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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-01-28

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00:00<Netslayer>anyone checkout CVS in the last few minutes? this is kind of mysterious
00:01<Truin>well, the key is being able to have one tuner per room, and then some.
00:01<Netslayer>although wouldn't put it past my connection
00:01<thor_>works fine here
00:01<Truin>works for me.
00:01<Netslayer>great..probably the rain
00:01<Chutt>i'm checking in stuff
00:01<Chutt>and i've been doing diffs for the past twenty minutes
00:02<Netslayer>alright heh I believe ya
00:02<Truin>Netslayer: got wireless?
00:03<Netslayer>well i'm trying to update both machines, one is wireless. Both can connect with teh login, but neither can download
00:03<Chutt>well, wait a few minutes
00:03<Chutt>i'm doing a big commit right now :p
00:03<Chutt>and you'd likely get a broken checkout, even if it did complete
00:03<Netslayer>great heh, guinea pigs
00:04<Chutt>just GANT and the rest of the japanese patch
00:04*billytwowilly goes to look at commit logs
00:04<billytwowilly>not interesting to me after all;)
00:04<Netslayer>thanks for warning me heh
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00:06<billytwowilly>so we can now actually have all of the menus in japanese characters?
00:06<Chutt>and everything else, yeah
00:06<billytwowilly>that is actually pretty cool, if completely incomprehensible to me, but still cool;)
00:07<billytwowilly>anyhoo, cheers
00:07*billytwowilly is going to lift weights
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00:11<cmorgan>Chutt: just mailed the patch to you that should fix the playback issues
00:11<mdz>I just compiled all of mythtv without remembering to save my one-line change to mythcontext.h
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00:12<thor_>I searched the list for a similar problem to no avail... <--- yeah, whatever
00:12<Chutt>cmorgan, thanks
00:13<Chutt>mdz, what change?
00:13<mdz>Chutt: protocol version, if you know a better place to put it
00:21<Chutt>i need to thread off the livetv buffer file unlink
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00:23<Chutt>i think i know how i want to do the theme translation stuff now
00:24<Chutt>just have to write a couple little programs to automate the conversion
00:24<Chutt>cmorgan, i'll test your patch
00:24<Chutt>just compiling other stuff at the moment
00:24<cmorgan>Chutt: alright. any issues just email me ;-)
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00:26<Netslayer>interesting a blank commit
00:26<Netslayer>or are u drawing a line on purpose heh
00:26<mdz>Chutt: hey, you have an ati tv wonder ve, right?
00:26<thor_>blank commits are new directories
00:27<Netslayer>huh, never seen that before
00:27<Chutt>not anymore
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00:27<Chutt>i can't find mine
00:28<Chutt>it's here somewhere...
00:28<mdz>do you remember what tuner type it had?
00:28<Chutt>philips ntsc
00:28<Chutt>type 2, isn't it?
00:28<Netslayer>i'm running one in the other room
00:28<mdz>tuner(bttv): type forced to 2 (Philips NTSC (FI1236,FM1236 and compatibles)) [insmod]
00:28<mdz>it gets autodetected as "Temic PAL* auto (4006 FN5)"
00:28<mdz>wanted to make sure I'm forcing it to the right thing
00:29<Chutt>that's the standard 'my channels are off by one and look like shit' bug
00:30<mdz>that card sure is cheap
00:30<mdz>but the lack of an audio line in is annoying
00:31<Chutt>and it doesn't look as nice as slightly more expensive cards
00:31<mdz>a friend of mine bought two of them for a system I'm helping him build
00:32<mdz>for less than the price of one wintv
00:32<Chutt>they _are_ cheap
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00:34<Netslayer>what's funny is that in windows I could never get the card to record at 720x480 properly, and it runs almost perfectly in my slave nux backend
00:34<Netslayer>think i paid $30 for it at best buy like 3 years ago
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00:35<Netslayer>Chutt, are u done the commits for tonight or should i wait?
00:36<thor_>it's that cheap Canadian dollar
00:36<Chutt>i'm not done, but it should be safe to update
00:36<Netslayer>actually, it's not cheap anymore :-/
00:36<thor_>well, not as cheap
00:37<Netslayer>is gant replacing blue as the default? getting that feeling with the commits
00:37<Chutt>not yet
00:38*Netslayer loves gant
00:38<mdz>I can't seem to get it to tune properly though. that, or he's disconnected something since I left
00:38<mdz>I'm trying to finish setting it up remotely
00:39<Chutt>should work ok with tuner type2
00:39<thor_>wnat to erase from the front of a std::vector
00:40<Chutt>been awhile since i used a normal vector
00:40<Aridhol>has anyone setup mythtv with a matrox g550?
00:40<mdz>it records a mostly green frame with some noise at the top
00:41<Chutt>mdz, it's in pal mode somewhere
00:41<mdz>Chutt: that's what I initially thought, but I changed it to PAL and it looks different
00:41<Chutt>thor, v.erase(v.begin())
00:41<Chutt>mdz, the tuner, or the setting in mythtv?
00:41<Chutt>unpatched 0.13? =)
00:41<mdz>v4lctl and ffmpeg actually
00:42<Netslayer>interesting, "Myth_Video_Conference_Plugin" but of course i could only call myself at the momment
00:42<mdz>and it's running the debs, of course =)
00:42<thor_>I have a reference to where I want to erase to like: v.erase(v_begin(), my_reference), but my_reference is an integer and not an iterator ...
00:43<Chutt>an index int, or data from the thing?
00:43<thor_>index int
00:44<thor_>.at(my_reference) returns a reference, not an iterator
00:44<Chutt>use a different container class?
00:44<thor_>as does operator[]
00:44<thor_>probably fastest
00:44<Chutt>something in Qt may be better
00:44<thor_>QValueVector here I come ...
00:45<mdz>I can switch the norm with v4lctl, and it shows it changed, but something's not going right
00:45<mdz>which is why I asked about the tuner type
00:46<Netslayer>heh gosh that's hilarious, 7 emails from the same guy on the dev list
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00:53<thor_>well, that worked
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00:54<thor_>me playing daap audio streams
00:54<thor_>he he
00:54<thor_>music there, sound here
00:54<thor_>still amazes me
00:55<thor_>now, to seek!
00:55<Truin>"on a clear disk, you can seek forever."
00:55<Truin>sorry, couldn't resist.
00:56*Netslayer snickers
00:57<Netslayer>hey thor if i installed the mfd, what functionality does it take over right now? It replaces the music plugin?
00:57<thor_>not unless you consider telnet a mmusic replacement
00:58<Netslayer>auh i think i get it
00:58<tmk>and i do..
00:58<thor_>there's no client at the moment
00:58<Truin>I could sit and listen to telnet all day....
00:59<Netslayer>isn't telnet like ssh?
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00:59<thor_>but you can telnet into it
00:59<thor_>and make it do stuff
00:59<Truin>Netslayer: uh, yeah, without the encryption.
01:01<_rkulagow>is the "This is an autoresponder. I'll never see your message." guy off the -users mailing list yet?
01:01<thor_>This is an autoresponder. I'll never see your message.
01:01<Chutt>what guy?
01:04<_rkulagow>"" -> i've seen a few of those from him/her.
01:06<Aridhol>does anyone know where i can get the ivtv-cvs ebuilds?
01:07<Truin>thor_: mfd? So, what is it? A daemon, obviously, and you mentioned something about being able to telnet to it? I'm assuming 'it' is the pvr?
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01:11<thor_>it is the front end
01:11<Truin>a new replacement front-end?
01:12<thor_>sort of
01:12<Truin>hey Rince.
01:12<thor_>thing that keeps running even if the user is somewhere else (cd ripping, dvd transcoding, etc.)
01:16<o_cee>Fix the image cache for multiple directories in a theme (ie, GANT). <-- does that mean i can put the mythmusic stuff back into /mythmusic ?
01:17<Netslayer>thor, might give that a compile tonight
01:17<Netslayer>sound cool
01:17<Truin>thor_: looks sweet. Should be much easier to manage/develop plugins with the mfd.
01:17<thor_>have a box with iTunes on it ?
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01:19<Netslayer>um nope, if u need a tester to just sit here and play music heh, i can do that
01:19<thor_>if you have iTunes on the same lan, it automagically see all your mythmusic content when you start the mfd
01:21<Netslayer>kinda lost.. iTunes creates a shared dir on windows? and the mfd recognizes it like samba?
01:22<thor_>nope, iTunes speaks DAAP, and the mfd speaks DAAP, and they both speak Rendezvous
01:22<thor_>(DAAP is like http)
01:22<Truin>nice. My room mate has itunes. I should check that out.
01:23<Netslayer>oh ic
01:23<thor_>would be nice to know if it works _anywhere_ else ...
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01:23<Truin>I'll try playing around with it, will get back to ya.
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01:24<thor_>k, thanks
01:24<Truin>right now, it's home time. Been a long day, I'm ready to go home and crack open a beer.
01:24<Netslayer>i might also, depending on how long it takes me to compile cvs
01:24<Truin>Night, guys!
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01:48*o_cee is back (gone 09:02:08)
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01:58<thor_>ogg seek is pissed
01:58<thor_>^^ that's an ogg error message
02:01<o_cee>thor_: the volume thingie in mm, is it possible to just make it a textlabel wich says like "89%" and so on.. haven't looked at it at all
02:02<Aridhol>does anyone know of a better gentoo + pvr250 + mythtv guide than the one on the gentoo forums? it's not working for me
02:02<Aridhol>+ 2.6.1 kernel
02:02<thor_>possible, but would require code change (of course) .... you can easily make the display left right ...
02:02<o_cee>the one on
02:02<o_cee>okay.. just preparing you for my requests, muheheheh :)
02:02<o_cee>i think that'll be easier, not take up as much space
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02:03<o_cee>a timeline would be nice as well
02:03<thor_>could be a really small image of some dots somewhere
02:03<o_cee>for the current song
02:03<thor_>just an orientation value
02:03<Aridhol>does it work a lot better with kernel 2.4?
02:04<o_cee>Aridhol: everything does.
02:05<Aridhol>heh ok
02:06<o_cee>hmm, microsoft advertises .net on hmmm :)
02:08<thor_>they advertised unix services for windows on /.
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02:12<Chutt>o_cee, you can try to put stuff in mythmusic/
02:12<o_cee>i just made title_dvd_setup.png
02:12<Chutt>but i think that if you want to override the image
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02:12<Chutt>without changing the music-ui.xml or whatnot
02:12<o_cee>mailing it to you
02:12<Chutt>it needs to be in the same place (ie, not in a directory)
02:12<o_cee>like with mythweather
02:13<Chutt>you see my changes to the menu? :p
02:13<Chutt>i was just messing around
02:13<o_cee>yeah, no biggie :) just diffed them and checked
02:13<o_cee>will take a look at the tv very soon
02:14<o_cee>str BackgroundColor=darkgray <-- where's that one seen? haven't really messed with that file much:)
02:15<Chutt>i dunno
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02:15<Chutt>i was just changing random things when i was trying to get the button background darker
02:15<o_cee>hehehe, okay :)
02:19<o_cee>hmm. the darkening of the background doesn't work on "1", and not "D" anymore either..?
02:19<o_cee>and i don't have any selectionbar anymore :)
02:20<Chutt>heh, no selection bar here, either
02:20<Chutt>did you forget to send it to me?
02:20<o_cee>before, it used the one in /default
02:20<o_cee>guess that changed with your cache changes?
02:20<Chutt>i'll look into it tomorrow
02:21<Chutt>need to go to sleep
02:21<o_cee>yepp :)
02:21<o_cee>dream happy dreams
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02:45<Chutt>nevermind, fixed that bug
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05:11*FBT hits the sack
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11:46<Rince>Hmm... I seem to do seomthing wrong at transcoding. I would like to "cut out" the commercials, but when I tell the machine to transcode, the record gets splitty and without sound. Is there a way to prevent the quality but just to cut out the commercials? (and maybe to split one movie in different parts?)
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12:01<_rkulagow>ick. i just looked at GANT, and on my frontend an ongoing recording is orange, on a dark grey background, with a blue highlight bar. that's pretty low contrast.
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12:05<Chutt>the highlight bar needs replacing
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12:29<Chutt>the knoppmyth people made it possible to upgrade people's installations to 0.13
12:30<Chutt>talk about timely releases
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12:44<Slaytanic>Anyone who can help me with mythfilldatabase?
12:45<Slaytanic>I'm trying to do a --file import of an XML tv listing, and I get: Ignoring invalid TimeOffset Adjusting program database end times...
12:45<Slaytanic>And "0 replacements made"
12:45<Rince>0 replacements made is ok
12:45<Rince>does it get filled at all?
12:45<Slaytanic>Doesn't look like it...
12:46<Slaytanic>I'll check again, it didn't the previous x number of times... :/
12:46<Rince>just a minute
12:46<Rince>how often comes the ignoring invalid.. thingie?
12:46<Slaytanic>Nopes, program guide is empty...
12:47<sfr>Slaytanic: 'Ignoring invalid TimeOffset' could cause all program times to be off by X hours but they will get imported nonetheless.
12:47<Slaytanic>Just once, and every time I run mythfilldatabase --file with my pre-hacked XML file.
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12:47<Slaytanic>Oh, ok.
12:48<Slaytanic>SO maybe there's something wrong with the XML file? But it's not complaining... WHat kind of file does it expect with --file, I assumed it expected a XMLTV file?
12:48<Slaytanic>Meaning XMLTV formatted XML file...
12:49<sfr>how did you start mythfilldatabase?
