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---Logopened Wed Jan 21 00:00:10 2004
00:02<tmk>so is it a user choice
00:02<tmk>or isn't it
00:04<Netslayer>if i have a .nuv file (mpeg4) how do i extract the audio with mythtranscode? i've tried start times like mythtranscode -s 20040117190000, but it says it can't find it
00:05<Netslayer>"Couldn't find recording 1833 Fri Nov 19 00:00:00 2004"
00:06<Niqo>no, it does not look like max/min is an option, but you should be able to reach 16x if i've read it right
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00:08<Niqo>and you could add to the seek_speed_array without code implications (well coded, whoever did it (searching mythtv commits))
00:13<tmk>if speed > 3.0 return false
00:14<Niqo>that's just nasty (david?)?
00:14<Niqo>or maybe it has a purpose (wouldn't think so tho)...
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01:30<Chutt>tmk, going faster requires work from mythtv to do some skipping, iirc
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01:44<tmk>chutt: :ah thx
01:45<tmk>i tried setting it faster and it just went back to normal speed :)
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01:45<tmk>what about rewinding.. i think if you transfer the GOP's in reverse order (and remove the check from ivtv) it will play inrewind properly
01:51<Chutt>again, just requires work from mythtv to do
01:51<Chutt>so, sometime in the future :p
01:51<tmk>i'll just bug david
01:54<Chutt>he wants that decoder position ioctl
01:54<Chutt>first =)
01:55<tmk>you mean the windowed decoding
01:55<tmk>yeah that was interesting
01:55<tmk>later in 0.2.x
01:55<Chutt>he mentioned writing a patch for 1.9 for it, i think
01:56<Chutt>unless you're planning on getting the 0.2. stuff stable sometime soon
01:56<tmk>it loads now
01:56<tmk>i could probably get it working with the old buffering in a few days
01:56<tmk>so as it would be functional
01:57<tmk>speaking of which
01:57<tmk>my backend just crashed
01:57<Chutt>get a backtrace :p
01:58<tmk>maybe i will
01:58<tmk>maybe i will..
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02:03<tmk>how come when i schedule a show to record that's already started
02:03<tmk>i have to restart mythbackend to get it to record
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02:07<tmk>chutt: i guess it's not crashing, but i get a "ReadStringList timeout" when i try and watch a currently-recording show'
02:07<tmk>on my remote frontend
02:07<srl>If mythmusic stops for a few seconds, then continues playing the music (from a samba share), is it probably some wireless ethernet issue?
02:09<tmk>chutt: hmm. it seems that it announces the connection to the backend has been lost, but if i click 'OK' it plays the video anyways
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02:18<srl>I wonder if the wireless is messing stuff up, or the playing off a samba share
02:18<tharvey>just joined - what problems srl? I play files off samba share
02:20<srl>tharvey: There are random pauses during songs that last a few seconds
02:20<srl>tharvey: Then the song continues
02:20*o_cee is back (gone 10:22:42)
02:21<srl>tharvey: Are you using any options when mounting the share?
02:24<tharvey>I have a external NAS, Mythtv system mounts using NFS (rw,rsize=8192,wsize=8192), mounted also via SMB windows... play from either system fine
02:25<srl>So, it is a wireless issue
02:25<srl>Maybe I should see if disabling WEP helps
02:25<srl>USB adapter
02:25<tharvey>whats bitrate of song playing?
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02:26<srl>tharvey: 192
02:27<tharvey>shouldn't be any problem
02:27<tharvey>other things on your USB hub?
02:27<tharvey>cruddy drivers?
02:29<o_cee>just try without the wireless stuff to see if that's the problem.
02:31<tharvey>well, he copied file locally and it plays fine, so its definately wireless... not sure why
02:31<tharvey>how do you create a patch that adds files which were not previously existant in CVS (ie, cvs diff doesn't pick them up)
02:32<o_cee>hmm.. never done that.. search the archive, isaac writes it once a week or something :)
02:33<tharvey>well ya, how to create a patch, but when I did it, it didn't include files that I created as new
02:34<o_cee>i know what you mean
02:35<tharvey>searched before in archive but couldn't find any description of that, that things a bear to search
02:36<o_cee>yeah, only thing i found was diff -ud, but that's not ut
02:36<o_cee>and man diff didn't show anything useful in a quick scan
02:37<srl>Would changing the buffer size in maddecoder.cpp be a bad idea? :)
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03:11<knight->any qt gurus around?
03:11*thor_ looks around
03:12<knight->thor you have much experience with QUrlOperator?
03:13<thor_>not much no, but is it a complicated thing ?
03:13<tharvey>i've used it a bit
03:13<knight->not really, i made a really simple project and everything compiles fine
03:13<knight->.copy() doesnt seem to fetch my url object
03:14<knight-> op->copy(url2, "file:/tmp", FALSE);
03:14<thor_>is the url file:/ ftp:// etc ?
03:14<thor_>this in myth, or something else ?
03:15<knight->well it will be for myth
03:15<thor_>(cause you gotta watch what thread your in if its in myth)
03:15<knight->but i'm testing code in a non QApplication
03:15<thor_>you need the Qt event loop running
03:15<tharvey>you using it right? its copy(from, to)
03:15<knight->tharvey, indeed :)
03:15<knight-> op->copy(url2, "file:/tmp", FALSE);
03:16<knight->thor, i do?
03:16<thor_>cause it's gotta open a socket, get stuff back, etc., etc., and that's all driven off internal events
03:16<tharvey>perms ok? can you 'wget' url2, and can you write to /tmp?
