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00:12<Octane>is it important to do a make clean distclean before upgrading
00:12<Octane>just wondering
00:13<cmorgan>sometimes things get out of sync
00:13<Octane>hmm okay thank you
00:13<Octane>i did made install .14 w/o it
00:13<Octane>think i should go back to my dir and do a make clean distclean and make again?
00:14<Octane>just to be safe
00:14<cmorgan>if you get errors about library mismatches then yeah
00:15<Octane>got no errors it compiled and works fine
00:15<cmorgan>after waiting for the whole compile and getting those i just gave in and always make distclean, unless it hasn't been very long since the last time
00:16<Octane>im gonna go ahead and restart the process
00:16<Octane>since ive only installed mythtv
00:16<cmorgan>if you don't get any errors it should be fine
00:20<Captain_Murdoch_>quick question for anybody with an opinion. In the "recording groups" patch I'm making, if the user is viewing a group instead of the complete list of programs, I'm thinking of changing the "All Programs" to something like "XYZ Group" or "All in Group" or something. any ideas? it would still be "All Programs" when you view the complete list.
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00:21<Captain_Murdoch_>didn't think it would stir up this much controversy... :)
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00:47<meth>chimney chop boy
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01:03<mdz>Chutt: as of 0.14-2, I'm shipping a mythtv-debug package with debugging symbols for everything
01:03<mdz>Chutt: so folks can install that package, run gdb on myth, and get useful backtraces
01:04<Chutt>so how much did package sizes change?
01:04<mdz>pretty much zero change except for mythtv-debug itself
01:04<mdz>which is enormous
01:04<mdz>15M deb, 37M installed
01:05<Chutt>you don't install all the bins?
01:05<Chutt>installed size shoulda gone way down :p
01:05<Chutt>due to the shared libs
01:05<mdz>oh, you mean from 0.13 to 0.14
01:05<Chutt>oh, i was talking about from 0.13 to 0.14
01:05<Chutt>yeah, sorry, not clear
01:06<mdz>12M -> 7.7M
01:06<mdz>total for everything
01:06<Chutt>not bad
01:06<mdz>that's deb size
01:06<Chutt>though, i did include gant
01:06<mdz>I'm too lazy to add up installed-size
01:06<Chutt>and that blows up the size some
01:06<Chutt>and the new translations add a bunch as well
01:07<mdz>with mythtv-debug, total deb size is up to 23M now
01:07<mdz>do they add something besides the .qm files? they only add up to 700k installed
01:07<mdz>uploading new revisions is going to be a pain now, heh
01:07<Chutt>the .ts files are large
01:07<Chutt>more source size, not installed size
01:10<Chutt>only one bugreport so far, and that was in mythgame =)
01:10<mdz>anything worth rolling into the debs?
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01:15<mdz>I've had no problems so far
01:15<mdz>I updated my backend to 0.14-1 right after I uploaded it
01:16<mdz>bunch of downloads already
01:16<Chutt>i've only had one ivtv-related problem in the past week or so, too
01:16<Chutt>so i'm happy with things =)
01:16<mdz>a crash-the-system type problem, or something less severe?
01:17<mdz>I'm debating whether to get a pvr card
01:17<Chutt>picture went to crap, just had to flip inputs
01:17<Chutt>i really like the pvr-350, when it works
01:17<Chutt>which is most of the time now
01:17<mdz>it plays mpeg-1 and mpeg-2, right?
01:17<mdz>and some sort of unaccelerated framebuffer?
01:18<Chutt>i run X on it
01:18<Chutt>not too bad
01:18<Chutt>plenty fast enough for mythtv
01:18<mdz>is this on your slow box?
01:18<Chutt>that's more the limit than the framebuffer
01:19<mdz>so the TV output quality is very is the recording quality?
01:19<Chutt>quite nice
01:19<mdz>did you have to turn up the bitrate to keep the same quality?
01:19<Chutt>from mpeg4?
01:19<Chutt>yeah, a bit
01:19<Chutt>most of the time, there's no way to tell i'm watching a recording
01:19<Chutt>with the pvr-350
01:32<pmowry>When it comes to flipping the inputs on a PVR-350 to clear up picture problems, whats the best way to check that the tuner is not in use from a script? Use expect to parse the html status page for the backend?
01:34<pmowry>It's rare now that I have a problem, but since Iusually only watch recorded programs,it's to late for at least 1 or 2 shows.
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01:55<Octane>is it me or have make times for modules really decreased
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02:06<Captain_Murdoch_>must be you, we tried to make them compile as slow as possible to eliminate any compilation errors. kinda like burning CD's, slower == more reliable...
02:07<Captain_Murdoch_>actually it might be faster due to shared libraries instead of static.
02:07<Octane>yah thats what i was thinking
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02:44<Octane>anyone know where mythweb stores information (such as the theme to use)
02:45<Octane>ill just look in the code
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03:14<DogBoy>new theme is nice
03:16<pmowry>sorry,wrong window...
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04:03<FryGuy>it's in the settings table in the database AFAIK
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04:52<ceed>how do i manually transcode recorded programs? i couldn't fidn anything in the docs
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05:18<ceed>[DOA]Tarkie: no i mean, after i set all cut points in a recording, i want to transcode it
05:18<ceed>to save space
05:18<ceed>oh, hit X
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07:01<Spida>do I need to load the ivtv driver to access the remote on my pvr350 with lirc?
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08:43<Slaytanic>Every time I run mythfilldatabase, my manually entered channel icons in the mythconverg/channel table disappear... Anyone who knows why? Do I have to enter them into some config file too?
08:46<sfr>Slaytanic: the --update option should prevent this from happening
08:46<Slaytanic>Ah, thanks!
08:53<Spida>do I need to load the ivtv driver to access the remote on my pvr350 with lirc?
08:54<Slaytanic>You need the ivtv driver to be able to capture, don't you?
08:56<Rule>which reminds me.. Does lirc support 2 IR sources ?
08:56<Rule>can't figure out how
08:58<Spida>Rule: lircd has --device or something
08:58<Spida>Slaytanic: yeah, and i can't get it working, so I wanted to use mythtv just for dvd and such, with my remote...
09:00<Slaytanic>Oh, all right... I can recommend Jarod Wilsons guide, it helped me from scratch...
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09:10<Spida>Slaytanic: url?
09:14<Slaytanic>Definately worth a bookmark. Great guide.
09:17<Spida>Slaytanic: cool, thx
09:18<Slaytanic>I've got a working system now (Nvidia TV-out and a Hauppuage PVR350) thanks to that guide...
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09:28<Slaytanic>AHem, well, working was a lie... Computer just crashed and rebooted watching live tv. Maybe I should upgrade my ivtv drivers... :/
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09:43<Slaytanic>When viewing a program in the EPG, there's an empty "episode" line... I can't find any column called "episode" in the mythconverg database, so where is this information stored?
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10:03<pahli_bar>0.14 has quite a few nice touches. especially like the new search by title/descriptions/categories....
10:05<Slaytanic>Sounds interesting... Does anyone know how long it usually takes for the ATrpm:s to be updated with new myth builds?
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10:11<ZeBigBoss>Hey guys!
10:12<ZeBigBoss>Someone using an Xbox as a Mythtv frontend?
10:12<ZeBigBoss>I am :-)
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10:13<gerhard>how is the performance with the Xbox, playing video, music etc.?
10:17<ZeBigBoss>Oh, its really ok. I am using a wifi link to my xbox, so I had to reduce the mpeg2 stream a little bit (no 8 Mbit, but 4) to get rid off the stuttering.
10:17<ZeBigBoss>its is a 700Mhz machine after all
10:17<ZeBigBoss>But I have a problem with the remote. And I need a new version of usb-xboxir.o
10:18<gerhard>ido you have a modchip in you Xboox?
10:18<ZeBigBoss>yes, you need that.
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10:20<gerhard>was it ok to set it up? and how is the LiveTv picture quality compare to TV out fronm a Nvidia card?
10:21<pahli_bar>doesn't xbox use a nvidia card?
10:21<ZeBigBoss>It is MUCH better! I have a 16:9 tv and it is brilliant!
10:21<ZeBigBoss>As good as the PVR350 id say
10:22<ZeBigBoss>Mythtv is HELL to setup, both on the xbox and on the Shuttle :-) But that is part of the fun I guess.
10:23<Slaytanic>The PVR350 tv-output is superiour to most TV-outs on Nvidia cards, right? I have both, but I haven't tried to get the 350 TVout working yet...
10:23<Slaytanic>err, superior
10:23<Rince>well - I do only have the 350 and it's great ;)
10:24<ZeBigBoss>Especially bad: Here in the netherlands, our cableprovider uses frequencies that are NOT in the frequencies.c of myth... And I don't know a lot of C :-)
10:24<ZeBigBoss>But it works.
10:24<Rince>ZeBigBoss: are you sure?
10:24<gerhard>I use a Asus pundit with a PVR250 TV card and following Jarods installation guide was quite easy to get everything working
10:24<ZeBigBoss>I have Nvidia mx2, mx4, pvr250 and xbox, and the xbox wins.
