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00:10<Salec>is there anything i need to specify for multihead?
00:12<robbie>google for xinerama
00:13<robbie>if you use an nvidia card with the drivers from nvidia then read the readme, its got everything
00:13<robbie>and the nvidia stuff installs some examples in doc
00:13<Salec>i have a voodoo3 in there right now
00:13<Salec>with a pvr 350
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00:34<Salec>how do i specify a dual head display in X?
00:34<Salec>i have the config files setup
00:35<Salec>currently i just run startx
00:35<Salec>and it blanks out my tv screen and i get xfree on the monitor
00:35<Salec>can i then specify mythfrontend to run on the screen?
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01:47<Salec>how can i grant user access to /dev/video?
02:01<Salec>when i try to playback video
02:01<Salec>all i get is a black screen
02:01<Salec>and no sound
02:02<Salec>using pvr 350
02:13<Salec>hey guys i'm having some probs with mythtv and a pvr 350
02:14<Salec>i have Xfree running on ivtv-fb
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02:36<Sembiance>How does everyone handle syncing your local computer time with the time source used by your cable channels?
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02:38<Sembiance>I'm thinking maybe I should hack up mythtv and add support for a 'time offset' on a per channel basis from system time.
02:39<Sembiance>This way if Comedy Central is 30 seconds faster than system time, and MSNBC is 10 seconds slower, I can input the correct settings so that MythTV will record on time.
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02:46<Netslayer>anyone know how to set the playback settings like color, brightness? I can go through the settings on the screen but there is no way to change them, the keys.txt says to use the arrow keys, which don't work. Any ideas?
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02:52<Sembiance>Also I plan on hacking up mythtv so it will use mplayer to play back recorded TV shows and also play live feeds from PVR 250's.
02:52<Sembiance>because MythTV's own 'video player' SUCKS MAJOR
02:59<Salec_>how does it suck?
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03:04<Sembiance>Well MythTV deals with lots of different tuners.
03:04<Sembiance>Some need to be combined with sound input on sound cards.
03:05<Sembiance>So Myth has a lot of code to combine video and audio.
03:05<Sembiance>This is great for those people with those tuners.
03:05<Sembiance>But for those of us that use tuners built in this millennium (PVR250/350), they just output a raw MPEG stream including audio.
03:06<Sembiance>and I know that I get 10 times better performance using MythVideo and mplayer to play my recorded .nuv's than I do trying to use Myth to watch my recorded shows.
03:07<Sembiance>anyways. It won't be a problem once I hack up Myth to support ysing mplayer for everything.
03:07<Salec_>let me know when you do :)
03:07<Salec_>i know with dd i get 1% cpu viewing livetv
03:07<Salec_>with my nice pvr 350
03:10<Salec_>i'm having problems with mythtv and it though
03:10<Sembiance>Yah, MythTV is major OVERKILL for the Pvr250 cards. All I want myth to do is 'cat /dev/video0 > videofile.mpg' at the right times :)
03:10<Salec_>it displays a black screen when viewing livetv :(
03:10<Sembiance>And use 'mplayer /dev/video0' for playing tv ;)
03:10<Salec_>hehe yea!
03:10<Sembiance>salec: you can use mplayer to play live tv, pause, etc.
03:11<Salec_>mplayer runs in x right?
03:11<Sembiance>yup. just need to instruct mplayer not to cache
03:11<Sembiance>mplayer runs in everything including x. there is also a framebuffer version and sdl version and more
03:11<Salec_>i just want something that will use the ivtv's framebuffer
03:12<Sembiance>sigh, I really should write my 'WinTV PVR250/PVR350 ONLY' MythTV competition some day ;)
03:12<Salec_>and have an onscreen program guide etc. :)
03:12<Sembiance>ahh, see I use MythWeb for everything
03:12<Sembiance>with 4 tv tuner cards, I set it up to record all sorts of things I want to watch
03:12<Sembiance>then I casually watch them when I get around to it
03:12<Salec_>i can't imagine it being so hard to simply write a program
03:13<Salec_>that snags the mpeg from ivtv
03:13<Salec_>and adds a layer on top
03:13<Salec_>i need to toy with the fb alpha handling
03:13<Sembiance>hehe, it's not hard at all
03:13<Salec_>perhaps you could play the mpeg directly and just do all the extra drawing on the fb
03:13<Salec_>say the program guide etc.
03:13<Sembiance>fopen("/dev/video0", "r")
03:14<Sembiance>You could use libsdl for the drawing, in a fullscreen transparent x-window
03:14<Sembiance>or something else ;)
03:14<Sembiance>heh, don't have much experience with x-windows programming
03:14<Salec_>i'm a windows game developer
03:14<Salec_>so i have no experience
03:15<Salec_>but i'm a very fast learner
03:15<Salec_>would it be possible to write directly to the framebuffer?
03:15<Salec_>that way i don't need to deal with X
03:16<Sembiance>well maybe you want to look at libSDL? It gives you direct access to the screen. And it runs in X or in framebuffer mode, and other stuff too.
03:16<Sembiance>I even thought about using Mozilla and XUL to make a mythtv type program
03:16<Sembiance>using webpages, javascript
03:16<Salec_>that would be slow
03:16<Salec_>you want fast ass performance :)
03:17*Sembiance wishes he had like 6 months off from work where he could devote to making a Mythkiller.
03:17<Sembiance>of course mine would only work with the PVR250/350 cards
03:17<Salec_>i'm stuck writing a gamebryo game :(
03:17<Sembiance>I don't care about all the rest
03:17<Salec_>that's OK!
03:17<Salec_>fuck the rest man
03:17<Salec_>easy fix
03:17<Salec_>write an external program that takes the rest
03:18<Sembiance>I spend most of my days writing tcp/ip socket server daemons and web pages for work
03:18<Salec_>and encodes an mpeg stream
03:18*Sembiance is very tired and is going to bed.
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03:29<Salec_>do you have a pvr 350?
03:30<Salec_> can you get myth tv to work with it?
