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00:17<ChaosExiguum>ivtv framebuffer open: Permission denied ; Unable to open the ivtv framebuffer device '/dev/fb1' ; OSD will be unavailable (from mythfrontend log)
00:17<ChaosExiguum>anybody have any ideas on fixing that?
00:17<Morph>wow. knoppmyth is listed on hauppauge's site for software for the pvr250
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00:19<Truin>ChaosExiguum: nope. :) I'd like to be able to turn the OSD 'off' for good. ;) Slows down my box too much.
00:20<KeyserSoze>ChaosExiguum: just a guess, what are the permissions on /dev/fb1?
00:20<ChaosExiguum>Truin, ahh, I fixed it mythtv user didnt have write permission to /dev/fb1
00:21<ChaosExiguum>or rather /dev/fb/1...
00:22<Truin>maybe that's how I can turn off the osd. ;)
00:23<ChaosExiguum>it does other bad things too, like not changing alpha modes
00:23<Truin>oh. :(
00:23*Truin putsthe chown back the way it was. ;)
00:24<ChaosExiguum>you sure the osd is really slowing down your system?
00:25<Truin>can I run mythcommflag on a file that's not a .nuv?
00:25<ChaosExiguum>dunno, try it :)
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00:37<Truin>does the guy who wrote MythWeb hang out in here?
00:39<Truin>it'd be nice to be able to filter by genre, the way that the recorded_programs page can filter by show.
00:39<Truin>I wonder if I'd do better at figuring out some php code than I did at figuring out some perl code. ;)
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00:46<livesNbox>hey guys... why is the mc.sql file basically empty? shouldn't it be creating the database structures ?
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00:48<livesNbox>anyone awake ?
00:51<thor_>it's all done automagically now
00:51<thor_>in the various dbcheck.cpp code
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00:52<livesNbox>ok -- so.
00:52<livesNbox>do I not have to run mythfilldatabase /
00:52<livesNbox>i have everything installed -- should I just run mythtv ?
00:52<thor_>you still need to run mythfilldatabase
00:53<livesNbox>ok -- it just created the db
00:53<Truin>you need to run mythfilldatabase. It populates the sql tables with the TV chanell listings.
00:53<thor_>mythfilldatabase puts in program information
00:53<livesNbox>hmm.. it has an error wheN i run it.
00:53<livesNbox>about a table not existing
00:53<Truin>what error?
00:53<Truin>did you use the .sql file to create the tables? In the "setting up the database" part?
00:53<livesNbox>mythconverg.videosource does not exist
00:54<livesNbox>Truin -- you mean doing the mysql -u root < mc.sql?
00:54<livesNbox>if so, yes
00:54<Truin>did you run "setup" to begin with, and setup your video inputs?
00:54<livesNbox>no I guess not
00:54<livesNbox>how do you run that?
00:54<Truin>if you installed from source, it's in /<path_to_source>/setup/
00:54<Truin>cd there, and run "./setup"
00:55<Truin>if you isntalled from package, I have no idea.
00:55<livesNbox>k. from source
00:55<Truin>this is all in the docs, by the way.
00:55<livesNbox>how did I miss it ?
00:55<Truin>no clue. ;)
00:55<livesNbox>there is no executable in /path_to_source/setup/
00:55<livesNbox>there's a setup.xml and a
00:56<Truin>[truin@pvr setup]$ ll -d setup
00:56<Truin>-rwxrwxr-x 1 truin truin 801619 Jan 2 14:09 setup
00:56<Truin>[truin@pvr setup]$ pwd
00:56<Truin>yes there is.
00:56<thor_>(sigh) did everything build ?
00:56<thor_>did setup build?
00:57<Truin>livesNbox: go back and read sections 5 and 9 in the docs. You missed something somewhere.
00:58<Truin>particularly, 5.4 and 9.1
00:58<Truin>anyway, I got some boxes to fix that I've ignored all day, and it's now 30 minutes till the end of my shift, so, I'm gone. Have a good night, all.
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01:21<ofer>is there a site that has max resolutions vs cpu or something?
01:21<ofer>for live vs recording etc. etc.?
01:23*livesNbox knows not
01:24<ofer>i have an 866, im owndering if getting the fastetst pIII this mb can support is worth it
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01:25<thor_> <--- you might be able to see if someone is running something similar there
01:25<ofer>thats what iim looking at right now
01:27<livesNbox>that's prolly your best bet
01:27<livesNbox>you'd probably be better off getting a good capture card though
01:27<livesNbox>let it do the encoding for you
01:27<ofer>im trying a pvr 250
01:27<ofer>its annoying
01:28<ofer>when recording it hesitates on audio every once and a while
01:28<ofer>and i like mpeg4
01:28<ofer>the pvr 250 crashes with the epia i have
01:28<ofer>the epia is dog slow
01:29<livesNbox>i'm just getting started.
01:29<livesNbox>still trying to get mythtv installed
01:29<livesNbox>and I just have a crappy little ati tv wonder ve
01:29<livesNbox>but I got a decent pc in there
01:30<livesNbox>celeron 1.8Ghz or something
01:30<ofer>yeah, thatll work great
01:30<ofer>how are you trying it:
01:30<livesNbox>what do you mean ?
01:30<ofer>the atrpms set is really useful and easy
01:30<livesNbox>i was trying to build it from source.
01:30<livesNbox>should I go for the rpms ?
