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00:27*kvandivo looks around.
00:28<thor_>I look around, I look around
00:31<kvandivo>jim paris's thing works fine for me..
00:38<Chutt>have to be in 'always use advanced recording screen' mode
00:39<kvandivo>boom. :)
00:39<Chutt>i'll recompile in debug mode after i get done rearranging the recording profile option setups
00:40<Chutt>unless you want to run it through valgrind, kvandivo? =)
00:41<kvandivo>sure.. give me a sec
00:46<kvandivo>doesn't seem to like deleting 'record' in the ProgramInfo destructor
00:47<mdz>valgrind should tell you why
00:47<Chutt>obviously, but why? :p
00:47<Chutt>that was in the gdb backtrace =)
00:48<kvandivo>getting an invalid read of size 4 on that line, and an invalid write of size 4 in settings.cpp line 42
00:49<kvandivo>got 3 or 4 in a row invalid writes on line 42..
00:50<Chutt>that's just the invalid record variable, i'd think
00:50<kvandivo>then the invalid read on the iterator.....
00:50<kvandivo>Use of uninitialised value of size 4 on line 46
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00:51<Chutt>oh, oops
00:51<Chutt>programinfo doesn't overload =, does it?
00:52<Chutt>that'd be it
00:52<Chutt>lemme clean stuff up and then i'll commit a fix
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00:55<Chutt>default = operator would copy the value of record
00:55<Chutt>shouldn't do that =)
00:57<kvandivo>nope. that's not real helpful in this instance
00:57<Chutt>i'll look over your patch and stuff tomorrow, k?
00:57<kvandivo>guess that explains why it made it through the loop a couple of times first as it properly killed off things
00:57<kvandivo>ya.. that's totally fine
00:58<Chutt>right off, i'd like the table names to be a little longer
00:58<kvandivo>i've got it working fine in my tree. when you decide to bestow it upon the world is up to you. :)
00:58<Chutt>better to not abbreviate
00:58<kvandivo>not a problem
00:59<Chutt>that's just a search and replace, though =)
01:00<kvandivo>prgRankHelper -> programRankHelper, prgRank -> programRank
01:05<kvandivo>done in my local tree
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01:13<Netslayer>hmm i just commented out a few dozen channels in my .xmltv file and running mythfilldatabase put them back any ideas?
01:14<Chutt>how'd you comment them out?
01:14<Netslayer>well wait
01:14<Netslayer>it just says they are available ic
01:15<Chutt>that's not commenting them out properly.
01:15<Netslayer>what's the proper way?
01:15<Chutt>read the comments at the top of the file.
01:16<thor_>or watch a lot of Wayne's World
01:17<Netslayer>just got three seg faults in a row while trying my first recording with cvs :-S hopefully they will go away everything is set heh
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01:19<Chutt>thanks for getting backtraces
01:20<Netslayer>if it's persistant i'll do that
01:20<Netslayer>even dropped my old db for today
01:21<Netslayer>i love that new visor theme by the way, cudos
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02:03<ShockValue>hi all..
02:04<ShockValue>when i rip a dvd fromwithin myth.. it seems to keep all audio info (english, spanish, 2 channel, 6 channel etc etc) even though i only select "en 6ch".. is this avoidable, or does it do this for some reason?
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02:10<thor_>perfect is perfect (it removes no information)
02:11<ShockValue>i guess I understood 'perfect' to be 'quality', not literal
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02:30<robbie>is it normal for my recorded markup tables to be around 53Mb ?
02:35<FryGuy>has anyone seen errors like this:
02:35<FryGuy>Jan 6 22:26:12 linux kernel: ALSA pcm_lib.c:204: BUG: stream = 1, pos = 0xffff0800, buffer size = 0x800, period size = 0x100
02:35<FryGuy>Jan 6 22:39:20 linux kernel: ALSA pcm_lib.c:204: BUG: stream = 1, pos = 0xffff0800, buffer size = 0x800, period size = 0x100
02:37<FryGuy>related to my problem here:;search_string=stopping;guest=1974560&t=search_engine#87296
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03:58<Netslayer>this is odd there are no errors, but my visor theme on my one myth box doesn't have that translucent/shaded background when in some menu's like tv-watch recordings. any ideas?
04:00<thor_>that myth box does not have have blending available (or it's turned off in Setup)
04:00<Henk_Poley><clueless reply> Do you use nvidia drivers?
04:00<Henk_Poley>At least KDE won't do translucency on nvidia drivers on my box
04:01<Netslayer>yes both boxes have nvidia drivers installed and are pretty much exactly the same, i set them up at the same time with gentoo and fluxbox, one has visor working perfectly
04:01<Netslayer>blending? hmm
04:02<Netslayer>u mention 'turned off in Setup', which setup are u reffering to
04:04<thor_>Setup --> Appearance --> Next --> Next --> Next --> Use Transparent Boxes
04:06<Netslayer>i had that enabled, with it disabled it now has no background shading, hmm there is a post in the list i'm going through now hopefully i can get this to work
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04:11<Netslayer>dang i'm lost..
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04:16<Netslayer>sweet i touched something and now it works
04:17<Netslayer>think it was in my qtconfig, change options i can't read on my tv and it works, i'm happy :-)
04:18<Netslayer>dang this theme needs to become the new default, hint hint
04:21<Netslayer>if i'm running two mythfrontends, both of them share the same mythmusic table in the db don't they? so i would have to physicaly go in and hardcode a new table if i want two seperate mythmusic setups. I don't want to listen to the same music as the rest of my family aka
04:21<thor_>playlists are per host
04:21<thor_>including active playlist
04:22<Netslayer>ya but the only way to make a playlist is to select one song at a time isn't it
04:22<Netslayer>or select all/none
04:23<thor_>anything that's selectable (artist, album, track, another playlist, etc.)
