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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-01-16

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00:19*DJ_Rican is back...
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00:26<DJ_Rican>where do the shared libraries go for mythtv?
00:32<ChamPro>sleep time
00:32<ChamPro>see y'all tomorrow
00:33<ChamPro>I got through 33 of the 38 packages needed for mythtv
00:33<ChamPro>it's up to perl-tk
00:33<ChamPro>funky chicken
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00:35<GreyFoxx>What do you need perl-tk for ?
00:35<DJ_Rican>can someone do a locate and tell me where it is?
00:35<GreyFoxx>oops, he's gone
00:37<DJ_Rican>Grey: can you locate and tell me where it is?
00:37<GreyFoxx>Not on my box, I don't use LIRC with my remote, sorry
00:37<DJ_Rican>mythtv installs it not lirc
00:37<GreyFoxx>ahhh, ok
00:38<DJ_Rican>it's a dependency..
00:38<GreyFoxx>Only if you enable lirc support in :)
00:38<GreyFoxx>which I didn't
00:38<GreyFoxx>It's commented out by default
00:38<DJ_Rican>hmm... i don't think i did... :(
00:39<GreyFoxx>My system seems my remote as a USB keyboard and mouse
00:39<GreyFoxx>I didn't want to bother with LIRC
00:39<DJ_Rican>ok, thx... i deleted that file and now mythbackend needs it... :(
00:39<DJ_Rican>i have the file... i just don't know where it goes...
00:39<GreyFoxx>did you compile from source? Just go do another make install ?
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00:40<DJ_Rican>I compiled LIRC from CVS but it said to delete certain files first....
00:40<DJ_Rican>that was one of the files...
00:41<DJ_Rican>i installed mythtv from rpms...
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00:42<GreyFoxx>Ahh, I've only ever done it via source. I would have no idea what any of the rpms might provide
00:42<DJ_Rican>i had everything working except remote... remote works now but mythbackend is asking for that file
00:42<GreyFoxx>But that lib is part of LIRC, not myth
00:43<Netslayer>what would cause lirc to just stop working or irxevent, sometimes it just stops and comes back in about 30's bizare
00:43<GreyFoxx>That file is part of lirc, not myth
00:44<DJ_Rican>Grey: ok... it's in /usr/local/lib but mythbackend still complains about it
00:44<GreyFoxx>is /usr/local/lib in your /etc/ ?
00:45<DJ_Rican>hmm... let me check
00:45<GreyFoxx>ok, type ldconfig
00:45<GreyFoxx>and then run ldconfig -v | grep liblirc
00:46<GreyFoxx>see if it finds it
00:46<DJ_Rican>it found it
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00:47<GreyFoxx>Then Myth should find it, what exactly is it saying ?
00:47<DJ_nixbox>[root@media .libs]# ldconfig -v | grep liblirc
00:47<DJ_nixbox> ->
00:47<DJ_Rican>ohh it started after ldconfig... :)
00:47<DJ_Rican>thx dude
00:48<GreyFoxx>np, always a good habit to rerun ldconfig if you move around libraries
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00:48<DJ_Rican>ahh... :) i just finished installing lirc and didn't do that... :)
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00:50<DJ_Rican>ok... :( remote works outside myth but not in myth... back to the old drwing board...
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00:59<Chutt>warlord, you here?
01:01<tmk>chutt: he went to bed
01:01<tmk>or so he claimed
01:01<tmk>chutt: did you see my question earlier
01:03<Chutt>define 'bug' =)
01:04<thor_>something someone does who can't keep their panties on ?
01:04<Chutt>tmk, are there any errors in the frontend/backend logs?
01:05<Netslayer>great, heh what did i do: mythfrontend: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
01:05<Chutt>tmk, as far as i'm aware, current cvs works fine on that screen
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01:07<Netslayer>chris@server qt $ cd 3
01:07<Netslayer>chris@server 3 $ ls
01:07<Netslayer>ls: reading directory .: Input/output error
01:07<Netslayer>that's not good
01:08<Netslayer>guess i'll try rebooting
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01:16<Chutt>it's not a bug with it ending a recording in the preview screen
01:16<Chutt>that seems to work fine
01:16<Chutt>wonder how that's getting an invalid pointer
01:17<Chutt>i really need to keep rankings of 'most annoying poster to mythtv-*'
01:20<DJ_Rican>if i installed myth using an rpm, is there a way to enable native lirc support?
01:21<Chutt>doubt it
01:21<DJ_Rican>unless the rpm already had it enabled?
01:22<DJ_Rican>how can i check?
01:22<Chutt>if stuff's linked against the lirc client library
01:22<DJ_Rican>yes it is...
01:22<thor_>stan !
01:23<DJ_Rican>ok... so i do have native lirc support... cool
01:23<Chutt>yeah, stan's definitely up there
01:24<thor_>and the guy who went through 5 e-mail addresses .. always asking the same thing ... started with an M I think
01:24<Chutt>oh yeah
01:24<Chutt>he thought his stuff wasn't going through
01:24<thor_>what the hell was he asking all those times ....
01:25<Chutt>no idea =)
01:35<DJ_Rican>hmm... i know it's not related but...would anyone know why irw works but not irxevent or irexec?
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01:55<tmk>chutt: i didn't load backend with -v all
01:55<tmk>frontend just said something about a query of some kindd
01:56<Chutt>wouldn't matter for error messages
01:56<Chutt>what'd it say? =)
01:56<tmk>lemme look
01:56<ChaosExiguum>DJ_Rican, probably a config issue with your lircrc
01:57<Chutt>was that all?
01:58<tmk>it knows there are recordings scheduled
01:58<tmk>but they don''t show up
01:59<Chutt>not a version mismatch between frontend and backend?
01:59<tmk>shouldn't be
01:59<tmk>i'll check
02:00<tmk>nope, same rev
02:01<tmk>what's the name of the table it pulls that from
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02:13<louiscipher>can anyone help me with my WinTV-PVR250 under linux?
02:14<Netslayer>that new windows program from WD works great. he posted the link on the user list, I can now run it, click a recording and it launches apps for it :-) + shows the png
02:14<tmk>lous: see #ivtv-dev
02:15<thor_>mmmmm brownies
02:15<louiscipher>tmk: thanks
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02:15<ShockValue>wooo hoo
02:16<ShockValue>just ordered a pvr250 and a g4-mx400 with DVI out
02:17<tmk>chutt: if i load mythbackend, it prints the scheduled recordings out just fine
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02:19<tmk>and now it works! whatever
02:20<FryGuy>chutt: do you remember a while back I had problems with the video device not opening which caused an infinite, and then i wrote a patch to fix it but you said it was too much of a hack? well can you look at my newer version of the patch? it's at
02:22<Chutt>that looks better
02:22<Chutt>mind just sending it to the -dev list with patch somewhere in the subject?
02:23<Chutt>i'll be doing patches tomorrow
02:23<FryGuy>i don't think i'm on the dev list
02:23<FryGuy>but ok
02:23<Chutt>or just send it to me, then
02:23<FryGuy>attached or copy/paste?
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02:38<FryGuy>ok sent it to the list. thanks in advance
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03:12<Netslayer>heh what happened on the list err, i replied to "Re:MythHelper: A Windows application to aid in transcoding recordings" and it ended up under "Questions about MythMusic & MythVideo Future Development "
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04:02<pigeon>hmm hi all, perhaps a dumb question. mythtv "must" use qt?
04:02<sfr_>yes. that or qt embedded.
04:03<pigeon>alright, thanks.
04:03<pigeon>I assume that's a must for mythtv frontend only?
04:03<pigeon>is that possible to have mythtv with just the web interface?
04:04<thor_>nope, you got QString, QThread, etc., etc. all over the backend
04:04<pigeon>ok fair enough
04:05<thor_>you could pull it all out (c_string, pthread, etc.), but I can't imagine why you'd want to ?
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04:36<pigeon>xmltv is the epg stuff right? can I run mythtv without bothering it?
04:37<pigeon>since xmltv doesn't seem to support my country yet.
