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00:02<davatar>speaking of, I have nearly 0% cpu on any mpeg4 playback, just little blips every 30 seconds or so :)... however if I'm watching while anything is recording cpu usage jumps by 20% at mythbackend.. I bet there's something that can be tuned.
00:05<dmitry>i still get no errors and no tv tuning. grrrr.
00:06<dmitry>i spent the last 7 hours trying to make it work =/
00:06<mchou>dmitry:u still working on that??
00:07<mchou>dmitry:so do u get anywhere?
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00:09<dmitry>nope :] xawtv launches fine now, everything seems to work, no errors, and still can't see any tv.
00:09<davatar>hah.. I guess there's no way to unconfgure mythweb out of wap mode?
00:09<mchou>dmitry: what do u see, blue screen?
00:10<dmitry>i see a blue screen in tvtime, and a blackscreen in xawtv. i right arrowed (fine tuning) for a while in xawtv and i got some static or something.
00:13<dmitry>maybe the frequency gets corrupted somehow...
00:13<mchou>no, I think u got to define the tuner.....
00:14<mchou>what u need do is try different tuner parameters...i.e tuner=1...10, rmmod -r each time u try....
00:14<Netslayer>davatar, depends on the wap u used, but i think u just have to tell i to stop using that wap theme, in a settings file
00:15<dmitry>mchou: hmm. according to the readme, i'm using the correct settings..
00:15<dmitry>in fact it's recognized properly i think.
00:15<dmitry>but i'll try anyway
00:21<davatar>Netslayer: nah, just figured it out.. it makes a cookie on the client :)
00:22<Netslayer>there are quite a few wap projects for myth right now
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00:26<DJ_Rican>ohh cool... from the browse i can hit 'r' and record immediately... :)
00:27<ShockValue>hi all.. when i play DVD's from my internal IDE player, i get slight streaking and/or choppyness with high-movement scenes.
00:27<cmorgan>hardware dvd decoding?
00:27<ShockValue>im not sure, ive never tried dvd on computer before
00:27<cmorgan>crt or lcd monitor? or tv?
00:28<ShockValue>i have ide dvd player, 700mhz, 640MB ram.. dma is enabled
00:28<ShockValue>oh and geforce2 playing through svideo
00:29<ShockValue>is it just my system cant keep up?
00:29<monkyBox>I'm getting a strange error with mythmusi: "Decoder error: DecoderMAD: Failed to open input. Error 5" anyone have any idea what this means?
00:30<mchou>dmitry: try tuner=38
00:31<ShockValue>cmorgan: whats the difference between hardware and software(?) decoding? im currenly using xine as the player for the dvd.
00:31<mchou>dmitry: like options tuner type=38 in modules.conf
00:32<dmitry>mchou: omg, looks like tuner=6 sorta worked!
00:32<DJ_Rican>cool... if i hit 'r' it starts recording and the view switches to delayed viewing... :)
00:32<dmitry>going to try 38 next
00:32<mchou>dmitry: I'm almost 100% certain 38 works....
00:33<dmitry>trying 38
00:33<cmorgan>ShockValue: framerate will differ greatly
00:33<cmorgan>ShockValue: not sure if it would cause issues like you are saying
00:33<cmorgan>someone here ought to know ;-)
00:33<cmorgan>night everyone
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00:34<ShockValue>well., if playback from my computer is going to be inferior.. ill just use my normal dvd player.. i was just hoping to have an all in 1 solution
00:34<mchou>dmitry: check this out:
00:35<dmitry>whoa, it's saying PAL/SECAM now. with 6 it was saying "Something NTSC"
00:35<mchou>dmitry: look for tuners.h on your system.....
00:36<dmitry>found it
00:37<dmitry>i was using this initially: #define TUNER_PHILIPS_NTSC 2
00:37<mchou>dmitry: likely candidates for u: 6,8,17
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00:38<dmitry>trying now :)
00:39<mchou>dmitry: best if u pull the card out, look for little sticker on tuner, will tell u exactly which tuner.....
00:39<dmitry>saa3174 is not the tuner?
00:40<mchou>no, thats the video decoder....
00:41<mchou>dmitry: copy all the part numbers from the "silver box" on the card....
00:42<mchou>dmitry: actually, try 21
00:43<dmitry>looks like it's 7133HL
00:43<dmitry>the box is coming back up
00:44<mchou>dmitry: try 39, 21, in that order.....
00:45<mchou>dmitry: the silver box didn't have a name on it like Philips, or LG?
00:47<mchou>dmitry: 7733HL looks like 21(look at comments in tuner.h, it says 773*1*)
00:47<mchou>I meant 773*2*
00:48<dmitry>looks like 39 is working though
00:48<dmitry>at least it's recognizing some channels :)
00:49<dmitry>i didn't realize that the tuner chip could be different. i thought saa7134 refers to the whole contraption uniquely.
00:49<mchou>dmitry: i'd try 21 next.....
00:50<mchou>dmitry, if 21 doesn't work, try 27.....
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00:54<mchou>dmitry: also try 17
00:54<dmitry>39 was the answer :)
00:54<dmitry>thanks a lot mchou
00:55<mchou>dmitry: enjoy. I hope u like the picture quality.....
00:58<dmitry>it's acceptable :)
00:58<dmitry>now to get sound working.
01:01<mchou>dmitry: put this in ~/.xawtv: mixer=line1 (or aux or whatever)
01:04<monkyBox>Does anyone know anything about this error in mythmusic? "Decoder error: DecoderMAD: Failed to open input. Error 5" what does it mean?
01:04<monkyBox>...and I can play mp3s with mdaplay just fine...
01:09<DJ_Rican>anyone has gotten the PVR-250 remote to work with mythtv?
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01:10<mchou>dmitry: how much did u pay for Flyvideo 3000?
01:11<dmitry>i think it was about 70 canadian.
01:11<mchou>whats that, maybe $45 US?
01:12<dmitry>sounds about right
01:13<mchou>actually, I think it's closer to $55US
01:13<mchou>just checked...
01:13<mchou>did u get it from ncix?
01:13<dmitry>i wish i could've gotten that avermedia 179 thing.. but can't find it anywhere.
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01:14<davatar>yeah.. apparently the guy had a lot left.. but no auction... the wierd thing is searching for old auctions on ebay will not bring it up as far as I can see..
01:14<davatar>I need to find the link posted to the mailing list to find it :)
01:15<mchou>u can get it from avermedia directly "clearance" for $80US. don't know if they ship to canada
01:15<davatar>wow.. is this on there website?
01:15<mchou>m179 are on closeout on avermedia web site
01:16<dmitry>ok, so to get the sound working i need to get the cable running from sound-out on the tvtuner to the line in on the sound card?
01:19<mchou>dmitry: that's one way. But I thought lifeview 3000 can do sound over pci bus......
01:22<dmitry>it did that on my dad's winxp box.
01:23<dmitry>but mixer=line1 didn't do it
01:23<dmitry>in fact, i just plugged my headphones into the lineout port and there's nothing there.
01:23<dmitry>(line out on the tv tuner)
01:24<mchou>dmitry, how old are u?
01:24<dmitry>im 22.
01:25<mchou>cause u're acting like a baby, asking to be spoonfed.
01:25<dmitry>i know i know,im sorry.
01:25<mchou>thats why there are oss options in the kernel module
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01:26<mchou>if u enable out, the capture card will be a "sound card"
01:27<dmitry>ahh i see. didn't know that.
01:28<dmitry>v4l is a magical blackox. only chosen few know how to make it work :)
01:33<mikegrb>same chosen few who know how to use google
01:35<DJ_Rican>is there a lirc channel?
01:36<mikegrb>google knows
01:36<mikegrb>google knows all!
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01:39<Sobek>Anyone have a second to give me a hand with some issues I am having with my capture card?
01:39<dmitry>mikegrb: i tried.. there is almost zero information on the saa7134 chipset..
01:41<Sobek>I have a WinTV Go which works fine with xawtv but when I try to watch tv in myth the system hangs and freaks out
01:41<mchou>dmitry: u get sound working yet?
01:44<Sobek>Any help would be much appreciated as I am supposed to show this off in the morning to some guys that are thinking about building a myth box
01:46<dmitry>mchou: nope... everything is there but no go..
01:46<mchou>Sobek, u're showing it off but u can't get it to work?
01:46<dmitry>saa7133[0]: registered device dsp1
01:46<dmitry>saa7133[0]: registered device mixer1
01:46<mchou>dmitry: what did u try?
01:47<mchou>dmitry: lsmod | grep soundcore
01:48<Sobek>This is a new box. I have two others that I have built for friends. I have used the same set up with the exception of the Motherboard in this.
01:48<dmitry>sound works fine, i've tested it with xmms
01:48<dmitry>but there's no soundcore
01:49<davatar>is debouncing (repeat=) supposed to work for native lirc?
01:49<mchou>what? thats bs
01:49<mchou>dmitry: what? thats bs
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01:50<Sobek>I have typically used asus boards and I am actually now thinking that it is a sound card issue. It is on board and I am thinking it is not full duplex.
01:50<mchou>Sobek, what m/b is it?
01:50<dmitry>i could've possibly compiled it in kernel
01:51<dmitry>but i assure you, playing mp3s works, with mpg123 and xmms
01:51<dmitry>sound 53228 0 (unused)
01:51<dmitry>via82cxxx_audio 18560 0
01:51<mchou>dmitry: well, maybe u did, but that does complicate debugging, doesn't it?
01:51<Sobek>It is KM4M-L
01:52<mchou>Sobek: English please....
01:52<dmitry>i'll see if i can compile it a module then
01:53<Sobek> It is an MSI Micro-ATX KM4M
01:54<mchou>Sobek:kill mythfrontend and mythbackend processes
01:55<mchou>Sobek: from command line, (while u're still in x, using xterm or whatever), $mythbackend
01:55<mchou>tell me what the output is....
01:55<Sobek>if it helps the sound chip is a vt8233
01:56<Sobek>Starting up as the master server.
01:56<Sobek>2004-01-02 23:56:13 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
01:56<Sobek>2004-01-02 23:56:15 Found changes in the todo list.
01:57<mchou>ok, that's it?
01:57<Sobek>Thats all I get
01:57<mchou>ok, in another xterm, $mythfrontend. Tell me what the output is.
01:58<Sobek>2004-01-02 23:30:38 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
01:58<Sobek>mythtv: could not connect to socket
01:58<Sobek>mythtv: No such file or directory
01:58<Sobek>Failed to create lirc socket for mythtv
01:58<Sobek>I have not set up lirc yet
01:59<Sobek>Also this is a redhat 9 install
01:59<Sobek>and I am still using the oss sound drivers
01:59<mchou>well now, could not connect to socket, that tells u s/t, doesn't it?
02:00<Sobek>Yea very informative..
02:00<Chutt>all it's saying is that lirc isn't setup.
02:00<mchou>Sobek: ps aux | grep mythbackend. is it still alive?
02:00<Sobek>I have had a problem compiling the 0.6.6
02:01<Chutt>don't worry about lirc yet.
02:01<Chutt>that's not a fatal error or anything
02:01<Sobek>Yep we are still running
02:02<Sobek>Chutt, I am not overly concerned with that yet. I have set it up before . I think I may have "lightened my kernel a little too much for it: :-)
02:03<mchou>Sobek, hit watch tv....
02:04<Sobek>2004-01-03 00:02:56 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)
02:04<Sobek>2004-01-03 00:02:56 Opening OSS audio device '/dev/dsp'.
02:04<Sobek>player: Can't open audio device: /dev/dsp
02:04<Sobek>2004-01-03 00:02:59 Using XV port 61
02:04<Sobek>2004-01-03 00:02:59 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
02:04<Sobek>I get a black screen and really bad static.
02:04<Sobek>As far as sound that is
02:04<mchou>well, that tell u s/t
02:05<Chutt>well, the static is from the audio passthrough, not mythtv
02:05<Chutt>since it's saying it can't open /dev/dsp to play anything back
02:05<mchou>Sobek, u need to make sure there's a default channel set in myth
02:06<mchou>and make sure /dev/dsp works....
02:06<Sobek>It looks like it is recording / buffering
02:06<Sobek>I am betting that it is a half duplex issue.
02:07<Sobek>But is this with my sound card or the capture card? I have not seen this before
02:07<Chutt>sound card
02:07<Chutt>error messages from mythbackend at all?
02:07<Sobek>Unknown video codec: audio volume set to '65535'
02:07<Sobek>strange error flushing buffer ...
02:08<Chutt>well, the unknown video codec means you never went into mythfrontend's setup section and did the recording profiles there
02:08<Sobek>Yea Thats a problem..
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02:08<Chutt>otherwise, there's nothing wrong
02:08<Sobek>I did skip over that
02:08<Chutt>it'd default to rtjpeg, crappy quality
02:09<Chutt>so you should still get a picture
02:09<Sobek>what about the error opening the /dev/dsp? Do I need to worry about that?
02:09<Sobek>No picture at all
02:09<Chutt>yes, you need to worry about that
02:09<Chutt>that needs to be fixed
02:10<Sobek>Do you know if the via8233 is full duplex?
02:10<mchou>alsa or oss?
