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00:13<Truin>mmm. leeks.
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00:27<bdale>cool. I have X making 1280x720 now. overscanning, though.
00:28<Netslayer>anyone here know how to cut the mp3 audio from a mpeg4 nuv?
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00:32<bdale>hrm. the PT50LC13 doesn't seem to allow picture size adjustments when using the DVI input, or so it seems.
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00:37<Octane>Netslayer some dude release a plugin for nuvexport to do that
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00:48<Netslayer>really where did u read about this
00:49<Netslayer>auh it's on the list cool
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01:04<aceat64>if I have a master backend on my network, could I setup a frontend on my computer and watch live tv? or is it limited to recorded shows, and setting things to record?
01:05<bdale>aceat64: works fine. I've sat at my laptop on 100bT happily watching live TV at 720x480 mpeg2 a few times.
01:06<Truin>aceat64: you should be able to watch live tv. As long as your local computer can play the stream, and your network bandwidth can take it
01:06<aceat64>I love MythTV
01:06<Truin>that's what I'm sayin'!
01:07*bdale notes that 720x480 mpeg2 won't work over 802.11, since it needs about 17mbits/sec with the audio stream included
01:07<aceat64>what language is MythTV programmed in?
01:07<Truin>Imagine having a nice home with a backend in the living room, pushing, say, 4 tuners, and a front-end in each bedroom just strong enough to play back the stream.
01:07<bdale>at least, not 802.11b ... my laptop will do a/b/g, but my hub is b-only...
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01:08<Truin>I'm pretty sure Myth is written in C++
01:08<bdale>Truin: put the backend somewhere other than the living room so you don't have to listen to the fan...
01:08<Truin>bdale: good point. :)
01:08<Truin>what I'd like to see is the front-end ported to *doze.
01:08<bdale>I'm heading that way, but for now I've got a simple single-box Athlon set up in the living room with one pvr-250 for the family to play with ...
01:08<Truin>I know, it's blasphemy, but...
01:09<aceat64>I'm going to be learning C and C++ so maybe someday down the line I'll contribute something, in the mean time I might make a theme =)
01:09*bdale hands Truin soap for his mouth...
01:09<Truin>bdale: no one in my family would know what to do with it if I hooked it up to the TV. It sits happily in my bedroom. ;)
01:09*bdale notes that editing config files on a 50" display is a pretty interesting experience...
01:10<bdale>Truin: my not-quite-12-year-old daughter had it figured out in about 15 mins, my wife is coming up to speed, and my 5-year-old son just thinks it's cool that he can watch "between the lions" whenever he's allowed to watch some TV... ;-)
01:11<Truin>bdale: :) I think my sister is catching on. she called me tonight... "can you use that thing you have to record American Idol tonight?" lmao
01:11<Truin>of course, that pre-empted my recording of Enterprise... time to toss in another PVR-250
01:11<bdale>Truin: hehe... I got email while I was in Australia asking if I could arrange for it to record a hockey game my wife was going to miss due to kid commitments... mythweb made me a hero.
01:12<Truin>mythweb rocks. I hardly ever use the front-end... I use mythweb for recording, and play-back on my *doze box, having /var/video shared through samba.
01:12<bdale>Truin: that's evil
01:13<Truin>yeah, well, my *doze box is a 1.8GHz, and my linux box (which was originally just a firewall/gateway for the house) is only a 400Mhz.
01:13<Chutt>there's a cygwin port in progress
01:13<Truin>cygwin port? really? PHAT!
01:13<bdale>that's slightly less evil... ;-)
01:13<Chutt>though i haven't accepted all of the guy's patch yet
01:14<bdale>Chutt: yeah, saw some of it in the commits ... the Debian crowd at chuckled on realizing how hight that is in the list of things I read right now...
01:14<Truin>that'd be nice to see. I'm still all for the back end being on linux, but, to be able to setup a front-end for my sister in her room, who is computer-retarded, would be nice.
01:15<Truin>well, home time for me. Glad I found this room. I may drop back by again soon... I've built myth from source umpteen dozen times now - Hopefully I'll be able to help out some newbs.
01:15<Truin>Take it easy, guys! And, I can't say it enough - a FANTASTIC software package!
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01:17<bdale>hrm. looks like the overscan is to be expected. that's sort of sad, since more pixels are off-screen than I think need to be.
01:17<bdale>rock-solid and beautiful otherwise
01:18<Chutt>about 5% on all edges is normal
01:18<bdale>been trying to figure out how to tell how many pixels are off-screen. wonder if there' such a thing as a pixel ruler app...
01:19<Chutt>that's cool
01:20<bdale>that'll pull in 20MB of .deb's since I don't do K usually... oh well, the mirror is close.
01:20<bdale>(and this is a throw-away test system)
01:20<thor_>or a window manager that does pixels during resize
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01:20<bdale>oh, that *does* rock (did I say the mirror is close? ;-)
01:22<Chutt>thor, if you want to commit that avfdecoder memleak fix, go right ahead
01:22<thor_>okely dokely
01:25<Chutt>i need to sit down and finish off the menu plugin stuff
01:25<bdale>any way to make kruler be a vertical ruler? looks like I get about 1210 of 1280 pixels visible horizontally.
01:25<Chutt>there's stuff in the right click menu
01:26<bdale>ah, cool. more kde-naive-ness on my part, I guess.
01:27<bdale>and about 680 of 720 vertical pixels visible
01:28<Chutt>not too bad, i think i get more cut off with the pvr-350 percentage wise than that
01:29<bdale>thor_: thanks for the pointer to kruler. I'm happier having quantified the overscan on this thing when feeding it via DVI...
01:30<Chutt>hrm, almost exactly the same percentages of overscan, actually
01:32<bdale>as a digitally-oriented guy, the whole concept of overscan mildly offends me. but, having watched frames all the way out to the edge plenty of times, I suspect I'm going to be just as happy this way in practice with the kind of source material I have access to...
01:33<Chutt>it'll look more like normal tv
01:35<bdale>so, hrm. I have an nvidia fx 5200 (currently driving the display), an ATI radeon 9200, plus some quadro2 pro and radeon 7000 cards all with DVI spigots. gotta decide which one to put in the frontend destined to drive this. is the hw assist for mpeg playback at atsc resolutions likely to be such a win with the pchdtv cards' output that the recent nvidia wins hands-down?
01:36<Chutt>i gave up on xvmc on the nvidia cards
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01:36<Chutt>the 16 color OSD really kills things
01:37<ChaosExiguum>can you assign the color pallete, or is it a fixed 16?
01:37<Chutt>you can assign it, but..
01:37<bdale>hrm, I hadn't realized the osd was that icky with xvmc enabled
01:38<Chutt>i made it greyscale so it doesn't look horrible, but it's still not nearly as nice
01:39<ChaosExiguum>yea, maybe bluescale or something like that for a little pi-zaz, but I hear you there
01:39<bdale>since this frontend uses an nvidia-based motherboard and already has to have the non-free nvnet driver, maybe I'll use the fx5200 regardless... that keeps the non-free bits concentrated in one box instead of letting them spread to more of my environment...
01:40<Chutt>the forcedeth driver works pretty damn well for nvidia boards, btw
01:40<Chutt>no more nvnet =)
01:40<bdale>Chutt: really? oooh. that's a new one on me.
01:41*bdale does a happy little dance ...
01:41<bdale>hey, is the xfree86 driver capable of supporting Xv, or do you have to run the non-free drivers?
01:41<bdale>ie, nv vs nvidia
01:41<Chutt>the nonfree drivers work better
01:42<bdale>fair enough
01:42<Chutt>at least as far as i've seen
01:42<Chutt>there may be improvements in newer versions of the nv driver, but what with the ancient version of X in debian.... =)
01:43<bdale>ok, I think I'll try the ati card in this box and see if it likes the same modeline ...
01:43<bdale>Chutt: well, of course I'm running the 4.3 bits from experimental
01:43<bdale>(on everything that runs X here)
01:44<Chutt>yeah, i haven't tested the nv driver since i installed this machine back in 4.2 time, that's all
01:44<bdale>k, may be worth an experiment here at some point, then
01:44<bdale>I bought the new nvidia and ati cards figuring one would end up driving this display, and the other would end up in one of my desktop systems driving a 1600x1200 lcd display
01:45<bdale>both were chosen to be the "best" cards I could find for reasonable prices without fans
01:45<bdale>I'd rather manage airflow at the box level
01:45<Niqo>Chutt: Working on RingBuffer safe_*, what is the best method of stopping a recording on ENOSPC?
