>and recording wit hyour tvcard have sound as well ?
14:20Servo>it seems like there's something wrong with the analog digital converter... because during normal tv watching I get sound only from the headphones (analog)... But during play, I get sound in both.
14:20Rroet>......... mythtv recording as well ?
14:20Rroet>ahh.. then it beats me.
14:20Rroet>I only have analogue out.
14:20Servo>oh well
14:20Servo>thanks anyways
14:23Rroet>Chutt: is it possible to flip channels on "database" order as well ?
14:24Rroet>as in now I type the channum's and I'd like to type in the chanid's.
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14:26+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
14:28@Chutt>rroet, the very first thing i said to you was that you didn't have to have channum be the same thing as freqid.
14:28@Chutt>which is how you're supposed to set your database up in the first place.
14:32=dunc [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:34Rroet>Chutt: I don't think we're understanding eachother.
14:35Rroet>*opens up channel table*
14:35=Servo [] quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
14:35Rroet>so if I mod up the channum's the same as chanid ... it should not effect the database in any way
14:36Rroet>currently chanid contains the values of how I'd like it to be.
14:38@Chutt>channum is the user-visible channel number
14:38@Chutt>freqid is what it tunes to when the user switches to that channel number
14:38@Chutt>the chanid is just the internal database id, and can be anything.
14:39@Chutt>if you're trying to use chanid for meaningful storage of information, don't.
14:39Rroet>ok, so channum is not linked to any channel info picked up from xmltv ?
14:39@Chutt>what have i been saying?
14:39Rroet>*scrolls back to double check*
14:39Rroet>you said channum and freqid are not the same :)
14:40@Chutt>what else do you think the point of having two fields (channum and freqid) for the same information would be?
14:40Rroet>ehm I didn't make it, so I'm not going to try and comment that.
14:40@Chutt>seems kinda stupid if they have to be the exact same number, now, wouldn't it?
14:40*Rroet goes channel editting then :)
14:40Rroet>also a nice way of getting it sorted..
14:42Rroet>seen al my questions seem stupid... let me ask another one:
14:42Rroet>why link the recordings to chanid and not to channum then ?
14:43Rroet>*ducks for cover, and starts running away*
14:43@Chutt>chanid has to be unique across sources
14:43@Chutt>channum doesn't.
14:43Rroet>maybe also the reason I picked chanid to reflect my real channel numbering... so I can find my recordings over nfs.
14:45Rroet>anyway.. thanks for helping me out and getting it all to be semi perfect now.
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21:24meth_>are you around chutt?
21:28meth_>anyone have a satellite?
21:29Misirlou>I think some people do.
21:30Misirlou>Otherwise the whole satellite industry would collapse.
21:30mikegrb>Misirlou: you may be on to something there
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21:37meth_>does a dvb-s card support ntsc too?
21:46meth_>im looking at doing pchdtv + dvb-s
21:46meth_>recording hdtv from a sat stream
21:50+sweetboy [] joined #mythtv
21:50sweetboy>i checked the Gossamer Threads for an answer to a problem i am having. no answer
21:51sweetboy>When doing modprobe ivtv i get "ivtv.o: init_module: No such device" any ideas?
21:54sweetboy>i am trying to get a PVR 350 going anyone out there?
22:07=meth_ [] quit ("Lost terminal")
22:09+annoia [] joined #mythtv
22:10sweetboy>annoia can you help me with a problem?
22:12annoia>sweetboy - Probably not, I'm trying to get mythtv going myself
22:17+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
22:22shamoun>annoia, it is not really worth it
22:22shamoun>unless you want tivo like features
22:22shamoun>i am a video enthusiast
22:22shamoun>i prefer transcode and streamer
22:22shamoun>although i am working on getting mencoder working now
22:24DogBoy>what a commercial
22:24DogBoy>it's totally worth it
22:24shamoun>DogBoy, ?
22:25DogBoy>of course, why ?