04:49<Netslayer>it'll run but it will not be able to tune anything really..cause there wouldn't be any channels setup
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04:54<pigeon>hmm, but then while configuring video device, it lets me pick a frequency table.
04:54<pigeon>"capture card" i mean in fact.
04:55<pigeon>i'm getting old
04:55<pigeon>i mean in the "general" in mythtv-setup
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05:14<hardwired>you can use it without xmltv
05:14<hardwired>but you need a way of storing channels/frequencies
05:15<pigeon>hmm how do i tell mythtv which input source to record audio?
05:15<pigeon>I can pick a dsp device, but not which input.
05:18<pigeon>fixed audio
05:29<pigeon>so i can't just get mythtv to use a xawtv-like frequency table?
05:30<hardwired>of course, it's an mythfilldatabase option
05:30<hardwired>you can give it an zawtvrc file as input
05:30<pigeon>ah ok thanks.
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05:56<HenkPoley>The docs for setting up de initial database say "cd /database" where was that to begin with?
05:56<HenkPoley>errr "cd database/" (slash at other end)
05:57<hardwired>dunno, hold on a sec
05:58<hardwired>in what section is that?
05:59<HenkPoley>I guess it should be something like {/mnt/store | or whatever)}/database ?
06:00<pigeon>hmm alright, mythfilldatabase doesn't seem to work.
06:01<HenkPoley>The part before it (sec. 5) is even non-consistent, in the sense that different distro sections end up in root or non-root (so it's unpecified)
06:03<hardwired>HenkPoley: looks like it depends on your distro
06:03<hardwired>updatedb and then locate mc.sql :)
06:04<pigeon>xawtvrc might not contain freq info, and mythfilldatabase doesn't know about the freqtable xawtvrc is referring to, it seems.
06:05<hardwired>oh? what table is it?
06:06<pigeon>hmm, does mythfilldatabase assume xawtvrc is going to contain the freq of channels?
06:07<pigeon>mythfilldatabase seems to have imported channels, but not the freq for the channels.
06:07<hardwired>that's ok
06:07<HenkPoley>but err, where does mythtv (or better mysql) store it's tables, is that specified in the mc.sql file?
06:08<pigeon>now i can't change channel in mythtv
06:08<hardwired>the general frequency table such as 'pal-europe-west' together with the channel name, such as 'E5' defines the frequency
06:08<pigeon>i'm using pal-australia btw.
06:08<hardwired>HenkPoley: db mythconverg
06:09<pigeon>i've checked the channel table, channels are imported.
06:09<HenkPoley>btw, I'm first figureing out what and how I need to set the mysql password
06:10<HenkPoley>or can you import this mc.sql file without setting it
06:10<hardwired>pigeon: pal-australia + channel 53 means frequency 702.250
06:10<hardwired>fotr example
06:10<pigeon>but when i change channel, either nothing happens (by typing numbers), or I get 'QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range.' (from the console)
06:10<hardwired>myth computes the frequency from table name+channel
06:10<hardwired>pigeon: then the channel database is hosed. look at it with mysql
06:11<pigeon>they look ok in the database.
06:11<pigeon>the channel table, i have 6 entries, imported by mythfilldatabase i think
06:12<pigeon>the time shifting in mythtv is very well done, btw.
06:12<hardwired>didn't have a chance to look at it yet, i am trying to bring my channel frequencies into myth :)
06:13<pigeon>now only if i can change the channel ;)
06:25<pigeon>another weird things is i don't seem to be able to run mytv as a normal user
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07:12<HenkPoley>Just pokeing :: fact 1, though mythtv know a couple of european frequency tables they are pretty useless. fact 2, european cable channels are given in (M)Hz. Then why not add these as an "" string to the database?
07:13<HenkPoley>I mean, if someone wrote a patch, would this be a good solution? (mythtv must convert the channel freqeuncy table to MHz anyways
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08:07<overridex>anybody know of a howto for making an ir blaster for use with lirc? :)
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09:28<chiphead_>overridex, has schematics
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09:36<HenkPoley>hmm, I've ran mythfilldatabase, isn't that program supposed to read XMLTV data?
09:36<HenkPoley>Or do you need something extra in europe?
09:38<overridex>chiphead_: yeah i meant more than schematics... more like instructions for someone who doesn't know what they're doing completely ;)
09:38<chiphead_>have you looked at the pages. its has everything you need
09:39<StuartL>overridex: If you're not happy with soldering and basic electronic circuits you should probably try to find someone who is or buy a ready made unit.
09:44<HenkPoley>hm tv_grab_nl exits with "getting list of channels: could not fetch, aborting" :-/
09:45<chiphead_>sry caps
09:46<HenkPoley>err, I can reach the site with lynx
09:46<HenkPoley>and it grabs the html pages, so...
09:47<HenkPoley>but off coarse I'll look there
09:49<chiphead_>maybe the format has changed
09:50<hardwired>while we are at this topic. what does xmltv do? fetch only program info or also channel frequencies?
09:51<krash314>StuartL: do you have recommendations for a ready-made ir transmitter that will work with dish network boxes?
09:51<HenkPoley>hardwired: depends on your place on the globe, US = plus freq, other, without
09:52<hardwired>HenkPoley: ah ok, thx
09:52<HenkPoley>MythTV expect it more or less to be within XMLTV
09:52<krash314>anyone, recommendations for ir transmitter that works with dish network boxes
09:52<HenkPoley>Isaac being US citizen..
09:52<overridex>StuartL: i bought a ready-made unit, but the driver it uses with lirc doens't let me change the frequency, and i need to for it to work with my cable box
09:54<HenkPoley>chiphead_: where can I find the xmltv mailinglist archives? all links on the xmltv site lead to dead sourceforge adresses
09:57<StuartL>krash314: In short no, I made my own from the LIRC pages :)
09:58<StuartL>overridex: Are you able to modify the driver code or find someone else who has?
09:58<krash314>StuartL: want to make me one and send it to me. equipment is usually better off if i stay away from it with a soldering iron :)
09:59<overridex>StuartL: yeah, i tried just changing the define and it didn't work, but reading some mailing list archives of lirc they were all just telling the guy he needed to use the lirc-serial module, which meant not using his prebuilt ir blaster
09:59<chiphead_>HenkPoley, looks like 0.5.27 made changes to nl
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10:01<HenkPoley>I seen that
10:01<HenkPoley>but it's not in portage :-/
10:01<HenkPoley>dislike that
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10:06<HenkPoley>'always up to date' was the slogan, heh? ;-)
10:07<StuartL>krash314: Haven't really got the time atm. Haven't turned on any of my home PCs since Tuesday.
10:07<StuartL>krash314: Too many social commitments :)
10:07<hardwired>i'm off, laters
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10:07<HenkPoley>hmm, if I compile all of it myself, won't emerge then mown when I 'emerge xmltv' lateron...
10:08<overridex>HenkPoley: just copy the old version's ebuild to a new filename with the new version number in it, then run ebuild filename digest , and then emerge it.... shouldn't have to even change anything in the ebuild file itself, just the filename
10:13<HenkPoley>eh? afaik it grabs the source from another 'gentoo source distribution' site
10:13<HenkPoley>so I don't think XMLTV will be there, but... who knows
10:13<HenkPoley> version of XMLTV...
10:15<HenkPoley>Okay, just read the ebuild, and it seems like it grabs from
10:16<HenkPoley>Wha do I need to do? "cd /usr/portage/media-tv/xmltv/" "cp xmltv-0.5.25.ebuild xmltv-0.5.27.ebuild" ???
10:18<DJ_Rican>why does 1/2 hr of tv take up 1gb of hd space? and how can i change that?
10:18<krash314>StuartL: I was only kidding. Guess too many social commitments is better than too many work commitments :)
10:22<HenkPoley>Hack somewhat works, though it's now waiting for
10:23<HenkPoley>Whow, takes some time to timeout...
10:24<HenkPoley>:-/ Connecting to[]:80... failed: Connection timed out. Retrying.
