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00:25<fman>hey all
00:26<fman>anyone know if myth build ok on PPC machines?
00:29<DogBoy>do the tv cards work there?
00:29<mdz>Snow-Man: ?
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01:29<aceat64>aww, MythWeb doesn't have it's own mini-web server? That would have been nice
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01:32<dmitry>aceat64: there are plenty of low weight web servers out there
01:32<dmitry>although i can't think of any right now :]
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01:36<aceat64>ya, but I was thinking of it from the laziness standpoint
01:36<aceat64>as in, all I want to do is download one program run it and get back to p0rn, err TV
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01:37<michal>hi.. does anyone here know if it's possible to get an ir keyboard to work as a linux keyboard via lirc?
01:38<aceat64>I haven't had much experience with lirc but I think it is possible
01:39<michal>i've been searching for info for a few days now.. i can't find anything helpful
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01:41<michal>short of trying to write my own lirc client which repeats keypresses to linux i don't know what i could do :( and that's a LOT beyond anything practical for the time being
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01:42<aceat64>is there an lirc chat room? if so they could probably help you the best
01:43<michal>no.. there's little to no way to get any info regarding lirc.. even the mailing list can have you waiting for months for a useless answer :/
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01:43<Truin>well, I've played with nuvexport. Found video encoding settings that I like for DivX. Now, if only I could get the audio to sync with the video. :(
01:45<michal>i think i had best try to return the keyboard :/ it's unlikely i;ll ever have the time to write drivers for it :(
01:45<Truin>at first, I thought it was the audio sampling rate.. ya know, 32kHz vs 48kHz. So, in the frontend settings, I sat the Default recording profile to use 48000. Consequently, it won't let me set it back to 32000 now, and I still can't get video and audio in sync.
01:47<Truin>well, I'll keep fiddling with it. I'll let you all know if I find anything...
01:49<Truin>I *do* like how nuvexport reads the mythconverg db to get recorded program info... that's pretty handy!
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02:16<hadees>did everyone see the post on about pvr
02:22<DJ_Rican>no... what post?
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03:05<Octane>anyone know the xine cmd line to play vcd?
03:05<Octane>xine vcd://1 aint workin for me
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03:42<Octane>hello there\
03:43<Chutt>all in favor of removing one 'brad allen' from the mailing list?
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03:43<Chutt>all opposed?
03:43<Chutt>and the motion passes unanimously
03:43<Octane>i dont see any posts by him
03:43<Chutt>just look for any posts over 20 pages long
03:44<Octane>LOL what the hell!!
03:44<Octane>what is he babbaling about
03:44<Chutt>The myth list people don't follow traditional list post protocols
03:44<Chutt>(e.g., being sure to cc all those who are concerned), and constantly
03:44<Chutt>whine about standard practice in the most rude ways. I would tread
03:44<Chutt>very, very, very carefully if I were you.
03:45<Octane>make sur eyou pay attention to the article he posted from 1997!!
03:46<Octane>wow he wrote a whole book
03:49<Octane>hes setting an example of how one should email by ccing himself in his replies
03:53<Octane>Chutt do you even use myth nowadays
03:53<Chutt>all the time?
03:58<Octane>what one tv show made you wan tto start a pvr project, lol
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03:58<Chutt>wasn't a tv show
03:58<Chutt>i just wanted something to mess around with
03:59<Octane>you knwo what made me find mythtv?
03:59<Octane>i posted on some forum a thread like...
03:59<Octane>"what should i do with this celeron 333?"
03:59<Octane>and someone was like, "mythtv!"
04:15<Octane>but who cares!
04:19<FryGuy>heh nice octane :)
04:20<josephk>what the hell...this via board is hella stable
04:20<FryGuy>my dad wants one, and i give him my old 1.333ghz athlon as a hand-me-down so he might use his old p3-450 as a pvr
04:21<FryGuy>although he bought the wrong kind of ram, so he's going to get another motherboard+cpu at frys and i guess the tbird is going to my mom then
04:21<josephk>I'm having better luck with my apollo via board, cheapy msi micro-atx than my bx2
04:23<FryGuy>now if I could get gentoo to boot.. i'm reinstalling linux on my myth box because i needed a newer version of alsa and suse 8.2 was upsetting me
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04:25<ShockValue>hi all.. i finally got ivtv to show me some TV pictures (pvr250), but im having some trouble getting it to start automatically at boot (GENTOO)
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04:26<ShockValue>when I "modprobe ivtv" it says module not found.. but if i insmod it with the full path it works ok.. any clue?
04:26<tharvey>anyone know a good way to check a file to make sure its executable by current process?
04:26<knight->ShockValue, have you run depmod -a?
04:27<ShockValue>i dont think so.. im not sure what that does
04:27<ShockValue>let me rephrase.. No, what does depmod -a do? :)
04:27<knight-> depmod - handle dependency descriptions for loadable kernel modules
04:28<knight->The normal use of depmod is to include the line
04:28<knight-> /sbin/depmod -a
04:28<knight-> somewhere in the rc-files in /etc/rc.d, so that the correct module
04:28<knight-> dependencies will be available immediately after booting the system.
04:28<Chutt>tharvey, i assume that's for your imdb perl script?
04:28<knight-> Note that the option -a is now optional.
04:28<ShockValue>hrm.. well i ran it to see.. no output at all
04:28<knight->thats fine
04:28<knight->now rmmod ivtv, then modprobe.
04:29<knight->If you have any problems still, it might be better to go to #ivtv-dev or #gentoo
04:29<ShockValue>hey nice! that seems to have worked
04:29<tharvey>Chutt, thanks! thats the one
04:29<ShockValue>they were busiing fighting over why girls didnt like linux in #gentoo. :D
04:29<tharvey>Chutt, yes I'm adding a check to videomanager to notify user if script doesn't exist
04:30<knight->validation routines are great
04:30<Chutt>i didn't check, but you're not using any non-standard perl modules, right?
04:30<knight->He's using libwww isnt he?
04:30<tharvey>yes... I haven't touched perl in about 10 years, so I'm really REALLY rusty
04:30<tharvey>I'm using LWP::Simple, HTML::Entities
04:31<knight->yep LWP is part of libwww
04:31<ShockValue>i think once i get myth setup like i want (liek 20 years from now at this rate ;) i;m going to se about coding an album-cover display for mythmusic.
04:32<tharvey>ShockValue, I'm planning on adding that... next todo
04:32<Chutt>someone just submitted one.
04:32<ShockValue>oh :) good, then i can just go back to drinking.
04:32<Chutt>and it's in cvs
04:32<tharvey>What was submitted was for visualizations
04:32<Chutt>unless you mean a selection method
04:32<ShockValue>yeah, thats good for me.. just visualization is nice
04:32<tharvey>ya... I want to see album cover and details about current selection
04:33<Chutt>anyway, i'm off to bed
04:33<tharvey>also want to add current playlist stats, such as time etc
04:33<knight->Chutt, anyone submitted general developer docs?
04:33<tharvey>I could really use some of those myself :)
04:33<knight->i.e. Coding Standards & Style, Qt 3.1, etc
04:34<knight->If I have time tomorrow, I might begin to scavage the mailing lists for stuff and cram into a document
04:34<ShockValue>any of you use a pvr250 with standard cable tv coax input?
04:34<knight->ShockValue, many
04:34<Chutt>that'd be cool.
04:35<tharvey>ShockValue, yes I use 250 and 350
04:35<knight->I should have a patch for the theme installer ready soon
04:35<ShockValue>on setup option #3, what input should i choose? i understand that adding the wrong ones can cause display issues.
04:35<ShockValue>(like tuner -> video0, composite -> ?) etc?
04:35<tharvey>ShockValue, that sets the source input... if your using cable, set it to tuner
04:35<knight->Chutt, where would you like to see the theme installer? Settings?
04:36<ShockValue>sorry for newb questions.. tonight is the first time ive gotten video out of the cat /dev/video0 command after fighting with it for 2 weeks.
04:37<tharvey>ShockValue, it can be a painfull experience... I know :)
04:37<ShockValue>yesterday i almost took the card back to get an xbox.. but i decided to give it one more shot :D
04:38<knight->ShockValue, I'm sure you already know, but the docs and the mailing lists are a resource of valuable information for most problems.
04:38<FryGuy>yes, they are
04:38<ShockValue>yeah, i surf gossamerthreads at work and i have a 100 page printout on my lap.. it was just ivtv was being stubborn.
04:39<FryGuy>gentoo forums are great too
04:39<tharvey>ShockValue, are you using Jarod's guide? Other than that, docs are limitted... the mailing list has too much data - difficult to scan
04:39*ShockValue flips to the 3rd section of his Myth Handbook.
04:39<ShockValue>yep, jarods... modified for kernel 2.6 :)
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04:40<tharvey>I would really like to see someone setup a Wiki for MythTV
04:41<ShockValue>i think im good now though, i got ivtv working (i think>) that was the only thing that was holding me up.. ive been using Myth for DVD and Music playback for a couple months now
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05:29<rOOfus>i wonder what kind of small barebones box i could get that would be good for an athlon 900
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05:30<orangebits>Has anyone got any experience with using tv_grab_uk_rt to get non-south-east channel listings?
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06:54<ceed>are there any great differences between old and new models of a Hauppauge WinTV PVR 250 ?
06:55<Rule>Apparantly the rev1 had the decoder, like the 350, but lacks the output port :P
06:57<ceed>humm what do i need an output port for?
06:57<Rule>you mean like the pvr350 ? for hardware decoding
06:58<Rule>I use it to output to the tv. awesome quality and 0% cpu
06:58<Rule>helps on my epia :)
07:01<Rule>If I'd have to build it again, I'd still get a pvr250 and do decoding through the via mainboard mpeg2 decoder
07:08<ceed>why would you prefer the software decoding?
07:09<ceed>because i'm just trying to evaluate wether i get a 250 or 350 on ebay :)
07:09<Peit|Home>rule how's your epia handling mpeg4 decoding?
07:09<ceed>there is an old 250 sellling in a few hours, some kind of version with FM and Teletext
07:10<Peit|Home>they all do fm and teletext don't they?
07:10<ceed>current 250 doesn't
07:10<Peit|Home>then again... teletext yes, radio dunno, mine doesn't
07:10<Peit|Home>sure its a 250, not a straight pvr?
07:11<Rule>Peit|Home, it doesn't
07:11<Rule>that is cpu based
07:11<Rule>but it can manage
07:11<ceed>maybe a straight PVR then
07:12<ceed>should i get a recent 250 then or can i go with this old one?
07:12<Rule>ceed, in answer to your question regarding sw-decoding : the epia has an mpeg2 slice decoder onboard
07:12<Rule>the old one will work fine
07:12<Rule>in fact the old one might have more features, as you said
07:13<ceed>is the encoder good enough?
07:13<Rule>it's the same as on the 350 and more recent 250s basically
07:13<Rule>make sure it's a pvr250 tho, there are some other products out there
07:14*Rule might buy a Yuan card for the next pvr project
07:16<ceed>i'd have no clue how to find out
07:16<Rule>you could compare the picture :)
07:17<ceed>i head the xbox makes a good frontend to mythtv?
07:17<Rule>very tempting
07:17<Rule>but frontend only
07:18<Peit|Home>rule so you only playback mpeg2 captures on your epia board?
07:18<Rule>and I'm not sure about the ones you'd buy in the store now... maybe they have the Dashboard bug patched
07:18<Peit|Home>pitty myth can't show what the format of the file in the browser is yet
07:19<Rule>Peit|Home, currently I use the pvr350, but I can play anything on the epia really..
07:19<Peit|Home>Rule: i nkkow it can do hardware accel of mpeg2, but i don't know how well it would cope throwing mpeg4 out of the pvr-350, or do you select between the two video outputs
07:24<ceed>i got an old one with does the frontend decode the mpeg2 stream, or does the server do it?
07:24<ceed>erm, does the frontend decode the mpeg2 stream, or does the server do it?
07:30<Rule>Peit|Home, it won't be able to play it through the pvr350 out, I switch outputs
07:31<Rule>but if I had to do it again, I'd save money and just use the epia for all output
07:33<Rule>and get the lower-profile Yuan card probably
07:33<Rule>ah hindsight...
07:35<Rule>does anyone here have a mythtv auto-archive method set up ? (transcode to xvid or so) ?
07:38<ceed>sorry to be repetitive, but does the frontend (i.e. the xbox) handle the decoding, or the server?
07:39<ceed>and if the devoding is done on the server side, does that go to the xbox over ethernet or do i have to add another a/v-cable?
