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01:25<cjs_>that was fun
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02:26<tmk>anybody else get a msg from "marc_" that just says 'got mail?'
02:28<tmk>nevermind :)
02:29<Chutt>are you on my dev list?
02:31<tmk>but i have delivery disabled
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02:36<tmk>does that mean you're holding off on ivtv-cvs?
02:37<tmk>figured :)
02:37<Chutt>it's a pain in the ass to update on the epia-m
02:37<Chutt>as it requires a reboot
02:37<tmk>i have it all automatic
02:37<tmk>i just make install
02:37<tmk>and type reboot
02:37<tmk>come back in 3 mins or so
02:37<Chutt>well, i've never set things up to auto start =)
02:37<Chutt>since i'm too lazy
02:37<tmk>yeah that was actually a real pain
02:37<tmk>i had to use fvwm's auto-start stuff
02:38<tmk>as none of the way it's documented to auto-start actually work
02:38<Chutt>so if i do that, my wife'll wonder why it's just a black screen with a white cursor
02:38<tmk>heh "what's that X?"
02:39<Chutt>naw, it doesn't even start X right now =)
02:39<tmk>oh that. heh. Does fiddling with the alpha fix that?
02:39<Chutt>at least, i don't think it does
02:39<mechou>Chutt, are u saying you are only using fb?
02:39<Chutt>mechou, no, i didn't say anything of the sort
02:39<tmk>well someone asked if they could code some stuff for ivtv.. i told them to fix the colormap
02:39<tmk>let's see if they do
02:40<Chutt>tmk, the cursor shows up, so i doubt it's the alpha =)
02:41<tmk>chutt: so you're opposed to switching to streaming for mythtv?
02:41<Chutt>i'm happy with what's working now
02:41<Chutt>but i wouldn't reject a patch
02:41<tmk>i see
02:42<tmk>i'm trying to figure how to do yuv-out
02:42<tmk>i think it's probably too much data for write()
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03:13<Netslayer>where is that mythannouce program? i don't see it under /programs
03:21<Netslayer>gosh where is it heh..caller id stuff mythannounce or something
03:25<Netslayer>auh it's under contrib
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10:44<rkulagow>morning. chutt, docs update please.
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11:27<pahli_bar>Chutt(2): i hear you. no imlib.
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11:32<Chutt2>sorry, but =0
11:32<Chutt2>err, =)
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11:32<rkulagow>chutt: docs sync please.
11:33<pahli_bar>not a big problem. i myself was a bit wary. sometime in the future, i myself would like to try out directfb and then imlib will cause problems
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11:34<Chutt>rkulagow, done =)
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11:48<pahli_bar>hmm... does anyone really use the zoom features in mythgallery?
11:49<Chutt>the guy that added it, possibly
11:50<Chutt>i don't =)
11:50<pahli_bar>i would leave it in.
11:52<kvandivo>having never even used mythgallery i can safely chime in that i don't use zoom
11:53<steelep>pahli, I use them all the time
11:54<steelep>rotate alot too
11:55<steelep>I look forward to the autodetect and add for external media, the canon utilities are crap
11:55<steelep>a slideshow with a linked playlist from mythmusic is going to be cool too :)
11:58<steelep>anyone know why Xine would slow the hell out of mythfrontend after play a couple movies?
11:58<steelep>I have to ctrl-alt-bksp to get it to respond snappy again
12:04<Chutt>nothing weird in the process table?
12:05<pahli_bar>maybe its causing heavy swapping
12:05<steelep>swapping shouldn't be a problem, this machine has 1G ram
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12:06<steelep>I don't see any processes still loaded that shouldn't be
12:06<steelep>I thought it wasn't closing Xine properly, but it seems to be
12:07<pahli_bar>hd dma enabled?
