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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-01-27

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00:00<KeyserSoze>saw lots of people on the web who bought them for that much, though :(
00:00<KeyserSoze>also, a bunch of lucky bastards got m179s for $50.
00:00<tmk>newegg had them
00:01<Netslayer>hmm ya your right, around 100 right now
00:01<tmk>you'll probably want a pvr350 though, in a few weeks
00:01<KeyserSoze>newegg has the m179 for $80 now, and the pvr250 for $135, but are out of stock
00:01<tmk>(after you get a pvr250)
00:01<paulc35>Well folks, gonna sleep, thanks for the help. I've been using my pvr for several months now, getting ramped up to use it bug time, now with the hardware decoding I'm ready to go :)
00:01<paulc35>ooop...big time, hopefully no bugs!
00:01<KeyserSoze>i was going to use tuner cards in a dedicated backend machine, and get either 2 xbox's or 2 mini-ipx machines for frontends.
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00:02<KeyserSoze>i've only been planning this for 2 days now though :)
00:03<Aridhol>If I have the mythTV front end on my TV and doing all the myth stuff on the tv could I still have like an xchat window open on a monitor ? Or is it like a dedicated capture/playback machine?
00:03<Netslayer>mythtv is just an X window
00:03<Netslayer>u can have it in the background
00:04<Netslayer>if ur talking about performance..depends on your cpu
00:04<Aridhol>so if I have email etc.. on the monitor and myth on my tv it wont affect it much, if at all?
00:04<Netslayer>with a pvr250 encoding is next to nill, playback with a geforce mx card will be around 15%
00:04<KeyserSoze>does the gfmx have a hardware mpeg2 decoder?
00:04<cmorgan>thats at 720x480 and max datarate?
00:04<Netslayer>for me I use v4l capture -> mpeg4 720x480 4500 so it's around 50-60%
00:04<cmorgan>how about at say 12000?
00:05<Netslayer>KeyserSoze, i believe so
00:05<KeyserSoze>you use mpeg4, though?
00:05<Netslayer>KeyserSoze, unless that's all a gimic
00:05<tmk>no it doesn't have a hw decoder
00:05<Netslayer>i don't use the pvr series so i can't tell u for sure, but i know it's very low
00:05<tmk>it has some hardware that helps in scaling
00:05<tmk>so full-screen is easy
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00:06<Netslayer>tmk, doesn't it mention on the boxes mpeg2 decoder
00:06<tmk>the gfmx?
00:06<Netslayer>or is that all software done..and marketed
00:06<tmk>it has some hardware assisting
00:06*Netslayer gets his box
00:06<tmk>but it's not a decoder
00:07<KeyserSoze>minimyth uses the hardware mpeg2 decoder on via epia boards. before i found that ought i was skeptical of such a wimpy processor being up to the task of being a mythtv front end.
00:08<tmk>yeah it needs that decoder
00:08<Netslayer>well that box isn't helpfull, it just states enables DVD playback on low cpus
00:08<tmk>offloads some things
00:08<tmk>but not full decoding
00:09<Chutt2>tmk, hey, what do you think of that decoder window patch?
00:09<Netslayer>Video Processing Engine (VPE)
00:09<Netslayer>The VPE includes the most complete hardware MPEG2 decoder, sub picture alpha blend processor and de-interlacing circuitry to ensure these new mobile GPUs unequivocally deliver the industry's best video playback, while delivering the longest battery life possible.
00:09<tmk>seemed ok. was waiting for some more test results
00:09<tmk>but it looks like they aren't coming in ;)
00:10<Chutt2>be kinda neat to have mythtv doing that
00:10<tmk>might help with the epg crashes
00:10<KeyserSoze>is it possible to have a more powerful machine (powerful enough to software decode mpeg2 or mpeg4) still be quiet enough to not be noticeable? or would i be better off with a fanless diskless via epia, with HW decoding of mpeg2?
00:10<Chutt2>well, doubt that
00:10<Captain_Murdoch_>Chutt, did you apply the commfree patch to your tree to put in CVS after 0.14?
00:10<Chutt2>since it's probably still doing all the decoding
00:10<Chutt2>captain_murdoch, no, i didn't apply it at all
00:10<tmk>it's the osd that makes it go crashycrashy
00:10<Netslayer>'s very hard to make a quiet system, trust me
00:11<Netslayer>well it's mainly the power supply in my case
00:11<Chutt2>just saw that it changed frontend/backend compatability and punted on it
00:11<Captain_Murdoch_>ok, I'll take care of that and get it in sometime after 0.14.
00:11<Chutt2>tmk, yeah, but the epg would still be doing stuff
00:11<Chutt2>ie, the osd :p
00:11<tmk>yeah, but no transparency
00:11<Chutt2>sure it would
00:11<Chutt2>that little window would have to be transparent
00:11<KeyserSoze>i was considering keeping a single unit for front and backend, but put a passthrough in the wall so only the remote controls IR receiver and a USB dvd rom would be in the living room :)
00:11<tmk>but local alpha seems to be ok
00:11<tmk>seems that just global alpha has issues
00:11<tmk>someone had a big test case
00:12<Netslayer>passthrough = big hole?
00:12<tmk>possibly david engel
00:12<tmk>they talked about it a bit
00:12<tmk>might have been anduin
00:12<Chutt2>captain_murdoch, hey, you looked at the other commercial detection patch?
00:12<Chutt2>tmk, yeah, i think i remember it now
00:12<KeyserSoze>Netslayer: i'd put in boxes and plates like for electrical outlets, probably.
00:12<Netslayer>actually that sounds cool
00:12<Captain_Murdoch_>chutt, got that saved off also to take a look at and comment on. haven't had a chance to look through all of it yet though.
00:12<Netslayer>if it reaches that is
00:12<Chutt2>i just don't like leaving the guy hanging
00:13<Captain_Murdoch_>I'll reply to him tonight.
00:13<Chutt2>no one's really commented on his patches yet
00:13<Captain_Murdoch_>was just looking at that.
00:13<Chutt2>great, thanks
00:13<Captain_Murdoch_>one guy said he was going to test but he hasn't replied yet that I know of.
00:13<tmk>was chris kennedy
00:14<Chutt2>i feel bad for him
00:14<Captain_Murdoch_>another guy asked me for a copy of the logo detection code I was working on so maybe there's someone else out there looking at other methods.
00:14<KeyserSoze>Netslayer: if you use coax for the video and audio, that'd work for quite a ways. rs232 for the IR would go a long way, too, or converting it to rs422 would get a couple thousand feet :). the most limiting thing would be the USB or firewire dvd drive, if you use one.
00:14<thor_>is there a full moon or something ?
00:14<Chutt2>(chris kennedy, that is)
00:14<Chutt2>he's going to have to deal with brad, apparently
00:14<Chutt2>captain_murdoch, that'd be cool =)
00:15<Chutt2>get commercial detection fixed up for darker shows =)
00:15<tmk>what happened with chris?
00:15<Chutt2>tmk, read brad allen's most recent post to your list :p
00:15<Chutt2>tmk, anyway, if you put out a release with the fixed window code, i'll get that supported in mythtv
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00:16<Chutt2>hope the minimum size for the decoder window is something similar to the default preview window size in the epg
00:17<ChaosExiguum>windowed decoding :o)
00:17<Netslayer>KeyserSoze, oh i totaly forgot about the firewire/usb deal for drives in nux, heh was thinking you were going for an 18inch ata cable
00:17<tmk>chutt: heh.. his firmware is crashed
00:17<tmk>and he's blaming chris
00:17<Chutt2>well, and mythtv
00:17<Chutt2>and me
00:18<Chutt2>it's all part of the conspiracy!
00:18<tmk>yeah i deleted that
00:18<tmk>he tends to be... verbose
00:18<Chutt2>oh, you probably didn't see his rant
00:18<KeyserSoze>Netslayer, actually, my server is only about 18" from my tv right now, on opposite sides of a wall :D
00:18<tmk>yeah i just read it
00:18<tmk>'horribly incapable'
00:18<Chutt2>on mythtv-dev/users
00:18<tmk>oh no
00:18<tmk>didn't see that one
00:18<ChaosExiguum>watch out for chutt's hidden agenda
00:19<Chutt2>it's hilarious
00:20<Captain_Murdoch_>at least this time he didn't attach the _whole_ 81MB log file he mentions. ;)
00:20<Truin>omg - this is funny as fsck!
00:21*cmorgan is pro-drug
00:21<tmk>he talks about gays a lot
00:22<tmk>does he prefer the company of men?
00:22<Chutt2>i dunno
00:22<Truin>heterogeneous communications systems? wtf?
00:22<Chutt2>and i'm not really sure about the 'didn't look at his name carefully enough' bit
00:22<tmk>i think he does: "...I was an avid
00:22<tmk>anti-drug advocate during many of my years on gay NYC IRC channels
00:23<KeyserSoze>heck, i sometimes feel awkward mentioning the gender of cable connections with people i don't know, let alone sexual orientation.
00:23<Chutt2>the dude's just fucked up
00:23<ChaosExiguum>i read it as he thinks you know him from somewhere else
00:23<tmk>heh. 'i need a lesbian rca adapter'
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00:23<Chutt2>naw, he just pissed me off with his rant after the 0.1.9 ivtv release about dave's version check
00:24<KeyserSoze>lol. i called a db9 female to femal adapter a 'lesbian adapter' once, but that was only to a coworker i know quite well.
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00:24<tmk>i just said it to all of you
00:24<tmk>who i barely no
00:24<tmk>alksdjf;:.. know
00:25<tmk>chutt: i think david mentioned that the smallest scaled size was 1/4 the original
00:25<ChaosExiguum>the term lesbian adapter could be confusing... is the adapter lesbian its self, or is it for lesbian cables?