12:49<Slaytanic>It says "mythfilldatabase --file is an option if there isn't an XMLTV grabber for your country, but you do have an XML formatted listings file created by some other program." in the manual.
12:49<Slaytanic> mythfilldatabase --file 0 -1 myfile.xml
12:50<Slaytanic>--file <sourceid> <offset> <xmlfile>
12:50<Slaytanic>sourceid is an integer, right? I only have one card, guess it should be 0?
12:50<Chutt>it should be whatever it is in the database
12:51<sfr>usually it's 1 for a single tuner setup
12:51<Slaytanic>Okey, lemme try that.
12:53<Slaytanic>Didn't seem to help... :/
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12:54<sfr>Slaytanic: so check what is set in the db
12:54<Slaytanic>YEah, I'm trying... Just installed phpmyadmin.
12:57<sfr>afaik it's set in cardinput
12:57<Slaytanic>Ok, I'll check manuallt.
12:57<Chutt>or just the sourceid value in videosource
12:58<Slaytanic>THanks, it said sourceif 4.
12:58<Slaytanic>sourceiD... Excuse my poor spelling, I'm on my laptop.
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12:59<Slaytanic>Still no error message... Lemme see if I get this correctly.
13:00<Slaytanic>I've set up the card and the input... Can't get any TV listing to work over here, so I'm using an XMLTV formatted file that I've prepared.
13:00<Slaytanic>I import it with mythfilldatabase --file 4 -1 file.xml
13:00<Slaytanic>It says
13:00<Slaytanic>$ mythfilldatabase --file 4 -1 xmltv3.cgi
13:00<Slaytanic>### bypassing grabbers, reading directly from file
13:00<Slaytanic>Ignoring invalid TimeOffset Adjusting program database end times...
13:00<Slaytanic>0 replacements made.
13:00<Slaytanic>I enter mythtv and check the program guide, and it's empty...
13:00<Slaytanic>Is there a step I might have missed?
13:00<sfr>how did you define your channels?
13:01<Slaytanic>Good question, I thought mythfilldatabase did that? If not, where do I do that?
13:01<Slaytanic>I haven
13:01<Slaytanic>I haven't set any frequencies anywhere...
13:02<Chutt>channel section in the xmltv file
13:02<Chutt>or from xawtv's config file
13:02<Chutt>or from defining it manually
13:02<sfr>Slaytanic: then i'd try 'mythfilldatabase --manual --preset --file 4 -1 file.xml'
13:03<Chutt>what's with -1 for an offset?
13:03<Slaytanic>Ok, thanks guys, I'll try both methods...
13:03<sfr>Slaytanic: read the --help output of what the options do
13:03<Slaytanic>To remove all data.
13:03<AridWrk>does anyone have a gentoo + 2.6.1 + pvr250 solution working? I am having troubles
13:03<Chutt>don't use 2.6
13:09<Slaytanic>Hmmm, xawtv gives me a segfault when I run it... Common problem? I installed Myth through knoppmyth...
13:09<sfr>might be you are missing some fonts
13:10<Rince>another bad question ,-)
13:10<Slaytanic>Trying to read what it says on the TV... "Cannot convert string "-"-ledfixed" something... Yeah, and something about a font.
13:11<Rince>is here anyone using PVR350 with TV-Out and watching dvds?
13:11<Rince>what are you using then?
13:11<Rince>mplayer seems to have problems to sync audio with video...
13:12<Slaytanic>I've read about missing fonts somewhere, it has to be a FAQ... Can't find the answer now though, so I ask you... :) What fonts do I need to install?
13:13<sfr>you might find them on the xawtv website, or simply use debian ;)
13:13<Slaytanic>I am running debian... :) What's the name of the font package?
13:13<Slaytanic>ledfixed-medium, maybe?
13:14<sfr>hm, when i installed xawtv once it just worked
13:14<sfr>also on debian
13:14<pmowry>Rince: I'm just about to give it a try. I've read about a plug-in for mplayer to use the PVR-350's tv-out. Do you have that?
13:14<Slaytanic>Okey... Will try to reinstall xawtv using apt-get...
13:15<Slaytanic>tv-fonts was the package...
13:17<Slaytanic>Oh great, now xawtv dies with a segfault WITHOUT an error msg... :/ Bleh.
13:19<Slaytanic>Gonna try installing the latest version...
13:19<sfr>if all you want to do is set up your channels, then using mythfilldatabase should work as well
13:20<Slaytanic>But I have no idea what freqs the channels are at... :/
13:20+racer [] joined #mythtv
13:21<sfr>you don't need to know that, only the channel name, e.g. they are named like S5, SE15 here
13:22<Slaytanic>Okey... Just ran scantv to detect the channels, but it didn't find anything... But I don't need scantv to configure myth, right?
13:23+KikoV [] joined #mythtv
13:23<sfr>not scantv but a working antenna
13:24<_rkulagow>i was just thinking of something. if i have a PVR-250 recording which is being commercial flagged and i delete it, i don't believe that the nice'd mythbackend exits immediately. what happens to all the entries that it's been adding to the recordedmarkup table? hasn't the delete action cleared all those entries up until that point but not any of the new ones that are being added by the nice'd mythbackend?
13:24<Slaytanic>Of course. :) The cable is connected already...
13:25+killerbun [] joined #mythtv
13:26<Slaytanic>Whoah, the tv guide works! Thanks a lot!!
13:27<Slaytanic>I entered the channel freqs manually from my cable providers list...
13:27<Slaytanic>Now let's see if live TV works.
13:28<Slaytanic>Hmmm, didn
13:28<Slaytanic>didnt work...
13:28<Slaytanic>Black screen, that's it.
13:29<sfr>a faq. you (probably) have a problem with your soundcard
13:29<Slaytanic>Guess so... PLaying mp3:s worked just a few mins ago...
13:30<kc135>Slaytanic, are you usinga pvr-x50?
13:30<Slaytanic>Yeah, 350.
13:31<sfr>no wonder xawtv segfaulted. it doesn't work with a pvr250/350
13:31<kc135>have you tried test_ioctl -p 0
13:31<Slaytanic>I was just gonna ask you folks about that... I have tv-out on my geforce gfx card, but how do I activate mythtv output on the PVR350 output?
13:31<Slaytanic>sfr: Duh, wish I knew that. ;)
13:31<Slaytanic>kc: WIll do.
13:31<kc135>have you got output working on your monitor?
13:32<Slaytanic>So far, only TV-out from the Geforce card is working... And only in b/w, which is pretty frustrating. :/
13:32<killerbun>which contry ?
13:33<kc135>try testing the input on 0 through 5
13:33<killerbun>properly need to set it to to pal
13:33<kc135>my prv 350 works on input 4
13:33<Slaytanic>I'm in Sweden...
13:33<Slaytanic>It's already set to Pal... :/
13:33<killerbun>its pal allright
13:33<killerbun>in xf86 config ?
13:35<killerbun>try with nvtv
13:36<Slaytanic>But can I get the X desktop and myth interface through the Hauppauge card instead of the geforce? I was planning to use it that way, and connect the Geforce by VGA to my "monitor", the projector.
13:36<pmowry>What version of ivtv and mythtv are you using? I'm using ivtv-0.1.9and myth CVS. I think if you are going to use the tv-out for games and such, you wouldbe better off using the geforce port that loadinf ivtv-fb.
13:36<Slaytanic>I'm using whatever came with the lastest knoppmyth, not sure about the exact versions.
13:37<Slaytanic>Installed nvtv the other day, nice proggie. Didn'
13:37<Slaytanic>Didn't help me with the b/w problem though, despite fiddling with most options.
13:38<pmowry>the350 tv-out is great for watching TV and such, but the framebuffer driver is a bit slow for mame use.
13:38<Slaytanic>So I've heard... That's okey, I can use the 350 for TV only...
13:38<pmowry>nevermind,thats why you want the monitor working to....
13:40<Slaytanic>So what should I do now to get live tv working - start watching "live tv" through the frontend and test various io_ctl options?
13:40+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
13:41<sfr>Slaytanic: did you set up ivtv properly? check for errors in the log files
13:41<sfr>and, btw, there is #ivtv-dev ;)
13:42<pmowry>I believe the soucefile ivtv-fb.c has instructions for configuring X. // Have you been able to capture video from a command prompt? I'll look for the PAL how-to.
13:42<Slaytanic>Wouldn't want to disturb them as a newbie... ;)
13:42<Slaytanic>Yeah, capturing with cat /dev/video0 "works", doesn't give me any errors but the resulting video is just black.
13:42<sfr>but disturb the mythtv development channel instead :)
13:43<Slaytanic>Hey, it doesn't say #myth-dev, does it? ;)
13:43<sfr>Chutt: set a proper topic maybe?
13:43<Slaytanic>Ah, nice... Capturing with -p set to 4 gives me static, that's an improvement...
13:44<pmowry>hehe, there is also a #mythtv-users
13:44<Slaytanic>Oh? Damn, didn't know! Sorry about this then...
13:45<Slaytanic>Been hanging around here for 2 days and noone told me until now... ,)
13:46<warlord-afk>Chutt: FYI, if you set PiP to "upper right" (and I presume lower right, but haven't tested it) when using a PVR-350 tv-out, the PiP image is in the top-middle of the screen instead of top-right.
13:46warlord-afkis now known as warlord
13:48+lmatter [] joined #mythtv
13:48+mchou [] joined #mythtv
13:49<Chutt>huh, that's weird
13:49<Chutt>ah hah
13:50<Chutt>warlord, thanks, that'll be fixed in my next commit
13:52<thor_>Chutt, you want me to try and fix the album art stuff for 0.14 ?
13:53<Chutt>if you have time
13:53<Chutt>i don't really mind if it's broken :p
13:53<thor_>k, will have a look
13:53<killerbun>album art ?
13:53<o_cee>i've started a little on the mythmusic stuff
13:53<o_cee>got an idea i want to try
13:54<o_cee>but it won't be ready for .14 i think
13:55+Sobek [~btatton@] joined #mythtv
13:55<Sobek>what is the best video card for High Def?
13:55<killerbun>are you doing someting with pictures for mythmusic ?
13:57<thor_>somebody put in a patch for Album Art, but it's a bit broken at the moment
13:57<o_cee>it works a little for me
13:58<thor_>I just think he needs to be robust'ified
13:59<o_cee>thor, chutt: have a look at
13:59<o_cee> maybe is needed
13:59<o_cee>you think that could work?
14:00<thor_>getting a 404
14:00<o_cee>change mythtv -> mythweb
14:00<o_cee>maybe .htaccess will kick in there tho
14:01<kvandivo>batting a thousand so far there, o_cee
14:01+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
14:01<o_cee>kvandivo: ?
14:03<sfr>i _love_ security ;)
14:04<thor_>yup, on the first URL
14:04<thor_>I'm guessing that's a "coutout" for buttons ?
14:05<thor_>this is for the current track display
14:05<o_cee>yes indeed
14:05+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
14:06<thor_>only 5 slots .... you want stop/play/pause as all one button ?
14:06<o_cee>hehe, haven't got any ff/rew buttons :P
14:06<o_cee>so i thought a timeline would look nice as well
14:07<kvandivo>here's a good timeline..
14:07<thor_>timeline would be great, but a bit of a push to get it in for 0.14 ....
14:08<thor_>I could do it though, if you're raring to go
14:08<o_cee>don't worry
14:09<o_cee>not likely i'll get the other stuff ready in time
14:10<o_cee>you've seen the play buttons?
14:10<o_cee>pretty nice
14:10<o_cee>need to fix pushed state and so on tho
14:10<thor_>very sweet
14:11<thor_>nice glowing blue for pushed state maybe ?
14:12<thor_>and it would be fairly easy to make the outside black circle white/yellow/etc. for selected mode
14:12<o_cee>yeah.. there's some transparency going on as well tho i think
14:12+sams_ [] joined #mythtv
14:12<thor_>(does anybody _not_ use keyboard accelerators in mmusic?)
14:12<o_cee>but yeah, pretty easy
14:12<o_cee>no idea
14:13<o_cee>wouldn't think so :P
14:13=sams__ [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:14*o_cee is away: bbl
14:14<o_cee>will be back later
14:15+sams2100 [] joined #mythtv
14:16-kc135 [] left #mythtv ()
14:24+kc135 [] joined #mythtv
14:26=kees-jan [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:29=sams_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:33<Netslayer>anyone here use 2.6.x?
14:34<Netslayer>does it work well with mythtv and alsa?
14:38<Chutt>if 2.4 works, why upgrade to something potentially broken?
14:38<thor_>hmmm ... so much for that new car :-(
14:39<Netslayer>2.6 speed?
14:39<thor_>I have the vaguest impression that user land preemption is "better" in 2.6, but I don't know where I got that from
14:39<Chutt>i won't be touching 2.6 until they're on .15 at least
14:40<Netslayer>2.6 has a lot of O(1) functions as I hear
14:40<kvandivo>here here for chutt's comment
14:40<Chutt>which really won't help you at all for mythtv
14:41<Chutt>since you're not running tons of processes.
14:41<Netslayer>i'll put off the upgrade, maybe just goto 2.4.25 when it's out
14:41<thor_>perhaps we could ask the 2.6 kernel to sort GenericTree's :-)
14:41<kvandivo>other than just the gee whiz factor of knowing that i'm running the latest and greatest i don't have much desire to switch... although, i'm curious to see if the SMP support is much better..
