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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-12-25

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---Daychanged Thu Dec 25 2003
00:00annoia>And a "Can't connect to local MySQL server [..]"
00:00@Chutt>that's something you'll have to fix.
00:00shamoun>Chutt, what is with tall the anti-me talk
00:00@Chutt>shamoun, why the fuck are you in here if you're going to tell people not to use mythtv?
00:00@Chutt>doesn't that seem a tad silly?
00:01shamoun>Chutt, i was pointing out its uses, and i said it all within a few seconds, so it is not as if i said it a half an hour later
00:01@Chutt>yeah, whatever
00:01@Chutt>do you have a reason to be in here?
00:02shamoun>Chutt, me sorry :(
00:02shamoun>Chutt, well, i thought this chan was for video processing and transcoding in general
00:02@Chutt>no, then it wouldn't be called #mythtv
00:02annoia># mysql < mc.sql
00:02annoia>ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: NO)
00:03shamoun>Chutt, i have come here a total of about eight times, this is the first time i am ever seeing someone talk about mythtv and not video4linux
00:03@Chutt>annoia, you set a password, then
00:03@Chutt>shamoun, err, no. i highly doubt that
00:03annoia>And here we have me, knowing NOTHING about mysql...
00:04@Chutt>how'd you manage to run mythfilldatabase earlier?
00:04@Chutt>it uses the exact same db connection stuff that's failing now.
00:04annoia>chutt - Oh, I was mythtv user... Being root I have the database..
00:05@Chutt>ok, so, that's out of the way
00:06@Chutt>mythbackend starts, and so does mythfrontend now?
00:06annoia>As root, yes
00:06shamoun>Chutt, what do you use for video cropping before transcoding, to get the parameters to pass on to mencoder?
00:06@Chutt>shamoun, i don't use that shit.
00:07@Chutt>annoia, you can always fix the permissions problems later
00:07*annoia gives chutt a medal for mythtv
00:07shamoun>Chutt, do you have a dvd burner?
00:07@Chutt>shamoun, no, harddrive's cheaper.
00:08shamoun>i see
00:08shamoun>later all
00:10tmk>i heard compusa has 120gig seagate liquid bearing 8mb cache for like $60 after rebate
00:10tmk>(speaking of cheap, quiet HD's)
00:11shamoun>tmk, is it on their site?
00:11tmk>dunno, a friend told me bout it
00:11*shamoun goes to
00:11tmk>send me a link if you find it :)
00:13shamoun>sold out
00:14tmk>a shame
00:14@Chutt>there's similar deals quite often
00:15tmk>yeah, i got my drive the same way
00:15tmk>but i hear those seagates are super-quiet
00:16@Chutt>i have one in my -350 box
00:16@Chutt>it's the loudest thing in there now that i've replaced the crappy fan on the m10k
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00:17shamoun>how well do external hard drives work with linux and video capture?
00:18@Chutt>tmk, more general bitching about your driver on the -users list :p
00:18shamoun>usb 2.0
00:18tmk>what'd you replace it with
00:18tmk>good thing i'm not on there
00:18tmk>are they using the latest one?
00:18tmk>dunno, i use a nfs-mounted drive
00:19tmk>works great
00:19shamoun>tmk, what driver did u make?
00:19shamoun>ahh, i don't need that driver, use bttv
00:19shamoun>i use bttv i mean
00:20shamoun>i wonder who is in charge of replacing the images on the google front page
00:20shamoun>it must be the most glamerous job in the world
00:21tmk>"looking just to view TV, then a 250 would suffice. If you are looking
00:21tmk>to transcode video into other formats, then a 350 would be better.
00:21tmk>what does that mean?
00:21@Chutt>that someone's a dumbass? =)
00:21@Chutt>i gave up on correcting people on there
00:21tmk>if he's the one complaining, i don't' feel bad at all :P
00:21annoia>chutt - But I have only one channel..
00:21@Chutt>annoia, there'll be an error message
00:21tmk>i'm gonna go watch some mythtv
00:22annoia>QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
00:22@Chutt>tmk, well, some guy earlier this week was stating that the -350 can't encode and decode at the same time =)
00:22@Chutt>he _insisted_ that it couldn't possibly do both
00:22shamoun>but, the hauppage cards only lighten cpu load during initial encoding right? they don't take over any mpeg2 encoding process right?>
00:22@Chutt>it's impossible to make hardware do both!
