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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-01-26

---Logopened Mon Jan 26 00:00:46 2004
---Daychanged Mon Jan 26 2004
00:00*Netslayer tried emerging lm-sensors yesterday w i2c stuff. Took him 4hrs to fix all the things it screwed up with bttv
00:03<John-Kimble>Chutt2: you coded much streaming backends before ?
00:03<pigeon>hmm is there a cut list settings to avoid that too close warning?
00:03<Chutt2>john-kimble, err, mythtv perhaps?
00:04<Chutt2>pigeon, nope
00:04<pigeon>hmm... kind of annoying, i cannot just strip out this perhaps 10 seconds of stuff.
00:05<Morph>Chutt2: are you using an epia box for both front and backends or do you have the 350 card in another box?
00:05<Chutt2>morph, it's a standalone machine
00:06<Morph>Chutt2: no DMA issues like im seeing?
00:06<Chutt2>the driver shits itself very occasionally
00:06<Morph>wait. which driver?
00:06<Chutt2>but i don't see any dma errors in the logs
00:06<Morph>oh okay..
00:07<moegreen_>Chutt2: Did you see my monster commit the other day?
00:07<Chutt2>moegreen, yeah =)
00:07<Chutt2>good you're here still =)
00:08<moegreen_>I keep my eye on the mailing lists and this channel
00:08<pigeon>grrrrr hmm... with manual transcoding by pressing X, which transcoding profile it's going to use? Default or Transcode?
00:11<Netslayer>think it's transcode
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00:11<pigeon>hmm, everytime i got it to transcode, its quality is bad, even i've set everything to highest in the profile.
00:11<Salec>how can I get mythtv running on directFB
00:12<Netslayer>hey how would i go about deleting profiles after i create them? single ones and the whole group
00:12<Chutt2>netslayer, hit menu on the profile
00:12<Chutt2>group, not individual
00:12<Netslayer>cool thanks
00:12<Chutt2>pigeon, you know the min/max quality settings?
00:12<Chutt2>pigeon, where the help text says 'don't touch these unless you know what they mean'?
00:13<pigeon>Chutt2: Hmm I've been using the default settings, the quality is bad, and so I tried changing them.
00:13<thor_>phht, damn conjunctions
00:13<Chutt2>pigeon, higher is lower quality.
00:14<pigeon>Chutt2: Even for minimum?
00:14<pigeon>And bitrate?
00:14<Chutt2>not for bitrate
00:14<pigeon>alright, let's try this again...
00:16<Netslayer>sweet i love auto commercial skipping ;-)
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00:19<pigeon>Chutt2: Ah thanks... it's doing what I want at last...
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00:49<John-Kimble>what do you guys think on the idea that coding is the most anti-social thing you can do ?
00:52<Rince>why should it be?
00:54<Captain_Murdoch>can't talk now, I'm coding...
00:55<Chutt2>captain_murdoch, you see that 'alternative commercial detection' stuff?
00:55<Chutt2>the patch didn't look well integrated to me
00:55<Captain_Murdoch>haven't looked at it yet. I saved it so I could though.
00:56<Chutt2>looked like he bypassed your multiple detection methods stuff
00:56<Chutt2>'course, then he said it didn't really work that well, so the whole thing may be moot
00:57<Captain_Murdoch>just got a segfault when running cvs mythbackend as it updated my db to 1022. :(
00:57<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, the multi stuff still isn't worked out yet fully in my head. I'm thinking of going with some form of weighting/rating method.
00:58<Chutt2>ah, i see the problem with 1022
00:59<Chutt2>maybe not
00:59*Captain_Murdoch goes and stops his backend so he can fix the DB manually if necessary.
01:00<dmitry>i dont quite understand. i created a profile that does a transcoding after capure.. but it's not visible when i go into recording mode
01:00<pigeon>hmm is there a reason why watching livetv with mythtv uses a lot more cpu than watching a currently recording livetv?
01:00<Captain_Murdoch>if you delete entries from a vector doesn't its size get smaller?
01:00<Chutt2>all i see is the wrong delete call
01:00<Chutt2>not deleting the entry, just the pointer
01:00<Captain_Murdoch>ah, ok.
01:01<Captain_Murdoch>maybe a flakey machine... haven't had problems before, this is my master backend and it's been up running for months without a hitch.
01:01<Chutt>naw, it's probably something wrong in there
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01:02<Captain_Murdoch>doesn't look like 1022 was too important though, I can just set commflagged = 1 everywhere. :)
01:04<Chutt>would be nice to know what the crash is, though
01:04<Chutt>so it doesn't happen to other people when they upgrade to 0.14
01:05<Captain_Murdoch>I have a dump of my db from last night I can restore that temporarily and try it again.
01:06<gore>Hmm, seems I can't get my channels table filled properly using mythfilldatabase. It wasn't inserting channum or freqid into the database.
01:06<Captain_Murdoch>should maybe have a "select distinct recorded.chanid, recorded.starttime" in there instead of just "SELECT recorded.chanid, recorded.starttime"
01:06<Captain_Murdoch>nevermind, has a group by
01:09<Chutt>do you know why it's even doing that vector thing?
01:10<Captain_Murdoch>don't know, could be simpler
01:10<Chutt>is it still crashing for you?
01:10<Captain_Murdoch>getting ready to retry, wanted to make sure I had a DB dump from before and after
01:10<Chutt>would be pretty easy to rewrite it not to create that vector at all
01:10<Morph>hmm hmm
01:11<Morph>Chutt: can I use the decoder on the 250 rev1 with myth?
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01:12<paulc35>Hey: Working on tv-out here with pvr-350. Got the test screen so I know connections / drivers are working. Not sure about the video device to use in the "enable pvr 350 decoder) section..any help?
01:13<gore>Holy crap, MythTV finally works for me... this is like a religious experience :)
01:14<Chutt>paulc35, default should work, unless it's not the first pvr card in the machine
01:15<paulc35>...ok, and the audio has to come from the pvr card, or can you still use your sound card? At least for testing (I imagine there could be some delay with the sound card)
01:15<Chutt>has to come from the pvr card
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01:17<paulc35>ok..and one final question: To have the tv display on the pvr tv-out and still use your computer monitor (for regualr stuff, not tv) do you have to have multiple screens, or if you just have one screen for your computer and ...
01:17<paulc35>tell myth to use the pvr tv-out, will that work?
01:18<Chutt>you really should just read the walkthrough in the ivtv wiki on setting up mythtv to use the pvr-350
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01:19<paulc35>I think I have, if you're refering to the same thing I just went ha the multiple screens...right? (I had them up when I had myth going through the video card S-video problem, just curious)
01:20<paulc35>I'll look on the ivtv site and see if you're talking about the same "pvr tv-out howto" I was just looking at. It didn't mention anything about the sound settings, for example...
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01:23<paulc35>Chutt: Where is that located?
01:23<paulc35>In the docs section of the mythtv website?
01:23<Chutt>in the ivtv wiki.
01:25<cygnus>i am having a problem watching livetv in myth
01:25<cygnus>i can record a program and i can see the small preview video on the watch recordings screen
01:25<cygnus>but when i go to watch the recording or watch live tv i just get a black screen
01:25<cygnus>any ideas?
01:26<Chutt>error messages on the console
01:26<paulc35>Chutt: Yeah, that was the same thing I read. Do you leave your sound settings in mythtv to still use your sound card, but you hook up the sound *cables* to the pvr sound out.?
01:27<cygnus>i get some errors about not being able to open sound devices (i have to get my sound card working right)...coudl that be it?
01:27<paulc35>cygnus: yeah, sounds like it
01:27<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, only 1 item in recorded has commflagged set to 1 after that segfault. I'm redoing to eliminate the vector and will retest.
01:27<Chutt>paulc35, the sound output for tv is ignored completely when using the pvr-350
01:27<Chutt>captain_murdoch, great, thanks =)
01:29<paulc35>Ok, thanks
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01:31<Octane>in schedule recordings, is there a way to set the days to record? or is it just for one show?
01:33<cygnus>k, thanks
01:33<cygnus>i will get sound working and see if that does it
01:36<Captain_Murdoch>you can set "any day", "a single weekday every week", or "a single instance and never again"
01:36*Captain_Murdoch wishes mysql had an "update table1 set blah from table1, table2 where blah" syntax. :)
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01:39<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, were you thinking 2 db conns, one to query and another to update inside the while loop?
01:40<Chutt>don't really need 2
01:41<Chutt>just db->exec(newquery)
01:41<Chutt>should work fine
01:41<Captain_Murdoch>so once you get query back from db->exec you can reuse db while processing query results? cool
01:41<Chutt>i've done it before, at least
01:42<Captain_Murdoch>I'll test that in a minute to verify and commit it that way if so.
01:46<Chutt>it's fun not applying patches
01:46<Chutt>i should do this more often
01:47<Chutt>less work for me =)
01:47<Captain_Murdoch>using db->exec worked fine.
01:48<Captain_Murdoch>master backend is up running current CVS finally. :) started on it 8 hours ago and got interrupted by a call from work.
01:48<Captain_Murdoch>gives you more time to release those daily cvs packages. ;)
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01:49<Captain_Murdoch>x0rfbserver is nice, lets me restart mythfrontend on my machine in the living room remotely.
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01:50<DogBoy>hey, don't most people use their myth box for watching recordings?
01:50<DogBoy>(rather than live tv)
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01:52<Captain_Murdoch>Myth does live tv? :) I only use that to test when I throw in a new tuner or occasionally to test something else..
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01:57<DogBoy>why then in the interface is live tv the default menu choice?
01:57<Chutt>because it's first in the xml menu file
01:58<Chutt>rearrange to your heart's content
01:59<Chutt>compile compile compile
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02:01<Chutt>wait wait wait
02:01<Chutt>compile compile compile
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02:01<Captain_Murdoch>that's what I was thinking when I upgraded my P2-400 slave backend to current CVS. It's running a different distribution version currently so I couldn't use the copy I used for the rest of my systems.
02:02<Captain_Murdoch>make distclean && make && goto sleep && goto work && come home && happy happy joy joy it's done && sudo make install
02:02<Captain_Murdoch>not that bad but felt like it.
02:03<Chutt>this is my xp1800+
02:03<Chutt>still takes an age to compile
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02:18<Chutt>no more segfault on 1022?
02:19<Captain_Murdoch>no, worked fine and I ran it a few times on 2 different machines.
02:19<Captain_Murdoch>committed the fix a while ago but haven't seen the commit email yet.
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02:20<Chutt>i just saw the commit email
02:20tattrdkatis now known as virsys
02:22<Chutt>thanks for fixing that =)
02:25<Captain_Murdoch>no problem... now I just need to 'cvs update' my laptop tomorrow so I can work on stuff on there. time for bed now, all the other modules are compiling now.
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02:34<mchou>anybody with multiple tuners have issues where the same program gets recorded on two tuners at the same time?
02:35<mchou>all my backends are running NTP, so shouldn't be some funky issue with time.....
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02:56<Chutt>bah, i can't figure out how i want the search screen to work
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03:58<paulc35>Hey: Does anyone here have the tv-out on the pvr card working while using their computer monitor for other stuff at the same time? I have the pvr tv-out working on it's own, and with my video card I have simultaneous video ...
03:58<paulc35>out and dvi working well.
03:59<paulc35>maybe you could send me you XF86Config-4 file?
03:59<paulc35>or post it ..?
03:59<Octane>which pvr?
03:59<paulc35>pvr 350
04:00<paulc35>I know it's working since on it's own everything is fine. And, I know I can do split screens since I did that with the video card. Maybe this isn't just an issue of the XF86Config file...?
04:04<paulc35>anyone any ideas?
04:04<paulc35>the pvr 350 tv-out howto doesn't cover multiple screens...
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05:07<Salec>how can I have mythtv use qt-embedded as opposed to qt?
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05:44<Salec>how can i compile mythtv to use qt-embedded?
05:45<CaCtus491>unfortunately that's something I've never tried and don't know.
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05:45<CaCtus491>searched the lists?
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05:51<CaCtus491>Salec: what are you trying to run it on?
05:54<Salec>gentoo linux
05:54<knight->70 programs, using 169 GB out of 749 GB
05:54<knight->got plenty of room left :)
05:57<CaCtus491>Hmm, that's like 3x my capacity :)
06:00<knight->just the ability to use a raid storage array is one feature that passes up TiVo/ReplayTV/UltimateTV
06:01<Salec>the ability to have mythtv on the framebuffer would be quite nice :)
06:01<Salec>no dicking around with X :D
06:01<Salec>which then!
06:01<knight->i agree
06:01<Salec>allows me to run X for another screen
06:02<Salec>currently X only allows for one VT so if you want to run mythtv one a tvout card..the monitor is then useless
06:02<knight->the framebuffer is not for anything but video decoding though
06:02<Salec>what do you mean?
06:03<knight->the ivtv-fb driver for the PVR-350 is for MPEG decoding only.
06:03<Salec>it works for more than that
06:03<knight->since when?
06:03<Salec>right now i run X on it and run mythtv on it (though i need to get the newest cvs code with the better support for ivtv)
06:04<Salec>ivtv-fb is a framebuffer device
06:04<Salec>you can run xfree on it
06:04<Salec>you can't do a multihead display however
06:04<Salec>but you can set it up as a single display to that framebuffer
06:04<Salec>then just run mythtb
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06:04<Salec>works quite well
06:04<knight->why not just run multiple X instances?
06:04<Salec>doesn't work
06:04<knight->each using a different ScreenLayout?
06:04<knight->sure it does
06:05<Salec>i've tried it
06:05<knight->I've run 5 X instances on a 5 headed box before
06:05<knight->Then try again :)
06:05<knight->-layout Nameofyourscreenlayout
06:05<Salec>startx -layout "TVLayout"?