14:42<Chutt>early 2.4 had some really nasty bugs
14:42<Chutt>and by early, i mean anything < .18 or so =)
14:42<Chutt>i don't see why 2.6 would be any different
14:43<Netslayer>i jumped on the bandwagon at 2.4.20 so guess I missed those heh
14:43<thor_>well, it's backed by the full authority of SCO
14:43<Netslayer>i run 2.6.0pre9 still on my laptop, works perfectly
14:43<Netslayer>although i just turn it on and off, rarely use it
14:45<thor_>bah, ogg does some vey strange things on initialization
14:45<Netslayer>just ordered some UV round ata cables, and fans. Think i'm having heat problems with my backend box
14:45=killerbun [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:46<thor_>it immediately seeks to the front, and then to the _end_ of a file, expecting to get 0 from a read
14:46<Netslayer>about three times a day i get segfaults doing anything, then the screen garbles and locks
14:46+qwerty [] joined #mythtv
14:49-Sobek [~btatton@] left #mythtv ("Leaving")
14:54+KeyserSoze [] joined #mythtv
14:55<qwerty>Whats the cheapest card that does onboard encoding/decoding?
14:56<KeyserSoze>you want mpeg2 decoding on the capture card?
14:56<KeyserSoze>i don't know of any that do that, except the pvr350 from hauppauge
14:56<KeyserSoze>it's pricery
14:56<KeyserSoze>er, pricey
14:57=schultmc [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:57<KeyserSoze>the avermedia m179 does mpeg2 encoding, it's $80 from newegg.
14:58<qwerty>KeyserSoze um, you said only th e pvr350 can, then you said the avermedia can?
14:58<KeyserSoze>you can get a via epia motherboard that does mpeg2 decoding, and there is a distro called minimyth for running mythtv on it
14:59<KeyserSoze>i said the pvr350 does *decoding*
14:59<KeyserSoze>most cards only encode, AFAIK
14:59<qwerty>SO if I want enconding/decoding I have only one choice?
14:59<qwerty>I got hauppage tech on the line brb.
14:59<KeyserSoze>most capture cards don't have a tv output, so they have nothing to decode for
15:00<KeyserSoze>if you are capturing, you want a encoder. if you are playing back, you want a decoder.
15:02<qwerty>KeyserSoze I want both anyways to replace my tivo right?
15:02<qwerty>What kind of system do you have set up on yours?
15:03<KeyserSoze>i don't have one. i only started looking for parts a few days ago
15:03<qwerty>Do you have a pvr?
15:03<KeyserSoze>what i plan to do, is add 2-3 aver m179s to my file server, and keep in in a closet.
15:03<KeyserSoze>then, i will either use xboxes, or via epia machines running minimyth as frontends
15:03<qwerty>What kind of capture card are you going to get?
15:03<KeyserSoze>no, no pvr.
15:04<KeyserSoze>i am planning on Avermedia m179's, since i heard they are as good of quality as a hauppauge pvr250, but much cheaper
15:04<qwerty>Speaking just from tivo, youll never be able to watch a normal tv again. I get sorta pissed off at friends houses watching their 'pesent' tvs.
15:04<qwerty>Why not the 350?
15:05<KeyserSoze>i am going to have 1 machine that does all the capturing and storage, and 2-3 others that connect to it over the network and play stuff back on different tvs
15:05<KeyserSoze>a pvr350 is like a pvr250, except it adds tv out and an mpeg2 decoder
15:05<qwerty>So you dont need decoding?
15:06<KeyserSoze>i do need decoding, but only on the frontend machines
15:06<qwerty>What are you going to use for thoes?
15:07<KeyserSoze>either xbox's running xboxmyth, or build computers using a via epia motherboard with a mpeg2 decoder built into the motherboard
15:07<qwerty>Im righting thinking that on a single system I will need encode/decode?
15:07<qwerty>hehe righting.
15:07<KeyserSoze>yes, if you want one system to do everything, it needs to encode and decode.
15:08<KeyserSoze>you don't *need* to encode and decode in hardware, though
15:08<qwerty>Will my p3 450 be able to hand it?
15:09<Chutt>not without hardware accel.
15:10<KeyserSoze>Chutt, would he qwerty need hardware decoding and encoding, or maybe just hardware encoding?
15:10<Chutt>since he's using an horribly old machine
15:10<qwerty>So I should go with the 350?
15:10<Chutt>if you want decent quality stuff
15:11<Chutt>you definitely need at least a 250
15:11<qwerty>Should my 450 with a pvr-350 do the job?
15:11<Chutt>else you'll be recording at postage stamp size resolutions
15:11<Chutt>why not spend $100 and upgrade the machine, though?
15:11<qwerty>Hmm, could I use my tivo hardware for this?
15:11<Chutt>hardware's cheap.
15:12<qwerty>Chutt Im having a hard enough time justifying the $50 difference in the cards, $100 for a machine is out of the question. Budget is WAY over stretched on this so far.
15:12<qwerty>Is there any word on a dvd rippre/burner for myth?
15:12<Chutt>then stick with your tivo.
15:13<qwerty>Chutt Ill justify it somehow, myth is way to cool. I have it running on my machine to play with it, tivos gone.
15:13<steelep>speaking of DVD burning....
15:14<steelep>Chutt: how would you feel about an xml spec for exporting metadata that could export/import metadata for dvd archives of music/videos?
15:15<Netslayer>ya seriously a dvd burning feature would be sweet, aka without user intervention
15:15<steelep>ok, will get it wrapped up to be myth compliant by just retrofitting my current system
15:16<steelep>probably will just make a dupe of the metatables as attributes
15:17<steelep>now that I can read my dvds in mythvideo I really want that ability
15:17<steelep>dvdrs rather
15:17<thor_>steelep, been thinking about this a little bit, you want the spec to have nice versioning (!) and a robust notion of sets
15:18<steelep>exactly, you can just use xsl to upgrade versions though
15:18<steelep>at least that's what fwbuilder does
15:19<Netslayer>this is odd, i have like 30 recordings recently with no commercial flagging yet, and one i watched the other day that was marked, is no longer..kinda strange
15:19<thor_>also, would be _ideal_ if we can figure out places on VCD's SVCD's and dvd player compatible DVD's where you could drop a little myth.xml file without violating the file format spec
15:20<steelep>it would be different for each one :(
15:20<qwerty>Thanks for the help yall!
15:20=qwerty [] quit ("BitchX: now with flavor crystals!")
15:21<steelep>I'm just dumping files in folders by title and storing index.xml in the root currently
15:21<steelep>i'll see if I can find the specs of each for misc files
15:22<steelep>I should have them in my docs somewhere
15:22=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
15:23=pmowry [] quit ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
15:23<steelep>this shiny new plextor needs a real workout soon :)
15:26<thor_>'cause it would be _really_ nice to be able to burn out a disc that will play anywhere, but when it does in a mythbox, myth automagically can see all the original metadata
15:26<thor_>when it goes
15:27<steelep>yeah, that will be nice
15:27<steelep>most of my formats are non compliant xvids though
15:28<steelep>but that's just me
15:44+Ksoze [] joined #mythtv
15:44=Slaytanic [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:51=KeyserSoze [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:53=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:59<sfr>hm, 'This showing is being recoreded' in the sense of 'This episode...'?
16:00<_rkulagow>yay, so now i have ssh to my xbox. next is to install enough prerequisites to be able to make install from an NFS mount from my Big Box.
16:02+nulltank [] joined #mythtv
16:14+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
16:15=choenig_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:16<Ksoze>_rkulagow, do you use an xbox frontend, and a seperate backend?
16:17+choenig [] joined #mythtv
16:17<Ksoze>if so, what format do you use for your recordings?
16:18<kvandivo>250 for me
16:20*o_cee is back (gone 02:05:55)
16:22=Aridhol [freesco@] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:25<_rkulagow>ksoze: what kvandivo said.
16:25<_rkulagow>kvandivo: any idea if xebian is "woody" or "unstable"?
16:26<kvandivo>nope.. i run gentoox
16:26<_rkulagow>never mind then.
16:27<kvandivo>even though debian _is_ the fastest growing distro..
16:29<mikegrb>_rkulagow: which xebian version?
16:30<mikegrb>it was stable then was unstable for two releases
16:30<mikegrb>that is back to stable afaik
16:30<_rkulagow>i'm going through torsten's walkthrough right now.
16:30<mikegrb>I believe 1.0 beta 1 and 2 were unstable
16:30<mikegrb>but there were lots of people having problems
16:32<o_cee>Chutt: what's those epg fixes for the 350? tried them yet?
16:32<Chutt>just to add an adjustment for the transparency, and to tell it to not use the preview window mode
16:33<Chutt>now i'm going through adding tr()s to a bunch of untranslated text strings
16:33<o_cee>oh, okay.. is the epg stable now?
16:33<kvandivo>your basement done yet?
16:34<_rkulagow>mdz: are you here?
16:35<Chutt>to both those
16:35<kvandivo>bummer.. these things take time, though...
16:35<o_cee>did you look at the fading thingie? does it work for you?
16:36<Chutt>what fading thingie?
16:36<o_cee>the blackening (damn what's the word?:) of the background when doing "1" and "D"?
16:37<o_cee>both is broke here now when i tried i think
16:37<o_cee>(me is tired, forgive me my bad english, heh)
16:37<kvandivo>you mean the background going 'grey' when the popup shows up?
16:37<o_cee>yeeeah :)
16:38<Ksoze>_rkulagow and kvandivo, what does "250" mean?
16:38<o_cee>"Do the playback box darkening stuff on the help menu." after that huge commit i lost the darkening on "D"
16:38<Chutt>o_cee, no, i fixed that last night
16:38<Ksoze>hauppauge pvr250?
16:38<kvandivo>Ksoze: we use a PVR-x50. Makes mpeg files
16:38<Ksoze>ah, okay
16:38<o_cee>Chutt: oh, that too.. allright
16:38<Ksoze>and you leave them in mpeg2 when you play them on the xbox, not transcode them to something else?
16:38<_rkulagow>bah. i hate being a distro newbie.
16:38<kvandivo>Ksoze: correct
16:39<Ksoze>do you ever play other formats of movies on the xbox?
16:39<kvandivo>_rkulagow: that's why i went with gentoox. i had gentoo experience..
16:39<kvandivo>Ksoze: i've played dvd's that were ripped via mythdvd
16:39<kvandivo>Ksoze: that's about it..
16:40<Ksoze>do you know if the xbox has enough processing power to play divx (or other format) movies?
16:40<kvandivo>Ksoze: check the mail archives. i'm pretty sure people are doing that
16:40<o_cee>Ksoze: search for xbox media player
16:41<o_cee>that's all i'll say since it's very offtopic
16:41=FryGuy_ [] quit (Nick collision from services.)
16:42+[1]FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
16:44<o_cee>Chutt: and you fixed the thing with the selectionimage right? haven't cvs updated that yet
16:44<Ksoze>o_cee, offtopic how? i figured discussing running mythtv's frontend on an xbox would be ontopic for this channel.
16:45*Ksoze wonders if he was annoying people.
16:45<kvandivo>i think o_cee was referring to XBMP in particular
16:46<o_cee>xbmp will get you what you want, it's pretty nice but i preffer to use myth (on my computer) for those kinds of things.
16:46<o_cee>xbox is damn noisy
16:48<Ksoze>o_cee, i didn't know that. the only reason i was considering it is i thought it'd be a cheap and quiet myth frontend
16:49<Chutt>o_cee, yes.
16:49<o_cee>Chutt: great
16:49<o_cee>Ksoze: you _will_ want to change the fan in that case.
16:50<o_cee>Ksoze: but since you want to run myth, you need linux, and then you need to chip it and open it anyway. so, while you're in there, switch the fan :)
16:50<Ksoze>the other thing i was thinking of was getting a via epia, with a fanless processor. processor speed shouldn't matter because there are epia's with hardware mpeg2 decoders
16:50*o_cee is away: time to get some sleep
16:53<kvandivo>Ksoze: o_cee is being a bit pessimistic on the fan. It's not like you are in a wind tunnel testing jet engines or anything. For me i don't notice it
16:56=Drikus [] quit ("toedeledoki")
17:02<mdz>_rkulagow: I am now
17:15<sfr>omg: mythkitchenwonder is on it's way
17:16<Ksoze>heh. i was tempted to look if there is a user named "omg"
17:17<steelep>i'd pay the extra $10 for the m10000 over the m600
17:17<steelep>you can get ultra quiet fans or heatpipes
17:17<thor_>need to wire up one of those automatic drink mixers that was on slashdot a few months ago .... then you could setup preferences from the recordings .... football on in 1 hour, begin chilling beer .... sex and the city new episode ... start mixing cosmopolitans
17:18<steelep>thor you are way too geeky :)
17:24Morphis now known as Lay
17:24Layis now known as Morph
17:26=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
17:28+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
17:31<Matt>hmm, ok, so I've got UK listings data now
17:31<Matt>just no descriptions
17:31<Matt>why does everyone have to use perl :&/
17:44<sfr>hrm, with cvs as of ~1hour ago, on all two-line long menue entries the lower part of the 2nd line is cut off (using the blue theme)
17:44<thor_>sfr, you running at 100x100 DPI ?
17:45<sfr>i think so, but let me check it...
17:45<thor_>xdpyinfo | grep inch
17:45<sfr>on the dev box it's 90x90 dpi, and on the laptop...
17:46<sfr>it's 100x100 dpi @ 1024x768
17:46+Truin [] joined #mythtv
17:46<sfr>but with the same problem
17:47<thor_>dunno ... mscorefonts installed ?