01:30<ofer>i like 'em =)
01:31<ofer>takes me about half an hour to set up a new myth box
01:31<livesNbox>damn... i've got at least 4 hours in this already
01:31<livesNbox>but part of that was getting the TV out to work on my card
01:32<ofer>some ati cards are not supported
01:32<livesNbox>by myth ?
01:32<ofer>only cards that are competly supported by v4l work with myth
01:32<livesNbox>i figured as much..
01:32<livesNbox>so -- not sure if it'll work with my TV.
01:32<livesNbox>i just threw a spare card in there anyway.. so not a huge deal - - i can buy a different one
01:33<ofer>OTE: The ATI All-in-Wonder cards (which are not the same as the ATI TV Wonder, TV Wonder VE or TV Wonder Pro) will not work as a MythTV capture device because the GATOS drivers that are available provide only a limited subset of the V4L API. The TV Wonder series of cards are supported by the Bt8x8 Video4Linux driver.
01:34<ofer>looks like your tv wonder will work
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01:43<livesNbox>but what about my ati-radeo for the TV out :)
01:43<livesNbox>i think i just about have it running now
01:44<livesNbox>i ran the setup.. and xmltv retrieved my listings, now I'm filling the database
01:44<ofer>you compiled or used the rpms?
01:44<livesNbox>figured I went through steps 1-98 i might as well do 99 and 100 :)
01:45<livesNbox>heh.. this looks promising
01:46<ofer>mythfilldatabase takes a long time
01:46<livesNbox>yah.. it's not even to channel 200 yet and it has to go through like 9999
01:46<livesNbox>hopefully it skips a lot
01:47<ofer>itll probably take 15 minutes or more
01:47<livesNbox>after I do that, what then ?
01:47<ofer>go to the next instruction =)
01:48<ofer>and mythfrontend
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01:49<livesNbox>hey i found a website selling DVI to Component cables... you think that would be a lot better than svideo ?
01:50<ofer>i dunno
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01:52<livesNbox>nice just jumped from 998 to 8000
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01:55<livesNbox>what the holy hell... it finished, now it's doing it again!
01:56<ofer>10 times i think
01:56<ofer>one for every day
01:56<livesNbox>10 times seroiusly /
01:56<ofer>i think so
01:56<livesNbox>this is gonna take an hour
01:56<ofer>hehe, you and your digital cable =)
01:56<livesNbox>dish network
01:56<thor_>first run has to fill 8 days
01:57<thor_>patience is a virtue
01:57<livesNbox>sure hope this works when it's done :)
01:59<ofer>anybody using the directshow myth filters?
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02:00<Chutt>it would have been smart to cut out channels you didn't care about.
02:00<livesNbox>anyone tried to do any flying recently? in the eastern US
02:00<livesNbox>geesh.. what a headahce
02:00<sfr>schwin97-dinner: good morning. the url for the streaming patch works again
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02:00<livesNbox>i've had a few flights in the past couple weeks... they've all been all jacked up
02:02<thor_>Chutt, not that you have any time to play with it, but the mfd audio plugin will now play and seek streams from anywhere on the LAN ... pretty cool ... http serial access stream as a random/direct access resource
02:02<Aridhol>when I do cat /dev/v4l/video0 I get a mountain of output so I think the device it working but when i go to play tv in myth all I get is a black screen and when I all tab I get QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket Waited 2 seconds for data to become available, waiting again... in the terminal.
02:03<Aridhol>pvr250, gentoo linux
02:03<ofer>aridhol: try cat /dev/video0 /tmp/asdf.mpg for a couple of seconds
02:03<ofer>press ctrl-c
02:03<ofer>see if you can mplay that file
02:03<Chutt>thor, very nice
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02:05<thor_>although it doesn't work for wma's, cause the decoder just does input->getFileName() :-(
02:05<thor_>may try and change that
02:05<Aridhol>hmm well the file plays in xine but again it's the black screen
02:05<Aridhol>no errors from xine though
02:05<ofer>k, did you try chaing the channel in myth?
02:06<ofer>i followed this guide, the pvr-250 stuff worked for my card:
02:06<ofer>that guide is about the limit of my knowledge of mythtv =)
02:11<Aridhol>hrmm. lspci sees the driver exactly how it is in that guide
02:11<ofer>follow the io control procedures
02:11<livesNbox>ok well Im going to bed -- it still has 6 more days:)
02:11<livesNbox>thanks for all your help
02:11<ofer>good luck =)
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02:23<Aridhol>ok progress has been made, I did a capture and now instead of flat black video I get static
02:24<ofer>thats better =)
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02:29<Aridhol>whats the keyboard buttons for changing channels in myth heh
02:29<thor_>arrow up down
02:31<Morph>people using pvr350s, are you using a special adapter for the rca out or is there an rca adapter on the back of the board?
02:32<Aridhol>now I just get this error and a black screen in myth 2004-01-28 23:34:57 Waited too long for decoder to pause
02:36<tharvey>how do I submit a patch that adds cols to a table? (ie. I want to add a few rows to 'videometadata')
02:37<thor_>you need to write the SQL creation calls into dbcheck.cpp and handle the version number
02:38<tharvey>Morph: the PVR350 comes with an adapter that splits out the connector from the back of the card to Audio out R/L, composite video, and s-video out
02:39<tharvey>thor_: ah ok... dbcheck.cpp is where?
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02:40<Morph>tharvey: thought so..thanks.
