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00:23paulproteus|lapt>I'm going to bed. Thanks, Chutt and mikegrb, for all your help. My Myth setup now seems to work, and as soon as I install OpenAFS on this Xbox, I'll finally have set up my parents' jukebox on it.
00:23paulproteus|lapt>(And all those who have helped me out in months past.)
00:27Vermyndax>I finally solved my audio problems...
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00:28Vermyndax>is there any way to configure the MythTV video filters or whatever it is doing to the video? Watching LiveTV the video quality isn't very good (it's great in other TV viewers)
00:43@Chutt>change the recording options.
00:45*Vermyndax is away: sleep
00:48@Chutt>that's wonderful. ask a question, then set yourself away without acknowledging the answer.
00:48mikegrb>some people are just full of nettiqute
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01:01paulproteus|lapt>Some people have prescience to know when people will answer, too. ;)
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03:09Cloak>is accurate?
03:09Cloak>specifically "To enable automatic transcoding, do the following: start the setup program under the host-specific settings: set the Transcoder Auto-run checkbox
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10:12bitbyte>sfr, you there?
10:12sfr>bitbyte: yes
10:14bitbyte>sfr, will you be able to record that "sofies birthday prty" thing for me?
10:14bitbyte>or is it over already?
10:14bitbyte>i cant remember if its christmas or new years when they play it
10:15sfr>bitbyte: sure i'll record it. it's shown at new years eve.
10:17sfr>bitbyte: it'll be recorded as mpeg2 (yay for my pvr350) so you shouldn't have to transcode it i think.
10:29bitbyte>id REALLY REALLY appreciate it
10:30bitbyte>i can burn it straight ot a dvd
10:30bitbyte>ive been trying to get that for years
10:30sfr>bitbyte: only d/l it will take you a while
10:30bitbyte>do you mind?
10:31sfr>i have a flatrate :)
10:31bitbyte>otherwise i could paypal you some money
10:31bitbyte>what speed?
10:31bitbyte>not dialup i hope
10:31sfr>~10kB uplink
10:31bitbyte>it's only like 20 minutes or so isnt it?
10:31sfr>dream on :)
10:31bitbyte>how long
10:32bitbyte>no, the show, not the upload
10:32sfr>oh, yes about 20min afaik
10:32bitbyte>what resolution?
10:33bitbyte>yre pal
10:33bitbyte>standard resolution tho?
10:33sfr>right know my Highres is 704x576, might be around 500MB or so
10:33bitbyte>i'm guessing about 600-800 MB for th efilesize
10:33bitbyte>ah ok
10:34sfr>bitbyte: any requests for the recording options? :)
10:34bitbyte>not really
10:34chiphead_>will be much bigger @DVD Rates
10:34bitbyte>yer doing me a big favor
10:35bitbyte>chiphead yes, but its from llike the 50's
10:35bitbyte>best possible
10:35sfr>iirc, the introduction (a speaker explaining the situation) will be talking german, but the actors speak english.
10:35bitbyte>altho i think dvd might well be a waste
10:35bitbyte>ya i know
10:35bitbyte>ive seen it lots of times
10:35chiphead_>but still at DVD Rate, the file will be much bigger than 500mb
10:35bitbyte>do you have a dvd burner?
10:35sfr>me? no
10:36bitbyte>chiphead i realize that, i was just saying that dvd rates would be a waste on this, it's not very high quality
10:36sfr>bitbyte: we'll be the first starting mythp2p afaik ;)
10:36bitbyte>if you had a dvd burner i was going ot send you some money and have you mail it to me, hehe
10:37chiphead_>ahh, I was commenting on: <bitbyte> i can burn it straight ot a dvd
10:37bitbyte>chiphead, well it IS mpeg2, chances are good i can
10:37bitbyte>with dvdlab
10:37bitbyte>otherwise i'll trranscode it
10:37bitbyte>might well do that anyhow to get it to ntsc standards
10:38bitbyte>altho my dvd can play pal and ntsc
10:38sfr>what stream-type should be used if i wanted to burn it on dvd?