10:25<Rince>ZeBigBoss: I am in germany, ew have pal-europe-west. But I had to fiddle around with ivtv to set the correct chanids(!) , so I had to find out wether the chanid is 14, E14 or SE14
10:25<Slaytanic>ZeBigBoss: I had to convert freqs too... No fun. :/
10:25<ZeBigBoss>Ah. Ok. But our frequencies are really weird (had a comple change a couple of months ago too...) so they are not in the list at all.
10:26<ZeBigBoss>I d'led 0.14 hoping I could just type in the frequenties now
10:26<ZeBigBoss>but that didn't work either
10:26<ZeBigBoss>only for DVB I guess...
10:26<Slaytanic>What format are your channel/freqs in then?
10:26<ZeBigBoss>nld1 11- 216000
10:26<ZeBigBoss>nld2 6+ 184000
10:26<ZeBigBoss>no logic at all
10:26<Slaytanic>Isn't that a frequency in mhz?
10:26<ZeBigBoss>and really strange frequencies
10:27<sfr>ZeBigBoss: +/- looks like you need to finetune from the base channel
10:27<Slaytanic> { "23", 216000 },
10:27<Slaytanic>In my frequencies.c...
10:27<Slaytanic>Oh, that was for us...
10:27<ZeBigBoss>the 11- is like "a bit lower"
10:28<ZeBigBoss>but the 216000 is really the right frequency
10:28<ZeBigBoss>I think I will make a .diff :-) (Really proud :-))
10:28<gerhard>is there a way to add channels to the database without running mythfilldatabase which I cant because tv_grab_sn is not working anymore
10:28<ZeBigBoss>I just use EMS Mysql Manager on my Windows xp machine to edit the database by hand :-D
10:29<gerhard>which files do I have to edit?
10:30<ZeBigBoss>Only frequencies.c
10:30<sfr>gerhard: the channel editor in the setup program should work
10:30<mikegrb>that isn't exactly editing the database by hand
10:30<ZeBigBoss>Oh, the database?
10:30<ZeBigBoss>that is not a file!
10:31<ZeBigBoss>Use something like phpmysqladmin
10:31<Slaytanic>gerhard: Where are you located?
10:32<gerhard>Oslo norway
10:32<Slaytanic>Ok... I'm Swedish, and I had to do it manually...
10:32<Slaytanic>I used PhpMyAdmin and entered the channels in to the database, the table is "channel" in database "mythconverg".
10:32<Slaytanic>sfr: You mean mythtv-setup?
10:33<sfr>Slaytanic: yes. but it's only available in 0.14
10:33<Slaytanic>Oh, all right. I knew I should have waited a week with installing my Myth box... ;)
10:34<gerhard>has anybody tried mythtv 0.14
10:34*pahli_bar raises his hand
10:34*sfr thinks distributions really should agree on a common name for setup
10:34*sfr too
10:34<Slaytanic>A common name for setup?
10:35<sfr>Slaytanic: your mythtv-setup is actually called setup in the sources
10:35<gerhard>and whats new/improved
10:35<pahli_bar>gerhard: (front page news)
10:36<Slaytanic>Oh, all right. Well, a binary called "setup" placed in /usr/bin wouldn't be to helpful, would it? :)
10:36<Slaytanic>gerhard: Check the front page on
10:36<sfr>yeah, it should be renamed in the myth sources.
10:37<pahli_bar>it could be named mythsetup in the spirit of rest of the program names.
10:37<Slaytanic>That would be logical, yeah. :)
10:40<Slaytanic>So, does anyone know this? When viewing a program in the EPG, there's an empty "episode" line... I can't find any column called "episode" in the mythconverg database, so where is this information stored?
10:41<sfr>Slaytanic: the amount of details in the EPG depends on you listings provider
10:42<Slaytanic>Well, I did my own converter, and I used regexp:s to parse out episode numbers, so they're in the feed allright... But I can't see where they're stored in the db!
10:43<Slaytanic> <episode-num system="onscreen">46</episode-num>
10:44<Slaytanic>That's how it looks like in my XML feed...
10:45<sfr>Slaytanic: you can always UTSL
10:45<sfr>`Use the Source, Luke'
10:46<Slaytanic>Yeah, I'm looking at it now...
10:46<pahli_bar>Slaytanic: muse be in the program table
10:46<Slaytanic>I found the source for displaying the EPG... Seems like the "Episode:" field displays "subtitle", weird!
10:46<Slaytanic> QLabel *subtitlelabel = new QLabel(QObject::tr("Episode:"), parent);
10:46<Slaytanic>from "programinfo.cpp"
10:48<pahli_bar>Slaytanic: seems natural. title for the program name, subtitle for the episode
10:49<Slaytanic>I expected the "Episode" field to display the episode number (if available in the feed, of course), am I mistaken?
10:49<pahli_bar>Slaytanic: what do you mean by episode number?
10:50<Slaytanic>Like, X-file, Episode 4:12
10:50<sfr>pahli_bar: 1, 2, 3, 4, ... :)
10:50<Slaytanic>errm X-files
10:50<pahli_bar>Slaytanic: ahh. that... makes more sense to supply episodes by names than by numbers
10:51<Chutt>MythTV 1.4 release Japanese translation being taken in, ? surprise! When you try inspecting, checking MythTV Japanese patch briskly, it has taken in, we would like to see. It is how energetic what.
10:51<Slaytanic>Well, all right. But still, why display the "subtitles" field there?
10:51<Chutt>because it's the episode title.
10:52<Slaytanic>Ah, okey.
10:52<Slaytanic>Doens't make sense to me, but all right. :)
10:52<Chutt>makes sense to me
10:52<pahli_bar>Chutt: did you "take" the translation or did they send it you ;)
10:52<Chutt>i took it
10:52<Chutt>i need to find the guy who did it's email
10:53<Slaytanic>Chutt: So the subtitle field in the DB != the XMLTV subtitle tag?
10:53<bitbyte>is the gossamerthreads archive f the mailing lists gone?`i can seem to find the link off the anymoer
10:53<Chutt>slaytanic, err, it's the subtitle tag in xmltv and the subtitle field in the db
10:54<pahli_bar>bitbyte: (bottom)
10:54<Chutt>which is why it's called the subtitle in the database
10:55<bitbyte>pahli, thats where ive been lookin, i dont see the link to gassoamer threads there
10:55<Slaytanic>Chutt: But the XMLTV subtitle tag is defined as <!ATTLIST subtitles type (teletext | onscreen) #IMPLIED>
10:55<Chutt>no, that's the subtitles tag.
10:55<Chutt>i'm talking about the sub-title tag.
10:55<pahli_bar>bitbyte: its kind of hidden:) (go for the second link on each line)
10:55<sfr>always those subtle differences
10:56<Slaytanic>Chutt: Ok, NOW I get it. Not a subtitle, a sub-title... Not easy to understand when the field in the db is called just subtitle. :)
10:56<Chutt>it's easy to understand if you look at it
10:56<pahli_bar>Slaytanic: best thing would be to look at the sql table
10:56<Chutt>and *gasp* look at the source
10:57<Chutt>the xml parser is simple.
10:57<bitbyte>got it, hrehre thx
10:57<Slaytanic>Well I AM looking at the source... I might not be a C++ programmer, but I know enough C to understand parts of the code... It was the sub-title vs subtitles issue that confused me.
10:58<Chutt>you're obviously not looking at the source to mythfilldatabase
10:58+loebrich|away [] joined #mythtv
10:58<Slaytanic>pahli_bar: I looked at the SQL table, but there was no data in the subtitle field... That's why I investigated it.
10:58-loebrich|away [] left #mythtv ()
10:59<pahli_bar>Slaytanic: ahh. quite a few channels don't provide that info (or maybe your xml parser doesn't do it)
11:00<Slaytanic>Chutt: Nevermind, thanks for clarifying this to me... As said, the subtitle vs sub-title issue confused me.
11:00<Slaytanic>pahli_bar: Exactly... My grabber only generates title and description, not sub-title or anything like that...
11:05<pahli_bar>not too many complaints yet, eh. guess will have to wait till the binary packages get updated
11:06=ZeBigBoss [] quit ("Leaving")
11:08<Slaytanic>What binary package are you waiting for? Which distro?
11:08+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
11:11=gerhard [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:42<bitbyte>hmm, i know this is a longshot, and i've checked the mailign lists, but does myth support the MSI tv card for the Mega pc's? those small PC' s are ideal for this use, but the pvr350 wont work in them
11:50+kslater [] joined #mythtv
11:59=ChaosExiguum [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:59+ChaosExiguum [] joined #mythtv
12:04+Smokie [] joined #mythtv
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12:08+servo [] joined #mythtv
12:14<servo>hmm im just thinking of the best way to apporach getting my remote working with mythtv... hmm
12:16<Slaytanic>What kind of remote?
12:18<[DOA]Tarkie>point it at the box and push the buttons?
12:18<Slaytanic>That's a good start. :)
12:19*Rince has a Rotel-IR and will try soon to check wether he can use it too instead of the PVR350-Remote (since that one is not going far enough)
12:24<Rince>question: is it possible to "cut" a record into different parts which are independent from each other?
12:24<Rince>i have something which is ~3h long and won't fit on one DVD.. and I just want to split it
12:25<Rince>just via mythtv - say "here is a good point to cut; please split the record here"
12:31+cfreeze [] joined #mythtv
12:32<cfreeze>What key code actually plays a movie in the video manager?
