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00:53tdb30_>any ideas why I'm not getting audio? I have a pvr 350.
00:54paulproteus|lapt>Would anyone like to recommend a USB keyboard to buy (wireless or wired), and/or a USB remote control (wireless)? The cheaper the better, obviously, but I'll be happy steering clear of really cheap junk.
00:55tdb30_>I use a cheapo wireless logitech
00:55tdb30_>mouse/keyboard combo
00:55tdb30_>well they are seperate devices but they use the same controler dongle. and were boxed together.
00:56tdb30_>I made my own serial remote control so I can't help you on the usb remote control
01:03paulproteus|lapt>Heh. :)
01:03paulproteus|lapt>Is the remote control you made infrared?
01:04tdb30_>Acutaly I just made the reciever. I'm using a universal remote with it.
01:04tdb30_>I put the tivo codes into the remote.
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02:13vanquish>anyone here familar with the install of mythtv on fedora?
02:13vanquish>using Jarod's guide
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02:14vanquish>I'm attempting 'apt-get install bttv-kmdl-$KERNEL', but I'm getting the error: "E: Couldn't find package"
02:15vanquish>I checked and the package is there, but the name contains "" and I don't know what that means
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05:03robbie>i have a complaint about mythtv
05:03robbie>it allowed me to record what is possibly the worst movie ever
05:04robbie>"Santa Clause Conquers the Martians"
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05:18shamoun>robbie, yes, if i were the myth developer, i would make sure that it recorded every airing of that movie on every myth box around the world
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05:26engie>Hi. Can I just confirm, after my previous stupidities, that sarge is debian unstable, and useful for the unstable debs
05:27engie>Or is that sid...
05:28robbie>are you asking so you know what to put in your /etc/apt/sources.list file ?
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05:29engie>I'm starting afresh on a new HD, looking to see what installers to grab
05:29engie>I'm downloading a sarge netinst now, but that could well be wrong
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05:36shamoun>engie, you use debian and myth?
05:37shamoun>i run debian on this machine, but gentoo on my myth machine
05:37shamoun>i prefer it for multimedia
05:39robbie>i fail to see how there could be a difference?
05:40engie>shamoun: I saw some (strange but true) benchmarks that put debian way ahead of gentoo, plus I know debian.
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06:48*Matt pokes nuvexport with a big stick
06:48Matt>or at least, nuvexport+vcdimager
06:53shamoun>engie, linux is linux so long as it is not redhat/mandrake crap
06:53shamoun>but i like being able to compile from scratch on a multimedia machine
06:53shamoun>later all
06:53shamoun>need some sleep
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07:14Peit|Home>mythcommflag can reflag a program for commercial breaks, but it's returning file not found in the "breaks" section for a program i've transcoded, is there a way to fix?
07:34Peit|Home>ah, you have to run mythcommflag on the backend, not on a frontend, even if the frontend has the same file in the same place as the backend
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08:46stua>Question: since tv_grab_sn isn't working, is there a way to manually tune the channels?
08:46robbie>use mythweb and your favourite broswer
08:46stua>robbie: thanks
08:47sfr>stua: to set up your channels? use xawtv to create a .xawtvrc containing all channels and import them via mythfilldatabase
08:47robbie>or that :)
08:47stua>sfr: can't use xawtv since I have a pvr350
08:48stua>where can I find mythweb? Does it need to be downloaded separately?
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08:48stua>ah, found it... sorry -- asking before I think.
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10:14Octane>good morning; does anyone here know exactly how the nestitle database reading works?
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10:15sfr>Octane: nestitle?
10:15Octane>the db
10:15Peit|Home>anyone know what type 5 is for mythcommflag? is it the end of the program?
10:15Octane>that keeps all the nes titles :)
10:15sfr>Octane: oh, mythgame?
10:16sfr>Octane: never used it :)
10:16Octane>i am working on an update for the nes title table
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11:10meth>is there any way to get the frontend to shut down after x amount of mins. of no input from the user? if it stays on overnight it locks up my pc for some reason
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11:12mythtv>anyone here have experience setting up an ir blaster for mythtv ?
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11:12meth>i got a ir blaster
11:12*meth makes sure its a ir blaster
11:13meth>hm packard bell
11:13nbro>was it very hard to setup ? I've got a "JetEye" IR device which supposedly works in linux with lirc however i have no idea where to start
11:14meth>plugin the receiver
11:14nbro>this is the last thing i need to get working for my mythtv
11:14meth>do you know if the remote works?
11:14meth>have you tested it yet in linux
11:14nbro>the blaster is plugged into the serial port now i have no clue where what to do next
11:14meth>let me remember the command
11:14nbro>this isn't for a remote, my remote works, this is for changing channels on my difgitial cable box
11:15meth>digital cable box?
11:15nbro>do i need to do something to enable the serial port ?
11:15nbro>yup, my mythtv box has to be able to cahnge the channels on my cable box via an IR transmitter
11:16meth>type: irw
11:16meth>then use the remote
11:16meth>see if it reads
11:16nbro>the remote works, using a PVR-250 remote
11:16meth>oh ok
11:16nbro>have already done all that
11:17meth>so as the user you run irexec add edit ~/.lircrc
11:17nbro>my problem is getting the IR Transmitter so that the PC can change channels on my cable box
11:17meth>i get it
11:17meth>you have digital cable box to receive
11:17meth>pumping video to your mythtv pc
11:19meth>ya i dunno how to do that hehe
11:20meth>you want the remote for your pc to change station on a digital receiver
11:20nbro>nope, the PC has to be able to change channels on the digital box so that it can record shows on various channels
11:21meth>ya ive not gotten there yet
11:21tdb30_>what kind of ir transmiter are you using?
11:21meth>were working on satellite right now
11:21tdb30_>I'm using a homebrew to change channels on my digital box.
11:21nbro>it is called a JetEye
11:21nbro>it is IrDA 1.1 compatible so it should work with lirc
11:22nbro>i have no clue where to start thoughj on getting this working... i think the first thing is to check if my serial port is enabled
11:23tdb30_>lirc also needs you to run a program called setserial to turn of the uart or something. Or that you not have certian serial drivers loaded.
11:23nbro>turn off uart ?
11:24tdb30_>yeah. I use the command setserial /dev/ttyS1 uart none
11:24tdb30_>because my transmiter is on the serial port
11:24tdb30_>not sure about the irda stuff though.
11:24nbro>what is uart/what does it do ? (i should probably alrerady know this)
11:24tdb30_>maybe you don't have to do that.
11:25nbro>i've never worked with serial ports before but i am assuming they arent plug and play like most other ports
11:25tdb30_>I forget what it stants for (universal asyncronis transmiter/reciever or something). Its a piece of hardware on serial boards. Its basicly a buffer I think
11:26tdb30_>man my spelling stinks this early in the morining.
11:28nbro>ohoh ... ever since i installed my wireless mouse/keyboard this morning the PVR-250 remote no longer works....
11:28nbro>or i should say lirc no longer works
11:29nbro>gonna reboot, brb
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11:36mythtv>you guys still there ? lirc no longer working :(
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11:38meth>is it still on?
11:38meth>drivers loaded irexec/event started?
11:38mythtv>i think i know the problem, i think i gotta run some ivtv commands first
11:39mythtv>since IR si coming through PVR 250
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11:40mythtv>where should i put commands like modprobe ivtv for boot loading ?