03:16<knight->tharvey, indeed, plus i'm running as root
03:16<thor_>you don't need a qt GUI, but you need the event loop
03:16<knight->thor, well i'm extending QNetworkProtocol with my class
03:16<tharvey>yup, thor's right bout that
03:16<thor_>(I'm, say 95% sure)
03:16<knight->and i've connected the op
03:17<knight->the network tutorial doesnt show anything about that :)
03:17<thor_>you don't get the file right away .... when it's all done, it will fire finished()
03:17<thor_>then you can "pick up" your file
03:18<knight->i'm connecting finished()
03:18<knight->how do i "pick up" the file
03:18<knight->thought copy() does that
03:18<thor_>but finish will not get fired() if Qt doesn't have its event loop
03:18<thor_>copy() just starts the process
03:18<knight->have a url for me?
03:18<thor_>but returns immediately
03:18<tharvey>finishing getting called? how about start, data, etc?
03:18<thor_>(no blocking)
03:19<Chutt>knight, check out libs/libmyth/httpcomms
03:19<knight->tharvey, i suppose i should connect those
03:19<knight->Chutt, thanks
03:19<Chutt>getHttp(), to be specific
03:19<knight->i've seen it
03:19<knight->it's a little different
03:19<Chutt>that demonstrates running the event loop while waiting for stuff to happen
03:19<tharvey>hey ya, use getHttp :P I wrote that
03:20<knight->sure i could do that
03:20<knight->i just didnt want to get too deep into myth specific stuff until i wrote most of my core stuff
03:20<knight->primarily because i'm developing over ssh, and not at the X terminal
03:20<tharvey>getHttp is basically for simplicity... it will block in your code until the http is done
03:21<tharvey>I did it specifically for things that you wouldn't want to save to a file, but get as a string
03:21<knight->libmyth isnt tied to QApplication right?
03:21<tharvey>and it handles redirects for you
03:21<knight->tharvey, yeah thats not what i want :)
03:22<knight->i'm using QUrlOperator.copy() specifically for binary files
03:22<tharvey>mythvideo/videomanager uses a QUrlOperator to copy like your doing... nothing special
03:22<knight->i saw that code
03:22<knight->i think the main thing is, i'm not running QApplication()
03:22<tharvey>you 'are' using this within Myth right? so qInitNetworkProtocols is being called? (vs doing it in a test program)
03:22<knight->but yes, i'm calling qInitNetworkProtocols()
03:23<knight->i'm writing in a test program to develop the core code first
03:23<knight->then i'll tie into myth
03:23<knight->to keep it modular
03:23<knight->plus, i dont feel like exporting the DISPLAY yet :)
03:24<tharvey>sure, makes sense - I think thor's right about QApplication... has to be an event loop as its an asyn op
03:24<tharvey>easy to wrap it in that for a test
03:26*o_cee is away: Gone
03:26<tharvey>check the docs on QApplication... basically just create one on the stack then set main widget I believe
03:26<knight->yeah i dont want to do that :)
03:26<knight->requires X
03:27<thor_>QApplication::QApplication ( int & argc, char ** argv, bool GUIenabled )
03:27<knight->ok FALSE :)
03:27<tharvey>ya, can make cmdline pgms with it fine
03:27<knight->i mean, GUIenabled FALSE
03:27<thor_>(as in you are correct)
03:28<thor_>right, bedtime for bonzo
03:28<knight->nice thor thanks
03:28<tharvey>thor, do you know how to include files in a patch that don't show from a diff? (new files)
03:29<knight->tharvey, should i extend QApplication?
03:29<tharvey>no need to extend it
03:29<knight->then create an instance of my class inside that class?
03:29<tharvey>put it on the stack, don't 'new' it
03:30<knight->just QApplication *app = new QApplication(); app->exec(); myclassstuffhere?
03:30<tharvey>put it in your 'main' test program wrapper
03:30<tharvey>I vaugely recall having problems with it if you dynamically create it
03:31<knight->yeah so just QApplication(blahblah); ?
03:32<tharvey>ya, you just need to add like 2 lines of code... QApplication(argc, argv, FALSE); return app.exec()
03:32<knight->QApplication app(argc, argv, FALSE); app.exec()
03:32<tharvey>make sure you call app.exec() thats what does your msg loop
03:32<knight->before my code in main()?
03:32<tharvey>no... exec won't return till you qapp->exit or something like that
03:33<knight->gotcha, so call app.exec() after
03:33<knight->and pass in app to my class to have it call exit
03:34<Chutt>qApp's global
03:35<knight->yay it worked :0
03:35<tharvey>no... qApp is a global that you can call. Basically: main(int argc, char** argv) { QApplication app(argc, argv, FALSE); MyWidget m(); m.dostuff(); app.setMainWidget(&m); dialog.exec(); }
03:35<knight->although, i only called two copy()'s and three finished() signals were called
03:35<knight->tharvey, yeah
03:35<tharvey>extra for all your troubles
03:35<knight->thanks :)
03:36<knight->i'm wondering why three finished signals were thrown though
03:36<tharvey>look at param to finished... it will explain
03:36<tharvey>check state and error code of 'op'
03:49<knight->this is fun
03:50<knight->is there any gzip/bzip2 library native to Qt?
03:50<knight->dont see anything on a google
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03:55<knight->i suppose i could always exec() /bin/gzip :)
03:57<knight->I need to find a qt channel :)
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04:04<linagee>how does mythtv perform using an NFS share instead it's own local storage?
04:05<knight->i use NFS and SMB
04:06<linagee>knight-: isn't SMB slower than NFS?
04:06<knight->no problems.... mythmusic takes a long time to grab id3 tags initially obviously
04:06<linagee>knight-: it's just that i can get some large fast drives, but reading the specs, they look a little noisey. lol
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04:06<linagee>knight-: i'd much rather stick them in another room. heheh
04:07<linagee>knight-: 35dbA idling! lol
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04:07<linagee>(but 735mbit/sec media transfer rate. heh)
04:07<linagee>knight-: 160gb storage space.
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04:09<knight->not very much space really
04:09<knight->i get more than that rate using my striping 800gb "raid" 0
04:10<knight->although, the pci bus limits it
04:10<knight->cant wait to move to SATA to get it off the pci bus
04:10<knight->i have a mobo that has onboard sata on it's own pci-x bus
04:10<knight->talk about super fast
04:11<linagee>knight-: it's not about speed or space for me. it's about lowest $ per gig. ;)
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04:12<knight->how much for the 160gb drives?
