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00:49<kwenda>uno question, por favor
00:49<kwenda>i'm trying to play a video with myth video
00:50<kwenda>here's a sample line from videometadata:
00:50<kwenda>| 52 | 715 - Its Christmas in Canada | Unknown | None | NR | 00000000 | 1895 | 0 | 0 | 1 | /spark/715 - Its Christmas in Canada.rm | No Cover |
00:50<kwenda>so as you can see, there is data in the dbase
00:50<kwenda>here is the command that gets run:
00:50<kwenda>/usr/bin/mplayer -fs -zoom -quiet -vo xv ""
00:51<kwenda>why is it not putting in anything for the filename?
00:52<thor_>Setup --> Video --> Player Settings --> Default Player has a %s in the command line ?
00:52<kwenda>yes it sure does
00:52<kwenda>VideoDefaultPlayer | /usr/bin/mplayer -fs -zoom -quiet -vo xv %s | busted
00:52<thor_>host is called busted
00:53<kwenda>lol yes
00:53<kwenda>its a laptop with no screen and no keyboard
00:53<thor_>you are trying to play something on a machine with no screen ?
00:54<kwenda>... i'm using NTSC out to my TV
00:54<kwenda>its just called busted because the actual laptop is busted
00:54<kwenda>i doubt that's why it's not behaving correctly though =]
00:55<thor_>hostname is important to gContext->getSetting()
00:55<thor_>hang on, all those all the columns ... what version of myth are you running ?
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00:55<thor_>_are_ those all the columns
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00:56<kwenda>yeah they're the columns
00:56<kwenda>i was running .13... i backed down to .11 to see if that would do anything different
00:56<thor_>that's like version 0.10 or something ?
00:56<thor_>sorry .. no idea ... that code is _old_
00:57<kwenda>i probably should go back up to latest anyway... it's just a PITA because i have to do 5 machines
00:57<kwenda>thanks for looking though =)
00:57<thor_>yup, np
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01:10<Netslayer>hmm wonder if knoppmyth R4 can be used to watch recordings as a frontend to my CVS setup
01:11<Netslayer>prob not cause of all those new db changes in .13 R4's .12 will mess it up..or am i wrong
01:11<thor_>I wouldn't hold out much hope, but there's one way to know for sure :-)
01:12<Chutt>the knoppmyth people really need to update stuff.
01:12<Netslayer>heh, ah for the family, don't have myth boxes everywhere, but there are laptops
01:12<Chutt>still distributing 0.12 is doing a disservice to people
01:13<Netslayer>there can't be that much difference in .12 to .13 since they have .12 working
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01:14<Netslayer>ah not worth my time, i tweak mythweb so that it generates me an asx file with all the recordings listed for media player in windows
01:14<Netslayer>it's too hard to convince family to put a dual boot on their laptops
01:14<thor_>patch ?
01:15<Netslayer>i do it manually but i should make a patch for myself, will learn how when i have time
01:15<thor_>WOO HOOOOO
01:16<Netslayer>1. make the title of the episodes hyperlinks to the file itself..hardcoded but not hard to figure out i'm sure. 2. I add it to a file, and include all the asx formating
01:16<thor_>(sorry that was me congratulating myself)
01:16<Netslayer>heh np
01:17<Netslayer>k i'm going to try that spdif out now
01:17<Netslayer>and if anyone asks 54G works great with myth :-)
01:18<kwenda>i'll tell you what doesnt work great with myth
01:18<kwenda>recompiling myth while mythbackend is recording 2 streams from 2 bttv cards
01:19<thor_>should be fine on ... say, a quad Opteron box
01:20<kwenda>lol... well my poor p4/1.8 is sucking so much juice that i keep getting these:
01:20<kwenda>Broadcast message from root (Mon Jan 12 00:19:35 2004):
01:20<kwenda>Load Warning! The UPS loads heavily.
01:20<Netslayer>i'm having fun balancing two backends that share the same recording profiles. Ones a 1.33 and the others a 2400 athlon, so i'm really pushing the slower machine with 720x480 mpeg4 @4500kbpx
01:20<Netslayer>what ups do u have?
01:21<kwenda>belkin... something
01:21<kwenda>its at the bottom of my rack, i'd have to dig under there to see the model numbers of them
01:21<Netslayer>should try to get that to work
01:21<Netslayer>remember the name of the software?
01:21<kwenda>my backend and one of my frontend is in there
01:22<Netslayer>that's a tight fit heh
01:22<kwenda>heh yeah... i hardly watch anything on that one though
01:22<kwenda>i usually watch on the frontend in the livingroom on a 35" tv
01:23<thor_>'dem switches look like Cisco's (too loud to hear anything in that room anyway)
01:23<kwenda>they're baystacks, thor_
01:23<kwenda>i'm using three of them as shelves
01:24<kwenda>on the one i'm acually using i disconnected the fans inside of it
01:24<kwenda>it was LOUD
01:24<kwenda>but if it dies... i've got 3 more ;)
01:25<Netslayer>SPDIF IS WORKINHG
01:25<Netslayer>oh wait
01:26<Netslayer>that's my tv errr :-/
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01:31<Netslayer>guess i need to setup a .asoundrc file
01:31<captbunzo>anyone here that has the Hauppauge PVR-250 remote control working?
01:33<Chutt>ivtv docs mention how to get it working
01:34<captbunzo>ah, another place to look. :)
01:34<captbunzo>I'll check there now then.
01:34<captbunzo>the instructions in section 22 of the mythtv docs didn't work.
01:35<captbunzo>probably something simple.
01:37<captbunzo>Chutt: can you point me somewhere specific?
01:38<Netslayer>mplayer "MMX supported but disabled" oh that's nice
01:40<Chutt>not really
01:40<Chutt>you can look through the ivtv docs, or i can
01:40<Chutt>which do you think i'd prefer? :p
01:41<thor_>excellent ... daapclient is working
01:41<Netslayer>hey thor can u post your /home/../.asoundrc file?
01:42<thor_>uhm ... let me see ....
01:42<thor_>I dunno got one
01:42<Netslayer>interesting and spdif out works for u
01:43<thor_>I have an /etc/asound.state
01:43<thor_>(set this up a long time ago, alsa is 0.9.6
01:43<Netslayer>i think that's your cards features, and settings
01:43<Netslayer>i'll figure it out, thx
01:43<Netslayer>u running 2.4 series right
01:44<thor_>on that box, 2.4.20 slackware
01:50<Netslayer>which /dev/ are u playing back on /dev/dsp, adsp?
01:51<Netslayer>dang i'm stupid
01:51<Netslayer>didn't have the mplayer flag set, now mplayer works! now for myth
01:52<thor_>I have /dev/dsp and "Enable AC3 to SPDIF passthrough" is NOT checked
01:52<kwenda>In file included from NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp:18:
01:52<kwenda>NuppelVideoRecorder.h:15:23: lame/lame.h: No such file or directory
01:52*Netslayer endulges in digital sound
01:53<thor_>as per README, you need lame (-devel if that's what your distribution calls things you can build against)
01:54<Netslayer>must have lame in here, not sure about devel
01:54<Netslayer>3.93.1-r1, and ya mplayer works great..hey does that mean it will do ac3 pass through
01:54*Netslayer goes to configure mythvideo
01:55<thor_>Netslayer, that was to kwenda
01:59<kwenda>thor_, i figured that - just something new to trip me up
01:59<kwenda>i wasn't asking for help, i was just sighing ;)
02:01<kwenda>it didnt used to -require- it if you were only using it as a frontend i guess
02:02<Chutt>yes it did
02:02<captbunzo>no luck!!!1
02:03<kwenda>i wonder how the heck i built it in the first place then
02:04<Chutt>the lame library's been a requirement since the very first release
02:04<kwenda>lame is on my backend... but it's on none of my 5 frontends =/
02:05<kwenda>not that i don't believe you
02:05<kwenda>i wonder if i did something so stupid as to have just copied the binaries over instead of building it the first time
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02:06<captbunzo>is there anyone around here with a working PVR-250 Remote Control/MythTV Setup?
02:06<captbunzo>I need help, please!
