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00:08<Chutt>niqo, since you've not done any debugging on that issue, and i can't reproduce it, it's up to you to fix it.
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00:18<Deadkitty>What good mythtv forums are there?
00:24<Chutt>the mailing lists.
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00:28<Chutt>those are the mailing list archives.
00:36<bline>wow, i didnt know we owned .org
00:47<Deadkitty>It's probably just a 30 year lease
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00:55<[alpha]>Anyone got mythtv to work with a DVB card? [looking to purchase hardware]
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01:05<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, about the "deleting a recording while it's being commflagged" question from rkugalow... I thought I had it checking to see if the recording still existed before writing the positionmap out but I can't find any code that does that check. I put it high up on my TODO list to do something about this and also to try to signal the commflagging thread to stop when it's show is deleted.
01:06<thor_>Chutt, I have looked over the AlbumArt stuff ... actually seems to work fine ... I have a small patch that will draw a "?" instead of a completely black pixmap if nothing is found .... not sure if I should commit that or not?
01:07<Chutt>thor, that's fine to commit
01:07<Chutt>captain_murdoch, cool =)
01:07<thor_>helps to know you're not just running Blank I guess ... not sure if it's really useful
01:08<Captain_Murdoch>what would you guys think of a popup menu that would let you zoom the video as well as changing position onscreen? I keep getting annoyed by stations that decide that school closings are more important than me being able to watch CSI fullscreen. :)
01:08<thor_>sounds like a "zoom out the ticker" filter
01:09<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, sometimes it's just the bottom and sometimes it's like they keep the aspect ratio correct and there's a bar on the left and bottom.
01:09<thor_>bit fiddly to get it to work right
01:09<Captain_Murdoch>I'm thinking more manual to begin with. I've seen DVD players that do things like that.
01:12<Chutt>i dunno
01:13<Captain_Murdoch>I have "recording groups" working as well. Can put all my shows into one group, wife's into another, stuff we both watch into a third, etc.. On the playbackbox screen you can view a single group or all. Group can have a password as well.
01:13<Chutt>what _i_ want is a generic osd menu
01:13<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, I was thinking about that, just haven't thought of a way to do it. :)
01:13<Chutt>pahli_bar's uilistbtntype
01:14<Chutt>or whatever it is
01:14<Chutt>would work nicely as a OSD type as well
01:14<thor_>heh, you read my mind
01:15<thor_>need a nice way for you to be able to make quick menu choices (especially what's playing on other boxes) without neccesarily killing the current video as the mfd goes forward
01:15<Captain_Murdoch>don't know if I know what that looks like. need something, using NewDialogBox doesn't look too good sometimes.
01:16<Captain_Murdoch>and a "Start" button of course ;)
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01:17<Uberbot>Can someone recommend somewhere to buy a nice htpc chassis?
01:17<thor_>if we could do that in (and out of ) OSD .... it would be great for things like "DVD inserted->1 RIP it, 2 Play it, 3 Go Away
01:18<Chutt>thor, naw, regular popup box outside of tv viewing
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01:18<Sobek_>can someone help me figure out a sound issue>
01:18<thor_>(user configurable) it would be _really_ nice to not matter if video was playing or not
01:18<Sobek_>I have a worbleish sound while watching live tv.
01:19<Chutt>well, yeah, but we can popup something different outside
01:19<Captain_Murdoch>I remember seeing that now. that could work well. might be nice to have popup menus elsewhere. if they had the same api....
01:19<Chutt>just need a message object that can know the difference
01:19<thor_>yup ... exactly
01:19<Sobek_>I am using alsa on fedora and there is a really anoying issue with the sound
01:19<Chutt>sobek, ask on the users mailing list/
01:20<Sobek_>Why not in the users irc room>? :-)
01:20<Chutt>because this isn't a users help channel?
01:20<Captain_Murdoch>sure, goto #mythtv-users and ask there. ;)
01:20<mikegrb>Captain_Murdoch: indeed
01:20<Sobek_>What is the purpose of this channel?
01:20<Chutt>and i'm _trying_ to have a little dev discussion, which you're rudely interrupting
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01:21<Chutt>there's a difference between a popup like that dvd thing and a multi-tiered menu
01:22<Chutt>something like the existing osd dialog class would work for that
01:22<Chutt>just needs an interface that can decide between that and a mythpopup
01:23<Chutt>event listener, or just a function in the context?
01:23<thor_>I dunno ... I just keep thinking about how to have a really brain dead client to talk to the mfd
01:23<Chutt>event listener, then
01:24<thor_>and trying to keep remote keypresses down to a tiny set
01:24<Chutt>get a message over the socket
01:24<Chutt>pass it along to whoever's on top (ie, video display, or a mythdialog-subclass)
01:25<thor_>I guess ... I've been going in circles on it ... won't really know what I mean till I start actually trying to write it/adapt it
01:26<Chutt>hate having to clean up patches
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01:26<Chutt>and waiting for globalsettings to compile
01:26<thor_>bloated library, should be all plugins
01:27<Chutt>captain_murdoch, your instant record thingie is in, you know. just disabled
01:27<Captain_Murdoch>that seems to compile so much faster on my work laptop with 1G of ram.
01:27<hadees>does anyone know if having alot of coax cable together can cause interference with the signal going into the computer
01:27<Chutt>since no one was fixing the problems
01:27<Captain_Murdoch>chutt, yeah, that's why I said rework or whatever word I used. :) I did look into that at one point.
01:27<Chutt>oh yeah
01:27<Chutt>i misread your first sentence
01:29<Captain_Murdoch>I think I looked at that once and thought it might be overcomplicating things but don't remember. not a high priority, but on my list.
01:29<Chutt>it was overcomplicating things
01:30<thor_>bah, AlbumArt never comes up if you're in Random mode
01:30<thor_>oh well ... if I go in there and mess with it, I'll probably screw something up
01:30<Chutt>this 'warn on channel change' patch is the last non-bugfix/doc thing i'm committing
01:30<Captain_Murdoch>that's what I thought. and that's why I was thinking rewrite if necessary.
01:33<Captain_Murdoch>I demoed myth to somebody at work the other day tunneling 6543 and mysql through ssh to my server at home over the cablemodem. even played video. because of buffering it would pause 5 seconds, play 1/2 second of video then pause again, etc.. :) they were impressed though.
01:43<Chutt>this patch doesn't work at all
01:43<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, do you mind an undocumented (ie, not even in mythbackend's help) commandline argument called --nosched. it disables the scheduler. it will crash if anything tries to use the scheduler but makes development easier because I can work on a copy of my real database but don't have to worry about it trying to fire off recordings.
01:43<thor_>heh .... there seem to be a lot pf patches recently that fix 2/3rds of a problem
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01:45<Chutt>sure, that's fine
01:46<Chutt>and i noticed a typo in the help text for the new option
01:46<Chutt>so i get to recompile globalsettings _again_
01:46<Captain_Murdoch>ok. figured I'd check first.
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01:47<Captain_Murdoch>I have a cron job that runs nightly that copies my real database to my dev database and then links all recordings into the dev system's recordings directory.
01:47<Captain_Murdoch>and updates a couple settings in the db to make the dev machine the master, etc..
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01:51<Captain_Murdoch>I think the jumppoint for the manual recording scheduler actually jumps to the instant recorder.
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02:31<ShockValue>anyone have a gamepad hooked up and using it with mythgame?
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02:55<ShockValue>what kind of 'tags' does mythmusic recognise? I assume id3 and id3v2, but how about vorbis-comments?/
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05:04<DogBoy>any suggestions for taking a screen capture of my mythtv?
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05:37<Rule>Hi Folks. Small question : How is the recordings screenshot taken ? Is it after 5 minutes into the show, or the first frame.. or.. The problem I have is that more often than not, I have a screenshot linked to the recording that is from the commercial just before the show. Can I define it to re-take an image that is outside of the commercial cuts ?
05:38<thor_>phew, only if you really want to fiddle with MythWeb code
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05:39<o_cee>Chutt: you around?
05:39<Rule>thor : hmmm haven't read it yet. I assumed it was the same image as used in the Myth GUI ?
05:39<thor_>o_cee, you have anything left for 0.14?
05:39<o_cee>i need to fix something in gant
05:40<thor_>Rule, ah possibly ....
05:40<o_cee>but i'm not sure i'll have time to do it today.. but it's real easy and chutt could do it himself
05:41<thor_>something in the theme, or something to do with code ?
05:41<o_cee>is he asleep?
05:42<thor_>probably, it's quarter to 6 am in the NE
05:42<o_cee>text-blank.png needs to be cut a little in height
05:42<o_cee>oh :)
05:42<o_cee>if you select swedish, you see the top of the menu alternatives second line that wraps
05:43<o_cee>not pretty :)
05:43<o_cee>not pretty at all
05:43<o_cee>i'll try to fix it right away anyway
05:43<thor_>heh, I'm not going to touch anything at this point ...