03:31<marc>just watching live tv :-)
03:31<Salec_>with mythtv?
03:32<Salec_>when i load up mythtv in X on the ivtv-fb
03:32<Salec_>and i go to watch live tv
03:32<Salec_>the screen goes black and i just hear audio
03:32<Salec_>however if i manually set the transparencies using ivtvfbctl and use dd i can watch tv
03:32<Salec_>but i don't see anything on X
03:33<marc>I'm not an expert - but it looks like something wrong with the localalpha/globalalpha settings
03:33<Salec_>anyidea where i can change those?
03:34<marc>can you play with ivtvfbctl while watching - and see if you can get a picture?
03:34<marc>sometimes myth gets it wrong for me, too. typically when switching channels and pressing the info button and the menu button all at the same time
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03:38<lykke>Morning :) anyone here running with an Terratec Cinergy 400 (saa7134) ?
03:39<Salec_>when i mess ivtvfbctl i get a mirror image on the screen
03:39<Salec_>like it was ripped or something
03:40<marc>then this would be a good time for somebody more knowledgeable to join the discussion
03:40<Salec_>gonna reboot and write down the defaults :)
03:41*lykke will come back later - have to test my 2.6.1 kernel :)
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05:55<Netslayer>hmm this is odd what happened to mapping page up and page down in mythmusic for next/previous track? it's fast forwarding instead now heh..i'm stuck at this song errf
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10:03<Rroet>hi all
10:04<Rroet>any1 have success yet with getting ivtv work under 2.6.x ?
10:08<StuartL>I'm having a minor issue with 2.4.24
10:08<Rroet>hi stuart.
10:08<Rroet>I'm not having any issues atm
10:08<Rroet>well.. I have 1
10:08<Rroet>that is unloading the viafb module, but since I don't use it anyways I don't mind.
10:11<StuartL>Gonna reboot, I think it might be the ivtv-fb module causing the issue. Two secs.
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10:15<StuartL>Yeah, it was ivtv-fb
10:22<Rroet>ivtv-fb ... not for me ;)
10:22<Rroet>I have a 250 ;)
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10:23<StuartL>Just thrown some downloaded porn vids at the decoder out of curiosity :)
10:23<StuartL>Seems to work for about 3/4 of them :)
10:24<StuartL>(the mpeg streams, haven't tried the avis, not expecting them to work)
10:24<Rroet>but the 350 only outputs mpeg2 right ?
10:24<StuartL>It seems to output mpeg1 too.
10:24<Rroet>no, it's a mpeg2 decoder chip...
10:24<Rroet>don't expect it to know what mpeg4 is
10:24<StuartL>Some mpeg1 it has a problem with but tried quite a few successfully.
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10:25<StuartL>Has an issue with non-standard audio too (e.g. MP3 audio).
10:25<StuartL>No surprises there.
10:27<StuartL>Ah dammit.
10:27<StuartL>It decodes the video for spaceballs just fine, no audio though :(
10:28<StuartL>Ooh, hangon, it is working just very cwiet.
10:37<beetle110>What works better for capturing from two tuners, and transcoding. Two PIII 933's, or One AMD 1800+?
10:38<beetle110>the PIII's are SMP.
10:39<pahli_bar>beetle110: what tuner cards
10:41<beetle110>currently have one pvr-250
10:41<beetle110>avermedia m179 is on order.
10:42<pahli_bar>both are hardware encoders cards. cpu is hardly used for simply capturing.
10:42<pahli_bar>for transcoding more the cpu merrier it is
10:43<pahli_bar>not sure how 2 P3 933 will stack up against one 1800XP
10:43<beetle110>pahli_bar: guess I'll just have to find out.
10:44<pahli_bar>but i have a feeling it will become more io bound (hard disk write) when you have two captures running
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10:44<beetle110>pahli_bar: I shouldn't have a disk I/O problem.
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10:45<beetle110>I used this drive array to capture and edit home movies off of my camera before I got the pvr-250
10:45<beetle110>didn't drop frames then.
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10:46<beetle110>thanks for the information though.
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11:31<eauxnguyen>is this dev only or can I ask stoopid user questions here?
11:31<hardwired>eauxnguyen: you can ask... provided you read the faqs and mailing list archives
11:32<eauxnguyen>agreed. I have spent a fair amount of time in the manual, faqs, and archives, my answer is probably there and I haven't found it yet
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11:32<hardwired>eauxnguyen: happens to everybody :)
11:33<eauxnguyen>I am running the 250 for capture and an aopen mx440 8x for tv out via s video and I can't get the tv display functioning
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11:36<pahli_bar>eauxnguyen: elaborate.
11:36<eauxnguyen>I understand I should clone it? When I look at the X1186 config it appears to only be set up for one crt at 1024x768?
11:38<pahli_bar>eauxnguyen: have you read the nvidia README which comes with the drivers
11:39<eauxnguyen>yes I read through it last night. If the answer is there I will go reread it before tying up people here. It was late ;)
11:42<pahli_bar>that would be your best source. if you can't figure it out, ask questions here
11:42<pahli_bar>or better on the mailing lists
11:44<StuartL>This better?
11:44<hardwired>yeh :)
11:45<StuartL>hardwired: Please excuse me, I know loads about linux, kernels etc but I've never got the hang of X11. I use linux for servers so a desktop is new to me.
11:45<hardwired>StuartL: did you create a user for mythtv already?
11:45<StuartL>I've got mythfe (I was thinking about having mythfe and mythbe but mythbe doesn't exist yet :))
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11:45<StuartL>Small steps, etc.
11:46<StuartL>MySQL has a user mythtv password mythtv granted.
11:46<hardwired>i mean a system user
11:46<hardwired>the one that is supposed to rn the frontend
11:46<StuartL>That's the mythfe user.
11:47<hardwired>just run the command startx as that user, you should get a very basic x, two xterms and some sort of clock
11:47<hardwired>then you should get errors instead :)
11:47<StuartL>I get a "caught signal 11" message...
11:47<StuartL>No other errors (like bad configs or anything).