00:22tmk>the pvr-x50''s completely offload encoding
00:22@Chutt>then when he was corrected
00:22tmk>andd the 350's offload decoding
00:22@Chutt>he went on about how it must drop the quality of encoding to decode at the same time
00:23tmk>there are TWO cpus
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00:23shamoun>tmk, now i want a 350
00:23@Chutt>tmk, tried engel's latest patches?
00:23tmk>get youself $150
00:23shamoun>but i can't afford one
00:23@Chutt>edit mode works rather well =)
00:23@Chutt>it's a little funky because it has to singlestep frames
00:23annoia>chutt - I just need to get the permissions right and get more channels... But this program RULES! :)
00:23tmk>i need to write him a stop-decode/flush ioctl
00:24tmk>there are architectural issues to a stop-decode cmd tho
00:24tmk>i'm gonna wait a week or so for jens before i just do it all myself :/
00:24@Chutt>stop waiting =)
00:24tmk>i don't wanna be programming over the next few days
00:26annoia>And... I need sound...
00:26@Chutt>there's a big section in the docs on how to setup sound.
00:27*annoia hits the docs again
00:29shamoun>hey, which is a better card ossprey 200 or pvr-350?
00:29DogBoy>what's an ossprey
00:30shamoun>i mean osprey
00:30DogBoy>no tuner on that thing
00:31annoia>chutt - You mean in the troubleshooting section?
00:32annoia>chutt - I can get the audio to work with mplayer (mencoder), so it's properly set up...
00:32@Chutt>no, in the 'setting up alsa and the mixer' section
00:33annoia>I use OSS...
00:33shamoun>well, i gtg
00:33shamoun>later all
00:33@Chutt>setting up alsa, and the mixer
00:33annoia>ok then
00:34annoia>chutt - Well that section basically tells me to make sure I've turned up the sound...
00:34@Chutt>er, no, it doesn't
00:34annoia>Under "Using OSS drivers."?
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00:35@Chutt>it tells you how to get things working properly, assuming you're not using btaudio
00:35annoia>I'm not, I use v4l2
00:35daralc>in mythsetup i set up 2 different sources, and bound one of them to the televison input on my capture card... well i did mythfilldatabase and my program guide/channels coordinate to the wrong source... i tried deleting the .xml file out of ~/.mythtv/ and restarting mythbackend but it still shows the wrong listings
00:36@Chutt>daralc, run setup and say yes to the second question
00:36@Chutt>then redo your source/input setup stuff
00:37daralc>Chutt: thanks
00:38daralc>Chutt: great, appreciate it
00:38daralc>Chutt: could my crappy video quality be linked to the bttv driver maybe? i have a wintv pvr by haupaugge
00:39@Chutt>the old card?
00:39@Chutt>it's not really that supported in linux
00:40daralc>i bought it a year ago probably
00:41daralc>oh ok
00:42daralc>i want a pvr250 but i don't have >100$ to drop on one
00:43daralc>what kind of features and what not are yall working on for post-0.12 ?
00:43@Chutt>post 0.13?
00:43daralc>didn't realize that... i need to update
00:44daralc>yes, post-0.13
00:52daralc>didn't see a roadmap on the site... was just wondering where you were heading
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01:01daralc>SQL Error: Unknown column 'recpriority' in 'field list' - mythtv 0.12
01:01daralc>occurs when i try to record a showing of a program via methweb
01:10DogBoy>methweb, that's an idea
01:11DogBoy>is that a biker plugin?
01:11daralc>haha, mythweb
01:12@Chutt>mismatched mythweb and mythtv versions
01:15daralc>Chutt: ouch, i did install mythweb after emerge sync :(
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02:21*josephk is away: I'm actually away...I don't believe me either
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02:23chiphead_>speaking of post 0.13... shouldn't you bump the version numnber?
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02:52daralc>is there anyway to use mythtv with a cable box? like a digital cable box so i can record hbo digital shows such as the sopranos... i don't have "regular cable HBO"....