01:46<Chutt>of stopping a recording?
01:46<Chutt>i don't think there's a failure path at all for that
01:47<Niqo>I was also thinking about adding an option to start auto expire on it
01:47<Niqo>better start coding then :)
01:47<Chutt>well, the auto expire stuff should be running all the time
01:48<Chutt>'slong as you don't have your free threshold set too low, or the wait time between runs set too high, that should be fine
01:48*o_cee is away: work
02:00<bdale>interestingly, the ati card correctly reads the edid stuff, and recognizes a 1280x720 mode internally. however, whatever it's generating as output for that mode the set won't sync to...
02:00<ofer>how would i reset the recording profiles?
02:03<bdale>wow... the ati card's heatsink also got a lot hotter faster. ok, the nvidia card wins for this box.
02:27<Netslayer>is there any other way to make a playlist for mythmusic then going select music?
02:27<Netslayer>problem is I have two seperate folders of music, oldies and new stuff, and a lot of each
02:27<mdz>bdale: xv works fine with the nv driver
02:28<thor_>why is that a problem ?
02:28<mdz>bdale: it's what I use with mythtv
02:28<Netslayer>well how would u recommend making a playlist for each dir?
02:29<Netslayer>if i change the path, hmm that might work, or will all the music that's not in that path show up in all my music - select music
02:29<thor_>select all the oldies, move to Active Play Queue and hit space/enter/return
02:29<Netslayer>because it was previously there
02:29<thor_>name your new playlist Oldies
02:29<Netslayer>ok so if i change the path, the old music shouldn't show up under All My Music for selection
02:30<thor_>why do you want to touch the path?
02:31<Netslayer>if i don't then i would have to select each song one at a time under All My Music wouldn't i
02:31<Netslayer>because the other music I don't want would be there
02:32<hadees>can you build playlists outside of mythmusic?
02:32<thor_>tell easyTag to set the genre for everything in the Oldies folder as "Oldies" and everthing in the other folder as genre "whatever"
02:32<Netslayer>apparently not
02:33<Netslayer>where's easy tag?
02:33<Netslayer>what difference would that make?
02:34<thor_>you can have the tree build by genre
02:34<thor_>or just say "directory"
02:34<thor_>in the settings
02:34<Netslayer>hmm ya i have that setup
02:35<hadees>i would have to say mythmusic does need a better gui, then again it really isn't easy to make one for alot of songs to transverse with a remote
02:35<hadees>it takes me for ever to look through my songs
02:35<thor_>so you have a tree that starts with two nodes already (oldies, other)
02:36<Netslayer>no, i meant just the directory
02:36<thor_>organize them however you like on the file system and then use the keyword "directory" in the tree settings
02:36<thor_>or use easytag
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02:37<Netslayer>that's true, don't even need a playlist
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02:38<hadees>hey "Freevo has a built-in remote server which accepts clear text words like PLAY, DOWN, UP etc over a TCP socket, and acts accordingly."
02:38<hadees>thats neat
02:38<thor_>so does the mfd
02:38<thor_>telnet localhost 2343
02:38<thor_>play url://blah
02:38*Netslayer laughs, and applauds
02:38<thor_>pause on
02:38<thor_>pause off
02:38<hadees>i didn't know i could do that
02:39<Uberbot>Does it make any sense to install myth if I don't have a capture card?
02:39<hadees>Uberbot: it depends on what you want to do
02:39<Uberbot>I'd like to view vids and play mp3's.
02:39<hadees>on a tv?
02:39<Uberbot>Yes, I have an s-vid out.
02:40<Uberbot>Or even on the PC.
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02:41<hadees>Uberbot: you can use mythtv for that, there is also
02:41<Uberbot>Ya, I'm aware of freevo. I've been told that myth is better....
02:41<hadees>which has less focus on pvr and more on what you want, however that doesn't mean it does it better than mythtv
02:41<Netslayer>what mythmusic doesn't see a symlink as a directory errr
02:42*Netslayer has to move all his music
02:43<Uberbot>I also like some of the modules I've seen for myth.
02:43<hadees>thor_: what command does mythtv accept?
02:43<hadees>what commands
02:43<hadees>i mean mfd
02:43<thor_>I keep forgetting
02:43<thor_>play /a/url/encoded/file/name
02:43<thor_>so spaces are %20
02:44<thor_>pause on
02:44<thor_>pause off
02:44<hadees>so you can't like change the channel
02:44<thor_>not yet
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02:45<Niqo>Chutt: Can't this just run StartRecording? pthread_create(&encode, NULL, SpawnEncode, nvr);
02:46*Netslayer shrugges as mythmusic stays at 0% over the last 5 minutes updating the music db
02:47<Netslayer>so thor are u integrating the modules ie music, weather into the mfd or how does that work
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02:48<thor_>mfd is headless
02:49<Netslayer>so that means?
02:49<Netslayer>whatever's there is there
02:49<srl>Is anyone else here crazy enough to be (trying) to stream movies to mplayer using wi-fi? :)
02:49<thor_>but server side of client<-->server to new(ish) GUI clients
02:49<Netslayer>i have a backend on wifi
02:51*Netslayer hits the reset button on his server :-/
02:52<Octane>ayone know which file to edit to take out menu items
02:52<hadees>thor_: will mfd eventualy (when finished) to controll all aspects of mythtv that you could do from a remote?
02:52<thor_>some day
02:53<thor_>if you're all very good
02:53*Octane sits straight with his arms crossed
02:54<Netslayer>Octane, it's an xml file in /usr/local/share/mythtv
02:55<Netslayer>as far as i can remember
02:55<Octane>yah i know, i cant find it though in theme.xml or ui.xml
02:55<Netslayer>um i don't think it's that
02:55<Netslayer>aka tvmenu.xml
02:55<Netslayer>aka mainmenu.xml
02:58<Octane>ohh it sa main file
03:02<bdale>excellant. the nvidia card is in the frontend, and a program recorded earlier off directv looks just great ... :-)
03:03<bdale>frankly, a recording done from the pvr-250 using svideo from the directv receiver looks better than just feeding svideo to the new tube from the directv receiver directly...
03:03*bdale suspects that's just his imagination, but who knows
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03:04<krush02>hey since I see some user-ish discussions, would anyone be interested in helping me with what I'd need hardware-wise to play hdtv?
03:11*krush02 takes the stunned silence as a no
03:12<Netslayer>most of us don't have hdtv heh
03:12<Netslayer>well from reading the list, a capture card that supports hdtv and a dvi or vga -> component out
03:13<krush02>ahh hehe
03:13<krush02>yeah i was wondering more about decoding it...
03:13<Netslayer>actually i can't think of any, the pchdtv or whatever for linux is mainly airwaves atsc isnt it
03:14<Netslayer>well if u have an hdtv with dvi in, use that if u can get it to work correctly or buy an vga -> component converter
03:14<hadees>isn't there that one card that decodes hdtv
03:14<Netslayer>and set the video card up high
03:14<hadees>for linux that is
03:14<Netslayer>might want to search the list
03:14<hadees>there is one, its kind of expensive and someone was supposed to be adding mythtv support for it
03:14<hadees>not sure what happend
03:14<Netslayer>i know of one i think i've heard of on the list - maybe talked about 24hrs ago..but it's very expensive and doesn't work well
03:15<Netslayer>heh there ya go
03:15<Netslayer>same post :-P
03:15<hadees>so it doesn't work well?
03:15<hadees>didn't know that
03:15<hadees>hope some one is working on it so i can use it when i get hdtv
03:15<hadees>in like 5 years
03:15<Netslayer>i mean since the drivers don't work well
03:16<Netslayer>heh exactly..good thinking, but hey do we really need to record that high
03:16*Netslayer thinks of a VCR and snickers
03:16<hadees>well i heard a report about hard drive prices might be dropping alot because the various companies arn't doing so well
03:17<hadees>so i'll by my 100 terebytes
03:17<hadees>and record 100 of hdtv
03:17<hadees>100 hours
03:17<Netslayer>my myth box has .640 Terebytes ;-)
03:17<hadees>i got 400 gigs
03:18<Netslayer>ya we're nuts
03:18<krush02>wow haha
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03:18<hadees>well i use mythtv as my own tv station, i record a whole lot of stuff, so when i feel like watching somthing i have it
03:18<hadees>i keep like 10 eps of alot of diffrent shows on my machine at all times
03:19<krush02>well the recent messages I see on the list talk about software decoding... they're suggesting a P4 3.0 GHz... I was kinda hoping to not have to buy a new $270 CPU...