12:32<cfreeze>I can see the files, but can't get a key to actually start playing the file
12:32<Slaytanic>Enter and space, I think
12:32<Slaytanic>No, wait..
12:33<cfreeze>I see a window pop up saying loading, but then it goes back to the browser
12:33<Slaytanic>The video manager is only for adding covers etc... AFAIk.
12:33<Slaytanic>To play, go to the browse vids or video list
12:33<Slaytanic> those buttons, I mean.
12:33<cfreeze>Slaytanic: that's where I get the screen saying loading
12:33<cfreeze>I've replaced /usr/local/bin/mplayer with a shell script to log what is being done
12:34<cfreeze>but it looks like it's never getting called
12:34<Slaytanic>Go to Videos->Video list instead of "Video manager"
12:35<cfreeze>ok...went there, enter/space do nothing
12:36<cfreeze>no long generated either
12:36<cfreeze>even using the keyboard nothing...
12:37<Slaytanic>Is the path to the player set correctly in the settings?
12:38<cfreeze>the path at the bottom looks correct, even though the command line opts are trunicated due to the field length
12:39+enki [] joined #mythtv
12:39<Slaytanic>Well, can't help you further...
12:40<enki>hi, im curious...what options are there for people with digital cable, ie roadrunner int he US, where there are more than 125 channels? can tuner cards decode that like regular cable, or is it proprietary basd on the set-top box?
12:40<cmorgan>enki: you use an ir blaster to signal to the box to change its channel
12:40<Slaytanic>The IR blaster acts like a remote control...
12:41<enki>uh huh...can mythtv still do its pvr thing tho, with that kind of setup?
12:41<enki>im not familiar with the ir blaster
12:42<enki>ahh i see
12:43<cfreeze>got it to invoke now
12:43<cfreeze>odd...wish there was a super vebose option on the backend/frontend
12:43<enki>so does mythtv requite special configuration then to work w/ this?
12:43<enki>and so mythtv just receives which analog channel the set-top box has decoded at any given time...
12:45<cmorgan>mythtv SET the channel
12:46<cfreeze>doesn't look like it's putting the file in quotes
12:46<cmorgan>so it knows what channel you have selected
12:46<cfreeze>so spaces are throwing it off?
12:50+Spellbinder [] joined #mythtv
12:55<enki>pretty interesting stuff
13:07<enki>ok i got my dream system i wanna build: asus pundit 180.00, celeron 2.4Ghz 71.00, corsair 1gig ddr pc2700 dual bundle 144.00, samsumg 160gig ata133 99.00, hauppauge pvr 250 122.00 and a toshiba 16x dvd-rom for 32.00...
13:07<enki>grand total of 648.99
13:07<enki>missing anything, think i can find better prices, etc?
13:07<Chutt>you don't need anywhere near that much ram
13:08<enki>you think?
13:08<sfr>getting it all set up and working, priceless.
13:08<enki>sfr, true true
13:08<Chutt>and you can get a pvr-250 or variant of it for much cheaper
13:08<Chutt>and the pundit doesn't fit all dvdroms
13:08<pahli_bar>does the pundit have built in motherboard?
13:08<Chutt>pahli_bar, yeah
13:08<Chutt>hey, btw
13:08<enki>how much ram do you think i need?
13:08<Chutt>what are your plans now that 14's out?
13:09<Chutt>512's more than enough
13:09*pahli_bar hides
13:09<enki>my plans?
13:09<Chutt>no, pahli_bar's
13:09<Chutt>i was thinking of messing around with mythmusic some
13:09<enki>should i buy two 265's or one 512 stick?
13:09<pahli_bar>immediate todo list: add libexif and gphoto2 support for mythgallery.
13:09<enki>256, even
13:09<Slaytanic>256 MB is said to be enough...
13:10<Chutt>replace the tree list with your uibtnlist
13:10<pahli_bar>Chutt: yeah, mythmusic music selection needs working..
13:10<pahli_bar>Chutt: one problem which might arise is that the number of levels in the tree is not fixed
13:10<Chutt>and merging in sfr's thing
13:11<pahli_bar>we could have nextstep/apple style sliding levels...
13:11<Chutt>but i think that can be worked around
13:11<Chutt>sliding levels?
13:11<pahli_bar>lemmee grab a screenshot
13:12<enki>whats the name of the pvr 250's chipset? so i can find a cheaper variant
13:12<threep>hey, is it possible to pull a "livetv" stream into a plugin?
13:13<Chutt>threep, sure, all plugins have access to libmythtv which does all that
13:13<pahli_bar>Chutt: best i could find is this:
13:13<threep>I found the tv_play.h header in CVS, but it isn't isntalled on my 0.13 system.
13:13<Chutt>threep, it's not installed, right, but that's easy to fix
13:13<threep>is that a new header file in 0.14?
13:13<pahli_bar>Chutt: see the window titled fileviewer
13:14<Chutt>how would that deal with more than 4 levels?
13:14<threep>that would explain it.
13:14<Chutt>push the left most back?
13:14<pahli_bar>Chutt: yup
13:14<pahli_bar>Chutt: maybe in a faded/half-shown manner
13:14<sfr>Chutt: does merging imply reworking/fixing? ;)
13:14<Chutt>sfr, there were a few things i wanted to change
13:14<Chutt>biggest being what decides what type of input to use
13:15<sfr>Chutt: i'm not surprised
13:15<enki>Chutt, can you off the top of your head name a dvd-rom that you know fits in the pundit for sure?
13:15<Chutt>enki, nope
13:15<enki>a warm fuzzy?
13:15<Chutt>i don't have a pundit.
13:15<pahli_bar>Chutt: hopefully most people will have only 3-4 levels and so will not have to deal with that
13:15<Chutt>genre, artist, album, track
13:15<Chutt>well, top level's 5
13:15<Chutt>how 'bout making it more tree like?
13:16<Chutt>make a gap on the one that opens up, and indent the next level a little
13:16<pahli_bar>Chutt: ahh... that sounds good too. calls for a new uitype
13:16<Chutt>right, but based off of your existing one
13:16<pahli_bar>Chutt: yeah
13:17<Chutt>i'll need to add icon support to it, anyway
13:17<Chutt>so i can keep using the freeamp tree icons
13:17<pahli_bar>Chutt: ?
13:17<Chutt>the icons in the music selection tree
13:17=M-M_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
13:18<pahli_bar>ok. and that plan of having triple-state selection too
13:18<Chutt>been using mythmusic more recently, so i want to make the ui better =)
13:18+aceat64 [] joined #mythtv
13:19<pahli_bar>Chutt: its the plugin i use the most... so there is definitely motivation here too
13:20<pahli_bar>we should get the theme developers/artistically-inclined-people to do mockups. easier to work towards a target (my artistic abilities are rather limited)
13:20<aceat64>does anyone in here use gentoo?
13:20<Octane>Chutt are you planning to move also move game and music to Renchi's new look?
13:21<Octane>speak of Renchi
13:21*pahli_bar is renchi
13:21<Octane>ill just are you pahli_bar
13:21<Octane>i knew that hence the speak of :)
13:21<pahli_bar>Octane: scroll up a bit. you will find your answer there :)
13:21<DJ_Rican>chutt: when renaming videos in video manager, i cannot use the "0", do you know why? IE: if i want to name one episode 10, i can't....
13:21<cfreeze>found my problem
13:22<cfreeze>mplayer keeps giving an illegal instruction
13:23<Octane>use xine :)
13:24<pahli_bar>Chutt: the treeview will prove to be slightly more tricky than the current "listbox" style one(i remember the nightmares of developing a custom qiconview). i will start hacking on it immediately.
13:24<Octane>pahli_bar, when i read mythnews update i was hoping more than 255 chars per news post :)
13:24<Octane>nonetheless, great work on both plugins, they look a million times better
13:25<Octane>thank you :)
13:25<pahli_bar>Octane: its a fine balance between people clamoring for bigger fonts and those wanting more content. i will have a popup window which shows more detailed info for the next version
13:26<Octane>sounds good, well done
13:27<Octane>i had mythnews removed from my menu but with this new version, its back in there
13:27<bitbyte>hmm, i know this is a longshot, and i've checked the mailign lists, but does myth support the MSI tv card for the Mega pc's? those small PC' s are ideal for this use, but the pvr350 wont work in them, any ideas?
13:27-krash314 [] left #mythtv ("Client Exiting")
13:28<pahli_bar>bitbyte: if bttv goto:, if ivtv goto:
13:28<pahli_bar>bitbyte: i'm betting on the former
13:28<Octane>are you talking about physically wont work in them?
13:28<Octane>like the card wont fit?
13:28<pahli_bar>i guess he means physically fit.
13:29<pahli_bar>i think there is yuan lowprofile card, supported by ivtv
13:29<pahli_bar>also avermedia is coming out a lowprofile card (will be sometime before its supported)
13:29<Octane>most pvr250 users bend it, i dont know if its possible with a 350
13:30<pahli_bar>heh. i setup the new mythgallery transitions on the tv and wife's reaction was: boring :)
13:30<bitbyte>it fits just wont work, msi knows about it
13:30<Octane>tell her thousands of your cyber friends like it so tough :P
13:31<sfr>and cyber girlfriends
13:32<pahli_bar>bitbyte: looks like a bttv card.
