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00:00<thor_>this is old code
00:03<thor_>ah ... it is a vector, but a vector of pointers ... that may not point anywhere sensible
00:04<kvandivo>well, clearly at least one of them points to zero. :)
00:04<thor_>ah yes
00:05<thor_>chiphead, can you try something
00:05<thor_>under: if (UITextType *item = dynamic_cast<UITextType *>(type))
00:05<thor_>add a:
00:06<chiphead>under it? it wont make it there
00:06<thor_>that make any sense to you ?
00:06<kvandivo>ummm.. ya.. the cast is failing..
00:06<thor_>no, I think the cast works
00:06<chiphead>and its dieing on the first trip through the loop
00:06<thor_>it's just casting a type that points to NULL
00:07<thor_>chiphead, email address ?
00:07<thor_>one sec
00:07<Chutt>type's not null in that case
00:08<Chutt>from the gdb trace
00:08<Chutt>'course, that could be wrong
00:08<kvandivo>so where's the 0x0 coming from..... hmmmm
00:08<chiphead>could I be missing some support file, since I did a clean checkout
00:09<Chutt>could just add a check for if (type) in there somewhere
00:09<Chutt>if that fixes it, i'd be happy
00:09<kvandivo>f the type of expression is a base class of the type of type-id, a run-time check is made to see if expression actually points to a complete object of the type of type-id.
00:10<kvandivo>dynamic_cast < type-id > ( expression )
00:10<kvandivo>so the cast should probably fail if type is null..
00:10<chiphead>ok I just put if(type) around the offending statement and compiling
00:11<thor_>heh, that's the e-mail
00:12<chiphead>:) yep thats what Im trying
00:13*thor_ goes back to flac decoding
00:14<chiphead>still died. will have to run valgrind again to see where this time
00:14*kvandivo gives up on trying to solve the recording line off by 1 bug for the night and ponders going to bed.
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00:14<kvandivo>you did something like if (type && (UITextType *item = dynamic_cast<UITextType *>(type))) ?
00:14<kvandivo>or functionally equivalent...
00:15<thor_>if type, then the cast
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00:15<chiphead>I put if(type) after UIType *type = (*i); just like thor_s email
00:17<chiphead>gringing... will take a few on my slowass 733 xbox
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00:19<thor_>chiphead, you don't have some weird ass version of gcc running or something do you ?
00:20<chiphead>3.2.3 as I have always used. my environment hasnt changed in a long time
00:22<chiphead>made it past if(type) and died same place
00:24<thor_>is it even remotely possible that subversion 0.5 of libstdc++ version 5 has something a bit off in it's dynamic_cast ?
00:24<Chutt>doubt it
00:25<Chutt>it's likely that type was deleted at some point previous to the cast
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00:26<Chutt>there's nothing above those errors in valgrind?
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00:28<Chutt>chiphead, it'd be helpful to know when those errors started
00:29<BrianDeacon>Hauppauge 350 question...
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00:30<BrianDeacon>It can do the video out for me... will it also pipe my vga signal to the tv for me? Or how does that work...
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00:31<tdb30_>can someone help me set up mtyhweb? when I try to get to it I get fatal error: call to undefined function:mysql_connect() in /var/www.html/includes/init.php on line 51
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00:32<pmowry>BrianDeacon: I've set up mine for X to use ivtv-fb for video output. Instructions are in ivtv_fb.c I think.
00:32<pmowry>It does not redirect the VGA, but works just as well for me. except no HW acceleration for mame.
00:33<BrianDeacon>pmowry: But it's the device that X sends everything to? (Guess that's what I was really getting at when I said vga...)
00:33<thor_>tdb30_, you need php with mysql support
00:34<chiphead>damn windows went south
00:36<pmowry>tdb30_: for RH9 I installed the php-mysql- rpm.
00:37<pmowry>BrianDeacon: You can set it up for X to feed both the TV and VGA screen, or just the TV. So I have verything going to the TV. All my consoles associate to the ivtv frame buffer device as well, but for me its ok.
00:37<tdb30_>ahh php-mysql.. well that seemed to help.
00:38<tdb30_>I had php and mysql but not php compiled with mysql apparantly.
00:38<pmowry>BrianDeacon: One catch is to get the device ID set right (Decimal vs. Hex issues)
00:39<pmowry>Check the archives. I believe one guy has links to PAL and NTSC config files in his signature.
00:39<BrianDeacon>Well, for my as-yet-non-existent system, there won't be anything but a tv anywho...
00:39<BrianDeacon>Thanks! 'preciate it.
00:41<pmowry>ok, NP. For reference, I have a P3-500 with 1Gb of ram and a PVR-350. Works great for mythtv. I'm looking at getting a faster system only for games, and playing mpeg4 video.
00:44<pmowry>I have not played with Thor's mfd code yet to see how it behaves on a slow system. Dont really have a need for it yet, but I'm always looking for something new to play with.
00:46<Chutt>nothing uses mfd yet :p
00:48<thor_>it'll decode oggs to iTunes under valgrind, so a p3-500 should be fine ....
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01:08<tdb30_>when trying to run mythweb I get this error Fatal Error at /var/www/html/includes/mythbackend.php, line 17:
01:08<tdb30_>Unable to connect to mythbackend, is it running? I know mythbackend is running
01:09<tdb30_>ooops nevermind. when I killed it and restarted it it worked. must havehung up
01:18<tdb30_>arrg. I tried to use mythweb to record a show but mythbacked aborted with invalid cardid -1
01:18<Chutt>you've got a video source that isn't attached to an input
01:19<Chutt>and you just tried to schedule something on it
01:19<tdb30_>hey is there a way to delete video sources?
01:19<tdb30_>other than playing with the database directly?
01:20<pmowry>the backend setup, or are you referring to the video capture card inputs.
01:20<tdb30_>I'm thinking the backend setup.
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01:21<pmowry>when you run it, it'll ask if you want to clear them.
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01:21<tdb30_>ahh. so its an all or nothing deal? Okay.
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01:28<Chutt>or just hit 'm' on the video source you want to delete
01:28<Chutt>'course, i don't know if that'll clear out program info, but, whatever
01:29<tdb30_>okay. because I know you are right about one source not being assinged an input. but its because I made a mistake and it got added accidentaly.
01:33<thor_>grrrr ... friggin flac callbacks
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01:43<Chutt>are you doing your own decoders?
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01:47<thor_>(I know, I'm an idiot)
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01:56<Chutt>you could probably put together a .wav output class for the exisitng decoders pretty easily
01:57<thor_>but it's a mess to get in the middle of the decoder, input, output, recycler wait condition logic and say .... hey the client socket went away, stop what you're doing
01:58<thor_>well, not a mess
01:58<thor_>just beyond me
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02:02<pmowry>It's not practical to be seperated from a backend by a vpn over cable modem is it?
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02:04<pmowry>I want to have international backends recording, and then watch them later at home.
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02:05<pmowry>So my wife can watch her US Soaps, and I can watch the BBC's The Office, while in Prague.
02:06<mchou>pmowry: what's your occupation?
02:07<pmowry>Network Engineer for a company with offices in 218 countries.
02:07<mchou>th biggest problem I think would be the live buffer, it would be "remote", and latency can be deadly....
02:08<mchou>pmowry: what company is that, IBM?
02:08<Octane>hm, i enabled xvmc, it works, but deinterlace video seems to not work
02:09<pmowry>hehe, no DHL (Shipping Company).
02:10<mchou>u got a big enough "private" pipe, maybe its doable.
02:10<mchou>but I think you'd be tter off shipping hard disks....
02:10<mchou>just my opinion :)
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02:11<pmowry>OC3 to OC12 between regions, but the bottleneck would be my VPN from home.
02:11<pmowry>No need for live tv.
02:11<mchou>pmowry: exactly.....
02:11<mchou>no, applys to record buffer too...
02:11<Octane>"Can't deinterlace (or do anything else to the video stream) while using xvmc."
02:12<mchou>pmowry: read this:
02:13<pmowry>I need to look more into how multiple backends work. It may be better to right a p2p like plugin..
02:13<mchou>pmowry: I have mutiple back ends. they work like I say :)
02:16<pmowry>so having independent systems and moving the nuv files with sql data to a home backend would be the best solution?
02:16<mchou>pmowry: did u read the article?
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02:17<pmowry>I thought trating hard drive like tape was an interesting statement
02:18<mchou>and when u need to move a lot of data around, conventional shipping is cheaper than ftp. :)
02:19<mchou>so, in short, yeah, buy 4 firewire drives, ship them back and forth, you'd be all set....
02:19<mchou>maybe even sata.....
02:20<mchou>I'm not kidding by the way, especially since u work for a shipping company.....
02:22<pmowry>Archive a week or two at a time, then swap disks..
02:23<mchou>exactly.and u hit nail right on head with mysql....
02:24<pmowry>My wife's only concern about moving to Prague waht only 2 broadcast channels, and no US programming on satalite.
02:24<pmowry>Nevermind the language differnce...
02:25<mchou>realistically why is she concerned about that? me, I'd be too busy enjoying prague.... :)
02:26<pmowry>Not adventurous to go out alone, so what to do when I'm at work and daughter in school
02:27<mchou>well, she can make friends there, no?
02:27<mchou>wont have to go out alone....
02:27<pmowry>Yeah, and volunteer at the school.
02:28<pmowry>Weekends we'll explore the other countries
02:29<mchou>btw, who's stateside to help you ship disks?
02:30<mchou>(that's a potiential prob) :)
02:30<pmowry>Family in the US, friends in the UK. Hiopefull
02:30<pmowry>hopefully pull in co-workers to get the discounts all around.
02:31<mchou>hgeh, u need relatives familar w/ linux to unmount drive......
02:31<pmowry>So long as we stick to broadcast TV, should be totally leagal as well.
02:32<mchou>make sure no recording is going on while disconnecting drive....
02:32<mchou>thats another problem....
02:32<pmowry>Wonder how durable the high density drives are for shipping so much.
02:32<mchou>the article mentions that specifically.....
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02:33<mchou>get ones w/ long warrantee...
02:34<pmowry>reading it slowly, turning up a new oc12 right now and haviing carrier issues, lots of finger pointing
02:35<mchou>well, there u go....
02:35<pmowry>New routers new circuits new sonet rings....
02:35<pmowry>I still cant belive the pipes into these places.
02:36<mchou>networking, besides being more expensive, is temperamental....
02:36<mchou>over the WAN, of course :)
02:38<pmowry>my bonus is tied to 5 9's availabilty. So if I have issues with a few 2 gig files, I've got bigger problems ;)
02:38<mchou>ok, but seriously, I think you can "pin" the record buffer to the local tuner using rankings....I'm not really sure about that since I dont really use that....
02:39<mchou>yeah, I used to work on high availability.....
02:39<mchou>5 minutes, you're fired :)
02:39<pmowry>I've got till march, I doubt I'll really do it anyway. Jsut curious if it was possible.
02:40<pmowry>5 minutes and 20% paycut, 10 minutes and fired
02:40<mchou>so what exactly do u do for DHL?
02:41<pmowry>Voice and video over IP on the easy side. design and maintain to international backbone whti rapindly growing bandwidth demands as critical.
02:43<mchou>voip, heh, I use to do R&D that too. Do ppl really deploy that in the enterprise?
02:43<mchou>or do u mean just netmeeting? :)
02:44<pmowry>Deployed VoIP for international toll bypass to 60 countires last quarter.
02:44<pmowry>All call centers are traditional pbx setups right now though.
02:45<mchou>but do ppl really use it, or is it just "showcase?"