02:41<tharvey>thor_: ah... ok, so each module has its own dbcheck that will get called. Each module's version is unique to that module only.... so I can bump mythvideo's without causing trouble?
02:42<tharvey>and I can add rows to the videometadata table without negative effect on other code as the other code's select statements don't call for those rows right?
02:42<thor_>columns ?
02:44<tharvey>ya, I guess I should be saying 'columns' instead of 'rows'... I'm looking at the dbase with phyMyAdmin and they are in a table looking like rows
02:45<thor_>extra columns are fine, cause it's pretty hard to mess up existing selects by _adding_ columns
02:49<tharvey>ok, so basically alter the SQL statement in 'InitializeDatabase' so my new cols are there, bump cur ver to 1003 and add a 'if (dbver == "1002")' to 'UpgradeVideoDatabaseSchema' that inserts my cols to a 1002 dbase
02:49<thor_>that's the idea
02:50<tharvey>in the middle of InitalizeDatabase there is a 'performActualUpdate(updates, "1000", dbver)... I'm not clear what thats about?
02:51<tharvey>I don't touch that "1000" correct? thats basically dbver 1.00?
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02:51<thor_>the performUpdates just makes sure they get done in order
02:52<tharvey>looks easy... thanks for the help! I'm wanting to add support for 'writer', and 'cast'
02:53<thor_>yup, sounds good ... although you'll bump the chance of the patch being smiled upon if there's the GUI part to let the user enter those
02:54<tharvey>yes, I would add full support in one patch (parsing is already there in in the patch I just submitted)
02:54<tharvey>er... patch I just posted that is
02:55<thor_>ah ... gotcha
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03:10<tharvey>anyone familiar with the ui.xml files, specifically the alignment settings for TextArea?
03:11<tharvey>'center' is supposed to mean 'horizontal center' as there is a specific 'vcenter' and 'allcenter' to mean vertical and horiz+vert respectively
03:12<thor_>don't recall ... you can experiment ... or scan the xmlparser in libmyth
03:12<tharvey>Well, I noticed that xmlparse.cpp is setting justification to 'Qt::AlignCenter' for 'center' when I believe it shoudl be setting it to 'Qt::AlignHCenter'
03:13<tharvey>I noticed this as I was working with the VideoManager and one of the 'centered' labels was vertically offset when it shouldn't have been. Changing it fixed it but it could possibly have drastic effects in other themes depending on how much vert area people gave widgets
03:13<tharvey>I was hesitant to submit a patch without making sure its a bug
03:15<thor_>yeah, sounds right to me ... but I would need to play around with it a bit
03:16<tharvey>I'll post a msg about it... I'm just not very familiar with the themed support yet
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03:24<tharvey>gossamer having troubles? Can't get to the forums
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03:39<Aridhol>AHA!, I got it working
03:39<Aridhol>thanks to all who helped me
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04:22<Aridhol>err -p
04:35<Aridhol>finally got my mythtv working
04:35<Aridhol>is it easy to make myth convert recordings to divx after recording?
04:35<CaCtus491>Cool isn't it? :)
04:36<CaCtus491>yeah, but I haven't had much luck with it, the audio of the recordings seem to come out all screwy
04:36<Aridhol>trying my first recording right now
04:37<Aridhol>ah hmm
04:37<Aridhol>are the emulator and the weather etc.. addons pretty easy to install?
04:38<CaCtus491>haven't tried mythgame yet, but mythweather is prolly the easiest plugin to install.
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04:41<Aridhol>picture quality is great, but I had so much trouble trying to get it working with 2.6 I gave up and went back to 2.4 heh
04:44<CaCtus491>yeah, my boxes use around 2.4.21
04:46<Aridhol>CaCtus491, are you one of the devs?
04:50<CaCtus491>nah, just a user :)
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07:31<Scytale>folks... something is very wrong with my mythtv installation. the live tv suddenly starts to "speed up" to about 2x speed, but the sound is still audible. of course this speedup leads to the problem that livetv "hangs" every 3 seconds or so, because it reached the end of the current "real" live tv... what can be wrong?
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09:31<orangebits>This is slightly off-topic, but can anyone tell me how to convert a DVB channels.conf into a dvbrc?
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11:01<livesNbox>hey guys.. I just about have mythtv setup -- but the video coming out is kind of flickering... should I run setup again ?
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11:05<livesNbox>got it!
11:05<livesNbox>super sweet....
11:05<livesNbox>it even looks decent..
11:11<Slaytanic>What was the problem, livesNbox?
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11:41<livesNbox>Slaytanic: i had it on us-caable instead of us-bcast
11:41<livesNbox>which is what I needed apparently for dishnetwork
11:42<livesNbox>it all works now.. even audio to my s/pdif output :)
11:42<livesNbox>gotta go to work now!
11:42<livesNbox>bye bye!
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13:05<jDeGraw>Is there a key combination to adjust the brightness when watching a recording?
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13:07<jDeGraw>How can I adjust the brightness of a recording in Mythtv? The R key doesnt do anything while watching a recording.
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13:35<sc00p>I thought it was 'F', not 'R'
13:37<thor_>the key is configurable .... but if you've already recorded, it does not make too much sense to be trying to adjust the video levels on your capture device
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13:47<sfr>oi, another round of translation updates
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13:55<cmorgan>Chutt: you get my other mail? any sense to try to make a common dialog close function?
13:55<Chutt>there almost is one
13:55<Chutt>but it would only be a minor cleanup
13:55<Chutt>and some stuff wouldn't use it, since it's popping up a new popup right after
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13:57<cmorgan>i suppose you mean cancelPopup() as the almost common close function?