12:07<steelep>of course
12:08<steelep>it probably the ATI drivers, they really suck
12:08<steelep>I need to just go get an nVidia
12:08<steelep>this ati is ancient... an AIW 7000
12:08<pahli_bar>steelep: bdale garbee was here the other day. and he mentioned good experiences with SIS 315. lot cheaper than a nvidia
12:09<steelep>I have an SIS onboard
12:09<steelep>it wasn't all that good
12:09<steelep>and won't do the resolutions I want correctly
12:09<steelep>I could get it to even go into 1280x720 at all
12:10<steelep>nor 1920x1080
12:12<pahli_bar>not a 4:3 monitor i assume
12:12<steelep>nope, hd
12:13<steelep>using a transcoder from vga-> component
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12:15<bbeattie>anyone have an url to a doc explaining how to setup postfix so all e-mail sent to a non-valid user at a domain goes to a specific user?
12:16<sfr>bbeattie: set luser_relay and the doc is in
12:31<Chutt>wonder where o_cee's been
12:31<Chutt>he had said something about an update to gant, then disappeared for 2 weeks
12:32<kvandivo>he's in hiding
12:45<warlord>still recovering from that new-year's hangover?
12:45<warlord>well, he IS from "that part of the world"... Sweden, IIRC..
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13:00<racer32>Pahli: i use the zoom too!
13:00<pahli_bar>ok. i wasn't planning to take it out.
13:03<bdale>pahli_bar: the sis 315 agp card I have is fine for svideo output, but I suspect I'm going to end up with an nvidia card to generate 720p ...
13:03*bdale would prefer something with an open source driver, but something that works is priority one
13:04<pahli_bar>i have had generally good experiences with nvidia (all my machines have one). but the underscan issue is a bit bothering
13:09<pahli_bar>heh. the nigerian spammers have become yugoslavian
13:10<Chutt>unofficial unofficial kde debs
13:11<sfr>pahli_bar: nigerian spam? Noo, i got 40,000,000 USD transferred to my swiss bank account recently. All i invested were ~1500 EUR. Believe me, it's not spam!
13:11<pahli_bar>sfr: maybe i need to fwd this yugoslavian "ham" to you :)
13:11<Chutt>pahli_bar, someone said you had said you were thinking of redoing the mythmusic selection screen with your new list type?
13:12<sfr>pahli_bar: thanks for your kind offer, but i've already enough money.
13:12<pahli_bar>Chutt: yeah. i find listviews a bit clumsy to use with a remote.
13:13<pahli_bar>sfr: heh
13:13<Chutt>i think that'd work out well
13:13<pahli_bar>Chutt: all in efforts towards total WAF
13:13<Chutt>could even finally do a tri-state checkbox =)
13:14<sfr>hm, yes no maybe?
13:14<Chutt>say, for an album that has some, but not all tracks selected
13:15<Chutt>makes it easier to see what's selected
13:15<Chutt>qt didn't add a tri-state checkbox to the listview until 3.2, iirc
13:15<pahli_bar>ah.... like good ole ms-windows (i remember the MSOffice installation)
13:16<sfr>or like the Solaris installation
13:25<sfr>pahli_bar: whats wrong? i kindly asked you NOT to fwd this mail to me. ;)
13:26<pahli_bar>sfr: forgot to have your coffee in the morning, eh! :)
13:27<sfr>pahli_bar: maybe too much coffee
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13:29<pahli_bar>i love this program: tora. forgot who recommended it (someone on this channel)
13:32<Rroet>hi hoooo ;)
13:32<Rroet>how's everyone today?
13:40<kvandivo>tora the oracle thing, or something else?
13:42<pahli_bar>kvandivo: yup. does mysql too
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13:58<bdale>I'm seeing the vertical banding problem with my pvr-250, which is reputed to be a firmware issue "solveable" by using cron to wiggle the input once a day or so... anyone have a suitable script handy, or do I go get to remember how test_ioctl works?
13:59<Chutt>./test_ioctl -p 0 ; ./test_ioctl -p 4
13:59<Chutt>assuming input 4's your tuner input and that's what you're using
14:00<dja>bdale: <A HREF=""></A>
14:00<dja>the script figures out what it was set to, changes it to another type and changes it back :-)
14:00<bdale>dja: cool, thanks!