02:45<mchou>well, yeah...nobody really wants to move from proven pbx technology, especially if their jobs are on the line :)
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02:47<pmowry>The goal is for all internal international calls to be VoIP by May. Usually the change is transparent to the end users, no complaints so far.
02:47<pmowry>There is a target goal for cost saving from VoIP in the Millions per year.
02:47<mchou>hows the voice quality and latency?
02:48<mchou>no doubt theres cost savings $$$$
02:49<pmowry>So far the latency issue has not been a problem, worst case compared it to cell phone quality.
02:49<pmowry>When we bring up the middle east and Island countrties in the Americas that may change.
02:50<mchou>so whose IP PBX have u tried?
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02:50<pmowry>Cisco and Avaya mainly. TEsting Alcatel in France.
02:51<mchou>what you guys decide on, MGCP, SIP or ???
02:52<pmowry>Stuck with H.323 currently because of AT&T SDN requirements. Moving to a mix of MGCP and SIP soon.
02:53<pmowry>SIP is about as compatable between vendors as Q.SIG is with ISDN vendors.
02:55<cjs_>i must torrent this
02:55<pmowry>What do you do? We're hiring in Scottsdale, AZ and in Prague. (appologies to the channel for the chatter)
02:55<mchou>I work at Intel R&D.....
02:55<pmowry>I bet its more fun..
02:56<mchou>more fun than shipping, well, I don't know, you're doing the travelling :)
02:56<pmowry>DHL is a good place to be. Lots of new technoligies to keep thing interesting like an integrator, but the benefit of vendors buying meals right and left like the enterprise.
02:57<mchou>I dunno, I think fedex is pioneer, no?
02:57*cjs_ almost went to work for fedex
02:58<mchou>logistics and tracking is phenom.....
02:59<mchou>definitely need good IT infrastructure for that.....
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03:01<pmowry>I thing DHL is the big boy internationally but FedEx and UPS win in the US. That's way we bought Airborne. Not so much for the overnight, but logistic and service centers.
03:02<mchou>really, didn't know that(DHL==International). Learn s/t new every day.
03:02<pmowry>My circuits up.. Yeah...
03:02<pmowry>It was out plane shot in Iraq.
03:03<pmowry>Not that its a claim to fame or anything...
03:03<mchou>heh, I dont know if I'd brag about *that*......
03:04<pmowry>A better way to say is we deliver to use troops serving in Iraq.
03:04<pmowry>I belive we are toe only one.
03:04<mchou>hehe, yeah, that's better.....
03:06<mchou>so u guys are still gonna use pstn pbx phones for voip?
03:07<mchou>leverage the old investment or make new investment in phones?
03:08<pmowry>No, putting as many IP phone on the desk as possilble. PBX's stay where they are, new sites come up IP unless we have an Avaya PBX lying around then we IP enable it.
03:09<pmowry>For the smaller sites, as keyswitch systems maintenace expires, we replace it with a cisco router acting as a key-switch system (CIT or Call manager Express I thing its called now).
03:09<mchou>really, now that's surprising.....I had always thought the phone transition was gonna be iffy.....
03:09<mchou>nobody "blinked" over there when all phones had to be replaced?
03:10<pmowry>We have a lot of sites in transition, so when they get to the new office, a new phone is on the dedsk.
03:11<mchou>hmm, interesting. So my marketing guy was right after all.....
03:13<pmowry>I would still say DHL is adopting it fasting than most companies.
03:13<mchou>you think ppl will make used of the "advanced features" of IP phone?
03:14<mchou>I think something like 90% of "advanced features" of keyswitch phones don't get used....?
03:15<mchou>of course with keyswitch the (end-user) UI sucked :)
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03:15<pmowry>we have XML applications for package traking, confernce scheduling, Outlook address books.
03:16<pmowry>Tipically they only get used when people are in a rush before or after there PC's are running.
03:16<mchou>heh, tell me about it....
03:17<mchou>I thought IP phone supposed to have all smarts independent of PC?
03:17<pmowry>But we using "extension mobility" to have your number follow you, just about finished developing this feature to work across sites, even different countrties.
03:17<mchou>like PC phone basically can talk directly to exchange server w/o PC....
03:18<mchou>oops, meant IP phone....
03:18<pmowry>Yeah, but the PC is more familiar, so if its available, it thends to be used first.
03:19<cjs_>UIs on phones are silly
03:19<cjs_>i want a *less* complicated phone
03:19<cjs_>standard 12-digit keypad
03:19<pmowry>I want more games =)
03:19<cjs_>plus one button for "play messages"
03:19<cjs_>and one more for "delete messages"
03:19<cjs_>that's it
03:20<mchou>how about call forwarding, I use that all the time.....
03:20<pmowry>That's the first thing my daugher asks when i bring home a new phone: Were's the games?
03:20<nchip>I really love it when people claim they want more simple phones
03:20<cjs_>just a phone
03:20<cjs_>claim? i *do* want a simple phone :)
03:21<pmowry>hehe, my curent cell phone actualy locks up and I have to pull the batery.
03:21<mchou>well, japanese cell phone customers beg to differ re simple.....
03:21<cjs_>i was talking about my desk phone
03:21<cjs_>dont get me started about my cell phone
03:22<nchip>who uses desk phones anymore?
03:22<cjs_>i use them at work when i dont want to burn my minutes
03:22<cjs_>my cellphone is too small to hold against my head, too
03:22<cjs_>i dont like tiny cell phones
03:23<nchip>you know
03:23<pmowry>Move features = more to go wrong. I dont have a home phone anymore, just a personal cell for me and my wife, and a IPphone over VPN to keep my work minutes of it.
03:23<mchou>why are you holding a cell phone, use a headset....
03:23<nchip>you can buy used brick phones that have only very few features for very cheap
03:23<cjs_>mchou, thats one more thing i have to carry in my pocket
03:23<cjs_>where does everybody carry all this crap?
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03:24<pmowry>I dont know I kinda like the phone Will Farrel had on SNL that was smaller than his thumb nail...
03:24<cjs_>see, here's the thing
03:24<cjs_>i dont want a cheap brick phone
03:25<cjs_>i want an brushed aluminum super-long-batttery-life brick phone
03:25<pmowry>Our Cisco rep walks in everyday with a bluetooth earpeace on and here phone in here pocket. The boom mic sticking out by her cheek is odd, but it works.
03:25<cjs_>with really really nice buttons
03:26<cjs_>machined aluminum buttons
03:26<mchou>pmowry: exactly....
03:26<mchou>u will be assimilated...:)
03:27<pmowry>cjs_: sounds like you have a few PC case mods around too.
03:27<cjs_>i like things really simple
03:27<cjs_>and well-built
03:27<cjs_>case mods would be un-simple
03:28<cjs_>its the german school of thought vs the japanese school of thought i suppose
03:28<mchou>cjs_: so y u hanging out on #mythtv :)
03:28<pmowry>Machined aluminum is what sparked the idea. I shold think before typing.
03:28<mchou>aint simple...
03:28<cjs_>i wonder that myself mchou
03:28<cjs_>nope, it isnt
03:30<pmowry>My wife likes simple. She complained abit after I talked here into Myth instead of a Tivo. But she likes it now, except when I change the Themes.
03:30<mchou>cjs_: so, I think u've contradicted yourself :)
03:30<cjs_>yeah, but really, myth is fairly simple, at least the UI
03:31<pmowry>Not a contrtadiction, just a balance between simple and mental entertainment for the inner geek in all of us.
03:32<mchou>well, that's my point, not everyone is a luddite even though they claim to be one :)
03:34<pmowry>Ive been done with work for a while, maybe I should go home now. talk to ya'll later.
03:34<cjs_>oh, im not a luddite at all
03:34<cjs_>i love tech
03:34<cjs_>but i dont like visual crowding
03:34<cjs_>i like things to be visually simple
03:34*cjs_ notices the piles of junk on the desk and winces
03:34<mchou>cjs_: so maybe you're a mac/ideo type of person.....
03:35<cjs_>i am a mac person :)
03:35<pmowry>I agree with that one. remotes with more that 20 buttons should be burned ;)
03:35<cjs_>pmowry: amen, brother
03:36<mchou>well, except then manufacturers "overload" the buttons.....
03:36<pmowry>Love the conversation, but gotta go. seya
03:36<mchou>all 20 of them w/6 functions each.....
03:36=pmowry [] quit ("at least there is no traffic at this time")
03:36<nchip>why can't remotes have 4-way navigation with OSD?
03:37*cjs_ turns on the space heater
03:37<cjs_>it is cold in here
03:38<nchip>anyways, I'll write a bluetooth remote control app for my mobile phone as soon as I get the nokia 6600 from $WORK
03:38<mchou>cjs_: where are u physically?
03:38<cjs_>San Antonio, Texas USA
03:39<mchou>and its cold there now?
03:39<cjs_>yep, in the high 30s i think
03:39<cjs_>ok, 45
03:40<mchou>heh, im in CA and it says 55F
03:41<nchip>-7C here
03:42<cjs_>where in CA
03:42<mchou>nchip: where, in norway :)
03:42<mchou>see, I was close....
03:42<cjs_>always wanted to visit Finland though
03:43<cjs_>closest i've been is Iceland and Switzerland
03:45<nchip>well, if you are used to weather in Texas, I wouldn't try visting here in winter :)
03:45<mchou>yeah, not to mention the long nights or mornings.....
03:46<mchou>nchip: have you seen "northern lights?"
03:47<nchip>I few times.. I live in the southern finland so they are rather pale in colors here
03:48<mchou>ahh, ok...maybe your circadan clock isn't all screwed up then :)
03:49<robbie>i have 2 tv guide sources from 2 different tim zones
03:49<mchou>nchip: "body" clock....
03:49<robbie>but it looks like i can only set a global time zone offset
03:51<mchou>robbie, u can watch the same show at different times :)
03:52<robbie>one of my sources is one hour off :(
03:53<mchou>maybe u can put offset in ~/.mythtv/<source>.xml??
03:54<mchou>wouldn't really know since I dont have that problem.....
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05:55<irrut>hey everyone. I was having a slight problem with a recent mythtv install...I can watch live Tv np, tho when I try to record something, it throughs the screen out a joint, as if format (ntsc,pal) had changed
05:55<irrut>wondering if anyone might have some advice
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08:18<Snappi>can anyone recommend a light-weaight GUI for myth?
08:18<Snappi>should I stick with twm or should I choose another?
08:23<GreyFoxx>Personally I use icewm with the toolbar set to auto hide
08:23<GreyFoxx>and if you use strip on the icewm binary it shrinks from 5.3Meg down to about 420k :)
08:23<Snappi>but I wan't a tinner
08:23<GreyFoxx>tinner ?
08:24<Snappi>didn't see what u typed
08:24<Snappi>* I typed will tuor mess was printed
08:24<Snappi>do u have a screenshot?
08:24<Snappi>btw do u use your box as a htpc only or as a ws also?
08:26<GreyFoxx>My box is a HTPC/fileserver, but I use icewm on my desktop as well as work desktops
08:26<GreyFoxx>I'll make you a screen shot, hold on a sec :)
08:26<Snappi>I am using gentoo and do u know if it is possible to set an OPTS to strip icewm?
08:26<Snappi>thx a lot
08:27<Snappi>to bad the removed sweden/norway grabber in xmltv :(
08:28<Snappi>btw is there a small login manager that can auto-login like kdm and gdm?
08:29<dpryo>Can't be that hard to hack the kdm/gdm scripts to start something else than gdm/kdm.
08:30<GreyFoxx>no, ice doesn't come with any login managers. But you should be able to make it work with any of the others
08:30<Snappi>but I don't use kdm on my htpc
08:30<Snappi>I know but if I want gdm or kdm I have to compile kde and gnome
08:30<dpryo>Just add something to the initscripts, something that starts up X and everything.