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02:16<captbunzo>actually, I have a better question.
02:16<captbunzo>who here is using lirc to use a remote control with mythtv?
02:17<captbunzo>or, at least, who knows how it works.
02:17<captbunzo>lirc itself seems to be working properly - the irw test yields good irc signals.
02:17<captbunzo>however, somehow or another the connection isn't being made to myth.
02:17<captbunzo>that's the part I am lost on.
02:17<captbunzo>any suggestions?
02:18<kwenda>captbunzo, are you using builtin lirc support
02:18<kwenda>or irxevent
02:18<Netslayer>thor it all works, thx for your advice :-) had to unmute the output in alsamixer
02:18<captbunzo>well, I believe builtin.
02:19<captbunzo>yeah, definately builtin support.
02:19<thor_>Netslayer, cool
02:19<kwenda>did you build mytg with support
02:20<Netslayer>i'm trying to figure out if ac3 pass through is actually working with mythvideo, but i love more interfearance :-)
02:21<captbunzo>well, I installed the debian packages at
02:21<thor_>man mplayer, something about hw ac3, and put an extra comma on the end
02:21<captbunzo>kwenda: is there a way to check what was compiled into myth?
02:21<thor_>captbunzo, it is extremely unlikely that a prebuilt package will have native lirc support compiled in
02:22<thor_>see man irxevent
02:22<kwenda>captbunzo, thor is right
02:22<kwenda>you will want to use irxevent to pass your signals to myth
02:22<captbunzo>well, that'd suck.
02:22<captbunzo>I assume compiling myth is pretty easy?
02:22<Chutt>just use irxevent.
02:22<Chutt>works just as well
02:22<captbunzo>how do I configure that?
02:23<captbunzo>i.e. where do I find instructions?
02:23<Chutt>that's all in the mythtv docs, there's an example config or two in contrib/
02:23<captbunzo>yep, just read it/.
02:23<captbunzo>looks like all I need to do is hit go.
02:24<kwenda>Chutt, i figured it out - the 5 frontends i had always installed packages on - the only one i built from scratch was the backend ... so i never needed lame before
02:24<thor_>never needed lame-dev
02:25<captbunzo>well that didn't work!
02:29<Netslayer>wow mplayer has a lot of options
02:29<thor_>do /ac3 in man mplayer
02:29<captbunzo>any clue why irw would return codes, byt irxevent would do nothing?
02:30<Netslayer>this apparently is ac3, going to try it: -format 1024
02:31<captbunzo>when I run irw and hit the "TV" button, I get "000000000000100f 00 TV Hauppauge"
02:31<thor_>Netslayer, you want: -ac hwac3,a52,
02:31<Netslayer>oh thx
02:31<captbunzo>would the button name for that be "TV" or "TV Hauppauge"
02:32<thor_>whatever the hell you called it in lircd.conf
02:34<captbunzo>ah :)
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02:42<captbunzo>woohoo, success.
02:42<captbunzo>badly setup .lircrc
02:42<captbunzo>so, let me get this straight.
02:42<captbunzo>if I get everything working with myth via irxevent.
02:43<captbunzo>than I recompile with lirc support builtin.
02:43<captbunzo>all I should have to do is copy my .lircrc to /home/mythtv/.mythtv/lircrc
02:43<captbunzo>and switch the irxevent parts to mythtv.
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02:44<kwenda>DAMN... 1.1 gigs/15 minutes
02:44<kwenda>.13 does NOT carry over recording profiles
02:44<thor_>dunno, I've never compiled native lirc for myth
02:44<captbunzo>well, I suppose so.
02:45<captbunzo>how does commercial skip work?
02:46<Netslayer>ic my dolby digital light lighting up thor! :-)
02:47<captbunzo>hehe - cool. :)
02:47<thor_>it's a nice little glow
02:48<captbunzo>now, how do you activate it within MythTV?
02:48<captbunzo>Commerical Skip, that is?
02:49<kwenda>okay thor_
02:49<kwenda>i'm still having the problem of the blank filenames
02:49<kwenda>after upgrading all boxen to .13
02:49*Netslayer jumps for joy as he hears surround sound working for the first time in linux
02:49<thor_>in mythvideo ?
02:50*Netslayer nods
02:50<kwenda>yes sir
02:51<thor_>ok, but if we figure this out, then you and captbunzo and Netslayer all have to make a donation to the EFF _tomorrow_ ...
02:51<Netslayer>EFF? heh
02:52<thor_>kwenda, this on all files, or just some?
02:54<kwenda>all thor_
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02:55<thor_>both from browse and list ?
02:55<kwenda>yes sir
02:55<kwenda>from browse i get the 'loading' screen for a split second when i hit play
02:55<kwenda>while its tryign to run mplayer with "" for a filename
02:55<captbunzo>found it - pretty awesome! :)
02:56<captbunzo>even got non-interlaced mode to work! :)
02:56<thor_>go into videotree.cpp, around line 574 and uncomment the cout line
02:56<thor_>(sorry, you know anything about C/C++?)
02:56<kwenda>no... i do know the wife is going to set me aflame in a minute
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02:57<kwenda>so i believe i'll work on this tomorrow
02:57<kwenda>thanks for the help today though
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03:03<captbunzo>thansk for the pointers, night all.
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03:21<Netslayer>next thing on my list :-)
03:22<Netslayer>anyone know what would cause image tearing in X? mythtv, mplayer, etc all video playback tears if there is a lot of movement, there is like one spot on the screen where in a lot of motion the image very quickly is torn like it's teared
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03:23<Netslayer>it's happening on two of my machines, with agp geforce 4 mx 440 cards, same drivers, gentoo, fluxbox, etc
03:39<mchou>anybody having problems compiling mythgallery sucessfully from tonight's cvs?
03:41<godless>having problems with mythtv, using a ivtv chip, mplayer /dev/video gives me video but if I run mythtv - watch tv I get a black screen
03:41<godless>could taht be because I don't have a xmltv list ?
03:42<godless>also are there belgian xmltv lists ?
03:43<DJ_Rican>how can i find what a movie's imdb# is?
03:44<Netslayer>i figured it out! it was twinview, it causes tearing
03:52<DJ_Rican>how can i find what a movie's imdb# is?
03:53<DJ_Rican>after i ripped the dvd, it can't find it on imdb!
04:04<Netslayer>go to the website and type in the movie, the imdb # is the last part of the url
04:04<Netslayer>think that's broken right now
04:06<DJ_Rican>ah... ok thx
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05:46<godless>can someone maybe help me to get xmltv listings/xawtvrc file for belgium ? using a ivtv capture card
05:46<godless>starting mythtv watchtv I get a blank screen
06:05<godless>anyone know a good site to get xml tv listings (xmltv) for europe belgium
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06:25<StuartL>godless: Do the ivtv tests in the faq (the video0 and video16 test) work?
06:25<godless>I can get a picture, static and channels
06:26<StuartL>Can you play them back through the decoder?
06:26<godless>heh could you give the test faq again ?
06:27<godless>better make sure :)
06:29<StuartL>Ok, run a 'cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/capture.mpg' and prove that you can play that mpg file fine.
06:29<StuartL>5 seconds of capture should be enough.
06:30<StuartL>Then run 'cat /tmp/capture.mpg > /dev/video16'.
06:30<StuartL>You may need to run 'ivtvfbctl -localalpha' to be able to view it and 'ivtvfbctl -globalalpha' to get Myth back again.
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06:32<godless>isn't video16 the tv out ?
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06:36<godless>hmm I can't get 'cat /tmp/capture.mpg > /dev/video16'
06:36<godless>to work and also the ivtvfbctl says no file dir
06:36<godless>wich device should I give ivtvfbctl ?
06:37<godless>I'm using a pal pvr350
06:38<StuartL>Are you using the TV out on the PVR?
06:38<godless>I'm not using that, no tv
06:38<StuartL>Ah, you're playing back on the monitor?
06:38<godless>doing an mplayer /dev/video0 gives me picture and sound though
06:39<StuartL>Right, you need to configure MythTV so that your monitor is the output device.
06:39<StuartL>And I don't know how to do that :)
06:39<godless>and how do I do that ?