06:06<Salec>TVLayout is one of my names in my config
06:06<knight->you'll need to create another layout
06:07<knight->in your config, that describes your monitor
06:07<Salec>i have multiple ones
06:07<knight->right so start each x with the appropriate layout
06:07<Salec>i have defaultlayout and tvlayout
06:07<Salec>i just tried
06:07<Salec>and i got server is already active for display 0
06:08<Salec>how do i get around that?
06:09<knight->you arent specifying the right Screen then
06:09<Salec>startx -- -layout "TVLayout" is my command
06:09<knight->and in Screen you're not defining the proper Device then
06:09<Salec>i'm positive i am
06:09<knight->you need two Device's, two Screens, and two layouts
06:09<Salec>i've switched between layouts in the past
06:09<Salec>running 1 at a time however
06:09<knight->and you sure you have your two devices set up right?
06:10<knight->add -display x
06:10<knight->startx -- -layout "TVLayout" -display 0
06:10<knight->startx -- -layout "DefaultLayout" -display 1
06:12<Salec>there is no such option as -display
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06:21<Salec>hmm i'm thinking about switching to another distro
06:21<Salec>gentoo is great with it's portage system
06:21<Salec>but the second you want to do something other than portage
06:21<Salec>the whole system gets screwy
06:21<knight->the distro should have little to do with your X11 problem
06:22<Salec>oh no it's not that
06:22<Salec>i was wanting to build qt-embedded 3.3
06:22<Salec>gentoo doesnt have an ebuild for that
06:22<Salec>and even if it did..the configurations and patches would be different than what i need
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06:47<o_cee>Chutt: you awake?
06:54<Snappi>I have the default mplayer options but I get the top frame when I choose it trought myth
06:54<Snappi>anyone know how to fix it?
06:54<Snappi>if I press f twice it goes away
06:54<o_cee>"the top frame" ?
06:54<o_cee>ah, non-fullscreen?
06:54<Snappi>the line were it says mplayer
06:55<o_cee>look at your mplayer settings
06:55<o_cee>to make it default to fullscreen or something
06:55<Snappi>the look right
06:57<o_cee>and if you launch mplayer with the same command line but not from inside MythVideo?
07:08*o_cee is away: lunch
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07:17<Snappi>it looks like it's a fluxbox misstake
07:26<o_cee>mythfrontend: cannot connect to X server dragon.lan:0.0 <--- hmm, anyone got an idea? trying to debug via ssh
07:28*o_cee is back (gone 00:20:04)
07:33tattrdkatis now known as virzyz
07:45<Peit|work>o_cee, you need to have permission to connect to the display, either with the correct cookie, or by telling X to allow that machine to write X dat to it (which xhost )
07:46<o_cee>xhost? allright.. i solved it another way, but i'll have it in mind the next time
07:46<o_cee>pretty backtrace emailed to the devlist ;)
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08:21<Salec>anyone know how to specify what framebuffer to use in qt-embedded?
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08:35<killerbun>quistion.... how is mythtv video module support to work with imdb...
08:35<killerbun>when ever i pick a movie that i want to add... i have to pick the imdb number manually
08:35<killerbun>it times out every time
08:36<o_cee>they've changed things on lately, not sure if .13 is changed
08:36<o_cee>or if those changes are in cvs..
08:36<killerbun>ohh oki
08:37<killerbun>cause i can add it manually
08:37<o_cee>all i remember is that they've made changes..
08:37<o_cee>haven't used it in a while
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08:45<Snappi>anyone know if that that happend to can happend to
08:45<o_cee>the database is freely availible for download for non-comercial usage, so no, that's not likely
08:45=media__ [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
08:48<Snappi>wich button rewind in mythmusic?
08:48<o_cee>depends how you define it of course.
08:48<o_cee>but normally that's pgup or pgdn i htink
08:49<Snappi>u are right thx alot
08:49<Snappi>this app is so amizing
08:49<Snappi>:D thx developers
08:50<Snappi>is there some way to support this project (not economicly, I am in school so no money)
08:50<o_cee>yeah, submitting patches.
08:50<Snappi>any speciall patches?
08:51<o_cee>features that you want yourself?
08:51<o_cee>just send an email to the -dev list to make sure noone else is working on it already
08:51<Snappi>for example webbrowser, virtual keyboard with remote
08:51<Snappi>would it be appreciated if I set up a phpbb forum for myth?
08:52<o_cee>webbrowser? that already exists..
08:52<o_cee>not likely, no.
08:53<Snappi>is it in the packages or is more of a plugin?
08:53<o_cee>of course you could make another unofficial thingie, but there won't be any official webboard
08:53<Snappi>in other words is it in
08:53<o_cee>it's a plugin called MythBrowser
08:53<o_cee>it should be
08:53<o_cee>it's in CVS at least
08:54<o_cee>This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict! <-- weh :)
08:56<Snappi>any releas plans for .14?
08:56+_kch_ [] joined #mythtv
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09:02<Snappi>is there any points a custom theme have to follow, if I decied to create one?
09:02<killerbun>yeah would be nice to know what they are doing for the next mythtv ;)
09:02<Snappi>I mean do I have to follow a standard when creating a theme?
09:03<o_cee>Snappi: 10% margin for overscan..
09:03<o_cee>10% is the "text-safe" area
09:03<o_cee>and 5% is the "action-safe" area
09:03<o_cee>something like that
09:03<Snappi>yes I know
09:03<o_cee>just look at what there is
09:03<o_cee>yeah.. like pictures and stuff
09:03<o_cee>ntsc standards
09:04+ceed_ [ceed@2001:8d8:81:530:0:0:0:1] joined #mythtv
09:04<Snappi>wich format, i.e jpeg,tiff,tga?
09:04<o_cee>just look at blue
09:04<o_cee>the theme
09:12<Snappi>o_cee, is a kalender being developed?
09:18<o_cee>Snappi: a calendar that would be used in what way?
09:20<Snappi>meetings, notes, etc
09:21<o_cee>not that i know of, no.
09:24<Salec>anyone here know qt-embedded?
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09:31+livesNbox [] joined #mythtv
09:31<livesNbox>morning guys... I was hoping this channel would exist :)
09:31<o_cee>it's a dev-channel.
09:31<livesNbox>there any place I can ask a couple of questions ?
09:32<o_cee>ask ahead.
09:33+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
09:33<livesNbox>well.. I saw in the docs that you can add support for an external tuner.
09:33<livesNbox>but when I followed the link, it wasn't much help...
09:34<o_cee>external tuner as a cable box?
09:34<livesNbox>any info on something like that? I have a dish network HD reciever.
09:34<o_cee>that's asked all the time and very well covered in the mailinglist archives.
09:34<livesNbox>ok I'll check into it..
09:34<livesNbox>another question -- what's the preferred linux distro to use with mythtv ?
09:35<livesNbox>i tried to install rh 9 on a new box last night, and it was awful.
09:35<o_cee>wichever, the main dev uses debian
09:35<livesNbox>it's still not up right.
09:35<livesNbox>debian good for an all around media PC ?
09:35<Salec>grrr nobody will say HOW they got mythtv working in qt-e on the PVR 350
09:35<o_cee>i use gentoo, i have no idea.
09:36<livesNbox>hehe.. ok..
09:36<livesNbox>maybe I'll load up mandrake :)
09:36<o_cee>Salec: the qt-e stuff is very beta what i know
09:37<livesNbox>i think that's pretty much the only questions I have so far.. thanks
09:37<Salec>i have it running
09:37<Salec>but on my primary framebuffer
09:37<Salec>i can't get it to load on my ivtv-fb
09:37<o_cee>no idea, send an email to ivtv-devel
09:39<Salec>they are all asleep at the moment :(
09:39<o_cee>yeah, calm
09:39<Salec>would running mythtv on qte require i rebuild mythtv?
09:39<o_cee>uhm, probably?
09:40<Peit|work>Salec, why do you need qt-e?
09:40<o_cee>as always, why don't you search the mythtv-dev mailinglist?
09:40<Peit|work>mythtv works fine on my ivtv-fb
09:40<Salec>i don't want to have X running
09:40*Peit|work shrugs
09:40<Peit|work>can't help you there then.
09:41<Salec>X doesn't support multiple VT's meaning I cannot use my monitor display for routine stuff and have mythtv outputing at the same time
09:41<Peit|work>salec multiple screens? yes it does
09:41<Salec>multiple screens yes
09:41<Peit|work>multiple virtual desktops? yes, but htat's a function of the display manager
09:41<Salec>however you cannot have multiplescreens while mythtv is using ivtv-fb
09:41<Salec>no not multiple virtual desktops
09:42<Salec>i have a hauppauge pvr 350
09:42<Salec>it has it's own output using ivtv-fb
09:42<Salec>i display mythtv through that output
09:42<Salec>right now using X
09:42<Salec>X will blank out all other displays
09:42<Salec>because it only supports 1 virtual terminal (this is built into X and would require lots of nasty patching to get rid of)
09:43<Salec>so my monitor and other gfx cards are useless in the box
09:43<Peit|work>if you say so salec, I've not tried it to be honest, does it only blank when you go into the video playback?>
09:43<Salec>as soon as X starts
09:44<Salec>the monitor blanks
09:44<Salec>and the fb loads up
09:44<Salec>now i can run X to use multiple displays
09:44<Peit|work>wanna continue this in #ivtv-dev
09:44<Peit|work>before o_cee shouts at me :)
09:44<o_cee>just email ivtv-devel
09:44<o_cee>i wouldn't think anyone've tried it before Salec
09:45<Salec>people have done mythtv through qt-e
09:45<o_cee>but not ivtv-fb
09:45<Salec>they explain how pretty well on the mail archives
09:45<Salec>they just don't explain how to get it to work with ivtv-fb
09:45<o_cee>like i said
09:45<o_cee>i wouldn't think anyone've tried it before Salec
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10:37+m0j0 [~m0j0@] joined #mythtv
10:42<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, you around?
10:47<o_cee>hey chris
10:51+livesNbox [] joined #mythtv
10:51<livesNbox>anyone in here ever built one of those serious IR transmitters ?
10:51<livesNbox>hehe.. serious = seial
10:51<livesNbox>serial even..
10:51<livesNbox>i guess 90 minutes of sleep last night wasn't quite enough.
10:52<o_cee>never needed one
10:55<Rince>no, sorry ;-)
10:55<livesNbox>do you use some other method of controlling an external tuner? or just don't do it.
10:55<Captain_Murdoch>Hey o_cee...
10:55<Rince>question: is it possible to really delete the parts of a recorded movie which I told mythtv to skip? If so, how?
11:00<Captain_Murdoch>transcode them after marking commercials with the cutlist, search on the mailing list and docs for more info.
11:00=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
11:00+CyberKnet [] joined #mythtv
11:02<killerbun>anyone uses a ati remote ?
11:02<o_cee>search the mailinglist before asking questions dammit
11:03<killerbun>dont think im going to find a review of it under mythtv =)
11:04<livesNbox>wish you could search the whole mailinglist archive
11:04<Rince>will do, thanks
11:10=_kch_ [] quit ("Terminando cliente")
11:17+hfb [] joined #mythtv
11:18+holger [] joined #mythtv
11:19+steelep [~signwatch@] joined #mythtv
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11:34+cygnus [] joined #mythtv
11:38+paltar [] joined #mythtv
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11:46<Peit|work>chutt would you be interested in a patch to demultiplex the stream going to the pvr-350, to split off the audio so it can be sent out of an onboard S/PDIF?
11:46<Chutt>how would you keep a/v sync?
11:46+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
11:48<Peit|work>dunno yet, it was an idea i had, i've not started looking into it, just dipping my toes into the water to see what the temperature(response) is
11:48<Chutt>i wouldn't be interested myself, but i'd certainly apply it if it were clean
11:48<cygnus>i have a question about that small bug in the 0.13 release
11:49<Peit|work>i love the transparent overlay with the 350 output btw... cracking job
11:49<cygnus>i am noticing the discoloration that is mentioned on the website
11:49<Peit|work>the website tells you how to fix it, doesn't it?
11:49<cygnus>but also it is like everything is in slow motion
11:50<cygnus>is that also a symptom?
11:51<Chutt>encoding crappy video is much more difficult
11:52<Chutt>and if it's telling the tuner pal when it's supposed to be ntsc, that's certainly crappy video
11:53<cygnus>heh, yeah
11:53<cygnus>i thought perhaps that the pal standard had a higher framerate or something
11:54<Chutt>it's a lower framerate
11:54<cygnus>oh, hmm
11:54<cygnus>if the problem is difficulty encoding should the cpu usage be high
11:54<cygnus>cause cpu util. is still <30%
11:55<Chutt>do the little fix that's on the website
11:55<Peit|work>lower framerate, more lines, and a sane method of encoding chrominance
11:57<cygnus>ok, yeah, i will do that and see if that fixes it
11:57<cygnus>thanks for indulging my curiosity ;)
11:58-cygnus [] left #mythtv ()
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12:15+choenig [] joined #mythtv
12:18+sfr [] joined #mythtv
12:22<Rince>I did the cat
12:22<Rince>I transferred on a machine where I usually hear music or see short movies
12:22<Rince>Opening audio decoder: [mp3lib] MPEG layer-2, layer-3
12:22<Rince>MP3lib: init layer2&3 finished, tables done
12:22<Rince>AUDIO: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, 16 bit (0x10), ratio: 48000->192000 (384,0 kbit)
12:22<Rince>Selected audio codec: [mp3] afm:mp3lib (mp3lib MPEG layer-2, layer-3)
12:22<Rince>but no sound :(
12:24<Peit|work>sounds like you don't have the audio working.. what input are you using to capture (tuner or composite?)