02:10<Sobek>oss currently.
02:11<Sobek>I have used the oss on my asus boards so I did not install alsa on this one.. Bad programmer LOL
02:11<mchou>give als a shot. If all else fails you need via proprietary audi driver. I KNOW thats F?D
02:12<mchou>full duplex
02:12<Sobek>Sorry I am a little new to irc :-
02:15<Sobek>WIll I need to recompile the kernel also with alsa?
02:16<mchou>whether u've got CONFIG_MODVERSIONS defined or not, just one example.
02:17<dmitry>mchou: i've got sound as module now, and i have soundcore. what i dont understand is how to associate sound from the tuner with the sound from the audiocard. how do i tell xawtv to use the dsp1 and mixer1 that i created?
02:18<mchou>dmitry: first do "lsmod | grep soundcore"
02:18<mchou>tell me what it says....
02:18<dmitry>soundcore 3492 6 [saa7134 sound via82cxxx_audio]
02:19<Sobek>sorry wrong window..
02:19<mchou>ok, good... now "dmesg | grep saa"
02:19<dmitry>there's quite a lot of it
02:20<mchou>or maybe "grep saa /var/log/syslog | tail"
02:20<dmitry>saa7133[0]/audio: tvaudio thread status: 0x100000 [no standard detected]
02:20<dmitry>saa7133[0]/audio: detailed status: ############# init done
02:21<mchou>that's it?
02:21<dmitry>it repeates
02:21<dmitry>er, repeats.
02:22<mchou>"grep saa /var/log/messages | tail -n 10"
02:22<Sobek>Should I use the new bttv? Is it stable yet?
02:22<dmitry>here comes stuff. appologies.
02:22<dmitry>Jan 2 23:07:29 oberon kernel: i2c-core.o: adapter saa7133[0] registered as adapter 0.
02:22<dmitry>Jan 2 23:07:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 00: 68 51 38 01 10 28 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
02:22<dmitry>Jan 2 23:07:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 10: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
02:22<dmitry>Jan 2 23:07:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 20: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
02:22<dmitry>Jan 2 23:07:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: i2c eeprom 30: ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
02:22<dmitry>Jan 2 23:07:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device video0 [v4l2]
02:22<dmitry>Jan 2 23:07:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device vbi0
02:22<mchou>Sobek: get ur sound working first.
02:22<dmitry>Jan 2 23:07:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device radio0
02:23<dmitry>Jan 2 23:07:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device dsp1
02:23<dmitry>Jan 2 23:07:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device mixer1
02:23<mchou>dmitry: well, thats good news.
02:23<dmitry>that is followed by about 8x the first two lines i pasted
02:24<Sobek>LOL I get the point.. :-)
02:24<dmitry>dump-mixers shows line1 with rec*
02:24<dmitry>and it's at 100/100 so not muted.
02:24<mchou>dmitry: aumix -q -d /dev/mixer1
02:25<dmitry>line1 100, 100, R
02:26<mchou>dmitry, you should now be able to record sound in myth....
02:27<dmitry>what about xawtv?
02:28<mchou>in ~/.xawtv, mixer=/dev/mixer1:line1
02:29<mchou>or maybe mixer=mixer1:line1
02:35<mchou>dmitry: well?
02:38<dmitry>trying to use myth, because you can actually specify it in setup
02:40<mchou>dmitry: that mixer1:line1 is good only for recording, not output. If u want output u need to attach cable to sound card. But everything ought to be working now.
02:43<mchou>In fact u should be able to hear sound if u plug headphone to tvcard.....
02:43<dmitry>trying now
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02:56<dmitry>no sound anywhere :(
02:56<dmitry>reading up on mythtv though, maybe i can resolve it along the way somewhere
02:57<Sobek>I HATE ALSA
02:58<mchou>dmitry: what options did u pass to modprobe?
02:59<dmitry>for the saa7134, or?
02:59<dmitry>modprobe saa7134 card=2 tuner=39 oss=1 dsp_nr=1 mixer_nr=1 audio_debug=1 audio_carrier=1 oss_debug=1
03:00<dmitry>too much?
03:01<mchou>don't think it will really help, but stop after oss=1
03:01<mchou>keep all debug options, though
03:03<mchou>rmmod amd modprobe again, do tail -f /var/log/messages, see if it's different than last time....
03:03<dmitry>kk trying
03:03<mchou>also do tail -f /var/log/syslog
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03:15<dmitry>nope it doesn't like me.
03:16<mchou>does syslog say the same thing it did last time?
03:20<dmitry>yup exactly.
03:22<dmitry>i enabled absolutely all the debug options
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03:22<dmitry>saa7133[0]/audio: detailed status: ########### NICAM muted ## init done
03:23<dmitry>what is it nicam and why is it muted?
03:23<mchou>well, that's not the same thing as last time, and yes, it shouldn't be muted.
03:25<dmitry>how do i unmute it? it's not listed by aumix
03:25<mchou>NICAm is just some fancy stereo footwork for tv....
03:26<dmitry>strange, which uh,...'interface' (?) hsould have the record bit set on /dev/mixer1? Line1?
03:28<mchou>doesn't matter, line1 should be ok.
03:30<mchou>grep saa /var/log/messages | tail -n 5
03:30<dmitry>Jan 3 00:29:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]/irq[0,147222]: r=0x1 s=0x00 DONE_RA0 | RA0=video,a,even,0
03:30<dmitry>Jan 3 00:29:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]/irq[0,147224]: r=0x1 s=0x10 DONE_RA0 | RA0=video,a,odd,0
03:30<dmitry>Jan 3 00:29:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]/core: buffer_finish df5b3980
03:31<dmitry>Jan 3 00:29:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]/core: buffer_next 00000000
03:31<dmitry>Jan 3 00:29:29 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]/core: dmabits: task=0x00 ctrl=0x00 irq=0x0 split=yes
03:31<dmitry>that's syslog
03:31<mchou>no, need /var/log/messages
03:32<dmitry>Jan 3 00:19:56 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device video0 [v4l2]
03:32<dmitry>Jan 3 00:19:56 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device vbi0
03:32<dmitry>Jan 3 00:19:56 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device radio0
03:32<dmitry>Jan 3 00:19:56 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device dsp1
03:32<dmitry>Jan 3 00:19:56 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device mixer1
03:34<dmitry>maybe i'll just try to get myth up, this way i know for sure.
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03:51<dmitry>wow i wanted to try it with mencoder, but that thing segfaults.
03:56<mchou>dmitry: u ready to do some code surgery?
03:57<mchou>line 81 in saa7134-cards.c: audioclock=0x00200000;
04:00<mchou>sorry, line 83: .gpiomask = 0xe000,
04:02<dmitry>sure ;)
04:02<mchou>comment out, and write .tuner_type=TUNER_LG_NTSC_TAPC, .gpiomask=0x8018e700,
04:02<dmitry>mplayer gives me super staticy audio on tvcard
04:03<mchou>dmitry: I'm almost certain code change will make card work.....
04:03<Sobek>code surgery is fun
04:03<dmitry>where should i look for this file?
04:03<mchou>just make sure u have back up of original.
04:05<mchou>by the way, my comma means "newline"
04:06<dmitry>just make modules and make modules_install now?
04:06<dmitry>a bunch of errors.
04:06<mchou> .audio_clock = 0x00187de7,
04:06<mchou> .tuner_type = TUNER_LG_NTSC_NEW_TAPC,
04:06<mchou> .gpiomask = 0x8018e700,
04:07<mchou>no, make sure you have three lines above.
04:07<dmitry>double checking
04:07<mchou>comment out the equivalent ones in the original.....
04:07<dmitry>i have a different audio clock
04:08<dmitry>should that be updated as well?
04:08<dmitry>.audio_clock = 0x00200000,
04:08<mchou>yes, my three lines should be included....
04:08<dmitry>k done
04:09<mchou>ok, make
04:10<mchou>don't foget to rmmod
04:10<Sobek>up and down up and down that's what make the alsa install go round.. :-)
04:10<dmitry>saa7134-cards.c:82: `TUNER_LG_NTSC_TAPC' undeclared here (not in a function)
04:10<dmitry>saa7134-cards.c:82: initializer element is not constant
04:11<mchou>dmitry: ok, comment that line out, put original back in.....
04:13<dmitry>yup that compiles fine
04:13<mchou>u know the drill....:)
04:13<mchou>try with xawtv....
04:14<mchou>make sure u don't get NICAM MUTED this time....
04:16<mchou>dmitry: talk to me....
04:18<dmitry>for some reason i couldn't rmmod the modules
04:18<mchou>reboot, why u doing that?
04:18<Sobek>Ok guys I have sound working happy now. Now I have some better info for you
04:18<mchou>ok, prob segfault with mencoder.
04:19<mchou>still marked "in use"
04:19<Sobek>2004-01-03 02:17:25 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)
04:19<Sobek>2004-01-03 02:17:28 Opening OSS audio device '/dev/dsp'.
04:19<Sobek>2004-01-03 02:17:28 Using XV port 61
04:19<Sobek>2004-01-03 02:17:29 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
04:19<Sobek>X Error: BadShmSeg (invalid shared segment parameter) 169
04:19<Sobek> Major opcode: 141
04:19<Sobek> Minor opcode: 19
04:19<Sobek> Resource id: 0x2c00002
04:19<Sobek>X Error: BadShmSeg (invalid shared segment parameter) 169
04:19<Sobek> Major opcode: 141
04:19<Sobek> Minor opcode: 19
04:19<Sobek> Resource id: 0x2c00003
04:19<Sobek>X Error: BadShmSeg (invalid shared segment parameter) 169
04:19<Sobek> Major opcode: 141
04:19<Sobek> Minor opcode: 19
04:19<Sobek> Resource id: 0x2c00004
04:19<mchou>Sobek, man, dont flood....
04:20<Sobek>Not a flood. I was just pasting in the errors I got when trying to watch live tv
04:22<dmitry>mchou: same thing..
04:22<mchou>dmitry: same thin in syslog, or no sound?
04:22<dmitry>Jan 3 01:18:47 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]/audio: detailed status: ########### NICAM muted ## init done
04:22<dmitry>and still no sound
04:23<mchou>ok, let me see your code, starting with line 78, till where edits end.....
04:24<dmitry> [SAA7134_BOARD_FLYVIDEO3000] = {
04:24<dmitry> /* "Marco d'Itri" <md@Linux.IT> */
04:24<dmitry> .name = "LifeView FlyVIDEO3000",
04:24<dmitry> .audio_clock = 0x00187de7,
04:24<dmitry> .tuner_type = TUNER_PHILIPS_PAL,
04:24<dmitry> .gpiomask=0x8018e700,
04:24<dmitry> .inputs = {{
04:25<sfr>good morning. one question: i'm not sure, but doesn't the msp3400.o module handle the sound?
04:26<mchou>dmitry: what options with insmod?
04:32<dmitry>same ones as last time
04:32<dmitry>but wow, the sound is gone from mplayer now
04:33<mchou>why u using mplayer?
04:33<dmitry>modprobe saa7134 card=2 tuner=39 oss=1 audio_debug=1 oss_debug=1 core_debug=1 gpio_tracking=1 irq_debug=1 i2c_debug=1 ts_debug=1
04:33<dmitry>just as an alternative
04:33<dmitry>wnated to try mencoder
04:33<mchou>don't mess with mplayer. It's junk.
04:33<dmitry>damn, how come?
04:34<mchou>look at the code, u'll understand....
04:34=bbeattie [~bbeattie@] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
04:35<mchou>you see 'e' in gpiomask, change that to 8
04:35<mchou>recompile, try again.
04:35<mchou>btw, what does aumix -q -d /dev/mixer1 say?
04:36+_kch_ [] joined #mythtv
04:37<Sobek>2004-01-03 02:35:32 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
04:37<Sobek>audio volume set to '65535'
04:37<Sobek>strange error flushing buffer ...
04:38<dmitry>everything is at 100
04:38<Sobek>any ideas on what to do now? I have picture and all is happy. I got rid of the errors openeing /dev/dsp however there is no audio..
04:38<mchou>dmitry, and R?
04:38<_kch_>anyone has set mythtv up using Torsten's walkthrough?
04:38<dmitry>R is on "video"
04:39<sfr>Sobek: ignore that error. check your audio capture settings with alsamixer
04:39<mchou>dmitry, print output of aumix blah......
04:39<dmitry>what od you mean?
04:40<mchou>paste the output here.
04:40<Sobek>K Not sure what to be looking for
04:40<dmitry>oberon:~# aumix -q -d /dev/mixer1
04:40<dmitry>vol 100, 100
04:40<dmitry>pcm 100, 100
04:40<dmitry>speaker 100, 100
04:40<dmitry>line 100, 100, P
04:40<dmitry>mic 100, 100, P
04:40<dmitry>cd 100, 100, P
04:40<Sobek>If I plug speakers into the capture card i get real time audio
04:40<dmitry>pcm2 100, 100
04:40<dmitry>igain 100, 100, P
04:40<dmitry>line1 100, 100, P
04:40<mchou>dm, thats wrong
04:40<dmitry>phin 100, 100, P
04:40<sfr>Sobek: it's all in the docs ;)
04:40<dmitry>phout 100, 100
04:40<dmitry>video 100, 100, R
04:40<dmitry>h oh
04:41<mchou>dm, thats wrong device /dev/mixer
04:41<mchou>dm, thats wrong device /dev/mixer***1****
04:41<dmitry>i dont understand
04:42<mchou>btw, what does aumix -q -d /dev/mixer1 say?