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14:05<Octane>its amazing what using catver.ini does
14:06<pahli_bar>hmmm. if you are scrolling with arrow keys how would you expect the screen to behave: say press left. screen should go left or should it go right
14:07<pahli_bar>i would say press left, screen should slide to right
14:08<Chutt>for an image viewer?
14:08<pahli_bar>Chutt: yes (should have been more specific!)
14:08<Octane>left is left, right is right
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14:09<pahli_bar>Octane: open a long page in mozilla. scroll with arrow keys and see how it behaves
14:09<Octane>i use firebird
14:09<pahli_bar>screen slides opposite to arrow key
14:09<pahli_bar>Octane: same
14:09<Octane>not in mine
14:09<Octane>at least not that i recall
14:09<Octane>let me see
14:09<Octane>is that just on an image?
14:09<Octane>because thats opposite to a normal page
14:09<pahli_bar>Octane: no anything
14:10<steelep>hit left, you get more view of what is offscreen to the left, so pahli is correct it scrolls right
14:10<sfr>i'd say pressing left should scroll a picture to the right, showing the left part of an image
14:10<pahli_bar>steelep: current mythgallery has it right for left/right but wrong for up/down
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14:11<steelep>yes, I noticed that
14:11<kvandivo>i'd say just get rid of zoom. at least two of us don't use it, and that would solve the problem
14:11<steelep>it's would also be nice to understand how zoom to hieght works
14:12<steelep>I can never get it to do that correctly
14:12<pahli_bar>here's what i plan to do. 1x zoom = fit in page. 2x zoom = 2*(1x) and similarly.
14:12<pahli_bar>no screenwidhth/screenheight zoom. confusing to say the least
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14:15<steelep>I zoom to width frequently
14:16<steelep>what I want to do is, rotate, zoom to width
14:16<steelep>then arrow up and down, but not by whole pages
14:17<steelep>some type of smooth scroll would be good
14:17<steelep>like ctrl-arrow or something to scroll by pixel
14:18<pahli_bar>steelep: only way to get to a screenwidth zoom is to go 2x zoom and then zoom down.
14:18<pahli_bar>steelep: i find that very unintuitive
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14:19<sfr>i hope not!
14:19<pahli_bar>there goes the project
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14:22<pahli_bar>how about this: zoomin/out go in increments from 0.5-1-2-4 and i use separate keys for screenwidth/screenheight fit
14:23<Octane>anyone here use a gravis gamepad with mame?
14:23<Octane>just weant to know if i should go ahead and bid on it
14:23<Octane>on i know linux supports it
14:23<pahli_bar>7-9 = zoomout/in. 2-6-8-4 = scroll. 0 = restore. 1-3 = screenwidth/screenheight fit.
14:27<pahli_bar>scroll by small increments should not be difficult
14:27<pahli_bar>looks better too
14:28<Chutt>pahli_bar, so when you going to check stuff into cvs?
14:29<pahli_bar>Chutt: before this weekend
14:29*kvandivo proceeds to make a patch of the rank stuff and copy it onto a second frontend for testing.
14:31<steelep>sounds good to me pahli
14:32<steelep>except, what is rotate?
14:32<thor_>have to be 5
14:33<steelep>it might be more intuitive for 5 to be restore (center) and 0 (round) to be rotate
14:34<steelep>but R and L are unused too
14:34<steelep>you'd have to map them to a remote though
14:34*thor_ checks his remote for an R key ..
14:35<steelep>if I ever get a remote to actually work I might care :-)
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14:48<pahli_bar>steelep: [ ] rotate
14:49<pahli_bar>steelep: default keybindings. [,1 rotate left. ],3 rotate right
14:52<pahli_bar>also as seen from this sshot: you have the option to rotate from the thumbnail view itself
14:56<kvandivo>if i didn't know better i'd think you were related to o_cee, pahli_bar. you two are the only people i know that deeply care about using https for a pic you put on a website
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14:57<pahli_bar>root: not a good idea to be root and be on irc
14:57<pahli_bar>kvandivo: heh. i don't run apache regular only apache-ssl
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14:59<thor_>pahli_bar, looks sweet
14:59<kvandivo>i agree. i don't know what old version looked like, so i hadn't said anything
15:00<Chutt>screenshot on the website
15:01<kvandivo>ahh.. ya.. that's quite a delta
15:01<pahli_bar>heh. thanks. my icon-making abilities suck. wish there was an "official" graphics designer for myth
15:02<kvandivo>i've always been curious.. what show is from?