03:20<hadees>krush02 almost everyone goes with hardware
03:20<hadees>and with the recent news of the hard drive market i would stick with that
03:20<ChaosExiguum>how do you hw decode a hd stream?
03:21<krush02>yeah... are there cards that decode hdtv?
03:21<Netslayer>there will be when the need is there i'm sure
03:21<hadees>well i wasn't talking about hd but are hdtv decoder cards
03:21<hadees>i belive hdtv is a form of mpeg2 isn't it?
03:22<ChaosExiguum>I did a lot of looking and only found expensive ones for broadcasting
03:22<Netslayer>i really don't want an mpeg2 card though, whatever format the new dvd hd is in it will follow
03:22<ChaosExiguum>it is a form of mpeg2
03:22<hadees>there is a linux one that someone built
03:22<hadees>i don't see why though, there is really only one market for it i can see and that is us
03:22<ChaosExiguum>I'm fairly sure the hd dvd will be mpeg2
03:22<hadees>but don't look a gift horse in the mouth
03:25<hadees>so is nuvexport still the best thing for archiving tv shows?
03:25<Netslayer>hadees, it doesn't do decoding as far as i know
03:25<ChaosExiguum>heh, ture... my only wish right now is for a tv card with a tuner as good as the one in my tv :o)
03:25<hadees>Netslayer: the hdtv card doesn't do decoding? what the hell does it do then
03:25<Netslayer>encoding, atsc airwave tuning
03:26<Netslayer>i don't think it has a video out at all
03:26<hadees>hmm are we talking of the same card
03:26<ChaosExiguum>Netslayer, if your talking about the pchdtv you are correct
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03:26<hadees>really, i thought it was encoder
03:26<hadees>i mean decoder
03:26<hadees>well that sucks
03:26<thor_>WOO HOOOOO
03:26<ChaosExiguum>the hauppage wintv-hd has a decoder, but no linux support
03:27<Netslayer>heh the card is marketed for mythtv almost "Support for this is being added to MythTV, an open source PVR application for Linux."
03:27<krush02>yeah my understanding is the pchdtv does the tuning and delivers the compressed stream... that's all
03:28<Netslayer>Accelerated HDTV support with nVidia video cards.
03:28<Netslayer>Accelerated IDCT and Motion Compensation with GeForce4 Mx cards
03:28<Netslayer>Accelerated Motion Compensation with GeForce4 TI cards
03:28<Netslayer>Accelerated Motion Compensation with Quadro 4 cards
03:28<hadees>wonder why it can't decode if hdtv is mpeg2
03:28<Netslayer>might at least help in decoding
03:29<Netslayer>actually all the card has is coax typ tuner in and out for digital reception
03:29<Netslayer>still to expensive for my taste, especially being in a valley where i wouldn't be able to get more then one station
03:29<ChaosExiguum>hdtv is a very high bitrate / demanding, so you need a powerfull decoder chip = $$ and heat
03:30<mchou>guys, what product are you talking about?
03:30<hadees>but software decoding stinks mainly because of the cpu power it needs
03:30<mchou>did hauppauge come out with atsc HW decoder card?
03:31<ChaosExiguum>mchou, the hauppage wintv-hd has an atsc HW decoder
03:31<ChaosExiguum>but no linux support
03:31<mchou>hmm, didn't know that, is wintv-hd recent??
03:32<ChaosExiguum>been around for a few months at least
03:32<hadees>what i really need for my mythtv box to be complete is a better remote
03:32<hadees>i just can't find one i really like, well that works with mythtv anyway
03:33<mchou>so ist the windows SW that comes with wintv-hd any good? or crap?
03:34<hadees>don't know never used it
03:34<ChaosExiguum>my impression is it's crap, but thats only from Reading The Internet(tm)
03:34<mchou>anyone know which decoder chip it uses?
03:35<ChaosExiguum>I found out using google
03:35=virsys [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
03:35<mchou>ugh, teralogic.....
03:36<mchou>don't expect linux support any time soon.....
03:36<krush02>thanks all... i'm outta here for now
03:36<ChaosExiguum>yea, thats the impression I got
03:36<mchou>"Intellectual Property"
03:36krush02is now known as krush02-away
03:37<mchou>so pcHDTV doesn't have HW decoder, correct?
03:38<ChaosExiguum>it's really just an atsc tuner, dumps the _entire_ stream on you
03:38<mchou>yeah, not good....
03:38<hadees>so you pay alot for the card and then have to pay alot of a cpu to decode the stream
03:39<mchou>yeah, not really a deal.....
03:39<ChaosExiguum>plus any of the substation tuning or audio stream selecting has to be done by your sw
03:39<hadees>it has to be possible to add a hardware decoder
03:40<ChaosExiguum>you could build one?
03:40<mchou>but even in windows atsc HW decoders suck big time.....
03:40<hadees>no i just mean the guys who designed the card
03:41<hadees>mchou: well stuff that has been proven over and over is that some stuff that sucks under windows is because of windows, i have seen things like quickcams work better under linux
03:42<hadees>plus how is the TV decoding it to display it
03:42<mchou>hehe, u get no argument from me there :)
03:42<hadees>it needs a decoder right
03:42<ChaosExiguum>hadees, well, either its getting analouge input (component) or dvi-hd (or whatever its called)
03:43<ChaosExiguum>if its getting dvi then it does need a decoder as far as I know
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03:43<hadees>i meant more like if the tv is reciving hdtv from your cable provider
03:43<hadees>how is the tv decoding it to display it
03:44<ChaosExiguum>ahh, yes, then your tv needs to have an hd tuner in it, or you need a set top box
03:44<mchou>the tv doesn't decode it, the settop box does....
03:44<ChaosExiguum>few tv's have tuners though
03:44<hadees>didn't know you needed a settop box
03:44<hadees>but then the box needs to decode it
03:44<hadees>so stick that tuner box decoder on the pcHDTV card
03:45<ChaosExiguum>you would think they would
03:45<hadees>i know easier said then done but i can't see a use for these cards till they have them
03:45<hadees>otherwise it is to much a pain in the ass, for me at least
03:46<mchou>hadess, u wont ever see pci HW HDTV decoder cards......
03:46<ChaosExiguum>my settop box has a silicon image chip in it that decodes any hd stream to 1080i/720p/480p/480i you pick
03:46+Lad [] joined #mythtv
03:46<mchou>hadees: allows people to steal digital cable, so to speak.....
03:47<mchou>so I don't think you will ever see pci HW HDTV decoders....
03:47+holger [] joined #mythtv
03:48+rehan [] joined #mythtv
03:48<mchou>on the consumer market, at least.....
03:48<hadees>mchou: your most likely right and that really sucks
03:48<mchou>for engieering purposes, there are pci cards.....
03:48<hadees>mchou: how ever the cards will probaly exist because of tivo
03:48<rehan>hi - i'm trying to get my keyboard to work on minimyth - anyone know anything about that here?
03:49<ChaosExiguum>mchou, true ture, too bad they cost in the thousends
03:49<mchou>hadees: tivo will be STB.....
03:49<mchou>not a pci card.....
03:49<ChaosExiguum>rehan, what sort of keyboard is it? I expect it ought to work out of the box
03:50<rehan>it's a ps2 keyboard
03:50<ChaosExiguum>does it work in windows/dos/whatever?
03:50<rehan>when i press numlock, the key doesn't even light up
03:50<ChaosExiguum>sounds like a hw problem
03:50<rehan>i can access the bios with it, and freevix works with it
03:51<hadees>well in the future i bet we can make our own pci cards with our pci card printer, so i can just print off a copy of an illegal (because of the DMA) HDTV decoder and then me and George Jetson will go play space golf
03:51<ChaosExiguum>perhaps the minimyth kernel wasnt compiled with ps2 keyboard support somehow
03:51<mchou>rehan: try if it lights up....
03:51<rehan>hang on...
03:51<rehan>nope - no caps lock either
03:52<mchou>rehan: I agree with ChaosExiguum....
03:53<mchou>rehan: ps2 kb support not compiled in/HW prob.....