04:42<dmitry>that was mixer1 above
04:42<mchou>pls, dont try my patience...
04:43<mchou>whatever mixer your tvcard is maped to, and its not what u shoed me.
04:43=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
04:43<dmitry>well, it says mixer1 on insmod
04:44<dmitry>aumix -q -d /dev/mixer1, returns the stuff i've pasted. which i realize now doesn't make sense
04:44<Sobek>I am sure it is.
04:44<mchou>dmitry: we've been thru this before, what does it say in /var/log/messages?
04:45<dmitry>Jan 3 01:18:44 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device vbi0
04:45<dmitry>Jan 3 01:18:44 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device radio0
04:45<dmitry>Jan 3 01:18:44 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device dsp1
04:45<dmitry>Jan 3 01:18:44 oberon kernel: saa7133[0]: registered device mixer1
04:46<mchou>what does aumix -q -d /dev/mixer1 say?
04:46<dmitry>oberon:~# aumix -q -d /dev/mixer1
04:46<dmitry>vol 100, 100
04:46<dmitry>pcm 100, 100
04:46<dmitry>speaker 100, 100
04:46<dmitry>line 100, 100, P
04:46<dmitry>mic 100, 100, P
04:46<dmitry>cd 100, 100, P
04:47<dmitry>pcm2 100, 100
04:47<dmitry>igain 100, 100, P
04:47<dmitry>line1 100, 100, P
04:47<mchou>no, that's wrong....
04:47<dmitry>phin 100, 100, P
04:47<dmitry>phout 100, 100
04:47<dmitry>video 100, 100, R
04:47<dmitry>i know.
04:47<dmitry>how can this be happening?
04:47<dmitry>maybe i'll bind it to mixer 2
04:47<mchou>what does aumix -q -d /dev/mixer say?
04:47<dmitry>oberon:~# aumix -q -d /dev/mixer
04:47<dmitry>vol 100, 100
04:47<dmitry>pcm 100, 100
04:47<dmitry>speaker 100, 100
04:47<dmitry>line 100, 100, P
04:47<dmitry>mic 100, 100, P
04:47<dmitry>cd 100, 100, P
04:47<dmitry>pcm2 100, 100
04:47<dmitry>igain 100, 100, P
04:47<dmitry>line1 100, 100, P
04:48<dmitry>phin 100, 100, P
04:48<dmitry>phout 100, 100
04:48<dmitry>video 100, 100, R
04:48<mchou>lsmod | grep soundcore
04:48<dmitry>maybe i have a bugged version of aumix. because when i actually enter the program (aumix -d /dev/mixer and aumix -d /dev/mixer1) i get the correct interfaces, i think.
04:48<dmitry>oberon:~# lsmod|grep soundcore
04:48<dmitry>soundcore 3492 6 [saa7134 sound via82cxxx_audio]
04:49<mchou>before you reboot, put the options in /etc/modules.conf
04:49<mchou>for saa7134
04:50<mchou>you need to do a depmod -a
04:50<mchou>how many lines in /etc/modules.conf?
04:51<dmitry>options saa7134 card=2 tuner=39 oss=1 audio_debug=1 oss_debug=1 core_debug=1 gpio_tracking=1 irq_debug=1 i2c_debug=1 ts_debug=1
04:51<dmitry>save, depmod -a, reboot?
04:52<mchou>and before u remoot, whats the timestamp on saa7134.o?
04:53<dmitry>oberon:/lib/modules/2.4.23/kernel/drivers/media/video# pwd
04:53<dmitry>oberon:/lib/modules/2.4.23/kernel/drivers/media/video# ls -la saa7134.o
04:53<dmitry>-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 89228 Jan 3 01:14 saa7134.o
04:53<mchou>did u do this: you see 'e' in gpiomask, change that to 8
04:53<dmitry>ahh yes will do now
04:54<mchou>do depmod after install, make sure timstamp changed.
04:54<dmitry>oberon:~# cd /lib/modules/2.4.23/kernel/drivers/media/video
04:54<dmitry>oberon:/lib/modules/2.4.23/kernel/drivers/media/video# ls -la saa7134.o
04:54<dmitry>-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 89228 Jan 3 01:53 saa7134.o
04:55<dmitry>line looks like this now: .gpiomask=0x80188700,
04:59<dmitry>ok the box is up, the module is loaded
05:00<dmitry>saa7133[0]: registered device video0 [v4l2]
05:00<dmitry>saa7133[0]: registered device vbi0
05:00<dmitry>saa7133[0]: registered device radio0
05:00<dmitry>saa7133[0]: registered device dsp1
05:00<dmitry>saa7133[0]: registered device mixer1
05:00<dmitry>saa7133[0]/irq[0,9641]: r=0x200 s=0x00 FIDT
05:00<dmitry>saa7133[0]/audio: tvaudio thread status: 0x14000b [I NICAM]
05:00<dmitry>saa7133[0]/audio: detailed status: ########### NICAM muted ## init done
05:00<dmitry>saa7133[0]: i2c xfer: < c4 ERROR: NO_DEVICE
05:00<dmitry>saa7133[0]: i2c xfer: < c6 ERROR: NO_DEVICE
05:01<dmitry>still weirdness with mixer/mixer1
05:04<mchou>ok, back out my changes, but where it saus amux : TV, change to amux: LINE2. Ugly hack, but see what happens.
05:04<Sobek>sfr, Thanks for help
05:04+Drikus [] joined #mythtv
05:07<dmitry>interesting, no MUTE stuff this time
05:08<mchou>you got the program "radio?"
05:09<dmitry>im sure i can download it
05:09<mchou>I think it is part of xawtv/bttv.
05:09<mchou>you nned it for this hack.
05:10=Drikus [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
05:10<dmitry>hmm,not installed as part of xawtv
05:10<mchou>get it from bytesex.
05:10<mchou>compile it, etc...
05:11<mchou>bett yet if ur distro has one already precompiled....
05:11<dmitry>it should, but i can't find it :]
05:12<mchou>what distro.
05:12<mchou>apt-get radio??
05:13<dmitry>ok i've got it
05:13<mchou>if radio is installed, run it. See if you have sound if headphones are in tvcard.
05:14<mchou>static or otherwise. you may need to listen carefully, because volume might be low.
05:15<mchou>and u need to make sure mixer1 is fixed. I don't know what's going on there.
05:17<mchou>and if all this shit doesn't work, go buy yourself a pvr250.
05:18<dmitry>yeah im thinking about that.
05:18<dmitry>there might be a little bit of static there.
05:18<dmitry>i can't quite tell
05:20<dmitry>damn it.
05:20<dmitry>i think i might give up tonight, and try again in the morning.
05:20<mchou>aumix /dev/mixer1
05:21<dmitry>oberon:~/xawtv-3.90# aumix -q -d /dev/mixer1
05:21<dmitry>vol 100, 100
05:21<dmitry>pcm 100, 100
05:21<dmitry>speaker 100, 100
05:21<dmitry>line 100, 100, R
05:21<dmitry>mic 100, 100, P
05:21<dmitry>cd 100, 100, P
05:21<dmitry>pcm2 100, 100
05:21<dmitry>igain 100, 100, P
05:21<dmitry>line1 100, 100, P
05:21<dmitry>phin 100, 100, P
05:21<dmitry>phout 100, 100
05:21<dmitry>video 100, 100, P
05:21<mchou>dmitry: the other thing u should try is v4lctl to unmute.
05:22<mchou>and mixer1 is still fubar.
05:22<mchou>I don't know what you did, but I think modules.conf must be screwed.
05:23<dmitry>yeah ill blow everything away tomorrow and retry.
05:25<mchou>dmitry: wait, I figured the problem.....
05:25<dmitry>oberon:~/xawtv-3.90# v4lctl -c /dev/video0 -v volume mute off
05:25<dmitry>no handler for mute
05:25<mchou>u got to do aumix -d /dev/mixer1 -q. Stoopid programmer....
05:26<dmitry>oberon:~# aumix -d /dev/mixer1 -q
05:26<dmitry>line1 100, 100, P
05:26<dmitry>line2 100, 100, P
05:26<dmitry>video 100, 100, R
05:26<mchou>ok, that's better :)
05:26<dmitry>that's pretty bad command line parsing, heh.
05:27<mchou>ok, I think your golden.....
05:27<mchou>u got headphone in tvcard?
05:28<mchou>fireup xawtv
05:28<mchou>any sound?
05:29<mchou>I don't have v4lctl, figure out how to unmute....
05:30<mchou>with that
05:30<dmitry>volume mute on | off
05:30<dmitry> mute / unmute audio.
05:30<dmitry>v4lctl [ options ] command
05:30<mchou>ok, so you are saying its not muted?
05:30<dmitry>i tried v4lctl -c /dev/video0 volume mute off
05:33<mchou>ok, one last parting thought; undo all my changes tomorrow, but try v4lctl again. Good night.
05:33<dmitry>thanks a lot for your help
05:34<mchou>ok. didn't do much good :(
05:34<dmitry>at least i sorta know how ll this works now :)
05:34<dmitry>thanks so much.. i bet it's my fault somewhere in there.
05:34<mchou>nah..a lot of folks complain no sound w/ this card.
05:35<mchou>FV2000 seems better.....
05:35<dmitry>my dad like the "stereo" part.
05:35<dmitry>anyway i need to go to sleep. i'll try again tomorrow... thanks a bunch.
05:35<mchou>well, I dont blame him. I was considering 3000 myself....
05:36<dmitry>i'll let you know how it goes
05:36<mchou>ok, thx.
05:40<sfr>btw, i saw the Name Marco D'itri in the source before. He's on #debian-devel as Md right now. Not sure if he might have another idea.
05:42<mchou>he's not really the developer, he just submitted HW info :) Good suggestion, though.
05:43<sfr>heh, i just saw the name flying by
05:43<mchou>yeah, :)
05:45<Sobek>I have another question. I an getting a lot of prebuffering pasue messages in live tv. What if anything can I do to resolve this
05:46<sfr>reduce the capture resolution or get a faster network/computer
05:47<Sobek>Ok. It is a 1.6 Duron should this be fast enough?
05:48<sfr>i think so, but i don't use s/w encoding myself.
05:50<Sobek>From what I have read it sould be fast enough. What is the standard tv resolution?
05:51<Sobek>I also have a lot of noise in the audio in live tv and recordings. The sound from the ca[pture card is fine but the playback is really noise
05:53<dmitry>i think im one step away... gr..
05:54<dmitry>Sobek: perhaps it's the compression you're using?
05:55<Sobek>I am using mpeg4 I think.. Is it the live tv profile that it uses for watching tv?
05:56<dmitry>i have no idea, im just guessing :)
05:58<Sobek>Thats cool.. Thanks
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06:50+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
06:55<Bast>hello everyone, is anyone here alive and from australia?
07:15+Drikus [] joined #mythtv
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09:04<rkulagow>that's weird. anyone notice that the "live preview" in the watch recordings screen comes up no matter what is selected in setup?
09:05<sfr>yes, there are patches floating around on -dev iirc.
09:05<rkulagow>ah, still haven't caught up with all the messages yet...
09:06<sfr>simply skip -users ;)
09:07<rkulagow>but that's where some of my best spit-takes come from!
09:07<rkulagow>i'll go through ivtv-dev before going for -users though.
09:17<rkulagow>ah, i see that there was a commit already for the playbackbox preview recordings issue. that'll learn me.
09:22<sfr>there are still problems with the filter plugins due to changes in cvs. iirc they cause myth to segfault
09:46+MythMichale [[] joined #mythtv
09:46<MythMichale>anyone awake?
10:03<MythMichale>Wassnew and exciting in Myth World? :)
10:08<MythMichale>I am assuming that the serial connection between the Myth Box and the STBs has to be a Null Modem connetion, correct??
10:14+_kch_ [] joined #mythtv
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10:22<_kch_>I've been trying to read the "Blade5 : EpiaHowto" but the site seems to be down
10:22<_kch_>Does anyone know if it's been moved or if there is a mirror of this site?
10:49=techniq [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
10:50<pahli_bar>_kch_: there is a huge list of links here: ... not all myth specific
10:54<schwin97>morning everyone...
10:55<pahli_bar>schwin97: morning
10:55<_kch_>afternoon here...
10:55<schwin97>question: has anyone had an echo problem when watching live tv?
10:55<schwin97>almost afternoon here... but I just woke up
10:55<pahli_bar>MythMichale: heh... at least its a weekend
10:57<pahli_bar>schwin97: maybe you need to mute channels(soundcard) in alsa
10:57<pahli_bar>schwin97: read the docs
10:59<schwin97>pahli_bar: tried muting all the channels I could but it didn't help any... Maybe I missed one
10:59<schwin97>Could there be a problem if I changed kernel and started having the problem.
