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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2003-12-28

---Logopened Sun Dec 28 00:00:45 2003
00:00GreyFoxx>Did you set a password for the mythtv user other than "mythtv" ?
00:00mizery>no, I used mythtv
00:01mizery>editing it now: to see me in action
00:01GreyFoxx>Have you relaoded, or stopped+started Mysql since creating the newuser/password ?
00:01mizery>will do so now
00:02mizery>blah, how do I restart mysql?
00:03tmk>run /etc/init.d/mysql restart
00:03tmk>assuming redhat
00:03GreyFoxx>depends on how you installed it. Some have a mysql_server init script, some have rc.mysql, etc
00:03tmk>chutt: i sent you an email
00:03GreyFoxx>you could also do a mysqladmin -uroot -prootpassword reload
00:03mizery>same problem
00:03GreyFoxx>what do you get if you attempt to connect manually?
00:04GreyFoxx>mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg
00:04mizery>k, I'll work on that
00:09mizery>I am not sure what's wrong. It appears the privileges are set correctly.
00:09mizery> to see what privileges mythtv has for the mythconverg table
00:09GreyFoxx>You are connecting from localhost right? Not from another box? what happens when you try a mysql -umythtv -pmythtv mythconverg ?
00:09mizery>yeah, from localhost
00:10mizery>ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'mythtv@localhost' (Using password: YES) (as seen in screen capture
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00:11GreyFoxx>Do you have logging enabled? Check the log to see what it's showing you as connecting from?
00:11GreyFoxx>For example is it showing mythtv@localhost, mythtv@ or mythtv@
00:12mizery>no data in that file
00:13mizery>nor mysql.log
00:13GreyFoxx>no, it would be something like yourhostname.log
00:13GreyFoxx>located in your mysql data directory
00:13GreyFoxx>for example on my box mysql is installed into /home/mysql, my mysql data dir is /home/mysql/var and my logfile is /home/mysql/var/woop.log since my box hostname is woop
00:22mizery>I just updated the files database and "locate *.log | grep -l sql" only lists one file.
00:23mizery>which is weird
00:23mizery>oh nm
00:23mizery>grep -i localhost has no results
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01:05meth>damn always late
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02:45meth>erm nuvexport only does about 30seconds of my tv epps :/
02:53meth>5.9G ALLMUSIC 5.2G Anime 63G DVD 28G MOVIES 2.2G MUSIC 8G XTRA
02:53meth>whered mah space go!
02:53meth>120G 111G 2.4G
02:53meth>2.4G Free :(
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05:06mizery>I'm still having trouble creating mythtv user in mysql. I can't seem to login to mysql even giving mythtv all global privileges.
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05:10mizery>I even followed the guide at just now and execed "mysql < /usr/share/mythtv/database/mc.sql" which was successful. I then tried logging in using mythtv and no luck
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06:42*engie upgrades to sid; feels brave
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08:58hardwired>the webserver hangs...
09:07Rroet>mm... crap: Ivor Hewitt's laptop broke .. so the libddmpeg project is currently halted :(
09:07hardwired>what libddmpeg?
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10:53pahli_bar>hmm. looks like the website and cvs server are down
10:54hardwired>for a few hours already
10:55pahli_bar>is there an alternate site for the cvs server
10:56hardwired>tell me if you found one
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11:18pahli_bar>Chutt: you awake?
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11:27hardwired>maybe I'll put an opengl card in my box just for the goom plugin
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11:54nou_>topic doesn't say anything, is there something wrong with ?
11:54hardwired>there seems to be, at the moment
11:55nou_>any mirror site ?
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12:11grillvanten>i need som advices.. can I make my p3 500mhz work with mythtv? it lags hell when just watching livetv. can I set it up somehow for better performance?
12:12sfr>grillvanten: lower the resolution
12:13hardwired>mythmusic has some problems when an mp3 had both an id3v1 and id3v2 tag
12:13grillvanten>its like 480x480 now..
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12:21hardwired>i just hope this isn't already fixed in cvs... :)
12:22sfr>hardwired: what kind of problems?
12:23hardwired>sfr: i am just trying to fix it... the 'genre' is duplicated for certain mp3s. For instance, one of my mp3s correctly has 'Blues' as genre, another one has 'BluesBlues'
12:23hardwired>they differ in that the incorrect one has both and idev1 and id3v2 tag, the correct one only id3v2
12:25sfr>hardwired: aaah, that's a long-standing bug indeed. i never looked at it as i (assumed) my mp3's only have id3v2 tags but obviously some have both tags.
12:25hardwired>yeh, at the beginning, all my mp3s had v1 only, and at some point i switched to v2, and some have both as it seems
12:25*sfr goes to check his easytag settings. it should remove id3v1 tags
12:26hardwired>that's one way to fix it... :)
12:26hardwired>do you know whether the bug is with mythmusic or libid3tag?
12:26sfr>not really, sorry.
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12:27hardwired>np. i'll see if i can fix it
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12:28sfr>if you are already looking at it, i'd like mythmusic to prefer id3v2 tags if both types are stored.