17:47+sc00p_ [] joined #mythtv
17:48<Chutt>heh, i broke it
17:48<Chutt>sfr, i'll fix that tonight
17:48<sfr>Chutt: cool, thx
17:49<Chutt>hadn't tested with blue at all
17:49<sfr>it's a theme problem? /me remembers s/t about box sizes
17:49<Chutt>naw, some changes to themedmenu is all
17:49<Chutt>i just committed a bunch more strings to translate =)
17:50<sfr>yes master, i'll be finished by tomorrow morning sir.
17:51<sfr>hey, what about releasing on saturday. gives me some more time on the weekend.
17:52<thor_>Truin, any chance to try an mfd against iTunes yet?
17:52=sc00p [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:53<Truin>no, sorry. :(
17:54<Truin>he wasn't home last night, and I don't go messing with his laptop when he's not around. ;)
17:54<thor_>whenever you have a chance ...
17:54<Truin>suppose I could download itunes and install it, eh? Hm.
17:54<thor_>it is free
17:54<thor_>as in beer
17:54<Truin>mmmm. beer.
17:55<thor_>just don't let it take control of your music files if you've got a bunch of them in some useful order on the box you install to
17:56<Truin>I have a bunch of them, yes. Usefull order? No where near ordered... heheh... 15gb of mp3's all scattered about. I really need to oragnize them.
17:57<Truin>which begs the question - if I re-arrange and re-tag all my mp3's, will MythMusic freak out? Or, can I simply tell it "scan for new music" and let it re-build the database info?
17:58Ksozeis now known as KeyserSoze
17:58+Scytale [] joined #mythtv
17:58<thor_>if you're redoing everything, then just point it at an empty directory, and scan for music (that'll clean it out) .... then point it back at your newly tagged files
17:58<thor_>blows away all playlists
17:58<Truin>schweet. :)
17:59<Scytale>hey folks... i bet it's not the first time you here that question: i can't change channels with up/down keys, neither by entering a number. any hints?
17:59<Scytale>s/here/hear ;)
18:00<thor_>setup, mythfilldatabase, etc.
18:00<sfr>is it intended behaviour now to show _future_ recordings in the watch recordings menu?
18:01<thor_>that's a new one
18:01+choenig_ [] joined #mythtv
18:01<Truin>uh, plan on watching something that hasn't recorded yet? ;) Sounds like the database is screwed up.
18:01<Scytale>thor_, i did that already. i'm from germany and the xmltv grabber doesn't work, so i used nxtvepg. i also added channel bindings into the mysql table.
18:01<sfr>keep that, i like to plan my own program schedule
18:01<Rince>Scytale: well - which xml-grabber have you tried?
18:02<Rince>Scytale: btw, you know the difference betwee Number, Snumber, Enumber and SEnumber?
18:02<Truin>Scytale: easiest way is use your grabber to get your listings, convert it (somehow) to an xmltv format, and then use mythfilldatabase --file <your.file> to properly plug the values into the sql tables.
18:02<Scytale>Rince, a minute please
18:02=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:02<thor_>Scytale, sorry .... I'll let someone from close to the same timezone try and help
18:02<Rince>Scytale: hahve you tried to use to check the channels itself?
18:03<Rince>thor_: I am from germany and I had to go through this a week before, so I think I know what the problem is ;)
18:03<Rince>at least I hope so
18:03<Truin>rince - I'll let you run with it, then. :)
18:03<Rince>Truin: at least as long as I have a clue what might be the problem ;)(
18:04<Rince>Scytale: first: have you already created the channelconfig?
18:05<Scytale>Rince, these are three lines from my channels table:
18:05<Scytale>INSERT INTO `channel` VALUES (1009, '14', '21', 1, '', 'WDR', '', 0, NULL, 'CNI0DE6', 0, 32768, 32768, 32768, 32768, '');
18:05<Scytale>INSERT INTO `channel` VALUES (1010, '17', 'S24', 1, '', 'MDR', '', 0, NULL, 'CNI0DFE', 0, 32768, 32768, 32768, 32768, '');
18:05<Scytale>INSERT INTO `channel` VALUES (1011, '', '', 1, '', 'RBB Br', '', 0, NULL, 'CNI0D82', 0, 32768, 32768, 32768, 32768, '');
18:05<Rince>Scytale: ok
18:05=choenig [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
18:05<Rince>Scytale: are you using ivtv?
18:05<Scytale>is that correct so far? do i have to remove channels with no channel number?
18:05<Rince>no, furst just wait
18:06<Rince>the source with >1000 is correct
18:06<Rince>the name WDR, MDR; RBB Br is okay
18:06<Rince>S24 sounds like the correct channel, 21 too
18:06<sfr>the third field should be E5, SE14 and so on
18:06<Rince>the third not
18:06<Scytale>Rince, i'm not. am i right that you need ivtv only for specific cards?
18:06<Rince>Scytale: correct. What are you using, bttv?
18:06<Scytale>i can watch only one channel
18:06<Rince>do you have a cli-tool (for ivtv that's to directly access a channel?
18:07<Rince>let me guess: MDR? ;)
18:07<Rince>which one?
18:07<sfr>Scytale: the third field should be E5, SE14 and so on
18:08<Rince>sfr: the question is: what is the correct entry for the third field. I had a lot of problems translating the table of my cable-provider into the correct form
18:08<Scytale>no, i just saw that it's NBC - which is not in my channels table at all
18:08<Rince>Scytale: ok
18:08<Rince>Scytale: do you have a channel-table provided by your cable-provider?
18:08<Rince>or do you have to guess?
18:08<Scytale>Rince, i got that channel names from xawtv's title bar so i guess they are kinda okay
18:09<Rince>Skytale: sounds good for me. but the third has no entry at all for the freqid?
18:09<Rince>(freqid are these channels, S14 or SE21)
18:09<Scytale>i got a table like that too and had to translate the letters, the numbers are the same
18:09<sfr>Rince: from the list of channels from my cable provider i have to translate as follows...
18:09<Scytale>no, since i don't receive that channel here, but it's in the xmltv output. should i remove it from the table?
18:10<Rince>sfr: it mostly depends on your cable provider. On my list I had to test quite a lot until I had the correct list
18:10<Rince>Scytale: I would first make a list of all the cahnnels you can see with xawtv
18:10<Rince>on a paper or so
18:11<Rince>then you enter all these channels into the database (via gui or mysql-client or so)
18:11<Rince>then you configure xmltv only to receive information about the channels you are using
18:11<Rince>this stops mythfilldatabase to enter new channels by itself
18:11<Scytale>does nxtvepg have such an option as well?
18:12<Scytale>okay, it does, forget about it :)
18:12<Rince>it should ;-)
18:12<sfr>Rince: or use the --update option
18:12<Rince>btw, there is a xmltv-grabber via tvtoday which is working ;)
18:13<Scytale>oh, actually i'm quite comfortable with nxtvepg... i feel better because i'm not stealing their content :)
18:13<Rince>ok ;)
18:13<Scytale>but, whatever. if i remove all "not available" channels from the table by hand now, things should work?
18:14*Rince is still talking to tvtv about their content ;)
18:14<Rince>Scytale: at least you should get updates for the other channels
18:15<sfr>dos anyone of the germans here actually use the german translations?
18:15<Scytale>deleted these channels now, restarting mythbackend...
18:16<Scytale>okay. i still can't switch, but i don't know if i'm locked to another channel now... they show commercials atm.
18:17<Scytale>if i press up or down the sound goes mute for a second as if it would change the channel, but it doesn't.
18:18<Scytale>also, that overlay thingie that appears is supposed to have some text in it, right? it doesn't for me.
18:18<Rince>Hah, Willy Astor auf NDR ;)
18:18<Rince>sfr: yes, I do
18:18<Rince>at least as long as they are in there ;)
18:18<Rince>sfr. why?
18:18<sfr>Rince: any pos/neg comments?
18:19<Rince>sfr: they are not consistent
18:19<Rince>in general: I do not know what the icons mean when I want to see recorded movies (bottom left, the broken dollar-sign and the rest); but I also saw one menu where there was "Ja" and "No" ;)
18:20<Rince>but questino for you all: what do you use to see DVDs?
18:20<sfr>Rince: i'll fix it if you tell me which menu it was.
18:20<Rince>sfr: lemme check ;)
18:20<Scytale>Rince, i'm locked to Kabel 1 now, but i'm kinda sure that's because nxtvepg uses this channel for grabbing
18:20<sfr>Rince: but the icons are supposed to be self-explanatory :)
18:21<Rince>sfr: Hmm, okay, I guess broken $ means "commercial skip"; but the other ones?
18:21<Rince>Scytale: okay, then wait until nxtvepg is finished
18:21<sfr>Rince: hammer -> commercial detection in progress. scissors -> cutpoints defined
18:21<Rince>Hmm, then I am initerested to see the end of that ;)
18:21<sfr>Rince: gravestone -> auto-deletion active, hm, anything else?
18:22<Scytale>Rince, nxtvepg wasn't running at all. i just tried quitting mythfrontend, switching channels via xawtv and now i'm locked to that channel.
18:22<Rince>Scytale: okay, then "free" it, maybe with rmmod/insmod
18:22<Scytale>rmmod bttv?
18:22<Rince>Scytale: to free it
18:23<Scytale>should i rmmod other modules like tuner and tvaudio too?
18:24<Rince>sfr: If I use the red button of the PVR350 in the recorded-pieces-menu, I get: "Aufnahme l\xF6schen\n<title>\nDate\nDiese Aufnahme l\xF6schen?\nYes, delete it\nNein, ich habe meine Meinung ge\xE4ndert"
18:25<Rince>Scytale: should not be needed. Just try bttv
18:25<Scytale>okay. modprobe'd it again and checking what happens now.
18:26<sfr>Rince: fixed here. will be in 0.14
18:26<Scytale>still the same channel (mtv) like before rmmodding
18:26<Rince>sfr: ok, thanks
18:26=KeyserSoze [] quit ("Client exciting")
18:26<Scytale>no way to switch though
18:27<Rince>Scytale: Hmm, interesting. are you currently checking with mythtv or with xawtv?
18:27<Rince>how many channels are currently defined in the database?
18:27<Scytale>i can't use xaw that good since i don't have drm enabled
18:27<Scytale>therefore i see nothing :)
18:28<sfr>Scytale: iirc i had the same problem when i set up mythtv. don't remember what it was though. :( probably s/t wrong in the setup
18:28<Scytale>there are 26 channels in the database.
18:28<Rince>Scytale: which one is the first?
18:28<Rince>no, not the first
18:28<Rince>the one with the lowest chanid?
18:29<sfr>Scytale: did you fix the channel table yet? (that third field freqid in the table)
18:29<Scytale>channum or freqid? :)
18:29<Rince>Scytale: channum
18:29<Scytale>Rince, it's viva.
18:29<Rince>because myth tries the first channum and doesn't go further if the next one is invalid
18:29<Rince>(like, wrong freqid)
18:30<Scytale>mtv isn't the first channum, not the first freqid and not even first in unordered mysql
18:30<Rince>what cahnnum does it have?
18:30<Rince>channum, not freqid
18:31<Rince>I _guess_ that the first one is invalid, so he switched to the next one
18:31<Rince>the third is maybe invalid too and that's why it stops
18:31<Scytale>i guess not
18:31<Rince>can you see the output of mythbackend or mythfrontend somewhere?
18:32<Scytale>if you want to
18:32<Rince>because there are most of the time debug-messages
18:33=choenig_ [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:33<Scytale>i know... the only error message shown is "QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range"
18:33<Scytale>but i'm pretty sure this has something to do with date/time display format
18:34<Rince>Scytale: yes and now
18:34<Rince>the QDateTime should not be relevant in watching LiveTV
18:34<Scytale>i bet if i run xawtv, switch channels, rmmod, insmod and run myth i'm locked to another channel
18:34<Scytale>Rince, oh yes it is. when you press up/down, the current time is shown in the upper right.
18:35<Rince>Scytale: yes, but this should not prevent you from switching channels
18:35<Scytale>of course not, but this error message could be a simple warning and nothing fatal
18:36<Rince>are you using .13 or cvs?
18:36<linagee_>i need to feed my mythbox a harddrive offering. i know 160GB provides the best bang for the buck, but 250GB is so enticing!
18:37<kvandivo>don't pay more than 50 cents a gig
18:37<sfr>Scytale: <- problem with mythfilldatabase
18:37<linagee_>kvandivo: $0.50?
18:37<linagee_>kvandivo: $0.60 per gig for a 160GB drive
18:37<linagee_>kvandivo: where are you getting your prices? :)
18:37<Scytale>Rince, i did what i suggested, and now i'm locked to CNN - the channel i switched to in xawtv.
18:38<kvandivo>techbargains and other deal sites regularly have 50 cents/gig deals
18:38<Scytale>sfr, i'll run mythfilldatabase again.
18:39<Scytale>after getting an xml update vom nxtvepg.
18:39<Scytale>and while it's capturing i'll remove the channels i'm not able to receive.
18:39<Rince>good idea...
18:40<Rince>btw... what are you using to see DVDs on MythTV? mplayer? ogle? xine?
18:40<Rince>and how can you use the menus on them?
18:40<linagee_>kvandivo: $0.50/gig for tiny little drives? (tiny = smaller than 80gb)
18:40<kvandivo>na... at least 120s..