04:23<Netslayer>going to have to look into that
04:24<Netslayer>having some speed issues also, listing 45GB of mp3's takes about 2 minutes :-/ heh
04:24<thor_>they should come up in groups
04:25<Netslayer>i have it set to '.. tree' checkmark and 'artist album title', and id3 is on right now
04:25<Netslayer>if i go directory, it's only about 10 seconds, so might have to give up the sorting
04:27<Netslayer>wow 3 people put up wifi points in my neighborhood in the last 2 weeks, yikes
04:27*Netslayer crosses his fingers for no interfearance for his wireless myth box
04:27<thor_>that's nothing
04:28<thor_>I've got like 20 here
04:28<thor_>and most are wide open
04:28<Netslayer>heh 3/4 without wep, all with > 50% signals
04:29<Netslayer>all of em are on channel 6, i'm on 11 heh should be fine unless they start tweaking theirs
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07:05<Henk_Poley>What is happening, in several hours I haven't had one mail from a mythtv mailinglist? ;-)
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10:07<kvandivo>does that mean you are at the bar now?
10:07<kvandivo>(assuming that before, you were away)
10:08*pahli_bar pours his coffee over kvandivo
10:08*pahli_bar doesn't like funny people in the morning
10:08<kvandivo>mountain dew, man! it's the nectar of the gods!
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11:28<pahli_bar>what does !recap do
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12:18<pahli_bar>Chutt: ping
12:19<pahli_bar>Chutt: mythgallery ready.
12:19<pahli_bar>will merge within the next hour
12:20<pahli_bar>Chutt: i have left the importdirs same as from before.
12:20<pahli_bar>Chutt: it needs some work though
12:20<Chutt>that's fine =)
12:22<pahli_bar>heh. do you like to put author names in .h/.cpp files
12:22<Chutt>i don't, but i don't mind if others do
12:23<kvandivo>they should have a license notice in them, as well...
12:23*kvandivo sits back down in the corner and hides.
12:23<Chutt>they should
12:23<Chutt>but that's a pain in the ass to do
12:23<Chutt>and keep up dated
12:23<pahli_bar>emacs does it automatically for me.
12:24<kvandivo>i just recently ran my yearly 'sed' script on our code here at work and updated everything..
12:24<pahli_bar>some auto-insert-mode customization. author name-date-gpl
12:27<kvandivo>need a cigarette, thor?
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12:28<thor_>(note to self, do not ogg_pcm_seek an int when it wants a ogg_int64_t)
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12:38<pahli_bar>mythgallery committed. let the flames begin
12:40*kvandivo fills his backpack with napalm.
12:41<thor_>someday this wars gonna end
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12:42<Chutt>qtiffio.cpp:54: warning: return of negative value `-1' to `toff_t'
12:43<Chutt>heh =)
12:45<Chutt>pahli_bar, i generally leave out the 'or (at your option) any later version' of the GPL header
12:45<Chutt>since, i don't trust rms =)
12:46<Chutt>and perhaps a 'Hit 'menu' to activate this menu' somewhere on the screen?
12:46<sfr>then lameencoder.h|.cpp should be changed as well :)
12:46<Chutt>since it's a little non-obvious how do do that
12:47<Chutt>well, you wrote it, you get to decide what license it's under
12:55<Chutt>pahli_bar, works pretty well =)
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12:58<pahli_bar>Chutt: MENU toggles in/out of the menu
12:59<Chutt>yeah, i know
12:59<Rroet>hi all
12:59<Chutt>but it wasn't obvious =)
12:59<pahli_bar>Chutt: yeah. its not obvious. :)
12:59<pahli_bar>Chutt: maybe the first thumbitem can be a hit menu thingy
13:00<Chutt>or maybe just some text below the menu?
13:00<Chutt>since there's a lot of open space there
13:01<pahli_bar>Chutt: heh. i was planning on using that space for exif/image info
13:01<pahli_bar>Chutt: but there is room for an additional text item there
13:01<Chutt>or something
13:02<Chutt>i dunno =)
13:03<racer32>pahli: i have some dirs with subdirs, there is no icon for it!
13:03<racer32>pahli: why no text under the previews?
13:03<racer32>flame begun!
13:04<pahli_bar>racer32: it looks for images only one directory deep
13:04<pahli_bar>racer32: in the old version, the filenames used to get cut off. so i moved it to a different place
13:05<racer32>yeah i see, but maybe better to display a map icon for empty dirs?
13:05<racer32>now its just a empty place
13:05<pahli_bar>racer32: no icon at all. there should be a folder icon
13:06<racer32>i am missing the name because the overview is not so good this way i think!
13:06<racer32>now i have to scroll over all the previews to see what the description is
13:06<racer32>no icon at all!
13:07<racer32>brb, my daugther (2 years is yelling (?))
13:07<pahli_bar>racer32: you need to do a proper cvs co. there are png images in a new subdirectory
13:08<Chutt>cvs -z3 update -PAd
13:08<racer32>i deleted the old dir and got the complete new version
13:08<pahli_bar>racer32: i can add back the text. should not be difficult. maybe make it a customizable option
13:09<Chutt>i like the text up top
13:09<pahli_bar>heh. me too :)
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13:16<racer32>pahli: the png files are there and they are used, if i go with the cursor on a preview i see the map icon under the preview
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13:17<racer32>if i go to the dir with subs i see the complete map icon
13:17<racer32>but if i am on a photo preview there is a empty space on the place of dir with subs
13:17<racer32>get it?
