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00:59Teflon->damn frontend keeps crashing.
00:59Teflon->backing out to .13 noncvs
00:59Teflon->and my system keeps hard crashing too
00:59Teflon->wonder why that is.
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01:11*GreyFoxx giggles as he watches livetv on both his monitor via xv and his tv via the dxr3 at the same time :)
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02:01thephreek>Is there any guide to tweaking MythTV? Im running KnoppixMythTv and the Live TV Function is slow on my XP1800 with 256mb ram and a WinTV Go card.
02:02thephreek>Also is there a way to communicate with the DirectTV Unit via serial port (Homeport) on the back of the unit, and if so is there a way to get a TVGuide?
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03:40Rroet>I pulled a CVS mythtv this morning and it can't compile.
03:40Rroet>Thought I'd make a note here to everyone.
03:41Rroet>problem seems to be in the via hwslice
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04:01Chutt>the only problem is that you didn't edit properly.
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04:13Rroet>Chutt: ... I just mailed you back.
04:13Rroet>the -lddmpeg was uncommented :(
04:14Rroet>hardwired: o.O
04:14hardwired>being on irc and similarly reading my mailing list mails is fun
04:14hardwired>i read your comment here, then i read your email just afterwards
04:15Rroet>jup, the mailinglist daemon seems to have a 5 minute delay or something.
04:15Rroet>not that it matters :)
04:16Rroet>the lddmpeg thingy was something I already checked in the but not in the make line itself.. (stupid of me, yet I'm not a programmer) ... but it's weird.
04:17hardwired>what is ddmpeg anyway?
04:18Rroet>Epia motherboards from via have a hardware mpegchip for decoding mpeg.
04:18hardwired>ah, for those
04:18Rroet>ddmpeg is the library to do that..
04:19*hardwired wonders if a hush mini-itx plus pvr 350 will work
04:20Rroet>ehm.. I hope it has enough room for the pvr350 ;)
04:20Rroet>If it has, it will.
04:20Rroet>then you don't need to use the onboard mpeg chip.. then you can use the hw decoding of the pvr350;)
04:20hardwired>yeh, and get much better tv out
04:21hardwired>with a riser card, it should work
04:23hardwired>luckily i got a nice full size atx case and can stuff in it whatever i want
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04:23hardwired>except the power supply of course, which is a micro atx, found that out a bit late
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05:14*acm donates
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05:15hardwired>sweet :)
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07:39Rroet>Chutt: the issue with ddmpeg is fixed
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09:42<Rroet>any dutch mythtv users in here ?
09:42<Rroet>do you also have a broken tv_grab_nl ?
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10:13<dopez>Rroet: yep, looks pretty broken on my side too..
10:13<Rroet>dopez: mmm...
10:13<Rroet>dopez: how many channels can you grab with the tv_grab_nl ?
10:14<dopez>anythings thats on, but you'll need to add them manual for most
10:14<Rroet>jup.. so you know..
10:14<Rroet>I have done the same.. bad thing is nobody at xmltv-users or -devel are responding to my mails :(
10:15<Rroet>I've sent in the additional channels as well
10:15<dopez>i think there arent that many .nl users actually using xmltv
10:16<Rroet>enough that I see floating about in the mythtv mailinglists.
10:16<Rroet>anything in mythtv is bound to be using xmltv as well ;)
10:16<dopez>true ;)
10:17<Rroet>btw, do you happen to have a good lircrc for mythtv ?
10:17<Rroet>I haven't got one yet .. I used the one that came with the ivtv driver, but it doesn't do everything.
10:18<dopez>im not using a remote for mythtv, and im mostly using mplayer for playback anyways ;)
10:23<Rroet>found the fix already. It seems there was some stuff in the cvs tree of mythtv which isn't in the gentoo ebuild files.
10:24<dopez>fix for tv_grab_nl ?
10:24<Rroet>for the lircrc file.
10:24<dopez>ok ;)
10:24<Rroet>it seems there is a hauppauge native lirc example file in the cvs tree
10:24<dopez>i think its having trouble with 31 dec -> 01 jan or something
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10:25<Rroet>dopez: seems like it.
10:25<Rroet>lemme try a little trick here.
10:25<Rroet>*switches off live tv*
10:25<Rroet>*switches off backend*
10:26<Rroet>stops ntp clients to be sure ;)
10:27<Rroet>mm.. now how did the date string work.
