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00:00<Netslayer>Morph, i have that installed good, so guess i have to run it on the system's X
00:00<Morph>Netslayer: yup.
00:01*Netslayer goes infront of his tv
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00:03<Netslayer>maybe it's just easier with a digital camara heh
00:04<dopez>tv-out and another pc with a tv-card might also work :)
00:04<Morph>you're just trying to take a screenshot of mythtv?
00:04<Netslayer>nm it's not, k one sec i'll restart X and try this
00:05<Netslayer>ya i have a big issue right now with a few things, one being video corruption
00:08<Netslayer>heh no xv 40% cpu
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00:57<knight->Chutt, where is the code for general video marking in live tv ring buffer editing at?
00:58<knight->I want to add some code that will let you take a specific frame and save it
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01:11<NiteOwl>I don't get it, record seems to function but only records about 20 seconds :-(
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01:40<lmatter>Torey, #mythtv-users, or the mythtv-users mailing list are good places.
01:41<lmatter>(oops, need to scroll down before posting...)
01:41<thor__>holy scrollback !
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01:42<Chutt>netslayer, the bttv card isn't getting enough time on the bus to transfer entire frames of data
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01:43*thor__ is trying to think of something clever to say with "Rosa Parks" in it
01:43<Chutt>you can try futzing with the latency setting for the card, though that probably won't work
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02:42<Chutt>thor, you here?
02:43<Chutt>you want to respond to the guy on -dev, or shall i?
02:43<Chutt>exactly :p
02:43<thor__>I'm just trying to finish a crude http interface into the mfd
02:44<thor__>I figured you wouldn't be too happy about the xine lib thing
02:44<Netslayer>think i just blew my dvdrom :-/
02:45<Netslayer>and it's the only black one i have err
02:45<Chutt>or the 'i'm designing the interface for my $x00 remote'
02:45*Netslayer hates computers today
02:46<Chutt>netslayer, i answered you already
02:46<Chutt>in here
02:47<Netslayer>auh, so that means i'm using too many pci cards? does it matter where on the mobo it is u think
02:47<Chutt>right, and no
02:47<Netslayer>wonder if another mobo would fix this
02:50<Netslayer>those other drive seek errors actually is what worries me, but again probably same issue, those pci ata cards are probably maxing out the pci bus and screwing it up
02:51<Netslayer>thank you for the input, i'll figure this out ltr, gnight
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02:55<Dibblah>Anyone else build a LFS for MythTV?
02:55<Chutt>niteowl, why exactly are you messaging me?
02:56<Dibblah>(I'm thinking of doing an aLFS profile for all the required packages - Any interest out there?)
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03:02<billytwowilly>hi, is there a way to set a minimum cut length for the auto commercial cutting?
03:04<billytwowilly>oh well... every once in a while I get these mini cuts, where there's maybe 5 seconds cut, then 20 seconds not cut, then another 2-10 second cut.
03:04<billytwowilly>it'd be cool if I could tell it a minimum cut length and then if it detects a bunch of mini cuts close together to just cut out the whole thing in between it...
03:05<billytwowilly>this probably belongs on the myth-users mailing list as a feature request though right?
03:05<thor__>itch itch, scratch scratch
03:05*billytwowilly recommends gold bond medicated powder. stops the itching fast;)
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03:12<Chutt>thor, i was bored, so i'm speeding up the osd compositing
03:13<bdale>hrm. my remote control stopped working.
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03:13<Chutt>batteries =)
03:14<bdale>nope, tried that ... it's a pvr-250, I've swapped batteries, swapped grey remotes, rebooted the box, swapped IR sensor dongles, etc... no idea what's wrong. this is an 0.12 box that's been working happily for a while.
03:14*bdale nods
03:15<bdale>I'm about to decide to just give up for the night and try again tomorrow
03:16<Dibblah>What does irw say?
03:19<Dibblah>Do you have a digital camera?
03:19<bdale>yes, why?
03:19<Dibblah>(90% can see IR)
03:19<Dibblah>So you can see if it's the remote.
03:20<bdale>interesting thought
03:20<Dibblah>(Point remote towards camera, watch for light flashes in the LCD)
03:20<bdale>in terms of things to swap, about the only thing left is the pvr-250 itself ... I do have another one, but what a pain.
