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00:00<cmorgan>using an ir blaster?
00:00<mdz>tdb30_: maybe your channel changing script failed; it outputs an error to the log in that case
00:00<tdb30_>I'm using
00:01<tdb30_>and works from the command line
00:01<tdb30_>I also put it in the spot in myth to use it.
00:01<cmorgan>are the digits output too slowly?
00:01<mdz>check the log
00:03<tdb30_>where does myth keep its log
00:03<tdb30_>or does it use the standard logs
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00:06<Chutt>cmorgan, yes
00:06<sweetboy>Just finished configuring myth .13 and got my 350 pvr configured... i have not checked everything yet but i am relatively sure it all works
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00:06<cmorgan>Chutt: you want me to mail you the patch or send to list?
00:06<Chutt>either or, doesn't really matter
00:07<sweetboy>my question is .. i can watch tv on my 350 tv out.. but can i run all myth menuing systems threw the tv out.. maybe i missed something
00:07<Chutt>sweetboy, read the big huge 'how to set up mythtv on the pvr-350 howto' that's in the ivtv docs.
00:07<Chutt>which details absolutely every single thing you have to do
00:08<sweetboy>hmmm... i followed that pretty close .. to get it working.. but my monitor still gets the menuing display... i will check again
00:08<Chutt>you didn't setup X on the pvr-350, then
00:08<Chutt>which it goes over.
00:09<sweetboy>hmmm... ok... i will look for that specific part
00:09<sweetboy>thanks Chutt
00:09<tdb30_>where is myths log?
00:09<Chutt>tdb30_, wherever you tell it to be?
00:09<tdb30_>heh. okay where is the default location ;)
00:09<Chutt>there is no default location
00:10<Chutt>it doesn't create a logfile unless you explicitly tell it to
00:12<DJ_Rican>ok... this is freakin me out.. when i go into Video Manager i can see my videos, but i can't see them in Browse Videos or Video List! ?
00:12<Chutt>when did this turn into the whiney user help channel?
00:15<dopez>since you last closed your eyes? :)
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00:16<tdb30_>I always thought it was the "we are developers of mythtv.... your problems are not our problems..." channel :)
00:22<sweetboy>gosh.. didn't realize that i was whining
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00:31<cmorgan>Chutt: patch went to the mailing list.
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01:01<solarce[fs]>do I need to setup my own keybindings to have mplayer exit from playing a video
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01:28<monkeyBox>anyone here running the VIA epia-M under the 2.6 kernel?
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01:38<ShockValue>what kind of tags does MythMusic recognise?
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02:53<acm>"2 programs, using 83 GB out of 174 GB"
02:53<acm>they're using 5gb..
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05:15<Netslayer>anyone there?
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10:18<sfr>ITHELPDESK: why is my internet so sloooow?
10:19<ITHELPDESK>sfr: ...... because I just pwn3d your pipe
10:20<pahli_bar>does anyone else find the mythmusic music selection a bit clumsy
10:20<bitbyte>mornin sfr
10:20<bitbyte>i just resumed the dl, could that be why?
10:21<bitbyte>about 30 minutes ago
10:21<sfr>bitbyte: morning. heh, no, just kidding with the helpdesk people :)
10:21<bitbyte>ahh ok
10:21<bitbyte>we re at 45%
10:21<Henk_Poley>Hey Helpdesk (Rroet), what partitions and partition sizes are recommended? (I'll be using a 120GB disk, and and 'the rest' would be for /mnt/video/ on a LVM partition)
10:22<sfr>bitbyte: really? i thought it'd take much longer.
10:22<Henk_Poley>I read there is the MySQL database that needs some room (possibly on a seperate partition) anything else?
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10:24<sfr>i only have a separate partition for the recordings/buffercache, not for mysql.
10:24<Rroet>Henk_Poley: ahh.. sorry, I'm chatting up in 5 irc channels right now.
10:25<Rroet>Henk, don't take more then 4 to 6 gb's for gentoo... keep the rest as 1 partition to be used as /mnt/store
10:25<Rroet>then create some subdirs like I did..
10:26<Rroet> /mnt/store/video films music mame :)
10:26<Rroet>video being recordings only, films being for mythvideo :)
10:33<bitbyte>sfr, me to, seems a bit odd since it was at 16% yesterday and then you said it lasted only 37 minutes
10:34<bitbyte>i woner if something is screwed up
10:34<bitbyte>it = the connection
10:34<sfr>maybe. but you have the md5sum to check it.
10:40<Henk_Poley>Rroet: I'm asked away 5 minutes after I ask a question, every time... So I'll rwad up a bit
10:41<Henk_Poley>The myth docs are bit wierd (Gentoo docs no better) that they tell things after you 'made' the choice (like partitioning, or chosing stages)
10:41<Henk_Poley>Okay, it does force you to read it 2 or 3 times before you start :-/
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10:43<Rroet>Henk_Poley: mmm.. the gentoo install documentation guides you through...
10:43<Rroet>they don't force you to make choices before explaining.
10:43<Rroet>read a chapter before acting on it... it's all chapter based afaik.
10:43<Henk_Poley>Hehe, Like if they explain what you get when you start on a higher stage
10:44<Henk_Poley>Rroet: I'm reading them now (ar finished reading them)
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11:04<bitbyte>sfr,i just tried to play a copy of the file thus far, i had audio but no video, i'm sure it's that PC since i couldnt get the video_ts ifo files for a dvd to play with video on it either
11:04<bitbyte>i'll have to get the file to the house where i have all the codecs i need etc
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11:04<bitbyte>only thing i cna figure is that for whaever reason, your info about that last connection only being 37 minutes isn't correct
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11:05<bitbyte>i dont see how it could jump form 16 to 42 percent in 37 minutes
11:06<sfr>bitbyte: could be the info was wrong. but that is what 'last' told me. probably i looked at the wrong login entry.
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11:08<bitbyte>no biggie
11:08<bitbyte>it's goin good
11:09<bitbyte>the audio seemed to be ok, i wa concerned this program had somehow appened a second copy of the file to the end when it did a resume
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11:37<cmorgan>Chutt: here?
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12:06<schwin97>wrong window
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12:16<Brandon>could someone with the mythdvd module go into the dvd settings and cut/past the "title playing command" entry? thanks
12:16<Brandon>it's in the rip section
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12:20<sfr>here you go: mplayer dvd:// -dvd-device %d -fs -zoom -vo xv
12:26<Brandon>sfr: is that the play command for "playing a dvd" or your playing command for the ripping settings? (That looks more like the play/play command. :)
12:27<Brandon>(Wonders if this is confusing) ;) There's also a play command in the rip settings for the preview, around 0.11 mplayer changed it's allowed runtime options and I have the old ones, thor fixed this but it doesn't update the db, so I need someone who has the new command :)
12:29<Brandon>sgt: I found it, just looked at the source (Sorry, I'm not thinking straight)
12:32<sfr>you asked for the title playing command first ;)
12:36<schwin97>w/w again..
