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00:22<Chutt>pahli_bar, very nice work on the opengl stuff
00:24<Desiac>im tring to install the deb packages, having problems with db permissions, what password does mythtv use to access the db, or where can i set its password
00:24<Netslayer>opengl? what are u doing that requires opengl heh
00:24<Netslayer> you can set it at /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt
00:24<hardkrash>hey folks
00:24<Netslayer>search for the file first, deb's are prob in a diff dir
00:24<Desiac>thanks mate :)
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00:25<hardkrash>i just set up a system and the video is static and green
00:25<hardkrash>as far as i can tell that means that it is in pal mod still
00:25<thor_>or you're watching a really crappy channel
00:26<Netslayer>u try xawtv? if that works then it's not mythtv
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00:26<Chutt>hardkrash, 2nd thing on the main page of the website
00:27<hardkrash>i performed the database maipultaion
00:28<hardkrash>xawtv has a blue screen
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00:41<Netslayer>hey the dvdrip feature, how do i start it, i'm in the menu?
00:41<Netslayer>i have all the stuff set, but how do i actually get it to start processing?
00:45<DJ_rican>have you started mtd?
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00:46<Netslayer>ya i think so
00:46<Netslayer>it shows me the settings
00:46<DJ_Rican>Netslayer: press '0'
00:46<Netslayer>i can select things, etc, but it always says 0 process selected titles
00:46<Netslayer>and i go back and it says nothing to do
00:46<DJ_Rican>yeah... you have to start mtd
00:46<DJ_Rican>open a terminal and type 'mtd' leave it running
00:47<Netslayer>it's going!
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00:53<Netslayer>it keeps exiting after ripping but before transcoding
00:55<DJ_Rican>Netslayer: not enough HD space...
00:55<DJ_Rican>ohh... wait... transcoding to what?
00:57<DJ_Rican>it would always quit on me because of not enough hd space... check the backend log...
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01:01<newtroot>anyone know the status of mythtv using qt embedded?
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01:07<Netslayer>i'll do that
01:08<Netslayer>22:07:50: job thread finished ripping dvd title
01:08<Netslayer>22:07:50: Error: Could not start transcode
01:08<thor_>transcode installed?
01:09<Netslayer>u mean when compiled, everything was yes
01:09<Netslayer>wait, that's odd /mnt/raid/pvr/movies//
01:09<thor_>read the README
01:09<Netslayer>it's a path prob probably
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01:20<billytwowilly>That's interesting.. any idea what's happening with all this banning?
01:21<billytwowilly>but why the ban? and it's a weird ban I've never seen before.. looks like it's from the server..
01:21<mikegrb>when the servers reconnect they re-apply any bans
01:22<Netslayer>just got a message stating a major us hub went down
01:22<billytwowilly>I got that too.
01:23<billytwowilly>so when reconnects it automagically applies all the bans it has set for a certain channel? That's interesting. I didn't know.
01:23<mikegrb>just in case they changed on either side of the link
01:23<mikegrb>to make sure everyone is on the same page
01:24<billytwowilly>so if I get banned and then a server disconnects and I get unbanned and then that server reconnects it would re-ban me?
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01:24<Berto>my computer is too slow to watch live tv on mythtv :-(
01:24<Berto>think it'll work if i use it to record tv shows though? hmmm maybe i can set lower quality settings if i want live
01:25<mikegrb>billytwowilly: heh well yes perhaps
01:25<mikegrb>billytwowilly: /normally/ splits don't last long
01:25<Netslayer>Berto, all depends but usually ya, playback uses 15-20% cpu
01:26<Berto>Netslayer: i have an athlon 550 with 384mb ram
01:26<billytwowilly>that's interesting to me. I thought (with no technical knowledge of any of it) that the reconnecting server would take the main server's word for it.
01:26<Netslayer>u could always use mjpeg
01:26<Berto>Netslayer: i don't mind not watching live tv ( i know its compressing while i do that ) -- i can use xawtv
01:26<Netslayer>that's a lot less intensive
01:26<billytwowilly>or get a pvr-250.
01:26<Berto>Netslayer: yeah i'm not that intense about tv though! haha
01:26<Berto>Netslayer: think i can at least record shows iwht my setup?
01:27<mikegrb>billytwowilly: well how do the servers know which is the main and which isn't ;)
01:27<Netslayer>um probably at some quality ya
01:27<Berto>i also didn't have GLX working. Maybe that will help playback once i get NVidia drivers working right
01:27<Netslayer>try 480x480 mpeg4, then go down to 352x240
01:27<Berto>fair enough! I'll play tomorrow now that the quality is actually looking good
01:27<Berto>yep... or mjpeg eh?
01:27<mikegrb>billytwowilly: and what happens when the servers on each end are equal level, at any rate we are offtopic ;)
01:27<Netslayer>ya xv helps a lot in playback
01:28<Netslayer>mjpeg is an idea, change the codec at the top and see if it works
01:28<Berto>sweet... moving to 2.6.0 really helped with bttv though
01:28<billytwowilly>yah, sorry for being off topic, it's just that this is the only channel that I saw that happening in.
01:28<Netslayer>really in what way?
01:28<Berto>Netslayer: thanks for the motivation
01:28<Berto>Netslayer: i don't know... things looked fine in xawtv -- but when i went to live playback, it looked TERRIBLE... like the tuning was a touch off
01:28<Berto>Netslayer: looks better now, minus the choppiness on playback
01:29<Netslayer>anyone know if there is a gentoo emerge for liba52
01:29<Berto>Netslayer: yeah no one before had any idea... its cool now though... although not 100% happy with 2.6.0
01:29<Netslayer>ah my setup works with 2.4.23, i'm happy..took me two weeks i'm happy it's over
01:29<Netslayer>have a network here of myth boxes
01:31<Berto>why a network of em, Netslayer ?
01:32<Netslayer>anyone have any idea about my post about SPDIF stop working :
01:32<Netslayer>well i have two setup boxes that do recording cause they are at different locations
01:32<Netslayer>and have a couple frontends that connect
01:38<Netslayer>it is when it works
01:40<Netslayer>gosh my webhost isn't back up yet, it's been 36hrs already since they got hacked..still nothing nice not to know what's going on with your site
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02:11<Chutt>tmk, yo
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02:19<tmk>david come out with a new patch yet?
02:19<tmk>he seems happy with current ivtv
02:20<Chutt>nothing newer than before this past weekend
02:20<Chutt>he's ready to commit it to cvs
02:20<Chutt>just waiting on you :p
02:20<tmk>i'm fixing up 0.1.8 now
02:20<tmk>i guess i'll make it 0.1.9 for you..
02:20<tmk>since you wanted to do a version check
02:21<Chutt>yeah, that's why he asked for taht
02:36<tmk>just about done
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02:36<tmk>i'm going to release a 0.1.8rc1
02:36<tmk>and if people like it
02:36<tmk>it'll be 0.1.9
02:41<Chutt>you just want to delay the mythtv commit
02:42<tmk>ack! you're on to me
02:42<tmk>if i'm changing the version #, i want it to work
02:43<Chutt>you're changing micro versions
02:43<Chutt>bfd :p
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02:43<Chutt>8rc1 isn't a nice number to compare versions against
02:44<tmk>when i release the real one
02:44<tmk>it'll be 0.1.9
02:44<tmk>and there's no way to check for the sub-# that i know of (ie rc1)
02:45<thor_>three ints and be done with it
02:45<Chutt>i just don't belive in prereleases :p
02:46<tmk>ok i'm not releasing it
02:46<tmk>i'm putting it as CVS-latest
02:46<Chutt>if i go to the trouble of putting out a release, that's what it is
02:46<tmk>happy now?