08:30<Snappi>takes a lot of time and a lot of space
08:31<Snappi>I can start xdm up without any problem
08:31<Snappi>but I don't know if xdm can auto-login
08:31<dpryo>You don't want a login-manager.
08:31<GreyFoxx>Plenty of auto "login" scripts have been posted to the mailing list to allow the box to start up directly into X/Myth
08:31<dpryo>You want start X automaticly.
08:31<dpryo>Then hack the xdm initscript, see how it works.
08:31<Snappi>and logged in as a user
08:31<dpryo>But instead of executing xdm, execute your windowmanager.
08:32<dpryo>Then use `su`
08:32<dpryo>from the initscript.
08:32<Snappi>but a user have to be logged in
08:32<Snappi>I know how to add xdm to start up on boot
08:32<Snappi>but it's a login manager
08:32<dpryo>I know.
08:32<Snappi>and u can't run X if u aren't logged in as a user
08:32<dpryo>init scripts are ran from root. And XDM is basicly a X program.
08:33<dpryo>So it runs as root.
08:33<dpryo>But if you su to another user, and then start up X :)
08:33<dpryo>That could be done with some shell scripting.
08:33<Snappi>got any docs on sucha scripts?
08:33<dpryo>No sorry.. I'm going to setup my box tonight..
08:34<Snappi>same as me :D
08:34<dpryo>"man su" will probably help alot ;)
08:34<Snappi>me sweden
08:34<Snappi>don't use latest xmltv
08:34<Snappi>doesn't support us
08:34<Snappi>I used the rls before the newest in portage
08:34<dpryo>I haven't even touched mythtv yet, so I'll check out the softwares tonight.
08:35<Snappi>XMLTV_OPTS="tv_grab_sn" didn't work
08:35<Snappi>and if u want 0.13 remeber to use ~x86
08:36<Snappi>and u should put mysql to your use flags
08:36<dpryo>My worries are how I can integrate my dreambox.
08:36<dpryo>That's my mission.
08:36<Snappi>are u going to use ~x86?
08:37<Snappi>iputils didn't work for me when emerging system
08:37<Snappi>if it doesn't work for u inject it
08:37<Snappi>what tv-card do u have?
08:38<Snappi>anyone have a PCTV Rave with the new chipset?
08:38<dpryo>I don't have any.
08:38<dpryo>I'm going to integrate my dreambox over network, some how..
08:39<dpryo>A satellite tuner.
08:39<dpryo>Running linux :P
08:39<dpryo>Capable of emulating smartcards and stuff.
08:39<dpryo>Pretty neat, and you can get raw MPEG stream over network sockets :)
08:40<dpryo>And change channels and so forth via web interface.
08:40<dpryo>About 4-5K (NOK)
08:40<dpryo>And the cpu is a 250Mhz powerpc :/
08:40<dpryo>Very slow.
08:41<dpryo>So I haven't bothered doing any cool stuff with it.
08:41<Snappi>isn't that arch ppc?
08:41<Snappi>u can't use ~x86 than
08:41<dpryo>Heh, not on the satellite tuner ..
08:41<dpryo>My PC is a celeron :P
08:42<dpryo>I can use debian ppc compiled packages on the satellite tuner.
08:42<dpryo>But it's so slow that it is boring.
08:43<Snappi>mythfilldatabase takes forever
08:48<GreyFoxx>here snappi: and myicescreen2.jpg
08:48<GreyFoxx>Those are snaps from my current desktop
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09:18<pahli_bar>testing just testing... (xchat crapped out on me)
09:21+dmitry [~dmitry@] joined #mythtv
09:22+schwin97 [] joined #mythtv
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09:39Irssi:Join to #mythtv was synced in 8 secs
09:46+Henk_Poley [] joined #mythtv
09:48+G-funk|laptop [] joined #mythtv
09:57<Snappi>when I run mythtvfilldatabase I get a line that says End of XMLTV output than it freeses
09:57<Snappi>is this normal
09:59=hfb2 [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
10:04+pac109 [] joined #mythtv
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10:06<chiphead>chutt, thor_, kvandivo, Not sure what the problem was, but wiped everything verified the environment and rebuild this morning and all is well. Sorry for the trouble.
10:09=pac109 [] quit (Client Quit)
10:11<mikegrb>silly chiphead
10:17*chiphead slaps mikegrb around with a large trout
10:20<pahli_bar>aha. thats what i was looking for yesterday to slap sfr with
10:20*chiphead loans pahli_bar his large slapping trout
10:21<pahli_bar>chiphead: mirc?
10:21<chiphead>xchat proxied through irssi
10:34+o_cee [] joined #mythtv
10:35<o_cee>hey all
10:36=Teflon [] quit ("Leaving")
10:36<o_cee>chutt, did you put in that patch that changes the selected (and pressed) choice some way? look like the text in gant now goes white when pressed and there's load time? correct?
10:36<pahli_bar>o_cee: hi there.
10:36<o_cee>or has it always been like that?
10:36<o_cee>heya pahli_bar, what did you do to mythgallery? haven't tried it yet :) any new features?
10:37<dja>o_cee: he put the patch in
10:37<o_cee>i can't find the commit message dammit :/
10:37<o_cee>would be nice to change the look of it in theme.xml
10:38<dja>Now if someone would modify the "popups" so they did the same thing (selecting "delete" can sometimes take a few seconds, and I never know if it's my crappy remote or myth taking a little while :-)
10:40<o_cee>hehe, yeah, i know what you mean :)
10:42<pahli_bar>o_cee: hey. nothing spectacular. try it out :)
10:43<o_cee>yeah, i will :) did you fix the transition effect that never worked?
10:43<pahli_bar>o_cee: working on it now
10:47<pahli_bar>chutt was looking for you yesterday
10:48<o_cee>yeah, i've been hiding :)
10:53<thor_>chiphead, wierd
10:55<o_cee>hi thor
10:55<chiphead>thor_, yeah... not sure what the problem was.. I havent changed anything in my build env for atleast a month
10:55o_ceeis now known as o_cee\afk
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11:05<pahli_bar>thor_: any difference between screenwidth and width() for a mythdialog
11:06<thor_>don't think so
11:06<thor_>(It's been a while)
11:07<pahli_bar>ok thanks
11:08<pahli_bar>hmm. should i check in the slideshow transitions and wait for bugreports or beat the crap out of it myself before a checkin.
11:09<thor_>release early, release often :-)
11:10<pahli_bar>good point.
11:10+curreyr_ [] joined #mythtv
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11:12+StuartL [] joined #mythtv
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11:13<pahli_bar>comitted. mythgallery has slideshow transitions now. i haven't done very heavy testing with the slideshows, so reports are welcome
11:14+mecraw_ [~mecraw@] joined #mythtv
11:15<StuartL>Is there a Magic Way to get Gentoo to download and install all the dependencies (including mysql, alsa, xfree86 etc) for MythTV?
11:15<pahli_bar>StuartL: mailinglist archives
11:17<StuartL>Okee, fankj00
11:18<kvandivo>StuartL: emerge mythtv
11:19<kvandivo>out of the kindness of my heart
11:19<thor_>ahhh ... sniffle sniffle
11:19<StuartL>That gets 0.12, it seems.
11:19<kvandivo>ahh.. well, file a bug at telling them to upgrade it
11:19<StuartL>I'm reading a post about convincing it to get 0.13 but there seems to be some disagreement about how to do it :)
11:20<kvandivo>i thought _for sure_ that they had 13r1, though
11:21<kvandivo>yep.. you just need to ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86"
11:21+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
11:22<StuartL>Thanks, just doing a sync first.
11:22<StuartL>Why "~x86" specifically?
11:22<StuartL>~ = Testing?
11:22*StuartL guesses
11:26+sfr [] joined #mythtv
11:27<chiphead>pahli_bar, I see you did the transitions. how you end up doing em?
11:44<Chutt>pahli_bar, very nice
11:51<pahli_bar>chiphead: i had ported the ones in digikam. but i was looking for fade and blend
11:51<pahli_bar>Chutt: thanx
11:51<pahli_bar>did anybody actually test it
11:56<sfr>yepp. works nice on a quick test. and i also didn't any other bugs :)
11:57<sfr>pahli_bar: but maybe add an option to disable transitions.
11:58<pahli_bar>sfr: choose "none" in transitions
11:58<pahli_bar>i just committed a bugfix for that
11:59<sfr>pahli_bar: sorry i'm obviously blind.
12:04-bdale [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
12:04+Drikus [] joined #mythtv
12:08+lykke [] joined #mythtv
12:10<lykke>Anyone know's the Terratec Cinergy 400 TV... I'am thinking of buying this card!
12:11+overridex [] joined #mythtv
12:12<KikoV>is Terratec supported by Linux?
12:12<KikoV>I don't think so
12:13<sfr>some of their soundcards are
12:13<KikoV>only 2
12:14<KikoV>base 1 and base 64
12:14<KikoV>, let's see with alsa
12:15<KikoV>Cinergy isn't in Soundcards matrix
12:15<sfr>lykke: find out what chips are on that card and check if bttv supports it or if there is an alternative v4l driver
12:15<KikoV>umm, TV?
12:16<lykke>I just talked to a guy at yesterday he use this card!
12:18<overridex>has anyone here made this ir blaster?
12:25<lykke>Hmm... I'am still looking for an good budget card... any suggestion's :)
12:27<pahli_bar> lykke: depends on what your budget is :)
12:29<lykke>oahli_bar: not as much as the hauppage pvr350 ...
12:29<pahli_bar>lykke: avermedia has a clearance on M179 which are very similar to pvr250.
12:29<lykke>ok :)
12:29<Henk_Poley>lykke: Cinergy is a good card, I own a 600
12:30<Henk_Poley>it is supported
12:30<lykke>Henk_Poley: What about the audio part?
12:30<pahli_bar>lykke: also some online retailers have their new card (M150) which will soon be supported by ivtv
12:30<Henk_Poley>you need to compile the saa7134, and you can patch a 2.6.0 so you can use the remote
12:30<Henk_Poley>lykke: the audio works on my machine too
12:31<lykke>Henk_Poley: OK...
12:31<Henk_Poley>I hope I can get it to work on my hardware that I will receive in some days
12:31<Henk_Poley>modprobe saa7134 oss=1
12:31<Henk_Poley>creates a /dev/dsp1 with the digital audio grabbed from the card
12:31<lykke>Henk_Poley: is this module a part of kernel2.6?
12:31<Henk_Poley>but not the romote support
12:31<lykke>cool :)'
12:32<Henk_Poley>it's also on 2.4 for some time already
12:32<lykke>OK... I allready have a remote!
12:32<Henk_Poley>btw, I don't think you can use the card to receive 'general' IR
12:32<Henk_Poley>but a bit unsure about that
12:33<lykke>Henk_Poley: But i can use my other remote right??? (work's with mythtv)
12:33<Henk_Poley>Doh, off coarse
12:34<lykke>Henk_Poley: ok dumb quistion /:
12:34<Henk_Poley>If you want you can connect a million remotes ;-)
12:34o_cee\afkis now known as o_cee
12:35<lykke>ttys1001 :)
12:35<Henk_Poley>"Yes, yes, the whole building is covered with remote, no, I never lose them"
12:35*o_cee waves
12:35<sfr>oh, hi o_cee
12:35*Henk_Poley waves back, wondering
12:36<lykke>Henk_Poley: What about the qualiy of the picture?