00:25<Chutt2>that could be a problem
00:25<tmk>well if you capture at a smaller resolution
00:25<Chutt2>won't fit the default theme
00:25<Chutt2>yeah, but i'd have to switch to a lower resolution on the fly
00:26<Chutt2>don't think it'd like that
00:26<Chutt2>lose your buffered data
00:26<tmk>well if you're looking in the guide
00:26<tmk>you probably don't care ;)
00:27<Chutt2>i like to go to the guide to see what's on later
00:27<KeyserSoze>does transcoding from mpeg2 to mpeg4 take more or less cpu than encoding raw data to mpeg4?
00:27<Chutt2>maybe mark stuff to be recorded
00:27<Chutt2>maybe i'll rearrange the theme for it a little
00:28<Chutt2>bigger space for the video or something
00:28<tmk>well i havent tested any of it
00:28<tmk>i'll throw it in later maybe
00:28<tmk>goin to watch some soccer now
00:28<Chutt2>heh, allright
00:28<Chutt2>later, then =)
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00:30<KeyserSoze>is there a good source of info on pros and cons of various file formats and resolutions? i read, but would like more info if it's available
00:32<ChaosExiguum>KeyserSoze, I would immagine transcoding takes the same
00:32<KeyserSoze>so, if i decide to use mpeg4 for recordings, there isn't really an advantage to a card with a HW mpeg2 encoder?
00:33<KeyserSoze>except perhaps it will keep video and audio sync'd easier?
00:33<Truin>and a lot less CPU time.
00:33<ChaosExiguum>Truin: KeyserSoze is proposing transcoding the mpeg2 -> mpeg4 anyways
00:34<Chutt>stupid mailer bounce messages are always worse than the virus mails themselves
00:35<ChaosExiguum>KeyserSoze, if you are going to use mpeg4 a bttv card may be better since it will also allow you to use video fileters (unless Im wrong and they work with mpeg2 hw cards aswell)
00:35<Truin>ChaosExiguum: I'd love to transcode my mpeg2 to mpeg4. Only problem is, I can't find an easy way to do it. :( nuvexport seems to work fine, but doesn't keep the video/audio in sync, and I can't figure out why, and can't find any docs on nuvexport ANYWHERE.
00:36<Truin>and even then, the mpeg4 .avi file won't play in anything but mythtv - not xine, not media player. :(
00:37<ChaosExiguum>Truin, hmm.. I dont have any expirence using nuvexport, but that does sound odd
00:37<KeyserSoze>Truin, i was just reading this, i don't know if it'd help you:
00:37<Truin>I'd prefer to be able to pull the .nuv file, rename it to .mpg, stick it in something like Adobe Premiere and press it that way, but, seems that some apps don't like the PVR-250's mpeg stream. :(
00:38<ChaosExiguum>Truin, what stream type are you recording as?
00:38<Truin>KeyserSoze: been all over that. :) Have been playing with some of it trying to figure out my audio sync issue - not getting very far, tho.
00:38<Truin>I've also thought about changing that.... but don't really know what's 'best' to set it to.
00:38<Truin>(and don't have time to sit around for hours playing with it, unfortunately)
00:39<Truin>oh, how I miss the days when computers were just a hobby, and not my nightmare career. :)
00:39<ChaosExiguum>I have read the hauppage has been perfecting the dvd-special2 stream since thats what win xp mce uses
00:40<Truin>hm. I might play with that, do maybe a 5min clip for testing. Thanks for the tip.
00:40<ChaosExiguum>you could probably make a bunch of clips using test_ioctl & cat for testing in about 20min
00:40<Chutt>audio sync issues in mythtv?
00:41<Chutt>or other programs
00:41<Truin>audio sync issues in the mpeg4 file, pressed from the recorded mpeg2 that myth recorded. So, sync issues in the transcode. ;)
00:42<Truin>don't worry, Chutt, mythtv is working just fine. ;)
00:42<Chutt>ok, just checking
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00:42<Truin>it's my lack of HD space causing the issue. ;)
00:43<ChaosExiguum>Truin, ahh, you just need a 1TB firewire drive :o)
00:43<KeyserSoze>Truin, how much disk space do you have?
00:44<Truin>I'm using two 30gb's, one for my mp3's and divx, one for the TV recordings. So, in short, a 30gb for TV. I don't watch live TV on it, just record. At mpeg2 2200kbit, I get about 1.1gb/hr, which I'd like to get down to about 300gb/hr for storage.
00:44<KeyserSoze>i just got 2 160GB drives from compusa for $60 each. only 1 rebate per household, so i need to borrow some friends mailing addresses to get any more.
00:45<Truin>I'd be OK with a larger mpeg2 size, say up to 3gb/hr, if I can press it down for archival.
00:45<KeyserSoze>ah, so you could watch tv in mpeg2 every day, and then run a batch job to transcode it when you aren't watching tv?
00:45<Truin>yeah, something like that.
00:46<KeyserSoze>oh, there's a 80gb western digital from office depot for $20 after mail in rebate.
00:46<Truin>so, let's say, I could record my Enterprise and 24 eps, then press 'em down and move 'em over to the MythVideo part for playback in xine.
00:46<KeyserSoze>Truin, would you use one machine for frontend and backend?
00:47<Netslayer>hmm that's not good "ran out of free AUDIO buffers :-("
00:47<Truin>uhm... eventually, I'll have just the one box hooked up to the TV, and when *I* watch stuff it'll be on my PC downstairs. But, the family would want to watch recorded stuff on the TV.
00:47<KeyserSoze>i would like to find a cheap, quiet, attractive machine, that can decode mpeg4.
00:48<Netslayer>crap it's stuck in a crashing loop
00:49*KeyserSoze yanks Netslayer's power cord :p
00:49*Netslayer hits the reboot button
00:49<Truin>KeyserSoze: looks for a DVD player from a company called KISS. I think they're in Denmark. Anyway, does everything from vcd/svcd to mp3's to dvd to mpeg4 Simple Profile.
00:49<Netslayer>i have the power button on my remote scripted to reboot the box
00:49<Truin>Netslayer: nice. :)
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00:50<Netslayer>eject also, plus a button to restore my alsa sound profiles when ogle screws up the digital audio, hmm oh and the big 'kill' button that kills the frontend ;-)
00:50<KeyserSoze>Truin, is that a settop box? or can you run myth's front end on it?
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00:51<Netslayer>root@server chris # reboot
00:51<Netslayer>Segmentation fault
00:51<Netslayer>this it's overheating dang
00:51<Netslayer>dang i gotta get that lm sensor crap working
00:51<Truin>KeyserSoze: it's a set-top. :(
00:52<KeyserSoze>heh. it probably already runs linux, though
00:52<Truin>I think so.
00:52<roz>where might i find the kernel module lirc_i2c?
00:52<ChaosExiguum>KeyserSoze, it does indeed, the main mplayer dev thinks they stole code from him, got a /. artical
00:53<KeyserSoze>damn. that sucks.
00:53<Truin>ChaosExiguum: hehehe, that's great. I should go find that.
00:53<KeyserSoze>do you know what cpu they use, or if they have special hardware for decoding?
00:53<ChaosExiguum>yea, looks like they were just lazy too, because it was not hard code
00:53<Truin>they're using the Cinemagic decoder, I think.
00:54<KeyserSoze>Truin, does that do divx and xvid and all that other stuff, or just mpeg2?
00:56<KeyserSoze>they claim an average of 34 hours, with a 80gb disk
00:56<Truin>according to their docs, it does any MPEG4 Simple Profile, which would include DivX and XviD
00:57<KeyserSoze>do they need a big honkin cpu to do that?
01:00*KeyserSoze goes to sleep
01:00<KeyserSoze>thanks for answering my questions guys, i'll probably see you around.
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01:05<roz> does anyone know how to compile lirc w/ the i2c support for the hauppauge remote?
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01:11<Truin>roz: I used the lirc that comes packaged with mythtv, worked fine.
01:12<Truin>ok, goin' home now. See you all from there. Bye!
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01:27<dmitry>is it possible to take screenshots of frontend? i haven't found anything in keys.txt
01:28<Chutt>any reason not to use a standard screenshot app?
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01:30<dmitry>i get a blue screen for some reason
01:31<Chutt>oh, you mean of video playback
01:31<Chutt>not the frontend
01:31<Chutt>it's difficult to take screenshots, since it's using Xv
01:32<Chutt>NO_XV=1 ./mythfrontend
01:32<Chutt>or whatnot
01:32<Chutt>to disable using Xv
01:32<Chutt>makes things rather slow, of course
01:34<dmitry>ah bummer, forget it then.
01:34<ChaosExiguum>dmitry, digicam?
01:35<dmitry>that would work as well :)
01:35<ChaosExiguum>or a framegrabber like snappy! or the like
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01:36<dmitry>nod, its not that important. just thought i'd ask
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01:36<Chutt>huh, laptop must've shut itself off
01:37<thor_>whole thing still smells awfully fishy to me
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01:56<Aridhol>does anyone have working TV-out with the nvidia geforce 4 mx440 by MSI with the little svideo dongle thing?
01:57<Aridhol>MSI manufactured the card
01:58*o_cee is back (gone 09:14:39)
01:58<Aridhol>MSI is microstar, they make mobo's
01:58<o_cee>Chutt: qtlook.txt.. the popup you get while pressing 1 in watch recording.. there's an outline there that i can't find what it's called.. do you know? an outline on the box
01:59<o_cee>also, if you do D on watch recording, the alternative that's not choosen is very bright, haven't changed that either.. need to be a little bit more dark
01:59<Chutt>that's in ui.xml, i think
01:59<Chutt>the outline of the entire popup, at least
02:00<o_cee>okay.. let's see if i can find it
02:01<Chutt>hey, what would you think about using a .jpg for the background?
02:02<o_cee>uhm, sure.. any special reason?
02:02<o_cee>sure, no problem..