10:27<dopez>well, tv_grab_nl worked without problems when using --days 2 so i guess it will work again on jan 01
10:28<Rroet>checking right now.
10:28<Rroet>yes... same error now I've dated my machine 010104
10:28<Rroet>now it can't parse 29th of december
10:30<dopez>hm, so just wait and update on jan 01?
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10:32<dopez>anyway, gotta go, bbl
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10:33<Rroet>dopez: ntp is trouwens een goede om je machine altijd correct te hebben qua tijd ;)
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11:17<dopez>Rroet: yeah, but ntpd isnt a good thing when using bttv cards for capturing (unless it isnt using gettimeofday to sync audio/video)
11:17<Rroet>for me it's just to keep the machine in sync with the correct time so I won't miss any shows.
11:18<dopez>i just run ntpdate every morning, works ok
11:20<Rroet>jup, that is wat ntp-client does
11:21<Rroet> /etc/init.d/ntp-client start
11:21<Rroet> ;)
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11:39<bitbyte>ok, so who uses which isp and have they disabled your icmp (ping and tracert)? My ISP has disabled icmp and i'm mad as hell.
11:50<GreyFoxx>My ISP hasn't done that except furing brief occassions long enough t deal with someone moron flooding a guy who pissed him off on IRC of all places
11:51<GreyFoxx>Wow, it's way too soon after getting out of bed for me to be anywhere near coherent :)
11:53<Rroet>250 at my place
11:53<racer>PVR tvout gebruiker?
11:54<Rroet>nope... ik ga uiteindelijk mijn onboard tv uit gebruiken.
11:54<racer>jammer tvout PVR350 is werkelijk ongelooflijk goed
11:54<racer>denk dat we beter engels kunnen chatten!!
11:55<Rroet>that one was out of stock and my wallet was burning a hole through my pants
11:59<Rroet>and this one fullfills my wishes quite fine.
12:00<Rroet>recording is perfect. ... casema tv signal is fucked over 15 meters of cable.. but that's only till the end of januari.. then I'm gone.
12:00<dopez>i also wanted a 350 at first, but then i figured i'd need a tv too
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12:04<Rroet>I've just written an ebuild for libddmpeg .. for people using the epia-M motherboard.
12:04<Rroet>any1 care to test it ?
12:04*hardwired grabs his pvr 350 and shouts: NO
12:34<Octane>circuit city is selling dvdr+rw for 99.99
12:34<Octane>before a $60 rebate
12:39<mikegrb>media or drive?
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12:44<extremis>So, what do you tinker with in the xfree86 config file to change the dpi (not the DisplaySize)
12:46<sfr>extremis: not at all, it's a commandline option to the X server iirc.
12:48<sfr>hm, looks like i'm wrong.
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13:27<nijo>Hi, I could need some help with a backend connection problem.
13:31<meth>whats the problem
13:32<nijo>the frontend sometimes says "connection lost"
13:33<meth>after its made connection/
13:33<bishop_>is there a maximum songs for mythmusic? if i scan for music, it will never finish
13:34<nijo>I had no error message on starting frontend.
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13:35<meth>fn~nijo so frontend connected to backend already, then lost connection
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13:35<nijo>it looks like that. e.g. mythmusic works
13:35<meth>backend is on localhost or networked
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13:52<bishop>can the mythconverg database be stored on a seperate machine than the mythbackend?
13:53<sfr>bishop: of course
13:55<hardwired>bishop: you have too many mp3s
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13:57<bishop>hardwired: how many is too many. i can see it going slow, but it shouldn't hang unless there is some hard limit
13:58<bishop>i've already modified the mysql configs to allow for more memory and larger update queries. noneof that helped
13:58<hardwired>bishop: i was kidding. it is unlikely there is a limit. and if so, it would be mysql induced, not part pf myth
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14:00<hardwired>bishop: do you have only mp3s or other codecs as well?
14:00<sfr>bishop: scanning my ~1400 mp3's isn't a problem. maybe there's a problem with a specific mp3?
14:00<bishop>it hangs on updating music database at 83% every time. and it always imports the exact number of somgs, then hangs
14:00<bishop>hardwired: it's all mp3's
14:01<hardwired>that sounds different now...
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14:01<hardwired>you should change the code a bit to find out what mp3 it chokes on
14:02<bishop>sfr: i was thinkg the same things. i'm looking at the db now to see what the last successful import was.