10:24<HenkPoley>now works, yay
10:26+schultmc [] joined #mythtv
10:27<HenkPoley>building XMLTV failed, it needs a newer version of XMLwiter :: XML::Writer-0.4.1 is required, but 0.4 is installed
10:27<HenkPoley>Somebody help? overridex?
10:28<Chiphead>0.4 != 0.4.1
10:28<HenkPoley>duh, and? (sorry)
10:29<Chiphead>read your own statement
10:29<Chiphead> building XMLTV failed, it needs a newer version of XMLwiter :: XML::Writer-0.4.1 is required, but 0.4 is installed
10:29<HenkPoley>I'll try getting 0.4.1 okay :-)
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10:33<HenkPoley>Just checking, should I had added the -u flag to emerge, would it then have grabbed the latest XML-writer automagicaly?
10:42<overridex>HenkPoley: should of, yep
10:43<DJ_Rican>how can i tell if my video is being transcoded after recording?
10:44+bishop [] joined #mythtv
10:45<HenkPoley>And probably you need to give your channels in mythtv the same name as your grabber gives you (after you configured them)
10:49<HenkPoley>..hehe, that was a question... forgot a '?'
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10:51<kvandivo>the Alter-Chutt has arrived
10:52<Chiphead>its an alian body snatcher
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11:07<Chutt2>someone needs to go kick Brad Allen in the head.
11:07<kvandivo>a piece of duct tape over the mouth might work..
11:08<Chutt2>that'd leave his fingers still able to type really long annoying emails
11:08<Chutt2>Thank you for all your work, everyone! Now bad angry news:
11:08<Chutt2>CVS IVTV right now is the most unstable I've ever used!
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11:09<Chutt2>followed by 240 more lines of crap.
11:09Chutt2is now known as Chutt
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11:10<warlord>Chutt: yea, it is... I reverted back to 0.1.9
11:10<Chutt>it's CVS
11:10<warlord>(plus a couple packages)
11:10<Chutt>kevin even said it's unstable
11:10<Chutt>i'll have that end of file preview fix in CVS shortly
11:10<Chutt>though i can't reproduce that at all
11:10<warlord>oh, cool. thanks. :)
11:10<Chutt>i've had a 20 second recording looping for the past 15 minutes
11:11<Chutt>but i see how it could do bad things
11:11<warlord>I didn't know it was supposed to loop.. It's always just ended for me.
11:11<warlord>Before I set up the -350 it just stopped at the end.
11:11<Chutt>just ending is the problem
11:11<Chutt>it's cmeyer's new code that makes it loop
11:13<warlord>I wonder if the Athlon MMX implementation is different from Intel's?
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11:13<Chutt>i've got an athlon
11:13<Chutt>pahli_bar, hey, you here?
11:14<pahli_bar>Chutt: hi
11:15<Chutt>i finally got around to updating mythgallery on my tv-out machine last night
11:15*pahli_bar crosses his fingers
11:15<Chutt>had to increase the fonts a little to make things more readable from a distance
11:15<Chutt>want a diff of the ui.xml changes?
11:15<pahli_bar>no. go ahead and commit it
11:16<Chutt>had to move some other things slightly, as well, to accomdate the new sizes
11:16<pahli_bar>in the code?
11:16<Chutt>makes the thumbnail area a tiny bit smaller
11:16<Chutt>no, no, just in ui.xml
11:17<pahli_bar>hmm. i'm curious. the thumbnail size is set by the size of the icons
11:18<Chutt>the blackhole area
11:18<Chutt>was what changed
11:18<Chutt>oh, and i noticed it crashes if the images directory is set to something invalid =)
11:19<pahli_bar>heh. i will add a fix for that.
11:19<Chutt>is your thumbnail work going to add images for directories that just hold other directories?
11:19<Chutt>that's the only other thing I noticed
11:20<warlord>Chutt: my myth did something interesting last night. It was set up to record a few programs back to back, but appararantly the program times were overlapping. The first program was cut short, and the second program is broken into two sections (the first section ends when the first program should have ended).
11:20<pahli_bar>Chutt: couple of things.. go deeper into dirs searching for images. and thumbnail on demand (but still using threading)
11:20+holger [] joined #mythtv
11:20<Chutt>sounds good =)
11:20<pahli_bar>should be done by this weekend.
11:21<Chutt>i'll check mythnews for font sizes sometime as well
11:21<Chutt>warlord, that's very odd
11:21<warlord>Chutt: yea, I know.. let me see if there are any log messages from that time period.
11:21<pahli_bar>that will be nice. i will install stuff on my box and check it out on tv as well
11:21<pmowry>Hey, the crashing is a feature, reminds me to restore my smb mounts.
11:22<pahli_bar>pmowry: :)
11:22<pahli_bar>pmowry: i will make sure to add some real obnoxious msg to remind you
11:23<kvandivo>throw in a 'rm -rf /' and find out if they are running it as root if they do that..
11:23=_kch_ [] quit ("Terminando cliente")
11:24<warlord>Chutt: logs don't have anything interesting, except the double-recording.
11:25<HenkPoley>mythfrontend is supposed to use OSS (or better, OSS emulation layer) when ALSA is present?
11:26<pahli_bar>HenkPoley: if you haven't compiled with native alsa support
11:28<HenkPoley>ehm, shouldn't USE="alsa ..." on gentoo do right that?
11:30<HenkPoley>hmm, I might just update to 0.13, now it is out of ~x86 (==unstable) in portage
11:30<pahli_bar>HenkPoley: for gentoo related myth questions see the user mailing list archives
11:31=ShockValue [] quit ("+++")
11:40+rkulagow [] joined #mythtv
11:42=bishop [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]")
11:43+sfr_ [~sfr@] joined #mythtv
11:46<warlord>Chutt: thanks for the commit
11:46+mchou [] joined #mythtv
11:57<Chutt>hopefully it fixed it
11:58<Chutt>and, thank jason hoos for his explanation email =)
12:10<shorawitz>so, what are we talking about here now?
12:11<shorawitz>anyone here using native lirc support in myth currently?
12:12+Drikus [] joined #mythtv
12:17<pmowry>shorawitz:native lirc in CVS from yesterday does not work for me. But I upgraded my kernel and ivtv at the same time.
12:18<shorawitz>me too
12:18<shorawitz>ok, I thought it was just something lame I did
12:18<shorawitz>I'm recompiling without it. I'll go back to irxevent then
12:20=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
12:44+mecraw__ [~mecraw@] joined #mythtv
12:46<pahli_bar>Chutt: the bigger fonts definitely look better :)
12:47<Chutt>glad you agree
12:51+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
13:00=krash314 [] quit ("Client Exiting")
13:06<warlord>Chutt: yea, that email was pretty consise. I'll test it shortly.. my recording just ended.
13:17=poo [~sean@] quit ("Download Gaim:")
13:18+choenig [] joined #mythtv
13:23+jmblack [] joined #mythtv
13:26cmorganis now known as cmorgan_away
13:39<pahli_bar>anybody good with opengl lighting
13:42*pahli_bar wonders where all the CS people are hiding ;)
13:48cmorgan_awayis now known as cmorgan
13:50<Misirlou>Heh, no copy of the GPL is distributed with MythTV?
13:52<shorawitz>is it GPL'd?
13:52<Chutt>there's a link.
13:53<Misirlou>shorawitz: I guess it's not GPL'd yet. :)
13:53<Chutt>that's a really stupid reason.
13:53<shorawitz>where's the link?
13:53<Chutt>in the COPYING file
13:54<Chutt>like the license should be?
13:54<Chutt>i see no reason to bloat up the size of the tarball with a file that everyone already has several hundred copies of.
13:57<Misirlou>From what I've read, it won't be under the GPL until it's actually included.
13:59<Chutt>if that were true, everything in debian wouldn't be GPL'd
13:59<Chutt>since none of their packages include a full copy of it.
14:02<Misirlou>Hmm, that should probably be corrected as well.
14:03<Chutt>you're funny.