13:18<pahli_bar>racer32: ah. the alpha transparency might be too much for the theme you are using
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13:18<pahli_bar>racer32: or maybe the screen is too dark
13:18<racer32>Gant theme
13:19<pahli_bar>can you send me a screenshot (
13:20<pahli_bar>the faded icons should be more visible with gant than with the blue theme
13:20<kvandivo>strange that i haven't yet gotten a commit message for that commit..
13:21<Chutt>server's recovering
13:21<kvandivo>was it feeling under the weather?
13:21<Chutt>var filled up, mailman shat itself
13:21<Chutt>yadda yadda yadda
13:24*pahli_bar wonders how the new gallery looks on a tv. wife will kill him if he breaks anything in the upgrade
13:24<Chutt>it'd take me forever to upgrade right now :p
13:24<sfr>ask her to wait at least until you fixed your bugsm pahli_bar
13:25<Chutt>and i don't have any images on the tv machine =)
13:25*pahli_bar challenges sfr to find one
13:26<pahli_bar>racer32: got the screenshot. looks like the x-server you are running doesn't handle alpha at all. the menu items on the left are supposed to have backgrounds too
13:26<sfr>pahli_bar: i'd have to upgrade to latest cvs, and anyways i've used mythgallery only once. So keep your bugs. :)
13:28<Chutt>it probably does alpha, he just doesn't have xrender support enabled in qt
13:28<Chutt>or font smoothing
13:28<pahli_bar>racer32: i never took into consideration the fact somebody will run it under vnc
13:28<pahli_bar>Chutt: ah. maybe vnc doesn't have xrender extension
13:29<roodee>dang, my mythbackend has been running at 98% cpu for 40 minutes when usually its about 2%..I feel a crash coming..
13:30<pahli_bar>heh. xchat doesn't have "slap sfr with a dead fish" option like mirc
13:31<roodee>sweet! stoping mythbackend panics the system..
13:31<sfr>pahli_bar: and i already had fish for dinner
13:31<dja>vnc doesn't have RENDER (at least tight vnc doesn't)
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13:33<pahli_bar>phew. thats a relief. (for a moment it was scary. first bug in 5 minutes of committing)
13:33<Chutt>rest of the ui will look like crap without render as well, so =)
13:34<racer32>pahli: sorry i scared you, will try it in 15 min. on the tv
13:34<pahli_bar>racer32: :)
13:34<racer32>was with my daughter upstairs to test it, could not go to the tv
13:36<sfr>pahli_bar: images is the new directory mentioned before?
13:36<pahli_bar>sfr: yes.
13:36*sfr goes bug-searching
13:36*pahli_bar waits for a pile of bugreports from sfr
13:37<pahli_bar>heh. cool way of making sure your plugin is the most bugfree
13:46<_rkulagow>pahli_bar: just saw the commit on mythgallery. have you given a thought to presenting the EXIF data as well? i had started to look at libexif integration and then Real Life caught up.
13:46<pahli_bar>_rkulagow: on my todo list.
13:48<pahli_bar>planned list (in that order): slideshow transitions, exif info, gphoto2 support
13:49<Chutt>what's that image transition where it slowly zooms in and pans slightly called?
13:50<_rkulagow>isn't it called a "push" in movie-land?
13:50<pahli_bar>dunno :(
13:50<Chutt>there's an actual name for it
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13:54<dpryo>Any proud owners of MSI mega pc around? :)
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14:02<Henk_Poley>MSI mega PC has bad audio AFAIK
14:02<Henk_Poley>But don't count on my word for that
14:06<dpryo>I'm setting mine up now.
14:06<racer32>pahli looks good!
14:07<racer32>on TV!
14:07<racer32>sorry again my mistake!
14:07<_rkulagow>chutt: docs update is on the way. also, can you slow down development so i can write user docs already?!?!!!!!!11!!!!!1!
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14:18<pahli_bar>racer32: good to hear
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14:35<sfr>pahli_bar: mythgallery doesn't compile: qtiffio.cpp:22:20: tiffio.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden. Does it now need another package on debian sid?
14:36<pahli_bar>libtiff3g-dev on sid
14:37<sfr>pahli_bar: for the curious (me): where/what for do you use libtiff3g now?
14:38<pahli_bar>sfr: tiff loader. qt doesn't have support for tiff files
14:39<sfr>pahli_bar: aha. installing mythgallery now...
14:39<pahli_bar>i need to modify the readme to mention libtiff dev dependency
14:39<lykke>Good afternoon. I got a newbie quistion about the use of TV-tuner card's... When using Mythtv i see, that you have to use a tuner card to record onto you'r harddisk, but is it worth using as a tv-channel remote-thing instead of just switch back to TV on my tv remote from my AV2-s on my TV???... sorry it's a dumb quistion, but can't see what to use it for :)
14:40*pahli_bar wonders if anybody understood what lykke just said
14:41<racer32>Same little font again!
14:41<sfr>i think his question might have been if it's worth to use myth as a full TV set yet.
14:41<pahli_bar>racer32: what resolution. what dpi
14:41<lykke>Hmm.... will try again
14:42<racer32>how can i check dpi?
14:42*thor_ thinks his asking if he can use it as a glorified remote control
14:42<lykke>thor_: yep
14:42<sfr>what is a glorified remote control?
14:42<pahli_bar>and the suspense builds
14:42<thor_>sure, go for it
14:42<pahli_bar>racer32: xdpyinfo. look for resolution
14:42<lykke>thor_: but will i loose some picture quality
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14:43<thor_>I have no idea, 'cause in spite of my good guess, I'm not really sure what you're asking
14:44<lykke>thor_: see that's my problem i do not know what the use of a tuner card is!