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15:03<thor_>looks like an ad to me
15:04<Chutt>some ad, west wing in the corner, i believe
15:04<Chutt>really ancient screenshot
15:04<Chutt>i should take a better looking one
15:04<kvandivo>you against the idea of having screenshots in the docs? (i can see why we wouldn't want it)
15:05<kvandivo>i was thinking of adding a 'this screen means this' page that explains a bunch of this crap that people repeatedly ask
15:05<kvandivo>(in my free time, of course0
15:05<kvandivo>something for the 'using myth' section...
15:05<kvandivo>that explains options and what they mean, etc etc..
15:12<kvandivo>the problem, of course, with having screenshots in the docs is that it makes 'keeping current' one level harder than just having to tweak some text..
15:14<kvandivo>i also had a random thought (not for very long, mind you) of making an 'interactive webpage' that had the myth screens with imagemaps where you could click through the interface and get the new screen with accompanying explanatory text
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15:22<lykke>Good afternoon !... I have a problem with my RealMagic remote - LIRC lose contact with the mythfrontend after playing video. I have tried the mplayer -nolirc option, but doesn't make any changes. BTW... lirc work's fine except this !
15:22<thor_>change your wm's focus policy
15:23<lykke>you think soo? why and how :)
15:24<lykke>maybe this is a common problem ? - can't find anything about it on google...
15:25<thor_>search here:
15:25<thor_> Your search for focus returned 962 results
15:26<lykke>I was actually thinking about this... but it seems a little weird!
15:28<lykke>ok thanx!
15:28<lykke>It's a common problem for sure!... funny
15:32<lykke>OK thanx- it's actually working now :)
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15:34<pahli_bar>setting max zoom to 4. anymore causes swapping on my machine with 512MB ram
15:34*pahli_bar waits for the protest flags to raise
15:35<sfr>ram is cheap these days. i want zoom factor 10 :)
15:35<sfr>pahli_bar: are you serious?
15:36*pahli_bar cuts a vein on sfr to slowly drain out all the coffee
15:37<sfr>you've got to think about aunt tilly too. after compiling her kernel for lirc/bttv/whatnot she wants to _see_ the pics of her grandchilds.
15:38*pahli_bar throws up his arms in disgust and orders a full scale brain removal
15:39<sfr>Will i dream Dave?
15:40<pahli_bar>yes. and your dream will be full of stars
15:40<sfr>Thank you Dave.
15:40*sfr opens the air lock
15:48*bdale avoids the temptation to give just a *little* push...
15:49<bdale>gotta watch that first step
15:49<thor_>as humans we dream, and when we dream, we dream of money
15:49<thor_>(free copy of MythTV to someone who can name the film)
15:50<kvandivo>spanish prisoner
15:50<thor_>wow, two copies for speed
15:50*nchip thinks google is to be attributed
15:51<kvandivo>but yahoo doesn't even use google anymore. google is on its way out
15:51<kvandivo>the end is near. apocalypse now
15:51<GreyFoxx>I don't think I've used yahoo in like 4 years for searches. Except for Yahoo Maps :)
15:52<sfr>to each his own search engine. shakespeare
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16:03<racer32>Why don't the colors of the dropdown boxes change when you enter them
16:03<racer32>all boxes change color except these ones
16:03<Chutt>because you're not using cvs
16:03<racer32>heh, i am sorry!
16:04<racer32>i mean i am using CVS!
16:05<Chutt>fixed it a couple weeks ago
16:05<racer32>my cvs is from yesterday
16:06<racer32>if i go for example to advanced rec. screen and go to the drop down
16:06<Chutt>time to start debugging, then
16:06<racer32>i only see a small dotted line
16:06<racer32>on TV hardly to see
16:06<racer32>are we talking about the same?
16:07<racer32>is it theme related?