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12:55<sfr>anyone can tell what that frontend 'ASSERT' message means? 'Connection timed out. <CR>ASSERT: "i <=nodes" in /usr/include/qt3/qvaluelist.h (372) <CR> Could not connect to server
12:57<sfr>the corresponding backend logs: Enabled verbose msgs :important <CR>adding: laptop as a client (events: 0) <CR>adding: laptop as a client (events: 1)
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12:59<thor_>sfr, any chance you have more than 5 clients attached ?
13:00<racer>Error on latest CVS when watching live TV:QsocketDevice::writeblock: invalid socket
13:00<racer>segmentation fault
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13:02<DJ_Rican>why do my recordings have a rip symbol?
13:02<sfr>thor_: no, i'm single -> one remote :). and before connecting i restarted the backend.
13:04<sfr>i restared the backend as the frontend couldn't connect before as well. after stopping the frontend again, and restarting it suddenly it connected now successfully.
13:06<sfr>thor_: are you still in libanon?
13:07<thor_>nope, back in US
13:07<DJ_Rican>:( manual recordings are not working...
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13:16<DJ_Rican>am i supposed to see any indication that a program is schedule to record?
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13:41<pahli_bar>racer: yes
13:43<DJ_Rican>do tuner cards work with digital cable?
13:44<racer>youre the programmer of the newsfeeds module?
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13:50<racer>what is bbl?
13:51<engie>be back later ?
13:51<racer>:) yeah think that is what he means!
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14:09<cjs_>does anybody know how to keep mythfrontend from filling the whole desktop? overscan settings don't seem to be working for me.
14:10<cjs_>perfeci guess this is done with -geometry
14:10<cmorgan>follow him
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14:10<cmorgan>and keep pasting that url ;-)
14:11<DJ_Rican>cmorgan!!!! :)
14:11<cmorgan>whats up?
14:11<DJ_Rican>nothing much... still fighting with my live tv... recordings don't work either... :(
14:12*pahli_bar is back
14:12<cmorgan>you running with recent firmware from hauppauge?
14:13<cjs_>-geometry is not the ticket
14:13<DJ_Rican>cmorgan: i haven't installed any firmware
14:13<tmk>cjs_: all of those settings are in the settings of mytthv
14:13<tmk>settings->tv i believe
14:13<cmorgan>DJ_Rican: you must have extracted firmware at some point. otherwise the ivtv driver doesn't work ;-)
14:14<DJ_Rican>ohh... but the cat command works...
14:14<cjs_>but see, when i adjust the overscan settings in mythtv, it takes no effect
14:14<cjs_>well, actually i see *one* effect
14:14<cjs_>the overlay that contains the channel information gets smaller
14:14<DJ_Rican>i did extract some files from an exe from haupaugge
14:14<tmk>you need size, overscan and offset
14:14<tmk>see that url i pasted
14:14<cmorgan>DJ_Rican: yeah that should be all set. your whole machine locks up?
14:14<tmk>it has settings for all 3
14:14*cjs_ looks for size
14:15<DJ_Rican>no.. just the frontend but in order to get out i have to ctr-alt-backspace
14:16<pahli_bar>on a related note, do you have to recompile the drivers if you are upgrading the firmware
14:16<cjs_>shit, i see overscan, offset but no size
14:16<tmk>copy firmware, unload, reload
14:16*cjs_ looking everywhere
14:17<tmk>try x resolution
14:17<tmk>y resolution
14:17<pahli_bar>ok thanks
14:17<cjs_>found it
14:17<cmorgan>DJ_Rican: and recording dosen't work? crashes the backend?
14:17<cjs_>General -> Appearance
14:18<DJ_Rican>cmorgan: recording doesn't crash it... but it says will record and when the time comes it juts goes away...
14:18<pahli_bar>whats the best firmware to use. i was using xx26 and it gave wierd vertical lines occasionaly
14:18<cmorgan>goes away?
14:18<cmorgan>the app shuts down
14:19<DJ_Rican>no.. it stays up but the recording never happens
14:19<cjs_>she's a beaut./
14:19<DJ_Rican>on live tv it crashes
14:19<cmorgan>is your program guide setup correctly?
14:20<DJ_Rican>i have it set for ntsc-cable and xmltv retrieved 7 days worth
14:20<cmorgan>and the time on the machine matches with the time you are trying to record at?
14:20<cmorgan>i'm surprised it won't record at all and doesn't give any error output...
14:21<DJ_Rican>ok.. there's an entry in the view recordings...
14:21<DJ_Rican>but there's a RIP symbol in description
14:22<DJ_Rican>if i select it the screen goes blank for a sec then it comes back to that menu
14:23<DJ_Rican>aha!!!! the backend reports:
14:23<DJ_Rican>Inappropiate ioctl for device!@
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14:25<DJ_nixbox>cmorgan: 2004-01-02 12:13:02 Started recording "10 KTSM" on channel: 3010 on cardid: 3, s ourceid 3
14:25<DJ_nixbox>2004-01-02 12:13:02 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
14:25<DJ_nixbox>Unknown video codec: VIDIOCGCAP:: Inappropriate ioctl for device
14:25<cmorgan>using myth .12?
14:25<cmorgan>maybe that is the issue
14:25<cmorgan>someone must have seen that problem already
14:26<DJ_nixbox>what about that sourceid 3?
14:26<DJ_nixbox>should i uninstall .13 and install .12?
14:26<cmorgan>not sure what that means
14:27<cmorgan>maybe that means input from the tuner? or maybe svideo or soemthing? no idea
14:27<cmorgan>i'd stick with .13
14:28<DJ_nixbox>when i tried to view tv with mplayer it gave me the same error... innappropiate ioctl for device
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14:45<cjs_>the text underneath the icons does not seem to be affected by font size settings
14:45<cjs_>its still small as hell no matter wat i set it to
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14:48<thor_>cjs_, change your X dpi settings
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14:54<cjs_>yeah, lemme try that
14:56<Chutt>thor, yo
15:00<pahli_bar>Chutt: i'm hacking at mythgallery. my todo list of changes: 1) threaded thumbnailer 2) small menu on the left to access slideshow,settings,rotate,import 3) display filename somewhere else instead of under the icon (filenames tend to get cutoff)
15:00<Chutt>i was going to ask you yesterday what you were planning on doing next =)
15:00<cmorgan>Chutt: you see that playbackbox patch? what do you think?