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02:03<Chutt>just trying to cut down on a little space
02:04<o_cee>haven't really thought about that when doing things
02:04<Chutt>your theme's 2.4MB :p
02:04<o_cee>hehe :)
02:04<Chutt>the entire rest of the tarball's 3
02:04<Chutt>or so
02:04<[1]FryGuy>man gentoo is a bitch to install :/
02:04[1]FryGuyis now known as FryGuy
02:05<FryGuy>i want my mythtv back :(
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02:08<tmk>err this one's better:
02:08<o_cee>hmm :)
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02:14<o_cee>Chutt: i found the outline on the box.. called <popup name="confirmdelete">.. funny that it's the same one used for the help popup :)
02:15<Chutt>o_cee, you forgot the titles/ directory when you sent me the .zip file
02:15<o_cee>oh? oops. more files comming soon then
02:16=FryGuy [] quit (" HydraIRC -> <- :P")
02:17<o_cee>btw.. don't you think it'd look better to dim the background the same way "delete" does when doing the help screen popup?
02:17<Chutt>i have that turned off on my machine =)
02:17<o_cee>makes it easier to read
02:17<Chutt>so i didn't think about doing it for the help popup
02:18<o_cee>since the other popup does it
02:18<Chutt>i'll add that
02:19<o_cee>also, the OK button might be dumped, and only using 1 to toggle back maybe..
02:22+_kch_ [] joined #mythtv
02:22<o_cee>background in jpeg got half the size.. didn't think png was that bad :)
02:23=Captain_Murdoch_ [] quit ()
02:23<Chutt>still look ok?
02:24<o_cee>think so, did it at 100 quality
02:24<Chutt>you sending those titles sometime? =)
02:24<o_cee>going to check it on the tv
02:24<Chutt>won't run without em
02:24<o_cee>yeah, copying them to the release dir now :)
02:24<Chutt>can you just send the changed files?
02:25<o_cee>couldn't see any differense
02:28<o_cee>there, send it
02:29<Chutt>got it =)
02:29<o_cee>wohoo, that's fast :)
02:29<o_cee>considering it takes like 8 hours with a plane or something :P
02:31<o_cee>is it possible to add stuff to cvs and having it _not_ to download when people checkout? got some original .psd's what might be good to have there, for making the titles and stuff
02:31<Chutt>you've still got grey.png in qtlook.txt
02:31<Chutt>just so you know
02:31<o_cee>bah, that one as well yeah
02:31<Chutt>i can put it in a separate directory
02:32+Aridhol [freesco@] joined #mythTV
02:32<o_cee>might be a good idea.. but we can fix that later
02:32<Chutt>i'm not sure if i like the font of the 'mythtv' in the lower right
02:33<Aridhol>well I have TV out working and fullscreen video and the myth Frontend look nice. Now all I have to do is wait for the pvr card to come in =>
02:33<o_cee>Chutt: i'll see what i can come up with :)
02:34<Chutt>liked the old stuff
02:34<Chutt>don't really like the menu font, either :p
02:34<Chutt>sans serif fonts seem easier to read on a tv, is all
02:34<o_cee>problem is that alot of the translated strings are veeery long
02:34<o_cee>so moving the logo helped alot
02:35<Chutt>make the translated strings shorter, then
02:35<o_cee>yeah, will have to do that
02:36<o_cee>impact is sans serif, isn't it?
02:36<tmk>if you mean it doesn't have serifs
02:37<o_cee>that's what i mean
02:37<Chutt>it's too close
02:37<o_cee>heh, yeah.. how big's your tv?
02:37<tmk>tahoma is a nice font
02:37+sc00p_ [] joined #mythtv
02:37<o_cee>is it a standard linux font?
02:38<tmk>no it's m$ :)
02:38<o_cee>thought so
02:38<tmk>just like impact
02:39<o_cee>Chutt: is it possible to use a custom font like tahoma somehow without actually installing it on the user machine?
02:40<Chutt>i dunno
02:40<Chutt>i like a smaller font on that menu
02:40<Chutt>24/26 or so, arial
02:40<Chutt>looks nicer
02:40<o_cee>i'll play with it a little
02:40<Chutt>less outlining, too
02:40<o_cee>haven't really touched it in a while
02:41<o_cee>on the selected item?
02:41<o_cee>someone said their tv started flickering when there was 1px outline
02:43<Chutt>2 and 3 look ok
02:43<Chutt>actually, 1 looks fine on my tv
02:43<Chutt>qtlook's ActiveButton color
02:43<Chutt>maybe a little darker?
02:43<Chutt>to show up buttons better
02:44<o_cee>yeah, there's one of them that needs to be darker
02:44<o_cee>haven't found wich one tho :)
02:44<Chutt>ActiveButton, here
02:45<o_cee>btw, i know i asked you before.. but shouldn't alttext kick in when there's not enough room for a translation?
02:46<o_cee>if you switch to swedish and go to mythmusic settings
02:48<Chutt>#777777 for ActiveButton looks good to me
02:48<o_cee>str ActiveButton=#8F8F8F looks good
02:48<o_cee>damn, i'll try that
02:49<Chutt>i tried all 8's, the 7's made things just a tiny bit easier to read
02:49<o_cee>yours is even darker.. checkin on the tv
02:50<o_cee>yepp, looks good
02:51-Aridhol [freesco@] left #mythTV ("Leaving")
02:52<o_cee>need to do some tweaking on the lineheight with ariel that isn't as high as impact
02:53<Chutt>got the help screen darkening out the background
02:54=sc00p [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
02:54<o_cee>cool :)
02:56<o_cee>what do you think about ariel 28 then.. feels like 26 is to small, but it could be because the lineheight is wrong and it looks strange because of that
02:56<o_cee>arial even
02:57<Chutt>it does look spread out vertically
02:57<Chutt>ah, about the alttext stuff
02:57<Chutt>there aren't any alttext strings defined
02:57<o_cee>yeah, need to fix the dummy image
02:57<o_cee>no? hmm
02:58<Chutt>not in my menu xml files, at least
02:58<Chutt>28 looks fine, though it cuts off all the longer strings in the swedish translation
02:59<o_cee>yeah.. but his translations aren't the shortest ones either
02:59=tmk [] quit ()
02:59<o_cee>as long as english is okay, i can fix the other ones later
02:59<Chutt>Fix Scheduling Conflicts is too big, hmm
02:59<o_cee>swedish translation really needs an update anyway
02:59<Chutt>and it's not using the alttext there
02:59<o_cee>ah, there you go :)
03:00<o_cee>couldn't figure out how to trigger it
03:00=_kch_ [] quit ("Terminando cliente")
03:02<o_cee>here, it looks likes it tries to wrap the text even tho there's no space for it
03:06<Chutt>the size test was broken
03:08<o_cee>great :)
03:08<o_cee>since i guess that means "i fixed it" as well, hehe
03:10<Chutt>soon, yeah
03:15<Chutt>mythdvd doesn't have a title?
03:16<o_cee>not using it, so i believe you :)
03:16<o_cee>i'll fix that
03:16<o_cee>i'm doing a new logo now as well
03:16<o_cee>putting it back at where it was before
03:17<o_cee>so the space in the lower right corner can hold a clock sometime in the future.. :)
03:17<Chutt>shortly after 0.14
03:17<o_cee>but i have to run now, get some breakfast and stuff
03:19*o_cee is away: classes
03:19+dblevins [] joined #mythtv
03:20<Chutt>have fun
03:30=lmatter [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
03:37<Chutt>almost have the recursive caching there
03:37<Chutt>too late to finish it, though
03:37<thor_>I'm not listening to you, you're not really Chutt
03:39+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
03:44<Chutt>you found me out!
03:45<thor_>cunning logic
03:45<thor_>eyes crossing, time to get some sleep
03:49+Lad [] joined #mythtv
04:01+virsys [] joined #mythtv
04:17+_kch_ [] joined #mythtv
04:18-Lad [] left #mythtv ("Kopete 0.7.2 :")
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04:21<dblevins>quiet channel
04:22<dblevins>any users feel like chatting about features? Looking to setup MythTV
04:30+holger [] joined #mythtv
04:30<Rince>what do you mean with setup`
04:32<dblevins>I mean I'm planning on installing MythTV (I have to return the ATI AIW I just purchased and get a WinTV or something)
04:33<dblevins>I am more curious about the various features of MythTV and how people like them
04:36<Rince>I do like them ;-)
04:36<Rince>it has timeshifting, analog-TV-Input, Web-Frontend...
04:37<Rince>but I gotta go working, sorry
04:38<dblevins>Rince: one question, does MythTV have the ability to automatically record only *new* episodes of favorite television shows?
04:59virsysis now known as virzyz
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05:50+choenig [] joined #mythtv
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06:16+Justin_ [~justin@JA2.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] joined #mythtv
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06:37+CaCtus491 [] joined #mythtv
06:46<CaCtus491>Anyone here know much about mythLCD and it's current status? I've got a character display up and the only support seems to be in the menus where it shows the currently selected menu on the top line and highlighted menu on the bottom line. When watching TV, etc it only shows the time.
06:54+KikoV [] joined #mythtv
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10:44<kvandivo_>we _get_ it, Jason!
11:00+Lad [] joined #mythtv
11:00<knight->82 programs, using 195 GB out of 749 GB <--- i better start watching some of these
11:01+bdale [] joined #mythtv
11:04-Lad [] left #mythtv ("Kopete 0.7.2 :")
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11:09+kc135 [] joined #mythtv
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11:11+hfb [] joined #mythtv
11:14<_rkulagow>i think i've got you beat: 337 programs, using 470 GB out of 850 GB
11:16<knight->you sure do
11:16<czn>got a Q
11:16<kvandivo_>nope.. I have vowels.
11:16<czn>I'm trying to compile mythtv cvs version
11:17<_rkulagow>that's what happens when you've got a 16 year old in the house who's trying to catch up on "the nanny" and "90210"
11:17<czn>/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lqt-mt <-- whats that?
11:18<kvandivo_>have you searched the mail archives?
11:18<czn>I googled for it
11:18<_rkulagow>you haven't installed the prerequisites.;search_string=qt-mt;guest=2153197&t=search_engine#102143
11:19=sc00p_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:19<czn>so I just need a new qt?