13:32<bitbyte>pahli, i dont knwo if its bttv or nto, very little info out there, msi wants you to use their app and not others
13:32<pahli_bar>guessing by the price :)
13:33<Octane>im so mad at myself for not buying one of those 250's that was going for 88 on ebay
13:34<pahli_bar>Octane: the avermedia m179 still sells for 79$
13:34<Chutt>pahli_bar, if you want to mess with a tree view, sure, but i'd be happy to do it too
13:34<Chutt>if there's something else you'd rather work on instead
13:34=aceat64 [] quit ("Leaving")
13:35<pahli_bar>Chutt: either way its fine. i will see what i can do. adding gphoto2 and libexif shouldn't be difficult (the code is already there in digikam. i just have to rip it out)
13:36<Octane>are there any estimates on the number of myth users out there
13:36<pahli_bar>i ripped out the myth opengl transitions and put in digikam :)
13:37<Chutt>download counts for the source tarballs are all on the website
13:38<Chutt>0.13 was around 25k
13:38<Chutt>doesn't count the rpms or anything, but..
13:38<Octane>plus rpm's plus ebuilds
13:38<Chutt>gives an idea
13:38<threep>ebuilds download the source tarballs.
13:38<pahli_bar>wonder how much of those were our japanese friends
13:38<threep>every gentoo user get the ebuild,
13:38<threep>but doesn't necessarily install
13:38<Chutt>yeah, but who the hell uses gentoo? :p
13:38<pahli_bar>they should be smacked for that :)
13:39<threep>me. :-)
13:39<Octane>ah i didnt know that
13:39<Chutt>mailing lists are around 1300 for -dev, 2400 for -users
13:39<pahli_bar>threep: is it an official ebuild?
13:39<threep>mythtv? yes.
13:39<threep>and mythvideo, mythnews, mythweather, etc.
13:39<Chutt>700 people on -commits, which is crazy
13:40<pahli_bar>and it uses cvs.... tch,tch
13:40<Octane>thats crazy, dev list if more than half users
13:40<Chutt>pahli_bar, the official ones use the release
13:40<Chutt>some people have cvs ebuilds
13:40<pahli_bar>Chutt: how many official developers?
13:40<Chutt>i think
13:40<Chutt>but that's counting moegreen
13:40<pahli_bar>not bad at all
13:41<Chutt>and av, who i gave cvs access to and then he disappeared
13:41<Chutt>and the mythbrowser guy who has done two commits, total
13:41<Octane>lol 'the mythbrowser guy'
13:41<Chutt>phillipe cattin
13:41<Chutt>or something close to that
13:43etcp_is now known as etcp
13:43+holger_ [] joined #mythtv
13:43<pahli_bar>hah. mythnews beats mythgame in the download count.
13:44<Octane>im still trying to get my mythgame update working
13:45<pahli_bar>i need to get hold of a couple of joysticks and start exploring it more properly
13:45<Octane>i recommend gamepads
13:45<Octane>you can get 2 $10 usb ones
13:45<pahli_bar>Octane: links?
13:45<Octane>pahli_bar: looking up
13:46<Slaytanic>Where should I look for Xmame (and other) rom:s?
13:46<Octane>newsgroups is a good place
13:46<Octane>but if you want specific roms
13:47<thor_> 700 people subscribed to cimmits?
13:47=servo [] quit ("Leaving")
13:47<sfr>are they freely distributable?
13:47<Octane>sfr some are some arent, but that site has them all
13:47+mattfelsen [] joined #mythtv
13:48<Slaytanic>Ok, thanks alot!
13:48<Octane>i got mine at circuit city
13:48<pahli_bar>Octane: eh uk!
13:48<Octane>its a uk company that sjust product info :)
13:49<pahli_bar>Octane: ok. thanks
13:50+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
13:50<enki>can anyone say whats a good joystick w/ linux support?
13:50<mattfelsen>which infrared receivers do people use that work with lirc?
13:50<Octane>$8.20 per :)
13:51<Octane>enki: if you want a joystick check out the joystick driver's support page to see whats supported
13:51<pahli_bar>Octane: nice. gonna do some ebaying too
13:52<Octane>pahli_bar: i highly recommend it, 8 buttons, total 360 movement, good to hold, easy usb, and cheap
13:52<pahli_bar>Octane: bookmarked. :)
13:54<mattfelsen>anyone with an irman?
13:54<Octane>i wish my digi cable box would let me disable their osd
13:55<pahli_bar>Octane: any links on drivers?
13:55<Octane>pahli_bar: worked out of the box for me
13:55<mattfelsen>Octane: me too, but i send a clear command right after the channel pretty well
13:55<Octane>just plug in the usb
13:55<pahli_bar>Octane: cool. thanks again
13:55<Octane>mattfelsen: oooh good ide, should research
13:56<pahli_bar>ok. time to go cook some curry.
13:56<Octane>japanese indian thai which kind
13:56<pahli_bar>never tried japanese.
13:57<Octane>japanese is my favorite, its all i ate when i lived there
13:57+o_cee [] joined #mythtv
13:57*pahli_bar adds a note to pickup some japanese recipe books on his trip to the library
14:01<o_cee>thinking about setting up another frontend here.. any recomendations on a tiny frontend that should handle mpeg2 from pvr's?
14:02+cbaoth [] joined #mythtv
14:02<Slaytanic>Xbox or Mini-itx... Or Asus pundit.
14:02<o_cee>will probably be a lcd-tv, so i guess i'll use vga directly
14:02<o_cee>xbox is the loudest thing in this house.. heh
14:03<Octane>mattfelsen while your idea was really good, when i send clear after a channel change it cancels the channel change :(
14:03<Octane>was worth a try though :)
14:03<Octane>o_cee anything celeron :)
14:03+Smokie [] joined #mythtv
14:03<o_cee>Octane: got a celeron 2ghz in my main myth computer now.. this will be for the bedroom :)
14:04<Octane>what kind of tuner are you planning on
14:04<o_cee>and frontend only.. will those epia 533mhz do?
14:04<Rince>question: is it possible to divide one record in different pieces? some of my records are more than 3hours long and this is not really useable. I would like to "slice" it into pieces I can burn on dvd... or just let it on the machine and access them directly
14:04<o_cee>Octane: no tuner in this one, only frontend
14:04<Smokie>i upgraded mythtv, but it won't recognize the plugins. Should the path be stored somewhere ?
14:04<o_cee>Smokie: upgraded the plugins as well?
14:05+dilate [] joined #mythtv
14:05<Smokie>o_cee: yes
14:05<Smokie>i had a cvs version before.
14:05<o_cee>no good mixing source install and packages
14:06<Smokie>o_cee: ohh,i compiled the .14 release complete
14:06<Smokie>o_cee: had problems with the actual cvs
14:08=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:08=Slaytanic [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
14:08+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
14:09<pcjabber>is there any word on when Axel Thimm will update the FC1 packages?
14:09<sfr>Smokie: is there a /usr/share/mythtv and a /usr/local/share/mythtv directory on your system?
14:10<Smokie>sfr: yes and somthing in /usr/lib and/usr/local/lib
14:11<sfr>so clean that up. the source tarballs will install in /usr/local by default
14:12<o_cee>mdz: you noticed you commited to much in
14:15<o_cee>anyone with cvs write access here would probably want to fix that..
14:16*o_cee is away: shower
14:16+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
14:28=holger_ [] quit ("Client exiting")
14:37+[M-M] [] joined #mythtv
14:37+loebrich|away [] joined #mythtv
14:38-loebrich|away [] left #mythtv ()
14:40<bitbyte>pahli, so any bttv card will work in Myth right?
14:41<Octane>does anyone else's tvout display border change depending on the brightness of the image?
14:43+FryGuy [] joined #mythtv
14:44<Captain_Murdoch>Octane, that happens on most (or at least a lot of) TVs even when viewing normal TV.
14:46<Octane>thanks capn, i figured as much
14:46<Octane>i have reached the stage of knitpicking my setup because there is really nothing left to work on :)
14:48<mdz>o_cee: rkulagow fixed it
14:48<rkulagow_afk>mdz: sorry if i jumped the gun on you...
14:49<mdz>rkulagow_afk: no, thanks
14:49<mdz>one of these days I am going to change it so that I don't need to edit
14:49<rkulagow_afk>ok, back to being afk... bbl.
14:50<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, I always have to remember to remove the change(s) from the patch I use to copy my working CVS tree to the CVS tree I commit from.
14:51=Smokie [] quit ("Client Exiting")
14:52<Captain_Murdoch>mainly the debug vs release setting since I just compile everything for pentiumpro now so I can just run "make install" from the nfs directory on all my boxes
14:52<enki>does anyone know of a cheap pvr 250 variant out there?
14:52<pcjabber>is there any word on when Axel Thimm will update the FC1 packages?
14:52<enki>i found a hauppauge for 127 on newegg, but Chutt says i could find a variant for cheaper
14:52<enki>any ideas or suggestions?