03:53<ChaosExiguum>yea, I'd ask the minimyth mailing list/forum/whatever they have going
03:54<rehan>thanks...i'm just trying to test out the distro to see how well it works before i go and buy an IR receiver
03:54<hadees>carrier pigeon
03:55*ChaosExiguum lols
03:55<mchou>hadees: u solve you heat issues from a while back?
03:56<hadees>mchou: haven't stress tested it yet
03:56<hadees>i didn't actully do anything so now that mythtv is running i will see
03:56<hadees>if it is really heat
03:57<mchou>really, so problem "disappeared" spontaneously?
03:57<rehan>i can telnet into my minimyth box - is there any way to control it from there???
03:57<hadees>not really i went on vaction
03:57<mchou>man, that's some long vacation :)
03:58<hadees>well it was two weeks and then i school started up again
03:58<hadees>and now i am back in the grove
03:58<ChaosExiguum>rehan, not really... at least not an easy way I can think of
04:01<ChaosExiguum>well its bed time here in EST land, so I'll see you all later :o)
04:02<hadees>mchou: speak of the devil, mythtv just froze and i think it was heat related
04:02<hadees>i need to add some pci slot fans
04:04<mchou>hadees, sheesh, u pay $700 for a case and its fubar.....
04:05<hadees>mchou: hehe i think it is my fault, i have 3 hot mpeg decoder cards right next to each other
04:06<hadees>i need to space them out
04:06<hadees>and make sure the wires arn't effecting the air flow
04:06<hadees>mchou: the real draw of this case is it looks like a high end reciver
04:09<mchou>hadees:dont think u can put more fans in that case......
04:09=Niqo [] quit ("bored")
04:10<hadees>mchou: i am going to space out the mpeg2 cards
04:10<hadees>and if that doesn't work i am adding pci fans to the empty slots
04:14<mchou>hadees: good luck.....I got to go recover my mozilla address book, it crashed on me, no is fubar...... later.
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07:21<killerbun>anyone else experince a bug with mplayer, i downloaded and compiled mplayer, and overwrites the key config somewhere
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09:28<o_cee>any dev around?
09:29<o_cee>the behaviour in guidegrid.cpp, pressing enter does editRecording(), can't it do that only if you've highlighted something that should record? else it'd change to that channel..
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10:48<Peit|work>does the master backend have to have a capture card in it?
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13:00*o_cee is back (gone 11:11:24)
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13:31<Magick>Interesting article on linux.kernel about how the scheduler may affect video capture performance:
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14:16<FooBar01>Does anyone know if the nasty
14:17<FooBar01>Does anyone know if the nasty "waiting 2 seconds.." errors that have been plaguing many users recently has been fixed in the latest .debs?
14:19<_rkulagow>chutt: here?
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14:56<hadees>where should i get ebuilds from or
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15:13<FooBar01>Hmm...Looks like people just ask questions in here, but nobody answers
15:13<FooBar01>Oh, well.
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15:30<hadees>FooBar01: whats your question?
15:32+sfr [] joined #mythtv
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16:00<Niqo>hmm, anybody tried clean latest cvs?
16:06<Niqo>the db lock in dvbcam never gets access...
16:08=gerhard [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
16:09<Niqo>if i skip the locks in dvbcam, the server starts up, and can record, but no time in epg and unable to generate preview png (rambles on about opening the file)
16:10<Chutt>calling it from someplace that already has the lock?
16:11<Niqo>nope, dvbchannel emits the signal right after it locks/unlocks
16:11<Chutt>ah well
16:11<Chutt>sure it's using the same pointer to the lock?
16:12<Niqo>it worked earlier, but i checked out a clean for both front and backend
16:14<Niqo>i'll check some more in about 20min, watching a cool show :)
16:15<pahli_bar>damn sourceforge
16:17<_rkulagow>chutt: docs sync please.
16:26+bdunn13 [] joined #mythtv
16:27+Cocoduck [] joined #mythtv
16:28<Cocoduck>Hi Everyone
16:33+engie [] joined #mythtv
16:33<Cocoduck>I come from the land of Windowz with a request or just a general question. I currently use XP Media Center Edition 2004 (MCE) for my HTPC. I have looked into mythTV and recognized what a fine pice of software it is, in particular, the functionality that allows you to erase commercials from recorded TV. Now what I was wondering was if it would a possibility for somone to program a similar add-on for MCE. I am guessing it would work by recognizin
16:35<Cocoduck>I assume the code for this functionality could be taken from mythTV, if the author would be so generous to us M$ folks who lack this fine feature.
16:36<sfr>just do a checkout from cvs. everything is publically available.
16:36<pahli_bar>Cocoduck: its gpl code. use and share
16:36<engie>If mythtv is GPL - which I think it is - MS would be welcome to use the code. As long as they in return let everyone else use all their code in teh product :D
16:36<engie>I think that's fair
16:37<pahli_bar>myhtpc is released under what licence
16:37<Cocoduck>haha engie i mean it would me an add-on that somone would program. I dont know how to so i was just throwing out the idea
16:38<bdunn13>I don't think anyone here is just going to go out and make a feature like that for Win when there is still stuff to do directly for mythv
16:39<Cocoduck>oh bdunn13 maybe then could somone point me to where in the myth source i can find this code, so i can pass it onto some MCE users who program
16:39<bdunn13>just goto and you can download it all there
16:40<FooBar01>I'm having the problem where Live TV freezes after a while and "Waited 2 seconds..." is repeatedly displayed
16:40<Cocoduck>bdunn13 i have downloaded it and there are tons of files here, is there a particular file that pertains to that feature (i hope that doesent sound dumb)
16:40<thor_>all your MCE belong to us
16:41<pahli_bar>Cocoduck: just remember its GPL code and so there are clauses attached to using those
16:42<bdunn13>I am not very familiar with the sorce code but there is going to be quite a few files and libraries that that feature will use..
16:43<bdunn13>I am sure a windows programmer with the ability to port it to win will be able to find what he needs..
16:44<Cocoduck>uh hu
16:44<srl>Can you even write extensions or modules for mce?
16:44<Cocoduck>umm i know there is an SDK as to what you can do, i duno
16:45+sams2100 [] joined #mythtv
16:45<pahli_bar>from the frontpage: *myHTPC is not open source and is only free for personal, non-commercial use.
16:46<Niqo>hmm, rebuilt with debug, and it's gone...trying release again
16:47warlord-afkis now known as warlord
16:47<sams2100>I heard a rumor that someone was in here asking for a windows port of some sort...
16:47<Cocoduck>sams2100 no i asked for something differnt
16:47<Cocoduck>let me copy and past my question
16:47<Cocoduck>I currently use XP Media Center Edition 2004 (MCE) for my HTPC. I have looked into mythTV and recognized what a fine pice of software it is, in particular, the functionality that allows you to erase commercials from recorded TV. Now what I was wondering was if it would a possibility for somone to program a similar add-on for MCE. I am guessing it would work by recognizing when a new file has been created in the recorded TV folder, and would simp
16:48<racer>from the FORUM, from PABLO the programmer: "Since H2 will be a commercial application, it is difficult for us to accept help developing it. But, once it is out, you are more than welcome to develop plugins and modules for it."
16:49<sams2100>well since its a commercial application, why not start up a company to sell commercial removal plugins for it?
16:50<Cocoduck>sams2100 any comment on my question or you were just wondering
16:50<sams2100>Its like Bill Gates coming in here and asking for some help removing a bug from his OS...
16:50<racer>Sounds like the H2 will be a good app!
16:51<Cocoduck>haha sams2100
16:51<Niqo>Chutt: with backend built with debug, it does not stop at the lock, but the frontend gives 'Connection timed out.' right away
16:51<Cocoduck>no its like a user of software that lacks a great feature, asking some questions
16:52<sams2100>Coco, why not write the functionality yourself?
16:52<pahli_bar>Cocoduck: well you are asking in the wrong forum then
16:52<sams2100>and make some money selling the plugin for that other app...
16:52<Cocoduck>thanks pahli_bar
16:52<Cocoduck>sams2100 if i knew how to, i would
16:53+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
16:53<Cocoduck>i know minimal infor about programming so i think i lack much of the skill for this
16:53<sams2100>generally, open source coders dont write things for commercial software
16:54<sams2100>unless they get paid to do it :)
16:54<Cocoduck>well its an add-on really, more of open source coder to the rescue type situation
16:54=bbeattie [~bbeattie@] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:54<sams2100>we come to the rescue of other open source apps... not to help line the pockets of billy
16:55<pahli_bar>right... people contribute to this software and the owner then takes it and makes it a commercial app and profits from it..