06:40<fayep>godless: turn off PVR350 output
06:40<StuartL>Mailing lists :)
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06:41<godless>hmm I already did that
06:41<godless>going to double check :)
06:42<fayep>godless, video16 only does TV out
06:42<fayep>you don't have a tv so nothing is wrong :)
06:43<fayep>also ivtvfbctl is just for tv out
06:43*StuartL noddles.
06:43<StuartL>I got that bit, just never tried Myth on a monitor...
06:43<godless>am I correct in that I can output to video16 and still tune/view on monitor from video0 ?
06:44<godless>fayep : I thought so, only at it for 6 hours :)
06:44<fayep>godless: you can output to video16 but you won' t see anything if there's no tv attached to the pvr350
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06:46<godless>but still when I try mplayer to view tv I still get a black screen
06:46<godless>I double checked the 350 output thingy :)
06:46<godless>could it be because I don't have a tv list ?
06:46<godless>or shouldn't I get the last tuned channel ?
06:46<fayep>godless: use ivtv/utils/test_ioctl -p4
06:47<fayep>it's probably showing svideo input or something
06:47<godless>hmm I can tune in mplayer
06:48<godless>strange but true
06:48<fayep>so you can get a picture in mplayer?
06:48<godless>still black screen in mythtv
06:49<godless>mplayer works marvelous
06:49<fayep>mythtv will be setting the input to the one you specified in setup
06:49<godless>I even stopped the jittering etc
06:49<fayep>"default input"
06:49<godless>hmm, the mythtv-setup no ?
06:49<godless>well I think that's ok
06:50<fayep>should be television IIRC
06:50<godless>"tuner 0" here
06:50<fayep>ah ok
06:50<fayep>I use svideo
06:50<godless>well I just want to get mythtv working :)
06:50<godless>so I can build one as a present
06:50<fayep>good luck with that :)
06:51<fayep>ok, have you imported tv data?
06:51<godless>well I got mplayer working so maybe I could spend time writing lirc scripts
06:51<godless>I have a big problem getting tv data
06:51<godless>I live in belgium Europe
06:52<godless>and scantv doesn't work
06:52<godless>I had a bttv card :)
06:52<fayep>says that a new grabber is being worked on for belgium
06:53<godless>I looked into that
06:55<fayep>myth isn't going to work until you have some channels and their xawtv channel number
06:56<godless>could you give me your's ? as a base to work on
06:56<godless>2 examples should do it :)
06:56<godless>post in /flood please
06:56<godless>#flood :)
06:58<fayep>my box is out of action atm, partner put windows on it, need to put linux back on
06:58<fayep>why don't you just get xmltv and do a grab yourself for somewhere near
06:58<godless>I tried
06:58<fayep>you can put it in a file and import manually
06:59<return0>hey guys... I'm having issues getting my hardware setup. I'm using debian. I got a winfast tuner which if I take the sticker off says phillips and the lspci says bt878 rev 11
06:59=dja [] quit ("Download Gaim:")
06:59<return0>I started with the 2.4.18-bf2.4 kernel and it didn't have alsa so I went to 2.4.24
07:00<return0>but compiled it myself
07:00<return0>I load up bttv and I can tune a picture but I can
07:00<return0>can't get sounds working
07:01<return0>I have the speakers hooked up to the output of the tuner card right now and I don
07:01<return0>don't get any sound
07:02<fayep>isn't there a btaudio mixer device or something? not too familiar with the non-pvr cards
07:02<godless>hmm, maybe it's muted ?
07:03<godless>also try unloading all the other modules, and maybe try to do a "insmod bttv card=xx"
07:03<return0>I think it's card 2 or 10
07:03<godless>xx is the nr coresponding to you're card, you can find more info in the docs
07:03<godless>kernel doc's
07:03<fayep>are you in a pal region return0?
07:04<return0>but I've been doing rmmod bttv and modprobe bttv card=xx tuner=yy many times
07:04<fayep>bcos different versions of pal put the audio in a different place. think ntsc is all one place though
07:04<return0>it's not muted
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07:05<return0>one thing that's frustrating is xawtv always starts in pal europe
07:05<return0>or something
07:05<return0>I have to change it to us-cable / ntsc every time I run it
07:05<return0>I figure I should get sound directly from the tuner before I try to fix the main sound
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07:09<fayep>have you googled for your card linux and sound?
07:09<return0>well I know what drivers it is supposedly (The sound card) but I wanted to get the tuner working first
07:09<return0>so no I haven't
07:10<fayep>if you google for your TV card linux and sound, it may tell you about what you need to get sound out of the TV card
07:10<return0>I'm not entirely clear what tuner / card I have I just know it's bttv :P
07:10<fayep>not talking about sound card
07:10+dja [] joined #mythtv
07:10<return0>bt878 rather
07:10<godless>return0 : the kernel/docs/bttv has a list with the name etc
07:11<godless>cardlist if I'm not mistaken
07:11<return0>yea... thanks godless I'm reading it right now
07:11<fayep>look for "Winfast" cards
07:11<godless>bah sourceforge is down
07:11<return0>ahh cool
07:14<return0>so I have a winfast2000 XP which is listed under leadtek
07:16<return0>where do I see what card ## to use for the leadtek?
07:16<godless>there is a file calles CARDLIST, the list is numbered :)
07:17<return0>I just found sound-faq too
07:17<return0>I wish I thought of looking there before asking here :P
07:17<return0>thanks for you help by the way
07:18<godless>glad to be of service
07:20<return0>now if I got an accurate tuner value :)
07:20<return0>the Tuners doc is a little confusing
07:23<godless>anyone here from europe ?
07:23<fayep>yup. uk
07:23<godless>I may be having some success with the tv_grap_be_tvb thingy
07:24<godless>it's running and eating cycles
07:24<godless>just hope it ain't burning :)
07:25<fayep>they take time - one of the uk ones takes several hours - it's not very good
07:25<godless>hehe then I shoudn't be woried :)
07:25<godless>I have a good feeling
07:25<godless>butterflies in my stomach
07:25<godless>it's love :)
07:25<godless>btw mythtv is really looking good :)
07:26<fayep>yup, I am using myth with a DVB-t card and PVR350 video out atm and it's great
07:26<fayep>shame the PVR card stops recording if you use the TVout for framebuffer
07:26+sfr [] joined #mythtv
07:27<godless>well it's pretty cheap :)
07:27<return0>girls gone wild commercial
07:27<return0>it works!
07:27<fayep>return0 is a happy bunny
07:27<return0>"you've never seen a girls gone wild video like this one"
07:27<return0>even the sound works
07:27<fayep>now to get your soundcard working
07:28<return0>yeah :)
07:28<return0>ok about that...
07:29<return0>at one point it was playing a single sample
07:29<return0>the type of thing you hear when you computer crashes and the sound repeats the last sample
07:29<return0>does xmms work with alsa btw?
07:30<fayep>not sure, definitely work with oss emulation though
07:30<return0>ok moving speakers to the sound card :P
07:31<fayep>and plugging tv card into line input
07:31<return0>is that necessary btw?
07:31<return0>is that how it records?
07:31<fayep>that's usually how it works
07:32<return0>I was thinking the tuner card did the encoding
07:32<fayep>well the PVRx50 cards do, but they output mpeg2, not video frames
07:33<fayep>with normal capture cards, the sound is captured by the soundcard, the video by the tv card and the encoding is done on the PC
07:35<return0>By golly I found the original tuner to sound card cable
07:35<fayep>you're on a roll now
07:37<return0>where to start...
07:38*return0 ponders
07:39<return0>there is a bt878 driver in the sound category of the kernel
07:40<return0>which says it gives me a oss-compatable dsp device I can record from
07:40<return0>does this mean it records from the encoder card and not from the line in on the sound card?
07:41<fayep>if it works, that certainly sounds like what it does
07:42<return0>I'm not very formiliar with alsa
07:42=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
07:42=FryGuy [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:43<return0>my roomate was frustrated that I was working on the box and he couldn't do anything so he ssh'ed in and started installing stuff at the same time
07:43<return0>to make things frustrating for me
07:43<return0>the sound didn't work even before I attempted alsa
07:43<return0>in fact that's when it did that repeating sample thing
07:44<return0>Supposedly I know which driver it is in the kernel (Via 82c686)
07:45<return0>does alsa want this driver in the form of a module or does it matter?
