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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-01-25

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00:00<pahli_bar>aceat64: i don't use it. read it on the dev list that the developer (Chutt?) is not maintaining it anymore
00:00<Niqo>aceat64: because gentoo is still for the one which looks around himself
00:01<pahli_bar>pmowry: its like asking: should a wear the red jacket or the blue one!
00:01<Niqo>phali_bar: he wrote it for the users, shouldn't anyone be satisfied then?
00:01<pahli_bar>Niqo: ??
00:02<Niqo>phali_bar: nobody cares!
00:03<pahli_bar>Niqo: at least i don't
00:03<Niqo>ie: no-one's caring enough to fix it... (he wrote the main code...)...
00:03<pahli_bar>Niqo: ahh.
00:04<Niqo>and he's not even using it himself, so...
00:04<pahli_bar>Niqo: thats what ive heard
00:05<Niqo>i belive Chutt (Isaac) has a mini-itx (epia m10k)
00:06<Niqo>i bet there is plenty of features for the one that cares to fix xvmc though (clearer picture)
00:07<Niqo>because, the decoding would not be in the libavcodec anymore, but the nvidia chip (or intel) and that's got to be an enhancement
00:09<aceat64>aww mythnews doesn't allow viewing the whole story?
00:09<pahli_bar>aceat64: rss feeds only have so much info
00:09<pahli_bar>aceat64: what you are seeing is all the info it can get
00:11<ChaosExiguum>OT: opportunity landed OK
00:12<thor_>the little green men are just waiting for dark
00:15<aceat64>little green men? they're blue, it's just that the camera's colors are off
00:22<skywarper>is there anyway to change the installation directory?
00:22<skywarper>s/anyway/any way/
00:22<pahli_bar>skywarper: look at
00:23<skywarper>ah, thnx!
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00:27<Niqo>so Chutt is actually playing with his laptop still :) he has never (at least to my knowledge) been out of this channel for this long..
00:28<Niqo>he dropped in very late yesterday though (very early here)
00:29*DiMaestro beats his head onto his deask.
00:29<DiMaestro>excuse me, I just figured out something that's been bugging me for a while, and I feel my 'tard level increased by 3.
00:29<pahli_bar>amazing... some comparisons for loading a 1600x1200 jpeg image: imagemagick 0.216558s, qimage 0.183069s, imlib2 0.005131s
00:29*Niqo wonders if DiMaestro has problems inside or outside his head
00:29<DiMaestro>Both. :)
00:30<DiMaestro>I'm just installing KnoppMyth on my sk41G w/ pvr-250 and didn't have any mpeg audio.. turns out it was muted.
00:31*Niqo thinks that would be related to inside...hehe
00:31<DiMaestro>yea, the vast empty spaces inside. :)
00:31<Niqo>why not just chop it of, ja?
00:31<DiMaestro>That would help those issues, but I fear other problems would crop up because of that.
00:32<Niqo>aha, det ville vert ille
00:32<Niqo>ups: aha, that would be bad
00:32<DiMaestro>haha, thanks. :)
00:33<DiMaestro>now just to figure our LIRC config.
00:35*Niqo wonders how one would go forth to reboot a mind (I want to do that, sad, but true)?
00:36<DiMaestro>soft or hard reboot?
00:37<Niqo>hard, but soft would do if it would work..
00:38<DiMaestro>damnit, it loses the testio_ctl mute setting on reboot.
00:38<skywarper>hard reboot probably would involve some highvoltage electronics
00:39<skywarper>that means, do not try at home
00:39<Niqo>that has nothing to do with my mind reboot, //kick DIMeaestro ;)
00:39<DiMaestro>sorry. :)
00:39<DiMaestro>Yea, good voltage should init a reboot process, but it may harm the filesystem.
00:40<skywarper>that's not a problem if you have a backup
00:40<Niqo>good sugesstion at least, and even considering the consequences
00:40<skywarper>you should always have a backup anyway
00:40<Niqo>how to recover from a failure
00:41<Niqo>when the main cpu won't actuall y work
00:42<skywarper>how much would you pay for a pvr-250 card?
00:42<DiMaestro>I paid 139 USD.
00:46<pahli_bar>skywarper: are you planning on buying retail?
00:46<skywarper>hmm.. i found a used one for 60 euro
00:47<skywarper>but i'm not sure what model it is.. he's not sure either
00:47<pahli_bar>skywarper: ebay usually has them cheaper...
00:47<skywarper>it has a remote and scart-thing
00:48<skywarper>it has FM too, can it be a PVR-350?
00:50<DiMaestro>time to sleep, g'nite all.
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00:50<Niqo>skywarper: you should avoid buying used equipent (at least in my country) {, love to hear about rules in yours}?
00:50<skywarper>digood night
00:51<skywarper>Niqo: why, you mean it might be stolen?
00:51<pahli_bar>Niqo: what county would that be
00:52<skywarper>i've gotta go, bye
00:54<Niqo>skywarper: no, it might be that when you pay for the packet at the post office, it does not contain what was intented at all...
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00:55<Niqo>offcourse this abuse is traceable in our country, it makes the customer go through a lot of legal procedures
00:55<michal>i thought i'd give it another go before i returned the keyboard.. does anyone here know if it's possible to get an ir keyboard working at the linux console via lirc?
00:56<pahli_bar>michal: usb receiver?
00:56<thor_>ir keyboards really suck (line of sight)
00:56<michal>via lirc though
00:56<Niqo>thor_: agree
00:56<pahli_bar>michal: then it should work as a normal keyboard. (lirc not needed/won't work)
00:57<michal>better than no keyboard at all
00:57<ChaosExiguum>rf keyboards really suck (in my house) rf interference
00:57<michal>it can ONLY work via lirc.. unless i write new drivers for it (which i won't)
00:57<pahli_bar>michal: where did you get that info?
00:57<Niqo>michal: na, get a real remote
00:58<Niqo>ChaosE.: ?? like interference from what?
00:58<michal>so there's no way to get lirc to repeat keys to the linux console?
00:59<michal>i have 8 real remotes
00:59<michal>i don't like any of them
00:59<michal>i keep buying them but i can't find anything decent
00:59<ChaosExiguum>Niqo, I dont know, but I'm always having to hold the KB at odd angles or move closer or pick a new frequency to make it work happy
00:59<michal>pahli_bar: which info?
00:59<Niqo>michal: lirc sucks bigtime on repeating (my ati remote wonder sends 5 codes, and then repeats by sending x amount but lirc,, not)
00:59<pahli_bar>michal: that the keyboard will work only with lirc
01:00<michal>well i have the same problem with the remote i currently use
01:00<michal>a Loewe one
01:00<michal>the mode i use to control the pvr sends an nec code but then sends rc5 codes on repeat :/
01:01<michal>pahli_bar: because the usb transceiver only supports lirc
01:02<Niqo>ChaosE. : that might be because of range as I have the same issue here (although i did not with my prev keyboard/mouse setup (this is for my desktop so i don't care much, but it might be that there was to much 'hacking' hoing on with the old ranges))
01:02<michal>the problem is it would be pointless to have the ir keyboard if i can only use the tv controls on it and not the other keys
01:04<michal>so.. anyone know of any way to repeat lirc keys to the linux console?
01:04<michal>or any way of emulating a keyboard via lirc at all
01:04<ChaosExiguum>Niqo, I figured much the same thing.. if I am close enough (3-5ft) they keyboards signal is strong enough to get past, so its works okay
01:05*Niqo thinks it's very cool that you (US) have landed successfully on mars for the second time!
01:05*ChaosExiguum wishes he had NASA TV
01:06*Niqo thinks that beagle should have made it (bah)
01:06<pahli_bar>michal: irpty?
01:07<Niqo>Chaos E. : yea, that's the ditance, strangely, it seems overcencitive to angle changes...
01:07<michal>pahli_bar: hmm.. havn't heard of that yet
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01:08<Niqo>michal: can't you configure the board to emit different key events?
01:10<michal>Niqo: what do you mean? i can't configure the keyboard to do anything at all.. i can use the irtrans transceiver to capture the signals it sends and assign lirc button names to those.. and that's all i can do
01:11<pahli_bar>if you follow Niqo's suggestion and fully map all the keys to keyevents, you can use it under X11 with irxevent
01:12<michal>how do you map lirc events to keyevents?
01:12<pahli_bar>michal: just like you did for myth
01:13*Niqo Everyone should remember that; Everything is possible; what matters is how fast the penguin can walk!
01:13<michal>i don't actually use myth.. but i use another pvr app that uses lirc
01:13<pahli_bar>throw michal out :)
01:14<pahli_bar>what is this general purpose support channel.