16:07<Chutt>qt theme, most likely
16:08<racer32>yeah but not the txt file mentioned before on the list
16:08<racer32>i can change colors for all buttons but not the selected dropdown boxes
16:09<racer32>looks like the dotted line has the color for the selected button option in the qtlooks.txt (?) file
16:09<racer32>sorry don't have it here
16:09<racer32>am i talking bullshit? :)
16:10<Chutt>pretty much
16:10<Chutt>use a different qt theme.
16:11<racer32>okay shall not ask you how to do that!
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16:12<Rroet>heads up, epia-sources-2.4.24 will hit the site in about 15 minutes ;)
16:16+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
16:26<steelep>geez, answer 5 of thos correctly...
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17:05<Netslayer>noticed a couple mythnews commits, do any of them allow for zooming into an article from the headline so it's actually readable?
17:10<pahli_bar>Netslayer: what version are you using?
17:11<Netslayer>i was using cvs around .13 release, now i'm upgrading to latest cvs
17:12<Netslayer>i'm astonished at how many commits occurred in the last two weeks
17:12<pahli_bar>Netslayer: try it out and let me know if you feel the fonts are too small.
17:12<pahli_bar>Netslayer: also mention your resolution/dpi
17:12<Netslayer>i believe my tv out is running at 1024x768
17:13<Netslayer>my fonts are all defaults though, so i might have to change them
17:13=marc__ [~Marc@] quit ("Leaving")
17:13<pahli_bar>tvout can be different from x11 resolution. xdpyinfo should give current res
17:13<pahli_bar>that is if you are running it fullscreen
17:14<thor_>Chutt, sortTreeByString seems to be doing odd things occassionally ... that sound possible to you ?
17:14<Netslayer>pahli_bar, don't have that program, any idea where it comes from
17:16Rroetis now known as RroetZzZz
17:16<pahli_bar>part of standard X11R6
17:17<Netslayer>there it is, wasn't in my path
17:17<Netslayer>uh i need X for this heh..give me a few min i'll post it here
17:20+holger [] joined #mythtv
17:38=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:45<Netslayer> dimensions: 1024x768 pixels (347x260 millimeters)
17:45<Netslayer> resolution: 75x75 dots per inch
17:45<Netslayer>there's my xdpyinfo
17:45<Netslayer>just setting up myth, will try mythnews in a sec here
17:45<thor_>you definitely want to change your DPI to 100x100
17:46<Netslayer>ya probably, where would i do that
17:46<Netslayer>is that just for text or would my general resolution be better?
17:47<thor_>there's a command line switch (that I can never remember), or you can fiddle with DisplaySize in Section "Monitor" in your X config
17:47<thor_>Section "Monitor"
17:47<thor_> DisplaySize 325 260 # mm
17:47<thor_> Identifier "Monitor0"
17:47<thor_> VendorName "SGX"
17:47<thor_> ModelName "1000"
17:47<thor_> HorizSync 31.5 - 90.0
17:47<thor_> VertRefresh 40.0 - 150.0
17:48<thor_> Option "DPMS"
17:48<pahli_bar>Netslayer: my kdm server starts it as :0 local@tty1 /usr/X11R6/bin/X :0 -dpi 100 vt7
17:48<pahli_bar>startx -- -dpi 100 also works
17:49<pahli_bar>Netslayer: all default fontsizes have been tested for 800x600 with 100 dpi resolution
17:49<pahli_bar>thats standard for any myth plugin
17:49<Netslayer>let me give that a try
17:51<Netslayer>thor in your XF86Config is that DisplaySize what i'm looking for?
17:51<Netslayer>auh nm heh
17:52<thor_>DPI is the recipricol of Display dimensions, size down, DPI up
17:54<Netslayer>that's confusing, cause if i'm running 1024x768 then doesn't that physicaly change if i change the DPI
17:55<thor_>it's just for font size scaling
17:55<Netslayer>ok so increasing DPI has no effect on my actualy video playback? it's just fonts
17:56<thor_>fonts are in points, X uses DPI to figure out how pixels they should take up for a given DPI
17:56<thor_>(at least as far as _I_ know)
17:56<Netslayer>u think going to 800x600 would produce a sharper video then 1024x768 since it's closer to the capture resolution?