15:01<Chutt>going to use your new menu stuff for it?
15:01<pahli_bar>Chutt: on the future list: 1) slideshow transitions 2) gphoto2 support
15:01<Chutt>cmorgan, you sent in an updated one to fix the playback preview?
15:01<pahli_bar>Chutt: yup. if nobody minds :)
15:01<cmorgan>Chutt: its a one liner, i'll send it now
15:02<Chutt>the patch looked fine
15:02<thor_>Chutt, heh
15:02<Chutt>i was just busy fixing the wma decoder patch for mythmusic until late/early this morning
15:03<Chutt>so i didn't get to merging your stuff in
15:03<thor_>I've more or less got the aac decoder stuff working
15:03<Chutt>using libfaad or whatnot?
15:03<thor_>yup, faad
15:04<thor_>(daap client not much use without it :-) )
15:05<thor_>muchos patches !
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15:06<cmorgan>i noticed the email about the recording window locking up after a video was deleted
15:07<cmorgan>i couldn't reproduce that here
15:14<DJ_Rican>is there a way to minimize mythtv? so i can see what the backend msg are?
15:15<Chutt>you really need to learn how to use linux
15:16<DJ_Rican>i'm trying...
15:17<thor_>DJ_Rican, setup --> appearance --> GUI size .... set something, then use your window manager
15:18<cmorgan>Chutt: mail should be coming through to the list soon. you need me to stick around for the patch or just going to send mail about it? i was going to head to the gym
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15:21<Chutt>i'll send mail about it
15:21cmorganis now known as cmorgan_away
15:25<DJ_nixbox>i keep getting the famous: Unknown video codec: VIDIOCGCAP:: Inappropriate ioctl for device :(
15:27<Chutt>if you get it with other apps, it's not a mythtv problem.
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15:55<nchip>11946 nchip 18 0 121m 120m 3560 R 97.1 55.4 8:05.53 cc1plus
15:56<nchip>g++ seems to really suck..
15:56<pahli_bar>sigh... i remember the good ole 2.95 days
15:57<nchip>well, I agree, for even smaller subset of c++ it supported, it was better
15:58<pahli_bar>from a developer's point of view, the compilation speed was way better
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16:32<mchou>can someone be so kind as to give me the default values for min/max encode quality for "Default" v4l sw encoder in myth? (I screwed mine up)
16:34<sfr>anyone here knows of problems running xawtv with an nvidia card?
16:34<mchou>sfr, like what?
16:35<sfr>like that: Warning: Cannot convert string "-*-ledfixed-medium-r-*--39-*-*-*-c-*-*-*" to type FontStruct
16:35<sfr><muggel> Segmentation fault.
16:35<sfr>i remember s/b here had the same problem and iirc was also using a nvidia card
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16:37<nijo>I had that too. but it is just a font problem.
16:37<nijo>IMHO you can ignore that.
16:37<mchou>that sounds like a font error, (like in fonts.dir). nothing to do with nvidia.....
16:37<sfr>nijo: ok, thx
16:37<sfr>also mchou
16:49<acm>can anyone recommend a good IR receiver?
16:56<mchou>any IR rx that works is a good one.....
16:57=Viddy [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:59<acm>how about a good place to buy one online then
17:00<pahli_bar>acm: how about this one:
17:01<pahli_bar>OT, anyone know of good vector editor apart from sodipodi
17:06<thor_>Chutt, frontend does not seem to be storing (music) metadata back off an autoscan on exit if the backend isn't running ...
17:07<Chutt>there's some weirdness in the music scan process
17:07<Chutt>i noticed it last night
17:07<Chutt>like, it's reinserting tons of stuff all the time
17:07<thor_>k, I'll poke around a bit
17:08<Chutt>i optimized some of the sql queries out of places
17:08<Chutt>the two queries for each decoder
17:08<Chutt>each decoder instance
17:08<Chutt>i'll check stuff into cvs once the uml's running again
17:09<thor_>weird things ...
17:09<Chutt>i was too tired to look at the music scan process then
17:10*racer <Chutt> there's some weirdness in the music scan process :)
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18:12<CyberKnet>does anyone in here run 031125A and MythTV 0.13?
18:13<cmorgan>why run such an old version of ivtv?
18:13<CyberKnet>cmorgan: hasn't been broke so... =)
18:14<sfr>i use an even older version of ivtv, iirc
18:14<cmorgan>i had poor luck with ivtv drivers up until last weeks version
18:14<CyberKnet>but today, it won't change channels. I ran a few google searches, checked the ivtv wiki... thought I'd ask around before I went and got a newer package from jens
18:16<Chutt>newest ivtv is in the cvs tarball link on the website
18:17<CyberKnet>Yes, I saw that earlier today and contemplated downloading that.
18:20<Chutt>then why'd you say you were going to get a newer package from jens?
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18:21<CyberKnet>tmk said he thought jens had a release for MythTV 0.12 and another for 0.13
18:21<ShockValue>so, i find this cheap Geforce2 card with "tv out" that looks like svideo... I get it home, and it turns out its not Svideo, but a PS2 port. It is labeled "TV-OUT" though... any clue how to make this thing work?
18:21<ShockValue>i know its hardware.. but its for mythtv :)
18:22<bitbyte>usually theres a dongle that plugs into it with various connections
18:22<CyberKnet>and since almost anyone is a lot more knowledgable than myself... =) That said, since you recommended getting the latest tarball from the ivtv website, I have downloaded it and am manually merging the M179 patch in again.
18:22<ShockValue>dern it.. i didnt get a dongle with it.. got it from the hardware swapmeet :)
18:22<pahli_bar>ShockValue: how do you know its a PS2 port. SVideo and PS2 port look very similar
18:22=tmk [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:23<ShockValue>pahli_bar: i know, thats why i bought it.. i thought it was svideo...
18:23<ShockValue>i know its ps2.. because my svideo cable wont plug into it, but my mouse will :)
18:23<bitbyte>listen to me
18:23<pahli_bar>ShockValue: heh. try a different Svideo cable. just because your plugs in doesn't mean its a PS2 port
18:24<bitbyte>theres usually a dongle that plugs into that din connector
18:24<ShockValue>bitbyte: i am listening to you, i was just answering pahli_bar's question.