14:02<sfr>why? simply check in the db for the last inserted id which file that was. yup :)
14:02<bishop>i do have an issue with mythmusic not importing songs with a "'" on them (i.e. "Can't" in the song name
14:02<hardwired>you guys are more clever than i am...
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14:08<bishop>found a couple of songs that look like they had non-standard ascii in the file name. i removed them and i'll try again
14:08<hardwired>what kind of chars?
14:09<bishop>hardwired: um... the slanted capitol A with the two dots on it???
14:10<hardwired>are those all latin one chars? i think i have songs with these kind of chars as well
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14:20<mythmichale>Wow.. There *IS* a MythTV Channel :)
14:21<sfr>welcome to the real world mythmichale!
14:21<nijo>and it has moved from to here?
14:22<hardwired>does anyone use a universal remote with a hauppauge ir receiver? is there anything to watch out for before i buy such a remote?
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14:31<tdb30_>is there a way to increase contrast and brightness in mythtv?
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14:39<mythmichale>Ooops System did not like that... :^/
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14:48<mythmichale>Man I don't know WHAT I did last night when I re-installed RH9 and Myth, but I have a HELLUVA sharp recording...
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14:57<mythmichale>Does anyone have TV OUT working on a PVR350??
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15:03<tdb30_>myth. I have tvout working on a pvr 350
15:06<mythmichale>DId you use the latest ivtv driver??
15:06<mythmichale>How did you config your modules.conf?
15:06<tdb30_>I used a cvs checkout
15:06<tdb30_>I'll have to reboot to see my modules.conf. give me a sec
15:08<mythmichale>OK Thanx
15:13<tdb30_>alias char-major-81 videodev
15:13<tdb30_>alias char-major-81-0 ivtv
15:13<tdb30_>options saa7127 enable_output=1 output_select=0
15:13<tdb30_>options ivtv ivtv_debug=0
15:13<tdb30_>options tuner type=2
15:13<tdb30_>options msp3400 once=1 simple=1
15:13<tdb30_>add below ivtv msp3400 saa7115 tuner
15:13<tdb30_>add above ivtv ivtv-fb
15:13<tdb30_>thats my modules.conf for the ivtv stuff
15:14<mythmichale>Yea the only thing diff is the add above ivtv ivtv-fb Lemme try that...
15:14<mythmichale>Thanx tdb
15:14<tdb30_>not a problem.
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15:15<tdb30_>I also load the modules in the following order, msp3400 saa7115 tuner ivtv saa7127
15:15<mythmichale>OK kewl..
15:15<tdb30_>don't know if thats nessasary though
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15:25<MythMichale>No luck :^( It hangs on 'modprobe ivtv' :^(
15:28<tdb30_>it hangs there?
15:28<tdb30_>did you run depmod after changing your modules.conf
15:28<tdb30_>also it takes a few seconds for ivtv to load when I modprobe it. Give it 20 seconds or so ;)
15:32<Smokie>Is it possible to turn live recording of ?
15:33<MythMichale>Yea I actually rebooted...
15:34<MythMichale>This is the last entry before it freezes....
15:34<sfr>Smokie: press ESC in live-tv mode :)
15:37<Smokie>sfr: lol
15:38<Smokie>why record all the time ? Only to rewind ?
15:39<MythMichale>Sorry This is the last entry I get before it freezes...
15:39<sfr>Smokie: and for pausing, the osd and remote frontends
15:39<MythMichale>Dec 29 15:39:11 myth kernel: ivtv: 031118A loaded
15:39<MythMichale>Dec 29 15:39:11 myth kernel: ivtv-fb: Framebuffer module loaded (attached to ivtv card id 0)
15:39<Smokie>sfr: when pausing it can start recording ...
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15:40<MythMichale>And then it just sits there until I CTL-C out of it and then there is a WHOLE mess of stuff in the log...
15:41<sfr>Smokie: see the mailing list archives for the details. this question is asked frequently. but you can use any tv appl. for watching tv. see tvmenu.xml (iirc) for how to do it .
15:41<Smokie>sfr: but the osd ... :-()
15:42<tdb30_>before you do a modeprobe of ivtv do an lsmod and see if saa7127 is loaded
15:42<tdb30_>again I'm not sure if its needed but It wouldn't hurt
15:42<tdb30_>also is i2c-core loaded?