11:19<_rkulagow>you need whatever it takes to get multi-threaded capabiliity on your machine. this is distro dependant.
11:20<czn>I see
11:20<_rkulagow>have you looked at the howto? there are prerequisite instructions there.
11:21<czn>this one? ->
11:22<_rkulagow>that's one place. if you're running redhat, look at jarod's guide too.
11:22<czn>I'm running debian
11:23<czn>modified knoppmyth rather
11:24+bdale [] joined #mythtv
11:24+mecraw_ [~mecraw@] joined #mythtv
11:25<_rkulagow>can't help you there. check the archives.
11:26<czn>I will
11:27<czn>I'm quite new to mythtv, but I have been very close to get it working with my pvr 350
11:28<czn>got X to use the framebuffer with good results, but something keeps setting the hauppauge back to ntsc, and I'm in pal-b/g country
11:29<czn>I think I might get rid of that with a new build ( I can't really see what else could be causing it )
11:30<knight->czn, most likely your ivtv driver settings in modules.conf
11:30<knight->or script ioctl_test to set it
11:30<czn>got them set at 0x0ff
11:30<_rkulagow>chutt: docs sync please
11:31<czn>a script might sole it... hmmm
11:33<czn>thanks for the input guys, I'll try fiddling a bit with it
11:35virzyzis now known as virsys
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11:53+virsys [] joined #mythtv
11:58+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
12:02+gulliver [] joined #mythtv
12:02<gulliver>hi all
12:02<gulliver>I have some really strange behavoir of xine in combination with mythtv. I use it as dvd-player with mythdvd
12:03<gulliver>when I use xine without mythfrontend running (mythbackend runs) it runs very smooth without framedrops.
12:04<gulliver>but when I have mythfrontend hanging around, which uses 0% CPU before I start xine the playback get really bad and it stutters. top shows a really high X-CPU-Usage from ~20%, which leads to 0% idle
12:04<gulliver>what could be the reason for that?
12:45+dunc_ [] joined #mythtv
12:45<dunc_>hi, any uk users about?
12:47=DogBoy [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
12:53+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
12:56<o_cee>uhm, anyone good with sql here? need to sort all entries in program by their length..
12:56<o_cee>so i can delete the longest ones that's incorrect :)
12:57<dj1>is the length stored in the database?
12:57<kvandivo_>define length
12:57=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
12:57<sfr>startts - endts i guess
12:58<dj1>you want them sorted by number of minutes, not size, correct?
12:58dj1is now known as dja
12:59<o_cee>so it'd be starttime-endttime
12:59<o_cee>or the other way around
12:59<gulliver>hmm, the problems does only occur, when mythdvd is running. not when the other modules are running... I'll have a look at the sources
12:59<o_cee>is it doable with sql?
12:59<dja>yeah, but you have to worry about both time and date...could get ugly...:-)
13:00<o_cee>i'll just search for the description ;)
13:02+bdale [] joined #mythtv
13:03=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:10<gulliver>hmmm. looks like I can't find anything, that could explain the strange behaviour of mythdvd. has really nobody an idea?
13:12<thor_>this is when you start xine from within mythDVD as your player for dvd's ?
13:12<gulliver>I'm especially wondered, because the CPU-Load is near 0% before starting xine...
13:13<gulliver>thor_: yes, but it also happens, when mythdvd is open and I start xine manually from command line
13:13<thor_>"mythdvd is open" as in it's transcoding something, or "mythdvd is open" as in you're just sitting at the top menu screen ?
13:14<gulliver>I'm only in the menu. don't have transcoding enabled at all
13:15<thor_>first thing to look at is command line switches in your myth configuration for xine versus what you run at the command line, and who you run it as (I suspect that standalone it's using Xv, but called from Myth it isn't)
13:15<gulliver>same user, same command
13:16<thor_>may just be contention on the drive
13:16<thor_>try killall mfd
13:17<gulliver>it must have something to do with the interface of mythdvd, because it is indepent of what way xine is started
13:17<thor_>then run xine with mythdvd still up
13:17<thor_>sorry, killall mtd
13:18<gulliver>thor_: this is the problem: when mythdvd is up, it stutters. if it's closed (but mythfrontend still running) it runs smooth
13:18+servo [] joined #mythtv
13:19<thor_>the mythdvd menu screen is no different than any other myth menu screen
13:19<servo>ok so I got mythtv running just fine; now what do I need to do to record input from the composite in?
13:19<gulliver>thor_: then this problem couldn't occur (c;
13:20<gulliver>really strange...
13:20<thor_>doesn't matter if the mtd is running or not ?
13:21<gulliver>wait a second
13:23<gulliver>straaaange. I changed nothing expect from running mythfrontend once in a window, and now it's working!
13:24<gulliver>anyway, thanks for your help (c:
13:25<gulliver>now I have to get ivtv up on kernel 2.6!
13:27<dunc_>etcp, u about?
13:32*Snow-Man blinks at bdale.
13:35<o_cee>thor_: i did some thinking on mythmusic theme changes
13:35*o_cee is back (gone 10:16:04)
13:35*bdale hands Snow-Man some eye drops...
13:36<o_cee>what do you think about just getting rid of all the buttons, and just making shuffle and repeat be a text that changes inside the box with info?
13:37*o_cee slaps thor around with a big chunk of C++ code
13:37<Snow-Man>bdale: You run a mythtv setup? :)
13:38<Snow-Man>Hah, cool. :)
13:38<thor_>I'm back
13:39*bdale even talked about mythtv as part of his presentation to the Debian mini-conf at Linux Conf Australia a couple of weeks ago...
13:39<thor_>o_cee, you could do that now
13:39<thor_>just make the "buttons" invisible
13:40<thor_>and have only the text drawn
13:40<Snow-Man>bdale: Neat. I've got something of a mythtv setup, not entirely functional because I havn't got the hardware to do it right really.
13:40<o_cee>just wanted to hear what you thought :)
13:40<thor_>best way to get real estate
13:40<o_cee>thor_: what do you think about adding a button legend as well?
13:40<o_cee>like the one chutt made on watch recording
13:40<Snow-Man>bdale: My main contribution is that I admin the box and the lists are run off of. :)
13:40<bdale>and, frankly, I was intrigued at how many of the folks in that talk (100 or so?) clearly already knew about mythtv and/or were playing with it...
13:40<thor_>haven't actually seen that ...
13:40<o_cee>no? try it, it's nice
13:41<bdale>Snow-Man: cool
13:41<Snow-Man>bdale: Yeah, it's decently popular..
13:41<o_cee>"1" on watch recording
13:41<Chutt>i'll make a help key eventually
13:41<Chutt>but 1 works for now
13:41<thor_>ah yes
13:41<thor_>very nice
13:41<o_cee>wah, hi :)
13:41<Snow-Man>I want a key that I can press that'll give me all the keybindings. :)
13:42<o_cee>yeah, i think so to.. and when removing all references in mytmusic to what buttons to use, a little button popup would be cool
13:42<o_cee>but i'll see what i can come up with
13:43<o_cee>btw, the border you've made.. how've you made them?
13:43<thor_>o_cee, even for 0.14, you could squeeze the 1-4 buttons into the track display, and drastically shrink the Play, Pause, Next, etc. buttons into a much smaller space
13:43<o_cee>yeah, it might fall into place very quickly actually
13:43<thor_>border, that a question for me?
13:43<o_cee>yeah, didn't you make that stuff?
13:43<o_cee>how? :)
13:43<thor_>but I cut and pasted from a mockup that someone else did
13:44<thor_>then did lots of careful flips and pastes in GIMP
13:44<o_cee>i'll do the same thing then ;)
13:44<o_cee>if i make new borders in one place, i have to change em all :)
13:44<thor_>no reason they have to be nice curvy things
13:45<thor_>the play, pause, etc could just be a square block of square buttons
13:45<thor_>stuck somewhere that leaves most of the space for track display
13:46<thor_>'cause once you've got your remote working, you hardly ever look at them again
13:46<o_cee>i'll see what i can come up with ;)
13:46<thor_>although it's nice to have a high contrast "pushed" image, so it's to see that myth got your key press
13:46<thor_>so it's easy
13:53<bline>Am I the only one that got 10 of the same email from Jason Rosson about UI Types?
13:54<bline>ok, was affraid my filtering was broken :)
13:54<servo>hmm this is kinda un realated to mythtv; but maybe somebody can help.
13:55*KikoV is away: I'm busy
13:55<servo>I want to record from another device to my pc. And the audio is being transfered via analog cable to my soundcard in... Well is there a device that outputs the audio? IE: /dev/dsp but for analog sound like /dev/aux..?
13:56<servo>I'm using xawtv for this
14:02+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
14:03<Octane>whats MythLCD exactly?
14:03<Octane>o_cee I found a bug in your theme!
14:04+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
14:06+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
14:12<servo>whoops n/v
14:12<o_cee>Octane: shoot?
14:12<servo>I just had to plug in the analog cable to my tuner card (lol didn't know it had an audio in!!!!!) and just used btaudio and record from /dev/dsp1 :-)
14:12<Octane>o_cee: you dont have any title for MythDVD
14:12<servo>hey now I can use mythtv to record all my old vhs movies :-)
14:13<o_cee>chutt told me before :)
14:13<Octane>usually when in the mainmenu of a module, it says at the top the module name
14:13<o_cee>not using it, so i forgot it
14:13<Octane>well boohoo
14:13<o_cee>i'll get it fixed
14:13<Octane>get on o_cee!!!
14:13<Octane>or ill go back to blue
14:14<o_cee>it's finished now.
14:14<Octane>too late im back to blue
14:14<Octane>its not htat big of a deal really
14:14<o_cee><image mode="DVD">title/title_dvd.png</image> <-- that should be correct right?