14:07<cmorgan>if you can't find the gpl in 20 years you'll have trouble finding myth as well i think
14:07<shorawitz>"funny how, like I'm a clown - I amuse?"
14:08<shorawitz>sorry, had to slip some Pesci in there
14:09<Misirlou>Actually, Debian's fine since all packages are distributed as a part of a whole.
14:09<Chutt>no they're not.
14:10<Misirlou>Yes, they are.
14:10<Chutt>you can install debs on other systems than debian fairly easily.
14:10<mdz>every Debian system has a copy of the GPL on it, so if you install the package, you have the license
14:11<Chutt>mdz, right, but there's absolutely nothing restricting the installation to a debian system.
14:11<mdz>no, and of course this has been debated over and over
14:12<Chutt>so, my point is just that misirlou is just a dumbass
14:12<Chutt>and really shouldn't be babbling about this
14:12<cmorgan>you can't just pretend that there is no copyright just because there is no notice
14:13<mdz>Misirlou: when you find that you are on the same side of an argument as RMS, it's time to rethink your position
14:15<Misirlou>We are already on the same side, only divided again.
14:17<Chutt>pahli_bar, the cube effect's pretty cool.
14:18+blackadder [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
14:19<Chutt>i wonder how the gl transitions work on the pvr-350
14:19<Chutt>especially considering that machine's underpowered already
14:20=cuban [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
14:21+marc [] joined #mythtv
14:22<Chutt>mdz, hey, you know that marillat's debs moved?
14:23<Chutt>your instructions don't work anymore
14:25=steelep [~signwatch@] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:29+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
14:31-Misirlou [] left #mythtv ("asdf")
14:31<mdz>Chutt: I noticed I was getting a 404 and commented out my sources.list entry, does that count as knowing?
14:31<Chutt>i did the same for awhile =0
14:31<Chutt>er, =)
14:32<Chutt>deb unstable main
14:32<Chutt>works, i believe
14:33<kvandivo>[OT] so what does everything think... would _you_ be willing to go on a one way trip to mars?
14:33<mdz>I'll update my pages, thanks
14:33<Chutt>no, it's cold there
14:34<kvandivo>i looked up a graph of that just last night... supposedly on the first day of 'summer' it gets up to around 1 degree F
14:34=steelep [~signwatch@] quit (Nick collision from services.)
14:36+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
14:38=blackadder [~signwatch@] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:38<pahli_bar>Chutt: heh. glad you liked it.
14:39<pahli_bar>i need to get hold of crappy old system to check out the effects with software rendering
14:48+blackadder [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
14:49<pahli_bar>my god. people really like to bitch. (ref: Questions about MythMusic & MythVideo Future Development)
14:50=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
14:51<Chutt>where's that?
14:51<pahli_bar>on the mythusers mailing list archive. (first page now). i see that you replied to it
14:53<Chutt>oh wow, that's old
14:53<Chutt>someone's been replying to old posts to start new threads
14:53+poo [~sean@] joined #MythTV
14:53<pahli_bar>i unsubscribed from the list. boy, am i glad i did it. the amount of mail volume is amazing
14:54=poo [~sean@] quit (Client Quit)
14:55+poo [~sean@] joined #MythTV
14:55<Chutt>i just skim it now
14:56+ricko [] joined #mythtv
14:56+hardwired [] joined #mythtv
14:57=blackadder [~signwatch@] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:57=steelep [~signwatch@] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:57<hardwired>mythtv depends on wget?
14:57<hardwired>or rather mythfilldatabase
14:57<ricko>How are all things myth going?
14:58<ricko>Possibly hw. I thought all distros has wget
14:58<hardwired>that's a broad assumption
14:58<hardwired>i just noticed that the ebuild doesn't require it
14:59<Chutt>it'd be easy to replace with some http getting code that's in libmyth, now
14:59<ricko>it might be, but it should be true of the mainstream distros. I honestly don't know the transport mechanism
14:59<hardwired>QString command = QString("wget ") + (*i).iconpath;
15:00<pahli_bar>it might need a change in design as qt sockets tend to be non-blocking
15:00<Chutt>the stuff in libmyth is blocking
15:01=marc [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:02<hardwired>what is the standard way of non-us, non-xmltv countries to set up channels in myth? xawtv file and mythfilldatabase?
15:02<Chutt>yeah, or just mythfilldb --manual
15:02<Chutt>or the new section in setup
15:02+marc [] joined #mythtv
15:03<hardwired>new as in later than 0.13 release?
15:03<hardwired>ohh, ok. i'll upgrade then
15:04<hardwired>what if i have a webpage from my provider with all the data+icons on it?
15:04<Chutt>the xawtv stuff's probably easiest for most people, though
15:04<hardwired>make a script that prints an xawtv file? or write directly to the channels table?
15:05+dilate [] joined #mythtv
15:05<hardwired>ok, but all i have to fill is in the channel table or elsewhere as well?
15:05<Chutt>just the channel table
15:06<hardwired>very well. thanks.
15:09<hardwired>it skips the finetune input with my generated xawtv file and --manual
15:11+chillywilly [] joined #mythtv
15:12<nchip>.oO( 2077 mails in 16 days in mythtv-users )
15:12<ricko>cold enough for yah willy?
15:12<chillywilly>dunno where to ask this so I will satrt here but doesn anyone know to burn an XSVCD cause all I got is an mpg...unlike the SVCD with the .bin and .cue files...just wondering if I have to do anything special
15:12<ricko>I'm glad I changed to digest mode
15:13<chillywilly>my nick is a reference to the cartoon penguin of old
15:13<ricko>ah yes...but I see you're in wi and it is plenty cold here
15:13<chillywilly>yep :)
15:13<chillywilly>I am cold right now here int eh basement
15:13<chillywilly>in the
15:14<chillywilly>it's pretty frickin cold out today
15:14<ricko>I haven't looked at vcd/svcd's etc. Just dvd stuff
15:14<ricko>Wait til Tuesday
15:15<chillywilly>I downloaded the stargate ep that I missed but I'd rather watch it on my TV than on my computer...XSVCD is just like SVCD but with a higher bitrate...although it's an mpg file so that is wat is I need o make soem kinda vcd image...dunno
15:15<chillywilly>hmmm, my typing sucks
15:16<shorawitz>anyone running hauppauge grey remote with ivtv-0.1.9 & mythv-cvs?
15:16<ricko>Where do you plan on watching it? (your computer or ??)
15:16<shorawitz>I can't seem to get the damn remote to work
15:16<ricko>I have the grey remote, not using it yet though
15:16<chillywilly>I need to get another shuttle XPC and make it into my PVR
15:16<shorawitz>ricko: is your box in production?
15:16<hardwired>shorawitz: there were mails about it being broken with latest
15:16<chillywilly>I'd like to watch it on my DVD player if I can get it to play XSVCD
15:17<shorawitz>yeah, but I can't even get irw to repond
15:17<ricko>My box is in working order, but not running myth right now. I was doing some video editing and had to turnoff the back end
15:18<hardwired>shorawitz: but did it work before you upgraded?
15:18<ricko>It's a sweet setup. I have a raid 5 array and a pvr250, running myth 0.13. Front end is a minimyth box with an EPIA EM6000
15:23<ricko>There is a link for XVCD creation
15:24<shorawitz>so hw, is it an ivtv problem? Shouldn't it at least work with lircd & irw?
15:24<pahli_bar> has enough information on (S/X)VCD creation
15:25<ricko>That too. chillywilly, you need to take that mpeg and convert it
15:26<hardwired>shorawitz: uh, i don't know
15:27<shorawitz>is anyone even using 0.1.9 with a remote then?
15:27<shorawitz>I guess wrong irc
15:27<hardwired>does it work when you do not load the ivtv modules?
15:28<shorawitz>I'll remove them and try, but I don't think so
15:31<shorawitz>[root@pvr1 root]# lircd -n
15:31<shorawitz>lircd 0.7.0pre2: lircd(hauppauge) ready
15:31<shorawitz>lircd 0.7.0pre2: accepted new client on /dev/lircd
15:31<shorawitz>lircd 0.7.0pre2: could not open /dev/lirc
15:31<shorawitz>lircd 0.7.0pre2: default_init(): No such device
15:31<shorawitz>lircd 0.7.0pre2: caught signal
15:31<ricko>are you using devfs?