12:36<Henk_Poley>Well, it's PAL here, so.. are you in PAL land too/
12:36<lykke>Henk_Poley: yep
12:36<lykke>Henk_Poley: Denmark
12:37<Henk_Poley>I thought it looked good, but I only tested it with a VCR and terestial(?) antena singnal
12:37<Henk_Poley>Which is kinda PITA to get to work when you don't have a propper TV antenna :-P
12:37<lykke>Henk_Poley: :) sure
12:38<o_cee>hi sfr :)
12:38<sfr>o_cee: so finally you recovered from new years eve?
12:39<Henk_Poley>I once recorded a freshly recorded bit from my VCR (which is more portable than a coax cable) and made a VCD out of it, looked quite nice
12:39<o_cee>Chutt: the patch that added the color change of the text when you select something.. it's not changeable from theme.xml?
12:39<o_cee>sfr: don't remind me :)
12:39<Chutt>it just deselects the current item
12:39<lykke>Henk_Poley: Do you know the chip of this card?
12:40<o_cee>allright.. would look good in gant to make it all black when selecting
12:40<Henk_Poley>yes like I said saa7134 (or 7143)
12:40<lykke>Henk_Poley: ahh
12:40<Henk_Poley>The digitized audio from the card is only 33000hz or so
12:41<Henk_Poley>That seems to scare many people, I don't know if I should care :-P
12:41<o_cee>600+ downloads on the theme now without a single mail
12:41<Henk_Poley>Still haven'tg setup Myth, without non-hairdryer PCs at home...
12:41<sfr>o_cee: don't look at me!
12:42<o_cee>heh, nah :) i'm talking about all the guys on -users ;)
12:42<kvandivo>Spirit is using less power than a hair dryer to throw it's 3,000 x 3,000 pictures back to us from umpteen millions of miles away
12:42<Magick>that is very cool
12:43<Henk_Poley>kvandivo: but not at 25fps :-P
12:43<kvandivo>Henk_Poley: at least not that they've told us about, anyway... ;)
12:44<lykke>Henk_Poley: ok I'am running a Duron750 with 256Mb... running Gentoo 1.4 gnome2.4 do you think that's enough?
12:44<Henk_Poley>Have you seen the 'poststamp' part of the colour image NASA happily posted some days back? (that's called trickling in ;-))
12:45<Henk_Poley>lykke: I don't know, guess so, for some 400xblah-ish res, or higher if you don't mind not having livetv
12:46<lykke>Henk_Poley: livetv?
12:46<Henk_Poley>I personaly wouldn't run MythTV from gnome, though I haven't thought of anything better :-P
12:46<Henk_Poley>lykke: like you can 'pause' when watching
12:47<lykke>Henk_Poley: ahh time-shifting right?
12:47<Henk_Poley>So you can start MythTV in LiveTV when the show starts and then pause it, come back 10 min later and skipp all commercials when the come on
12:47<Henk_Poley>lykke: yes
12:47<Henk_Poley>MythTV likes to call that LiveTV AFAIK
12:48<lykke>Henk_Poley: but i would like to record from VCR, and maybe TV - and use the card, as tuner for my TV
12:49<Henk_Poley>Well then you need to, or not use MythTV, but tvtime or xawtv; or be happy with lower resolution since MythTV records the stream and then displays the recording, a second or so later
12:50<lykke>Henk_Poley: because of my low-power machine!
12:52<Henk_Poley>Well, full res (PAL/NTSC?) recording seems to take 60% of an XP1800+ CPU I've read
12:52<lykke>Henk_Poley: hehe...
12:53<lykke>Henk_Poley: Can't i use the card as a tuner for my TV with mythtv without using a lot of CPU-power???
12:53<Magick>you would need a card with hardware based encoding to use a low-power cpu
12:54<Henk_Poley>Uhm, you could wink a bit to Chutt (== Isaac the main dev.) and ask if he wants to implement non livetv watching
12:54<Henk_Poley>Like this ;-)
12:54*Henk_Poley winks to Chutt
12:55<lykke>Magick: thought soo!... but the Terratec card only is half price of an hauppage pvr250!
12:56<Magick>the gateway version of the pvr250 is only around $85 on ebay... that's really a good price
12:56<Henk_Poley>The Cinergy cards are just normal framegrabber cards
12:56<Henk_Poley>Magick: that's probably in the USA?
12:57<Henk_Poley>So that won't help in Europe (you know 230V ~50Hz)
12:57<Magick>I'm unsure if the seller will ship overseas or not
12:57<Magick>er they may not be PAL as well... you'd have to check
12:57<Henk_Poley>I've rarely seen PVR even being advertised here in Holland
12:58<lykke>Henk_Poley: So you'r Dutch my freind... will soon go to Center-parcs :)
12:58<Henk_Poley>hehe :-)
12:59=virsys [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:00<lykke>Henk_Poley: I have to go, for some hour's now... thanx for your'e advise
13:01<pahli_bar>wow bitblt with alpha mask is real slow
13:04<pahli_bar>maybe something to do with having no render acceleration enabled with my nvidia card
13:10<Henk_Poley>2D accel usualy gives me all sorts of wierd rendering problems (in Opera for example)
13:10+virsys [] joined #mythtv
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13:34+sfr [] joined #mythtv
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13:50+sfr [] joined #mythtv
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14:02+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
14:12<roodee>what is the secret to getting categories to work with xmame?
14:18=jeffpc [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
14:19=cjs_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:20+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
14:21+hadees [] joined #mythtv
14:37+DJ_Rican [] joined #mythtv
14:38<DJ_Rican>hello ppl
14:48<Snappi>anyone know when the patch will come for the new chipset in PCTV Rave will come?
14:49=Snappi [] quit ("L\xE4mnar")
14:52+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
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15:07<thor_>I wnoder waht happneed to stan ?
15:08=DJ_Rican [] quit ()
15:09+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
15:09<ShockValue>hi all..
15:10<ShockValue>I'm looking for suggestions on how to set up a remote control (what hardware to use?).. currenly I have my pc hooked up to my tv and my marantz reciever. I havea universal remote (marantz) that I would like to use to control the PC (mythtv)
15:10<ShockValue>i plan on using a hauppage 250 or 350 in the future, but currenly only use myth for dvds/videos/and music.
15:12<ShockValue>thanks thor_... but im not so much looking for a howto doc, but more of a "Reccomended hardware".. im not sure what kind of hardware I need to pull this off
15:13<thor_>the lirc site has tons if info about hardware, including schematics for building your own IR receiver
15:13<ShockValue>ok, I'll check that out.. sorry for the newb question :)
15:32+ShockValue[Ghost [] joined #mythtv
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15:35<thor_>please tell me it uses Rendezvous and a decipherable streaming protocl
15:43<ShockValue[Ghost>woo hoo! fre movies from the neighbors! :)
15:43ShockValue[Ghostis now known as ShockValue
15:47<steelep>dlink will make one that does 108mbps next week :)
15:49<steelep>anyway, kiss already can do that if you have an access point
15:53=ShockValue [] quit ()
16:01<overridex>has anyone here made this ir blaster?
16:02<pahli_bar>it will nice to have a clock on the mainmenu
16:04<kvandivo>a) start xclock
16:04<kvandivo>b) move it to the corner of the screen
16:04<kvandivo>c) start myth
16:05<kvandivo>d) hit alt-tab
16:05<kvandivo>e) don't do anything else. just take it all in
16:05*pahli_bar starts programming his remote to an alt-tab
16:05<roodee>f) listen to wife scream
16:06<thor_>pahli_bar, I think Chutt is working on a mini-mythapplication framework now
16:06<kvandivo>i suspect that's why pahli said what he said..
16:06*thor_ gets with the program
16:06<kvandivo>na... you _are_ the program
16:07<thor_>little "dockable" applets
16:07<thor_>themedsigner says where they should sit, and they show up where the theme says they should
16:07*pahli_bar strokes the dockapps on his windowmaker dock
16:10<thor_>oh yeah, checksums
16:18<steelep>I wish someone would figure out how to hack the msi mega lcd to work with mythlcd :)
16:23=lykke [] quit ("Leaving")
16:23=sfr [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:25+The [] joined #mythtv
16:26<The>Hi, are Chutt, Thor or someone who understands basic questions about the makefiles and linking here please?
16:27<thor_>linking ?
16:27<thor_>baffles me
16:27<The>I'm trying to use the LD_PRELOADER tricks to grab the oss devices
16:27<The>and redirect them
16:27<The>you know the thinkgs like aoos and artsoss
16:27<The>or whatever the thing is...
16:28<thor_>vaguely ... although it sounds like you already know more about this than I do :-)
16:28<The>actually I want to use jack and the jackloader programn
16:28<The>OK, well the point is that it looks like libmyth is statically linking to some of the sound libs?
16:28<The>would that make sense?
16:29<The>On the other hand the LD_LIBRARY_PATH tricks work with mythmusic
16:29=pahli_bar [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:29<The>...I'm guessing that there is something to do with the way libmyth is linked, but perhaps it is less subtle than that?
16:29<thor_>I don't think there are any static linkings in libmyth, but I wouldn't guarantee it
16:29<The>OK, thanks
16:30<The>Looking at the libmyth makefile I see this section:
16:30<thor_>Chutt could tell you for sure ... might want to try again later
16:30<The>staticlib: $(TARGETA)
16:30<The>However, the top link like says
16:31<The>LFLAGS = -Wl,-rpath,$(QTDIR)/lib -shared -Wl,-soname,
16:31<The>and I'm guessing the -shared is a clue...?
16:31<thor_>yeah ... look in
16:32<thor_>template is lib, config is dll
16:32<The>actually, just checked man, and -shared just means the result library is shared
16:32<The>what does that mean though?
16:32<The>template and config I mean?
16:32<thor_>the Makefile is generated from by qmake
16:33<The>Sorry, not getting the punch line though...
16:33<The>do you just mean that it can have random cruft in it?
16:33<thor_>hang on , checking something
16:34+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
16:35<thor_>nope, nothing static that I can see ...
16:35<ShockValue>hrm.. i wonder if this old teleman hipix ir-reicever would work.. we have a couple laying around waiting to be thrown away at work.
16:35<The>The size of the libhmm
16:35<The>scratch that
16:36<thor_>ldd on libmyth shows only .so's
16:37<thor_>I am an idiot
16:37<The>Thor: shot in the dark, but any ideas then why the mythmusic would be built in such a way that the LD_LIBRARY_path trick would work, but not with the main libmyth audiooutputoss?
16:38<The>hm, which library is oss? Is it libaudio?
16:40<thor_>just opens the device (as a file descriptor) and passes it PCM chunks
16:40<The>Yes, but we make some library calls, where do they come from?
16:40<thor_>main myth is a wee bit more complicated (duplex record/play)
16:40<The>Hang, on beter chack that...
16:41<The>Do you understand the code flow for the sound in libmyth?
16:41<The>I want to try and merge this code into mythmusic
16:41+Peit|Home [] joined #mythtv
16:41<The>My goal is to also add a Jack output layer...
16:42<thor_>I understand it in mythmusic
16:42<thor_>but not even close in core myth
16:42<The>However, the audiooutputoss.cpp doesn't seem to suggest anything full duplex'y
16:42<Peit|Home>anyone know of a tool that can play mythtv .nuv files (transcoded from mpeg2), myth plays them fine, but mplayer barfs
16:42<The>what is the difference? (I have studied it for a while)
16:42<The>seems to be somewhat similar, more mutexes
16:42<thor_>mythmusic is just buffer'd reads from decodes, followed by writes to a fd for the audio device
16:43<thor_>recycler in the middle, but it's just waking things up as required
16:43<The>On the other hand the main code "appears" to just stack stuff in a buffer and then on demand stuff it into the device using a seperate thread?