11:02<pahli_bar>schwin97: usually not. if you are using alsa, some mixer settings might have got clobbered. easy to restore those
11:05<racer>pahli: i saw your post on the dev list, but i don't get it really
11:05<pahli_bar>racer: hmm... about adding custom feeds?
11:05<racer>what structure do the sites need?
11:06<pahli_bar>racer: look at news-sites.xml
11:06<racer>i did
11:06<racer>but there is only a link to the site
11:06<MythMichale>I am assuming that the serial connection between the Myth Box and an STB needs to be of a NULL MODEM variety, no??
11:06<racer>and a link to the icon file
11:06<pahli_bar>racer: and what are you looking for?
11:08<racer>i mean i have several sites but i suppose your programm needs a format for the data!
11:08<racer>i can't be http sites i think?
11:09<pahli_bar>you mean html webpages... heh, no
11:09<racer>i added this site to the news-sites.xml:
11:10<racer>:) yeah i mean html of course
11:10<kvandivo>that just take normal rss files, i assume? wonder if there's any way you could tap into the /.'s list of rss feeds
11:10<racer>this is a xml format
11:10<racer>if i'm correct
11:10<pahli_bar>racer: lemme try adding that url and see. one moment
11:10<pahli_bar>kvandivo: slashdot feed is already the in the list
11:11<kvandivo>that's not exactly what i'm talking about..
11:11+Drikus [] joined #mythtv
11:12<kvandivo> see all of the 'slashboxes' you can add?
11:12<kvandivo>from what i understand, those are rss feeds
11:12<kvandivo>actually... "The preferred format is the Netscape RDF format that is rapidly becoming the de facto format for exchanging headlines between sites."
11:12<kvandivo>so that might not work as smoothly
11:14+holger [] joined #mythtv
11:14<pahli_bar>racer: humph... it was able to download the file correctly. but tweakers uses a completely non-standard format. so its not able to parse it
11:15<racer>yeah thats what i mean what is for your programme the standard?
11:15<pahli_bar>racer: rss 0.9x,1.0
11:15<racer>do you have a link for some info on this standard?
11:16<pahli_bar>i need to add support for other standards: Atom/Echo/PIE/OCS
11:16<pahli_bar>racer: tons of info on the web. here's one I like
11:17<pahli_bar>racer: by any chance do you maintain tweakers?
11:18<racer>but i made a program some time ago which displays the tweakers info on a LCD on a windows machine
11:18<racer>i also ripped some other sites for the same purpose
11:18<racer>for a college of mine
11:18<pahli_bar>what is it tweakers specific?
11:19<racer>latest computer news from holland
11:19<kvandivo>is there a lot of computer news from holland?
11:19<racer>:) hehe
11:19*kvandivo smirks.
11:19<racer>the site is from holland, the news is from all over the world :)
11:19<pahli_bar>i meant, was your program specific to this website or could it parse other websites too
11:20<sfr>the greatest thing about dutch computers are actually the holes in them ;)
11:20<racer>well philips has some good tuners i think!
11:20<racer>:) sfr!
11:20<pahli_bar>racer: i tried using the tweakers feed in liferea (gnome-rss-reader) and it barfed too
11:20<racer>pahli: more websites, but this was done very brute html parsing!
11:21*pahli_bar shivers
11:21<MythMichale>I am somewhat confused as to LIRC as it pertains to REMOTE CONTROL. Up to now, I have always assumed that LIRC was for the remote to the PVR350 and Myth in general. But further reading seems to indicate that LIRC also conrols the changing of channels to the STB as well. Am I reading this right??
11:21<racer>don't know the rss format and the tweakers format but if i open the site on my windows browser it opens a xml site
11:22<pahli_bar>racer: anything can be written in xml format. but unless it adheres to a standard, i can't do much with it
11:23<racer>i understand, i will contact the guys at tweakers to ask the format, and ask why they don't use a standard.
11:23<racer>thnx anyway!
11:23<[M-M]>standards? bah, there's no money or lock-in with those :)
11:23<racer>can't wait for your next module (gallery), man i like your interface! maybe a bit small fonts!
11:24<pahli_bar>racer: heh. Chutt was complaining too. but there's only so much you can fit in a 800x600 window
11:24<racer>have to go eat and watch our raymond van barneveld (Barny), darts in england! :)
11:24=_kch_ [] quit ("Terminando cliente")
11:24<racer>i see the problem!
11:25raceris now known as racer_away
11:29*kvandivo wishes he understood QObject::connect better
11:30<Chutt>read the signals/slots overview from the qt docs?
11:30<kvandivo>ya.. i keep getting errors 'no such slot' when i _know_ that the function exists in the class
11:31<Chutt>Q_OBJECT in the class definition?
11:31<kvandivo>receiver name: 'unnamed' might be a problem, though......
11:31<Chutt>has moc been run on the header?
11:31<kvandivo>it's in scheduledrecording.. i'll check on the moc thing
11:33<kvandivo>i regenerated moc_ and i'm still getting it.. i'll try to figure how why the receiver is 'unnamed'
11:34<Chutt>what's the connect call look like?
11:34<pahli_bar>because the object is unnamed? QObject have an optional arguement for name
11:34<kvandivo> connect(slider, SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)), qo, SLOT(setRank(int)));
11:34+faye [] joined #mythtv
11:35<kvandivo>qo is a QObject *, that fct is called like:
11:35<kvandivo>rl->getLine(this, widget, m_iRank);
11:35<kvandivo>and that line is in: MythDialog* ScheduledRecording::dialogWidget(MythMainWindow *parent,
11:36<Chutt>where's qo defined at?
11:36<kvandivo>QHBox* MythRankLine::getLine(QObject *qo, QWidget *parent,
11:36<pahli_bar>setRank has to be a public slot
11:36<Chutt>you probably need the actual type there
11:36<kvandivo> void setRank(int);
11:37<kvandivo>(in public: part of scheduledrecording.h
11:37<Chutt>not a generic QObject
11:37<kvandivo>i actually took that directly from another piece of code
11:37*kvandivo digs.
11:37<pahli_bar>kvandivo: it has to be under publis slots: not under public
11:37<pahli_bar>doh. s/publis/public.... heh
11:38<Chutt>ah well, i'll be back tonight
11:38<MythMichale>Hay Chutt...
11:38<kvandivo>ahhh... i see, pahli_bar.. protected slots: that's new syntax on me..
11:38<MythMichale>I am somewhat confused as to LIRC as it pertains to REMOTE CONTROL. Up to now, I have always assumed that LIRC was for the remote to the PVR350 and Myth in general. But further reading seems to indicate that LIRC also conrols the changing of channels to the STB as well. Am I reading this right??
11:39<pahli_bar>kvandivo: hints - signals are always protected. slots can be public/private/protected
11:39<kvandivo>excellent knowledge.. recompiling now..
11:40<Chutt>it's what moc uses to write the connection code
11:41<kvandivo>this qt stuff is in a slightly different world that takes some getting used to
11:41<faye>MythMichale: lirc is usually what you use to change channels (via infra red anyway) but you need an IR Transceiver like the Irdeo Remote to do that
11:42=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
11:43<MythMichale>faye Hmmmmm OK. I have LIRC set up and it does work with the PVR350 as far as changing options on the Myth Front end..
11:43<MythMichale>So, I guess that is what you are talking about, faye??
11:43=Drikus [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:44<faye>MythMichale: sort of, but you want it to change channels too?
11:44*kvandivo bounces around, tigger style.
11:45<MythMichale>You mean on the STB??
11:46<MythMichale>Not the Remote iteslf. But I do want the Myth Box to be able to change channels on the STB
11:46<faye>MythMichale: in order to do that you need an ir transmitter plugged in
11:46<faye>then you have a conf file for your STB remote in lirc and you tell lirc to send those codes in a script
11:47*nchip is getting closer for mythtv hw decoding..
11:47<nchip>everything is compiled and kernel/xfree loads fine.
11:47<nchip>yet the screen looks like:
11:48<sfr>nchip: interesting
11:50<MythMichale>OK I get that now. Thanx Faye.. But another question. Could I accomplish the same function using a serial cable connected to the STB. My STB does have serial access...
11:51<faye>MythMichale: you'll have to experiment there. I know it can be done for some
11:51cmorgan_zzzis now known as cmorgan
11:51<MythMichale>And that is what makes this soo much fun.. :) Thanx faye. Much appreciated...
11:51<faye>MythMichale: myth just executes a program to change channels
11:51<MythMichale>The RCA does have an IR IN port...
11:52<MythMichale>oops wrong screen..
11:55<MythMichale>I have tarek's pls that I am looking at right now...
12:05+bdale [] joined #mythtv
12:07<bdale>how can I force mythfilldatabase to re-fetch days it thinks it already has data for?
12:09<sfr>you could run tv_grab_na directly and import the xml file via the mythfilldatabase --file option
12:10<bdale>hrm, ok. I'll try that.
12:14*pahli_bar extends his autograph book to bdale
12:20<MythMichale>Kind of a minor point. Is it possible to make the screen blanker kick off when the remote is used?
12:21<pahli_bar>MythMichale: mythmusic does it if you press 5. i don't think other modules or tv do
12:22<MythMichale>bar I see.. Some of the screen blankers in FEDORA are really awesome I would love to see them on my 60" :)
12:22<MythMichale>That "THE SHINING" one scared the crap outta me.. hehehehehe
12:23<faye>All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
12:23<sfr>All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
12:24<MythMichale>Yea That one.. I walked in on that one and crapped my pants...
12:25+Kuwanger [] joined #mythtv
12:26<bdale>pahli_bar: ;-)
12:26<faye>they should do a Red Rum one next :)
12:26<Kuwanger>I have a small request. Would it be possible to configure mythtv to produce a lock file and run a program before starting to record?
12:27<Kuwanger>The idea being that you might be using something else that uses the video card, and it'd be nice to be able to a) easily tell mythtv is recording and b) be told that a show is about to be started recording to gracefully (or ungracefully) exit another program.
12:27<Kuwanger>err, s/video/tv
12:28<sfr>thou shall not use other tv-appl. besides MythTv
12:29<bdale>what does mythfilldatabase expect for the sourceid in --file mode?
12:29<Kuwanger>sfr: Except playing video games in mythtv isn't such a hot idea. :)
12:29<Kuwanger>There's that whole 2 second delay thing.
12:30<sfr>bdale: for a single tuner setup usually 1
12:34<bdale>that worked ... thanks sfr, my wrong-timezoned-local-directv-channels are now all fixed
12:35<pahli_bar>Kuwanger: microsoft would like to disagree with you about
12:35<sfr>np. i was tempted to refer our famous guest to RTFM only to find out it's not documented :-)
12:39=robbie [~rob@] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:40<bdale>sfr: believe it or not, I'd even read part of the mythfilldatabase source before deciding that was stupid, and somewhere on irc there had to be a mythtv channel... ;-)
12:41<sfr>in general reading sourcecode to figure out how to use a program is stupid, but there's always the exception of the rule. ;)
12:41<bdale>in fact, I hate to admit how many hours of banging my head against the wall I've done trying to make latest mythtv cvs work with latest ivtv ... can't get rid of the choppy audio and video. finally, in frustration, I took one of the athlon boxes, put a single pvr-250 in it, and loaded knoppmyth. other than the annoyance of having to edit the directv channel lists heavily, it seems to be working fairly well. my 4-year-old is watching speed racer through myt
12:41<bdale>htv now...
12:43<pahli_bar>cvs is fairly borked now. filters don't work
12:43*bdale hopes this box will make the family happy while he goes back to getting fresher bits working with his pchdtv card, more pvr-250's, and various partridges in pear trees...
12:44<sfr>i just installed ivtv cvs-latest drivers yesterday. they are working here using a remote frontend though
12:45<bdale>my initial config was a master backend with lots of disk in the basement, and two frontend-only boxes... one an athlon with sis video card making svideo and the other my nc4000 laptop. the plan was to make the athlon frontend box also a diskless backend sharing the file space on the master backend, but I haven't gotten that far
12:46<bdale>I've got way too many pieces of hardware to play with and very little to show for it, ergo the diversion to just make a box run in the living room so my wife and kids can start figuring out how this is going to work...
12:47<pahli_bar>before i test it myself, i was wondering if anybody has done this already: speed test for loading/saving between JPEG and PNG files
12:47<bdale>hrm, the sis video seems to be underscanning ... off to stare at sisctrl for a while
12:49<pahli_bar>heh... i'm living with underscan on nvidia. waiting for a fix from nvidia
12:50<bdale>this is a really cheap sis 315 card, using the latest driver from ... for ntsc/svideo it seems pretty cool. I'll probably have to switch to a recent nvidia card with dvi to drive the hdtv my wife wants me to buy her soon (sports fan...)
12:53+Sobek [~btatton@] joined #mythtv
12:53+Ku-less [] joined #mythtv
12:56<Sobek>Hey I have a question for you guys
12:56<pahli_bar>the next card i buy, i will sure its directfb compatible. dreaming of running myth on directfb
12:57<thor_>pahli_bar, all other things equal, prefer png
12:57<Ku-less>pahli_bar: No vesa?