12:29sfr>btw, should that be 'as you...'?
12:31hardwired>there's lots of stuff i'd like to see improved with mythmusic... to get to know it i decided to see if i can fix some small bugs, then propose some improvments
12:32grillvan1en>is it possible to make the liveTV to just show tv? not prebuffer or anything.. but to have it just like in xawtv?
12:33sfr>grillvan1en: you can have it start an external tv appl. but you loose all mythtv features. iirc look in tvmenu.xml
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12:34grillvan1en>sfr: okej.. but lowering the resolution might help. i have 480x480.. what would you suggest?
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12:34sfr>grillvan1en: try a few settings and see if they work for you. i use a pvr350 card here.
12:35grillvan1en>sfr: okey.. i'll try and see..
12:36c0nflict>I am shopping around for a mythtv box, does anyone know if the pvr-350 will fit in a low profile slot? I want to use a microATX case.
12:45+racer [] joined #mythtv
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13:04nou_>hmm using mythvideo+mplayer, what's the correct way to use a remote control with it ?
13:05nou_>does mythtv receive lirc command then pass them to mplayer ?
13:13hardwired>nou_: i use irxevent
13:13c0nflict>is it just me or is down?
13:13hardwired>c0nflict: it is
13:14hardwired>nou_: irexec i mean
13:14c0nflict>search googles cache is quite annoying for list archives =p
13:15hardwired>haha, yeah. do something else for a while :)
13:15c0nflict>its too early to drink beer
13:15hardwired>true :)
13:16sfr>c0nflict: there's a better archive at gossamer threads, sorry i don't have an exact url available.
13:16c0nflict>ah cool, I'll look
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13:17sfr>c0nflict: have a beer on me :)
13:17c0nflict>np :)
13:18c0nflict>now if I can find someone saying their pvr-350 fits in a low profile slot I'll be happy
13:18meth>fn~nou_ still around?
13:20meth>can someone send me tv_grab_na, i cant compile since my perl is to new, i spose..
13:20nou_>hardwired: do u mean using irexec instead of native lirc ?
13:20meth>nou_ i have mplayer setup with lirc
13:20meth>i dont belive mythtv controls it
13:20meth>nou_ you use irexec to start mythtv, irxevent to control things inside it
13:20meth>then irexec to control mplayer
13:20hardwired>nou_: i use irexec to control mplayer, and native lirc to control myth
13:21+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
13:21meth>can someone send me their tv_grab_na
13:23nou_>ok thx for ur answers, in fact i can use native lirc with both mythtv and mplayer
13:24nou_>i can put it on a webserver
13:25meth>what ir remote/receiver do you have
13:26nou_>it's a noname multi functions remote, and lirc_sir (motherboard irda module)
13:26hardwired>nou_: ahh, yes, you are right, i mixed things up. I use native lirc for both myth and mplayer, i use irexec only for the mapping of my reboot and power-down button
13:28meth>what ir receiver/remote do you have hardwired
13:28hardwired>meth: hauppauge grey remote plus matching receiver
13:28meth>ah hehe
13:28hardwired>and another one i didn't try
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13:44nou_>is there a way to avoid the "Unknown Artist ~ /mp3/path/another/directory/filename.mp3" title when files have no id tag in mythmusic ?
13:44nou_>it's annoying and it doesn't fit on the screen
13:44hardwired>yes, make mythmusic ignore id3 tags and use directory structure for sorting
13:44hardwired>^-- nou_
13:46+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
13:48nou_>that doesn't change anything
13:49sfr>unknown artists are unknown artists. there's an option to determine song details from the filename.
13:54+engie [] joined #mythtv
13:54racer>nou i have the same problem even my tags are filled
13:54engie>Hi. Does anyone know of a utility to scan through the tuner frequencies and pick up stations?
13:55racer>some albums display ok, some not, even when the id3 tags are ok!
13:55=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:55racer>tried sveral things but can't find the problem till now
13:55nou_>it's sad, there isn't so much documentation
13:55+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
13:56racer>think there is a bug somewhere with the filling of the database
13:56racer>has to be because i know for sure the tags are ok
13:56=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:56sfr>nou_: not yet, somebody (you?) has to start writing it.
13:57hardwired>racer: check the database and see if it's filled correctly
13:57hardwired>racer: then tell me
13:57racer>the database is filled with the song name including the path so no tags
13:57nou_>the basic documentation has to be written by the authors
13:58nou_>i can guess but i would loose time
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14:00racer>database example: /hd2/Music/A-C/Abba/Gold Greatest Hits/06 - Super Trouper.mp3
14:00racer>in field title
14:01sfr>i don't think there's a paragraph in the GPL that forces authors to add a user manual to their s/w. :). it's a lot of work and for now documenting the installation process has been the focus afaik.