10:38bitbyte>just make a data dvd not video
10:38bitbyte>so i get the mpg
10:38bitbyte>and i'll do the rest
10:38bitbyte>unless it fits on a regular cd
10:39bitbyte>if you had a dvd burner, id ask youto capture it at the best res you can
10:39bitbyte>otherwise the highres thatd be roughly 500mb should be ok
10:39bitbyte>i'll take anything i can get
10:39bitbyte>beggers can't be choosers
10:40sfr>actually i was asking for pvr recordings in general. does the stream type even matter for dvd burning?
10:40chiphead_>sure they can... the choices are just ery limited :)
10:40bitbyte>sfr, i can burn svcd format straight to dvd
10:40bitbyte>beyond that i'm not sure
10:41bitbyte>but i can transcode to most anything
10:41bitbyte>worst case is that i send it to my sister in law at the mediaacedemie in NL
10:43bitbyte>i'll make anything i can get, work
10:43bitbyte>do you have a cd burner?
10:44bitbyte>there are programs to break an mpg into pieces
10:45bitbyte>possibly if it's bigger than a cd you could just use that and burn it
10:45bitbyte>i'll paypal you money for your time and trouble
10:45bitbyte>or i can download it if you dont mind me tying up your line for that long
10:45bitbyte>your choice
10:45sfr>but that requires work on my side, d/l it doesn't ;). besides i don't have a paypal account.
10:45bitbyte>i'm the begger here
10:46bitbyte>thats fine
10:46bitbyte>do you have ftp?
10:46sfr>d/l is fine with me. ftp is blocked right now, but i could open it for a few days.
10:46bitbyte>i can let it dl only while you are asleep
10:46bitbyte>so theres less impact on your leisure time
10:47bitbyte>and with ftp i can resume
10:47bitbyte>(assuming your server supports resume)
10:47sfr>np, i have traffic-shaping set up. it's not perfect, but works.
10:47bitbyte>i dont want to be a nuisance
10:48bitbyte>just let me know when and where!
10:48bitbyte>i really appreciate it
10:48bitbyte>i'l brb
10:48sfr>np, in the worst case, you'll have to wait another year.
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11:43*Vermyndax is back (gone 10:58:28)
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13:10luca>i take it that you folks are A/V buffs?
13:11luca>i have a request for your opinion... even if it isn't mythtv specific: When using YUV, how big a difference do the cables make?
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13:31nulltank>luca: good question, but I don't know the answer
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13:31o_cee>luca: you can spend how much money you want on cables..
13:31o_cee>all depends on the rest of the equipment of course
13:37o_cee>anyone here on the xmltv-devel list??
13:37o_cee>merry christmas btw, you guys have the big day today :)
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14:52luca>o_cee: makes sense
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17:36mechou>I'm very confused now re myth 0.13. Do the flagged commercials no longer show up (red segments) if you pressed "M" while watching recording (SW encode)??
17:37mechou>"Z" still seems to work.....
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17:53sailor420>hello all
17:53sailor420>I was wondering if there was a way to disable live TV--I have a machine that isnt very fast, and when it tries to encode/decode at the same time (such as when it is doing live TV), it chokes
17:54sailor420>I want to be able to watch TV with it, but I dont want it to record when it is doing it
17:54sailor420>I didnt see anything about it in the documentation though
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17:57linagee>Chutt: does the CXD1922Q (tivo mpeg encoder chip) do a better job than the CX23415 (conexant chip found on PVR-250) ?
17:58linagee>CXD1922Q spec sheet:
17:58linagee>CX23416 product info sheet:
17:59*linagee is just wondering why some people say that the PVR-250's mpeg stream is "messy"
18:00GreyFoxx>In what context are they saying it? :)
18:00linagee>GreyFoxx: it's difficult to make a pvr-250 mpeg stream go to a dvd for play in a standalone dvd player
18:01linagee>GreyFoxx: i know they're two different types of mpeg2 streams, but there's no way to easily convert?
18:01GreyFoxx>Ahhh, something I've never bothered to do :)
18:01GreyFoxx>That's more a question for the #ivtv crowd I'd say :)
18:02linagee>GreyFoxx: it's not as easy as capturing an mpeg stream and piping it through the linux dvd authoring tools. they don't see it as a valid stream.