03:20*bdale tries to remember where he left the camera
03:24<thor__>oh yeah
03:24<thor__>hmm ... need a stop button
03:31<bdale>Dibblah: thanks, that worked nicely. camera confirms the remote is making IR just fine.
03:32<Dibblah>Any other sources of IR in the room? (Remotes down the sides of couches have been my favorite so far)
03:32<bdale>interestingly, the remote for my Sony A/V receiver is also acting weird tonight. can't help but wonder if something environmental isn't weird tonight... but I can't think what.
03:32<thor__>see, it _is_ sunspots
03:32<Dibblah>Power saving lights?
03:33<bdale>Dibblah: dude, I owe you a beer. Or whatever you prefer. A quick sweep of the room with the digital camera and I found the remote that was stuck on... thank you, oh playful feline ones...
03:33<Dibblah>Great! Now you can sleep ;)
03:34<bdale>Dibblah: nah... now I can watch something I recorded earlier... ;-)
03:35<bdale>speaking of remotes, I've got way to many on the table here. anyone have any strong suggestions for something that's programmable, macroable, and not burdened with so many keys my wife will get lost?
03:36<Dibblah>Very high WAF.
03:36<bdale>ouch. that's not cheap.
03:37<Dibblah>No... But nothing that pleases the wife ever is.
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03:37*bdale smiles
03:38<Dibblah>There's always;jsessionid=69DC8B28AD6422DC634EC18FE7CA69AF
03:38<Dibblah>And add voice recognition...
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03:45<shorawitz>anyone having trouble with gentoo+nvidia+tvout?
03:45<shorawitz>well, it worked when I loaded Mandrake, not I can't get it to work w/X
03:46<Dibblah>You loaded the closed-source nvidia driver?
03:46<Dibblah>Same Xf86config?
03:46<shorawitz>I did the emerge originally, but that ver didn't support overscan
03:47<shorawitz>so I removed it, and manually installed 4363
03:47<shorawitz>same result
03:47<thor__>Chutt, if you get a chance run a couple of cvs current mfd's and point a browser at one of them
03:47<shorawitz>tvout works until X gets loaded
03:47<Dibblah>Anything in /var/log/XF*?
03:47<Chutt>thor, can i just run one?
03:48<thor__>(but it's not nearly as cool)
03:48<shorawitz>yeah, but it doesn't really make sense
03:48<shorawitz>(EE) NVIDIA(1): No modes remaining for display device TV-0
03:48<shorawitz>(EE) NVIDIA(1): *** Aborting ***
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03:49<shorawitz>I don't have anything in XF config lables "TV-O"
03:49<shorawitz>or "TV-0"
03:50<Chutt>thor, what port?
03:50<Chutt>though it's still recompiling..
03:50<shorawitz>I've got a FX5200 card, just found out today the fan is toast though
03:50<shorawitz>it seems to be ok though
03:52<Dibblah>Check through the readme (
03:53<Chutt>thor, nifty
03:53<Chutt>yeah, found it
03:53<shorawitz>did that, only thing I haven't tried is Twinview
03:53<thor__>if you ran another one, you could play it's content as well
03:53<shorawitz>weird part though, I had this working with Mandrake it's X+kde install
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03:53<thor__>sound here, content there, client somewhere else
03:53<Chutt>would have to compile on the epia-m, and that'd take forever
03:54<thor__>so there's the raw beginnings of your Zauraus remote
03:55<Chutt>how's it sorting the music data?
03:56<thor__>real client, of course, would sort anyway the user likes (it would hold the metadata, and only get delta updates from the mfd)
03:57<thor__>browser client would probably want to have A-D, E-H, and sort smaller pieces on the fly
03:58<thor__>lots o threads, very few segfaults :-)
03:58<Chutt>19 threads?
03:59<thor__>every plugin is a thread, and most of them have a dynamic client thread pool
03:59<thor__>but there all just sitting in select()
03:59<Chutt>would use a little less ram if there were fewer threads
04:00<Chutt>WARNING: metadata server plugin did not understand these tokens: GET / HTTP/1.1...........