13:57<cmorgan>ahh, just an idea ;-)
13:57<cmorgan>btw, how can i unschedule a program from being recorded? i couldn't seem to find such a thing
13:58<Chutt>you can go to the fix scheduling page and hit m or i on a item
13:58<Chutt>should take you to the recordings screen
14:00<cmorgan>ahh alright. i thought removing a recording from the scheduled recordings dialog would do it but its a different key?
14:01<Chutt>m or i, generally
14:01<Chutt>menu or info
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14:04<o_cee>Chutt: you got my mail?
14:04<o_cee>i think it's ok for .14 now
14:05<o_cee>haven't looked at the mainmenu items (minimizing the size of text-blank) and so on.. that's all
14:05<o_cee>since the font was changed
14:06<Rince>question: does anyone here use a WinTV PVR350 with tv-out and looks (css-encoded) DVDs? what are you using and how (without loosing speed?)
14:07<o_cee>Chutt: there's no other issues you've seen?
14:09<o_cee>btw.. i still can't enter uhm.. not the fix recordings.. but the other one
14:09<o_cee>still getting a size mismatch there, dunno why
14:09<o_cee>and gets "you don't have any shows scheduled"
14:12<o_cee>you know what could cause that, since i guess no one else is seeing it?
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14:15<Rince>evenign rOOfus
14:15<Chutt>mismatch in frontend/backend version
14:16<o_cee>besides that.. :)
14:16<o_cee>very odd
14:17<sfr>o_cee: i get that message too, in the fix conflicts screen. but when i go to the priorities screen my only scheduled recording appears.
14:17<o_cee>it's the "Recording priorities" screen..
14:18<sfr>o_cee: which is empty in your case?
14:18<o_cee>2004-01-29 20:18:24 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)
14:18<o_cee>length mismatch between programinfo
14:18<o_cee>QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
14:18<o_cee>QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
14:18<o_cee>QTime::fromString: Parameter out of range
14:18<o_cee>but there's alot of upcoming recordings..
14:19<Chutt>works fine here
14:20<Chutt>i don't know what it could be aside from a version mismatch
14:20<o_cee>can't be..
14:21+dilate [~dilate@] joined #mythtv
14:21<sfr>o_cee: it's the opposite for me. empty fix-recordings screen but one sched. recording in the 'Priorities' screen. mythfrontend also segfaulted once when entering/leaving the priorities screen. that recording got scheduled via the epg btw
14:21<sfr>ups, it was meant for anyone interested of course
14:21<o_cee>Chutt: you've got all kinds of different recordtypes scheduled as well? i use alot of record weekly in this spot
14:22<Chutt>all types
14:22<o_cee>that QTime::fromString error looks like the problem to me.. hmm, lets check what qt version i use
14:23<Chutt>no, the length mismatch is the first problem
14:23<o_cee>that shouldn't be able to happen right?
14:23<kvandivo>version mismatches cause it all the time
14:23<Rince>hi sfr ;-)
14:24<o_cee>cause what?
14:24<sfr>Rince: hi,
14:24<kvandivo>errors like you've mentioned
14:24<o_cee>ah, yeah :)
14:24<o_cee>but why the mismatch at all in the first place.. no problems anywhere else what i've seen
14:25<o_cee> Latest version installed: 3.2.3-r1
14:25<sfr>weird, i added a 'record only on this channel' type of show, and suddenly the previously missing show and the new show up in the 'recording conflicts' screen.
14:26=o_cee [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:26+o_c [] joined #mythtv
14:27<o_c>stupid connection
14:27o_cis now known as o_cee
14:28<o_cee>Chutt: is there more debug info availible about the length mismatch if i enable more logging?
14:28<Chutt>just the source
14:29<o_cee>ah well, just wanted to let you know.. doesn't bother me much
14:30<Chutt>shouldn't be terribly difficult to debug
14:30<o_cee>heh.. i'm no good at debugging this kind of things :)
14:31<o_cee>if you can do it via ssh :)
14:32<o_cee>getting a cup of coffe.. later
14:36+dilate_ [] joined #mythtv
14:42+dilate__ [] joined #mythtv
14:47<mdz>Chutt: I have the protocol version check basically working
14:48<mdz>I haven't upgraded my production myth box to CVS or anything, but it works with backend/frontend on my development box
14:49=dilate [~dilate@] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:52<kvandivo>does it degrade with warning, or does it just terminate?
14:58<sfr>X being gpl incompatible now?
14:59<sfr>or better: XFree86
15:00=dilate_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:05=dilate__ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:09cmorganis now known as cmorgan_away
15:13<mdz>kvandivo: it terminates with prejudice
15:14<mdz>nah, not extreme :-P
15:14<mdz>it drops the current connection, but it lets it try again if it wants
15:14<mdz>the backend gets to decide whether the frontend's version is acceptable
15:14<mdz>right now it just does a string compare
15:14<Chutt>popup box?
15:14<mdz>haha no
15:14<Chutt>well, needs some indication to the user
15:14<mdz>that's a good idea though
15:15<Chutt>on the frontend
15:15<Chutt>there's example code in mythcontext
15:15<mdz>you mean people don't read VERBOSE?:-P
15:15<Chutt>it's easy =)
15:15+Chutt2 [] joined #mythtv
15:15<kvandivo>many people apparently don't realize that there is stdout at all...