12:57<Sobek>Where do I need to look to figure out why when watching live tv i have a lot of prebuffering pauses. However if I schedule a recording for now and the immediately go to watch recordings there is no studder
12:58<pahli_bar>thor_: i would like that too. currently mythgallery saves thumbs as jpegs
12:58<pahli_bar>Ku-less: vesa and myth... will be a real drag, literally
12:58<pahli_bar>thor_: jpegs as thumbs.
12:59<sfr>Sobek: you have a single frontend/backend? then your cpu might just be too slow.
12:59<Ku-less>pahli_bar: I'd imagine. I have my fb at 640x480, though, so it shouldn't be that bad.
12:59<thor_>if you're fixing it anyway ... :-)
13:00<faye>Sobek: could be a filesystem problem
13:01<pahli_bar>Ku-less: console is fine with vesa. but video on it...
13:01<Ku-less>Does mplayer work for you on fb?
13:02<pahli_bar>Ku-less: never even tried. i don't do much stuff on the console, so never compile in fb
13:02<Ku-less>I see.
13:02<kvandivo>so you aren't clueless?
13:03<Sobek>It is a single machine. But I am not sure what you mean with the cpu being to slow because I can start the recording and watch the recording in progress with out issue
13:03<Sobek>But the just doing it live jitters badly even if I pause for 10 seconds and then play
13:04<Sobek>faye, file system issue??
13:04<faye>Sobek: what fs are you using for live tv and main storage?
13:04=Kuwanger [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
13:04<faye>some filesystems don't handle extending large files too well
13:04<faye>xfs is often preferred for myth storage
13:04<sfr>Sobek: but that is exactly the same scenario as watching live-tv. the only difference is in live-tv the buffercache is deleted after a channel-change.
13:05<sfr>Sobek: to my knowledge at least ;)
13:05<Sobek>I actually think it is xfs I am using because it is the atrpms kernel
13:05<faye>Sobek: type mount and you'll find out for sure
13:05<Sobek>sfr, I thought so also but it isn't acting that way..
13:06racer_awayis now known as Racer
13:06<Sobek>it is ext3
13:06<Racer>What is it with mythtv and the filter stuff
13:07<sfr>Sobek: did you try to reduce the resolution/play with the encoding paramters to rule that out?
13:07<Racer>i have to delete the filters to not get a segm. fault
13:07<pahli_bar>screenshots. who wants to see screenshots...
13:07<sfr>Racer: known issue. you should subscribe to -commits and/or -dev when using cvs versions.
13:08<faye>Sobek: sfr's suggestion is good, livetv uses livetv recording profile, while recordings use default - make sure livetv is the same settings as default
13:08<Sobek>Yea. I have done a number of things. I am recording 480x480 with level 7 mp3
13:08=virsys [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:08<Sobek>I will check to be sure they are the same. I am about 90% sure that it is
13:09<Sobek>I had issues with both until I downgraded my alsa drivers. I am wondering if I need to downgrade lame also.
13:10<Racer>sfr i allready subscribed!
13:10<Racer>think i have to read better
13:10<Racer>pahli: Looks GOOD!
13:11<Racer>nice flowers!
13:11+mchou [] joined #mythtv
13:12<sfr>pahli_bar: nice. the buttons remind me about exif-tags. any plans to add it?
13:12<sfr>add support for them
13:13<pahli_bar>sfr: on my todo list.
13:14<sfr>pahli_bar: what about the gphoto2 support you mentioned? what functions will that add?
13:15<pahli_bar>sfr: i just thought of simple import and optionally delete pictures from camera once finished importing.
13:16<pahli_bar>sfr: what more you had in mind? i want to keep things simple as possible within the limitations of a remote
13:17<Racer>:) Simple? MythMusic on background when watching a phote slideshow! :)
13:17+MythMichale2 [] joined #mythtv
13:17=Sobek [~btatton@] quit ("Leaving")
13:17<sfr>pahli_bar: nothing specific really. i was just being curious
13:18<pahli_bar>Racer: its been discussed several times on the list. easier to change mythmusic to do a slideshow screensaver instead of mythgallery doing things
13:19<Racer>i know thats why i smiled! But would it not be nice?
13:20<Racer>i was thinking more like this: First start music on mythmusic than go to the gallery and start a show!
13:21<Racer>Thats the way my old HTPC-software for which i paid did it!
13:21<sfr>what about adding a 'fireplace Simulator' to mythmusic/gallery. That could probably increase the WAF a _lot_. :)
13:22<MythMichale2>I have a question that has always bugged me.. Wouldn't it be possible to reverse engineer some troubling aspects of Myth from what Tivo does??
13:22<pahli_bar>Racer: current myth framework doesnot allow that. plugins are independent of each other.
13:22<pahli_bar>sfr: fireplace simulator?
13:23<Racer>i know i hope the work thor is doing will eventually solve that! ???????
13:23<pahli_bar>MythMichale2: reverse engineer? you mean code. bring out your pet peeves (read suggestions) and developers will try to address them
13:23<Racer>pahli: this one works in your newsfeeds.
13:24<pahli_bar>Racer: should. its a "standards" compliant feed :)
13:25<sfr>pahli_bar: yes, for watching an open fire on your TV without any work. you know, a cosy fire, champaign...
13:25<Racer>nice about this one is that it is variable, i mean the last word can be everything!!!!!
13:25<Racer>would be nice to make that word selectable by remote control!
13:26<pahli_bar>sfr: heh... doesn't xscreensaver have a fire hack already. shouldn't be difficult to port it
13:27<sfr>really? xscreensaver never showed it to me (i use it in random mode)
13:27<Racer>fire and champaign nice yeah, missing 1 thing, let me think!
13:27<sfr>Racer: your latest sports magazine?
13:28<pahli_bar>Racer: you are looking at more at a keyboard based interface, if you want to type in words (i'm not such a big fan of remotelineedit)
13:28<MythMichale2>Sorry Pahli I just loaded up XCHAT and your text was in yellow. I thought that meant it was PRIV. :)
13:28<Racer>no my bearskin and ..., actually 2 things!
13:30<Racer>it was just a idea Pahli, of course for me i can change the news-sites.xml with the things i like!
13:30<pahli_bar>MythMichale2: np. myth does take inspiration from lots of other htpc out there.
13:30<Racer>but for others and you maybe it was useful
13:30<MythMichale2>pahli Ahhh Good :)
13:31<Racer>i'll add example
13:31<Racer>i'll add example
13:31<Racer>and so on!
13:32<pahli_bar>Racer: hmmm... maybe then i need to reintroduce custom site addition back. in my goal to total WAF, i went with whatever is easy to do with a remote
13:32<pahli_bar>lets see if more users ask for it.
13:35=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
13:35<Racer>i know it sucks to type text with the remote like a handy phone
13:35<Racer>but for this feed it would ROCK!
13:38<Ku-less>Hmm..I wish v4lctl had more options. :)
13:39<Ku-less>Well, thanks for trying to help..or something.
13:39-Ku-less [] left #mythtv ()
13:40+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
13:49=[M-M] [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:50=MythMichale2 [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
13:50DJ_ZZzzis now known as DJ_Rican
13:51pahli_baris now known as pahli_bar_cookin
13:51<MythMichale>DJ Jarod's guide is pretty complete
13:52<DJ_Rican>you have the url?
14:01<yebyen>goddamn, wikipedia's donation drive made $33,431.26
14:01<yebyen>they asked for $20000
14:02<Misirlou>too bad they use the FDL
14:03+virsys [] joined #mythtv
14:08=virsys [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:15-mchou [] left #mythtv ()
14:20<faye>slightly off topic, but does anyone have any idea why sound from mythtv is fine, but when using mythvideo to play something it's really quiet?
14:27+_shad_ [] joined #mythtv
14:27<_shad_>If I clear all channel information, will that screw up the shows i've set to be recorded?
14:30+virsys [] joined #mythtv
14:30<monkyBox>So if I'm upgrading from 0.12 to 0.13, I don't need to run any sql scripts to upgrade the db?
14:33Raceris now known as racer_away
14:37+captbunzo [] joined #mythtv
14:37<captbunzo>anyone around?
14:38=Brandon [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:41kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
14:45<MythMichale>Hay faye ya around???
14:46<MythMichale>We were talking about the serial port and remotes before, right?
14:48<MythMichale>Well, I found this site:
14:49<MythMichale>It says you can hook up to the WIDE BAND port on the RCA with a serial cable and control the IRC via computer..
14:49<faye>looks suspiciously like a windows app
14:49<MythMichale>Oh it is..
14:49<MythMichale>But if windows can do it, the LINUX can do it and much better and faster...
14:49<MythMichale>But is that the type of control connection you were talking about??
14:50<faye>well ISTR it was the type you were interested in, but I can't use serial, my STB doesn't have the interface
14:51<faye>I'm using a device called Irdeo Remote connected to my serial port and I send commands via that
14:51<MythMichale>OK That site seems to have a lot of info about the IR commands and codes.. I wonder if that would be useful in a general way, for Myth people having problems with remotes...
14:54<faye>only for people with DTV I think?
14:56+mchou [] joined #mythtv
14:56<MythMichale>True.. I guess it would be limited... OK Well, now I am on the right track, I guess.. Thanx for the input...
15:00<mchou>dmitry: you around?
15:01<captbunzo>are there any decent HDTV cards with on-the-card MPEG encoders that work in linux?
15:01<davatar>hdtv is broadcast in mpeg....
15:02<mchou>HDTV card is mpeg.
15:02<mchou>u dont need yet another mpeg encoder for hdtv
15:03<faye>perhaps he meant h/w decoder?
15:03<mchou>now that would make more sense....
15:03-Fade [] left #mythtv ()
15:08<captbunzo>mchou - ah...
15:10*captbunzo just bought a Hauppauage PVR-250 for $125 off of ebay
15:10<mchou>ugh, that regular street price for retail.....
15:10<captbunzo>mchou, faye: do you guys have linux based PVRs setup?
15:11<captbunzo>mchou: actually, that's the best I could find (that included shipping)
15:11<captbunzo>ok, I saved only a couple of bucks.
15:11<mchou>gee, I wonder y I'm in the mythtv channel :)
15:11<davatar>anyone know where the actively selected box parameters are? I found qtlook.txt, but I can't seem to find where the black selection border is defined.
15:12<captbunzo>mchou: what is your setup like?
15:12<captbunzo>I am working on getting something setup with Debian & MythTV.
15:12<captbunzo>(as soon as my stinking card comes in)
15:12<thor_>davatar, which border (which dialog) ?
15:12<mchou>captbunzo: sounds reasonable....
15:13<davatar>thor_: any dialog, both for regular buttons, and selection boxes.. i.e. setup screen cancel/next and theme selection box
15:14<davatar>thor_: right now the cancel/next buttons have a 1pixel black border.. which is nearly invisible on a tv :)
15:14<thor_>ah, setup screen ... that's Qt widget based, so qtlook.txt plus whatever the user has defined in their .qtrc, plus whatever qt does by default
15:15<captbunzo>mchou: what are you using?
15:16<MythMichale>As near as I have been told, the only card available is the pcHDTV
15:17<faye>are there any pvr350 users in here using mythtv output to tv?
15:20=_shad_ [] quit ("BitchX: its not your ordinary stick of gum")
15:23<cmorgan>faye: yes
15:24<faye>cmorgan: I'm getting audio out from the pvr350 somehow and I wasn't expecting it
15:25<cmorgan>faye: you should have expected it ;-)
15:25<faye>why does it have an extra little flylead from the video out to soundcard then?
15:25<cmorgan>why use the soundcard?
15:25<cmorgan>the pvr350 should be outputting the audio
15:26<faye>so I see
15:26<faye>but only in mythtv
15:26<faye>not in mplayer :(
15:26<faye>(with ivtv patch)
15:26<cmorgan>if mplayer is pushing the mpeg out to video16
15:26<cmorgan>then the pvr should be outputting sound
15:26<faye>how come audio out isn't mentioned as a feature anywhere?
15:27<cmorgan>it should be in the hauppauge docs
15:27<cmorgan>and on their website
15:28<faye>it says about the audio encoding, but not decoding
15:29<cmorgan>ok ;-)
15:29<faye>it's annoying though because it means that mythvideo doesn't work with sound
15:29<cmorgan>i was going to ask about that on ivtv
15:29<cmorgan>about whether there was a mechanism to push audio to the card
15:30<faye>I expect that you just send it multiplexed audio and video
15:30<cmorgan>perhaps we'll have to take the mpeg, mix in the audio and push it out
15:30+tmk [] joined #mythtv
15:30<cmorgan>tmk would know ;-)
15:30<faye>hehe yes
15:30<cmorgan>tmk: ideas on how to get audio from apps out through the pvr350?
15:31<cmorgan>mix it into the audio stream in the mpeg?
15:35DJ_Ricanis now known as DJ_store
15:35<faye>I was just telling cmorgan I thought that mplayer was broken somehow and it looks like it's my soundcard that is!
15:38+dilate [] joined #mythtv
15:43<faye>cmorgan: I wonder why they state "soundcard" as one of the requirements for the PVR350?
15:43<cmorgan>no idea
15:44<cmorgan>they also list vga adapter
15:46<faye>cmorgan: I suppose my confusion stems from it being a SCART cable, I guess outside europe you have a breakout adapter?