17:56<Netslayer>ya that makes sense
17:57<thor_>beauty is in the eye of the beholder
17:59<pahli_bar>hmmm... wondering if any other plugins will benefit from a tiff image loader
17:59<Netslayer>cool new mythnews, i like it, any chance of mapping a button to expand the article to fullscreen?
18:00<Chutt>netslayer, i don't think you understand that that it's already showing all the information available in the article
18:00<pahli_bar>Netslayer: articles supplied through rss usually have very little content
18:00<Netslayer>oh really, auh ya
18:01<Netslayer>this is odd both my machines lost one day after the new year..heh
18:02<Netslayer>just got back home at it said jan 5th, good thing i wasn't planning on depending on myth
18:02<pahli_bar>Netslayer: use ntpdate in a crontab. or run ntpd
18:03<Netslayer>yup, i already have that set up :-) just have to figure out why the crons aren't running
18:07+mythMichale2 [] joined #mythtv
18:09<Netslayer>hmm i forgot the file i setup to startx on boot
18:13=mythMichale2 [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:19<Netslayer>sweet i can read my fonts again
18:20+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
18:35+_rkulagow [] joined #mythtv
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19:27+kslater [] joined #mythtv
19:29<robbie>hmm, do a dvb card would be a good replacement for a pvr card
19:29<robbie>being the digital stream is mpeg
19:29<robbie>they are about 1/4 the price of pvr cards here in .au
19:30warlord-afkis now known as warlord
19:31<robbie>anyone know what the bitrate is for dvb?
19:33=Teflon [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:34<pahli_bar>might be good idea to start namespace wrapping plugins to avoid classname clashes
19:36<pahli_bar>heh. TiVo has filed a lawsuit against satellite TV provider EchoStar for infringing on its 'Time Warp' patent for DVR time-shifting.
19:37<thor_>(sigh) time to short TIVO
19:41<extremis>short tivo?
19:41<thor_>sell the stock short
19:52pahli_baris now known as pahli_away
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20:49+virsys [] joined #mythtv
20:59<thor_>C&D from Tivo in you inbox ?
20:59<Chutt>trying to decide how to handle little in menu plugins
20:59<Chutt>dock apps, if you will
21:00<Chutt>want a clock
21:00<Chutt>maybe a little weather applet
21:00<Chutt>maybe something to show status of the backend, et
21:01<thor_>OSD, or just over dialogs ?
21:01<Chutt>just over the main menu
21:01<Chutt>well, in any menu
21:01<Chutt>rip status, perhaps
21:02<thor_>theme designer sets "geometry" for how they should take up space if they exist (NW, down?) ?
21:02<Chutt>i was thinking of being more strict than that
21:02<Chutt>theme designer sets a number of possible positions, and they get filled in order
21:02<Chutt>have a little thing in the frontend to configure what goes where
21:03<thor_>but are they "buttons" or just passive displays
21:03<Chutt>i was thinking passive display, with an entry in a popup menu if the user hits menu or info or whatnot
21:04<thor_>set of holes to hold pixmaps, then the miniapps get to decide what it's their pixmap and what to "launch" if they get an activation signal ?
21:05<Chutt>trying to decide how they get to know when to refresh
21:05<Chutt>ie, have them set a timer on their own, or tell the main app how often
21:05<Chutt>i think i'll have em tell the main app
21:05<thor_>clock often, weather less so
21:06<Chutt>just a stupid little feature, really
21:07warlordis now known as warlord-afk
21:09+monkeyBox [] joined #mythtv
21:10<monkeyBox>I've changed a buch of tags on my mp3's, and I can't get it to update in mythmusic. Do I have to change the file names in order for it to update?