11:42meth>or /etc/modules.d/...
11:42meth>depends on the system
11:43meth>/etc/modules.d/aliases for me
11:43mythtv>using redhat 9
11:43meth>look in modules.d
11:44mythtv>what about moduules.conf ?
11:45mythtv>so how would i add /sbin/modprobe ivtv
11:45mythtv>just put that line at the bottom ?
11:46mythtv>maybe i'll just create a shell script with all the commands
11:46meth>alias char-major-61 lirc_serial
11:46meth>thats what i do
11:46mythtv>yeah, i got that already.. this is for my PVR-250
11:47pahli_bar>mythtv: see
11:47mythtv>is that jared's guiode ?
11:48mythtv>i did all that, but i still need to run the PVR-250 commands and an lirc command or two after booting
11:48pahli_bar>mythtv: there should be something similar to update-modules (from debian) in redhat.
11:50pahli_bar>mythtv: did u put it in ur /etc/modules.conf
11:50pahli_bar>mythtv: and it doesn't load it up at boot time?
11:51pahli_bar>thats funny. does your kernel do autoloading modules?
11:51meth>you can alweays make a script and load it in local.start
11:52mythtv>i'm assuming it does.... using the kernel sugested in Jared guide
11:52mythtv>followed the steps to a T
11:53pahli_bar>how it works is the first time anyprogram needs to access ivtv, kernel will automatically load the modules by looking at /etc/modules.conf
11:53mythtv>so if i do a cat video > file.mpg drivers should already be loaded correct ?
11:54mythtv>that is how i have been testing
11:54pahli_bar>mythtv: yes
11:54mythtv>ok, cause i definetly need to re-run the ivtv loading commands before doing that
11:54pahli_bar>mythtv: show ur /etc/modules.conf
11:55mythtv>path[toplevel]=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/updates
11:55mythtv># default path
11:55mythtv>path[toplevel]=/lib/modules/`uname -r`
11:55mythtv>alias char-major-61 lirc_i2c
11:55mythtv>alias eth0 via-rhine
11:55mythtv>alias usb-controller ehci-hcd
11:55mythtv>alias usb-controller1 usb-uhci
11:55mythtv> # ALSA portion
11:55mythtv> #alias char-major-116 snd
11:55mythtv> #alias snd-card-0 snd-via82xx
11:55mythtv> # module options should go here
11:55mythtv> # OSS/Free portion
11:55mythtv> #alias char-major-14 soundcore
11:55mythtv> # card #1
11:55mythtv> #alias sound-service-0-0 snd-mixer-oss
11:55mythtv> #alias sound-service-0-1 snd-seq-oss
11:55mythtv> #alias sound-service-0-3 snd-pcm-oss
11:55mythtv> #alias sound-service-0-8 snd-seq-oss
11:55mythtv> #alias sound-service-0-12 snd-pcm-oss
11:55mythtv>alias sound-slot-0 via82cxxx_audio irq=5
11:55mythtv>post-install sound-slot-0 /bin/aumix-minimal -f /etc/.aumixrc -L >/dev/null 2>&1 || :
11:55mythtv>pre-remove sound-slot-0 /bin/aumix-minimal -f /etc/.aumixrc -S >/dev/null 2>&1 || :
11:55mythtv>options prism2_usb prism2_doreset=1
11:55mythtv>alias wlan0 prism2_usb
11:55mythtv>alias char-major-195 nvidia
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11:55mythtv># ivtv modules setup
11:55mythtv>alias char-major-81 videodev
11:55mythtv>alias char-major-81-0 ivtv
11:55mythtv>options ivtv debug=1
11:55mythtv>options tuner type=2
11:56mythtv>options msp3400 once=1 simple=1
11:56mythtv>add below ivtv msp3400 saa7115 tuner
11:56mythtv>add above ivtv lirc_dev lirc_i2c
11:56mythtv>look ok ?
11:57pahli_bar>looks fine. can you check one more thing. for your kernel look at the config file (it should be in /boot/) and see whats against CONFIG_KMOD
11:58mythtv>what is file name ?
11:58pahli_bar>it will be config-XXX (XXX - kernel version)
12:00pahli_bar>whenever any program access /dev/video kernel will see look for char-major-81 (which is the name for /dev/video) and load the module corresponding to it. char-major-81-0 corresponds to /dev/video0
12:00pahli_bar>mythtv: ok
12:00mythtv>is that the right value ?
12:01pahli_bar>can you unload the ivtv module now and do cat /dev/video0 > file.mpeg and see if it loads the module
12:01mythtv>how do i unload the modules
12:01pahli_bar>mythtv: rmmod or modprobe -r
12:02mythtv>i'm 99.9% certain i'' just get static
12:02mythtv>modprobe -r ivtv right ?
12:02pahli_bar>do lsmod after catting and see if module is loaded
12:03mythtv>ivtv 85340 0 (autoclean)
12:03pahli_bar>mythtv: there it got loaded. see!!
12:03mythtv>is that what i should be looking for ?
12:04mythtv>hmmm... so one of the commands in the Jared guide must be fixing the static or somewthing
12:04pahli_bar>mythtv: you might need to change the input for ivtv. is it cable connection?
12:04mythtv>one of the test_iotcl commands
12:05mythtv>nope, s-video
12:05mythtv>got it
12:05mythtv>-p 6
12:05pahli_bar>thats it. just add the line for that in ur modules.conf
12:06pahli_bar>post-install ivtv /usr/lib/ivtv/test_ioctl -p 4
12:06mythtv>hmmm.... so i wonder why the remote stopped working
12:06pahli_bar>is lirc running?
12:07mythtv>sec, i'm going to try again just to make sure
12:08pahli_bar>check lsmod to see if lirc_i2c is loaded or not. thats what should control the 250 remote receiver
12:08mythtv>for some reason,
12:08mythtv>if video input is not set to -6 (s-video) remote doesnt work either
12:09pahli_bar>remote will change channels (frequencies) equivalent to the input
12:13mythtv>ah, cool... thanks for your help by the way.
12:13pahli_bar>mythtv: np
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12:14mythtv>now back to my original plan... getting my JetEye IR Blaster working
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12:16mythtv>how can i check if my serial port is accessible/working ? do i have to disable uart or anything like that ?
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12:18pahli_bar>try loading lirc_serial and check dmesg if it complains
12:20mythtv>lirc_serial ? who would have though... :)
12:22mythtv>[root@localhost root]# /sbin/modprobe lirc_serial
12:22mythtv>/lib/modules/ init_module: Device or resource busy
12:22mythtv>Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters.
12:22mythtv> You may find more information in syslog or the output from dmesg
12:22mythtv>/lib/modules/ insmod /lib/modules/ failed
12:22mythtv>/lib/modules/ insmod lirc_serial failed
12:22mythtv>[root@localhost root]#
12:24pahli_bar>irq/port might be wrong. whats irq/port for your serial ports
12:24pahli_bar>you can see it in your bios
12:25mythtv>so gotta reboot then ?
12:25pahli_bar>hmmm. maybe not
12:25mythtv>can lirc and lirc_serial run at same time wihout conflict ?
12:26pahli_bar>usually serial port 1 is 0x3f8 irq 4 and port 2 is 0x2f8 irq 3
12:27mythtv>ok, so should i check these values in some lirc_serial config file and try changing them ?