11:48<StuartL>I don't have a mouse on that system, is that going to cause a problem?
11:48<hardwired>StuartL: uh, maybe /var/log/XFree bla log?
11:48<StuartL>Ooh, 2 secs.
11:49<hardwired>StuartL: yeh, it needs a mouse, or 'Option "AllowMouseOpenFail"' in the ServerFlags section of XFree86Config
11:49<StuartL>Nope, no errors in there.
11:49<StuartL>Ok, I'll check that.
11:49<StuartL>DOes it still need the pointing device command or should I comment that out?
11:49<StuartL>InputDevice "Mouse1" "CorePointer"
11:51<hardwired>i still have it in
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11:51<StuartL>Indeed, if I remove it it bombs out with an error.
11:52<hardwired>StuartL: try to run xf86config
11:52<StuartL>Hmm, ok.
11:52<StuartL>Shall I back up XF86config first?
11:52<hardwired>can't hurt
11:53<abhi>if i only have one line-in on my audio card, is it possible to have 2 tuners with audio? do any cards have digitial audio things for connecting to sound card inside?
11:53<pahli_bar>abhi: FAQ.
11:54<rkulagow>chutt: i'm at a loss as to why all of a sudden my boxes are sometimes timing out on frontend<->backend comms. any pointers? ReadStringList is timing out, usually after a QUERY_RECORDINGS Play on the frontend. i'm compiling for debugging now...
11:56<rkulagow>i'm also going to use an ethernet crossover cable between the boxes in case it's a switch issue. (that'll be easiest to check, but weird in a different way)
12:01<hardwired>StuartL: ehh, wait.
12:01<hardwired>StuartL: i meand xf86cfh
12:01<hardwired>StuartL: i meand xf86cfg even
12:01<hardwired>StuartL: not xf86config
12:01<StuartL>Too late.
12:01<StuartL>Got a picture, though.
12:02<StuartL>SO something fixed it.
12:02<StuartL>No mouse :)
12:02<hardwired>heh ok
12:02<StuartL>This is going to get interesting...
12:02<StuartL>Erm, don't have a working keyboard.
12:02<StuartL>That's not good.
12:03<StuartL>TTY switching doesn't work and num lock isn't responding.
12:03<hardwired>no, you need it to set up myth. you can ditch it after everything works though
12:03<Chutt>rkulagow, could try increasing the timeout amount
12:03<hardwired>StuartL: just a guess, did you use ctrl-alt-f1 or so to switch?
12:03<StuartL>Ok, I have no keyboard and no mouse.
12:04<StuartL>hardwired: I tried that, yeah.
12:04*StuartL tries control-alt-backspace
12:04<hardwired>StuartL: ah ok. just thought you tried alt-f1 only cause that's how one does it without x :)
12:04<StuartL>Nope, eevn that doesn't work.
12:04<StuartL>I dunno whether X has crashed or whether it's just the keyboard interface.
12:05<StuartL>Nope, X is fine.
12:06<StuartL>I'll try a reboot with a PS/2 mouse installed, BRB.
12:06<rkulagow>chutt: i was thinking of that. the master backend is a p3-733 with gobs of ram. it's curious that something "lately" has pushed it over the edge. returning from watching a recording back to the "watch recordings" screen can take >20 seconds. i hate not knowing why something is happening...
12:09<kvandivo>frontend is beefy?
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12:09<kvandivo>it takes my xbox a while to do that (recording back to 'watch') but i've always blamed that on the frontend swapping
12:10<rkulagow>frontend is a p4 2.4Ghz with 512MB. it's not really doing anything else.
12:11<kvandivo>i'd say that's beefy enough. :)
12:12<Chutt>certainly should be
12:12<rkulagow>aggh, got to eat and clean mouse shit out of the garage. how's that for an afternoon?
12:13<Chutt>i get to do framing in the basement
12:13<Chutt>much more exciting
12:14<kvandivo>you really need to be leaning on your wife to get a projector for your new basement..
12:16<godless>qustion : how do I tune/get channels for PAL pvr 350 ?
12:19<StuartL>hardwired: When setting the capture stuff in mythsetup what should I set for the audio recording device? I don't really want it to be dsp, do I? That's the motherboard sound card...
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12:22<abhi>is there any way to use an all-in-wonder card? (i know it doesnt have a full v4l interface and all)
12:24<hardwired>StuartL: dunno... does the doc say anything about it?
12:25<StuartL>Not that I can find :(
12:25<hardwired>StuartL: i set up alsa and use alsa for everything but mythmusic. though i did not set up tv, so i dunno what tv uses
12:26<sfr>StuartL: set it to none when using a pvr250/350 card
12:26<StuartL>sfr: Excellent, thanks.
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12:31<hardwired>anyone ever noticed that the garbled screen that myth presents after watching a video is only garbled as long as no tv has been watched before?
12:31<hardwired>once you watch tv for a second, the screen will never garble again
12:34<StuartL>Personally I notice that the mythtv setup program is bigger than a normal NTSC picture.
12:34<Rroet>this is brilliant,....
12:34<StuartL>Which is annoying :)
12:34<Rroet>I've just updated to kernel 2.6 with ivtv and all the prebuff pauses dissappear
12:35<hardwired>StuartL: yes... you can resize myth once it's running
12:36<StuartL>hardwired: Myth maybe but I couldn't the setup screen...
12:36<hardwired>StuartL: yes, still worked for me somehow, even if it was annoying.
12:37<StuartL>Oh yeah, I could shuffle the screen around and guess where the buttons were but not handy :)
12:38<hardwired>oh well, you only have to do this once :)
12:39<hardwired>does someone have an xawtv file for me? any xawtv file with a few channels will do, i just need the file format
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12:40<sfr>hardwired: i can dcc you mine
12:40<hardwired>sfr: ok, hold on a sec though
12:41<hardwired>sfr: dcc it to hw_dcc please
12:42<hardwired>sfr: thanks!
12:42<sfr>hardwired: np
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12:45<DJ_Rican>if i install a new hd, mount it, configure myth to the new paths, and move all my video, music, etc files to the new paths, do i have to do anything to the database?