18:24<bitbyte>which has inputs outputs etc
18:24<pahli_bar>if its labeled S-video out its a s-video port. otherwise sue the manufacturer
18:24<ShockValue>it's labeled "TV-OUT"
18:25<ShockValue>now i have to go hunting for dingles, dongles, and doodads.
18:25<ShockValue>another 5$ down the drain <gasp>
18:25<bitbyte>shoulda come with the card
18:26<bitbyte>5 dollars?
18:26<bitbyte>geforce2, heh
18:26<ShockValue><ShockValue> dern it.. i didnt get a dongle with it.. got it from the hardware swapmeet :)
18:26<bitbyte>oh well
18:26<bitbyte>call the manufacturer
18:27<ShockValue>ok, another unrelated but myth question:
18:27<ShockValue>MythMusic. I know it scans music 'tags', but anyone know what format it handles? id3v1, v2, ogg?
18:28<ShockValue>all of the above eh?
18:28<bitbyte>sup sfr
18:28<sfr>bitbyte: not much, cleaning up my flat
18:28<bitbyte>you asked if anyone knew
18:28<bitbyte>not what the answer was
18:28<ShockValue>har har ;)
18:28<sfr>bitbyte: with xawtv?
18:29<ShockValue>Which format of 'tags' does MythMusic understand? (<--- that better?)
18:29<sfr><bitbyte> you asked if anyone knew <- i thought you meant me
18:31<cmorgan>why not look at the source or docs?
18:31=racer [] quit ()
18:40<ShockValue>i read the docs and didnt find any reference to what version of tags it read.. i guess i could take a look at the source
18:41<DJ_nixbox>i get this while trying to view live tv: QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
18:41<DJ_nixbox>2004-01-02 16:38:56 Error writing stringlist
18:41<DJ_nixbox>Remote encoder not responding.
18:41<sfr>when will someone actually start writing a MythTV User Manual?
18:41<thor_>Chapter 1, RTFM
18:42<sfr>TOC: Disclaimer, Chapter 1, Copyright notice . Fits perfectly on a single page.
18:44+dmitry [~dmitry@] joined #mythtv
18:45<dmitry>afternoon. is this a dev only channel, or can i ask some usage questions?
18:46<dmitry>excellent. i was wondering if there's some sort of windows front endto mythtv?
18:46<dmitry>i'm running mythtv on my "server" box, can a client ona windows box tune into the live tv somehow?
18:47<thor_>although PVR-x50's nupple videos are playable without too much fiddling under Windows
18:47<dmitry>so capture the show, then share it over samba is the only way out?
18:47<CyberKnet>dmitry: unless you'd like to take on that task...
18:47<dmitry>gotcha. can a linux box tune in then?
18:48<thor_>"tune in" ?
18:48<sfr>dmitry: yes :)
18:48<dmitry>view the video live over the network i meant :)
18:48<dmitry>CyberKnet: i'd love to unfortunatley the school term is starting soon.
18:48<thor_>but it's not mutlicast (if that's what you meant by "tune in")
18:48<dmitry>also, i dont have any windows boxes, my familly does :)
18:49<dmitry>gotcha, thanks.
18:50<CyberKnet>dmitry: I thought about it too, but nobody would like to use a myth tv front end on windows written in Visual Basic ... that's just pushing the limits too far =)
18:51*DJ_Rican thinks it should be working flawlessly in linux before porting to any other os... ;)
18:52<Chutt>it works damn near flawlessly, if people bother to read the docs.
18:52<DJ_Rican>dude!! I printed everything and have it right here!! pretty thick... it still doesn't work with live tv....
18:53<pahli_bar>has qt 3.x been released gpl for windows?
18:53<Chutt>welp, remove linux and use a windows-based alternative
18:53<Chutt>pahli_bar, nope
18:53<DJ_Rican>good answer...
18:53<pahli_bar>there go all hopes for a mythfrontend port to windows!
18:53<thor_>for a free port, yes
18:53<dmitry>well as far as porting is concerned, i'd imagine linux backend - windows frontend is a quite common situation indeed.
18:56<pahli_bar>dmitry: if you are interested in a windows only solution then look at
18:58<dmitry>negative, my server box is debian, my client is box is debian.
18:58<dmitry>my dad and my brother are on windows.
18:58<dmitry>installing tv tuner, yay.
18:59<pahli_bar>dmitry: at my home desktop/laptop is windows, but the htpc runs linux(and mythtv:)). and wife is never exposed to linux internals, just mythtv. and she's pretty happy with it
19:00<dmitry>she's exposed to it via the linux front end?
19:01<pahli_bar>yup. its connected to the tv and the only access is through remote and webserver (at least for her)
19:02<dmitry>i see. excellent.
19:03<pahli_bar>but you would definitely need a linux savvy person around in case of problems :)
19:03<dmitry>excellent. saa7134 loaded :)
19:04<[M-M]>gah! I upgraded my gdb today... and it still won't work with threads :(
19:04<[M-M]>I must be missing something
19:05<ShockValue>hah! what do you know.. i found the dongle-in-question here at work in out "big box of gender changers and miscelaneous crap." :D
19:05<ShockValue>ps2 -> SVideo && Composite
19:09+scripttittes [] joined #mythtv
19:10<scripttittes>hey all, can i get some help with a library issue?
19:10<scripttittes>i'm builing up mythtv from source on a redhat box, after compiling & and trying to start the command i get this error:
19:11<scripttittes>/usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZN12QButtonGroup5eventEP6QEvent
19:11=mecraw [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
19:11<scripttittes>i found the library, so i know it exists... does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this?
19:14<dmitry>as far as i understand it's telling you that it cannot find that symbol in one of the libraries it dynamically binds to..
19:14<dmitry>you have a version mismatch somewhere
19:15<scripttittes>dimitry: do you have any idea where to look to find this mismatch?
19:16<dmitry>which version of QT do you have?
19:16<scripttittes>redhat install its qt, and i built qt from source
19:17<Chutt>why would you build qt from source?
19:17<Chutt>most likely, you didn't build it in thread enabled mode.
19:17<scripttittes>chutt:no, i built qt with threading enabled
19:18<scripttittes>chutt:mythtv won't compile if qt isn't configured with threading enbabled
19:18<Chutt>that error message is most common for people who didn't.
19:18<Chutt>or who don't have the -mt libs installed
19:18<scripttittes>chutt:let me double check
19:19<scripttittes>chutt:libqt-mt is there
19:19<Chutt>your QTDIR is set for that install?
19:22<scripttittes>and mythtv build fine, so in theory its dependencies are ok... i would think
19:24<Chutt>wrong libqt in the link path?