14:44<Henk_Poley>lykke: problem is you can only record and watch from one channel, if you have obly one encoder card
14:44<sfr>lykke: are you wondering wether it's worth to use myth as a full TV set, replacing your telly?
14:44<lykke>sfr: no
14:44<thor_>don't thing "tuner", think "encoder"
14:45<lykke>thor_: ok
14:45<kvandivo>i think he's wondering if he can use myth without the tuner card if he isn't planning to save to the hard disk
14:45<pahli_bar>aha. i think kvandivo got it
14:46<lykke>kvandivo: no wait a sec please.... wil try again
14:46<sfr>other suggestions? *g*
14:46<kvandivo>maybe he's wondering what the current price of tea in china is.
14:46*kvandivo giggles.
14:46<thor_>what the F*&$ does that have to do with anything ?
14:47<sfr>that reminds of reading source code. i can see it's c/c++ but don't have any idea about what it's doing.
14:47<kvandivo>a) tuner cards are required for mythtv..
14:48<kvandivo>b) don't think of it as 'copying onto the hard drive'. think of it as 'storing a show so you can watch it later'
14:48<lykke>ok will start over 1 quistion... can mythtv switch between TV-channels on my TV at AV2-s (My superVideo input on TV)?
14:48<sfr>lykke: if you have a tuner card installed in your mythtv box, then yes. that's how i use mythtv in my living room.
14:49<pahli_bar>lykke: in mythtv tv-channels are not switched on the tv. but on the tuner card.
14:49<sfr>lykke: and if your mythtv computer supports tv-out to S-Video
14:49<thor_>what's an AV2 ?
14:49+Racer [] joined #mythtv
14:49<lykke>ok 2 quistion... will i loose picture quality ? compared to using the normal TV-channel's
14:49<sfr>thor_: where you connect e.g. a VCR
14:50<kvandivo>coax -> tuner on computer -> mythtv magic -> video card output (possibly svideo) -> TV
14:50<pahli_bar>i guess he means second AV (audio-visual)
14:50<sfr>thor_: or a camcorder
14:50<Racer>it is racer32
14:50<Racer>75x75 dpi
14:50<thor_>Racer, you want 100x100
14:51<Racer>how to change?
14:51<pahli_bar>Racer: 100 dpi is standard for mythtv (that how the plugin themes are written for)
14:51<thor_>startx -- -dpi 100
14:51<thor_>or fiddle with your DisplaySize in Section "Monitor" in X config
14:51<Chutt>i should add some code to compensate for that
14:51<Chutt>there's a qt function to get the dpi
14:52<thor_>just put up a warning, no?
14:52<Racer>startx, have to look where that thing is
14:52<sfr>lykke: that's not easy to answer. depends on your hardware configuration. e.g. with a very powerfull cpu and software and software encoding you probably can keep the full PAL resolution giving you a very similar quality as your TV. but on a slow computer you have to reduce the resolution resulting in a not-so-good quality
14:52<Chutt>naw, i could modify the size and stuff
14:53<pahli_bar>on some channels, i get better quality than regular tv
14:53<thor_>yup ... I guess ... seems like work though :-(
14:53<Chutt>there's really not that many places that load their own fonts these days
14:53<Chutt>i cut most of em out =)
14:53<lykke>sfr: ok you use this tuner-card for TV-watching all the time right?
14:54<lykke>:) encoder-card
14:54<sfr>lykke: i use a hauppage pvr350 card, which does mpeg-2 encoding in hardware, so it uses a _lot_ less cpu power. and most of the time i use a remote frontend (my laptop)
14:55<lykke>sfr: cool... you really got into this!
14:55<sfr>like most other people who started with mythtv :)
14:56<sfr>lykke: but mythtv will not improve the TV programm quality :(
14:57<kvandivo>not directly, anyway
14:57<kvandivo>PVRs, in general, make it easier to watch good shows and ignore bad shows
15:00<lykke>sfr: Right now, i got as far as this... Mythtv running with a lot of pictures, from my digi-cam, and some video's too, I'am using lirc with my Realmagic remote, to control it. Weather-plugin is set to local- works fine. But i would like to use the TV-program guide xmltv, without a tuner (haven't got one yet), I got some of it working, but mythtv seem's to be unstable when using it withou a tuner/encoder-card...
15:04<sfr>lykke: surprise, surprise. i really never used myth without a tuner card. i think except the watching-tv function it should work _if_ you get to start mythbackend without any configured tuner card. Chutt might be able to answer that more accuratelly
15:04+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
15:05=Racer [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:06<lykke>sfr: jesper@lykke jesper $ Starting up as the master server.
15:06<lykke>ERROR: no capture cards are defined in the database.
15:06<lykke>2004-01-07 21:05:57 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
15:07<lykke>sfr: you see... but it crashes often when trying to acces the program guide!
15:08+Octane [] joined #mythtv
15:09<sfr>i don't think it's related to the missing tuner card but as i said, i never used myth without one.
15:10<lykke>OK, thanx for the great answer's
15:10+ahbritto [] joined #mythtv
15:14+Peit|Home [] joined #mythtv
15:14<dja>question on the dpi issue -- so if I change my DisplaySize (in XF86Config) so that it "lies", i.e., I am running in 800x600 and to get 100x100dpi I have to claim my monitor is ~8x6 -- how does that affect myth?
15:14<Peit|Home>I appear to have managed to somehow generate a 16Gig mpeg4 file from a 4gig mpeg2, anyone else think that's strange?