16:44<The>hang on, got to check that recycler code you mentioned
16:44<thor_>if you want to add new output to music, just write a new (subclassed) ouput class
16:45<thor_>if you want to do it in core myth, I have no idea (small brain)
16:45<The>Do you not think it worth trying to integrate to main myth...?
16:45<thor_>just don't know anything about it
16:45<The>Is recycler a qt object originally?
16:45<thor_>originally, originally, I think so
16:46<The>It seems to emulate a recyclable buffer?
16:46<thor_>just used beause the visualizers need the same data as the output object
16:46<The>presumably similar to a memory mapped buffer
16:46=ShockValue [] quit ()
16:46<The>can you quickly talk me through how the visualiser fits into the output path please?
16:46<The>Hang on a sec while I refresh my memory of the main audio lib
16:47<The>by the way, nice touch with the resample code...
16:47<thor_>hmmm ....thinking I'm getting credit for something I didn't do ....
16:48<The>ok, here is how I think it works
16:49<The>The decoder has a ref to the recycler and decodes as much as possible and stuffs it in
16:49<The>then the thread in audiooutput locks resample buffer and grabs a couple of chunks and writes to the oss device, and also calls the dispatchVisual call with the contents (?) of the written data
16:50<thor_>writes to the device
16:50<The>what does?
16:50<thor_>and then sends data to anything that was set to addListener
16:51<The>oh I see
16:51+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
16:51<thor_>so the GUI gets status messages
16:51<thor_>and the viz gets data
16:51<thor_>but, for the life of me, I can't recall what format the viz data is in
16:52<thor_>ah, addVisual
16:52<thor_>addListener() is for any object that wants to know where the output is at
16:53<thor_>addVisual is for anything that wants data to draw purty pictures with
16:53<The>Why two methods?
16:53<thor_>different data
16:53<The>Does the visual get the data as well
16:53<The>where as the listener just gets a bytes written?
16:53<thor_>addListener() objects don't PCM samples and what not
16:53<thor_>just info about progress
16:54<The>Hokay, so I would need to add that to the main myth output code as well really
16:54<The>(assuming trying to integrate the two layers)
16:54<thor_>now I'm a bit confused about what you're trying to end up with ?
16:55<The>I think the easiest way to start would be to actually instantiate a main audiooutput object in the mythmusic code and just use that
16:55+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
16:55<The>Well, I just wondered why we needed two audio output libraries
16:55<The>perhaps it would be possible to fixuup the code in libmyth and use that in mythmusic?
16:55<The>Think generic object that you stuff sound data into
16:56<thor_>well .... as I said ... the core myth audio stuff is a complete unknown to me ....
16:56<The>So I guess you also don't know how the sound sync code works in the main audio code?
16:56<thor_>but yeah, there's no particular reason why you wouldn't want audio playing, decoders, etc. up in libmyth
16:57<thor_>(this is usually the point where Chutt chimes in with a very good reason)
16:57+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
16:58<The>That was supposed to be a smiley face...
16:59=pahli_bar [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:00<The>Any ideas at all about how sound sync works?
17:00<The>I see it writing timecodes
17:00<thor_>let alone sound warping stuff
17:00<The>But for example if I wanted sound delayed by 50ms compared to video....
17:01<thor_>you could write on the head of a pin what I know about a/v processing and formats, and it could be a really small pin
17:02<The>THanks for your help
17:02<The>For what it's worth I'm fiddling with DRC...
17:02<The>...Are you a hifi buff?
17:02<thor_>not really
17:02<thor_>not "audiophile" anyway
17:02<kvandivo>i'm just a regular survivor buff
17:03<The>The idea is that you play some sine sweeps around your room, and it measures "what's wrong with it"... And based on that generates a correction curve...
17:03<The>Quite impressive actually
17:03<thor_>cool ... makes those $5,000 cables worth it :-)
17:04*kvandivo grins evily.
17:04<The>Well, its a lot better than that...!
17:04<kvandivo>how do you use the results?
17:04*thor_ is staring at kvandivo's url without comprehension
17:04<The>After fiddling with this, I'm very much of the opinion that the room makes more difference than the kit!!
17:05<thor_>ah ha, UK
17:05<thor_>'e said kit
17:06+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
17:06<kvandivo>he's back guys..
17:06<kvandivo>quit talking about him
17:06<kvandivo>so.. is it cold where you are?
17:06<The>The results are extremely impressive
17:06<The>Cold... In the uk... Nah...
17:06<The>(were you talking about the UK?)
17:07*pahli_bar : better not be about me
17:07*kvandivo whistles softly.
17:07*thor_ looks at scuffs on his shoes
17:07*kvandivo giggles.
17:07<The>It pissed it down good and proper as I walked to the station this morning, plus quite strong winds. Then had to wait on the platform for 10 mins while British Rail make their excuses, then squeezed into someone else's armpit for 30 mins, and paid \xA35 for the pleasure
17:07<pahli_bar>you silly girls
17:08<thor_>aaahhh ... I almost miss London
17:08<kvandivo>it might worth 5 pound to figure out how to squeeze into someone's armpit for 30 minutes.. that sounds like quite a feat
17:08<The>BR have worked it out...
17:09<The>Thor where are you now? Did you live over here for a while?
17:09<thor_>now US, London for three years
17:09<The>Studying? Work?
17:09<thor_>studying, teaching
17:09<kvandivo>you ever been there for a rainy day in holland park?
17:09<The>Sounds very romantic!
17:10<kvandivo>it was supposed to be lionel hardcastle's second book..
17:10<kvandivo>but he never got around to writing it
17:10<pahli_bar>heh. used to love that show
17:10<kvandivo>i still do...
17:10<kvandivo>every night on channel 13
17:10<pahli_bar>is will still airing it
17:10<kvandivo>myth grabs it faithfully for me
17:12<kvandivo>mon thru thurs at 10:03 and saturday nights at 8..
17:12<kvandivo>i just told myth to grab it all the time, everytime, anywhere, and it has done its thing
17:15=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:15kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
17:16<roodee>sweet, 18 hour uptime so far
17:18<kvandivo>4:18pm up 630 day(s), 6:58, 1 user, load average: 0.17, 0.11, 0.10
17:19<The>Thor - Are you working on some mythmusic stuff at the moment?
17:19<The>(or replacement of..)
17:19<thor_>mfd stuff, yup
17:19<The>Just a quick question, but how is that going to affect the mythmusic code? I'm thinking about doing a bit of work on it, but don't want to overlap with anyone
17:20<The>nothing major to be hones
17:20<robbie>a crossfaded would be nice
17:21<thor_>client will require a fair bit of rewrite
17:21<o_cee>The: maybe youre familiar with H/K's receivers?
17:21<The>Harmon Kardon?
17:21<o_cee>in response to...? me?
17:21<kvandivo>heckler and koch
17:21<kvandivo>oh wait.. they are senders..
17:21<kvandivo>not receivers..
17:21<The>It is supposed to be "The Wildgoose", but I messed up...
17:21+jeffpc [] joined #mythtv
17:21<thor_>o_cee gets to ask his how the hell do I get it to decode mp3's over a S/PDIF connection
17:21<The>(not "The")
17:21<o_cee>oh, it's you :)
17:22<The>easy, decode them and stuff them down the spdiff
17:22<o_cee>without decode
17:22<The>spdiff is for decoded pcm audio
17:22<o_cee>should be done by the receiver
17:22<thor_>no, he wants to use the decoder in the HK
17:22<The>does your receiver have a decoder that you are trying to use?
17:22<thor_>so that it'll say "MP3" on the VFD
17:22+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
17:22<The>try setting the spdif to "non audio" and then pipe them down
17:22<thor_>itch itch, scratch scratch
17:23<The>I'm more interested in stuff like a remote control using a palm pilot.
17:23<The>I'm thinking something like
17:23<o_cee>i'll do some testing later on i guess
17:24<o_cee>error loading
17:24<o_cee>the H/K has a RS233 interface as well
17:24<o_cee>for "advanced" remotes.
17:24<The>Thor, so what is the mfd basically going to do?
17:24<o_cee>but connecting it to myth probably wouldn't be that fun anyway ;)
17:24<The>Sounds like I should hold off on any major mods then?
17:24<o_cee>The: you know you can change your nick, right?
17:25<The>Or are you planning to keep the UI similar and just reinterface with the new stuff?
17:25Theis now known as TheWildgoose
17:25<TheWildgoose>It wasn't actually bothering me...
17:25<thor_>mfd is headless content serving, but I wouldn't hold off on anything since it's taking me a *long* time to get it done
17:25<TheWildgoose>However, if it makes you happy!
17:26<TheWildgoose>ok, so the ui then becomes a remote control of a server really
17:26<o_cee>yeah, thanks :) now i know who i'm talking to :)
17:26<TheWildgoose>Client end does sound output though?
17:26<thor_>well, not for just audio
17:27<pahli_bar>finally people can listen to their playlists while watching image slideshows
17:27<TheWildgoose>Hmm, so everyfrontend needs a server running
17:27<thor_>got iTunes ?
17:27<TheWildgoose>Erm. Looked at it, but on windows I went back to ....
17:27<TheWildgoose>... Musicmatch
17:27<TheWildgoose>Nice sound quality, nearly as good as Mad
17:28<thor_>if you feel inspired, slap iTunes on a Windows box and run CVS mfd on a myth box
17:28<TheWildgoose>but I couldn't get Mad to work in anything other than winamp2
17:28<TheWildgoose>I have heard about how it works! Sounds very cool!
17:28<pahli_bar>thor_: so itunes acts as a client?
17:28<TheWildgoose>How will it change the UI in your opinion?
17:29<thor_>client right now, server "real soon now"
17:29<thor_>UI gets lighter and network transparent
17:29<TheWildgoose>Thor, have you looked at how the MS thingy works, Media Edition or whatever it's called
17:29<TheWildgoose>I saw one in PC World here
17:29<TheWildgoose>I think you would be interested if you saw one
17:30<thor_>as I understand it, it's XP with a bunch of .bat scripts
17:30<TheWildgoose>It's not terribly new or better/worse, it's just interesting to compare how they handled all the little details like audio while watching a slide show
17:30<TheWildgoose>Yeah, it might be black magic and voodo, but I think MS generally do quite well with the GUI stuff, it's worth having a peek
17:30<TheWildgoose>Anyway, that wasn't the point
17:31<TheWildgoose>I was more thinking that there were some interesting ideas on how else to solve the same prob
17:31=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
17:31<TheWildgoose>In Media Ed
17:32<TheWildgoose>Anyway, it won't wow you or anything, but I think if you are near PC world it would be worth having a 2 min play with it.
17:32<thor_>I' m just plugging away at this ... at some point it will become useful enough for other people to work on it as well
17:32<thor_>yeah, I'll have a look
17:32<pahli_bar>thor_: can multiple clients connect at the same time (sound mixing and stuff like that like in a sound server)
17:32<o_cee>xboxmediaplayer has a nice interface as well
17:32<thor_>multiple clients, yes
17:32<thor_>but right now, the last client play command wins
17:33+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
17:33<TheWildgoose>You might care to consider people with soundcards that have multiple outputs...
17:33<pahli_bar>thor_: that should be enough for a dedicated mythbox
17:33<TheWildgoose>No use to me, but I have about 16 output channels, so I could do multi-room output
17:34<pahli_bar>people talk about sound mixing and stuff like that. but from a myth context it has limited (read no) use
17:34<thor_>the way it's designed right now, you want a tiny mfd-mythbox in each room
17:34<TheWildgoose>Well, probably not, but they might mean mixing in that you don't lock the sound device
17:34<thor_>control any one from any other one
17:34<TheWildgoose>Thor, sounds nice
17:34<thor_>and no configuration
17:35<thor_>content on any one is playable on any other one
17:35<TheWildgoose>I guess it paves the way to start using these little network enabled sound thingies that seem to pop up everyday!