15:44<MythMichale>Yes it is And saa7127 was not loaded at the time I did my modprobe.
15:45<Chutt>there is an #ivtv-dev channel
15:45<tdb30_>good point cutt
15:45<Chutt>which would be much more appropriate for problems with the ivtv driver.
15:45*tdb30_ notes that both of us are in that channel and should continue the talk over there ;)
15:45<MythMichale>^True and I am on it... :) hehehehe
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15:48<tdb30_>Now if someone could tell me why when I change the channels in myth it will sometimes get choppy and then it will just freeze the whole system We could get the channel back on topic ;)
15:49<Chutt>ivtv problems.
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15:54<tdb30_>stinking ivtv ;)
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16:13<bitbyte>nijo, why are you version'ing me?
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16:32<shamoun>has anyone here had any problems capturing from bttv to mpeg2
16:33<shamoun>i followed the example in the mencoder docs which _apparently_ uses options that are not supported or existent in mencoder
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16:58<cmorgan>Chutt: you see the patch?
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17:34<MythMichale>I am assuming that this is a Myth issue: Dec 29 17:31:01 myth kernel: Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address a3898ac8
17:44<tdb30_>anyone know what this means? Error writing stringlist Qsocketdevice: writeblock: invalid socket
17:44<tdb30_>I only get it when I run myth from a non root client
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17:58<Rroet>for all gentoo users... I've upped some mythtv-cvs ebuilds into the bugs list.
17:58<Rroet>I hope they make it through.
17:59<Rroet>complete system for keeping the myth cvs and stable tree seperate ... corecomponents and all modules and the webinterface
18:00<matli>Are there problems with the mythtv CVS server, or is it just me?
18:01<Rroet>not as far as I know.
18:01<matli>mythtv@raptor:~/mythtv/cvs_version$ cvs -d login
18:01<matli>Logging in to
18:01<matli>CVS password:
18:01<matli>PAM start error: Critical error - immediate abort
18:01<matli>Fatal error, aborting.
18:01<matli>cvs [login aborted]: unrecognized auth response from pam failed to release authenticator
18:02<Rroet>o.O I just pulled mythweb from cvs .. it's working for me
18:02<Rroet>cvs pass= mythtv
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18:04<matli>Aha! That's it. I just assumed it should be blank. Silly me.
18:06<mchou>hmm, I seem to be having a problem with rankings.... Programs with greater "priority" number outrank those with less, no? (not the other way around, correct?)
18:06<matli>Thank you rroet. Next time I will look in the HOWTO :)
18:21Rroetis now known as RroetZzZz
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18:36<tdb30_>is there any way to make a piece of hardware (say hooked up to the parallel port) that could activate an led when myth is recording?
18:36<sfr_>tdb30_: buy a xbox, much less hassle :)
18:36<tdb30_>LOL, maybe. but that color green makes me feel like vomiting.
18:37<tdb30_>how hard would it be to incorporate a hook similar to the one to change channels with a remote program?
18:37<tdb30_>people could use it for an lcd panel to display a message or people like me could use it to control some other hardware.
18:37<sfr_>tdb30_: hm, maybe the lcd out stuff can do that?
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18:57<tdb30_>okay here is another question. Is there a way to jump to weather while watching a program and then when you exit go back to the program?
18:58<tdb30_>It would be better than having to go out to the main menu to get to weather and then having to go back through the menus to get back to what you were doing.
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19:23<mithro-->hi! i got a few questions about mythvideo
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19:25<mithro-->anyone know if it has a way to show "episodes" easily yet?
19:25<mithro-->IE if i have 120 Stargate episodes it kinda makes the old format abit hard to use :)
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20:12<cmorgan>Chutt: here now? see the playbackbox patch?
20:18<tdb30_>is there an lirc channel?
20:18<mikegrb>probably so
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20:52<tdb30_>okay where am I messed up. using lirc I get digits to appear in the upper left hand corner but it only does one digit at a time so I can't change channels.
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20:55*javaGeek is back from smoking pot after 4 hrs 19 mins 14 secs
20:56<javaGeek>I suppose this question gets asked a lot, but... is there an ideal hardware setup for mythtv?
20:57<javaGeek>considering I will be starting from scratch
21:08<tdb30_>my setup is an athlon 1000, 512M, pvr 350, and it seems pretty good. Though I'm still configuring it and can't speak much for how stable it is at the moment.