05:43<o_cee>i need to touch this.. try switching to swedish and see for yourself :)
05:44<thor_>I believe you, just nothing I can do about it
05:44<o_cee>nah :)
05:44<o_cee>these kinds of things are just not fun fixing.. also, cvs tree and my tree doesn't exactly match at the moment :)
05:46<ceed>humm i just now installed my pvr250
05:46<ceed>and trying it with my xbox as frontend, the picture seems to be jumping up and down about a pixel or two
05:47<thor_>ntsc/pal mismatch
05:47<sfr>update the ivtv driver or set the y resolution to 576 (for pal)
05:47<ceed>humm i set everything to pal i think
05:47<o_cee>ceed: try reading the docs.
05:49<ceed>width is 720 and height is 576, right?
05:50<sfr>at maximum, yes.
05:51<ceed>now what's left is fixing the color
05:52<o_cee>BAH. forgot make install in theme dir
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05:52<o_cee>now it's okay
05:52*o_cee wants cvs write access :)
05:52<o_cee>you want to commit it thor or should i email chutt?
05:52<ceed>humm do i need to adjust "hue" to get stronger colors?
05:52<o_cee>just try, it won't blow up
05:52<o_cee>that's what the rest of us does
05:53<thor_>no, email Chutt
05:54<thor_>in 24 hours (post 0.14) I'll commit anything you like :-)
05:56<o_cee>just emailed him, he should see it
05:56<o_cee>he will see it :)
05:56<o_cee>ah well, time for a shower..
05:56<o_cee>go get some sleep thor :)
05:56<o_cee>talk to you later
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06:59<DogBoy>.14 coming up eh
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07:17<sfr>in the geek world, all woman still seem to _love_ cooking.
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07:32<Toastie>If I have a budget DVB card, what are my options for using a CI module?
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08:35<Spida>anybody awake here?
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09:07<pahli_bar>no one
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10:27<o_cee>Chutt: you awake yet?
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10:29<pahli_bar>hey o_cee.
10:29<pahli_bar>it might be afternoon before we see Chutt again.
10:29<o_cee>oh.. preparing for the big day ;)
10:30<pahli_bar>i was kind of expecting to wake up and see 0.14 released :(
10:30<o_cee>think he said he'd pack it up today
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10:50<Chutt>bah, it's not even 11 yet, give me a little time :p
10:50<o_cee>heheheh :)
10:50<o_cee>you got my mail?
10:53<o_cee>good :)
10:57<_rkulagow>chutt: which of the following should i use in the docs: RTJPEG, RTJpeg, RTjpeg or something else?
10:59<Chutt>how's stuff looking for you?
10:59<Chutt>ooh, one thing, if you don't mind
10:59<Chutt>have you written anything about the 'channel editor' in setup?
10:59<_rkulagow>as far as commits? i've put up .14 already, but won't bump until after you've packaged, so everything will stay at .14 for now.
11:00<_rkulagow>i think bruce mentioned it in his filter docs.
11:00<Chutt>it may be nice to have a note in there that people using tv_grab_na shouldn't use the channel editor until after they've run mythfilldatabase
11:01<Chutt>and that even then, they probably don't need to touch it
11:01<_rkulagow>ok, i'll see where to put it in. how long until packaging?
11:02<Chutt>i'm going through all the modules now, applying sfr's latest translation patch and making sure the version numbers are at 0.14
11:03<Chutt>i'll wait until you say you're ready for the final packaging, though =)
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11:03<_rkulagow>ok, i'll work on it and let you know. bbl.
11:04<Chutt>thanks =)
11:05*o_cee is away: food time
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11:32<aaearon>has anyone had experience with motherboards that have nvidia soundstorm onboard audio? did you get it to work without much trouble?
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11:57<pahli_bar>heh. if you do a spell check in emacs it recognizes emacs as a valid word but not xemacs
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12:02<_rkulagow>when you ispell bruce markey's email address the recommended spelling is "bum".
12:05<Chutt>writing up the release announcement takes forever
12:06<pahli_bar>heh. i just made a rc release of my app and my release announcement was: see changelog
12:07<Chutt>i never got in the habit of keeping a changelog
12:07*pahli_bar sneaks away to check if he put a changelog in mythnews and mythgallery
12:08<pahli_bar>duh. only in mythnews, and that too is not updated.
12:08<Chutt>i don't believe you did
12:09<pahli_bar>will update them after the release
12:09<Chutt>i've already made tarballs + uploaded them for everything but mythtv
12:10<pahli_bar>there goes my afternoon :)
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12:21<Chutt>hey thor
12:22<pahli_bar>thor_: still groggy from last night's party? ;)
12:22<thor_>heh ... drinking coffee
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12:27<Chutt>I was wondering if you have looked into a client server system?
12:27<Chutt>The idea would be to have MythTv running as a server that pc or xboxes
12:27<Chutt>could connect to and pull down content. One could even build a thin
12:27<Chutt>Linux client that could connect directly to a TV.
12:28<thor_>that on a list somewhere ?
12:28<Chutt>private email to me
12:28<thor_>someone got closed proprietary Windows client
12:29<thor_>uhm, yeah we "do" that (wrong tense, right idea)
12:30<thor_>might even document the protocol (when it actually works)
12:33*bdale plugs in his pchdtv card for the first time...
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12:41<o_cee>internet explorer is so damn annoying when doing homepages
12:41*o_cee is back (gone 01:34:19)
12:41<Chutt>rkulagow, what's the word?
12:41<o_cee>anyone who could check a page for me on konq or something?
12:42<o_cee>updating the server
12:43<_rkulagow>well, i'm compiling now, but i've got to go pickup my wife's cousin from a sleepover. it'll be another hour or so before i can finish up. too late?
12:43<o_cee> (there's some image replacement going on on the header, it works as it should in moz and opera, but ie is strange)
12:48<Chutt>rkulagow, naw, that's cool
12:48<Chutt>just was wondering if you had an estimate, is all
12:49<Chutt>o_cee, what's it supposed to look like?
12:49<o_cee>i could take a screenshot here.. hold on
12:50<o_cee>or fire up mozilla :)
12:50<Chutt>it looks the same in mozilla or konq, here
12:50<o_cee>then it's only IE left.. what a surprise
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12:56<krash314>Anyone here that can help me with the format of the vob files created when ripping a DVD using MythDVD?
12:57<Chutt>they're a direct copy off the dvd.
12:57<krash314>and if I want to put them back on a dvd?
12:57<Chutt>why exactly would you do that?
12:58<krash314>if my original dvd has problems?
12:59<Chutt>ask elsewhere.
13:00<ceed>humm with a pvr 250 on a fast backend and a xbox as frontend, motion seems to kind of skip some frames
13:01<krash314>Chutt: not looking to do something illegal here. if i want to rip a dvd I can just copy the whole structure and then mkisofs and dvdrecord. that's not what i'm looking for
13:02<Chutt>still the same answer
13:02<Chutt>ask user-support questions on the mailing list
13:03<krash314>k. sorry to bother you
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13:07<o_cee>it was "line-height" that made IE go boom. microsoft never stops to amaze
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13:18<paulc35>Hey: Finally got the ivtv-fb / tv-out working on the pvr-350 card. Nice! Two questions though:
13:19<paulc35>First, I am not able to be recording and at the same time watch a recording, although I was able to do this when I was operating without tv-out on the pvr-350. Is this a limitation of the hardware, my hardware, or the ...
13:21<paulc35>Second question: How about the unloading of the ivtv-fb module? I tried the suggestion of loading another framebuffer module first, but then the ivtv-fb would load but tv-out didn't work. Was that perhaps because the ...
13:21<paulc35>framebuffer device for the pvr card moved, say from fb0 to fb1?
13:22<paulc35>Maybe I should ask these on the ivtv list?! :)
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13:36<o_cee>yeah, you should.
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13:53<_rkulagow>chutt: i'm back. gimme a few minutes and i should be good to commit.
13:57<_rkulagow>ok, i just looked at the channel editor. i guess post -.14 channel 2 can come before channel 7. (seems that the sort should maybe have an implied "0" for single-digit channels)
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13:58<Morph>hmm where is the setting for how often myth prebuffers playback?
13:59<o_cee>Morph: there is no such setting
13:59<Morph>hmm..seems to be prebuffering quite a bit here.
14:00<o_cee>after a time of watching live tv?
14:00<sfr>Morph: exit live-tv and reenter it and see if it's better then.
14:00<o_cee>using .13 or cvs?
14:00<Morph>no. on playback of a recorded show.
14:00<Morph>o_cee: cvs
14:01<o_cee>i've seen it while watching live tv for a while it starts to stutter..
14:01<o_cee>very odd
14:01<Morph>this is right away..
14:01<o_cee>using ivtv .1.9?
14:01<Morph>yeah. very odd.
14:01<sfr>happens here too, but only after switching channels a few times.
14:01<Morph>Yup. but that shouldnt be an issue...its a recorded show..not live tv.
14:02<o_cee>Morph: try playing it in mplayer?
14:02<Morph>yeah. looks fine. no stuttering.