14:01racer>and this in filename:
14:01racer>A-C/Abba/Gold Greatest Hits/06 - Super Trouper.mp3
14:01nou_>in the same time i don't expect authors to write documentation when they're not able to comment their code
14:02nou_is now known as nou
14:03sfr>racer: this is latest cvs. did you see this also with earlier versions?
14:03racer>yep, as long as i use mythmusic!
14:04racer>why things changed recently
14:04racer>in mythmusic?
14:04sfr>racer: not much. i changed the filename field to only hold the path relative to the music location. it used to be the absolute path in older versions.
14:06racer>ah ok i see
14:06=grillvanten [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:06racer>think i found something for my problem, at least it has something to do with it
14:06+grillvanten [] joined #mythtv
14:07racer>my songs have a name like this: 01 - sdfdjsdkfdklsfs.mp3
14:07*sfr is happy the change is working for others too :)
14:07racer>if i remove the songnumber (01) things are going better
14:07racer>have to test it further more
14:13racer>no one knows this problem?
14:14=engie [] quit (Connection timed out)
14:15nou>i'm updating music database, i'll change it manually because i don't like to that "unknown artist"
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14:16Chutt>bitch bitch bitch
14:16Chutt>all you have to do is have proper tags
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14:21DJ_Rican>my mythfilldatabase keeps running in a loop...??
14:22Chutt>dj_rican, look at the dates.
14:22DJ_Rican>how days does it get?
14:22Chutt>it says in the docs.
14:22DJ_Rican>you can't type one single character and tell me?
14:22-DJ_Rican [] left #mythtv ()
14:24racer>maybe chutt, but if you have the filename's numbered than the tags don't work!
14:25Chutt>it doesn't use the filename if you have proper tags.
14:25Chutt>at _all_
14:25Chutt>unless you've told it to use the filename and not the tags
14:25racer>i now removed all the numbers from the filename and now database is correct filled with tag info
14:25racer>not true chutt, i told him to use tags!!!!!
14:26racer>did not change option and only changed filenames now its correct
14:26Chutt>i wrote the code, i know what it does.
14:27racer>usually bugs are not found by the programmer :)
14:27Chutt>there's a difference between a bug and totally different behavior
14:28racer>so what is according to you the behaviour of this option?
14:28Chutt>of what option?
14:29racer>to not ignore the id3 tags?
14:29Chutt>the tag parsing does not use the filename at all
14:29racer>yeah thats what i thought
14:29racer>try this:
14:30Chutt>all my songs have their track numbers prepended to the filename.
14:30Chutt>works fine.
14:30+ahbritto [] joined #mythtv
14:30racer>of course :(
14:30racer>but you are the programmer
14:30Chutt>if you think it's a bug, find the problem and submit a patch
14:32racer>i dont write programs just wanted to let you know of this problem!
14:32racer>and i saw Nou_ had the same problem
14:32racer>so there are more i think!
14:33Chutt>i can't fix problems i can't reproduce.
14:34meth>can someone send me tv_grab_na
14:34sfr>meth: can't you d/l it?
14:35meth>wont install with my perl version for some reason
14:35meth>and the ebuild in portage refuses to let me install _na
14:35racer>there you have a point chutt!
14:36sfr>meth: tv_grab_na is enough i hope. i have 0.5.25 (but from the debian package)
14:36meth>i have all of it installed just no _na
14:36meth>tho i dont think it works with my perl
14:37sfr>meth: same here but i don't use xmltv.
14:37meth>how do you update the program guide then
14:38sfr>meth: with a tv guide on paper and a few code-monkeys updating the epg in my cellar :)
14:39meth>nice hehe
14:39sfr>meth: there's a python script for my area which i use
14:40meth>anyone have a pchdtv card?
14:48+pmoreau [] joined #mythtv
15:06+engie [] joined #mythtv
15:07engie>Hi. Does anyone know what card type and tuner type to use for an MM100 PCTV card?
15:12+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
15:13sfr>engie: did you check the kernel documentation? there's an extensive list of cards with details.
15:16engie>It's there, but it seems to be the only one without a tuner type listed !
15:17engie>I've got a cx88 based card - do you know how far along those drivers are?
15:20Matt>some of the bttv cardtypes will happily auto-detect the tuner type
15:20Matt>I know it does with my miro pctv
15:21pmoreau>What video cards are you guys using? I have an ATI9200SE and it seems slow. I get choppy video and really lags the audio.
15:21Rroet>wheeee... for all ivtv users, there is an ivtv-cvs ebuild in the making.
15:21engie>Arg, machine keeps crashing.....
15:22pmoreau>Im using ivtv with a PVR250
15:22Rroet>pmoreau: well, there is an ebuild in the making.
15:23Rroet>I just got it sent over by Brian (iggy <at> gentoo) ... and I've corrected it to some errors I found..
15:23pmoreau>I don't seem to have problems with the PVR
15:23Rroet>looks like a solid ebuild right now.
15:23Rroet>pmoreau: I do have problems, some times in recordings my sound is gone :(
15:24Rroet>pmoreau: it also contains the newest hauppauge firmware drivers.