01:14<michal>this is the only channel on the planet that knows anything about it
01:15<pahli_bar>whatever. read the docs for irxevent, you will find the answers there
01:15<michal>well i don't run X on the box so i don't know if it will be helpful :/
01:16<Niqo>switch to mythtv, and enable native lirc support
01:16<michal>or is the X nothing to do with X11 ?
01:16<michal>mythtv doesn't support my hardware
01:16<Niqo>does lirc support your hardware?
01:17<pahli_bar>michal: you know that there is and they have mailing lists there?
01:17<michal>lirc isn't directly involved.. only lirc clients are :/
01:17<michal>the lirc server is provided by the irtrans device
01:17<Niqo>:that's called politics
01:18<michal>the lirc mailing lists are utterly useless.. still waiting for a response to soomething i asked about a year ago
01:18<Niqo> <Niqo> does lirc support your hardware?
01:18<michal>i already answered that question
01:18*pahli_bar is going to emulate the same here
01:19<Niqo>Is this the answer??: <michal> lirc isn't directly involved.. only lirc clients are :/
01:19<michal>yes. i don't use the lirc server
01:19<michal>or lirc config files
01:20<michal>i can however use lirc clients
01:20<michal>including the ones that come with lirc
01:20<Niqo>bull, lirc is a lirc daemon...anything else is called hacking (which I enjoy)
01:20<Niqo>the core of lirc that is
01:20<michal>like i said..
01:21<michal>i don't use the daemon
01:21<michal>something OTHER than lirc provides the daemon
01:22<michal>"To integrate IR Trans into existing environments the server software supports LIRC Clients"
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01:23*Niqo browsed...
01:24*Niqo ...but the page was unclear, so he didn't bother
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01:25<michal>nothing unclear there.. it's clearly spelled out in English (and German)
01:25<ChaosExiguum>Niqo, the jist of it is that it pretends to be the lirc daemon
01:25<michal>isn't it gist?
01:25<michal>but that is the gist yes
01:25<Niqo>yea, tell me how to use the dvb-s card of in less than 5min?
01:26<michal>download the drivers
01:26<michal>compile them
01:26<michal>load them
01:26<michal>use scan to generate a channels conf file
01:26<Niqo>and it won't wokr
01:26<michal>works for me
01:27*pahli_bar suggests the same for michal for his keyboard problem
01:27<Niqo>irw; is a program that is used for testing if the lircd daemon works
01:27<michal>i'm just wondering what this has to do with either your problem or mine :/
01:28<Niqo>so, since that program emulates the daemon, it has to work
01:28<michal>but how does irw come into the picture? it doesn't actually do anything useful
01:28<Niqo>that program beeing the messy url you directed me to
01:29<michal>irw - sends data from Unix domain socket to stdout
01:29<michal>why would i want to send data to stdout?
01:29<Niqo>irw outputs anything that is received from the lircd daemon
01:30<michal>but how do i turn that into input for a linux console?
01:30<Niqo>arg, run ./irw and you'll see
01:30<Niqo>if it works that is
01:30<michal>ie.. how do i get irkbd_l followed by irkbd_s followed by irkbd_return to generate ls on the console followed by a carriage return
01:30<michal>and the resulting listing
01:31<michal>i KNOW the lirc daemon emulation works.. i've been using it for months
01:32<ChaosExiguum>michal, you could write a program to do just that
01:32<Niqo>if you know the lirc source, you should have figured this out by now (I did with my ati remote, a bug in the source)
01:32<michal>in theory i could.. but in practice i doubt it could do it in the time i could allocate to it.. there would be a lot of reading about how keyboard input under linux works necessary first
01:33<Niqo>hu? just watch and learn
01:33<ChaosExiguum>you may be able to hack up one of the existing input drivers rather quickly, I dont know for sure though
01:33<Niqo>you have some cells working right?
01:33<michal>i don't know the lirc source because i've had no need to.. but if i knew how to write a program that could echo keypresses to linux then i'd be almost all of the way there
01:34<Niqo>that's what the debugging options in lirc is fore
01:34<michal>even a program that could do essentially "keypress l" and send that eypress to the console as if it were a real keypress would solve all my problems
01:34<pahli_bar>michal: i suggest that instread of wasting your time here... get going with it
01:35<Niqo><Niqo> that's what the debugging options in lirc is for
01:36<michal>well at this stage it doesn't look like i'll even have the time to start.. today is almost over, tommorow is out, and tuesday is the last chance for me to return the keyboard if i need to.. so i won't take a $100 risk on what i will very likely never have the time to do (it took me 2 monehts to find the time to teach my system the keys on the remote)
01:36<michal>considering that ii don't use lirc the debugging options in lirc don't really interest me
01:36<Niqo><Niqo> that's what the debugging options in lirc is for
01:37<michal>and a ferrari is a great car.. but what has that got to do with this?
01:37<Niqo>you really dont care to listen, just nag!!!!
01:37<Niqo><Niqo> that's what the debugging options in lirc is for
01:38<michal>what are the lirc debugging options for? debugging programs which are NOT lirc?
01:38<Niqo>what is linux for: the community; everyone contributes, if you don't care to do that, fine, bye
01:38<Niqo><Niqo> that's what the debugging options in lirc is for
01:38<michal>don't be a tool. repeating something stupid doesn't make it intelligent.
01:38<Niqo><Niqo> that's what the debugging options in lirc is for
01:39<pahli_bar>michal: get the hint and leave...
01:39<Niqo><Niqo> that's what the debugging options in lirc is for
01:39<michal>i'm quite happy with having the retard repeat himself
01:39<Niqo><Niqo> that's what the debugging options in lirc is for
01:40<ChaosExiguum>michal, #mythtv is not a freebie support channel, remember that you are lucky to get any help considering you are not using mythtv even
01:41<pahli_bar>its not even a user support channel. its "supposed" to be a dev channel
01:41<michal>ChaosExiguum: doesn't mean i have to put up with retards who repeat something juvenile despite having the reasons it's not relevant explained to them in a civilised manner
01:42*Niqo ; Yay, NASA put it's second probe safely...
01:42<Niqo>who had the bot control again? either me or him
01:43*Niqo ; nice wokr
01:43*Niqo ; to bad our beagle got cratered ;)
01:48<ChaosExiguum>its bed time here in EST zone (1am-ish), goodnight
01:49aceat64is now known as aceat64`away
01:50<michal>ugh.. i think i had better give up on the keyboard anyway.. the signals it sends aren't consistent and change totally depending on how long the keys are pressed.. problem solved :/
01:51<Niqo>bah, that sucks
01:51<michal>amusingly enough it's designed for a set top box which runs linux :/
01:52<Niqo>actually, I care with out, but yet again, not...if you see me...I where kinda rude...
01:53<michal>you were also rude screaming about lirc debug options whne i wasn't even running lirc
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01:54<michal>anyway.. the keyboard is for this thing..
01:54<Niqo>then again, you where actually advertising very well that lirc was a part of it at least
01:54<Zman>Anyone get their PVR 350 and TV out working I am having a hell of a time...
01:54<michal>no. not a part.. it simple emulated the server part so that it eas transparent to lirc clientds
01:56<Zman>can any one offer any suggestions?
01:56<Niqo>Zman: try one of these: ---
01:56<pahli_bar>Zman: i suggest an apple in the morning.
01:57<Zman>Thanks I believe I have tried those sites.. I can partially get it working except the menu is on the PC and when viewing a recorded video that will show up on my tv
01:57<Zman>I am partly there but can not figure out what else needs to be done..
01:59<Niqo>did you try my urls?
02:00<Niqo>sorry, michal: i can't figure it out
02:00<Zman>I am marking them down Niqo some of them look familar, but will go through them and see if they shed some light
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02:06<ShockValue>hey all.. is /dev/lirc supposed to be a directory? seems to be messin up my lirc experience.
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02:12<pigeon>hmm, this might sound dumb, but how do i stop a recording?
02:12<pigeon>stopping a recording started with instant recording option.
02:16<Niqo>go to the tv/guide screen and press 'I' and select 'stop recording'
02:16<pahli_bar>or just delete the recording
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02:18<pigeon>there isn't a 'stop recording' when i press i
02:18<Niqo>then it have not started recording...
02:19<pigeon>but it is still recording...
02:19<Niqo>you should press i on the show that's recording..
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02:20<pigeon>hmm, the status is not "Not Recording" for that slot, but the backend is still recording it.
02:22<Niqo>hm, wiered, could you provide a backtrace?
02:22<Niqo>the backend
02:23<pigeon>hmm, gdb it now you mean?
02:23<Niqo>would mess up your recording..but..
02:23<pigeon>it's ok.
02:23<Niqo>yea, gdb <pid>
02:24<Niqo>and then it says it has terminated (or so the tasj)
02:24<pigeon>hmm there are quite a lot of threads...