04:00<thor__>you try pointing at 2343
04:01<shorawitz>Hey Dibblah, that seems like an odd ver
04:01<thor__>not all the plugins speak http :-)
04:01<Chutt>well, that was from when i was trying to find the http listener
04:01<thor__>heh, at least it didn't crash :-)
04:02<thor__>right, little optical drive watcher .... some disc ripping stuff .... and then it's client time
04:02<Chutt>great =)
04:03<Chutt>can steal the driver watcher from libmyth, now
04:03<thor__>yup ... although I need a little more functionality
04:04<Chutt>right, but the guts are there
04:10<Chutt>heh, 50% speedup in this one blending function
04:11<thor__>OSD ?
04:11<Chutt>yeah, just messing around teaching myself mmx
04:12<thor__>well, think it's beddy bye time
04:12<Chutt>4 am
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05:41<Chutt>"hey, i'm going to write a theme editor!"
05:41<Chutt>"now, let's see.... i think i'll write it in pascal!!!"
05:41<Chutt>"pascal is l33t!!!"
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10:03<Kablooie>Hi all
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10:44<kvandivo>dude.. just went to maro's site.. i see why you said pascal now. i thought you had just randomly picked that as a language.. i didn't realize people still used that
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10:48<Spida>kvandivo: url?
10:48<kvandivo>check the list archives
10:49<kvandivo>don't have it handy
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10:57<kvandivo>it was the theme editor one..
11:04<pahli_bar>pascal was the first language i learned to program in
11:04<pahli_bar>used to totally procedural at that time. wonder if things have changed now
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11:17<kvandivo>hmm.. i started in basic.. then fortran, then c, then pascal, then c++, then java
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11:36<Spida>pahli_bar: there is delphi, which is basically object-pascal
11:37<pahli_bar>so no standardization eh! everybody implements their own version?
11:38<kvandivo>that's competition!
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11:52<thor__>agree on standards, compete on implementations .... heh, Solaris
11:53<rkulagow>chutt: there are a few errors in the README that's in the mythtv .14 tarball. xmltv version is out of date (i fixed), spelling error (i fixed), line wrap issue (i fixed). however, it doesn't say that Qt3.1 is an absolute requirement. is that true?
11:58<Captain_Murdoch>rkulagow: pretty sure it is. I went around upgrading my RedHat 7.3 myth systems to Qt3.1 because of that. been that way prior to myth 0.13 I think.
12:00<rkulagow>right, i was just checking. i'm thinking a more strongly worded statement might be better, like "it might work on Qt3.0, but if it doesn't, and Myth is doing weird stuff, don't bother with a bug report until you're running Qt3.1 and it's still happening.
12:00<rkulagow>not that people read the README anyways. or keys.txt
12:01<thor__>or error messages
12:01<kvandivo>but if it is in there, we can say "Told you so"
12:01<thor__>or the nespaper
12:01<kvandivo>there are error messages?!?
12:01<Captain_Murdoch>I think it's a matter of it won't compile on 3.0 anymore. we stopped putting in 3.0 compatibility fixes and now just put them in for 3.1. :)
12:02<pahli_bar>thor__: i have started commenting some of my classes in libmyth. any suggestions on style to use? i was thinking more of a docbook style commenting
12:03<rkulagow>ok, lets see how long "time make" will go on the xbox. (yay, self-compiling, thanks, mdz)
12:03<thor__>I'm the worst one to ask, 'cause Chutt hates how I comment things
12:04<pahli_bar>thor__: // :)
12:04<kvandivo>i think it could be said that chutt mostly hates comments.. :)
12:04<kvandivo>(not really, but it seems close to that at times)
12:05<pahli_bar>i just realized that if don't comment this stuff, others will have a tough time figuring out what to do with it
12:05<kvandivo>but that's job security...
12:05<thor__>I put in a lot of whitespace, like here:*checkout*/mfd/mfd/plugins/daapserver/daapserver.cpp?content-type=text%2Fplain&rev=1.34
12:05<pahli_bar>heh. not in opensource :)
12:06<thor__>but as I said, Chutt thinks that gets in the way of reading the code, which is true ... if you really understand code, comments for obvious stuff is just filler
12:06<kvandivo>nod, even
12:07<pahli_bar>thor__: i agree... but nothing like looking at an html page of class docs. look at the qt docs.