17:35<TheWildgoose>Sounds great!
17:36<thor_>well, that's the plan
17:36<TheWildgoose>I still want a wireless palm pilot remote control though, with pretty pictures.... :-))
17:36<o_cee>i tried that
17:36<thor_>client-server is all text/http protocols
17:36<o_cee>but i missed the physical buttons to push
17:36<o_cee>you have to look at the remote all the time
17:37<steelep>the zaurus should work well for that
17:37<o_cee>pita if you ask me
17:37<pahli_bar>hmm set me thinking. maybe a similar setup might be good for images. a central server for images and clients can request them
17:37<o_cee>i've got a home theather mx500
17:37<TheWildgoose>Thor: Gota dash. However, I think have enough to try and do some interesting things with the sound output. Might take me a month or two though... Thanks for all your help
17:37<TheWildgoose>bye all
17:37<thor_>and check with Chutt for "real" answers
17:38=TheWildgoose [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]")
17:38<thor_>pahli_bar, was planning on doing images next as soon as I get audio finished
17:38<thor_>(easier than video :-) )
17:39<pahli_bar>yeah... streaming pictures,audio,video. ultimate home networked experience
17:39<thor_>plus no configuration ... it just works
17:39<thor_>well, heh, that's the plan
17:40<kvandivo>the less i have that absolutely requires nfs for sharing the happier i am
17:40<thor_>where's mdz when I need him, anyone know anything about flac: FLAC__file_decoder_seek_absolute()
17:41=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:41<pahli_bar>thor_: is the networking over sockets? provisions for local file direct access?
17:42=hadees [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:42<thor_>networking is over sockets ... audio content sharing is DAAP (what iTunes uses) .... would expect to do something similar for images
17:43<thor_>anyone got latest and greatest iLife ... I seem to recall reading you could share pictures over that ... need to know what protocol it uses
17:44<pahli_bar>iirc kde for network transparency in kioslaves packs images into pngs (qdatastream marshalling)
17:45<thor_>need a nice generic way to do it ... cause you need items, and containers, and ways to explain that the content on one side has changed
17:47<pahli_bar>i don't how you are marshalling data currently, but qdatastream provides serialization for a lot of qt classes.
17:47<pahli_bar>easily transportable over qiodevice (so qsocket)
17:47<thor_>in audio, it's raw data as the payload of an http response
17:48<pahli_bar>marshalling for raw bytes is also there in qdatastream
17:49<thor_>mfd <--> mfd doesn't matter how you do it, but nice to use standards so that other devices/packages can get the same data the same way
17:49<pahli_bar>ok. i will checkout the current cvs for mfd and have a look at it
17:49<thor_>run iTunes somewhere on the same LAN .. it's cool
17:49<pahli_bar>thor_: hmmm. are there any standards for this.
17:50<thor_>I found DAAP for audio
17:50<thor_>expect there's something for images
17:50<pahli_bar>is that an apple standard
17:50<thor_>it's not really a "standard"
17:50<thor_>as Apple hasn't actually published it
17:50=CyberKnet [] quit (Success)
17:50kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
17:51<thor_>but it's so damn usefl
17:51<pahli_bar>hmm.. just found
17:51<thor_>bunch of projects around, lots of nascebt stuff
17:51<pahli_bar>http request/response. heh
17:54<pahli_bar>well. till any kind of standard comes up... might be a good idea to just develop a myth standard
17:55<mdz>thor_: hmm?
17:56<thor_>does it want a number between 0 and totalsamples as the second argument ?
17:57<thor_>I keep trying to seek in a flac file decoder and it gives me nothing but errors
17:57<mdz>sounds vaguely familiar
17:57<mdz>did you look at the reference decoder?
17:57<mdz>that uses file_decoder
17:58<thor_>no, will have a look
17:59<mdz>I am fairly certain it is supposed to be # of samples, yes
17:59<mdz>but when stuff errors all the time, usually the stream is in a bad state or something
17:59<thor_>k .. .thanks ... I think I've tried some other files ... I'm probably doing some basic algebra wrong somewhere
18:01=bitbyte [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:08<Peit|Home>i'm trying to track down where an error message is printed from, "Could not read program from database, skipping transcoding" a grep -ri in the mythtv cvs isn't showing it, (the message is from myth-0.13) yet aparently two of the binary files match
18:09<Peit|Home>oh, ignore that, the message was split over two lines in transcoder.cpp
18:09<thor_>probably quote split along two lines, grep for parts
18:10*Peit|Home trys to read the source
18:19=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:20<Peit|Home>hmm, i have same version front and back, but the backend is saying "QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range" when trying to start a transcode
18:23<Peit|Home>any ideas what might be causing it?
18:24<thor_>different Qt ?
18:24<Peit|Home>hmm, let me check
18:26=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
18:42<Peit|Home>3.2.2 vs 3.2.2-r1
18:44<pahli_bar>thor_: just compiled mfd. so the client doesn't play the content
18:45-bainster [] left #mythtv ()
18:57<thor_>uhm, no not audio
18:57<thor_>not sure what you mean
18:58<pahli_bar>i meant server serves content and client plays it
18:58<thor_>client (will) play video content, but will just ask mfd to play audio only
18:58<pahli_bar>uhoh. or are the server and client the same
18:59<thor_>I'm just happy it compiled for you :-)
19:00<pahli_bar>but shouldn't the client be able to play the audio content. imagine a scenario like this: 3 pcs with media files. each can play anybody's contents localy
19:00<pahli_bar>i'm talking about the final goals :)
19:00+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
19:00<thor_>mfd on each pc
19:00<thor_>client on each pc
19:00<thor_>play any content from any client
19:01<thor_>those that have content need the mfd
19:01<thor_>(to serve it)
19:01<pahli_bar>ah.... mfds share contents at the server level and clients contact local mfd. is that correct
19:01<thor_>(though they can also contact other mfds if they want to)
19:01<pahli_bar>okey.dokey. that clears things a lot
19:02<thor_>run iTunes
19:02<thor_>it's cool
19:02<pahli_bar>heh. can't use itunes... very slow windows laptop at home. powerful machines are all linux
19:03<pahli_bar>let me read into the code and try my hand at an image plugin
19:04<pahli_bar>that is if you don't mind
19:04<thor_>not much to look at without iTunes around ...
19:04<thor_>code away
19:04<thor_>fun things to try:
19:04<thor_>ps axf | grep mfd
19:05<thor_>run another one somewhere else, see them find each other
19:05<pahli_bar>i saw that. threaded glory
19:05<thor_>telnet localhost 2342
19:05<thor_>fun fun fun :-)
19:06=ChaosExiguum [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:07+Snow-Man [] joined #mythtv
19:07=josephk [] quit ("Bye")
19:07<pahli_bar>does it look at the current mythmusic db and recognize files from there
19:08<thor_>supposed to (should tell how many it found on "last sweep" if verbosity is high enough)
19:08<Snow-Man>I don't suppose there's anyone here in the DC area, eh?
19:09<Snow-Man>thor_: Seriously?
19:09<thor_>Dupont Circle
19:09<pahli_bar>my brothers at GWU
19:09<Snow-Man>Neat. :)
19:09<Snow-Man>I was actually trying to see if I could get the Cox cable-ready listing off someone. :)
19:10<thor_>ah ... no cable
19:10*CyberKnet has cox in Oklahoma
19:10<Snow-Man>thor_: Ouch. :)
19:10<Snow-Man>CyberKnet: Unfortunately probably not the same..
19:11<pahli_bar>nice. prismiq media player uses linux too
19:12<pahli_bar>actually they have a media server under gpl
19:12+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
19:12<thor_>pahli_bar, also telnet 2343, play file://blah
19:13=billytwowilly [] quit (Client Quit)
19:13<pahli_bar>thor_: that was the first one i tried :)
19:14<Snow-Man>Hrmmmm, I can run mythtv to a remote X server, right?
19:14<pahli_bar>hmmm. looks like java
19:14<pahli_bar>Snow-Man: depends on what you are trying to do
19:14<Snow-Man>I wanna configure it remotely, for starters.
19:15<pahli_bar>Snow-Man: configuration should work
19:19=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
19:21<thor_>looks interesting
19:22<pahli_bar>and its gpl. looks some code reading is in order
19:32sc00p__is now known as sc00p
19:32+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
19:36=loebrich [] quit (Client Quit)
19:37<Snow-Man>Database error was:
19:37<Snow-Man>Unknown column 'tvformat' in 'field list'
19:38<Snow-Man>Talk to me people.
19:38<Snow-Man>mdz: Can I bug you for a minute..? :)
19:39<mdz>Snow-Man: ok
19:39<Snow-Man>mdz: Trying to get mythtv back up.
19:39<Snow-Man>mdz: Looks like my database is out of whack.
19:39<Snow-Man>What's that?
19:40<Snow-Man>I'm getting errors from the nightly cron thing anyway.
19:40<mdz>that is the file in the mythtv source which has the information you need
19:40<Snow-Man>'Unknown column 'tvformat'''..
19:40<mdz>in order to find the bug, if there is one
19:40<Snow-Man>I suspect I just have an older database that didn't get upgraded correctly.
19:40<Snow-Man>Looks like channel needs to have a field added to it named tvformat.
19:40<mdz>database upgrades through version 0.11 are handled by upgrade scripts in the packaging
19:41<mdz>database upgrades post-0.11 are handled by mythtv internally (dbcheck.cpp)
19:41<Snow-Man>I think I upgraded from a pre-0.11 that wasn't entirely right.
19:42<Snow-Man>Will that dbcheck thing 'just fix it'?
19:42<Snow-Man>And how do I make it do that?
19:42<mdz>adding the tvformat column to channel is part of db update 1018
19:42<mdz>it is done when you start the backend
19:42<mdz>or the frontend
19:43<Snow-Man>Hmm, just started the backend.
19:44<mdz>select data from settings where value = 'DBSchemaVer'
19:44<Snow-Man>I'm guess it just did that when I started the backend.
19:45<Snow-Man>Think I need to restart the cron.daily script though.
19:45<Snow-Man>What do you think?
19:46<thor_>second item
19:46<thor_> 0.13 Release Followup
19:46<Snow-Man>I assumed the debian packages accounted for that, actually.
19:47<Snow-Man>Though I don't think I'm getting errors anymore from the cron script.
19:47<thor_>don't know if that's your problem, but sounded familiar
19:47<Snow-Man>Older days (I'm guessing...) didn't get updates for those channels though, I'm guessing.
19:48*Snow-Man twiddles his thumbs waiting for it to finish downloading...
19:48<Snow-Man>noticed new station available (36 CSPAN3), re-run --configure
19:48<Snow-Man>What's that all about?
19:49<Snow-Man>What --configure is it referring to?
19:49<mdz>that news item sounds related
19:49<mdz>Snow-Man: as I said, the debian packages don't enter into it for anything past 0.11
19:49<mdz>and the tvformat column was added after 0.11
19:49<mdz>that's probably the same bug
19:50<mdz>hmm, looking at the patch, no, it's not
19:50<Snow-Man>mdz: Err, well, unless you happen to patch the Debian packages with the update so us poor Debian users don't have to worry about it. :)
19:50+MythMicha [[] joined #mythtv
19:50<Snow-Man>I don't know that it's a bug at all, I just ran the mythtv cron script before starting the backend. :P
19:50<mdz>Snow-Man: I don't even have a backend right now
19:50<mdz>Snow-Man: you do, so by all means, fix and test and send me a patch
19:50<Snow-Man>mdz: Hrmpf.