15:31<ricko>then you need to create the device
15:32<shorawitz>sorry, it is running
15:32<ricko>if /dev/lirc doesn't exist how do you expect it to work?
15:32<shorawitz>[root@pvr1 lirc-0.7.0pre2]# ls -l /dev/lirc*
15:32<shorawitz>crw-r--r-- 1 root root 61, 0 Jan 16 11:39 /dev/lirc
15:32<shorawitz>srw-rw-rw- 1 root root 0 Jan 16 12:31 /dev/lircd=
15:32<shorawitz>it does, that's the weird part
15:32-chillywilly [] left #mythtv ("*poof*")
15:32<hardwired>/dev/lircd= ?
15:32<shorawitz>that's the socket
15:33<shorawitz>[root@pvr1 lirc-0.7.0pre2]# lsmod | head
15:33<shorawitz>Module Size Used by Tainted: P
15:33<shorawitz>lirc_i2c 5124 0 (unused)
15:33<shorawitz>lirc_dev 10288 0 [lirc_i2c]
15:33<shorawitz>i2c-core 20580 0 [lirc_i2c]
15:33<hardwired>why is it unused
15:34<shorawitz>I except because I don't have ivtv loaded
15:34<hardwired>ah ok
15:34<shorawitz>sorry, expect
15:38<shorawitz>I do notice that "modprobe lirc_i2c" complains:
15:38<shorawitz>Jan 16 12:30:23 pvr1 insmod: /lib/modules/2.4.22-21mm.1mdk/kernel/drivers/media/video/bttv.o.gz: init_module: No such device
15:38<shorawitz>Jan 16 12:30:23 pvr1 insmod: Hint: insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters. You may find more information in syslog or the output from dmesg
15:38<shorawitz>Jan 16 12:30:23 pvr1 modprobe: modprobe: insmod bttv failed
15:38<shorawitz>Jan 16 12:30:23 pvr1 modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module rivatv
15:39<ricko>do you have a bttv device?
15:39<shorawitz>well, unless pvr350 is considered
15:39<ricko>then why is your modprobe.conf or modules.conf asking those to load?
15:39=marc [] quit (Operation timed out)
15:40<ricko>pvr250/350 do not use bttv
15:40{o_O}is now known as {O_o}
15:40<ricko>check your modules.conf and modprobe.conf
15:40<shorawitz>it's not in modules.conf
15:40<shorawitz># This is for WinTV PVR-350 IVTV
15:40<shorawitz>alias char-major-61 lirc_i2c
15:40<shorawitz>alias char-major-81 videodev
15:40<shorawitz>alias char-major-81-0 ivtv
15:40<shorawitz>options ivtv ivtv_debug=1
15:40<shorawitz>options tuner type=2
15:40<shorawitz>options saa7127 enable_output=1 output_select=0
15:40<shorawitz>options msp3400 once=1 simple=1
15:41<shorawitz>add below ivtv msp3400 saa7115 saa7127 tuner
15:41<shorawitz>add above ivtv lirc_dev lirc_i2c
15:41<shorawitz>#add above ivtv lirc_dev lirc_i2c ivtv-fb
15:42<hardwired>i have your commented out line instead
15:42<ricko>hmmm none of those is loading bttv. which distro?
15:42<Chutt>#ivtv-dev would be a more appropriate channel for discussion of ivtv problems.
15:42<shorawitz>mandrake 9.2
15:42<shorawitz>weird that it worked on monday
15:43<shorawitz>before I upgraded to 0.1.9 and mythcvs
15:43<shorawitz>here's something from messages:
15:44<shorawitz>Jan 16 12:36:42 pvr1 kernel: _devfs_append_entry(0): dir: "lirc" is not a directory
15:44<shorawitz>Jan 16 12:36:42 pvr1 kernel: devfs_register(lirc/0): could not append to parent, err: -20
15:44<shorawitz>Jan 16 12:36:42 pvr1 kernel: tuner: chip found @ 0xc2
15:44<shorawitz>Jan 16 12:36:42 pvr1 kernel: tuner(bttv): type forced to 2 (Philips NTSC (FI1236,FM1236 and compatibles)) [insmod]
15:44<shorawitz>Jan 16 12:36:44 pvr1 kernel: saa7127: Configuring encoder...<6>saa7114.c: starting probe for adapter ivtv i2c driver
15:44<shorawitz>notice the "tuner(bttv)"
15:44<hardwired>i thought you said you don't use devfs?
15:44<Chutt>#ivtv-dev would be a more appropriate channel for discussion of ivtv problems.
15:45<Chutt>as i just fucking said.
15:45<ricko>what is your problem Chutt?
15:45-ricko [] left #mythtv ()
15:45<Chutt>people pasting too much off topic crap in my channel?
15:46<hardwired>i'm gone, laters
15:46=hardwired [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:47+curreyr_ [] joined #mythtv
15:48<shorawitz>I wasn't sure where would be appropriate to talk about this one
15:48<shorawitz>just looking for experience
15:51<warlord>Chutt: fyi, looks like the mmx loop change works.. or at least it hasn't crashed there, yet... thanks.
15:52<Chutt>yeah, i just locked things so it couldn't delete the frames until the preview window was done with them
15:52<Chutt>can't be deleted out from under it that way =)
16:01<warlord>The wonder of locks.. ;)
16:04<HenkPoley>Are (non-US) XMLTV grabs linked to the channels via the channelname or?
16:16=dilate [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
16:19+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
16:28+cesman [~cesman@] joined #mythtv
16:47=Netslayer [] quit ()
16:51+michal [] joined #mythtv
16:52<michal>hi. does anyone here know of any utilities or scripts which can ease the management of xmltv files beyond those bundled with xmltv itself ?
17:00=cbreen_wk [] quit ()
17:05=curreyr_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:06=HenkPoley [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:06+curreyr_ [] joined #mythtv
17:09+G-funk|laptop [] joined #mythtv
17:09<michal>anyone know of any utilities to merge adjacent and identical programme title entries into one programme?
17:09<michal>in xmtlv data files
17:12<michal>i don't know perl
17:13<michal>for the last few days i've been trying to decipher the tv_grab script for my area which is in perl
17:13<michal>it's almost as hard as assembler to decipher :/
17:15<michal>is there any utility to print out all the functions and function dependancies in a perl script?
17:16=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:19<michal>jesus.. it's a wonder this tv_grab script exists at all :/
17:22*pahli_bar shivers whenevers he looks at a perl script
17:22<michal>well if you saw this one you'd cray.. not just shiver
17:22<michal>cry too
17:22<pahli_bar>i had a look at them. really scary stuff
17:23<michal>i find it hard to believe any would be as scary as tv_grab_au
17:23+dageshi [] joined #mythtv
17:24<michal>i just wish development hadn't been killed at 0.2 :(
17:24<dageshi>could anyone help with a problem with ivtv setup?
17:24<michal>i don't think we'll ever have a decent tv_grab script for this country
17:24<pahli_bar>dageshi: #ivtv-dev
17:24<dageshi>ahh thankyou pahli :)
17:25<pahli_bar>maybe Chutt should put it in the topic (goto #ivtv-dev for ivtv questions)
17:26<dageshi>well I went to #ivtv, I woulda thought leaving a topic in there would have been a good idea, since its the obvious chan :)
17:26<sfr_>goto? and you complain about perl?
17:27<nchip>this is my favourite perl rexpt ;)
17:27<pahli_bar>sfr_: heh. i have seen enought fortran 77 programming with goto's and perl scripts will pale in comparison
17:28<sfr_>nchip: there is a bug in this regexp. go find it :P
17:29<pmowry>dageshi: Do you need to know where to start or are you havingtrouble?