15:15<kvandivo>all depends on the creativity of the author when making choices..
15:15<sfr>sounds perfectly fine to me 4gig x mpeg_4_ -> 16 :)
15:15<thor_>dja, it will make your fonts purty
15:16<dja>ok, I'll do it. :-)
15:16<Henk_Poley>Peit|Home: all I frames?
15:20<Peit|Home>Henk_Poley: hmm, dunno actually, is there a linux tool that can tell me? mplayer really doesn't like the file (it doesn't like any of the .nuv files bar the mpeg2 ones)
15:21<Henk_Poley>I really don't know
15:21<dja>thor: did you get my patch for dvdprobe.cpp (changes a setSize from '040' to '704')?
15:22=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:22kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
15:22<thor_>dja, I don't think so ....
15:23<dja>ok -- I'll resend it...btw, do you have any database entries for transcoding 704x480 videos?
15:24<thor_>no, don't thinks os
15:24<thor_>PAL'ish ?
15:24<dja>shucks, was hoping someone else had already figured it out...yup, I have several videos that are 704x480...nope, ntsc...this is what mtd is reporting back...odd thing is that tscan reports 720x480 and ifo_dump shows that as both 704x480 and is Spaceballs and another is The English Patient...
15:25<dja>I've bounced the original message I sent you that asked about this and included my patch...:-)
15:25<thor_>I would guess a problem with libdvdread
15:25<thor_>but who knows
15:26<dja>btw, you can ignore my question about adding "--avi_limit 999999" to the transcode command line -- the next version of transcode is going to default to unlimited size. :-)
15:31<lykke>One last quistion today... what must the resolution at the card be at my 28inch PAL 16:9 TV
15:32<sfr>pahli_bar: i found a bug! flying around my crt.
15:35+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
15:38+bainster [] joined #mythtv
15:38<thor_>electric light orchestra ?
15:38<bainster>anybody from za here ?
15:38<bainster>that can help setting up mythtv for za ?
15:39<bainster>South Africa ;P
15:39<bainster>confusing .. I know ;P
15:39<kvandivo>they only have tv in black and white there, right?
15:39<Henk_Poley>Zuid Afrika? Nee dat is een eindje weg van hier
15:39<Henk_Poley>kvandivo: don't be hars, South Afrika is not like that
15:40<sfr>is that Africaans?
15:40<bainster>hehe .. ZA is actually for Zuid Africa ;P
15:41<bainster>kvandivo: yeah .. and lions in the streets ... and we use elephants for showers ;P
15:41*kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
15:41<Henk_Poley>kvandivo: sorry harsh
15:41+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
15:41<kvandivo>i think it would rock to have an elephant shower
15:41<kvandivo>lions in the street i could do without..
15:42<Henk_Poley>Those animals never stand still long enough to do your hair...
15:42<bainster>kvandivo: it's not all thatf un .. and elephants here are not that friendly ... you;d be amazed how many toerists gets killed because they get out of cars to pet african animals ..
15:43<kvandivo>i don't doubt it... just driving through yellowstone, in the US, and watching the stupid tourists makes it hard for me to be amazed at stuff like that
15:43<bainster>anyway .. back to myth ;P
15:44<Henk_Poley>What's your problem?
15:44<bainster>we have two tv systems here .. one satelite and one state owned broadcast ..
15:44<bainster>first off .. how do I get the channel frequancies for the bcast .... I have tvtime working fine ..
15:45<Henk_Poley>you can 'somehow' import them if you set them up correctly in xawtv
15:45<Henk_Poley>the database generation script has a help option it will tell you more
15:45<Henk_Poley>I was told.. :-P
15:45<sfr>pahli_bar: i don't like moving around in a zoomed picture with 2,4,6 and 8. it's not comfortable on a keyboard.
15:45<bainster>keproblem is .. I cant get it working in xawtv ;P
15:45=billytwowilly [] quit (Client Quit)
15:48<Henk_Poley>Then... you could handimport them, I guess, but maybe someone can whip up an importscript for tvtime
15:48<bainster>tvtime does a nice xml format .. can somebody not make a nice converter for myttv :)
15:49<sfr>bainster: it might work to just write a xawtvrc file by hand. the format is really simple
15:49<bainster> <-- my sample ..
15:49<bainster>sfr: I'll look into that ..
15:49<Henk_Poley>Does xawtv give any special error, or what is going wrong?
15:50<Matt>I wish mythtv wouldn't do that
15:50<bainster>Henk_Poley: right now ... I use the uk video source ... since there is no za one ;P
15:50*Matt kills mythbackend and restart it
15:50<bainster>Henk_Poley: so .. nothing really happens ..
15:50<bainster>how can I add a tv_grab_za script ?
15:50<Henk_Poley>"uk video source"?
15:50<Matt>one of these days I'll actually sit down and work out what's happening
15:50<Henk_Poley>aha that's XMLTV, not xawtv
15:51<bainster>ummmm ok
15:51<Henk_Poley>xawtv is much like tvtime
15:51<bainster>I can get a xml source from for our stations ...
15:51<sfr>pahli_bar: mythgallery looks nice athough i don't quite remember how it looked before. :)
15:52<Octane>anyone have any idea why my box beeps whenever I use my grey remote in mythfrontend?