12:24<Peit|work>lets go back to #ivtv-dev
12:24<Rince>crystalball:~# dmesg|grep audio
12:24<Rince>saa7115[0] set audio: 0x02
12:24<Rince>ooops, sorry ;)
12:25<Chutt>that's only for analog cards
12:25<Peit|work>mdz, i think rince is capturing with a pvr-[2|3]50 and thus that's not relevant :)
12:25<Snow-Man>mdz: In the debs, what made me pick as the IP addy to give instead of a public addy? :)
12:25<mdz>Peit|work: I see that now; I think he was carrying over a conversation from another channel and I didn't have the context
12:25<Rince>mdz: alsa itself is working fine, since I can hear something with mpg123
12:25<mdz>Snow-Man: that's the default
12:26<Snow-Man>mdz: Gotta hack up the db then to get over-the-network play to work. :/
12:26<Chutt>the last sentence in that answer is most often the problem
12:26<Chutt>snow-man, run setup
12:26<mdz>Snow-Man: you have to what?
12:26<Peit|work>and chutt beat me to it :)
12:26<Snow-Man>I did anyway. :)
12:26<Snow-Man>Chutt: I already made the change.
12:27<mdz>Snow-Man: the debs don't attempt to do any configuration other than setting up the database
12:27<Snow-Man>mdz: mythfrontend looks up the IP addy of the master in the database.
12:27<Chutt>you don't have to hack up the db, you just have to set it properly when you first run setup
12:27-mdz [] left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
12:27+mdz [] joined #mythtv
12:27<mdz>fucking xchat
12:27<mdz>Snow-Man: it displays a debconf note saying to run setup
12:27<mdz>which is where all of the configuration (other than the database) happens
12:28<Snow-Man>Erm, well, I changed the IP addy of the master in the database and that fixed mythfrontned being confused.
12:28<Snow-Man>I'm guessing setup must change that and not the debs then?
12:28<Snow-Man>Or do both set it?
12:28<mdz>Snow-Man: does it have to do with creating the mysql database? :-)
12:28<Chutt>needs both
12:28<mdz>that is all that the debs do
12:28<Chutt>one's what the frontend talks to to get to the master
12:28<mdz>set up the database
12:29<Snow-Man>mdz: That's the thing, the debs set up the database, which apparently was wrong, in this case at least.
12:29<mdz>everything else is done by setup
12:29<Chutt>the other is what that particular backend tells the frontend to use
12:29<Snow-Man>Chutt: Ah, ok, yeah, I did have to change both.
12:29<mdz>Snow-Man: I am not following you at all. The debs create an (empty) database. setup is responsible for placing all of the configuration data there
12:29<Snow-Man>I just changed all the's to the right IP addy.
12:30<Snow-Man>mdz: I guess I just remember something in debconf asking me for the IP addy to use for the master on the backend or something.
12:30<mdz>Snow-Man: yeah, that was in older versions before that moved into the database
12:31<mdz>used to be in the text config file along with the database connection info
12:31<Snow-Man>Ah. I think you still need to remove it from the mythfrontend, anyway. It asks for the backend to talk to but doesn't do anything with it, apparently.
12:32<mdz>mythtv (0.13-6) unstable; urgency=low
12:32<mdz> * Add a check to ensure that the package isn't being built under /usr,
12:32<mdz> due to #180240 (which shows no signs of being fixed)
12:32<mdz> * Remove debconf prompts from mythtv-frontend which used to be used to
12:32<mdz> configure the backend location; this is now done inside the UI
12:34<Snow-Man>yay. :)
12:34<killerbun>which cheap tv-in is best ?
12:34<killerbun>most supported, gives best picture etc.
12:35<Snow-Man>mdz: Has that been uploaded yet? Did you just fix that in the last like day or two? :P
12:35*Snow-Man wonders why his laptop isn't on.
12:37<Snow-Man>I installed all this stuff over the weekend and I think I must have 0.13-5 everywhere atm.
12:40<mdz>Snow-Man: you emailed me about this like a week ago, and I fixed it right away
12:40<Snow-Man>I did?
12:40<mdz>mythtv 0.13-6 | unstable/mythtv Packages
12:40<mdz>or said something on IRC maybe
12:40<Snow-Man>Maybe I'm off by a week.
12:41<mdz>Jan 24 08:01:42 <Snow-Man> mdz: I was going to ask you how to get mythfrontend to talk to a backend server on a different host, since the debconf stuff doesn't appear to do anything.
12:41<mdz>ok, 2 days ago
12:41<mdz>anyway I fixed it the same day
12:41<Snow-Man>Alright, that makes more sense. :)
12:41<mdz>and I responded to you on IRC
12:41<Snow-Man>And I havn't upgraded since then, not a big suprise I guess. :)
12:41<Snow-Man>Hrm, either I forgot that you did or I missed it. I need to get my /away stuff working again.
12:42<mdz>Jan 24 12:27:08 <mdz> Snow-Man: the backend address is configured in the GUI setup. The debconf bits should have been removed a while ago
12:42<Snow-Man>Yeah, I probably missed it, stupid irssi only goes back a day.
12:43<Snow-Man>Anyhow, thanks for fixing it. :)
12:43<Snow-Man>And I'm guessing setup has a default other than for that question. :)
12:44<Snow-Man>Or explains it better that if you set it to that then remote connections won't work.
12:44<mdz>now that, it does
12:45<Snow-Man>It should really ask what interfaces to listen on.
12:45<Snow-Man>That'd make it very clear to me, at least. :)
12:45<Snow-Man>Of course, it'd have to be modified to actually do that.
12:47*Snow-Man envisions a couple neighbors each having a mythtv backend setup, a wireless network, and a couple mythtvfrontend's.
12:48<Snow-Man>That'd be very cool. :)
12:48<Snow-Man>Do multiple backends coordinate to record stuff?
12:48<Snow-Man>In times of conflicting schedules or whatever?
12:49<Snow-Man>That's kinda neat. I figured a single backend with multiple tuners would, but wasn't sure in the multiple backend case.
12:54<o_cee>Chutt: heya, i've got G.A.N.T. pretty much finished for you..
12:55<o_cee>i'll just have a look at mythweather.. haven't used it in a while
12:56<o_cee>added the latest changes Bruce made as well..
13:08<o_cee>Chutt: is .zip okay?
13:09<o_cee>emailing it now.. without the weather images for now, need to resize them a little
13:09<o_cee>and the music stuff isn't really finished :)
13:10<thor_>hmmm ....
13:10<thor_>Mr. Allen's venting
13:11<thor_>I was never really aware of MythTV's anti- anti-drug agenda
13:11+poo [~sean@] joined #MythTV
13:11+lmatter [] joined #mythtv
13:11<thor_>but it's all so clear now
13:12<o_cee>hehehehhe :)
13:12<Chutt>it is!
13:12<Chutt>i wasn't aware of it myself until that email
13:12<o_cee>laugh of my day at least :)
13:13=sc00p [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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13:16<steelep>how hard would it be to get mythbackend to broadcast to vls?
13:16<thor_>vls ?
13:16<thor_>VideoLan ?
13:16<thor_>"we have top minds working on it"
13:17<steelep>I thought I heard some talk of it
13:17<thor_>although our "top minds" tend to work at a snal's pace
13:17<steelep>?me envisions a janitor wheeling his mythbox into a dark smithsonian warehouse...
13:18<thor_>with emphasis, "_top_ minds"
13:19<steelep>the canibalistic human underground tech team type? :-)
13:19<o_cee>did anyone look at that backtrace i sent?
13:19*steelep wonders if anyone remembers the movie C.H.U.D.
13:20<o_cee>not really :)
13:20+Sobek [~btatton@] joined #mythtv
13:20<Sobek>Is there a theme howto somewhere?
13:20<thor_>ask o_cee
13:20<o_cee>trial and error..
13:20<thor_>(very short FAQ)
13:20<o_cee>yeah, maybe something little
13:21<o_cee>but it's already outdated
13:21<o_cee>search the -dev list
13:21<o_cee>but it won't help you much.. just look at other themes.
13:21<Sobek>Thats what I thought..
13:21<o_cee>Chutt: mail on its way
13:23<Chutt>o_cee, thanks
13:23<Chutt>and, i'll look at that backtrace tonight
13:24<Chutt>got real work to get done :(
13:24<o_cee>okay :) np
13:25-Sobek [~btatton@] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
13:26<o_cee>thor_: have you thought anything about how to redesign mythmusic?
13:26<thor_>a wee bit ... why?
13:26<o_cee>just thought maybe i'd take a stab at it.. theme-wise that is
13:27+poptix [] joined #mythtv
13:27<thor_>ah, well for 0.14, mythmusic isn't going to change ...
13:27<thor_>but themewise, somebody needs a theme with small buttons
13:28<o_cee>yeah.. something different at least
13:28<thor_>wider space for track title, etc.
13:28<Chutt>o_cee, if you can come up with a mockup
13:28<Chutt>nothing working, just an image or two or so
13:29<o_cee>yeah.. i'll see if i can get some ideas together..
13:30<Chutt>where'd you send that .zip file to?
13:30+racer [] joined #mythtv
13:30<o_cee>Isaac Richards <>
13:30<thor_>takes a little while to get mail from o_cee
13:30<o_cee>got a pond to get cross :)
13:30<Chutt>yeah, i'm worried about something down the line bouncing it because of size
13:31<thor_>I got it two days ago to east coast, but it took a good 5 minutes to show up
13:31<o_cee>i could put it on the webserver as well
13:32<Chutt>ah, i think i got it
13:32<Chutt>something big, at least
13:33<thor_>problem drug related
13:33<Chutt>do you mind if i remove the .'s from the name?
13:34<o_cee>if you've got a good reason
13:34<Chutt>does it work with them?
13:34<Chutt>ah, ok
13:34<o_cee>haven't noticed any problem
13:35<o_cee>but if you do, just change it
13:35<Chutt>that's all i was wondering about
13:36<Chutt>your segfault looks easy to fix
13:36<Chutt>though, it won't record in that situation
13:36<o_cee>wich is? :)
13:36<Chutt>problem was it couldn't find a program at that date/time/channel
13:37<o_cee>that might be correct.. there was a test image
13:38<o_cee>was just going to start a recording to verify that the latest changes bruce made was working.. and the new color
13:39=killerbun [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:41<mdz>Chutt: I don't suppose you'd consider having the recording filenames use UTC rather than local time
13:41<Chutt>would there be a need for that?
13:41<mdz>I had to manually munge them all when I moved
13:41<Chutt>well, they're already not-human readable enough, i think :(
13:42<mdz>yeah, especially if the channels have been munged a couple of times and the chanids are all mixed up
13:51+ChaosExiguum [] joined #mythtv
13:52<Snow-Man>mdz: Just don't move. :)
13:57<mdz>Snow-Man: I'm trying to stop
13:57<Rince>mdz: fyi: my problem before was the wrong msp-module ;)
13:58*o_cee is away: laundry
13:59<mdz>Rince: ah
13:59<racer>Told you Rince!
14:01+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
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14:01kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
14:13-kc135 [] left #mythtv ()
14:17+subCoder [] joined #mythtv
14:17<subCoder>hello all
14:18<subCoder>Has anyone had a problem, after transcoding a DVD, with 1 or more sound channels being dropped?
14:18<subCoder>when playing back my vob file the sound is all there except for the voice track
14:20<subCoder>anyone there?
14:21<subCoder>I haven't been able to find anything in the lists yet
14:31<subCoder>anyone home in here?
14:31=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:31<Peit|Home>odd, my backend is saying "Your channel ordering method "channel number (numeric)" will not wok with channels like BBC2" and tells me to change it, but when i go to the general settings it set to channel number(alpha)
14:32<Peit|Home>subCoder: nope, but it sound like it's not downmixing correctly
14:32<subCoder>suggestions to fix it?
14:33<thor_>subCoder, if you did a perfect rip, then _all_ the sound channels are there, you just need to tell mplayer which one to use
14:34<subCoder>ok, so it's not the rip that I'm doing wrong it's the playback.
14:34<thor_>if it's a perfect rip, then yes
14:34<subCoder>i told it to do a perfect rip
14:34<thor_>then they're all there
14:34<thor_>man mplayer
14:35<subCoder>also it cuts sound out completely later on in the playback
14:35<subCoder>will do
14:35<thor_>look for stuff on soundtracks and languages selection
14:35+DJ_Rican [] joined #mythtv
14:35<DJ_Rican>hello ppl
14:35<Peit|Home>thor_: that problem ring any bells, using 'm' works, but page up page down generates those errors
14:37<thor_>no ... sorry ... nothing ringing here :-)
14:40=ceed_ [ceed@2001:8d8:81:530:0:0:0:1] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:40<Peit|Home>ho hum
14:40=Peit|Home [] quit ("changing monitors")
14:42<DJ_Rican>you need to quit irc to change monitors??
14:42+o_c [] joined #mythtv
14:44<Captain_Murdoch>DJ_Rican: He's probably using windows...
14:45<DJ_Rican>i use winders with multiple monitors too... :)
14:48<Octane>is the list messed up or do people just send emails twice?
14:53=o_cee [] quit (Nick collision from services.)
14:53o_cis now known as o_cee
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15:02virzyzis now known as virsys
15:05<subCoder>does anyone know if there are plans for a DVD burning module?
15:05<mdz>google knows
15:06<subCoder>thought I'd ask before I write one.
15:06<mdz>I haven't seen anything in CVS
15:08<subCoder>i know there are a few playing with it but didn't know if anyone has started writing the module.
15:08<o_cee>thor_: ?
15:11<o_cee>wheren't you going to write such thing?
15:11<thor_>well ...