15:24pmoreau>My sound it there, just leads the video so much that it chops waiting for the video
15:25pmoreau>Anybody try the KnoppMyth distribution? I'm using R4
15:25pmoreau>Is uses MythTV 0.12
15:25Rroet><-- myth 0.13 release2
15:25Rroet>works wonderfull now.
15:26nou>is there a way to horizontally scroll filename/title in play music @mythmusic ?
15:27sfr>nou: install mythmusic < 0.10 iirc :) it did that for the currently playing song.
15:27+dja__ [] joined #mythtv
15:27Rroet>sfr: rofl
15:27nou>ok :)
15:28pmoreau>Anybody out there use an ATI9200SE? If not, I'm going to try another card. I would like to hear what cards you guys are using with the PVR-250 and having good success.
15:28nou>and the author decided to remove that function ?
15:28Rroet>ehm, pmoreau I'm using a Epia-M system with onboard CLE266.
15:28sfr>pmoreau: as long as Xvideo is working, almost any card should be fine i believe. i use a Matrox Marvel G400 myself.
15:29Rroet>so I can't be much of a help. I heard a load of people getting it to work on various cards.. ati / matrox / Nvidia are all well supported
15:29pmoreau>My MoBo is the ECS K7VTA3 no onboard video.
15:30sfr>nou: not really. the whole gui got improved, removing the need (not for everyone it seems) for scrolling
15:30pmoreau>No luck with the onboard audio so I'm using a SB-Live!
15:30nou>sfr: ok
15:32pmoreau>With the PVR-250, what format is the nuv files? MPEG2?
15:33Rroet>YV-12 afaik
15:33Rroet>or was it YV-24?
15:35nou>where's mythmusic's changelog ? :)
15:36nou>i guess so
15:36sfr>nou: the cvs-commits ml might help
15:36nou>at least not in the tar.bz2
15:38engie>When my bttv module loads, it said it can't find 3 tuners then it said it's registering video0. Does this mean it has given up finding a tuner?
15:49+matli [] joined #mythtv
15:52nou>i'm sorry i can't help saying that 'filename format' setting and title handling are not clear
15:57sfr>nou: you are welcome to send a patch to improve their description. Look around line 93 in mythmusic/mythmusic/globalsettings.cpp
15:59nou>at the moment i'm trying to figure out how it exactly works
16:13+tmk [] joined #mythtv
16:13Chutt>Decoder::getMetadataFromFilename is pretty easy.
16:18hardwired>i am still not sure whether it is myth or libid3tag that causes these double-genres
16:18tmk>chutt: new ivtv out, should be lots of decoder improvements
16:18hardwired>i found the offending line in maddecoder.cpp
16:18tmk>i also actually released something :)
16:18Chutt>hardwired, it's in maddecoder
16:18hardwired>Chutt: oh, you know about it?
16:19hardwired>it's nstrings = id3_field_getnstrings(field); returning 2
16:19Chutt>libid3tag shouldn't be saying it has two genre fields
16:19Chutt>it's only a line or two to get it to ignore the second if it's the same as the first
16:20hardwired>Chutt: hmm. that would be an option
16:20hardwired>Chutt: i'll check which one is which, then give the id3v2 tag precedence
16:22Chutt>tmk, i'll try to check it out tonight
16:23Chutt>going to work s'more on my basement now
16:23tmk>best of luck
16:23Chutt>how's the release work with david engel's stuff?
16:23tmk>just getting to the point where i'm ready to put it in
16:24tmk>there were some other underyling issues that his stuff would have masked
16:24tmk>took care of most of those now
16:24tmk>did you see that email i sent you
16:24tmk>with the remote frontend crashes etc
16:24Chutt>yeah, just scanned it though
16:24Chutt>haven't had time to really look at it
16:24=matli [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:24tmk>get to it whenever
16:24=marc_ [~Marc@] quit ("Leaving")
16:24nou>Chutt: do you think it would be easy to re-add the horizontal scrolling for long title/filename ?
16:25Chutt>nou, would have to write a widget to do it, but it's simple.
16:26=Chutt [] quit ("dead")
16:28+Chutt [] joined #mythtv
16:35=sfr [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:36dja__>chutt: have you thought about Ben Levitt's "instant select feedback" patch?
16:40+cjs_ [] joined #mythtv
16:41cjs_>wow, the web server seems to be hosed
16:42lavigne>anyone got a HowTo for nuv to mpeg?
16:43Chutt>the machine that hosts the mythtv website in the middle of getting upgraded.
16:43Chutt>keep your panties on
16:43nou>hmm mythtv,freevo, is there other softwares with similar features ?
16:44+sfr [] joined #mythtv
16:44Chutt>there's quite a few, but that's offtopic for this channel.
16:44hardwired>Chutt: why does maddecoder.cpp, id it finds two tag fields, just concats them instead of giving one field precedence?
16:44hardwired>Chutt: shall i make a patch to change that?
16:45Chutt>because sometimes the text fields aren't the entire string
16:46hardwired>ok, so only a patch for genre1 == gerne2?