14:02<sfr>o_cee: do you see an increased cpu load when it happens?
14:05<_rkulagow>chutt: syncing now.
14:07+overridex [] joined #mythtv
14:07-overridex [] left #mythtv ("For the Dark Master...")
14:14+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
14:16<o_cee>sfr: sorry, was on the phone. haven't checked that
14:17<Morph>looking closer..its prebuffering every second or so.
14:17*o_cee is away: Gone
14:24+quink_ [] joined #mythtv
14:24<thor_><_rkulagow>, section 10.5 of the docs has (virtually) the same NOTE: twice
14:27<_rkulagow>yep, cut and paste error. i'll fix.
14:28<quink_>hey. i am having trouble watching live tv and i am not sure whats up
14:28<quink_>and whatever happens seems to kill the backend
14:30<o_cee>lovely error description.
14:30<quink_>well what would you like?
14:30<thor_>and 21.15/21.16 is a little confusing ... if you moved the first 2 paragraphs of 21.16 to 21.15, then addeded a no to the beginning of 21.16, that might be a little clearer .... but I'm being a bit nit picky ...
14:30<racer>where is the visor OSD theme downloadable?
14:30+choenig [] joined #mythtv
14:30<racer>i had it on my old box
14:31<racer>but can't find it on the site
14:31<racer>all i see it the themes but no osd?
14:31<racer>site has changed
14:34<_rkulagow>thor: that was actually on purpose; i did the same thing on "canada cable" so that two entries fall down to the same answer.
14:34<_rkulagow>i'll relook after .14.
14:36<quink_>when i go to live tv i get this: Unknown video codec: open: Device or resource busy
14:38<racer>visorosd not downloadable anymore?
14:38+quink [] joined #mythtv
14:40+[DOA]Tarkie [] joined #mythtv
14:41<_rkulagow>captain_murdoch: here?
14:44<dcas>is there a list of mythfrontend key bindings somewhere?
14:44<_rkulagow>alltogether now!
14:45<[DOA]Tarkie>i must do an introduction web site one day
14:45<thor_>no, then people will ask where the introductory site is
14:45<[DOA]Tarkie>good point
14:45<[DOA]Tarkie>0.14 today or tomorrow?
14:46<dcas>you should add the key bindings to the Documentation portion of the website.
14:46<thor_>you can set them all through mythweb
14:46<thor_>and the README clearly says to look at keys.txt
14:46<[DOA]Tarkie>Its here :
14:48<_rkulagow>the very first sentence in the HOWTO under "using mythtv" tells you to look at keys.txt.
14:51+exism [] joined #mythtv
14:51<dcas>I was thinking that perhaps some html could be generated from keys.txt and posted on the web.
14:53<o_cee>no point when the keys are customizable
14:54<dcas>where/how are the keybindings stored?
14:55<o_cee>the database?
14:56<Pete__>I agree it's there in the docs, but why not make it bold. It must be one of the most common questions.
14:56=jeffpc [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
14:57<dcas>Or link to it from the TOC.
14:57<o_cee>not really, the most common question is probably: "bohoo, i can't watch live tv and all it says that it can access /dev/dsp/, bohoo, what should i doo.. oh, i have to setup audio tooo? bohoooo!"
14:58<quink_>anyone willing to give me some help figuring out whats wrong with my install?
14:58<o_cee>use the mailinglist for that
14:58<thor_>oh, nm
14:58+hfb [] joined #mythtv
14:59<thor_>quink_, sounds like your video card is not recognized .... what's lspci say?
15:00*o_cee is away: milkshake time :)
15:00<sfr>o_cee: hmmm, selfmade?
15:00+jeffpc [] joined #mythtv
15:03<thor_>hmmm swedish girlfriend ... shower ... milkshake
15:03-Scytale [] left #mythtv ("Poff.")
15:07=quink [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:07+quink [] joined #mythtv
15:07<quink>damn internet
15:08+jhe [] joined #mythtv
15:08=quink_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:13<o_cee>sfr: yes indeed :)
15:14<o_cee>thor_: yepp. actually one of her girl friends are here as well. uhm, yeah
15:14<sfr>o_cee: and it's ingredients are: 1x car,1x money, 1x mcdonalds :)
15:15<o_cee>nooooo! :) i promise, did them myself
15:15<o_cee>the milkshakes that is..
15:15<o_cee>think i'm going to make another one
15:17<thor_>so ... just to recap ... _multiple_ swedish girlfriends, a shower, and _multiple_ milkshakes ...
15:18<o_cee>life's good :)
15:18<thor_>plus an iPod
15:18<sfr>plus mythtv 0.14
15:18<o_cee>well, not really mine, it's my girlfriends.. haven't been allowed to use it ;)
15:18<o_cee>with GANT :)
15:19+Spida [] joined #mythtv
15:19<sfr>and you need a working soundcard
15:20<o_cee>and yes, you can use myth "on a network"
15:20<thor_>if ALSA, try OSS, and vice versa
15:20<Spida>I have problems compiling ivtv...
15:20<mdz>dammit, the one you missed
15:21<mdz>that was yesterday's stock answer
15:21<o_cee>mdz: you saw what my problem with mythweb and your changes was?
15:21<thor_>cp ./utils/videodev2.h into ./driver/
15:21<mdz>o_cee: I broke it and Chutt fixed it and I hate PHP
15:21<o_cee>yeah, we had some troubleshooting once i could prove i wasn't running the wrong backend ;)
15:21<sfr>and stay clear of cvs ivtv. use version 0.1.9
15:22<o_cee>Spida: and don't unse those 2.6 kernels, please.
15:22<Spida>thor_: thx, that fixed it
15:22<o_cee>mdz: but was it working for you?
15:22<Spida>o_cee: I am on 2.4.24
15:23<o_cee>anyone heard the grou "The Knife"? swedish (new) group.. listening to them now, absolutely gourgeous music
15:23<sfr>cool. new game: guess the solution. and the winner for this round is: thor! pick up your shiny new washing machine at ...
15:23<o_cee>come over here and grab a milkshake!
15:24<mdz>o_cee: it was, oddly enough. maybe a different version of php?
15:24<thor_>thank you, thank you, thank you very much
15:24<thor_>I won't tell you what I'd like to grab
15:24<o_cee>mdz: 4.3.4 here.. think it's the latest "stable" version
15:24<sfr>thor_: aren't you married? tsts
15:24<o_cee>thor_: :)
15:24<thor_>oh, yeah
15:24<o_cee>ah well
15:25<o_cee>i'll grab som for you
15:25<sfr>hm, i'm not :)
15:25<mdz>o_cee: 4.3.3 here
15:25<o_cee>mdz: strange.. ah well, got it sorted before .14 :)
15:25<o_cee>that would have caused mailinglist traffic :)
15:26+KeyserLaptop [~gazicm@] joined #mythtv
15:26=hfb [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:29KeyserLaptopis now known as keysersoze
15:32keysersozeis now known as KeyserSoze
15:34<Spida>should ivtv's "./ /path/to/firmware/pvr250_16_21062.exe" give me any feedback?
15:34<sfr>at least two files
15:34<Spida>which ones?
15:35<o_cee>nah, it just does its thing
15:35<sfr>and btw, RTFREADME
15:35<Salec>be sure to ugh change /path/to/firmware ;)
15:36<Spida>yeah, I changed that path
15:36<mdz>also, #ivtv-dev
15:37<Spida>ok, I got the firmware-files extracted
15:38=jhe [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:38<o_cee>good for you.
15:38<drd>yeh,,, readme makes u work :/
15:39=enki [] quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
15:39<Spida>drd *g*
15:39<drd>they need to add stupid support for sis96x into kernel :(
15:40<drd>anybody here usin newer sis chipset?
15:40=sfr [] quit ("Client exiting")
15:41+sfr [] joined #mythtv
15:42<drd>anything that got assigned to irq 12 on my cheap mobo wouldnt work, sux, took me forever to figure out that everything would work fine if i plugged in a mouse
15:42<drd>on the compooter i got for mythtv heh
15:46<DogBoy>how _did_ you figure that one out
15:46<drd>shit wasnt working.... then after a while i realized everything that was getting assigned to irq 12 wasnt working
15:47<drd>so i fugred i'd plug a mouse in to see if bios would assign shit to that irq
15:47<drd>and then all was well :(
15:48<drd>so they did something that assumes you're going to have a mouse plugged in all the time
15:48<drd>piece of shit
15:49<drd>which totally makes sense,, coz why would anyone need a computer without a mouse
15:50<sfr>by using a keyboard maybe?
15:51<drd>me was being sarcastic
15:51+mattfelsen [] joined #mythtv
15:51<mattfelsen>are there any places aside from /usr/local/share/mythtv and ~/.mythtv that are searched for menu xml files?
15:52<mattfelsen>the text in the tv schedule menu doesn't match the tv_schedule.xml in either of those places
15:53<mattfelsen>ahhh and that automatically kicks in when the regular text is too long?