03:00tmk>daralc: sure, use the line-out of the cable box
03:00tmk>and have either an IR transmitter or serial link to change the channel of your cable box
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03:33sweetboy>anyone around?
03:33sweetboy>can somene help me get my ivtv drivers going?
04:27chiphead_>CHutt, what do these mean in the backend log?
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04:27chiphead_>2003-12-25 04:25:58 30 OK[]:[]17[]:[]0[]:[]1166993344
04:27chiphead_>2003-12-25 04:25:58 6 128000
04:27chiphead_>2003-12-25 04:25:58 7 0[]:[]0
04:27chiphead_>2003-12-25 04:25:58 6 128000
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04:56daralc>where does mythtv default save recordings to?
04:57sweetboy>check your configuration
04:57sweetboy>it is listed there
04:57daralc>where... liek waht config file or what
04:57sweetboy>while running myth check the video config
04:58sweetboy>it is also listed in the first page of myth setup
04:59daralc>sweetboy: whats a .nuv file?
05:03daralc>sweetboy: diregard that
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06:34Rroet>happy xmas people..
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14:23Rroet>wheeeee... just did my good christmas deed.
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16:08tz-xmas>what's the biggest difference between the wintv 250 and 350?
16:08tz-xmas>they both do hardware encode/decode of mpeg2 do they not?
16:08sweetboy>tying to install myth via Jerod instructions and have picked up kernel#2.4.20-24.1.caps.rh90.ccrma is this the kernel i need to be using to run myth?
16:09sweetboy>the biggest diff is the tv out on the 350
16:09tz-xmas>ahh so 350 does TV out and 250 does not?
16:10sweetboy>the 250 depends on your video card's tv-out capabilities
16:10tz-xmas>I was gonna throw this in a mini-itx system but most of them seem to share the s/pdif out with the video out
16:10tz-xmas>sweetboy: and another set of PCI data transfers :-)
16:11tz-xmas>mem -> 250 -> mem -> video card
16:12sweetboy>yep .. but the biggest diff is the tv-out between the 2
16:12tz-xmas>ok cool
16:12tz-xmas>both work very well with mythtv?
16:12sweetboy>oh yea... very well..
16:13sweetboy>not all funtionality is currently available for the 350.. like the FM tuner
16:13sweetboy>in Myth
16:13tz-xmas>well just so long as hardare encode and decode is supported I'm more than happy
16:13sweetboy>the 250 doesn't have an FM tuner
16:13tz-xmas>the idea's to use a cheapass fanless mobo, boot and stream to/from LAN
16:14sweetboy>yep.. and it looks great
16:14tz-xmas>exactly :-)
16:16tz-xmas>NCIX doesn't have many mini-itx mobox
16:16tz-xmas>er mobos
16:20chiphead_>although SOME 250s have decode hardware, its pretty useless as it is not hooked up to anything... IE not output hardware from it.
16:21tz-xmas>chiphead_: true... but if it would decode and then transfer to vid mem on the video card it wouldn't be useless... but I digress, most video cards have mpeg2 decode functionality
16:21tz-xmas>I think I'd rather just keep it all on the one card
16:22chiphead_>IMHO the best solution is a headless encoder stored in the basement and a seperate frontend.
16:22tz-xmas>chiphead_: hmm
16:22tz-xmas>I was going to put the 350 in a mini-itx system and stream the mpeg streams to/from some storage machine
16:23chiphead_>with a 250 you can use old hardware thats not much good for anything else and recycle it
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16:23tz-xmas>chiphead_: true but then I need a head end that is both silent and can do the mpeg2 decode either on the video or in software
16:23tz-xmas>and in software usually means not so silent :-/
16:24chiphead_>I have a 250 in an old ppro 400 and a 120g hd. it sits in the basement to do all the capturing. my frontend is an XBox in the living room. Very sweet setup
16:24tz-xmas>I thought ppro only hit 266MHz
16:25tz-xmas>you can get 'em with like 2MB cache but I've never seen them faster than 266
16:27tz-xmas>chiphead_: so you can feed captured video to a 250? the 250 does not need to do the capturing itself (on comp or svid input) ?