19:51<mdz>everyone wanted their 0.13 packages early :-P
19:51<Snow-Man>mdz: Are you going to be setting up a mythtv again?
19:55+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
19:55<mdz>Snow-Man: yes. I moved. It's packed.
19:55<MythMicha>Have a channel changing issue.. Are there any Docs/FAQs other then what is on the page???
19:55<Snow-Man>ok. :)
19:55<mdz>hopefully this weekend
19:55<Snow-Man>Hrmmm, #d-security?
19:55<MythMicha>I am just about ready to move the Myth Box to the BIG TV Just need to address that channel problem..
19:55<mdz>Snow-Man: transient
19:55<mdz>MythMicha: there is a lengthy HOWTO/FAQ document on the website
19:55<mdz>which describes several kinds of channel changing problems
19:55<MythMicha> All I saw was a small 2 line paragraph, advising to get a .pl... I can change channels when I call the .pl from console..
19:55<mdz>MythMicha: no,
19:55<MythMicha>But Myth seems to freeze up when I try to change via the RS remote
19:55<pahli_bar>only when using a remote
19:55<MythMicha>mdz Thanx
19:56<MythMicha>pahli Yea. When I change channel via console it's fine...
19:57<pahli_bar>what do you mean by freeze up?
19:58<MythMicha>The picture acts like it's "rewinding" sometimes. Other times, I get a black screen and have to restart...
19:59<pahli_bar>MythMicha: most likely your lirc setup is wrong. use irw to check if its sending the right signals
19:59<Chutt>snow-man, if you're still having problems, just drop your myth database =)
20:00<pahli_bar>this guy is hell bent on using mplayer for his streaming media solution
20:00<MythMicha>pahli I used Jarod's Setup config for the Radio Shack remote...
---Logclosed Thu Jan 08 20:06:29 2004
---Logopened Thu Jan 08 20:06:32 2004
20:06+mikegrb [] joined #mythtv
20:06Irssi:#mythtv: Total of 63 nicks [0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 63 normal]
20:06Irssi:Join to #mythtv was synced in 10 secs
20:08<MythMicha>pahli Looks like I have a "double keypress" issue...
20:10<tdb30_>hey, I'm still having problems with mythweb. everytime I try to set up a recording mythbackend dies and when I try to restart it I get invalid cardid -1. I went through all my settings in both mythfrontend and mythbackend makeing sure everything looked good and it does. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
20:12<pahli_bar>especially look at the repeat option
20:12<MythMicha>Thanx Pahli
20:13+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
20:13<ShockValue>hi gang
20:13<ShockValue>man i hate being stuck at work when i have things to test at home on my mythtv box :)
20:16<cmorgan>ssh into it ;-)
20:17<ShockValue>yeah, but i cant hook up an ir-reicever through ssh :)
20:17<MythMicha>Pahli would the key-repeating issue cause the symptoms I discribed??
20:18<pahli_bar>MythMicha: did the keys look alright when you used irw.
20:18<pahli_bar>also what card.
20:18<MythMicha>Yep, the screen corresponded with the keypress
20:19<MythMicha>PVR 350
20:20<pahli_bar>hmm. i was thinking it was a bttv card (which can cause problems with ffwd and rew on live tv)
20:22<MythMicha>Nope.. Haven't hooked up the pcHDTV card yet.. Still waiting to find a decent HD Antenna. (Suggestions welcome :) )
20:24<MythMicha>Oh Sorry.. I have to create another window in IRCII and I am too lazy hehehehehe Actually, I already sent it.. :)
20:27<pahli_bar>for the life of me, i'm not able to reproduce the bug in mythgallery (which the user mailed me).
20:28<Chutt>don't worry 'bout it
20:28*pahli_bar is just gonna sit here and keep on scrolling through thumbs till he hits it
20:28<pahli_bar>sick of seeing the picture again and again :0
20:28<Chutt>someone with the ability to debug more will hit it eventually
20:29<pahli_bar>ah... the perfect user :)
20:29<ShockValue>hrm.. according to my reading, LIRC is not well supported in kernel 2.6. Is this still true or is that info outdated?
20:35+bitbyte [] joined #mythTV
20:41+anduin [] joined #mythtv
20:42<anduin>anyone have the qt-3.1 sources sitting around willing to dcc me a file?
20:43<Snow-Man>Chutt: Actually, I appear to have gotten everything working.
20:43<Snow-Man>Though, unfortunately, 20 minutes after the show I was trying to record started. :/
20:46<Chutt>anduin, sorry, i just have 3.3 source
20:46<pahli_bar>3.2 here
20:47<anduin>Chutt - thanks, I've only got 3.2. I'm starting on the query param stuff, just need to check how 3.1 worked in one case.
20:47<anduin>I'm downloading 3.1 now but no DSL means it is taking a long time
20:48<CyberKnet>how big is it?
20:48<warlord-afk>anduin: I can probably grab RH9's 3.1 SRPM and get you a file...
20:48warlord-afkis now known as warlord
20:48<anduin>~13 MB
20:48<pahli_bar>anduin: kde maintains a qt-copy on their cvs server. you can look for old versions
20:49<Chutt>if you just want header files, those are all on trolltech's website
20:49<anduin>pahli_bar - thanks I'll do that
20:49<warlord>anduin: do you want a header or a source file?
20:50<anduin>warlord - source, qsqlquerry.cpp, don't want to be a bother though, I'll got digging in the kde stuff
20:50<anduin>er go even
20:51<CyberKnet>Out of curiousity, has the ApeXtreme box been discussed to death here?
20:53<anduin>pahli_bar - thanks, I knew the answer was only a few seconds away, found my answer already
20:54-tdb30_ [] left #mythtv ()
20:55=MythMicha [[] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:55<anduin>btw - yes QSqlQuery will exec the query in the ctor in 3.1 (though it doesn't say so explicitly until 3.2)
20:56=ShockValue [] quit ()
21:01<anduin>thanks, tt
21:01=anduin [] quit ()
21:01CyberKnetis now known as kNetAway
21:01+tdb30_ [] joined #mythtv
21:02<thor_>think I'll add the myth fe-be protocol to mplayer, that'd solve everything
21:03<cmorgan>tdb30_: you should ideally go through each icon in the setup screen once
21:04<cmorgan>top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right i think is the order
21:05+krash314 [] joined #mythtv
21:05<cmorgan>tdb30_: i'm actually rebuilding it may be a while. can you try to blow away your database and start from scratch? hav eyou tried that?
21:05<cmorgan>i'm not sure if there is an easier way to unassign things
21:05<tdb30_>cmorgan everything seems to work fine when watching live tv
21:05<cmorgan>recording is broken?
21:05<tdb30_>and I went through each item in order.
21:06<tdb30_>yeah. I think. I've never actualy recorded anything.
21:06<tdb30_>This is the first time I tried.
21:06<cmorgan>your database sounds pretty messed up
21:08<tdb30_>I'll take your word for it but its just the standard install and I didn't do anything special.
21:09<cmorgan>myth isn't the easiest to setup
21:09<cmorgan>i'm sure patches to improve it would be quite welcome
21:09<cmorgan>there is a very well detailed installation document though
21:10<tdb30_>yeah the installation document is very good.
21:10<tdb30_>and there are lots of other resources for myth around the web.
21:11<tdb30_>infact you look up any topic that includes linux and pvr and mythtv will be in the search results.
21:13<cmorgan>hmm, freevo looks a lot better than it did last year
21:13=virsys [] quit (Connection timed out)
21:13warlordis now known as warlord-afk
21:14<tdb30_>personaly I keep going between the two (freevo and mythtv). mythtv is better put together and looks more professional. But I kind of like the modular concept of freevo.
21:14<cmorgan>myth is modular as well
21:14<cmorgan>not with external apps but internally it is well defined
21:15<thor_>bah, it's all mplayer
21:15<tdb30_>but you can't pull out the tv player and use another can you.
21:15<thor_>hee hee
21:15<cmorgan>with myth you mean?
21:15<cmorgan>i cna't imagine it being that hard to do so
21:15<cmorgan>if you really wanted to ;-)
21:16<tdb30_>the part isn't pulling it out but putting in a replacement.
21:16<tdb30_>but actualy I guess thats not my real problem with myth.
21:17<tdb30_>it just seems the backend seems to like to quit all the time for various reasons.
21:17<tdb30_>but I don't blame myth too much for that as its a problem with the hardware drivers a lot fo the time.
21:17<Chutt>pretty much the only way you can get the 'invalid cardid -1' is to have channels in the db that don't get used by any active encoder, and schedule something to record on one of those channels
21:18<cmorgan>tdb30_: so i'd blow away your database
21:18<cmorgan>although i'm not sure how to do that
21:19<Chutt>just answer yes to the second question it asks when you run setup
21:19<Chutt>then go into section 2, re-setup your _one_ videosource
21:19<Chutt>then section 4 and associate it with the proper input
21:19<Chutt>err, section 3 and 4
21:20<cmorgan>can this be fixed in a smarter way by the backend?
21:20<cmorgan>if the problem can be detected and there is only one video source?
21:24*kvandivo yawns softly.
21:25=pahli_bar [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:26<tdb30_>heh. now I get a load_all_program_data() attemtped with an empty $Channels array in mythweb.
21:26<tdb30_>every time I do something something else breaks.
21:27<cmorgan>you have channels loaded in your database?
21:28<tdb30_>ummm... err maybe I should run mythfilldatabase you think ;)
21:28+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
21:28<pcjabber>i need to know which side of a capacitor (the long end, or the short end) is the + side
21:28<pcjabber>can anyone help me?
21:28<pcjabber>i dont want to blow up a cap
21:29<pcjabber>its cat# 272-1024 from Radio Shack
21:29+D-side [] joined #mythtv
21:29<tdb30_>look it up on the net. I would say long side but thats a guess.
21:29<tdb30_>usualy they have it marked
21:29<pcjabber>ive tried, but i dont know what to look for
21:29<cmorgan>pcjabber: the cap should have '-' on the side
21:29<mikegrb>the side with white stripe is -
21:29<mikegrb>heh yes
21:29<mikegrb>white stripe with little -'s in it
21:29<pcjabber>i have a black stripe and a blue cap'
21:29<D-side>i need to get the hell off this users mailing list.
21:30<D-side>should just be "unsubscribe" as the subject, no?
21:30<pcjabber>the stripe has a > - > in it
21:30<mikegrb>pcjabber: that is probably the negaitive then
21:30<mikegrb>pcjabber: yeah
21:30<pcjabber>thanks =)
21:30<mikegrb>pcjabber: that is negative
21:30<pcjabber>building an IR recvr
21:31<tdb30_>I should take a picture of mine. You guys would laugh
21:32<mikegrb>tdb30_: do it!
21:32+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
21:33<cmorgan>D-side: please no
21:33<cmorgan>D-side: i think you'll want to send to the list service
21:33<cmorgan>or use the web interface
21:34<D-side>cmorgan: i was looking at the web interface, except I've already killed all the mail and have no idea what to use as a user/pass
21:35<cmorgan>then request the password mailed to you ;-)
21:35<tdb30_>cmorgan you just want me preoccupide so I don't ask any more stupid questions :)
21:35<cmorgan>tdb30_: you all set now?
21:36<cmorgan>tdb30_: you need to run mythfilldatabase after running setup
21:37<D-side>cmorgan: thanks.