04:12<linagee>knight-: and right now, you can easily get 160gb drives for like $100. hehehehe
04:12<linagee>knight-: on a college student's salary, it's always about the $. lol
04:14<knight->i bought a 250gb drive for $114 after the mailin rebate :)
04:14<knight->instore was $170
04:14<knight->cant beat that price
04:28<knight->so hmm
04:53<knight->quiet tonight :)
04:53<knight->sleepers and coders
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05:01<knight->ungzip.cpp:13: no matching function for call to `QProcess::QProcess(UnGzip* const)'
05:02<knight->/usr/qt/3/include/qprocess.h:168: candidates are: QProcess::QProcess(const QProcess&)
05:14<knight->ok fixed
05:16<knight->i think i'm getting the hang of Qt now
05:16<knight->i like it
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09:15<killerbun>anyone for a remote wonder from ati (does it work good with mythtv and linux) ?
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09:30<b1nary>hello folks.. is the c-media cmi8738 sound chip total crap?
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10:02<_rkulagow>chutt: docs sync please.
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10:10<pahli_bar>_rkulagow: the keybindings for mythgallery are incorrect in the docs
10:11<pahli_bar>_rkulagow: the README in mythgallery has the new keybindings
10:11<_rkulagow>ah, right. you just made some commits that changed them, right?
10:12<_rkulagow>i'll point to the readme instead of duplicating.
10:12<pahli_bar>_rkulagow: ok
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11:10<Flarnor>So I'm going to build a MythTV box. It'll be neato!
11:12<DogBoy>neato buritto
11:24<Flarnor>I wonder if I could make it fit into my old Tivo case.
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14:26<DJ_Rican>where do i find /mythtv/configfiles?
14:26<kvandivo>updatedb ; locate whateverFileYouAreLookingFor
14:27<DJ_Rican>i'm looking for mythfilldatabasecron can't find it anywhere! :(
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14:29<DJ_Rican>thank you! :)
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15:44<hadees>you get your stuff working?
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15:50<servo>for the most part; I got mythtv backend running well; as well as the front end. I just need to figure out where I can find one of those interlacers (to improve the picture) and I should be all set :-)
15:55<servo>hmm... All my tv stations are fuzzy... As if it was running PAL instead of NTSC...
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16:02<hadees>servo: are you sure you arn't
16:02<hadees>servo: are you using an nvidia graphics card?
16:06<servo>it's an nvidia card and running ntsc
16:06<servo>it worked just find last night...
16:06<sfr>what about posting the commit messages in #mythtv? Blake over at #netjuke runs a script to do that automatically.
16:06<hadees>what driver are you using with nvidia?
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16:06<servo>lemme check
16:07<hadees>servo: you want this one
16:07<hadees>then you can go to setup and enable all the cool advanced stuff
16:07<hadees>the later ones nvidia broke them some how
16:07<servo>i know mines realativly new
16:07<servo>lsmod doesn't list it though...
16:08<hadees>did you add it to your modules file?
16:08<servo>nvm it shows it; but not the version
16:08<hadees>well how long ago did you install nvidia?
16:08<hadees>you problay have the newest one
16:08<servo>not to long ago;
16:08<hadees>this one is the 3rd newest one
16:08<servo>about 1.3 months
16:09<hadees>alright then you don't have it
16:09<hadees>so go to
16:09<hadees>and get this one
16:09<servo>the 1.0-4349 version?
16:09<hadees>no the 4363
16:10<servo>what's the idae behind this? (I mean what does it do)
16:10<hadees>you know in setup
16:10<hadees>on the frontend
16:10<hadees>not the setup program
16:10<servo>yea i know what your taking about
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16:10<hadees>there are all these things that you can enable about the output
16:11<hadees>they arn't enabled by default but some of them need that nvidia version to work
16:11<servo>ok ill check it out
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16:14<pcjabber>Anyone here?
16:14<servo>of course
16:14<Niqo>servo: it's named jitter correction and experimental av sync
16:14<pcjabber>How, again, do I run MythFrontend or backend (or anything, for that matter), to get all the STDOUT output to a logfile
16:14<pcjabber>I know you can do command > logfile
16:15<pcjabber>but it doesnt get all the STDOUT
16:15<sfr>add 2>&1
16:15<Chutt>that will indeed get all of stdout.
16:15<thor_>mythbackend > logfile.log 2>&1
16:15<Chutt>it will not get stderr, of course
16:15<pcjabber>thanks =)
16:16<servo>Nigo: where are these settings?
16:19<pcjabber>I am having a problem with DirectFB
16:20<pcjabber>even though I am not using it
16:21<pcjabber>my frontend log is posted here:
16:21=Viddy [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:22<Chutt>then don't build mythtv with directfb support
16:22<pcjabber>...and my backend log is here:
16:22<pcjabber>I'm not
16:22<Chutt>sure looks like you are
16:23<pcjabber>Well, if I am, how do I use DirectFB, so the errors will stop?
16:23<pcjabber>or should i recompile from scratch without DirectFB and use XV?
16:23<pcjabber>k thanks
16:23+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
16:24<pcjabber>hmm strange -- directFB is actually installed
16:24<pcjabber>no clue what it is though...