21:08<tdb30_>since I haven't used it for a prolonged time.
21:09<javaGeek>yeah, I probably will use some kind of similar setup
21:12<tdb30_>I'm probably going to upgrade the cpu since I also use it to play games.
21:12<tdb30_>but it seems to be good so far.
21:16+cjs [] joined #mythtv
21:16<javaGeek>I'd probably use the mythGames module :)
21:17<cjs>is there a guide for writing myth modules?
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21:25+ofer [] joined #mythtv
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21:26<ofer>hello, anybody in here use the mythtv dshow filters?
21:26-javaGeek [] left #mythtv ()
21:34<Chutt>cjs, just use the existing ones as templates
21:34<ofer>is there a channel for the dsmyth project?
21:40Justin__is now known as Justin_
21:42*kvandivo looks around.
21:44<mikegrb>you're alive! :)
21:45<kvandivo>and kicking
21:46<kvandivo>i figured i'd better send in a patch before i said anything, so i found the simplest absolutely tiniest patch i dared to send in and sent it. so now I can start chattering away with my useless drivel once again.
21:47<ofer>what was the patch for?
21:48<kvandivo>it will, without a doubt, make the entire mythtv experience 150% better, ofer.
21:48<ofer>thatll be great =)
21:49<ofer>is there any official work on porting the front end to windows?
21:53<Octane>cjs what are you planning on righting? :D
21:53<Octane>writing too
21:58<cmorgan>Chutt: see the playbackbox patch?
22:01+jerry__ [] joined #mythtv
22:21+phar0e [] joined #mythtv
22:23<phar0e>Hello , I'm trying to rip a DVD and I get to the screen Rip/Transcode and it says "No jobs. Checking and/or waiting for DVD." but does nothing, no errors in mtd.log, any suggestions?
22:26+asshat [] joined #mythtv
22:26-asshat [] left #mythtv (".")
22:27+RAP [] joined #mythtv
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22:27<RAP>1st timer here. looking fwd to trying out mythtv on fedora
22:30+gneale [] joined #mythtv
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23:04<RAP>anyone know why my mythtv install didnt come with a "database" dir in usr/share/mythtv/ ?
23:06+mithro-- [] joined #mythtv
23:10<mikegrb>umm how did you install it?
23:12<Chiphead>kvandivo, was it the useless function patch?
23:13<Chiphead>just a patch that was submitted tonight... a 1 liner so I thought it was the one you were talking about
23:14<kvandivo>oh, you mean unnecessary variable definition when you say useless function... ya.. that's what i was talking about.
23:15<Chiphead>chutt will find a use for it tomorrow and nul;lify your patch :0
23:19<RAP>I found the database dir in the docs folder
23:20<kvandivo>who da man?
23:20<kvandivo>you da man!
23:21<RAP>hey. I just came across knoppmyth. anyone use it?
23:22<cmorgan>anyone running a backend as a dumb terminal? i'm trying to do so but for some reason i'm getting hard lockups when starting X without a keyboard and mouse and also when starting kde over vnc...
23:25+Hey [] joined #mythtv
23:25*kvandivo mutters loudly.
23:28<RAP>no channel sources defined...hmm
23:28<cmorgan>no one?
23:28+hfb_ [] joined #mythtv
23:29<cmorgan>anyway, its very odd to have such lockups...
23:29<mikegrb>cmorgan: why not try qt/e?
23:29<RAP>cant help ya. 1st timer here installing
23:29<ofer>RAP: run mythtvsetup
23:29<mikegrb>but I wouldn't call that a dumbterminal
23:29<cmorgan>mikegrb: i'll be running the frontend on the machine soon so it will have a keyboard and mouse
23:29<mikegrb>cmorgan: headless would be a better term
23:29<cmorgan>headless and arm less ;-)
23:29<RAP>just tried.. will try again. thx
23:29<cmorgan>but even still...very odd that the whole machine hangs up
23:30<RAP>I dont have a tuner card installed yet. But Im trying to get the guide
23:30<cmorgan>if i put a keyboard and mouse in, start it up with X and kde, i can disconnect, vnc in and start up kde no problem
23:30<Chiphead>use qte/dfb and never have X problems again :)
23:30<RAP>is that possible?