16:55<Cocoduck>haha but thats the thing bill would never include this feature in his software, he would get way too much guff from the TV networks
16:56<sams2100>so use mythtv instead
16:56<Cocoduck>pahli_bar MS allready developed this similar software for TIVO and i think snapstream, so they have it, just wont implement it
16:56<pahli_bar>Cocoduck: TIVO by MS. get your facts straight!
16:57<Niqo>damn, forgot to switch to release, on build down the drain
16:57<Cocoduck>pahli_bar i have no idea but i read some article lemme check my history
16:57<pahli_bar>that will be the day. MS developing software on linux platform :)
16:58<sams2100>haven't you heard??? C# is cross platform!!
16:58+bbeattie [~bbeattie@] joined #mythtv
17:00<Cocoduck>here pahli_bar its called smartskip
17:08<sams2100>is anyone else just a little too lazy to click on that pdf link?
17:09<Cocoduck>nope i did! haha
17:09<steelep>that's stuff for windows media edition
17:09<pahli_bar>trying to download it. i think we might have mythtved :)
17:10<steelep>do you this Isaac was the first person to think of auto commercial skipping?
17:10<Cocoduck>really, is that the creator of mythv?
17:10<sams2100>I been using the bathroom to skip commercial many years before mythtv
17:11<bdunn13>guys don't yall know
17:11<bdunn13>Al Gore invented commercial skipping!
17:11<Cocoduck>ahh yes thats true
17:13<lmatter>sams2100, everytime you use the bathroom, you are stealing the show, er something like that.
17:13<bdunn13>yup good quote sams
17:13<o_cee>pahli_bar: did you look at my transition yet? :)
17:14<pahli_bar>o_cee: no...
17:14<o_cee>another thing i noticed in mythgallery
17:14<pahli_bar>o_cee: fading to white on a tv screen might not be very good for the picture tube
17:14<o_cee>when 'm' is pressed, you can still use right/left to change the thing on the right hand side
17:15<o_cee>uhm, well.. not like producers normally care about that
17:15<hadees>where should i get ebuilds from or
17:15<pahli_bar>yes. intended behavior.
17:15<o_cee>allright, just thought it was odd
17:15=engie [] quit ("Lost terminal")
17:16<pahli_bar>actually i went back and added it. say you are in the mood for rotating images. activate menu. press enter for rotate. goto next image. press enter and so on
17:17<pahli_bar>without navigation you have to keep on toggling the menu
17:17<o_cee>ah yeah, true. this was with directories up
17:18=Drikus [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:21=choenig [] quit ("wuuuusch...")
17:21<hadees>hey how do i turn off the screen saver
17:21<hadees>its exec somthing
17:21<hadees>no xset
17:22<sams2100># turn off screen blanking
17:22<sams2100>setterm -blank 0
17:22<sams2100>xset s off
17:22<pahli_bar>and kill xscreensaver if running
17:22<sams2100>that too
17:23<pahli_bar>or kde screensaver :)
17:24<hadees>does anyone use gentoo and mythtv?
17:24<sams2100>I do, whats up?
17:25<hadees>do you know of a script that checks for new mythtv-cvs ebuilds
17:25<hadees>it was on the mailing list, but i can't find it
17:25<sams2100>no, I dont use the cvs ebuilds, just the standard ones
17:25<Cocoduck>Guys, i pitched the idea to a creator of a mpeg editor for media center files and he said, "It in fact could be done in DVREdit, but I'm not going to do it, because I can't afford the legal counsel I'd need to defend myself against the companies out there who would frown upon it. I am not out to piss anyone off, or get into any trouble with any companies out there.
17:26<Cocoduck>how does mythTV not get in trouble
17:26<Niqo>Chutt: you where right, as always :)
17:27<thor_>Cocoduck, possesion of cohones helps
17:27<sams2100>hadees, you know there are standard ebuilds that come with portage now so that you dont have to use the cvs one?
17:28<bdunn13>who are the companies going to sue?
17:28<hadees>sams2100: hehe yeah what happend is I was getting an error with 13, so Chutt suggested i use the CVS so it worked but i would rather use cvs with ebuilds
17:28<hadees>so as to keep my system all nice and stuff
17:28-poo [~sean@] left #MythTV ()
17:28<bdunn13>they could sue all they wanted to.. 1 they would not get any money if they won.. 2 the code would still be out there
17:28<bdunn13>it would not acomplish anything
17:29<hadees>where should i gethere are two sites with ebuilds on them for mythtv and for mythtv-cvs and the respective myth plugins and
17:29<bdunn13>lates gotta hook up a ups to my pc
17:29=bdunn13 [] quit ()
17:29<hadees>and the creator of one of the ebuilds told me he posted a script to sync those with my local portage tree
17:29<sams2100>hadees, I'd still recomend the standard ebuilds just because the cvs one will probably install things in differnt locations... but as far as updates for the cvs one, dont think you'll find many... once it works, it usually gets left alone :)
17:30<sams2100>and the cvs ebuild worked a version or two ago I know, because I used it, then switched over to the standard ebuidls
17:30<hadees>well if i am going to use cvs might as well keep up to date
17:30<hadees>it put stuff in diffrent locations?
17:31<pahli_bar>hadees: if you are using cvs... highly recommend that you use the src directly.
17:31<sams2100>cant know without looking at the ebuild in detail...
17:31<hadees>well the ebuild pulls the src right out of cvs
17:31<pahli_bar>hadees: if you come up with a bug report against cvs, the developers will ask you to try the latest cvs
17:31<pahli_bar>hadees: ahh....
17:32<sams2100>pahli is right... standard src would probably be safer/better than an ebuild for cvs since cvs has unstable builds every other day caused by unfinished code and stuff
17:32<hadees>pahli_bar: ebuilds from cvs log into the cvs server and grab the software
17:32<sams2100>never know when you may need a new build flag or something the ebuild-cvs doesn't support
17:32<hadees>the only risk is if the depends change
17:32<hadees>yeah that why i need to find the sync script that the creator of the ebuilds wrote
17:33<sams2100>hadees, what was the problem with your standard ebuild install? why wouldn't it work?
17:33<pahli_bar>hadees: why not use cvs the way God intented it to be... roll up sleeves, cvs co, read the readmes for any changes, compile-install
17:33<hadees>i can't even remember the error it was somthing with the backend and frontend unable to talk to each other
17:34<hadees>pahli_bar: i am using the cvs right now like it is supposed to be, the reason to use an ebuild is so you can remove it if you want to upgrade, you know for sure where everything is installed, and it makes it easyer to install all stuff from emerge if your using gentoo
17:35<pahli_bar>hadees: make uninstall doesn't work ?
17:35<hadees>irs not like it is using a cvs grab from last week
17:35<sfr>hadees: use stow
17:35<hadees>yeah but emerge unmerge mythtv-cvs works
17:35<hadees>i like emerge, don't player hate
17:36<hadees>the nicest thing about portage is that it downloads the required stuff
17:36<hadees>and this ebuild protects you from installing a myth .13 plugin from a myth cvs
17:37<sams2100>yeah, which is another reason to kinda avoid the mythtv-cvs :) if new cvs comes out requiring transcode of suchNsuch version, then you cant compile
17:37<Niqo>arg, more bugs in release version....
17:38<Niqo>...can't watch livetv
17:38<sams2100>use it if you want to, but just plan on possibly running into problems in the future... cause it may not get updated
17:38<hadees>well i could update it actully, it would only need to update what is required to compile
17:38<hadees>ebuilds are pretty easy to do
17:39<sams2100>true, but then in that case, you didn't gain anything by using an ebuild for the cvs :)
17:39*pahli_bar notices this argument is just going around in circles
17:40<sams2100>basically you are just wanting to know where updates for the mythtv-cvs will be located?
17:40<Niqo>all users: run over to mythtv-users, theres candy for you there!