19:24=marc__ [~Marc@] quit ("Leaving")
19:25<scripttittes>link patch??
19:25<scripttittes>i'll change up see if that helps
19:27<scripttittes>that fixed that error, but a new one showed up:
19:27<scripttittes> cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
19:28<scripttittes>it does exist, should i put it "somewhere"?
19:28<dmitry>it one of the default paths
19:28<dmitry>look at /etc/
19:29<dmitry>or LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable
19:29<scripttittes>in the file, should i maybe put int $QTDIR/lib ?
19:29<dmitry>don't think $QTDIR would work, you need full path
19:30<scripttittes>putting /lib in fixed it... just need to build mysql to get it all working, thanx for your help dmitry && chutt
19:31<dmitry>np. any reason you'r enot using prebuilt stuff?
19:31<scripttittes>on a redhat 8 box
19:31<scripttittes>rpms seem to be in short supply at this point
19:32<scripttittes>again though, thanx
19:32=scripttittes [] quit ("Leaving")
19:34=Misirlou [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:35<dmitry>are you guys aware of any differences between us and canadian cable?
19:36<dmitry>im trying to get something on xawtv/scantv but everything is coming up empty.
19:36<dmitry>using canadian cable..
19:36+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
19:38<dmitry>the module is loaded and the card seems recognized.
19:39lavigneawayis now known as lavigne
19:45+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
19:45<thor_>cable plugged in ?
19:46<pahli_bar>try tvtime
19:46<Netslayer>how well supported is the pvr 350's tv out right now? are there any issues.. i'm thinking about upgrading to it since i want the best possible tv out available for $
19:49<dmitry>cable plugged in, just verified withthe tv.
19:50+bishop [] joined #mythtv
19:50<dmitry>im getting no errors, just nothing on scantv
19:50<dmitry>installing tvtime now
19:50<bishop>does anyine with an Audigy 2 card and Alsa have the microphone jack working???
19:53*pahli_bar wonders if bishop is doing karaole tonite
19:55<bishop>pahli_bar: i wanted to use audacity to do some recording, but i can't seem to get the microphones to work
19:55<pahli_bar>bishop: look up the alsa webpage.
19:56<cjs_> /me awaits his IR Blaster
20:01<bishop>i did. folowwed the install docs exactly. not coming up with anyting on google searches and was just wondering here since i know the audigy is a popular card for myth boxes
20:06=ShockValue [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:11<acm>how does mythtv calculate how many gb are in use?
20:11<Chutt>standard system calls
20:12lavigneis now known as lavigneaway
20:12=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:12<acm>well, im using my 200gb drive, which has 66gb of other video files on it, and no mythtv files. it says 75gb out of 200gb are in use.
20:13<Chutt>sounds about right
20:13<acm>how so?
20:13<Chutt>how's your 66 gb number calculated?
20:14<acm>'df -m' says 66gb out of 184, mythtv says 75 out of 174gb
20:15<acm>'df --si' gives 71gb out of 197
20:15<pahli_bar>try df -h
20:15<acm>'df -h' says 66gb out of 184
20:15<Chutt>minus root's free space
20:15<Chutt>it's just usinst statfs() to get the free space
20:15<Chutt>which is a standard system call
20:15<Chutt>feel free to crack open the source instead of bitching
20:16<acm>sigh. im just curious why the numbers are off
20:16<acm>ppl in here are real testy
20:16+sfr [] joined #mythtv
20:16<josephk>nasty maybe
20:16<acm>ok, nasty
20:17<josephk>how rude
20:17<Chutt>whatever, i just wasted 5 minutes telling you something you could find out by spending those 5 minutes with the source
20:19<acm>you've told me a couple times to write a patch, but who wants to write a patch for a project whose maintainers are always nasty towards them?
20:19<sfr>acm: some people like it that way :)
20:19<thor_>I do
20:19<Chutt>people who try and figure things out for themselves before asking questions?
20:22<acm>so people who dont ask questions like people to be nasty to them?
20:23<thor_>was that a question?
20:23+michal [] joined #mythtv
20:23<Chutt>people who don't ask stupid questions that waste my time don't get treated the same way as people who do
20:23<acm>please put me on /ignore then chutt
20:23<Chutt>especially if they don't have a crappy attitude when asking the stupid questions
20:23<acm>maybe someone else will be willing to answer my questions
20:23<michal>hi. anyone know how to find all program listings that contain a start time but do not contain a stop time in an xmltv file?
20:24<Chutt>michal, there's stuff in mythfilldatabase to do that
20:24<Chutt>and xmltv's tv_sort util will as well, i believe.
20:25<michal>hmm.. this file has gone through tv_sort but a java program i am using seems to hit a program entry with the stop field missing
20:25<michal>or "null"
20:25<Chutt>fix the java program -- stop times are optional in the xmltv dtd
20:25<michal>i don't think they're optional after you run them through sort
20:25<Chutt>yes, they still are
20:26<Chutt>the last program of the file for a given station, for instance, can't have a stop time calculated for it.
20:27<michal>i don't know if that's the problem though
20:27<michal>because i can't remove the entry from the xml file to test.. becasue i can't find it
20:27<Chutt>ask the xmltv guys, then.
20:27<michal>where can i find them?
20:28<Chutt>their mailing list
20:28+tmk [] joined #mythtv
20:28<Chutt>tmk, i've had one single driver problem in the past 3 days =)
20:29<Chutt>getting pretty stable
20:29<josephk>which problem was that Chutt?
20:29<michal>ahh. then that's probably not going to yield results for ages.. everyone is on holidays :/ might as well try and figure it out myself.. any plans here on adding support for dvb-s card tv output?
20:29<Chutt>driver shat itself
20:30<Chutt>kernel errors
20:30<tmk>cool i guess
20:30<josephk>sounds technical
20:30<Chutt>my wife was changing channel right after starting live tv, before it had really started up
20:30<Chutt>and, that's all, been great otherwise =)
20:31<tmk>james seemed to like the unreleased cvs
20:31<tmk>heh. does she curse 'tmk' when it fails?
20:31<josephk>tmk...with the new stopcap?
20:31<Chutt>naw, but i blame most problems on you =)
20:31<tmk>josephk: nah not really
20:31<tmk>just some cleanup
20:31<tmk>yeah i've noticed :P
20:31<josephk>ah ok
20:31<tmk>close to stopcap though
20:32<tmk>chutt: still need to figure out why livetv makes myth angry
20:32<tmk>myth+ivtv i mean
20:32<Chutt>it's been running pretty much non-stop here
20:32<Chutt>in live-tv mode
20:32<Chutt>epg on top, everything
20:33<josephk>livetv mode has been stable for me as well...since 1125 even
20:33<tmk>epg works?