07:45<fayep>alsa is normally done with modules,
07:45<return0>I think we might not be talking about the same module
07:46<return0>I mean the sound card driver itself
07:46<return0>not the alsa driver
07:46<return0>or is that the same thing?
07:46<fayep>one of the alsa modules is the sound card driver
07:47<return0>so should I remove the sound driver from the kernel?
07:47<StuartL>That's a good point. I don't know if I've done the alsa stuff yet...
07:47<fayep>I usually build all of the sound stuff as a module
07:47<return0>so what about the oss sound module
07:48<return0>this is probably not what I think it is actually.
07:48<fayep>snd_oss_pcm ?
07:48<return0>sound.o :P
07:48<fayep>you want sound.o as a module still I think
07:48<StuartL>Does ALSA use /dev/dsp?
07:48<fayep>or you don't get oss compatibility
07:48<StuartL>Cos I know /dev/dsp works...
07:48<fayep>oss and alsa use /dev/dsp
07:49<StuartL>Coolio, so setting up ALSA should now be a piece of cake.
07:49<return0>so is oss what is used if alsa is not?
07:50<return0>one last thing in this sound catagory
07:50<return0>there's a TV card (bt848
07:50<return0>mixer support
07:51<fayep>you can try it. not sure it works for your card
07:52<return0>yeah I have bt878 I have no idea if that works for all the bt cards or what
07:52<return0>I guess I'll just make the module :P
07:53<return0>so my roomate compiled the alsa source since we couldn't get a deb for the right kernel version ...
07:53<return0>and that adds a kernel module I presume?
07:54<fayep>I think it adds all the modules, including soundcard driver
07:55=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
07:57<return0>but since I just recompiled my kernel I'm thinking I'll have to recompile alsa
07:58<return0>because I probably just overwrote the modules.conf
07:58<return0>I don't know I'm still a newbie
08:01<return0>oh well I have no idea what's going on there so I'll just go for a ./configure, make, make install
08:01=poo [] quit ("Download Gaim:")
08:02<return0>interesting ...
08:02<return0>aparantly it compiled all of the sound card drivers. just like you said x.x
08:06+bdale [] joined #mythtv
08:08=cbreen [] quit ()
08:11<return0>am I supposed to do something to modules.conf manually?
08:11=_beetle_ [] quit ()
08:12<godless>no, unless you want to add modules, it depends on what state it's in :)
08:13<return0>well I compiled alsa
08:13<return0>and did make install
08:13<return0>and I have no idea what that did really :P
08:18<godless>did you load the also modules
08:18<return0>just now I tried something like that
08:18<godless>modprobe alsa-snd-oss etc or something
08:18<return0>I did modprobe snd-card-via8233
08:18<godless>well :)
08:18<return0>and modprobe snd-pcm-oss
08:19<godless>ah yes
08:19<godless>no sound ?
08:19<return0>not really
08:19<godless>alsa is usually muted
08:19<godless>run alsamixer
08:19<godless>also do you have access to the /dev/xxx ?
08:19<return0>I'm root atm
08:19<godless>so you have access :)
08:20<godless>and the alsamixer ?
08:20<return0>ok I actually already tried that
08:20<return0>and I turned stuff up
08:20<return0>and unmuted everything
08:20<return0>but nothing
08:20<return0>and here's something weird
08:20<godless>did you connect the tv-out to line-in ?
08:21<godless>audio that is
08:21<godless>do tell
08:21<return0>yesterday when I tested the sound with xmms it blasted really loud that one repeating sample from the first part of a song
08:21<return0>and so I hit the volume control on the xmms
08:21=PeteCool [] quit ("Leaving")
08:21<return0>and my roomate was ssh'd in using the alsa mixer
08:22<return0>and he showed me how when I moved that volume control it changed it on his screen
08:22<return0>in the mixer
08:22<return0>but now
08:22<return0>I had turned everything up and unmuted all of ti
08:22<return0>but when I load xmms I hear no sound and the bar doesn
08:22<return0>'t move
08:22<return0>for progress of the sound
08:22<godless>did you configure xmms for alsa ?
08:22<return0>and the volume doesn't effect the mixer
08:23<return0>I don't know :P
08:23<return0>probably not
08:23<godless>check the outplug plugin in xmms :)
08:24<return0>ok I tried another something actually
08:24<return0>I started up bttv
08:24<return0>and xawtv
08:24<return0>and then went to the mixer
08:25<return0>and unmuted all
08:25<return0>and turned them all up
08:25<fayep>have you got any .wav files?
08:25<godless>what fayep says :)
08:25<fayep>if so try playing them with aplay
08:28<return0>I have an mp3 :)
08:29<fayep>then you need to have an alsa enabled mp3 player to do that. wav is easier
08:29+schultmc [] joined #mythtv
08:29<fayep>since we know aplay can play wavs to alsa
08:29<fayep>the windows "ping" sound will do
08:29<fayep>doesn't have to be a big file
08:29<return0>not seeing any
08:30<fayep>no I actually meant the M$ one
08:30<fayep>can't you find somthing to download on the web?
08:33<return0>I don't have a browser on the linux box atm how do I get a file from http if I have the full address
08:34<godless>wget ?
08:34<fayep>wget Sounds/boing.wav
08:34<return0>already did apt-get install wget and got it
08:35<fayep>might need to replace the space with %20
08:35<return0>ok it made noise but... not the right noise :P
08:35<return0>I got a 1 second wav and what played lasted for about 4 seconds and sounded like wind
08:36<return0>err someone blowing on a mic
08:36<return0>it did unsigned 8-bit rate 8000hz mono
08:36<return0>maybe it's sampled higher
08:42<return0>that was a different wav... trying that boing one
08:43<return0>it says using sound card blah blah,
08:43<return0>"Aplay: cannot found WAVE data chunk"
08:46<godless>sorry don't have any further ideas, maybe the wav is the wrong format
08:46<return0>I'm sure I have something messed up :P
08:47virsysis now known as virzyz
08:48<godless>you'll find it
08:48<godless>take a break maybe
08:57+choenig [] joined #mythtv
09:03<StuartL>How are you trying to play the file?
09:11+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
09:11=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:11kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
09:12<return0>does mythtv use hdparm automatically? or should i manually do stuff with hdparm?
09:13+holger [] joined #mythtv
09:33+sams [] joined #mythtv
09:34<sams>mornin guys.. had a question about some of the development going on with mythtv...
09:35<sams>been reading up on the new mfd for the new thinner front end and also about DAAP... whill there be the possibility to stream video from something like a web browser with this new mfd?
09:43<godless>anyone running mythtv in belgium ?
09:43<godless>I'm having problems getting the info in mythtv
09:43*choenig is away: einkaufen
09:44<sams>got an error message?
09:49+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
09:49=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
09:49kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
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09:52=return0 [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:57<godless>not really
09:57<godless>mythfilldatabase --xawchannels rr tvlisttest
09:58<godless>and I get 0 replacements made.
09:58<godless>could it be I didn't add enough channels ?
09:58<godless>also mythtv still gives me a black screen when trying to watch tv
09:58<godless>running a pvr350 on monitor (not tv)
09:59<godless>in europe belgium
10:18=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
10:21-curreyr [] left #mythtv ()
10:29=rkulagow [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:29+Desiac [] joined #mythtv
10:35<Desiac>ive installed the debian packages, i cant run the mythtv-setup, it complians about the database permissions, the database is there and ive added the permissions based on the example. when i apt installed the mythtv-database it complained about permissions, so i have been trien to add manually. anyone else had this problem?
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10:49%Netsplit over, joins: krash314, taco, schultmc, DogBoy, Viddy
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10:53+rkulagow [] joined #mythtv
10:59+_beetle_ [~beetle10@] joined #mythtv
11:02<_beetle_>would transcoding gain any benefit from multiple processors.