15:16<kvandivo>nevermind verbose..
15:16<thor_>stdout ?
15:16*kvandivo grins evily.
15:16<mdz>Chutt: it's getting called from the socket event handler; does that always have access to a display and such?
15:16=Chutt [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:16<Chutt2>just have to lock the global qapp lock
15:17<Chutt2>you'll see, just check out the existing dropped connection popups
15:18<mdz>I don't see a lock in ConnectServer
15:18<Chutt2>it may not need one there
15:18<mdz>it just calls MythPopupBox::showOkPopup
15:20<mdz>any suggestions for the text?
15:20<thor_>"Stop being a Doofus!"
15:20<Chutt2>something similar to the libversion mismatch
15:21<thor_>well, maybe you could make the button say, "OK, I'll stop being a doofus"
15:21+Peit|Home [] joined #mythtv
15:22<kvandivo>and "No, I think I want to continue being a doofus"
15:23<_rkulagow>mdz: are you going to be around for a while? i'm trying to compile CVS on Xebian (debian for xbox) and i'm running into issues...
15:23<mdz>does tr() only work on constant strings?
15:23<mdz>_rkulagow: yeah, a few more hours probably
15:23<_rkulagow>ok, i'll ping you after daughter goes to sleep.
15:23<Peit|Home>i've tried searching google for this, but haven't found an explanation, I'm trying to transcode a file, and I get the following the backend log "Transcoding /mnt/store/mpegs/MythTV-Shows//1057_20040124120000_20040124130000.nuv aborted because of cutlist update", I've completely cleared the cutlist, but It's still happening, could this be caused because it can't look up channel 1057?
15:23<mdz>so I could do a tr(QString("blahblah %1 blah blah").arg(foo))?
15:23<_rkulagow>(nap, actually)
15:23<Chutt2>but, it's generally a good idea not to have the %1 in the translation
15:23<Chutt2>else people are going to remove it
15:23<mdz>why would they do a silly thing like that?
15:24<mdz>it's impossible to translate it correctly without substitutions
15:24<sfr>b/c translators are stupid? ;)
15:24<Chutt2>leave it in, anyway
15:24<thor_>people tried to translate the debugging output of transcode
15:31<mdz>ok, that works
15:31<mdz>annoying, though
15:31<mdz>since it doesn't give up
15:31<mdz>and ends up popping up the dialog again when you do something else
15:31<mdz>like exit
15:32<racer>wtf, is a clock skew detected during compile?
15:32<Chutt2>mdz, it's supposed to be annoying =)
15:32<mdz>racer: make uses the modification timestamps on files to determine what needs to be compiled. if your clock changes during the build, it breaks
15:32<mdz>Chutt2: commit?
15:33<Chutt2>sure, go for it
15:33<mdz>old frontends will talk to new backends fine, but the opposite will break
15:33<mdz>since the frontend will try to query for the version
15:34<racer>strange things are happening during compile, it is very long waiting on globalsettings.o
15:34<racer>and the it breaks and the error comes up
15:34<kvandivo>no kidding..
15:35<racer>have to make clean distclean i think
15:36<racer>and recompile?
15:36<thor_>and fix your time
15:36<racer>its on a new (2nd) machine, the first machine compiled fine
15:37<racer>ok, thnx guys will try
15:38<mdz>somebody else changed mythcontext.h since I did my last update
15:38<mdz>no conflicts, but now I have to recompile everything to make sure it still builds :-P
15:39<Rince>damned... ;-)
15:41<o_cee>_rkulagow: where are you at?
15:41<thor_>think he's settling his daughter for a nap
15:42<o_cee>oh, nap.. thought he had to be in europe if she'd be going to sleep
15:43<o_cee>have you thought any more about the little mythmusic mockup?
15:43<mdz>_rkulagow: I assume Xebian is based on some snapshot more recent than woody?
15:44<o_cee>removing the playlist to a popup or something would make room for alot of nice things..
15:44<mdz>otherwise it hasn't a chance
15:44<thor_>sorry, playlist in a popup ?
15:44<o_cee>heheh, yeah.. like.. an overlay?
15:45<o_cee>that hides
15:45<o_cee>just a crazy idea i got
15:45<thor_>I think people would be miffed if their navigation tree went away (?)
15:46<o_cee>bah, always the people :)
15:46<o_cee>i've never tried freevo, but their music playing thingie looks nice:
15:46<o_cee>_looks_ nice.
15:47<o_cee>don't know what it's like not having a playlist.. not that i'd mind, i always play by albums anyway
15:47<o_cee>or a bunch of albums
15:47+KeyserLaptop [] joined #mythtv
15:48<thor_>well, I guess if we made it optional ... I dunno ...
15:48<o_cee>me neither..
15:48<o_cee>there was a guy a while back ago that was the author of some jukebox software
15:48<o_cee>that said he'd improve mythmusic.. did that ever happen?
15:49<thor_>well, steelep does seem to be working on smart/sql-based playlists
15:50<sfr>what is traditional conflict resolution referring to?
15:51<steelep>seem being the operative keyword here :)
15:52+holger [] joined #mythtv
15:52<o_cee>thor_: okay, new idea.. imagine the play screen beeing two screens wide, press a button to sliiiiiide to the other one where the playlist is (wich then of course could be alot bigger)..