02:46<Chutt>heh, do whatever you want :p
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02:46<tmk>i fixed the timestamp thing
02:46<tmk>hopefully for good
02:46<tmk>that was buggin'
02:47<Chutt>i'll just be very happy once david's patch is in cvs
02:47<tmk>yeah i wrote my own version for testing
02:47<tmk>it's quite slick
02:47<tmk>very fast
02:47<tmk>i still want an index-only hook for mythcommflag though
02:47<tmk>hint hint
02:47<Chutt>ask captain_murdoch when he's back around
02:47<Chutt>that's his code
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02:48<tmk>but while you're here
02:48<tmk>i'll ask you
02:48<Chutt>problem is, all i've had time for lately is to apply other people's patches
02:48<tmk>yeah i need to stop reading my mailing-list
02:48<tmk>it's taking up all my time
02:49<Chutt>i can start forwarding all the ivtv complaints on mythtv-users to you =)
02:49<Chutt>every now and then i say 'this isn't the right list for ivtv problems'
02:49<tmk>i'll just tell them to get the latest ivtv
02:49<Chutt>but no one pays any attention to that
02:49<tmk>you need a lackey to do that
02:50<tmk>point people at the faq and such
02:50<Chutt>i should just script it
02:50<Chutt>how many people are on ivtv-dev?
02:50<tmk>too many
02:50<Chutt>do you have admin access to mailman? =)
02:50<tmk>the ratio of users to wishlist purchase is small
02:50<tmk>not really
02:50<tmk>i lost thet password
02:51<tmk>i need to find it again
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02:51<Chutt>i was just curious
02:51<tmk>i'm right around the top 200 on though
02:51<Chutt>snow-man's been complaining about the amount of mailing list traffic going through our colo box =)
02:52<tmk>bandwith can get expensive
02:52<HenkPoley>350 mails per day to x 100 people, pff...
02:52<tmk>we're always working on lower rates from our providers at work
02:52<tmk>problem is there are only so manyy
02:52<Chutt>tmk, $100/1000GB/month is what we pay
02:52<tmk>and DTAG is crappy
02:52<tmk>that's expensive
02:53<Chutt>not for a personal website :p
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02:53<tmk>is that a gb total traffic
02:53<tmk>or per sec
02:53<Chutt>for the month, yeah
02:53<tmk>oh ok
02:53<tmk>heh, i'm used to $/meg a second
02:54<tmk>how much do you push on avg?
02:54<tmk>do you have graphs?
02:55<Chutt>past month's been 390kb/s out, 60 in
02:55<tmk>that's not that much
02:55<Chutt>it's not
02:55<tmk>i had a 416k sdsl before
02:56<tmk>that could have served
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02:56<tmk>i guess that was $150/mo thouh
02:56<Chutt>not for when i get linked to from /.
02:56<tmk>hehe yeah
02:57<tmk>pvr stuff seems to be on there pretty frequently
02:57<tmk>i've found ivtv mentioned a lot in the comments
02:57<tmk>kind of scary that my poor code has that kind of audienc
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03:24<tmk>chutt you still up?
03:27<Chutt>for another couple minutes
03:29<tmk>wondering if you saw the hardware rewind thread
03:30<tmk>and if so, had interest
03:30<Chutt>i dunno
03:31<tmk>smooth ff/rew would be nice...
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03:35<mechou>OK, is it me or is mythgallery from cvs all screw up? seg faults, no key bings documented, generally unusable?
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03:36<Chutt>works fine here.
03:36<Chutt>perhaps you should get a backtrace?
03:37<thor_>it's new, and very spiffy
03:37<mechou>Chutt, really? I would if I can figure out how to navigate in in it :).....
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03:37<tmk>chutt: any news on the remote back/frontend crashes i sent in?
03:37<tmk>aka: is it worth spending a month recompiling?
03:37<mechou>like how to exit "mythgallery" mode.....
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03:39<mechou>and how to get to the four uppper left corner "modes" in mythgallery.....
03:40<mechou>Chutt, try pressing "P" twice while in mythgallery.
03:40<Chutt>mechou, err, hit the menu key to go to the menu
03:40<Chutt>just like everywhere else in mythtv
03:40<mechou>thor_: are the keybindings documented somewhere?
03:41<Chutt>what's wrong with hitting p twice?
03:41<Chutt>works fine
03:41<mechou>weird, segfaults for me. I'll do a backtrace.....
03:41<Chutt>like i said originally?
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03:42<mechou>Chutt: :)
03:53<mechou>Chutt, for mythgallery backtrace, can I just get by with enabling debug in mythgallery only, or do I have to enable debug in mythtv as well?
03:54<thor_>you can get just through mythgallery (aside from the very unlikely case that mythgallery is exposing a bug in libmyth)
03:54<mechou>thor_: yeah, I'll just do mythgallery first.....
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04:06<mechou>is it ok to paste about 10 lines of backtrace here?
04:06<mechou>Chutt, is it ok to paste about 10 lines of backtrace here?
04:07<thor_>only person who's likely to undestand it is pahli_bar, but go ahead
04:07<mechou>ok, here goes.....
04:07<mechou>[New Thread 16386 (LWP 12306)]
04:07<mechou>The impossible happened
04:07<mechou>Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
04:07<mechou>[Switching to Thread 16384 (LWP 12304)]
04:07<mechou>0x41c24127 in IconView::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent*) (this=0xbfffe8f0,
04:07<mechou> e=0xbfffe4c0) at iconview.cpp:279
04:07<mechou>279 if (item->isDir) {
04:07<mechou>Current language: auto; currently c++
04:07<mechou>(gdb) thread apply all bt full
04:07<mechou>Thread 2 (Thread 32769 (LWP 12305)):
04:07<mechou>#0 0x4121a547 in poll () from /lib/i686/
04:07<mechou>No symbol table info available.
04:07<mechou>#1 0x4101c96e in __pthread_manager () from /lib/i686/
04:07<mechou>No symbol table info available.
04:08<mechou>#2 0x4101cbbb in __pthread_manager_event () from /lib/i686/
04:08<mechou>No symbol table info available.
04:08<mechou>Thread 1 (Thread 16384 (LWP 12304)):
04:08<mechou>#0 0x41c24127 in IconView::keyPressEvent(QKeyEvent*) (this=0xbfffe8f0,
04:08<mechou> e=0xbfffe4c0) at iconview.cpp:279
04:08<mechou> pos = 0
04:08<mechou> item = (ThumbItem *) 0x0
04:08<mechou> action = {static null = {
04:08<mechou> static null = <same as static member of an already seen type>,
04:08<mechou> d = 0x8185f60, static shared_null = 0x8185f60}, d = 0x8241d80,
04:08<mechou> static shared_null = 0x8185f60}
04:08<mechou> i = 0
04:08<mechou> handled = false
04:08<mechou> menuHandled = false
04:08<mechou> actions = {<QValueList<QString>> = {sh = 0x827de90}, <No data fields>}
04:08<mechou>#1 0x40c38765 in QWidget::event(QEvent*) ()
04:08<mechou> from /usr/lib/qt3/lib/
04:08<mechou>ok, that was a bit more than 10 lines.....