15:11<thor_>everything is being subsumed by the mfd :-)
15:12<o_cee>i guess you're going to say that the module should use mfd as well ;)
15:12<thor_>'cause I don't think the user wants to just sit there and watch progress displays while the burning is going on
15:12<o_cee>heheh, not really :P
15:13<thor_>and it would be nice to use a client on Machine A to ask Machine B to burn content to the DVD burner on Machine C :-)
15:13<o_cee>yeah, but who'll put the disc in the burner on machine c? :)
15:14<thor_>but I don't want to hold anyone else up on writing something that would be useful in this century :-)
15:14<o_cee>haven't got a burner in that box, i don
15:14<o_cee>'t care
15:15<thor_>I have the stangest feeling that all this stuff I'm working on is what StangeBerry is up to
15:15<o_cee>who the hell's that?
15:17<thor_>(note that I can't seem to spell strange properly ... oh, managed it that time)
15:18<thor_>"From what I can gather from Google, it seems one of their projects was a set of Java libraries designed to work with Apple's Rendezvous service."
15:19<o_cee>we'll buy him instead.
15:38=hadees [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:43+sleighty [] joined #mythtv
15:43+kc135 [] joined #mythtv
15:44<Rince>Hmm... is anyone here using mythDVD?
15:45<Rince>I try to compile it against current cvs, but it fails to find gContext f\xFCr the linker...
15:45<Chutt>you need mythdvd from cvs.
15:45<Rince>I have that one ;)
15:45<Chutt>doubt it
15:46<Chutt>one or the other isn't from cvs.
15:49<sleighty>Does anyone know what is the status of tv_grab_fi? I get "Duplicate entry '1004-20040126003000' for key 1" db errors?
15:50<thor_>you need cvs myth (libmyth)
15:51sleightyis now known as slehti
15:52<knight->thor, i notice a recent commit saying a majority of the daap client is done
15:52<knight->does mythmusic dynamically update from other DAAPs yet then?
15:52<thor_>yup, just sorting out deltas (partial updates)
15:52<thor_>but not iTunes > 4.0
15:53<thor_>well, the mfd does, mythmusic don't do squat yet
15:55=slehti [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:55<Rince>Chutt: you're right
15:55<Rince>(sometimes I hate debian)
15:55<Rince>even as I deleted all myth-related packages there was a libmyth-0.13...
15:56<Rince>*compiling against*
15:59<steelep>is .14 going to be the mfd?
15:59<GreyFoxx>Is that Brad Allen guy for real or is he just some troll who is cranky because he isn't being cowed to ?
16:00<thor_>mfd is scheduled for inclusion in myth version 163.692
16:00<Chutt>.15 or .16
16:00<thor_>back to work
16:00<steelep>ok, thx, just curious when it would be more mainstream
16:01+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
16:02*steelep is pretty annoyed at the mythmusic "smart:" idea
16:02<Chutt>where's your patch, then? :p
16:02<steelep>i've been working on mine for a couple weeks :-(
16:03<thor_>ah, I was confused about whether it was a different person
16:03<knight->Chutt, where do you think my theme downloader should sit? Settings -> Appearance? or a seperate app on the main menu
16:03<steelep>its not ready for a patch because I put it in mythweb first
16:03<Chutt>knight, yeah, appearance
16:03<steelep>it's just strange to put some bizarre field references in there instead of a where clause
16:03<knight->Chutt, right now there's the Theme drop down... how do you think it should be visible?
16:04<Chutt>knight, no idea =)
16:04<thor_>steelep, separate table, different object, that make sense to you ?
16:06<Rince>Hmm, no, sorry
16:06<Rince>nothing left from debian and still no way to compile mythdvd
16:06<thor_>I just did it yesterday after someone complained about the same problem, worked fine here
16:06<thor_>updatedb, locate libmyth
16:07<steelep>thor, yes
16:07<steelep>but at the same time, it should just be a damned where clause
16:07<thor_>may the fastest patch win
16:07<steelep>not some convoluted naming scheme
16:07<steelep>i'll rework mine for a seperate list on wednesday
16:08<Chutt>i agree that it should just be the where clause
16:08<steelep>and i'll have to read about how to do the database patch
16:08<Chutt>dbcheck.cpp is _simple_
16:09<steelep>ok, if you say so :)
16:09<Chutt>all it is is a list of sql statements to execute
16:09<steelep>for me it probably will be
16:09<Chutt>and some wrapper code to test for versions and stuff
16:09+bdale [] joined #mythtv
16:09<steelep>I just never make linux patches so I'm nervous
16:09<thor_>I figured it out, ergo anyone can
16:10<steelep>for some reason my mails aren't going through
16:10<Chutt>[mythtv] Another promising output option
16:10<steelep>I replied to that thread an hour ago
16:10<Chutt>was just delivered
16:10<steelep>ok, half hour :)
16:10<m0j0>How difficult would it be to have MythMusic support multiple concurrent sorted lists (i.e. By Genre, By Artist, etc)? Is there a way to code this in without reading all the data multiple times?
16:11<Chutt>m0j0, wouldn't be difficult
16:11<steelep>that's what we are talking about m0j0
16:11<steelep>my patch does that
16:11<steelep>plus alot more
16:11=Drikus [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:12<Chutt>brad allen hasn't posted anything to avsforum yet
16:12*steelep is so dumb though, he just figured out he could put a symlink to the dvd in mythvideo :)
16:12<m0j0>It dynamically fills those lists, right? I want to avoid having to manually build playlists for each artist/genre.
16:12<steelep>been wanting to do that for months
16:12<bline>what was all that about being gay?
16:13<Chutt>bline, i really have no idea
16:13<bline>very strange people heh
16:13<steelep>yes m0j0
16:14<steelep>you can nest it too... i.e. play all 60s rock that is not deep purple
16:16<steelep>i'm also trying to figure out how to update the database without completely rereading the file tree
16:16<steelep>but its just something i need while i am retagging/renaming everything
16:16+nijo [] joined #mythtv
16:17<steelep>would be nice if it could read the id3 tags in the background after it loads the filenames
16:17<m0j0>Cool. I just wanted to be able to pick either by genre or by artist from within MythMusic. Of course, I'd never turn down more features. ;)
16:17<steelep>and just purge missing filenames
16:18+paltar [] joined #mythtv
16:18<nijo>Please help: cardid -1
16:18-paltar [] left #mythtv ()
16:18<nijo>and backend going down :-(
16:20<Chutt>you have a video source that is not bound to a capture card, and you have scheduled things to be recorded on that video source.
16:21<nijo>right. after several tries my only card is at about index 5 and I used mythfilldatabase with 1.
16:21<nijo>is that not checked somewhere?
16:22<Chutt>it is checked -- that's why you're getting that error :p
16:22<thor_>rerun setup?
16:22<nijo>I mean at mythfilldatabase time.
16:22<Chutt>no, it's not checked there
16:23<nijo>I'll optimize the mysql table so it starts at 1 again.
16:23<nijo>and then re-setup.
16:23<nijo>I think this error is a FAQ...
16:24<Chutt>it doesn't come up that often
16:24<Chutt>once every couple months
16:24<nijo>You'll hit it if you play with your setup.
16:24*steelep is totally sick of mytheater and decides to tackle NA dvb after this music patch even if he is the only one that's going to use it. and it never goes into cvs..
16:28*steelep really does appreciate the amazing code that is mythtv
16:30<nijo>I can not second that.
16:31<nijo>The database layout should be changed.
16:31<Magick>nijo, contribute a patch if you don't like something
16:32<nijo>right. It's difficult to work your way into the code.
16:32<Magick>right. It is much easier to complain and gain nothing.
16:32<o_cee>Chutt: the preview.png image seems to be something strange about.. i'll see if i can fix a new one
16:33<Chutt>i can generate one
16:33<Chutt>if need be
16:34<o_cee>got som strange error when going into appearance about zero byte image
16:35<o_cee>ooh, maybe it should be a jpg :)
16:37<o_cee>sending you the file as .jpg instead
16:40=nijo [] quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
16:42<Chutt>do de do
16:42<Chutt>bruce markey's segfault he just reported is due to brad allen's patch
16:43*o_cee is away: asleep
16:44<Chutt>o_cee, i'll try to get things in CVS tonight/tomorrow
16:44+Peit|Home [] joined #mythtv
16:51+killerbun [] joined #mythtv
16:53=thor_ [~thor@] quit ("Wonder what this button does?")
16:57<knight->whats the best way to chop off the filename of a url?
16:59<knight->how about chopping off the file's extension after that?
16:59+thor_ [~thor@] joined #mythtv
17:02<Chutt>QFileInfo? =)
17:07<knight->=] thanks
17:14+duende [] joined #mythtv
17:20<duende>Does mythtv accept lirc commands directly into the frontend? I find it very clumsey using irxevent.
17:26<Chutt>if you compile in support for it, sure
17:27<duende>how do you compile in support?
17:27<duende>most programs have the option under ./configure
17:28<duende>ok, thanks
17:29%Netsplit <-> quits: o_cee
17:29%Netsplit over, joins: o_cee
17:29%ServerMode/#mythtv: +bbb *!*dmitry@* *!*BigJim@* fulmust!*@* by
17:31<subCoder>Has anyone thought of building a production mythtv box to market?
17:32*Captain_Murdoch wonders if it's that time of the week again..
17:32*lmatter plugs ears, waits for renewed debate about xmltv woes.
17:33*Captain_Murdoch ponders whether to be the first to say "go read the mailing lists it's been discussed to death on them"
17:34+ChaosExiguum [] joined #mythtv
17:34<Rince>okay, I give up
17:34<Rince>I just compiled mythtv from cvs. This worked fine
17:34<Chutt>did you install it?
17:35<Rince>I made a "make uninstall ; make install"
17:35<Rince>then I made a "cvs update -dP" in /usr/src/mythtv/cvs/mythdvd/
17:35<Rince>and a make
17:35<Rince>and still the undefined reference to gContext
17:36<Chutt>you've got an old libmyth installed.
17:36<Rince>the question is, where...
17:37<Rince>because even with ldconfig -v I only see libmyth*0.14*
17:37<Rince>and all of them from max. 10 minutes ago
17:38=killerbun [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:46<knight->Chutt, are you planning on incorporating mythstream into cvs?
17:47<Rince>nope, just checked
17:47<ChaosExiguum>do you need to 'make distclean' in mythdvd?
17:47<Rince>all libraries with "*myth*" in the name are new
17:47<duende>Chutt, with native lirc support, do you point the prog = to mythfrontend or mythtv?
17:53<steelep>I really need to try mythstream tomorrow
17:53<steelep>I am addicted to somafm at work
17:54<thor_>Rince, you try an updatedb; locate libmyth ?
17:55<Rince>thor: yes
17:55<thor_>and you don't have a stale date setting on your cvs checkout ?
17:56<Rince>I did a locate libmyth | grep -v src | xargs ls -l
17:56<Rince>I don't think so, I removed the complete mythdvd-directory and made a new checkout
17:56<thor_>no, a stale mythtv date setting
17:57<Rince>hm. I don't think so
17:57<Rince>how can I check that?
17:58<thor_>you ever do a cvs co -D somedate with core mythtv ?
17:59<Rince>no, usually only a cvs update -dP in the mythtv-directory
18:00<Rince>but I will do it with the date of jan 26th
18:00<Chutt>knight, no.
18:01<knight->Chutt, it doesnt follow spec?
18:01<Chutt>there's no need for it
18:01<knight->Sure there is :)
18:01<Chutt>someone can finish sfr's streaming patch for mythmusic
18:02<knight->What about streaming video?
18:02<thor_>Rince, well ... dunno what to tell you ... I just co'd and built mythDVD again without problems against a more-or-less (day or so) current cvs of mythtv
18:02<Chutt>knight, mythvideo just uses filenames
18:02<Chutt>stick a url in there, same difference to the plugin
18:02<Rince>thor_: I will try it too then ;)
18:02+dja_ [] joined #mythtv
18:02<knight->Chutt, ahh so it's just an interface issue with mythvideo
18:03<knight->Sounds good to me.
18:03<Chutt>so there's really no need for a separate module
18:03<duende>was a good idea tho
18:03<thor_>... native player that understands http:// .... that's the ticket
18:03+servo [] joined #mythtv
18:03<Chutt>and it doesn't really make sense to segregate content because it's on a different machine
18:03<knight->Chutt, I started putting together an outline for developer docs today
18:04<servo>Where does btaudio come from? The bttv driver?
18:05<servo>ok; so I need to edit my modules.conf with: alias char-major-89 i2c-dev | options i2c-core i2c_debug=1 | options i2c-algo-bit bit_test=1 || Is there a way to just modprobe these btaudio without rebooting?
18:07+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
18:10+bishop1 [] joined #mythtv
18:22<servo>is I use btaudio: my analog is on: /dev/dsp2 and digital is on: /dev/dsp1 | In the mythfrontend config which dsp should I use for playback audio?
18:28+holger [] joined #mythtv
18:30<steelep>ok, so much for mythstream.... how do I store a url that will load in mythvideo? I'm using xine so it should work, should I store the url as a playlist or something that xine understands?
18:30<steelep>then tell the filebrowser to accept that extension in mythvideo
18:30<bishop1>freaking snow! my commute sucked! anyone ever thought about myth-traffic... mabey i'll try that
18:31<steelep>mythnews could do it if your traffic report has an rss feed
18:32<steelep>if it doesn't making one with php and regex should be somewhat simple
18:32<bishop1>yeah. but the traffic maps would be cool ;-) should be just like mythweather
18:32<steelep>yeah, that could work
18:32<steelep>my commute always sux
18:32<steelep>just lots of traffic
18:33<steelep>I need to start working at home again
18:34<bishop1>samne here. i try to work off hours to compensate
18:36=duende [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:40=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:40<Captain_Murdoch>bishop1: traffic maps and traffic cams.. :)
18:41<knight->other than Qt, what other development library prerequisites are there?