15:54<Chutt>since some themes have more room than others
15:56<Chutt>i should probably do the release
15:56<sfr>after applying my last mythgallery translation patch
15:57<[DOA]Tarkie>anyone know any wireless keyboards with a mouse/trackball built in?
15:57<Chutt>sfr, i did mythgallery earlier today :(
15:57<Chutt>i was just leaving the mythtv tarball until rkulagow was done with his docs
15:57<Chutt>though, hmm
15:58<Chutt>i'd just have to move the release tag
15:58=cbaoth [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
15:58<sfr>oh, well. as long as it makes it into 1.0.
15:58<Chutt>Updating 'mythgallery_de.qm'...
15:58<Chutt> 35 finished, 0 unfinished and 0 untranslated messages
15:59<Chutt>you've got em all there =)
15:59<Chutt>german is by far the most complete translation
15:59<sfr>but not complete yet
16:00<o_cee>[DOA]Tarkie: i think mine is called Airboard or something
16:00*o_cee is away: another milkshake.. bye bye
16:00<[DOA]Tarkie>i can find lots on the net, but UK availability is a major issue
16:01<o_cee>Chutt: i might take a stab at .se translation later depending on how bored i'll get :)
16:01<mattfelsen>o_cee: i've done some mods to ui.xml
16:01<sfr>Chutt: i don't think. you did a final translations update in mythgallery which added a few strings to the .ts file. i sent a patch to the -dev list ~1.5 hours ago
16:01<o_cee>later as in next month or so..
16:01<o_cee>mattfelsen: for gant?
16:01<o_cee>wich is?
16:02<Chutt>sfr, updated the release tarball =)
16:02<sfr>Chutt: cool
16:02<mattfelsen>changing the text to verdana and adjusting sizes/position so text isn't being cut off
16:02<o_cee>yeah but changing it to verdana will cause you trouble of course
16:03<mattfelsen>because it's wider?
16:04*o_cee is away: now i'm gone
16:05=quink [] quit ("leaving")
16:20+Daeken [] joined #mythtv
16:20=exism [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:20<Daeken>hello all
16:21<Daeken>i'm having an issue with either my tuner card or mythtv ... for some reason, lower channels work properly and match up with the program guide, but higher up channels say that they're one channel but are off by as much as 5
16:21<[DOA]Tarkie>where are you?
16:22<[DOA]Tarkie>which card?
16:22<Daeken>ati TV wonder
16:22<Daeken>other than that, it works very nicely.
16:22<ceed>humm with a pvr 250 on a fast backend and a xbox as frontend, motion of characters seems to kind of skip some frames
16:23<[DOA]Tarkie>i cant help with the ati, never used one
16:23<Daeken>ah, thanks anyway :)
16:23<ceed>is that something to do with motion detection missing on some part?
16:23<ceed>i think i head about something like that
16:23<KeyserSoze>ceed: is the CPU usage on the xbox pegged?
16:24*KeyserSoze wonders if it's a decoding issue, or a network bandwidth/server bandwidth/harddrive bandwidth thing
16:24<[DOA]Tarkie>im off to install FC1, cya later
16:25<ceed>humm good thinking
16:25<[DOA]Tarkie>hmm, if i can find the cd's :(
16:25<ceed>i'll find out, a fried is just hogging the xbox
16:25<ceed>playing nba ;)
16:25<ceed>If I recall from months past, there were issues with the xbox not being
16:25<ceed>fast enough to play back MPEG2 as captured by a PVR250. I believe
16:25<ceed>it was speculated that motion compensation support would fix that.
16:26<ceed>that's from the mailinglist, no answer tho
16:28<KeyserSoze>hmm. i just bought a couple avermedia m179s from a guy in this channel (they do hardware mpeg2 encoding as well), and was going to try to use an xbox as a front end.
16:32+quink [] joined #mythtv
16:33<quink>hey i know this isn't a mythtv question, but i was hoping someone might know whats up with my tvtuner
16:33<quink>in xawtv all i get is: ioctl: VIDIOCCAPTURE(int=1): Invalid argument with a blank screen
16:36<Chutt>0.14's on the website
16:36=dilate [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:39<[DOA]Tarkie>just need axel now :)
16:40*sfr starts his stopwatch and waits for the first bug in 0.14 to be discovered
16:43<Chutt>well, if axel doesn't fix his packages, no one will be able to use his rpms
16:43+cbaoth [] joined #mythtv
16:43<[DOA]Tarkie>why whats up with them ? im just about to zap my front end and do an FC1 reinstall?
16:44<Chutt>his current cvs rpms have directfb enabled.
16:44<[DOA]Tarkie>ah thats ok, i'll do a cvs install, its just the other stuff i'll get
16:47<o_cee>Chutt: :)
16:49*o_cee is back (gone 00:45:40)
17:04+DJ_nixbox [] joined #mythtv
17:13=quink [] quit ("Lost terminal")
17:15-Pete__ [] left #mythtv ()
17:20<mattfelsen>weird...enabling hq video or 4mv independently leaves me with 20-30% idle cpu, but both of them together leave me with 0
17:20=media_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:21=taco [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:26+[M-M] [] joined #mythtv
17:27+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
17:36+DJ_Rican [] joined #mythtv
17:36<DJ_Rican>hello ppl!!
17:40+enki [] joined #mythtv
17:40<enki>hey does anyone here know much about s-video under linux?
17:41<enki>if its misbehaving is it a hardware or driver issue or both?
17:41<enki>ive never been able to get svideo to wrk on my laptop, in win2k or linux...
17:43<mdz>Chutt: I'll have the debs updated shortly
17:43<[M-M]>does the frontend segfault for anyone else if they press a number key while playing back a recording?
17:43<[M-M]>if not, I'll assume something is b0rked on my end
17:47+Justin__ [] joined #mythtv
17:48<Chutt>mdz, thank you
17:48=Justin_ [~justin@JA2.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] quit ("Reconnecting")
17:48<mdz>bah, You don't have permission to access /mc/ on this server.
17:48<bdale>enki: depends a lot on which video chipset is in the laptop
17:49<mdz>that's not nearly as easy as "get *" :-P
17:49*enki nods
17:50<enki>well the video card is a rage mobility 128, i use the radeon drivers
17:50<enki>but the s-video is part of the chasis
17:50<enki>its a dell inspiron 4100
17:51<cbaoth>You're pretty much screwed then, ATI's tv-out support is nearly non-existant.
17:51+Tobbe [] joined #mythtv
17:51<cbaoth>You might want to try looking at the GATOS project.
17:52Justin__is now known as Justin_
17:55+taco [] joined #mythtv
17:56=DJ_Rican [] quit ()
17:57=Spida [] quit ("Verlassend")
17:59<DogBoy>you might be able to get tv out just by booting with the fbdev driver and having the svideo hooked up when you boot
18:02=mattfelsen [] quit ()
18:03+exism [] joined #mythtv
18:06=taco [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:08=enki [] quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
18:10<hadees>when i updated from cvs to 14, so i uninstall the cvs first?
18:10<hadees>or can i just install right over it
18:12<sfr>hadees: or simply update your cvs checkout to sync with the latest changes
18:13<hadees>sfr: even if i do that should i uninstall the curent cvs before make && make install
18:13<hadees>of the new one
18:14<mdz>Chutt: gcc-snapshot compiles globalsettings.cpp in 42 seconds on my machine, compared to 2 minutes 39 seconds for gcc-3.3
18:15<mdz>so apparently things will be better with 3.4
18:15<sfr>hadees: i never do it. only when the library version changes i delete the old libs manually
18:15+taco [] joined #mythtv
18:20<mikegrb>hmm okstate
18:21<mikegrb>sister and brother in law went there
18:29=Tobbe [] quit ()
18:29=exism [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:32=sbh [] quit ("bbs")
18:36=aaearon [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:40+Slaytanic [] joined #mythtv
18:41<Slaytanic>Mythbackend seems to crash on me regularly, both when recording and when idling. I'm using Fedora/0.13, what should I do - upgrade IVTV or wait for 0.14?
18:41<o_cee>.14 is out.
18:41<sfr>Slaytanic: upgrade ivtv. 0.14 is released
18:41<Slaytanic>What, today?
18:41<o_cee>some hours ago
18:41<Slaytanic>Oh LOL, thanks... I checked the site just 3-4 hrs ago, no news about it then. ;)
18:42o_ceechanged the topic of #mythtv to: <-- 0.14 Released
18:42<Slaytanic>o_cee: GJ on the Gant theme, BTW... I really dig it, especially the graphics.
18:43<o_cee>thanks.. (but, not me doing the graphics tho, just setting together the theme)
18:43<Slaytanic>You deserve credit anyway. :)
18:43<o_cee>hehe, thanks :)
18:44<Slaytanic>BTW, I solved my tv listing problems (for sweden) by entering all freqs manually into the Mysql DB. Then made a PHP script that converts the output of "tv-tabl\xE5" (a perl tv listing fetcher) into XMLTV... Works great now, for all channels I want.