18:03linagee>GreyFoxx: of course dvd burners are $100 now and everyone seems to be getting them. for mythtv to have burning capability integrated in would be cool! :)
18:03GreyFoxx>I thought there was a streamtype specifically for DVD's whcih could be set, possibly with test_ioctl. But since I've never bothered to try I've never looked any further :)
18:03GreyFoxx>Oh yeah. I'm looking to pick one up this week , hopefully on sale
18:03GreyFoxx>more for data backups than anything though
18:03linagee>GreyFoxx: right. there is. i tried messing with that too and telling it to generate a DVD compatible stream, but it didn't exactly work either. ;)
18:04linagee>GreyFoxx: not everyone has a way to play back myth recordings all over the house. but everyone has dvd players. ;)
18:07dopez>capture at (very) high bitrate and re-encode to something sane, and burn that to dvd, that works for me..
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18:08linagee>dopez: re-encode? what's the purpose of an mpeg-2 card if you have to do that? ;)
18:08dopez>getting higher quality :)
18:09dopez>but yeah, it would be nicer to just capture and burn to dvd
18:09linagee>i could always just burn the files from myth tv to a dvd, but that's the lazy way and it doesn't work in standalone players. ;)
18:22bitbyte>chances are that if your tv can view it now it will work
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19:27stua>Problem: after I have recompiled and run make install as root, the binaries in /usr/local/bin/mythfrontend and programs/mythfrontend/mythfrontend are different, even though it wrote that the file was copied with -f. How come?
19:31stua>I am using mythtv-0.13 on Mandrake 9.2, btw.
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19:32stua>So, for example:
19:33stua># make install
19:33stua>make[2]: Entering directory `/home/stua/dl/mythtv-0.13/programs/mythfrontend'
19:33stua>cp -f "mythfrontend" "/usr/local/bin/mythfrontend"
19:33stua>strip "/usr/local/bin/mythfrontend"
19:33stua>[stua@louise dl]$ diff /mythtv-0.13/programs/mythbackend/mythbackend `which mythbackend`
19:33stua>diff: /mythtv-0.13/programs/mythbackend/mythbackend: No such file or directory
19:33stua>oops... substitute those two last lines with this:
19:34stua>[stua@louise dl]$ diff mythtv-0.13/programs/mythbackend/mythbackend `which mythbackend`
19:34stua>Files mythtv-0.13/programs/mythbackend/mythbackend and /usr/local/bin/mythbackend differ
19:34sfr>stua: you just answered your question, i believe. look closer at what you pasted
19:34stua>sfr: just a pasting error.
19:35tmk>i think 'make install' runs 'strip' on the binaries
19:35tmk>so it's not necessarily going to be the same as the one in the install tree
19:35sfr>stua: yupp, strip makes them look different
19:35stua>tmk: ah, that'll explain it.
19:35tmk>just look at the date :)
19:36stua>however, it sets me a new problem, because I thought the files weren't getting installed properly, and that's why I couldn't get the remote working after compiling in native lirc support.
19:36tmk>just run the local copy
19:36tmk>then there's no question
19:37stua>is there any difference between setting LIRC_LIBS = -llirc_client and setting EXTRA_LIBS += -llirc_client in
19:41stua>irw is catching signals from the remote just fine, but not myth. Could this be because I have to run lircd with --device=/dev/lirc/0 to get it working?
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20:00Crib> i've got some weird db error
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20:05Crib>I tried to add the mythmusic module. Could not get it to recognize any I wound up running mysql -u mythtv < 08-to-0-9.sql twice
20:06Crib>Now when I try to launch mythbackend it says: Told to create a NEW database schema, but the database already has 27 tables. If you are sure this is a good mythtv database, verify that the settings table has the DBSchema variable.
20:06Crib>The error does not seem to be googleable.
20:08sfr>Crib: 0.8-to-0.9.sql ?? that's _ancient_
20:09Crib> was the most recent one in the mythmusic i dl'd
20:09Crib>it was so beautiful i can't even get it started...mythtv i mean
20:10sfr>Crib: most/all? plugins update the db tables automatically if required. dito for the initial table creation
20:11Crib>sure, but why did it try to 'create a new database schema'
20:11Crib>and what is this DBSchema business?