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02:25<ShockValue>i figgered it out. kernel 2.6 makes it /dev/lirc/lirc0
02:25<Niqo>do a: 'thread apply all bt full', and post a detailed description to mythtv-dev
02:26<Niqo>just to have all bases covered
02:26<pigeon>and what in particular I should be looking for in the trace?
02:26<pigeon>16 threads i have here
02:26<Niqo>dunno really, i have not seen it yet ;)
02:27<Niqo>yea,sounds somewhat right
02:27<Niqo>(much ay)
02:28<pigeon>hmm according to the recorded table, its end time is coming soon.
02:28<pigeon>instant recording by default records one hour?
02:30<Niqo>instant recording should record the current program
02:31<pigeon>and will never stop?
02:32<pigeon>what about if i stop the backend now
02:33<pigeon>that seems to stop the recording.
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02:38<pigeon>hmm, there isn't a way to toggle mythtv to not playback live tv from the buffer right?
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02:39<pahli_bar>pigeon: no
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02:44<pigeon>hmm one more question. is there a way to transcode/save what's in the live tv buffer into a recording?
02:44<Niqo>THIS NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED BEFORE RELEASE: After about an hour of watching LiveTV, there is some skipping/pausing. (mail for detailed info)
02:46<Niqo>pigeon: like when you are watching livetv and would have wanted to record the show that's in the buffer by pressing 'r', no, but i've thought about implementing it
02:47<pigeon>that's good.
02:47<pigeon>i was trying to record this tv ad.
02:47<pigeon>and i wasn't recording it.
02:47<pigeon>and it's just shown on tv.
02:47<pigeon>and it was still in the livetv buffer.
02:48<Niqo>you could go to the epg with 'm' and then press 'r' to record from now I think
02:49<Niqo>yea, would have been nice to at least be able to save the buffer...
02:50<Niqo>kinda, press 'r' and get a 'edit bar' (as the commercial one, if you've seen it), and edit roughly where you could record from
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03:11<ShockValue>ok, this is my first try at lirc+myth.. im getting the following error:
03:11<ShockValue>mythtv: could not connect to socket
03:11<ShockValue>mythtv: Permission denied
03:11<ShockValue>Failed to create lirc socket for mythtv
03:11<ShockValue>any pointers?
03:15+hfb [] joined #mythtv
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03:26<mdz>reading the error messages would be a good start
03:41<DogBoy>anybody know why after a hard drive install that groovy mozilla icon turns into an "m" sooner or later?
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03:57<ShockValue>mythtv + lirc: works fine as root. "failed to create socket" when run as user. Im assuming tis a permission thing.. but im not sure where.. (/dev/lirc/lirc0 is 777 as a test, no good)
03:57<ShockValue>any suggestions?
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04:54<tetra>hello all
04:54<tetra>somebody please help me
04:54<tetra>I've been pulling my hair for three days now trying to get mythtv's mythfilldatabase --manual to work
04:56<tetra>the thing just freezes after getting listings, it finds the first channel, and freezes after it has displayed ### tvformat = then nothing has happened
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05:16<dmitry>anyone alive in here?
05:19<tetra>i am, that i know of
05:21<dmitry>i see
05:21<dmitry>ok im going to sleep
05:22<dmitry>brain no fucntion
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05:30<tetra>I've been pulling my hair for three days now trying to get mythtv's mythfilldatabase --manual to work
05:30<tetra>the thing just freezes after getting listings, it finds the first channel, and freezes after it has displayed ### tvformat = then nothing has happened
05:30<tetra>can anyone help me, please?
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05:53<tetra>can anyone help me, please?
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06:07<tetra>anybody please, this is driving me crazy
06:12+choenig [] joined #mythtv
06:58<ceed>can you recommend any cards next to the hauppauge wintv pvr?
06:58<ceed>tetra: it doesn't freeze, it expects input
07:01<tetra>ceed, it won't go past even if i enter something
07:03<tetra>it worked before with mythtv 0.12, but since my filesystem crash, i installed a fresh system with mythtv-0.13, now it won't work
07:03<tetra>here's the output:
07:03<tetra>getting list of channels: ##################################################
07:03<tetra>getting listings: ##################################################
07:03<tetra>------------------ End of XMLTV output ------------------
07:03<tetra>### New channel found
07:03<tetra>### name = TV 1
07:03<tetra>### callsign =
07:04<tetra>### channum =
07:04<tetra>### finetune =
07:04<tetra>### tvformat =
07:04<tetra>nothing happens if I enter something in there
07:04<StuartL>tetra: Can you keep large pastes off channel please?
07:04<tetra>StuartL, sure, sorry about that
07:04<StuartL>np :)
07:05<tetra>I just thought that would explain better than my poor english
07:06<StuartL>Have you run strace on it to see where it's stopping?
07:07=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
07:07<StuartL>You'll need a fair idea about *nix programming to understand the output...
07:12<ceed>humm now i run into a problem myself
07:12<ceed>Xlib: connection to ":0.0" refused by server
07:12<ceed>Xlib: No protocol specified
07:13<ceed>when i try to switch a channel
07:13<ceed>that's from the mythbackend
07:18<tetra>oh crap
07:18<tetra>how do i use mythfilldatabase with --xawchannels ? what is cardinput?
07:22+sfr [] joined #mythtv
07:36+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
07:36=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
07:36kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
07:37<ceed>tetra: do you know sql?
07:38<tetra>ceed, very little
07:38<ceed>use mythconverg;
07:38<ceed>select sourceid from cardinput;
07:38<tetra>lol, that was easy
07:58<ceed>humm, x11 doesn't consume all the available space of the tv screen
07:58<ceed>how can i stretch the area the x11 server uses ?
08:08<tetra>sounds like you don't have Xvideo extension working
08:08<tetra>I'm not sure though
08:12+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
08:38<ceed>channel switching is giving me headaches
08:38+media__ [] joined #mythtv
08:46=media_ [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:52<ceed>any developer here? i run into some serious problems hehe
08:53<ceed>well no need for a developer probably
08:55=Justin_ [] quit (Connection timed out)
08:55=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
08:58<ceed>alright this is really strange, channel switching really is giving me a headache, as i said, i set cardinput.externalcommand to /usr/bin/, which looks like that:
08:58<ceed>echo $0 $1 >> /tmp/changechannel
08:58<ceed>/usr/bin/v4lctl setchannel $1
08:59<ceed>actually it's, but nevermind
08:59<ceed>so when i try to switch a channel, the correct channel is shown in /tmp/changechannel, but the channel simply won't change
09:00<ceed>when i just copy & paste the last line of /tmp/changechannel, and execute it, it bloody changes the channel
09:00<ceed>i'm not getting this, some permission problem?
09:00<skywarper>are you sure you should use the second argument?
09:01<ceed>yes, $0 is the executable
09:01<ceed>the script being called
09:01<ceed>here is an example of /tmp/changechannel
09:01<ceed>/usr/bin/ SE16
09:01<ceed>/usr/bin/ E2
09:01<ceed>/usr/bin/ E10
09:02<ceed>and now when i just copy & paste one of those lines, and execute it, the channel is changed
09:03<skywarper>ah ok
09:04<skywarper>seems strange
09:23<ceed>yes, that's a strange problem, indeed
09:24<tetra>arghhh, fsck. now mythtv complaints about unknown codec, what the hell is going on?
09:49+Justin_ [] joined #mythtv
09:57<tetra>well what do you know, i installed mythtv-0.12 and everything works like a charm mythtv-0.13 is buggybuggybuggy
09:58+racer [] joined #mythtv
10:05<Peit|Home>anyonw here got the hauppauge remote working for a pvr-350?
10:12+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
10:31+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
10:31=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
10:31kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
10:34+gerhard [] joined #mythtv
10:34<ceed>oh well, i posted my problem on mythtv-users
10:34<ceed>let's see
10:39<gerhard>hi all, I need some help with mythgames. where do i find the games
10:44<skywarper>hehe :)
10:48=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:02+servo [] joined #mythtv
11:03<servo>well I fudged up mythtv last night *sigh*. I though I would experiment by running mjpeg instead of standard v4l; which didn't work... So I set the changes back but mythtv didn't like that so I got that horrible fuzzy pictre again *sigh*. So now i'm following the same steps as before; killing off my database; and starting a fresh one :-)
11:04<servo>but xmltv is slow :-(...
11:11<Peit|Home>mysqldump is your friend :)
11:12+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
11:12<ceed>yeah after setting up my channel table for a couple of times i started dumping it, too
11:12<servo>good idea Peit! I'll just back up the database! whoot
11:13<servo>that'll save me a load of time
11:13<ceed>why is it always me with the strange problems?
11:17<servo>I'm getting the strange problems also :-(
11:17<servo>but im still fighting
11:18<servo>it seems to me that their is some bug with how the database is updated and how the backend read data... For example I changed from v4l to mjpeg; it didn't work so I changed back to mjpeg and v4l as it was normaly and it didn't come back to normal as it was suppose to =-(.