07:39<ceed>actually that wouldn't make sense at all hehe
07:39<Rule>frontend decodes :)
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07:43<Peit|Home>otherwise you're transferring full screen video data over ethernet,...
07:43<Peit|Home>Rule: i've heard the epia mepg2 out isn't anywhere near as nice as the 350... have you compared them?
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07:52<Snappi>can anyone dcc send my mythmusic/metadata.sql
07:53<Snappi>I am emerging mythmusic in gentoo but it doesn't creat this file
07:53<Snappi>anyone know why?
07:54<Snappi>and I can watch tv in tvtime but not in mythtv, I have a MT2050 chipset
07:54<Snappi>if anyone are fammiliar with this problems pls reply
07:54<sfr>what version of mythtv
07:55<Snappi>I want this mythmusic/metadata.sql because it says "database is out of whack"
07:56<sfr>iirc starting with 0.13 and up the database tables are created automatically. just create the db and the db user and you are set.
07:56<Snappi>I have done that
07:56<Snappi>what is the name of the database?
07:57<Snappi>I have mythconverg
07:57<Snappi>and I am not good @ mysql
07:57<sfr>that's correct
07:57<ceed>what is preferable? pvr350 hardware mpeg output or xbox software decoding?
07:57<ceed>i mean there's nothing else running on the xbox obviously, celeron 733 with 64 megs of ram
07:57<Snappi>can xbox take tv-in?
07:58<Snappi>sfr, but it's now working
07:58<Snappi>*not working
07:58<Snappi>I still get database is out of whack
07:58<Rule>ceed, I don't know what sort of image quality it woudl give you
07:58<Snappi>I have googled but havn't found a solution
08:00<sfr>Snappi: on the mysql host, type 'mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg'
08:00<Snappi>I thought I did that but with root. this could be the problem
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08:05<sfr>Snappi: you see the mysql> prompt?
08:05<Snappi>I use root as user insteed (know its dumb)
08:05<Snappi>I don't have the user mythtv
08:06<Snappi>what do I do in the mysql promt?
08:06<sfr>Snappi: so create it as described in the docs
08:06<sfr>Snappi: what mysql user did you define in mysql.txt for mythtv to use then?
08:06<Snappi>mysql < /usr/share/mythtv/database/mc.sql right?
08:07<Snappi>I will check
08:08<Snappi>changed that now :)
08:08<Snappi>the error is gone
08:09<sfr>Snappi: but don't use the mysql root user with mythtv ;)
08:09<Snappi>I will change that when everything works
08:09<Snappi>were do I define the path to search for music in?
08:10<sfr>in the frontend settings for myhtmusic
08:10<Snappi>thx a lot sfr I really love this app
08:12<Snappi>u know why I can only see TV in tvtime and not in mythtv?
08:12<Snappi>and when I rip music it creats flac and not mp3. can I change that some how?
08:13<sfr>Snappi: change the settings for myhtmusic
08:13<Snappi>I have to lame(mp3)
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08:13<Snappi>but it creats filename.flac
08:14<sfr>read the help text about the default quality setting. Perfect will always encode as flac
08:15<Snappi>and when I try to change the languages it doesn't change. I change from english to swedish but it doesn't change
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08:34<Snappi>are there any plans on making a shoutcast plugin?
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09:07<Snappi>I have choosed language=swedish and mysql show this but mythfronted havn't changed languages?
09:07<Snappi>anyone had this problem?
09:07<thor_>Myth --> setup -->
09:08<Snappi>I have done that
09:08<Snappi>and mysql looks okey
09:09<thor_>you did Myth-->setup->Next->Next->Next->Language->Swedish and then went to the end and did Finish >
09:09<thor_>well, everything is in Swedish here now
09:09<Snappi>than it refreshed but didn't change languages
09:10<thor_>which is a bit of a problem, since I don't speak Swedish
09:10<thor_>ah, that's better
09:10<Snappi>can u see if u can change to swedish?
09:10<thor_>just did
09:11<thor_>and back again
09:11<thor_>and messages on the console
09:11<Snappi>I will see
09:12<Snappi>no messeges
09:13<thor_>you are 100% sure you pushed the _Finish_ button ?
09:14<Snappi>and mysql table shows swedish
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09:16<Snappi>thor_, are u running gentoo?
09:16<Snappi>or another dist?
09:18<thor_>mostly slackware
09:18<thor_>I dunno, never really played with the language stuff, but it works fine here ...
09:20<pahli_bar>another pvr article on slashdot.... this thing is really catching on
09:20<thor_>correction, another "clueless" pvr article on slashdot
09:21<pahli_bar>heh. he didn't get past the kernel boot stage
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09:37<Peit|Home>the author of mythweb doesn't come on here does he?
09:45<o_cee>thor_: did you see me msg?
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09:48<thor_>ah .. yes ...
09:48<thor_>permssions on the dirs?
10:04<o_cee>very odd since it worked via x-win
10:04<o_cee>i'll try xwin again
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10:05<o_cee>i could send the stuff to you soonish if you've got time?
10:06<thor_>send it to me ...
10:06<o_cee>gimme a minute..
10:07<o_cee>doing way to much stuff at the same time :=
10:07<o_cee>now it doesn't work in xwin either.. i'll give it to you and see if you can find the error.. probably just something stupid
10:08<o_cee>Error loading image file: /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/default/simple_button_on.png
10:08<o_cee>xmparse.o: I can't find a file called music/simple_button_on.png
10:08<thor_>yeah, it's the default/ versus music/ thing
10:10<o_cee>or do you want it via email?
10:10<thor_>firewall, mail is better,
10:11<o_cee>on its way..
10:11<o_cee>it'll probably get stuck if you've got a spamtrap :)
10:12<thor_>nothing too defensive ...
10:12<o_cee>also the dir should be G.A.N.T. instead of G.A.N.T windows doesn't like dirnames with an ending . ?? very odd
10:12<thor_>windows is trying to help you
10:13<o_cee>all of this works if i don't put the fies in music/, if i didn't make that clear
10:14<o_cee>(and change the .xml of course) :)
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10:16<servo>lol I swear mythtv is gonna be the death of me!
10:17<servo>The first day I install it; 90% of it works. I have sound, and video, in NTSC... The next day NTSC began looking as pal (all messy) though NTSC was enables... and sound was fine... Today I only get a black screen and no audio... AHH!
10:18<o_cee>getting 90% to work the first day is probably better than most people ;)
10:18<servo>:-) lol
10:19<servo>ohh! The damn share directory doesn't have write access *sigh* that's prolly what caused the crash
10:19<servo>I have a question: Should I run mythbackend as root or as a normal user?
10:19<o_cee>thor_: got it yet?
10:19<o_cee>servo: normal user
10:19<o_cee>okay :)
10:23<o_cee>did you look at the albumviz stuff yet?
10:23<servo>ok =-) well now I get picture. The picture is not at all viewable. As I said before it looks like it's not setting the video source to NTSC
10:24<o_cee>what kind of tvcard?
10:25<servo>wintv theater
10:25<servo>standard v4l card
10:25<o_cee>allright.. you able to do normal tests, like cat /dev/video0 or whatever you do with those cards?
10:26<servo>lemme try
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10:26<servo>cat /dev/video doesn't return anything
10:28<pahli_bar>cat /dev/video doesn't work for v4l/bttv cards
10:28<pahli_bar>try tvtime
10:28<servo>tvtime works just fine
10:28<o_cee>ah, okay :)
10:29<servo>mythtv does return the correct channels, and video but the picture doesn't look like it's in NTSC
10:29<o_cee>look at the channels table
10:29<servo>so it does see the card just find
10:29<o_cee>there's a column for pal/ntsc
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10:31<servo>how would I view the table?
10:31<o_cee>mysql -p -umythtv
10:31<o_cee>password mythtv
10:31<o_cee>use mythconverg;
10:31<o_cee>view channels; ? is that right?
10:31<crabchips>how well would a mini-itx system work for frontend?
10:31<o_cee>select * from channels; or something
10:31<Matt>crabchips, I'm guessing really well
10:32<pahli_bar>crabchips: very well...
10:32<pahli_bar>crabchips: lots of people use asus pundits as both frontend/backends
10:32<Matt>mysql> select chanid,callsign,tvformat from channel;
10:32<o_cee>but iwht pvr2/350's right?
10:32<o_cee>Matt: thanks :)
10:32<crabchips>asus pundits?
10:32<o_cee>haven't done sql stuff in a long time
10:33<pahli_bar>crabchips: just an example. its a mini-itx system
10:33<Matt>crabchips, I'm planning on building a mythtv system around a mini-itx board after I move
10:34<Matt>I'm holding out till then because it's going to cost enough to move as it is :&)
10:34<servo>Ok sry; phone
10:34<thor_>o_cee, this is going to take a second, can't get myth to recognize the theme
10:35<o_cee>thor_: okay
10:35<o_cee>might have missed a file or soemthing..
10:35<servo>all I get is: Reading table information for completion of table and column names | You can turn off this feature to get a quicker startup with -A | Database changed
10:35<thor_>yeah, just downloaded two others, they're fine, I'm trying to figure out why it's not happy
10:36<o_cee>heh, let me know what you need ;)
10:37<o_cee>the preview image is untested
10:37+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
10:42<servo>XMLTV is taken it's time... grr
10:44<crabchips>guys, is 802.11g sufficient for streaming playback?
10:44<servo>tv quality?
10:44<crabchips>not hdtv
10:44<servo>yuck that would be a strecht
10:45<pahli_bar>crabchips: check the user archives, you will find some answers there!
10:45<servo>how fast is g? 54mbits? or something
10:45<crabchips>something like that
10:48<o_cee>thor_: ...?
10:49<thor_>fooled into loading the theme ... rebuilding mythmusic (mythtv was up to cvs)
10:49<thor_>dev box
10:49<o_cee>allright :)
10:49<pahli_bar>o_cee: is gant going to be the default for 0.14?
10:50=servo [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:50<o_cee>dunno about default, but it'll go into cvs at least, so it'll be an alternative theme
10:55<o_cee>thor_: you really need to get a faster dev box :)
10:56<thor_>mail your Opterons to ...
10:56<thor_>I think I know what the problem is
10:56<thor_>just checking the image caching code
10:59<Snow-Man>How do you get the myhthfrontend to talk to a backend on a different server?
11:01<Peit|Home>doesn't the master backend handle all the re-directs?
11:01<Snow-Man>mdz: I was going to ask you how to get mythfrontend to talk to a backend server on a different host, since the debconf stuff doesn't appear to do anything.
11:01<Snow-Man>Peit|Home: Got me.. How would that work?
11:01+Zeran [] joined #mythtv
11:02<Peit|Home>dunno how it does, i could guess, but as i'm waiting until tonight to setup my second backend..
11:03<o_cee>Snow-Man: i think you need to change a .txt somewhere
11:04<o_cee>or in the setup
11:04<o_cee>never done it
11:04<Snow-Man>It looks like the frontend can talk to the backend database, at least.
11:05<drd->cant believe nobody reads docs heh
11:05<Snow-Man>MasterServerIP is set to
11:05<Snow-Man>drd-: Oh, really? Just what should I put in there?
11:06<drd->ip address of the mysql server running with backend myth server
11:06<drd->and database name, username, and pw
11:06<Snow-Man>Ah, right, so, not at all what I'm referring to, then.
11:06<Snow-Man>And, in fact, I already said that the frontend can talk to the database, which means that's all correct already.
11:06<drd-> <Snow-Man> mdz: I was going to ask you how to get mythfrontend to talk to a backend server on a different host, since the debconf stuff doesn't appear to do anything.
11:07<drd->thats whut it sounds like to me
11:07<Snow-Man>drd-: The debconf stuff doesn't do anything and obviously there's more that has to be done than changing the couple values in mysql.txt.
11:08<drd->u mean u want to make the mythbackend run on different computer than mysqld ?
11:09<drd->in mythsetup did u put in ip address of network card interface?
11:09<Snow-Man>2004-01-24 11:07:51 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 1)
11:09<Snow-Man>Connection timed out.
11:09<Snow-Man>ASSERT: "i <= nodes" in /usr/include/qt3/qvaluelist.h (372)
11:09<Snow-Man>Could not connect to server
11:09<Snow-Man>Could not connect to server
11:09<Snow-Man>Getting closer at least.
11:11<thor_>o_cee, themecache would have to be making more directories and then deleting theme ... it's a bit complicated ... doable, but not a 5 minute fix
11:11<Snow-Man>There we go. Odd that I had to modify the BackendServerIP for the server host, but, whatever.