18:45<o_cee>great :) i just had to enter them when doing mythfilldatabase --configure, worked for me
18:46<Slaytanic>Well, my tv_grab_se script didn't work in configure mode... :/ No channel listing, so I had to do it myself. But now it seems to work really well... Not using that grabber at all now.
18:47=taco [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:48<Slaytanic>Oh BTW, is it a known issue that partial recordings won't play? Mythbackend crashed a few times while it recorded High fidelity tonight, and I can't seem to be able to watch the partial files. Other complete recordings work fine though.
18:53<mdz>Chutt: debs are up
18:54*Slaytanic is waiting for the Fedora rpm:s :)
18:55+taco [] joined #mythtv
18:55<Slaytanic>I'd rather run Debian on my myth box, but there was nothing equal to Jarods guide so I switched to Fedora...
18:55<cbaoth>Has anyone got the QT-E/DirectFB port working?
18:58<_rkulagow>chutt: here?
18:59+enki [] joined #mythtv
18:59<_rkulagow>website HOWTO is still 0.13.something
18:59<enki>anyone here know how well linux support is for the asus pundit setups?
19:00<[DOA]Tarkie>there are a number of people who use the pundit/FC1 and mythtv
19:00<enki>im thinking of getting one, as it says me the trouble of having to get a video card cuz of all the outputs and stuff
19:00<enki>FC1 ?
19:00<[DOA]Tarkie>i would recommend that you *still* get a video card for it tho
19:00<[DOA]Tarkie>fedora core 1 - the new redhat
19:00*enki nods
19:00<enki>why's that?
19:00<enki>is the onboard crappy?
19:01<enki>and even if you got a video card, that would pretty much void the utility of the extra outputs
19:01<enki>so i might as well use somethin else i guess, the whole novelty of the pundit is the outputs
19:01<[DOA]Tarkie>check this out
19:02<[DOA]Tarkie>soz, link broke
19:03<enki>does mythtv integrate a front-end for a gameboy advance emu yet? i know it does mame and snes9x right?
19:03<enki>or can you just plug in misc emulator support to your heart's content?
19:03<[DOA]Tarkie>dunno, i only use mame
19:03<enki>w/ syntax etc etc
19:03<enki>i have alot of different emus, so...
19:04<[DOA]Tarkie>x-mame, fce ultra and zsnes are supported
19:04<[DOA]Tarkie>you can hack them around easily enough
19:05<[DOA]Tarkie>this guide here also includes a LOT about the pundit
19:06+jhe [] joined #mythtv
19:06<Slaytanic>Great guide, helped me through the entire installation.
19:06<[DOA]Tarkie>ths sis video output works, its just that the nvidia cards overscan
19:07<[DOA]Tarkie>Slaytanic: yup, here too
19:08=taco [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:09<Slaytanic>OVerscan, what a headache... :/ I have pretty hefty black borders on my TV screen (when using Myth), and AFAIK TVOverScan isn't supported by the old Geforce 2 card I have in my machine... I think I'll try to get the PVR350 TV-out to work instead...
19:10<[DOA]Tarkie>i got a fx5200 for \xA340, works a treat
19:10<enki>im lookin at one of shuttles
19:10<enki>if i dont go with a pundit
19:11<enki>shuttles are snazzy
19:11<[DOA]Tarkie>i would search the forums about shuttles
19:12<Slaytanic>I was thinking about a SHuttle machine, but they're a little expensive if you want a silent (=new) one... I went for a Antec Overture case instead, which is really good but not as quiet as I expected. :/
19:12<Slaytanic>Gonna replace some fans in it to quiet it a bit more...
19:14<_rkulagow>i have a pundit, and the built-in video card is fine if you use the winshoeffer drivers. plus, you're not using up one of two PCI slots that way.
19:14<[DOA]Tarkie>u using a PVR with that _rkulagow?
19:14<_rkulagow>2 x pvr-250
19:15_rkulagowis now known as rkulagow
19:15<enki>wishoeffer drivers? are those for the x server?
19:15<rkulagow>enki: yes
19:15+taco [] joined #mythtv
19:15<enki>yeah i was look at getting a pvr 250
19:16<rkulagow>dinner. bll.
19:16<rkulagow>or, bbl.
19:16<enki>id like 2, but i mean i dont need to record two shows at once, or a mini-window to change channels, so i cant justify the extra cost to myself
19:16rkulagowis now known as rkulagow_afk
19:17<Slaytanic>BTW, anyone using a wireless network card for their Mythbox? I have a 802.11g WLAN at home and want to buy a WLAN card that works fine in Fedora...
19:17<enki>i wonder if the pundits are pretty quiet?
19:18<cbaoth>Slaytanic: Yes, but it's 11b.
19:19<Slaytanic>Ok, what brand was it?
19:19<Slaytanic>Enki: Check and their forums...
19:19<cbaoth>3com rebadged prism2 card in a pcmcia->pci riser thingy.
19:20<Slaytanic>Ah, those prism2 drivers for linux seem to be good...
19:21<cbaoth>Works perfectly with the hostap driver, using it as my access point.
19:21<Slaytanic>Cool. Good reception too? I only get 35-45% reception when using my PCMCIA 802.11g card in my living room, so I'm afraid the reception to the PVR will be worse...
19:22<hadees>anyone know who wrote the ebuilds for mythtv?
19:22<hadees>for gentoo?
19:22<enki>the pundit has a pcmcia card reader?
19:22<cbaoth>67% from the bedroom.
19:23<Slaytanic>Ok cool...
19:23<Slaytanic>Pundits are just $200 over here (sweden), maybe I should've bought one of those instead of my Antec overture... :/
19:23<enki>theyre going for 180 on
19:24<enki>the 4 in 1 card reader is cool too
19:24<enki>i could just pop the cf's from my digital camera in there, neato!
19:27<enki>whats SPDIF?
19:28<cbaoth>Digital audio connection.
19:28<Slaytanic>Digital out.
19:28<Slaytanic>Eh, yeah, not just out. ;)
19:28<Slaytanic>Common on MD players...
19:29+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
19:29*Netslayer awes at the sight of a new topic
19:31-paulc35 [] left #mythtv ()
19:32<enki>is SPDIF the optical audio?
19:32<enki>i have that on my receiver
19:32=Slaytanic [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
19:32<enki>ive never really gotten into the high-end stuff im afraid
19:32+Slaytanic [] joined #mythtv
19:33=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:33<Netslayer>SPDIF i believe is only digital
19:33<Netslayer>aka the coaxial output, i use that over here
19:33<Netslayer>cause i think it's like Sony Phillips Digitial ...
19:34<Netslayer>err +Digital
19:34<enki>oh, bummer
19:34<enki>i got optical digital audi on my receiver, but thats it
19:34<Netslayer>no SPDIFs?
19:34<cbaoth>SPDIF can either be coaxial or optical.
19:34<enki>no, its a few years old
19:34<Netslayer>oh really
19:34<enki>i have digital inputs on my stereo, but it says optical
19:35<enki>on my receiver, tht ius...yeah its a sony from 2001 i think
19:35<Netslayer>no TOSLINK is optical SPDIF is digital
19:36<Netslayer>S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) is a standard audio transfer file format. It is usually found on digital audio equipment such as a DAT machine or audio processing device. It allows the transfer of audio from one file to another without the conversion to and from an analog format, which could degrade the signal quality.
19:36<Netslayer>The most common connector used with an S/PDIF interface is the RCA connector, the same one used for consumer audio products. An optical connector is also sometimes used.
19:37*Netslayer is more confused now
19:41<enki>i just wanna know what kind of adapter ill need to run this thing to my receiver
19:41<enki>i already have a headphone jack to rca adapter i use for my desktop...but its kinda an ugly hack, id rather use something less lame, if im able to
19:41<Netslayer>it works heh
19:42<Netslayer>but digital is nicer, i love mine now that it works
19:42<enki>hey quit rubbin it in :P
19:42<enki>it says the pundit has dolby 5.1-channel out
19:42<Netslayer>heh, well if your card has some kind of digital out supported by alsa, u should be able to get it to work
19:43<Netslayer>that URL above shows how to convert SPDIF to optical
19:43<enki>yeah i saw that
19:43<enki>im not an electrical engineer tho
19:43<Netslayer>dang that's nice
19:43<Netslayer>homebrew ir heh?
19:47<enki>lets see...i got a case, a processor, ram, a harddrive and a pvr 250
19:47<enki>missing anything?
19:47<enki>the case of a pundit, so i guess the video is covered as well
19:48<cbaoth>A video card...oh.
19:48<enki>rkulagow vouches for the pundit's video card
19:48<cbaoth>I suppose a NIC is onboard?
19:48<enki>he said to use the winshoeffer drivers for x11
19:48<enki>yeah integrated nic
19:48<enki>and ac97 sound
19:48<cbaoth>You should be set then.
19:49<enki>about $620.00
19:49<enki>hmmm not bad i guess
19:49<enki>and the pvr 250 comes w/ a remote
19:49<enki>oh yeah a cd rom drive
19:50<cbaoth>Why not get a dvd drive?