17:29<michal>i have trouble with almost all regexps
17:29<michal>i simple cannot comprehend them
17:29<michal>it's like regexp dyslexia
17:30<michal>i wish there were useful tools to parse xmltv files.. there don't seem to be any
17:31<sfr_>there is perl and the xmltv perl module ;)
17:32<michal>well i'm allerging to perl.. if perl didn't have regular expressions then perhaps I could use it
17:32<nchip>michal: well, any xml parses should do..
17:33<michal>i just wish there was an easy way without writing a new program to merge adjacent programme entries which have matching titles
17:34<michal>i'm going to strip down these xmltv files to make them a bit smaller.. i don't care about the majority of entries :/
17:35=bdunn13 [] quit (Connection timed out)
17:36<michal>here's a start
17:36<michal>cat guide.xml | grep -v '<value>' | grep -v '<url>' |grep -v '<rating' | grep -v '</rating>'
17:36<michal>but i wish i could do it the other way
17:37<michal>ie choose the ones i want.. not the ones i don't want :/
17:39-dageshi [] left #mythtv ()
17:40<pmowry>Octane:How is your nuvexport stuff going? divx has been about 50/50 for audio syncs for me. for the video quality, I doubled the datarate and kept the original recording size instead of the defaults.
17:40<michal>wtf is this doing?
17:40<michal>$vdrid = $vdrst / 60 % 0xFFFF;
17:40=jmblack [] quit ("Leaving")
17:41<mdz>dividing by 60 and calculating mod 65535
17:42<michal>ok.. seems like it's just generating a meaningless id
17:45<michal>so if i want to be able to merge adjacent identical programs what would be the logical way of doing it? have 2 sets of variables for programme entries one for current and one for next (assuming xmltv file is sorted by channel then time) and load in the "current" and "next" programme and compare titles, if titles match copy the stop time from the next program into current, load the next program into next and if it STILL matches do the
17:46<michal>file and copy the next to the current and repeat?
17:47<mdz>you really want to be using an XML parser and not grep for that
17:47<mdz>there is one for pretty much every language now
17:48<michal>i don't suppose there's an xmltv parser too?
17:48<michal>what is an ampersand supposed to look like in an xmltv file?
17:51+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
17:51<michal>ok.. so that is correct
17:52<michal>i had been sedding them to & because another program was havibng trouble with them
17:53<michal>or i could do it in this roundabout but possible easier way
17:53<michal>xmltv2db and then use select quesries to generate a new xmltv file :/
17:54+pmowry_ [] joined #mythtv
17:58=pmowry [] quit ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
17:59=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:04-poo [~sean@] left #MythTV ()
18:05+curreyr [~curreyr@] joined #mythtv
18:10+kach [] joined #mythtv
18:13<thor_>pahli_bar, sweet!
18:17<mdz>michal: yes, of course there are XML parsers in java
18:17<mdz>michal: and you don't need an xmltv parser; that's sort of the point of XML
18:19<kach>anyone know if I can compile mythtv for an xbox on a regular linux box, it is dreadfully slow compiling on the xbox
18:22=curreyr_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:23<michal>mdz: by xmltv parser i mean something which includes functions for dealing specifically with xmltv data. sort of like the difference between grep and tv_grep.. i'm interested in the extended functionality specific to xmltv
18:25-curreyr [~curreyr@] left #mythtv ()
18:25<mdz>michal: isn't that the part you're trying to write?
18:26<michal>i just want to write the parge which merges adjacent split entires :P
18:33<pahli_bar>hi thor_
18:33<thor_>er ... hey
18:34+ChamPro [] joined #mythtv
18:34<pahli_bar>who wants 64 bit laptops?
18:34<ChamPro>hi all, I have a question about the USE statements when compiling mythtv on Gentoo
18:34<ChamPro>the default use statements are +alsa -lcd -lirc -nvidia
18:34<pahli_bar>ChamPro: mythusers mailing list
18:35<pahli_bar>what does it take to have a #mythtv-users channel
18:35<pahli_bar>^^ not being sarcastic here. just curious
18:36<thor_>something like /create #mythtv-users, I think
18:40+bdale [] joined #mythtv
18:41<ChamPro>pahli_bar: I can't find anything on these USE flags in the mailing list archive....
18:41<ChamPro>some talk about lirc... but no answers
18:42<pahli_bar>ChamPro: then post a question.
18:42<thor_> Your search for Gentoo USE returned 1236 results
18:44<ChamPro>linky no work... but I'm searching most specifically with use lirc nvidia gentoo
18:44<ChamPro>there was a question posted a couple days ago though
18:47<ChamPro>I understand what the lirc and nvidia flags are for sorta, but the lcd one puzzles me
18:47<ChamPro>and none of those flags are documented in Gentoo's docs
18:47=pmowry_ [] quit ("time to gohime")
18:47<pahli_bar>lcd one is for lcd devices..
18:47<ChamPro>like the little front mounted ones? 2 or 3 line black and white ones?
18:48<pahli_bar>yup. read the myth docs too. they will have lot more information
18:55<pahli_bar>holy shit. freevo guys are way ahead of us...
18:56<cmorgan>yeh they have v1.4.1 already
18:56<cmorgan>and we are back on 0.14
18:56<cmorgan>and i like their latest release ;-)
18:56<ChamPro>but they don't have all the cool features we do
18:57<pahli_bar>cmorgan: wash your eyes and see the webpage again
18:57<cmorgan>pahli_bar: oh i see it
18:57<cmorgan>pahli_bar: it will take us a year to catch up to them ;-)
18:57<pahli_bar>god know where they will be by that time :)
18:57<ChamPro>myth is cooler
18:58<sfr_>shit. gotta go buy some gifts
18:58<pahli_bar>for me ??
18:58<cmorgan>freevo does look a bit better than it did a year ago
18:59<sfr_>pahli_bar: depends. did you behave well this year?
18:59<pahli_bar>yes sir. i did. how do I send you my mailing address
19:00<michal>lord it's hot :/
19:00<sfr_>you don't know it? its Mr. Santa Claus. Heavens Gate 12.
19:01<michal>ok.. hmm.. some people seem to assume that xmltv programme entires must have a stop time :/
19:01<sfr_>gah, it's late
19:03<thor_>* Support for Rendezvous/Zeroconf based service announcement
19:08<michal>in what?
19:08<michal>no shit?
19:08<thor_>although it's in myth as well
19:09<michal>i wish windows supported zeroconf properly :/
19:11=virzyz [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:12+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
19:13<ShockValue>ok, just about to hit the order button: But let me make sure im not doing somethign dumb.
19:13<ShockValue>Hauppauge PVR 250 AND GeForce4 Mx440 with Svideo, VGA, and DVI output. 187$
19:14<ShockValue>This will give me good TV playback through mythtv?
19:14<shorawitz>looks good 2 me
19:15<shorawitz>that config is a norm for the list
19:15<shorawitz>but then, it all depends on how $$ you got and how much time
19:15<pahli_bar>ShockValue: buying retail?
19:16<pahli_bar>i think you can get a pvr350 for that price. (which will give better tvout). but be warned its experimental
19:19<ShockValue>but i have a TV with DVI input.. so i was thinking i would go the DVI out on the GeForce route.
19:19<ShockValue>good plan or no?
19:19<ShockValue>buying from
19:19<pahli_bar>ShockValue: ah. dunno about dvi
19:20<ShockValue>i dont like svideo.. ive done comparisons just with my equipment.. and it was ok, but component was better.. dvi is spozed to be even better than component..
19:20<ChamPro>DVi is nice
19:21<shorawitz>Shock: go dvi
19:21<ShockValue>ok.. Hauppage 250, GeForce440mx, DVI.. check
19:22<ShockValue>choice of video cable taken out of consideration, this will give me good TV playback?
19:22<shorawitz>with that card, you can still at least do svid if you need to as well
19:22<pahli_bar>how much for each.