20:33<Chutt>which reminds me, i need to make the transparency for that configurable
20:33<tmk>good lord
20:33<tmk>i think i know why that's crashing
20:33<Chutt>and fix which screen it uses
20:33<tmk>at least i have a guess
20:33<Chutt>too many dmas?
20:33<tmk>nah, i think it's overstepping its bounds
20:34<tmk>i know in some cases i needed to offset to a page boundry
20:34<tmk>i may have screwed that up
20:34<tmk>or do you do that beforehand
20:34<Chutt>i don't remember
20:34<tmk>it's been so long since i did framebuffer code
20:34<Chutt>i _am_ using a bastardized recent cvs ivtv + david's patches
20:34<tmk>well, you *should* be sending the data starting at a page boundry
20:35<tmk>yeah that's a little different
20:35<Chutt>the epg is just straight X
20:35<tmk>i know
20:35<tmk>too much X crashes ivtv sometimes
20:35<tmk>like that fellow who was playing back to the framebuffer
20:35<tmk>not the pvr-350's' decoder :)
20:35<Netslayer>so how well is the 350 tv out working these days?
20:35<tmk>i''ve been using it for months
20:36<Netslayer>is everthing in myth supported, even mplayer/mythvideo
20:36<tmk>not 100%
20:36<Chutt>same here, just the past couple days we've had a bunch of company, and it's been in live-tv mode for most of it
20:36<tmk>you can use mplayer with -mpegpes
20:36<tmk>and a patch i made
20:36<tmk>that will output just about anything
20:36<tmk>haven't written yuv support yet though
20:36<tmk>that's on the list
20:36<tmk>speaking of which
20:37<tmk>i need to go program some
20:37<Netslayer>if you saw my mythtv user post, i'm a little dissapointed in my geforce's output, that's why i'm thinking about going with a 350
20:37<tmk>the quality is outstanding
20:37<josephk>'re looking at a former complainer
20:37<josephk>350 is the shizniznaz
20:37<Netslayer>i might just buy it one of these days then
20:38<Netslayer>i have the 250 already :-/
20:38<josephk>you can always have both
20:38<josephk>or more
20:38<Netslayer>the 250 is actually out of the loop right now, i'm using all mpeg4 encoding, works a bit better with my 54G remote myth box
20:38<dmitry>ok so tvtime starts, says it cannot grab frames (i'm assuming it's cycling through the s-video/composite inputs on the tvtuner) and then finally settles on an empty blue screen. then i try to scan for channels and i get nothing :(. no errors. any suggestions?
20:39<mchou>so can you use 350 w/o vga card at all for myth?
20:39<tmk>mch: i don't see why not
20:39<mchou>I'm not sure, but wouldn't post "require" a vga card?
20:40+scripttittes [] joined #mythtv
20:40<scripttittes>hey again
20:40<dmitry>you can usually set bios to ignore it
20:40<scripttittes>i'm having an issues with the mysql driver
20:40<pahli_bar>Chutt: any problems if i trap ESCAPE in a keypressevent
20:41<scripttittes>i get this error:QSqlDatabase: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded
20:41<scripttittes>QSqlDatabase: available drivers:
20:41<scripttittes>how did i not build mythtv without mysql drivers?
20:41<Chutt>pahli_bar, depends
20:41<Chutt>scripttittes, you build qt without it.
20:42<Chutt>pahli_bar, what are you going to do with the escape?
20:42<scripttittes>Chutt: AAAAHHHH that makes sense
20:42<pahli_bar>Chutt: in mythgallery currently new dialogs are opened for every directory and escape to get out of each dialog
20:42<tmk>mch: if the bios will let you boot wihtout one
20:42<tmk>then you can
20:42<tmk>i run X on mine
20:42<pahli_bar>Chutt: my solution is to use a single dialog and escape upto the main gallery directory
20:43<scripttittes>Chutt: thanks, i will built it
20:43=scripttittes [] quit (Client Quit)
20:43<mchou>tmk, u running w/o vga card? if so, u got award or phoenix bios?
20:44<PhracturedBlue>can someone (running CVS) do a 'describe recordedmarkup;' in mysql? My db got corrupted again, and I don't know an easy way to get the fields.
20:44+michal_ [] joined #mythtv
20:44<Chutt>pahli_bar, as long as sending enough escapes to get to back to the menu automatically
20:44<Chutt>| chanid | int(10) unsigned | | PRI | 0 | |
20:44<Chutt>| starttime | timestamp(14) | YES | PRI | NULL | |
20:44<Chutt>| mark | bigint(20) | | PRI | 0 | |
20:44<Chutt>| type | int(11) | | PRI | 0 | |
20:44<Chutt>| offset | varchar(32) | YES | | NULL | |
20:44<pahli_bar>Chutt: yup. heh.. it will be funny otherwise :)
20:44<Chutt>well, for jump points
20:44<Chutt>it works by just sending escapes until it gets back to the main menu
20:45-michal_ [] left #mythtv ()
20:46<mchou>can someone be so kind as to give me the default values for min/max encode quality for "Default" v4l sw (MPEG4) encoder in myth? (I screwed mine up)
20:46<pahli_bar>Chutt: one problem with the multiple dialogs in mythgallery is if you are watching it on tv and a new dialog opens you can literally hear the picture tube go bink-bink
20:48<Chutt>mchou, 2 max, 15 min
20:48<mchou>thx, chutt
20:50<dmitry>if i "cat /dev/video" should i get something on the console?
20:50<Netslayer>cat /dev/video > filename
20:51<dmitry>but cat /dev/video will just spew crap on the console then.
20:52<pahli_bar>i don't if it work for a bttv card. but i might be wrong
20:52<dmitry>I get something along the lines of "cat /dev/video: invalid argument"
20:52<dmitry>does that mean that my modules is hooped somewhere somehow?
20:53<pahli_bar>dmitry: tvtime didn't work?
20:53<dmitry>im using a saa7134 card,
20:53<dmitry>pahli_bar: nope :(
20:53<Chutt>cat /dev/video should only work for the ivtv-using cards
20:53<dmitry>still no channels being detected
20:53<pahli_bar> saa7134 is a bttv card
20:53<mchou>dmitry: are u using the Lifeview card?
20:53<dmitry>confusing, sorry.
20:54<dmitry>yup, FlyVideo 3000
20:54<mchou>dmitry: that's the one w/stereo, correct?