15:52<Octane>it just started
15:52<bainster>but its the satelite source .. but does include the bcast stations as well
15:56<pahli_bar>sfr: about scrolling. its meant to work that way with your remote. or numkeypad (look at the way keys are organized. it will be intuitive)
15:56=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
15:56<pahli_bar>pahli_bar: you can check out the old look at the screenshots on
15:56<pahli_bar>doh. talking to myself
15:56<sfr>pahli_bar: hrm, i almost never use the numkeypad. sorry. *feels_dumb*
15:57<sfr>^^ me that is
15:57<sfr>pahli_bar: at least you don't ask yourself stupid questions :)
15:59<sfr>anyone knows what's the name/group who had a song back in the '80s it contained the words '... and you may ask yourself...' Was it Talk Talk, Talking Heads...?
16:00=lykke [] quit ("Leaving")
16:01<thor_>Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime
16:01=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:05=Henk_Poley [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:15+mchou [] joined #mythtv
16:24<roodee>my cpu utilization on mythbackend has steadily climbed from 2% to 70% in the past 90 minutes any ideas on how I can debug this?
16:27+marc [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
16:30<roodee>weird, so when I stop watching a recording the mythbackend cpu util jumps to 98% and stays there
16:33+wellsj [~wellsj@] joined #mythtv
16:36<Peit|Home>roodee: have you got it set to transcode when you finish recording?
16:36<Octane>what capture settings do people use in here
16:41=etcp [] quit ("leaving")
17:08+marc_ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
17:10<roodee>so it looks like about two hours of recording before the system dies..
17:13=wellsj [~wellsj@] quit ("Client Exiting")
17:15=racer32 [] quit ()
17:17+pmowry [] joined #mythtv
17:18<pmowry>Hi anyone using recent CVS version of ivtv and myth? I'm havinf trouble exiting from live tv.
17:19<sfr>works fine here, but you really need to want to quit watching tv.
17:20<pmowry>I'm making latest versions of each now; just to test the changes since yesterday morning PST.
17:21<sfr>myth is cvs as of ~1 hour ago. my ivtv drivers are cvs from a couple days ago.
17:26=marc [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
17:39=marc_ [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
17:47+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
17:47-Sobek [~btatton@] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
17:52+etcp [] joined #mythtv
17:54=pmowry [] quit ("pmowry has no reason")
17:54+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
17:57<Netslayer>anyone know if the zoran based mjpeg cards tv out works?
18:00<etcp>I have one, but I've never tried it with mythtv
18:00=steelep [~signwatch@] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:01+pmowry [] joined #mythtv
18:03<pmowry>pahli_bar: Hi, your latest CVS changes will not compilefor me, what is needed for the TIFF support (qtiffio.cpp:22:20: tiffio.h: No such file or directory)?
18:03<sfr>pmowry: install libtiff3g. i had the same problem
18:03<sfr>err the -dev package if you use debian
18:04<Netslayer>ya i have one also in my hand heh, have a whole bunch of capture cards
18:04<pmowry>thanks, I'll look for an RPM (redhat 9, but I'm thinking about trying a new distro)
18:05<Netslayer>also curious how it works in mythtv, wonder if the zoran can only capture in mjpeg, or can myth convert it on the fly to mpeg4
18:06<etcp>the zoran can only capture to mjpeg - you'll need a fairly beefy machine to transcode to mpeg4 on the fly!
18:09<Netslayer>i can live with mjpeg, it's just this machine is on 54g
18:09<Netslayer>streaming accross the network when recording with mjpeg scares me
18:09<Netslayer>i have a wonder ve in it now, but at 720x480 it's a tad choppy for my 1.33 tbird
18:09<etcp>heh - yeah, mjpeg is quite huge!
18:09<Netslayer>think i'll try o/c it
18:10<etcp>good luck!
18:10<Netslayer>what's that stream option in the setup all about? like a slave backend will record localy then stream it to the master when it's done?
18:10-Peit|Home [] left #mythtv ("Client Exiting")
18:10<etcp>beyond me, I'm afraid
18:13+Snappi [] joined #mythtv
18:13-extremis [] left #mythtv ()
18:13<Snappi>anyone succeded in getting the new PCTV Rave chipset to work?
18:14<Snappi>btw wich language is mythtv written in?
18:14=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:14<josephk>b-sharp *rimshot*
18:15+dja__ [] joined #mythtv
18:16<pmowry>BrB, my term emulation is not correct and BitchX is to hard to read...
18:16=pmowry [] quit ("pmowry has no reason")
18:17*Octane is thinking of starting a mythtv blog
18:18+pmowry [] joined #mythtv
18:18<pmowry>blah, that's worse
18:18=pmowry [] quit (Client Quit)
18:26=Misirlou [] quit ("And twice on Sunday . . .")
18:28<Netslayer>so nobody knows how that stream feature works in the setup :-/ heh
18:32<chiphead>is there a way to send a backtrace to a file from within gdb?
18:39<Octane>why would one use native alsa support in mythtv?
18:39<pahli_bar>Octane: hmm. why not
18:40<Octane>i just recompile dmyth and enable dit
18:40<Octane>hoping to get rid of sound stutters when changing channels
18:40<Octane>just wondering though
19:10=roodee [~roodee@] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:26=dja [] quit (Ping timeout: 14400 seconds)
19:29<sfr>Chutt: might want to give a look at not sure if it applies to
19:30<sfr>i wouldn't dare to test it ;)
19:34<sfr>apt-get install drupal anyone? not that i know drupal.
19:36<mdz>they pretty much all suck
19:37<sfr>everything php?
19:40+roodee [~roodee@] joined #mythtv
19:43+Magick [] joined #mythtv
19:45+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
19:49<Chutt>sfr, thanks, that's an old one though
19:50<pahli_bar>anyone know of programs with good image slideshows. i have stolen all the slideshows from digikam (which in turn took it from kde)
19:55-loebrich [] left #mythtv ()
19:55<sfr>pahli_bar: what about number girls?