19:22+louiscipher [] joined #mythtv
19:22<shorawitz>I personally like for $$ shopping
19:23<ShockValue>139 / 47
19:23<pahli_bar>ebay still had some OEM pvr250, if you can rig up your own ir receiver
19:23<ShockValue>pricewatch is my starting point.. newegg is usually within a few dollars from the "best listed", but is an outstanding source for reliability and CS
19:23<ShockValue>so unless they have a really shitty price, i usually end up at :)
19:23<pahli_bar>ShockValue: also avermedia has clearance on M179 (which works just as well as pvr250)
19:24=michal [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:24=louiscipher [] quit (Client Quit)
19:24<ShockValue>Im not a linux expert, im hesitant to get anything that is not within the norm for hardware :)
19:25<pahli_bar>ShockValue: don't expect the pvr250 to be plug and play either
19:25<ShockValue>no, but alot of people have them it seems, ive run into quite a few howtos.. im ok with that
19:25<pahli_bar>the M179 is almost the same amount of effort.
19:26<ShockValue>now if i could just get LIRC to work with 2.6.. i'd be set :)
19:26<overridex>now if i could just get lirc to work.... period ;)
19:26<pahli_bar>i have a pvr250. but on a second chance i will buy a M179 or even the M150
19:26<ShockValue>hrmm.. m179 is only 80$ at the same place as the pvr250
19:26<overridex>anyway to test if my ir transmitter is actually sending? though i've read some places that i might need to mess with the frequency to get it to work with my cable box, any way i can check if it's doing anything at all in case lirc isn't working right?
19:28+beatbox [nobody@] joined #mythtv
19:29-beatbox [nobody@] left #mythtv ()
19:29<ShockValue>or should i just give up this whole mythtv endeavor and buy a guitar instead :D
19:31+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
19:42=ShockValue [] quit ()
19:46<pahli_bar>heh. wife managed to crash the backend.
19:46<pahli_bar>need to check the logs
19:47+curreyr_ [] joined #mythtv
19:53poptix_is now known as poptix
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20:28+schwin97 [] joined #mythtv
20:33<tmbg37>i'm considering building a mythtv box to go with my directtv receiver
20:34<tmbg37>how easy would it be to do this?
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21:10+tmk [] joined #mythtv
21:11<tmk>chutt: you around?
21:14=cesman [~cesman@] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta1 "Eve's Avatar"")
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21:32<ChamPro>tmbg37: check
21:33<tmbg37>i did, and if I had found information that I found useful, i wouldn't be asking here
21:34=kach [] quit ("Client exiting")
21:35+ricko [] joined #mythtv
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21:48<mchou>Chutt, /who tmbg37
21:50<ChamPro>tmbg37: DirectTV makes TivO boxes right?
21:50<tmbg37>no, Hughes does
21:51<ricko>I don't think DirectTV does any manufacturing. They may market boxes that do tivo functionality
21:51<ChamPro>you could make a mythTV box for like $400 with a nice tv tuner
21:51<ChamPro>if you had an older computer lying around
21:52<ChamPro>the new Hauppauge cards are supposedly really nice
21:52<ChamPro>I have an old WinTV PCI myself
21:52<ricko>The PVR 250/350 cards are really nice
21:52<tmbg37>well, getting the box to work with my DirecTV receiver would be a hassle i think
21:52<ChamPro>no different than a cable signal
21:53<tmbg37>i'd have to get infrared thingies and stuff
21:53<tmbg37>to change the channel
21:53<ricko>Certain boxes allow you to change channels with serial cables
21:53<tmbg37>not mine
21:53<ricko>well then you're kinda screwed ;)
21:53<ricko>seriously though, I need to explore that bc I plan on moving
21:53<tmbg37>no, i could get an serial infrared device that i'd point at the receiver
21:54<ricko>...and we won't have cable where i'm moving
21:54<tmbg37>know if MythTV has features to automatically record certain shows whenever they're on?
21:54<ricko>If they didn't have dsl I wouldn't be moving there though. I can't live without high speed internet
21:54<ricko>I belive it does
21:54<tmbg37>hmm, that's definitely a plus
21:55<ChamPro>it uses XMLtv for guides
21:55<ChamPro>I forget where it pulls from
21:55<ChamPro>TitanTV maybe
21:55<ChamPro>(I may be deathly wrong)
21:55<ricko>damn I just sorted through 900 pictures I took at a wrestling meet last weekend. ended up with 327 good ones
21:56<tmbg37>well, in order to use MythTV rather than tivo, i have to first convince my mom
21:56<ricko>I have a sore finger from hitting delete
21:56<tmbg37>and my dad
21:56<tmbg37>in fact, i need to convince my dad to get a dvr in the first place
21:56<ricko>hmmm. Have you set it up with just broadcast tv?
21:56<tmbg37>oh, no
21:56<ricko>What hardware do you have?
21:56<tmbg37>i don't even have the hardware for it yet
21:57<tmbg37>when I get approved, i'm probably gonna build a box for it for about $400-$500
21:57<tmbg37>with mATX and stuff
21:57<ricko>How do you plan to use it? What will it all do? Will you have a separate front end and back end or will it be all in one box?
21:58<tmbg37>all in one, i believe
21:58<ricko>Those are questions to answer before approaching dad. Have the whole plan worked out.
21:58<tmbg37>i might also use it as a backend to other computers in the house, but not regularly
21:58<ChamPro>there's a new mythTV distro for miniITX boards
21:58<tmbg37>miniITX is too expensive
21:58<ricko>I know I use it (
21:58<ricko>no it's not
21:59<tmbg37>it would be nice if there was a mythfrontend port to windows
21:59<ChamPro>there is... it
21:59<ricko>If you want to use it as a front end and a back end box, you'll want to have either a mpeg encoder card OR a very fast pc.
21:59<tmbg37>no, i mean for watching tv
22:00<tmbg37>think an athlon 2000+ will do the trick?
22:00<ricko>You can get by with a slower pc if you use one of the encoder cards
22:00<ricko>The AverMedia M179 is only $80
22:00<ricko>has the same functionality as the PVR250
22:00<tmbg37>unfortunately, the only slower computer i have is a P2-260
22:00<ricko>also available from newegg
22:01<tmbg37>right now i'm using it as a firewall/router box
22:01<mdz>ricko: same driver support?
22:01<ricko>they have used pc's very cheap
22:01<ricko>sorry bad link
22:02<ricko>mdz: yes the AverMedia M179 uses the same IVTV drivers
22:02<Chutt>the m150 or whatnot has replaced the 179
22:03<Chutt>the new card has not yet been confirmed to work with the ivtv driver
22:03<ricko>or is that their new hardware encoded card?
22:03<Chutt>but, it has a better tuner on it
22:03<Chutt>so it should look better than the m179
22:04<ricko> still lists the M179
22:04<mdz>the pvr350 has come down since the last time I looked at it
22:04<ricko>I don't see a M150
22:04<mdz>$174 at newegg
22:04<Chutt>avermedia's not updated their website in a long time.
22:04<Chutt>mdz, that's down $15 or so
22:04<FryGuy>tmbg: there is sort of a port.. you can play .nuv videos on windows, and I set up mythweb to be able to click on the episode to watch it
22:04<ricko>the other cards (the PCI 300/350--avermedia) do not do hardware encoding
22:05<ChamPro>question about emerging mythtv on gentoo... I already emerged mythtv-themes... I can't remember if it emerges myth-frontend as well?
22:05<FryGuy>(with samba sharing the videos and mapping the samba share as a drive on the windows box)
22:05<ChamPro>when I try to emerge mythfrontend, I get a package descrepency now...
22:05<ChamPro>says N on one of the packages
22:06<ChamPro>and a B (block) on something else
22:06<ricko>is it masked?
22:06<tmbg37>mythfrontend might conflict with mythtv
22:06<ChamPro>it does apparently
22:06<ChamPro>but should I just ignore the block?
22:07<ricko>It should not conflict
22:07<tmbg37>i think the mythtv package has both a frontend and backend or something like that
22:07<tmbg37>and mythfrontend is just the frontend
22:07<tmbg37>i dunno
22:07<ChamPro>let me find the exact wording...
22:07<tmbg37>i might not have any idea what i'm talking about
22:10<mdz>Chutt: have you done any profiling lately?