14:54<Captain_Murdoch>avermedia M179 is supported using a patch to the ivtv driver and will be supported in stock ivtv whenever 0.2.0 comes out. I think you can find them around $80.
14:55rkulagow_afkis now known as rkulagow
14:55<enki>and it has all the same features of the pvr 250?
14:55+Dinki_ [] joined #mythtv
14:55<enki>hey rkulagow, do you have a pundit right?
14:55<rkulagow>captain_murdoch: that little nfs trick has saved me a bunch of time compiling. now i just need to get my xbox up to speed. boots xebian so far...
14:55<Dinki_>I've noticed in mythweb (0.14) under 'Scheduled Recordings' only a couple shows show up. If I go to the frontend, I can see all the upcoming recordings. Is something amiss?
14:55<rkulagow>enki: yes
14:55<enki>im thinking of getting one, and im curious of a good dvd-rom that fits in it...cuz someone said that some dvd-roms wont fit right
14:56<rkulagow>enki: hold on.
14:56<enki>Captain_Murdoch, thanks
14:56=DJ_Rican [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:57<enki>so overall which is a better card, the avermedia m179 (for the price) or a pvr 250?
14:57<bitbyte>will any bttv card will work in Myth?
14:57<enki>im more concerned about quality, but price is an issue, as well
14:58<Captain_Murdoch>enki, yeah, it's basically a 250 with a different audio chip on it. you can't control audio volume, but it doesn't seem to matter much on my systems. I have 3 M179 cards, one PVR-250, a WinTV 848, and a WinTV 878 card.
14:58<cbaoth>If the bttv driver supports it, yes bitbyte
14:58<enki>well is the pvr 250 worth that extra 50 bucks, or for me (i just want a very basic setup), would a avermedia suffice?
14:59<rkulagow>enki: i installed a lite-on XJ-HD166S, newegg part number 27-131-112. cost me $32 last may.
14:59<enki>this is my proposed setup: asus pundit 180.00, celeron 2.4Ghz 71.00, corsair 512 ddr pc2700 dual bundle 79.00, samsumg 160gig ata133 99.00, hauppauge pvr 250 122.00 and a toshiba 16x dvd-rom for 32.00...
14:59<enki>rkulagow, and how do you like it?
14:59<Captain_Murdoch>enki, there are sample captures from my M179 card available at
14:59<enki>i mean im concerned about quality of course, but i dont want anything super extravagant
15:00<enki>just gonna out it to my 27-inch panasonic tv via the pundit's s-video
15:00<rkulagow>enki: what? the dvd or the box? pundit makes a fine frontend. quiet. hard to install stuff into, but you don't do that all the time. stupid placement of SPDIF.
15:00<enki>btw rkulagow, do you use s-video in linux?
15:00<enki>the dvd-player
15:00<rkulagow>composite. use the winishoeffer drivers for the sis chipset.
15:00<rkulagow>dvd works fine. no issues.
15:00<enki>ok, composite works just as well
15:00<enki>ok thanks
15:01<rkulagow>mdz: will there be mythtv debs for .14, or is the qt requirement going to nix that?
15:01*o_cee is back (gone 00:45:20)
15:01<rkulagow>sorry, for stable/woody.
15:02<Captain_Murdoch>enki, they were recorded off different channels at the same time I think, so the quality of them may differ a little. is a pretty good example
15:03<enki>ok im checkin it out
15:03rkulagowis now known as rkulagow_afk
15:03<enki>i mean i really just want something to do the basic pvr thing with
15:03<threep>how come tv_play.h doesn't get installed during a "make install"
15:04<enki>i just want minimum hassle, as this is my first time w/ a linux pvr and so on...
15:04<billytwowilly>enki: Minimum hassle = knoppmyth.
15:04<enki>so ill go with whatever works, and if theyre both really the same card w/o audio, thats just fine
15:04<billytwowilly>but it's still using 0.12 out of the box.
15:04<enki>altho w/o audio would complicate things a bit huh
15:04<billytwowilly>oh you're talking hardware.. nm then.
15:04<enki>well yeah, i mean altogether billytwowilly
15:05<enki>billytwowilly, i know my way around gentoo pretty good, so i might use it for the distro
15:05<enki>but i did check out the knoppmyth homepage
15:05<billytwowilly>I'm running knoppmyth right now. it's quite nice.
15:05<billytwowilly>very easy to setup.
15:05<Captain_Murdoch>enki, the M179 has audio, you just need the M179 ivtv patch to enable it.
15:05+KeyserSoze [~gazicm@] joined #mythtv
15:05<enki>i see
15:05<billytwowilly>I'm beta testing update debs for it at the moment too. so soon you should be able to just update it to 0.14
15:06<Captain_Murdoch>the patch will be incorporated into the next ivtv version though.
15:06<enki>what is ivtv? a driver?
15:07<billytwowilly>driver for pvr250/avernedua,,
15:07<o_cee>driver for wintv pvr [2, 3]50
15:07<mdz>rkulagow_afk: there will probably not be new woody debs ever, unless someone else steps forward to maintain them, because of the Qt requirement
15:07<billytwowilly>err. avermedia.
15:07*enki nods
15:07<enki>is it in the kernel source, or does it have to be gotten seperately?
15:07<enki>well thats pretty nice video Captain_Murdoch
15:08<threep>enki: you need to download it seperately.
15:08<Captain_Murdoch> you'd want the v0.1.9 driver and then apply the patch from the same website I just gave you a link to.
15:08<threep>enki: check out their Wiki...its pretty good.
15:09<enki>and besides compiling the patched driver, the audio works just fine?
15:09<enki>ill prolly do an alsa setup, cuz the pundit is ac97
15:10<Captain_Murdoch>yes, the video clips have audio. :)
15:10<Octane>does anyone else have missing description for a program in the osd when changing a channel in livetv? if i hit 'i' it shows the desc in the osd, but if i change chan it just shows the program title, not the desc
15:11<enki>ahh doh
15:11<enki>my mixer settings were reset , whoops
15:11<Dinki_>Capt_Murdoch: What's your video source? Cable?
15:11<o_cee>Captain_Murdoch: how's your todo list doing? gotten to the tarnscoding -> showing processing image thingie?
15:14=DogBoy [] quit ("Leaving")
15:16<Captain_Murdoch>Dinki_: cable after going through something like this: cable -> 2-way splitter -> amplifier -> 3-way splitter -> 3 M179 cards in one server.
15:17*o_cee is away: movie
15:19<threep>are any files from libmythtv directory supposed to be installed by "make install"
15:19=Peit|work [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
15:19<Captain_Murdoch>o_cee, you mean showing transcoding status versus showing commercial flagging status? Haven't touched that. I've been coding up "Recording Groups" to allow you to group recordings and view different groups on the playbackbox screen. It also allows you to view just a single category rather than viewing all programs. also allows setting a password on a group so your kids can't watch stuff you don't want them to see. :)
15:19<Captain_Murdoch>threep, the shared library should be
15:19<Captain_Murdoch>I think
15:19<enki>where can you get the winshoeffer driver at?
15:20<threep>ok, but then how do I import a live stream into my plugin?
15:20<threep>I was going to use the TV class, but that header isn't installed.
15:21<threep>perhaps this shouldn't be a plugin...
15:21<threep>My idea was to tile multiple input cards over the screen.
15:21<threep>I was going to implement it as a plugin as a prototype.
15:22<enki>like a mini monitor bank?
15:22<threep>yeah, I guess so.
15:23<Captain_Murdoch>if you want to test the concept you could put it under the mythtv directory for now. like mythcommflag, mythtranscode, etc.. they can access the player code.
15:25<threep>would a patch to be considered?
15:25<threep>or is the player code considered "private?"
15:30<Captain_Murdoch>I don't see a reason why the player shouldn't/couldn't be used in a module.
15:32<threep>ok, I will try to patch so that those class headers are installed.
15:35<mdz>libmythtv is specifically not exported, only libmyth
15:35<threep>mdz: what is the policy on that?
15:36<threep>should the player code be moved to libmyth?
15:36<mdz>threep: TV-related stuff goes in libmythtv
15:36<enki>if im trying to get 512MB of ddr pc2700 ram...should i buy 2 256MB sticks or 1 512MB stick?
15:36<enki>does it even matter?
15:37<mdz>which is shared between the backend, frontend and setup
15:37<Captain_Murdoch>so a so instead of a module he would need to use a standalone program that was EXEC-ed and compiled in the mythtv directory like mythcommflag, mythtranscode, etc.?
15:37<threep>so, any extensions that make use of the live stream should be made directly to the core?
15:37<mdz>Captain_Murdoch: yeah, that'd work
15:38<enki>ive never bought ddr before, last time i installed ram was pc133, soo...
15:38<threep>how does that work?
15:38<enki>should it paired up or single?
15:38<mdz>threep: I suggest doing it as a separate program
15:38<mdz>threep: like the cap'n says
15:38<threep>mdz: ok, how does that work though?
15:39<Captain_Murdoch>threep, look at the mythtv/programs directory
15:40<Captain_Murdoch>you can use those as examples. it's easy to add another program in there.
15:42<threep>is mythtvosd used to overlay all the on screed displays?
15:42<Spida>do I need lircd-0.7pre for pvr350s remote, or is 0.6.6 new enough?