12:28pahli_bar>mythtv: again it will be in /etc/modules.conf: options lirc_serial io=0x3f8 irq=4 for example
12:30mythtv>so if there is nothing like that in there i should be adding it correct ?
12:31pahli_bar>mythtv: yes
12:31mythtv>and then depmod -a to refresh/apply the change as if i rebooted ?
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12:32pahli_bar>no need for depmod
12:32pahli_bar>but won't hurt
12:32mythtv>would any other lirc_serial lines be needed in the conf file ?
12:34pahli_bar>first check if you can load lirc_serial module first
12:34mythtv>added the line and checked, same error
12:34mythtv>maybe i should reboot and check bios for exact serial values
12:35pahli_bar>try with io=0x2f8 and irq=3
12:35Octane>thats a good idea
12:35Octane>how many serial ports does your mobo have
12:35pahli_bar>yes. that would avoid any second guessing
12:35Octane>btw, very original nick
12:36mythtvis now known as nbro
12:36nbro>there ya go :)
12:36nbro>only one serial port
12:36Octane>probably com1 then??
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12:36Octane>check your mobo's manual
12:37nbro>cant what ?
12:37nbro>for the irq/port values ?
12:38Octane>yah you need to know
12:38Octane>although its probably gonna be according to the comport
12:39nbro>doesnt have the values in the book that i can find...
12:39Octane>then reboot
12:39nbro>just says 1 serial
12:39Octane>probably com1
12:39Octane>which means 03f8 and 4
12:40Octane>either try or reboot, stop talking about it :P
12:40Octane>personally i prefer rebooting
12:42nbro>in the book it says com1 is irq4
12:46nbro>ok, gonna reboot to be 100% certain. be right back.
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12:46Octane>then use 3f8 and 4
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12:49Peit|Home>anyone where myth gets the length (in seconds, rather than bytes) of a file?
12:49pahli_bar>Peit|Home: from the db
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12:50mythtvis now known as nbro
12:51Lenolium>What version of the bttv driver is recommended for use? Running the 2.6.0 kernel, and my system seems to crash sometimes when recording. Should I just get the bigpatch? or try for bttv v0.9.x?
12:51nbro>serial - 378H/IRQ4
12:52Octane>okay, then now you know, and set lirc_serial properly
12:54nbro>i have it set to the following:
12:54nbro>options lirc_serial io=0x03f8 irq=4
12:54nbro>which i am assuming is correct...
12:55pahli_bar>nbro: try releasing the serial port first. setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart none
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12:56nbro>hey, i think it worked...
12:56nbro>no message but took 1 sec to run and lirc_serial didnt give me any error msg's
12:56pmoreau>Can anybody help out with my mythtv setup? I'm running Knoppmyth R4 with a PVR-250 and the sound and video are not in sync.
12:56pahli_bar>good for you
12:57nbro>now the only question is how to test it out
12:57Octane>i want to make love to my mythtv box
12:57nbro>there is a light on top of the device that is suppose to come on when the device is plugged in or in use
12:57mikegrb>Octane: me too
12:57Octane>what is it that youre trying to do nbro?
12:57Octane>mikegrb ya!!!
12:57Octane>mikegrb: want to have a foursome?
12:57pahli_bar>get a girlfriend you guys !!
12:58*mikegrb is married
12:58nbro>i have a JetEye IR Transmitter that i want to use to change channels on my digital cable box
12:58*Octane has a girlfriend
12:58Octane>omg, sixsome!!
12:58mikegrb>mythtv is just so damn sexy
12:58Octane>it really is
12:58pahli_bar>lol... wife better not hear about it...
12:58Octane>nbro okay... so when you do irsend it gives no error?
12:58nbro>irsend ?
12:59pmoreau>Has anybody seen the problem with the sound getting way ahead of the video stream using a PVR-250?
12:59Octane>you want to use your ir blaster to send signals to the settop box, right?
12:59nbro>just did a man irsend
12:59Octane>no proble here pmoreau; what soundcard?
12:59Octane>you using rca or tuner
12:59nbro>the cable box ?
12:59nbro>GI digital cable box and PVR-250 tuner
13:00Octane>i was talking to pmoreau
13:00Octane>nbro: you want to use your ir blaster to send signals to the settop box, right?
13:00pmoreau>Creative SB something of another, The sound starts off in sync then get's ahead of the video, till it's about 2 seconds or so, then starts to break up.
13:00Octane>okay. you have one instance of lirc running?
13:00Octane>or two?
13:00nbro>right now none but will have one for hauppauge remote and one for serial port
13:01nbro>i guess i just started the serial port with the lirc_serial command
13:01Octane>okay im really confused
13:01Octane>you have one running obviously
13:02pmoreau>I've had the SB in several Linux boxes and never a problem.
13:02Smokie>I have not enough space on hdd for timeshift. Is it possible to turn the background recording off ?
13:02Octane>sorry pmoreau, i dont know
13:02nbro>yes, i have lirc with the remote working in mythtv however i need to get the IR blaster working which is what i am trying to do now
13:02pmoreau>K, thanx
13:02Peit|Home>pahli_bar: i transcoded a film, but it disn't work as well as i wanted, so i tried to roll it back by copying a backup in it's place, but it had lost the cutlist, which i tried to re-create using mythcomflag
13:02Octane>okay so you have TWO lircs running?
13:03Peit|Home>pahli_bar: the file has a slight error in it, and now i can't seek past it, where as i used to be able to.
13:03nbro>lirc for remote that runs and lirc_serial which i think may be running but need to figure out ircsend command
13:03Octane>okay, so is your grey remote working fine?
13:03Octane>whats the name of your second lirc instance?
13:03nbro>uh... 2nd instance ?
13:04nbro>all i have done is modprobe lirc_serial
13:04=virsys [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:04nbro>now not sure what to do next,,,,
13:04Octane>have you read about what youre trying to do at all? its a little bit more complicated than that
13:04Octane>search the mailing list dude
13:04nbro>yeah, i have done some reading
13:05Octane>refer to this howto:
13:05Octane>its not 100% what you want to do
13:05Octane>but it will guide you
13:05=stua [] quit ("Leaving")
13:05Octane>use lirc_serial instead of lirc_Sir
13:05nbro>my main concern is being able to get the ir blaster i have working
13:05Octane>is your ir blaster known to work with lirc?
13:05nbro>it is IrDA 1.1 so it should be supported by lirc
13:06Octane>you first need to decide if you want to just use your hauppauge remote or use both the blaster adn the remote
13:06Octane>if you want the former: its easy, rebuild lirc with irda support and load up lirc_serial, if you want the ladder read that howto and createa second lirc instance
13:06nbro>i will need to use both, since the PC needs to be able to change channels to record stuff on it's own
13:07Octane>it can just have an ir blaster to do that
13:07Octane>you dont need the grey remote to do that
13:07nbro>right but when i want to watch live tv i need to use the grey remote for changing channels on my own and stuff
13:08Octane>(youd ont have to , you can use a keyboard but anyway)
13:08Octane>okay so you want two instances
13:08Octane>follow the first part of robert's guide
13:08Octane>and create a second lirc instance named remote
13:08nbro>ok, thanks, i'll do that now
13:08Octane>it will sit on a different char major
13:08Octane>after you do that
13:08Octane>you want to load up lirc_serial
13:08Octane>not lirc_sir like he suggests
13:08nbro>ok.. well right now the remote works so i'll create a 2nd instance called irBlaster
13:09Octane>furthermore, i am assuming you used apt-get for lirc, so you dont need to follow the backup step
13:09nbro>ok, cool
13:09Octane>just the rename step (renaming all remote (former lirc) bins to remote_<bin>)
13:09Octane>then you gotta edit your modules.conf
13:09Octane>and your rc.local
13:09Octane>make sure your settings are different
13:09Octane>and make sure you also /sbin/rmmod serial
13:09nbro>why /sbin/rmmod serial ?