16:25+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
16:27+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
16:27=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:27kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
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16:34*o_cee is away: sleepy time
16:35=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
16:38=beetle11011 [~beetle110@] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:48+T-Squared [] joined #mythtv
16:50<T-Squared>anyone do any dvd burning from pvr250/350 files?:
16:53-T-Squared [] left #mythtv ()
17:10<pcjabber>sorry, not me
17:10<pcjabber>I will start in the future =)
17:14=dageshi [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:39<pcjabber>Thanks chutt
17:40<pcjabber>i recompiled and it works fine
17:40<pcjabber>i must have just forgot to comment DirectFB (or forgot to check it...or something =)
17:40<pcjabber>thanks =)
17:41<kvandivo>thou shalt not doubt the word of thy master
17:45+poo [~sean@] joined #MythTV
17:51<hadees>what is the key for switching between tuners
17:53<kvandivo>mythweb has your current keybindings, btw
17:54<pahli_bar>or the keys.txt
17:57<knight->pahli_bar, thanks for the help last night
17:58<hadees>i tried c, it kept bring up the first tuner
17:58<knight->i'm really getting a hang of Qt now
17:58<pahli_bar>knight-: np
18:00<sfr>hadees: you can't. mythtv will always pick the first (in the order you defined them) available one.
18:01<hadees>sfr so i can't view the input from the other tv tuner cards?
18:01<hadees>i just wanted to make sure they worked
18:02<pcjabber>make the first tuner busy (for instance, by setting a recording on a show)
18:02<pcjabber>then do Live TV, etc
18:02+ofer [] joined #mythtv
18:03<pcjabber>anyone got a TiVo 34-button remote working with Myth?
18:04<pcjabber>I have tried using the one from m0j0 at
18:04<pcjabber># contributed by m0j0 at foofus dot net
18:04<pcjabber>and it isnt working
18:04<lmatter>hadees, you could always enable PIP, swap tuners, then disable pip
18:04<pcjabber>true, true
18:04<sfr>hadees: only if the first one is busy, as pcjabber said. tell us wether it's working for you. i'm having problems using the 2nd tuner.
18:05<knight->curious, can a mythfrontend have local avi's and music, while still using a mythbackend? or better yet, can a mythfrontend talk to multiple backends?
18:05<pcjabber>yes and no
18:05<sfr>lmatter: myth is 'cheating'. it's only swapping the channels but not the tuners.
18:05<pcjabber>the second one is AFAIK
18:05<pcjabber>I havent read the dev/commits list lately, so I am really not sure if CVS has that ability
18:05<pcjabber>but im positive on the first one =)
18:06<lmatter>sfr, drat. Anyway, if you get PIP working then you know both tuners work.
18:06<knight->that a frontend can have avis and music too?
18:06<knight->how is that configured right?
18:06<pahli_bar>knight-: video/music/images have to local to frontend
18:06<pcjabber>exactly my words =)
18:06<pcjabber>er...not exactly
18:07<pcjabber>but exactly what i was going to say =) thanks for saving me some typing, pahli_bar =)
18:07<pcjabber>"anyone got a TiVo 34-button remote working with Myth? " --whoops -- meant LIRC to work with myth =)
18:07<pcjabber>I can create my own .lircrc
18:08<pcjabber>I just need a lircd.conf to go with it =)
18:08+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
18:08<kvandivo>video/music/images have to be accessible directly from the frontend... i have mine on the backend, but nfs mounted on the frontend
18:08<pahli_bar>pcjabber: use irrecord to generate one
18:08<pcjabber>or talk to someone who has used irrecord
18:08<pcjabber>is it just as simple as irrecord <file> ?
18:09*pcjabber is away: afk
18:10<knight->but this is my concern... what about the metadata? i have a frontend and backend here in my apartment, and my neighbor (who i have a gigabit line connecting our two apartments) has a frontend wants his own music/video
18:10<knight->we dont want to merge our video and music
18:11<pahli_bar>knight-: metadata is stored per host basis
18:11<knight->oh excellent
18:12<knight->does mythweb see both sets of metadata then?
18:13<sfr>pahli_bar: not for music metadata at least, but that should be simple to add.
18:14<pahli_bar>hmm. i don't have two frontends. but i remember seeing host selection in mythweb.
18:14<pahli_bar>so i assumed it will have separate music db metadata showing
18:18<servo>racecar.... racecar
18:18<thor_>a man a plan a canal panama !
18:19<pahli_bar>heh. good one
18:19<kvandivo>wasn't this a /. article a week or back?
18:21=dilate [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:21<pcjabber>is it just as simple as irrecord <file> ?
18:21*pcjabber is back (gone 00:11:50)
18:21<kvandivo>whew.. we were beginning to get worried, pc
18:21=ofer [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:22<pcjabber>why is that?
18:22<pahli_bar>pcjabber: RTFM
18:22<pcjabber>sorry =)
18:22*pahli_bar loves self when he does that
18:22*kvandivo pats pahli_bar on the head.
18:22*pcjabber follows suit.
18:23=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:24<thor_>dear god ... anybody understand libavformat
18:25<pcjabber>heh yikes
18:25<pcjabber>sorry thor, not me
18:25<pcjabber>Now hold down button "TIVO".
18:25<pcjabber>Something went wrong. Please try again. (9 retries left)
18:26<pcjabber>any suggestions?
18:26=servo [] quit ("Leaving")
18:26<pahli_bar>isn't it a RC5 remote. they can be a pain to setup with lirc
18:26<pahli_bar>try someother button first
18:27<pcjabber>i dont think it is
18:27<pcjabber>but ok
18:27<pcjabber>it said "Signals are pulse encoded.
18:29<pcjabber>i've tried three different start buttons, and they dont work
18:29<pcjabber>same error
18:29<pcjabber>4 diff start buttons, if you count the TIVO logo
18:30<pahli_bar>what version of lirc. maybe its time to bug the lirc developers.
18:31<pahli_bar>and what receiver
18:31<pcjabber>one from
18:31<pcjabber>its a serial reciever
18:31<pcjabber>made for LIRC/WinLIRC
18:31<pahli_bar>pcjabber: do other remotes work?
18:32<pcjabber>not sure
18:32<pcjabber>let me check
18:32<pahli_bar>pcjabber: serial receiver,eh. does mode2 or xmode2 work
18:33<pcjabber>on my sony DVD remote:
18:33<pcjabber>Now hold down button "1".