11:02*choenig is back (gone 01:18:47)
11:10<mdz>choenig: please turn that off
11:14warlord-afkis now known as warlord
11:14+mecraw_ [~mecraw@] joined #mythtv
11:16<StuartL>mdz: Not 100% sure that (s)he is paying attention...
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11:25burittois now known as taco
11:26<pahli_bar>what next chorizo, gordita,...
11:29<pahli_bar>i was trying to remember that one. heh
11:33=fayep [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
11:34+fayep [] joined #mythtv
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11:49<DJ_ZZzz>does the imdb# include letters
11:49DJ_ZZzzis now known as DJ_rican
11:50=Desiac [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:57<Morbo>for mythvideo? it just uses numbers...
12:01<DJ_rican>ok... also, i lost my sound when recording tv after re-installing the database, would you know why?
12:01<DJ_rican>but only on some channels...
12:03<Morbo>hmmm I haven't heard of that one before
12:06+Drikus [] joined #mythtv
12:07<DJ_rican>ok, one more.... after deleting a recording with the 'get rid of it' oprion, how can i re-record it?
12:08<DJ_rican>what do i have to delete in the database?
12:10<Morbo>don't know offhand... I'd have to look at the db schema
12:17+Torey [] joined #mythtv
12:18<Torey>I'm having issues with Qt.. and was wondering whether someone could help
12:18<Torey>It is that annoying QMYSQL3 driver problem
12:19<kvandivo>ie., something that has been discussed ad nauseum in the mail archives..
12:19<Torey>I wrote a small QT app to load the QMYSQL driver, and it works perfectly, but when mythtv loads it (from the same account with the correct environment vars set) it give me "unable to load drivers" and no drivers are present
12:19<Torey>has it? I haven't checked them
12:20<mdz>that would be a good first step
12:23<Torey>in -dev ?
12:23<Torey>(sorry, thinking about code, so had "Dev" on mind)
12:25<kvandivo>'search' will let you check both at once
12:30<Torey>I see now
12:30<Torey>I didn't see the search feature at first <- visually impaired :|
12:31<DJ_rican>anyone with a pvr-250 using the grey remote... please msg me! :)
12:45+_Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
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13:09+choenig [] joined #mythtv
13:33+Rule [] joined #mythtv
13:39+HenkPoley [] joined #mythtv
13:42<HenkPoley>Anyone knows what you need in a 2.6 kernel for LVM to work?
13:43<HenkPoley>I already got everything in the RAID/LVM config tree compiled in, but vgscan still complains
13:43<HenkPoley>Running gentoo if that helps (for worse or better)
14:01+marc [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
14:02=dja [] quit ("Download Gaim:")
14:03<marc>good evening
14:03<marc>i have a question about mythfilldatabase
14:03<marc>suppose tomorrow has show a at 8 pm and show b at 9 pm
14:04<marc>however next time mythfilldatabase runs... this night
14:04*StuartL doesn't know but might be able to guess :)
14:04<marc>and show a is still at 8, but there's show c being put at 9 pm and b only starts 9:30
14:04<marc>is that supposed to work?
14:04=Rule [] quit ("Leaving")
14:05+dja [] joined #mythtv
14:06<marc>StuartL: so?
14:09+poo [~sean@] joined #MythTV
14:14virzyzis now known as virsys
14:20<StuartL>Sorry, back now.
14:21<StuartL>Erm, that I have no idea... sorry.
14:21<marc>I have the impression it doesn't work. Although I feed mythfilldatabase with files
14:23=poo [~sean@] quit ("Download Gaim:")
14:23+poo [~sean@] joined #MythTV
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14:26+poo [~sean@] joined #MythTV
14:36+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
14:37<Netslayer>i fixed my image tearing by turning off twinview, but now whenever I play video through mythtv it shows it as a square with bars on the sides, not 4:3. If I hit W for 16:9 it fills my 4:3 tv correctly, it's very odd the menus, mplayer, etc all work in fullscreen.. any ideas?
14:39<Netslayer>frontend reports normal things: Using first Xinerama screen, 1024x768+0+0
14:40<HenkPoley>Can somebody inform me why the mythtv ebuild (== mythtv backend) needs to know about (wether or not) lirc ?
14:46<HenkPoley>Erm, I did a vgscan, and it says "Found volume group "myth" using metadata type lvm1", but..
14:47<HenkPoley>..where to find it now? there's no /dev/myth ...
14:47<HenkPoley>Like the (gentoo) docs say
14:48<sams>HenkPoley, mythtv ebuild is actually front and back ends
14:48<HenkPoley>err, okay
14:49<HenkPoley>I guess I didn't see that somehow
14:49<sams>there's a frontend only package though if you are installing on a box that will just access a mythtv server remotely
14:49<HenkPoley>ah, okay
14:49<HenkPoley>I want backend and frontend
14:49<HenkPoley>handy that's it is documented somewhere...
14:49<sams>then mythtv is only ebuild you need :) and of course an ebuild per module you want
14:50<HenkPoley></sarcasm> ;-)
14:50<HenkPoley>I'll first need to find out what I need to do to get my Pundit to output TV safely
14:50<sams>the docs for gentoo aren't very clear at this time is what I have gathered... but they are getting better
14:51<sams>the docs do cover that fairly well... if all else fails, read the docs under redhat and do a manual install
14:51<fayep>Henk: mythtv has the option to build in native lirc support, that's why the ebuild has that option
14:51<HenkPoley>yes, for example, the (stage install) gentoo docs tell you to emerge lvm-users, while Linux kernel 2.6 users need to emerge lvm2
14:52<HenkPoley>fayep, I get that :-)
14:52<sams>yeah, 2.6 and gentoo aren't perfect friends yet... they got some relationship issues to work out still
14:52<HenkPoley>But still, I need to get lvm2 working :/
14:53<HenkPoley>might as well recreate my lvm partition so it's lvm2 format
14:53<sams>you can use lvm1 under 2.6, but I hear its kinda buggy... I am using 2.4 kernel with my mythtv and its rock solid
14:53<HenkPoley>lvm2 works?
14:53<HenkPoley>I currently only need it as a wrapper for my store
14:53<sams>not using lvm2 yet, still lvm1 with the 2.4 kernel
14:53<sams>but 2.4 does support lvm2
14:54<HenkPoley>so I can increase it with a secondary USB2.0 drive
14:54<Netslayer>myth isn't detecting my screen correctly, menu's are full screen, mplayer does full screen but mythtv playback becomes a square, with bars on the sides. This happened right after I took off twinview, any ideas?
14:55<sams>anyone got any advice for using mencode to convert from the mpeg4.nuv files to a divx4 or real mpeg4 or xvid or just anything that is usable... this is giving me a headache
14:55<HenkPoley>sams, I'll try reboot, maybe it'll mount then, heard strange things like that before
14:55<Netslayer>if u use windows get the myth directshow drivers
14:55<Netslayer>then u can use some apps to convert em in windows
14:55=HenkPoley [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
14:56<sams>Netslayer, good idea, but I'd really love to just have my mythtv box do it for me
14:56<Netslayer>heh know the feeling
14:56<Netslayer>if nuvexport still works use that
14:57+HenkPoley [] joined #mythtv
14:57<sams>have any idea what ebuild nuvexport comes with?
14:57<HenkPoley>..didn't help
14:57<Netslayer>it doesn't
14:57<Netslayer>search the list, the author has a site
14:57<Netslayer>it's a very small program
14:57<sams>I have been trying to use mkmovie but that pretty much fails every time with everything I have tried
14:57<Netslayer>with a lot of dependencies
14:57<Netslayer>uh that's really old
14:58<Netslayer>it's unsupported since 5 months ago
14:58<sams>HenkPoley, a friend of mine got lvm1 working under 2.6 and also has a box using lvm2 under 2.6, and I know he had to do some work to get the lvm1 working right
14:59<sams>I'd give my mouse's ball to just have a nice gui interface for exporting to xvid or something
14:59=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:59<fayep>well there's a transcode to mpeg4 thing built into mythtv
15:00<HenkPoley>sams, lvm-user (==lvm1?) complaint about 'module not loaded'
15:00<HenkPoley>lvm2 did at least seems to work
15:00<sams>fayep, my mpeg2 from my pvr250 are being auto transcoded to mpeg4, but still its wrapped in the funky .nuv format and nothing can read it
15:01<sams>fayep, from what I have been reading, its gotta be mencoded to basically unwrap it, but mplayer's mencode is not playing nice with the hacked nuppel format
15:01<HenkPoley>Ah, vgscan --mknodes :: Also checks the LVM special files in /dev that are needed for active logical volumes and creates any missing ones and removes unused ones
15:01<sams>HenkPoley, yes, lvm-user is for lvm1... let me see what the module name is...