11:12<Snow-Man>Now I need to figure find the keybindings info again. :)
11:13<drd->at least it doesnt go off and be a whore and grab every ip it can find :p
11:13<o_cee>thor_: hmm, but why does type/ and some music/ stuff work?
11:14<thor_>some stuff does not use image cache
11:14<thor_>(though it should)
11:14<o_cee>so it's not really anything wrong with my theme.. :)
11:14<o_cee>good to know
11:15<thor_>I would just stick to a flat directory ... if the objective is to be up to speed for 0.14
11:15<thor_>longer term, need to modify the caching stuff
11:16<Snow-Man>2004-01-24 11:15:48 prebuffering pause
11:17<Snow-Man>Alright, what's with that?
11:17<o_cee>i'll ask isaac about it
11:17<o_cee>i'm way to organized to put all images in one folder ;)
11:17<Snow-Man>Should I increase the buffering size or something?
11:17<Snow-Man>Heh, if there's a way to?
11:18<crabchips>i'm seeing conflicting information.. does the 250 have hardware encoding? or just the 350?
11:19<o_cee>crabchips: the 350 has tvout, the 250 doesn't
11:19<crabchips>yes but does the 250 have hardware or software mpeg encoding
11:20<thor_>o_cee, Chutt could probably change it fast and correctly, I don't want to mess with it as it's not my code and it would take me a while to get it right
11:20*o_cee is back (gone 16:39:53)
11:20<Zeran>hey guys
11:20<Zeran>you know the menu/dialog which appears if you are watching live TV and a recording is about to start?
11:21<o_cee>what about ut
11:21<Zeran>if you don't answer in time..
11:21<Zeran>what is meant to happen?
11:21<pahli_bar>i love half-baked questions
11:21+servo [] joined #mythtv
11:22<Zeran>sorry, I was distracted :)
11:22<pahli_bar>default selected action will happen. which is it will start recording
11:22<Zeran>the reason I ask is that it happened earlier, and the machine froze up
11:22<Zeran>which seemed odd
11:22<o_cee>driver issue
11:22<servo>is there like a text file output of the ./setup program I can edit?
11:22<Zeran>I thought that was likely too
11:22<Zeran>but its rock solid everywhere else
11:22<o_cee>servo: mysql
11:23<pahli_bar>machine froze up: as in x11 froze up. linux froze up. myth froze up.
11:23<servo>ok so it's in the database?
11:23<Zeran>recordings all perfect, playback all perfect.. just not when that message appears
11:23<Zeran>the machine became inaccessible from the network.. the TV displayed the last frame of live TV with the menu still overlayed
11:24<pahli_bar>kernel driver issues..
11:24<servo>the database is called mythconverg right?
11:24<Zeran>I believe so servo
11:24<sfr>Snow-Man: with latest cvs i also see the prebuffering pauses. they usually start after a few channel changes, and also the cpu load is (much) higher than with live-tv just started.
11:25<Snow-Man>sfr: This is when trying to watch a recording.
11:25<Zeran>I'm sure the problem eventually became critical at the driver level, but I suspect something higher level lead to it
11:25<pahli_bar>its still a driver issue
11:25<Zeran>I dont think the driver is responsible
11:25<Zeran>more likely it was asked to do something that it isnt normally asked to
11:26<Snow-Man>I see it when watching live tv too though.
11:26<Snow-Man>I think anyway.
11:26<Zeran>I assume it tried to tear down the live TV Mode, but failed in the process of doing that
11:26<pahli_bar>its like saying I tried to download this huge file and machine froze up.
11:26<Zeran>which would suggest that the process by which live TV is exited from that menu is different to the process by which live TV is exited when you do a normal exit
11:27<pahli_bar>Zeran: doesn't matter. if the driver is unstable, the problem will crop up eventually
11:28<Zeran>yes, but what I'm saying is that ONLY that particular event causes the problem
11:28<racer32>Pahli: i saw your patch for mythnews, is there also hope for Gallery?
11:28<Zeran>its been running nicely for weeks doing everything except a timeout on that menu
11:28<pahli_bar>racer32: Chutt already bumped up the fonts for mythgallery
11:29<racer32>:) i thought it was because i changed to 100dpi
11:29<crabchips>can you watch live tv with two different channels on two frontends with only one tv card on the backend?
11:30<racer32>so pahli whats next on your list?
11:30<racer32>i like the work you are doing!
11:30<pahli_bar>heh. just kidding.
11:30<racer32>okay take a break, i'll accept that! :)
11:31<pahli_bar>i need to add gphoto2/exif support to gallery
11:31<pahli_bar>post 0.14 release
11:31<o_cee>pahli_bar: have you looked at photoshop album?
11:32<o_cee>got some really cool features, like tagging of the images
11:32<pahli_bar>o_cee: i have read the reviews yes.
11:32<racer32>you dont need to do a thing! :) But music selection screen is high on my wish list! :)
11:32<racer32>pahli maybe there is still a little bug in the thumbnails
11:32<o_cee>pahli_bar: don't know how the tags are stored, but it'd be very cool to use them in mythgallery ;) ah well
11:33<racer32>is i select a folder which contains two other folders the thumbs are displayed
11:33<racer32>if i go in the tree and show the photos, and later go back to the root the thumbs are gone
11:33<racer32>get it?
11:34<pahli_bar>racer32: cvs which date
11:35<pahli_bar>racer32: really! let me think
11:35<pahli_bar>racer32: thumbs are gone from the folder thumbnails?
11:36<pahli_bar>somebody else reported the same problem. for the life of me, i can't reproduce it
11:36<pahli_bar>racer32: give me 2 mins
11:37<racer32>first time its okay, if i go back with exit it is gone
11:37<Chutt>i can't reproduce it either
11:37<racer32>i have a folder with 2 subs
11:37<racer32>in the subs there are the pics
11:39<pahli_bar>racer32: let me recreate the exact scenario here.
11:40<pahli_bar>racer32: root folder has one folder. two subfolders for root. subfolders have images in them. correct?
11:41<racer32>my path for photos is /hd2/foto
11:42<racer32>in this path there are several subs with photos
11:42<racer32>one sub has two more subs, which contain the photos
11:42<racer32>am i clear?
11:44<pahli_bar>racer32: is mythgallery fresh from cvs today too
11:44<racer32>i'll check
11:44-crabchips [] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
11:45<racer32>i'm running MAKE again! to check it again. BRB
11:46-Zeran [] left #mythtv ()
11:47=Snappi [] quit ("L\xE4mnar")
11:48+SuperID [] joined #mythtv
11:51<racer32>????? Don't know what is happening
11:51=o_cee [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:52<pahli_bar>racer32: are you compiling from source. or building from ebuilds or similar
11:52<racer32>but now the root screen does not show a thumb at all for the sub!
11:52<racer32>only the one which contains 2 subs
11:53<racer32>the other are fine
11:53<racer32>i don't know if it is meant this way?
11:53<racer32>i'm compiling from source
11:53<pahli_bar>racer32: ok. is it nfs mounted or something
11:54<racer32>nope local
11:54<pahli_bar>racer32: pardon me. just trying to get all info.
11:54<pahli_bar>racer32: what filesystem
11:54<racer32>np, hope that its not my problem! :)
11:55<racer32>hope for a little buggie!
11:55<racer32>if i look at the folders the is a file thumbcache
11:56+o_cee [] joined #mythtv
11:56<pahli_bar>racer32: and can you see the file for the folder thumbnail
11:56<racer32>in the root, it contains all the subs except one!
11:56<racer32>you know which one
11:56=SuperID [] quit ("Client Exiting")
11:58<racer32>i go from my windows machine to the photo folder (root) there is a thumbcache
11:59<racer32>if i look in this folder there are files, not the one with the problem
12:00<racer32>but if i look in a different thumbcache (random folder) i see JPG files! So root thumbcache is not jpg?
12:00=vagrant [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:01<pahli_bar>racer32: it caches file/folder thumbnails with the same name... all of them are jpegs
12:02<racer32>except for the root it has no extension?
12:02<pahli_bar>racer32: since folder names don't have extensions.... no
12:03<racer32>Oops :) good reason yes!
12:03<pahli_bar>racer32: its like this if a file is called something.jpeg it will cache it as something.jpeg if it is something.png it will still cache it as something.png (but its still a jpeg file)
12:04<racer32>so why not cache the folder with the sub folders? My specific problem?
12:05<pahli_bar>racer32: its supposed to. (and it does it here)
12:05<racer32>my folder name contains spaces, could that be the problem?
12:06<pahli_bar>lemme check
12:07<pahli_bar>it shouldn't and it doesn't here
12:07<pahli_bar>racer32: can you open it up and again and give it some time
12:08<pahli_bar>racer32: what version of qt
12:09<racer32>don't know why but i changed the folder to a name without spaces and there was a thumb
12:09<racer32>i go in to the dir and back and thumb was gone
12:10<racer32>changed name again, restarted frontend, and no thumb
12:10<racer32>????? weird things are going on here
12:11<pahli_bar>i will look into the src again very carefully...
12:11+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
12:12<racer32>heh :) if i go in and out, sometimes the thumb will show up!
12:12<pahli_bar>racer32: what version of qt
12:12<racer32>don't know in what order or how often i did it but there is a thumb now!
12:12<racer32>how can i check?
12:13<pahli_bar>qtconfig. check about box
12:14<pahli_bar>racer32: what distro?
12:14<racer32>Redhat 9
12:16<pahli_bar>racer32: if i send you a patch with lots of debugging statements added, can you test it
12:16<racer32>don't know but can try of course
12:16<pahli_bar>racer32: thanks. give me a few minutes
12:22<ceed>uh damnit, anyone from germany around?
12:22<ceed>i just found out that xmltv is not going to work for germany any longer
12:23<o_cee>seearch the mailinglists, there's alternative grabbers
12:25<ceed>yeah i'm on it, but surfing's slow at the moment
12:27<sfr>ceed: search for prisma online
12:30<servo>I need helping in reading the configuration database of mythtv. I was told that the setup information was stored in mythconverg, but in what table exactly?
12:31<servo>wow that worked :-) ty thor
12:31<ceed>sfr: i found a "tvtoday grabber"
12:32<sfr>ceed: if that one works, fine
12:35=cpm [~cmomon@] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
12:36<pahli_bar>racer32: patch on its way
12:36<servo>ok; if I clear all the data in the mythconverg.settings; will they be refilled after I run ./setup and mythfilldatabase?
12:37<servo>because after I changed my hostname; half the data is under one host name; while the other is under another. I'm not sure if that's the cause of my problems, but I would like rule it out as a culprate
12:40<sfr>servo: why don't you just replace the old hostname with the new one in the settings table?
12:42+jDeGraw [] joined #mythtv
12:42<Chutt>or just edit mysql.txt and tell it to use your old hostname.
12:43<_rkulagow>there are instructions at for changing hostnames
12:44<pahli_bar>Chutt has been toppled. Jarod is the new "PVR architect"
12:44<Chutt>yeah, but that was only said by a guy that couldn't boot linux
12:45<_rkulagow>plenty of people think that because i wrote the howto _i'm_ the primary programmer, even though i explicitly state right at the top of the HOWTO that i'm not.
12:45<thor_>well, he did get the CD to boot (he stuck it in the correct slot, evidently)
12:46<thor_>Chutt, you want that --with-broken-cdda thingy in mythmusic ./configure ?
12:46<Chutt>leave it in
12:46<Chutt>i think it may have been the flac stuff
12:46<Chutt>not the cdda include
12:47<thor_>well, I'm sure we'll hear if it confuses something else
12:47<Chutt>since the flac author apparently thought having an include named 'assert.h' was a smart thing to do
12:47<pahli_bar>damn no officemax in town
12:47<Chutt>i'm pretty happy with the comments on that pvr story
12:48<pahli_bar>misplaced publicity
12:48<thor_>Oscar Wilde comes to mind
12:48<thor_>... is not being talked about
12:50<pahli_bar>i really don't know what that guy was going to accomplish even if he had booted up ok. he wouldn't have survived the full installation
12:50<Chutt>no one's complained about brad allen being gone =)
12:50<thor_>I voted earlier this morning
12:51<pahli_bar>that was the first mail of his i saw. he really loves cut and paste
12:51<_rkulagow>because if we complain you'll just add us to the ban filter! :)
12:51<Chutt>it's all people with broken email servers, mainly
12:52<Chutt>people that were (apparently) tarpitting the lists
12:52*pahli_bar is sure to _rkulagow going places...
12:52<pahli_bar>s/to/to see/
12:52<thor_>just don't ever ban my stan
12:52=servo [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:52<_rkulagow>you know, stan might just be dyslexic rather than a moron.