20:55<mchou>I think they have one thats mono, maybe Flyvideo 2000....
20:55=michal [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:56<mchou>dmitry: does xawtv work for it, or are u only having trouble w/tvtime?
20:57<dmitry>that's the stereo one, with the FM tuner
20:57<dmitry>mchou: well right now i get nothing at all. no scantv,no xawtv,no tvtime.
20:57<dmitry>according to the messages in the log everything is detected correctly.. i have tuner and saa7134 loaded
20:57<dmitry>i dont have sound loaded though.. hmm..
20:59<mchou>dmitry: you did take a look at "modinfo -p saa7134", correct?
20:59<mchou>dmitry: ts_debug might be useful.....
21:00<dmitry>what am i looking for in modinfo?
21:00<mchou>settable parameters.....
21:01<mchou>u should probably enable all debug info......
21:01<mchou>core_debug, ts_debug....
21:01<dmitry>i loaded the module with debug=1
21:02<dmitry>core_debug int, description "enable debug messages [core]"
21:02<Chutt>really should ask the guy that writes that driver
21:02<dmitry>mchou: are these the params that i pass via modprobe?
21:02<tmk>oh my! a non ivtv driver issue
21:02<mchou>yep, modprobe or modules.conf
21:02*tmk falls over
21:03<dmitry>tmk: :b
21:04<mchou>dmitry: are u ntsc or pal?
21:04<Chutt>tmk, heh, the saa7134 driver is crappy
21:04<Chutt>i think that's the one where you're supposed to shut down capture just to change the channel
21:05<Chutt>cmorgan, don't you have a standard indenting style? :p
21:05<mchou>man, that sux....
21:05<cmorgan>Chutt: :-(
21:05<cmorgan>Chutt: using emacs but don't know how to properly configure it
21:06<dmitry>well i turned on the debug.. it looks hopeful.
21:06<dmitry>saa7133[0]: registered device video0 [v4l2]
21:06<pahli_bar>cmorgan: use the kde-sdk supplied files for emacs. makes life so much simpler.
21:06<dmitry>i2c-core.o: adapter saa7133[0] registered as adapter 0.
21:06<Chutt>well, you just keep changing in the middle is all
21:06<cmorgan>Chutt: what are you using for an editor?
21:06<Chutt>i use vim
21:06<Chutt>it just makes it a little difficult to merge stuff is all
21:06<cmorgan>pahli_bar: where would i get those?
21:06<dmitry>but then xawtv gives me this: ioctl: VIDIOC_OVERLAY(int=0): Invalid argument
21:06<Chutt>some tabs, some spaces
21:06<cmorgan>i know....
21:07<cmorgan>let me fix that, i've got a config file from work that is pretty nice
21:07<pahli_bar>kde-sdk. should be a part of any kde-development installation.
21:07<cmorgan>won't happen again
21:07<mchou>dmitry: wierd.....
21:07<dmitry>does that look like a xawtv error or my card error?
21:07<dmitry>oh boy
21:07<dmitry>Jan 2 18:05:45 oberon kernel: tuner: tv freq set to 268435455.93
21:07<dmitry>Jan 2 18:05:45 oberon kernel: tuner: TV freq (268435455.93) out of range
21:08<dmitry>no wonder it's not tunning properly
21:08<mchou>the driver is companing about invalid parameter passed to ioctl call
21:09<mchou>dmitry, you did pass card=2 as a module parameter, didn't you?
21:09<dmitry>i did
21:11-poo [] left #MythTV ()
21:12<dmitry>perhaps i messed up the patch somehow.
21:12<dmitry>perhaps i messed up the patch somehow.
21:12<mchou>dmitry: patch? what patch?
21:13<dmitry>i had to patch 2.4.23 with the latest release from
21:14<mchou>weird, it comes w/ my kernel w/ my distro....
21:14<dmitry>yeah? i definitely screwed up something then.
21:14<dmitry>mine patched successfully too.
21:15<dmitry>i used these instructions:
21:17<mchou>I think u should take Chutt's advice and contact author of saa7134
21:17<dmitry>that would be my next step
21:33<dmitry>mchou: i just double checked v4l2 and saa7134 are not in vanilla 2.4.23
21:36<mchou>well, must be my distro then....
21:39<dmitry>ok, i dont really get this. on this page, he suggests that modules are patched into the kernel source tree. then at the bottom he says something about building the driver tarballs.. are there two sets of drivers?
21:40<dmitry>and they are indeed copied somewhere else..
21:49+davatar [] joined #mythtv
21:51<davatar>anyone else have a problem when live preview is disabled in the latest cvs? It's 'kinda' still displaying video...
21:52<cmorgan>davatar: :-P
21:52<cmorgan>should be fixed shortly
22:00<Chutt>fixed now
22:02<CyberKnet>Should I need to restart the backend between unloading and loading the ivtv module? It might just be common sense, but I noticed a particular problem I was having wouldn't go away (couldn't change channel) even after recompiling the ivtv module with the latest CVS, but after stopping and starting the back end it did go away.
22:02<josephk>damnit...I just had to rebuild mythtv twice today
22:04<Chutt>cyberknet, yeah
22:04+hfb [] joined #mythtv
22:05<josephk>number 3...yay
22:07<Chutt>only 3 times?
22:08<josephk>so far even
22:10<Chutt>i don't think i'll be messing with things any more tonight
22:12<josephk>doesn't mean I won't:D
22:13<josephk>I have to generate quesions of proper annoyance level
22:16<cmorgan>Chutt: latest patch makes the playbackbox window at least as fast as it was before?
22:17*DJ_Rican is back!
22:17<cmorgan>cool, wheww
22:27<dmitry>well i can run xawtv without errors now. apparently i needed to enable the dga extensin. but still no channels. sigh.
22:27=lavigneaway [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:28<DJ_Rican>where can i find what the little symbols on recordings mean?
22:28<CyberKnet>in the documentation, I think. Or you can search the mailing list archives... it's in there several times
22:28<CyberKnet>you might search for "RIP" or "tombstone"
22:29<CyberKnet>that'd bring it up.
22:29<DJ_Rican>what's the mailing list archive website?
22:30<CyberKnet>that also is in the documentation, however if you really don't want to read it (and you really should) then you could do a google search for gossamer-threads and mythtv-users
22:30<CyberKnet>MythTV is not the kind of project you can just "wing it"
22:31<DJ_Rican>k.. i printed out the installation docs but not the user docs
22:32<DJ_Rican>hehe... i learned that one already :)
22:33<CyberKnet>Yep. There is also a wealth of information just on the Website, like where the searchable mailing list archives are.