16:47sfr>hardwired: did you find out why it only seems to happen for the genre tag?
16:47hardwired>sfr: no...
16:48hardwired>the code is the same for all tags
16:50+matli [] joined #mythtv
16:55nou>btw what's wrong with asking for mythtv rivals ?
16:56Chutt>because this is the mythtv development channel?
16:56hardwired>nothing... but it's a pointless question. there aren't any.
16:56sfr>nothing, but do that on the users mailing list
16:57nou>hardwired's answer is my favorite :)
16:58nou>btw i won't ask on the mailing list as i won't post patch on irc ...
17:03hardwired>sfr: i fixed it. i'll send a patch tomorrow and see what people think about that simple fix
17:03+bambito [] joined #mythtv
17:04sfr>hardwired: cool. i'll have to leave it to others to judge it's correctness, though.
17:05bambito>a congradulation to all developers, testers, tweakers, etc. for all the hard work on mythtv
17:14=hardwired [] quit ("*plopp*")
17:19=pmoreau [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:24pahli_bar>Chutt: is there room for an alternate ui listtype ?
17:35+Nikto [] joined #mythtv
17:38Octane>can someone help me understand why is it that the volume for all my record profiles is at 100% and yet whenever i goto live tv it goes back to 80?
17:40sfr>Octane: one setting is for the backend, the other for the frontend.
17:43Rroetis now known as RroetZzZz
17:47Octane>sfr, where is the setting for the frontend then?
17:48sfr>Octane: in the frontend settings screen.
17:48Octane>hmm alrighty
17:48Octane>thank you ill look :)
17:49Chutt>pahli_bar, sure
17:50pahli_bar>Chutt: cool. i'm working on it... this is what i have in mind:,3973,1381555,00.asp (third screenshot from top)
17:54pahli_bar>i haven't comeup with a name for it yet :)
17:54sfr>pahli_bar: i suggest to name it wmce_list
17:56sfr>pahli_bar: where do you want to use it?
17:56pahli_bar>sfr: well, i will use it first in mythnews...
17:57pahli_bar>other place i can think of is mythmusic, instead of the treeview for music selection
17:58-matli [] left #mythtv ()
17:58Chutt>what's in there that the existing list type can't do?
17:59Chutt>the treeview widget can have just one column, too
18:00pahli_bar>yes... but this new listtype will be a button type (with active and inactive items). it will also allow items to be checked/unchecked
18:01pahli_bar>simpler to use than the listtype for themers (for the items you can just specify the gradient colors (with alpha also))
18:02Chutt>gradient or image for background?
18:02pahli_bar>image with a gradient created on the fly
18:03Chutt>probably be best to allow that or just a straight image set (active/inactive)as well
18:03=cjs_ [] quit ("Butchered link?")
18:05pahli_bar>ok. once i get it working, should be easy to extend it
18:05meth>that would look nice
18:06pahli_bar>here's a sample preview screenshot:
18:06pahli_bar>sorry for the https
18:08meth>does it work already?
18:08Chutt>looks good
18:08Chutt>nice work =)
18:09pahli_bar>i have it working as a painting object on a widget. converting it right now to a uitype
18:09pahli_bar>Chutt: thnx
18:38=extremis [] quit ("changing servers")
18:42=engie [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:20=roodee [~roodee@] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:29+bishop [] joined #mythtv
19:29bishop>what's the max about of somgs anyone has iun mythmusic? i'm having issues with importing music
19:34bishop>when updating mythmusic mysql uses ~99% of the cpu and mythfront the rest. this lasts until mythmusic gets 83% finished. than mysql uses almost no cpu and mythfrontend uses ~99%. the update progress bar in mythmusic never finishes.
19:35bishop>mysql is still responding running a count on the musicmetadata table shows that nothing else is being added
19:36+roodee [~roodee@] joined #mythtv
19:42Chutt>tmk, why waste your time on that idiot on the mailing list?
19:43tmk>chutt: i'm a nice guy
19:43tmk>he unsubscribed first anyhow
19:43Chutt>before you responded?
19:43tmk>and the docs aren't great..
19:44Chutt>the 'how do i compile the driver' faq question is enough
19:44=hfb [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:44Chutt>if you can read, you can do that :p
19:47Matt>knoppmyth is pretty neat
19:47Matt>just a shame it's 0.12 and doesn't like 0.13 database
19:50tmk>chutt: even newer cvs-latest put up an hour or so ago
19:55nou>bishop: i'm experiencing major cpu usage with mythmusic and a lot of files too
19:55Matt>hey mike
19:55mikegrb>Matt: :)
19:55Matt>so now I get to either prod the guy who does knoppmyth, or remaster the CD myself
19:55mikegrb>oh I know what I can do right now :)
19:56mikegrb>update my copy of nuvexport and add the dvd output
19:56mikegrb>heidi drug me away from the computer last night and took me out to a movie
19:59bishop>nou: it's not the cpu i care about. it's the fact that mythmusic never finises and imports all the songs
20:01+jarrett_ [] joined #mythtv
20:07+newbie [] joined #mythtv
20:08-newbie [] left #mythtv (""You run, never stop, got to win, got to run till you drop"")
20:08+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
20:11+mchou [] joined #mythtv
20:18=bambito [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:19+Crib [] joined #mythtv
20:19-Crib [] left #mythtv ()
20:19ShockValue>hi all.. is there a simple way, or a howto on how to rip DVD's to hard disk, so that I can play them from hard disk with full AC3 sound?