20:11Crib>and is this error recoverable/
20:11sfr>Crib: b/c something in the schema changed, and DBSchema is a version entry to keep track of at which version your db tables are
20:12sfr>each plugin has its own DBSchema version number
20:13Crib>i'm in the database, but have no idea what to do
20:14sfr>Crib: when you run the 0.8-to-.9sql file, did you drop your original db first?
20:15sfr>Crib: where exactly from is that sql file you used? mythtv, mythmusic?
20:15Crib>no, no the README just said to change a variable in that script to my hostname, delete the first line which said end
20:15Crib>and run the import(?) command
20:16Crib>it is in mythmusic-.0.13/musicdb/old
20:16sfr>it's even in a _old_ dir. ;)
20:16Crib>here's why i did it.
20:17Crib>the main readme said to import a file called metadata.sql (i think that's what it was called)
20:17Crib>that file wasn't there
20:17Crib>the 09 file was the most recent .sql file i found
20:18Crib>sorry man
20:18Crib>i didn't think it could screw up anything. i thought the version numbers applied to mythmusic, not mythtv
20:18Crib>i didn't think they'd share a database
20:18Crib>that seems silly
20:19Crib>sorry :(
20:20sfr>Crib: so only mythmusic is fucked. you can try to drop the musicmetadata and musicplaylist tables, AND delete the MusicDBSchemaVer entry from the settings table. quit all mythfrontends before doing that and after start mythfrontend. it then should simply add all missing tables/entries for mythmusic
20:20Crib>The 0-8-to0-9 file is not that old by the way.
20:21sfr>yes, mythmusic's db schema only changed once very recently.
20:21Crib>the README file says "On or aroud April 16gh 2003, the powers that be decided to add an extra column to the playlists table....
20:23sfr>btw, what do you mean with did not recognize any music?
20:23Crib>well my mp3s are in /usr/local/share/music
20:24Crib>after i installed it i went into setup -> mythmusic setup -> general and told it that was the directory of my music library
20:24Crib>whenever i started it it said that it was scanning the library but no .mp3 files ever showed up
20:25Crib>what is the name of the database i need to "use"
20:25sfr>which version of myth are you using?
20:25sfr>mythconverg usually
20:26Crib>ok i did show tables from mythconverg;
20:26Crib>is that right?
20:26sfr>Crib: well it only shows you the tables.
20:27Crib>mythconverg has a lot of tables, but none of the ones you suggested i drop
20:27sfr>Crib: so do a 'drop table musicmeta;' next. is it in the list of tables?
20:27Crib>there is the setttings table of course
20:27sfr>musicmetadata even
20:27Crib>that table doesn't exist in mythconverg
20:28sfr>ok, type 'select from settings where value='MusicDBSchemaVer';' the quotes around MusicSch... are important.
20:28sfr>err, 'select * from settings...'
20:29Crib>yes sir
20:29sfr>any output?
20:29Crib>no output
20:29sfr>you never used mytmusic until today?
20:30sfr>and show tables also doesn't list a musicplaylist table?
20:30Crib>it doesn't
20:31Crib>i've been reading a book on mysql, i'm pretty confident i'm following your directions correctly
20:31sfr>your only myth db is mythconverg, right?
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20:31Crib>well that i'm not there a command i can give mysql to have it list it's databases?
20:32sfr>that's beyound my mysql cli know-how ;)
20:32extremis>did the ivtv author figure out how to increase reliability between the pvr250 and the via chipset?
20:32sfr>the ivtv people should know that, extremis
20:33extremis>usually here right?
20:33Crib>sfr: well i have a default .13 install built according to instructions
20:33sfr>not sure, but there's #ivtv-devel or s/t like that
20:33sfr>^^ extremis
20:34Crib>how can i 'verify that the settings table has the DBSchemaVer variable?
20:35sfr>Crib: ok, type 'select * from settings where value='MusicDBSchemaVer';' the quotes around MusicSch... are important.