04:09<thor_>soemthing is unhappy at line 279 of iconview, but .... you should post this on -dev so pahli_bar can see it
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04:10<mechou>thor_, would you mind posting it? I am no longer subscribed to the dev list......
04:12<thor_>send me the whole bt to and I'll send it along
04:12<mechou>ok, thanks thor_.....
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04:24<Chutt>mechou, you _do_ realize that you're not using the latest cvs of mythgallery, and that that crash was fixed almost 8 hours ago, right?
04:26<mechou>Chutt, ok, wasn't aware of that. my cvs was from last night.....
04:27<Chutt>if you're using cvs, you should be on the commits list.
04:27<Chutt>and you would've seen that a bunch of stuff changed in mythgallery today
04:27<mechou>ok, I'll make sure I get on the commits list.....
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04:39<mechou>heh, much better :)
04:44<mechou>thanks all for the help.
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05:31*StuartL laughs lots.
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09:19<mythsy>kvandivo: what was the website you mentioned a few days back which used to archive #mythtv
09:20<mythsy>or if anybody else knows
09:26<kvandivo> and follow the links
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10:43<pahli_bar>heya. good morning everyone
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10:57<kvandivo>hello and goodbye to you too
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11:01<StuartL>You're going to stay?
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13:46<_rkulagow>chutt: docs sync please.
13:48<Chutt>you know what the requirements are for ordering from dell's small business section?
13:49<steelep>nothing, order it in the name of a business, thats all
13:49<Chutt>my wife's laptop broke, so i get to buy a new one =)
13:49<steelep>get a refurb
13:50<thor_>... that french translation for mythmusic is a bit odd, no?
13:50<steelep>they are almost half the price with the EXACT same warranty
13:51<thor_>also, I'm trying to walk through Max Power's mythvideo patch ... am I going to screw up the native player work by commiting it (if I get to that point) ?
13:51<Chutt>don't want a refurb :p
13:51<Chutt>thor, it was just a couple lines of code in mythvideo
13:51<steelep>tbh, it's just a waste of money not to get one
13:52<tmk>Chutt: start working on the version check code :)
13:52<thor_>k, cool (haven't been paying attention)
13:52<tmk>i think i'm going to release tonight
13:52<steelep>we have bought both for years and recently change to exclusively getting refurbs (we get about 25 a year)
13:52<steelep>we have had more trouble with the new ones than the refurbs
13:53<Chutt>tmk, great
13:53<tmk>if you want to make any api changes, speak now :)
13:53<steelep>who wrote mythweb?
13:53<steelep>I need to ask him/her a q.
13:54<Chutt>he doesn't come on here
13:54<thor_>Chris Petersen (mythweb at
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13:54<steelep>I need a horizontal scrollbar, unless for some reason it's off the screen and I don't see it, and also an integration of it with mythnes...
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13:54<steelep>ty thor
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14:06<_rkulagow>chutt: when i ordered from dell SBC, i just used my name as the business name. they only really care for tax purposes.
14:06<pahli_bar>mythnews on mythwebm, eh. that will be nice
14:07<_rkulagow>but now that i'm an official illinois corporation i can use that too. you won't believe how many credit card processors have called me after my public notice appeared in the paper.
14:08<Chutt>docs synced, btw =)
14:09<sams2100>is version .14 going to use the new mfd?
14:09<_rkulagow>alos, i double checked on that thing we talked about. if a slave backend with encoding jobs running on it is stopped, the master does see it go away. but when the slave comes back the jobs aren't re-scheduled and weird things happen.
14:09<kvandivo>i've order a bunch of stuff from small biz as well.. never had a problem from them
14:10<kvandivo>i think they've got their $699 laptop right now..
14:10<_rkulagow>ie, hitting "d" in watch recordings doesn't seem to free up the encoders, and scheduling stuff that's in the current time period then tried to put the
14:10<_rkulagow> jobs
14:10<_rkulagow>on the encoders on the master (and
14:10<_rkulagow> gicv
14:11<_rkulagow>baby is helping me type
14:11<_rkulagow>and gives a "tried to schedule
14:11<Chutt>rkulagow, yeah, i don't think the master realizes that the recordings were interrupted
14:11<_rkulagow>but current is 4" type of error.
14:12<_rkulagow>bbl. bab-y time.
14:12<thor_>ahhh ooohhhh
14:13=bdunn13 [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:16+bdunn13 [] joined #mythtv
14:18<thor_>Chutt, I'm going to leave the translation thing to you, as a few minutes of messing with it proves I have no idea how this .ts stuff works
14:18<Chutt>heh, ok
14:18<Chutt>i'll get it merged in
14:22*pahli_bar starts banging his head against the desk (opengl frustrations)
14:22<mdz>any of you folks use the dct2000 stuff in contrib?
14:27+marc_ [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
14:27=marc [~Marc@] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:27<Chutt>not i
14:28=marc_ [~Marc@] quit (Client Quit)
14:28<thor_>heh, I don't even have cable
14:30=hadees [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
14:32*mdz comforts thor_
14:37=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:41=dopez [] quit ("...")
14:42*DJ_Rican is frustrated with this lirc thing... :(
14:58<DJ_Rican>when i try to uninstall lirc, it wants to uninstall dependancies... that's almost all of the mythtv modules...?? what gives...
15:03+dopez [] joined #mythtv
15:20=Drikus [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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15:26-poo [~sean@] left #MythTV ()
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15:33+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
15:42+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
15:43<Netslayer>does amixer read from /etc/asound.state?
15:43<Netslayer>so if i modify that file, amixer should change right
15:45=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:46+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
15:46=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:46kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
15:46+FooBar01 [] joined #mythtv
15:48<FooBar01>Could someone point me to some nice instructions for getting the mysql database setup properly for Debian? I seem to be having problems
15:49<Netslayer>dang ogle stopped pcm audio through spdif on me, have to restore it..any ideas? have a working computer with the same files
15:49<thor_>rrmod, modprobe
15:49<FooBar01>The mythconverg database is there, but the mythtv-database package is getting access denied
15:50<Netslayer>thor, u mean do that to alsa?
15:50+signwatcher [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
15:50<nchip>FooBar01: I installed the .debs and it worked fine
15:51<GreyFoxx>FooBar01: out of curiousity, did you create the mysql database and user with a username and password other than mythtv/mythtv ?
15:52+blackadder [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
15:52<FooBar01>GreyFoxx: While logged in as the user 'mythtv', I did 'mysql -u root < /usr/share/mythtv/sql/mc.sql'
15:53<FooBar01>should the mythtv user have the password 'mythtv'?
15:53<GreyFoxx>by default it does
15:53<sfr__>FooBar01: afaik the debian packages do everything by themselves. you just have to answer the debconf questions properly
15:54<FooBar01>sfr__: I might have answered one of the questions wrong.
15:54<FooBar01>sfr__: Or changed something that I shouldn't have, and messed it up.
15:55<FooBar01>this is what I'm getting:
15:55<GreyFoxx>FooBar01: try doing a mysqladmin reload
15:55<FooBar01>Setting up mythtv-database (0.13-4) ...
15:55<FooBar01>Failed to connect to database: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES) at -e line 5, <> line 1.
15:55<FooBar01>Failed to create database (incorrect admin username/password?)
15:55<GreyFoxx>the mc.sql creates the db and the user entry, but the user entry wont be in effect until mysql is reloaded
15:56<FooBar01>GreyFoxx: Oh...I didn't know that
15:56<sfr__>FooBar01: you entered the systems root password instead of the mysql administrator password in the debconf question i guess.