21:11<Chutt>pretty much
21:11<Chutt>there isn't a 'scan and update'
21:11<thor_>you can point it at an empty directory, update, then point it back
21:11<thor_>(bit of a pain)
21:12<Chutt>loses your playlists
21:12+RavenHair [] joined #mythtv
21:12<thor_>MD5 checksums for the mfd
21:12<Chutt>last modified timestamp on the file
21:12<Chutt>much quicker to get
21:13<monkeyBox>heh, good idea :)
21:13=RavenHair [] quit (Client Quit)
21:13<thor_>yes, but across the network (is _this_ blah.mp3 the same as _that_ blah.mp3)
21:17<Chutt>md5's take forever to calculate
21:19<thor_>have bits and piece of an automirroring plugin
21:19<thor_>need a way to ask if two files are the same across the network
21:20<thor_>always open to suggestions
21:21=dilate [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:21<thor_>btw, this on-the-fly ogg/flac decoding stuff is pretty much done
21:22*Octane makes love to chutt and thor
21:22<Octane>do you know how much i love mythtv
21:22<Octane>i wish i could help in more than just updating an nes database, lol
21:22<Octane>okay back to my recorded knick game
21:28=term [] quit (Connection timed out)
21:31<Octane>i find myself rewinding some commercials... like bud light's mr way too much cologone wearer
21:38+dilate [] joined #mythtv
21:55+Viddy [] joined #mythtv
22:08+Jy [] joined #mythtv
22:08<Jy>anyone have any experience setting up a pvr-250?
22:11=extremis [] quit ("changing servers")
22:14-Jy [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
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22:20+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
22:33<Chutt>thor, check file size, hash the first + last 128k of the file?
22:33<thor_>that sounds awfully clever
22:33<thor_>do we know where comments sit in flacs and oggs ?
22:33<thor_>beginning ?
22:34<thor_>but between size and 256k hash, that should be enough
22:35<Chutt>my oggs and flacs have the tags at the beginning
22:35<thor_>this is also very useful for persistent id's across database/playlist changes
22:35<Chutt>should work for most purposes
22:36<thor_>it would be odd to put them anywhere other than the beginning, but I suspect ogg would technically let you put them anywhere
22:36<thor_>I'll check
22:36+bishop [] joined #mythtv
22:40<thor_>The Vorbis text comment header is the second (of three) header packets that begin a Vorbis bitstream.
22:40+vagrant [] joined #mythtv
22:43<Chutt>flac should be similar
22:43<Chutt>id3v2 tags can technically be anywhere, but i've never seen them anywhere except at beginning or end
22:44+term [] joined #mythtv
22:45<thor_> A FLAC bitstream consists of the "fLaC" marker at the beginning of the stream, followed by a mandatory metadata block (called the STREAMINFO block), any number of other metadata blocks, then the audio frames.
22:45<Chutt>yeah, and flac is technically using ogg now as the container format
22:46<thor_>the vorbis comments could be passed 128k if there are a bunch of other metadata blocks (I guess)
22:46<Chutt>i doubt that'd happen
22:46<Chutt>if it does, stuff can be changed
22:46<Chutt>just 128k is relatively quick to read off disk
22:46<thor_>(why is that?)
22:47<Chutt>it's not the whole file =)
22:47<thor_>thought you were saying something insanely clever about PCI buses or something
22:47<Chutt>hah, naw
22:47<Chutt>where's tmk
22:48<Chutt>he didn't do all the ioctls that david wanted
22:48<thor_>saw that
22:48<thor_>are they trying to get rid of the firmware altogether ?
22:48<Chutt>he (and i) don't want any direct firmware calls in mythtv
22:49<thor_>tainting ?
22:49<Chutt>not good practices =)
22:49<Chutt>that's what the driver's there for
22:49<thor_>how are we on the idea of xine-lib ?
22:50<Chutt>i dunno
22:50<Chutt>would _like_ to just use myth's internal player
22:50<Chutt>but, if that works
22:50<thor_>yup (and yup)
22:50<Chutt>and isn't a core requirement
22:50<Chutt>i don't really have a problem with it
22:51<Chutt>oh, btw
22:51<Chutt>av from the -dev list is getting write access
22:51<Chutt>soon as he emails me back a user name
22:52<thor_>is it just me, or have there been a lot more contributions in general in the last month or so ?