15:48+marc [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
15:49<tmk>fay: yep
15:50<tmk>cm: i take the audio out of the pvr350 and run it to the line-in
15:50<tmk>then use the soundcard for all audio
15:50<cmorgan>if you want
15:50<cmorgan>that may result in a delay between video and audio
15:51<sfr>tmk: that works? phew, already feared my pvr350 was all useless b/c of audio routing.
15:51<tmk>works better than trying to send mpeg audio to the pvr350
15:51=marc [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:51+marc [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
15:51<tmk>you can set audio delay on the video decoding
15:51<tmk>i haven't provided an interface to that
15:51<tmk>cause mplayer has a delay
15:51<cmorgan>may mixing with the audio channel of the mpeg is reasonable though
15:51<faye>tmk: that's a problem because the scart cable only has one audio jack
15:52<tmk>audio jack -> soundcard line in. soundcard line-out to stereo
15:52<faye>it's like: PVR350 connector+audio jack at one end and SCART at the other
15:52<faye>so I guess that the audio jack is an output
15:53<faye>but it means that I have no way to break the connection between the PVR350 and the TV to put the soundcard signal there
15:53<faye>which means it's useless
15:54<faye>that does explain why all the other audio out is almost imperceptible, it's leakage from the output
15:55<faye>so to make a working tv out cable I'll have to make my own :(
15:55<faye>or not use the TV speakers
15:57<tmk>faye: there's 2 audio jacks on a pvr350
15:57<tmk>one for in and one for out
15:58<faye>well sort of
15:58<faye>I don't know how familiar you are with SCART?
15:58<tmk>not at all
15:58<faye>it's a single connector which maps RGB, SVideo, Composite and stereo audio
15:59<davatar>which qt theme does isaac use? (or whoever designed the blue theme)
15:59<faye>it's got about 20 pins
16:00<faye>that's the only cable they supply with the European PVR350
16:00<faye>and the PVR350 audio and video go directly to it, with an additional output for your soundcard
16:01<faye>but it doesn't have an additional input for your soundcard
16:01<faye>the other audio jack is being used for the input signal of course :)
16:01<tmk>i'm sure they make breakout connectors
16:01<faye>that would probably work best
16:02<faye>wonder what the part no is
16:06-mchou [] left #mythtv ()
16:09<tmk>i don't mean hauppauge
16:10+MithMichale [] joined #mythtv
16:10<tmk>i mean the european equivalnet of radio shack
16:10+etcp [] joined #mythtv
16:10*etcp waves at MythMichale
16:10<MithMichale>Ta Da :)
16:10<faye>it would only be useful to break out at the PC end
16:10<MithMichale>Over here :)
16:10<faye>and therefore the PVR350 custom connector
16:10<etcp>do you have a copy of that I can see?
16:11<MithMichale>So, anyways... I got the from :
16:14=Misirlou [] quit ("And twice on Sunday . . .")
16:15<etcp>looks like its sending the data, but just receiving nothing back at all... the Error (0x00) means its waited 8 seconds and got nothing! (sound right on timing?)
16:15<MithMichale>Yea Sounds right.. So, I am guessing that the RCA is not talking back...
16:16<MithMichale>But there is nothing to indicate it (the RCA) is receiving the signal...
16:16<etcp>quite - presumably the channel doesn't change
16:16<MithMichale>But I am correct when I say that, since I have a serial connect, that LIRC doesn't enter into the equation, no??
16:16<etcp>yes, correct
16:16<MithMichale>nope nothing happens on the TV end...
16:17<MithMichale>OK good Then I can drop LIRC as a line of investigation...
16:17<etcp>is it plugged into the right serial port on the PC?
16:18<MithMichale>Hmmmmm DOH!!!!!
16:18<MithMichale>OK One sec....
16:18*etcp smirks
16:18<captbunzo>what capture cards do people around here use?
16:18<MithMichale>OK something different... And to quote Bill Murray "Anything different is good. " :^)
16:18<MithMichale>mythtv@myth files]$ /usr/sbin/ 100
16:18<MithMichale>100 SEND: 0xFA [] 0xA6 [] 0x0 [] 0x64 [d] 0xFF [] 0xFF []
16:18<MithMichale> RECV: 0xF1[ERR 1]
16:18<MithMichale>I did receive SOMETHING back....
16:19<etcp>presumably not channel change, though
16:19<MithMichale>I'll have to look at the MythTV screen One sec..
16:20=monkyBox [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:20<MithMichale>Nope No channel change...
16:20+monkyBox [] joined #mythtv
16:21<etcp>Try it again, make sure its consistent
16:22<monkyBox>Help! I can't figure out why I'm getting this error with mythmusic: "Decoder error. DecoderMAD: Failed to open input. Error 5." ??
16:22<MithMichale>It is... Interesting message in /var/log/messages
16:22<MithMichale>Jan 3 16:20:45 myth kernel: tty_io.c: process 2649 ( used obsolete /dev/cua - update software to use /dev/ttyS1
16:22<etcp>I was going to say that too... - its just a text file...
16:22<etcp>you can edit it
16:23<etcp>but it shouldn't do any harm
16:23<sfr>MithMichale: /dev/cua? that's obsolete
16:24<MithMichale>Yep.. I changed the link to ttyS1 Still the same result...
16:24<etcp>the link?
16:25<etcp>is there a channel 100?
16:25<MithMichale>Link.. per the MythDocs...
16:26<MithMichale>$ su
16:26<MithMichale># cd /dev
16:26<MithMichale># ln -sf ttyS0 lirc
16:26<MithMichale># exit
16:26<etcp>ah, no, in the script itself, it references /dev/cua1 - need to change it there
16:26<MithMichale>Maybe I am mixing up two diff docs.. DOH!!!!
16:26<etcp>need to forget lirc ;-)
16:26<MithMichale>hehehehe Yea, fixed it there... Lemme kill the ln
16:26<etcp>try a different channel number, see if the error changes. Try one that doesn't exist
16:27<MithMichale>How do I remove the link w/o removing the file...
16:27<etcp>just rm it
16:27<MithMichale>Bone head noob question, I know...
16:27<etcp>rm /dev/lirc
16:27<etcp>after doing an su
16:27<MithMichale>OK done
16:28<MithMichale>OK Send diff channels.. The REC is always the same
16:32+mchou [] joined #mythtv
16:34<etcp>did you say this was a sony box, or an RCA?
16:34<MythMichale>RCA Old 303
16:34<etcp>implies that its sending the wrong code
16:34<monkyBox>Does anyone here have any experience w/ mythmusic?
16:35<etcp>its sending 0xa6, and should be 0x46
16:35<etcp>according to that
16:35<etcp>but that's for a sony one
16:35<MythMichale>Notice the header at the top of the It says Sony
16:36<etcp>quite, which is why I asked which one you were using :-)
16:36<etcp>Of course, the downside is that 0x46 on the RCA _could_ be "wipe the firmware please" ;-)
16:36<MythMichale>heheheheh Just my luck, it would be
16:37<etcp>and that page is dated 1998!
16:37<MythMichale>Yea, a tad dated.. :)
16:37<etcp>but then, these things tend not to change too much
16:38<MythMichale>The is dated Dec of 2002
16:39<MythMichale>Ahhh the notes say it was a SONY pl that was modified for the RCA.. I wonder if the MODs were not sufficient :)
16:39<MythMichale>or complete
16:40=virsys [] quit (Connection timed out)
16:41<etcp>says 46 too :-)
16:41+vax [] joined #mythtv
16:41<etcp>and f1 means invalid command
16:42<etcp>I'd try it, but its your box ;)
16:43<MythMichale>What do you mean?? Try what??
16:43<etcp>change the 0xa6 in to 0x46
16:43<etcp>about line 83
16:43<etcp>sorry 92
16:43<MythMichale>OK One sec
16:45<MythMichale>Here goes :)
16:45<etcp>aha! I see it: top table there's two columns - new and old hex command. Second line from bottom is A6 to set channel and subchannel... you've got an old box... is presumably write for a "new" box...
16:45=captbunzo [] quit ("[BX] Leggo my Eggo!")
16:45<etcp>you may need to change the number of parameters it sends
16:46<MythMichale>100 SEND: 0xFA [z] 0x46 [F] 0x0 [] 0x64 [d] 0xFF [] 0xFF []
16:46<MythMichale> RECV: 0xF0[START PKT] 0xF2[GOT EXTENDED] 0xF4[END PKT]
16:46<etcp>and a different channel?
16:46<MythMichale>I am assuming that's a good thing.. Lemme run downstairs and see if a channel changed
16:47<MithMichale>OK down on the Myth Box
16:48<MithMichale>WOOO HOOO!!!!! :)
16:48<MithMichale>We have a channel change!!!! :)
16:48*etcp cheers!
16:49<MithMichale>awesome :) Now I can start some hardcore testing... Thanx etcp
16:49<etcp>no problem - enjoy!
16:49<etcp>wish me luck with my mythtving ;-)
16:50-vax [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
16:50<MithMichale>hehehehe Good luck It's an adventure, to be sure!!! :)
16:57+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
17:01<MithMichale>What is Xinerama as it pertains to Myth???
17:15=MithMichale [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:46+shai_ [] joined #mythtv
17:47+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
17:47-shai_ [] left #MYTHTV ()
18:12<MythMichale>tmk How often should we (end users) upgrade?? Only if there is a problem, or what??
18:14+Exdaix [] joined #mythtv
18:14<Exdaix>Hey everyone
18:14<Exdaix>I am using Gentoo, how do I add mythtfilldatabase to my cron job?
18:15<sfr>Exdaix: by reading the docs perhaps?
18:16<Exdaix>sfr: I am reading the ones but I do not have a mythcrontab file
18:16<Exdaix>yea, I dont have a mythcrontab file
18:18<sfr>Exdaix: then ask whoever created the ebuild (is that what it's called in gentoo?) to add it in the next revision of this package. d/l a mythtv source archive and take it from there.
18:20<thor_>man cron ?
18:24<Exdaix>i got it
18:24-Exdaix [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
18:27DJ_storeis now known as DJ_Rican
18:39+bitbyte [] joined #mythTV
18:49warlordis now known as warlord-afk
19:04=marc [~Marc@] quit ("Leaving")
19:04DJ_Ricanis now known as DJ_eating
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19:16+captbunzo [] joined #mythtv
19:17+Sobek [~btatton@] joined #mythtv
19:17<captbunzo>I'm having some trouble configuring mythtv.
19:17<Sobek>Whats up capt
19:17<captbunzo>Now, I don't have my capture card in yet - that's in the mail.
19:17<captbunzo>but I figured I could setup the video source
19:18<Sobek>And what is happending?
19:18<captbunzo>it seems to be locking up when I type in 4 digits of my zip code.
19:18<captbunzo>some sort of lookup going on there.
19:18<captbunzo>(needs a status message)
19:19<Sobek>You mean when you type in the 5th?? Yea it is attempting to go out on the net and gather infor
19:19<Sobek>Yea it take quite awhile.. I am not sure the exact timeout but it seems liek 60 seconds or so.
19:20<Sobek>Anyone have jitter issues while watching tv but not while viewing a recording in progress? I have checked the profiles and they are identical
19:25DJ_eatingis now known as DJ_full
19:26DJ_fullis now known as DJ_Rican
19:26<captbunzo>when I start up mythtv-setup, I get an error: "Session management error: Authentication rejected...."
19:26<captbunzo>any clues?
19:27<Sobek>Is this one or two machines
19:27<sfr>captbunzo: don't run setup as root.
19:29<Sobek>captbunzo, how did you do the install is it an rpm or did you compile. Does the live buffer directory exist?
19:29<thor_>run setup as user who started X
19:30<thor_>or man xhost
19:30<sfr>or ssh -X $my_backend ;)
19:31<captbunzo>Sobek: debian package.
19:31<captbunzo>sfr: hmmnn, I thought it complained when I ran it as a regular use.
19:31<captbunzo>sfr: let's say I want to start over with my mythtv configuration - is there some file I can delete?
19:31<sfr>captbunzo: v0.13?
19:32<sfr>if you really want to start from scratch then drop the mythconverg database
19:33<sfr>version 0.13+ will automatically create the necesary db tables for you.
19:33<captbunzo>Sobek: yes.
19:34+schwin97 [] joined #mythtv
19:38*captbunzo decides to try again from scratch, this time RTFM.
19:39<captbunzo>sfr: drop the tables or the whole database?
19:40<captbunzo>:) all tables dropped. :)
19:40<sfr>better drop the db
19:40<sfr>oh wait, maybe not!
19:40<sfr>surely not, keep the empty db
19:41+robbie_ [~rob@] joined #mythtv
19:41<captbunzo>yep, that's what I was thinking...
19:42<captbunzo>I assume I can tell mythtv to use a mythtv db user/pass?
19:42<mikegrb>that's the idea
19:42<thor_>locate mysql.txt
19:43=FryGuy [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:43<sfr>captbunzo: iirc mdz puts it in /etc/mythtv/
19:45<sfr>and he even creates a default db user to access mysql
19:45<captbunzo>yep, I noticed.
19:45<captbunzo>very slick!