16:27chiphead_>cable connected directly to the 250
16:28tz-xmas>wouldn't work well here unfortunately
16:28tz-xmas><-- ExpressVu DVB
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16:28chiphead_>could go svideo, but my cable box doesnt support serial so I would have to make a ir blaster
16:29chiphead_>Oh... I thought you were building aq system with a 250 or 250
16:29tz-xmas>yes I am
16:30tz-xmas>I am not gonna spend a ton of money on a DVB PCI card, especially since nobody seems to support Nagravision CAMs
16:30chiphead_>whats the DVB?
16:30chiphead_>why would you spend money for something you already have
16:30chiphead_>Oh nm pci
16:30tz-xmas>I don't already have anything :-)
16:31chiphead_><tz-xmas> <-- ExpressVu DVB
16:31chiphead_>wjhat did that mean then?
16:31tz-xmas>I'd LOVE to somehow tap the unencrypted DVB stream from the receiver but I don't think the decode chip makes it available anywhere
16:31tz-xmas>I don't have cable
16:31tz-xmas>satellite TV
16:32chiphead_>goto go dinner
16:32chiphead_>./away food
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16:35paulproteus|lapt>Myth works with MySQL 4, right?
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17:26Rroet>paulproteus|lapt: ehm.. jup
17:27Rroet>and with 3.
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17:38nchip>annoyingly the provider xmltv's finnish grabber uses seems to suck royally
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19:44tdb30_>will mythtv work well with an athlon 1G and a pvr 350 with 512M ram?
19:47nulltank>tdb30_: yes, nicely
19:48nulltank>i use an athlog 1G and a pvr 250 and 256MB and it works well
19:48tdb30_>I guess I could try installing it again. I had it working with an old bttv card and I couldn't get decent quality with out it jumping all around.
19:48tdb30_>rather without it being choppy.
19:48nulltank>yeah, with the pvr doing the encoding it works great for me
19:49tdb30_>I guess I'll give it another go.
20:02annoia>How does mythtv work with a Terratech Cinergy 600?
20:12josephk>tdb30_: I have a P3 500 with a pvr350 and mythtv itself works great
20:12josephk>mythvideo is another story
20:12*josephk is back (gone 17:51:32)
20:17tdb30_>whats the difference with mytvideo and mythtv? is mythvideo dvd stuff?
20:21josephk>mythvideo is any video in the library...not part of mythtv's scheduled recordings
20:21josephk>if you have choppy video when you are using the pvr350 output, then you are not using the decoder
20:21josephk>choppy video would indicate you are using the framebuffer
20:22josephk>mythtv swithes between the decoder output and the framebuffer output
20:23josephk>of course the OSD is framebuffer but there is a switch which takes place when you enter live tv mode or play a recording
20:33Octane>anyone know how the nes titles are looked up? how does mythgame match the filename with the description from nestitle?
21:00paulproteus|lapt>metadata.o: Your database is out of whack. This is not good.
21:00paulproteus|lapt>I just nuked my DB and am starting over, but I can't seem to find the mythmusic SQL files in my debian setup.
21:02paulproteus|lapt>I apt-got mythdatabase and the rest of the mythtv gang. I guess I need to re-create the DB.
21:07*paulproteus|lapt sighs
21:07paulproteus|lapt>Where, oh where can I find that SQL...
21:07*paulproteus|lapt looks under the tree
21:07*paulproteus|lapt doesn't have a tree
21:13*paulproteus|lapt sighs
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21:21fulmust_>is it somehow possible to turn of the livetv-buffering? it lags hell on my machine..
21:23+virsys [] joined #mythtv
21:23fulmust_>is a p3 500mhz way to slow for mythtv?
21:26josephk>with a pvr350 no
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21:46tdb30_>can someone help me? I'm getting an error undefined reference to 'selectsetting::fillselectionsfromdir'. am I missing a library and if so which one?
22:28paulproteus|lapt>I get "Your database is out of whack. This is not good" from metadata.o .
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22:34mikegrb>for mythmusic?
22:34mikegrb>I really don't know haven't messed with mythmusic since before the auto database stuff
22:35*paulproteus|lapt nods
22:35paulproteus|lapt>Can you help me navigate around mythconverg database?