12:53<_rkulagow>or only posts when he's drunk.
12:53<Chutt>he keeps reposting stuff, though
12:53<_rkulagow>today's the last day for that $70 MVP 1000 from circuit city. hope my gift card arrives today.
12:54<_rkulagow>i was surprised that my XBOX doesn't deinterlace DVDs correctly using the native DVD dongle thingy when running in native xbox mode.
12:57<jDeGraw>Where do you find info for setting up a cutlist for comercials?
12:57<Chutt>hit your menu button while watching a recording
12:57<Chutt>or just read keys.txt
12:58<jDeGraw>Thank you.
13:03=bdale [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:07<pahli_bar>racer32: yes/
13:08<racer32>you changed something else, except debug info?
13:08<racer32>because things are working now
13:08<pahli_bar>racer32: nope.
13:08<racer32>if no i can try current CVS again
13:09<pahli_bar>i just added a few print lins
13:09<racer32>it works now!
13:09<racer32>i will try now current CVS again
13:10<pahli_bar>Chutt: is the anonymous and ssh cvs in sync?
13:10<Chutt>they can't get out of sync
13:10<pahli_bar>Chutt: ok.
13:10*pahli_bar suffers from sourceforge syndrome
13:11<o_cee>thor_: could you explain the problem to Chutt?
13:12<thor_>Chutt, I think the gContext image caching is not happy about image file names of the form directory/filename.png
13:12<Chutt>it probably isn't
13:12<thor_>but I didn't want to wade in and start screing things up
13:12<thor_>see, I can't even spell right
13:12<Chutt>i'd say just use a flat dir for now
13:13<thor_><thor_> I would just stick to a flat directory ... if the objective is to be up to speed for 0.14
13:13=jDeGraw [] quit ("Leaving")
13:13<o_cee>but /watermark /type and /bkg works... ah well
13:13<thor_>some stuff does not use the caching
13:15<racer32>pahli: CVS works ok now! ????? I'm sure i had the one of this afternoon! :(
13:15<o_cee>renaming stuff
13:15<racer32>think i'm going crazy!
13:15*pahli_bar is glad he is not the only one
13:16<racer32>i'll go and test it now on my TV set!
13:18=jfm_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:18<pahli_bar>racer32: mail me with the log file if you hit the problem. thanks again
13:21*DJ_Rican can get lirc working with irw but not irxevent! any ideas?
13:21=Chutt [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
13:24+jfm_ [] joined #mythtv
13:30+BlackHussar [] joined #mythtv
13:36<drd->program guide on a frontend that is remote isnt supposed to be slow is it? :(
13:39+Truin` [] joined #mythtv
13:39<Truin`>I hate it when I forget to disconnect my home client. Heh
13:39<Truin`>if anyone is a blind op, can you /kick Truin ??
13:40=Truin [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
13:41<Truin`>'kill' is a wonderful thing. ;) Never mind.
13:43sbh-at-workis now known as sbh
13:46<Truin`>hey drd-
13:47+vagrant [] joined #mythtv
13:49+cbreen [] joined #mythtv
13:50+Sanguine [] joined #mythtv
13:50<Sanguine>dag nab it.. im soo close!
13:50<Sanguine>bash-2.05b$ cat /dev/video0
13:50<Sanguine>cat: /dev/video0: Input/output error
13:50<Sanguine>i cant get that to go away :(
13:50<Truin`>using ivtv or bttv?
13:51<Sanguine>i rmmod ivtv, modprobe ivtv.. rebooted.. chmod 777 /dev/video.. no lock
13:51<Truin`>hm. I get that occasionally, but only if I've been using xine to watch TV for like 2 hours. Then I have to reboot to get it to unlock the card.
13:52<Truin`>/dev/video0 need only be 660 with your user as the owner.... but, anyway... hm. Lemme think.
13:52<Truin`>Which version of ivtv?
13:52<Sanguine>1.9 i think.. i just got it all 'working' last night
13:52<Truin`>ok, so you have the latest. Good. Uhm... are the options to the modules correct in modules.conf?
13:53<Sanguine>good question. i copied them from a howto - i wasnt comfortable enough to change them.
13:53<Sanguine>let me paste:
13:53<cbreen>anyone get lirc transmitter to work?
13:53<Truin`>any errors in dmesg after you insmode/modprobe ??
13:53<Sanguine>alias char-major-81 videodev
13:53<Sanguine>alias char-major-81-0 ivtv
13:53<Sanguine>alias char-major-61 lirc_i2c
13:53<Sanguine>options ivtv debug=1
13:53<Sanguine>options tuner type=2
13:53<Sanguine>options msp3400 once=1 simple=1
13:53<Truin`>erm, insmod, I mean. Stupid E key.
13:53<Sanguine>add below ivtv msp3400 saa7115 tuner
13:53<Sanguine>add above ivtv lirc_dev lirc_i2c
13:54<Truin`>first of all, if you're not using the lirc stuff, remove it from modules.conf.
13:54<cbreen>i'm wondering about the driver configuration (trainsmitter diode, software generated carrier, ...) which of those do I need ?
13:54<Sanguine>so the last line.. yeah?
13:55<Sanguine>oh and alias.. ok
13:55<Truin`>cbreen: I haven't played with any of the IR stuff with lirc, outside of the natice lirc support in myth. Sorry. :(
13:55<Truin`>Sanguine: correct - the alias line, and the last line. Comment them out. Run '/sbin/depmod -a', and then '/sbin/modprobe ivtv'
13:56<Truin`>also, open a second terminal and 'tail -f /var/log/messages' for errors.
13:56<cbreen>truin`: np....
13:57<Sanguine>ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x61 not found!
13:57<Sanguine>ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x61 not found!
13:57<Sanguine>ivtv: i2c client addr: 0x40 not found!
14:01=Sanguine [] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
14:03+ThockValue [] joined #mythtv
14:03ThockValueis now known as Sanguine
14:04+billytwowilly [~chris@] joined #mythtv
14:04<Sanguine>Truin`: no love im affraid
14:05<Truin`>why is it not loading tuner, or saa7115, or the msp3400 module, or anything? That's odd.
14:05<Truin`>I hate to say it, but, try a 2.4.x kernel. ;)
14:05<Sanguine>hehe, i got further with a 2.6.. let me test s theory here
14:06<Truin`>really? How odd. I never had any problems. Built myth and ivtv all from source from latest releases, everything went smooth.
14:06<Sanguine>./usr/src/ivtv/driver/make reload
14:06<Sanguine>and now i get output
14:07<Truin`>lsmod again - check to see if tuner and the others actually loaded this time?
14:07<Sanguine>i2c_algo_bit 9128 1 ivtv
14:07<Sanguine>i2c_core 23460 5 ivtv,tuner,msp3400,saa7115,i2c_algo_bit
14:07<Truin`>right on
14:07<Truin`>THAT looks better.
14:07<Sanguine>i wonder why modprobe ivtv isnt doing it
14:09<Sanguine>holy cow! myth is playing TV! :)
14:09<Truin`>holy cow!
14:10<Sanguine>hehe.. all it took was 2 weeks of ignoring my wife :D
14:11<Sanguine>hrm.. all my channels are off by 1.. i know ive seen that in the FAQ
14:11<Truin`>again, a problem I didn't have. :) But, yeah, there's a fix.
14:12+aceat64 [] joined #mythtv
14:12<Sanguine>any thoughts on why modprobe ivtv doesnt load the tuner, but make reload from ivtv does?
14:12<aceat64>hmm, I think there's something wrong with the PurpleGalaxy theme, I can't open the View Recordings section but only with that theme
14:13<aceat64>it errors out to "Error Parsing: /usr/share/mythtv/themes/PurpleGalaxy/ui.xml at line: 601 column: 17; tag mistmatch; failed to get slector object"
14:14<Truin`>aceat64: it works for me. One of my favs, actualy.
14:14<Truin`>Damn, why is it that I didn't have ANY issues getting mythtv to work? Hehehe... lucky, I guess.
14:14<aceat64>ya, I really like it too
14:14<Truin`>I like the Visor theme as well.
14:16<Sanguine>Gant is my fav
14:17<billytwowilly>gant looks quite nice.
14:18<billytwowilly>I'm using purple galaxy right now because I just haven't had time to update from 0.12.. I'll probably just wait for .14;)
14:19<Sanguine>this is soo cool.. my wife thought i should get an xbox... i think this is way more entertaining :D
14:19*Sanguine sings happy birthday to himself
14:19<billytwowilly>hehe, you bought a mythtv box for your birthday?
14:19<billytwowilly>that's a tad more expensive than an xbox;)
14:20<Sanguine>well, i had the hardware.. i just bought the pvr250
14:20<thor_>merrily humming happy birthday to yourself .... priceless
14:20*billytwowilly wants a pvr250
14:20<billytwowilly>they are so expensive in canada though.
14:20<billytwowilly>cheapest I've seen is 270 CAD.
14:21<Sanguine>it was cheaper than an xbox after you add in an extra controller and a game
14:21<Sanguine>ick.. cant you find a US online store that will ship to canada or somethin?
14:21<Truin`>lunch time. BBL.
14:21<billytwowilly>that would suggest I had the money to spend on that right now though..
14:22<billytwowilly>it's rrsp time again.. all my excess money is going into my rrsp, and I'm a student, so that's only a grand or so... but it's about 1/5th of my net worth at the moment;)
14:23<Sanguine>hehe.. poor student... ive been there :)
14:23<Sanguine>now im just a poor workin stiff instead
14:23=BlackHussar [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:23<billytwowilly>heh, I'm a poor student with an accountant for a father;)
14:23+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
14:23<billytwowilly>If I don't save enough cash to make my full RRSP contribution he'd kick me out;)
14:24<Sanguine>anyone have any thoughts on why "modprobe ivtv" doesnt load the tuner stuff, but when i "make rebuild" fron the ivtv/driver directory it works fine?
14:24<Sanguine>google is failing me on this one :)
14:25<billytwowilly>no idea.
14:25<billytwowilly>that is highly strange.
14:27=billytwowilly [~chris@] quit ("Client exiting")
14:27<thor_>wrong msp3400 floating around
14:27<thor_>check file size of the one in your ivtv tree versus kernel modules tree
14:30<ceed>now this is strange, when i plug in my wintv pci (frame grabber), my usb mouse stops working
14:30<thor_>lspci, check for interrupts
14:30<thor_>(total guess)
14:33+CyberKnet [] joined #mythtv
14:33<ceed>yeha i'll do that later, got some work to finish
14:33<Sanguine>ok, so myth says that i have specified the wrong tuner type if all my channels are off by one.. for the fix the documents send me to a site that i have to sign up for.. anyone know what tuner type i should have fora pvr250? :)
14:33<thor_><thor_> wrong msp3400 floating around
14:33<thor_><thor_> check file size of the one in your ivtv tree versus kernel modules tree
14:34<Sanguine>ah, roger tha, sorry missed it
14:34<thor_>also, /sbin/modprobe tuner type=2
14:35<thor_>works here (PVR-250 in NA)
14:35<Sanguine>both the same size.. but that would make sense considering i built the module and put it there.
14:36<thor_>also, check saa7115.o
14:36<thor_>I think _that_s the one that is different
14:36<thor_>(this is all from memory)
14:37<thor_>well, since you just rebuilt the ivtv stuff
14:37<thor_>that probably put it in
14:37<Sanguine>hey nice
14:38<thor_>you been building kernels ?
14:38<Sanguine>modprobe tuner type=2
14:38<Sanguine>that worked
14:38<Sanguine>wonder why its not picking it up from modules.conf
14:38*Sanguine has a theory
14:39+DJ_nixbox [] joined #mythtv
14:40=dopez [] quit ("...")
14:40+bdale [] joined #mythtv
14:41=Sanguine [] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
14:42+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
14:44+aaearon [] joined #mythtv
14:45<Morph>hmm anyone noticed issues with MythDVD where it complains that there isnt a DVD player command configured..when there is?
14:47<thor_>there are two kinds of player commands
14:47<thor_>one to "Play DVD"
14:47<thor_>one to play a particular title form within the ripper
14:50<Morph>im talking about the "Play DVD" one.
14:51<thor_>from browser or tree ?
14:51<thor_>or both ?
14:52<aaearon>anyone have experience with shuttle minipcs and their tv out? does the tv out generally work?
14:52<thor_>so there's a DVDPlayerCommand in your settings db for the right host ?
14:52<Morph>thor_: yup.
14:52<thor_>and what's it say when you try to play?
14:53<thor_>you get the dialog?
14:53<thor_>(full screen)?
14:53<Morph>yeah..the dialog says that there isnt one setup and a button saying that i'll go run the setup now.