18:41<knight->i.e. Qt 3.1
18:43<servo>ok I got btaudio working
18:43<servo>and everything seems to be running smoothly
18:43<servo>I only got some small things to work ouy
18:44<servo>ok for some reason I get like a 'lag' before it switches the channel. So channel surfing is horribly slow
18:44<servo>takes about 2-3 seconds to change channels =\
18:46<Captain_Murdoch>use browse mode
18:49=sfr [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:52=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:53+paulc35 [] joined #mythtv
18:54<paulc35>Really needing some assistance on ovr-350 tv-out. I have everything working but don't know how to config with a computer monitor and tv. I had the same thing working with the video card (NVidia) tv-out, now just want to use ...
18:54<paulc35>the pvr-350.
18:54+sfr [] joined #mythtv
18:54<paulc35>To be clear: I can run the pvr-350 tv-out on it's own
18:55<kc135>paulc35: what mobo are you using?
18:55<paulc35>just need XF86Config-4 lines to get it working in tandem with the computer screen...
18:55<paulc35>supermicro...does that matter?
18:55<paulc35>perhaps a IRQ request issue?
18:55<kc135>not to you ;).. I'm having some trouble with an nforce2 mobo and pvr350
18:56<paulc35>oh..sorry :)
18:56<paulc35>I have a nice supermicro mobo...mythtv works great
18:57<paulc35>the only thing I notice is that if I do software decoding there a slight jitters from time to time
18:57+cygnus [] joined #mythtv
18:57<knight->ok i finished writing up a basic developer document for MythTV
18:57<kc135>I've had nothing but trouble with this damn nforce2.. It's nice to hear that you've got the 350 working well though.
18:57<knight->very basic at the moment, but i'll expand it over time
18:57=poptix [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:57<cygnus>so i ran the query to fix the small bug in .13
18:57<paulc35>My video card is GeForce
18:58<cygnus>and that fixed the colors
18:58<knight->Chutt/thor, you guys should look at it and let me know anything you think should be added
18:58<thor_>happy to
18:58<cygnus>but the video is still unbelievably slow
18:58<servo>I still can't stand the SLOW channel switching!
18:58<paulc35>Yeah, that channel switching causes problemns sometimes....
18:58<ChaosExiguum>servo, its faster than tivo
18:58=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
18:59<Captain_Murdoch>servo, use browse mode
18:59<servo>yes that's what im gonna use now
18:59<servo>oh well
18:59<Captain_Murdoch>and turn on auto-browse so you don't even have to hit 'O' to enter browse.
18:59<paulc35>So, does anyone here actually have the pvr-350 tv-out working in tandem with a computer screen? Just tell me it's possible! :)
19:00+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
19:00<rOOfus>i have been reading the lists
19:00<rOOfus>and curious about a question regarding pvr 350 and avi files
19:00<rOOfus>does it not have the ability to play back certain typoes of video?
19:01<cygnus>anyone have any ideas about what might be causing myth to play video at about 1/8 speed?
19:01<ChaosExiguum>rOOfus, it only plays mpeg 1/2 files
19:02<cygnus>does hdparm -d /dev/hda saying that my drive is in dma mode not mean that it is really in dma mode?
19:02<rOOfus>hrm, so no .wma or .qt?
19:02<rOOfus>or i guess quicktime is based on mpeg4
19:02<cygnus>cause dmesg says it is in pio mode
19:03<paulc35>dmesg from boot? Can't it switch after booting?
19:03+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
19:03<rOOfus>does that mean it won't play svcd, vcd, or divx files?
19:03<ChaosExiguum>rOOfus, correct, at some point it may, its really a driver issue (but your cpu would still have to decode it to raw yuv format)
19:03<rOOfus>i am a little clueless as to file formats
19:03+poptix [] joined #mythtv
19:03<ChaosExiguum>svcd and vcd files should play okay, divx is mpeg4 and wont play
19:03<cygnus>running dmesg |grep -i dma
19:04<rOOfus>that sucks bout the divx files, i was hoping to play those through to the tv
19:04<rOOfus>what do other people do, use a different tv-out card for that?
19:04<ChaosExiguum>the hardware decoder will only decode mpeg 1 & 2 formats, but the hardware supports raw video (yuv) output.. just not in the driver yet
19:05<steelep>I use a vga to component transcoder, never worry about tvout that way :)
19:05<cygnus>ide0: BM-DMA at 0xf000-0xf007, BIOS settings: hda:pio, hdb:pio
19:05<ChaosExiguum>so yes, most people use another tvout if they want to play other formats
19:06=servo [] quit ("Leaving")
19:06<rOOfus>steelep: did you build that or make it yourself
19:06<rOOfus>i am just hoping i did not do waste $$ going to a 350 instead of 250
19:06<rOOfus>b/c of having tv out
19:07<ChaosExiguum>the tvout quality on the 350 is unmatched by anything else
19:08<cmorgan>yes, it is quite good
19:08<rOOfus>allright, i will quit second guessing myself
19:08<rOOfus>and just hope at some point the drivers support everything
19:08<steelep>I bought it
19:09<steelep>they aren't cheap, but IMO well worth it
19:09<cmorgan>rOOfus: everything? they don't do fm radio
19:09<cmorgan>rOOfus: but they capture and playback, what else can you ask for really? ;-)
19:10<steelep>I would beg to differ with Chaos, this transcoder blows away a tvout
19:10<rOOfus>morgan, i am still lost on why i would want the fm radio
19:10<steelep>of course, it's going to an hdtv though :)
19:10<rOOfus>unless i get an ipod with an fm transceiver
19:10<cmorgan>rOOfus: who knows. you mentioned "support everything"
19:10<cmorgan>and the driver doesn't support fm radio
19:10<rOOfus>to put next to the myth
19:10<paulc35>Ok, the 350 is great, but someone must know if it's possible, or not, to coexist a pvr-350 out with a computer screen..?!?
19:10<cmorgan>and i haven't heard much word about work on it
19:10<ChaosExiguum>steelep, well I wont argue about that using an hi def set :o)
19:11<rOOfus>i have a puny 19" tv that this is going through
19:11<rOOfus>i doubt i will notice much difference
19:11<ChaosExiguum>paulc35, you are supposed to be able to run them side by side in X
19:12<paulc35>With the video card, I have screen 0 being the computer monitor and screen 1 being the tv...
19:13<paulc35>Ok, so, it should just be a very similar config as with video card / video card setting, but just changing the tv-out video card to tv-out pvr?
19:13<steelep>you can get a vga to svideo/composite transcoder
19:13<steelep>they are about $50
19:13<paulc35>When I tried that I got wouldn't even load the screen 1
19:13<ChaosExiguum>paulc35, correct, since (as far as X knows) the pvr350 is just a framebuffer video card
19:14<steelep>the pvr350 will overlay to the vga won't it?
19:14<paulc35>Ok, so it's like having two video cards? So, how does one set up the screens? Do you not even have to number them?
19:14<steelep>maybe xinerama can do it
19:15<ChaosExiguum>steelep, at the moment the driver only support tv out of the card, but the hardware has the ability to feed the decoded stream across the pci bus for overlay
19:16<ChaosExiguum>steelep, there is an example config in the ivtv driver source
19:16<paulc35>Chaos: Do you have an example of the video card dvi / pvr-350 tv-out XF86Config-4?
19:17<paulc35>Are you supposed to use different X servers?
19:17<paulc35>maybe that is the key?
19:17<paulc35>I mean, different X server layouts?!
19:17<rOOfus>i am sorry, i guess i am a little confused, but will the pvr-350 not just throw whatever would be on your moniter onto your tv?
19:17<cmorgan>you can have it do that
19:17<rOOfus>it will only put stuff that is in either mpeg1 or 2 format?
19:18-pigeon [] left #mythtv ("bbl")
19:18<cmorgan>you just run X through the ivtv-fb
19:18<paulc35>Chaos: Send through e-mail or here?
19:18<cmorgan>and you get X/myth and anything else on your tv
19:18<rOOfus>so then it would be possible to play a divx movie onto the tv
19:18<rOOfus>using a pvr350
19:18<paulc35>cmorgan: I don't know how to do what you're talking about..
19:18<ChaosExiguum>paulc35, email or private message
19:18<rOOfus>if you can play it on the computer?
19:19<paulc35>e-mail is fine:
19:19<paulc35>I'm sure that from the config I should be able to figure out how to run the different X's together....
19:19<ChaosExiguum>rOOfus, the screen refresh speed is not fast enough for full motion video playback unless you have a very fast system (2.8ghz or so I think)
19:19<cmorgan>paulc35: to get X through the pvr 350? there is a tvout howto that is excellent, i used that
19:20<paulc35>cmorgan: It doesn't cover using the tv-out **and** a computer screen at the same time
19:20<rOOfus>ah, so an athlon 900 aint gonna cut it
19:20<paulc35>I also used it
19:20<steelep>right, that's same as dual screen with xinerama
19:21<paulc35>isn't xinerama *just* for NVidia?
19:21<ChaosExiguum>rOOfus, probably not for playing videos over the framebuffer, but mpeg1/2 will be fine (since the pvr decodes that in hardware)
19:21<steelep>yeah, but it's the same thing really
19:21<paulc35>oh, I see what you mean
19:21<rOOfus>does it play the mame stuff well?
19:21<rOOfus>or is that also lagged
19:22<steelep>anything X play, it (350) plays
19:22<cmorgan>paulc35: just start up another X server i guess
19:22<cmorgan>paulc35: and specify the display to use maybe
19:22<ChaosExiguum>I have not tried it, but a few people have told me they play mame stuff without noticing lag, I dont know how fast their systems are though
19:22<cmorgan>paulc35: why would you want that anyway? which screen would get your input?
19:22<paulc35>so, when you're starting your two X uses your nomal monitor layout and the other uses the pvr-350 layout? That makes sense...
19:23<cmorgan>rOOfus: athlon 900 should be fine with a pvr-350 i'd think
19:23<paulc35>I want to be able to have mythtv running on the tv while also being able to use the computer for other stuff...
19:23<ChaosExiguum>the real issue is that the framebuffer has no acceleration for graphics, so it all depends on your system speed
19:24<thor_>eww, is that Word ?
19:24<cmorgan>paulc35: ahh. you are asking too much of your computer i think ;-) its just not worth the trouble
19:24<cmorgan>maybe storing files on it is fine
19:24<Rince>paulc35: well: I have a Via Epia M2-10000-board
19:24<paulc35>So, it isn't possible then?!
19:24<cmorgan>oh i'd expect it is possible
19:24<Rince>I can without any proiblem compile and see tv at the same tiome ;)
19:24<cmorgan>i'm just saying that i like my myth machine running 24/7
19:24<paulc35>I already do it with the video card dvi / video card tv-out...
19:24<cmorgan>so i don't screw with it ;-)
19:24<Rince>using TV-Out for everything on TV and ssh for compiling ;)
19:25<ChaosExiguum>paulc35, you should get the config shortly
19:25<paulc35>The machine I run myth on has loads of disk space, processing speed, etc
19:25<rOOfus>gotcha, i just cant wait to get all my gear
19:25<rOOfus>and start building this bad boy
19:25<paulc35>ok, thanks Chaos...I have to go now...daughter is wanting me to play with her..I'll give it a try when I get your file. Thanks for all the help everyone
19:26=cygnus [] quit ("Leaving")
19:26<thor_>eek, it is word
19:26+aceat64 [] joined #mythtv
19:27<thor_>well it's a start :-)
19:30<rOOfus>one more newb question
19:30<rOOfus>is it a bad idea to use ata66?
19:30<rOOfus>or should i upgrade to 100 or 133?
19:31<cmorgan>66 shoudl be fine
19:31<cmorgan>you aren't going to saturate that
19:32<knight->thor, indeed
19:32<knight->thor, i really only spent a few minutes on it so far (maybe like 30 minutes)
19:32<knight->so i'll update it as time goes on
19:32<knight->and eventually, I'll find a way to generate PDF also
19:33<thor_>journey of a thousand miles, one step and all that
19:33<knight->anything you want to add to it immediately?
19:33<thor_>at least you stepped :-)
19:34<thor_>I'd make the Qt docs ref generic
19:34<thor_>not version number
19:34=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
19:35<knight->thor, but mythtv is limited to Qt 3.1
19:35=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:35<thor_>yeah, but if you leave it generic, people won't complain a year from now when we're on 3.4 or something
19:36<knight->true, except the document will have to be updated for that anyways
19:36<thor_>yup ... as long as you remember to update all the links when you update it
19:36<steelep>have you read this thor?