18:33<pcjabber>Please enter the name for the next button (press <ENTER> to finish recording)
18:33<pcjabber>pulse-encoded too
18:33<pcjabber>let me try
18:33<pcjabber>just a sec
18:34<pcjabber>i wont flood the channel with output
18:34<pcjabber>but yes, i get some things like this:
18:34<pcjabber>pulse 586
18:34<pcjabber>space 95979
18:34<pcjabber>pulse 9039
18:34<pcjabber>space 2211
18:34<pcjabber>pulse 733
18:34+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
18:34<sfr>omg pcjabber is in danger, sending SOS
18:35<pahli_bar>pcjabber: when irrecord tells you to press different keys, you _really_ should press different keys. not repeat keys
18:35<pcjabber>i am
18:35<pahli_bar>and also no more that 10 dots per button
18:36<pcjabber>i just press the buttons, and hold them like it says
18:36<sfr>pcjabber: nm, looked like beep,beeep,beep to me ;) time to go to bed i guess
18:36<pahli_bar>pcjabber: keep trying. if it still doesn't work, try the cvs lirc and/or contact lirc developers
18:36<pcjabber>and i have to repeat the sequence, because it requires 2x80 (2 rows at 80col)
18:37<pcjabber>so i am hitting TIVO thru ENTER and then repeating all the buttons
18:37<pcjabber>~40 total
18:37<pcjabber>so i have to hit them 2-3 times, IIRC
18:38<pcjabber>tried that
18:38<pcjabber>then restarted LIRCD
18:38<pcjabber>and ran IRW
18:38<pcjabber>and started hitting buttons
18:38<pcjabber>got no output
18:38<lmatter>pcjabber, you might try raw mode (irrecord -f I believe).
18:39<pcjabber>k thanks
18:39<pcjabber>thats not the 34-button
18:39<pcjabber>thanks though =)
18:41*pcjabber is away: brb
18:46*pcjabber is back (gone 00:05:03)
18:47%Netsplit <-> quits: bdale, linagee
18:48%Netsplit over, joins: linagee, bdale
18:48%ServerMode/#mythtv: +bbb fulmust!*@* *!*dmitry@* *!*BigJim@* by
18:52+roodee [~roodee@] joined #mythtv
18:53=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:53kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
18:54<hadees>why does mythgallery need opengl support?
18:55<pcjabber>well, the raw mode worked at first
18:55<pcjabber>but IRW didnt recognize my codes
18:55<pcjabber>and the regular worked properly now (so it seemed)
18:55<pcjabber>then it started with its "something went wrong" crap again
18:56<pahli_bar>hadees: it doesn't. its upto you to decide if you want opengl slideshows
18:56<pcjabber>for slideshows, if you want to add that option, hadees
18:56<pcjabber>beat again =)
18:56<hadees>what is the diffrence with opengl slideshows?
18:56<hadees>just look nicer?
18:57<pcjabber>not sure on that one sorry
18:57<pahli_bar>hadees: heh. matter of personal opinion there
18:57<hadees>that was my real question, whats the point
18:57<pahli_bar>hadees: why don't you try it first?
18:58<pahli_bar>its like mythmusic opengl visualizations. whats the point
18:58<hadees>well mythmusic i want opengl vis
18:59<pcjabber>i personally like them better, but if you dont need eyecandy, then dont bother
18:59*pahli_bar wonders if hadees is just being argumentative
18:59<pcjabber>meanwhile, i need to get on photoshopping some stuff
19:00<pcjabber>but if anyone finds a solution to my problem, please /msg me =)
19:00*pcjabber is away: AFK -- photoshopping bb in a bit
19:00<hadees>pcjabber: i am not, just never heard of using opengl in a slide show, isn't it usally 3d stuff?
19:00<pahli_bar>pcjabber: ask on the lirc list
19:00<pcjabber>thanks pahli_bar
19:00<pahli_bar>hadees: fyi apple's iphoto uses opengl for slideshows
19:00<pcjabber>is there an archive of that somewhere?
19:01<pcjabber>hmm didnt know that =)
19:01<pahli_bar>pcjabber: will provide info on that
19:03<pcjabber>k thanks =)
19:06<aceat64>with ivTV do I need to set the test_ioctl stuff every boot?
19:10=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:13<lmatter>aceat64, I don't call test_ioctl, mythbackend seems to take care of it. I'm using NTSC, not sure if that matters.
19:15<aceat64>ok, i'll try that out, just one question then. How can I tell linux (I run Gentoo) to insmod the modules I need or will placing them in /etc/modules.autoload/kernel-2.4 work?
19:16=m0j0 [~m0j0@] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:16<lmatter>I followed all the docs and still can't get them to autoload. I have the ivtv faq bookmarked and manually load them after reboot (about once a month)
19:16<lmatter>Not the best way :-)
19:17<lmatter>(I use mandrake 9.2, btw)
19:17<hadees>pahli_bar: i see SCO is up to yelling again, also i read somewhere that the code they say is stolen really belongs to Novell
19:18+m0j0 [~m0j0@] joined #mythtv
19:18<aceat64>didn't someone from the OSDL say that alot of the 'code' was comments/non-working?
19:20<hadees>well its really all up in the air because i don't think any of the code has been released
19:27=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
19:40+solarce [] joined #mythtv
19:41+Truin [] joined #mythtv
19:41<Truin>Hello fellow myth fans.
19:41<Truin>I have a couple questions.....
19:42<Truin>first of all, mythtv is fantastic. Best software I've ever installed on my linux box. I love it.
19:42<pahli_bar>nice start. lets see how you finish it :)
19:42<aceat64>that's not a question :P
19:42<Truin>However, I'm playing with the mythtranscode thingie, and, though it works, I can't get the output file (mpeg4) to play back in xine, or windoze media player, or anything. wondering what codec it might be using???