13:09Octane>and make sure your ttyS is 0 not 1
13:10Octane>because you are removing linux's builtin serial support
13:10Octane>and using lirc's
13:10Octane>you can always test via the control center (assuming your in kde)
13:10Octane>and go to Information -> Ioports and information -> interrupts
13:10Octane>and make sure your lirc_serial (which will be named remote_serial) is being loaded properly
13:10Octane>right now if you go there
13:10Octane>you will see serial loaded
13:11Octane>also make sure your options remote_sir irq=3 io=0x2f8 reads options remote_sir irq=4 io=0x3f8
13:11Octane>and like i said setserial /dev/ttyS0 uart none instead of setserial /dev/ttyS1 uart none
13:11Octane>that indicates its COM1 not COM2
13:11Octane>because robert's (the guy who wrote the guide) blaster sits on com2
13:11Octane>also i think you should skip step 7, though im not sure
13:11Octane>since your blaster is IrDA
13:11Octane>i think thats it :D
13:12nbro>wish i had a printer to print all this off :)
13:13Octane>i wish mine worked, LOL
13:13Octane>waiting for another ir blaster, mine was a pos (actisys)
13:13Octane>this time around itll be a homebrew
13:15nbro>well i have 2 of these jeteye .. if one works you can have the other :)
13:17Octane>thank you for the offer ,but another is in the mail
13:17Octane>i am too scared of making a hoembrew
13:17Octane>ill probably fuck it up
13:17Octane>although it could be fun, maybe ill make one when this new one arrives and if it works :D
13:18nbro>what is "char major"
13:18Octane>its where modules sit
13:19Octane>youll notice in your modules.conf lirc has 61
13:19nbro>ok... my "remote" instance of lirc will actually be running theblaster correct ?
13:19Octane>and itll be on 72
13:19Octane>thats why you gotta edit all those files
13:20nbro>ah, ok
13:20=Peit|Home [] quit ("Client Exiting")
13:20nbro>so i can skip step 1 though right, it isn't going to harm my current setup (it copies files, doesnt rename/change what is currently installed)
13:20+Zeran [~public@] joined #mythtv
13:22Octane>no you need step 1! lol!
13:22Octane>you gotta get lirc again
13:22nbro>ha, ok
13:22nbro>and where do i get
13:22Octane>because it wont be lirc
13:22Octane>scroll down
13:22Octane>c&p in to vi and save
13:22nbro>ok :)
13:23Octane>dont forget, rmmod serial!
13:23Octane>he doesnt have it there
13:23Octane>but its important
13:23Octane>in rc.local
13:23Octane>there it is as well
13:23Zeran>you guys are familiar with linux modules?
13:23Octane>make sure to chmod +x and 755
13:24=dja_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:25+virsys [] joined #mythtv
13:25nbro>how long does it take to run and change all the ports and stuff ?
13:26Zeran>anyone have any tips as to what I should do if I accidentally waste /lib/modules/* ? :)
13:26Octane>you have to do it manually lol
13:26nbro>yeah, was just reading that part
13:26Octane>uh oh zerasn
13:26Octane>nbro just do it!
13:26Zeran>well, I didnt waste it by hand
13:26Octane>itll atke 10 minutes
13:26Octane>to do it manually
13:26nbro>i dont have to do the rmmod serial until later though right ?
13:26Zeran>some other command obviously wasted it
13:26Octane>just add /sbin/rmmod serial to rc.local when editing rc.local
13:26Octane>one step at a time :)
13:26Octane>make sure you do it before set serial
13:27Smokie>I have not enough space on hdd for timeshift. Is it possible to turn the background recording off ?
13:27=pmoreau [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:28Octane>get a new hdd
13:28Smokie>but xmas is past ... :-()
13:29Zeran>does anyone know what USED to be in /lib/modules/* ?
13:29Octane>lol smokie
13:29Octane>clear some shows out?
13:29Smokie>hmm, i am installing mythtv :-)
13:29Octane>Zeran, its all the modules of your kernel
13:30Octane>how big is your hdd
13:30Zeran>where can I reacquire these modules?
13:30Octane>uhm, apt-get install your kernel again?
13:30Zeran>hmmmm I dont think thats a good idea
13:30Octane>Zeran i suggest you go to #linuxhelp
13:30Octane>that is not mythtv related
13:30Octane>or #linux or #fedora or #redhat, whatever
13:31Octane>Smokie what o/s
13:31Zeran>there were mythtv related modules in there :)
13:31Smokie>os ? gentoo ?
13:31Octane>okay so your install wont be that big
13:31Smokie>i have 470 meg free
13:31Smokie>So there is no way to turn it off ?
13:32Octane>what do you want to use myth for if you can timeshift or record?
13:32Smokie>mp3, epg ... divx ....
13:32Octane>on a networked drive?
13:32Octane>and you wanna just watch tv like normal with no timeshifting or recording?
13:33Smokie>for first, yes ... later (when my child is born) timeshift may be an option ...
13:34Octane>you can turn off recording all together
13:34Octane>i ams ure of it
13:34Octane>i just dont know how :P :(
13:34Smokie>is the qualitiy increasing than ?
13:34*Matt pokes mikegrb
13:37Smokie>ohh, i thought fb is an option as i choose it on compile time :-()
13:37Smokie>can i turn it off, or do i need to recompile ....
13:37Octane>i am sure you can turn it off
13:37Smokie>but you don\xB4t know how ..:-()
13:39Octane>no sorry
13:39Octane>i know you can set the framebuffer to 1gb
13:39Octane>i think thats the minimum
13:40Smokie>ohh, the framebuffer is not the timeshift buffer. Framebuffer replaces X.
13:43+pmoreau [] joined #mythtv
13:48meth>is there any way with nuvexport to auto convert shows once a day
13:48meth>in a week its filled up 80G
13:48meth>71G ./TV
13:48+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
13:49Octane>anyone know if i remove channels from my xmltv channel file
13:49Octane>will it remove it from the program guide all together
13:50meth>i think to remove from guide you gotta remove the chans from mysql
13:50meth>or remove them from xmltv and update the db
13:50meth>possibly run another mythfilldatabase after you remove, not sure tho
13:51Octane>alrighty thanks
13:51Octane>cuz i have a thousnad channels
13:51Octane>and half of them are bsd
13:52meth>a thousand damn
13:52meth>i got like 50 hehe
13:52Octane>sometimes i wish i had 50 i swear
13:52meth>man i wish it auto reduced file sizes
13:52meth>tv epps at like 2G :/
13:53Octane>use nuvexport
13:53*meth reduces recording quality
13:53meth>well nuvexport isnt automatic
13:53meth>ima make it automatic on my day off
13:53meth>i record everything on high quality.. ima stop doin that
13:53meth>i have no room to rip dvd's now :(
13:53DogBoy>do you have to save everything?