14:14<Octane>locate title_dvd
14:15<Octane>doesnt exist hmm
14:15<o_cee>nah, i just made the image :)
14:15<Octane>yah doesnt exist
14:15<Octane>yah that sthe right synatx
14:21=servo [] quit ("Leaving")
14:24+dilate [] joined #mythtv
14:41<Chutt>o_cee, you have an estimate on when you'll have your gant updates ready for me?
14:44<Rince>evening ;)
14:59=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:01+Oct [] joined #mythtv
15:02<Rince>question: is "VPS" known to us, some kind of time-independent recording? if so, do you know how the "timestamps" are transported, via teletext?
15:03%Netsplit <-> quits: Octane, moegreen_, kvandivo_, media_, roz, annoia, gore
15:03Octis now known as Octane
15:05+kvandivo [] joined #mythtv
15:05+annoia [] joined #mythtv
15:05%Netsplit over, joins: gore
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15:08=annoia [] quit (Killed by ())
15:08+media_ [] joined #mythtv
15:08+roz [] joined #mythtv
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15:08+annoia [] joined #mythtv
15:08%ServerMode/#mythtv: +bbb *!*dmitry@* *!*BigJim@* fulmust!*@* by
15:14+vagrant [] joined #mythtv
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15:21+pahli_bar [] joined #mythtv
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15:23+annoia [] joined #mythtv
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15:27+DJ_nixbox [] joined #mythtv
15:35<sfr>Chutt: is there still some time to submit translation updates? i intend to send an update tomorrow or on Thursday.
15:36<Chutt>i don't intend to release until friday/saturday
15:38<Chutt>i need to figure out a better way to handle translations in the theme xml files
15:40+lmatter [] joined #mythtv
15:42<sfr>bah, adding translations to xml files works fine as it is. but what about having a way to listen to streaming music? ;)
15:44=media_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:46=nulltank [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:47<Chutt>it doesn't work for themes :p
15:47<Chutt>what's the url for your patch again?
15:47<Chutt>i rebooted and lost it
15:54<sfr>so you didn't even download it, ok ok.
15:54<Chutt>i did, but only to kwrite
15:54<Chutt>kong opened it automatically
15:57+bbeattie [~bbeattie@] joined #mythtv
16:02+mchou [] joined #mythtv
16:04+KeyserSoze [] joined #mythtv
16:18<Rince>question: is there a way to see how many jobs (transcode) are in the queue?
16:24+jDeGraw [] joined #mythtv
16:24+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
16:26+unixxprt [] joined #mythtv
16:26=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
16:28+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
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16:43=pcjabber [] quit (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
16:44<o_cee>Chutt: i've got the DVD title ready..
16:45<o_cee>i think, haven't tried it
16:46<o_cee>emailingit to you now, no time for more today i'm afraid
16:46*o_cee is away: asleep
16:47<Chutt>i'll be checking stuff in later tonight
16:51+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
16:58+servo [] joined #mythtv
16:59<servo>can I just do recordings when I want to in mythtv? IE: like instead of scheduling a recording just (hit a button?) and it starts recording what's on the screen?
17:00<servo>how is that done?
17:00<Chutt>read keys.txt
17:00<Chutt>it's described in there
17:00<servo>will do
17:00=unixxprt [] quit (Read error: 111 (Connection refused))
17:00<Rince>Chutt: I think when I have the time I will make some kind of "how to use the mythtv-box" ;)
17:01<Chutt>talk to rkulagow
17:01<Chutt>he had started on such a thing
17:01<Rince>btw: does mythtv-cvs expect to have /usr/local/bin in the path?
17:01<Rince>ah, he did already? good ;)
17:01<roz>anyone ever have any troubles w/ a PVR250 OVERHEATING!?
17:01<servo>Chutte: where is keys.txt located?
17:02<Chutt>with the source, or installed into whatever docs directory your binary package used
17:02<Rince> /usr/src/mythtv/cvs/mythtv/keys.txt
17:03+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
17:04=KeyserSoze [] quit ("Client exciting")
17:06+curreyr_ [] joined #mythtv
17:07-curreyr_ [] left #mythtv ()
17:07<servo>I don't see anything about recording
17:07<servo>switching capture source is good though ;-) I can use that
17:08+Slaytanic [] joined #mythtv
17:08<servo>does "I" do anything?
17:09<Slaytanic>Hi folks... Is anyone here on the xmltv dev mailing list? I need the latest tv_grab_sn, and it's nowhere in the CVS... It was posted to the list on Dec 31st, I think.
17:11<Slaytanic>I'd be very grateful...
17:12<sfr>Slaytanic: what about the mailing list archive?
17:12+kc135 [] joined #mythtv
17:12<Slaytanic>sfr: Seems like the Sourceforge archive doesn't include attachments! Is there another archive I don't know of?
17:13<sfr>not that i know of, i was thinking about the sourceforge archive
17:13<Slaytanic>All right.
17:14<Slaytanic>Here's the thread:
17:14<Slaytanic>Damn opera, sorry... Ignore that link.
17:14+bishop [] joined #mythtv
17:14<Slaytanic>This is the one:
17:15<bishop>i have a video card that has s-video out but also came with an s-video to rca adapter. i get color when using the s-video, but not when using the rca. any ideas?
17:15<sfr>Slaytanic: did you check their cvs?
17:16<Slaytanic>sfr: Yeah, it's not there. That file wasn't committed to the CVS, as far as I can tell - only posted to the list.
17:17<Slaytanic>It should be here, right?
17:17<Slaytanic>They removed it in december because the provider blocked it, but the version posted to the list apparently fixed that...
17:19<bishop>do i need to change the mythtvsetup and change s-video to component? (even though it is an s-video connection with an adapter)?
17:19<bishop>odd thing is that the bios and the boot screen are in color... but the color goes away when X starts
17:20<Slaytanic>Sorry, no idea. :/ I've been trying all day to get color on my TV out... Only get a b/w picture with my Geforce 2 card. :/
17:20<Slaytanic>Bishop: I've seen several people with the same problem on the Mythtv users list... Check the archives, perhaps someone found a solutiom.
17:23<Slaytanic>Noone else that's on the XMLTV dev list?
17:27=pcjabber [] quit (Client Quit)
17:45+Truin [] joined #mythtv
17:47=bdale [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:48<Slaytanic>Truin, you don't happen to be a member of the XMLTV mailing list?
17:49<sfr>Slaytanic: o_cee is from sweden.
17:49<Slaytanic>Oh, thanks!
17:51=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
17:53<jDeGraw>what are the lines that you see every now and again? I dont know what you call them? "Swish lines?" when recording from tv. Is there a way to get rid of them?
17:53=Peit|Home [] quit ("Client Exiting")
17:56<jDeGraw>Ill look for some video sites to answer my question. too hard to discribe here ...
17:57<Slaytanic>Yeah, I found another archive of the XMLTV list!
17:58<Slaytanic>The file I wanted was in there... Phew. :)
18:03<Truin>Slaytanic: no, not a member of the XMLTV mailing list.
18:03=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:05<jDeGraw>Anyone have time issues with mythtv? It seems to skip the first 5 or ten minutes of the shows.
18:05<Truin>make sure your system time matches your cable provider's time.
18:05=Netslayer [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:06<Truin>In my case, my cable provider sets their stuff to NIST, I do the same with my linux box, and my recordinds are always on time.
18:06<jDeGraw>Ok. Hummm...
18:06<ChaosExiguum>some stations also run late when tapes dont que properlly and such, but not every day
18:07<Truin>hey ChaosExiguum: thanks for the help yesterday. I put together a small perl script, having some slight issues with it working correctly, but, I think it'll do the job for test_ioctl testing.
18:07<ChaosExiguum>Truin, no problem :o) I like helping people, karma makes me happy :-D
18:08<Truin>hehe... the name of my band is Karma Ghost. Yeah, Karma is a good thing.
18:10<Slaytanic>So guys, on a fresh MythTV install - what can I do if I can't grab any TV listings? Can I grab TV anyway?
18:10<Truin>make sure you have the *latest* xmltv.
18:11<Truin>that's one of the issues with myth... as zap2it changes their site, a new xmltv is released to compensate.
18:11<Slaytanic>Well, the problem is that tv_grab_sn (for sweden) has been removed from the latest releases... And I can't seem to get hold of a newer version, it's not in the CVS...
18:13<Truin>oh. grabber for sweden. Pooh. Well, good luck with that. :(
18:13<Slaytanic>Thanks.... :/
18:13<Truin>I know you can use a different 'grabber', anything you'd like, from any site you'd like, provided the output is in xmltv format.
18:14<Slaytanic>I have a general Tv grabber configured on my other linux machine... But I don't think it's capable of serving XMLTV listings...
18:14<Truin>So, in theory, you could write your own grabber for, say, or some such, and make the output XMLTV compat, and you should be fine.
18:14<Truin>so, write a script to do the conversion. ;)
18:15<Slaytanic>Hehe... BUt it's over midnight and I need to get up early tomorrow... That's not a quick solution! :)
18:15<Truin>no, no it's not. Sorry. ;) But, it is a solution.
18:15<Slaytanic>But I think I managed to find a NNTP mirror of the XMLTV list... Now let's see if that grabber works...
18:16<Slaytanic>Don't apologize, damn it. ;)
18:16<Slaytanic>Thanks for the ideas... ;)
18:16<Truin>yup. Good luck!
18:16*Truin goes back to working on his test_ioctl perl script.
18:16<Truin>god, I wish I knew Perl.
18:17<Slaytanic>What's the problem?
18:17<Slaytanic>...with your script.
18:18<Truin>eh... I'm wanting to use test_ioctl to step through each of the encoding settings, taking a 3 minute sample of each, so I can compare for quality/size.
18:18<Truin>So, I've got the @settings array setup with the various encoding parms, such as "0", "1", "2", "3", etc, taken from ivtv.h.
18:19<Truin>I start my loop, have it spawn off a process to do the `cat /dev/video0 > blah.mpg`, then have it sleep for 180 seconds, and then close(foo) and kill the $pid.