22:25DogBoy>I use mine all the time
22:26shamoun>well, i just use it as eye candy when i need a noobish person to use my pvr
22:26shamoun>but when i use it, manual is the way to go ;)
22:27shamoun>and it just broke
22:27DogBoy>yeah maybe but you say it like that's what everybody should prefer
22:27+virsys [] joined #mythtv
22:27shamoun>DogBoy, well, i said if you want tivo like features it is great
22:27shamoun>i am just unhappy with mpeg-2
22:28shamoun>unfortunately, i don't have the real estate for huffyuv
22:28DogBoy>it's got more than tivo like features though
22:28shamoun>so it is a pain in the ass for me
22:28annoia>shamoun - I just want to be able to pause the programs :)
22:28shamoun>DogBoy, yea, i was impressed by the transcoding it does
22:28annoia>shamoun - But I'm using the debian package, and it doesn't really work... :P
22:28shamoun>annoia, well, then mythtv is the best way to go
22:29shamoun>annoia, yea, i like debian but not on my multimedia machine, packages in sid are too old. and sometimes you need to customize ./configure without dealing with dependency hell
22:29shamoun>i prefer gentoo for multimedia
22:29annoia>shamoun - I also tried freevo, that ran, but with no tv input
22:30annoia>shamoun - Too much compiling, too little using :)
22:30shamoun>annoia, is your card working with xawtv
22:30annoia>shamoun - Yes
22:30annoia>But it's v4l2
22:30shamoun>oh, freevo doesn'
22:30shamoun>oh, freevo doesn't support v4l2?
22:30annoia>No idea, I don't get any configuration or anything
22:31shamoun>... i see o.0
22:31shamoun>okay, i am off for ice cream\
22:31annoia>mythtv only talks about v4l(1) too...
22:31shamoun>later all
22:32annoia>Yay! A lot of errors!
22:33annoia>DB Error (program insert):
22:33annoia>Query was:
22:33annoia>INSERT INTO program (chanid,starttime,endtime,title,subtitle,description,category,category_type,airdate,stars,previouslyshown) VALUES(1008,"20040101003000","20040101010000","Bog pr. vers","","","","","2003","0","0");
22:33annoia>Driver error was [2/1062]:
22:33annoia>QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
22:33annoia>Database error was:
22:33annoia>Duplicate entry '1008-20040101003000' for key 1
22:33annoia>(flood, I know)
22:35=shamoun [] quit ("Leaving")
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23:04+sweetboy [] joined #mythtv
23:18annoia>Can I use mythtv without the vbi stuff?
23:18+shamoun [] joined #mythtv
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23:47@Chutt>who the fuck is shamoun and why is he in here telling people not to use mythtv?
23:49annoia>[04:26:57] < shamoun> annoia, well, then mythtv is the best way to go
23:49annoia>Well... :)
23:51@Chutt>right, but that was after <shamoun> annoia, it is not really worth it
23:51annoia>Except that I can't get mythtv to work... :/
23:51@Chutt>what a moron.
23:51@Chutt>mythtv has the v4l2 capture path disabled by default, as the bttv v4l2-aware driver (the 0.9 series) has some serious issues
23:51@Chutt>if that's your problem :p
23:52annoia>chutt - Perhaps... I get some mysql-errors (Pasted above)
23:52@Chutt>yeah, that's harmless, generally
23:53@Chutt>unless you've really messed up your database and only created one channel id
23:54annoia>Dunno how messed up my db is
23:54@Chutt>but that's doubtful
23:54annoia>But I can't really figure out what to do then.
23:54annoia># /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend start
23:54annoia>Starting MythTV server: mythbackendstart-stop-daemon: Unable to set initgroups() with gid 105
23:54@Chutt>don't use the script.
23:54@Chutt>just run mythbackend manually.
23:55@Chutt>until you figure out what the actual issue is.
23:55annoia>That started it...
23:56annoia>That... What? Run the mythtv client?
23:57+tmk [] joined #mythtv
23:57+virsys [] joined #mythtv
23:57tmk>i use that all the time!
23:57@Chutt>but, it's really pretty stupid to run mythbackend as a daemon first thing
23:58annoia>QMYSQL3: Unable open database ''
23:58@Chutt>you're missing out on all the potential error messages
23:58@Chutt>tmk, yo
23:59annoia>chutt - From the error log I get a bunch of: QSettings: error creating /root/.qt
23:59@Chutt>those are fine.
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