11:19<servo>I restarted mysqld, the backend and frontend. It still didn't change
11:20+pmowry [] joined #mythtv
11:21<Matt>just thinking, is there any plan to integrate a screensaver in the menusystem?
11:21=Captain_Murdoch [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:22<servo>would that be needed? If you use mythtv as a tv; then when your done watching it you could just turn off the tv.
11:22<servo>then again; doesn't the normal linux screensaver over draw on mythtv?
11:23<Peit|Home>hmm myth on one box is showing the channel ames in the epg, the other isn't
11:24<Matt>servo, just in case you're not watching, and forget to turn the tv off
11:24<pmowry>but is xscreensaver "TV aware"? dont want it to blank out in the middle of a game.
11:24<Matt>and the normal screensaver would happily draw overeverything
11:25<Matt>just noticed my DVD player has a screensaver when it's sat at the main screen
11:25<servo>good point
11:26<servo>you could tailer a screensaver to turn on during low cpu usage?
11:26<Matt>I'm sure someone else has thought about it :&)
11:26<servo>or idle
11:26<Matt>but what if your box does other things :&)
11:26<Matt>I run mythtv on my desktop
11:27<servo>what is mythtv written in?
11:27<Matt>it shouldn't be difficult to knock up a screensaver for it, I just don't have the time to work on much
11:28<servo>so you could create something in mythtv that would start a counter when option screen it loaded; so after a certain given time it would start an x-screensaver
11:29<servo>I'll have a break off of school in a few weeks; I'll see if I can do anything :-)
11:31<pmowry>Are there any packages for mythtv on cygwin or do you have to build from CVS?
11:32<pmowry>I'mbeing lazy this morning.
11:32<Matt>if I'm going to do anything mythtv related - it's going to be something to grab uk listings from
11:38<Peit|Home>ah, Matt: have you successfully migrated to rt? i had to drop the channel db and restart it
11:40<Matt>I just tweaked the channel db by hand
11:40<Matt>all you have to update are the xmltvids
11:41<Matt>then I had to delete all the data in the program table before it'd update it properly
11:41<Matt>but it seems to be working now
11:41<Peit|Home>ah,.. i had a lot of channels missing..
11:41<Matt>I only use the normal 5 :&)
11:41<Peit|Home>heh, NTL cable here, too many channels
11:42<Peit|Home>there's a site that does rss feeds of most of their content, i don't know if anyone has gotten in contact with them
11:42<Peit|Home>are you on the xml_tv lists?
11:47<Matt>no, but I should be really
11:47<Matt>I've got ntl cable
11:47<Matt>but the pc running mythtv isn't anywhere near the cable box
11:47<Matt>you got mythtv talking to the ntl box?
11:50<servo>Unknown video codec: strange error flushing buffer ... <= this is what mythbackend prints out some times...
11:51<Peit|Home>matt yeah, got one in the loft atm, which also does inet, and one downstairs (which is where my new hush box is going)
11:52<Peit|Home> is what i use
11:52<Peit|Home>works well
11:53=virzyz [] quit (Connection timed out)
11:53<Matt>servo, followed by a video error and the frontend locking up?
11:53<ceed>is mythtv-dev only for developing or can i post problems there as well (as long as i get no results from mythtv-users) ?
11:54<Matt>peit, nice - I'll have to look into that
11:54<o_cee>ceed: dev only
11:55<servo>Matt: nah frontend nor the backend don't lock up
11:55<servo>I also get: Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost!
11:55<servo>my problem is the video output is horrible. Almost as if it's not running in ntsc
11:57<o_cee>servo: and it's not the issue on "0.13 Release Followup" ?
11:58<servo>ill give it a try
11:58<ceed>o_cee: alright
12:00<servo>it looks like it's exaclty that problem... the green line on the bottom. Though it's during normal tv viewing; and strangly enough it USE to work just fine =\ lol. Strange ;-). I'll give it a shot since I fit all the criteria
12:00<o_cee>i think we told you to try that yesterday?
12:01+ChaosExiguum [] joined #mythtv
12:02<servo>I might have missed it
12:02<servo>b/c I was in and out
12:03<servo>It says to run this: UPDATE channel SET tvformat = 'Default' WHERE tvformat = ''; | But should I run it as: UPDATE channel SET tvformat = 'Default' WHERE tvformat = 'ntsc'; ?
12:03<o_cee>it says what you should do.
12:03<o_cee>do that.
12:05<Matt>I'm gonna have to start doing something about transcoding programs I think, or at least tweaking defaults for recording
12:11<servo>0_cee: yea that worked :-) thanks a bunch
12:12+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
12:13<servo>now to work on my sound lag issue. Thor told me to mute line in and set it to capture. but I don't understand that. (I can do it) but why? By line in does that mean the channel that the tuner is on? Because I got 5 line in's ;-) so I need to know exaclty why we are muting line in (so I can mute the right one)
12:15=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
12:15<servo>ahh but from reading the documentation the audio goes through an ADC... so I must mute the line that has the tunner on it
12:16<servo>makes sense or far
12:18<o_cee>yeah, the doc is a good thing to read.
12:27<McQuaid>yeah servo mute the line in that your tuner uses
12:28<McQuaid>otherwise your hearing the live audio as well, which will seem like lag
12:28<McQuaid>but you only want to hear the audio from the recorded stream
12:29<McQuaid>for ex on my system my mobo only had 1 onboard internel connector for the cdrom, so i've daisychained my cdrom and tuner to the mobo
12:29<McQuaid>so for me it's cdrom i mute and set as the active record device.
12:30<McQuaid>but it would be nice if mythtv could mute the selected line for recording and unmute it on exit, as now lauching other apps like tvtime i have to manually unmute it again
12:33=queuetue [] quit ("Owtch!")
12:33<McQuaid>is the deinterlacing for on the fly viewing? or is it actually applied to the recorded stream
12:34+virzyz [] joined #mythtv
12:36=pmowry [] quit ("pmowry has no reason")
12:39<sfr>ceed: using v4lctl in your channel changer script suggests that your bt848 card actually has a tuner on it. then you don't need an external changelchanger script at all. mythtv controls v4l/v4l2 devices just fine.
12:39=virzyz [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
12:42<ceed>sfr: so i'll just drop externalcommand and try again?
12:42<sfr>ceed: sure
12:45<ceed>sfr: cardinput.startchan, is that using channel.freqid based on channel.channum ?
12:47<sfr>here, startchan is 3 while the freqid's are SE8 and so on
12:49<ceed>sfr: alright, it works... DOH
12:49<ceed>thanks a lot
12:50<sfr>ceed: np
12:50<ceed>posted it on the ml as well
12:55=ChaosExiguum [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:57<cbreen>anyone here build a home brew transmitter from lirc page? i'm not having much luck
12:58<mdz>anyone know the correct bttv tuner type for an ATI TV Wonder VE?
13:02+jDeGraw [] joined #mythtv
13:08+billytwowilly [~chris@] joined #mythtv
13:12<jDeGraw>Where can I find documentation on skipping commercials and using mkmovie to change nuv file? The myth site doesnt seem to tell alot.
13:13<billytwowilly>look through the mailing list archives.
13:13<billytwowilly>I think I saw it mentioned on there a couple times.
13:13<jDeGraw>Ok, Thanks very much. Ill give it a try
13:33+virsys [] joined #mythtv
13:35<sc00p>mdz, tuner type is 2, I'm pretty sure
13:35<sc00p>and it's card 64
13:36=Peit|Home [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
13:37<rOOfus>has anyone built a serial->low speed data connector here?
13:38<rOOfus>to have the computer change the dss receiver channel?
13:39+bar11 [] joined #mythtv
13:39+Peit|Home [] joined #mythtv
13:40<mdz>sc00p: thanks
13:41=nulltank [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:41<bar11>Hi, wasn't there supposed to be some kind of HW support for the cle266 (epia) mpeg decoder in mythtv 0.13 or am I mistaken?
13:44<Peit|Home>there was in cvs at some point, but i don't know what happened to it
13:45<bar11>Ok, I see.
13:46<bar11>Using gentoo (with a system compiled for the HW), the epia was just able to play back full res. mpeg2 streams. Using redhat (compiled for i368 I reckon), it's no-where close to being able to play the streams.. sux big.
13:52+nulltank [] joined #mythtv
14:10+Chutt [] joined #mythtv
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14:17=jDeGraw [] quit ("Leaving")
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14:31sbh-sleepis now known as sbh
14:32+kc135 [] joined #mythtv
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14:38+media_ [] joined #mythtv
14:47+s0be [] joined #mythtv
14:48<s0be>does the wintv-d have hardware mpeg encoding/decoding?