14:54<thor_>well, heh, what can I tell you .... it's five lines of code beginning with asking gContext for the setting DVDPlayerCommand
14:54=media_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:54<Morph>yeah :) I was looking through it last night...
14:56<thor_>select * from settings where value = "DVDPlayerCommand" and hostname = "my_hostname_that_I_double_checked";
14:56<Morph>pvr:~# hostname
14:56<thor_>try the SQL
14:57<thor_>mysql -p -u mythtv mythconverg
14:58<Morph>hmm interesting.
14:58<thor_><thor_> there are two kinds of player commands
14:58<Morph>no no. its in there..but the sql result is an error.
14:58<Morph>ERROR 1030: Got error 127 from table handler
15:06<Morph>repair table settings fixed it..
15:06*Morph tests mythdvd
15:08<Morph>ah nice. that works.
15:09<Morph>thor_: thanks :)
15:09=srl [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:14=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:22+srl [] joined #mythtv
15:23=srl [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:24+srl [] joined #mythtv
15:27<mdz>Snow-Man: the backend address is configured in the GUI setup. The debconf bits should have been removed a while ago
15:27<mdz>(I only upgrade, so I didn't notice)
15:28<rOOfus>do you guys use small factor cases for your box?
15:28<rOOfus>or just a regular tower?
15:29sbhis now known as sbh-sleep
15:31<ceed>alright, my WinTV card is using the same interrupt as my USB controller, therefore my mouse doesn't work when the card is plugged in
15:31<ceed>what to do?
15:33<thor_>fiddle with BIOS and/or move PCI cards around
15:34<ceed>humm, i tried a different slot already
15:34<ceed>what bios settings are you referring to ?
15:34<thor_>depends on the BIOS, some you can tell built in adaptors to use particular interrupts
15:34<thor_>you could also play with APIC
15:35<thor_>but you can quickly render your machine un boot worthy if you don't know what you're doing, so write down every change _before_ you make it
15:36<mdz>or better, try out new command line flags from the boot loader without changing anything on the disk
15:37=mdz [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:37+mdz [] joined #mythtv
15:37<ceed>the bttv modules isn't even loaded
15:39<thor_>mdz, you know a quick and easy call (ioctl ?) to get a list of all block devices ?
15:39<thor_>trying to do some automonitoring of optical drives, and would like the list of things to check to come from reality, not what someone stuck in a configuration setting
15:41<ceed>humm it says the hauppauge eeprom is invalid
15:41<ceed>isn't that some kind of "common" error?
15:41<ceed>i'd love to do some googling, but without a mouse this is rather tiresome
15:41+marc_ [~marc@] joined #mythtv
15:41<thor_>not an error I've ever seen
15:43<ceed>in the very early days of v4l, there was a chance of erasing the card's eeprom
15:43<ceed>happened to me, in fact
15:43<ceed>and this card has been lying in the cupboard for ages
15:43<ceed>alright, i'll switch the slot once more, and if that doesn't work, i'll google for a bit, brbr
15:44-mdz [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
15:44+mdz [] joined #mythtv
15:44<mdz>ntohusneou xchat
15:44<mdz>thor_: what was that?
15:45<thor_>basicly, want a system call that will give me all active block devices
15:45<mdz>thor_: a list of all block devices corresponding to a physical device which actually exists?
15:45<mdz>no; you'd have to try to open each one
15:45<mdz>but *all* block devices?
15:45<thor_>/proc/devices knows
15:46<thor_>but there must be some better way than awk'ing /proc/devices
15:46<mdz>thaonly the majors
15:46<mdz>only the major numbers
15:46<thor_>of course
15:47<mdz>every time I upgrade this damn thing (xchat) it fucks up all my keybindings
15:47<thor_>well, /proc/ide/* and /proc/scsi/* know
15:48-mdz [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
15:48-marc_ [~marc@] left #mythtv ("Client Exiting")
15:48+mdz [] joined #mythtv
15:48<mdz>delete-word -> close-tab
15:48<rOOfus>does anyne know what the key diffs b/t the Hauggpage WinTV model 401
15:48<mdz>thor_: what you really want is sysfs
15:48<mdz>but it's only in 2.6.x
15:48+servo [] joined #mythtv
15:48<rOOfus>and the PVR 350 or 250 is?
15:48<rOOfus>why is the 401 so much cheaper?
15:48<mdz>rOOfus: the PVR models have hardware encoders
15:49<rOOfus>oh so if i am building a box with an athlon 900, i should get the pvr model?
15:49<thor_>I suppose I could just do ls /proc/ide/hd* and work of that, but seems a bit hacky
15:49=srl [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:50+srl [] joined #mythtv
15:50<mdz>thor_: or walk /dev
15:51<thor_>but devfs
15:51<thor_>makes my brain hurt
15:51<thor_>(although it is actually better for this)
15:51<thor_>anyway ... thanks ... I'll figure it out
15:52<rOOfus>what is the deal with this one Hauppauge WinTV-PVR Model 880
15:52<rOOfus>i know the 350 has vid out
15:52<rOOfus>but what is different bout the 880?
15:53<dmitry>alright, my tuner actually works!
15:56<mdz>thor_: all of the possible methods to do this kind of stuff on 2.4. will be considered bugs when 2.6 is in widespread use
15:57<dmitry>question, after i've selected "video sources" (selected my cable provider), mythsetup goes to the menu, but i can't seem to select anything.. is something happening in the background?
15:57<thor_>yeah, I'll just let the user tell me /dev/cdrom, /dev/dvd, etc. less "it just works", but also less "jesus christ, kde's automounter is battling with something really weird inside the mfd"
15:58<thor_>dmitry, leave it be ... it's getting listings ... see your console
15:58<dmitry>gotcha. i can't switch to console for some strange reason
15:58<dmitry>but i see the grab_tv_na process
15:58<ceed>well, DIsabling APCI in the BIOS did help the mouse problem
15:58<ceed>for the records hehe
15:59<ceed>now let's see about the rest
16:00=servo [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:01<dmitry>whoa, it's still running
16:01<dmitry>how long is it supposed to be?
16:04+dopez [] joined #mythtv
16:05+servo [] joined #mythtv
16:05+dja__ [] joined #mythtv
16:06<servo>is there a way to make mythtv look for the mysql.sock in /tmp/ instead of /var/run/mysql ?
16:09=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:16<dmitry>it's still running!
16:17<dmitry>how do i know that it didn't stall or something?
16:17<thor_>still packets flowing ?
16:18<dmitry>how can i tell?
16:18<dmitry>that box is connected to the network, im sure something is happening
16:18<thor_>watch router lights, or something like netwatch
16:18<mdz>hmm? since when does setup dowload listings?
16:18<thor_>not listings, but channels
16:18<mdz>ah, right
16:18<dmitry>looks like channels file is full, and hasn't been updated for a while
16:19<mdz>grabber problem, then
16:19<thor_>and, depening on source, providers can be a _lot_
16:19<dmitry>is it grabbing schedule, or just tv channel names?
16:19<thor_>name, call sign etc., but there can be hundreds of them
16:20<thor_>you on dialup ?
16:20<dmitry>i restarted it manualy
16:20<thor_>hmmm, doesn't sound good
16:20<dmitry>remove no-longer available channel 91 CFTM ? [yes,no,all,none (default=yes)]
16:20<dmitry>it was waiting for input.
16:21<dja__> mythfilldatabase started erroring out yesterday...seems that "addDays(offset)" isn't...:-(...any ideas?
16:21<dja__>I wrote a simple program that tries to add 2 days, but it comes back with the same date...
16:27<rOOfus>is it better to use a card that does on board encodeing/decoding or just to get a real beefy proc?
16:28<thor_>life is a downward sloping line
16:28<dja__>how true
16:29<dmitry>r00fus: i went for b).
16:30<rOOfus>i guess it works out to be the same price in the long run
16:30<dmitry>unless you can find an mpeg2-encoder card for under a 100 usd, makes sense to buy a faster proc.
16:30<rOOfus>cuz there is a big price difference in price b/t the 250 and the non encoding
16:30<rOOfus>i just dont want to throw out this athlon 900 chip
16:30<thor_>'cept the PVR-350 also give you really, really nice tv out quality
16:31<dmitry>there's your answer
16:31<dmitry>get pvr350 :)
16:31<rOOfus>and then dont worry bout the proc?
16:31<rOOfus>this is kinda a stupid question, but what kind of mobo do i need to get for a socketA ATHLON 900
16:31<thor_>not in that box (unless you want a second tuner card that is not hw based)
16:32<rOOfus>nah, i am using dss, so i cant really have two streams
16:32<rOOfus>unless i get a second dss receiver
16:33<dmitry>i got an $8 wintv off ebay
16:33<dmitry>can't complain.
16:33<rOOfus>oh nice
16:34<dmitry>i have my athlon 2200 as my firewall/fileserver/pvr box
16:34<dmitry>should be more than enough
16:34<dmitry>if not, i can always spend more money and get an mpeg2 card
16:36<ceed>damnit the card i was about to get on ebay isn't properly supported in linux
16:36<ceed>it's an old Hauppauge WinTV PVR, which is based on a kfir1 chip
16:36<ceed>and the driver development seems to be a little stuck
16:36<dmitry>get a well supported card. it'll save you a lot of grief later
16:39<ceed>well, bugger
16:39<ceed>this bugger was really cheap
16:39<dmitry>ok, so after i run mythfilldatabase, the backend is allready to go?
16:39<rOOfus>i am going to prolly just get whatever cards are reccomended in the install guides
16:39<rOOfus>figure that is the easiest way to go
16:39<dmitry>ceed: have you looked at avermedia m179?
16:39<rOOfus>i just think i need to replace this mobo though, and have no idea what kind of mobo i need to get
16:39+mattfelsen [] joined #mythtv
16:40<dmitry>strange, mythsql-frontend comes required with mysql
16:40<dmitry>er mythtv-frontend
16:40<ceed>dmitry: actually i've been ebaying specifically for wintv pvr
16:41<dmitry>ceed: ahh. they are usually not that much cheaper than buying new, i found.
16:41<dmitry>sometimes even pricier than new, which is just bizarre.
16:43=aaearon [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:43<dmitry>do any of you guys use debian packages provided?
16:44<dmitry>and why does mythfrontend need mysql
16:45<ceed>to access the program information i guess
16:46<ceed>and the tvguide
16:46=servo [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:46<dmitry>nod, i didn't realise it was just a client
16:47<ceed>ok i'll try mythtv first with a bt848 frame grabber card first
16:47<ceed>which i'll need to get working, aynway
16:51<dja__>is anyone else running CVS as of Friday or newer?
16:53<Morph>as of yesterday.
16:54<dja__>have you checked your mail from the mythfilldatabase run? I've been getting an error...I believe I've got a patch worked out but I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one getting the error...:-)
16:54<Morph>havent run mythfilldatabase yet :)
16:54<dja__>I guess I'll go ahead and submit my patch...hopefully it's correct. :-)
16:55<ceed>when i see lots of green with some noise at the top, do i use the wrong bttv options?
16:59<dmitry>what's the nice graphical tool for using mysql?
16:59<dmitry>i can't run mythtvfrotnend without getting the right db permissions first:]
17:01<dmitry>is there a trick to just allow everyone to login from any host?
17:01+Niqo [] joined #mythtv
17:02<dmitry>ok i'll see if i can get local frontend to work properly first
17:03+choenig [] joined #mythtv
17:06=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
17:09<ceed>i don't get my channels set up with xawtv
17:09<dmitry>ahh im a big fool. mysql is by default not listening on network interfaces.
17:10+servo [] joined #mythtv
17:11<servo>how do I completly remove the mythconverg database?
17:11+hfb_ [] joined #mythtv
17:11<dmitry>that would be in mysql documentation
17:12<servo>im searching through it with out much luck
17:12<ceed>oh did you guys know this site:
17:12<ceed>might come in handy at some point
17:13=hfb [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:14<servo>DROP DATABASE [IF EXISTS] db_name <= something like this I think... but it doesn't seem to work
17:14-mattfelsen [] left #mythtv ()
17:17=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:21<Niqo>servo: IF EXISTS is optional, hence the [], try: drop database mythconverg;
17:32+chinande [] joined #mythtv
17:33=dja__ [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:34<ceed>erm can timeshift actually work with sound when i need to pipe the audio from the wintv card's line out directly to the line in of my computer?