15:46+Justin__ [] joined #mythtv
15:46=Justin_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:51<Captain_Murdoch>threep: no, it's an external program that can send a message to the frontend to display something on the OSD. like for caller ID.
16:00+Justin_ [] joined #mythtv
16:02+Niqo [] joined #mythtv
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16:08+KGE [] joined #mythtv
16:08=Justin__ [] quit (Connection timed out)
16:10=threep [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:10<KGE>quiet here
16:11=drd [] quit (Nick collision from services.)
16:11+drd- [] joined #mythtv
16:13<KGE>everyone is watching mythtv ?
16:13<hadees>mabey they are all at superbowl parties
16:14<KGE>anyone using bttv cards for mythtv ?
16:15<skywarper>i won't tell
16:16<hadees>KGE: lots of people do
16:16<KGE>having some trouble here with a 'TV Capturer' card (some bad UHF interence)
16:18<Octane>i think its time to crank up the bitrate for the superbowl :)
16:20=KGE [] quit ("Leaving")
16:24+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
16:24warlord-afkis now known as warlord
16:26=KeyserSoze [~gazicm@] quit ("Client exciting")
16:30<warlord>Hmm, strange...
16:31<warlord>Watching LiveTV with the PVR-350..
16:31<warlord>After a while I decide I want to back up a bit, so I hit the 30s backup
16:31<warlord>but it doesn't like it. It backs up, but not 30s.. I don't know how far back in time it goes..
16:31<warlord>I also noticed this when watching a recording in-progress...
16:32<cmorgan>yes, i've had similar things with fastforwarding
16:32<cmorgan>most time it goes 30s foward but sometimes 10 minutes
16:32<cmorgan>maybe 1 out of 10 times
16:32<warlord>Well, it's now thinks it's in real-time, but it's not -- it's well BEHIND real-time (probably on the order of minutes behind)
16:33<warlord>I wonder if it's a wrap-around on frame #
16:33<warlord>I was hoping to back up to re-view a commercial..
16:33<warlord>but I can't find it!
16:33<billytwowilly>well, I've had a chance to try out 0.14 (was running 0.12) and I must say that I'm highly impressed.
16:33<warlord>Yea, 0.14 is pretty good.
16:33<billytwowilly>using my remote is WAY more responsive with the update.
16:34<warlord>Ok, it's about 10 minutes behind realtime now...
16:34<billytwowilly>picture still looks rather crappy, but that's the fault of my tuner card;)
16:34<warlord>I just reset the ring buffer.
16:34<warlord>it's QUITE annoying.
16:36<warlord>It works fine at the beginning of a recording, but eventually it stops working.
16:36<cmorgan>i've had the same oddness with livetv
16:36<cmorgan>so i pretty much stopped watching livetv ;-)
16:36<warlord>I've also seen it while watching a recoding in-progress.
16:41=enki [] quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
16:50=Dinki_ [] quit ()
16:55<billytwowilly>can I pass any commands to mythfrontend to see what it is doing?
16:56<billytwowilly>i started it, but it's just hanging.
16:56=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
16:56<Morph>hmm hmm..playing recorded video is skipping every second for the pause buffer..
16:59=Drikus [] quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:05+Snappi [] joined #mythtv
17:05=bdale [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:05<Snappi>anyone know when .14 will be avalibal as an ebuild?
17:07<pcjabber>is there any word on when Axel Thimm will update the FC1 packages?
17:07<pcjabber>sorry, not sure, Snappi
17:08<warlord>when they get to it?
17:08<Snappi>pcjabber, thx for replying
17:09<Spida>Snappi: did you try the .13 ebuild with .14? just renaming it?
17:10<Snappi>Spida, u mean as a digest
17:10<Snappi>it's not the best thing to do if dependencies have change etc,
17:11<Spida>Snappi: look at the changelog or ask here to find out if the deps have changed
17:11<Snappi>but I really thing I wait until it's out
17:11<Snappi>have the deps changed? :D
17:11<Spida>Snappi: NO CLUE
17:11<Spida>argl sh*** caps
17:12<Spida>Snappi: I have been using gentoo for 20months now, but I am nowhere near 20hours on myhtv
17:13<Snappi>same as me than
17:13cznis now known as czzn
17:13<Spida>Snappi: *g*
17:17=pcjabber [] quit ("Leaving...Client is exiting (XChat 2.0.7)")
17:20+orzel [] joined #mythtv
17:21<orzel>hello. i didn't find any .sql in 0.13 for mythvideo and mythgallery, is that ok ??
17:21<orzel>(first install)
17:21<orzel>yes, i know .14 is out, but not in gentoo yet
17:22<orzel>so there's basically nothing to do, at least wrt to the database
17:23<Snappi>orzel, hopefully tommorow
17:23<orzel>Snappi: ? for .14 ebuild you mean ?
17:23<orzel>ok, great. while i'm at it, i had _severe_ difficulties with .13 ebuilds
17:23<o_cee>Captain_Murdoch: cool, looking forward to it :)
17:23*o_cee is away: sleep
17:23<orzel>Snappi: basically it never emerged on one computer. breaking sandbox permissions.
17:23<Snappi>u don't need to worry about the database. I think the have changed the way it work so it fixed by itself
17:24<sfr>orzel: you only need to create the db and add the mythtv user
17:24<orzel>(Snappi: i reported on of course)
17:24<orzel>sfr: i did
17:24<Snappi>orzel, it worked for me
17:24<Snappi>orzel, do u have a post with your errors?
17:25<orzel>Snappi: several people reported the bug, and it worked with me on the other computer
17:25<orzel>Snappi: basically, during installation, (i'm 80% sure it's related to the .pro ) mythtv tried to install directly in / not in the sandboxed dir. hence breaking rules
17:25<orzel>Snappi: lot of red messages, and the emerge fails
17:26<orzel>i can reproduce it, but that means a whole new compilation..
17:26<Snappi>I suggest u try the .14 ebuild when it's out
17:26Rroetis now known as RroetZzZz
17:26<orzel>Snappi: ok. (and maybe you could remove the msg about mysql changes in gallery/video)
17:27<RroetZzZz>All mythtv ebuilds are up to 0.14... please test them and put up the results
17:27<RroetZzZz>orzel: didn't know you were talking about gentoo there :)
17:27<Snappi>are they in portage?
17:27<RroetZzZz>Snappi: no, iggy is still reviewing them
17:28<RroetZzZz>Snappi: go to the bugslist url
17:28<RroetZzZz>it's also the place where new ebuild files are posted for approval and committing into the portage tree :)
17:28<warlord>Hmm, livetv has problems within about 15 minutes..
17:28<RroetZzZz>Snappi: alternatively:
17:28<RroetZzZz>warlord: using a ivtv card ?
17:28<Snappi>great :D
17:28<RroetZzZz>warlord: known issue
17:28<Snappi>I will try it now
17:28<RroetZzZz>I have it as well.
17:29<RroetZzZz>it's an ivtv issue, not mythtv so I've heard
17:29<warlord>what's the problem? reporting the wrong frame#?
17:29<orzel>RroetZzZz: i'll try to have a working .13 before updating
17:29<Snappi>do u have a better solution(than me) to install them?
17:29<RroetZzZz>wel,, anyway.. the my nick says ZzZz .. better live up to it.
17:29<RroetZzZz>0.14 is way better then 0.13 imho
17:30<warlord>RroetZzZz: I presume you're using 0.1.9?
17:30<RroetZzZz>warlord: too bad I am
17:30<Snappi>RroetZzZz, is it possible to integreat it to portage or do u suggest installing using ebuild?
17:30<RroetZzZz>warlord: I've had a good set of 0.1.8/0.1.9 but it was somewhere arround the 17th or 18th of januari
17:30<RroetZzZz>only problem is I don't know how to back pull a certain date from dcvs
17:31<RroetZzZz>edit /etc/make.conf
17:31<RroetZzZz>uncomment the OVERLAY
17:31<warlord>0.1.9 works fine in general, but pvr-350 tvout has problems with 'real-time' play.
17:31<RroetZzZz>throw the ebuilds with the proper structure in /usr/local/portage
17:31<warlord>(doesn't matter if it's livetv or watching a recording in progress)
17:31<RroetZzZz>emerge will now automagically see the new ebuilds
17:32<RroetZzZz>warlord: I have no trouble with recordings.
17:32<RroetZzZz>my problem is zapping after 15 minutes in livetv
17:32<warlord>RroetZzZz: even with a recording in-progress?
17:32<RroetZzZz>my image will go stuttering.
17:32<warlord>oh, that's not the problem I get..
17:32<RroetZzZz>warlord: nope, no trouble
17:32<warlord>the problem I get is that I'll try to back up 5 secs, but it will jump back 5-10 mins and think it's caught up.
17:32<RroetZzZz>anyway, you're nice people... but I've got a choice here.. GF calling at me... or chattering with you guys.
17:33<RroetZzZz>warlord: put up a message in mythtv-users mailinglist.
17:33<RroetZzZz>bye now
17:33=orzel [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:33<Snappi>RroetZzZz, thx
17:34<warlord>no, i think -dev is more appropriate..