20:35sfr>Crib: you did that a few minutes ago ;)
20:36Crib>oh shit man
20:36sfr>Crib: i _think_ the auto-db update was already part of 0.13.
20:36Crib>i just tried it again and i'm getting Didn't find any fields in table 'program'
20:36Crib>also 'recordedmarkup'
20:36Crib>and 'settings'
20:36Crib>now i know those tables shouldn't be empty
20:36sfr>what did you try again Crib?
20:36Crib>the 'select * from settings...'
20:37Crib>just as you said above
20:38sfr>Crib: does mythtv and your other plugins work?
20:38Crib>sfr: no man all is toast
20:38Crib>i can't get the back end to fire up
20:38Crib>did you read the error i typed above?
20:39Crib>the very first one
20:39@Chutt>crib, drop your database and let it recreate it.
20:39sfr>yes, but i wonder how that happened
20:39Crib>Chutt, I was just going to suggest that...but I'm're saying if I drop mythconverg then the next time i run mythbackend it will create a new one?
20:39Crib>i figrued i'd have to do that by hand
20:40Crib>wow, that's pretty sweet :)
20:40@Chutt>well, you'd have to create the database itself
20:40@Chutt>with the mc.sql script
20:40@Chutt>everything gets filled in automatically.
20:40Crib>but this is do-able at least...that's great news
20:40@Chutt>of course, you'll lose everything in the mythtv parts
20:40sfr>Crib: usually i don't like loosing all my settings, so i prefer to fix it by hand if possible
20:41Crib>i just rebooted, (bad habit picked up from years of running windows)
20:41Crib>i'm going to look at the tables again. if settings is still 'empty' then i think we need to do as chutt says
20:41@Chutt>or, just try to figure out what's wrong and fix it by hand
20:41Crib>oh god...
20:42Crib>mysqld: Error writing file '/var/log/mysql/mysql.log' (Errcode:28)
20:42sfr>disc full?
20:43Crib>Could not use /var/log/mysql/mysql.log for logging (error 28). Turning ologging off for the hwole duration of the MySQL server process. To turn it on again: fix the cause, shutdown the MySQL server and restart it.
20:43Crib>let me check
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20:45pcjabber>Hello all!
20:45pcjabber>I hope your holiday was great
20:45pcjabber>I got a new Pundit for Christmas, with a PVR-250, running FC1 and myth .13
20:45sfr>_my_ still is great :)
20:45pcjabber>I am very happy with it =)
20:45sfr>argh, holiday that is
20:45pcjabber>still a few things to tweak, but overall it is great
20:45pcjabber>where are you at sfr?
20:46sfr>germany, pcjabber
20:46sfr>pcjabber: everything was already installed? how boring
20:46_rkulagow>gah. comcast tech support sucks.
20:46pcjabber>this is a slight feature request -- I would post it to the list (I will end up doing so), but just wanted to see if this idea was worth anything =)
20:46pcjabber>no sfr
20:47pcjabber>i jumped in first thing and installed it all
20:47pcjabber>right after i got it
20:47pcjabber>the parents didnt see me until a few hours later hehe
20:47pcjabber>I'm going to get another 250, and a remote soon, but anyway -- =)
20:48pcjabber>in the Keybindings page (MythWeb), can we add a "Main Menu" JumpPoint?
20:48Crib>yeah i'm full. and so soon.
20:48Crib>40 GB ain't shit i guess
20:48Crib>guess i need to get rid of some recordings
20:48@Chutt>crib, so you probably don't need to drop the db
20:49Crib>i set those to go to var/video, but when i look in there i find a bunch of .nuv files with long number names
20:49Crib>are those my recordings or some sort of temp files?
20:49pcjabber>also a question -- what is everyone's favorite DVD player for Linux? I prefer Ogle, but I would like to see what others prefer
20:49sfr>Crib: you also might have mysql logging _every_ query. that takes a lot of space
20:49pcjabber>your recordings
20:49Crib>sfr: that makes sense
20:49Crib>i wish i knew what these were so i could save the chappelle show ones :(
20:49pcjabber>the first number (10XX) means the channel (strip the 10 from it)
20:50stua>irw is working fine, but mythfrontend reports: Failed to create lirc socket for mythtv.