12:07<pahli_bar>all docbook(?) generated
12:07<thor__>I dunno how they do it, but I _love_ it
12:09<pahli_bar>thor__: they use docbook style comments in the code, so i would assume its some heavily modified docbook variant.
12:10<pahli_bar>also if you some editor with syntax highlighting its very easy to skip over the comments
12:10<thor__>yup ... I've seen that on the odd occassion I've had to venture into the Qt code
12:12<pahli_bar>oops i meant doxygen all along
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12:14<kvandivo>:) that's what we use here
12:15<kvandivo>well, the c++ projects use it.. i personally use javadoc
12:15<Spida>hmm... the myth*-0.14 ebuilds all say that I should insert some .sql-files in my db, but the files don't exist
12:15<kvandivo>updatedb ; locate filename
12:18<Spida>kvandivo: not found
12:19<thor__>define "say"
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12:23<Spida>thor__: wget, grep einfo mythgallery-0.14.ebuild
12:25<thor__>you can ignore that (it's out of date)
12:33<Spida>ah, I have localized texts now, too.
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12:43<pahli_bar>heh. nice qt only puts comments in the definition files and not in the headers
12:45<hauntedunix>If this isn't a usersupport chan..what is it? just a general..chan?
12:45<kvandivo>dev channel
12:45<pahli_bar>hauntedunix: guess again
12:46<hauntedunix>Ah, right-o
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13:26<Spida>When I have error-msgs like
13:26<Spida>QString::arg(): Argument missing: SELECT filename FROM musicmetadata WHERE ( ( artist = "Sting" ) AND ( album = "FieldsOfGold-TheBestOfSting198" ) AND ( title = "Englishman In New York" ) AND ( genre = "Rock" ) AND ( year = "0" ) AND ( tracknum = "5" ) AND ( length = "267053" ) );, Sting/Best of Sting/Sting - 05 - Englishman In New York.mp3
13:27<Spida>what did I do wrong?
13:29<thor__>this myth code, or something you're writing ?
13:30<Spida>that is mythmusic, before it crashed.
13:31<Spida>playlist.o: This is either the first time you've run mythmusic while
13:31<Spida> connected to this database, or you haven't added a recent
13:31<Spida> cvs.sql update, or something else entirely has gone horribly
13:31<Spida> wrong.
13:31<Spida> You may want to exit now and read musicdb/README.
13:32<Spida>I can't read musicdb/README, because it doesn't exist.
13:32<thor__>dunno, looks like your database is out of whack ...
13:32<Spida>thor__: why? its a fresh install...
13:32<thor__>of gentoo ebuild ?
13:33<Spida>is that ebuild broken?
13:33<thor__>sure looks like it
13:33<thor__>but I couldn't say
13:33<thor__>don't know anything about gentoo
13:33<Chutt>naw, the query in the source is wrong
13:33<Chutt>doesn't hurt anything, though
13:34<Spida>Chutt: except giving out one of these errors per song in database.
13:34<Spida>Chutt: not to mention it crashing...
13:34<thor__>Chutt, is this the looking for dupes stuff ?
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13:35<thor__>Spida, gdb mythfrontend
13:35<thor__>then wait for it to crash
13:35<thor__>then type bt
13:35<thor__>ah, nm
13:36ircis now known as gems
13:36<thor__>you need build for debugging on for that to be of use
13:36<Spida>thor__: what about my db?
13:37<Spida>how do I find out if its ok?
13:37<thor__>I suspect the crash may be unrelated
13:38<thor__>the playlist.o error just means it can't find a default playlist, which is fine ... if it keeps crashing it never gets to make one and put it in the db
13:39<gems>hello all, I am using xvmc to obtain smooth playback but the results are interlaced. Will adding modelines to better match my progessive display help?
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13:40<Spida>thor__: so,no progress without a debug-build?
13:41<thor__>it just crashes every time you run it?
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13:41<racer32>thor mfd looks good so far! promising thing! :)
13:41<Spida>thor__: it works now
13:42<Spida>this time
13:43<thor__>racer32, you tried running it?
13:43<Spida>I get tons of "No sdl surface"-errors
13:46<Spida>somehow, ps lists three mythfrontends running...
13:48<Spida>I suspect the crashes are results of visualisation-plugins not finding their sdl-surface.... is that possible?