13:54meth>hehe ya
13:54meth>320G or so full :(
13:54=Zeran [~public@] quit ()
13:54meth>i gotta get another 160G drive
13:54meth>or the nerve to burn dvds
13:54=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
13:58nbro>still around octane ?
13:59+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
13:59nbro>i'm on step 3 where i have to select my device in the config secion
13:59nbro>should i just leave it as is ?
14:00nbro>(defualt value)
14:00nbro>i go into IrDA hardware but my device isn't present (only 4 devices their)
14:01Octane>i dont know
14:01Octane>look for the irda compatible shit
14:02Octane>hey meth, so should i just remove the row sof the channels i dont want
14:02meth>make sure their not in xmltv configs too
14:02Octane>cool, i also added not to the channels in the config
14:02meth>it 'should' work
14:02meth>but ive never done it
14:02mikegrb>this distcc stuff is awesome
14:03mikegrb>uses multiple cpus on your network to compile something in parallel
14:03mikegrb>using thee computers to compile qt
14:03meth>does it have to be lan?
14:03mikegrb>esecially when a 750mhz xbox is the one that needs qt compiled ;)
14:03*meth uses his servers to help compile :P
14:03mikegrb>it doesn't have to be
14:03=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:03mikegrb>I used a colo box last night
14:03meth>i should set it up on my 4 2.4ghz servers hehe
14:04meth>convert all my movies at once
14:04mikegrb>the local computers were waiting for files to transfer back and forth a lot
14:04Octane>oh thats awesome mike
14:04meth>man it takes nuvexport a long time to encode :(
14:04Octane>that would have helped my freebsd kenrnel compile
14:05meth>looks like no tv shows for me tonight
14:05meth>ohh i can remove all the dupes heh
14:06Octane>hey meth, if i remove a channel from channel table... will it still show in program guide?
14:06Octane>if program table has shows from it
14:09meth>not sure how it adds things to the program guide
14:09meth>but you will most likley need to repopulate the database, running the filldatabase program again
14:10tmk>deleting from the channel table is sufficient
14:10meth>ah good took 71G down to 55G by removing repeate tv shows
14:11*meth can be happy with the fact his shows will be recorded tonight
14:11tmk>as long as you remove the channels from the mythfilldatabase (aka xmltv) config files
14:11meth>ya octane so tmk agrees, should work
14:12meth>now to make nuvexport use cpu
14:13+D-side [] joined #mythtv
14:13Octane>thansk tmk :D
14:13Octane>and meth too
14:13nbro>shit when i run the configure i get this
14:13nbro>configure: error: *** you need to have the Linux kernel source installed
14:13nbro> for this driver
14:14tmk>the next course of action seems clear
14:16meth>root 27239 1.2 0.5 10692 4724 pts/6 SN 13:58 0:13 ffmpeg -y -f s16le -ar 32000 -ac 2 -i fifodir/audout -f rawvideo -s 480x480 -r 29.97 -i fifodir/vidout -b 0256 -ab 064 -s 0320x0240 Aqua Teen Hungerforce
14:16meth>doesnt even show up on top
14:16meth>using nothing bah
14:18Octane>hmmm should i remove my music channels? :D
14:18Octane>yes i should!
14:18Octane>100 channels of crapola!
14:19Octane>see meth, there is a tenth right there that just sucks
14:19Octane>actually a 1/20th
14:19meth>i get basic cable
14:19meth>working on satellite now
14:19tmk>i removed all the channels that are not tuner-able from my digital-cable svideo in
14:19tmk>so it doesn't try to record stuff the tuner could get
14:20tmk>and dirty my listings with duplicates
14:20meth>how well does this integrate with a sat/cable tuner
14:20meth>for digital cable per-say
14:20meth>i assume octane has digital cable
14:21Octane>yes he does
14:21meth>bah conveting to vcd uses plenty of cpu hehe
14:21meth>but will it take less time
14:21meth>octane do you need a cable receiver?
14:21meth>or is it just plugged into your capture card
14:22Octane>wall -> coax -> box -> svideo out
14:22Octane>-> pvr
14:22meth>so no digital cable receiver then
14:22Octane>i have a settop box
14:22Octane>but no receiver
14:23meth>so mythtv controls all channel changing and such
14:23Octane>oh wow cool
14:23Octane>removing stuff from channel table
14:23Octane>really helps
14:23meth>im trying to find out how well this can integrate into a satellite setup
14:23Octane>you guys were right
14:23meth>since a dvb-s card i dont thnk takes a sat. program card thingy
14:24tmk>octane: put in a splitter, and send the coax to both the pvr and the cable box
14:24tmk>that way if you want, you can watch other tv while it records
14:24tmk>if it's recording < channel 95 or w/e
14:24-pmoreau [] left #mythtv ()
14:24Octane>badass idea
14:24Octane>so ill have two inputs to my pvr
14:24meth>that would be cool
14:24Octane>that would be much faster too
14:24Octane>when changing channels
14:24Octane>for <100
14:25Octane>but you know, the channels are actually different... like for example, 24 is XYZ w/ no box, and its different with the digital cable box
14:25Octane>has no significance, just intersting
14:26tmk>like i said before.. what i did was remove all the non-digital channels from the tv-lineup for the cable-box->pvr input
14:26Octane>thats really smart
14:26Octane>and vice versa for the digital cable
14:26Octane>i assume
14:27+ofer [] joined #mythtv
14:27tmk>well for the tuner
14:27tmk>it''s a different xmltv entity
14:27Octane>that way you dont have duplicates
14:27Octane>yah i get it
14:27Octane>thats such a good idea!
14:27*Octane goes to dismantle the splitter from the living room
14:27ofer>heya, mythtv is cool, but i'm having trouble understanding backend vs master backend vs frontend
14:28tmk>master backend controls everything
14:28ofer>i have a backend on my desktop
14:28tmk>backend just means it has a tuner and can record
14:28Octane>backend is a server and frontend is client
14:28ofer>what about the tvlistings?
14:28ofer>are those on the back end or front end?
14:28tmk>only on master backend
14:28tmk>they all share a database
14:29ofer>im running the backend on my deskto pand a frontend on my laptop
14:29ofer>but the tvlistings from the backend dont show up
14:29tmk>check the console for errors
14:30tmk>and check your setup: you're probably not connecting to the database or something
14:30tmk>i'm sure this is dealt with in the documenataion
14:30tmk>and mailing-list
14:30ofer>there are no errors
14:30ofer>the documentation says set up everything like you did on the main except for the tuner card
14:30ofer>and the master backend should be picking up the tv listings
14:30ofer>but it's not
14:30tmk>are you running mythfilldatabase?
14:31ofer>it syas that the master backend should be picking up the listings, i. e. i should only need to run it on the mastr backend
14:31ofer>so, no =)
14:31tmk>the documentation mostly assumes that the front/backend are on the same box
14:31tmk>if the frontend is remote, you need to change a few things
14:32*Octane is enjoying looking at mythweb in browser's full screen mode
14:33ofer>im followiing the directions to make my sql database have no security
14:36ofer>so i need to run the mythbackend on my laptop im assuming
14:36ofer>there has to be a mythbackend on every machine that runs mythfrontend?
14:36D-side>er, no.
14:37+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
14:37D-side>there has to be a mythbackend on every machine that will be doing the encoding.
14:37D-side>i.e., every machine with a tuner card
14:37ofer>so only one machine in my case
14:37D-side>frontends can be completely standalone.