19:59=hfb2 [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:59<pahli_bar>sfr: ??
20:02+sfr__ [] joined #mythtv
20:03<chiphead>should all the keys taht work while watching a recording work when using the standalone player mythtv?
20:03<pahli_bar>you would think fadein/out would be easy...
20:06=sfr [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:06sfr__is now known as sfr
20:07<chiphead>pahli_bar, I wouldnt think its that tough... just itterate ofer some function that changes pixels to the new pic in some nice pattern
20:07+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
20:10+RavenHair [] joined #mythtv
20:11<chiphead>or take the 2 pixels, the old and new, calculate the difference, devide by the number of steps you want the transform to take and loop through appling the difference each time till the target pixel is hit
20:11=RavenHair [] quit (Client Quit)
20:13<pahli_bar>chiphead: hmm.. i was talking about fade to black and back or blending of images
20:13<pahli_bar>chiphead: you can't get pixels from qpixmaps or x11 pixmaps
20:13<chiphead>just substitute black pixel as the target or starting point
20:13<pahli_bar>chiphead: you have to convert to qimage and back.extremely slow.
20:14<chiphead>you dont have access to the raw data?
20:14<pahli_bar>chiphead: i have other transitions working like wipe, slide,... . i was looking for smooth fade to black and back or blending of pixmaps
20:15<pahli_bar>chiphead: you cannot get pixels from qpixmaps or x11 pixmaps
20:16=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
20:18<pahli_bar>or at least not directly
20:19<Chutt>not without supporting every single type of x11 pixmap
20:19<Chutt>which is a pain in the ass
20:20<pahli_bar>just saw how xscreensaver does fading. it ramps up/down the screen gamma. talk about hacks
20:22<chiphead>could do it like video where you generate the frames. The would work like the decoder and let the videoout_dravers do the display
20:23<pahli_bar>heh. that would be way too much of an overkill
20:23<pahli_bar>we will just wait for the x server to become standard and see what features it brings in
20:23<chiphead>would do the trick. just make a picdecoder that feeds the video drivers like nuppleplayer
20:24<chiphead>you could do all kinds of cool transforms
20:25<Chutt>chiphead, done a distclean recently?
20:25<Chutt>for your segfault
20:25<chiphead>that was with clean grabs from the cvs
20:26<Chutt>valgrind it?
20:26<Chutt>i'll bbiab
20:26=Chutt [] quit ("dead")
20:27+bishop [] joined #mythtv
20:28<bishop>i have a bunch of channels in my DirecTV.xmltv file that i don;t want. i prefixed them all with "not". now my guide show no information for the channels, but they still show up. does anyone know what data from what table i need to delete?
20:28<mikegrb>bishop: yes
20:28<pahli_bar>bishop: FAQ
20:28<mikegrb>bishop: the howto on the website knows
20:33+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
20:33+Chutt [] joined #mythtv
20:35<chiphead>installing valgrine on my frontend now
20:37<chiphead>==5345== More than 30000 total errors detected. I'm not reporting any more.
20:37<chiphead>im not doing something right :0
20:38=bishop [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]")
20:40+Ripp_ [] joined #mythtv
20:40+schwin97 [] joined #mythtv
20:40-Ripp_ [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
20:45-dja__ [] left #mythtv ()
20:47=Chutt [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:54+Chutt [] joined #mythtv
20:56<Chutt>I shut my protptype mtytv machien
20:56<Chutt>ah, 50% accurate spelling
20:57<thor_>I resisted responding with, "take the disk out"
20:58<Chutt>"Aside from your spelling?"
20:58<thor_>and your name .... I mean "stan" .... holy sh*&, you killed kenny !
20:59*pahli_bar wishes he doesn't have to restart mythfrontend everytime he does make install on a pluin
20:59<Chutt>pahli_bar, sorry =)
20:59<thor_>and debugging can be a pain, cause it's a lib, not an executable
21:00<thor_>(at least a pain for my limited abilities)
21:00<pahli_bar>not too bad. valgrind makes life so much simpler. thanks jon seward
21:00+Ripp_ [] joined #mythtv
21:00<thor_>bah! cout
21:02<Snappi>I am having troubles finding the setup in mythtv
21:02<Snappi>can't find the path I am running gentoo with A_K="~x86"
21:02<Chutt>ask the person who made the gentoo ebuild
21:03=Misirlou [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:03+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
21:03<cmorgan>man gentoo builds...
21:03<cmorgan>the wine one is less than spectacular...
21:04<Ripp_>/usr/bin/mythsetup (0.13)
21:06<Ripp_>anyone know the state of lirc-i2c in 2.6? it's the last thing keeping the mythbox at 2.4... can't get the lirc mailing list archives to load atm...
21:10<Snappi>I have a PCTV Rave what's should I pick in capture cars?
21:13<Snappi>thx a lot
21:16+tmk [] joined #mythtv
21:18+Jerry__ [] joined #mythtv
21:19<_rkulagow>chutt: still here?
21:19<Jerry__>i have a new install of mythtv on gentoo and can't seem to figure out what i've done wrong. mplayer will play fine but mythtv i get no video or audio
21:19<Chutt>jerry__, there is a users mailing list for such questions
21:21<_rkulagow>two things: i think i'm going to get rid of the "contributors" section in the HOWTO; it's too hard to keep up, and people come and go. haven't heard from john danner in a while, for example. also, IIRC you were mentioning that you were going to make a new default theme rather than blue. i'm going to start putting work towards a user-level doc and screenshots are best when they match what the user sees. what's it going to be?