17:35<thor_>live is revorded
17:36<ceed>well running frontend on the same computer as the server i hear live sound and see timeshifted picture
17:36<ceed>i'm just downloading the mythtv xbox stuff
17:38<servo>so I HOPE that all my problems were because of my dumb database. Because after I changed my hostname half the crap in the database was under an old hostname while the other half was under the new one... *sigh*
17:38<servo>i wonder if their's a mythtv ps2 thingy =\
17:42<servo>hmm another strange thing...
17:42<servo>I have no digital output from my soundcard; just analog
17:43<thor_>let me guess, Audigy running OSS
17:43<servo>Game Theater XP running ALSA
17:43<thor_>alsamixer, way over on the right somewhere
17:44<servo>ADC is maxed out
17:44<thor_>PCM send ?
17:45<servo>I don't have a PCM send bar
17:45<servo>just PCM out
17:45<thor_>ah, same diff
17:45<servo>oh ok
17:46<servo>hmm it says "PCM Out Path & Mute"
17:46<thor_>dunno, just unmute and turn them all up ... if that doesn't work then it's an alsa problem
17:47<cbreen>anyone here use jvc_send.c to ir blast?
17:50<ceed>bah the mythtv-xbox documentation isn't really that good
17:51<thor_>so once you've figured it all out, you'll be sure to send in some better docs?
17:53<dmitry>question for you guys.. im getting frontend up, but all i get is a black screen, with audio
17:53<dmitry>doesn't seem to respond to keyboard
17:54=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:54+CyberKnet [] joined #mythtv
17:55<thor_> Your search for black screen returned 832 results <--
17:56<dmitry>thahks :)
17:56<ceed>1. Hey my remote does not work?
17:56<ceed> That is probably true, I only have an ATI Remote Wonder, not the MS DVD remote. There is
17:56<ceed> a working kernel module on my webpage. Replace the one included in your version with this one.
17:56<ceed> Compressed or CD Rom versions will have to swap the loaded module after boot using an init script.
17:56<ceed>and what exactly is that guy's webpage? :)
17:59+sfr [] joined #mythtv
17:59=ChaosExiguum [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:03=Truin` [] quit ("Who turned out the lights?")
18:10<dmitry>this is very strange.. i go into live tv mode, and keyboard stops responding :(
18:12=hfb_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:13+hfb [] joined #mythtv
18:17<servo>Ok I got a problem:
18:17+SuperID [] joined #mythtv
18:18<servo>My mythtv's picture is fuzzy, un viewable; almost like it's running in pal instead of ntsc... Well it IS running ins NTSC and the tv is JUST fine with tvtime...
18:19=chinande [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:19<SuperID>offtopic from mythtv - is anyone familiar with converting .nuv file to mpeg and burning them to DVD?
18:22<Matt>actually, mike grebb and I were talking about that the other day
18:25<SuperID>hmmm, well in the spirit of answering your own off topic questions....
18:29<servo>hey: after I fix a setting in ./setup do i need to run mythfilldatabase if I've run it before?
18:30=SuperID [] quit ("Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts")
18:39<Niqo>is the messages about clearing the database actually needed for setup, now that there is the option to delete cards in setup itself?
18:45+skywarper [] joined #mythtv
18:46=kvandivo [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:47<rOOfus>are there any issues i need to be careful of when i am looking at mobos?
18:47<skywarper>does anyone know if the hercules smart tv tv-card is supported by bttv?
18:47<ceed>it fucking work
18:47<skywarper>or do you have any suggestions on what tv-card to buy? :P
18:48<Niqo>hauppauge pvr250 (or pvr350 if you want good tv-out also)
18:48<skywarper>hmm.. but they seem so expensive :/
18:48*thor_ has an odd feeling ceed is playing with the pause button
18:49<skywarper>is that becouse they can encode video on it's own?
18:49<ceed>actually i'm fine tuning the (mini)distribution mythtv-xbox
18:50<ceed>the picture quality is not really good
18:50<ceed>but i suppose that's because of this really old frame-grabbing bt848
18:51<Niqo>skywarper: yup, on-board mpeg2 encoder
18:53+Faed [] joined #mythtv
18:54<skywarper>hmm.. do i really need that? i have an amd xp1700+ with 256mb ram
18:55=nou [] quit (No route to host)
18:56<skywarper>i want to be able to do those time-shifting things though
18:56<Niqo>you won't be able to encode to mpeg2 without it
18:57<skywarper>not at all? not software encoding either?
18:57<Niqo>so they say :)
18:58<skywarper>aha.. darn
18:58<sfr>s/w encoding to mpeg4 or rtjpeg works, but i've never used it.
18:58<Niqo>it's worth the extra buck, belive me
18:59<skywarper>what's the diffrence btw pvr250 and pvr350 then?
18:59<rOOfus>i think the 350 has tv out
18:59<sfr>and the missing radio tuner on the 250
19:00<skywarper>hmmhmm.. i will have to think about this for a minute :P
19:02+McQuaid [] joined #mythtv
19:02<skywarper>can i use the remote under linux?
19:02<dmitry>oh for the love of god
19:03<dmitry>i think i'll drop everything and reinstall
19:03<skywarper>it seems as if a remote comes with the card if i'm not mistaking
19:03<McQuaid>i'm trying to set up mythtv and I'm having problems with the mysql db part
19:03+nou [] joined #mythtv
19:03<ceed>humm mythtv dies on me when i try to access the program guide
19:03<ceed>which sucks
19:04<McQuaid>when launching mythtv-setup i get access denied for user to database
19:04<skywarper>McQuaid: you should probably look over your mysql-settings then
19:04<skywarper>make sure you set the right permissions
19:05<Niqo>skywarper: Your search for 'pvr 250 remote' on yeilded 889 results ;)
19:07<skywarper>Niqo: oh, i'll read some old posts :P
19:08<Niqo>i don't have the card myself (using hauppauge nexus-s digital satellite card), but i belive ppl are using the remote
19:09<Niqo>there have been alot of fuss about a grey remote (the black contains very few buttons (it's bundled with my card too))
19:09+kc135 [] joined #mythtv
19:10<McQuaid>when i try mysql < mc.sql, i get access denied for user
19:10<Faed>this seems like a FAQ, but I can't find the answer on
19:10<skywarper>ok.. i've been looking into satellite cards too, but it's so much to research
19:11<Faed>how do you get mythtv to output to the tvout on your video card?
19:11<skywarper>i don't want to buy something i'll regret later on
19:11<Faed>I have the twinview stuff setup in the XF86Config
19:11<skywarper>Faed: i'm not sure, but i think you'll have to get xfree86 to do that
19:12<dmitry>looks like the "no keyboard" problem is related to tvfrontend losing focus, but all the mailing list postings say it's happens when no window manager is running... but im running fvwm..
19:12<dmitry>any ideas?
19:13<Niqo>faed: if you have twinview on a monitor+tv, you have to enable xinerama to make mythtv display on the correct screen
19:15<Niqo>mcquaid: try the: mysql -u root < mc.sql;
19:15=servo [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:15<skywarper>if i use a pvr250 which has a hardware encoder it should probably be able to run as a timeshifter on a mini-itx board to, right?
19:15<rOOfus>sky: what do you want to know bout the sattelite cards?
19:16<Niqo>skywarper: yes, I use a mini-itx (epia m10000) for a frontend here, have the nexus card in a server tho (but it should be fine to have it in the frontend)
19:16<skywarper>rOOfus: i'm not sure.. the only way i could use it is if i used a pirate sattelite card.. i can't afford the monthly fee's on my poor student salary
19:17<skywarper>Niqo: nice! :D
19:17<skywarper>Niqo: do you use the mpeg decoder on the mini-itx board?
19:17<rOOfus>oh i thought you meant hooking an existing sat subscription into your myth
19:17<Niqo>howto aquire access to encrypted channels on satellite should not be discussed here!
19:18<rOOfus>well, this isnt the appropriate place for talking bout hacked dss
19:18<Niqo>skywarper: yes, works very well!
19:18<skywarper>rOOfus: i know, that's why i won't :P
19:18<McQuaid>i didn't try that because i'm on debian
19:19<rOOfus>but you may want to check out
19:19<rOOfus>rather com
19:19=rOOfus [] quit ()
19:19+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
19:19<skywarper>Niqo: you need some drivers to use it or is those things automagic?
19:20<skywarper>rOOfus: ah nice, i'll check it out (:
19:21<Niqo>who has access to the bots in here?
19:22<Faed>Niqo -- how do I enable xinerama?
19:23=orangebits [] quit ("leaving")
19:26<Niqo>it's under the setup menu somewhere
19:26<ceed>humm how do i switch channels in mythtv ?
19:27+BlackHussar [] joined #mythtv
19:27<Niqo>or number + enter
19:27<Niqo>also: keys.txt if you can locate it
19:28<skywarper>Niqo: how fast via c3 cpu do you think is needed if i want to be able to record and watch at the same time?
19:28<Niqo>if not:*checkout*/mythtv/keys.txt?content-type=text%2Fplain&rev=1.50
19:29<ceed>humm that doesn't work
19:30<ceed>maybe my database isn't setup correctly yet
19:30<ceed>20.26 I can't change the channel when watching Live TV.
19:30<ceed>Something's wrong with your program database. Did mythfilldatabase run with no major errors?
19:30<ceed>most likely hehe
19:31<ceed>damn germany
19:31=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:33*Niqo thinks that most users skips reading the faq/howto:
19:33<thor_>hey, where's my "any" key ?
19:34<ceed>Niqo: i was skimming it while kind of thinking about my problems in the channel
19:34<ceed>you know
19:34<dmitry>Niqo: that's not true
19:35<ceed>thor_: i can't think of a witty remark
19:35<Niqo>skywarper: you should be able to do LiveTV (recording + watching) with even the eden processor (latest), but for xvid/divx and such i would recomend the 'normal' epia (m10k)
19:35<Niqo>dmitry: I said : most users
19:36<ceed>this prisma-online script is only giving me very few channels :(
19:36<ceed>oink, but i can modify it
19:37<McQuaid>i now get to where i run mythtvbackend but get QServerSocket: failed to bind or listen to the socket
19:37<Niqo>you probably have another instance of mythbackend running
19:38<McQuaid>your right i do
19:38<dmitry>hmm general capture question... does /dev/video0 have to exist specifically?
19:38<dmitry>or is /dev/video0 equivalent?
19:38<dmitry>er /dev/video i meant.
19:38<McQuaid>how do i cleanly shut it down?
19:39<dmitry>i just tried to cat /dev/video > /tmp/cap.mpg and mplayer that, and i get garbage.
19:39<Niqo>mcquaid: kill it while it's idle (not recording or transcoding)
19:39+gerhard [] joined #mythtv
19:41<McQuaid>when i check ps ax i see 10 intances of mythbackend running, how i kill them as a group?
19:41<Niqo>kill the lowest pid
19:41<Niqo>or any
19:41<dmitry>or killall
19:42<McQuaid>killed the lowest pid, but it's still there
19:42<rOOfus>killall mythbackend*
19:42<rOOfus>might need a flag in there
19:42<thor_>killall -KILL lowest_pid
19:43<thor_>killall -KILL mythbackend
19:45+servo [] joined #mythtv
19:45<servo>wahaha! FINNALLY!
19:46<servo>For some reason when watching TV under root the picture quality is JUST fine, nice normal TV... But when watching TV under a normal user the picture quality gets messy; almost as if it's not running in ntsc; the picture is just horrible.
19:46<Niqo>Developer related: can't the KickDatabase be changed to (don't like that ugly for() loop much;): if (!db.isOpen) db.connect();
19:47<thor_>you see the comment from mdz ?
19:47<Niqo>mcquaid: the 'kill <lowest pid>' worked fine here(?).
19:48<servo>So what could this mean? As far as I know mythtv uses the SAME settings as a root user; mythconverge.settings; right? So why doesn't it work under a normal user?... hmm
19:48<McQuaid>not sure why it didn't here had to killall
19:48<dmitry>servo: perhaps it has something to do with access to resources?
19:48<rOOfus>does the pvr350 have audio out?
19:49<dmitry>servo: im just guessing :)
19:49<Niqo>mcquaid: a small mismatch somewhere...
19:49<servo>tvtime uses the same card; with out a hitch. lol =-) I know your just guessing. But anything really is good =-)
19:50<dmitry>tvtime > * right now.
19:50<dmitry>for some reason mythtv and xawtv aren't tuning my card properly
19:50<dmitry>but tvtimes has no problems
19:52<servo>yea tvtime is cool. My only beaf if tvtime is that's sooo limitd in options... It really no fun :-(
19:53<dmitry>now i can't enable dma on this box
19:53<dmitry>this mythtv business isn't going too well for me.