12:47<StuartL>Doubt it, it'll be referencing them by path.
12:47<sfr>DJ_Rican: configuring myth already will 'do anything to the database' so i'd think no.
12:47<StuartL>You might want to restart though, in case anything was open at the time.
12:47<hardwired>sfr: doesnt't that xawtvrc file include frequencies?
12:48<sfr>hardwired: not directly afaik, they are determined through the freqtab + the channelname
12:49<hardwired>sfr: what freqtable?
12:49<sfr>hardwired: europe-west in my case
12:49<sfr>hardwired: in the global section
12:49<hardwired>sfr: that is standard for every country in europe-west?
12:50<StuartL>Yay. mythbackend running.
12:50<StuartL>hardwired: How do I get X to run mythfrontend correctly (right window geometry, run on startup etc)?
12:50<sfr>hardwired: i don't know. i'm in germany using cable-tv
12:51<sfr>hardwired: don't you have a channels table from your tv provider?
12:52<hardwired>StuartL: go into setup/appearance and set windo geometry. on gentoo, i made an rc script that just does a startx as my mythtv user, and that user has mythfrontend in his ~/.xinitrc
12:52<hardwired>sfr: yes, but it looks different from yours:
12:53<hardwired>sfr: (name, freq, band, channel) : (ard, 161.48, VHF USB, S09)
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12:53<hardwired>sfr: in your file, ard is just E5
12:53<hardwired>bbl, got to go
12:54<sfr>hardwired: on my channels table S09 (Pro 7) matches SE9 in my xawtvrc file
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13:14+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
13:14<ShockValue>hi all, where are 'videos' put into playlists? when i go to browse videos, they are all in playlist 1,2,3,4 but not on playlist 0.. which is inconvenient since mythvideo starts on playlist 0 by default.
13:15<ShockValue>ooooo.... just dawned on me.. is PL = parantel level, and not playlist? :)
13:16<ShockValue>the question remains though... video browser starts on "PL 0" and i dont see an option to put my video's on PL0
13:17=warlord-afk [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] quit ("Client Exiting")
13:18<thor_>parental level
13:18<thor_>hit 1, 2, 3, 4
13:19<ShockValue>ok, but can i make the VideoBrowser start on 1,2,3, or 4 instead of 0?
13:19<thor_>yup, setup Default PL
13:19<hardwired>yeh i want to do that as well
13:19<ShockValue>ah i see, let me try
13:20<ShockValue>hrm.. i set in setup -> video -> general -> 4 - Highest
13:21<ShockValue>(starting parantal level that is)
13:21=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
13:21<thor_>mmm k
13:21<ShockValue>but when i go into browse video's, it starts at PL 0
13:22<ShockValue>(i dont have kids or porn, so i dont really care about video level filtering)
13:22<thor_>Browser or Tree or both ?
13:23<ShockValue>it says PL 0 in Tree, but im able to see all my movies there.
13:23<ShockValue>umm actually, weird
13:23<thor_>don't know how you got it to zero
13:23<ShockValue>whatever PL level I am, is how many copies of the movies show up... so if I am at PL=3 in the TRee view, i see 3 copies of each video
13:24<thor_>go into manager ?
13:24<ShockValue>yeah, it seems that once i leave PL0, i cant go back to it.
13:25<thor_>sounds like your settings table is bit off
13:25<ShockValue>it just starts at PL0 in browse and tree.
13:25<thor_>try this:
13:25<thor_>mysql -p -u mythtv mythconverg
13:26<pahli_bar>ooh wow. qglwidget doesn't like being deleted on close
13:26<ShockValue>thor_ ok, that took me into mysql.. nowwhat?
13:26<thor_>one sec ...
13:26<thor_>trying to find the thing ...
13:28<thor_>SELECT * FROM settings WHERE value = "VideoDefaultParentalLevel" ;
13:28<ShockValue>VideoDefaultParentalLevel | 4 - Highest | Myth
13:28<thor_>not just 4
13:28<thor_>actually "4 - Highest"
13:29<ShockValue>flood to you in private
13:29<thor_>that's odd
13:29<thor_>lemme look at a couple things ...
13:29<ShockValue>i need to reboot, ill be back in 2 seconds
13:30<ShockValue>or 60
13:30=ShockValue [] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
13:31<thor_>try 2 or 3
13:32+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
13:32<ShockValue>ok, reboot complete :)
13:36<ShockValue>hrm.. lircd runs, and irw runs, but i cant seem to get anything out of my remote
13:38<hardwired>ShockValue: then change the batteries :)
13:38<ShockValue>just pulled them out of the package this mornign :)
13:39<pahli_bar>hmm. has anyone else faced this. qglwidget and wdestructiveclose causing a segmentation fault
13:39=abhi [] quit ("Lost terminal")
13:40<ShockValue>any thoughts on the PL0 thing thor_ ?
13:42<pahli_bar>a simple way to test batteries to put the +ve against your tongue and complete the circuit by touching the -ve end. a slight metallic tingle will indicate battery is live
13:42<pahli_bar>obviously not recommended for anything greater than 1.5v
13:43<thor_>ShockValue, mystery to me, that version are you running
13:43<kvandivo>i've been trying to come up with a way that i can manually discharge my laptop battery without having it explode on me
13:44<pahli_bar>kvandivo: try jumpstarting cars with it :)
13:44<pahli_bar>plenty of stranded strangers in this weather
13:44<kvandivo>14 volts... and a bit too delicate for use outside in the weather..
13:45<kvandivo>the thing says it has a full charge, but the instant i pull the power the machine shuts off..
13:45<chiphead>make a big electro magnet and let it sit
13:45<ShockValue>thor_: 0.13
13:48<thor_>pahli_bar, things getting destroyed in the wrong order? (cout's in destructors and/or gdb :-) )
13:49<pahli_bar>thor_: hmmm. looks at qt bug. valgrind indicates so. also took one of qt examples and put in destructiveclose and crash-boom-bang
13:53<ShockValue>hrm.. looks liek i need to buy a TV with DVI input.. i cant find a video card with component output :)
13:53+Hymie [] joined #mythtv
13:53<Hymie>hey, does anyone know why IMDB isn't working?