17:40<hadees>check it out
17:40<hadees>sams2100 the reason to do it is so it downloads everything required and keep everything installed on my system under the control of emerge
17:40=pcjabber [] quit ("Leaving...Client is exiting (XChat 2.0.7)")
17:41+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
17:41<hadees>emerge is the main thing behind gentoo, like apt-get for debian
17:41<o_cee>cvs and ebuild is no good
17:41<o_cee>just use cvs dammit
17:41<hadees>hehe, i am using cvs
17:42<o_cee>good :)
17:42<sams2100>yeah but you have left portage's collection of ebuilds and gone with a 3rd party's ebuild which may or may not be kept up to date
17:42<pahli_bar>seems like our british friends are left without tv listings
17:42<hadees>sams2100: its terribly easy to update a cvs ebuild your self
17:42<hadees>look at one:
17:43<hadees>just change the stuff in DEPEND and everything is updated
17:44*pahli_bar puts a red cross on hadees' back and makes a note to not entertain any bugreports from him :)
17:44<sams2100>still just seems like an extra step that isn't needed
17:44<o_cee>dammit, enough
17:45=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:45=pcjabber [] quit (Client Quit)
17:46<sams2100>hadees, we got off track, what was your original question about the mythtv-cvs?
17:47<hadees>i was just looking for a script to update ebuilds that was on the mailiing list
17:47<hadees>although has anyone been getting ivtv timeout errors?
17:48<o_cee>read up on ivtv-devel mailinlist
17:48<hadees>i hate that list, the search sucks
17:48=blacklion [~blacklion@] quit ("[BX] Occifer, I'm not as think as you stoned I am!")
17:48<o_cee>use your email program to search then.
17:49<o_cee>you're supposed to be subscribed if you're using the drivers ;)
17:49<hadees>hehe, i have crappy mail
17:49<hadees>i read them usally just been away
17:49<hadees>for the last month from the scene
17:57+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
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17:58<sams2100>oooo... colors
17:58<sfr>screensaver is on
17:59<pahli_bar>mommy... i want colors too
17:59<aceat64>has anyone tried to use the TV out of an ATI All-In-Wonder with MythTV?
18:00<aceat64>I have TV out working but when it starts playing a channel TV out shows a blue/blank screen
18:01<sams2100>ace, which drivers you using for the card?
18:01<aceat64>no, the ati drivers
18:02<sams2100>sorry, dont have any experience with those
18:04<aceat64>purhaps I need the xinerama extensions?
18:25<aceat64>oh wow
18:25<aceat64>my TV has a RGB input
18:25<aceat64>and supports 1080i
18:26<aceat64>that would be good, right?
18:26<sams2100>cant be bad
18:26<sams2100>now all you need is an hdtv card
18:27*Cocoduck is away (Reason: Auto IdleAway after 30 minute(s)) since 5:57:51 pm. AwayPager is on, AwayLog is on
18:28=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:30*thor_ want ff0000 colors
18:30=orzel [] quit ("back to real life")
18:40*o_cee is away: asleep, leave a message if you want me anything
18:55*pcjabber is away: afk, leave a message if you need anything
18:56*mikegrb is away: taking care of those bozos, don't bother leaving a message either
18:56*pahli_bar is away: singing a lullaby to o_cee and pcjabber
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18:59<mikegrb>Cocoduck: thanks for repeating that in case we didn't see it in bright colors 7 lines up and again another 15 above that
19:00<mikegrb>oh oh and two notices to tell me you are away and how to page you
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19:17*Cocoduck is back (Back from: Auto IdleAway after 30 minute(s)) Gone for 1hr 19mins 28secs
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19:19<mikegrb>oh thank you so much
19:19<mikegrb>I don't know how we could have survived
19:27=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
19:28<aceat64>ok, if my TV has an RGB connector just like a VGA connector on a computer, will it work with a computer?
19:28<aceat64>I'm asking mainly because RGB is the best transmission method I know of for video
19:31=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
19:31+hfb [] joined #mythtv
19:31+Truin [] joined #mythtv
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19:36<thor_>allright, let's hear it for boobses
19:36=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:36<Truin>yay breasteses!
19:37+CyberKnet [] joined #mythtv
19:37*thor_ thinks CyberKnet may have had the parental controls turned up a little high
19:38=Teflon- [] quit ("Leaving")
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19:42<pcjabber>where? Where? Where???? =)
19:44<drd->they are big usually, most of the time
19:52=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
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20:14<pahli_bar>bah. spamassassain missed another nigerian mail
20:16<Truin>spamassassin has been letting a LOT of my spam through. I think I need to update the filters or some such.
20:21<knight->Missing offset in buttondef STREAM
20:21<knight->anyone get mythstream to load?
20:23<knight->just need to edit theme.xml to add that offset
20:30<knight->the HD-2000 card looks crappy
20:30<knight->it doesnt do decoding :(
20:30<knight->it's software decoding
20:37+david__ [~david@] joined #mythtv
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20:38%Netsplit <-> quits: Octane, david_, Justin_, c0nflict
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20:38<knight->anyone controlling their Hughes DTV box?
20:38%Netsplit over, joins: Justin_
20:39+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
20:51+Octane [] joined #mythtv
20:55+crabchips [] joined #mythtv
21:05<knight->damn no stores around here carry the PVR-350
21:06<drd->seemed to me that had cheaper prices for hauppauge stuffs
21:11<pahli_bar>newegg has them cheaper
21:15<drd->what mpeg4 settings do u all think is borderline for lookin like its not compressed? :|
21:15<knight->pahli, damnit
21:15<knight->you said that too late
21:15<knight->i just ordered one on amazon
21:16<Truin>drd - if you find good settings, let me know. I'm a master of DVD-to-DivX, but havn't found settings I like yet with nuvexport.
21:16<pahli_bar>for all computer needs newegg is the first place i visit
21:17<drd->heh, i'd like 1gig/hour and still look good, but i dont think thats gonna happen
21:18<Truin>drd-: that should EASILY be do-able. I'm doing mpeg2 at 1.1gb/hour, and it looks just like TV. If I could press to DivX on my windows box, I'd lose very little quality (barely noticable) and drop the file size to 250mb.
21:19<Truin>However, I'm having problems finding a good tool to cut commercials in 'doze. If I can use myth to make my cutlist, and then re-assemble pieces WITHOUT re-encoding them, and then I could press it to DivX on my windoze box, I'd be happy.
21:21<drd->i cant get the commercial detection to work right yet either :( whenever i do scene change detection it makes frames pop up every once in a while out of sync or somethin
21:22<drd->anyways if u really wanted to u could prolly easily hack it to pretend its encoding without encoding and just cut commercials -shrug-
21:22<Truin>yeah. I've given up on the auto commercial detection. I just bring up the video in the "Watch Recording" sections, hit "E" to go into edit mode, use C and Q to clear out the pre-defined cuts, and then mark my own.
21:23<Truin>what would be ideal is a mythtranscode setting to do mpeg2 -> mpeg2 (instead of mpeg4 or rtjpeg) without any re-encoding. I just want commercials cut - I'll do all the compression myself. ;)
21:24<drd->ive never done any video stuff before so im all newb
21:24<drd->i'm realizing that i made so many mistakes when i was picking parts for a pc tho heh :(
21:24<Truin>oh. :) I've played with DivX for a few years now. ;) I can take just about any DVD movie, say 1.5 to 2hrs, and put it on a single 80min CD-R and still look like a DVD.
21:25<drd->not even using my tv anymore, just mythfrontend on pc
21:25=josephk [] quit ("Bye")
21:25<Truin>I haven't *owned* a TV since '97. hehehehe
21:25<drd->so then, with myth's built in transcoding settings for mpeg4
21:26<drd->what should i use to make it a decent size without noticing any blocks
21:26<drd->in the picture
21:26<Truin>but both my boxes have tuners, both being Hauppauge cards. I love 'em. The software isn't the greatest, but the cards work well.
21:26<drd->i got pvr-250
21:26<Truin>well, when I record it's with my PVR-250, so I'm saving as an mpeg2 stream, 480x480, getting about 1.1gb/hr.
21:27<Truin>I've been playing with the nuvexport tool, and have done a couple encodes with it. From what I've determined, the number values it asks for are the kbit/sec encoding rates.
21:28<Truin>So, I tell it to encode to DivX, select 112 fo audio (default is 64), and select 700 or so for video (default is 256), and a resolution of 320x240, and they don't look too bad.
21:28<drd->bit rate, max quantizer, min quantizer, and max difference in quantizer between frames? i think is whut the options mean
21:28<Truin>it was about 100mb, alot smaller than I thought, but blowing it up to full screen made it chunky, probably because of the low encoding resolution (320x240).