18:41<sfr>Rince: xine handles menus just fine
18:41<kvandivo>if you have to have it today, you'll have to pay more, probably, but if you watch the sites you can easily find 50 cents
18:41<linagee_>kvandivo: awesome.... $0.55/gig (for a 250gb drive)
18:41<Rince>sfr: can you use xine within mythtv? with the mythdvd-plugin?
18:41<linagee_>kvandivo: WTF. $0.37/gig for a 160gb? whoa
18:41<sfr>Rince: yes, mythdvd is mostly a wrapper around your favourite player
18:41<kvandivo>i see you are seeing the light
18:41*linagee_ buys a 160gb drive with lose pocket change. :)
18:42<Rince>good ,-)
18:42<linagee_>kvandivo: well, i've used fatwallet before, but never seen this "techbargains"
18:42<Rince>let's see how it handles the output...
18:42<sfr>damn it. i want 30\xA4 mail-in rebates in DE too!
18:43<Rince>but I have to say I would love to see (in english or german) a documentation about the icons, how to change the behaviour and the meanings and so on
18:43<Rince>sfr: mail-in rebates?
18:44<linagee_>kvandivo: bah. fatwallet has the same exact deal.
18:44<sfr>Rince: some kind of coupons afaik.
18:44<linagee_>kvandivo: it's just a matter of which has a better interface i'd guess. lol
18:44<kvandivo>and the different sites put up info at different times.. some of the deals "expire" so quickly that you can miss out if you don't see it quick enough
18:45<linagee_>kvandivo: but where do they get the deals from? is there a herd of geeks locked in a room someplace that are forced to find these?
18:45<Rince>sfr: ah, these ones ;-)
18:45<linagee_>kvandivo: or do they have the deal finding all down to a script?
18:45<Rince>sfr. Shell/Aral are giving you points...
18:45<Rince>anyway, gotta go into bed... it's quite late now, good night
18:45<sfr>Rince: also for >120GB hard discs?
18:45<kvandivo>no clue. i don't ask where in the back room they get the stuff.. i just take advantage of it
18:46<Rince>sfr: if you need help with translations or if you have questions --->, that's me
18:46<sfr>Rince: just tell me about any improvements/inconsistencies you spot
18:47<Rince>sfr: will do ;)
18:48<sfr>Rince: and mythgame doesn't have any german translations yet afaik. i never used it. so if you want to help... :)
18:48<Scytale>Rince, do you think i can stop and export the nextview data, even though i only got 99% of the database? shouldn't be too important, is it?
18:48<Rince>sfr. if I am finished with configuring myhtdvd properly and have the sound on digital audio out...
18:48<Rince>Scytale: I would try it
18:48<Rince>just to see wether you get the proper data
18:49<Scytale>okay. now how should i run mythfilldatabase? --update --file. .... ?
18:50<Scytale>so my command is now mythfilldatabase --update --file 1 -1 /tmp/mythtv.xml
18:50<Scytale>any additions?
18:50=m0j0 [~m0j0@] quit ("Client exiting")
18:51+Pete_ [] joined #mythtv
18:51<sfr>Scytale: if the sourceid in the db is 1 then it's ok.
18:51<Scytale>it is. *hits return*
18:51<Scytale>tons of errors
18:52<sfr>Scytale: about conflicts of programms?
18:52<Scytale>but looks like they are just because of duplicate entries with the same key
18:53=lmatter [] quit ("Leaving")
18:53<Scytale>DB Error (program insert) resp. DB Error (programrating insert)
18:53<Scytale>and now the xterm where i ran mythfilldatabase has died
18:54<sfr>Scytale: but i rather believe your problem is caused by a wrong channel setup. mythtv will work happily without any program information
18:54<Scytale>doesn't update its display anymore and doesn't react when typing
18:54<mchou>anyone using the latest version of xmltv (5.27)?
18:54<Scytale>though ps aux tells me that mythfilldatabase isn't running anymore
18:55<Pete_>anybody using tv_grab_uk_rt ?
18:55<Scytale>*sigh*... i still can't switch channels.
18:56<mchou>with xmltv0.5.27 I get "Confused test output: test 51 answered after test 51" while running "make test." Is this a cause for concern, and if so, how do I get this right??
18:56<linagee_>kvandivo: how fscked up is that. compusa's website: sold out. every local store to me says they have it available though
18:57<Rince>Scytale: ignore nxtvepg
18:57<kvandivo>what arer you waiting for? hop in your car!
18:57<Rince>Scytale: configure your database for the channels manually
18:57<mchou>linagee_: what are you talking about???
18:57<kvandivo>cheap HDs
18:57<linagee_>kvandivo: i guess i could print it out and shove it in their face? :)
18:57<Rince>you need to define the source, channum, freqid and Channem
18:57<Rince>at least
18:57<linagee_>mchou: yes. cheap HDDs to feed my myth box. :)
18:57<mchou>I need a cheap HD. how much/GB at compusa?
18:58<Scytale>Rince, do the channels need callsigns?
18:58<Scytale>or a "tvformat" entry?
18:58<mchou>OfficeMax had a 80GB for $20 earlier this week (after rebates)
18:59<kvandivo>something like $70 for a 160 at compusa..
18:59<linagee_>mchou: 80gb is a tad small. ;)
18:59<kvandivo>or so.. i don't recall..
18:59<linagee_>kvandivo: $59.99 for 160gb.
18:59<mchou>after coupon, correct?
18:59<linagee_>kvandivo: like i said. wtf. $0.37/gb?
18:59+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
18:59<Rince>Scytale: tvformat can be default
18:59+Slaytanic [] joined #mythtv
18:59<Rince>callsigns are not needed, they are (right now) luxury
18:59<linagee_>mchou: of course. after mail in rebate that takes many weeks
18:59<Rince>but will go to bed now... see you tomorrow ;)
18:59<Slaytanic>Hi again. Seems like scantv ignores the settings in /etc/X11/xawtvrc - I've set it to use "Tuner 0" as input but it refuses and tries to use "television" anyway, which doesn't exist...
19:00<mchou>linagee_: I think that one has only 2mb cache???
19:00<Slaytanic>There's no command line switch to set the input either. :/
19:00<Scytale>Rince, what do you mean, default? the columns are empty in my database.
19:00<linagee_>mchou: even if it did, what does cache matter??
19:00<Rince>Scytale: that's okay for now
19:00<linagee_>mchou: cache is only for non-intelligent OSes. linux buffers to memory as is.
19:00<mchou>linagee_: hey, reads are important too....
19:00<Scytale>Rince, and callsign is empty as well
19:01<linagee_>mchou: cache on a HDD is NOT IMPORTANT. merely a marketing factor.
19:01<linagee_>mchou: (when using linux)
19:01<linagee_>mchou: read up on your nearest HDD benchmark site
19:01<mchou>linagee_: I agree with you. Just keeping options option, that's all. :)
19:02<linagee_>mchou: maybe cache might be important if your CPU is busy and you are doing random reads and writes, but that RARELY happens
19:02<mchou>linagee_: If I raid I like using same disks with same firmware, etc.....
19:03<mchou>since all my disks are 8MB cache, not point in going to 2MB.....
19:03<linagee_>kvandivo: do you know of a way to use mythtv without having to raid? (raiding is a performance hit any way you slice it. hardware or software)
19:03<linagee_>kvandivo: maybe you could give mythtv multiple paths to put it's files?
19:03<mchou>linagee_: you can use myth w/o raid.....
19:03<Scytale>hm. Rince? in /var/log/mythtv/mythbackend.log there are some strange "ioctl VIDIOC_G_FMT: Invalid argument" errors...
19:04<linagee_>mchou: it supports multiple paths for it's files?
19:04<mchou>linagee_: dont understand your question......
19:04<linagee_>mchou: maybe you don't understand the problem
19:04<mchou>linagee_: try me
19:04<linagee_>mchou: mythtv uses one directory (that you specify in the setup) to store it's .nuv files
19:05<linagee_>mchou: by only using one directory, there is no way to use multiple HDDs without some sort of raid. (unless you could configure mythtv to use multiple paths)
19:05<mchou>linagee_: if you have multiple backends you can specify multiple paths......
19:05<linagee_>mchou: hmm.. run more than one myth process?
19:05<Scytale>though, sadly, they don't seem to have anything to do with my channel switching problem: they occur not in reaction to a press of the up/down button
19:06<mchou>linagee_: no, separate myth boxen
19:06<linagee_>mchou: it seems like a design problem. mythtv should be fixed to be able to use more than one path
19:06<linagee_>mchou: adding boxen increases money out of pocket
19:06<mchou>linagee_: you can always use lvm
19:06<linagee_>mchou: that's a type of raid
19:06<linagee_>no, it's not
19:06<linagee_>but i mean, there's still the performance hit
19:07<linagee_>mchou: is there any way to get mythtv to just use multiple paths?
19:07-Pete_ [] left #mythtv ()
19:07<linagee_>mchou: i guess it needs to be posted to a forum somewhere so someone will make the change
19:07<mchou>linagee_: I haven't really tried.....
19:07<sfr>Scytale: search the users ml archive with that error.
19:08+Dinki_ [] joined #mythtv
19:08<linagee_>mchou: any method to use all the HDDs together will end up ruining your data if you have to take on HDD out of the set
19:08<Dinki_>Can anyone give me any ideas on why my backend keeps dying? I get a 'strange error flushing buffer' error and then it dies. It happens shortly after recordings start.
19:08<linagee_>(unless you have some sort of RAID 5, but that wastes money unless it's no object)
19:09<linagee_>Dinki_: is your memory bad?
19:09<mchou>linagee_: I store all my recording on two separate disks w/ two boxen.....
19:09<linagee_>Dinki_: test it.
19:09<mchou>never really needs more storage than that for myth......
19:09<linagee_>mchou: i'd rather just use one boxen. in fact, one boxen should be able to handle multiple HDDs and multiple pvr250 cards
19:10<Dinki_>linagee: I ran memtest86 (or whatever) a while back and it worked fine.
19:10<linagee_>mchou: right now i have part of a 40gb drive for mythtv. it's painful. :-/
19:10<mchou>linagee_: then go down to compusa, what are u waiting for???
19:10<linagee_>mchou: well, it makes more sense to wait
19:11+Pete_ [] joined #mythtv
19:11<linagee_>mchou: it's on my way to school tomorrow. going out there just for the purpose of one thing seems silly. (unless there is a huge demand and they are gone in secods)
19:11<Scytale>sfr, hm, there seems to be a message with my symptoms. can you please tell me the contents of your ~/.mythtv/channels directory?
19:11-Pete_ [] left #mythtv ()
19:11<mchou>linagee_: I've got 120GB in *each* myth box, and it's just for recordings
19:12<linagee_>mchou: i would have multiple 250gb HDDs if i could. :)
19:12<mchou>linagee_: I'd call and ask compusa to hold it for u.
19:12<mchou>they will be gone quick unless u live out in the sticks
19:12<sfr>Scytale: it's empty
19:12<linagee_>mchou: "hi, can you hold this for me? i have this coupon i'm going to try to use tomorrow and get it from you for about 2/3 the price it is on the internet. Hello?"
19:12<linagee_>mchou: :)
19:12<mchou>who said anything about coupon? :)
19:13<linagee_>mchou: huh?
19:13<linagee_>mchou: it's gone from their website
19:13<linagee_>mchou: i'd have to print it out and try to get them to do it
19:13<linagee_>mchou: i guess i meant that instead of coupon.
19:13<mchou>no, I meant call the store (w/o mentioning coupon)
19:13<Scytale>sfr, thanks, same for me.
19:14<linagee_>mchou: dope. it's two rebates? :-/
19:14<mchou>yeah, you gotta do something for getting a drive so cheap....
19:14<linagee_>mchou: $40 more and i get to keep my money instead of handing over $100 and having the $100 returned a few months later. hrm....
19:15<linagee_>mchou: tough...
19:15<Scytale>sfr, omg. i just found something really stupid. my /tmp is chmod 755
19:15<sfr>Scytale: i don't think mythtv uses /tmp actually, unless you use it for the live-tv buffer
19:17<Scytale>sfr, no it doesn't. but mysql uses it for temporary tables and mythbackend just threw a huge SQL error at me concerning insufficient permissions for /tmp
19:17<mchou>linagee_: or you can go to staples, they got 160MB 8MB cache drive for $60 (after coupon and one rebate, which you can "redeem" instantly for merchandise)
19:17<Scytale>now mythbackend dies with "invalid cardid -1"... gnaaah...
19:17<mchou>oops, I meant 160GB*
19:18<sfr>Scytale: one step foreward, two steps back? :)
19:18<Scytale>i hope not
19:18<Scytale>actually i hope to get this fixed by cleaning up the database
19:18<linagee_>mchou: huh? one rebate which you can redeem for merchandise?
19:19<linagee_>mchou: staples does that?
19:19<mchou>yeah, only certain merchandise, not the whoile store (it's not a gift certificate)
19:19<linagee_>mchou: weird. very weird.
19:20<linagee_>mchou: can't do it. expired
19:20<mchou>linagee_: why is that weird? it makes sense, when u think about it.
19:20<linagee_>mchou: aha. the merchandise they let you buy is nothing more than crap or things they are trying to get off their shelfs. :)
19:21<mchou>linagee_: expired? I thought it's good till this Sat.
19:21<linagee_>makes sense now. :)
19:21<linagee_>mchou: lemme check
19:21<linagee_>mchou: aha. the one at fatwallet was for decemeber
19:22<Scytale>argh. *wipes out the tables*
19:23<linagee_>mchou: wait. i don't see the staples 160gb drive anywhere on techbargains
19:23<schwin97> does office max still have the $20 80GB drives (AR)
19:24<schwin97>I think it was officemax
19:24<mchou>schwin97: u can try to get a rain check
19:24<linagee_>mchou: anything that involves price matching is evil
19:24<mchou>I got one, but I'm not holding my breath.