20:21linagee__is now known as linagee
20:22tmk>shock: i think mplayer can do it
20:22tmk>mplayer dvd://1 -dumpstream
20:22tmk>or close to it
20:22ShockValue>hrm, ok ill look at that
20:24Octane>480 gig of raid 5 scsi 3
20:24Octane>thats what some dude uses in his linux htpc
20:26tmk>raid5 is kind of a waste tho
20:27ShockValue>raid5 is a good trade off of security and space
20:27Chutt>or just use mythdvd in perfect copy mode
20:27mchou>why do u need raid 5 for dvd images?
20:28ShockValue>cuz re-ripping 500gig of DVD's would suck :)
20:28ShockValue>i have raid5 for my ripped CD collection
20:28Octane>yah why would you want raid5 on a pvr
20:29mchou>uhh, a simple offline mirror would suffice....
20:29mchou>dont need no stinking raid 5....
20:30Octane>maybe he really likes his tv shows
20:30Octane>i think mythtv users need some sort of website where people can show off their boxes and stuff
20:30dja__>I use a 600G raid-5 for my kid's dvds -- I haven't had anymore broken dvd's in the past 6 months. :-)
20:30mchou>what, so they can say they use raid 5? :)
20:31sfr>Octane: there is one afaik, just forgot the url :)
20:31Octane>youre thinkinga bout cooper's thing
20:31Octane> right
20:32ShockValue>Chutt: does myth rip dvd's? i thought it would only do music... no?
20:32Octane>but a place where we can post pictures of setups, brag about expensive hardware, post howtos, user maintained wiki, brag about impressive configurations, post conf files, etc.
20:32Octane>mythdvd does
20:32dja__>mythdvd will (if you've installed transcode) -- it's really nice :-)
20:32Chutt>don't need transcode for pefect mode
20:33dja__>oops, sorry...I forgot about perfect mode...don't have enough disk space for that :-)
20:33Octane>Chutt how woul dyou feel if a user created a site dedicated for creating a mythtv community, with regular news postings, etc.
20:33ShockValue>hmm.. i have mythdvd installed.. i can watch dvd's.. but i dont see any options for ripping them.. what am i missing here?
20:33Chutt>wouldn't really care
20:33Chutt>wouldn't participate
20:34Octane>understandable, but would you spport it
20:34Octane>like, be in favor of it?
20:35Chutt>as long as the person running it doesn't annoy me
20:35Chutt>like the 'unofficial mythtv user group' guy
20:35dja__>shockvalue: when you compile it, you have to add the configure option "--enable-transcode" to be aboe to do dvd ripping and transcoding...
20:35ShockValue>"it" = mythdvd
20:35Octane>i think it would need more than just one person to run to be good and useful
20:35ShockValue>hrm, ok ill take a gander.. im using gentoo, so im not sure if I can pass that
20:36mchou>Chutt, meaning the unofficial mug guy annoys you or doesnt?
20:36Chutt>he pissed me off
20:36Chutt>with his forum -> mailing list postings
20:36Chutt>so i asked him not to have the mailing lists on his forum, and unsubscribed his accounts
20:37Chutt>he re-subscribed them
20:37Octane>Chutt have you ever considered creating a second mailing list for those of us who have setups and want to talk about non-user help stuff?
20:37Chutt>i'm not _that_ hard to work with, but sheesh
20:38Chutt>octane, do i have to be subscribed to it?
20:38Octane>Chutt: no, but it would be nice of course :D
20:38Chutt>i'm barely reading -users as is
20:38Chutt>finally got around to putting that into a separate folder in kmail
20:38Octane>right, you might be reading this one if its a success!
20:39Chutt>i'll think about it
20:42Octane>thats better than no!
20:43sfr>then what about a #myth-users channel Chutt? i know your point, but it might be worth a try and could save you from simple questions.
20:44sfr>and it might free this channel a bit
20:44cmorgan>Octane: aren't there two mailing lists already?
20:44Octane>i know i am noone in mythtv, and a relatelively new users, but it really seems that mythtv has reached the point where it has enough users to be able to categorize them
20:48Octane>cmorgan: dev and users?
20:48cmorgan>Octane: yes. if you are coding on myth you are on dev, if you are looking for end-user support you post to users
20:49cmorgan>Octane: i can't see a need for yet another mailing list
20:49Octane>cmorgan: what about if your're in between?
20:49cmorgan>Octane: in between? you dont' code or use myth??