18:19<Truin>Problem is, it's not killing the pid, not closing foo, and not stepping throug the loop.
18:20<Truin>and I know jack sh!t about Perl, so, trying to fix it has been a bear so far.
18:20<Slaytanic>Ouch, that's far too advanced for me...
18:20<Slaytanic>Getting any errors from kill?
18:20<Truin>hehehe... it's a really simple script, actually. Just doesn't work the way I want it to.
18:31<Slaytanic>Hmm... NO
18:32<Slaytanic>Gah, damn laptop keyboard!
18:32<Slaytanic>Now I'm working on a XMLTV export script for my existing TV listing perl script... But how do I get MythTV to use it then?
18:32<Truin>uh... it's in the docs somewhere.
18:32<Truin>I know I read something about it, if xmltv wouldn't work for ya as a grabber.
18:33<Slaytanic>Okey, in the MythTV docs?
18:33<Truin>you just have to take the listings stuff, put it in the correct XML format, and then drop it off in ~/.mythtv/ somewhere, I think.
18:33<Truin>yeah, it's in the MythTV docs.
18:34<aceat64`away>record dupes doesn't seem to work for me
18:34aceat64`awayis now known as aceat64
18:36<Slaytanic>Truin: Can't find that part in the docs... Have an URL for me?
18:36=servo [] quit ("Leaving")
18:38<Truin>Slaytanic: look at section 9.4 of the docs.
18:38<Slaytanic>Ok, thanks!
18:39<Slaytanic>Ah, --file
18:39<Truin>"mythfilldatabase --file is an option of there isn't an XMLTV grabber for your country, but you DO have an XML formatted listings file."
18:40+kNetAway [] joined #mythtv
18:40=CyberKnet [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:40kNetAwayis now known as CyberKnet
18:52=dilate [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
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19:09+servo [] joined #mythtv
19:09<servo>does anybody have some transcode experiance?
19:14<bishop>Slaytanic: i solved the color problem. the adapter was a input only converter. thought it might help you
19:14<Slaytanic>Oh, ok! Thanks...
19:15<Slaytanic>Time to sleep now, g'night!
19:18<Truin>servo: no, but when I do, I'll let you know. :) Actually, that's what I've been working on the last week or so.
19:18+sc00p [] joined #mythtv
19:21<servo>im just trying to figure out how to record with transcode through an analog connect (line in)
19:23<servo>but I can't get sound working. I use: transcode -i /dev/video0 -p /dev/dsp <= the /dev/dsp I'm NOT sure about. It doesn't work. some how I need to tell transcode to record from the line in... But I have no clue how to do that =\
19:25<ChaosExiguum>umm, I think you probably have to select the line-in in you mixer as the record source *guessing here*
19:25<servo>yes I have done that
19:26<servo>=-) *sigh* man I don't know why im sooo obsessed with getting this thing to work.
19:26<ChaosExiguum>then I'm all out, sorry
19:27+Zman [] joined #mythtv
19:27+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
19:28<Zman>ANyone here? I can trying to get my PVR 350 working I had it working when I cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg now when I do it I get no sound when I play the mpg
19:28<Zman>any ideas?
19:28=bbeattie [~bbeattie@] quit ("Client exiting")
19:28<servo>I've been working on it for two weeks... Which is simply recording a/v through my tunner and soundcard... What really stinks is that transcode does not like the btaudio driver! It can't use it to snatch the audio output. BUT xawtv works JUST fine! But it has NO encodings for the video and audio so a 2 minute movie takes up 400mb!
19:29<servo>wish I had some coffee
19:32+sams_ [] joined #mythtv
19:33=sams2100 [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:34+sams__ [] joined #mythtv
19:35<Truin>mmm.... coffee.
19:40<roz>how can I manually schedule recordings off of the Composite Video Input?
19:40<roz>i can choose the Input with the "c" key
19:41<roz>then i just want to set up timered and non-timered records on that input
19:42=sams_ [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
19:42<Truin>make sure that the composite video input is setup as a recording source in the mythtv config, then just go to Schedule Recordings, then to the Manual Schedule part (or whatever it's called), and select the date/time and such there. Should work fine.
19:42<Truin>anyone know Perl *really well*?
19:42<roz>yeah its just called composite... but the manual schedule part lists only channels
19:43<roz>unless I missed somehting
19:43<Truin>you can't select the recording source from the manual recording page?
19:43<roz>Nope dbl checking
19:43<Truin>(I've only used that manual recording thing once, to create a 3min clip that I can do transcode tests on)
19:43<Truin>well, pooh. :(
19:44<Truin>well, you could use test_ioctl to set the source, and then cron the scheduled recording, having it to a "cat /dev/video0 > ~/myfile.mpg"
19:44<Truin>or something similar.
19:44+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
19:45<Truin>god I wish I knew Perl better. :(
19:45=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:45<roz>the manual thing first lists channel
19:46<roz>since this wont control my Digital Cable box.... i need to just manually do it
19:46=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
19:46-bishop [] left #mythtv ()
19:47<roz>i know perl
19:47<roz>fairly well
19:47<roz>i get what i need dont
19:47<Truin>I hate it. This is driving me nutz.
19:48<roz>perl rocks
19:49<Truin>... back and forth (like a tard)
19:49=servo [] quit ("Leaving")
19:49<Truin>lemme try this alternatvie to the open(foo) that I'm doing, and if it don't work, I'll elicit your help. ;)
19:49<Truin>it's a simple script, really - just won't do what I want it to.
19:51<Truin>ok, didn't work.
19:51<Truin>roz: would you mind taking a look?
19:52<Truin>it's all of 10 lines, and I could really use some help, since I know very little about Per.
19:58<Truin>Never mind. I just got it to work. It's ugly, it's probably not the right way to do it, but it works.
19:58<drd->'.' is invalid
19:58<drd->in your thing :p
19:58<Truin>yeah, I know. See, I said I knew very little about perl. ;)
19:58<Truin>I looked at that after I typed it and went "hey, wait, that . shouldn't be there"
19:58<Truin>ah, the joys of regexp.
19:59<drd->i'll looky script if u want
20:00<roz>drd-: know anything about manual / timered recordings
20:00<roz>from say -- the composite or Svideo--- that doesnt have "channels"
20:00<drd->only been doin video shit and mythtv shit for a few days
20:01<drd->i need to figure out how to do that too tho, so i can record from my tivo
20:01<cmorgan>roz: could trick myth into thinking it was a channel ;-)
20:01<cmorgan>or just record the mpeg manually with the dd command
20:01<drd->o yah
20:01<drd->dd :)
20:01<cmorgan>roz: just tell myth to manually record on channel X
20:01<roz>thats what i'd love
20:01<cmorgan>and set the input to be your svideo
20:01<roz>how do i say "hey channel 99 is really SVideo"?
20:02<cmorgan>you might have to change your input
20:02<cmorgan>or add another recording source
20:02<cmorgan>then maybe you could force the recording on the svideo source
20:02<drd->i think the dd idea is better
20:02<cmorgan>but the card can't use both at the same time...
20:03<roz>i had the digital cable on 2nd input.... and regular cable on the tuner
20:03<roz>and then every "regular" channel was in the Listing twice!
20:04<cmorgan>well the dd idea makes sense if you are manually starting the output from the svideo source
20:05<roz>well... its more to record tv shows
20:05<roz>cuz I can time the digital cable box
20:06<roz>and i can time the recordings on myth
20:06<roz>so all is good if i can just set up timers to record from a "Channel" that is Svideo or composite
20:06<roz>composite in my case cuz i cant make svideo work for some odd reason
20:07<cmorgan>why switch back and forth?
20:07<roz>between digital cable box and the tvtuner?
20:08<roz>because I can watch and record different things
20:10<roz>(i also havent figured out exactly how im gonna get analog stereo signals out of a Dolby Digital / PCM signal yet )
20:11<Truin>ok, my head hurts now. Stupid perl. Gonna go have a smoke break. Back in a byte.
20:21+daralc [] joined #mythtv
20:21<daralc>what would have better acccess times... and IDE disk or CF card... when used as a root partition
20:21<daralc>or "root" mount point i should say
20:22<cmorgan>ide disk
20:23<cmorgan>i assume by cf card you mean compact flash?
20:24+hfb [] joined #mythtv
20:24<cmorgan>yeah, flash is usually pretty slow
20:24<daralc>oh man... i just "assumed" it would be fast hah
20:24<cmorgan>well read the specs on it
20:24<cmorgan>what model/type of cf is it?
20:24<daralc>what about a 4200rpm IDE drive as compared to a CF card?
20:25<daralc>it was a expansys 1gb CF card
20:25<Truin>/ on a CF card? huh?
20:26<daralc>booting off a CF card and having it be primary drive
20:28<cmorgan>i can't seem to find specs on that card
20:29<cmorgan>the cf card will beat the drive in access time, but throughput is probably much lower
20:30<daralc>ohh ok
20:30<daralc>access time on a similar card (pretec cougar 1gb) is 20mb/s and access time is 1.2ms
20:31<daralc>throughput first
20:31<cmorgan>mega bits/sec?
20:31<cmorgan>thats pretty fast
20:31<cmorgan>nm what i said, the cf card is faster than ide ;-)
20:31<cmorgan>any stats on writing to the device?
20:32+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
20:32<daralc>i think its 8mb/s writing to it and 20mb/s for just transfers within the drive itself
20:33<cmorgan>not bad though
20:33+dilate [] joined #mythtv
20:34<cmorgan>i'm impressed at the performance they get
20:34<daralc>i wanted to make my own silent "Personal PC" that i could carry with me and just hook up to whatever monitor/TV/keyboard/touchpanel I'm around
20:34<daralc>using a Via C3 Eden processor... the Via Epia II motherboard chipset with PCMCIA and CF cardslots on it as well as 1 PCI that i probably would nto use
20:36<cmorgan>well it should be plenty fast ;-)
20:36<daralc>install myth on it as an interface with wmaker and no decorations when i login as "mythuser"... that way when i plug it up to a touchpanel in my car and login as that user its a "Car PC"
20:36<daralc>GPS in the PCMCIA slot and using GTK libs and no decorations run GPSDrive for decorations
20:38<Truin>mmm.... decorations.