19:24<linagee_>mchou: it's always like pulling teeth.
19:24<schwin97>Don't need the space at the moment... but for 20 it's hard to pass up
19:25<mchou>linagee_: well that why it's called "bargaining"
19:25<mchou>linagee_: some work involved on your part.....
19:25<linagee_>wait, huh? fry's has 160gb for $99.99?
19:26<linagee_>weird. pretty close to online prices for it.
19:26<linagee_>maybe fry's is getting better intel. :-/
19:26<mchou>linagee_: frys buys in tremendous bulk.....
19:26<mchou>so they can push down on prices form manufacturers
19:27<linagee_>mchou: so that's how rebates work?
19:27<linagee_>mchou: money is given later so that way their bulk buying contracts expire?
19:27<linagee_>mchou: and also they hope that you forget about it
19:27<schwin97>question: has anyone yet worked on getting streaming audio from the internet to play through mythmusic or somesuch?
19:28<mchou>linagee_: no, rebates are a means for manufacturers to "protect" their retailers from falling prices.
19:28<sfr>schwin97: you know c++/qt?
19:28<Truin>it's confirmed, I hate perl. ;)
19:28<linagee_>mchou: not sure i understand. why do retailers not just lower their price to the after rebate price?
19:29<schwin97>sfr: c++ - yes, qt - haven't had to use it yet...
19:29<linagee_>mchou: aha. because it's the manufacturers who are cashing in good.
19:29<schwin97>but I am not opposed to learning something new
19:29<mchou>linagee_: because they have to pay manufacturers "up front"
19:29<linagee_>mchou: they are sharing some of the profit by allowing retailers to use rebates
19:30=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
19:30<linagee_>mchou: wait, so why don't manufacturer's just provide money to the retailers to lower the price? LOL. i guess that would never work. lol
19:30<sfr>schwin97: i started it but got a bit frustrated and (temporarily?) stopped. there's a patch (not-working) at available. so if you want to help out you are welcome
19:30<mchou>linagee_: think of it this way: say you're compusa. You buy drives from X at time t for y. at t+2 the same item is selling elsewhere .7y
19:31<linagee_>mchou: so compusa looks good because they have a cheap thing
19:31<linagee_>mchou: everyone crowds over to compusa to get their cheap drive
19:31<mchou>so manufacturers provide rebate, so stock can still move off retail shelf....
19:31<linagee_>mchou: so that way the retailers will have to buy more stock
19:32+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
19:32<mchou>so compusa wont get "stuck"
19:32<schwin97>sfr: I will look at it and see what I can do... I'll let you know. It will work with cvs correct?
19:32<linagee_>mchou: so manufacturers greese the wheels of retailers moving good by providing rebates
19:32<mchou>linagee_: you got it.
19:32<sfr>schwin97: yes, the patch is from a few days ago, but should still apply cleanly.
19:32<linagee_>mchou: i don't get it though. add internet into the equation. many times, after rebate prices at stores are nowhere close to online prices. (like say, with pricewatch)
19:33<mchou>difference betw. retail and OEM
19:33<linagee_>mchou: btw, manufacturer's typically make WAAAY more in profit than retailers do. (just so you know. :) )
19:33<mchou>less packaging means cheaper prices.
19:33<schwin97>sfr: I'll get back to you if I can figure anything out
19:33<mchou>also less support costs.
19:33<linagee_>mchou: so why doesn't retailers provide OEM cheaply packaged stuff on their sites? just haven't caught on yet? LOL
19:34<linagee_>mchou: nobody would go to their store? LOL
19:34<sfr>schwin97: hey, if could figure out something i'm sure anyone can :) and i didn't know c++/qt when i started it.
19:34<linagee_>mchou: in fact, i know someone at a store that said they are closing it down because everyone just orders online. LOL
19:34<mchou>linagee_: you got it. Plus it's part of retail "service"
19:35<linagee_>mchou: and where do i fit in? i am the geek that greeses the wheels of their online machine and gets paid millionths of a percent in comparision to what they pull in. LOL.
19:35<mchou>linagee_: what happens when drive breaks (say in 3 months)?
19:35<linagee_>LOL. :-/
19:35<mchou>online guy wont give you any protection.
19:35<linagee_>mchou: if it's 3 months, manufacturer usually has a one year warranty at least
19:36<mchou>retail give you a new one in exchange.
19:36<linagee_>aha. manufacturers can afford warranties because of their costs times three generality.
19:36<mchou>take care of the RMA, etc.
19:36<linagee_>mchou: manufacturer's typically set retail prices at cost times three
19:36<linagee_>(which is kind of insane, but hey, they make tons of money! lol)
19:37<linagee_>mchou: online guy won't give you protection of that drive if it breaks in three months but the manufacturer usually will.
19:38<mchou>linagee_: yeah, if you take care of the RMA process yourself.
19:38<linagee_>mchou: right. people do that, right? :)
19:38<mchou>retail guy should take care of it for you.
19:38<linagee_>mchou: no, i guess typical people just go, shoot it broke, then buy another one. LOL
19:38<sfr>Scytale: fyi 0.14 will feature a channel editor as part of the setup program. i just quickly looked at it and it looks quite nice. and 0.14 is only a few days away.
19:38<linagee_>mchou: i always take care of RMAs myself. lol
19:38<mchou>well, drives are at that point now...
19:39<mchou>linagee_: if my drive gets busted, I' rather have an "instant" replacement, rather than waiting 3 weeks, u know what I mean?
19:39<linagee_>mchou: the part i find really strange is where they might have a 160gb drive, but tell it's firmware: only access 40gb of this. then they sell the drive as a 40gb drive. hahaha
19:39=drd- [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:39<mchou>that's just me.
19:40<sfr>hm, BUG: ListBoxSetting::setValueByLabel called for unknown label (New Channel) when entering the new channel dialog and exiting via EXIT.
19:40<linagee_>mchou: i've done RMAs in a matter of weeks. and sometimes you can do a cross shipment.
19:40<schwin97>sfr: Can't access the website
19:40<mchou>linagee_:PITA, how much time do you spend on the phone on hold???
19:40+drd [] joined #mythtv
19:40<linagee_>mchou: plenty. lol
19:40<linagee_>mchou: i multitask. lol
19:40<mchou>well, time is worth more than $ for some.
19:41<linagee_>mchou: just because they have me on hold does not mean my life is on hold. ;)
19:41<sfr>schwin97: neither me. s/t is fucked with my dyndns client i think.
19:41+jbeimler [] joined #mythtv
19:42schwin97is now known as schwin97-dinner
19:42<mchou>linagee_: you have to spend a lot of effort to get manufacturers to cross ship. Not worth it for me.
19:42<schwin97-dinner>sfr: Leave me a pm if you find the patch...
19:42<sfr>schwin97-dinner: i can dcc it to you
19:42<linagee_>mchou: so it is smart for manufacturers to offer rebates to retailers who: typically order huge quantities from them, have a downward trend in the amount they have been ordering, etc.
19:43<jbeimler>got a transcoding question, is here the place to ask?
19:43<mchou>no, downward trend in retail prices aka price pressure.
19:43<linagee_>mchou: it's worth it for me. i'm a college student. $100 is the difference between eating and not eating. lol
19:44<schwin97-dinner>sfr: fgo for it
19:44<mchou>linagee_: where do u go to scholl?
19:44<linagee_>mchou: i don't get why the internet has not absorbed retail prices? i mean directly, not through online retailers.
19:45<mchou>linagee_: I dont know what you mean, provide example, maybe?
19:45<linagee_>mchou: what if they had a site that said: yes, i want to order that. many people combine their orders so it can be ordered in huge bulk. the site automagically orders it from the manufacturer, and everyone gets the goods at wholesale. hehehe
19:45<linagee_>mchou: in other words, cut out the retailer middleman with automation of bulk buying. :)
19:45<mchou>linagee_: well, u start that business. :)
19:46<linagee_>mchou: it wouldn't be a business. if you made money off of it, it would make it not work
19:46<linagee_>mchou: it would have to be like an opensource project. hehehe
19:46<mchou>write a biz plan.
19:46<linagee_>mchou: have it automagically email out a form letter to a manufacturer. "we promise to buy 10,000 units if you etc. etc."
19:46<linagee_>mchou: have it have a URL in the email it sends out to agree. LOL
19:47<linagee_>mchou: the whole machine called business becomes automated. LOL
19:48<mchou>linagee_: that's called "drop ship," in case u havent figured it out.
19:48<mchou>linagee_: where do u go to school?
19:48<linagee_>mchou: weird part is that, if it charged just slightly above wholesale but not quite retail, it could actually make a profit. it might be able to use this small profit to pay for it's own maintenance. (server maintenance)
19:48<linagee_>mchou: drop ship? lol
19:48<linagee_>mchou: in san diego
19:49<linagee_>mchou: the machine could sustain itself! muahahha! :)
19:49<linagee_>mchou: until someone reprograms it's brain and it's like: NOooooooooooo.... *die*
19:49<mchou>drop ship is when manuufacturer handles the transaction between itself & the end buyer. The middleman is the "sales lead"
19:50<linagee_>mchou: i think that manufacturer's that sell to end users typically sell at retail or maybe slightly below it
19:50<linagee_>but not at wholesale bargain prices
19:50<mchou>linagee_: which college/university?
19:50<linagee_>mchou: why do you want to know? :-P
19:51=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:51<mchou>I want to know why you're so interested in the "retail sales model"
19:51<mchou>they teach classes in this, u know?
19:51<linagee_>mchou: oh, i had planned to take business classes. but i started to want to get out of college so i strictly focus on my major now
19:52<linagee_>(i'm at a JC)
19:52<mchou>linagee_: which major is that?
19:52<linagee_>i mean, hell. :-P
19:52<linagee_>mchou: Computer Engineering. changed from Computer Science when I saw EVERYONE taking it.
19:53*linagee_ wonders the statistics on Computer Science and Computer Engineering grads....
19:53<mchou>computer engineering is for wimps. Compute science, even that is for wimps
19:53<linagee_>wimps. hahaha
19:53<linagee_>mchou: i run my own consulting firm. i do not consider myself a wimp.
19:53<mchou>take some "real" physical science courses
19:53<linagee_>mchou: WTF
19:53<linagee_>mchou: i take all the real physics courses.
19:54<Scytale>sfr, if you're still here, i can switch channels quite fine now.
19:54<linagee_>mchou: i have to take the most advanced physics and the most advanced math classes to even begin to transfer to a university.
19:54<mchou>linagee_: no disrespect, 80 million flies eat shit. Doesn't mean that you want to eat it. lol :)
19:54<Scytale>atm i'm trying to figure out how to turn down the volume :)
19:54<sfr>Scytale: what was it?
19:54<linagee_>mchou: well, why get a degree? it's a "for the paper" thing.
19:54<sfr>Scytale: [ or ] or iirc F8/F9
19:55<linagee_>mchou: some employers are still stupid minded that degree = smarts.
19:55<Scytale>sfr, the /tmp write permissions thingie. and i had to re-setup my database.
19:55<mchou>no, you get a degree to learn how to think critically
19:55<Scytale>sfr, is that for the record volume as well
19:55<linagee_>mchou: i thought you get a degree to know how to jump several hoops. lol
19:55<mchou>and to enlarge your social circle.
19:55<Scytale>the output of my card is so loud that the sound is really crappy
19:56<mchou>so when your friend end up in high places, you can be right there w/ them
19:56<sfr>Scytale: no. recording volume is in the mythfrontend tv settings
19:56<linagee_>mchou: hrm. maybe it's wise to have a diversity in friends then. not just every single person taking computer science classes. lol
19:56*linagee_ jots in his notebook that is his mind...
19:57<sfr>Scytale: hm, might actually be in the setup, i'm not sure
19:57<Scytale>sfr, do you have an idea on how to use the "tvmixer" kernel module?
19:57<linagee_>mchou: i have friends going to SDSU and going to UCSD.
19:57<mchou>thats y you want to go to a good school, not a crappy one.
19:57<linagee_>mchou: (old highschool friends)
19:58<linagee_>mchou: i go to palomar college. the crappiest school of all.
19:58*linagee_ disses his own school
19:58<sfr>schwin97-dinner: try the url later/the next days. s/t is fucked.
19:58=mecraw_ [~mecraw@] quit ("Trillian (")
19:58<sfr>Scytale: no, never used it.
19:58<linagee_>mchou: i went to mesa and i was like, WTF. look at all the systems and stuff they have in place.
19:58<mchou>linagee_: cause the crappy schools, it's unlikely the graduates amount to much. The odds are against you.
19:58<Scytale>thanks anyway for all the help
19:58<linagee_>mchou: systems you see when you walk into the admin office, even.
19:59<sfr>np Scytale
19:59<linagee_>mchou: oh, i'm a persistant person. 99% of the way there.
19:59<linagee_>mchou: i eat odds for breakfast. :-P
19:59<Truin>yay! I got my perl script to work! Now I can finally look at the quality differences in the various encoding settings on the pvr-250. :)
19:59<mchou>linagee_: 99% of the way to where?? :)
19:59<Truin>and I realized that I know jack sh!t about perl.
20:00<linagee_>mchou: to getting out. like out of an insane assylum. i mean, JC.
20:00<linagee_>Truin: yes. most people do.