14:37ofer>that makes sense
14:37ofer>so how does the tv listings work?
14:38D-side>thats also done on the backend box.
14:38D-side>ofer: have you read the documentation?
14:39=loebrich [] quit (Client Quit)
14:39ofer>bits and pieces, i'm running from the tutorial here
14:39ofer>and reading the mythtv proper documentation as i run into problems
14:39D-side>sounds like you're going to confuse yourself. stick with the direct docs.
14:40ofer>if i run everything from the backend machine, it runs fine (albiet choppy for some reason)
14:40ofer>running the frontend on my laptop makes it smooth, but the tv listings arent being exported
14:41Octane>mmm getting all mame roms right now
14:41Octane>anyone want the torrent?
14:41ofer>and now for some reason running mythtvsetup or mythtvfrontend causes core dump on my laptop
14:41D-side>ofer: you should be getting the tv listings from the backend box solely.
14:41D-side>you should not have xmltv setup on the laptop
14:42ofer>i need mythtvsetup so ic an graphically stick in the master backend ip into mythtv
14:42Octane>very good
14:42D-side>ofer: well no.
14:42D-side>you can do that with mysql.txt.
14:42D-side>can and *should*, in fact.
14:42D-side>yes that. that and just use the config tools off of mythfrontend.
14:43ofer>alright, im removing the backend off my laptop
14:44ofer>modified the sql.txt to read the ip of the master backend
14:44ofer>your telling me i shouldnt need mysql at all on the frontend
14:44ofer>that is the daemon
14:45D-side>i dont believe so, but i'm not sure. i only half-assed setup the frontend. its more a novelty to me than something in production.
14:45D-side>id have to say no, since I run the frontend without mysqld running.
14:46ofer>now to figure out why my frontend no longer starts without segfaulting
14:47tmk>you don't need mysql on the frontend
14:51ofer>you guys are geniouses!
14:51ofer>now to figure out why sound doesnt work =)
14:52ofer>figuured it out!
14:52ofer>thank you =)
14:54ofer>ok, heres another question, why is it slower to use the RTjpeg than the mpeg4 encoder?
14:54ofer>i have a 7200 rpm seagate with dma enabled
14:55ofer>but when running the frontend on that machine, it runs fine then chokes every couple of seconds
14:56ofer>with mpeg4 it works better
14:56ofer>and when running the frontend on my laptop its completly smooth (using mpeg4)
14:56ofer>it's an 866 pIII
14:56ofer>(the master backend)
14:59+jbwiv [] joined #mythtv
14:59=virsys [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:59jbwiv>hey guys...anyone using PVR-350 tv out?
15:00+virsys [] joined #mythtv
15:11+poo [] joined #MythTV
15:19Crib>Is there anyway to make mythtv mute commectials while viewing livetv?
15:20Crib>It would be cool if there were a way to make livetv switch to a screen saver, mute, and or play music from mythmusic when livetv encounters a commercial.
15:20sfr>Crib: why not simply skip commercials?
15:21sfr>Crib: our both ideas won't work for _live-tv_
15:24Crib>'our both ideas'?
15:24Crib>oh wait, i works AFTER the commercial huh
15:24sfr>heh, right
15:25Crib>in the book...what was it...the one by Carl Sagan...
15:25Crib>The rich guy's first invention was a commercial detector. It worked by detecting scene change + volumne increase
15:26Crib> referring to the fictional invention or a real thing?
15:26D-side>thats what Haddon had created.
15:26D-side>you said you read it..
15:26Crib>I couldn't remember the product name dude
15:26D-side>great movie. greater book.
15:26Crib>Good memory
15:27Crib>mythtv is an awesome thing but it would be great if it could detect live commercials
15:27mdz>who wants to watch live TV?
15:27Crib>mdz, good point
15:28Crib>I guess there is no way of reliably doing that right now.
15:28Crib>What add detection method do you guys run?
15:28Crib>I'm just using the default
15:29Crib>'blank frame detection
15:29Crib>I guess there is also blank frame + scene change or scene change
15:29Crib>I don't know which is best
15:29sfr>did you try scene change?
15:29Crib>live TV is nice for games and such.
15:29Crib>sfr, no i haven't had a chance to experiment, i'm still in week 1.
15:30Crib>like IU basketball
15:30D-side>oh okay.
15:30D-side>i thought meant like xbox/playstation
15:30Crib>nah that would be retarded
15:30sfr>Crib: i'm in week 34 or so and still haven't tried it. :)
15:31Crib>sfr: so you're using the default
15:31Crib>i find it works pretty well
15:31Crib>gets most commercials
15:31Crib>watching tv commercial free is the bomb
15:31Crib>i am experiencing reduced emotional stress levels
15:31sfr>Crib: yes
15:32Crib>are any of you guys using mythweb or mythnews
15:32Crib>they are really flaky.
15:32Crib>i know they're unsupported
15:32Crib>mythnews doesn't seem "done" to me.
15:32sfr>mythweb works fine for me
15:32Crib>i get the first few lines of a news story and that is it
15:32sfr>and is supported/maintained afaik
15:32Crib>mythweb doesn't seem to work for me
15:32mikegrb>Crib: that is all you are supposed to get
15:33D-side>anyone actually try mythbrowser yet? no gentoo port yet so i'm holding off.
15:33Crib>mikegrb-just checking
15:33mikegrb>D-side: I concidered it but it had to many dependancies ;)
15:33Crib>i'm trying mythbrowser. btw i use gentoo but built everything from source
15:33Crib>because documentation is so much better
15:33D-side>i dont understand that statement.
15:34Crib>mythbrowser does not seem to work for me
15:34D-side>nor do i particularly wish to. afk.
15:34Crib>ok, in the mythbrowser setup there is a "browser:" setting
15:34Crib>it is pointed to /usr/local/bin/mythbrowser
15:35Crib>can i point it at mozilla?
15:36Crib>well here is the problem...there is no mythbrowser in /usr/local/bin
15:36Crib>weird...i did the ./configure, make, make install thing
15:36sfr>maybe it's
15:36Crib>i slocated it and it's not anywhere excet in the install directory
15:37Crib>is a .so a type of executable?
15:37sfr>no, a shared library afaik. look in /usr/local/lib/myth/plugins
15:37Crib>so i should point the thing at
15:37Crib>that seems non-intuitive
15:38sfr>i don't think so. but i don't use mythbrowser.
15:40Crib>i'm not going to mess with it. i'm having company from out of town tonight and i want to entertain. the last thing i need to do is fuck up everything
15:40mikegrb>there should be two things as far as I know
15:40mikegrb>the .so shared library
15:41mikegrb>which is the plugin and provides some sort of bookmark manager
15:41mikegrb>then this calles the actual mythbrowser executable with the url as a command line argument
15:41mikegrb>at least last I knew that is how it worked
15:41mikegrb>but I don't use it either
15:42Crib>mikegrb-so as far as you know, i can't specify for it to use mozilla?