22:11<mdz>is it just me, or has the UI gotten godawful slow in the past couple of releases?
22:11<mdz>themedmenu in particular
22:14<ChamPro>[blocks B ] media-tv/mythtv (from pkg media-tv/mythfrontend-0.13)
22:14<ChamPro>[ebuild N ] media-tv/mythfrontend-0.13 +alsa -lcd +lirc +nvidia
22:14<ChamPro>so I guess it already emerged it
22:15<ricko>be a real man and build it from source ;( j/k
22:20<ChamPro>ummm, it's Gentoo... it is from source
22:20<tmbg37>yeah, i was about to say that
22:21=krash314 [~krash314@] quit ("Client Exiting")
22:24<Chutt>mdz, i haven't noticed any difference
22:24<Chutt>mdz, nvidia card still? render accel turned on in the driver?
22:24=tmbg37 [] quit (No route to host)
22:25<mdz>Chutt: I use the nv driver
22:25<mdz>the odd thing is that it seems slower on my desktop too
22:26<mdz>matrox card there
22:26<thor_>Hmmmm QDeepCopy
22:26<mdz>slightly slower cpu, but a fast local disk
22:26+smitty [] joined #mythtv
22:26<Chutt>it's snappy enough on my m10k, even
22:26<Chutt>and that's totally unaccelerated
22:26<thor_>mds, you running DEBUG ?
22:27<mdz>thor_: nope
22:27<mdz>I'm eating my own dog food/packages
22:27<thor_>ah, that would make sense
22:27<Chutt>if you have time to look into it, that'd be excellent
22:27<mdz>Chutt: it takes a good 5 seconds just for the frontend main menu to come up
22:27<ricko>My front end system is only an EM6000 and that works great at 480x480 res
22:28<mdz>that's on the second invocation
22:28<Chutt>oh, that's because it's preiniting all the plugins
22:28<Chutt>i've been meaning to put up a progress bar for those
22:28<mdz>navigating between menus is very slow too though
22:28<Chutt>that's fast for me
22:28<mdz>like from TV->schedule recordings
22:28<mdz>which should have very little to do
22:29<Chutt>yeah, that's basically instantaneous here
22:29<mdz>takes about 2 seconds
22:29<ricko>Changing channels is slow...very slow. I'm using minimyth which is based on the 0.12 frontend though with a 0.13 backend
22:29<mdz>I wonder if they ever fixed the profiler to remove that stupid malloc wrapper requirement
22:29<thor_>Chutt, QDeepCopy means I can assign a to b, (b = a), go off and change a in another thread, and the thread that has b will still see b as it was before ..... or do I have that totally screwed up ?
22:29<Chutt>thor, probably
22:29<thor_>that's what I need
22:29<Chutt>i'd read the docs for it, though
22:30<thor_>many times
22:30<thor_>(small brain)
22:30<Chutt>ricko, use a faster machine
22:30<ricko>It is slow on the backend machine if I start the frontend on that machine and run it locally too
22:30<mdz>Chutt: you're tracking unstable as far as X stuff, right?
22:30<Chutt>i'm tracking experimental x stuff
22:31<mdz>I can't really do that because I need to upload stuff for unstable
22:31<Chutt>ricko, and, i'm _very_ surprised that you can use a 0.12 frontend with an 0.13 backend
22:31<Chutt>that shouldn't work at all
22:31<mdz>/usr/bin/ld: mpegvideo.o: @gprel relocation against dynamic symbol draw_edges
22:31<ricko>It works very well other except for the slow channel changing
22:31<mdz>Chutt: is that the non-PIC stuff you mentioned?
22:31<ricko>What should make it not work?
22:32<Chutt>mdz, that would be it
22:32<Chutt>ricko, search the mailing list archives.
22:32<ricko>I saw all the people complaining about it not working, but I never saw a clear reason why it wouldn't and since mine works, I haven't messed with it.
22:32<mdz>Chutt: I don't see the problem, though; that file looks to be all C
22:33<Chutt>the whole lib is non-pic
22:33<Chutt>ricko, the protocols are totally incompatible.
22:33<mdz>oh, it doesn't even try
22:33<Chutt>mdz, i didn't feel like making build rules for some of the files
22:33<ricko>There almost should be two mailing lists. One for installatino issues and one for everything else. The list gets so much traffic I can't read through it all
22:34<mdz>it builds with -DPIC, but not -fPIC to confuse me
22:34<Chutt>just to confuse you :p
22:36<ricko>so Chutt are you the main developer?
22:37<ricko>ok. Sorry to be so rude earlier when you were telling the guy to go to ivtv-dev
22:37<Chutt>no worries
22:38+NiQo [] joined #mythtv
22:39<ricko>I probably won't have much time to finalize my setup now until I move in May/June. I have a kick ass back end and will be so busy with work and starting a business that I won't have time to watch tv.
22:39<ricko>Raid5 setup with 250GB storage
22:40<cmorgan>its not the size of the array, its how you use it
22:40<ricko>It's 5 80gb disks in raid 5
22:41<cmorgan>what a sissy array...
22:41<ricko>I mean 4
22:41<cmorgan>they make 250gb drives these days ;-)
22:41<ricko>I had too many of the 80 gb drives at the time to justify buying 4 new drives
22:42<ricko>I have one in my editing machine. Makes alot of noise and I don't think it will last all that long. I'm not convinced that they have the large ide manufacturing techniques down quite yet
22:42<cmorgan>why not?
22:42<cmorgan>its the same drive as the previous generation with better heads and media
22:43<cmorgan>probably has the same number of disks even
22:43<cmorgan>what rpm? 7200?
22:43<ricko>too much heat to remove,
22:43<ricko>Yes 7200rpm
22:43<ricko>time will tell.
22:43<ricko>This was my first venture into raid so I'm learning as I go
22:44<cmorgan>300+gb drives should be pretty common this year i would imagine
22:45<ricko>well when the price comes down and I have a need for more storage, I'll pick up 4 300+ drives...
22:45<NiQo>why remove heat, your probably not going to keep the drives for the time they where to last - the time they will suffer from overheating anyways :) I find a raid array is a nice place to stash a close to failing drive ;)
22:45<cmorgan>now thats a raid ;-)
22:45<cmorgan>NiQo: how do you tell when the drive is close to failing?
22:45<ricko>all economy ide drives are disposable media
22:45<NiQo>and those big disks suffer from large seek delays anyways
22:45<ricko>use SMART
22:46<ricko>latest LinuxGazette as an article on it
22:46<cmorgan>smart isn't usually all that bright ;-)
22:46<NiQo>have 4x80g on a fasttrak sx4000...
22:46<ricko>copy cat!
22:46<cmorgan>what if you have a slow increase of bad blocks for instance
22:46<NiQo>cmorgan: agree, smart ain't all that
22:46<cmorgan>the drive isn't going to fail but once it exceeds the limit it signals a trip
22:47<cmorgan>but maybe the rate of errors is slowing down...
22:47<cmorgan>plus the number one rule is that its better to have the drive fail than to have a false smart trip ;-)
22:48<NiQo>ricko: u saying that u have sx4000?
22:48<ricko>I have an sx4000 and 80 gb drives on it
22:48<NiQo>what drivers?
22:48<ricko>WD80 special editions with the 8mb cache
22:48<ricko>I'm using the open source drivers
22:49<ricko>(from the yahoo group)
22:49<NiQo>what? completly open? i've used the partial from promise for ages, but they lack in performance
22:49warlordis now known as warlord-afk
22:50<NiQo>url please :)
22:51<ricko>That should work too
22:51<ricko>I have not upgraded the bios.
22:55<ricko>I'm off to bed. Later all
22:56=ricko [] quit ("Leaving")
23:00=NiQo [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:00+NiQo [] joined #mythtv
23:00<NiQo>hm, was thrown off the all mighty
23:06=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:21<NiQo>I have a problem with shows that have a & in them don't get matched as a reoccurring show (all other text is alike), is this a tv_grab_* (modified _sn) or a MythTV problem?
23:24+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
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