20:00<Truin>linagee_: :)
20:01<linagee_>mchou: when you understand that people with bachelor's degrees are teaching you in JC and everyone with PhD's are teaching at universities, that's when you understand you are at a crappy school.
20:01<mchou>linagee_: no that's clearly not what I meant. 99% way there to a multibillionare, hey then we're talking :)
20:01<linagee_>mchou: nyet.
20:03<linagee_>mchou: my brother does not know what he wants to do in college, so took my parent's suggested "Mechanical Engineer". LOL. this is not smart. and that is an understatement. heh
20:03<mchou>well, SDSU hardly qualifies as a "good school"
20:03<linagee_>mchou: i was actually trying to get into UCSD
20:03<linagee_>mchou: SDSU was my second or maybe third choice
20:04+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
20:04<mchou>linagee_: what you study/major has little to do with your professional career.
20:05<linagee_>mchou: worst part is, if i live as poor as a blind bat, the govt pays my full ride. if i get a decent job and go to school, they don't pay for college. it's a type of torture.
20:06<mchou>linagee_: no, that's not true. Gov't pays "richer" people back in other ways.......
20:06<mchou>like say if you are buying your first house, you can get loans from gov't (that are better than banks)
20:07<mchou>and if you become a businessman, you get tax breaks.......
20:07<mchou>which the poor don't get.
20:07<linagee_>mchou: hahahah. not in income tax.
20:08<linagee_>mchou: they charge sole proprieters a flat tax rate of 15%
20:08<linagee_>maybe this is good if you're making loads of money, but not at the bottom
20:08=sfr [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:08<mchou>that's y you dont want to be at the bottom, i.e. "poor"
20:09<linagee_>mchou: i, myself, am poor. my parents are not. but they are very stingy.
20:09<linagee_>er, stingey.
20:10<mchou>just because your brother studied mechanical engineering, doesn't mean that he can't make a good living.....
20:11<mchou>doining mechanical engineering or s/t else.....
20:11<linagee_>mchou: not studied. he's younger than me
20:11<linagee_>mchou: s/studied/is studying. just now/
20:11<linagee_>fresh HS grad
20:11<mchou>so why do u think mech. eng is such a bad choice??
20:11<linagee_>mchou: because he did not pick it.
20:12<mchou>linagee_: oh, ok. that makes more sense.
20:12<linagee_>i don't think the choice is bad. i think the fact that he basically had my parents pick it for him is bad.
20:12<mchou>linagee_: what academic subjects is your brother interested in?
20:12<linagee_>i have no idea. he's never really expressed any.
20:12<linagee_>(that i know of)
20:13<linagee_>i told him he should take this skills test at the JC to find out what he might be interested in, but as usual, he ignores my suggestion.
20:13<mchou>linagee_: yeah, I agree your parents picking fo him is bad....
20:14<mchou>linagee_: no, I think JC skills test is even worse idea than parents picking a subject.
20:14<linagee_>why so?
20:14<mchou>I don't think a JC would be compent in determinig anybody's skills :)
20:14<linagee_>it's not the JC's.
20:15<linagee_>it's one from some university some place. (not even local)
20:15<mchou>linagee_: same thing applies.
20:15<linagee_>i just offered it as a suggestion. and the results are only a suggestion too.
20:15<linagee_>it's not like they stamp on your head what they think you're good at. LOL
20:15<Slaytanic>Weird... My network card suddenly stopped working when I reinstalled Knoppmyth r4... It worked without any configuring when I installed Knoppmyth a few days ago... Could it be that I've moved the card around (switched PCI slots) since?
20:16<mchou>you trust someplace that you don't even know? At least your parents know his strengths and weaknesses
20:16<linagee_>mchou: i think they picked mechanical engineering because "he likes to play with ropes around the house".
20:16<linagee_>mchou: i know it sounds insane. but that is what their decision is based upon
20:17<mchou>linagee_: actually, that may not be a poor reason. If he's the kind of person who takes things apart.....
20:17<linagee_>mchou: nope, not really
20:17<linagee_>mchou: he's the kind of person who tries as hard as he can to fit in
20:18<mchou>a, a conformist....
20:18<mchou>a party animal?
20:18<linagee_>mchou: computer science majors are partially conformists too. but only to the set of rules which they are walled in by. inside those walls, it's free reign.
20:19<linagee_>sort of a party animal. not in the sense of going to parties, but in the sense that a party animal would behave.
20:19<mchou>a social butterfly....
20:19<linagee_>indeed. has yet to crack the cocoon and go insane.
20:20<mchou>then he shouldn't be studying engineering :)
20:20+choenig [] joined #mythtv
20:20<mchou>maybe liberal arts, artistic type of endeavor :)
20:21<linagee_>*shrug*. he'll probably find that out sooner or later and choose his own major. it's just so much work you do, and then you have to do even more work when you change majors. lol
20:21<mchou>what year is he in?
20:21<linagee_>first JC year
20:21<linagee_>assume it! yes. same JC.... kind of, not good. but oh well.
20:22<mchou>see, that's why JC are bad. They don't do a good job of "weeding out" peeople
20:23<linagee_>mchou: they give you MANY MANY chances too. if america is the land of freedom, JCs are the land of second chances. LOL
20:23<mchou>In my undergrad I had to declare major by end of freshman year
20:23<linagee_>mchou: for example, they have lots of late start classes.
20:24<mchou>and believe me, if you'd be weeded out by 2nd quarter sophmore yr. if your heart wasn't in it.
20:24<linagee_>mchou: one class which i still have to take to get out of the prision which is JC, is an english class. argh. english class. :-/
20:25<linagee_>mchou: i'm a third year student in a two year JC. i think they call my breed, "professional student". ROFL.
20:25<linagee_>mchou: gets my reqs out of the way though, not just sitting round campus.
20:26<linagee_>mchou: irc is no place to be learning anything relating to good english. hahahaha.
20:28<linagee_>mchou: i hate the whole "creative writing" aspect of english. it's like: "pull some story out of your rear end and put it on paper please. and that's due in 30 minutes."
20:29*linagee_ plans to BS his way through english class after silly english class.
20:29<mchou>linagee_: no I think it's fun. Think of it as "telling a tall tale."
20:29<linagee_>mchou: ROFL. you see it as a form of acting on paper.
20:29<mchou>you should be able to BS your way thru it :)
20:29<linagee_>mchou: the only thing true in this class is my student ID number. hahahahaa
20:29<linagee_>mchou: and my name? oh, my name is...
20:30<linagee_>mchou: Borlando Stackbuffer
20:30<linagee_>mchou: yes. that's it. hahahah
20:30<Truin>can I call you "overflow" for short?
20:30<mchou>no, how about Dick Hertz?
20:30<linagee_>that's it.
20:31<mchou>pr0n is a form of creative writing :)
20:31<linagee_>mchou: too bad they have my name on the roster too. i guess the only things real will be my name and my student ID number. everything else, every single aspect of my life they try to dissect will be met with total untruthfulness. on this, i pledge to accomplish my english requirements. :)
20:31<mchou>submit that :)
20:32<mchou>see how many people blush when you read the story out loud in class :)
20:33<mchou>That's what I did in creative writing.....
20:33<linagee_>mchou: you know with certs how they do brain dumps to some people to develop study guides? i need a brain dump to the english class placement test. hehehehe.
20:33<linagee_>mchou: i don't want to have to take two classes. only the one required one. hah
20:33<linagee_>mchou: sure. if they make us keep a journal: today i had sex with <name person in the class>. it was very good. the end.
20:34<mchou>linagee_: that's not a story.....
20:35<mchou>it's got to have a beginnig, a middle, and an end.
20:35<linagee_>mchou: today i had sex with <first person>, <second person>, and <third person>. LOL
20:35<linagee_>all at once! hahahaha
20:35<mchou>sigh. There's nothing "creative" about that.......
20:36<mchou>no wonder you'd fail creative writing :)
20:36<linagee_>i can't even come up with one creative thing. everything has already been done. everything is a copy.
20:37<linagee_>why, "everything has already been done" brings up 500 matches on google. hahaha
20:37<mchou>start with "One day I was walking in downtown San Diego running errands, when I found this little black boot off the sidewalk."
20:38<mchou>anyway, u get the idea.....
20:38<linagee_>kind of
20:39<linagee_>mchou: did you know that i overheard some coaches telling a kid how they would tell him the exact classes to take to get through school. i was like, WTF! whoa.
20:39<linagee_>they said, don't even bother guessing which teacher to take, we'll tell who's the best one
20:40<linagee_>mchou: goomba's? lol
20:40<linagee_>mchou: i thought this was a thing of movies. never had a realized coaches actually did this!
20:40+Viddy [] joined #mythtv
20:40<mchou>put that in your creative writing :)
20:41<linagee_>mchou: LOL. that might get them into some hot water. lol
20:41<linagee_>or not. who would care in a writing class? lol
20:41<mchou>cause that's what creative writing is. Stories get made into movies :)
20:41<_rkulagow>mdz: here?
20:41<linagee_>mchou: in fact, i want to know what the easiest teacher to take for creative writing is! :)
20:42*linagee_ goes to one of those cheezy rate your teacher sites. :)
20:43<linagee_>or :)
20:43=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:47<linagee_>whoa. this thing must be overused by our school
20:48<linagee_>mchou: WHY WAS I NOT ABLE TO FIND THIS BEFORE. WHY!!!! :)
20:55+DarkBeer [] joined #mythtv
20:55+hadees [] joined #mythtv
20:58<_rkulagow>any xbox debian folks here running myth CVS?
21:01<linagee_>mchou: all right!
21:01<linagee_>mchou: i'm going to get rid of one of my useless classes and take that english class! just found out i'm eligible for retaking their placement test! :)
21:02*linagee_ reconfigures his schedule. :)
21:04<Dinki_>Can someone tell me where I can change the font size for the 'watch recordings' menu? I've changed a few font sizes, but can't make those large enough to read on my tv.
21:06<mchou>Dinki_:it's probably in a xml file somewhere.....
21:07<Dinki_>ahh.. okay.. I'll give that a look
21:21<mchou>anyone using xmltv5.27?
21:26+media_ [] joined #mythtv
21:29<hadees>my mythtv backend just crashed and started spitting out 'waiting for free video buffers timed out'
21:30<hadees>anyone know if thats an ivtv problem or a mythtv problem?
21:30+Razor_ [~chatzilla@] joined #mythtv
21:30<hadees>i mean my frontend
21:31+plac3bo [] joined #mythtv
21:34<Razor_>anybody start working on their own module?
21:37<Razor_>I'm interested in starting my own myth module but don't know where to start. I was gonna look at mythWeather but there are no comments in it.
21:37+bdale [] joined #mythtv
21:38<hadees>just look at the code
21:38<hadees>might i ask what the module will do?
21:39<Razor_>don't worry about it. In a few mouths you might see it.
21:39<moegreen_>no comments? the code explains itself!
21:40=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:40<Razor_>haha, yeah it does.
21:41<Razor_>guess I got a lot of reading ahead of me
21:41<hadees>Razor_: its a secret?
21:42<hadees>as i see it there isn't much left to be added to the myth modules list, mabey mythradio and mythvideoconfrence
21:42<moegreen_>the main thing to look at is main.cpp, then the class init function - specifically the theme/XMLParse commands - that will get your interface started
21:42<Razor_>ok, thanks
21:43=DJ_nixbox [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:43<Razor_>this looks like how your module hooks into mythtv, right?
21:43<mdz>_rkulagow: yes
21:44<moegreen_>Razor_: yes
21:45<Netslayer>anyone here setup mythweb from CVS recently? Trying to figure out what configuration I have to change to allow the backend status page: readfile(): URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration
21:46<thor_>Razor, have a look at mythvideo ... the tree browser has a decent number of comments
21:47+_shad [] joined #mythtv
21:47<_shad>I think I screwed my database. Anyone care to help?
21:47<Netslayer>thor, so if i compile + install mfd, it doesn't interfear with my normal mythtv install at all does it?
21:48<thor_>hopefully not
21:48<thor_>might mess with your music tables though
21:49<thor_>it shouldn't, but I don't want to guarantee anything
21:49<Netslayer>mythmusic can still read the tables afterwards right?
21:49<Netslayer>well it's not that big of a deal
21:49<thor_>yeah, it doesn't change the table structures
21:49<Netslayer>i can just regenerate the table
21:49<Netslayer>k i'm compiling it
21:50<thor_>you got iTunes handy somewhere ?
21:50<Netslayer>not yet
21:51<thor_>you'll have to kill off an m_t_d if you have one running
21:51<Netslayer>nope none are
21:53<thor_>not much to play with at the user level ... you can run one on another box at watch them find each other (run with -l 10 switch)
21:53<Netslayer>so it would find the other one?
21:53<thor_>-l 10 is just logging level
21:53<Netslayer>ya i'm reading the readme
21:54<thor_>having an iTunes around really helps to see what the point of it all is
21:55<Netslayer>just ordered like 6 fans, 7 round ata UV cables, fan controller, 4 memory heatspreaders & 2 custom fan grills to help my server cool down a bit :-)
21:55<Netslayer>i might install it then
21:55*Netslayer thinks eww apple
21:56<thor_>oh, and the music sweeper is set at like 5 seconds in CVS
21:56<thor_>so it'll eat cpu
21:56<Netslayer>what does that do
21:56<thor_>jsut watches your mmusic dir for new files
21:57=Razor_ [~chatzilla@] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.58p [Mozilla rv:1.5/20031007]")
21:58<Netslayer>quite the compile
21:58<thor_>few months of work in there already
21:58<Netslayer>ya i've noticed all the commits heh
22:01+jsix [] joined #mythtv
22:01<Netslayer>what does he mean by this in that last commit: Add a whole bunch of tr()s.