19:42<thor_>I've come here for an argument
19:42<Truin>I was getting there - had to butter up the room, first. :)
19:43*thor_ is waiting for _someone_ to say, "no you haven't"
19:43<Truin>1.1gb per hour is a little big for my tiny hard drives, so I want to press 'em down to mpeg4 (divx/xvid, whatever), and tried the built-in mythtranscode. It works, but then only mythtv will play the outputted file. :(
19:43<solarce>thor_: how's the daap stuff coming?
19:44<thor_>just sorting out WMA streaming
19:44<solarce>thor_: cool
19:44<Truin>solarce: funny finding you here. :)
19:44=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
19:45<Truin>any thoughts? anyone? beuler?
19:46<Truin>if I can't make mythtranscode work happily for me, I'll be back to beating my head against the wall finding a good software app to cut/compress the mpeg2 streams that my PVR-250 puts out. I swear, they're not standard mpeg2.
19:46<thor_>if you want to transcode for other platforms, I _think_ you want to play with nuvexport
19:47<Truin>yeah, read something about that in the docs.
19:48<Truin>yeah... JUST found that. ;) Google is my friend.
19:49<pahli_bar>google you traitor... i thought you were mine
19:50<hadees>does nuvexport let you do more than one at a time yet?
19:51=dja_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:52<Truin>heh. Love the lack of documentation in the tarball. ;p
19:52=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:53<Truin>*sigh* Time to go get ffmpeg. Well, I'll take a look at this, and see if it'll do the trick. Thanks, thor!
19:53<Truin>now, if only the commercial auto-detection worked better. ;)
20:02=lmatter [] quit ("Leaving")
20:12<hadees>can any recommend any good remotes for mythtv?
20:12<Truin>the one that came with my PVR-250 works well.... ATI also makes a really nice RF remote.
20:13<hadees>i have the pvr250 one but it doesn't really have enough buttons
20:13<pahli_bar>oneforall makes some nice remotes
20:14<Truin>I agree, the pvr-250 remote is rather lacking.
20:14<Truin>I'm actually going for a good RF keyboard with built-in pointing device, like a trackbacll or eraser-tip pointer. Seems it would work better than the remote.
20:15<solarce>I've got a nice rf keyboard w/ a builtin trackpad
20:15<pahli_bar>check this one out:
20:15<solarce>ebay :)
20:16<pahli_bar>i have a similar one which i use to control tv/vcr/mythtv
20:16<Truin>the real problem I have with my PVR-250 remote is that my TV picks up the signals. :(
20:21+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
20:24<G-funk|laptop>i just got my ati remote wonder setup, i like it
20:30<knight->i wish my RF keyboard/mouse was supported :)
20:31<knight->my VersapointRF
20:32<pahli_bar>knight-: i thought all usb input devices should be supported
20:33<knight->not sure
20:33<knight->i'll try now
20:33<pcjabber>I got my remote working!!! =)))))))))))))))))))))))))
20:33<pcjabber>I used John Deluca's (see the MythTV-Users list) lircrc, etc, and it works
20:33<pahli_bar>good for you
20:33<pcjabber>i am still going to configure the lircrc my way
20:33<pcjabber>but it works for now =)))))
20:34<pcjabber>thanks to everyone here =)
20:34<pcjabber>now, im off to use myth keyboard-free =)
20:36<knight->drivers/usb/input/usbkbd.c: :USB HID Boot Protocol keyboard driver
20:36<knight->drivers/usb/input/usbmouse.c: v1.6:USB HID Boot Protocol mouse driver
20:41<knight->hub 2-0:1.0: new USB device on port 1, assigned address 3
20:41<knight->midi: probe of 2-1:1.0 failed with error -5
20:41<knight->input: Link keybd on usb-0000:00:02.0-1
20:41<knight->midi: probe of 2-1:1.1 failed with error -5
20:41<knight->input: Link keybd on usb-0000:00:02.0-1
20:43<knight->do i not want HID BootP?
20:44<Truin>Hm... can't think of why you'd need it.
20:45<Truin>HID would be Human Interface Device... but the only bootp I know of is for booting diskless workstations across a network.
20:47<aceat64>grr, I almost have it working, but ivtv won't load at boot
20:48<Truin>I ended up putting the ivtv stuff in my modules.conf, and when mythbackend starts up looking for /dev/video0, all of the modules for ivtv just load themselves. Good ol' kernel module loading....
20:48<knight->Truin, HID Boot Protocol
20:48<knight->not bootp net booting :)
20:49<Truin>didn't realize how much crap I'd have to go get for nuvexport. ;)
20:49<knight->so many deps
20:49<Truin>went and got ffmpeg... now I'm building 'transcode'....
20:49<aceat64>Truin: so just add a line to modules.conf that reads "alias /dev/video0 ivtv"?
20:50<Truin>aceat64: hold on, lemme pull up my modules.conf.
20:50<Truin>aceat64: comin' at ya in privmsg.
20:50<knight->damnit i dont know the difference of EHCI OHCI and UHCI HCD support in the kerne
20:50<Truin>no sense in pasting my conf to the room. ;)
20:50<knight->i have all three compiled as modules
20:51<Truin>there ya go aceat64. Of course, if you're not using lirc, you can leave those parts out.
20:51<aceat64>oh wait a second... I think the LIRC parts are why it isn't loading at boot
20:51<aceat64>I already had that :)
20:52<aceat64>yeap, I commented out the LIRC stuff and it's working now
20:52<Truin>and don't forget, after making changes to your modules.conf, re-run 'depmod -a' to make sure everything is cosher.
20:53<Truin>I swear, mythtv is better than any commercial package I've found out there. It's scalability is incredible!
20:55<aceat64>it really is, I have a ReplayTV and MythTV beats it hands down
20:56<aceat64>my parents actually bought a PVR-250 for me because they were so impressed with the screenshots
20:57<Truin>I'd been recording things on my windows box for a long time, just scheduling by hand. I went browsing the 'net looking for PVR software, stumbled across myth, and haven't looked back since.