21:29<drd->well i wanna be able to watch it on tv and not notice its compressed too
21:29<Truin>But, having a source of 480x480, I don't know if I can UP the encoded resolution to 640x480 and get rid of the 'blocks' when I stretch it to full screen for playback.
21:29<Truin>I'll expirement more with it. I desparately need to find a good method of pressing down my recorded stuff - my puny 30gb HD is getting full, *fast*.
21:30+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
21:30<drd->yeah i'd say
21:30<drd->first thing i recorded was 3 hours and 9 gigs
21:30=billytwowilly [] quit (Client Quit)
21:30<drd->looked good tho ;o
21:31<Truin>as for the settings for transcoding inside of mythfrontend, I haven't played with that much. Mostly because it says it outputs to 'mpeg4', but I can't get it's outputted files to play back in xine, or media player, or anything, so I'm sticking with nuvexport and divx.
21:31<Truin>that's 3gb/hour! DANG! I find that the 1.1gb/hr I'm getting looks just fine. Matter of fact, my roomate once thought I was watching TV, when I was actually watching a recording.
21:32<Truin>but, to me, 1.1gb/hr seems excessive - way too big. So, I'm hoping divX will come to my rescue - as soon as I find good settings.
21:32<Truin>Like I said, I'll play more, and I'll be sure to make my results known in here.
21:33<drd->i think in the documentation it says how to convert the encoded stuff to normal
21:34<cmorgan>1.1gb/hr seems low
21:34<cmorgan>consider the data on a dvd for instance
21:34<Truin>looks great to me.
21:34<Truin>yeah, but we're not talking DVD quality, we're talking TV quality.
21:34<cmorgan>what res do you record at?
21:35<Truin>2200 kbit, I think it's set to.
21:35<Truin>I could fire up the remote front-end and check, if need be.
21:35<cmorgan>480x480 looks quite poor compared to 720x480
21:35<drd->i do tv at 8000
21:35<cmorgan>i used to record at 480x480, once i tried 720 i couldn't go back
21:36<Truin>looks just fine and dandy to me. Then again, I do all my watching on a monitor, and not a television.
21:36<drd->i couldnt see a diff between 480x480 and 720x480 :/
21:36<Truin>I just took the MythTV defaults, and was satisfied with the results. What can I say. ;)
21:36<cmorgan>thats surprising...
21:36<cmorgan>its a huge difference in resolution
21:36<drd->my tv is like small tho
21:36<Truin>if I had a bigger hard drive, I'd be more willing to experiment with the recording settings. But, as it is, I'm cramped for space.
21:36<drd->u got .4tb or somethin tho right cmorgan?
21:38<cmorgan>yeah, let me check the size on those recordings
21:38<Truin>must be nice. :)
21:39<cmorgan>i mean i'm not going to buffer up months worth of stuff
21:39<cmorgan>so might as well look good ;-)
21:39<Truin>see, I'm an advid fan of Enterprise and 24, and I'm archiving them. ;)
21:40<cmorgan>Truin: my dad and brother don't like enteprise but i'm actually a big fan. i like the feel of it
21:41+Invisi_ [] joined #mythtv
21:41=Invisi [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:41<Truin>I wasn't sure how I felt about Bacula being on the bridge, but, he's doing a decent job with the roll.
21:42<drd->i shouldnt have gotten a pvr-250 since i like good quality and it doesnt take much to compress to good quality
21:42<drd->stupid trip is dumb on bridge
21:42<Truin>I got my PVR-250 because of the mpeg2 encoder on it - to take the load off the CPU.
21:42=crabchips [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:42<drd->he shoulda really died that one episode :(
21:42<cmorgan>come on, he isn't that bad
21:42<Truin>what, last night's ep? don't tell me - I missed it.
21:42<cmorgan>i like the old style feel to things
21:42<drd->he's like the 'good ole american home redneck boy' kinda dumb heh
21:43<Truin>woulda recorded it, if not for American Idol. :(
21:43<cmorgan>wasn't a big fan of voyager
21:43+crabchips [] joined #mythtv
21:43<drd->Truin: was talkin about the older episode where they made you think he was dead
21:44<Truin>hm.... don't recall.
21:45<Truin>cmorgan: voyager wasn't bad... I couldn't stand DS9. The only reason to watch it in the end was Ezri Dax. D@mn, that Nicole DeBoer is one hottie!
21:45<cmorgan>didn't like ds9 huh?
21:45<cmorgan>i though it was pretty good
21:45<Truin>it got to.... soap opera-ish.
21:45<drd->last couple seasons were supposed to be good but i havent seen them
21:46<Truin>like, with TNG there was over-all back story, but you didn't feel like you were lost if you missed one episode.
21:46<Truin>I got that feeling a LOT with DS9.
21:47<cmorgan>ds9 got a lot like that at the end of the series
21:47<cmorgan>maybe the last 15 episodes
21:47<Truin>yeah, the tail end was really bad.
21:47<drd->enterprise is just like that now
21:47+josephk [] joined #mythtv
21:47=crabchips [] quit ("Leaving")
21:47<Truin>well, with the whole Xindi thing, yeah. :(
21:47<drd->u miss one and yer fucked
21:48<cmorgan>i'm trying to fill in a couple of missing episodes of season 2 of enterprise right now before i go on a watching binge ;-)
21:48<Truin>I still think Berman screwed the Trek name all to hell and back. I'm sure Roddenberry is rolling in his grave. Its no wonder Majel Barrett doesn't want anything to do with ST any more.
21:49<cmorgan>after nemesis...
21:50<Truin>don't get me started on Nemesis... I literally stood up in the theater and shouted "OH HELL NO THEY DID NOT JUST DO THAT" when Data sacraficed himself.
21:50<Truin>I thought I was gonna get thrown out of the theater.
21:50<cmorgan>spiner was waiting for that for a while
21:50<drd->duh, he'll be in next movie
21:50<Truin>I know... he was tired of the roll. He wanted to move on. But, he did it so well!
21:50<drd->they left his stupid cousin or whutever it was
21:51<cmorgan>so lets just let data go and move on ;-)
21:51<Truin>next movie? Right. If Berman even suggests another, I'll have him shot. He's beaten ST into the ground enough as it is.
21:51<cmorgan>movies are pretty funny really
21:51<drd->so his experiences will be picked up from transporter records or somethin silly and placed into that other body
21:51<Truin>it was a cheap imitation, and will never be Data. ;) But, I'm showing my trek geekiness, so I'll stfu now.
21:51<knight->anyone controlling their Hughes DTV box?
21:51<cmorgan>you watch some of them and wonder if they even let random people read the script and got their opinions
21:51<knight->i want to control it
21:52+ianneub [~ian@] joined #mythtv
21:52<ianneub>hi all
21:52<Truin>drd-: no transporter needed, they did the 'memory dump' from Data, remember? Anyway..... I need a cigarette now.
21:53<drd->me forget
21:53<knight->i cant seem to find any specs for the cable to control a Hughes DTV box
21:53<drd->never heard of hughes dtv box :(
21:54<ianneub>knight: does it have rs-232 input?
21:54<knight->it has a special 1/8 jack labelled Serial
21:58+DJ_Rican [] joined #mythtv
22:00<ianneub>knight: do you have any way to tell how many contacts are on the port?
22:00<ianneub>i remember sony uses this thing called S-link, maybe its similar
22:00<knight->it could be
22:01<ianneub>but they only have 2 contacts on it, with one (probably) being for ground, then i dunno how that would translate into an rs232 cable
22:01<knight->this is the one i have
22:02<knight->Serial Control Out Mini-Jack:
22:02<knight-> 1 (Future Use)
22:02<knight->IR Control Out Mini-Jack:
22:02<knight-> 1 (Future Use)
22:02<knight->USB Port:
22:02<knight-> 2 (Future Use)
22:02<knight->i use the usb port for a 3com ethernet device for updating my tivo listing
22:02<ianneub>if those are outs they might not do anything anyway
22:03<ianneub>you could still use ir though, albeit ghetto-style vs a serial link :)
22:03<pcjabber>it is an in
22:03<knight->pcjabber, you have one?
22:03<pcjabber>most of the time
22:03<knight->it says OUT on the website
22:03<knight->Serial Control Out Mini-Jack:
22:03<knight-> 1 (Future Use)
22:03<pcjabber>whats it say on the box?