13:54<ShockValue>bash: woo!: command not found
13:54<hardwired>whoaaa. Hymie.
13:54<hardwired>haven't seen you in ages :)
13:55<thor_>pahli_bar, at the risk of sounding obvious, don't use Qt::WDestructiveClose ?
13:55=ShockValue [] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
13:55<Hymie>I don't know whom you are referring to sir, my name is Horace
13:55<hardwired>Hymie: i remember you from #a_w times
13:56<Hymie>hardwired: who is this hymie person!
13:56<pahli_bar>thor_: thats what i'm doing now. deleting objects in a closeevent
13:56<Hymie>hardwired: what are you doing on here... I thought everyone on that channel was just a figment of my imagination.. I guess now I'll have to see that doctor again, now that those hallusionations are coming back to life ;)
13:58*hardwired vanishes in a cloud of smoke
14:07<Hymie>so, anyone else having problems with the IMDB side of things? Just sort of sits there, for me (.13)
14:18<Sembiance>How does everyone handle syncing your local computer time with the time source used by your cable channels?
14:18<kvandivo>ntp. the best you can do is make your computer right and hope others do as well
14:19<pahli_bar>trust the cable channels to keep sync with standard time and use ntp/nptdate
14:19<Hymie>so, anyone else having problems with the IMDB side of things? Just sort of sits there, for me.. never able to find the title.. however entering the number directly works (found a question like this on the mythtv-users mailing list, but no one answered there as well ;)
14:29<Hymie>please.. I beg you.. don't all answer at once, it is hard to make out what people are saying ;P
14:36=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
14:37<kvandivo>ok. we can take a hint. we'll be quiet now.
14:40+holger [] joined #mythtv
14:47<rkulagow>yay. someone else is seeing the same long pause going to/from the watch recordings screen that i'm seeing with CVS.
14:47<kvandivo>the mysql post?
14:47<kvandivo>you have mysql logging turned on?
14:47<rkulagow>but i still have to keep cleaning mouse shit, so bbl.
14:47*kvandivo cackles.
14:48<mikegrb>Hymie: you know this is a development channel, not user support?
14:48<rkulagow>logging is off AFAIK.
14:49<Hymie>mikegrb: no, since it doesn't say -dev anywhere, I didn't know that ;) Anyhow, myself, another user, and someone on the mailing list seem to be having this problem. ngrep shows that I'm communicating with fine, but that mythtv isn't parsing things. I suppose I could take my question to the ml, but even if this is a dev channel, perhaps this be relevant info?
14:49<Hymie>mikegrb: if not, I'll plaster the ML with "help me" requests ;)
14:49+marc [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
14:49<mikegrb>mailing list, and many people delete messages with subjects like "help me"
14:50<mikegrb>you'll not that rkulagow and kvandivo there working on a problem are talking about determining the exact problem so they can fix it
14:50<Hymie>mikegrb: heh, I said "help me" requests, not "help me" subjects ;\xDE
14:51<Hymie>mikegrb: oh, I see. You've never seen a person working on a problem, unless it is a dev channel, is that it?
14:52<Hymie>mikegrb: anyhow, I'll go bug the list
14:53<chiphead>rkulagow, yes I noticed a longer delay as well
14:53-Hymie [] left #mythtv ()
14:55<rkulagow>hrmm. time to diff CVS and at least 5 JAN CVS and see what's changed. mark rote has a p3-866, i've got a p3-733. chiphead: what do you have on the mysql box?
14:55<sfr>rkulagow: what timeout have you been talking with Chutt about earlier?
14:56<rkulagow>sfr: the timeout i was getting was on the frontend after the QUERY_RECORDINGS Play. readstring would timeout, and the frontend would decide that the backend was gone, even though it wasn't.
14:57<rkulagow>i haven't actually checked any values in the code because i've been working in the garage, and the masterbackend is down now because i have to move it from where it was sitting before.
14:58<sfr>rkulagow: i'm also seeing frequent timeouts on the frontend. Selecting backend-related options (live-tv etc.) a 2nd time works usually
14:58<rkulagow>occasionally, the "watch recordings" _wouldn't_ timeout and i'd be able to start watching something. but there's an async update that happens, and so i might be watching and then i'd get a popup saying that it had lost the connection to the backend. anyway, others are seeing it, so that helps at least. i've got to go though...
14:59<sfr>rkulagow: sure
15:00<chiphead>rkulagow, I have also notices a longer delay after picking a recording to play and the start of the video. Prolly all related
15:02=dilate [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:07<rkulagow>ok, diffing to 6 days ago gives me 12000 lines, much of which is my docs. cutting that makes it 3600, a lot of which looks like a ffmpeg resync, so at least there's somewhere to start looking.
15:10<godless>anyone here from belgium ?
15:10<rkulagow>mythbackend/mainserver looks like it's had some interesting changes. might be the place to start looking...
15:13<thor_>the threadpool changes are just from yesterday ... don't know if your problem existed before that
15:15<rkulagow>thor: CVS as of last week was OK; i think it was yesterday that things went south. i am walking away from the keyboard now. must clean garage. bbl.
15:15*kvandivo is tentatively happy that he hasn't updated cvs since day before yesterday.
15:15<rkulagow>once i have time i'll start rolling back day by day and seeing where the change happened. unless someone else with the same problem beats me to it.
15:16<rkulagow>besides, i don't want chutt to yell at us for not even making an attempt to figure out what's wrong. he can be a big meanie in his cvs commit logs.
15:17*kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
15:20<thor_>I would go back to early yesterday ... I still don't really understand that threadpool patch (and it's only a few lines), but I was having problems with some very similar code in the mfd
15:20<rkulagow>"Changes committed by ijr on Sat Nov 15 00:56:01 2003
15:20<rkulagow>Log Message:
15:20<rkulagow>Fix stuff. Thanks to everyone who sent in a patch for the memleak! Oh, wait, nevermind."