15:01<fayep>HenkPoley: you're using gentoo aren't you?
15:02<HenkPoley>hmm, doesn't work
15:02<HenkPoley>gentoo yes
15:02<sams>lvm-mod is module name
15:02<HenkPoley>that's (probably) why my reboot was so fast
15:02<fayep>gentoo uses devfs, therefore if the drivers there the nodes will be
15:03<fayep>what does pvscan give you?
15:03<sams>HenkPoley, make sure you got devfs support in your 2.6 kernel... its deprecated but still required
15:03<HenkPoley>Well, I followed the docs, I'm pretty shure I have it, I'll check though
15:04<mdz>Chutt: you might want to add a note to that 0.13 news item with the patch saying that it's already included in the debs
15:04<sams>mdz, is that patch included in the ebuilds as well?
15:04<mdz>sams: I really wouldn't know, maybe
15:05<Chutt>they're in all the packages
15:05<sams>yup, just saw the -r1 package... too bad its still declared buggy for some reason
15:06<HenkPoley>hmm, somehow I have a /dev/mythtv/ with a mysql.txt it
15:06<HenkPoley>hmm wrong..
15:06<HenkPoley>not in /dev/
15:07<fayep>sams.. declared buggy?
15:07<sams>fayep, I have to set ACCEPT_KEYWORDS to ~x86 to unmask it
15:08<fayep>that doesnt mean it's buggy, it means it hasn't been put into "stable" yet
15:08<HenkPoley>that's why I only installed 0.12, yes
15:08<sams>yeah but when you go gentoo's package site, they got a nice little bug icon next to the 13-r1 release :)
15:09<sams>I know what you are saying though, I just use the term cause of the icon
15:09<fayep>perhaps not-tested-enough or *may* contain bugs
15:09<Netslayer>how can i save the aspect ratio settings by pressing W? anyone know it doesn't stick when i come back
15:09<sams>maybe have a half-bug icon.. legs are falling off or somethig
15:10<HenkPoley>sams, I got [*] /dev file system support (OBSOLETE) in my kernel, so it should be in, yes? :-P
15:10<sams>Netslayer, there's a global and personal mplayer conf file that you can set that in
15:10<Netslayer>no for mythtv
15:10<Netslayer>mplayer is fine :-)
15:10<HenkPoley>Automatically mount at boot also on
15:10<fayep>HenkPoley: I don't think gentoo even boots without devfs
15:10<HenkPoley>I thought so fayep
15:10<fayep>so you must have it :)
15:10<sams>HenkPoley, yeah, that should be good then
15:11<fayep>did you do that pvscan?
15:11<HenkPoley>I'll try
15:11<sams>Netslayer, dont know about any aspect ratio for mythtv, never had to mess with it
15:11<HenkPoley># pvscan
15:11<HenkPoley> PV /dev/hda4 VG myth lvm1 [107.47 GB / 64.00 MB free]
15:11<HenkPoley> Total: 1 [64.00 MB] / in use: 1 [64.00 MB] / in no VG: 0 [0 ]
15:11<Netslayer>i turned twinview off, and now mythtv plays back in a square box with bars on the side, it's not filling my tv, but the menus and mplayer work just fine
15:12<sams>oh, you're using xinerama?
15:12<Netslayer>it was yes, now the logs don't mention it
15:12<Netslayer>before: Found 2 Xinerama Screens.
15:12<Netslayer>Using first Xinerama screen, 1024x768+0+0
15:12<sams>hehe... good luck on that one :) took me forever and a dayto get xinerama just working on my laptop here... cant imagine trying to get mythtv working with it :)
15:13<Netslayer>but now I don't get any of those, because i turned off metamodes, twinview, etc
15:13<HenkPoley>sams, still nog good, I'll search the net and read some man pages
15:13<Netslayer>i just want fullscreen playback :-/
15:13<sams>twinview on is just both screens display same thing right? I know my screen here is like just one extremely wide desktop, so I dont know if its even possible to get mythtv to see 1 screen and just stick to it and not span across
15:14<sams>HenkPoley, when my friend who did it gets on later, I'll ask him if you're still around
15:14<fayep>Ah.. HenkPoley: did you add the lvm init.d to default runlevel?
15:14<Netslayer>i think it worked for me like that
15:14<Netslayer>but it was causing image tearing, so i want it off
15:15<Netslayer>this has to be a bug, it never used to this before when i had the old setup the same way
15:15<Netslayer>the aspect ratio won't even stick with W
15:15<sams>can you hit W and get the display correct for the current showing?
15:15<Netslayer>yes, it says 16:9 and it fills my 4:3 tv fine
15:15<Netslayer>but it won't stick
15:16<sams>maybe browse around in the database to see if there is an aspect column
15:16<sams>or something similar
15:16<Netslayer>4:3 is a square with bars on the sides, 16:9 goes true 4:3 and works
15:16<Netslayer>err ya should do that
15:16<HenkPoley>fayep, vgscan says it is run 'automaticly' (==not needed?) with lvm2
15:16<fayep>ah ok
15:16<HenkPoley>:: In LVM2, vgscans take place automatically; but you might still need to run one explicitly after changing hardware.
15:17<fayep>then it sounds like lvm2 isn't loaded
15:17<HenkPoley>man page
15:31<HenkPoley>Mwa, I might just ditch LVM and use the good ol' partitioning system :-/
15:31<Netslayer>raid 0
15:32<sams>use lvm with raid5 on top
15:32<HenkPoley>What on one disk?
15:32<Netslayer>is mythtv video worth raid5 redundancy
15:32<HenkPoley>I don't have any extra disks atm
15:33<Netslayer>then why do u need lvm
15:33<HenkPoley>pundit has only one 3.5" slot and one IDE channel
15:33<sams>well you can... and then later you'll be all set to take your 3 partition disk and replace it with 3 physical drives for a real raid5 :)
15:33<Netslayer>i have 4 x 160's on raid0, works like a charm
15:33<HenkPoley>yes, but I don't :-P
15:33<Netslayer>ur futureproofing?
15:33<HenkPoley>I've got a 'measily' 120GB-8MB Maxtor
15:34<sams>I love lvm for my mythtv... just fall back on the 2.4 kernel.. gentoo and 2.6 still aren't stable
15:34<Netslayer>still lots of room
15:34<HenkPoley>I need 2.6 for my Cinergy remote (I 'think')
15:34<sams>2.6 shouldn't have any remote stuff in it... thats gonna be lirc
15:35<HenkPoley>And I didn't like needing to dig into 2.4 kernel config
15:35<HenkPoley>sams, it has
15:35<HenkPoley>the saa7134 is improved in 2.6
15:35<HenkPoley>...kernel module that is
15:36<HenkPoley>Adn it doesn't seem to work in 2.4 according to v4l mailinglist (the dev said that)
15:36<HenkPoley>he knows, I hope
15:36<sams>that'll teach ya to buy cinergy
15:36<HenkPoley>I don't really need the remote support
15:36<HenkPoley>Its just that I would then need to buy another remote
15:36<sams>build your own receiver from radioshack parts for $10.. its a fun project
15:37<HenkPoley>which seems a bit akward
15:37<HenkPoley>yeah, 10$ and shipment to Europe for 40 EURO :-P
15:37<HenkPoley>but I guess I an buy this stuff here :-P
15:38+bdunn13 [] joined #mythtv
15:38<sams>no one listen to bdunn13, he's gay
15:38<HenkPoley>if I buy a remote I think I'll buy an RF one, all IR remotes I've seen lately (last years) are very weak
15:38<sams>and he uses bellsouth... double gay
15:39<bdunn13>and to top it all off, I don't even have a mythtv box
15:39<HenkPoley>I'll be off, get some sleep, 21:40 here
15:39=HenkPoley [] quit ("Leaving")
15:39<sams>Henk, the crappy one I got from walmart can be used from my bedroom... goes out the door, down the hallway, bounces off the wall and back at the tv... although RF would be cool :)
15:39<sams>aww, he missed my message
15:41=roodee [~roodee@] quit ("ircII EPIC4-1.1.14 -- Are we there yet?")