20:40<daralc>it says "Compact Flash Card Slot (Not bootable)"... could LinuxBIOS change that?
20:49+kc131 [] joined #mythtv
20:51=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:53=choenig [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:54<cmorgan>daralc: no idea.
20:55<Chutt>cmorgan, hey, have you noticed any problems with the preview window not starting up after using the popup window?
20:56<cmorgan>Chutt: popup window?
20:56<cmorgan>Chutt: like the window that appears when you are deleting a recording?
20:59<ChaosExiguum>my pvr350 is suddenly playing video w/ a black screen and crashing when I exit playback
20:59<cmorgan>ivtv 0.1.9?
20:59<cmorgan>and recent myth?
20:59<ChaosExiguum>last few weeks cvs
21:07<ChaosExiguum>im making the latest cvs now, but I'm not sure it will help, since everything worked fine last night
21:13<Chutt>cmorgan, yeah
21:14<Chutt>or just hit 'i'
21:14<cmorgan>Chutt: i haven't seen that on my setup
21:14=Matt [matt@matt.staff.freenode] quit (Connection timed out)
21:14<Chutt>i'll look into it
21:14<Chutt>it's definitely not restarting properly here
21:15<cmorgan>yes, i can reproduce
21:15<cmorgan>let me take a look at it
21:15<cmorgan>i'm sure you ahve more important stuff to work on ;-)
21:20<cmorgan>Chutt: well we kill the timer when we start the popup, but we don't restart it after we cancel the popup
21:22<ChaosExiguum>cmorgan, no ideas about the output, or am I just being retarted and unworthy :)?
21:27-mchou [] left #mythtv ()
21:28<cmorgan>ChaosExiguum: well something must have changed with your setup ;-)
21:32+DarkBeer [] joined #mythtv
21:35<ChaosExiguum>I'll see if I can find gremlin droppings :)
21:36+tmk [] joined #mythtv
21:39=hfb [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:43=Zman [] quit ()
21:44+vuud [] joined #mythtv
21:45<vuud>Hello, I am trying to run mythtv on gentoo to get a nice display of the channel guide... I think I have it okay, but when I get into the channel guide I lose a connection to the backend, and the backed just says killed. This is even with -v all on the backend... any ideas? what shoudl I look for?
21:46+hfb [] joined #mythtv
21:48=hfb [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:59<vuud>Here is some more info if anyone is listening... I can do a program finder okay, and through all that, but as soon as I enter into Program guide it kills the backend... still no error
22:09<cmorgan>vuud: using ivtv?
22:09<cmorgan>vuud: what version of myth?
22:09<vuud>cmorgan, lemme check the version... newest from Gentoo... hold on
22:10<vuud>version 0.13
22:11<cmorgan>vuud: are you using ivtv with myth?
22:11<vuud>Whats ivtv? I have no tuner card yet
22:11<cmorgan>vuud: did you properly configure myth? populate the channel listings and such?
22:11<vuud>cmorgan, I think so... there is all kinds of channel info in there... I can connect and FIND programs fine, its just the guide that hoses the backend
22:12<cmorgan>vuud: no idea then.. upgrade myth ;-) heh
22:12<Chutt>backend shouldn't even run without a tuner card setup.
22:12<vuud>cmorgan -> upgrade to what?
22:13<cmorgan>Chutt: you get my previous message about the timers being stopped and not restarted?
22:13<vuud>really? wow, works fine except for the guide - which still displays all the info for all the programs, just kills the backend with no error
22:13<Chutt>i'm fairly sure they're restarted
22:14<cmorgan>Chutt: i can't see where they are... they don't appear to be in CancelPopup()
22:14<Chutt>vuud, it's not meant to run without a tuner card
22:14<vuud>Chutt, damn. I just want the guide and mp3 playing functionality
22:14<Chutt>cmorgan, in the stuff that calls cancelPopup
22:14<cmorgan>ahh i see
22:14<Chutt>the tv stuff's useless without a tuner card, so it doesn't run :p
22:15<Chutt>could be fixed, but i haven't had a reason to
22:15<vuud>Chutt, no the guide is worth it in my case... oh well
22:16<Chutt>shouldn't be hard to fix, if you're at all familiar with c
22:23-vuud [] left #mythtv ("Life calls")
22:23+vuud [] joined #mythtv
22:24<vuud>Hey, any recommendations for a video capture card for a gentoo-linux system
22:24<Truin>I'd assume the winTV series of cards would work fine.
22:25<daralc>vuud, i would suggest a pvr250 or pvr350
22:25*Truin nods at daralc
22:25<Truin>just about anything that uses the BT chipset should do fine.
22:25<vuud>Do you guys think a P3 800 is adequate?
22:25<Truin>should be.
22:26<vuud>Do either of those handle video out also, or do I need to replace my video card too?
22:26<Truin>I'm running my mythtv setup on an AMD K6-2 400MHz, with 128mb of ram. My tuner is a PVR-250, and it's currently recording. My cpu is 95-96% idle.
22:27<Truin>the 350 has an mpeg2 decoder and tv-out, but I've not used it.
22:27<Truin>vuud: -- for the WinTV PVR 250/350
22:28<vuud>WinTV? I am in linux... Is that a problem?
22:28<Truin>not at all.
22:28<Truin>winTV is just what the card is called.
22:28<Truin>You'd use the 'ivtv' module, instead of the 'bttv' module. It's all documented in the mythtv docs.
22:29<vuud>Okay, just wondering since everything else that says win is a pain to get working!
22:29<Truin>the WinTV series of cards are great. They work just fine in linux.
22:29<Truin>I had no problem getting my wintv pvr-250 to work in linux, a lot of us in here use them, in linux, specifically for mythtv.
22:33<mdz>2004-20040-10-12-72 71 91:93:23:24:040 MMaaiinnSSeerrvveerr::::HHaannddlleeAAnnnnoouunnccee PPllaayybbaacckk
22:33<mdz>that doesn't look quite right
22:33<Truin>can you say "local echo"? lmao
22:39-vuud [] left #mythtv ("Life calls")
22:40<Truin>life? Is that the thing that happens when I'm not playing with my computer?
22:41=kc131 [] quit ("Download Gaim:")
22:41+hfb [] joined #mythtv
22:46+vuud [] joined #mythtv
22:47-vuud [] left #mythtv ("Life calls")
22:52<ChaosExiguum>cmorgan, I think I found out whats wrong, ivtv got stuck in globalalpha
22:53+sfr [] joined #mythtv
22:54=virsys [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:57+stevewrightNZ [] joined #mythtv
22:57-stevewrightNZ [] left #mythtv ()
22:59+virsys [] joined #mythtv
22:59+Matt [matt@matt.staff.freenode] joined #mythtv
23:01+FBT [] joined #mythtv
23:03<FBT>help: myhtv - no sound, no channel change
23:03<thor_>no details
23:03<Truin>on answers
23:04<Truin>erm, no answers. Hehehe
23:04<FBT>Fedora Core 1, apt-get install mythtv-suite
23:04<Truin>fedora core 1? There's your first problem. ;)
23:04<FBT>video is good, mythfrontend 100%
23:05<FBT>everything working fine, but no sound, and can't change channel
23:05<FBT>ahh, be nice
23:05<thor_>tv card ?
23:05<Truin><cough> fedora sucks <cough>
23:05<Truin>what TV tuner are you using? Which modules?
23:05<thor_>btXXX or PVR-X50 ?
23:06<FBT>errr,dunno.. PCI device follows..
23:06<Truin>/sbin/lsmod | grep bttv <---- is it there?
23:06*Truin smacks forehead.
23:06<FBT>02:02.0 Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7134 (rev 01)
23:07<tmk>Truin: he has a saa7134
23:07<FBT>not bttv
23:07<Truin>hm. Ok.
23:08<FBT>[root@localhost root]# lsmod | grep saa
23:08<FBT>saa7134 74860 0
23:08<FBT>i2c-core 21028 0 [tuner saa7134]
23:08<FBT>video-buf 18452 0 [saa7134]
23:08<FBT>soundcore 6436 2 [i810_audio saa7134]
23:08<FBT>v4l2-common 5376 0 [saa7134]
23:08<FBT>ir-common 3488 0 [saa7134]
23:08<FBT>videodev 9216 3 [saa7134]
23:08<FBT>v4l1-compat 13572 0 [saa7134]
23:08<FBT>input 5888 0 [saa7134 ir-common keybdev mousedev hid]
23:08+FryGuy_ [] joined #mythtv
23:08<Truin>So, ok, looks like it's all there.
23:08<FBT>all is working fine, just no sound, and can't change channel
23:09*FBT has been on it for 2 days..
23:09<Truin>does the card have it's own sound processor, or are you having to loop to the line-in in the sound card?
23:09<FBT>has llop
23:09<Truin>ok, and line-in (or whatnot) is set as a recording device, not muted, and turned up?
23:09<thor_>mute line in, set as recording source
23:09<FBT>it *might* have its' own sp though, dunno
23:09<Truin>erm, yeah, muted. ;) Thanks thor_
23:09<FBT>ok. will try.. brb
23:10<Truin>if it had it's own sound chip, you wouldn't be using the loop cable to line-in. ;)
23:10=daralc [] quit ("Leaving")
23:11<FBT>line not muted
23:11<FBT>vol set ok
23:11<FBT>works fine under xawtv
23:12=thor_ [~thor@] quit ("Wonder what this button does?")
23:12<Truin>it pops up a sign that says "please do not push this button again"
23:12=sfr [] quit (Connection timed out)
23:12<Truin>so, works with xawtv? Sound and all?
23:13<FBT>so linein should NOT be muted ?