15:20<rkulagow>see? mean.
15:21*thor_ smiles fondly at Chutt's wit
15:29+dopez [] joined #mythtv
15:30=mdz [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:31cmorganis now known as cmorgan_away
15:32+MythMicha [] joined #mythtv
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15:45%Netsplit <-> quits: Misirlou
15:48%Netsplit over, joins: Misirlou
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15:55+mdz [] joined #mythtv
15:55<Salec>anyone here use mythtv with a pvr 350?
15:58<Chutt>rkulagow, i think i know what the issue is
15:59<Chutt>rkulagow, it was fixing the hammer icon for kvandivo =0
15:59<kvandivo>geez.. glad _i_ didn't submit the patch for that...
15:59<Chutt>large mysql select
15:59<Chutt>slows things down
16:01<faye>Salec: having problems?
16:01<Chutt>i _think_ that's it, at least
16:02<Salec>a few transparency garble probs
16:02<faye>define garble?
16:03<faye>not seen that, you're using the right colour depth?
16:04<Chutt>you've got the wrong x w/h set
16:04<Chutt>or something to that effect
16:11<Salec>i have it set for 720x480
16:12<faye>the image is 720x576 (ie pal)
16:13<Salec>i'm in ntsc
16:13<faye>that's the problem then, like chutt says
16:13=hfb2 [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:13<Salec>what do i need to do then?
16:16<faye>I think the ivtv wiki has instructions on setting up X, did you follow them?
16:17<faye>and you didn't copy the pal config by mistake?
16:20<Salec>using 720x480
16:20<Salec>as soon as i call ivtvfbctl /dev/fb1
16:20<Salec>my screen goes garbled
16:21<mdz>my mythtv box is now semi-operational again
16:22<mdz>3 months worth of unstable upgrades over nfs root takes a while
16:24<Chutt>salec, how are you loading saa7127?
16:24<Chutt>and why the hell aren't you asking about ivtv questions in the ivtv channel?
16:25<faye>cos there's no ivtv channel?
16:25<Chutt>of course there is.
16:25<Chutt>it's even fairly active
16:25<faye>on this server?
16:26<faye>cos on this net, I'm the only one there
16:27<faye>that'll be why then
16:27<kvandivo>he's talking as much or more there than he is here, chutt
16:27<Chutt>maybe i should enforce that
16:27<Chutt>boot to the head
16:27<kvandivo>just autokick anyone that mentions 'ivtv' in their msg. :)
16:28<thor_>my PVR-250 just wet the bed
16:28<kvandivo>did you name your dog 'my PVR-250' or something?
16:28<Salec>come here pvr250 here boy here
16:29<thor_>and someone named the cat Disonsphere
16:30<sfr>next time get a grown-up pvr. my pvr350 has never done that.
16:31<faye>as long as I don't use the PVR350 for recording, X and Playback it's fine. the DVB-T card works great too
16:35<MythMicha>Couple small issues here.... :^( When I boot up my MythBox, I have it set up where the MYTH side of things should be displayed on the TV and the KDE side of things should be on the monitor.. But I get Myth on BOTH... I do have the ' export DISPLAY=:0.1' in mythtv user's .bashrc
16:38<Salec>MythMicha: rather than set up your X screen to be one display (ie having Screen "blah" LeftOf "blah 2" etc)
16:38<Salec>set up x to just have multiple screens that are not relative to each other
16:38<Salec>then just before executing mythfrontend do export DISPLAY=:0.1 (or whatever # your tv is on)
16:39<MythMicha>Salec Can I MSG you my XF86Config?? I thought that is how I had it set up...
16:40<MythMicha>Salec yea that's where I run into issues.. Since my mythfrontend is run from the KDE/Autostart, where exactly do I need to stick that export??
16:41+virzyz [] joined #mythtv
16:47=virzyz [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:51<mdz>Chutt: is anyone working on http streaming support in mythmusic? I think I have seen it come up a few times
16:51+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
16:51=hardwired [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:51<thor_>sfr had a patch, that I think he's still working on
16:51<sfr>mdz: i am, albeit slowly
16:52<mdz>sfr: care to send what you have to the list? I'm interested
16:52<Netslayer>is it possible to associate a button in .lircrc to run a script? it should be possible, any ideas?
16:52<mdz>I'd like to parse .pls files as well, to have metadata for http streams
16:53<MythMicha>OK I got fluxbox.. Is there anything I need to know about FluxBox as it pertains to MythTV that would not be in the Fluxbox Docs??
16:53<knight->sfr, tell me about your streaming patch
16:53<Netslayer>not really
16:54<knight->MythMicha, fluxbox has nothing to do with MythTV
16:54<MythMicha>OK kewl.... Thanx :)
16:59<sfr>mdz: it's not really working atm. i duplicated code to handle http requests and kinda stopped in the middle of a rewrite before christmas. i just adapted it a little to latest cvs, so i could send you a patch. don't except a masterpiece though ;)
17:01<sfr>knight-: the first posted patch doesn't do much. it just knows how to connect to a shoutcast stream (mp3) directly.
17:07<rkulagow>chutt: thanks.
17:07+deadsock [] joined #mythtv
17:07<Chutt>rkulagow, hey, so that email you forwarded me the other day?
17:07-deadsock [] left #mythtv ()
17:13+virzyz [] joined #mythtv
17:15virzyzis now known as virsys
17:16<rkulagow>chutt: yes.
17:16<Chutt>the guy called my house last night
17:17<kvandivo>this the brainiac wanting to sell boxes?
17:17<rkulagow>really. must have found you the same way i did.
17:17<Chutt>pretended he knew me to leave a message with my wife
17:18<thor_>that's the way to start a successful business relationship
17:18<rkulagow>pretty slick. and i'm sure it endeared you to his business plan
17:18<Chutt>apparently, he runs an internet cafe
17:18<rkulagow>thor: no fair typing faster than i do. my fingers are still frozen.