19:37<knight->thor, indeed
19:38<thor_>I have now
19:38<thor_>most of the daapserver stuff in the mfd is taken from daapd
19:38<steelep>couple interesting things in there about daap
19:39<ChaosExiguum>rOOfus, _personally_ I dont see a whole lot of i/o using the box for mythtv only, except when myth is flagging comercials or transcoding in the background and Im watching live tv (then my 5400rpm drive is too slow) so I guess its your call
19:39<thor_>and the both the zeroconfig responder plugin and the zeroconfig client plugin are wraps of the Apple DNS code
19:40<steelep>some idiot whines about it violating the dmca
19:40<thor_>it does
19:40<thor_>well, talking the other would
19:40<thor_>the other way
19:40<steelep>not on personal use of personal rips
19:41<steelep>I can play it on 50 machines myself if I feel like it
19:41<rOOfus>the dmca is absolute
19:41<rOOfus>there is no personal use defense to it
19:41<thor_>iTunes will now only serve to you if you solve a little alorithm
19:41<thor_>some stupid security through obscurity thing
19:41<steelep>hmm, ok then that's maybe what they are referring to
19:42<thor_>your client has to add a DAAP-Validation header
19:42<steelep>got nothing to do with more than one person listening though
19:42<steelep>tampering with security does
19:42<thor_>which is obviosly an MD5 checksum of the reguest url
19:42<rOOfus>the dmca is one of the stupidest laws of the last few yrs
19:42<thor_>bah, too many things at once
19:42<rOOfus>but i correct myself
19:42<rOOfus>interoperability is a defense to the dmca
19:43<rOOfus>though it did not work in the decss case
19:43<thor_>the mfd log spits out a challenge for every user
19:44<steelep>r00fus, didn't you hear that it DID work, they dropped the case
19:44<cmorgan>rOOfus: it should have worked in the case of decss, it was just that lobbying of hollywood changed the rules and not enough people knew about the case
19:44<steelep>but that only really releases the people charge in the case
19:45<rOOfus>steelep: not really
19:45<rOOfus>there were two cases
19:45<rOOfus>the one you were talking about was a trade secret case
19:45<steelep>the second is still pending
19:45<rOOfus>they said that it is not a trade secret anymore, so dropped it
19:45<rOOfus>the other case was in federal court
19:45<rOOfus>and that was a dmca case
19:46<rOOfus>and the circuit court held for the studios
19:46<rOOfus>saying that decss violates the dmca
19:46<steelep>but it's still being appealed
19:46<rOOfus>no its not
19:46<steelep>yes, it is
19:46<rOOfus>the supreme court would have to hear the appeal of the federal case
19:46<rOOfus>and they are not going to
19:46<steelep>the SC just has agreed to hear it yet
19:47<rOOfus>they wont agree to
19:47<rOOfus>i think cert has been denied
19:47<steelep>they might
19:47<rOOfus>so it is a final judgement
19:47*rOOfus fires up
19:47<steelep>hmm, I have to go read up on that, I thought it was awaiting approval to be heard
19:48<rOOfus>i could be wrong, but i doubt it
19:48<rOOfus>i jsut wrote a pretty major on the subject
19:48=etcp [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:49=bishop1 [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.35 [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]")
19:49=bdale [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:53<steelep>if you are referring to 2600 mag, then yes, they are not fighting it
19:53+etcp [] joined #mythtv
19:54<rOOfus>yeah, that is the corley case
19:54<rOOfus>then ther is the ramirez case
19:54<rOOfus>that never went to the circuit
19:54<rOOfus>but those were all decided in '01 and '00
19:55<cmorgan>so the court never decided on whether decss was fair use or not?
19:55<steelep>I think there is still one pending appeal, on the dmca, but maybe they have all been withdrawn
19:55<steelep>Mike Rowe got an Xbox :)
19:55<steelep>and NOT a court date
19:56<rOOfus>no the court said it was not fair use
19:56<ChaosExiguum>from microsoft?
19:56<cmorgan>rOOfus: why did they say it wasn't fair use?
19:56<rOOfus>they specifically said that there are other options
19:56<rOOfus>like you can camcorder a tv playing a dvd
19:56<cmorgan>rOOfus: i thought it would be fine because it allows for playing of dvd's?
19:56<rOOfus>or you can get a vhs tape
19:56<cmorgan>so you own the dvd but aren't allowed to decrypt it to watch it using decss?
19:57<rOOfus>they said that fair use does not allow you to access it in the most convienent use
19:57<rOOfus>first they said that the defendent was not using it to make a fair use
19:57<rOOfus>but making the tool available instead
19:57<rOOfus>and he was sued for poublishing it not using it
19:58<steelep>fair use may not be the best arguement
19:58<cmorgan>why not?
19:58<rOOfus>this is the quote
19:58<rOOfus>no authority for the proposition that fair use \x85 guarantees copying by the optimum method or in the identical format of the original \x85 Fair use has never been held to be a guarantee of access to copyrighted material in order to copy it by the fair user\x92s preferred technique or in the format of the original
19:58<steelep>but I don't want to go that far right now
19:58<cmorgan>i bought it, i should be able to watch it ;-)
19:58<rOOfus>that is what the court says
19:59<cmorgan>does interoperability(sp probably) fall under fair use and also not count?
19:59<rOOfus>the thing is, interoperability is a specific exemption from the DMCA
19:59<steelep>jeez, Mike actually got a hell of a settlement
19:59<rOOfus>you are allowed to circumvent if you can prove it is for interoperability
19:59<cmorgan>and decss wasn't that either?
20:00<steelep>easily worth a few thousand
20:00<rOOfus>but yet, the court did not seem to believe that this is what was going on here
20:01<rOOfus>the copyright office also could have changed the law, but specifically rejected exempting the decss
20:02<steelep>time for me to split
20:02<cmorgan>how else to watch dvds under a non-ms system?
20:02=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
20:02=lmatter [] quit ("Leaving")
20:03<rOOfus>that is the whole point
20:03<rOOfus>the studios claim that there are licensed dvd players for linux
20:03<rOOfus>but there are only 2, i believe
20:03<cmorgan>there are?
20:03<rOOfus>and they are for embedded linux systems
20:03<cmorgan>well who cares though right? since you can just claim reverse engineering and interoperability
20:03<rOOfus>i think ibm has a license but it is ridiculously expensive
20:04<rOOfus>and of course, they are all very closed source, as the encryption algorithm is in them
20:04<rOOfus>but the courts were too clueless to realize this
20:04<rOOfus>it is complicated
20:04<rOOfus>cmorgan, the point is you cant do that
20:04<cmorgan>i'm not sure why not...
20:04<rOOfus>the courts have ruled the decss does not qualify under that exemption
20:04<cmorgan>they give any reasons?
20:05<rOOfus>did you ever ask your mom something, and she said no, and you asked why, and she said cuz i am your mother
20:05<rOOfus>thats why?
20:05<rOOfus>that is the equivelent here
20:05<rOOfus>they say there are interoperable systems
20:05<rOOfus>and if they allow this, it violates the heart of allowing copyright infringment
20:05<rOOfus>like a balancing test sort of
20:06<rOOfus>but skewed in the wrong direction, imo
20:06<ChaosExiguum>just cause they are dumb dosent mean they dont 0wn you :o)
20:06<cmorgan>no one is copying here though
20:06<cmorgan>they miss the obviousness that an exact copy works just as well
20:06<rOOfus>yeah, that point was brought up
20:06<rOOfus>but to no avail
20:06<rOOfus>b/c you are a terrorist if you use linux
20:07<cmorgan>a communist actually
20:07<rOOfus>so why should you be able to watch dvds
20:07<cmorgan>much like all scientists and researches that publish paper are communists
20:08<rOOfus>i mean, they have a slight point though, you could say that any circumvention device is used for interoperability
20:08<cmorgan>oh well
20:08<rOOfus>so they dont want to create this huge precedent
20:08<cmorgan>interesting issues
20:08<rOOfus>but here it is stupid, as i think decss is used more by people for legitimate reasons
20:09<rOOfus>if you are gonna pirate, there are better ways to do it
20:09<rOOfus>this is my job, heh
20:09<rOOfus>so i find it pretty interesting
20:09<cmorgan>what do you do?
20:10<cmorgan>pirate dvd's? ;-)
20:10<rOOfus>i work for a tech trade association
20:10<rOOfus>ip issues
20:10<rOOfus>i also go to law school
20:14<rOOfus>and just wrote a 25-30 page paper on how the DMCA violates first amendment, specifically the DeCSS cases
20:14<rOOfus>so thats why i know a touch bout it
20:20=Salec [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:24-paulc35 [] left #mythtv ()
20:28+TruinWORK [] joined #mythtv
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20:32=choenig [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:36+daralc [] joined #mythtv
20:36<daralc>can anyone recommend a IR/RF remote solution?
20:43=poo [~sean@] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:47<TruinWORK>daralc: I hear that the ATI Remote is good... personally, I'm going with an RF keyboard w/built-in pointing device, like a touch-pad or trackball.
20:47TruinWORKis now known as Truin
20:47<Truin>you guys don't care that I'm at work. ;)
20:50+qwerty [] joined #mythtv
20:50<qwerty>Can you run mythtv without a capture card?
20:51<Truin>qwerty: yes, and no. You can run a front-end only system without a capture card, but you'd still need a backend system with a tuner card and such in it.
20:51<Truin>I don't know what good mythtv is without a TV tuner card.
20:51<qwerty>Truin Im wanting to test this out on my box to see if I can replace tivo.
20:52<qwerty>I dont want to go out and buy several hundres of dollars in hardware yet.
20:52<Truin>yes, it will replace your TiVo, and do so much more that your TiVo can not.
20:53<qwerty>Truin were you once a brother of mine in the tivolution?
20:53<Truin>huh? No, don't think so. You seen my nick somewhere where it wasn't me?
20:53+poo [~sean@] joined #MythTV
20:53<qwerty>I mean did you use to own a tivo/
20:53<Truin>well, poo!
20:54<Truin>oh, no, I've never owned a tivo or re-play TV. However, I have friends who have them, and I did quite a bit of reading on various PVR's before I decided to just use MythTV on my linux box. Primarily because of the stuff it does that TiVo doesn't.
20:54+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
20:54<qwerty>What can it do tivo cant? Is there anything from tivo Ill miss?
20:55<Netslayer>tivo 3?
20:55<Truin>well, there's the extra front-end modules, like MythVideo, MythWeather, MythWeb, MythGallery, MythMusic, MythNews, etc....
20:55<Truin>you can setup schedulings and such for MythTV via a web-browser. (Handy when I'm at work, and suddenly remember I forgot to record some show.)
20:55<qwerty>Yeah, tivo doesnt have that stuff but it does have spam!
20:56<qwerty>Any problems with it?
20:56<Netslayer>i think tivo has the web thing for a price
20:56<Truin>A front-end setup, meaning I can have a back-end with the tuner in my basement, and then a front-end machine (no tuner) in my bedroom, and still be able to watch live TV streamed across my LAN...
20:56<Truin>thinks like that.
20:56<Netslayer>mythtv is open no spam heh
20:56<Truin>Netslayer: that too. :)
20:56<Netslayer>Truin, u bet
20:56<Netslayer>just watch your wireless bandwidth on the frontends if ur planning that
20:57<qwerty>Truin that front end back end thing is cool.
20:57<Truin>Problems with MythTV? None so far. It's running happily on a tiny little AMD k6/2 400MHz with 128mb of RAM.
20:57<qwerty>Yeah, the spam sucks. Huge add on your menu for 3 or 4 days.
20:57<Truin>qwerty: VERY kewl.
20:57<qwerty>Truin what kinda video card?
20:57<Truin>Netslayer: it's ok... I have a PVR/250 to do the encoding... my CPU sits idle when it records. ;)
20:58<qwerty>Why do I hear so much hype for the happauge cards?
20:58<Netslayer>Truin, nah i was responding to qwerty
20:58<Truin>qwerty: my tuner is the Hauppauge WinTV PVR-250 (great card!) and my video card is a GeForce4 MX 440 with s-video out.
20:58<Netslayer>hardware encoding saves cpu power..makes em popular although i use v4l
20:58<qwerty>Truin so I need a tuner, and vid card?
20:58<Truin>the original series 1 TiVo had a 54MHz CPU. Why? Dedicated hardware for encoding and decoding. ;)
20:59<qwerty>Truin sparc right?
20:59<Truin>qwerty: only if you plan on running tv-out to your TV. I don't bother - since I watch TV on my computer anyway.
20:59<Truin>qwerty: some sort of RISC chip, probably.
20:59<Netslayer>qwerty, u need a video out on all comps u want to be frontends
20:59=virsys [] quit (Connection timed out)
20:59<Truin>only if you want to hook it to a TV, tho. ;)
20:59<Netslayer>ya what Truin said
20:59<qwerty>Truin so if I dont intend to run it on my computer only my tv, I can get away with a nice tuner,a nd crappy video card?
21:00<Truin>or get the PVR-350, which also has TV-Out and mpeg2 decoding, but I've not played with that card.
21:00<qwerty>Truin does it work with 5.1dts?
21:00<qwerty>Err, Netslayer I you to :)
21:00<qwerty>Truin dolby suround sound.
21:01<qwerty>What about the dvd player?
21:01<Truin>oh... 5.1 DTS. ;) No, don't think so.
21:01<Netslayer>5.1 and dts are different i believe
21:01<Truin>DTS is Sony, isn't it?
21:01<qwerty>Netslayer err 5.1 dolby then?
21:01<Netslayer>5.1 though no, that's sound card specific and i don't think mythtv supports that yet
21:01=UKP [ukp@] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:01<qwerty>I have a Sony receiver, it has all those neat TLA's.
21:02<Netslayer>qwerty, ya Dolby Digital 5.1 encoding i don't believe to be supported..but with the right sound card don't see why not
21:02+UKP [] joined #mythtv
21:02<Truin>qwerty: basically, it comes down to this. If you want to plug it in and have it work, get a TiVo. If you want to play, experiment, learn, and have the ability to expand your 'pvr network', go with MythTV. ;)
21:02<qwerty>Hmm, sound card didnt think about that.
21:02<thor_>DVD rips will preserve 5.1 if you ask it to ...
21:02<qwerty>Truin I use to be a tech for VA Linux, I think Ill opt for the build it myself option :)
21:03<qwerty>Will it play dvds?
21:03<Truin>Well, there ya go!
21:03<Netslayer>1. Mythtv - more features, more bugs, more work, and a lot cheaper $ 2. Tivo - pay lots, get a limited, un upgradable machine with few features
21:03<Truin>Yes, there's a MythDVD front-end for both playing DVD's, and for ripping them.
21:03=UKP [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:03<qwerty>Hmm, Im concerned about the sound though. Thats probably more along the sound players area (mplayer?)
21:03<Netslayer>i should make a post about that, wondering why 5.1 encoding support isn't available..unless i haven't found it
21:04<Netslayer>qwerty, sound .. encoding / decoding? playback?