20:50Crib>ah thanks ;)
20:50pcjabber>the next numbers are (not sure if this is the right order)
20:50pcjabber>mmddyyhhmm (starttime)
20:50stua>Any hits about what might be wrong?
20:50pcjabber>to mmddyyhhmm (endtime)
20:51pcjabber>np crib
20:51Crib>how much disk space do you gents use?
20:51sfr>stua: i don't use lirc, but maybe the dir. where lirc should create the socket in doesn't exist?
20:51pcjabber>per hour, Crib?
20:52pcjabber>1GB-2GB an hour
20:52Crib>nah, i mean how much do you have in your mythtv boxes
20:52_rkulagow>can someone that doesn't have a fucked up connection via comcast run the following and let me know what comes out?
20:52_rkulagow>whois -h
20:52pcjabber>approximates: 1GB/hour bitrate is 2200 (MPEG2), 2GB/hr bitrate is 4500 (MPEG2)
20:52pcjabber>oh sorry
20:52_rkulagow>(sorry for the non-myth tech shit)
20:52sfr>Crib: ~50GB for recordings
20:52@Chutt>rkulagow, what part of the info do you want?
20:52stua>sfr: it does. lircd runs fine and reports no error messages, and irw connects fine.
20:52pcjabber>sure ill do it rkulagow
20:53Crib>i'll have to figure out a way to get my .nuv files onto cdroms
20:53Crib>like divx or something
20:53=poptix [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:53_rkulagow>i guess who the netblock belongs to. it's my last good hop to about half the web, and when i call comcast tech support and tell them about traceroute dying at that hop they tell me to clear my web cache.
20:54=dilate [] quit ("Leaving")
20:55pcjabber>Oh, Crib, did you mean how big of a drive do i have
20:55pcjabber>or how much is full?
20:55pcjabber>full -- 4GB (2hrs)
20:55pcjabber>Crib -- do you have a bttv-based card or an ivtv-based card?
20:55_rkulagow>ok, pcjabber just sent me the info and yes, it's comcast's fault.
20:56Crib>pcjabber: bttv
20:56Crib>unfortunately ;)
20:56pcjabber>if its ivtv (PVR250, 350, etc) and produces MPEG2 files (PVR250,350), you can just rename it to .mpg and play it with anything (or reencode0
20:56pcjabber>use nuvexport -- it's quite useful
20:56Crib>yet another reason to spend money :)
20:56pcjabber>let me get you a link
20:56Crib>pc, i'll find it right now my database is f'd
20:57Crib>sfr, chutt: cleared disk space now mysqld starts fine.
20:57Crib>still running use mythconverg; produces some bad output:
20:57pcjabber>ill be back in a bit -- going to sit down and watch a DVD (with myth and ogle, of course ;-)
20:57Crib>Didn't find any fields in table 'program'
20:58Crib>Didn't find any fields in table 'recordedmarkup'
20:58Crib>Didn't find any fields in tabel 'settings'
20:58Crib>is it time to 'drop mythconverg';
20:59pcjabber>ahh yes -- a question -- what is everyone's favorite DVD player for Linux? I prefer Ogle, but I would like to see what others prefer
20:59pcjabber>sorry, im not sure what you're trying to do, crib
20:59Crib>pcjabber: i'm not that advanced yet ;)
20:59sfr>Crib: you can try to recover the mythconverg, but i've never needed/done that myself so can't help you there
20:59poo>pcjabber: how do you like your pundit?
20:59pcjabber>love it poo
20:59poo>pcjabber: how many tuner cards can you put in it?
20:59sfr>pcjabber: xine is ok for me
20:59pcjabber>do you have one, or looking into getting one?
20:59poo>pcjabber: i'm considering getting one
20:59pcjabber>sfr, xine doesnt work for me properly
21:00pcjabber>poo, 2 PVR250s can fit
21:00Crib>fuck it i'm nuking it
21:00poo>pcjabber: sweeeeeeet
21:00pcjabber>but to fit even 1, you have to make a case mod to it
21:00pcjabber>with a pair of tin snips
21:00poo>pcjabber: how bout 350's ?