14:54<o_cee>don't think that card is supported under linux
14:55<o_cee>Chutt: i think i've got pretty much everything ready for you now
14:55<o_cee>need to apply the latest changes to ui.xml, that's all
14:55<o_cee>and i need to continue work on mythmusic and mythweather.. :)
14:56=media__ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:56<dmitry>hey guys.. any idea why "livetv" gives me a blank screen and causes my load to go crazy really quickly?
14:56<dmitry>i've looked at the guides/manuals and i can't see anything obvious
14:57<dmitry>and im using an older wintv with bt878
14:57<o_cee>you probably don't have your sound setup
14:58<dmitry>when livetv starts it tells me it can't open /dev/dsp, even though it's readable by mythtv user
14:58<cbreen>anyone know of an irc server channel for lirc?
14:58-s0be [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
14:58<o_cee>dmitry: fix that and you'll be happy.
14:59<o_cee>probably somehting else using /dev/dsp then
14:59<Matt>make sure something like esd or arts hasn't grabbed it
14:59<Peit|Home>does anyone know if i can tell myth to put the sound out through the system soundcard, and the video through the pvr-350
14:59<dmitry>dsp is the sound out device right?
14:59<Peit|Home>(which i believe mplayer can do)
14:59<o_cee>using the tvout of the 350 it isn't possible
15:00<dmitry>i can start xmms and hear music no problem
15:00<Peit|Home>o_cee: is that technical limitation, or is it not possible because someine hasn't coded it to do that yet?
15:01<Peit|Home>i'm guess the latter if mplayer can aparently done it
15:02+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
15:02<rOOfus>what is a good vid capture/encoder card to get if you dont need a tuner?
15:02<rOOfus>is the pvr-350 still the way to go?
15:03<o_cee>Peit|Home: the decoder also decodes the audio and puts it out the same output, simple as that
15:03-kc135 [] left #mythtv ()
15:03<Peit|Home>o_cee: the pvr-350 decoder i assume you mean,
15:05<yebyen>anyone use an all-in-wonder? the radeon 7500 aiw, in particular
15:07<rOOfus>so any ideas on a non tuner capture card to use?
15:09<o_cee>you guys could also go to #mythtv-users and discuss these kind of things, so we'll keep this channel for the developers, like it's supposed to.
15:10<Peit|Home>o_cee: you might want to put that in the topic, i wasn't aware there was a user and a dev channel
15:11<o_cee>well, it's not really official.. but this is a dev channel, or should be at least
15:16<drd->why does the settings table have a key for hostname instead of ip# :/
15:17<bar11>dmitry, do you have a sound daemon running? that thing has bitten many conceting dsp being "locked".
15:17<o_cee>there's alot written about that in the docs, just look there.
15:20=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
15:24<dmitry>bar11: i dont have esd or anything running. i can start xmms and get sound,.. /dev/dsp* has the right permissions..this is something trivial but i can't figure out what
15:24<o_cee>dmitry: fuser /dev/dsp
15:25<dmitry>it doesn't return anything
15:25<o_cee>fuser -f /dev/dsp even i htink
15:25<o_cee>using alsa?
15:25<dmitry>no such option
15:25<dmitry>negative, OSS
15:25<o_cee>look at the docs, it's described there
15:25<dmitry>what is?
15:26<dmitry>alsa or "-f"?
15:26<o_cee>the -f thingie
15:27<dmitry>what am i looking for? there's nothing useful in man fuser
15:27<o_cee># fuser -v /dev/dsp
15:27<dmitry>yup, still getting nothing
15:28<dmitry>start xmms, then do fuser, then i get some output
15:30<dmitry>should i give up on OSS and try Alsa instead?
15:30<o_cee>your choice
15:31<dmitry>well oss isn't working for some reason :]
15:32<drd->how do i make a frontend generate new settings for itself
15:32<drd->in settings table
15:34<drd->maybe easier to delete table
15:34<dmitry>ok, alsa it is.
15:35=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:36<drd->'dont change your hostname' in big red letters somewhere
15:36+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
15:36<o_cee>would be easy to change all hostnames to something with sql
15:36<drd->i did that on accident
15:37<drd->changed all the settings for all frontends to the same hostname
15:37<o_cee>UPDATE setting SET hostname = 'new' WHERE tvformat = 'old'; or soemthing
15:37<drd->clever to use something that isn't unique
15:39+SuperID [] joined #mythtv
15:40<dmitry>woo, alsa is compilin.
15:41<o_cee>remember to get rid of oss and get alsa-oss in
15:41<dmitry>will do, thanks
15:42<drd->so if i delete the table will it recreate? :(
15:46<Peit|Home>drd-: rather than drop table, delete from table, ensures the table is still there
15:46<o_cee>just rename it instead
15:47+billytwowilly [~chris@] joined #mythtv
15:48<drd->yeah i left the table but still no worky :/
15:48<drd->i'll just make it create a new database and copy that table or something
15:48+Rincev6 [] joined #mythtv
15:48<Rincev6>good evening
15:48Rincev6is now known as Rince
15:51<dmitry>alright, alsa installed!
15:54=SuperID [] quit ()
15:55<drd->DBSchemaVer hostname has to be null :(
15:55+Snappi [] joined #mythtv
15:57+drees [] joined #mythtv
15:58<dmitry>the moment of truth
15:58<Snappi>anyone know why myth doesn't change languages when a change and mysql change the varible Language to swedish
15:59<Snappi>but it still shows in english
15:59<Snappi>I am using .13
15:59<dmitry>IT WORKS!
16:00<sfr>Snappi: iirc only the menues translations change, not the qt ones. just restarting the frontend should fix it (and does it here)
16:00<Snappi>doesn't work
16:01<Snappi>it works to change theme
16:01<sfr>Snappi: what's the Language setting in the database?
16:01<Snappi>but not languages
16:03<sfr>Snappi: it should be a two-letter code like DE or EN.
16:03<Snappi>I suck on mysql
16:03<sfr>Snappi: on the mysql prompt type: select * from settings where value like '%angu%';
16:03<Snappi>how did u type to list
16:03<Snappi>SHOW * TABLES FROM ...?
16:04<Rince>show tables; desc tables;
16:04<Rince>desc table <tablename>
16:04+schwin97 [] joined #mythtv
16:05<sfr>Snappi: mysql -u mythtv -p mythconverg -> enter password and then the select query i just posted
16:06<Snappi>| Language | Svenska | htpc |
16:06<Snappi>data = Svenska
16:06<Snappi>how do I change to SV?
16:07<sfr>Snappi: hrm, sure you don't use cvs from past 0.13? there once was a bug like you see it.
16:07<Snappi>I use .13 from portage (gentoo)
16:08<sfr>Snappi: update settings set data='SV' where value='Language' and hostname='htpc'; _should_ work
16:10<servo>ok so I muted my line in... So I don't have any sound when watching mythtv... I don't quite get this. How am I suppose to watch tv with the line in muted?
16:13<tetra>Snappi, har du f?tt xmltv och fungera med mythtv i gentoo?
16:14<o_cee>stick to swedish
16:14<o_cee>Snappi: why don't you just change the languange in the menus?
16:16<dmitry>o_cee: everything works like a charm with alsa. except the choppy performance :]
16:16<sfr>o_cee: it seems gentoo ships a post 0.13 cvs version of mythtv with a bug that broke the language selection (it stored strings like 'English' 'Svenska' instead of a two-letter code
16:16<o_cee>sfr: crappy gento
16:16<o_cee>dmitry: great ;)
16:16<o_cee>never used the mythtv ebuilds
16:17<sfr>o_cee: Chutt fixed that bug several weeks ago iirc
16:17<Peit|Home>post 0.13 version? hmm, do you mean -r1
16:18<sfr>Peit|Home: no. really a cvs-checkout sometime after the 0.13 release.
16:18<ceed>is commercial skipping working in europe?
16:18<ceed>in germany to be exact?
16:18<o_cee>depends on the network of course
16:18<tetra>does anything work? lol
16:18<o_cee>tetra: yes.
16:18<o_cee>most errors are because of stupid users.
16:18<tetra>o_cee, yea yea, just kidding
16:19=billytwowilly [~chris@] quit ("Client exiting")
16:19<sfr>ceed: it does, but might detect false commercials on very dark scenes.
16:19<tetra>o_cee, because of badly written manuals
16:19<o_cee>no, because of lazy users.
16:19<servo>ahh ok so I need the btaudio thingy...
16:20<tetra>how come mythtv-0.12 works but not mythtv-0.13, install doesn't differ much does it?
16:20<ceed>sfr: default setting?
16:20<sfr>ceed: dark-frame detection i think
16:20<o_cee>tetra: well that's a nice question... where to begin.