19:50<enki>thinking about it
19:50=virsys [] quit (Connection timed out)
19:51<enki>how cheap are they these days?
19:51<enki>actually do dvd burners work in linux yet?
19:51<cbaoth>Usually the same as cdrom drives or a buck more.
19:51<Netslayer>enki, yes they do, just not sure how well
19:52<Netslayer>there are some large posts on the list this past week
19:52<Netslayer>dvdroms are around 30-50, burners around around 80+
19:54<enki>right on the money Netslayer
19:54<enki>for a toshiba
19:54=hadees [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:54<enki>but there's a pioneer that burners dvd- and dvd+ for like 130
19:54<enki>the toshiba only does dvd-
19:54<Slaytanic>Speaking of burning DVD:s... Can Mythtv play CUE/BIN SVCD:s or DVD images on disk without having to mount them first?
19:55<cbaoth>mplayer can, so you should be able to get mythvideo to play them.
19:56<Slaytanic>Okey! Yeah, now I remember, I can bind extentions to various programs in Myth... So if I bind .cue to mplayer, it should work... Thanks!
19:57<cbaoth>Mplayer need some switches, check the man page.
19:57<Slaytanic>Ok thnx
20:00<Netslayer>actually it works fine
20:01<Netslayer>the mythDVD rip feature on Excelent rips vobs straight to the mythvideo dir
20:01<Netslayer>then when u hit play, it works fine
20:02<Slaytanic>Great. :)
20:03<Slaytanic>But I read something about Myth not including a fully working DVD ripper, due to legal reasons?
20:03<Netslayer>does anyone know how to add flags to shell scripts? aka script -f 0. If you know of an example file in the system or myth, i'd like to check it out
20:03<Slaytanic>DVD decrypting etc...
20:03<Netslayer>heh didn't hear that
20:03<Netslayer>works fine, i just emerged all the dvd libs myself for decrypting
20:03<Slaytanic>Netslayer: Do a "man tcsh" and look for "argv"
20:04<Slaytanic>Netslayer: Nice. :) How long does it take to rip an avg movie? CPU spec+
20:05+Captain_Murdoch_ [] joined #mythtv
20:05+DJ_Rican [] joined #mythtv
20:06<DJ_Rican>hello ppl!
20:06<DJ_Rican>is there a way to rename dvdrips so that imdb recognizes them? IE: robotech? :)
20:07<Netslayer>Slaytanic, um ripping straight is fairly quick, like 15-20min
20:08<Netslayer>if u want it to encode to divx or whatever it takes a few hrs (still haven't gotten this working quiete yet)
20:08+exism [] joined #mythtv
20:10<Slaytanic>Wow, not bad. I tried ripping a CD today and it took ages... I'm using a Pioneer DVD drive, and they're good rippers, I don't understand why it took so long. Maybe 10-14 mins or so...
20:10<Netslayer>Slaytanic, Berkeley C shell?
20:10=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:11<Netslayer>i'm emerging tcsh right now
20:12+pippin [] joined #mythtv
20:12<Slaytanic>I'm using tcsh shell for most stuff, but I'm sure you can use argv in bash and csh too...
20:13<Slaytanic>Do a "man yourshell" and search for "argument" or something similar.
20:13<drd>whuts gant stand fer
20:15+_Da5iD_ [] joined #mythtv
20:16<DJ_Rican>ack! imdb doesn't have robotech by episodes, just one number for the whole series... :( is there a way I can rename them?
20:16=Slaytanic [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
20:18*pippin makes another attempt at getting his debian media box up and running with myth,.. *preparing for trouble*
20:19+Slayt0nic [] joined #mythtv
20:19<Slayt0nic>Back again, my WLAN is a little unstable here.... :/
20:19<_Da5iD_>I just got 0.14 and I get the error "QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded". I was running 0.12 just fine last night. Anyone have an idea of what might be wrong?
20:20<Netslayer>Slayt0nic, u running myth on 802.11?
20:20<Slayt0nic>Not yet, just my laptop...
20:20<Netslayer>_Da5iD_, some mysql prob
20:20<Slayt0nic>Gonna do that soon though, why?
20:20<Netslayer>i'm running a remote slave backend and frontend on 54g
20:20<Netslayer>just wondering if u had one up
20:21<Netslayer>works quiet well, just a tad slower at some things
20:21<_Da5iD_>Netslayer, heh.. I figured that was the case, but I've changed nothing.. just upgraded to 0.14
20:21<Slayt0nic>Nopes... And I'm using one machine for both front and backend. So 54g will be for transferring movies and media from my Windows PC (where I download everything), and for remote control and that stuff...
20:22<DJ_Rican>also, can anyone tell where to store image files for dvd rips?
20:22<DJ_Rican>or videos?
20:22<Slayt0nic>Depends on what your myth settings are... Check Setup->Videos
20:23<Slayt0nic>I have a /myth partition (ala KnoppMyth) of 130 GB, everythings stored under /myth/tv, /myth/music, /myth/video etc. Neat.
20:24<DJ_Rican>k... thanks
20:25<Netslayer>_Da5iD_, u search the list?
20:25<Netslayer>restart mysql, things like that
20:27<_Da5iD_>Netslayer, yeah.. I've restarted mysql a bunch.. I assume everything is ok when 'mysqldump mythconverg' shows me everything.
20:28<DJ_Rican>Slayt0nic: there's no place to specify video images... :(
20:28=DJ_nixbox [] quit ("Leaving")
20:29<Slayt0nic>What do you mean by video images?
20:30+hadees [] joined #mythtv
20:31<DJ_Rican>when i go into video manager, I can see images of my movie dvd rips downloaded from imdb, but my episode rips don't show an image, where do i store them so i can select a picture to show?
20:32<Netslayer>_Da5iD_, well check the lists, and does it actually say it's connected? might want to check permissions or something, but still odd cause it worked before.. remember /usr/local/share/mythtv.sql or whatever will be over written
20:32<Netslayer>gtg ltr
20:32=Netslayer [] quit ()
20:33<Slayt0nic>DJ: Sry, can't help you with that... I've only used Myth for about 2-3 days. :)
20:33<DJ_Rican>np... :)
20:35+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
20:40+Slaytanic [] joined #mythtv
20:40=Slayt0nic [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:42<rkulagow_afk>captain_murdoch: here?
20:43rkulagow_afkis now known as rkulagow
20:43+cfreeze [] joined #mythtv
20:43<cfreeze>dang it I just upgraded to .13 today
20:44<Slaytanic>Bad timing ;)
20:45+quink [] joined #mythtv
20:45<cfreeze>stinks though...but I will say the changes from .12 to .13 were nice
20:45<quink>anyone in here, at the moment, willing to help me figure out whats wrong?
20:45<cfreeze>is the website updated now?
20:45<cfreeze>guess it is..
20:46<rkulagow>mdz: here?
20:46<Slaytanic>Quink: What's your problem?
20:46<Chutt>rkulagow, no one's here =)
20:46<quink>heh, life, but i have something simpler i hope
20:46<quink>i setup mythtv according to the website docs
20:47<quink>i start the backend, start the frontend, go to watch live tv and i get black
20:47<quink>i hit escape and it says it lost connection to masterbackend
20:47<DJ_Rican>how do i backup my database before making changes?
20:47<cfreeze>quink: using a hauppage card with the ivtv drivers?
20:47<Slaytanic>Rican: It's in the docs I think...
20:47<Chutt>quink, error message from running mythbackend.
20:47<rkulagow>chutt: HOWTO on the website still 0.13, or am i caching locally again?
20:47<Chutt>oh, hrm
20:47<quink>its a generic bt848 card
20:47<Chutt>rkulagow, i think i forgot to scp the update over
20:48<Captain_Murdoch_>rkulagow: I put it on my TODO list to have the commflagging thread stop when you delete a recording that it's flagging. also to make sure that the positionmap isn't written if a record doesn't exist in the recorded table.
20:48<quink>last four lines from the backend log: 2004-01-31 17:43:09 Changing from None to WatchingLiveTV
20:48<quink>Unknown video codec: open: Device or resource busy
20:48<quink>open: Device or resource busy
20:48<Slaytanic>Quink: Check the capture pixel settings... I only got a black picture until I changed the settings to a correct number for PAL...
20:48<quink>audio volume set to '65535'
20:48<rkulagow>dj_rican: section 21.5 of the HOWTO.
20:48<Chutt>quink, you skipped the section where you were supposed to go set up the recording profiles
20:48<quink>capture pixel settings? wehre might i find them?
20:48<rkulagow>captain_murdoch: thanks. that was it.
20:48<Slaytanic>Run mythtv-setup
20:49=KeyserSoze [~gazicm@] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:49<quink>let me check
20:49<Slaytanic>I think it's in there... Or maybe the TV settings in the regular mythfrontend.