21:00pcjabber>same though -- casemod
21:01poo>can you still fit a dvdr and two tuner cards?
21:01pcjabber>DVD and 2 tuners
21:01poo>oo that is most wicked
21:01pcjabber>it is a PITA to install the PCI bracket and drive cage, though
21:02pcjabber>it takes some finaegaling (sic)
21:02pcjabber>and you *have* to use the Pundit's IDE cable
21:02poo>yeah but its slick looking
21:02pcjabber>i agree
21:02poo>does it have 5.1 sound ?
21:02pcjabber>it supports 5.1 if i recall
21:02pcjabber>it has SPDIF optical too
21:02poo>mmmmm nice
21:02pcjabber>so, that definately (sic) has 5.1
21:03_rkulagow>poo: but the SPDIF is on the frontside, and to use it you have to open the media bay door, which ruins the "lines" of the case.
21:03pcjabber>i dont use SPDIF
21:04pcjabber>my stereo doesnt support it
21:04poo>rkulagow: do you have a competitor to suggest?
21:04poo>shopping for a pundit or pundit-like solution
21:04pcjabber>hold on i have a list
21:04pcjabber>just a sec
21:04poo>pcjabber: is your pundit quiet?
21:04poo>how bout irda?
21:04pcjabber>you have to enable the Q-Fan option though (in the BIOS)
21:05pcjabber>no irda onboard
21:05_rkulagow>poo: not really. you could do something like an antec case which looks like a piece of stereo equipment for around ~100 US. i think all the other small form factor PCs have one thing or another wrong with them.
21:05pcjabber>pcmcia, card reader, usb 2.0, firewire, etc =)
21:05_rkulagow>(antec overture or sonata look nice)
21:05pcjabber>just a sec -- got to find the list of SFF pcs i was considering
21:06pcjabber>messy desk ;-)
21:06poo>hrkulagow: mmm interesting point
21:06pcjabber>here we go --
21:06pcjabber>iDeq 200V
21:06pcjabber>Shuttle ST61G4
21:06pcjabber>Asus DigiMatrix
21:06pcjabber>those were my four SFFs i was considering
21:07pcjabber>bb a bit later =)
21:07poo>much thanks pcjabber
21:07pcjabber>oh -- one thing
21:07pcjabber>if you get a Pundit, DO NOT get a slot loading drive
21:07pcjabber>unless you plan to rip the optical drive cover off
21:07_rkulagow>now we just need each vendor to send me one for evaluation!
21:08pcjabber>first -- it takes a bit of force to load a slot loader vertically
21:08pcjabber>when a disc ejects, it only ejects partway unless you flip the door open
21:08+shamoun [] joined #mythtv
21:09pcjabber>and a tray drive has to conform to the right standards (ill post the pages from the manual explaining this later =)
21:09shamoun>hey all
21:09shamoun>we were talking about cheap hard drives last night, i just went to fry's, i got a 180 gig hitachi for 70 bux
21:09shamoun>it is a 1 day sale though, so if anyone is planning on getting one better be quick
21:10poo>shamoun: wow nice
21:10*sfr becomes jealous: 70$/180gigs tsts
21:10shamoun>well, i have to mail in the rebate, but still
21:10shamoun>damn good price
21:10*pcjabber becomes jealous too -- he only has a 160GB drive ;-)
21:11*pcjabber also doesnt have a Fry's (or Best Buy, or CompUSA) near him
21:11shamoun>pcjabber, is their site, i don't know if they have the same sale tho
21:12pcjabber>i dont need a new drive lol
21:12pcjabber>i just got the 160 yesterday heh
21:12pcjabber>i was just joking =)
21:13pcjabber>anyone know how to set the JumpPoint keybindings on the MythWeb page (i cant figure out how to put Control, etc in the boxes (how to write them))
21:13pcjabber>then im back to my DVD heh
21:19*sfr 's No 1 wishlist item for 1.0: mythvideo_on_demand
21:20pcjabber>hmm how would that work, sfr
21:20pcjabber>wow! its 3.30 there in Germany!