19:45<captbunzo>and a nice and secure password... :)
19:46-pmorch [] left #mythtv ()
19:51<Sobek>anyone know how to give you kernel a name when compiling it?
19:52<sfr>edit the EXTRAVERSION field in the top-level Makefile
19:52<Sobek>That's where it is..!! Thanks
19:54<captbunzo>right after I start the setup and answer the to "clear this and that" questions, I get these two errors:
19:54<captbunzo>mythtv: could not connect to socket
19:54<captbunzo>mythtv: No such file or directory
19:54<captbunzo>are those of any concern?
19:54<sfr>captbunzo: yes, RTFM and don't run mythtv by itself
19:55<robbie_>its CHAIRMAN MAO
19:55<robbie_>not L MAO
19:56<captbunzo>that's nice.
19:56<Sobek>sfr, thanks for pointing me in the right direction last night. I had to downgrade my alsa drives and I think I am going to have to downgrade lame
19:56robbie_is now known as robbie
19:56<captbunzo>perhaps you should be a little nicer to people wanting to use your software.
19:57<captbunzo>first, instance, where in the FM would I find that tip?
19:57<thor_>where in the FM does it say to run mythtv ?
19:58<robbie>well if you follow the instructions and check everything
19:58<robbie>then double check and tripple check, then the error might go away
19:59<captbunzo>hmmnn, I wonder if the freevo people are any nicer.
19:59<thor_>also, if you fiddled with the mysql user/password stuff, you need to make sure you have permissions set right inside mysql
20:00<captbunzo>all I changed was the root password.
20:00<captbunzo>I left all of the mythtv password stuff as it was initially set.
20:01<thor_>just do a mysql -u whatever_the_username_is_in_mysql.txt -p
20:01<thor_>if you want to check that permissions work
20:02<captbunzo>cool, that was a good tip.
20:02<captbunzo>that worked.
20:02=keg [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:03<captbunzo>I am poring over the FM and can't find anywhere that tells me to "not run mythtv by itself"
20:03<captbunzo>or whatever that heck that F meant.
20:04<captbunzo>hmmnn... perhaps it isn't possible to complete the setup correctly without the tuner card actually in your box yet.
20:07<captbunzo>ah yes, segfault.
20:07<captbunzo>oh well.
20:07<captbunzo>thanks for the bits of help, and all of the sarcasm.
20:08<robbie>sarcasm is good for the soul
20:08<robbie>gets the blood pumping :)
20:10<DJ_Rican>anyone here has the pvr remote working with lirc and mythtv?
20:11<DJ_Rican>thor_: can you help me with the lirc setup?
20:11=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:12<robbie>DJ_Rican: i got em working, make sure you got the latest lirc
20:12<thor_>it's been long time since I did it ...
20:12<DJ_Rican>i have lirc-0.7.0pre2
20:12<robbie>or you havent got a hope (specificly with the grey remote)
20:12<robbie>what order you loading the modules?
20:12<DJ_Rican>i do have the grey remote
20:13<DJ_Rican>robbie: well, irw doesn't want to come up...
20:13<DJ_Rican>says connection refused
20:13<thor_>lircd running
20:13<robbie>so you ran the lirc scripts, chose the hauppauge card and ran make ; make install ?
20:13<DJ_Rican>robbie: yes, thor: it sayd unkown module
20:13<robbie>and copied lircd.conf lircmd.conf to /etc ?
20:14<DJ_Rican>lirc_dev and i2c are running
20:14<robbie>the appropriate ones
20:14<thor_>that would be a problem
20:14<DJ_Rican>robbie: yes
20:14<DJ_Rican>thor: ok... how can i fix it?
20:14+BlackHussar [] joined #mythtv
20:14<thor_>hang on, I'm just looking at my lirc version
20:19<robbie>DJ_Rican: you sure lircd is running ?
20:19<robbie>and you got the cable plugged into the right plug on the pvr card?
20:19<DJ_Rican>robbie: lircd is not running... i didn't say it was
20:20<robbie>well you need to run it
20:20<DJ_Rican>well, it says service not found
20:20<robbie>keh ?
20:21<DJ_Rican>i said lirc_i2c and dev were running but not lircd
20:21+sfr [] joined #mythtv
20:21<robbie> /usr/local/sbin/lircd --device=/dev/lirc
20:22<robbie>run those
20:22<DJ_Rican>ok done
20:23<DJ_Rican>irw is running :) no input showing tho...
20:24<robbie>did you run it after lircd ?
20:24<robbie>where did you get lircd.conf from ?
20:24<DJ_Rican>do i just cp 1 file?
20:24<DJ_Rican>i didn't have info on the other 2 files...
20:25<robbie>the lircd-g.conf ?
20:25<DJ_Rican>i cp that to lircd.conf
20:25<robbie>what plug is the receiver in on the pvr card?
20:26<DJ_Rican>dude, it only goes in 1 plug... it's too little for the others...
20:26<robbie>just checking
20:26<robbie>got batteries in the remote ?
20:26<DJ_Rican>the ones that came with it
20:27<DJ_Rican>so, do you know where i have to cp the other files?
20:28<DJ_Rican>and lircd.conf
20:28<robbie> /etc
20:28<robbie>lircrc goes in ~
20:29<DJ_Rican>in ~?
20:29<robbie>you users home
20:29<robbie>not necessary for irw
20:30<DJ_Rican>changed batteries and nothing :(
20:38+MythMichale2 [] joined #mythtv
20:39<DJ_Rican>hmm... how can i have mythtv play ripped vob files?
20:39cmorganis now known as cmorgan_dinner
20:40<sfr>DJ_Rican: use mythvideo.
20:40<DJ_Rican>sfr: ok... but do i have to rename the files or something?
20:42+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
20:42<ShockValue>hi all .. is there a way to clear my music database and have it re-scan? ive tried just re-scan, but it keeps all my old screwed up tagged music in there
20:43<sfr>DJ_Rican: sorry, i never tried to play vob files.
20:43<ShockValue>i know how to dump my mythtv database, but its sure a pain to re-set all of my settings from scratch
20:44<sfr>ShockValue: afaik only via the mysql commandline. empty the musicmetadata and musicplaylist tables
20:44<DJ_Rican>sfr: so i should convert them to something else first? like mpeg?
20:44<ShockValue>hmm.. im not fluent in sql commands.. any hints? :)
20:45<sfr>DJ_Rican: doesn't mplayer handle vob files? i really don't know.
20:45<ShockValue>i play .vob's all the time.. i use xine, but i know mplayer will do it to
20:45<DJ_Rican>sfr: i'm trying to find a way to play my ripped dvds in mythtv
20:45<sfr>ShockValue: delete * from musicmetadata; should work
20:45<ShockValue>ok, ill try that
20:46<sfr>phpmyadmin suggests truncate 'musicmetadata';. try that if delete doesn't work ;)
20:47<ShockValue>how do i select the database?
20:47<sfr>use db_name;
20:49*ShockValue flails around
20:49<ShockValue>heh.. ok last one.. whats the name of the myth database? :D
20:50<sfr>ShockValue: how did you install mythtv?
20:50<ShockValue>emerge mythtv. mysql < mc.sql
20:50<ShockValue>done :)
20:51<sfr>ShockValue: you still could head to and start RTFM :)
20:51<sfr>or simply look in mc.sql
20:53=captbunzo [] quit ("Killed by frash (Requested by panasync)")
20:54<ShockValue>well, it appears the name of the databse is 'mythconverg', but im only getting that by deducing it from bits in the 'manual'. use mythconverg seems to work tho
20:55<ShockValue>rtfm is only a good answer when the manual is good. mythtv manual has very sketchy info in places (imho)
20:58<sfr>ShockValue: maybe, i actually didn't read it lately. if you spot such places feel free to send the missing piece of information to the -dev list.
20:59<ShockValue>hehe, well.. "mythgame" heading is completly void of info, for example :) I'll send my observations to -dev tho.
21:00<sfr>probably because it's so simple to use/setup that no further instructions are needed. :)
21:01<ShockValue>i guess that depends on how user-friendly mythTv is trying to become. Im new to linux and Myth, so it's all a challenge to me :D
21:04<sfr>i'm afraid user friendlyness isn't the most important issues for most developers. look at it this way: mythtv is free, so don't only complain if s/t isn't perfect but try to improve it.
21:05<ShockValue>don't get me wrong.. im not trying to 'complain'. so far mythtv is way cool (and has cause me to spend too much money on new hardware.)
21:06+DoubleDogDare [] joined #mythtv
21:08<ShockValue>im out here in my living room with a computer hooked up to my tv.. great fun for me, much to my wife's dismay >:}
21:09<MythMichale2>Shock I can relate.. My wife regulated me to the small TV room. She didn't want a Linux Box hooked up to our Big TV like an octupus doing a vulcan mind meld
21:10<sfr>i'm sure the WAF will improve once she knows all of myth functions
21:10<ShockValue>yep, WAF will also improve once i'm done painting this rackmount case to match the rest of the HT stuff
21:12<sfr>wife acceptance factor
21:15<ShockValue>wish i could get a developer to my house.. some of this stuff is hard to explain :)
21:16<ShockValue>hrm.. or.. perhaps i've overlooked something
21:17<ShockValue>mysql> drop database mythconverg;
21:17<ShockValue>^ that should drop all my mythdata, including music database right?
21:17<DJ_Rican>how do i use ffmpeg within mythtv?
21:18<sfr>ShockValue: i think so. just try it
21:19<ShockValue>well, i did.. and then re-did mysql < mc.sql. yet my music collection is still showing screwed up.. i just want to make sure I dont have 'old data' floating around clogging things up
21:20<ShockValue>i just spent 3 days re-tagging my entire collection so myth would play nice, but it still seems to be reading the tags wrong on many of my files.
21:20<sfr>wrong in what way?
21:20<ShockValue>for example:
21:21<ShockValue>i have a .flac with a tag of, artist = Big Knife (The), album = Model Shop, song = Mike Baxter.
21:21<ShockValue>but in the music 'tree' it shows as
21:21<ShockValue>The - Model Shop - Mike Baxter
21:21<sfr>there is/was a bug in mythmusic which could lead to genres like 'BluesBlues'
21:22<sfr>ShockValue: does it also happen with mp3's or ogg files?
21:22<ShockValue>i dont know, i dont own any
21:22=Sobek [~btatton@] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:23<ShockValue>also, if i swtich to 'directory' view... it puts all my 'audioslave' songs in the root of the tree, when if you look via the shell, they are infact in /Audio/AudioSlave/AudioSlave/Songs...
21:23<sfr>i don't have any flac files, and never noticed s/t like this with mythmusic
21:25<ShockValue>too weird.. why does it choose AudioSlave to be at the root.. its neither first or last, nor anything else special that I can determine :)
21:27+vagrant [] joined #mythtv
21:27<DJ_Rican>hmm... mythtv says could not connect to your Myth Transcoding Daemon when i try to rip a dvd... any help?
21:27<vagrant>how long should it take to update local listings?
21:28<ShockValue>DJ_Rican: try running 'mtd' from a command prompt at try again
21:28<vagrant>wait. it's doing various wget things.
21:28<DJ_Rican>vagrant: a while...
21:28<vagrant>maybe it's actually working.
21:28<DJ_Rican>it's getting 7 days worth
21:29<vagrant>I see.
21:29<DJ_Rican>shockwave: that worked... how do i know which track is the movie?
21:30<ShockValue>not sure, i just go for the long one :)
21:31<ShockValue>onyl ting I cant make work with ripping files is getting DTS audio.. DD5.1 works good, even when i select DTS :)
21:31=MythMichale2 [] quit ("Leaving")
21:32<DJ_Rican>i just hit '0' to start?
21:32<DJ_Rican>ok... nothing happened... :(
21:34<ShockValue>check the output from MTD
21:34<ShockValue>also from mythfrontend.. one should give you an error that might help
21:34+DJ_nixbox [] joined #mythtv
21:34<vagrant>ergh. all that time and it downloaded only 2 days of stuff?
21:34<DJ_nixbox>mythfrontend: To get best performance, recompile MPlayer with --disable-runtime-cpudetection
21:34<DJ_nixbox>Reading config file /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf
21:34<DJ_nixbox>Reading config file /home/media/.mplayer/config
21:34<DJ_nixbox>-dvd N is deprecated, use dvd://N instead.
21:35<DJ_Rican>what is that?
21:36<ShockValue>i think thats errors from playback, not ripping.. not sure though
21:36<ShockValue>can you play a dvd from myth OK?
21:36<DJ_Rican>does it use mplayer for ripping?
21:37<ShockValue>you know, im not sure.. i dont think so..
21:37<DJ_Rican>also, how do i change that? i want to use xine for playback..
21:37<ShockValue>anyone else chime in? :)
21:37<ShockValue>setup -> dvd -> playback settings
21:40<ShockValue>weird... Myth handles "Cure (The)" ok, but screws up "Big Knife (The)"
21:42<sfr>DJ_Rican: yes, depends on your setup
21:43<DJ_Rican>sfr: uhh... can you paste your rip line under rip settings... i screwed mine up...
21:43<sfr>ShockValue: i named mine 'Doors, The' etc.