16:20<sfr>ceed: just play with it
16:21<Snappi>sfr thx alot it worked
16:21<tetra>i'm also using that "crappy gentoo" where mythtv-0.12 works "out-of-the-box", but mythtv-0.13 hangs when trying to get damn tv-listings, plus it nags about unknown codecs
16:21<Snappi>tetra, jag anv\xE4nder en patch f\xF6r att grabba
16:21<Snappi>kan f\xE5 den om du vill
16:21<tetra>Snappi, ok
16:21<ceed>crappy gentoo works flawlessly for me
16:22<tetra>yea, gentoo works for me too, but not mythtv-0.13
16:22<tetra>so which is crappy after all?
16:22<Snappi>tetra, do u want it
16:22=littlezoper [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:22<tetra>snappi, sure
16:22<Snappi>mythtv-0.13-r1 works for me
16:22<o_cee>please take this to #gentoo or something.
16:23<ceed>what seems to be the problem, tetra?
16:23<tetra>mythtv-0.13-r1 won't work for me, hang with those damn tv-listings, plus I don't get to watch video, I only hear audio
16:23<ceed>just getting the tvlisting?
16:23<tetra>ceed, that too and it nags about unknown codecs
16:23<o_cee>tetra: xmltv isn't supported anymore.
16:23<ceed>tried and yet?
16:24<drd->its not the build
16:24<sfr>Snappi: unless i'm mistaken and that bug is in the 0.13 release, complain to the gentoo maintainer that he ships a cvs version which Chutt doesn't approve.
16:24<drd->coz 13-r1 works for me :/
16:24<tetra>i love mythtv, but mythtv-0.13 gives me headaches. been trying to get it to work for 3 days...i'm almost out of hair by now
16:24<tetra>o_cee, i'm not trying to grab swedish tv-listings, i'm trying to get finnish lists
16:24<o_cee>tetra: .14 will soon be out
16:24<Snappi>I have read the .ebuild and it seems fine
16:24<Peit|Home>running 3 copies of mythtv-0.13-r1 here
16:25<drd->its not the ebuild
16:25<tetra>tv-list grabbing works with mythtv-0.12, not with mythtv-0.13 .....................
16:26<Snappi>tetra, I think it's xmltv
16:26<tetra>o_cee, great news....... but i want it to work NOW!
16:26<Snappi>the tv_grab_se works but not whit myth yet
16:26<Snappi>need to patch it a bit
16:26<o_cee>tetra: stop bitching in here, this is a dev chan
16:26<tetra>Snappi, why? mythtv uses the exact same version of xmltv in both versions
16:26<o_cee>Snappi: it's for aftonbladet right?
16:26<Snappi>sry didn't know
16:27<Snappi>the one I am using is from
16:27<o_cee>do you get categories with that one?
16:27=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:28<tetra>o_cee, where should i go bitching if not here?
16:28<o_cee>this is a devchannel
16:28<o_cee>try #gentoo
16:28<tetra>is there #mythtv-bitchers ?
16:28<o_cee>yes, just for you
16:28<o_cee>go there and do your thing.
16:29<dmitry>where do i configure the mythtvbackend address, in mythtvfront end? frontend insists on conecting to even though the backend is somewhere else
16:29<tetra>are all developers that sensitive?
16:29<o_cee>dmitry: locate mysql.txt
16:29<dmitry>ah i see.
16:29<o_cee>tetra: it gets annoying after a while
16:29<dmitry>the database.
16:29<tetra>o_cee, yes, i can imagine
16:30<tetra>but i don't see why #gentoo would know where the problem is, since they didn't code mythtv, or am i wrong?
16:30<o_cee>they've got a cvs version as an ebuild, that's their problem
16:30<tetra>oh...that sucks
16:31<o_cee>grb mythtv normally and compile instead
16:31<servo>where do I find btaudio modules?
16:31=Chutt [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:31<tetra>damn, wish i knew that earlier, so i could have saved my hair
16:31<tetra>o_cee, i'll do that
16:37*o_cee is away: asleep
16:37+paltar [] joined #mythtv
16:38-paltar [] left #mythtv ()
16:38+paltar [] joined #mythtv
16:38-paltar [] left #mythtv ()
16:39+paltar [] joined #mythtv
16:40-paltar [] left #mythtv ()
16:44=servo [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:51=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
16:56+servo [] joined #mythtv
16:56<servo>ok so how do I get btaudio working and installed? the documentation says to look at an example config file in the contrib folder; but it's not there =\
16:58+kc135 [] joined #mythtv
17:01+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
17:04<Snappi>do u guys get a green screen when the antenna isn't plugged in the tv-card?
17:04<Rince>no, static
17:04<Snappi>strange I get green and have applyied the patch for tv
17:05<Rince>Snappi: green is (at my card, pvr350) the mode where neither PAL nor NTSC nor anyhting else is set
17:05<Snappi>btw this app is so much better than freevo. I am so amesed
17:06<Snappi>were do I set PAL?
17:06<Snappi>is it mythsetup?
17:06<Rince>but for testing purposes, you should check with test_ioctl
17:07<Snappi>well it says PAL and PAL Teletext
17:08<Snappi>| TVFormat | PAL | NULL |
17:08<Snappi>shouldn't hostname be set
17:08<servo>Snappi: are you sure you applied the patch?
17:08<servo>you did compile again; and make install?
17:08<FryGuy>snappi: the green screen might be because you're using composite instead of TV
17:09<Snappi>>>> Unpacking source...
17:09<Snappi>>>> Unpacking mythtv-0.13.tar.bz2 to /var/tmp/portage/mythtv-0.13-r1/work
17:09<Snappi> * Applying tvformat.fix.0.13.diff... [ ok ]
17:09<FryGuy>mine is blue, but yours might be green
17:09<Snappi>yes it's snowy and green
17:09<servo>you also need to compile
17:09<FryGuy>oh snowy.. that's different
17:09<Snappi>I did that
17:09<FryGuy>does it work with xawtv?
17:09<Snappi>I have a PCTV Rave (mt2050
17:09<FryGuy>keep in mind you need to right click the tv window to change the settings
17:10<Snappi>no not with xawtv but whit tvtime
17:10<Snappi>does myth use xawtv?
17:10<FryGuy>no.. but similar method.
17:11<FryGuy>did you change the settings in xawtv?
17:11<servo>anybody use btaudio?
17:11<Snappi>can't find were I can scan for channels doh
17:11+eco [] joined #mythtv
17:11<FryGuy>hit up/down arrow
17:11=bar11 [] quit ()
17:11<FryGuy>it won't use your settings until you do that
17:12<Snappi>I did that but it doesn't show any chans
17:12<Snappi>is it possible to autoscan?
17:12<FryGuy>you sure it's on "Television"?
17:12<eco>Whenever I insmod ivtv on my Yuan MPG600 (modified version of ivtv) my system totally freezes and needs a hard reset. Anyone else experianced this?
17:13<Snappi>Pal, tele.. , mono, europe-west, overlay
17:13<FryGuy>it didn't scan on mine.. it just went to whatever channel
17:13<FryGuy>try the other overlay one.. direct-overlay?
17:13<FryGuy>i'm reinstalling my myth box, so I can't look myself
17:14<Snappi>I don't have direct-overlay
17:14<Snappi>grabdisplay I have
17:14<FryGuy>what does the title bar say?
17:14<FryGuy>that's it
17:14<Snappi>and off
17:14<Snappi>doesn't work either
17:16<Snappi>holy shit it just started work
17:17<Snappi>pic looks horrible doh
17:19<FryGuy>does right/left make it better/worse?
17:19<Snappi>and it lags abit too
17:20<Snappi>I am in myth now
17:21<Snappi>damn I love this app. thx a lot developers :)
17:24<Snappi>when I press ESC it doesn't stop the tv
17:24<FryGuy>ya myth kind of lags because it buffers a second before displaying it
17:25<Snappi>but it lags all the time
17:25<FryGuy>wait the voice is different than the display?
17:25<Snappi>yes that too
17:25<FryGuy>read the documentation.. you have to mute the line-in
17:25<servo>hey does anybody know where the configuration file of xawtv is?
17:27<FryGuy>are you doing aplay to get the sound?
17:28<Snappi>I am using alsa
17:33<Snappi>FryGuy, sound works good in xawtv
17:47+Zman [] joined #mythtv
17:49+choenig [] joined #mythtv
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18:07=drees [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
18:27+Captain_Murdoch [] joined #mythtv
18:28=Snappi [] quit ("L\xE4mnar")
18:33<dmitry>wow, myth really doesn't like oss.
18:33<dmitry>im trying to run frontend on my laptop, and im getting no sound :]
18:34+holger [] joined #mythtv
18:34<dmitry>but then again maybe that's because i have esd running :]
18:44<ceed>humm where can i change which ordering mythtv uses for switching channels?