21:04=moegreen_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:04+UKP [] joined #mythtv
21:04<qwerty>Netslayer playback through my receiver.
21:05<Netslayer>i'm using DirectTV -> Svideo -> Mythtv -> Svideo out on G4 mx440 -> TV
21:05<thor_>I believe the pcHDTV support includes 5.1, but I may be mistaken
21:05=UKP [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:05<thor_>dunno what pcHDC is
21:06+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
21:06=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:06<qwerty>err pcHDTV.
21:06kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
21:06<daralc>is there any GPS software for linux for directions and what not?
21:06+UKP [] joined #mythtv
21:06<Netslayer>linux ATSC HDTV over the airwaves encoder
21:07<qwerty>Wow, is that think o/s?
21:07+kvandivo [] joined #mythtv
21:07<qwerty>To bad I dont have hdtv.
21:07<qwerty>Open source.
21:07<Netslayer>not sure..doubt it
21:08<qwerty>FAQ has multi orders and warrantys, so probably not.
21:09<Netslayer>hmm think i'll upgrade mythtv tomorrow..been a couple weeks
21:09<qwerty>The drivers will come in time.
21:09<qwerty>Do yall use myth distros?
21:09<Netslayer>nope, straight CVS
21:10<Netslayer>actually i'm waiting for the new knopmyth, for my laptop
21:10<Truin>me neither - I built from source.
21:10<Truin>yeah, knoppmyth looks sweet. I wanna check that out.
21:10<daralc>question... could a plugin be made for myth to use a gtk program? like GPSDrive for GPS? have an option in the menu for the gps software
21:11<qwerty>daralc why would you want a gps device on your tv?
21:11<Netslayer>my I ask what the point of that would be?
21:11<thor_>you can edit the menu xml stuff to get it to launch anything you like
21:11<daralc>qwerty, if the tv is actually an in-dash lcd
21:11*Netslayer ponders
21:11<qwerty>They can already read your brain waves, now you want them to know where your tv is???
21:11<qwerty>daralc very cool.
21:11<qwerty>daralc front seat or back seat?
21:11<daralc>qwerty, front seat
21:12<qwerty>daralc do you live in Oklahoma?
21:12*Netslayer thinks of how illegal that would be here, can't even have a laptop on in the front seats
21:12<daralc>qwerty, nope...
21:12<qwerty>daralc good, our children are safe!
21:12<daralc>qwerty, haha... well GPSDrive has a speech output plugin
21:12<qwerty>I wonder how much I can ebay my tivo for?
21:13<qwerty>Doesnt look like much for a series 1.
21:13<daralc>so is it feasible to strip window borders from a gtk2 app? or something simliar so that it would fit in with a mythtv setup?
21:14<thor_>run a stripped down window manager that will let you use NoDecorations
21:14<daralc>ok cool
21:15<thor_>twm might ... something like rat poison would
21:15<qwerty>Im gona take off yall, thanks for the help.
21:15=qwerty [] quit ("BitchX: try our lowfat flavor too!")
21:15<daralc>what all would you guys want to see on mythtv setup in a car? news,weather...
21:16<daralc>gps, music
21:16<Truin>porn! Oh, uhm..... gps and music would be good.
21:16<daralc>haha yea..
21:16<daralc>i want to use a gamecube as a frontend (doing this beginning of summer)
21:16<Truin>gamecube as a front end? Good luck.
21:16<daralc>and i have a computer in trunk for backend
21:17<Netslayer>so u thinking touchscreen?
21:17<Netslayer>how would play/stop/fwd/rev/go back work?
21:17<thor_>touchscreen is going to be a problem
21:17<thor_>at least the way things are currently set up
21:17<Truin>linux on a gamecube.... how? Through a hacked net connection?
21:17*Truin looks
21:18<Netslayer>that project is just starting out isn't it
21:18<daralc>i am helping with their doc project
21:18<daralc>i wasn't goign to run the actual MythTv on it... i meant a frontend as in thin client...
21:18<daralc>like ... i am going to use the myth interface, mythmusic, and GPSDrive
21:18<Truin>there is no Linux for the GameCube yet. But your are welcome to contribute! <--- HAHAHAH! Yeah, I guess it's just starting up.
21:18<daralc>but not the mythtv functionalty
21:19<daralc>Truin, check out the SS's
21:19<daralc>touchscreen will work for GPSDrive, MythMusic, Mythgallery....
21:20<thor_>mythfrontend makes and draws all its own widgets ... they are not Qt widgets (and not X wdigets), so nothing is looking for Mouse presses ... so you'd need to do some work to get touchscreen support
21:20<daralc>ohh ok
21:20<Truin>daralc: someone has way too much free time. :)
21:20<daralc>what if i used an rf solution...
21:21<daralc>rf keyboard that has been hardware modified to only have the few keys i need and put in a differnet "shell" not the size of a huge keyboard
21:21<Netslayer>"CNN's reporting that Microsoft Corp has settled with Mike Rowe, persuading the teenager to give up his domain name in exchange for costs of changing the existing domain to a new Web site, Microsoft certification training, an Xbox, an invitation to a technology festival at Redmond and some other gifts"
21:21<Netslayer>damn that's a deal
21:21<daralc>Woot, another linux box
21:21<daralc>(the xbox)
21:21<Netslayer> 'We wanted to do this in a way that's going to foster his interest in technology'.
21:22<Netslayer>aka not growing up hating MS hehe
21:23<Netslayer>wtf heh:
21:23<Netslayer>"What I mean is this: Back in Junior year of high school, my school signed an exclusive contract with Pepsi and outlawed sale of Coka Cola on campus. Almost instantly, me and a few friends seized the opportunity to make some money and started selling Coke to fellow students at a lower price than the school itself sold its Pepsi.
21:23=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:23<Netslayer>that sounds like something i would do..stupid pepsi university
21:24<Netslayer>It went well for a few weeks, then rival gangs rose up and soon the school was torn in a Mafia-style Coka Cola peddling war. After a while, our "family" and the other guys' "family" were the only two left, and they decided to turn the heat up and set up shop in plain sight. It started a frenzy, got them shut down by the authorities within a day, and left us as the only ones to reap in the profits
21:24<daralc>like i am going to have the Gamecube run as a thin client (X forwarding)... would best option be a gigabit crossover cable and 10/100/1000 nics?
21:24<daralc>to a Mini-ATX machine in the trunk
21:25<Netslayer>guess that would work, but why can't u run all this off of one machine?
21:25<daralc>i want silence in the car itself.... a gamecube is fanless
21:25<daralc>and a gamecube is 70$ and has tvout
21:25<Netslayer>nice..if it works
21:25<mikegrb>well no linux for gamecube for a while
21:26<mikegrb>I know the guys on that project
21:26+Chutt2 [] joined #mythtv
21:26<daralc>this summer?
21:26<mikegrb>bright but the maintainer couldn't maintain a project if his life depended on it
21:26<daralc>that sucks
21:26<mikegrb>they should take lessons from isaac on how to run a project ;)
21:26<daralc>well i might end up using one machine and putting it in the trunk...
21:26+media__ [] joined #mythtv
21:27<daralc>but i'd like to be able to play mariokart in the car as well but thats just another functionaly that i could live without
21:27<daralc>i just wanted a cluster in my car
21:27<Chutt>gamecube sure as hell isn't fanless
21:27<daralc>is it not? haha
21:27<daralc>ok maybe gc is out
21:31<daralc>i can just use a shuttle barebone and a really quiet fan
21:31<daralc>and put it in the trunk
21:32<daralc>should i try and get a laptop hd or something as far as vibration and what not is concerned?
21:32<daralc>(in a car)
21:32<mikegrb>google whould have stuff to say
21:32<Netslayer>real hd's are fine..they can withstand G's of force while running
21:32*Netslayer looks away
21:33*Netslayer keeps on forgeting to write himself a backup script for his server
21:34+cygnus [] joined #mythtv
21:34<cygnus>does anybody have any idea why myth would keep trying to catch up to live tv
21:34<cygnus>for example, when i pause for 10 seconds and then unpause it plays back really fast 'til it catches up
21:36<Netslayer>huh.. that's odd
21:37<daralc>what keywords should i use to search for like dell for linux... i want a prebuilt computer with everything on it guaranteed to work under linux perfectly...
21:38<cygnus>yeah, i thought so too
21:38<cygnus>daralc: i would recommend that you talk to someone at dell or gateway
21:38<cygnus>or go with something from a place like penguin computing
21:40<daralc>cygnus, thanks
21:40<cygnus>daralc: i don't think dell or gateway really offer that sort of thing but it never hurts to ask ;)
21:41<cygnus>maybe dell does
21:42=media_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:44<drd->hmm me dum dum, whuts the most likey cause for myth thinkin there's no channels :(
21:44<daralc>did you fill database?
21:44<daralc>drd-, did you do mythfilldatabase ?
21:44<daralc>cygnus, hmm... mostly desktop pcs and servers,etc. i wanted a Mini-ATX system
21:45<cygnus>daral: hmm, you might have a problem there
21:45<drd->and tuner 0 is associated with it
21:46<drd->program guide is filled and whutnot, can watch tv, but cant change channels and channel info doesnt show up in osd.. can change channel manually usin ivtv :( happened before, forgot how i fixed
21:47<daralc>how would a powersupply/hd/cpu handle the constant power on/power off of a car
21:47<drd->not badly
21:49<cygnus>daral: i think they would handle it fine
21:49<cygnus>probably wouldn't last *quite* as long as otherwise but...
21:49*DJ_Rican has had car pc mp3 player for 2yrs now. :)
21:53<Netslayer>same :-)
21:54<Netslayer>oh - pc :-)
21:54<cygnus>so i assume that nobody has any advice on my speed issues
21:55<Netslayer>any special hardware? distro?
21:56<Netslayer>keys all mapped properly :-P
21:57<DJ_Rican>I used Quantum Bigfoot HDs, they take the best beating... still have the original 2 drives in... never had a prob...
21:57<daralc> - i can just use this
21:57<Netslayer>wow is that small
21:58<cygnus>hehe, i think so
21:58<cygnus>i am using myth .13
21:58<cygnus>on gentoo
21:59<DJ_Rican>wow... i like that too! :)
21:59<cygnus>what kernel stuff needs to be enabled for myth to work right?
22:00<mikegrb>stuff in the docs
22:00<cygnus>i didn't see anything specific about kernel options to enable...what am i missing?
22:00<mikegrb>you forgot to read them
22:01<drd->depends on whut u have
22:01+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
22:02<cygnus>what section of the docs am i missing?
22:02<cygnus>drd: all of the hardware is working i believe
22:02<cygnus>i can see and hear tv anyway
22:03<mdz>Chutt: that TVFormat/ChannelTVFormat thing...I'm surprised that managed to compile and link
22:03<Netslayer>cygnus, that's pretty odd.. might want to post it on the list
22:04<cygnus>yeah, i think i might do that
22:04<cygnus>i will play around with it a little bit and see if i can figure it out
22:04=ChaosExiguum [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:04<cygnus>thanks :)
22:04-cygnus [] left #mythtv ()
22:04<drd->what was his prob?
22:05<Chutt2>mdz, i'm suprised it linked, but it should (and did) compile
22:06<mdz>oh, the channel editor is in a separate object in setup
22:06<Chutt2>all those things should be declared static or whatnot
22:07<Chutt2>was just easier to change the class name to something that wasn't used
22:08<mdz>Chutt2: how is 0.14 looking?
22:08<Chutt2>wish i had more time for it
22:08<Chutt2>there's a couple things that i won't get done, but that's ok
22:08<mdz>anything broken?
22:08<Chutt2>i'm still going to put it out end of this week
22:08<Chutt2>naw, everything in there's looking good
22:09<mdz>what needs doing? I might have some free time coming up
22:09<mdz>I've had a house guest for the past week
22:09<Chutt2>testing, mostly
22:09<mdz>I hate that part
22:09<kvandivo>was she pretty?
22:09+tmk [] joined #mythtv
22:10<Chutt2>dealing with idiots on the lists =)
22:10<mdz>I do what I can to help
22:10<thor_>I resent that kind of anti-white pro-drug rhetoric
22:10<Chutt2>i wanted to get an OSD menu going
22:10<Chutt2>and menu plugins for a clock and stuff
22:10<mdz>I hope that's his last hurrah
22:10<Chutt2>but, i'm pushing that off to 0.15
22:11<Chutt2>unless you want to write an OSD menu =)
22:11<mdz>is the wire protocol versioned yet?
22:11<Chutt2>that needs to happen too
22:11<mdz>I thought there was an OSD menu
22:11<Chutt2>there's a popup dialog, but it's not generic enough for a general purpose menu
22:12<mdz>something more like themedmenu?
22:12<Chutt2>want to add a version number for the wire dialog?
22:12<mdz>for 0.14?
22:12<mdz>yeah, probably
22:12<Chutt2>that'd be cool
22:13<Chutt2>i'm pretty happy with the way things are working
22:13<Chutt2>it's getting a lot more production use here at my house =)
22:13<Netslayer>Chutt2, how often do u sync with CVS?
22:14<Chutt2>the epia-m?
22:14<Chutt2>'bout once a week
22:14<Chutt2>only because it takes so long to compile things
22:14<Netslayer>ohya, auh
22:14<Netslayer>what distro u running?
22:15+ChaosExiguum [] joined #mythtv
22:16<Chutt2>kick _ass_
22:16<Chutt2>brad allen's looking at other pvr projects
22:16<drd->chutt is sexy
22:16<drd->anyone who works on mythtv is sexy
22:17<thor_>hopefully he'll find one without a recursive make design flaw
22:17<Netslayer>how is 2.6 running with myth these days?