21:44<vagrant>yeah, looks like it's from playback to me.
21:44<vagrant>I don't think mplayer does dvd ripping.
21:44<ShockValue>also handles "Crystal Method (The)" ok...
21:44<DJ_nixbox>vagrant: my rip line had mplayer in it
21:44<ShockValue>that rip line is just used for playback examples, its not a ripping setting
21:45<DJ_nixbox>shock: i change it and now i can't even see the tracks for ripping... it's blank
21:45<ShockValue>hmm, let me get you mine then
21:46<sfr>DJ_Rican: ripping is done by transcode.
21:46<ShockValue>mplayer dvd://%t -dvd-device %d -fs -zoom -vo xv -aid %a -channels %c
21:47+MythMichale2 [] joined #mythtv
21:48<DJ_nixbox>hmm... i didn't change that one... i changed the playback one from mplayer to xine... and now ripping doesn't show any tracks... weird...
21:49<sfr>DJ_nixbox: afaik the player is set in the DVD Player Settings screen. Not sure what the player command line entry in the DVD Ripper Settings Screen does.
21:49<ShockValue>im thinking they're unrelated.. mtd still running?
21:49<DJ_nixbox>mtd is still up
21:50<ShockValue>That playback line in the ripper settings is the command that is run when you hit "VIEW" from the rip screen
21:50<DJ_Rican>ahh... ok... but i don't get a rip screen...
21:51<sfr>oh, there's a view button in the rip screen? i've only watched DVD's so far. :)
21:51-mchou [] left #mythtv ()
21:53<ShockValue>when you try to go to teh rip screen, does mythfrontend or mtd dump any info?
21:53<DJ_Rican>ack! something happened....
21:54<DJ_nixbox>mythtv: could not connect to socket
21:54<DJ_nixbox>mythtv: Connection refused
21:54<DJ_Rican>restart mtd?
21:54<ShockValue>or maybe mysql? not sure which
21:54<ShockValue>id restart mythtv personally too
21:54<DJ_Rican>ohh... do i have to update a database?
21:55<sfr>DJ_nixbox: did you start mythtv on the command line?
21:56<DJ_Rican>the tack listing is back
21:56<sfr>DJ_Rican: why? RTFM and start it with mythfrontend
21:56<DJ_Rican>sfr: i did start it with mythfrontend
21:57<DJ_Rican>i've RTFM 50 times!!!
21:57<ShockValue>rebooting, be back in a few
21:57<sfr>is your backend running?
21:57=ShockValue [] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
21:57<DJ_Rican>sfr: i don't have any other probs with mythtv... except i can't rip dvds for now...
21:57<DJ_Rican>it may have something to do with a database... not sure
21:58<dmitry>hmm, i start xawtv with the headphones plugged in into the sound out jack on the tuner. i get staticky crappy sound. i change the channel on xawtv, and the sound disappears completely..
21:58=faye [] quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
21:58=dilate [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:58<dmitry>i still can't get sound working :(
21:58*sfr goes to bed, it's 4am
21:58-sfr [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
21:59<dmitry>and i just rebuilt evertything cleanly
21:59<DJ_Rican>cool... it's ripping, but there's no 'view' option
22:04+vagrant__ [] joined #mythtv
22:05+vagrant___ [] joined #mythtv
22:06<DJ_Rican>vagrant: it's working. :)
22:06=vagrant__ [] quit (Connection reset by peer)
22:07<dmitry>if i plug in speakers/headphones into the audio out on the tuner, i should get sound whenever xawtv is running, is that right?
22:09+vagrant__ [] joined #mythtv
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22:09cmorgan_dinneris now known as cmorgan
22:21<DJ_Rican>aha!! too goo to be true... when i go into my video manager, myth quits with a segmentation fault! :(
22:23<DJ_Rican>restarting it works... now... how do i play it... hehe
22:25=vagrant___ [] quit (Connection timed out)
22:25+mikekedl [] joined #mythtv
22:26=ananke [] quit ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
22:26<mikekedl>hello, is the mythmusic author or maintainer around? I was just finishing up cleaning up/testing my arts patch for mythtv and want to turn in a patch for mythmusic to use arts at the same time
22:27<DJ_Rican>where do i find the mythvideo readme fiel
22:28<mikekedl>I just want to know how they would like me to do the patch: in the existing audiooutput.cpp/.h with ifdefs or to clone it like mythtv does for oss/alsa/arts (now)
22:28<cmorgan>it really should be in a different file
22:29<mikekedl>I was thinking that; a little bit of duplication will happen; but not to much I guess
22:31<mikekedl>one thing I wondered about in both cases is the ability to have autodetection/fallback happen gracefully; I can certainly tell in code if I can connect to an artsd; and if not can make an attempt to do alsa/oss as a fallback; so anyone with artsd running will get myth with artsd and anyone else will get what they get now
22:31=vagrant__ [] quit (No route to host)
22:32<DJ_Rican>ok cool. ripping works perfectly... except... no sound...
22:32<mikekedl>since the users only other "choice" would be to have myth complain about artsd running and exit (if they have to choose)
22:33MythMichale2is now known as MythMichale2-DVD
22:41<cmorgan>mikekedl: the smart thing to do is to have the 'open' routine just return false
22:42<cmorgan>myth can go ahead and pick another sound driver to try to 'open'
22:42<cmorgan>until it gets one that works
22:43<mikekedl>this is what mythmusic does now?
22:43<cmorgan>i've no idea
22:43<mikekedl>or what I should make it do?
22:44<cmorgan>does mythmusic know if it is running along side of mythtv?
22:44<mikekedl>yes, thats what I meant; make sure it can handle opening things until it gets one that works
22:45+dopez_ [] joined #mythtv
22:45<cmorgan>it seems like a reasonable thing to do. it shouldn't be too difficult to change the code to try each driver
22:45<cmorgan>so everything will autodetect
22:45<mikekedl>I consider artsd "above" alsa/oss since it rides on top of them; and you can't use alsa/oss in programs like myth if artsd is running since on most soundcards only one high level app can open the device
22:45<cmorgan>i've heard that you can open multiple alsa devices
22:45<cmorgan>and alsa will mix them
22:46<cmorgan>haven't heard how that works though ;-)
22:46<mikekedl>I'll take a look at music; myth already makes an attempt at alsa (if the user asked it to) and then falls back to oss if alsa fails
22:46<cmorgan>yeah, artsd is an alright sound server. check out that is a better one i think
22:46<mikekedl>I mean tv does
22:46<mikekedl>should be easy enough to enable jackit too then; I think artsd is more common at the moment since it ships with kde
22:47<cmorgan>i think development for arts has pretty much stopped
22:47<mikekedl>it wasn't really to hard to add artsd to mythtv
22:47<cmorgan>artsd is much like alsa/oss
22:47<mikekedl>if it works, dont fix it ;-)
22:47<cmorgan>arts is pretty high latency
22:48<mikekedl>I think the issue with "some" alsa devices doing mixing (I read) is it depends on the hw supporting mixing
22:48<mikekedl>arts is sw based so works with any hw
22:48<mikekedl>(so I read)
22:48<cmorgan>alsa does software mixing
22:48<pahli_bar_cookin>i don't think latency is a big issue as far as myth is concerned.
22:48<cmorgan>if the hardware supports it
22:48<mikekedl>what does that mean? :-)
22:48<cmorgan>no, but in general it makes arts less suitable for low latency applications
22:48<mikekedl>software mixing if the hardware supports it??
22:48pahli_bar_cookinis now known as pahli_bar
22:49<cmorgan>if the hardware DOESNT support it, thats what i meant to say
22:49<mikekedl>ah :-)
22:49<cmorgan>ie, i think it falls back to software if it has to
22:49<pahli_bar>what i don't like is the huge kde dependency which comes with it
22:49<mikekedl>must be a newer version of alsa than I have; or some option to enable
22:49<mikekedl>I tried opening it with multiple programs and the 2nd one always blocks
22:49<cmorgan>i don't think it is that straightforward
22:50<cmorgan>i think you can just open dsp1, dsp2, etc...
22:50<mikekedl>with arts it pretty much is
22:50<cmorgan>thats why i'm not sure how alsa supports it
22:50<mikekedl>not with "my install" anyway
22:50<cmorgan>well anyway, more sound driver support the better ;-)
22:50<mikekedl>I'll turn in the arts patches for tv and music then, and then see what else is out there
22:50<cmorgan>i'll put together a jack driver soon enough
22:51<mikekedl>after I get this finished I may download jack and see how it does
22:51<mikekedl>who is pushing jackit? since kde pushes artsd (at the moment)
22:51<cmorgan>no one really. jack is mostly used for pro audio stuff
22:52<cmorgan>its low latency enough to take in several channels and output them to disk as well as mix them and output that as a monitor
22:52<cmorgan>some people are using it for pc dj'ing
22:53<cmorgan>i think its great because it fills the roll of a sound server AND it is suitable for pro audio stuff
22:53<cmorgan>its not a blocking audio server
22:53<mikekedl>sounds interesting
22:53<mikekedl>thanks for the info
22:53<cmorgan>you as a client get called back when new data is necessary
22:54<cmorgan>its a pretty neat audio server
22:55<DJ_Rican>hmm... if i rip a dvd track and let's say i delete it, can i rip the same track again or do i have to edit the database or something?
22:56<pahli_bar>just curious. with my soundblaster live - i can open up multiple audio apps and they will work fine. is it because of the HW
22:57<cmorgan>pahli_bar: alsa apps?
22:57<pahli_bar>cmorgan: not necessarily. like mpg123 which does oss (through alsa oss emulation)
22:58<cmorgan>pahli_bar: i think the sb live has hardware mixing. so maybe alsa allows you to open /dev/dsp multiple times for it
22:58<pahli_bar>cmorgan: most likely.
22:59=dopez [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:59<pahli_bar>but don't decent cards do hw mixing nowadays...
22:59dopez_is now known as dopez
22:59<cmorgan>pahli_bar: neat for you but not neat for most other people
22:59<cmorgan>pahli_bar: i don't think my intel 8x0 does....
23:00<mikekedl>I'm guessing most buildin hw probably doesn't do mixing
23:00<mikekedl>and so many boards have it built in; like my laptops
23:00<pahli_bar>cmorgan: heh. i got an intel 8x0 at home. never tried running multiple audio apps though
23:00<cmorgan>sounds fine to me ;-)
23:09=MythMichale2-DVD [] quit ("Leaving")
23:10<DJ_Rican>what table do i have to edit in order for mythdvd to allow me to re-rip a title...
23:16<cmorgan>i can't recall the name of the program that allows you to browse sql databases that i had...
23:16<cmorgan>it was good for cases like that where you didn't know what table to edit ;-)
23:18<pahli_bar>mysql commandline client can help
23:19<pahli_bar>use mythconverg; show tables;
23:20<DJ_Rican>ok.. what table do i edit?
23:22<DJ_Rican>hmm.. show tables doesn't show any
23:24<pahli_bar>DJ_Rican: that means its empty
23:24<DJ_Rican>pahli_bar: it can't be... it won't let me re-rip a title...
23:24<cmorgan>thats the name of it
23:25<cmorgan>excellent app for browsing sql databases
23:28<DJ_Rican>here we go with the unsatisfied parts... :(
23:32<DJ_Rican>it requires about 20 other parts...
23:32<cmorgan>apt-get install tora ;-)
23:32<cmorgan>works like a charm
23:32<DJ_Rican>i don't have Rh
23:33<cmorgan>what distro do you have that doesn't do automatic dependency fetching?
23:34<DJ_Rican>9.2 it does with urpmi but the package has to be available in the first place
23:34<cmorgan>anyway, i quite like the app
23:34<cmorgan>even got it because i wanted to see what was in some myth tables but didn't want to type so much ;-)
23:35<pahli_bar>cmorgan: thnx for the tip. apt-getting tora now
23:35<cmorgan>i think there is a windows app of a similar name... so tora is a play on that
23:36<cmorgan>a friend that does sql for a living mentioned that
23:37<DJ_Rican>i don't what i'm going to edit but i'll try it
23:41<DJ_Rican>can't connect to database...
23:41<cmorgan>username correct?
23:42<DJ_Rican>yeah... it's looking for an oracle database
23:42<cmorgan>switch to mysql ;-)
23:42+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
23:42<DJ_Rican>i'm looking for it... :)
23:42<ShockValue>well, i think the bug with audio tags was in EasyTag all along.
23:43<ShockValue>xmms sees the tag the same as mythtv does.. but if i save the tag from Xmms (properly), then mythtv sees the tag properly too
23:45<ShockValue>now i just have to find another decent tagger that works with Flac
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23:47<DJ_Rican>i don't think the new version supports mysql
23:47%Netsplit <-> quits: BlackHussar, Matt, Justin_, bishop, Dirus
23:47<cmorgan>what version? i've got 1.3.12
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23:49<cmorgan>so my version supports mysql
23:50%Netsplit <-> quits: BlackHussar, Matt, Justin_, bishop, Dirus
23:50<DJ_Rican>i don't know... ok... i could access the database with webmin... :)
23:50<DJ_Rican>now... which table do i edit....
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23:53<DJ_Rican>where do find the READMEs for the different myth modules?
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