20:49mikegrb>then screw you
20:49Octane>-users has little mythtv discussion
20:50cmorgan>Octane: its still the place for user level questions i think
20:50cmorgan>Octane: although we really should have a special section in the docs for recommended hardware
20:50mikegrb>I think I see what you are saying Octane
20:50Octane>mikegrb: thanks heh
20:51Octane>like i said before, i would love a place where i could talk to other users, like me, who have everything set up already... talk about tweaking, about new hardware, their setups, etc
20:51mikegrb>share pictures?
20:51Octane>-users is overwhelmed with "is my hardware good?" or "i have a problem using jarod's guide" or "ivtv is not working"
20:51cmorgan>the users list?
20:52cmorgan>as unfortunate as it is, end users that have trouble often generate large amounts of email
20:52Octane>cmorgan thus overwhelming everyone else
20:52cmorgan>what would you call the 3rd list? ;-)
20:52cmorgan>and no matter to me as long as that stuff doesn't spill over to the devel list ;-)
20:53Octane>no -users and no -dev
20:53Octane>technically speaking it should be called -users
20:53Octane>and the current users should be -newbie or -questions
20:54sfr>from an psychological aspect i'd call it mythtv for users, and -dev for developers. few people would call themselves newbie
20:55Octane>would you guys, as advanced users, support such an endeavour?
20:55sfr>never :)
20:55Octane>a real users ml that is
20:56mikegrb>problem is most of the people who have it working would stop reading messages on the -users list
20:56sfr>if you meant if i'd subscribe to such a list? i'm already actually, so yes
20:56Octane>you are?
20:56sfr>yes, but i don't post there too often.
20:57Octane> lol look
20:57sfr>err, i'm talking about the mythv-users mailing list
20:57sfr>never heard about this yahoo group until now :)
20:57Octane>me neither
20:58Octane>only 4 messages
20:58Octane>4 months ago
20:58Octane>with 32 users
20:58mchou>yahoo groups sign-in is a PITA.
20:59Octane>i gotta go to my gf's house as part of my weekly todo list
20:59sfr>why did this group get created in the first place? the users ml is perfect.
20:59mikegrb>silly yahoo groupie's
21:01Matt>the mythtv lists are rather high traffic
21:01sfr>i don't understand how people prefer a forum over a mailing list? you can even search the archive via gossamer threads.
21:02Matt>I don't see why you could have a users list and a support list
21:03Octane>agreed even
21:07cmorgan>Chutt: did you see the patch from last week that modified playbackbox?
21:08Chutt>not that i recall
21:08Chutt>you sent it to the list?
21:09cmorgan>Chutt: it wasn't from me, i was curious as to whether it was going to be accepted
21:09cmorgan>Chutt: and i think i've got a first pass if you'd like me to mail you with it
21:09Chutt>oh, from
21:09Chutt>i commented on it
21:09cmorgan>yes that one
21:09Chutt>it can't be accepted as is
21:10cmorgan>ahh yes, now i see your reply
21:11cmorgan>just curious as it touches some stuff that i've changed.
21:11Chutt>don't worry 'bout it
21:11cmorgan>i have some debug code in playbackbox now, some tracing stuff that prints out debug info
21:11Chutt>i can always merge stuff
21:12cmorgan>it can be defined out by changing the TRACE macro
21:12Chutt>i'd generally prefer to leave that sort of stuff out
21:12cmorgan>i was planning to remove it before the final patch
21:12Chutt>ok, then =)
21:13cmorgan>should i mail you or the list with the preliminary patch?
21:13cmorgan>i expect you'll want some things changed
21:13cmorgan>i'll just mail the list with it then
21:14cmorgan>oh, one question
21:14cmorgan>if i remove the qApp->unlock()/processEvents()/lock() inside of PlaybackBox::play() there is no keyboard input once live tv starts
21:14Chutt>right, that has to stay.
21:15cmorgan>does that somehow block the handoff of key processing?
21:15Chutt>it enables it
21:15Chutt>gotta process events for key press events to get delivered
21:16cmorgan>so the playbackbox is still open when livetv is playing?
21:16cmorgan>and passing key events down to the livetv object?
21:16Chutt>not when live tv
21:16cmorgan>oh, i mean watching a recording
21:16Chutt>just recorded file playback
21:16cmorgan>i think the code mentions live something, my bad
21:17Chutt>the qt event loop handles the keypresses
21:17Chutt>when recorded playback starts, it's in the event loop already
21:17Chutt>and that function doesn't return until playback is over
21:17Chutt>so, it needs that processevents in a loop
21:17Chutt>to make the event loop run
21:18cmorgan>i had the same issue with a routine i have that spins waiting for the player to be killed
21:21=ShockValue [] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
21:23sfr>ok that's not funny, wtf happened to the stop button ('s') in mythmusic? :)
21:30cmorgan>Chutt: alright. sent it off to the list
21:38+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
21:38ShockValue>anyone familiar with nvtv command line? im trying to get it to shift horizontal +2 from the command line.