13:48<thor__>set your plugin as blank, try running 20 or 30 times
13:52<Spida>Stereoscpoe worked ten times in a row, switched to Goom then, crashed on first test
13:53<Spida>"Unable to init SDL" *poof*
13:53<Spida>Goom crashed the second time...
13:54<Spida>Gears work, too
13:56<Spida>Synaesthesia spits out about 20 "No sdl surface"-errors per second, but doesn't crash
13:57<Spida>Spectrum works, too
13:57<racer32>sorry thor
13:57<racer32>yes i tried
13:57<racer32>works like a charm
13:57<Chutt>spida, unless you're going to get a backtrace
13:59<racer32>who uses Xine as dvd player? and uses lirc to control and is willing to help me?
14:00<Spida>Chutt: so, I need a debug-build?
14:04<Spida>Do the visializations all use sdl?
14:06<Spida>ok, now the whole thing crashed, music is still running, but the whole ui is frozen...
14:07<thor__>iirc, only goom and saenesthasiea ... but you're not going to get very far without a debug
14:09<Spida>so, how do I enable debugging? I guess I'll have to recompile?
14:09<racer32>thor how will mythmusic use mfd eventually?
14:09<Spida>thor__: what about the bumscope? that isn't working, either.
14:10<Octane>anyone else have a missing icon in the main weather page since .14?
14:10<Octane>i just get a grey ball for an icon
14:12<racer32>Mfd (can) have effect on all modules i think, so whats the idea of implementing it in Mythtv?
14:12<gems>racer32 I use lirc and xine
14:13<racer32>yeah i have compiled it from source
14:13<racer32>i made a ~\.lircrc file
14:13<racer32>but it won't work
14:13czn^afkis now known as czn
14:14<racer32>any idea?
14:14<racer32>googled a lot but can't find a thing
14:14<racer32>mythtv and mplayer work ok with lirc
14:15<racer32>maybe better to ask somewhere else, not to mess up this channel!
14:20<gems>racer32 perhaps your .lircrc file is incorrect
14:20<gems> xine --keymap=lirc
14:20<gems>will give you a template to do from
14:29<racer32>thnx, but i allready did that
14:41<thor__>racer32, myth client(s) will require a bit of re-engineering
14:51<pahli_bar>hmm... uitypes is getting unwieldy. 4000+ lines
14:51<thor__>it's _terrible_ code
14:52<thor__>same code blocks over and over again
14:53<thor__>there were 3 or 4 of us working on it as the ThemedDialog's came into being, and everyone just cut and pasted :-)
14:53<thor__>xmlparser is even worse
14:53*pahli_bar nods
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14:54<pahli_bar>how about splitting the big classes in it into separate files?
14:55<thor__>no agrument here
14:56<pahli_bar>i would like to take out the uilistbtntype to a separate file. its getting pretty big
14:56<gerhard>hi all, I need some help setting up a remote frontend. I can see the files music, video etc but cant play anything how do I set up the path , do I have to have NFS set up?
14:56<Chutt>that'd be fine with me
14:56<pahli_bar>500 lines now and counting
14:56<pahli_bar>Chutt: cool
14:57<Rroet>Chutt: the recording sound issue with the PVR was indeed in ivtv.. I backpulled the ivtv cvs to 11th of januari, and all recording bugs are gone
14:58<thor__>gehard, NFS is not required, what do you mean you can't play anything (is sound working on your remote frontend?) ?
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14:59<pahli_bar>thor__: the treetype must be yours. that also can be pulled out.
15:01<gerhard>I just realised that I dont have ogg installed
15:01<gerhard>I'll try again
15:07+sfr [] joined #mythtv
15:10<gerhard>well I tried with a video, and mythfrontend returns "playing /mnt/usbdisk/video/8mm.avi" "file not found /mnt/....." failed to open /mnt/...., I know the file is there
15:11<gerhard>the only thing I can do is whach TV if the other frontend isnt
15:12<thor__>if you're trying to use mythvideo, then yes, it has to be able to see the file locally
15:12<thor__>if you're trying to watch something recorded with core MythTV, then it will stream it
15:13<gerhard>Does this apply to musik as well?
15:14<gerhard>So I have to setup NFS
15:14<thor__>for TV no, for other stuff, yes
15:14<racer32>mfd also solves this problem Thor?