15:57<FooBar01>sfr__: Yup.
15:57=steelep [~signwatch@] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:57<FooBar01>sfr__: But now when I just enter nothing, it still won't work.
15:58<Netslayer>stupid ogle
15:58<sfr__>FooBar01: you have to enter the correct mysql root password for it to work.
15:59<Netslayer>gave it this command in it's config to use spdif, now nothing gets it back for regular PCM: <name>iec958:AES0=0x2,AES1=0x82,AES2=0x0,AES3=0x2</name>
15:59<Netslayer>someone recommended running: amixer -q cset numid=34 off
16:00<Netslayer>and this: amixer -q cset numid=171 04820002 but I receive this: amixer: Control default cinfo error: No such file or directory
16:00=signwatcher [~signwatch@] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:01+MythMicha [] joined #mythtv
16:01=smitty [] quit ("Lost terminal")
16:01+poo [~sean@] joined #MythTV
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16:04<MythMicha>Moanin' all.. How goes the Myth World??
16:04=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:06<nchip>mdz: just found an open source ddmpeg implementation, and ITP'd it, so prepare to link your debs against it in future :)
16:06+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
16:08+marc [~Marc@] joined #mythtv
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16:11+Octane [] joined #mythtv
16:14+ahbritto [] joined #mythtv
16:14<Chutt>the 'open source' libddmpeg is of iffy legal status.
16:15<Chutt>since all it is is a decompiled -> c implementation of the original.
16:17=pahli_bar [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:17+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
16:17<mdz>what's ddmpeg?
16:18<Chutt>the via epia-m decoder library
16:19<Chutt>you can't decompile something, translate the asm to very-asm-like c, claim copyright on it, then gpl it, though
16:29<thor_>so much for that plan
16:30<nchip>Chutt: well, the binaryonly driver comes without any copyright.. only some header files in the same package have copyright headers - which grant mofifications, distribution and sublicensing
16:31<thor_>(I meant my plan to release OpenWindowsXP)
16:35+po1 [~sean@] joined #MythTV
16:35=poo [~sean@] quit (No route to host)
16:37=po1 [~sean@] quit (Client Quit)
16:40+Salec [] joined #mythtv
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16:43=Salec [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:44+Salec [] joined #mythtv
16:45<Chutt>nchip, nothing comes without 'any copyright'
16:45<Chutt>the mere act of writing something original gives you the copyright on it
16:45<Chutt>it doesn't have to be stated
16:46<thor_>just for record, I still hate semicolons
16:46<Chutt>that jason guy called me back
16:46<thor_>ah, mister "hey old friend"
16:46<Chutt>'hi, this is jason from san diego'
16:47<thor_>I talked to your wife ...
16:47<kvandivo>surely she mentioned me
16:47<Chutt>'would you be interested..' 'nope'
16:47<kvandivo>but.. 'nope'
16:47<kvandivo>i.. 'nope'
16:47<Chutt>pretty much
16:47<thor_>did he clarify "interested" in what?
16:47<Chutt>wanted me to make a commercial version of mythtv
16:48<thor_>as in "add nifty extra features" but don't release them as free ?
16:48<Chutt>something like that
16:48<kvandivo>i am curious if he's ever even downloaded or installed myth... we get people contacting us all the time with elaborate plans, and then we find out they haven't used our software at all
16:49<Chutt>i really didn't wait for him to explain things
16:49<thor_>ya bu..
16:49<Salec>has anyone else had the problem where in irrecord they get the error cannot open /dev/lirc?
16:49<Chutt>kvandivo, well, he asked what license it was under
16:50<Chutt>'The GPL' 'what's that?' 'err, an open source software license'
16:50<thor_>"how many patents?"
16:50*kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
16:50<Chutt>ah well
16:51<Chutt>seriously, though, i wouldn't think you'd call someone at their home to initiate a business discussion
16:51<pahli_bar>just curious. can you take a gpled software, start working on it and then release it under some other license
16:51<thor_>"cause god knows, ya gotta have some way to lock people in .... ya know ... barriers to entry .... just selling a hardware box that works well, that would never do"
16:51<Chutt>pahli_bar, if it's _your_ code, yes
16:51<nchip>Chutt: <- that is the only thing resembling a copyright notice in the via binary-only xfree/ddmpeg driver zip
16:51<pahli_bar>really! wow, thats news for me
16:51<kvandivo>you have the right to set or change the license on your own code as often as you wish
16:51<Chutt>you can't take someone else's work and GPL it
16:51<Chutt>like the libddmpeg stuff, for instance
16:54<thor_>excellent, the four lines in mythmusic's database box that do dynamic_cast's, those are now licensed under the MeMeMe (TM) agreement, you can send your cheques to ...
16:55<kvandivo>well, with myth it is a bit of a grey area.. isaac says that a person can put whatever license they want on their own files, but since it is released as a package that doesn't really fly, imho
16:56=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:56<Chutt>any GPL compatible license
16:56<Chutt>the work as a whole is GPL
16:56<kvandivo>ahh.. now that i can see having some legal weight.. :)
16:57<Chutt>so, no MeMeMe(TM) license :p
16:57<kvandivo>we've been dealing with all this licensing stuff here at work of late.. we are currently on a non true open source license (NIH wants it that way.. long story)
16:57<kvandivo>and dealing with all the intricacies of open source, gpl, etc is fun
16:57<nchip>I cant say Im absolutely comfortable with legality libddmpeg, but there is atleast some theory why it could be legal
16:58<pahli_bar>nchip: you will face some real walls with debian policies. they are really intolerant about grey-area licenses
16:58<thor_>nchip, you could always build hooks into loading the library at run time
16:59<Chutt>nchip, it can't be legal :p
16:59<Chutt>ivor doesn't own the copyright on the binary library
16:59<Chutt>he can't GPL it
16:59<thor_>a la decss, and leave it up to the user
16:59<nchip>Chutt: did you read the link I gave you?
16:59<pahli_bar>i love it when the kernel loads nvidia driver and spews out your kernel is tainted now
17:00<Chutt>nchip, how does that apply to the binary library?
17:00<nchip>thats the only license statment provided to end users
17:00<nchip>if that doesnt apply, you cant use the binary library either
17:01<pahli_bar>nobody at via must have expected to have somebody reverse engineer binary drivers.
17:01<Chutt>_use_ is fine. redistributing is another matter
17:01<Chutt>there's a proper way to reverse engineer something
17:01<Chutt>as the ivtv drivers (mostly) were =)
17:01<pahli_bar>i'm sure the source files for the binary only drivers must be laden with non-free licenses
17:01<nchip>the proper way is to someone else reverse engineer and document and someone elso to write
17:02<Chutt>then the person writing has clear copyright on it
17:03<Chutt>anyway, bbl.
17:10+choenig [] joined #mythtv
17:12<MythMicha>Anyone use FluxBox with their Myth Box??
17:13<pahli_bar>MythMicha: lots of people are (including me)
17:14<MythMicha>Kewl.. Is there DOCs/FAQs on how to set up auto starting Myth on FB??
17:15<zyxxor>auto-starting and the window manager being used are really unrelated
17:16<pahli_bar>fluxbox on FB?
17:16+Misirlou [] joined #mythtv
17:16<zyxxor>if you're not using xdm, you can simply run everything from your rc.local
17:16<zyxxor>X server, fluxbox, and mythfrontend, etc
17:17<zyxxor>if you're using xdm, you can do it in the XSetup file instead
17:18<pahli_bar>did you mean framebuffer or first boot?