22:52<Chutt>that'll be 13 people with access =)
22:52<Chutt>'course, moegreen and mdz don't do much anymore
22:52<thor_>still ... not bad numbers
22:52<mdz>I might if I actually had a mythtv box
22:52<Chutt>yeah, i'm happy
22:52<Chutt>mdz, what happened to yours?
22:53<thor_>do you have a permanent abode yet ?
22:53<mdz>Chutt: it's not unpacked yet
22:53<mdz>should be this week with luck
22:53<Octane>is there a last channel keybind?
22:53<Chutt>'h' by default
22:53<mdz>I'm building a new one for a friend this weekend
22:53<Octane>i thought it was history
22:53<Octane>keep up your dev talk, 'scuse me
22:55<Chutt>there's something funky in the epg and single records
22:56<Chutt>need to figure out what people broke
22:56=robbie [~rob@] quit ()
22:59+tmk [] joined #mythtv
22:59<kvandivo>i've come to the conclusion that i'm definitely not seeing the hammer icon when commercials are being skipped.. i don't think i've done anything that would even remotely affect that.. the extra backend process occurs.. the commercials _do_ end up being flagged.. i'm just not getting the hammer icon
23:00<kvandivo>if anyone else has a program (i'm on a x50) that should be getting flagged at some time when you think of it, please check and see if you get the hammer icon...
23:01<thor_>there's tmk
23:01<kvandivo>in the meantime, i'll add it to my list of things to look at when i get a chance. :)
23:01<thor_>I suppose I should say something clever about hammers
23:02<tmk>chutt: you around
23:02<tmk>maybe myth's doing some home-improvement
23:02<tmk>needed the hammer
23:03=linagee [] quit ("Leaving")
23:12=Misirlou [] quit ("And twice on Sunday . . .")
23:13<Chutt>kvandivo, on the playback screen?
23:13<Chutt>tmk, hey
23:14<kvandivo>on the 'watch recordings' / 'select a recording to view' screen
23:16<tmk>yeah chutt i saw that
23:16<tmk>his ivtv patch isn't necessary though
23:16<tmk>the stop_dec ioctl does it for you
23:18<Octane>anyone know the name of [ and ] in lircrc?
23:19<thor_>braceleft, braceright
23:19<Octane>hey, who needs to do that, now i can set my own keys in myth so i can change them!
23:19<Octane>okay nm :)
23:20<Octane>thank you
23:26<Chutt>tmk, he doesn't want to stop decoding.
23:26<Chutt>he just wants to flush things
23:26<Chutt>since stopping completely and restarting takes too long
23:28<Chutt>and there's a bunch of other things he's using direct firmware calls for, as the driver doesn't let you
23:28<tmk>when we were emailing he said he'd accept a stop-decode that had a flush option
23:28<tmk>and i thought i addressed all of the other direct firmware call issues
23:29<Chutt>ah, well
23:29<Chutt>he'll know what he wants better than i
23:36<Octane>Chutt is myt moving toward more web based settings?
23:37<Chutt>kvandivo, think i have the missing hammer fixed, try current cvs
23:37<Chutt>octane, nope
23:37-kslater [] left #mythtv ("Client Exiting")
23:38<kvandivo>ahhh.. ok.. will update and give it a whirl
23:38<Chutt>the logic for showing that icon was fucked
23:39+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
23:40<kvandivo>i knew something had happened.. i just hadn't had a chance to look at it yet.. thanks
23:40<Chutt>no problemo, i like easy bugs =)
23:40<kvandivo>actually, i see the change was in mainserver.cpp? guess i can't test that as easily...
23:40<kvandivo>but i trust that you found and squashed it. :)
23:40<Chutt>i didn't test, of course
23:40<vagrant>ipod mini? I'm not impressed.
23:40<Chutt>but it's a pretty obvious logic error
23:40<kvandivo>testing is for the weak minded
23:41<kvandivo>those of us that are confident of our coding abilities know we don't have to test
23:42<Octane>kvandivo because youll hear about it on the -users within minutes :)
23:43=vagrant [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:46+vagrant [] joined #mythtv
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