18:45<ceed>the only option i found i set to "channel number (numeric)", but it still switches based on the alpha sorting of the channelname
18:45+Justin__ [~justin@JA2.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] joined #mythtv
18:45=Justin_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:45Justin__is now known as Justin_
18:49+daisy4 [] joined #mythtv
18:52<daisy4>I'm upgrading myth from V 0.12. I've just upgarded ivtv to 0.19 and wondering what other software I might have to upgrade (running debian unstable). Also, what version of myth should I upgrade to: CVS or 0.13. I'd like to ...
18:52<daisy4>get tv-out going...
18:59=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:59-daisy4 [] left #mythtv ()
19:04=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:06+bar11 [] joined #mythtv
19:07<bar11>Hi, does anyone have a suggestion of a practical way of running myth, with regards to WM and a auto-login ability?
19:12<dmitry>i believe the manual on has some suggestions
19:12<dmitry>as well as
19:13=pcjabber [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:15+ChaosExiguum [] joined #mythtv
19:16<dmitry>my god
19:16<dmitry>i can't believe it works.
19:18<bar11>dmitry, Thanks for the second link, I hadn't read that
19:29<dmitry>also check out the mailing list archives:
19:34+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
19:38<bar11>great, there was another bloke who apparently had the same problem as I (the need to run root in order to get his via epia stuff to work).. I do hope that via will come up with a solution, as running stuff as root is something I dispise.. However, if my family want's to "hack" my setup box, then by all means :-)
19:39=sfr [] quit ("Client exiting")
20:03<pigeon>interesting, watching a currently recording livetv is smoother and use less cpu then watching livetv directly.
20:10<pigeon>"a lot" less cpu
20:19+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
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20:20+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
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20:23<kvandivo>do ya think liam was afraid we wouldn't see his message?
20:27+hfb [] joined #mythtv
20:27+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
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20:42+billytwowilly [~chris@] joined #mythtv
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20:46kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
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20:53+thor_ [~thor@] joined #mythtv
21:00<servo>how do you setup btaudio?
21:00<servo>the example config file is not in the contrib directory
21:00+linagee_ [] joined #mythtv
21:02=bar11 [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
21:03%Netsplit <-> quits: drd-, thor_, _rkulagow, kvandivo, DogBoy, linagee, ceed
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21:06+kvandivo [] joined #mythtv
21:10*pcjabber is away: tomorrow
21:11+ChaosExiguum [] joined #mythtv
21:11<dmitry>is there a "previous" channel binding for live tv watching?
21:11<moegreen>I think it is 'h'
21:11<dmitry>can't find anything in the keys.txt
21:11<dmitry>h goes through the history
21:12<dmitry>hmm. i guess it works as well
21:12<moegreen>Your channel history, so I think if you hit it just once, you'll go to the previous channel
21:13<dmitry>good point
21:14<dmitry>not sure why it didn't work for me
21:17+drd- [] joined #mythtv
21:22+moegreen_ [] joined #mythtv
21:23=servo [] quit ("Leaving")
21:31+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
21:35+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
21:35<rOOfus>if anyone needs a cheap 160 gigger
21:35<rOOfus>120 rather
21:36<rOOfus>for $40 after rebater
21:36<rOOfus>with 8 meg cache
21:38<Morph>anyone running myth on an epia board with HW decoder and pvr250 card?
21:42=pcjabber [] quit (Client Quit)
21:42+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
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21:43kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
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21:48+gore [] joined #mythtv
21:50<dmitry>The average person watches four hours of television per day.
21:50<rOOfus>how much does the avg myth user watch?
21:51<dmitry>no idea :)
21:51<gore>Hi all, I've run into a bit of trouble with MythTV and was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction...
21:51<dmitry>just read this, it's funny, since i just got my myth working.
21:52<dmitry>universe is at balance..
21:52<dmitry>gore: sure
21:54<gore>Well, seems I've got everything installed, fetched the listings and all. Program guide shows everything, when I start up livetv it works like a charm (pause, fast forward, etc etc). But I can't change channels, and the HUD doesn't display prog info.
21:54<gore>xawtv works flawlessly, though. Not using any remote or anything, just keyboard.
21:55<gore>Running on FC1, .mythtv .13
21:55<gore>Er, mythtv .13
21:57+John-Kimble [] joined #mythtv
21:57<John-Kimble>hello all.
21:58<John-Kimble>just wondering how well supported is directFB with mythtv ?
21:58<John-Kimble>anyone used it ?
21:58<dmitry>gore: are you sure you ran mythfilldatabase?
21:59<dmitry>do you get program grid when you hit m while watching live tv, or when in the menu?
21:59<gore>Yeah. If I use the program guide, everything shows up properly. Just poking around in MySQL everything looks fine.
22:00<gore>Best I can guess is it's aproblem with the tuner, but it's a brooktree card and the tuner works fine with xawtv, so I'm somewhat at a loss.
22:00<John-Kimble>ianyone used DirectFB with mythtv ??
22:00<dmitry>John-Kimble: not me
22:00<cmorgan>i've used ivtv-fb with myth
22:00<gore>Log files and console yield absolutely nothing of any use to me, I'm up against a wall. Heh.
22:00<dmitry>gore: strange, im not sure.
22:01<John-Kimble>VDR supports it and i heard Mythtv Now does too
22:01<dmitry>gore: have you tried hitting "I" in live view mode?
22:02<gore>Yields a blank HUD, shows only the time.
22:03<John-Kimble>ok next question how well is DVB-t support with mythtv ?
22:03<gore>But M shows a fully populated channel listing.
22:03<John-Kimble>anyone in Aussie using it ?
22:03+pete_ [] joined #mythtv
22:04<gore>I can quit myth, start xawtv, change channels, start back up myth, and it'll be on the other channel. I'd think it was a driver problem, except for the fact that xawtv has no issues at all.
22:04<gore>Guess I could recompile the kernel just for shits and giggles :)
22:04=fman [] quit ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
22:06<dmitry>gore: i think that's fine (xaw's last channel)
22:06<dmitry>i get that too
22:06<gore>Well, whatever xawtv is doing to tune is working, but whatever myth is doing isn't...
22:07<gore>Trying to change channels just cases the buffer to clear and the screen to flicker momentarily, and show an empty HUD.
22:07<gore>Thinking I should just buy a Hauppage anyway :)
22:09<dmitry> you can't channel at all with mythtv?
22:11<dmitry>if you cant' change channels that means your channels list hasn't been populated properly.. rerun mythfilldatabase.. and maybe tv_grab whatever
22:20+josephk_ [] joined #mythtv
22:21=josephk [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:21<gore>I tried dropping the database, and repopulating already a few times, I'm not sure what might be off...
22:22+thor_ [~thor@] joined #mythtv
22:22<gore>Thanks for the pointer dmitry, I've been wondering if that's it, but unless there's something incompatible going on with the version of xmltv I'm using I don't know what might be causing something like that.
22:33<dmitry>earlier today i had a black screen going and nothing happening... i dropped the database and rerun mythtv-setup.. magically worked :)
22:37+Netslayer007 [] joined #mythtv
22:48=pete_ [] quit ("User abort with 5 Ctrl-C's")
22:48Netslayer007is now known as Netslayer
22:52+Chutt [] joined #mythtv
22:53<kvandivo>he's baaaaaaack...
22:55+josephk_1 [] joined #mythtv
22:56<Chutt>only because the damn mailman ban list didn't fucking work
22:56*kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
22:57<kvandivo>at least he's stayed below novel length so far.. novella, perhaps..
22:58<Chutt>i don't really care
22:58<Chutt>he's not allowed on my lists.
23:01<Morph>Chutt: heard any buzz about livetv playback crashing hard while on epia boards (using HW decoder) while recorded live plays back fine?
23:02<rOOfus>is it impossible to get ppv listings on myth for directv?
23:05+Chutt2 [] joined #mythtv
23:05<Chutt2>i'm multiplying
23:06<John-Kimble>anyone used/using DirectFB with mythtv ??
23:10=josephk_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:11<pigeon>hmm, where is the output of a transcoding?
23:11+josephk [] joined #mythtv
23:13<Chutt2>I'm encountering a bug in the mailing list program at
23:13<Chutt2>mythtv-users Subscription results
23:13<Chutt2>The email address you supplied is banned from this mailing list.
23:14<Chutt2>The SW already unsubscribed me twice, however the first time, it
23:14<Chutt2>didn't give the above message upon resubscription. There's some
23:14<Chutt2>faulty heuristic there. Is there a way I can avoid it? I had to use
23:14<Chutt2>a different address, but it could happen again.
23:15<Chutt2>ah, good fun, good fun
23:18=josephk_1 [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:24*kvandivo smirks.
23:24<Chutt2>he's still not getting the hint
23:25<mdz>some faulty heuristic indeed
23:25<John-Kimble>anyone used/using DirectFB with mythtv ??