17:18<zyxxor>or fluxbox?
17:18<thor_>or foobar
17:19<pahli_bar>heh. he meant fluxbox. (need to drink more coffee)
17:20<pahli_bar>.xinitrc file: mythfrontend & and then exec fluxbox
17:20+MythMick [] joined #mythtv
17:20<pahli_bar>ban on all nick names starting with myth
17:21<MythMick>whaaa happened??
17:21MythMickis now known as MichaleMyth
17:22<Salec>can someone help me get lirc started?
17:22<Salec>i downloaded my config file from and i also grabbed the hauppauge config file from
17:22<Salec>but the thing still isn't working :(
17:22<pahli_bar>heh. just kidding
17:23<pahli_bar>Salec: first get lirc to work and then get it to work with mythtv
17:23<Salec>how cna I test it without using mythtv?
17:24<MichaleMyth>pahli hehehehehe Actually this works better for me anyways
17:25<Salec>i get connection refused
17:26<MichaleMyth>Any ways Someone mentioned rc.local for starting mythfrontend.. Did my response make it thru??
17:26<pahli_bar>Salec: read the docs. follow the steps carefully once again.
17:26=MythMicha [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:29+mecraw_ [~mecraw@] joined #mythtv
17:30<pahli_bar>hmm... opengl is actually easier to use than qt painters. only a different way of thinking about transformations
17:33<thor_>been a while since I played with it, the WorldView lens settings and thing like that used to confuse the hell out of me
17:33<thor_>ViewPort, I think is what it was
17:34<Netslayer>hey thor got my spdif back again
17:34<thor_>ah, switched to xine ?
17:34<pahli_bar>i spent the whole day figuring out how to rotate something without losing its aspect ratio.
17:34<pahli_bar>and it was actually very simple. just stupid me :(
17:34<Netslayer>might..but i got it working again, i have to set ogle to issue iec958:AES0=0x0 which sets PCM out instead of AES0=0x2 for 5.1
17:35<Netslayer>stupid ogle, won't set it back when it's exiting
17:35<thor_>ah, you should really post a response to your own mail for future reference
17:35<Netslayer>i'm writing one up now
17:36<Netslayer>heh it helped me last month when i needed to setup lirc again and forgot how i did it before
17:36<thor_>talk to Salec ...
17:37<Netslayer>u might want to give my post a sec
17:38<pahli_bar>or read jared's doc on setting up a pvr 250.
17:39<Salec>where's his doc?
17:39=Octane [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:40<Netslayer>is there anyway to issue a iec958:AES0=0x0 in console somehow..that's prob something to do with amixer
17:40<pahli_bar>its for fedora. but i setup my debian system using it
17:41<Netslayer>how is xine? does it do menu's and allow key binding with lirc?
17:42<Netslayer>that's odd no ebuilds named xine
17:42<Netslayer>oh it's in parts :-/
17:43<Salec>WTF?! whenever i run irw i get connect: Connection refused
17:43<pahli_bar>Salec: is lircd running?
17:43<Netslayer>u check out my post?
17:44<Salec>to both questions
17:44<thor_>ps ax | grep lircd | grep -v grep
17:44<pahli_bar>and do you have permissions for the lircd device, forget the name
17:45<Salec>i'm root
17:45<Netslayer>$ ls -l /dev/li*
17:45<Netslayer>lr-xr-xr-x 1 root root 5 Jan 27 09:00 /dev/lirc -> ttyS0
17:45<Netslayer>srw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 Jan 27 15:01 /dev/lircd=
17:45<Netslayer>prw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jan 27 09:00 /dev/lircm|
17:45<Netslayer>should be just:
17:45<Netslayer>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 61, 0 Jan 13 13:15 /dev/lirc
17:45<Netslayer>srw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 Jan 13 13:16 /dev/lircd
17:45<Netslayer>prw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jan 13 13:15 /dev/lircm
17:46<Salec>ls -l /dev/li*
17:46<Salec>srwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Jan 13 17:32 /dev/lircd
17:46<Salec>prw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jan 13 17:31 /dev/lircm
17:46<Salec>total 0
17:46<Salec>crw------- 1 root root 61, 0 Jan 1 1970 0
17:46<Salec>that's what mine looks like
17:46<Salec>i have /dev/lirc/0
17:46*pahli_bar hides
17:46<Salec>devfs bad?
17:46+CyberKnet [] joined #mythtv
17:46*thor_ crawls under desk
17:47<pmowry>sorry, no opinion either way. Just thought the reactions were funny.
17:47<pahli_bar>usually makes things more difficult. never used it.
17:48<Salec>is there anyway around this?
17:49<Salec>with irrecord i do irrecord -d /dev/lirc/0 blah
17:49<Salec>and it works fine
17:49<Salec>however with irw i get a gawd damned connection refused
17:49<pahli_bar> /usr/sbin/lircd -d /dev/lirc/0
17:50<pahli_bar>stop running lircd. start new one with ^^ command
17:51<Salec>i think
17:51<Salec>i got OK hauppauge_pvr
17:51<pahli_bar>if it works there. then modify your daemon running script appropriately
17:51<Salec>with irw
17:52<Salec>how can i stop lircd ?
17:52<Salec>/usr/sbind/lircd stop?
17:52<pahli_bar>Salec: what distro.
17:53<Salec>i just ran the last command
17:53<Salec>it says there is a process already running
17:53<Salec>how can i kill that process?
17:53<zyxxor>skill -9 lircd
17:53<pahli_bar>killall -9 lircd
17:54<pahli_bar>more elegant way is to stop it with your service running scripts.
17:54=pahli_bar [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:59+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
18:01<pahli_bar>Salec: things worked?
18:01<Salec>i can't get the daemon to work with it
18:03<pahli_bar>check out the lirc mailing list archives for help on running lirc with devfs
18:03<pahli_bar>just curious: why did you choose devfs
18:05=jeffpc [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:05<Netslayer>mythgallery in CVS is working right?
18:06<Netslayer>think i'll update right now, it's been two weeks, it's the day i'm teaching the fam how to use the Myth network setup here
18:06+h2odysee [] joined #mythtv
18:06<pahli_bar>Netslayer: its "working", yes. but i will doing some changes today/tomorrow. so any bugreports will have to after the next commit
18:07<Netslayer>kind of interesting to see what you did to it, been reading the commits
18:07+ChamPro [] joined #mythtv
18:08<ChamPro>hello all
18:08<pahli_bar>Salec: are you running mandrake?
18:09<Netslayer>hey for xine, do i just have to emerge xine-lib, xine-dvdnav?
18:10<pahli_bar>looks like you need to have devfs supported lirc.
18:11=newtroot [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:11<Salec>pahli: but i just tested the damn thing and it worked
18:11<Salec>/usr/sbin/lircd -d /dev/lirc/0 worked
18:12<Salec>but /etc/init.d/lircd didn't
18:12<pahli_bar>that is obvious. you really should have followed what people were telling you
18:12<pahli_bar> /etc/init.d/lircd is just a script which start lircd.
18:13<pahli_bar>see how it start lircd and modify it appropriately
18:13+jmblack [] joined #mythtv
18:14<pahli_bar>i wonder what color will i be :
18:17+loebrich [] joined #mythtv
18:20=marc [~Marc@] quit ("Leaving")
18:23-loebrich [] left #mythtv ()
18:27<nchip>pahli_bar: depends of if you carry almanacs or maps with you or not!