21:37<D-side>granted, i should have actually READ the steps listed on the mailman page
21:37<cmorgan>D-side: if you sent the unsubscribe mail i think everyone on the list would get it ;-)
21:37<Octane>lol idle thoughts
21:37<D-side>cmorgan: yeah, i wasnt interested in looking like a complete tool. thanks. :)
21:38<tdb30_>I'm running mythfilldatabase now
21:38<Octane>czar is SO FUNNY
21:38<Octane>shit wrong channel
21:38<tdb30_>been for a while
21:38<Octane>i thought i was in #basketball
21:38<D-side>the users list is just driving me insane though.
21:38<Octane>on efnet
21:38<D-side>so many pointless posts
21:38<cmorgan>D-side: i'm sure you'd get extra emails after that mail ;-)
21:38<D-side>cmorgan: PRECISELY what we want to avoid.
21:39<D-side>thanks again. afk
21:40<cmorgan>tdb30_: if you still get errors i'd seriously blow away your database and redo the steps you've already done, this time not defining the stuff in the way that chutt mentioned ;-)
21:42<tdb30_>okacy cmorgan take a look at this:
21:42<tdb30_>note the blue painters tape I use to protect the bottom from shorting against any metal it may be resting on.
21:42<tdb30_>nice touch eh?
21:42<tdb30_>man that camera took a nice picture. I'm impressed
21:43<pahli_bar>butt ugly
21:43<cmorgan>that an ir receiver?
21:43<cmorgan>rx/tx together?
21:43<cmorgan>work with lircd? ;-)
21:43<cmorgan>thats my only pain right now
21:44<cmorgan>homemade ir blaster works fine, but cna't use pvr controller
21:44<tdb30_>the two leds near the center of the board are the transmiting diodes (its got a range of.... well I couldn't measure it because the house had no straight line of site farther than I could test. (tested to about 30' )
21:45<tdb30_>the recieving diode is lower right corner. doesn't realy look like a diode more of a transistor
21:45<tdb30_>which I guess it realy is
21:46<cmorgan>i just replaced one of those on a pc board out of my brothers offroad arcade game
21:46<cmorgan>but not sure if it is the broken part yet, i'm pretty darn sure it is
21:47*tdb30_ plays tiddly winks while the database fills.
21:48<tdb30_>so yeah. basicly the thing I don't like about mythtv is that if the backend fails it doesn't automaticly start again.
21:48<cmorgan>fails how? segfaults?
21:48<bitbyte>make a cron job
21:48<tdb30_>It would be nice if there were some way of checking its health o
21:48<cmorgan>you could always have a script that loops continually
21:48<cmorgan>starts mythbackend and blocks until mythbackend ends ;-)
21:49<tdb30_>the problem with a cron job is if mythbackend doesn't actualy quit but just hangs for some reason the cron job wouldn't detect taht.
21:49<mikegrb>well shouldn't be too dificult to make it connect as a player, like mythweb does
21:49<tdb30_>Iguess most of the time it does actualy quit. so a script would solve 90% of the issues.
21:50<mikegrb>have it request backend status (like the new status screen in the frontend)
21:50<mikegrb>kill it and restart if it doesn't respond properly
21:50<tdb30_>the tricky part I think would be detecting hangs. because it could hang while reading a card input or something
21:51<tdb30_>or write a function in mythbacked that re-initializes
21:51<mikegrb>so like I said :)
21:51<tdb30_>well anyway thats my only issue.
21:51<tdb30_>btw, if mythfrontend is playing and mythbackend dies if I start mythbacked up will mythfrontend eventualy see it and continue playing?
21:53<tdb30_>ohh here is a picture of my whole setup (it also shows how much of a slob I am)
21:53+josephk [] joined #mythtv
21:54<mikegrb>I have one of my setup
21:54<mikegrb>lemme find it
21:55<mikegrb>the mythtv box would be the xbox under the receiver
21:56<pcjabber>lol tdb
21:56<pahli_bar>tdb30_: heh. left over dinner plate too
21:56<tdb30_>the slobby part is notice its not one plate but two.
21:57<tdb30_>or I think it is
21:57<pahli_bar>yesterday and day before yesterday ? :)
21:57<tdb30_>the scary thing is I can't say for sure.
21:57<mikegrb>looks like two
21:57*pahli_bar clutches his stomach and rolls over
21:57<pcjabber>i cant see
21:58<pcjabber>its moving at 50B/s
21:58<pahli_bar>still waiting for mikegrb's setup
21:58<kvandivo>doesn't have it on the widest pipe possible, does he?
21:58*pahli_bar awards tdb30_ 5 points for speed and mikegrb 1
21:58*tdb30_ has 384 sdsl
21:59<tdb30_>and probably didn't have a bunch of people downloading it at once.
21:59<pcjabber>well, maybe it will be loaded by morning ;-)
21:59<pcjabber>i g2g all
21:59<pahli_bar>gnite pcjabber
21:59<tdb30_>I hope he got his question answerd.
22:00<pcjabber>i hope i dont blow up my IR rcvr/cap/etc
22:00<pcjabber>my question?
22:00<pcjabber>yep, thanks
22:01<tdb30_>if you smell stuff burning unplug it quickly
22:01<tdb30_>you probably won't blow anything that way
22:01<pahli_bar>might be too late by then :)
22:02<_rkulagow>weird. i updated to CVS from ~CVS-1 week and now it appears that frontend/backend comms are taking much much longer than usual. example, after hitting "ESC" during a recording it takes about 4-5 seconds to get back to the recordings screen.
22:02<pahli_bar>gotta learn some opengl in an effort to make some cool image slideshows
22:02+Ripp_ [] joined #mythtv
22:03*pahli_bar just starts to see the top of mikegrb's tv
22:03<pahli_bar>plasma eh!
22:05<_rkulagow>getting lots of these:
22:05<_rkulagow>2004-01-08 21:03:17 waiting for prebuffer...
22:05<_rkulagow>2004-01-08 21:03:17 prebuffer wait timed out..
22:06<Chutt>rkulagow, they're not fatal errors
22:06<kvandivo> I'll bet you be able to grab that one faster..
22:06<monkeyBox>Is it possible to play AAC encoded music in Linux?
22:06<pahli_bar>ah hd
22:06<_rkulagow>chutt: hrmm. ok, now i just have to figure out what's going on WRT these huge pauses all of a sudden.
22:07<Chutt>basically, that's just saying it's taken slightly longer than it should have for things to be decoded
22:09<Chutt>make sure you didn't mistakenly compile it in debug mode =)
22:09<Chutt>i do that all the time
22:10<_rkulagow>chutt: yeah, i checked that. config=release.
22:41=Octane [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:43+Octane [] joined #mythtv
22:46=FryGuy [] quit (" The IRC Client of the Gods! -> <- HydraIRC")
22:47=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:47kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
22:53<monkeyBox>If I use DirectFB with my via epia board, can I still utilize the hardware decoder??
22:55+Sobek [~btatton@] joined #mythtv
22:55<Sobek>Hey all how are we doing?
22:57=jeffpc [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:57+nvision [~neger@] joined #mythtv
23:00+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
23:01<nvision>uhm, my tv tuner works great in tvtime xawtv mplayer etc, but in mythtv the quality drops alot, im using an saa7134 based card
23:01+jeffpc [] joined #mythtv
23:02<nvision>anyone have a good reason for that ?
23:02<monkeyBox>are there any special commands to run mythfrontend in DriectFB mode?
23:08=nvision [~neger@] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:10=Sobek [~btatton@] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:11+DJ_Rican [] joined #mythtv
23:11<DJ_Rican>where do i find the bloody games.xml file?
23:11<ShockValue>sec.. i had tht trouble too
23:12<ShockValue>here: /usr/games
23:12<DJ_Rican>it's not there...
23:13<ShockValue>hrm.. thats where it hides on my gentoo box
23:14<DJ_Rican>:( i can't find the darn thing... did a locate and couldn't find it either
23:16=mdz [] quit ("Client exiting")
23:22+captbunzo [] joined #mythtv
23:22<Octane>i compiled mythtv with xvmc, it worked, but video was interlaced. i have tried recompiling it again many times w/o xvmc. xvmc is now not working but the video is still interlaced (even though i have enabled deinterlacing) any ideas?
23:27=Viddy [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:29<captbunzo>anyone around who has a Hauppauge PVR-250?
23:30<captbunzo>I just got mine in today, am trying to get it to work, and am having trouble...
23:30<Octane>whats the problem?
23:31<captbunzo>well, basically I can't get any video.
23:31<Octane>what kind of input?
23:31<captbunzo>I have mythtv installed and setup, I compiled and installed the ivtv driver.
23:31<Octane>tuner? svideo? composite?
23:31<captbunzo>er, that's perhaps a good question.
23:31<captbunzo>tuner, I think.
23:31<Octane>you using the whit coax cable?
23:32<captbunzo>tuner, right?
23:32<Octane>did you do the cat video test?
23:32<captbunzo>nope, haven't heard about it.
23:32<Octane>did you use test_ioctl?
23:32<Octane>to set ivtv's settings
23:33*captbunzo apologizes for being so clueless...
23:33<captbunzo>can you lead me through it?
23:34<captbunzo>btw, I DID attempt to read the manual, etc, I obviously just missed some things.
23:35<Octane>where are you located?
23:35<Octane>you should really know about these things if you're going to set up a myth box dude
23:35<captbunzo>mission, kansas.
23:35<Octane>what o/s are you running
23:35<captbunzo>Debian Linux.
23:35<Octane>find test_ioctl
23:35<Octane>and type /path/to/test_ioctl -u 0x3000
23:36<Octane>test_ioctl -p 4
23:36<captbunzo>cut me a little slack, please, everyone around here was a mythtb user once upon a time.
23:36<captbunzo>please :)
23:36<captbunzo>okie dokie.
23:36<Octane>test_ioctl -f width=720,height=480
23:36<Octane>test_ioctl -v input=3,output=1
23:36<Octane>did you make sure the 250 is getting recognized using lspci?
23:37<Octane>okay once those 4 commands are done: cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/hi.mpg
23:37<Octane>ctrl+c after a few sec
23:37<Octane>and mplayer /tmp/hi.mpg
23:37<Octane>what do you see? snow? black?
23:37<captbunzo>cat: /dev/video0: Input/output error
23:38<Octane>rmmode ivtv
23:38<Octane>and modprobe ivtv
23:38<Octane>and try again
23:39<Octane>try the cat test again
23:39<captbunzo>(at least with the rmmod, modprobe part)
23:39<captbunzo>do the 4 test_ioctl commands first.
23:39<Octane>dont have to
23:39<captbunzo>what if I skipped the second one.
23:39<captbunzo>do it, right?
23:40<captbunzo>missed test_ioctl -p 4
23:40<Octane>thats the most important thing
23:40<Octane>-u 0x3000 sets ntsc
23:40<Octane>-p sets input
23:40<Octane>-f dimensions
23:40<Octane>-v sound
23:42<monkeyBox>I compiled MythTV with DirectFB support.. Does anyone know how to actually run mythtv in directfb mode?
23:42<captbunzo>-p sets input to tuner, eh?
23:42<Octane>-p 4 does
23:43<captbunzo>I still get cat: /dev/video0: Input/output error
23:43<Octane>then somethins wrong and you need to read some howtos or docs
23:45<Octane>dang! gotta read!
23:45<captbunzo>I have been reading!
23:46<captbunzo>gotta google, methings.
23:50<Octane>gotta read docs methinks
23:50<Octane>gotta read mailing list archive methinks
23:51<captbunzo>google is finding such things.
23:54<captbunzo>all the docs say is if you get 'cat: /dev/video0: Input/output error', rmmod and modprobe.
23:54<captbunzo>that doesn't help.
23:57<Octane>well your shit is fucked up then !
23:57<captbunzo>no kidding.
---Logclosed Fri Jan 09 00:00:34 2004