15:42mikegrb>well I guess you could
15:42mikegrb>then the plugin would start it up
15:42mikegrb>but like I said I have no idea how it currently works
15:43mikegrb>initially just the browser was written
15:43mikegrb>then the plugin came later
15:43Crib>seems weird they wrote their own freakin browser
15:43mikegrb>not really
15:43mikegrb>it is just the khtml interpreter thingie
15:43Crib>mozilla has been around 4 years
15:43mikegrb>which is essentially the same parser as mozilla
15:44Crib>getting better and better, why not use it
15:44mikegrb>it uses mozilla code
15:44Crib>oh, well that makes sense
15:44sfr>Crib: it's the gui, stupid :)
15:44mikegrb>but you have to have the kde development stuff installed
15:44Crib>me=stupid = true
15:44mikegrb>I don't have kde on my frontend
15:44Crib>my kde is nice right now
15:44sfr>Crib: no. remember Churchill?
15:44Crib>i hooked it up last night
15:45Crib>the fat limey?
15:45mikegrb>I use blackbox, it is a little xbox so it couldn't handle kde or gnome
15:45mikegrb>only around 60 mb available
15:45mikegrb>+ of ram
15:45Crib>mikegrb if you're running this on an xbox you're a freakin pimp
15:45Crib>how do you capture tv? xbox = no pci slots right?
15:47D-side>you dont
15:47D-side>thats why its a frontend.
15:47Crib>oh sry i missed that part
15:47Crib>still that's pretty phat
15:47mikegrb>but dvd remote works
15:47D-side>mikegrb: thtas new, isnt it/
15:47mikegrb>though I hear the usb pvr drivers are getting there
15:48mikegrb>D-side: for a while
15:48mikegrb>mythtv even sets the color of the led on the front of the xbox to tell you if the backend is recording
15:48Crib>is there any way to disable my kde screen saver when mythfrontend starts?
15:48Crib>DAMN that is so tight
15:48Crib>how hard was it to get linux on the xbox?
15:48mikegrb>not too difficult
15:49D-side>mikegrb: i hadnt heard there was ANY support for the usb pvr.
15:49mikegrb>see and #xbox-linux on
15:49mikegrb>D-side: I don't really know what the state of it is /supposedly/ it works
15:49Crib>i'm guessing there is no dual boot right...i mean you can't still play xbox games right?
15:49mikegrb>there is a project on sf for it
15:49mikegrb>people come in #xbox-linux all the time talking about it
15:50mikegrb>say it works but I don't have first hand experience
15:50Crib>that is so dope. since microsoft loses money on every xbox you're really dicking redmond like 2 ways at once
15:50Crib>and if you're sharing tv files you record you're dicking the studios
15:51Crib>so you're dicking 3 ways at once
15:51Crib>that rules
15:51Crib>oh wait, you're skipping commercials too.
15:51Crib>even better
15:51Crib>that is some straight pimp shit
15:51mikegrb>do you have an xbox?
15:51Crib>yes i have an abnormal sense of right and wrong
15:51Crib>no, not yet
15:52Crib>given my skills i'd probably just break it
15:52mikegrb>heh no quite easy
15:52mikegrb>you should checkout the website and drop by the irc channel
15:52Crib>well right now my financial investment in mythtv is about 15$
15:52Crib>i'm using a wintv software card
15:52Crib>and a computer i 'checked out' from work
15:53Crib>and right now i'm broke as hell
15:53Crib>so i won't be doing that in the near future.
15:53Crib>something to think about though, esp if i can dual boot it.
15:53Crib>my friend has a mod chip that lets him record games on his xbox
15:53Crib>even more dicking
15:54Crib>i like the feeling i get when i'm getting over on corporations that are out to dick me over
15:55Crib>every time you build mythtv on a mod-chipped, dual boot x-box, an angel gets his wings
16:01+pmoreau [] joined #mythtv
16:03pmoreau>Anybody know of audio sync problems with playback of recorded TV with MythTV (12)
16:05jbwiv>anyone using PVR-350 tv out and getting lock ups?
16:08pmoreau>This IRC was buzzing a while ago, guess everybody's snoozing now ;)
16:11Crib>pmoreau-have you had it working so far?
16:11=pmoreau [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:12+pmoreau [] joined #mythtv
16:12Crib>pmoreau have you had it working so far?
16:12=Smokie [] quit ("Client Exiting")
16:13pmoreau>I was having problems of no audio for a while till I got the muting problem fixed. It sis seem to work fine (audio in sync) but then started drifting.
16:13Crib>what kind of cards
16:14pmoreau>If I play back it starts in sync then the audio starts to get ahead of the video. If I use the arrow keys to skip forward it syncs up again then drifts again.
16:15tmk>pmor: playback in mythtv or mplayer?
16:16pmoreau>System: AMD2200+, ECS K7VTA3 MoBo, PVR-250, Creative SB something or another. MP3 play back fine. Haven't tried mplayer with a video DVD yet.
16:17=sfr [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:17+sfr [] joined #mythtv
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16:18Crib>pmoreua-i'm sorry i have no knowledge of systems using the pvr250. i'd be wasting your time
16:27tdb30_>I'm getting choppyness when I watch tv. how can I fix this? Are their any settings?
16:30=Crib [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:40+sfr_ [] joined #mythtv
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16:51-ofer [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
16:51+kro_afk [] joined #mythtv
16:52kro_afk>Noticing weird behavior with mythtv.... When I start the frontend the first time, and try to watch live tv, the backend crashes. I then quit out of the frontend, restart the backend, and then the second time I connect everything works fine. wtf?
16:52kro_afkis now known as kro
16:52kro>If I reboot the computer and run the same test, the same behavior is exhibited.
16:57+poptix [] joined #mythtv
17:04+Chutt [] joined #mythtv
17:30krois now known as kro_afk
17:39tdb30_>I'm getting choppyness when I watch tv. how can I fix this? Are their any settings?
17:40tdb30_>I have a pvr-350 and an athlon 1000 and using ivtv-fb
17:48tmk>what sort of choppyness
17:49=Lenolium [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:54+mechou [] joined #mythtv
17:57mechou>I thoroughly confused regarding myth 13 commerical flagging. Watch a pre-recorded show,pressing "M" doesn't bring up any "red segments, but "Z" still works. Commercial flagging is set, and this is SW encode. What am I doing wrong?
18:07=D-side [] quit ("bored.")
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18:41chipheadis now known as Chiphead
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19:53+mechou [] joined #mythtv
20:00+DJ_Rican [] joined #mythtv
20:00DJ_Rican>how do i bring up the setup?
20:02DJ_Rican>do I HAVE to setup a frontend AND backend? i only have one machine
20:02DJ_Rican>i do?
20:02DJ_Rican>can it be done with one machine?
20:03tmk>please read the documentation
20:04DJ_Rican>ohh.. :) well, i'm in the 5.4 part of the guide and it says to run the Mythtv setup...
20:04sfr_>DJ_Rican: you installed from source?
20:05Chutt>continue reading the docs.
20:05Chutt>section 5.4 does not say to run the setup program if it's a single machine config.
20:05DJ_Rican>i saw that... thanks
20:13mechou>hey chutt, I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong with commercial flagging. Pressing "M" while watching a prerecorded prog no longer brings up the "red segments" :( Are there other options I need to set?
20:23Octane>anyoen remember where the volume for mythtv is stored
20:24Octane>nm recording profiles
20:39Chutt>mechou, err, hit z while in edit mode.
20:39Chutt>as it says in keys.txt.
20:39Chutt>it's _always_ been that way
20:43mechou>Chutt, pressing Z doesn't seem to do it for me.....
20:43mechou>(while in edit mode)
20:43mechou>still get pure blue bar....