20:49<Slaytanic>It's the latter, ignore myth-setup
20:49<Chutt>rkulagow, ok, docs should be updated now, sorry 'bout that
20:49+KeyserSoze [~gazicm@] joined #mythtv
20:50<rkulagow>don't apologize to me; _you're_ the one that will have to keep answering the "how do i know what keys to use to control mythtv?" questions! :)
20:50<cfreeze>to move the db off to another computer, all I should have to do is change the mysql.txt file isn't it?
20:50<mikegrb>heh there is a mythtv community on orjut
20:50<Chutt>cfreeze, yup
20:50<mikegrb>er orkut
20:51<cfreeze>Chutt: I tried that with .12 but it kept chocking...
20:51<cfreeze>I'll try it with my new .13 setup
20:51<hadees>who puts together the gentoo ebuilds for mythtv?
20:51<cfreeze>hadees: look at the changelog in the ebuild dir
20:52=_Da5iD_ [] quit ("Leaving")
20:52<rkulagow>i was just going to ask mdz if debs for woody are still going to be made; don't know if it meets the qt version requirement.
20:54<Chutt>i don't think they will
20:54<rkulagow>huh. distcc shaved 7 minutes off my libs compile.
20:54<rkulagow>i guess i'll need a new debian section from mdz then.
20:54<cfreeze>you guys gonna setup a paypal link or something along those lines?
20:55<cfreeze>I'll have to say it's well worth a few quid
20:56<quink>okay i edited my profiles
20:56<quink>still same problem
20:57<cfreeze>hmm...the db change seems to work with .13
20:57<rkulagow>i think the channel editor would be a nice place to be able to de-select a channel from your lineup without text editing the xmltv file. chutt, your thoughts?
20:57<cfreeze>didn't really go to well with .12
20:57*pippin curses at tv-listing websites blocking xmltv
20:57<Chutt>rkulagow, would still need to edit the xmltv config somehow
20:58<Slaytanic>I thought the channel editor had been dropped?
20:58<Chutt>else it'd still grab stuff
20:58<quink>Chutt: any help?
20:58<Chutt>quink, if you're getting the same error, you did not set up your recording profiles.
20:58<rkulagow>chutt: right, but de-selecting in the channel editor would write a new xmltv file with that particular channel edited out.
20:58<Chutt>rkulagow, that'd work
20:59<Chutt>quink, and anyway, 0.13 is not supported at all anymore.
20:59<quink>well it asked for livetv, default, etc. i told it all that, adjusted values
20:59=pcjabber [] quit ("Leaving...Client is exiting (XChat 2.0.7)")
20:59<Slaytanic>As a MythTV newbie, I can say that a flowchart describing how data flows from a TV listing website->tv grabber->mythfilldatabase would have helped me understand the process better... THere was no working grabber for my country (sweden), so I had to create channel data myself, by hand.
21:00<quink>hmmm. well then let me see whati can do for an upgrade, first
21:00<quink>i guess the newer version hasn't hit gentoo yet
21:00<pippin>Slaytanic: how much data do you need to punch manually?
21:01<quink>Chutt: big difference between .13 and .14?
21:01<Chutt>not really
21:01<rkulagow>chutt: i'm thinking something along the lines of allowing the user to press "D" on a channel in the editor which would then deselect it and change color or something to indicate status change. when they exit, new xmltv file is written. then, when loading the channel editor, the same commented-out channels are re-loaded so the user can re-select if they wanted to.
21:02<quink>but you'll be able to help me more?
21:02<Chutt>you'll be using a newer version and be able to post a more pertinant error message to the mailing list, though
21:02<quink>so why bothere telling me its not supported if you don't help either way?
21:03<Slaytanic>pipping: Basically everything except the TV listings... I entered the channels manually into Mysql using frequencies from my cable provider...
21:03<Chutt>i told you what was wrong, and if you're still getting the same error
21:03<Chutt>you did _not_ do what i said to fix it
21:03<Chutt>therefore, i don't need to do anything else to help you
21:03<quink>then maybe i misunderstood. sorry.
21:03<Chutt>the _only_ way you get that error message is if your profiles are completely unset.
21:04<DJ_Rican>when i go into editing a video's properties and want to select an image to display, the list is empty... I copied some jpgs there and my dvdrips have an image displaying... what can i check?
21:05<pippin>Slaytanic: into mysql,. eek,. I'm not quite sure if mysql,.. or just a rather stripped down "normal" X desktop is what I should opt for,..
21:06<quink>i run mythfrontend, setup, tvsettings, recording profiles, correct?
21:06<quink>when i go back in there my settings are still there as they were before. 320x240, mpeg4, mp3
21:08<Slaytanic>pippin: Are you also trying to import your channels manually?
21:08<DJ_Rican>:( where do i place cover art images?? anyone?
21:08<pippin>Slaytanic: not sure if I'll bother,.
21:09<Slaytanic>pippin: Where do you live?
21:10<pippin>Slaytanic: norway,. in the area affected by the tv_grab_sn being blocked by
21:10<Slaytanic>pippin: I'm swedish. :)
21:10+_Da5iD_ [] joined #mythtv
21:11<Slaytanic>THere's a swedish TV grabber script (in perl) that grabs from a large number of sources (10-12 of them), it works really well. I installed it and then built a PHP script that parses the flatfiles that the grabber uses to store the data. The PHP script generates an XMLTV listing, it works just great.
21:11<Slaytanic>Might be a solution for you too...
21:21<DogBoy>Slaytanic, that makes me want to move to sweden
21:22<Slaytanic>LOL, why is that? :)
21:22<enki>does anyone know how the emulator frontend works?
21:22<Slaytanic>You're american, right? Thought your grabbers worked all right... :)
21:23<DogBoy>oh yeah
21:23<DogBoy>why didn't you just move to america?
21:23<Slaytanic>Not enough blond chicks. ;)
21:24<pippin>DogBoy: outside right now,. it is -10°C and 1.5m of snow,. I am scheming to get away from scandinavia
21:24<DogBoy>oh yeah
21:24<DogBoy>you can never have enough blond chicks around
21:24<Slaytanic>Exactly. :)
21:24<enki>htere's no documentation on MythGame
21:24<Slaytanic>pippin: Did you see my long msg above?
21:25<rkulagow>enki: right, because i don't use it an no one has ever sent me any.
21:25<pippin>Slaytanic: yep,. considering it to be too much work,. cron and mencoder kind of works for recording for me,..
21:25<Slaytanic>enki: Check Jarod Wilsons guide, he mentions it.
21:26<Slaytanic>pippin: Okey... Let me know if you want to grab some swedish channels though, you could just use my PHP script here...
21:31rkulagowis now known as rkulagow_afk
21:31<enki>yeah i read it, thanks
21:31<enki>it confirms what id hoped wasnt the case
21:32<enki>the mythgames addon is like locked into supported only certain emulators
21:35_methis now known as meth
21:35<Slaytanic>ANyway, gotta go to bed now, it 3.35 in the morning... :/ Good night, folks!
21:45<Chutt>enki, read mythgame's README, about the gamelist.xml file
21:45=exism [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:45<Chutt>adding native support for additional emulators is extremely easy, as well
21:46<Salec>can mythvideo play divx movies?
21:46<Salec>.avi files
21:47<Salec>when i try to play a movie it says Loading..
21:47<Salec>then goes back into the video selection screen
21:48<enki>Chutt, thanks!
21:48<enki>if figured since it was a frontend, it shouldnt be a big issue, but i didnt know if the structure of mythgame allowed it
21:48<enki>cuz i do alot of sega and gameboy advance emu also
21:55<quink>Chutt: do you program for myth?
22:05<Salec>is there anyway to shrink the screen width and height?
22:05<Salec>my tv cuts off the outer edge of the framebuffer for some odd reason
22:06<Salec>so i want to shrink mythtv's dimensions to be in the area that i could view
22:14<enki>Chutt, so pretty much using the generic pc game can add any number of roms for any emulator?
22:15<cfreeze>when using the compress after record, will the vids show up in the lists like normal uncompressed nupel's?
22:16<cfreeze>or will I loose the listings?
22:16<cfreeze>inside myth that is..
22:18<DJ_Rican>how can i see full plot descriptions of my movies?
22:20<quink>hey, i can't watch live tv or watch recordings, when i do screen goes blank, but it does record and in the little preview iam able to watch, is that stil lteh same error as before?
22:25+D-side [] joined #mythtv
22:29+virsys [~virsys@] joined #mythtv
22:31=Slaytanic [] quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
22:33+o_c [] joined #mythtv
22:33+racer32 [] joined #mythtv
22:34=o_cee [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:34=racer [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:41<bline>anyone here running mythtv inside the ivtv framebuffer using qt-embedded?
22:42<Salec>i want to do that!!
22:42<bline>umm so do it
22:42<Salec>i tried and it didn't work
22:43<cbaoth>bline: Working on it.
22:43<Salec>do you have to build mythtv using the qte libraries
22:43<Salec>or can i just link to them after?