23:26<Chutt2>john-kimble, if no one answers you, assume 'no'
23:26<John-Kimble>thats why im asking every 30 mins ppl do join channles u know
23:26<John-Kimble>or are away
23:26<Chutt2>ask on the mailing list.
23:26<John-Kimble>i did
23:26<John-Kimble>got check cvs
23:26<John-Kimble>not much help
23:26<Chutt2>this isn't a user help channel.
23:27<John-Kimble>id like to talk to ppl who have usedi t
23:27<John-Kimble>thats great i dont want help
23:27<Chutt2>then, ask a real question
23:28<John-Kimble>ow, u figured me out, that was just a fake one.
23:28<John-Kimble>thx chutt2
23:28<pigeon>hmm, is there a way to export the mythtv .nuv into something like mpg or others?
23:28<Chutt2>pigeon, nuvexport
23:29<pigeon>hmm ok, thanks
23:30-mdz [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
23:30<Chutt2>that's weird
23:30+mdz [] joined #mythtv
23:30<mdz>John-Kimble: asking the same question over and over annoys the rest of us in the channel
23:30<Chutt2>mailman just accepted a subscription without it being pending
23:30<John-Kimble>mdz: thats why im doing it in intervals
23:31<mdz>John-Kimble: because you want to annoy people?
23:31<John-Kimble>yeah thats right
23:31<John-Kimble>you must be the brain of the operation
23:31<cmorgan>hey hey
23:31<Morph>hmm anyone else seeing hard system crashes with livetv playback on an epia board?
23:32<Chutt2>morph, nope, but i'm using a pvr-350 now
23:32<John-Kimble>morphy yes
23:32<John-Kimble>im using the m1000
23:32<Morph>m10000 I think you mean..
23:32<Chutt2>so i'm not using any of via's crap anymore, really =)
23:32<John-Kimble>and mythtv crashes like every hour give or take
23:33<pigeon>interesting, this transcoded video is playing at a slightly faster than normal speed.
23:33<John-Kimble>via's inbuilt tv chipset is terrable too
23:34<mdz>Chutt2: did you know that Liam Day is working on another commercial flagging method?
23:34<mdz>and another, and another...
23:34<kvandivo>and another, and another..
23:34<John-Kimble>the via chipset bt* doesnt support WSS
23:34<Morph>Chutt2: rats :) im using the X 4.4 driver with works fine if I record something and then play it back later but if I go to watch livetv, it'll play for about 10 minutes then crash. guys in #ivtv-dev thought it was that myth wasnt reading the video in fast enough since Im seeing alots of DMA messages in the logs.
23:34<Chutt2>yeah, i saw that
23:35<Chutt2>morph, if the system's crashing, it's ivtv's fault
23:35<Chutt2>try upping the recording thread's priority, though
23:35<Chutt2>if you think that's it
23:35<John-Kimble>thats not it.
23:37<pigeon>wow... perl
23:37<John-Kimble>I've been testing out VDR/mythtv on the EPIA stuff for some time now, and upping thread priority doesnt fix the problem.
23:38<Chutt2>the ivtv driver is just really fragile to dma problems
23:39<John-Kimble>seems thats way.
23:39<John-Kimble>anyone here done much Tv chipset comparision tests?
23:39<cmorgan>add to that the via issues...
23:39<John-Kimble>I've had very promising qualities iwth the g550+DirectFB with vdr
23:39<Chutt2>cmorgan, via issues _are_ dma problems =)
23:39<John-Kimble>OSD looks great
23:39<John-Kimble>aswell as picture
23:39<Chutt2>perfect quality output
23:40<thor_>for an analog medium
23:40<John-Kimble>Chutt: im talking Digital.
23:40<Chutt2>err, so?
23:40<John-Kimble>pvr-350 is analogue reciver no ?
23:40<cmorgan>Chutt2: ahh yes, i was referring to the irq's that just hang the machine. maybe someone will find a kernel way to work around those issues at some point.
23:40<Chutt2>if you're recording with dvb, it's just mpeg
23:40<Chutt2>and can be displayed on the pvr-350
23:41<Chutt2>and if you're using vdr, you don't belong in this channel, so... :p
23:41<John-Kimble>In aussie, there is no Dvb-t cards with inbuilt mpeg decoders
23:41<John-Kimble>That suppports both VHF/UHF
23:42<John-Kimble>Yeah i know, i wannting to use Mythtv
23:42<thor_>Chutt, have we already gone through the idea of using Amazon web services for cover art?
23:42<Chutt2>thor, nope
23:42<John-Kimble>probably with g550+DirectFB
23:42<thor_>had a little look at their kit today, seems very straightforward
23:42<Chutt2>isn't there a 1 query per second limitation?
23:42<thor_>per second, per application
23:43<thor_>if you distribute an app, each app can only do a query a second
23:43<Chutt2>do users need to sign up?
23:43<John-Kimble>anyone know the dude who wrote the directFB support into myth or have his email ?
23:43<thor_>I don't think so ... though I have not quite gotten that far
23:43<Chutt2>john-kimble, search the -dev list for it
23:45<thor_>if there were a MythBuyNewDVDsWithYourOneClickCredentials module that funneled people to Amazon from their TVs, I suspect they(Amazon)'d be mightly happy
23:46<thor_>if we just did nothing but pulled cover art, I'm sure the cert would get invalidated fairly quickly
23:47<cmorgan>could jsut pull it from the webpage itself
23:47<thor_>but the services interface will not change (at least will not break)
23:48<cmorgan>can you trade cover art?
23:48<thor_>anyway, just thinking out loud ... busy with other stuff in any case .... but I'll put it on a postit note somewhere
23:48<pigeon>hmm how does mythtv know which profile for transcoding to use?
23:48<Chutt2>there's only one profile for each type of recording
23:49<John-Kimble>I've been working on implementing windows client for streaming media libraries over the network, is ther much interest in this ?
23:49<John-Kimble>to a mythtv box that is.
23:49<thor_>uhm, VideoLan?
23:50<Chutt2>there's a win32 port using cygwin
23:50<John-Kimble>Its a windows client that you can add shared content ie movies/Mp3's, which mythtv can stream.
23:51<thor_>windows _server_ ?
23:51<Morph>Chutt2: can you use the decoder on the 350 for helping in DVD player too or is it strictly the video coming in from the 350?
23:52<Morph>er DVD playback.
23:52<Chutt2>morph, far as i know, it's good for any non-hdtv mpeg2 file
23:52<John-Kimble>sortof like a local NFS mount made easy
23:52<Chutt2>ie, nothing too high of a resolution
23:52<Chutt2>morph, it doesn't do ac3 decoding, though
23:52<John-Kimble>So users can have there movies on the network and they show up in mythv under movies or mp3's with the images and descriptions
23:52<Chutt2>john-kimble, like a smb share?
23:52<Morph>Chutt2: ah okay..
23:52<John-Kimble>Chutt: yeah
23:52<thor_>so, windows _server_ ? (myth is client) ?
23:52<Chutt2>that anyone can setup without any special software?
23:53<John-Kimble>right now im porting it to myth
23:53<Chutt2>so, er, why the need for your client program?
23:53<John-Kimble>ive been using it for vdr.
23:53<John-Kimble>Chutt: basically, its just a gui frontent to easly share movies/mp3 to the mythtv box
23:54<John-Kimble>So users can add tere divx collection and makeup description/images per movie like myth can do now, but stream to the box without it knowing the diff.
23:54<Chutt2>doesn't windows already have a gui to configure network shares?
23:55<John-Kimble>this is to make it easyer for the non-tech savvy's
23:55<John-Kimble>out there.
23:55<Chutt2>i don't see a need for that, since you're not describing anything that can't be done without it
23:55<thor_>when you say "stream", is it presenting itself as a mytbackend (port and protocol), or are we just talking about a network file system?
23:56<Chutt2>perhaps i'm just dense
23:57<thor_>that would be cool
23:57<John-Kimble>me and a team of ppl have been working on a PVR prototype for some time, and basically its software we have written, that allows a stupid user to select his movies/mp3's much like say kazzaa
23:57<John-Kimble>write descriptions or grab em from imdb
23:57<John-Kimble>also add images, and it will share them to mythtv without config
23:57<John-Kimble>so users can stream there content to the mythtv without hassel.
23:58<Chutt2>how is that _any_ different than a smb share?
23:58<John-Kimble>Chutt: it requires no config.
23:58<Chutt2>network shares require no config
23:58<Netslayer>oh so u run it on windows and it streams to myth?
23:59<John-Kimble>Netslayer: yeah
23:59<John-Kimble>well VDR right now
23:59<John-Kimble>porting it to Myth
23:59<Chutt2>how is that any different than a smb share?
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