15:53<thor_>heh .... don't think it'll be there for 0.14, but nice transitions like that would be great
15:53<o_cee>nah, not talking .14 now :)
15:54<thor_>or pahli_bar could write us a MythDialog --> MythDialog rolling cube GL transition
15:54<o_cee>i just feel that the playlist you see is to small to be really useful, and the area that's left is to small..
15:54<o_cee>hehehhe :)
15:55<thor_>no question things could be improved
15:55<thor_>... gotta run .... friggin conference call
15:55<o_cee>and while we're at this.. :) now with the albumart visualizer, it would be nice if you could set that one as the default and goom to the fallback viz if there aren't any pics.. ah well :)
15:55<o_cee>talk to you later :)
15:55<steelep>is there someplace that tells me the keycodes for mythdvd?
15:56<o_cee>never used it
15:56*pahli_bar wants to shoot down all users...
15:56<steelep>I can't seem to get the first choice of menus to run...
15:56<steelep>1 goes to second, 2 goes to 3rd, etc.
15:56<o_cee>pahli_bar: me? :)
15:56<pahli_bar>some frigging guy wants images to be symlinked instead of being copied over
15:57<steelep>0, enter, space or p don't work either
15:57<pahli_bar>o_cee: nah... not you
15:59<o_cee>ooh, btw pahli_bar
15:59<o_cee>do you have some kind of title in the new mythnews at the bottom?
15:59<o_cee>haven't tried it yet
15:59<o_cee>but i think i saw that on some screenshot?
15:59<Chutt2>pahli_bar, you all good for a release on saturday?
15:59<steelep>would be nice to scroll the text in mythnews
15:59*o_cee doesn't think Chutt2 is the real Chutt :)
15:59<pahli_bar>Chutt2: i was ready last week ;) bring it on
15:59<steelep>I always resort to brosing
15:59<Chutt2>isn't text to scroll
16:00<Chutt2>generally, at least
16:00*o_cee does cvs update in /mythewns
16:01<pahli_bar>steelep: i haven't seen a single site which provides enough info for a need to scroll
16:01<mdz>Chutt2: hmm, someone should add support for the version check to mythweb
16:01<steelep>ALL of my sites need it
16:01<pahli_bar>steelep: what you see is what you have :)
16:01<steelep>try putting blogs in your list
16:01<pahli_bar>steelep: examples?
16:02<pahli_bar>steelep: ah.... for the next release i can set it up so that pressing enter will pop up a transparent window (overlay style) to show the full text
16:02<steelep>lots of blogs that I read put a paragraph or two in the test of the rss feed
16:02<steelep>that wfm
16:02<steelep>works for me
16:03<o_cee>oh, another thing.. i'm still getting the buttons pushed out of screen on the advanced rec screen if the description is to long.. if anyone needs something easy (?) to fix ;)
16:03<Chutt2>a generic scrollable popup window would be nice for help text as well
16:03<pahli_bar>overlay style?
16:03<o_cee>and description text.. pressing "whatever" when watching tv brings up the full description.. ?
16:04<pahli_bar>Chutt2: that would definitely be cool. time to hack a new uitype
16:05<pahli_bar>maybe better as a qdialog. no messing around with too many keyevents
16:06<pahli_bar>let me see what i can do.
16:06=KeyserSoze [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:07<o_cee>pahli_bar: <-- shouldn't that title use the title thingie from theme.xml instead?
16:07KeyserLaptopis now known as KeyserSoze
16:08<pahli_bar>o_cee: title? do you mean the big transparent "mythnews"
16:08<o_cee>yeah, that one
16:08<Chutt2>it's part of the ui.xml
16:08<Chutt2>not theme.xml
16:09<o_cee><image mode="VIDEO">title/title_video.png</image> <-- like that one
16:09<Chutt2>that's only for the menu
16:09<o_cee>yeah but... hmm :)
16:10<o_cee>maybe i should put a title that matches the rest in there for mythnews
16:10<pahli_bar>o_cee: you can put a plain transparent black image at the bottom. and overlay one more image with the title
16:12<o_cee>or just put a news-ui.xml in /GANT and change the title right?
16:12<o_cee>oh, maybe it aint an image
16:12<pahli_bar>its an image
16:12=virzyz [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:13<o_cee>news-info-bg.png ?
16:13<sfr>what's a channels callsign? it's short name?
16:13<o_cee>don't you think it'd look better to have the same font as the other titles i use in gant?
16:14<Rince>sfr: the part you have in the OSD as short name
16:14<steelep>like KUTP or WASU
16:14<Rince>PRO7 and 9LIVE ;)
16:14<sfr>steelep: just what i meant ;)
16:14<pahli_bar>o_cee: yes that would definitely be nice. thats what themers like you can ensure :)
16:14<steelep>that's not really a shortname though
16:14<steelep>it's an official callsign :)
16:14<Rince>btw... is there anywhere considered that two companies "share" one channel? Here i have two channels where morning until midday is company one and at the evening company two...
16:15<kvandivo>check the mail archives. that has been discussed there, i believe
16:15<steelep>Rince: sat providers and cable cos do that alot
16:15<o_cee>pahli_bar: i'll see if i can get it in tomorrow :)
16:16<pahli_bar>o_cee: not a big problem. i'm not even sure if it will be visible on a TV.
16:16*steelep disappears into the ether as he goes back to his real job ...
16:26=Drikus [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:30=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:35=kc135 [] quit ("Leaving")
16:37+livesNbox [] joined #mythtv
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16:38<plac3bo>so, does anyone know if 0.14 is being released this weekend?