17:34<warlord>this isn't a user question
17:38<Snappi>RroetZzZz, I have PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage" and the files in there but it doesn't find it
17:38<Snappi>my make.conf only has like 5 lines, I used the 2004.0 stage1
17:38<Snappi>so no info in there
17:41+orzel [] joined #mythtv
17:42+EdFred [edfred@] joined #mythtv
17:42<EdFred>hellow everyone
17:42<EdFred>mythtv <-- newbie
17:42<EdFred>anyone here know where I can get serial port command info for DCT2000 digi-cable box?
17:44<mattfelsen>is there any reason the stuff in .xsession isn't being run anymore? i've got kdm3 doing an autologin
17:44+pcjabber [] joined #mythtv
17:45<mattfelsen>it's probably in there somewhere, EdFred
17:53+__Da5iD__ [] joined #mythtv
17:57=orzel [] quit (Connection reset by peer)
17:57+orzel [] joined #mythtv
17:59warlordis now known as warlord-slow
18:01<mdz>thor_: how does the DAAP stuff work?
18:04<mdz>oh, it's in a separate cvs module
18:09=Snappi [] quit ("L\xE4mnar")
18:09=hadees [] quit (Connection reset by peer)
18:10=_Da5iD_ [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:11+hadees [] joined #mythtv
18:22<mdz>EdFred: the 'contrib' subdirectory in the source tarball
18:26+bdale [] joined #mythtv
18:26<orzel>hello. can mplayer be niced (-20) while playing in myth ?
18:26<orzel>(being ran as root, of course)
18:28<orzel>and why is that soo slow to display images ?
18:34+Slaytanic [] joined #mythtv
18:35+holger [] joined #mythtv
18:36=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:45cmorganis now known as cmorgan_away
18:47=Spida [] quit ("Verlassend")
18:47<mattfelsen>how do you change the record-time picture settings? F1-F8 don't work since the new keybinding stuff
18:48<sfr>try 'g'
18:49<mdz>if that's changed, keys.txt needs updating
18:50<mattfelsen>sfr, you mean "F" ?
18:51<sfr>no 'g'. F is only for changing the playback settings
18:51<sfr>at least i think i remember it was changed to g
18:55<mattfelsen>right you are
18:55=orzel [] quit ("back to real life")
18:55<mattfelsen>and keys.txt does need to be updated
18:56<sfr>well, with the configurable keys it's easy to change
18:58<mdz>mattfelsen: please send a patch, if you would
18:58=hadees [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:08<mattfelsen>i'm recording the superbowl and can't get into live tv
19:08<mattfelsen>does G work the same way F does?
19:09+McQuaid [] joined #mythtv
19:09<McQuaid>hello all
19:10<McQuaid>i'm trying to build a IR receiver for universal remotes. I couldn't find the one suggested in the guide.
19:10<McQuaid>the one i found has a trm # of 1038
19:10<McQuaid>is there somewhere to search by trm #'s?
19:10<sfr>mattfelsen: afair yes
19:11<sfr>mattfelsen: err, definitely yes :)
19:21<mattfelsen>look good?
19:22+kwenda [] joined #mythtv
19:23<kwenda>i want to rip ONLY the commercials from the superbowl to a CD for my friend
19:23<kwenda>can i just flip all the 3's and 7's in recordedmarkup table?
19:33<thor_>mdz, I'm back, but assuming you figured it out
19:34<mdz>thor_: I read the READMEs
19:34<mdz>in mfd
19:34<mdz>thor_: is mfd something that might be ready to be packaged up sometime soon?
19:34<thor_>trying to get at least part of it used in 0.15
19:34<mdz>a friend is building a myth box and was very excited about the idea of it being able to talk to iTunes
19:35<thor_>if it's iTunes > 4.0, talking is only one way
19:35<mdz>which way?
19:35<thor_>iTunes can play Myth content
19:35<mdz>dunno what version it is
19:35<thor_>but I'm just finishing off aac support
19:36<thor_>so you can always copy over files to the myth box
19:36<thor_>makes more sense for mfd to serve anyway, as it already converts flac, ogg, and wma to something iTunes can play on the fly
19:38<kwenda>any comment on my question? =)
19:38<kwenda>will flipping the 3's and 7's in the recordedmarkup table make myth play only the commercials?
19:38<thor_>plus the "iTunes won't server" restriction will be broken soon I'm sure .... Apple has a stupid obscure md5 checksum in their protocol, which will get broken soon
19:38<thor_>kwenda, dunno ... try?
19:39<thor_>"The future is open"
19:39<thor_>that was nice
19:39<mattfelsen>yea :)
19:40<mattfelsen>i just explained what linux is to my mom
19:40<sfr>one way is to edit the cutpoints as needed and use nuvexport to create a cd. this way you can delete the cutlist afterwards. just a thought kwenda
19:40+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
19:41=cbaoth [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:41=holger [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:42<kwenda>will the 'cutlist' that the commflag creates be loaded automatically?
19:42<sfr>you mean being honoured by nuvexport? yes
19:43<kwenda>so i just need to figure out how to flip ... something in there
19:43<kwenda>so that nuvexport only exports what it would normally skip
19:43<sfr>but i understood you only want the commercials on the cd, so commflag doesn't help
19:43<kwenda>well commflag will FIND all the commercials
19:44<sfr>then load the comm. list in the edit list, and take your way through them in edit mode. shouldn't take too long
19:44<kwenda>okay great, that makes sense
19:46=dilate [] quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
19:54<mattfelsen>for anyone that just saw that chevy commercial, was the linux boy in that with a bar of soap in his mouth?
19:55<sfr>so that's the secret for the success of the superbowl: the funny commercials!
19:56<thor_>sfr, you getting the ads in Germany?
19:57<mattfelsen>o_cee: what happened to the blue background that was included with the first preview of gant?
19:58<sfr>thor_: not now, i'm just guessing by the posts about superbowl commercials here. but there are some best-of-adv shows on tv.
19:58<McQuaid>i hate that we usually get canadian ads put in place
19:58<kwenda>its once a year that people actually WANT to see commercials...
19:59<thor_>ah ... I was in Germany 3 or 4 years ago when the super bowl was on ... was really upset when they cut the ads
19:59<sfr>i'm not really interested in football, so..
20:00<billytwowilly>i'm having a bit of a weird error.. on my remote frontend I can connect to the database on the backend, so mythfrontend starts up, but when I try to watch live or recorded tv it says it can't connect to the master backend.
20:00<billytwowilly>any ideas?
20:00<thor_>ip's not right
20:01<billytwowilly>i ran setup on both machines and the ip is set to, which is the backend server..
20:01<thor_>there are at least four you need to look at (master, this x 2) and they all have to be correct
20:02<billytwowilly>when I ran setup on the frontend I set the master to the master ip, localhost to (the machine's ip)
20:02<billytwowilly>I'm running setup again on the backend right now to check it out.
20:03<EdFred>does anyone here have the info for the dct2000 serial communication commands?
20:04<billytwowilly>they all point to ...
20:05<thor_>run verbose, look at the logs ?
20:06<mattfelsen>6:20 PM mdz: EdFred: the 'contrib' subdirectory in the source tarball
20:09<billytwowilly>problem solved.
20:09<billytwowilly>the backend crashed on me without me noticing it.
20:09<billytwowilly>thor_: Thanks for the pointers, it turns out that the helpfull screen in mythtv itself was right and I was just second guessing it;)
20:11*billytwowilly reminds himself to listen to the help screens more;)
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20:15<mattfelsen>on my satellite receivers, if i'm in the guide and press the down arrow, the selection will move down one channel. if i press channel down, the selection will move down one page. how would i do that in myth?
20:16<thor_>fire up mythweb, edit your key bindings
20:16<thor_>(and don't forget to restart the frontend in question)
20:17<mattfelsen>that's what i figured, but if i change channel up/down to act as page up/down, then while watching tv, channel up/down will jump ahead/back, not actually change channels
20:18<mattfelsen>so i was thinking i'd have to have lirc send shift up/down for the channel buttons and change the bindings for channel up/down for tv playback accordingly
20:18<mattfelsen>but the guide doesn't have customizable bindings
20:18<thor_>ah heh, yeah ... submit a patch for a new keybindings context for "EPG Mode"
20:19<mattfelsen>blah :)
20:21=sfr [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:24<mattfelsen>ok...i'm looking in guidegrid.cpp at keyPressEvent, and i'm assuming this line sets which context it's pulling the bindings from
20:24<mattfelsen>gContext->GetMainWindow()->TranslateKeyPress("TV Frontend", e, actions);
20:25<mattfelsen>and obviously that would have to change to EPG Mode or such, but where do i define a new context?
20:25<thor_>sounds about right
20:28+overridex [] joined #mythtv
20:29<overridex>anyone come up with a quick way to toggle fullscreen/window?
20:29<overridex>or a way to set it on startup of the frontend at least...
20:30<Slaytanic>I assume the setting is stored in the database, so you could write a small script that updates the particular row in the Mysql DB before starting the frontend...
20:31<overridex>Slaytanic: yeah that's what i was thinking.... figured i'd check if someone already wrote one or not first though :)
20:31<overridex>wish it was as simple as alt+enter though hehe
20:31<Slaytanic>Check the mailing list, if it's not there, I guess you'll have to do it yourself. :)
20:31<Slaytanic>Well good luck! :) I'm off to bed now, it's 2.30 am...