15:49=sams [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:51<thor_>Netslayer, you fiddled with your overscan ?
15:53+sams2100 [] joined #mythtv
15:53<DJ_rican>how do i give tv shows information to display using MythVideo? it displays correctly using recording playback...
15:54<sams2100>you using mythvideo to play back yoru recorded programs?
15:55<DJ_rican>no.. but they do show up under mythvideo...
15:56<Netslayer>thor, nope, the myth menus are fullscreen, mythvideo/mplayer is fullscreen just playback/livetv on mythtv goes square
15:56=rkulagow [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
15:56<sams2100>oh you mean under mythvideo you are seeing the numbered filenames instead of the name of hte show?
15:57<Netslayer>before it reported it 'Found 2 Xinerama Screens.' but now it doesn't show that
15:57<DJ_rican>yes... anyway to change that?
15:58<sams2100>DJ, not that I know of... I would guess no
15:58<Netslayer>if i hit W, it says 16:9 and actually gives a correct 4:3 picture, but i don't want to press it everytime
15:58<sams2100>usually people setup their pvr directory different than their video directory
15:59<DJ_rican>ok... anyway that i can only have ripped dvds show up in MythVideo?
16:00=Drikus [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:02<sams2100>just configure your dvd ripping options to save it to the same directory as your video is set for
16:02<sams2100>it will show up there as just another movie file
16:03<DJ_rican>ok, how do i change what dir the tv shows get recorded to? i've looked everywhere...
16:05<sfr>but in the right place.
16:05<sams2100>its in the setup section
16:05<DJ_rican>lol... sams2100: i went there... there;
16:05<sfr>DJ_rican: run setup to change it
16:05<sams2100>may have to run the setup program
16:05<DJ_rican>'s no place to put in a dir for tv recording...
16:06<sfr>DJ_rican: General->Next First entry
16:07<DJ_rican>sfr: that's Global Auto Expire settings
16:07<sfr>DJ_rican: definetely NOT
16:08<sfr>DJ_rican: run setup on your backend, NOT mythfrontend
16:08<DJ_rican>under setup, TV, General, ?? yes it is...
16:08<DJ_rican>in mythtvsetup? ok
16:08<sams2100>if you using gentoo, yes
16:10<DJ_rican>ack! now my dvds don't show up...
16:11<DJ_rican>ok.. all i would like is for ripped dvds to show up in mythvideo...
16:14<DJ_rican>cool, got it... thx
16:20=poo [~sean@] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:24<thor_>Chutt, you around ?
16:32=_beetle_ [~beetle10@] quit ()
16:33=marc [~Marc@] quit ("Leaving")
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17:57+mdz [] joined #mythtv
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18:18+sfr [] joined #mythtv
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18:52+gerhard [] joined #mythtv
18:55<gerhard>hi all, i have a probl. with IMDB lookup mythfrontend segfaults. anyone who knows wht might be wrong. I use mythtv 0.12
18:58<Netslayer>hmm cvs of that isn't working either, but it don't segfault
18:58<pahli_bar>gerhard: the most common answer you will get is: upgrade to 0.13 and see if the problem is still there
19:00<gerhard>I will do that
19:01<pahli_bar>do not upgrade to cvs directly. try with 0.13 first
19:03<gerhard>do I also have to upgrade XMLTV since it does not include tv_grab_sn anymore an the version I have works again. It did not for some weeks and all of a sudden it worked again
19:03<pahli_bar>its a good idea to keep xmltv updated
19:04+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
19:04+virsys [] joined #mythtv
19:09+_beetle_ [] joined #mythtv
19:09<_beetle_>I have a fasttrak 100, and 4 20 GB ATA 66 Drives. I am planning to use these to boot from, and capture video. I have a Hauppauge Wintv PVR-250, so disk bandwidth isn't a huge concern, however I would like to have performance as optimal as is possible. I guess my question is really this. Am I better off striping the drives with the raid controller, and using LVM on one big disk, or am I better off using each of the drives individual-
19:09<_beetle_>ly, and let LVM do the striping for me?
19:09=Misirlou [] quit ("asdf")
19:10<pahli_bar>_beetle_: you will get better answers from mythtv-users mailing lists.
19:10+bdale [~bdale@] joined #mythtv
19:13<_beetle_>pahli_bar: Thanks, I'll probably post there, and start trying at the same time.
19:13<DJ_rican>why do my xmame games come up windowed?
19:14+h2odysee [] joined #mythtv
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20:02+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
20:05<pahli_bar>hmm. crash and burn with nvidia drivers and qt opengl text rendering
20:10=h2odysee [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:23<pahli_bar>Chutt: around?
20:24+_rkulagow [] joined #mythtv
20:27=Netslayer [] quit ()
20:28<pahli_bar>i was working on the mythgallery opengl slideshows and in order to make things consistent (qglwidgets painting is different from qwidgets), i moved both opengl & regular slideshows to different windows
20:29<pahli_bar>so singleview is different from either of the two slideshow windows.
20:30<pahli_bar>only problem is that, its difficult to differentiate between a singleview and the slideshow windows(especially when paused(
20:37<pahli_bar>in case of the regular slideshow i can(and do) paint a pixmap saying paused. but some problems with nvidia driver and opengl, so currently can't do it there
20:37+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
20:38=bdale_ [~bdale@] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:40<pahli_bar>maybe i will just commit in the code and then wait for the complaints to come and deal with it on a per case basis :)
20:41=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:42=rkulagow [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:44<pahli_bar>are we close to a release?
20:44<pahli_bar>then maybe i can hold it off.
20:50<Chutt>not really
20:51<Chutt>been busy with other stuff
20:51<pahli_bar>hmm. ok then. i will go ahead and commit it. (and cross my fingers and wait)
20:52<Teflon>hey chutt, man was it easy to get mythtv setup for a 2nd frontend (after the OS and library install) thanks again!
20:52<Netslayer>have any inspirational thoughts as to what might cause mythtv to playback video square not in 4:3? The menus and mplayer go fullscreen, but livetv/watch recordings shows as a square until i hit W, then 16:9 fills my 4:3 tv correctly. This just started after i removed twinview from my config, it was causing image tearing
20:58<Netslayer>hmm think it's my XF86Config
20:58=Justin_ [~justin@] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:02<pahli_bar>ok. mythgallery opengl slideshow transitions. i will be happy if somebody can bang it a little and see if it works for you
21:02<pahli_bar>i meant its committed in cvs
21:03<Chutt>pahli_bar, i'll test it in a bit
21:04<pahli_bar>Chutt: thnx and you know where to go knocking if things break :)
21:08=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
21:08<Netslayer>i don't understand putting "DisplaySize 325 210" inside of Section "Monitor" makes mythtv output a square picture by default! any ideas?
21:08<Netslayer>i comment that out, get small text and a fullscreen video playback
21:08<thor_>leave it out and use startx -- -dpi 100 instead ?
21:09<Netslayer>i have it startx automaticaly, actualy i forgot which file i tweaked for that
21:09+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
21:09<Netslayer>that might be an option if i can find that file
21:10<Netslayer>any ideas?
21:11=Sembiance [] quit ("leaving")
21:16<Netslayer>found it
21:16<Netslayer>it works!