22:33<DJ_Rican>k.. thx.. :)
22:35+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
22:37*dmitry hits head repeatedly on the table
22:37<davatar>I submitted a patch to control altpcm in addition to pcm/main volume because on my sound card altpcm is the only effect one, never got a reply or anything.. Is there prehaps a workaround I don't know about?
22:54=ShockValue [] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
22:57*DJ_Rican has his live tv working...
23:01=acm [] quit ()
23:03<cmorgan>man, myth has an impressive rate of patches and code changes
23:04<DJ_Rican>cmorgan: thx for all your help earlier... i finally got it working... everything from dvd play, to live tv works
23:04<cmorgan>DJ_Rican: very nice, hope you think it was worth it ;-)
23:06<DJ_Rican>so far i do... :)
23:06*DJ_Rican is working on tv-out next... :)
23:11<DJ_Rican>k.. one simple question... when i'm watching tv is there a hot-key to start recording what i'm watching?
23:13<cjs_>anyone seen this before:
23:13<cjs_>QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
23:13<cjs_>2004-01-02 22:22:49 Error writing stringlist
23:13<cjs_>ASSERT: "i <= nodes" in /opt/lunar/qt/3/include/qvaluelist.h (372)
23:13<cjs_>(when live tv freezes)
23:14<cjs_>ugh, this sucks
23:15<cjs_>the machine isn't locked up...killed mythfrontend...but when i restarted it, i get no display
23:15<tmk>run ivtvfbctrl and reset the alpha mode
23:15*DJ_Rican says: listen to whatever tmk says... ;0
23:15<tmk>ivtvfbctl /dev/fb0 -globalalpha
23:15<cjs_>roger that.
23:15<tmk>ivtvfbctl /dev/fb0 -nolocalalpha
23:16<tmk>run both
23:16<tmk>assuming pvr350 is on /dev/fb0 of course
23:16<cjs_>did i do something wrong to make this happen?
23:16<tmk>well if myth crashes
23:17<tmk>it can't reset the transparency of the x desktop
23:17<tmk>which it does when it stops playing video
23:17<cjs_>hrmmm... still a black screen when X is started
23:17<tmk>so you have to kick it
23:17<tmk>maybe it's a diff. problem :)
23:17<cjs_>oh wait
23:17<cjs_>my bad
23:17<josephk>yes, I call it fix-fb
23:18<tmk>i have it bound to the 'power' button on my remote :
23:18<cjs_>i did -globalpha and then -noglobalalpha
23:18<cjs_>its back now.
23:18<cjs_>misread ya :()
23:18<josephk>I just to -nolocalalpha -globalalpha
23:18<cjs_>strange problem
23:18<josephk>-to + do
23:18<tmk>ideally myth could set that on load
23:18<cjs_>i was just watching along :)
23:19*tmk nudges chutt
23:19*cjs_ is now up to his neck in new projects
23:19<DJ_Rican>k.. one simple question... when i'm watching tv is there a hot-key to start recording what i'm watching?
23:19<cjs_>i decided to build an asterisk box
23:19<tmk>dj: r
23:19<tmk>but you need 2 tuners i think
23:19<DJ_Rican>ohh... :(
23:20<josephk>I think its R
23:20<cjs_>two tuners to watch what you record?
23:20<cjs_>that's wierd
23:20<cjs_>the tivo can do that with 1
23:20<tmk>it's a different mechanism in myth i think
23:20<josephk>it shouldn't take 2
23:20<tmk>the ringbuffer can't be assumed to have the whole program
23:20<josephk>but it won't record what you've already watched
23:20<tmk>and the ringbuffer is what you use for live tv
23:21<DJ_Rican>kinda like on-demand record
23:21<josephk>I think it kicks you out of live tv and just starts a recording of the current program
23:21<tmk>maybe it does that know
23:21<DJ_Rican>it didn't do anything
23:21<josephk>while you watch
23:22<josephk>I haven't tried so I'm speculating
23:22<DJ_Rican>backend didn't report anything
23:22<josephk>so you could be rigiht
23:22<tmk>dj: keys.txt in the mythtv dir has a list of what does what
23:22<DJ_Rican>ohh cool
23:22<cjs_>i was hoping to put my PBX and PVR on the same box but i don't think im going to have enough i/o for that :)
23:22<tmk>pvr350's don't take much i/o
23:22<tmk>streams are ~1MB/sec
23:23<cjs_>i finally fixed my font problem... the fonts for the text under the icons was hardcoded into the theme
23:23<cjs_>it would be nice if myth resized these based on choices in the Appearance config
23:24<josephk>which theme?
23:25<cjs_>yeah, i guess
23:25<cjs_>the default one
23:25<cjs_>think its blue
23:25<cjs_>snazzy theme
23:25<josephk>yeah...I believe the others do it right...but I could wrong
23:25<josephk>I like gant and visor better
23:25+monkyBox [] joined #mythtv
23:26<cjs_>what's wierd is the TV Playback fonts are still tiny
23:26<cjs_>haven't yet figured out how to make them bigger
23:26<cjs_>i mean, the TV Playback menu screen fonts
23:27<monkyBox>does kernel 2.6.0 have LIRC support? or does it need patching? I can't seem to find it...
23:30<DJ_Rican>is mythtv multitasking?
23:30<cjs_>ahh, found it.... ui.xml
23:30<cjs_>dj, its built on a multitasking OS
23:30<cjs_>tasking is the OS's responsibility
23:31<DJ_Rican>ok.. so i can record tv while playing music/videos?
23:31<cjs_>if your CPU can handle it
23:31<cjs_>you should be able to
23:31<DJ_Rican>ok ccol
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23:39tec][niqis now known as techniq
23:42<monkyBox>Does anyone know where I can find lirc patches for the 2.6.0 kernel
23:44=PhracturedBlue [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/1]")
23:50<dmitry>yeah i give up. i emailed the developer.
23:53<monkyBox>I'm getting a strange error with mythmusi: Decoder error: Failed to open input. Error 5
23:56<davatar>am I the only one that finds the selection box to be very hard to locate with blueosd? I think I should change it...
23:56<Netslayer>davatar, i kinda agree
23:57<davatar>Netslayer I was ok until I upgraded and now the delete box has 3 selections (good) but I can't tell which one I'm on :)
23:58<Netslayer>the color coding should be more drastic for selections
23:58<dmitry>how do i verify that Xv is enabled?
23:59<Netslayer>not sure, maybe if u have very little cpu usage when playing back recordings? say < 15% on a decent cpu
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