17:18<Chutt>since that's what the number he left reverses to
17:19<kvandivo>DOS his site?
17:19*kvandivo smirks.
17:19<thor_>east coast, west coast, or in the middle somewhere ?
17:19<Chutt>san diego
17:19<thor_>fruits, nuts, and flakes
17:19<Chutt>ah well
17:19<Chutt>just weird is all
17:21=Teflon [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:23=marc [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:26<knight->sfr, a stream client for shoutcast right?
17:26<knight->sfr, as in, creating a shoutcast stream for other clients to connect to?
17:26<thor_>he was working on playing streams in mythmusic
17:26<thor_>he is
17:26<sfr>knight-: no, to receive a shoutcast stream
17:27<knight->Chutt, when I finish this auto install theme stuff, I want to have a conversation with you about making MythTV zonable
17:28<knight->sfr, the source code to nsvsc is available, perhaps we can add it in
17:28<knight->nsvsc = nullsoft video shoutcast
17:29<knight->thor, extending the current multizone support (i.e. multiple frontends to a backend) to add realtime synchronization
17:29<knight->thor, i.e. music playing in 4 rooms of a home
17:29<knight->thor, i.e. a video stream playing second for second in multiple rooms of a house, or on multiple tvs
17:30<Chutt>difficult, since every soundcard's crystal is slightly different
17:30<kvandivo>then, people can wear little badges wired with bluetooth and it can sense when you go from room to room and let the music seamlessly follow you
17:31<knight->Chutt, indeed
17:31<knight->kvandivo, exactly
17:31<thor_>there are icecast servers that work right off the soundcard
17:31<sfr>kvandivo: so i can hear the same music on the toilet? great.
17:31<thor_>whatever is going through the souncard is streamed
17:31<Netslayer>can i just add commands to the .lircrc like "config = killall mythfrontend" ???
17:31<knight->Chutt, however, if you can get the stream to each destination at the same time, it's then up to the user to use the same soundcards
17:31<Netslayer>after I map a button?
17:31<Chutt>'same' soundcards? :p
17:32<Chutt>every crystal is slightly different, regardless of brand
17:32<Chutt>model, etc
17:32<knight->but you should still be able to sync it close enough by ear
17:32<Chutt>not if the songs are very long
17:33<knight->the differences will start to show
17:33<knight->but cant we write an algorithm to "reset" the sync?
17:33<Chutt>you _can_ do it, you just have to constantly correct
17:33<Chutt>it's difficult, is all
17:34<knight->maybe we can talk a little more about it later
17:34<knight->there's no rush for it
17:34<knight->but i think it would be useful
17:34*knight- haircut
17:35<Netslayer>if i have an error in .lircrc will irxevent & fail to run?
17:42<Netslayer>guess so
17:44<tdb30_>hey anyone know why when I use mythweb that the first time I go to the webpage it works but then it stops working by asking me if I want to save the file to disk instead of just displaying the guide?
17:46<Netslayer>i had a problem like that before
17:46<Netslayer>i had to install a new apache
17:46<Netslayer>if u check your apache log files, error.log or something u will probably see child pid failures
17:47<Netslayer>hope it's not that, but i gave up on trying to fix it
17:47<Netslayer>easier to re=install stuff, especially with gentoo :-)
17:48<tdb30_>Yeah I am seeing child process not existing.
17:54<Netslayer>ur seeing the error, ya that means something screwed up and it's dieing, prob php related, what distro?
17:54<Netslayer>i had mdk at the time
17:55+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
17:56<tdb30_>mandrake ;)
17:57<Netslayer>that distro drove me crazy
17:57<Netslayer>good to learn on though
17:58<Netslayer>gentoo, i give it an emerge command and it's setup, who says it's hard to use
17:58+jbeimler [] joined #mythtv
17:59+mchou [] joined #mythtv
17:59<Netslayer>u'll probably want to download a new apache, and set it up, maybe try the apache/php channel for some assistance, cause you have to set it up with php support and all that crap heh
17:59<mchou>msg dmitry hey, any news re saa7133?
18:00=virsys [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:02<jbeimler>stupid ivtv driver compile question, the Makefile does "include $(KERNELDIR)/.config" which causes make to die. can I just comment out that line?
18:03<Netslayer>ouch my livetv just crashed:
18:03<Netslayer>ASSERT: "i <= nodes" in /usr/qt/3/include/qvaluelist.h (372)
18:03<Netslayer>2004-01-10 15:02:26 RemoteFile::Read() failed in RingBuffer::safe_read().
18:03<Netslayer>QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
18:03<Netslayer>2004-01-10 15:02:26 Error writing stringlist
18:10<Netslayer>err happened again
18:10+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
18:10<thor_>gdb, bt ...
18:10<mchou>Netslayer: u using latest cvs?
18:11<Netslayer>actually last week
18:11<mchou>ehat thor_ said then....
18:17+schwin97 [] joined #mythtv
18:18=[M-M] [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:24<Netslayer>so do any of u guys have scripts or commands added to .lircrc to bind to a key?
18:25<Netslayer>i'm wondering how to do that, when i do like config = killall mythfrontend and irxevent dies when it starts
18:27<tdb30_>Yes I do
18:28<tdb30_>you need to run irexec -d
18:28<tdb30_>then you need to have your lircrc file changed for the key like this
18:28<Netslayer>can that run alongside irxevent?
18:28<tdb30_>remote = remote name
18:28<tdb30_>button = button on remote
18:28<tdb30_>prog = irexec
18:29<tdb30_>repeat = what ever repat value you use if any
18:29<Netslayer>auh, cool, can the remote there be the same as the one used in other places in the .lircrc
18:29<tdb30_>config = put your command here
18:29<tdb30_>and yes irxec works along side irxevent if you need to use both.
18:29<jbeimler>hooboy. first load of ivtv locked up the box.
18:29<tdb30_>you can assign a button on a remote that you use elsewhare in lircrc
18:29<Netslayer>cool, hmm don't have irxec
18:30<Netslayer>:-) thank you
18:31<tdb30_>I used it to do a tivo type thumbs up down.