16:38<sfr>what means polarity 'right circular' in the dvb channel editor?
16:43cmorgan_awayis now known as cmorgan
16:47<Chutt2>sfr, i'd leave most of that stuff untranslated
16:47<sfr>yeah, figured that
16:48+dilate [] joined #mythtv
16:50+dilate_ [] joined #mythtv
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16:52+holger [] joined #mythtv
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17:01+dilate_ [] joined #mythtv
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17:14<plac3bo>i'v been having problems with focus being on the correct window while using a IR remote WM is kde...anyone else see this behavior?
17:14<thor_>change your focus policy
17:16<plac3bo>kde offers 4 policies if i'm not mistaken...none of which solved the problem?
17:18<thor_>there are thousands of people using myth under kdm, for a small sample of how they did it:
17:18<thor_> Your search for focus returned 989 results
17:30cmorganis now known as cmorgan_away
17:32+jbeimler_ [] joined #mythtv
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17:38+dilate [] joined #mythtv
17:47+holger [] joined #mythtv
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17:58=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:58<drd>kde blows when it comes to remembering settings and changing styles of windows
17:58%Netsplit <-> quits: jeffpc, kvandivo, UKP, aceat64
17:59%Netsplit over, joins: jeffpc, kvandivo, UKP, aceat64
17:59%ServerMode/#mythtv: +bbb fulmust!*@* *!*dmitry@* *!*BigJim@* by
18:03<plac3bo>drd: yes, it does. what WM would you recommend?
18:05=KeyserSoze [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:18+virsys [] joined #mythtv
18:25+DarkBeer [] joined #mythtv
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18:36+dj1 [] joined #mythtv
18:36+livesNbox [] joined #mythtv
18:37-dj1 [] left #mythtv ()
18:37<livesNbox>hey guys -- how can I make mythtv output the highest quality picture and sound during live tv watching ?
18:37<thor_>buyt a PVR-350 (and set your Live profile to the highest possible levels)
18:38<livesNbox>pvr-350 eh....
18:39+dj1 [] joined #mythtv
18:39dj1is now known as dja1
18:39<sfr>a pcHDTV card should beat it qualitywise though ;)
18:39=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
18:39<livesNbox>yeah I wish those could like take component in signals
18:39<livesNbox>I'm tempted to wait until a card comes out that can
18:40<dja1>does the author of mythweb hang out here?
18:40<livesNbox>so is pvr-350 considered the best for mythtv ?
18:41<drd>plac3bo: dunno yet, have been too lazy to find a new one that does what i want heh... enlightenment 0.15 worked well
18:42<drd>whuts so special about how the pvr-350 decodes?
18:42<_shad>Can anyone help me with a database problem?
18:42<drd>hows it better quality than any other decoder?
18:42<thor_>for output to a standard tv (NTSC or PAL), yup
18:42<thor_>it's not the decoder
18:42<livesNbox>what about to a HDTV ?
18:42<thor_>it's the signal out
18:42<livesNbox>i have a big screen HDTV.
18:42<livesNbox>so.. quality counts a lot...
18:43<drd>whuts special about the signal out then? :(
18:43<thor_>then a PVR-350 would only be of use for content that was originally NTSC/PAL broadcast, not HDTV
18:43<thor_>drd, perfect interlaced analog signal, just like you get out of your cable
18:43<livesNbox>any idea if this card would work ?
18:44<thor_>if you want HDTV, get a pcHDTV
18:44<thor_>(in NA)
18:44<livesNbox>yeah, but this takes component in
18:44<livesNbox>not just OTA
18:44<thor_>compenent in from what ?
18:45<livesNbox>from anything I would assume
18:45<thor_>think you can find a descrambler that is going to give you component out ?
18:45<livesNbox>yeah I have a dishnetwork set top box
18:45<livesNbox>that gives me component out.
18:45<livesNbox>wait a sec.. that might be component in
18:46<livesNbox>er i mean
18:46<drd>so i guess thats why video look interlacey on my tv unless i deinterlace first
18:46<livesNbox>that might be component out from the card
18:46<drd>coz of shitty output card?
18:47<livesNbox>yeah.. that's just a component output from the card
18:47<livesNbox>still just svideo in
18:47<livesNbox>but at only $100 more.. i think it might be sweet to have component out..
18:48<drd>i think the svideo output card i got fuct my tv actually ;/
18:48<drd>anyone thinky thats possible?
18:50<livesNbox>thinky poo
18:51<livesNbox>so is there anything I can do to make my picture/sound better without buying new hardware ?
18:51<_rkulagow>that stupid "autoresponder" guy is still on the list.
18:52+gfoster [] joined #mythtv
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18:52<_rkulagow>mdz: here?
18:52<drd>-shrug- livesnbox
18:53+gfoster [] joined #mythtv
18:53<livesNbox>like.. the audio sounds pretty crappy
18:53<livesNbox>like it's being compressed too much
18:54<drd>whut u encoding with
18:54<livesNbox>not sure.
18:54<livesNbox>hwo do I check ?
18:54<gfoster>Hi folks - anyone have experience controlling Expressvu/Echostar hardware via IR ?
18:55<drd>with my pvr-250 the video was choppy until i lowered the sound quality a tad
18:55<livesNbox>well my sound/video works like a dream, just seems kind of compressed....
18:56<gfoster>Does someone have Digikey part nums for the simple transmit gear (lirc) ?
18:56<gfoster>(or a pointer to where I should be looking if this isn't the right place) ?