20:57<cmorgan>man i turned the res up from 480x480 up to 720x480, i can't believe the quality out of the pvr350....
20:57<cmorgan>its amazing
20:57<knight->cmorgan, with test_ioctl?
20:57<Truin>cmorgan: is that taking up much more file space at all? I do 480x480 at 2200kbps on my PVR-250 and get about 1.1gb per hour.
20:58<knight->erm ioctl_test
20:58<cmorgan>knight-: inside of myth actually
20:58<knight->cmorgan, better quality than the 250?
20:58<cmorgan>Truin: oh i'd imagine it is. have a 420gb array behind it though so havne't checked
20:58<cmorgan>knight-: 250 doesn't do tv out
20:58<knight->oh you're talking output
20:58<cmorgan>well both i guess
20:58<Truin>cmorgan: you suck. :) I'd love to toss hundreds of gigs at my box in an LVM setup, I just don't have the cash for the disks.
20:58<cmorgan>it looks like a freaking dvd
20:58<knight->you see the myth interface through the tv out of the 350 too?
20:59<cmorgan>Truin: heh. if you went ide it wouldn't be too bad
20:59<cmorgan>knight-: yeah, X goes through ivtv-fb to the 350
20:59<knight->i've been meaning to add a 350 in my box
20:59<Truin>hey, is the ivtv-fb module only for the 350? I get errors from that module when I load up ivtv.
21:00<knight->yes only the 350
21:00<Truin>unresolved symbols, blah blah blah. I figured it was for frame-buffering the video-out on the 350, and everything worked, so I never questioned it.
21:00<Truin>Ok, kewl - so I can ignore those errors then. Good. :>
21:01<cmorgan>but man, i've been a fool to record at 480x480 for so long ;-) heh
21:01<knight->Jan 21 18:01:08 viper modprobe: FATAL: Module mousedev not found.
21:01-solarce [] left #mythtv ()
21:01<Truin>I'm thinking of using my dxr3 for mpeg2 decoding, but last time I tried to set it up, it was a pain in the butt. The TV-out on the GeForce4 works fine, but my CPU sucks, so video skips.
21:03<knight->no wonder
21:05=choenig [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:05<Truin>darned peers.
21:06<Truin>ok, well, transcode is still building. Guess I'll take this opportunity to go find food. BBL.
21:06<knight->Jan 21 18:02:54 viper modprobe: FATAL: Module keybdev not found.
21:06<knight->damn hid
21:09<aceat64>what are the best settings for live TV if I'm using a PVR-250?
21:14+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
21:14<ShockValue>s zap2it down or is it just me? i cant seem to get any listings
21:19<pcjabber>anyone know of any good MythRestart scripts, preferably with an XDialog choice?
21:19<pcjabber>or any other Myth scripts that you find useful
21:19<pcjabber>if so, please /msg me
21:26<pcjabber>and is the Native LIRC different from regular irxevent?
21:27<pcjabber>by that, i mean in the .lircrc file (i know it needs to be in .mythtv/lircrc, but what else?)
21:30<pcjabber>good night all
21:30*pcjabber is away: sleeping =)
21:57sbh-worksis now known as sbh
21:59=Niqo [] quit ("...")
22:00+Niqo [] joined #mythtv
22:04=Desiac [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:09+hfb [] joined #mythtv
22:12=nulltank [] quit ("leaving")
22:13<schwin97>question for everyone... where do you set where the audio is recorded from... ? I am attempting to use 2 soundcards and cannot figure it out (even after searching the mailing list archive)
22:13<schwin97>I throw myself at everyone's mercy...
22:15<drd->in mythsetup ?
22:18<schwin97>thanks for the quick response... they say there is no stupid question, but after that one I don't know...
22:19+nulltank [] joined #mythtv
22:19<drd->ntsc is only 480x480 video right?
22:19<drd->me wonders why that guy said he thought 720?x480 was better coz i thought ntsc was 480x480 :/
22:20<drd->schwin97: i only been usin it for 3 days, but i think u set the input sound for recording in mythsetup
22:20<Chutt>ntsc is analog. it doesn't have a horizontal resolution.
22:20<mdz>there are dozens of FAQs on the subject
22:21<Truin>if the TV is capable of 720 scan lines, why wouldn't it work, and look better?
22:22<Chutt>truin, we're not talking about scanlines.
22:22<drd->horizontal scan columns heh
22:22<drd->but hmmmm
22:23<schwin97>drd-: you were correct, thanks for the help
22:24<drd->k i answered someone's question so now i have a question :) what makes the osd go to black and white? fb?
22:24<Truin>I've never had that happen.
22:24<Chutt>you're using xvmc or the epia-m decoder.
22:25<drd->xvmc i thinky
22:25<drd->how to tell? :( i never done video stuff before
22:26=virsys [] quit (Connection timed out)
22:26<Chutt>err, you had to specifically compile mythtv with support for either of those
22:27<drd->gentoo says it compiled with +xv
22:27<drd->xvmc = somethin with xv?
22:27<Chutt>no, completely unrelated.
22:29<drd->yeah, the ebuild removes the comment in for config += using_xvmc
22:31<drd->dunno whut either of those are but i'll try using the other one heh
22:39<Chutt>+ pktbuffer = (unsigned char*)malloc(pkt_buf_size);
22:39<Chutt>+ if (pktbuffer != NULL)
22:39<Chutt>+ delete pktbuffer;
22:39<Chutt>i'll fix :p
22:39=drd- [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:40+drd- [] joined #mythtv
22:42<Niqo>Chutt: dvbrecorder.cpp? can't see that here..allocation in contruct and delete in destruct ;)
22:43*Niqo should wake up....!!!!!
22:44<Chutt>also noticed that dvbchannel's destructor had the tests backwards
22:44<Chutt>i'm applying your patches, obviously :p
22:44<thor_>now will it be fix'd with a new, or a free() ?