21:22<Chutt>i'm not sure about the theme stuff
21:22<Chutt>o_cee hasn't been around much recently
21:22<Chutt>i _was_ going to move to gant, but
21:22<Chutt>i dunno
21:22-Ripp_ [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
21:22<Chutt>i'll brb, need to reboot again
21:22=Chutt [] quit ("dead")
21:24pahli_baris now known as pahli_away
21:34=Snappi [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:35*thor_ slaps himself hard enough in the head that it hurts
21:36<_rkulagow>anyone have any info on hans kruse, the non-us mythtv website guy? the website is just showing a temporary holder, and i don't know how long it's been that way. i don't see anything in gossamer threads archive under "kruse".
21:39+Sembiance [] joined #mythtv
21:39<Sembiance>You know what would be cool? A time offset per channel. Some of the channels are almost a full minute ahead of my system clock. Others are almost a full minute behind.
21:42+Chutt [] joined #mythtv
21:42<thor_>stan, stan the spelling man
21:43=Sembiance [] quit ("leaving")
21:43<_rkulagow>mebbe he's drunkl.
21:49=Jerry__ [] quit ("Leaving")
22:21+monkyBox [] joined #mythtv
22:21=roodee [~roodee@] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:22<monkyBox>holy crap, I just heard the latest mythtv CVS has framebuffer support?!? is that working well?
22:22<monkyBox>That would be AWESOME not to have to jack around trying to get X to wrok.
22:27<tmk>myth always did i thought.. just compile against qt/embedded
22:29<monkyBox>hmm...I guess I thought QT had to run w/ X
22:29<monkyBox>I just saw in a forum that the latest CVS had the ability to run in framebuffer mode.
22:30=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
22:34<chiphead>Chutt, where is qt_xdisplay() defined? I cant find any reference to it in myth or in qt's docs. Its being called inmythcontect.cpp MythContext::InitializeScreenSettings()
22:34<Chutt>it's a qt function
22:34<Chutt>just gets the x display pointer
22:35<chiphead>hmm. cant find it listed in QT's list of functions
22:41<monkyBox>Are there instructions on how to compile mythfrontend for framebuffer in the cvs?
22:43<kvandivo>i suspect that the mailing archives have discussed it ad infinitum
22:45<monkyBox>heh.. good point (sorry getting a little excited here..) off to the arcives!
22:45<kvandivo>good luck!
22:47<monkyBox>one more quick question.. can I still play dvds in framebuffer in mythtv? I know mplayer supports directfb..
22:47<monkyBox>Is that what mythtv would use? directfb?
22:47<kvandivo>very recent discussion in the mail list about that, iirc.. the past day or two
22:47<kvandivo>or at least a closely related topic that should give you the basic answer you are looking for
22:48=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:49<kvandivo>(i do myth the 'old fashioned' way, so i'm not going to attempt to lead you astray by offering my opinion)
23:12+kevin_ [] joined #mythtv
23:37*monkyBox is making an updated gentoo ebuild for mytfrontend-cvs to support directfb...
23:38<kvandivo>chutt doesn't want ebuilds for cvs versions of myth
23:38<kvandivo>not being distributed, at any rate.. you can do whatever you want on your own. :)
23:38<thor_>bad monkeyBox !
23:42warlordis now known as warlord-afk
23:43+roodee [~roodee@] joined #mythtv
23:49<chiphead>chutt: does this help?
23:49<chiphead>==5682== Invalid read of size 4
23:49<chiphead>==5682== at 0x410BBA3D: __dynamic_cast (in /usr/lib/
23:49<chiphead>==5682== by 0x407F9D0F: LayerSet::ClearAllText() (uitypes.cpp:77)
23:49<chiphead>==5682== by 0x4037A701: GuideGrid::paintInfo(QPainter*) (guidegrid.cpp:1120)
23:49<chiphead>==5682== by 0x403790FA: GuideGrid::paintEvent(QPaintEvent*) (guidegrid.cpp:887)
23:49<chiphead>==5682== Address 0x0 is not stack'd, malloc'd or free'd
23:49<chiphead>==5682== Process terminating with default action of signal 11 (SIGSEGV): dumping core
23:49<chiphead>==5682== Address not mapped to object at address 0x0
23:49<chiphead>==5682== at 0x410BBA3D: __dynamic_cast (in /usr/lib/
23:49<chiphead>==5682== by 0x407F9D0F: LayerSet::ClearAllText() (uitypes.cpp:77)
23:49<chiphead>==5682== by 0x4037A701: GuideGrid::paintInfo(QPainter*) (guidegrid.cpp:1120)
23:49<chiphead>==5682== by 0x403790FA: GuideGrid::paintEvent(QPaintEvent*) (guidegrid.cpp:887)
23:50<thor_>that looks like the backtrace .... seems as if GuideGrid has a screwed up LayerSet in it .... you haven't been messing with your theme, have you?
23:52<chiphead>I havent messed with anything. this is current cvs pukin on me
23:52<kvandivo> if (UITextType *item = dynamic_cast<UITextType *>(type))
23:53<thor_>going through the myth widgets in the layer set looking for UITextType's
23:56<thor_>I'd suspect allTypes is uninitialized .... perhaps
23:56<thor_>chiphead, this happening on startup of dialog, or later ?
23:57<kvandivo> LayerSet *container = theme->GetSet("program_info");
23:57<kvandivo> if (container)
23:57<kvandivo> {
23:57<kvandivo> container->ClearAllText();
23:57<chiphead>It happens when I try to goint watch recordings, just after the list of recordings is on the screen, and in the case of this dump, it happens in mythepg just before the grid is displayed
23:58<thor_>kvandivo, where's that ?
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