22:03<knight->let me chec
22:04<pcjabber>unfortunately, i have to go... /msg me or email me at pcjabber AT
22:04<pcjabber>and i can help you
22:04<pcjabber>i have helped on this topic before
22:05<pcjabber>good night all
22:05*pcjabber is away: sleeping...leave a message and ill answer it later =)
22:05<knight->i think it's an out
22:06<pcjabber>again, /msg me for more help
22:06<pcjabber>i'll respond back tomorrow =)
22:06<pcjabber>g'nite all =)
22:07<ianneub>hopefully it works anyway :)
22:08<ianneub>i have an ultimate tv that has a similar port on it, but they call it a "VCR control" port
22:08<ianneub>ie: ir out i would imagine?
22:08<knight->and you can still control via it?
22:08<ianneub>no i haven't used it
22:09<ianneub>(i'm just getting into the mythtv thing)
22:09<knight->i'm not new to mythtv, just wanted to tie in my satellite finally
22:09<ianneub>you just gave me the idea to check my boxes lol
22:09<ianneub>what do you use now?
22:09<knight->i have several pvr-250's
22:09<ianneub>do you have to pay for that seperatly?
22:10<knight->i pay for both :(
22:10<ianneub>i'm putting together a new system that will replace all my old ultimate tv's
22:11<ianneub>i want to use a bunch of pvr-250's for their s-video in and connect them to D* receivers
22:11<ianneub>how do you like the 250s??
22:12<knight->i like them
22:12<knight->i just ordered a pvr-350 from amazon about an hour ago
22:12<ianneub><testing mythtv knowledge>would you put that on your front end?</test>
22:12<knight->a frontend isnt for capturing
22:13<ianneub>then why not use a cheaper 250?
22:13<ianneub>i was thinking so that you could use the onboard mpeg2 decoding
22:13<knight->i use a box for both frontend and backend
22:13<knight->that's in my living room
22:13<knight->it would be a waste to buy a 350 JUST for the decoding
22:13<ianneub>yah it would
22:14<knight->especially at $180
22:14<ianneub>thats the only difference thought right? 350s support mpeg2 decoding
22:14<knight->and they have fm support
22:14<thor_>sublime tv out
22:16<ianneub>my idea was to use a server with 4 250's and a pchdtv, and a bunch of xboxs for the frontend
22:16<knight->i might do that
22:16<knight->i have an xbox linux cluster
22:16<ianneub>and one htpc frontend that can handle the hdtv
22:16<knight->so i could use them
22:17<ianneub>have you tried myth on one yet?
22:19<ianneub>i'm pretty anal about the quality. you think the xbox would be good? my guess is its better than the average pc tv out
22:25<knight->the xbox quality is great
22:25<knight->it has the capability of digital audio and video out
22:25<ianneub>yahh baby
22:26<ianneub>it doesn't seem like it can handle decoding an hdtv stream though, thats the only bummer
22:27<ianneub>anyway, i'm off, thanks for the help!
22:27=ianneub [~ian@] quit ()
22:38<knight->i had just said that :)
22:39<knight->but an nvidia card can decode it
22:39<Truin>wonder how well my dxr3 would work for mpeg2 decoding, like for live TV playback.
22:40<Truin>(since I don't have a pvr-350, only a 250)
22:48<aceat64>how can I tell what timezone xmltv is using?
22:48<mikegrb>ask it nicely
22:49<Truin>isn't there a TZ offset in the mythfrontend settings?
22:49<Truin>or in ./setup?
22:49<aceat64>there's a timezone offset in the backend setup
22:49<Truin>yeah, that's it, in the backend.
22:50<Truin>other than that, wouldn't it figure out your timezone by your zip?
22:50<mikegrb>it uses the system time
22:50<aceat64>ahh, see my system time was off when I set it, so I guess I have to redo it
22:50<Truin><aceat64> how can I tell what timezone xmltv is using? <---- are you referring to the times it populates the chanell guide with?
22:51<aceat64>ya, i guess so
22:51<thor_>tv_grab_na ?
22:51<Truin>so, like, the guide says Springer is on at 2pm, but it comes on at 3pm?
22:51<Truin>it's off like thaT?
22:51<aceat64>I think either my time is messed up or it's grabbing the wrong data, because for example on cartoon network it says something like Ed,Edd and Eddy and it's justice league
22:52<Truin>have you gone to and checked manually to see if it's pulling down correct info?
22:54<mikegrb>no, he was hoping you would do that for him
23:03<aceat64>hmm, zap2it is showing the right stuff
23:04<aceat64>i'll just clean everything and start over, that should fix it now that my time is right
23:08<Truin>well, you don't have to wipe it all.
23:09<Truin>Just wipe out the program guide entries from the database, if you're mysql saavy.
23:10<Truin>THAT'S what needs to be written. A good PHP front-end for managing the database manually, if need be. Like, to fill in entries from imdb that MythVideo doesn't catch, etc...
23:10<Truin>man, I need to get back into programming. ;)
23:12<thor_>just use myphpadmin
23:13<Truin>I suppose I could do that.
23:13<Truin>suppose I could get off my butt and learn php, too. ;)
23:14+mchou [] joined #mythtv
23:15<Truin>I just don't have much free time any more. :( Between my job and my fiancee....
23:27<josephk>wow...I found the answer to a question without resorting to asking in the room
23:27<josephk>channel even
23:28<thor_>... and there was much rejoicing ...
23:28<josephk>I missed a great opportunity for Chutt to yell at me...damn
23:31<Truin>what was the Q? (out of curiosity)
23:37<CyberKnet>I think perhaps it was "should I click on the goatse link on slashdot?" =)
23:38<CyberKnet>And yeah. You click it, you answer your question =)
23:38<Truin>most definitely...
23:39<CyberKnet>of course, at least that link is rather self expanatory. The tubgirl one is ... abominable. Nothing about the name alerts you to the fact that what you are about to see is obscene...
23:39<Truin>I don't know. At least with tubgirl, you do indeed see a girl, in a tub. I didn't see a single goat on
23:41<Truin>the truely sad part is that there's people who think putting that kind of thing on-line for the world to see is a clever thing to do.
23:42<josephk>just why I was getting a socket error when attempting to use nativelirc with mythtv
23:42<nulltank>so after reading the above lines i of course had to google for tubgirl and click -- holy cow is that nasty
23:42<josephk>on a previous machine I was more careful to get all of the old crap out
23:43<josephk>but on this machine I wasn't
23:43<Truin>ah. I never had lirc installed, so the native package worked fine - after I remembered to remove the comments in the .pro and re-built myth. ;)
23:43<josephk>so...just need to recompile after getting rid of everything
23:43<CyberKnet>nulltank: for goodness sake! I compare an image to goatse and you go look for it!?!? What were you thinking?
23:43<josephk>well they were modules that came with my kernel so...
23:44<Truin>nulltank: you poor, poor bastard. ;)
23:44<josephk>it's not like I did it on purpose
23:44<nulltank>CyberKnet: it's like a train wreak, i just had to look
23:44=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:44<Truin>josephk: :)
23:45<CyberKnet>nulltank: poor soul. Nobody should have to see the butterscotch pudding fountain.
23:45<Truin>that's a unique way of phrasing it
23:45<CyberKnet>it's as nice a way as I can put it.
23:46<Truin>well, it was done with great tact. I commend you. ;)
23:46<nulltank>CyberKnet: LOL
23:48<CyberKnet>Still... part of me does wonder why she wears the socks... why try to keep your feet clean in an act like that? The mind boggles.
23:49*Truin beats his head on the keyboard
23:51<nulltank>what exactly would one eat to produce that sort of color and texture?
23:51<nulltank>maybe a lot of butterscotch pudding i supose
23:51<Truin>my eyes! it burns!
23:52<nulltank>so what was this goatse thing? apparently the CIA shut down the site
23:52<CyberKnet>nulltank: nice try, but I am *not* going there to find out that they didnt =P"
23:52<Truin>me neither
23:53<Truin>nulltank: tell me you're not serious.
23:53<nulltank>no i'm serious do a google search and click on the kero5hin link
23:54<nulltank> won't resolve for me
23:55<Truin>I'll be darned. You're right. It's gone.
23:55<Truin>I'll explain this one to him in private, guys. ;) No need to spam the chan with it.
23:55<CyberKnet>strangely... part of me is slightly sad =)
23:56+hfb [] joined #mythtv
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