22:45*Truin wishes he'd have learned more about C.
22:45<Truin>and C++.
22:45<Niqo>i bet a new
22:46<thor_>that's where my money is
22:46<Chutt>with a free, as you're reallocing it later
22:46<Chutt>and i didn't feel like changing that
22:46<Niqo>darn, you redid that with the qtable stuff :)
22:47<Chutt>you did notice that i disabled all that, right? =)
22:47<Chutt>causing weird problems for some people
22:47<Niqo>yea, must something off somewhere..dunno what
22:48<Chutt>i did look into it, and thought i had the size right, but, guess it wasn't for some things
22:48<Niqo>not using deinterlacers anymore either, so someone else could fix it :)
22:49<Niqo>it gave random segvs, right?
22:49<Truin>forgive my ignornace - I'm new to the room. But I take it one or more of you are developers for this wonderful package?
22:49<Chutt>niqo, yup
22:50<thor_>^^ he did it
22:50<Truin>nice. My congrats on an awesome software package, niqo.
22:50<Niqo>ehh, Chutt, not me
22:50<Truin>Well, Same to you, Chutt! :p
22:51<Niqo>i only try to not f**k up too much ;)
22:51<Truin>whoever. I don't care. D@mnit, someone did a mighty fine job, and it's appreciated! Hehehe
22:52<Chutt>i suppose i should apply brad allen's patch
22:52<thor_>now, which one is that?
22:52<Chutt>the guy that writes novels for emails?
22:53<thor_>ah yes
22:53<Chutt>it's just a simple little thing for the channel editor
22:53<thor_>not nearly as much fun as stan
22:53<Chutt>but he annoyed me enough that it's bottom of the pile stuff
22:53<thor_>naw, go finish the myth mini-app framework ....
22:56<Chutt>niqo, do you want commit confirmation emails? or can i skip sending them
22:56<Chutt>all three of your recent patches just went in, though i changed the filldb one slightly to keep the same default behavior
22:57<Niqo>skip, no need for me
22:57<Chutt>saves me a few minutes =)
22:58<Niqo>Chutt: did you notice that you missed a hunk of the sat editor? mythtv-dev:[PATCH]change made in dbver
22:59<Chutt>no, but i committed that just now with the other stuff
22:59<Chutt>i think, at least
23:01<Niqo>yup, excelent
23:02<Niqo>now, off to check what got changed in the filldb =)
23:03<Niqo>aha, i missed that refresh
23:04<Chutt>and i kept the cleardb interface the same
23:04<Chutt>didn't see a need to change it
23:08<Truin>ok, first try with nuvexport. Wish me luck. ;) Perhaps I should have cut commercials first, but I'm at work, so oh, well. ;)
23:09<hadees>hey is it normal for the colors to get alittle washed on a hardware mpeg2 card?
23:10+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
23:11<Netslayer>if i have a php file that defines a class, can i stick includes in it?
23:11<Netslayer>aka is that forbidden in php
23:12<ShockValue>arg.. zap2it is killing my soul.. cant setup myth cause its down
23:13<Truin>ShockValue: it's working for me. Got the latest xmltv?
23:14<ShockValue>when i try to setup my video sources it returns a "not usable page returned, perhaps its down?" error
23:14<Truin>either you picked the wrong grabber when you setup xmltv, or, you need to update xmltv. that's what it sounds like to me.
23:15<ShockValue>im not sure what version of xmltv it is.. ive been bangin my head on gentoo for all week.. decided to give KnoppMyth a try.
23:15<ShockValue>perhaps Knoppmyth is out of date and wont work anymore?
23:15<Netslayer>I have a php class file AlbumItem.php, and inside there is a undefined call to getId() "if ($this->image) { return $this->image->getId($dir); } " but I have another php file in the same dir called Images.php that has a function "function getId($dir) {return $this->name;} I'm trying to include that Image.php file in my AlbumItem.php file but it gives me errors like it's expecting classes, any ideas?
23:15<Truin>perhaps. I didn't know there was a myth distro for knoppix
23:15<ShockValue>(or the version of xmltv therein)
23:15<ShockValue>yeah, its on the links page of
23:16<Truin>ShockValue: I do know that as zap2it makes changes to their site, a new xmltv is relased to compensate - I'd almost garuntee that's the problem.
23:16<Truin>try just grabbing the latest tarball, build it, and see if that fixes the problem.
23:16<Chutt>go to the knoppmyth forums
23:16<Chutt>there's a short little howto on upgrading xmltv
23:16<Truin>or do what chutt said. :)
23:16<Truin>there ya go.
23:17<ShockValue>ah, sweet.. ok, thanks guys
23:17<ShockValue>i didnt relize there was a knoppmyth forum :D
23:17<Chutt>the knoppmyth guys _really_ need to get their act together and put out a new version
23:18<Truin>Chutt: ever considered taking what you know from mythtv, and building dedicated set-top boxes and back-end servers, and selling them?
23:20<thor_>this wma decoder stuff is not pretty
23:20=G-funk|laptop [] quit ("Leaving")
23:25<Niqo>Chutt: I actually had the day offset wrong also, good thing you have a clear mind!
23:29<Truin>thx drd-
23:36+Lenolium [] joined #mythtv
23:43<Truin>looks like nuvexport might do the trick. Thanks for the help!
23:44+Sobek [~btatton@] joined #mythtv
23:44<Sobek>Anyone have a TV-out config for an i810 ???
23:47warlordis now known as warlord-afk
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23:50+virsys [] joined #mythtv
23:53+satai [] joined #mythtv
23:53<satai>hi everybody
23:54+Teflon- [] joined #mythtv
23:55<Niqo>Chutt: remember fixing that SIGNAL(Function(dvb specific type)) problem?
23:56=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:57<thor_>Chutt, you want me to do little wma memory leek patch ?
23:58<thor_>(hmm I must be hungry)
---Logclosed Thu Jan 22 00:00:05 2004