22:43<bline>trying qt-embedded and having problems with it
22:43<bline>segfaulting mostly
22:44<bline>ivtv's framebuffer seems to work fine, using the ivtvfbctl was able to watch tv with the framebuffer
22:46<Octane>time to upgrade!!! :PPPPPP
22:48<D-side>I'm just waiting for the gentoo ebuild. :)
22:49<Octane>i could wait for an rpm... but that wouldnt be fun
22:50<D-side>if i'm going to be compiling anyway, might as well just wait.
22:51<D-side>besides, it'll be fun to see the bug reports :D
22:53<quink>this is really killing me, spent *hours* doing all i cna to make this work and it don't
22:54=taco [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:05<DJ_Rican>why can't i use the '0' key in mythvideo?
23:06+taco [] joined #mythtv
23:10<D-side>I suspect I'm smoking crack, but along with .13 wasnt there changes made to make updating the db by hand unnecessary?
23:10<DJ_Rican>lol... you are on crack then!!
23:11<D-side>i think I'll wait for a second opinion.
23:12<DJ_Rican>go right ahead...
23:15<mdz>rkulagow_afk: I can't make debs for woody without an updated Qt
23:15+Quink_ [] joined #mythtv
23:15<mdz>what's more, I gave up and run unstable on my mythtv box, so I have no reason to make them
23:16<D-side>i'm sure it was quite a challenge anyway.
23:18<Chutt>mdz, i agree
23:18<mdz>unfortunately, a ton of people are still using the 0.11 debs for woody
23:18<mdz>hopefully sarge will release soon enough though
23:18<mdz>this year sometime :-P
23:19<D-side>I'll believe it when I see it. :)
23:20<Salec>is there anything different i need to do to build 0.14?
23:20<Salec>compared to 0.13
23:20<Chutt>only changed build dependency is for mythgallery
23:21<Salec>mythgallery has a changed dependency
23:21<Salec>but the others don't?
23:21<Chutt>that's generally what 'only' means, yes.
23:21<Salec>it's late :P
23:22<D-side>Chutt: what i said before about my smoking crack.. did the manual sql upgrades go away back in .13?
23:23<Salec>is there anyway i can adjust the width and height of mythtv?
23:23<D-side>excellent, no crack for me. thanks.
23:23<Chutt>missed the appearance section in setup?
23:24<DJ_Rican>D-side: earlier you said updates not upgrades...
23:25+exism [] joined #mythtv
23:25<Salec>durr i'm gonna go bang my head on the wall now
23:25<Quink_>Chutt i went through an install all over again and still have the same probs, i triple checked that i had those settings and still no luck
23:25<Chutt>for the live tv profile for the type of capture card you configured?
23:25<Quink_>i configured default and live tv
23:25<Chutt>oh well
23:25<Chutt>update to 0.14
23:26<Quink_>i did a test and i set a recording
23:26<Quink_>it recorded, adn when i go to watch it, i can't see anything. but if i am on the preveiw window i can see it in the preview
23:26<Chutt>then that's a different error message
23:26<Chutt>than before
23:26<Quink_>well i still can't watch live tv
23:26<Quink_>what do you mean so? i want to watch live tv
23:26<Chutt>you said mythbackend died with the same error message
23:27<Chutt>apparently, you lied.
23:27<Quink_>well the backend doesn't die anymore
23:27<Chutt>how am i supposed to help someone who lies to me?
23:27<Quink_>wtf is wrong with you?
23:27<cfreeze>Chutt: you never replied to my paypal question...
23:27<cfreeze>btw, I would never lie to you I promise...hehehe
23:27<Chutt>cfreeze, no, i have no plans to do that
23:28<cfreeze>Chutt: sad....myth changed my perception of linux pvr's
23:28<cfreeze>I tried webvcr++ for a long time
23:28<Captain_Murdoch_>Chutt, do you know what the 2nd frontend -> backend connection is for? I see 2 connections opened now when I startup a frontend. Is this normal or was it caused by the gContext change?
23:29<Chutt>one's so backend -> frontend connection doesn't interfere
23:29<Chutt>it's from the qsocketdevice change a while back
23:29<Captain_Murdoch_>ok. just checking. I haven't been home to notice them.
23:29<Chutt>we didn't want activity on the main connection hitting the event loop
23:30<Captain_Murdoch_>I remembe some of those conversations I think.
23:30<Chutt>right before 0.13
23:33<Octane>.14 users should upgrade to latest ivtv, right
23:33<Chutt>0.1.9, yes
23:33<Octane>gracias senor chutt
23:34<rkulagow_afk>i wonder if bruce gave me wrong info on the "getting rid of unwanted channels" thing. his writeup says to put a "#" in front of channel, but looking at the perl for tv_grab_na and the header of the .xmltv file sure make it look like it wants "not "
23:36<mdz>oh, ivtv has releases now?
23:38<mdz>I've thought about picking up a pvr-[23]50
23:38<mdz>the price difference could buy a lot of CPU instead, though
23:39<mdz>but fast CPUs are loud
23:39-cfreeze [] left #mythtv ()
23:41<cmorgan>350 is a pretty nice board
23:42<D-side>i'm still contemplating a 250 since the tv-out on my system seems good enough.
23:43<cmorgan>D-side: does it look like a dvd playing? thats what my 350 looks like at dvd quality recording quality
23:43<D-side>i'm also a bit concerned for the physical fit of the cards in my pundit.
23:43<Captain_Murdoch_>rkulagow_afk: I think they added the "not" a few versions ago. I remember changing my file over. not sure if there are any side-effects to using # instead though.
23:44<D-side>cmorgan: my tuner card cant do 740x480 without problems, so I just dont know. :)
23:44<D-side>cmorgan: how much did you grab your 350 for?
23:44<cmorgan>D-side: ahh. should try to take alook at someones 350 before you go with the 250
23:45<D-side>well if the price difference is negligable i'll just get the 350 anyway. :)
23:45<cmorgan>D-side: i think it was 180USD, so it wasn't cheap but it was so easy to use and takes little cpu, quality is excellent
23:45<D-side>thats a mere $30 more than what I could have gotten 250's for, retail.
23:46<D-side>cmorgan: about how much space does a 30min recording take?
23:46<cmorgan>D-side: i record at dvd quailty, i should try to back off a little bit, 2GB for 30min
23:47<D-side>thats still not too bad, considering this is on a 200gb drive.
23:47<mdz>cmorgan: how stable is the driver situation?
23:47<cmorgan>i may even be doing stupid things with the datarate and setting the min and max datarates to be like 12000
23:47<mdz>(for the 350)
23:47<cmorgan>mdz: no crashes or hangs in 2 weeks now
23:47<mdz>cmorgan: heh...and before that?
23:47<cmorgan>although i had one every couple nights for a week before that
23:47<cmorgan>they just stopped...very odd
23:47<cmorgan>thats all with the 0.1.9 driver btw
23:47<mdz>does the myth osd support it yet?
23:47<cmorgan>and mythtv from maybe 3 weeks ago
23:47<mdz>or can the hardware support that?
23:48<cmorgan>yeah, i get osd in the upper right when i seek and pause
23:48<cmorgan>never watched live tv though so no idea if that works.
23:48<cmorgan>running ivtv-fb so i get X via the 350 to the tv, its pretty neat
23:48<D-side>its solely live tv and recordings that display through the 350, correct?
23:49<cmorgan>no, i get X windows as well
23:49<D-side>well that makes it worth it entirely.
23:49<cmorgan>no sound though, unless you do the loopback approach, since the 350 outputs both audio and video
23:49<D-side>well, thats how i'm doing it with my current tuner, so i dont see a problem with that.
23:50<cmorgan>no matter to me though. it would be nice with audio feedback in myth but oh well
23:50<cmorgan>the latest changes to myth and ivtv also made fast forwarding quite nice
23:50<D-side>i just want my mythbox to eventually replace all of my AV stuff.
23:51<D-side>cmorgan: where'd you get your 350? I think I might just order one.
23:51<cmorgan>D-side: i think i just looked on pricewatch
23:51<cbaoth>Don't get a 350 then, since it'll only output mpeg2.
23:51<D-side>cbaoth: eh?
23:51<cmorgan>someone hasn't hacked it to do audio yet
23:51<cmorgan>but it shouldn't be too difficult
23:52<D-side>i'm going to end up looping it into line-in anyway.
23:52<cbaoth>You can't get it to decode an mpeg4 encoded movie.
23:52<D-side>cbaoth: well i wouldnt expect it to.
23:52=enki [] quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
23:52<D-side>but wouldnt things like mythdvd and mythvideo just display through it anyway?
23:53<D-side>thtas what I wasn't sure about.
23:53<cbaoth>Unless someone hacks up a pvr350 output module for mplayer.
23:53<cmorgan>there is already that hacked one ;-)
23:54<cbaoth>But reencoding to mpeg2 is icky.
23:55<D-side>ah so thats what its video output does.
23:55<D-side>its about time i caught on.
23:57<Salec>how good is the ivtv-fb
23:57<Salec>can it play mplayer movies?
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