22:17<Chutt2>tmk, i'm very sorry :p
22:17<mdz>thor_: and a developer conspiracy against him
22:19<thor_>speaking of kick _ass_, I just ran 5 mfds against each other
22:20<thor_>they are all up to sync on each other's data changes within a second or two
22:20+D-side [] joined #mythtv
22:20=D-side [] quit (Client Quit)
22:20<thor_>and non of them have crashed the iTunes that is looking at all 5 of them
22:21<thor_>and iTunes crashes easy if you mess with it over the wire
22:21<thor_>right ... CD watcher ... bit of transcoding, then it's time for a client
22:21<Chutt2>so you'll start converting mythmusic first?
22:22<thor_>after 0.14, I'll put in a ./configure option
22:22+D-side [] joined #mythtv
22:22<thor_>that will build an alternative
22:22<Chutt2>no need for that
22:22<Chutt2>go full out :p
22:22<thor_>hmmm ....
22:23<thor_>well ... lets see how it goes
22:24=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:27=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:30<Chutt2>having it optional like that'll just cause problems
22:30<thor_>I suppose
22:31<Chutt2>could just branch it to start with
22:31+[1]FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
22:31<thor_>yeah ... what I should really do is start a client plugin with a different name that starts with music capabilities
22:32<thor_>I can steal stuff from the mythmusic tree without complicating things
22:32<Chutt2>just branch mythmusic
22:32<Chutt2>be nice to just start off with the same UI and all
22:33<thor_>end game is a total replacement for all clients though ...
22:33<Chutt2>well, yeah
22:34<thor_>but ... that'll take a little while
22:41+anurag [] joined #mythtv
22:42<Chutt2>wonder how hard it'd be to get that cygwin stuff going
22:43<Chutt2>be neat to have a binary download for a quick frontend install
22:43<thor_>it sure would
22:43+moegreen_ [] joined #mythtv
22:44<Chutt2>moegreen, yo
22:50=D-side [] quit ("and with that, I leave.")
22:50<aceat64>hmm, I have a show that does alot of two part episodes, but both episodes have the same title so MythTV thinks they're duplicates
22:50+KeyserSoze [~Keyser@] joined #mythtv
22:51+sc00p [] joined #mythtv
22:54+paulc35 [] joined #mythtv
22:55<Morph>woah. this status page is cool.
22:55<paulc35>Chaos: The config didn't work. I had already tried that..I get an error from the Xserver that says: "Screen 1 deleted because of no matching config section"
22:55<Chutt2>aceat64, go to the advanced recordings screen and tell it that it can record dupes
22:56<Truin>Morph: sorry, haven't been paying attention. The status page at :6544?
22:57<Truin>Morph: yeah, that's kinda handy.
22:57=anurag [] quit ()
22:57-paulc35 [] left #mythtv ()
22:58<Truin>aceat64: you can also set that on the mythweb scheduled_recordings page, I believe. Just select the show that's scheduled to record, it should be near the bottom of the blue box somewhere.
23:00<aceat64>thank you
23:01<Morph>yes. hrmph.
23:01<thor_>is that better or worse than a "bah"
23:01<Chutt2>ian caulfield's email indicates that gcc 3.2 is needed, but only g++ 3.3 seems to be available
23:04<Chutt2>so, not quite the same thing as a 'bah'
23:04<thor_>but more sever than a "heh"
23:06+CyberKnet [] joined #mythtv
23:06<Morph>damn. if this box wouldnt crash on livetv..Id be happy.
23:08<KeyserSoze>anyone here use minimyth or xboxmyth?
23:09<KeyserSoze>i've been reading about both for the last couple hours, can't really decide which i'd rather go with
23:09<Chutt2>the guy that did minimyth is in here occasionally
23:10<DJ_Rican>this series "Traffic" is cool...
23:11<KeyserSoze>it's funny, when you read enthusiast webpages for via C3 related stuff, everyone talks about "ezra", "nehemiah", etc. but on the via website, they don't really mention the codenames
23:12<thor_>it's confusing as hell
23:12aceat64is now known as aceat64`away
23:20=daralc [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:21+sfr [] joined #mythtv
23:22<thor_>that's kinda weird
23:23<thor_>if you put (???) inside a static string, g++ says: warning: trigraph ??) ignored
23:23+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
23:23<ChaosExiguum>would anybody be willing to send me a copy of their lircrc for a pvr350 & native lirc support?
23:25<Chutt2>i just use irxevent
23:25<drd->there is one in the mythtv source isnt there
23:25<ChaosExiguum>hmm, I just figured that native support was there for a reason (?)
23:25<Chutt2>someone else wrote it
23:26<ChaosExiguum>ahh, Im using irxevent w/ the ivtv driver lircrc, but a lot of the keys never worked and Im trying to fix it up nice now
23:26<Truin>I ended up having to write my own. I've got a black remote, and not the infamous 'grey' remote talked about in all the docs.
23:27<Chutt2>i'm sorry
23:27<Chutt2>the black remote sucks
23:27<Truin>yes, yes it does.
23:27<thor_>who are you, and what have you done with Chutt?
23:27<Truin>which is why I'm opting for the RF keyboard with touchpad/trackball/erasertip pointer.
23:27<Truin>thor_: :)
23:28<Chutt2>it's allll part of the conspiracy
23:28<Netslayer>any reason your not Chutt or Chutt1? heh
23:28<thor_>I count two "I'm sorry's" and one "I can't seem to make this code work flawlessly in an instant"
23:28<ChaosExiguum>Truin, if you talking about the IBM keyboard I have it, my only complaint is the range seems to vary from day to day, but I think thats a result of my wifi or some other interference
23:28<thor_>something very weird going on here
23:29<thor_>stan ?
23:29<Truin>ChaosExiguum: nah... I haven't actually picked one out yet. :) Still trying to get the TV-Out on my GeForce4 to work, and not look like someone poured bleach on the colors.
23:30<ChaosExiguum>Truin, aah.. yummy :o)
23:31<Netslayer>are crons run as root or user?
23:31<Truin>Netslayer: either.
23:31<Netslayer>heh. um how do i know
23:31<Truin>Root cron is typically for system stuff, but users can also create their own crons.
23:31<Truin>crontab -e <user>
23:32<Truin>if it's empty, that user has no cron jobs set.
23:32<Netslayer>k ya no point in making user crons in my case
23:33<Truin>oh, and, obviously, a root cron job would run as 'root' and a user's cron job would run as the user. :) Unless you setuid, blah blah blah...
23:35<Netslayer>gosh what is hdparm -S timeout value in.. i mean 180 = 3 min, 250 = 5hrs, 255 = 21 minutes
23:35<Netslayer>makes no sense
23:36<Truin>that makes NO sense.
23:36<Netslayer>standby timemout with hdparm..the timeout value
23:36<Netslayer>hdparm -S timeout sets an hd's idle timeout before it does into standby
23:37<Truin>I know what it does. But, if 180=3mins, how can 255=21 mins and 250=5 hours?
23:37<Netslayer>The encoding of the timeout value is somewhat
23:37<Netslayer> peculiar. A value of zero means "off". Values from 1 to 240
23:37<Netslayer> specify multiples of 5 seconds, for timeouts from 5 seconds to
23:37<Netslayer> 20 minutes.
23:37<Netslayer>hmm :-/
23:38<Truin>ok, I get it. Weird, but I get. Must be bitwised somewhere.
23:38<Netslayer>i remember once i had a full page of logs in my clipboard by mistake, and i pasted it in another channel. It was like 60 lines
23:38<Netslayer>Values from 241 to 251 specify from 1 to 11 units of 30 minutes
23:38*Truin had to pull up the man page, just to be sure.
23:38<Netslayer>ya that's what i'm posting it from
23:39+Aridhol [freesco@] joined #mythtv
23:39<Netslayer>auh i can just set it to 0 duh
23:40<Netslayer>making a script to put my hd's on standby at night when mythtv isn't recording, have 5 hds and they get loud when trying to sleep
23:40<Aridhol>evening all. I saw a mythTV setup and working at a friends and it's awesome, just wanted to say that =>
23:40<Truin>Heh. If I didn't hear the sound of a fan whirring, or a modem answering (from my BBS days), I'd NEVER get to sleep!
23:40<Truin>Aridhol: yeah, great package.
23:40*Netslayer thinks this will be long
23:42<Netslayer>dang this won't work, family records 8hrs of music everynight->morning
23:42<cmorgan>won't linux spin them down if they are idle?
23:42<Netslayer>auh good time to test out if mythtv will timeout
23:42<Aridhol>I have a tbird 1.2ghz, 20GB gentoo linux drive, 80GB for show capture, hauppauge PVR 250, 512MB DDR and geforce MX 440 with TV out. Am I missing anything?
23:42<cmorgan>there should be a way to do that
23:42<Netslayer>not unless u set it to
23:42<Netslayer>bios does it also
23:43<ChaosExiguum>cmorgan, depeding on your filesystem, they may never go idle (journal writes ~1/sec)
23:43<cmorgan>ChaosExiguum: why would the journal be writing if your system is idle?
23:43<Netslayer>Aridhol, not really, IR hardware? but that's about it
23:43<ChaosExiguum>cmorgan, dunno, thats the way it works though
23:43<Netslayer>ya my root drive never spins down, even with timeouts one
23:44<Truin>Netslayer: the PVR-250 comes with a remote that works fine with the native MythTV lirc support.
23:44=eco [] quit ("Oops, must have accidentally typed /quit")
23:44<Truin>Aridhol: looks like you got it all - that almost mirrors my setup, except for the cpu. ;)
23:45<Truin>Aridhol: if you get the video-out on the GeForce to work well, let me know. :) For me, it works, but colors are hosed.
23:46<Netslayer>I have 2 mythboxes with G4mx440's works perfectly
23:46<Aridhol>PVR 250 comes thursday, I'm going to work on getting TV out tonight
23:46<Truin>Netslayer: svideo out?
23:46<Aridhol>mines an MSI with that weird dongle
23:46<Netslayer>u might be right about colors being slightly off..that's why i wanted a global setting for them, but all myth does is per channel..guess i could run a db script
23:47<Netslayer>Aridhol, oh i have that one
23:47<Truin>no, I mean, in X the colors are way off, period. Not just in mythtv.
23:47<Aridhol>no problems? if it's a hassle i'll get a vga to ntsc converter thingy
23:47<Netslayer>just a note, not sure if they fixed the drivers but I know works perfectly with overscan, unlike the newer ones
23:47+paulc35 [] joined #mythtv
23:48<Netslayer>Truin, not for me
23:48<Netslayer>Aridhol, actually it's quite easy with that chip
23:48<Truin>I'd think it's the fact that I'm using an svideo to RCA adapter, but if I boot the same box/card to windows it looks fine.
23:48<Aridhol>I'm running 4496
23:48<Netslayer>download that NV driver from their site (they have a link to their ftp, then locate the older driver), run it, and it installs it for you, add some options to your XF86Config and you have a TV out
23:49<Truin>lemme check and see what I've got - I honestly don't recall.
23:49<Netslayer>overscan might be busted on those drivers..if u care
23:49<Truin>pooh. Doesn't show up in modinfo. Hm.
23:49<paulc35>Chaos: Ok, I finaally did get the config working. The problem, I believe, was that one of my section names was too long (either that or there was a typo, but I'm pretty sure not since I cut and pasted). Anyway, after ...
23:49<paulc35>changing the section name to something shorter, it worked! I was desparate, but it kept saying screen not I figured it *had* tobe the name.
23:50<Netslayer>30 16 * * * is 430pm and 40 00 * * * is 1204am right for cron
23:50<Netslayer>12:40am that is
23:51<Truin>I'm using the nvidia drivers v. 4496
23:52<paulc35>I have to say, the tv-out on the pvr-350 is much much jitter, no jumping scrolling text on news sites, etc
23:52<paulc35>(I mean, better than tv-out on the video software decoding)
23:53<paulc35>Thanks very much Chaos..
23:53<Truin>I wouldn't mind getting my dxr3 to work for mpeg2-to-tv-out, but I don't have any free pci slots. :(
23:53<ChaosExiguum>paulc35, no problem
23:53<Aridhol>hmm, it's like $60 difference between the two cards for me, is it worth going for the 350?
23:54<paulc35>Well, I think so, but of course that depends on how you feel about the $60. I'm planning on watching a lot of programs, including some movies with the machine, and having the jitter is a little annoying
23:55<Aridhol>well I'll see how much jitter I get with the TV out on my geforce tonight
23:55<paulc35>it's not that bad really, only when you're watching something serious and there are these small jumps...also, every machine will have different issues there, but I imagine that generally they are small issues
23:55<Aridhol>pvr 250 is $171 CDN and PVR 350 is $230CDN
23:55<paulc35>That's exactly what I did first, used a GeForce
23:56<mikegrb>so like $400 usd
23:56<Netslayer>what jitter?
23:57<paulc35>I used my 350 with video card tv-out for several obviously it was something I could handle
23:57<paulc35>If you use software decoding, you'll get a jitter on playback, possibly. With the hardware decoder, you get virtually flawless video.
23:57<Truin>Netslayer: I'll look for that older nvidia release. Thanks.
23:57<Netslayer>how well is that supported now with all of x, mplayer, mythtv?
23:58<KeyserSoze>paulc35, have you heard of the avermedia m179?
23:58<paulc35>But the jitter isn't that just have to put it in context..if I were stuck with that it wouldn't be that bad
23:58<paulc35>haven't heard of it
23:59<KeyserSoze>it's got hardware mpeg2 decoding like a hauppauge pvr250, but it's $80usd compared to $140usd for pvr250
23:59<KeyserSoze>i've been reading about it today, and am thinking of getting one.
23:59<Netslayer>well the pvr250 is < 90 on ebay
23:59<Aridhol>theres no support issues with the pvr 250?
23:59<KeyserSoze>Netslayer, i looked for those and couldnt find any at that price.
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