22:01<Netslayer>auh good, don't care about those
22:03<Netslayer>hrm, do i have to add the install path to the default path?
22:04<Netslayer>nm, i'll just run it from the dir
22:05<thor_>heh, bb in few minutes
22:06<Netslayer>well it found my 45GB of music
22:06=Viddy [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:07<thor_>eating through it, or is it all already in the table ?
22:07<Netslayer>most should be, looks like it has found a lot of ones that aren't
22:07<thor_>wma's maybe
22:07<Netslayer>nope, all mp3
22:08<Netslayer>actually i ran scan music today and it was quick aka < 10 seconds, usually it take san hr
22:08<Netslayer>of course i had 175MB frontendlog file after i ran that heh
22:09<Netslayer>19:08:27: mythmusic watcher plugin sweep results: 10899 file(s) (+10/-1), 2 playlists (+0/-0) in 56.001 seconds.
22:09<thor_>it'll do 10 at a time if it finds things not in the db
22:09<Netslayer>it's still running at 100% cpu
22:10<Netslayer>10 songs?
22:10<thor_>mp3's it has to actually decode to get length and all that
22:10<thor_>standard problem
22:10<Netslayer>ic, this might take a while
22:11<thor_>mfdctl stop will take it down
22:11<cmorgan>do you really need to decode the whole song to get the length?
22:11<thor_>you need to decode enough to figure out if it's vbr or not
22:11<thor_>and if its vbr, you need to keep decoding
22:12<hadees>whats the point of encoding a mp3 in vbr?
22:12<cmorgan>ahh, yes
22:12<cmorgan>hadees: smaller
22:12<cmorgan>higher quality where it is needed
22:13<hadees>i just like high quality all around
22:13<hadees>with the droping disk prices and all
22:13<cmorgan>you encode at 320kbps?
22:13<jsix>anybody else see that picture of james brown on lol
22:13=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
22:14<hadees>nope, i don't really need anything more than 128
22:17=jsix [] quit ()
22:18<Netslayer>hmm which telnet client should i emerge
22:19<Netslayer>this looks good netkit-telnetd
22:20<Netslayer>i'm working with thors mfd
22:21<hadees>ah, makes more sense now cause no one uses telnet
22:21<Netslayer>wait so do i have to be running a telnet server or is the mfd a server
22:21<hadees>you shouldn't need to run one
22:22<Chutt>telnetd is a server, not a client.
22:22<Netslayer>ya it installed both
22:24<Netslayer>kind of lost with telnet, i have 'telnet> open localhost' gives an unknown host
22:25<Netslayer>oh cool
22:31=Dinki_ [] quit ()
22:32<Netslayer>is there any code in yet for telling mythbackend not to flag commercials on a per recording basis?
22:35<Netslayer>i don't get this.. i watched a recording the other day, and the commercial skip worked perfectly. I go back to that same recording and it says it's not flagged
22:36<Netslayer>and it's happening to all my recordings now
22:38<hadees>anyone know a way to make a signal clearer? i had a fine signal but then i had to spilt it 3 ways to go to all my tv cards now the quality sucks
22:38<Truin>Netslayer: out of scope from your current delima, but, did you install from source or a package?
22:38<Netslayer>source/CVS, but this problem started before i updated today
22:39<Netslayer>hadees, there are amplifies for coaxial and composite/svideo
22:40<Truin>hadees: check the MHz level on the splitter, it should be 5MHz to 1000MHz. Also, you got a cablemodem?
22:41<Netslayer>heh, this is funny, i mean i was so impressed with commercial skip i turned it on auto skip, it worked flawlessly for that one recording, and now it doesn't detect any flags
22:41<Truin>It never detected the right spots for me. Tried and tried. I've resorted to just going in and out of edit mode, marking myself as I watch the recording.
22:42<Netslayer>is there a way of getting it to redo an episode?
22:42<Truin>oh, nice.
22:42<Netslayer>i have to run it manually
22:42<Netslayer>guess that's a yes
22:42<Truin>I'm logging into my home box now, to look. ;)
22:43<Truin>looks like you just run it, and it starts going through your recordings. that's handy has heck.
22:43<Truin>Thanks, Chutt!
22:43+Viddy [] joined #mythtv
22:44<Netslayer>think i'll run this overnight
22:44<Truin>yeah... I'll have to see how well it does.
22:45<Netslayer>actually should be fine, it's using 'nice', i'll hit all
22:45<Truin>Netslayer: try the "--help" flag. ;)
22:45<Netslayer>Can't open file: 'recordedmarkup.MYI'. (errno: 145)
22:45<Chutt>that would be why you're not having any commercials being marked.
22:45<Netslayer>that's the problem i bet
22:46<Netslayer>great, any ideas?
22:46<Netslayer>QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query Database error was: Can't open file: 'recordedmarkup.MYI'. (errno: 145)
22:46<Chutt>there's a section in the docs about how to fix corrupted mysql tables, i believe.
22:47<Netslayer>heh, not a first time
22:50<roz>I have 2 questions
22:50<roz>How do I assign a channel to my Composite Video input so i can timer-record from it
22:51<ChaosExiguum>oopsie, I compiled with release and debug, do I need to recompile, or will it still work for debuging?
22:51<Chutt>recompile with only debug mode on.
22:53<roz>and is it possible At ALL to run mythtv in a window
22:53<Chutt>roz, err, go to the settings and turn on windowed mode.
22:53<Netslayer>Chutt, do u know the command off hand, there doesn't appear to be a section in the docs. I remember running it before :-/
22:54<Chutt>netslayer, nope
22:54<ChaosExiguum>mysqlcheck.. or repair, will that fix you up?
22:55<hadees>where can i download the mythtv skins, i can't find the link on
22:56<Truin>left and side, Themes.
22:56<Truin>can't miss it.
22:56<Netslayer>ChaosExiguum, thx it works now!
22:57<Netslayer>gtg, ltr
22:57<roz>WOW MythTV is so much faster in a 640x480 Window than at 1600x1200 fullscreen!
22:57<hadees>nm i am idiot, under my nose the whole time
22:57<Truin>so, I'm thinkin' I like the Visor theme, but it'd be nice to have the Purple Galaxy theme at night, just as a mood thing. Anyone want to write code to make the theme switch at a certain time? ;)
22:57<Netslayer>Truin, can't be that hard heh
22:58<Truin>yeah, but my days of C/C++ programming have long passed.
22:58<ChaosExiguum>heh, the sony viaos use a javascript as the windows background that changes the time of day in the rendered wallpaper
22:58<Truin>and what I did, mostly, was mod my BBS, which had lots of pre-built funtions, so I got to learn what I called "WWIV C"
23:03<Truin>here's something I've noticed recently. My cpu usage is now and low during a recording, ala pvr-250, but after the recording is done, mythbackend grabs a HUGE ammount of cpu time.
23:04<Truin>Is that the commercial detection going on after the recoding finishes?
23:04<Truin>*recording finishes, I mean.
23:04<ChaosExiguum>Truin, that has been my expirence
23:04<Truin>yeah.... like 96% idle with a load of .03 while recording, then up to 0% idle and a load of like 1.6 for a while after the recording is done.
23:05<Truin>it's gotta be the commercial detection after the recording has finished.
23:05<ChaosExiguum>I turned off commercial detection since I mostly watch pbs and dont mind 30sec skipping
23:07+rOOfus [] joined #mythtv
23:11+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
23:17+kc131 [] joined #mythtv
23:20<kc131>sorry guys complete noob her, but I'm having trouble getting mplayer /dev/video0 to popup a window in xterm it just sits at MPEG-PS file format detected, video0 should be my pvr350
23:20<hadees>does anyone here record letterman with thier mythtv box?
23:21<hadees>because it seems to start at diffrent times sometimes
23:21<Truin>oops - damnit - wrong window. Sorry.
23:24<Truin>has anyone put mythtv into a set-top box, like, nice slim case and all?
23:24+Aridhol [freesco@] joined #mythtv
23:24<Aridhol>besides gentoo are there any other recommended distrobutions for myth?
23:25*Netslayer loves gentoo
23:25<hadees>i think lfs is to much work for a mythtv box
23:25<Truin>wimp. Hehehe....
23:26<hadees>hehe tell me that when you have to reinstall and start to cry
23:26<Truin>it's called `dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/cdburner` ;)
23:26<Netslayer>heh ya, i use raid0
23:28<Netslayer>which reminds me i should work on my backup script
23:28<Netslayer>is tar --archive a good way of backing up a linux system?
23:28<Truin>I'm considering going lvm. I'm quite comfortable with it, and it'd be handy for expansion.
23:29<hadees>go with evms
23:29<hadees>then your options are better
23:29<Aridhol>it's just that I got a new pvr tuner and 120GB drive for myth and I'll need to install some form of linux. I'd rather not do a couple days worth of gentoo installing =>
23:29<hadees>Aridhol, use one of the cds with stuff already compiled on it
23:29<Truin>Aridhol: RedHat 9 would work, Gentoo seems to work, Mandrake....
23:30<Truin>heck, KnoppMyth for that matter. ;)
23:30<Netslayer>ya but it's worth it :-) bootstrap stage 1 shouldn't take you more then 10hrs, then install fluxbox in 5 minutes, done
23:30<Netslayer>or use gentoo stage 3, done for ya
23:30<Aridhol>I have mandrake 9.2 laying around
23:30<Aridhol>yeah true
23:30*Netslayer shutters at mdk 9.2
23:30<Aridhol>shudders :)
23:30<Netslayer>ya i was thinking that
23:30*Netslayer checks
23:31<Truin>shutters are those things on your winders. ;)
23:31<Netslayer>mandrake became my enemy, everything doesn't work right, it's a nightmare, gentoo emerge ... and your done, that's it
23:31*Netslayer snickers
23:32<hadees>i just like gentoo forums
23:32<Truin>has anyone in here played with knoppmyth? I found out (the hard way) that knoppix doesn't like my GeForce FX5200, or my integrated lan.
23:32<Aridhol>I tried knoppmyth hd install, it never worke
23:32<hadees>knoppmyth is a nice idea but to keep an entire distro up to date isn't easy
23:32<Netslayer>i wanna buy me a 64bit AMD, just have to hold out a bit longer till they come down to something reasonable
23:33<Truin>yeah, sucks, too, cuz I'm a huge fan of Knoppix. Wanted to run my windows box as a remote front-end on occasion. :(
23:33<ChaosExiguum>eeh, you dont think $752 is reasonable? back in my day...
23:33<Netslayer>it will be nice when they come out with a new version of knoppmyth, then i can use it on the windows laptops here
23:33<Truin>ChaosExiguum: :-D
23:33<Netslayer>actually 280 for the 3200 64
23:33<Netslayer>fx51 is around 600
23:34<Netslayer>sub 200 is what i'm waiting for
23:34<ChaosExiguum>throw in some registered dimms, a mobo and ;-)
23:34<Truin>eh, I got a buddy that works at AMD - he'll probably cut me a deal. ;)
23:34=Aridhol [freesco@] quit ("Leaving")
23:34<Netslayer>that's why i don't want to go with the fx51, it's not worth buying registered dimms, plus it costs twice as much, for just a little better performance
23:35<ChaosExiguum>you could go with the opteron, get a dual mobo and buy the 2nd later
23:35<Netslayer>true, but aren't they different still fx line?
23:36<Netslayer>-still + from the
23:36<ChaosExiguum>in a sense yes, they have the dual memory channels and need the Bad Ass(tm) dimms
23:36<Netslayer>actually i heard the 3200, 3400 64's pin layout is going to be phased out
23:37<Truin>Bad Ass(tm) <-- "_
23:37<ChaosExiguum>think of them as AMD 64FX MPs
23:37<Netslayer>hmm guess i shouldn't have run commflag on a recording in progress heh, it's reporting it's damaged
23:38<Netslayer>if i want to backup my entire root partition, what dir's don't i need (aka can't backup), i know proc is one of em
23:39<Netslayer>wonder why there aren't any updated ck-sources past 2.4.23 yet for gentoo
23:39<Netslayer>2.4.25 is almost out
23:40<ChaosExiguum>I can see gzip now "hmm, this urandom file seems big.. wonder when its gonna end"
23:40<Netslayer>still wondering how tar will handle sym links
23:40<Netslayer>it better keep em
23:40<ChaosExiguum>man tar
23:41*Netslayer opens up another ssh session
23:44<Netslayer>actually what would be cool is a script that recursively went into subfolders and backed stuff up. So I could launch it in root and it would do the whole thing for me
23:45<ChaosExiguum>I believe that there are backup packages that do that for you
23:45<Netslayer>hmm, don't know of any
23:46<ChaosExiguum>you should at least be able to find a script on google that'll do it
23:51+KeyserSoze [~gazicm@] joined #mythtv
23:54+tmk [] joined #mythtv
23:55<mchou>ok, I tried making xmltv5.27, and get this when I do a "make test":t/test_filters.....ok 51/100Confused test output: test 51 answered after test 51. Is this something I should be concerned about, and if so, what's the workaround?
23:55<Truin>I had the same issue, seems to work fine.
23:55<Truin>Ignore it, move on. ;)
23:56<mchou>Truin, ok. Just wondering if it had something to do with i18n
23:57<mchou>cause when I installed a module I skipped that part, but for the life of me can't remember which module.....
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