23:30+hfb__ [] joined #mythtv
23:30<Chiphead>it is now
23:30<cmorgan>well i'll be using ivtv-fb soon
23:30<ofer>i dunno
23:30<ofer>you can set up channel sources
23:30<Chiphead>still can use qte and then still no need for X
23:30<cmorgan>i'd like to have access to things on the tv
23:31<cmorgan>easy to setup qte?
23:31<RAP>I assumed it would just get the guide with XMLTV
23:31<ofer>rap: yeah, did you read through that tutorial?
23:31<RAP>yes. still reading it
23:31<ofer>it goes over how to set up chcannel sources
23:32<ofer>then when you run mythfilldatabase, itll set up the tv listings
23:32<RAP>ahh. ok thx a bunch
23:42=Hey [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:45*kvandivo looks around.
23:46<mikegrb> kvandivo over there ---->
23:47<tdb30_>anyone know what would cause myth to start stuttering then over time just lock up the computer compleatly causing a reboot?
23:47=hfb_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:47<tdb30_>insufficiant memory maybe?
23:48<ofer>i have an 866 mhz machine with 20% idle, but mythtv chokes every couple of seconds
23:48<ofer>what can i do to help it?
23:48<ofer>im using fedora with at-rpms
23:48+hfb_ [] joined #mythtv
23:48<ofer>its using rtjpeg
23:49<ofer>if i use mpeg4, it actually works better
23:49<ofer>(but not right)
23:49<tdb30_>lower the size of your capture
23:49<ofer>ok =)
23:49<ofer>why would mpeg4 speed it up of all things?
23:50=hfb__ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:51<ofer>is there any way to control mythfrontend from command line or program across the network? (i. e. control my tv from my laptop)
23:52<RAP>Im actually setting mine up on my windows box using vnc
23:53<ofer>rap: you can set up that way, but i want to watch tv on another screen
23:53<RAP>not sure what you mean
23:53<RAP>broadcast the video across your lan?
23:54<mchou>does anyone know if greater priority outranks lower priority in myth (in conflict resolution), or is it vice versa?
23:54<ofer>no, i want the frontend to run on one machine
23:54<ofer>but change the channel from another
23:54<RAP>oh, I get it
23:54<ofer>i actually wrote a program that does that with tvtime
23:54<RAP>that would be nice. run it on a handheld
23:54<ofer>but that had command line controlls (so i could ssh to the machine and change hte channel from the command line)
23:55<RAP>Id like to do that wireless with a pocketpc
23:56<RAP>Im just filling my database now. really just seeing how all this works. I havent even put my old tuner card in the fedora box yet
23:56<RAP>its 5 years old. who knows if it will work
23:56<ofer>it takes a loong time to fill the database
23:56<ofer>but its really damned cool once its done
23:56<RAP>how stable have you found mythtv to be under fedora?
23:57<ofer>runs great, no crashing at all
23:57<ofer>tdb: thank you!! at 324 it works like a charm!
23:57<RAP>Id like to set this up and give it to someone. but I dont want them to have to work on it or learn linux
23:57<tdb30_>wish I could say the same ;)
23:57+tz-xmas [] joined #mythtv
23:57<mchou>hmm, tdb30_, what do u mean?
23:57<tdb30_>I still suffer from crashes
23:57<tz-xmas>morning all :-)
23:57<ofer>rap: just install it and see =)
23:57=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:57<RAP>ofer. have you tried knoppmyth?
23:58<ofer>rap: no
23:58<tdb30_>probably from ivtv stuff
23:58<kvandivo>recording priority is determined by those numbers, mchou. a higher priority number indicates a priority in scheduling recordings.
23:58<tz-xmas>I am getting _instane_ amounts of compile-time errors trying to build just the basic mythtv 0.13 code
23:58<tz-xmas>does mythtv require a specific version of qt?
23:58<ofer>tz-xmas: try the rpm packages =)
23:58<RAP> I just came across it
23:58<mchou>ok, kvandivo, thx. I think there may be a bug then in conflict resoultion then.......
23:58<tz-xmas>I've got qt-3.2.3
23:58<tz-xmas>ofer: not on my slack system :-)
23:59<ofer>im using qt v 3.1.2
23:59<tz-xmas>ofer: and yes I now about alien, rpm2tgz and a variety of other rpm installers for slack :-)
23:59<tz-xmas>hmm ok
23:59<ofer>tz-xmas: ok, i wont bug you about <ahem> how easy it was to install =)
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