21:20sfr>i don't really care, i'm a user (mostly), not a developer
21:20pcjabber>i mean what would it do =)
21:21sfr>oh, well. having a very nice pvr doesn't mean the tv programm is 1st class too. so i demand to watch any movie any time i want to :)
21:24Crib>sfr, chutt: all fixed
21:24Crib>rebuilt the database, even mythmusic works now.
21:25Crib>much thanks, i'll be entertaining this weekend and the mythmusic will be nice
21:25Crib>'s NICE too
21:26=Viddy [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:27+mechou [] joined #mythtv
21:29mechou>I'm confused re comm flagging on myth13. If I check "automatically flag commercials", I don't get any red segments after pressing "M" in watch prerecorded. It didn't use to be this way...What am I doing wrong?
21:31shamoun>microsoft monopoly!
21:32shamoun>i have 2 hard drives in this system, i want to put windows on the smaller one but it won't let me, it wants the bigger one
21:32mechou>windows wants the first HDD, I believe. Just switch master & slave.....
21:33shamoun>mechou, i don't want to swith master and slave, i want linux to be master and i don't want to have to install and then switch again
21:34mechou>after linux installs u can switch windows drive backe to slave (after modifying lilo.conf)
21:34mechou>and running lilo
21:34shamoun>yea, but i hate opening that case
21:35shamoun>and ill have to take the drives out to see the jumper positions
21:35shamoun>so ill just not run windows
21:35mechou>:( whine....
21:37mechou>just disconnect master ide from ide cable u should be ggod to go....
21:37mechou>for windows install....
21:37mechou>reconnect ide cable when done.
21:38mechou>wont have to mess w/ jumpers......YMMV
21:39shamoun>mechou, nah, ill just install and let it put boot files on master, then format master later
21:40mechou>hmm, whats the point of that?....
21:42shamoun>it will put the boot files on the master and the windows install on slave
21:42shamoun>then ill format master, put gentoo on, and then i can use the bios to boot the second drive or use lilo for the first
21:43mechou>what boot files? the whole point is to keep linux and windows on separate disks, no?
21:43mechou>lilo+linux=>hda, windows=>hdb
21:44shamoun>mechou, yes, and that is what i will do
21:44shamoun>think of it this way
21:44shamoun>think of hda as a piece of paper
21:45shamoun>now think of youself as a magical fairy
21:45shamoun>and hdb as a glass of kool-aid
21:45shamoun>...wait where was i going with this?
21:45shamoun>there is nothing on hda right now ;)
21:46mechou>ok, in that case, np. use ghost or whatever to dupe windows (hda) to hdb, u're set.
21:47mechou>still thing it's easire just to disconnect idecable....
21:51shamoun>mechou, faster yes, but i bought these rounded cables and everytime i move them around the look less pretty
21:51shamoun>because they get all bent and the material inside changes shape
21:51=vax [] quit ("Client exiting")
21:52mechou>I don't know what kind of rounded cables u got. mine works fine, no bending....
21:53=stua [] quit ("Leaving")
22:22+virsys [] joined #mythtv
22:26-mechou [] left #mythtv ()
22:37tdb30_>anyone know how to fix the error QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded?
22:54GreyFoxx>You could always add the directory it's in to your /etc/
22:54GreyFoxx>For example on my box I have "/usr/lib/qt/plugins/sqldrivers
22:54tdb30_>yeah found out that for some reason the directory was empty
22:54GreyFoxx>" in mine
22:55GreyFoxx>Oh, did you compile QT yourself?
22:55tdb30_>don't remember.
22:55GreyFoxx>Do a search for
22:55GreyFoxx>If it's not on your system you will likely need to either reinstall with a version that does have it or recompile :)
23:15extremis>Is there a good gentoo+mythtv install out there?
23:15extremis>howto that is
23:15=virsys [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:18+latetalk [] joined #mythtv
23:22+poptix [] joined #mythtv
23:23+virsys [] joined #mythtv
23:36tdb30_>how many days does mythfilldatabase get?
23:41GreyFoxx>~9 I think
23:42tdb30_>I notice its doing it one day at a time. Is that because it populates the database by day?
23:48extremis>is there any loss or interference on a dvi cable ? I'm debating a 20' dvi run
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