19:54<dmitry>trying to use previous version of bttv..maybe the whole v4l2 business is the problem.
19:55<aceat64>mythtv is a bit hard to setup, but once it's up you'll love it more than your family
19:56<dmitry>"Setup MyTV and learn more about tuners that you ever wanted to know"
19:57<aceat64>lol, but I actually did want to know about them
19:59<dmitry>indeed, but my main concern is getting it going right now ;)
19:59<dmitry>i got a new card, didn't work, trying the old card now. it _has_ to work
19:59<aceat64>what card do you have?
19:59<dmitry>wintv. bt878
19:59<servo>wahahah! FINNALY YES YES YES YES YESY ESY
19:59<servo>I got it working
19:59<aceat64>like a PVR-250?
20:00<dmitry>congrats servo
20:00<aceat64>servo: yay!
20:00<servo>you were right dmitry just needed to set the /dev/video into the users group
20:00<servo>and now I get a nice good picture in mythtv under a normal user
20:00<dmitry>congrats :)
20:00<dmitry>maybe i should try that
20:01<servo>it may work
20:01<servo>I also got a wintv 878
20:01<dmitry>well i get no picture, period
20:01<dmitry>and keyboard isn't responding
20:06=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:06=Faed [] quit ("<b00m>")
20:09<servo>well; it seems now I have some sound lag =\.. lol. It's out of sync! ahh! :-( lol. lifes a bitch
20:09<thor_>mute line in, set it as the record source
20:10<gerhard>does someone know if there is a new tv_grab_sn or is someone working on that?
20:18<servo>hmm; It's not sound lag... It's video lag! Ahhh
20:18<servo>google search time
20:18<thor_><thor_> mute line in, set it as the record source
20:19<thor_>hit pause, audio keeps going
20:20<skywarper>does all the via mini-itx boards have hardware mpeg2 decoder?
20:20<skywarper>or is it only the M-versions?
20:20<servo>yes audio keeps going
20:21<thor_><thor_> mute line in, set it as the record source
20:22=gerhard [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
20:23<skywarper>i'm thinking of getting the via eipa me6000 board
20:23<Niqo>skywarper: i belive the latest eden also has it:
20:24<skywarper>ah yeah
20:33<servo>still don't get it
20:33<servo>I mutted line in; and set it to capture
20:33<servo>and that didnt work
20:34<servo>the video still seems to lag behind 800-1500ms =\
20:34<servo>from the sound*
20:34<Niqo>skywarper: my m10k goes at about 20-40% idle when playing divx (so you have something:)
20:36<Niqo>servo: try - setup/tv/playback; jitter correction / experimental audio sync
20:36<skywarper>hmm ok..
20:37<servo>yes I've tried all those
20:37<skywarper>i think i'll start out with a pvr250, then i might build a second box with a mini-itx board
20:37<Niqo>skywarper: that sounds like a smart choice
20:37<servo>jitter seems to make it lag worse; as does deinterlace. The syn helps a little bit. But it's noticablly out of sync
20:39+media_ [] joined #mythtv
20:42<ceed>right i set up large parts of my channel database myself
20:42<Niqo>servo: if you make a recording; how does that play in mplayer?
20:43<ceed>with all freqid and chanum according to name, but still channel switching doesn't work
20:43<Niqo>ceed: what planet are you on?
20:43<ceed>planet germany, with the xml parsers not supplying channel numbers
20:44<Niqo>ah, what happends when you change channels (or try to)?
20:44<Niqo>specifically, what does the mythbackend output
20:45<ceed>mythbackend doesn't display anything
20:45<ceed>and i can only use xawtv to switch channels basically
20:47<ceed>i'll restart the frontend
20:47<ceed>in the program guide i don't see channel names, either
20:47<ceed>what is the column tvformat for in the channel table?
20:48<Niqo><ceed> mythbackend doesn't display anything
20:49<Niqo>??? nothing?
20:50<Niqo>when you enter LiveTV it should say: Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
20:50<ceed>yeah hold on
20:50<ceed>the problem seems to be that mythtv doesn't actually know what channel it's on at the moment
20:51<ceed>judging by the sql queries - is that possible?
20:51<Niqo>it's always tuning a channel on startup, try: 'mythbackend -v all'
20:52<ceed>2004-01-25 02:51:46 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
20:52<ceed>strange error flushing buffer ...
20:53<ceed>pretty much as i guessed
20:53<ceed>2004-01-25 02:53:05 55 []:[] []:[] []:[] []:[] []:[] []:[] []:[] []:[...
20:53<ceed>2004-01-25 02:53:05 55 []:[] []:[] []:[] []:[] []:[] []:[] []:[] []:[...
20:53<ceed>it doesn't tune anywhere, it got lost
20:54<Niqo>i'm not sure if the v4l bit of mythtv prints tuning info at all...
20:55<Niqo>let me check
20:55=DJ_nixbox [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:57<ceed>according to the docs on this strange buffer thing is harmless
20:57<ceed>some lame thing
20:57<ceed>lame as in the lame audio codec
21:04+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
21:04<ShockValue>well.. been watchin TV most of the afternoon with not a glitch on my pvr250.. this is way cool :)
21:05<Niqo>ceed: what version btw?
21:07<ShockValue>is there an ivtv support channel? i have some questions, but they're more ivtv issues than myth
21:09<Niqo>.14 || cvs?
21:10<Niqo>ShockValue: According to the IVTV FAQ: You might also want to pop into the IRC channel #ivtv-dev on
21:11<Niqo>this is probably not a support channel though
21:12<Niqo>ShockValue: Since you didn't look to hard in the first place:
21:12<ceed>.13 i think?
21:12<ceed>yep 13
21:13<Niqo>i meant .13 || cvs, but would it be impossible for you to try cvs (it should be pretty stable, as it's close to .14 release)?
21:16-ShockValue [] left #mythtv (""You run, never stop, got to win, got to run till you drop"")
21:18<Niqo>Chris: dunno if you are here, but thanks for catching that bit of the patch that was missing!
21:24<Captain_Murdoch>Yeah, lurking. Main reason I applied it instead of waiting to see if Bruce noticed is because I'm upgrading my systems to current CVS right now. :)
21:29<ceed>i just re-setup everyhting
21:29<ceed>still no channel switching
21:33<Niqo>Capt. Murdock: well done, you core developers need to have an eye on all ;)
21:34<Niqo>ceed: with cvs?
21:35<ceed>nope, haven't tried cvs yet
21:35<ceed>don't want to get into updating the xbox client just yet
21:36<ceed>i am crying
21:37<servo>not gonna get us
21:38<Niqo>check that the channel tables sourceid field matches that of the videosource table
21:40<ceed>i've been taking the sql query apart, and exactly that seems to be the problem
21:40<ceed>how come?
21:41<Niqo>try updateing the channel table with: update channel set sourceid='<the sourceid from videosource>';
21:42<ceed>i updated videosource.sourceid
21:42<ceed>no luck tho
21:43<Niqo>so the channel.sourceid match videosource.sourceid?
21:43<ceed>whoops, i shoudl really change the channel one
21:45<ceed>alright, switching works
21:45<ceed>some channels seems to be confused but well
21:45<Niqo>how so
21:48<ceed>i must have confused 2 channels while setting them up
21:48<ceed>sweet it work
21:49*Niqo wonders why cvs ain't accesible, is Chutt playing with his laptop, and not bothering with MythTV ;)
21:51<Niqo>doh, no, Niqo was playing with stuff as root, and root does not have access to the internet....
21:53<McQuaid>ok i've got mythtv running now, but only as root
21:54<McQuaid>one issue seems to be audio lag, and the other is, where's the actual guide listings?
21:54<Niqo>mcquaid: you need to check the permissions on /dev/audio* & /dev/video*, and change them to your suiting
21:55<Niqo>mcquiad: tv/schedule recordings
21:56<McQuaid>ok i saw the tv/schedule recordings, but just wanted to browse listings for viewing not recording
21:56<McQuaid>hmm, alt'tabbed to irc and now can't get control of mythtv again
21:56<McQuaid>keep getting this in the console i launched it: Waited 2 seconds for data to become available, waiting again...
22:00<Niqo>yea, that mostly happends when the capture card (backend) don't give data to the frontend (mythtv)...can you reproduce?
22:01<McQuaid>heh, i can't find the viewing guide, only recording guide
22:01<McQuaid>and audio lag is really bad, not sure what your suggesting to change on /dev/audio* and video as i'm running as root
22:01<Niqo>if you are watching livetv, you can use 'm' to get the epg
22:02<Niqo>permissions/ownership on '/dev/audio' and '/dev/video' is probably wrong, since you can't open them as a regular user:
22:03<ceed>i love it
22:03<ceed>this is great stuff
22:04<ceed>now to get a better capturing card
22:04<Niqo>either do 'chown <your user>:<your group> /dev/audio*' & and the same with '/dev/video*' or read a linux book (
22:05<Niqo>sorry if i'm to the point, or rude...
22:05<McQuaid>well my reg user prob seems to be associated with the mysql database
22:05<McQuaid>btw thats pretty cool the preview window when u choose the guide
22:05<servo>ahh god damn it! damn tv is once again fuzzy
22:06<McQuaid>is there an option to have the preview window change as you go over other stations?
22:06=servo [] quit ("Leaving")
22:07<Niqo>mcquaid: the mysql user details is in the 'mysql.txt' file, maybe your user has problems reading that?
22:09<Niqo>servo: i must say, thats a new one, fuzzy with user, ok with root
22:10<pahli_bar>McQuaid: won't be very useful. channel changing is very slow
22:11<McQuaid>ok that fixed mysql.txt thx Niqo
22:12<McQuaid>and in the guide how do u select a channel to view it? enter/space gives recording options
22:12<Niqo>pahli_bar: what? slow?
22:13<McQuaid>also audio is not being muted on exit
22:13<pahli_bar>Niqo: hmm... 1-2 second channel change delay.
22:13<pahli_bar>McQuaid: select channel in guide and exit menu.
22:14<Niqo>mine is slow, about two to three seconds (measured with timer in the code), how's yours? (btw: I have a digital setup with encryption, and the device that does the encryption needs some time to do it's work, without it i'm at 500ms)
22:14<McQuaid>yeah my channel changing is kind of slow as well
22:15<McQuaid>way slower than say using tvtime
22:15<pahli_bar>Niqo: its about a 1-2 seconds (never timed it though).
22:15<Niqo>i've measured ~500ms without that device, and can't really see how that is slow (now this is with a dvb card, not v4l)
22:15<pahli_bar>don't watch that much live tv anymore :)
22:15<pahli_bar>Niqo: its a pvr250 here
22:16<Niqo>pahli_bar: it's probably the card using the most of the time, try slapping a QTime around the tuning...
22:16<pahli_bar>Niqo: i always thought it was the ringbuffer being torn down and recreated.
22:17<pahli_bar>Niqo: never looked into the code very seriously though
22:17<Niqo>but look at my ~500ms channel change without encryption though..
22:19<Niqo>we did this with the dvb code (ie time it with QTime, and some revorkings of the tuning did all the difference, search the mythtv-dev archives around last summer), and it helped a lot
22:19<pahli_bar>maybe its the card. don't have a way of testing it outside myth though as tvtime/xawtv don't work with it
22:19<Niqo>but you could test what actually takes time...
22:20<pahli_bar>Niqo: as i mentioned before, don't watch live tv anymore... so it doesn't bother me
22:20<pahli_bar>Niqo: though i would like to delve into the tv code more... someday.
22:21<Niqo>ohh, since you kinda brought it up, i kinda figured that you where interrested in it
22:21<Niqo>mail me if you need any details then
22:21<pahli_bar>Niqo: no i answered with respect to McQuaid's saying preview should change with channel change on the guide
22:21<pahli_bar>Niqo: sure :)
22:22<Niqo>ahh, and you said that it wouldn't be feasible...
22:22*pahli_bar scrolls up to see what he said
22:23<McQuaid>so your saying the preview wouldn't be useful because channel changing is slow
22:23<pahli_bar>at least thats my experience with a hauppauge pvr/bttv card
22:24<Niqo>actually: i'm arguing that it would be a nice feature, as long as ppl don't get stuck for about 2s every time...
22:24<McQuaid>yes but is channel changing slow in other tv apps?
22:24<Niqo>but yes, it's not a feature as of this moment
22:24<pahli_bar>McQuaid: with bttv cards its almost instaneous with tvtime.
22:25<McQuaid>and no static sound when changing channels
22:25<Niqo>to change channel to the one you have highlighted in the epg when watching livetv, press 'M'
22:25+ChaosExiguum [] joined #mythtv
22:25<pahli_bar>but in myth there is no real concept of "live" tv. its always recorded playback (as in every pvr software)
22:25<Niqo>phali_bar: tvtime does not store the result to disk
22:26<McQuaid>result? do u mean it's always buffering?