22:35mikegrb>heh to what degree?
22:35paulproteus|lapt>I don't know my MySQL commands .
22:35mikegrb>phpMyadmin is great stuff
22:38paulproteus|lapt>Do you happen to at least know the basic ones?
22:38paulproteus|lapt>I've been having such issues that I just want to do this from command-line, if I can.
22:40mikegrb>you started the command line client up yet?
22:40paulproteus|lapt>I even did use mythconverg; all by myself. ;)
22:41mikegrb>show tables;
22:41mikegrb>will show you the tables
22:41mikegrb>then if you want to see what fields they have you can do 'describe sometable;'
22:41paulproteus|lapt>Well, good. I see musicmetadata and musicplaylist, which seem relevant.
22:41*paulproteus|lapt describes 'em both
22:41mikegrb>then after that select is what you will want to play iwth
22:42mikegrb>'select some, fields, you, want, to, see, or, * from musicmetadata;'
22:42mikegrb>you can also add limit 1 to the end to just get one line out
22:42paulproteus|lapt>Okay, I want to delete entries 1-4 inclusive from that table.
22:42mikegrb>lemme double check syntax ;)
22:43paulproteus|lapt>mysql> delete * from musicplaylist where hostname = NULL ; isn't right, but it's what I want.
22:43=virsys [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:43@Chutt>leave off the *
22:44*paulproteus|lapt nods
22:44*paulproteus|lapt discovers he meant "is NULL", but gets it
22:46paulproteus|lapt>Okay, one error fixed.
22:46paulproteus|lapt>Now metadata.o: Your database is out of whack. This is not good. still remains.
22:46paulproteus|lapt>But a playlist.o error is fixed.
22:46paulproteus|lapt>I should examine that table.
22:46mikegrb>could be something similiar
22:46mikegrb>you can also do:
22:47mikegrb>update musicplaylist set hostname = something where hostname is NULL;
22:48paulproteus|lapt>mysql> select * from musicmetadata;
22:48paulproteus|lapt>Empty set (0.00 sec)
22:48paulproteus|lapt>That seems okay (?).
22:48paulproteus|lapt>There's nothing there. I wonder if that's normal or not.
22:49paulproteus|lapt>I haven't ripped anything yet. But I do get the metadata.o error.
22:49mikegrb>well then I would expect it to be empty
22:49mikegrb>but the schema might not be right
22:49@Chutt>the error messages aren't always right in there
22:50mikegrb>heh was just going to say poke in the code and see what could cause the error
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22:53Vermyndax>merry christmas all
22:54paulproteus|lapt>Well, I guess I should give it an MP3 or two or something to see exactly where the problem is.
22:56chiphead_>Chutt, when you applied my directfb patches, you misses the and libs/libmythtv/
22:57chiphead_>sry not the but the defenatly got missed
22:57paulproteus|lapt>Okay, so it can play MP3s. Unfortunately, it doesn't recognize a CD I popped in.
22:57@Chutt>i did?
22:57*paulproteus|lapt tries a diff one
22:57chiphead_>yeah its not there...
22:58@Chutt>sure looks there to me
22:58@Chutt>oh, the first one's not
22:59@Chutt>i'll get it in tomorrow
22:59chiphead_>spent last 2 days trying to figure out why myth was dieing when video started. turned out the dfb stuff wasnt being built :)
23:00Vermyndax>I'm having trouble with Myth changing channels (a notorious problem it appears)
23:00mikegrb>chiphead_: so I need to install directfb then recompile myth?
23:00Vermyndax>myth freezes when I change the channel in livetv mode
23:00chiphead_>directfb and qt-embedded
23:00mikegrb>oh, right
23:00chiphead_>and turn on the settings in
23:00paulproteus|lapt>Okay, now my Myth just doesn't recognize any CD in the drive. It does eject and insert the tray, though.
23:00paulproteus|lapt>cdcd is the libcdaudio test program?
23:02Vermyndax>if I have alsa/emu10k1 built in to my 2.6.0 kernel do I still need alsa-lib and alsa-utils?
23:05tdb30_>can someone tell me why doing a make bombs out at mythfrontend. with an undefined reference to selectsetting::fillselectionsfrom dir?