23:13<Truin>try both ways. ;)
23:13<FBT>yep, 100% with xawtv
23:13<FBT>werks mint
23:13<Truin>how very odd. In the mythbackend setup, you've done everything right? Correct sound device and all that stuff?
23:14<FBT>vullscreen video under mythfrontend is 100%
23:14<FBT>I think so.. checking..
23:14<Truin>check the backend to see that /dev/dsp or whatnot is correct for the audio device, and that you have proper permissions if running myth as a user other than yourself.
23:15<FBT>mythbackend currently running as root
23:15<Truin>k. I run both the backend and frontend as myself.
23:15<FBT>command to reconfigure mythbacklend ?
23:15<FBT>ok, owner
23:16<Truin>uhm... well, if you had installed from source, it'd be in "/<path-to-source>/setup". You'd cd there, and run "./setup"
23:16<FBT>shutdown backend before reconfigure it ?
23:16<Truin>but, you installed from a package, so I have no idea. ;)
23:16<Truin>I usually shutdown the backend, yes. I don't know if it's required tho - no mention if it ever polls the mythconverg database for changes in config.... tho it might.
23:17<Truin>IMO, shut it down, or at least restart it after making changes.
23:17<Truin>brb - running off for a smoke.
23:17<FBT>heh, just gave up myself..
23:19<FBT>audio /dev/dsp
23:20<FBT>vbi /dev/vbi
23:20<FBT>rate limit none
23:20<FBT>default television
23:20<FBT>vid /dev/video0
23:21+thor_ [~thor@] joined #mythtv
23:21<FBT>card type: std V4L capture card
23:22=dilate [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
23:23<FBT>ok, where do all the input connections go ?
23:26+dilate [] joined #mythtv
23:27<FBT># mythfilldatabase running...
23:31+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
23:32+sams_ [] joined #mythtv
23:33+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
23:33=sams__ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:34<ShockValue>hi all.. when i do a lsmod, i have both ivtv and bttv modules loaded. is this normal or did i hoze something up? (i have only a hauppauge pvr250)
23:34+sams2100 [] joined #mythtv
23:35<ShockValue>hrm. hoze bad :)
23:35<thor_>interesting how you got it load bttv though
23:36<_rkulagow>could be because of lirc
23:36<ShockValue>oh lirc.. could be, i have that loading as well
23:37<ShockValue>i2c_algo_bit 9128 2 ivtv,bttv
23:37<ShockValue>i2c_core 23460 7 ivtv,bttv,lirc_i2c,tuner,saa7115,msp3400,i2c_al
23:37<ShockValue>(from lsmod)
23:37<FBT>Truin: reconfigured.. no change..
23:37<_rkulagow>using the PVR-250 remote, right?
23:38<_rkulagow>if you look at your /var/log/messages you might see that modprobe is complaining that it couldn't find a tuner. i remember seeing the same thing when i used the PVR-250 and figured that it was lirc.
23:39<_rkulagow>i'm not using that remote anymore, so i don't have exact messages for you. it shouldn't hurt anything though.
23:39<ShockValue>i dont have a /var/log/messages.. i wish i could find the equivilant in gentoo, i cant seem to find it :)
23:39+mecraw_ [] joined #mythtv
23:39<_rkulagow>you should still see it if you dmesg
23:39<FBT>ls -al /var/log/
23:40<ShockValue>./var/log/everything/current maybe
23:40<Truin>find / -name messages -print | more
23:40=billytwowilly [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
23:40<Truin>maybe /var/adm/messages?
23:40<_rkulagow>so i got my xbox running linux. now i need to figure out if i can compile on my Big Box and then just "make install" from a NFS mount point so i'm not compiling on a celeron 733/64MB machine.
23:41<Truin>_rkulagow: wuss. I built it on a 400Mhz. ;)
23:41<ShockValue>Truin: no return on that command
23:41<FBT>Truin: all reconfigured - no difference
23:41<ShockValue>be back in a sec
23:41<Justin_>_rkulagow: distcc?
23:41=ShockValue [] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
23:41<Truin>ShockValue: bummer. It'd be odd if it doesn't store dmesg messages some where.
23:41<Truin>well, never mind then.
23:42<FBT>however, Jan 28 17:11:23 localhost modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module sound-slot-1
23:42+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
23:42<Truin>FBT: no idea, man. that's just odd.
23:42<_rkulagow>justin: that was my next choice. i'll see what happens when i get a patch cable into the xbox in the morning.
23:43<mikegrb>_rkulagow: initially I did what you are planning (make install)
23:43<cmorgan>Chutt: you here?
23:43<mikegrb>actually, I just scp'ed the files <g>
23:43<Captain_Murdoch>_rkulagow: I always compile on my Athlon 1.3Ghz and then just run "make install" on my celeron-400 frontend.
23:43<mikegrb>now I just use distcc
23:43<cmorgan>Chutt: so we set playingVideo to false
23:43<cmorgan>Chutt: but we don't do anything to the state machine for the video playing
23:43<cmorgan>Chutt: so the nvp is still running but we aren't pulling any new frames from it
23:43<Chutt>need to kill it before showing the popup
23:43<cmorgan>Chutt: since we aren't playing according to playingVideo
23:44<Chutt>and start it over after
23:44<Chutt>since we could be deleting what it's showing
23:44<Chutt>think you can fix it?
23:44<cmorgan>should be an easy change i'd imagine
23:44<cmorgan>yep, will probably be until tomorrow night before i can send a patch
23:44<Netslayer>when I go 'make install' does it make a difference if mythback & front is running? I know the front will crash, but i mean for the new update, will it apply cleanly? i run everything in a loop and don't want to restart x
23:44<cmorgan>since its getting late and work gets in the way of hacking ;-)
23:44<Chutt>you've got until friday
23:45<cmorgan>yes sir ;-)
23:45<Chutt>netslayer, stuff dies because you're replacing the libraries out from under it
23:45<Chutt>but everything should install
23:45<thor_>I was meaning to ask about that ....
23:45<Netslayer>any just grabbing CVS in the same dir, and running make distclean will give me a new clean source?
23:46*Captain_Murdoch adds a --nosched command-line option to mythbackend for running mythbackend on his dev machine using a (slightly-modified) copy of the live database.
23:46<thor_>how come Linux is clever enough to keep a reference around for a running executable even if it's replaced on disk, but not clever enough to do so for a shared library ?
23:46<Chutt>thor, ldconfig
23:46<FBT>help: CD plays fine, but no sound - TV
23:46<Chutt>breaks it
23:47<Chutt>FBT, there's a big section in the docs about setting up sound properly.
23:47<_rkulagow>here's an email i just got: (talking about ximian) "Why can't a great app with such a large following like MythTV be installed in similar fashion?"
23:47<Netslayer>FBT, prob your mixer settings being mute or too way down, or not set properly
23:48<Chutt>rkulagow, you get more silly email than i do
23:48<thor_>I've tried installing ximian at least 4 times
23:48<Chutt>i finally did your docs update a few hours ago, too =)
23:48<Truin>what, like with wget and a sourced shell script? Hahaha... I'll just build from source, thank you.
23:49+ShockValue [] joined #mythtv
23:49<_rkulagow>chutt: thanks.
23:49<thor_>something about tricking it into thinking you have red hat, it's a PITA
23:49=sams_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:49<Chutt>use bruce's japanese selector, or the one from the patch i was applying
23:50<Chutt>decisions, decisions
23:50<Chutt>i suppose his'll display if you don't have your fonts setup, though
23:50<thor_>can't do Japanese I, Japanese II option
23:50<FBT>ok, sound.. thks fellas.. tryingstuff..
23:51<Chutt>thor, for the language selector combobox
23:51<thor_>ah, nm
23:51=ShockValue [] quit ("KVIrc 3.0.0-beta2 "T-Rex"")
23:51<Chutt>one just displays as empty boxes if you don't have a japanese font installed
23:52<Netslayer>is CVS down? i logged in but it seems stalled
23:52<Chutt>working fine here
23:52<thor_>that's the one you bablefished and pulled
23:52<Chutt>i've got most of those patches applied now
23:52<Chutt>it's pretty cool
23:52<Chutt>looks a lot different than a normal translation =)
23:52<thor_>oishy na dis ka
23:53<Chutt>pain to apply, though
23:53<thor_>I have no doubt
23:53+sfr [] joined #mythtv
23:53<cmorgan>Chutt: when we delete a recording we will refresh the selection window right? so maybe we can just not stop the playback when we have a popup?
23:53<Chutt>had to use kwrite when i wanted to cut'n'paste, as i couldn't figure out how to get vim to do utf8 properly
23:53<Truin>have a need to translate mythtv to Tagalog?
23:53<Truin>I don't know Japanese, but I could to Tagalog, maybe German.
23:53<Chutt>cmorgan, i'd prefer if it were stopped prior to showing the popup
23:54<thor_>Truin, you from the Phillipines ?
23:54<cmorgan>Chutt: alright. sounds good to me ;-)
23:54<Chutt>more translations are welcome
23:54<Chutt>though, i'm going to be fixing some silly stuff with them currently
23:54<Chutt>make themes easier to translate
23:54<Truin>thor_: my fiancee is. Was out there last October visiting. Still working on getting her here.
23:54<thor_>Ah, yep ... cool
23:55=sc00p [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:57<FBT>anyone have large commercial myth install ?
23:57<Truin>as in, a commercial setting?
23:57<mdz>I fast forward through commercials on my myth install, does that count?
23:59<FBT>coz myth is fucking excellant
23:59<Truin>not that I know of - but I've had the same ideas, trust me. With the scalability of MythTV, it could be anything from a one-box PVR to a cluster of backends ina hotel with a front-end in every room.
23:59<Truin>FBT: other then the fact that you can't change chanells or hear audio, right? ;)
23:59<FBT>wot sort of backend hardware for 100 clients ?
23:59<FBT>Truin: true, true..
---Logclosed Wed Jan 28 00:00:02 2004