20:44mechou>Z while watching _does_ skip to next (blank frame)
20:50+roodee [~roodee@] joined #mythtv
20:50DJ_Rican>i need come help... on 9.1 of the instrcutions it says, If the frontend, backend, and Mysql database server are all going to run on the same box, you can continue to the next step. 9.2?
20:51DJ_Rican>or 10?
20:53DJ_Rican>mechou: thanks
20:53DJ_Rican>mechou: can you look at that real quick...
20:54mechou>I'd recommend u read the docs once thru (before u do anything), and then do it step by step.
20:54mechou>DJ_Rican, look at what?
20:55DJ_Rican>9.2... it says something about a previous step
20:55DJ_Rican>Run the mythfilldatabase program as directed.
20:55DJ_Rican>i didn't do that...
20:55mechou>I dont see what you're referring to. Paste text so I can search
20:56DJ_Rican>Run the mythfilldatabase program as directed.
20:57DJ_Rican>as directed where?
20:58mechou>DJ_Rican, as directed in ./setup
20:58mechou>u need to d/l epg data for ur area.
20:59DJ_Rican>you said to go to 9.2
21:00mechou>electronic programming guide. PLEASE take eveyone's advice, read docs completely before doing anything, plan out what u need to do.
21:00DJ_Rican>If the frontend, backend and MySQL database server are all going to be running on the same box, you can continue to the next step. <-- that is in 9.1
21:01mechou>netx step refers to /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt
21:02mechou>u still need to do ./setup
21:02DJ_Rican>ahh... ok.. :)
21:02Chutt>next step, not next section.
21:06=kro_afk [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:09DJ_Rican>i know it's a stupid question but how do i find out what my video sources are?
21:09mechou>chutt, if I do Sw encode, do I need to check "automatically flag commercials?" (I thought that was only for HW encode, i.e. mythcommflag is run after recording, not "inline like SW encode....)
21:10mechou>DJ_Rican: u define them in ./setup
21:10Chutt>if it's not checked, then it won't flag commercials
21:10mechou>like Cable, VCR, whatever....
21:10DJ_Rican>mechou: but i need to know what they are... video0, video2, etc
21:12Chutt>you're supposed to have tested that your tuner card drivers work with another app, first.
21:12Chutt>so you should know what's what
21:13mechou>DJ_Rican, in your case, remember test_ioctl?
21:13DJ_Rican>mechou: i did that...
21:14DJ_Rican>couldn't capture anything but test_ioctl works
21:14mechou>right remember the cat step??
21:14mechou>which device didu use?
21:15+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
21:15mechou>and dont bother w/myth unless u capture something successfully w/ test_ioctl
21:15tmk>DJ: svideo/composite in is composite 0, tuner is tuner 0
21:15tmk>assuming normal american card
21:15Chutt>tmk, apparently some cards aren't that way anymore
21:15tmk>i know, but mostly foreign :)
21:15Chutt>the gateway ones are different
21:16DJ_Rican>mechou: i didn't have to put in a video source...
21:16tmk>are they hauppauge branded?
21:16Chutt>i dunno
21:16Chutt>my composite in is composite 4, i think
21:16Chutt>the one that's out of order
21:16tmk>oh hm
21:16DJ_Rican>ok, now i'm lost... :(
21:16Chutt>i don't remember which card that is
21:16Chutt>though =)
21:17Chutt>dj_rican, give up and install windows
21:17DJ_Rican>hou: how am i supposed to capture something on my card without tv channels etc?
21:17mechou>DJ_Rican, from ivtv docs: [root@host]# cat /dev/video0 > first_capture.mpg
21:17DJ_Rican>ahh.. i did that but it didn't capture anything
21:17mechou>and dont bother w/myth unless u capture something successfully w/ test_ioctl
21:18DJ_Rican>by something you mean????....
21:18DJ_Rican>so i have to connect a vcr or something?
21:18mechou>do things step by step.
21:19mechou>VCR, cable whatever....
21:19DJ_Rican>cable is connected but it didn't capture anything
21:19mechou>ten dont bother using myth till u got that figured out.
21:37+ahbritto [] joined #mythtv
21:49=poptix [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:54+poptix [] joined #mythtv
22:00meth>fn~DJ_Rican you tested your cable connection on another tv?
22:00meth>making sure it works
22:00*meth notices hes 40mins to late
22:01=poptix [] quit ("leaving")
22:01+poptix [] joined #mythtv
22:03annoia>It seems like my tv-tuner is adjusting the volume automatically... Is this normal?
22:04DJ_Rican>meth: yes
22:04DJ_Rican>i can connect it to my tv and it works fine...
22:07DJ_Rican>MPlayer: The project from hell
22:07DJ_Rican>MPlayer works fine once you get past the tyro-written installation script & docs
22:07DJ_Rican>no wonder i've been so frustrated... hehe
22:41=Netslayer [] quit ("Leaving")
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22:42+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
22:51tdb30_>can somone give me some pointers on settings to get live tv working better? my problem is that I'm getting choppyness. I'm using an athlon 10000, prv-350,
22:51=Netslayer [] quit ("Leaving")
22:51+roodee [~roodee@] joined #mythtv
23:04=mechou [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:10tmk>did you select 'use pvr350 tv-out' in the options?
23:11tdb30_>humm. not sure ;)
23:11tmk>if you don't then it'll be really crappy
23:11tmk>like 2 fps
23:12tdb30_>where would I find it?
23:13mikegrb>in mythtv settings -> tv
23:13mikegrb>yeah there
23:14tdb30_>found it
23:14tmk>that'll make a world of difference
23:14tdb30_>it did
23:17=poptix [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:17tdb30_>arrg.. no audio
23:18+poptix [] joined #mythtv
23:22tmk>make sure the source file has audio
23:22tmk>and check your wiring
23:22tmk>the audio comes out of the pvr350 itself
23:36tdb30_>okay. what about for playback?
23:36tdb30_>does it use dsp or th pvr?
23:37Chutt>the card, of course.
23:37Chutt>the whole 'hardware decoder' thing?
23:37tdb30_>I mean playback from recorded programs.
23:37Chutt>the fact that the pvr-350 has audio output plugs?
23:37tdb30_>is it the same thing?
23:37Chutt>why would it be different?
23:38tdb30_>I thought the audio out plugs only worked when you were using the tuner.
23:38Chutt>that makes absolutely no sense
23:38Chutt>why would input affect the output?
23:38tdb30_>just something I heard.
23:38Chutt>from where?
23:39tdb30_>basicly that the audio was tied to the tuner on the pvr 350
23:39Chutt>where did you hear that?
23:39tdb30_>I thought I heard it on the ivtv-dev channel
23:39tdb30_>but I'll take your word for it
23:39Chutt>whoever said that is a moron
23:40tdb30_>irc is just an extension of the internet. Even the stupid have a voice and its just as loud as people that know what they are talking about... anyway. choppyness is gone. Thanks.
23:41tdb30_>arrg the stream just quit.
23:42tdb30_>rather. The computer locked up...
23:43tdb30_>I think thats an ivtv thing. I hear they have issues with changing channels and stuff.
23:45+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
23:57+mizery [] joined #mythtv
23:57mizery>woot, this opens a whole new way of troubleshooting. I'm having trouble running mythtv. for screenshot. Specifically I am having trouble connecting to the mysql database. Not sure why. Take a look at the screenshot for details
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