22:08=nou [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:20=Misirlou [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:30+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
22:34ShockValue>do i need the myth transcode deamon running to rip dvd's in perfect mode? i gathered tat I didnt. but myth keeps complaining that it isnt running
22:40ShockValue>ok, nevermind, got that workin.. kinda :)
22:45=ShockValue [] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
22:48+rkulagow [] joined #mythtv
22:48+jaeger [] joined #mythtv
22:48jaeger>greetings, all
22:53jaeger>anyone using a via epia m6000 with mythtv? I'm curious how well a 633MHz C3 processor can actually handle PVR duties when coupled with a pvr-350 cap card
22:54Chutt>as long as you're using the 350 for decoding, should be fine
22:54Chutt>stuff will be slow, though
22:54Chutt>you won't be able to do the more cpu intensive music visualizations, for instance
22:55jaeger>the card will definitely do the decoding, I'm wondering mostly about the mythtv interface and overhead itself
22:55jaeger>right, makes sense
22:55Chutt>it's a _slow_ processor
22:55jaeger>I haven't built the box yet, I'm trying to decide between the 633MHz m6000 or the 1GHz m10000... I'd like the 633 since it's nearly silent
22:56Chutt>my m10k is about the same speed as my old p3-500
22:56jaeger>is it sufficient for what you do, pvr-wise?
22:57Chutt>it's got a -350 in it
22:57Chutt>the tv out quality on the motherboard sucks
22:57jaeger>hrmm... how so? low res? blurry?
22:57Chutt>the -350 is a _lot_ better
22:58jaeger>so you can use the pvr-350's output as well as capture?
22:58Chutt>of course
22:58jaeger>(I have no experience with cap cards yet)
22:58jaeger>I'm definitely planning on getting the pvr-350, so I won't worry about the onboard one
22:58jaeger>do you think I should go with the m10000 over the m6000? the price isn't much different
22:59Chutt>i wouldn't get anything slower than the m10k
22:59Chutt>and i doubt i'd buy the m10k
22:59Chutt>only reason i have one is because via sent it to me
22:59jaeger>any suggestions, then? :) I'm open to alternatives
22:59Chiphead>frontend/backend or both?
23:01jaeger>I'd like to do both in one box, gonna put it in my entertainment center
23:01Chutt>you don't need _much_ cpu
23:01jaeger>that's the reason I'm looking at mini-itx systems
23:01Chutt>looked at the pundit?
23:01jaeger>never heard of it, but I'll check it out
23:01Chutt>i've not seen one in action, but people like it
23:02Chutt>i don't know if a -350 will fit in one, though
23:02jaeger>hrmm... ok
23:02jaeger>asus pundit?
23:04jaeger>yay for google
23:06jaeger>hrmm... pundit looks decent but it'll be loud and hot, I think
23:06+Teflon- [] joined #mythtv
23:06=Teflon [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:07Chutt>the fan on the m10k isn't anywhere near silent
23:07jaeger>aye, I know, but the m6000s are supposedly very close to silent
23:08Chiphead>xbox is pretty quiet... but its a frontend only
23:10+utopiste-aw [] joined #mythtv
23:10jaeger>If I had an xbox, I'd probably leave it alone for gaming, but I'll remember that. :)
23:11Chiphead>you can do both :)
23:12Chiphead>it with a recycled p2-400 and 250 in the basement make for a great system
23:12jaeger>the m10000s seem to have good ratings in the pvr hardware database
23:16=jeffpc [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:18jaeger>I think I may go ahead and get an m10k or m6k, I can always replace my gateway box with it if it doesn't do the job
23:18+dabone [] joined #mythtv
23:19dabone>hiya folks, quick question, I just added another front end to my box and can use the guide. is the because of qt? if so is there a easy how to on how to downgrade it to version 3.1.2?
23:20dabone>that should say can't use the guide. watch tv and watch recordings work fine.
23:22dabone>is this mic on? :)
23:22+jeffpc [] joined #mythtv
23:23jaeger>dabone: sorry, I'm a newbie here
23:23jaeger>hope to have my own pvr setup going soon, but not yet
23:24dabone>Scary thing is my xbox frontend works great, I'm having trouble with a standard pc. :)
23:24=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:25jaeger>heh, figures
23:29Chutt>you need to be more descriptive
23:30Chutt>'can't use the guide' isn't really saying much :p
23:33daralc>how fat of a pipe would i need to run the frontend at an entirely different location from the backend?
23:34Chutt>do the math for your recording bitrate
23:36daralc>oh ok... understand
23:42=dabone [] quit ()
23:45meth>anyone know of a graphical program to creat dvd menus/titles for linux or one what runs in wine?
23:47jaeger>what does LVDS01 mean? I see via epias with and without it
23:49Chutt>believe that's direct support for lcds
23:49jaeger>ah, ok
23:49jaeger>ie, DVI output onboard?
23:50Chutt>i dunno if it's dvi
23:51*jaeger attempts to find the aforementioned info from via
23:51jaeger> is fired for local hrefs
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