18:29=mdz [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:30<Netslayer>how do i update my portage tree, emerge sync?
18:34<Salec>ok lirc works in irw and all
18:34<Salec>but still will not work in mythtv :(
18:35<ChamPro>anyone here running mythTV on Gentoo?
18:35<ChamPro>does the 1.3 build have a lot of bugs like the package database suggests?
18:35<zyxxor>you mean 0.13?
18:36<ChamPro>my mistake
18:36<zyxxor>I'm not sure about the ebuild, I compiled mine from the
18:36<zyxxor>I installed a frontend on another gentoo box via the ebuild, though, and it seems to work fine
18:37<ChamPro>since I'm still a Gentoo n00b, it'll pull the most recent ebuild (0.13) if I just do a emerge mythtv
18:37<zyxxor>0.13 is in the unstable branch, so:
18:37<zyxxor>ACCEPT_FLAGS="~x86" emerge mythtv
18:38<zyxxor>Even if the ebuild has probs, you could do that to install all the prereqs and then install 0.13 from the tarball
18:38<zyxxor>it's all the prereqs that are time consuming
18:38<ChamPro>I guess I'll do a ACCEPT_FLAGS="~86" emerge --pretend --verbose mythtv first though to check it out...
18:39<ChamPro>thanks... gonna try that after this emerge sync
18:39<zyxxor>good luck
18:40<ChamPro>can I add the USE="mysql" flag to the command instead of putting it in the make.conf?
18:42<zyxxor>not sure... I just put it in the make.conf
18:43<Netslayer>odd i just emerged xine-lib and now it can't find 'xine' on console
18:43<Salec>alright lirc works..but not in mythtv
18:43<Salec>i've read the docs
18:43<Salec>but use
18:44<Netslayer>irw shows your mapped keys?
18:44<Netslayer>if so running irxevent & should do i
18:45<Netslayer>how do i start xine
18:46<Salec>irxevent doesn't do it
18:47<Netslayer>does irw show your mapped keys
18:48<Netslayer>start irxevent & before mythtv
18:48+poo [~sean@] joined #MythTV
18:48<Netslayer>and make sure your keybindings are correct per myth specs
18:50=pmowry [] quit ("pmowry has no reason")
18:50<Salec>can you send me your .lircrc
18:51<Netslayer>heh, it's kind of messy but sure
18:51<Netslayer>where do u want it
18:54<Netslayer>i'll give that a shot..u getting it
18:55+mdz [] joined #mythtv
18:56<Netslayer>i can email it to u if u like
18:57<pahli_bar>Salec: if its a hauppauge 250, there is an example file in the config section
18:58<Netslayer>what does a whois error like this mean:L No match for "ORPHUS.NET" in the registrar database.
18:58<Netslayer>seriously that's my webhosting company
18:59<Netslayer>they got hacked 3 days ago and haven't been back online since..and it wasn't a big deal err
19:01+stevewrightNZ [] joined #mythtv
19:01<Salec>irxevent: Could not open file
19:01<Salec>err could not open config file
19:01<stevewrightNZ>anyone have mythtv on fedora core 1 ?
19:02<stevewrightNZ>pahli_bar: thanks.
19:04+pmowry [] joined #mythtv
19:05<stevewrightNZ>pahli_bar: R/H 7/8 wayy different to R/H 9, since R/H9 does not include Tk, and lots of other PERL problems..
19:05-FooBar01 [] left #mythtv ()
19:06<Netslayer>what does the new opengl stuff in mythgallery require?
19:07<pahli_bar>a decently fast opengl card with decent amount of video memory (hardware requirements)
19:07<Netslayer>i mean software, in i have to emerge anything
19:08<Netslayer>should be fine with geforce4mx440's
19:08<pahli_bar>dunno about gentoo. you would need qt compiled with opengl support
19:08<Netslayer>prob done..i know i can run tuxracer
19:08*Netslayer runs to his tv and trys tuxracer
19:13<pmowry>Ihavenot played thatin a while.
19:13+Teflon [] joined #mythtv
19:14<Netslayer>i can make install while mythback/frontend is running right
19:15-zyxxor [~jlowder@] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
19:15<pahli_bar>frontend will crash if you do that
19:15<ChamPro>anyone run mythTV on Gentoo?
19:15<Netslayer>most of us do
19:15<ChamPro>I'm having trouble getting emerge to show the 0.13 ebuilds
19:16<Netslayer>pahli_bar, what do u mean crash? u mean just the one that's running, no big deal
19:16<Netslayer>Chutt, just seems that way
19:16<Netslayer>ChamPro, you've tried that 86 command infront
19:16<ChamPro>when I do a "ACCEPT_FLAGS=" ~x86" emerge -s myth" I only get 0.12 ebuilds (except for a 0.13 mythweb)
19:17<fayep>did you emerge sync recently?
19:17<ChamPro>about 10 minutes ago
19:17-h2odysee [] left #mythtv ()
19:17<fayep>I've got .13 and .13-r1 in /usr/portage/media-tv/mythtv/
19:18+Return0 [] joined #mythtv
19:18<ChamPro>yeah... mine shows that too... but emerge doesn't want to see it
19:18<Netslayer>ChamPro, i get the same thing u are
19:19<Netslayer>command's probably wrong
19:19<ChamPro>I checked the command with the Gentoo Handbook
19:20<fayep>I've got accept_flags in make.conf and it checks out .13-r1 here
19:20<Netslayer>it worked for me before
19:21<Return0>I got alsa working so I can play sounds and stuff and if I unmute line in where I have the bttv out going to I hear the tv when it's doing livetv stuff... BUT I am having problems recording audio.
19:21<Return0>I have the capture set to line-in on my alsa mixer
19:21<Return0>and it doesn't seem to record anything
19:21<ChamPro>Netslayer: try this one... slightly different ACCEPT_FLAGS=" ~x86" emerge -s myth
19:22<ChamPro>ooops... ACCEPT_FLAGS="~x86" emerge -s myth
19:22<Netslayer>i just did an emerge-sync actually
19:22<ChamPro>darn the paste
19:22<Netslayer>nope, mythweb only 13 masked
19:23<ChamPro>this one will work ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge -s myth
19:23<ChamPro>that gets me all 0.13
19:23<ChamPro>need to use KEYWORDS and not FLAGS
19:23+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
19:25=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
19:26<ChamPro>I'm doing a emerge --update system first.... then mythTV.... that'll take all night
19:26<ChamPro>probably won't finish until morning
19:26=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:27<Return0>another problem I have is if I record a tv thing... and then try to watch it, there is no audio (logically) but it plays the video sorta fast forward slightly, then after 30 seconds or so it plays it in slow motion
19:27<pahli_bar>i don't how you guys have so much patience in waiting for things to compile
19:27<ChamPro>pahli_bar: because it's so much better than RPM management
19:27<Return0>I like debs
19:28<pahli_bar>maybe. but i can't see any huge benefits over debian
19:28<ChamPro>debs and aptget are better than RPMs... but I still like portage and emerge
19:29<Return0>I'm a simple user and apt-get and debs are simple :)
19:29<ChamPro>emerge is really easy too, it just takes a while
19:29<Return0>anyway, anyone have any idea on my sound problem? or the odd playback speeds?
19:30<ChamPro>I can't help you there.... I haven't got to installing myth yet :)
19:30<pmowry>Me either, I'm using a PVR.