22:26<Niqo>but that does not mean that an intermediate mode could be made for livetv preview
22:26<McQuaid>i thought buffering would only kick in when one paused live tv
22:27<Niqo>or if the channel changing or prebuffering was fast enough...
22:27<Niqo>but that would mean that you would loose the ability to rewind livetv
22:27<pahli_bar>Niqo: messy... say your watching a channel and go to preview (guide). stop recording, start livetv, exit menu, recreate ringbuffer, start buffering (if you had paused live tv in the meantime you will lose all the data)
22:28<thor_>I know !! I know !! get one hw encoder for every channel, then run 125 simultaneous ringbuffers
22:28<Niqo>phali: what's messy, the intermediate mode?
22:29<pahli_bar>Niqo: maybe not the right term. but read the rest of what i said
22:29<pahli_bar>thor_: heh.
22:29<thor_>McQuaid, turn on OSD surfs channel names only .... it's way cool
22:30<Niqo>thor_: excelent idea; a ringbuffer from each channel that is running always, and has a year worth of rewinding :)
22:30<pahli_bar>thats what i use now
22:30<thor_>imagine a Beowulf cluster of 'em
22:31<McQuaid>how o?
22:31<Niqo>i belive the burdan should be put upon the provider, but that's my idea
22:31<Niqo>in the future that is
22:31<pahli_bar>i have seen some hdtvs which have the capablility of showing a thumbnail list of previews on the righ (with the highlighted one running live, rest static images). all this while the current channel is shown in slight shrunken window
22:31*pahli_bar is slowly turning into stan
22:32<Niqo>phali_bar: see what you mean...but kinda skeptic as to whether your hypothosis is correct..
22:33*pahli_bar starts taking of his watch and rolling up his sleeves
22:33*Niqo already has a t-shirt on
22:34<thor_>McQuaid, Setup --> TV settings --> Playback --> Next --> Next --> Next -->Next -->Next -->Next -->Always use browse mode -->Finish
22:34<McQuaid>ok i'll try thta
22:36<skywarper>hmm.. the mythtv make doesn't seem to find my qt-headers, any ideas?
22:36<thor_>echo $QTDIR
22:37<Niqo>pahli_bar: as far as the order goes; exit menu - ? not needed
22:37<skywarper>thor_: that's set already
22:38<thor_>if you QTDIR is set, and you do qmake, then make, it will find the headers
22:38<skywarper>hmm.. i think i fixed it
22:38<skywarper>thor_: no.. not in my case.. something seems a bit broke in my qt-thingie
22:38<Niqo>pahli_bar: recreate ringbuffer: how long does that take (have you meassures with anything other than you wrist watch (which is removed for the moment))?
22:38<pahli_bar>Niqo: nope. never timed it
22:39<McQuaid>hmm, i don't seem to have a man page for mythtv, where is a listing of the default keys?
22:39<pahli_bar>McQuaid: keys.txt
22:39<Niqo>phali_bar: running live tv - we are already in livetv, remember, all that needs to be done is figure out if the new channel is different from the prev.
22:40<pahli_bar>Niqo: yes... but consider a scenario: in the preview mode, you changed channels from 1 (current) to 2 and back to 1 (lost all your paused stuff)
22:41<pahli_bar>anyone own a tivo/replaytv. how is the channel changing speed in them?
22:41<Niqo>phali_bar: this would be a user configurable option, so that every users choice is his
22:42<aceat64>ok, can some point me to a help doc on how to setup a frontend only system?
22:42<McQuaid>hmm, i can't find keys.txt
22:43<Niqo>i've got a 'commercial grade' nokia tuner for satellite and we are matching that channelchange (based on feel, not excact time), even though we make a ringbuffer, and the nokia does not
22:43<pahli_bar>aceat64: the same docs. except don't do the mythbackend specific stuff. remember to run setup though.
22:44<pahli_bar>Niqo: even with a user configurable option, i don't see how you can avoid above mentioned problem (unless you have more than one card)
22:45<Niqo>pahli_bar: we are talking about the epg right? if the user choose to not enable the feature, it would be like it is today...
22:46<pahli_bar>Niqo: option overload maybe.
22:46<pahli_bar>ah well. i never looked very seriously at the code. so all arguments are just hand-waving
22:47<Niqo>me neither, just tossed my oppinions out in the air.....
22:47+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
22:47=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:47kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
22:49<McQuaid>roughly how much time of live tv do u get per gig?
22:49<pahli_bar>McQuaid: depends. bttv/pvr card?
22:50<pahli_bar>for my pvr250 its about 2.2 G per hour
22:50<Niqo>i have about 1/gb (very rounded though) from an dvb-s (satellite card, pre encoded by provider)...
22:51<pahli_bar>McQuaid: with bttv its very dependent on the quality and resolution.
22:52<pahli_bar>i have managed to use up about 4 G/hr at some setting with my old bttv
22:52<McQuaid>i noticed alot of the default resolutions are 480x480, is that for svcd?
22:52<Niqo>sorry, meant 2gb / hour
22:52<Teflon->wheee orkut is fun.
22:53<pahli_bar>Teflon-: mame?
22:54<Niqo>oh THAT STUFF?
22:54<pahli_bar>its google associated right?
22:54<Teflon->yep.. the invite only thing.
22:55<Teflon->was /.ed a day or two ago
22:55<pahli_bar>google /.ed. tch. tch...
22:55<Niqo>Teflon: how is this mythtv related?
22:55<Teflon->its not.
23:01<McQuaid>about the preview window i was asking about in the guide. couldn't in actually use the live feed instead of the recording to avoid the 2 sec delay?
23:10=McQuaid [] quit ("Client exiting")
23:12<aceat64>'No XvMC found' what does this mean?
23:17=aceat64 [] quit ("Leaving")
23:17+McQuaid [] joined #mythtv
23:18<McQuaid>ok i thought it was a lag issue with audio, but really i'm just getting audio from the live feed not what's recorded
23:18<McQuaid>for ex. when i rewind 30secs, the audio keeps playing from what's happening live
23:19<pahli_bar>McQuaid: read the docs
23:19<thor_>for the love of GOD!! mute your line in and set it as the recording source
23:20<McQuaid>ok that worked
23:20<McQuaid>heh sorry man, i'm catching on
23:21-kc135 [] left #mythtv ()
23:21<McQuaid>now i really wish my bttv remote was supported by lirc
23:21<pahli_bar>wrong place to catch on. print the manual. keep it by your side.
23:22<thor_>just that we went through this right here about 4 hours ago
23:22<McQuaid>i hear ya
23:22+aceat64 [] joined #mythtv
23:22<pahli_bar>and there is #mythtv-users for such kind of questions.
23:22<aceat64>hmm, that didn't work
23:23<ChaosExiguum>pahli_bar, is that #mythtv-users documented anywhere?
23:24<pahli_bar>ChaosExiguum: not really. i asked the channel ops to advertise the channel on the mailing lists. dunno if they have done it
23:25<ChaosExiguum>ahh, that would explain why I hadn't seen it before, its a good idea though
23:26<pahli_bar>the current policy here seems to be: ask a few stupid questions. Chutt eats your head off. slink away to the mailing lists/#mythtv-users
23:27=aceat64 [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:28<ChaosExiguum>I love it when chutt & thor start acting like noobs when someone asks them a dumb quesition :o)
23:29<McQuaid>ok this program is amazing
23:30<McQuaid>i'm glad you can use irregular reses like 320x480 to have full frame but save on some space
23:33+kvandivo [] joined #mythtv
23:33+aceat64 [] joined #mythtv
23:34<aceat64>oh, do I need to have a dir called /mnt/store that is connected to the /mnt/store on my master-backend in order to watch shows?
23:35=_rkulagow [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:35+_rkulagow [] joined #mythtv
23:36=shamoun [] quit (Connection timed out)
23:42<Niqo>aceat64: nope, as long as the master backend has access to a recording it will try to stream it, if not it's up to the slaves...
23:42<aceat64>hmm, then I don't know what's wrong
23:44<aceat64>2004-01-24 22:43:46 Opening OSS audio device '/dev/dsp'.
23:44<aceat64>No XvMC found
23:44<aceat64>2004-01-24 22:43:46 Changing from None to WatchingRecording
23:44<aceat64>that's the error I keep getting when I try to view anyting
23:44<Niqo>the master backend needs access to the directory structure which the slave records at: ie; master backend records at /mnt/store; and slave records at /mnt/slave; you need to mount m
23:45<aceat64>the slave in this case is a frontend only
23:45<Niqo>is there a slave at all?
23:45<aceat64>I guess not, it's more like a client
23:45<Niqo>ie is there a cap. card in the frontend
23:46<Niqo>so this frontend connect's to the backend and receives this message, yes?
23:46<aceat64>I can connect to the server fine and the go through menus, I can even watch the video preview of the show, but when I try to watch it it crashes
23:47<aceat64>so it has to be a video error on my end right? since I can see the video preview
23:47<Niqo>what version of mythtv?
23:47<Niqo>what display card?
23:48<aceat64>NVidia GeForce 3 AGP
23:49<Niqo>have you compiled mythtv for yourself? (if so, edit the file, and comment (put a # in front of the lines) that mention anything about xvmc)
23:49<rOOfus>i read somewhere that knoppix myth install only works for intel based systems, is this true?
23:49<rOOfus>or does it work fine with athlon as well>
23:49<McQuaid>ok my last question regarding the buffer, let's say i have 2 gigs free and leave it on the same channel while viewing, does it let it fill or purge the buffer when disc is getting close to full?
23:50<aceat64>knoppix has myth on it?
23:50<Niqo>is'nt athlon a intel based system?
23:50<rOOfus>well i mean an intel chip as opposed to an amd chip
23:51<pahli_bar>rOOfus: highly unlikely
23:51<Niqo> <Niqo> is'nt athlon a intel based system?
23:51<pahli_bar>rOOfus: only way it can happen is knoppmyth compiled with pentium 4 optimizations (and thats not likely)
23:51+pmowry [] joined #mythtv
23:52<rOOfus>i heard it was sompiled with all the pentium pro stuff as opposed to i586
23:52<rOOfus>so things need to be re-sonfigured
23:52<Niqo>what's different from pentium4 to athlon (when compiling)?
23:52<rOOfus>but not sure if that was an old post
23:52<pahli_bar>rOOfus: pentium pro is i586
23:52<pahli_bar>Niqo: pentium4 has sse2 (not in athlon).
23:52<rOOfus>differnt optimizations i guess, but maybe i read a post from someone as clueless as me
23:53<pahli_bar>Niqo: so if you have optimizaions for sse2 you "might" run into problems
23:53<Niqo>phali_bar: is sse2 enabled in mythtv?
23:53<pahli_bar>Niqo: no. only optimization is mmx opt (inside myth)
23:53<pahli_bar>Niqo: rest is compilation dependent
23:54<Niqo>so, 99% chance it'll work then
23:54<Niqo>unless: -sse2 -fpmath=see
23:55<pahli_bar>i'm going to bet that knoppmyth will work without any problems on athlon based system
23:55<pahli_bar>Niqo: only gentoo people come up with optimizations like that :)
23:56<rOOfus>well i am going to try my hand with the knoppix install when i do it
23:56<rOOfus>cuz i am clueless with with linux, so the easier the install the better
23:56<Niqo>ectually not gentoo by origin, but that is what i use now, used to build by lfs ;)
23:56<pahli_bar>heh. even worse :)
23:57<Niqo>watch out, we find bugs you'll never know existed
23:57<rOOfus>is there a site that shows how to hook a myth box to the low speed data port on a dss receiver?
23:57*pahli_bar never had the patience to wait for compilations to finish
23:57*Niqo has a dual athlon mp 2.4k+
23:58<rOOfus>eh, google, never mind
23:58*pahli_bar feels ashamed with his dual athlon mp 1.9k+
23:58<aceat64>I'm an idiot
23:58<pmowry>Not to start a flame war, but since I use RH9, should I try a completely new distro like gentoo, or move to fidora? I typically install from CVS most apps Iwant to play with.
23:59<aceat64>when I installed mythfrontend (gentoo ebuild) I had the USE flag 'nvidia' which told it to use the XvMC code, which doesn't work for me
23:59<pahli_bar>event with these fast systems, g++ is terribly slow
23:59<aceat64>so I have to recompile it all =(
23:59<pahli_bar>aceat64: XvMC code is still a bit flaky.
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