18:57<sfr>o_cee: mythmusic looks nice with gant. but the 4 frames around the 'Mix, Repeat...' touch the buttons below here.
18:59=gfoster [] quit ("leaving")
18:59<sfr>yeah, we've got it together baby *sing a long*
18:59<drd>gant is sexy
19:13=Chutt2 [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:15<sfr>where/how can the explanation to the status icons be found?
19:19<dja1>do you mean in the "Watch Recordings" screen? if so, type "1" :-)
19:19<sfr>hrmpf, from keys.txt?
19:20<dja1>nope, from a mythtv-commits mailing :-)
19:20<sfr>ok, i only read them briefly :)
19:21<dja1>yeah...the status icons where always a pain for me -- so when chutt added the "1" key, I was very happy...:-)
19:25=lmatter [] quit ("Leaving")
19:25<sfr>hm, i hope o_cee will create some better-looking status icons one day.
19:35=rOOfus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:40cmorgan_awayis now known as cmorgan
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19:58+etcp [] joined #mythtv
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20:04+brunes [] joined #mythtv
20:05<brunes>hey... anyone here have any experience with zoran based cards ( ZR36120 ) ?
20:06<brunes>I am having this problem with this one I just got.. it constantly says "device or resource busy", even thought he module loads fine
20:06<brunes>v4l-conf: using X11 display :0
20:06<brunes>dga: version 2.0
20:06<brunes>mode: 640x480, depth=24, bpp=32, bpl=2560, base=0xd4000000
20:06<brunes>can't open /dev/video1: Device or resource busy
20:06=livesNbox [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:07+lmatter [] joined #mythtv
20:07<sfr>brunes: try /dev/video0 maybe?
20:08<brunes>no, thats my bt848 card
20:08<brunes>which works fine..
20:08<brunes>v4l-conf: using X11 display :0
20:08<brunes>dga: version 2.0
20:08<brunes>mode: 640x480, depth=24, bpp=32, bpl=2560, base=0xd4000000
20:08<brunes>/dev/video0 [v4l2]: ioctl VIDIOC_QUERYCAP: Invalid argument
20:08<brunes>/dev/video0 [v4l]: configuration done
20:09<brunes>its weird.. and I know for a fact no processes are using either card..
20:12<brunes>maybe ill try upgrading the system to 2.6..
20:22=sfr [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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21:08<brunes>damn, the driver doesnt work in 2.6
21:28+Niqo [] joined #mythtv
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22:16<livesNbox>anyone tried knoppmyth ?
22:17<livesNbox>also -- anyone know what I can do to make my tv-out card not flicker while linux boots ?
22:18<KeyserSoze>hmmm. maybe you could compile it as a module, and not load it until you are about to start X?
22:18<KeyserSoze>when does it stop flickering?
22:18<livesNbox>hmm.. well -- actually I'd like to just go fix it so it works while it's booting
22:18<livesNbox>I read something about adjusting the card's properties..
22:18<livesNbox>but can't find it now
22:18<livesNbox>it stops flickering upon entering X
22:20<KeyserSoze>what kind of tv out card?
22:20<livesNbox>umm.. ati Radeon 9000
22:20<livesNbox>svideo out
22:20<KeyserSoze>do you use an ati driver for that?
22:20*KeyserSoze uses fglrx on his laptop with ati radeon 9200
22:20<livesNbox>i think that's what I use
22:21<livesNbox>you don't get any flicker while it's bootin gup ?
22:21<KeyserSoze>i never use tv out on my laptop, sorry
22:21<livesNbox>ah.. hehe
22:21<KeyserSoze>i haven't even used mythtv yet. :)
22:22<livesNbox>ah found it
22:22<livesNbox>well I'm just about to try knoppmyth -- it's like a "mythtv os"
22:22<livesNbox>supposedly for boxes dedicated to myth
22:23<KeyserSoze>i've heard about knoppmyth, and was planning to use it when my capture cards arrive in the mail
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22:30<livesNbox>i'll let you know how it worked if yer still around in a bit.. peace
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22:33<JonnyRo>is anyone here running mythtv on kernel 2.6.1?
22:34<JonnyRo>I am having horrible performance compared to mythtv .11 on 2.4.20
22:34<JonnyRo>it's almost impossible to watch and record at the same time
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22:39<Chutt>then don't use 2.6
22:40<KeyserSoze>heh. "doctor, it hurts when i do this"
22:40<KeyserSoze>JonnyRo: did you compile your own kernel for both?
22:43<JonnyRo>KeyserSoze: yea
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23:39<overridex>hi guys, i'm having trouble getting mythtv to actually use my change-channel script, the script works (it's the from the contrib dir) as i can call it at a shell to change the channel on my cable box, but mythtv doesn't even seem to try to use it... i have it set in myth's setup program
23:40<thor_>ls -l
23:41<overridex>-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 722 Jan 29 23:21 /usr/bin/
23:42<overridex>i can change the channel with the script as the user mythbackend is running as
23:42<thor_>ah ... that was my question
23:42<overridex>mythtv changes the channel number, and rebuffers the video, but it's the same channel if you know what i mean
23:43<overridex>the overlay's channel number changes
23:43<mdz>_rkulagow: back
23:47<overridex>hmmph this is just strange :)
23:48<thor_>never used an external channel changer ... if you turn up the logging verbosity it may tell you what it's attempting to do
23:48<overridex>yeah i just tried that hmmm
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