23:09paulproteus|lapt>"make bombs" in mythfrontend!?
23:09*paulproteus|lapt ony uses 'make all' and 'make install'
23:11paulproteus|lapt>Hmm, when I press <Esc> during ripping, it quits out of the "Copying from CD" menu just fine, but then it hangs on a blank screen with just the theme background.
23:11paulproteus|lapt>It also wants 30% (but not all of?) my CPU, and it takes it.
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23:20@Chutt>don't press esc during ripping
23:21paulproteus|lapt>Okay. :)
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23:29tdb30_>yeah make bombs in mythront end
23:29paulproteus|lapt>Well, my parents are impressed by MythMusic's picking up their Indian CDs on FreeDB. Score one for taking credit for other people's work!
23:29tdb30_>make all bombs in the same place as make
23:29paulproteus|lapt>(Actually, I'm explaining FreeDB > Gracenote.)
23:31nulltank>speaking of mythmusic, am i the only one that gets genres that look like this "Rock" and this "RockRock"? Is that because some mp3s have both v1 and v2 tags?
23:31@Chutt>tdb30, remove your old libmyth you have installed somewhere
23:32@Chutt>nulltank, probably
23:32nulltank>Chutt: so should i just stick with v2 only or what?
23:33@Chutt>or move to vorbis :p
23:33@Chutt>id3 tags suck, generally
23:33@Chutt>v1 is way too limited, v2 is as if written by a committe of monkeys
23:34josephk>Chutt sucks,
23:34@Chutt>the reference id3v2 implementation has more lines of code than most mp3 decoders
23:34*paulproteus|lapt agrees with Chutt
23:34paulproteus|lapt>Heh, Chutt :)
23:35nulltank>Chutt: i would like to switch to vorbis, but unfortunately i have hardware devices that only play the mp3 format (namely my rio500 and my car CD player -- which is brand new), so i'm stuck in that format until more devices support vorbis
23:35@Chutt>it shouldn't be a major issue to fix the parsing in mythmusic, though
23:36@Chutt>i just don't use mp3s, so i don't touch that code
23:36nulltank>humm, maybe i'll take a look at it and see if it's just concatenating the two
23:38@Chutt>should be pretty easy to understand code
23:39GreyFoxx>Where is it determined which videoout_* code to use ? in NuppleVideoPlayer under libmythtv ?
23:39@Chutt>basically, if it's mpeg2 and you compiled in xvmc or cle266 support, it'll use that
23:39@Chutt>if it's mpeg2 and you have the pvr-350 support enabled, it'll use that
23:40@Chutt>if you have directfb compiled in, it'll use that
23:40@Chutt>failing that, it'll use xv
23:40@Chutt>(and xshm, and regular x)
23:40GreyFoxx>Ok, InitVideoOut, which is where I was playing last night. I must have been too tired to see straight :)
23:43@Chutt>whatcha doing to it?
23:43GreyFoxx>I was a little bored last night
23:43GreyFoxx>so I started working on Dxr3 output
23:44GreyFoxx>It's gonna be a couple weeks before I get my 350 :)
23:44josephk>'ve got a dxr3
23:44josephk>I support your work
23:44@Chutt>hopefully sharing code with the ivtv stuff?
23:44GreyFoxx>As much as possible yes
23:45GreyFoxx>I moved a efw weeks ago, and came across my dxr3 while unpacking
23:45GreyFoxx>beats the carp out of my Nvidia tvout :)
23:45GreyFoxx>crap even
23:45@Chutt>'cept you can't do generic fb stuff on it
23:46GreyFoxx>At this point no, but I can write to the dxr3's onboard frame memory
23:46GreyFoxx>I just haven't got a way (yet) to get it to acknowledge when it's done the dma transfer
23:47GreyFoxx>The joys of a 2 Week XMas break, I have lots of time on my hands :)
23:48*josephk is away: I'm actually away...I don't believe me either
23:49GreyFoxx>I assume that the ivtv doesn't worry about audio since the onboard decoder handles that in one combined stream? The video and audio aren't broken apart and fed in like with a dxr3?
23:49@Chutt>yeah, the decoder does it all
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