20:32<overridex>thanks Slaytanic
20:36<McQuaid>was anyone just watching the superbowl?
20:36<mattfelsen>i am
20:36<mattfelsen>i'm wishing that hierarchial context patch got applied..
20:36<McQuaid>are my eyes playing tricks on me on did justin timber just rip off half of janets top. i thought i saw one of her boobies
20:37<mattfelsen>umm i'm pretty sure that didn't happen
20:37<mattfelsen>why not just rewind?
20:37<McQuaid>unfortuneately i wasn't watching in myth
20:37<mattfelsen>ok i'm watching it again...she's still clothed
20:38<McQuaid>right at the end before it goes black
20:38<mattfelsen>oh whoa..
20:39<overridex>i plan on encoding that part later ;)
20:39<McQuaid>if u can send me a screen of that, my gf doesnt believe me
20:39<overridex>he's got more balls than i thought if that was on purpose
20:39<McQuaid>but i'm sure it'll be all over the place later
20:39cmorgan_awayis now known as cmorgan
20:39<overridex>is there any screenshot key in mythtv?
20:39<overridex>cuz grabbing xv isn't gonna work....
20:39<overridex>unless there's a unit to get an xv still
20:39<McQuaid>hmm, not sure actually
20:40<thor_>if you have it recorded, you can play back with XV turned off
20:40+CyberKnet [] joined #mythtv
20:40<overridex>i can turn off xv in mythfrontend?
20:40<thor_>there's an environmental variable ... NO_XV ? ... something like that
20:41<overridex>is that variable mythtv-specific?
20:42<mattfelsen>well if someone tells me specifically how to get a screenshot i'll gladly upload it
20:42<McQuaid>man radio shack is such a ripoff. i got all the parts i need to make a ir receiver for 3 bucks. at rs, the db 9 box is 6 bucks alone
20:43<thor_>NO_XV=1 mythfrontend
20:44<mdz>yes, it's mythtv-specific
20:44<mattfelsen> with xv off, how do you take a screenshot?
20:45<thor_>gimp --> acquire
20:45<McQuaid>ksnapshot is a kde util for screens
20:45*overridex 's got a screenshot..
20:46<mattfelsen>no gimp, and i'm only using a remote
20:46<mattfelsen>overridex: ooh, post it somewhere
20:46<McQuaid>hmm the send failed could u try again?
20:47cmorganis now known as cmorgan_away
20:48<CyberKnet>I wonder if he was meant to do that.
20:48<McQuaid>it almost seemed on purpose
20:49<CyberKnet>Well I'm pretty sure he did it on purpose... I wonder if he was supposed to do it =)
20:50<overridex>it certainly looked on purpose....
20:51<mattfelsen>not part of the "official" choreography, i'm sure
20:55<mattfelsen>she didn't seem to be very shocked though
20:56<McQuaid>and the outfit had to be able to do that
20:58<EdFred>so, I've sifted the web for some info on DCT2000 serial rs232 specs... cannot find much, did manage to find some source code examples... does anyone here have serial comm working between myth and DCT2000 digi-cable?
20:59<mattfelsen>EdFred: did you look in the 'contrib' directory in the source tarball?
20:59<mattfelsen>as was said twice already?
21:00<EdFred>on a windoze box currently, no tar tools
21:03<EdFred>thanks a bunch!
21:14<mattfelsen>is there just a keyboard shortcut i can hit or something?
21:17+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
21:20<mattfelsen>well, whatever
21:21<mattfelsen>to clarify what was said earlier, if you set cutpoints but don't transcode, when you use nuvexport it'll respect those cutpoints?
21:21<billytwowilly>guys, I've had a bit more time to play with 0.14 now, and I must say it is quite awesome. gant is a great theme, the whole thing is faster, plus many more things that make me happy:)
21:22<billytwowilly>is it possible to make the check boxes in gant while in setup show up more prominently?
21:22<mattfelsen>i think you have to use qtconfig
21:23<billytwowilly>to make the checked/unchecked boxes show up more?
21:24<mattfelsen>yea, it's part of qt, not the myth theme
21:24<mattfelsen>i believe
21:29<Morph>heh. a 640x480 mythfrontend running on my desktop.
21:33=billytwowilly [] quit ("Client exiting")
21:35<mattfelsen>what recording settings do you use?
21:37<McQuaid>damn, my update failed in synaptic updating to .14. it couldn't connect to the db
21:38<mattfelsen>is it safe to delete all the old versions of libmyth, libmythavcodec, etc. from /usr/local/lib?
21:42+hadees [] joined #mythtv
21:44<McQuaid>ok i've never understood the mysql db part. since updating i can't launch mythfrontend getting access denied for user using password NO
21:48+Captain_Murdoch_ [] joined #mythtv
21:49<McQuaid>i commented out the password in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt and from ~.mythtv
21:53+enki [] joined #mythtv
22:00<hadees>McQuaid: i am not sure but i don't think you can just comment out the password although i could be wrong
22:04<McQuaid>thats what i did before to get it to work,
22:05<McQuaid>i basically just fluked getting the mysql part working, i've tried reading some tuts on mysql but they go beyond what i need to know for mythtv
22:06<McQuaid>wish there was a guide on dealing with the mysql part just concerning info for mythtv, and dealing with db problems
22:15<gore>You have to match the password for mythtv in your sql database with the password listed in mysql.txt. Usually I think it's just mythtv/mythtv?
22:21<mattfelsen>is there a way to increase the resolution of cutpoints? i'm about 20 or 30 seconds from one when i try to insert a new one and it only tells me i'm close to the previous one -- i can't insert a new one at that point
22:30cmorgan_awayis now known as cmorgan
22:38<overridex>anyway i can stop mythtv from scanning a newly recorded show for commercials until later on? mythtranscode won't let me transcode while it's doing that (aborted due to cutlist update)
22:38<Captain_Murdoch_>overridex: you can turn off auto-flagging and just run mythcommflag from a cron job.
22:38<overridex>Captain_Murdoch_: would that stop it in progress right now?
22:39<Captain_Murdoch_>no. no real way to stop it except killing mythbackend and restarting.
22:39<Captain_Murdoch_>I've got it on my TODO list to add a way to stop a running commflag thread. need to be able to do that if the user deletes the file that is being flagged.
22:41<overridex>seems like it's still trying even after turning autoflag commercials off and restarting mythbackend
22:41<enki>does anyone know anything about playing internet tv streams in mplayer?
22:42<enki>an nsv stream?
22:42<enki>is there a codec pack i need to install?
22:42<mikegrb>the google codec
22:42=EdFred [edfred@] quit ()
22:45<enki>any thoughts or ideas on this topic?
22:48<mikegrb>google might have some
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22:53<Captain_Murdoch_>overridex: mythbackend doesn't startup up commflagging except right after a recording finishes.
22:53<Captain_Murdoch_>transcoding is probably looking at a record in the recordedmarkup table and not starting because of that.
22:53<Octane>if i hit 'r' on a show that started late...will it stop automatically at the end of that timeslot or will it keep going?
22:54<overridex>Captain_Murdoch_: hmmm... yeah mythfrontend shows the icon as if it's doing the commflagging - should i try killing that record in mysql?
22:57<overridex>would deleting all records for this show in recordedmarkup be a good idea?
22:57<Octane>someone know?
22:57<Octane>its an emergency
22:58<overridex>Octane: should stop at the end of that timeslot..
23:04<mattfelsen>hrm...transcode is failing when i try to transcode export to svcd
23:06+ofer [] joined #mythtv
23:06<overridex>Captain_Murdoch_: ? :)
23:09<overridex>screw it, i'm just gonna --hogcpu it ;)
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23:36<Captain_Murdoch_>overridex: sorry was away. the icon just means that there are some commflag marks in the recordedmarkup table. the processing flag means commflagging is running and that is determined by the -1 record in recordedmarkup.
23:37<overridex>Captain_Murdoch_: ah, so removing the -1 record would of stopped mythtranscode's complaining?
23:38virzyzis now known as virsys
23:44<Captain_Murdoch_>I think so.
23:47<overridex>good to know :)
23:47+josephk [] joined #mythtv
23:48<Captain_Murdoch_>xv display mode doesn't work right on my 1280x800 laptop screen. :( it adds black bars on each side. works OK if I use NO_XV=1.....
23:48+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
23:51<Morph>hmm..does channel changing now work until mythfilldatabase has been run?
23:51<Morph>not work.
23:53<Captain_Murdoch_>not sure, didn't think it depended on program table info but it might.
23:54<Chutt>depends on the channel table, though
23:54*Morph runs said script
23:57<Captain_Murdoch_>Chutt, in videoout_xv.cpp, it sets the aspect ratio of the display based upon the screen's aspect ratio. when not running full-screen it can hose the aspect ratio of the video up. should it use the aspect ratio of the display or the aspect ratio of the video window?
23:57<Captain_Murdoch_>that sounded confusing.
23:58<Captain_Murdoch_>on my laptop at 1280x800, when I run Myth at 640x480 developing, it causes the video to be scaled down and have black bars down the sides because it's using the aspect ratio of the screen (1.6 or so) instead of the video window (4:3)
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