19:31+Octane [] joined #mythtv
19:36=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
19:44+kolla [~kolla@] joined #MythTV
19:44+Salec_ [] joined #mythtv
19:44<kolla>what are the default ports for the backend?
19:44=Salec [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:45=Octane [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:48+Octane [] joined #mythtv
19:48<kolla>I get "Failed to bind to port 3306" which is the port mysqld runs on
19:53<kolla>is there a way to build mythtv without any of the tv recording stuff in it?
19:54<ChamPro>now why would you want that?
19:54<sfr__>kolla: just don't use the tv stuff.
19:55<kolla>ChamPro: lack of pci slot in my xbox? dunno.. :)
19:56<ChamPro>pah that's crazy talk
19:56<kolla>but what are the defalt ports?
19:56<pahli_bar>one of my friends is also interested in running just a frontend...
19:58=hfb2 [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:58<sfr__>kolla: check it by running setup
19:59<kolla>but I changed them there
19:59<kolla>hence I ask
19:59<kolla>stupid enough not to note down the defaults
19:59<pahli_bar>6543 might be the default
19:59<thor_>build it, don't run mythbackend,
19:59<sfr__>and 6544 for the status port
20:01<kolla>there.. now it seems to have found the db at leasy
20:06=Misirlou [] quit ("asdf")
20:15<Netslayer>when a dvd is being transcoded after being ripped where is that file being worked on?
20:15<Netslayer>i see the ripped file, but nothing else..and it's currently transcoding
20:17-kolla [~kolla@] left #MythTV ("Konversation terminated!")
20:21+Katmando [] joined #mythtv
20:23=Salec_ [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:23+Salec_ [] joined #mythtv
20:23=Katmando [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:29<pmowry>In the newsgroup I've read posts mentioning using the PVR-350 decoder for DVD playback, does anyone have detais on doing it?
20:36<ChamPro>I guess the MPEG encoder chip can also be used to decoded a similar signal
20:38<pmowry>My system is only a P3-500, so the more I can off-load thebetter.
20:39<pmowry>I'm looking at mplayer and xine now,seems my question was better directed there.
20:44<Return0>I have this weird problem, I have alsa sound working so I can play sounds and such but if I use arecord (mixer is on linein for the source) I get just a header.
20:44<Return0>44 bytes
20:51poptixis now known as Basic-
20:51-stevewrightNZ [] left #mythtv ()
20:51Basic-is now known as basic
20:52basicis now known as poptix
20:54+bdale [~bdale@] joined #mythtv
21:03=sfr__ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:06<Return0>any ideas how I can narrow down the problem?
21:14=bdale [~bdale@] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:32+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
21:37=pmowry [] quit ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
21:48=tmk [] quit ("Client exiting")
21:51<mdz>damn, zap2it doesn't have the right data for my area
21:51<kvandivo>didn't you see their webpage the other day? the headline was "We are going to do everything in our power to annoy mdz".
21:52<DogBoy>I saw that one
21:52<mdz>kvandivo: grrr
21:52<kvandivo>i was going to tell you, but then I thought, "gee.. i know of people that go by 'mdz'. I wonder which one they are talking about"
21:52<mdz>now you know
21:52<kvandivo>of people -> of so many people
21:53<thor_>well, there's mdz, for example
21:53<mdz>mdz is the stock ticker symbol for MDS Incorporated
21:53<mdz>maybe they meant them
21:59<Snow-Man>kvandivo: Hey, like, you suck.
21:59<Snow-Man>mdz, like, rocks.
21:59<Snow-Man>thor_: Heya.
22:00*Snow-Man hacked sendmail on the mythtv list server. :)
22:01<thor_>Return0, ... no input ? .... 44 bytes is _exactly_ the size of a wav header
22:02*pahli_bar was about to crack one about the correct one should be 42, but wisely retreated
22:03<kvandivo>Dell PowerEdge 400SC Server Celeron 2Ghz, 128MB DDR400 Memory/40GB, Free Palm or Camera, 48x CD, onboard Gigabit Ethernet/Sound $279 - $100 rebate = $179 plus tax.
22:03*thor_ only knows this because he's been building wav headers in C++ so the mfd can stream ogg's and flac's to iTunes
22:03<pahli_bar>wow. thats a good one
22:04<kvandivo>well, for the price it would make kickin backend server..
22:04<Chutt>little more ram
22:04+sephen [] joined #mythtv
22:04<kvandivo>yep.. that would be a worthwhile upgrade...
22:05<pahli_bar>i've heard these systems are very upgradable
22:05<ChamPro>but not paying Dell for the RAM...
22:05<thor_>priceless ?
22:05<sephen>I'm a little confused on the video output. The FAQ for MythTV says it now supports the video out features of the Hauppauge 350. Does that mean I don't need a video card at all, or do I need a video card that has TV out in order to do live play/fastfwd, rewind, etc?
22:06<thor_>you need a video card to boot
22:06<Snow-Man>You need a video bios to boot x86, more specifically.
22:06<thor_>yes, yes
22:06<sephen>thor_: You can't script it? I've got a datacenter full of headless machines.
22:07<Snow-Man>At least, on most x86 motherboards. Some will let you boot w/o a video card.
22:07<thor_>ugh, nm
22:07<Snow-Man>sephen: Headless doesn't mean the same thing.
22:08<Snow-Man>I dunno though, do you actually still need X running for something?
22:08<sephen>So if the board doesn't require video to boot, does the video out functionality of the Hauppauge 350 deliver everything I need to the TV, or do I still need a video card to watch and record at the same time?
22:08<Chutt>yes, no.
22:09<ChamPro>kvandivo: that's a decent looking computer... even get a easy to use case
22:09<Snow-Man>Chutt: What's used for the key input?
22:09<thor_>Snow-Man, little buttons with letters on them
22:09*Snow-Man eyes thor_.
22:09<Snow-Man>thor_: So it reads from console and doesn't need X then?
22:10<kvandivo>ChamPro: it's been highly regarded on techbargains for some time now.. i'm not a huge fan of the big companies, but when they have prices such as that, you have to take notice..
22:10<thor_>if Chutt say yeah, I'd believe him
22:10<Snow-Man>I'm waiting for a response from Chutt. :)
22:10<pahli_bar>pvr350 provides a fb on which x runs
22:10<pahli_bar>ivtv fb to be exact
22:10<Chutt>what is used for key input?
22:10<Snow-Man>Oh, for some reason I was thinking X wasn't being used anymore.
22:10<Snow-Man>pahli_bar: Alright, that makes sense.
22:11<Snow-Man>Chutt: Well, X stuff or if it could run in console then. :)
22:11<Snow-Man>Chutt: pahli_bar clears it up though.
22:11<Snow-Man>X is actually running, it's just running using the pvr350.
22:11=mdz [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:11<ChamPro>kvandivo: what part of Dell is that available from? Home?
22:12<Return0>hey if you guys do arecord test
22:12<Return0>does it work? I mean... I end up with a 44 byte file
22:12<kvandivo> ChamPro. look around. you might find other things to spend money on while you are there..
22:13<ChamPro>kvandivo: I usually do the
22:13<kvandivo>like the 200 gig seagate for $99 from compusa right now..