18:32<Netslayer>i want a kill button :-)
18:32<tdb30_>you know.... I need to do a kill and a restart :)
18:33<bitbyte>man i cant wait to get mythTV-sbox going
18:37<Salec>xbox doesn't have a tuner
18:37<Salec>so how can you do any livetv, recording etc. on it?
18:40<bitbyte>front end only
18:48<jbeimler>I thought a front end could still grab tv from a back end?
18:50+BlackHussar [] joined #mythtv
19:06=Misirlou [] quit ("And twice on Sunday . . .")
19:10<Netslayer>td30, thx so much it works perfectly, gtg
19:10=Netslayer [] quit ("Leaving")
19:11+PeteCool [] joined #mythtv
19:11<PeteCool>was this patch ever applied to cvs:;search_string=screen%20saver;guest=2007419&t=search_engine#97226 ?
19:14=tdb30_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:15<mdz>zap2it fucked?
19:17+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
19:17<mdz>PeteCool: no
19:17+MXG [] joined #mythtv
19:21<MXG>anyone alive?
19:21+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
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19:40=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:40kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
20:06fayeis now known as faye-away
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21:07<daralc>is it possible to get the data stream from mythbackend to mythfrontend down to or below 450kbps
21:07<daralc>maybe at a really low res and with hardware encoding or something?
21:10<mdz>do you have mythtv installed?
21:12<daralc>yes but i don't have a hardware encoder or anything yet
21:13<daralc>and that system is powered down at the moment... wasn't sure if it was possible
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22:56<louiscipher>hey all
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22:59<mdz>how is the new mythweb movie stuff supposed to work?
22:59<mdz>it mostly doesn't for me
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23:03<mdz>it runs php out of memory pretty efficiently though
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23:26<Octane>oops sorry
23:37<DJ_Rican>how can i see the full tv show description
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23:43Irssi:#mythtv: Total of 66 nicks [0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 66 normal]
23:43<Salec_>i have a viaKT133A board right now with an ATA100 controller but i still get blips from time to time :(
23:44<Salec_>dma read erros
23:44Irssi:Join to #mythtv was synced in 14 secs
23:44<DJ_Rican>how can i fix my mythfilldatabase... it's showing wrong programs....
23:48<Salec_>hm n/m
23:49<Salec_>is there anyway to lighten the dma load in mythtv?
23:49<Salec_>i get dma read errors about every 30 seconds
23:49<Chutt>are you _still_ yammering about ivtv problems in here?
23:49<Salec_>i'm yammering about mythtv probs
23:50<Chutt>dma read errors?
23:50<Salec_>is there anyway to turn on/off the ring buffer
23:50<Chutt>err, that's the ivtv driver, smart guy
23:50<Salec_>the ring buffer is giving my the dma errors
23:50<Salec_>not the ivtv driver
23:50<Chutt>harddrive writes?
23:50<Chutt>i doubt that.
23:50<Chutt>coupled with the ivtv driver
23:50*Salec_ has a VIA KT133 chipset :(
23:50<Chutt>which is doing many, many dmas per second.
23:50<Chutt>good choice in motherboards.
23:51<DJ_Rican>Chutt: is there a way to either repair the program guide or re-create it?
23:51<Salec_>i use my good stuff for machines that will be used for other than mythtv :)
23:51<Chutt>dj_rican, sure
23:51<DJ_Rican>chutt: how?
23:51<Chutt>salec_, search the ivtv docs/mailing list for problems with kt133 chipsets.
23:51<Salec_>anywho is there anyway to pause unpause the ring buffer?
23:51<Chutt>dj_rican, say yes to the second question setup asks/
23:52<Chutt>salec, that question makes absolutely no sense.
23:52<DJ_Rican>ok... i run mythsetup?
23:52<Salec_>mythtv buffers all thte data it gets so that you can pause and rewind
23:52<Chutt>it does?
23:52<Chutt>i didn't know that
23:52<Salec_>i want it to only start buffering when i pause it
23:52<Salec_>rather than all the time
23:53<Chutt>you can't do that
23:53<Chutt>that would be moronically stupid.
23:53<Chutt>think about it.
23:53<Salec_>writing to the hardrive the entire time you are watching tv is moronically stupid
23:53<Salec_>or perhaps have a method in which you can enable the buffer in a menu
23:53<Salec_>that way when you are watching a show that you want the ability to rewind (sports) you can do it
23:54<Salec_>otherwise oyu arn't writing to the hardrive all the time
23:54<Chutt>buy a non-shitty motherboard.
23:54<Salec_>even w/o the errors i just don't like how it's writing to the hardrive all the time
23:54<Salec_>that could wear out the drive
23:54<Chutt>wear out the drive?
23:54<cmorgan>your os is supposed to buffer that data you know
23:55<cmorgan>the os does caching of data usually
23:55<cmorgan>and writes in big chunks
23:55<Salec_>cmorgan: not with my card
23:55<cmorgan>and you'll probably never wear out that drive ;-)
23:55<Chutt>cmorgan, i sync to disk every second
23:55<cmorgan>Chutt: ahh
23:55<Chutt>to deal with vm bugs that cache too much
23:55<Chutt>and then write to disk all in one big chunk
23:56<Chutt>which tends to screw things up rather badly
23:56<DJ_Rican>chutt: what is the command to bring up the config again?
23:56<Chutt>dj_rican, you've run it, you know what it is.
23:56<DJ_Rican>chutt: if i could remember it, i wouldn't be asking....
23:57<cmorgan>the life restriction on those drives is typically the heads
23:57<cmorgan>so yeah, if you keep writing for a long time you'll eventually wear it out, maybe 3 years or so minimum
23:58<Salec_>yea...i don't intend on turning off myth tv all thte time
23:58<Salec_>i'd rather have it run all the time
23:58<Salec_>and then just turn on/off my tv
23:59<Chutt>what's the point of having a pvr, then, if you're not watching recordings?
23:59<Salec_>i am watching recordings
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