21:17<Netslayer>now if i can figure out why my digital out stopped working in myth i'll be set, works perfectly on the other box though
21:19<pahli_bar>hmm. maybe i will create an opengl based singleview. that should get rid of all inconsistencies
21:24+Justin_ [~justin@] joined #mythtv
21:26+Falikal [] joined #mythtv
21:26+hadees [] joined #mythtv
21:27<Falikal>I have a couple of questions. I have been fairly sucessful getting things to run .. I have a Hauppauge 250 I just picked up today ... I have been playing for a couple of weeks now but just got the card ... it seemed to setup just fine
21:27+Desiac [] joined #mythtv
21:27<hadees>Falikal, what are your questions?
21:27<Falikal>mythtvsetup took it ok ... I went to run live tv and got this .. QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
21:27<Falikal>2004-01-12 19:20:21 Error writing stringlist
21:27<Falikal>Remote encoder not responding.
21:27<Falikal>lots and lots of times :)
21:28<Chutt>ask on the users list.
21:28<hadees>i am not sure of the cause but those kind of errors usally have already been answered in the mailing list
21:28<Falikal>ok I though someone here might know :)
21:29<hadees>not off the top of my head...
21:29<Chutt>and look at the backend output for errors before posting.
21:29<Falikal>where is the log for the backend?
21:30<Falikal>I once came across a serachable copy of the userlist .. do you know the address??
21:30<Falikal>I have lost it ...
21:31<hadees>go to google and search for mythtv mailing list
21:31+monkyBox [] joined #mythtv
21:31<monkyBox>just got an xbox :D can anyone point me to the site for that xbox-mythtv livecd?
21:32<Chutt>why do people run mythbackend as a daemon before testing it out manually first?
21:32<Chutt>doesn't it seem really stupid to anyone else?
21:33<jbeimler>I've learned not to :)
21:33<pahli_bar>if they are installing from a binary, by default it would run as a daemon
21:34<Chutt>it shouldn't start running at all as a daemon
21:34<hadees>has anyone had stablity problems when running a m179 with mythtv?
21:35<pahli_bar>the debian binaries i think set it up to run as daemon. although it won't start it automatically
21:35+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
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21:45+virsys [] joined #mythtv
21:55=fayep [] quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
21:55<pahli_bar>ok. will bbl
21:56=_beetle_ [] quit ()
21:58+SuperID [] joined #mythtv
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21:59<monkyBox>can someone help me troubleshoot this MythMusic problem? I'm using a NFS mount for my music, and I keep getting the error: Decoder error. "DecoderMAD: Failed to open input. Error 5"
22:00<monkyBox>I am able to play music with other players.. just not mythmusic
22:01<Netslayer>where does mythvideo store thumbnails? i setup videos using the videomanager and i can see thumbnails when i browse video but when i goto the other mythbox with the shared dir it doesn't show them all??
22:02<pahli_bar>it might be under ~/.mythtv
22:02<thor_>monkeyBox, that error means it can't open the files for read (permissions?)
22:05<monkyBox>thor_: I'm running mythfrontend as root.. I can play the files w/ madplay and mpg123... just not w/ mythfrontend
22:05+bdale [~bdale@] joined #mythtv
22:07*pahli_bar thinks of the day xmltv won't work and shudders
22:13+Salec [] joined #mythtv
22:13<Salec>myth must be run on an x server right?
22:13<Salec>frontend that is
22:13<thor_>monkeyBox, just looking at something ...
22:14<thor_>monkeyBox, what version?
22:15<thor_>from source, or package ?
22:15<monkyBox>source (gentoo ebuild)
22:15<thor_>you know enough C++ to edit a few lines, recompile, etc .... ?
22:16<monkyBox>damn.. no mythmusic crashes and causes my sound-board to make some freaky helicopter noise until I reboot :P
22:16<monkyBox>thor_: perhaps
22:16<monkyBox>took 2 semesters of intro 2 C++
22:16<monkyBox>...that's about it though
22:16<thor_>more than me, hang on a sec
22:17*monkyBox is curious...
22:18<thor_>maddecoder.cpp, around line 100, you see the error message?
22:18<monkyBox>just a sec..
22:20<monkyBox>ok now I see it
22:21<thor_>is it on line 100 exactly?
22:21<monkyBox>just before if (! input()->isOpen()) {
22:22<thor_>yup, one sec
22:24<thor_>ok, at line 91, just after the test if input() exists
22:24<thor_>add this:
22:25<thor_>(one sec, have to try it and see if it compiles first)
22:25<monkyBox>ok :)
22:29<thor_>right, line 91, add this:
22:29<thor_>QIODevice *the_input = input();
22:29<thor_>if(QFile *the_file = dynamic_cast<QFile*>(the_input))
22:30<thor_>cout << "will try and open this file: " << the_file->name() << endl;
22:30<thor_>make, make install
22:31+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
22:31+sfr__ [] joined #mythtv
22:32=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:32<monkyBox>ok.. building...
22:32<monkyBox>so what exactly did that do other than tell me the file it's opening?
22:32<thor_>that's all
22:33<monkyBox>oh ok.. so we're just going to use it as a debug basically...
22:34<thor_>debugging via IRC ... not a great idea, but I've seen this 2 or 3 times now, and am hoping it's something simple
22:35*monkyBox twiddles his thumbs as compiler lines fly by
22:36=Netslayer [] quit ()
22:36<monkyBox>ooh goodie it's done..
22:37<monkyBox>rebooting my frontend..
22:37<thor_>make install, mythfrontend
22:38*kvandivo whispers to thor_, "I think he is used to working on Windows."
22:38<monkyBox>well, my frontend was turned off...
22:38<monkyBox>i was building in a chroot'd environment..
22:38<monkyBox>frontend runs off nfs from the server
22:40<monkyBox>dammit... segfaulted before it could play...
22:40<monkyBox>lemme try just selecting one song... that worked before (at least enough to get the decoderMAD error)....
22:41<thor_>I think you may have larger issues :-)
22:41=SuperID [] quit ("Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts")
22:43<monkyBox>aw crap.. still segfaults.. dammit!
22:44<thor_>probably something to do with your "unique" environment, but you might at least think about gdb and a backtrace to -dev if you're getting regular segfaults
22:44<monkyBox>yeah, I'll probably have to do that..
22:45+newtroot [] joined #mythtv
22:49<hadees>anyone on the brim of doing something really cool for mythtv? like a new plugin or an amazing updat
22:49<thor_>the new image stuff is pretty cool
22:50<hadees>what new image stuff?
22:52+SuperID [] joined #mythtv
22:53<newtroot>anyone gentoo users having trouble emerging mythtv-themes?
22:53<SuperID>if I ssh to my mythbackend box is there a way from the bash prompt that I can get a list of the recording schedule?
22:54<DJ_rican>why do my xmame games come up windowed?
22:57<thor_>SuperID, lynx http://localhost:6544
22:58<monkyBox>newroot what problem are you having?
22:58<monkyBox>is it the digest thing?
23:00<Invisi>newtroot: my friend had problems even emerging a couple weeks ago
23:01<SuperID>thor: rock!
23:12+hardkrash [] joined #mythtv
23:13<hardkrash>hey folks
23:13<hardkrash>anyone around
23:13<hardkrash>i just installed myth
23:13+cbreen [] joined #mythtv
23:13<hardkrash>and i get the pall error
23:13<cbreen>hey all
23:13<hardkrash>hey cbreen
23:13<cbreen>anyone make an ir blaster for myth? i'm looking at making the serial device from
23:13<hardkrash>you know much about the pal issue with bttv cards?
23:14<cmorgan>cbreen: yes
23:14<cmorgan>cbreen: the improved transmitter by enrique vidal works quite well
23:14=newtroot [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:15+newtroot [] joined #mythtv
23:18=virsys [] quit (Connection reset by peer)
23:20+virsys [] joined #mythtv
23:28=virsys [] quit (Connection reset by peer)
23:28<DJ_rican>ok, anyone here had the 'e' option work withing mythgame?
23:31<hardkrash>i need help witl nstc not working i got just pal green :-/
23:34-Salec [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
23:38=SuperID [] quit ("Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts")
23:43+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
23:48=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:58=schwin97 [] quit ("Client exiting")
23:59<cbreen>lirc question, i emerged the current ebuild in gentoo, but i don't see any option to configure...should I just go source?
---Logclosed Tue Jan 13 00:00:38 2004