22:13<thor_>Return0, ... no input ? .... 44 bytes is _exactly_ the size of a wav header
22:13<Return0>that's the problem
22:13+tmk [] joined #mythtv
22:13<thor_>look very carefully at your mixer
22:13<Return0>I have the capture set to line in
22:14<Return0>and if I unmute it there is sound
22:14<Return0>master, pcm, and line are full. capture is on linein
22:15<thor_>I don't think your running alsamixer
22:15<sephen>Thanks for the input guys
22:15<Return0>I am using alsamixer
22:15=sephen [] quit ("Client exiting")
22:15<thor_>what's the capture level at, and is it muted (_not_ line in)
22:16<Return0>it was at 0 and you can't mute it
22:16<Return0>should I capture on that?
22:17<thor_>well, you clearly don't want it to be 0
22:17<Return0>I turned it up, but I'm still not getting anything
22:17<Return0>does there need to be any options for arecord or just the filename?
22:18<Chutt>tmk, how goes?
22:19<thor_>man arecord, and try space on your capture meter
22:20<Return0>I tried with both capture and not on the capture meter and I didn
22:20<Return0>it didn't work either way
22:20<ChamPro>kvandivo: another deal... free keyboard case with purchase of the wireless Palm keyboard. Question is: is it worth paying $70 for the keyboard to get the free $40 case when you can buy the keyboard other places for $45....
22:20c0nflictis now known as AAA
22:21AAAis now known as c0nflict
22:21<Return0>I assume it should be on capture.
22:22<thor_>dunno, I have no idea what sound card you have or how it works ... but I _suspect_ you just need to keep fiddling with the mixer
22:22<Chutt>the driver just could be broken, too.
22:23<Return0>one thing is that it's not just recording silence
22:23<Return0>it's not recording anything
22:23<Return0>it's a via8233
22:24<Chutt>sounds like it just can't record
22:24<Chutt>either a hardware limitation, or a driver limitation
22:26<Return0>I have another sound card
22:26<Return0>I could try that and see if it fixes everyting
22:26<Chutt>can't hurt to try it
22:33=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:33+CyberKnet [] joined #mythtv
22:33+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
22:34<pahli_bar>msn hotmail has really clamped down on spam
22:37+dakeyras [] joined #mythtv
22:37<ChamPro>my college has too... I get maybe one piece a week now...
22:41+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
22:42=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:50<Return0>this new sound card worked
22:50<Return0>and some other issues went away
22:51<ChamPro>cool beans
22:51=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:51kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
22:51<Return0>so the last thing I haven't configured is the hard drive
22:51<Return0>I think I need to do something with hdparm
22:52<pahli_bar>Return0: what distribution?
22:52<pahli_bar>compiling your own kernel?
22:52<Return0>yeah 2.4.24
22:52=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
22:53<pahli_bar>no need to use hdparm then. if correct ide driver is compiled in, then it will automatically enable dma
22:53<Return0>so what is the command for hdparm to make my harddrive faster?
22:53<Return0>oh nm then
22:54<pahli_bar>using hdparm is always a bit risky
22:54<Return0>that's why I sorta avoided it at this point
22:54<Return0>no pun intended?
22:55<thor_>hdparm /dev/hda will at least tell you settings
22:56+mdz [] joined #mythtv
22:56<Return0>I also have this weird error "cannot convert a null pixmap" when recording or something...
22:57<Return0>not exactly sure when it happens actually
22:57<Return0>I'll try to narrow it down
22:59<mdz>what are the names of the emulators that mythgame interfaces with? xmame, ...
23:00<kvandivo>gee... when they guy says off-topic message, he isn't kidding...
23:02+pmowry [] joined #mythtv
23:03<Chutt>mdz, xmame, snes9x, any nes emulator (no special options section for it), and anything else, really
23:03<mdz>Chutt: just need to know what to add a dependency on
23:03<Chutt>there's a 'generic' setup with an xml config file that'll launch anything
23:04<mdz>so, recommends: xmame | snes9x-x | snes9x-opengl | zsnes would be appropriate?
23:04<mdz>those are the ones that I found easily in contrib/non-free
23:05<mdz>xmess-x, dgen, stella
23:06<mdz>there are a lot of these things
23:06<Return0>hey I can't seem to capture on line-in while it's muted
23:07=dakeyras [] quit ("dakeyras has no reason")
23:09<Return0>I can caputure mic while it's muted. but not line-in
23:10+newtroot [] joined #mythtv
23:11<newtroot>there seems to be a bug in myth where the change the frontend X and Y offset and while, when i reboot, the numbers stay put, the changes they cause do not. in other words i can go X +10 and when i reboot the computer next time it will still display X +10 in the menu but it will be as if it is X +0.
23:12<pahli_bar>it will be cool to have a plugin to burn recordings to (S)VCD/DVD
23:16+_beetle_ [] joined #mythtv
23:18<pahli_bar>hmm. just a few days after GM recall, Chrysler is recalling 2.7 million cars
23:20+smitty [] joined #mythtv
23:28<pmowry>newtroot: What myth version are you using? I just installed latest CVS and have not noticed an offset problem.
23:29<ChamPro>pahli_bar: why?
23:29+fulbert [] joined #mythtv
23:30<pahli_bar>ChamPro: why for what
23:30<ChamPro>pahli_bar: why are they recalling the cars?
23:30<thor_>they suck
23:35<pahli_bar>anybody here using windowmaker?
23:35<fulbert>i'm working off the jarod install guide for rh9, my system has been running for a month, i'm using apt-get to upgrade stuff and i keep getting dependencies failures that look like "foo is needed by foo" can anyone point me in the right direction?
23:36<pmowry>newtroot: Yeah, with latest cvs, If i start X on my monitor, I can watch it shift the display over the set amount. It loks fine to the TV-out aswell.
23:36<pmowry>fulbert: Did up2date change your kernel recently?
23:37<fulbert>nope, I used apt-get to fetch the new one. it's mostly with ivtv and the nvidia drivers that I keep getting this self referential dep failed
23:37<fulbert>ivtv-kmdl = is needed by (installed)
23:38<fulbert>that's the result from running apt-get install ivtv-kmdl-$KERNEL with the kernel evn set correct.
23:38warlordis now known as warlord-afk
23:40+newt_root [] joined #mythtv
23:40<newt_root>pmowry: 0.13 rc1
23:41<newt_root>is there some sort of check to prevent you from watching tv while recording? i just accidently did and it locked my system so hard i couldn't even ssh in.
23:41<pmowry>t should say all sources in use or somethinglike that
23:43<newt_root>well, i had it on the "watch recorded programs" and it has the preview thing... i left the room and when i cam back it had started recording. the preview had stopped. when i tried to back out of that screen it locked HARD.
23:43+jeffpc [] joined #mythtv
23:46<pmowry>So you were not actually trying to have two inputs atonce.
23:46<pmowry>Just multiple streams (Playback + new recording) in the backend
23:47<pmowry>playback = preview display on "watch recorded..."
23:50<pmowry>fulbert: I'm looking, but have not found anything yet, have you tried the #ivtv-dev channel?
23:50<fulbert>not yet.
23:50<fulbert>I just gave up on one machine and I did a rpm --erase of the old package and it seems to be workign now.
23:51<fulbert>apt-get I thought was smart about deps and upgrades, but this seems a little silly to have a dep fail on the package that it's working with upgrading.
23:52=newtroot [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:53<newt_root>ah. i guess that's true. it didn't occur to me that the playback doesn't record. that's on live tv. i'm a little slow tonight.
23:53newt_rootis now known as newtroot
23:56<fulbert>is there any news on the nvidia 5328 drive? I'm using a GF4 Ti, should I stick with the 4363?
23:59<ChamPro>night all, I'll be back tomorrow after mythTV emerges
23:59=ChamPro [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
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