15:14<thor__>yes :-)
15:14<gerhard>for recorded shows as well I gues
15:14<racer32>even Video?
15:15<thor__>racer32, you don't happen to have a Mac with a version of iTunes < 4.0.1 ?
15:15<racer32>Mac? Sorry no!
15:15<thor__>eventually for Video
15:15<thor__>really curious if the daap serving works the other way ...
15:17<thor__>gerhard, no ... not for core MythTV recordings (although it can use it if it's there)
15:23<gerhard>when I try to whach a recording mythfrontend returns "error loading image file: /usr/share/mythtv/themes/default/1006_........nuv.png"
15:25<thor__>no idea ... user running myth ... permissions .... directory exists ...
15:25<gerhard>it keeps repeating this message
15:28+lmatter [] joined #mythtv
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15:55+DogBoy [] joined #mythtv
16:10cznis now known as czzn
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17:21<dja_>has anyone tried Joel Feenstra's duplicate detection patch?
17:22+r00fus [] joined #mythtv
17:28=gerhard [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:34+mdz_ [] joined #mythtv
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17:35<Captain_Murdoch>dja_ haven't extensively tested it, but it appears correct. merging into my CVS tree right now to test some more and hopefully commit tonight.
17:40+CaptBubba [~CaptBubba@] joined #mythtv
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17:47+r00fus [] joined #mythtv
17:51+annoia [] joined #mythtv
17:52<dja_>Captain_Murdoch: thnx -- I recently ran into this issue and can't wait to get it resolved. :-)
18:07+kslater [] joined #mythtv
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19:23+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
19:29<kslater>I've been struggling with mythdvd getting it to compile for a long time.
19:29<thor__>hmm ... compiling is not usually the problem people have :-)
19:30<kslater>dvdprobe.o(.text+0x260a): In function `DVDProbe::probe()':
19:30<kslater>: undefined reference to `DVDUDFVolumeInfo'
19:30<kslater>collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
19:30<thor__>wrong version of libdvdread
19:30<kslater>what version do I need?
19:30<kslater>I thought .9.4 or greater.
19:31<thor__>doesn't say "or greater" :-) (had to check)
19:31<kslater>I added that
19:32<thor__>don't do that
19:32<kslater>[kslater@settop mythdvd]$ rpm -q libdvdread
19:32<kslater>[kslater@settop mythdvd]$ rpm -q libdvdread-devel
19:32<kslater>maybe that's a screwy version (the ogle version I mean)
19:32<thor__>dunno ...
19:34+Viddy [] joined #mythtv
19:35<thor__>btw, --> Your search for DVDUDFVolumeInfo returned 13 results (6 of which are me saying that people have the wrong version of libdvdread installed)
19:35+Dinki_ [] joined #mythtv
19:35<Dinki_>Can someone tell me if it's possible to force mythvideo to display using the parameters set in Setup->Appearance when playing? I'm seeing the frontend beneath the window the video is playing in.
19:35<kslater>ok. looks to me like it's failing in the link step
19:35+etcp [] joined #mythtv
19:36=etcp [] quit (Client Quit)
19:36<thor__>yup, it doesn't see that symbol (DVDUDFVolumeInfo) anywhere
19:36<kslater>I wonder if I've got multiple versions of libdvdread and it's finding the wrong one first.
19:36+etcp [] joined #mythtv
19:36<thor__>quite possible
19:36<thor__>updatedb ; locate libdvdread
19:36<kslater>k. I'll look further. thx.
19:37<thor__>Dinki_, you can tell your video player to do whatever you like
19:38<Dinki_>thor: thanks.. may I tell you to do whatever I like too? :D
19:38<thor__>you set the player command line ...
19:39<thor__>including the executable
19:39<thor__>make it work just the way you want in a shell, then put that in your settings
19:39<thor__>i.e. you can tell your video player to do whatever you like
19:41<Dinki_>okay.. That's kind of what I have, but I'm using some x and y offsets to center the gui and it doesn't appear that mplayer cares much about that
19:42+enki [] joined #mythtv
19:43<thor__>I'm sure you can coax mplayer into just about anything .... man mplayer --> -screenw <pixels> -screenh <pixels>
19:43<Dinki_>rockin' thanks!
19:45<Dinki_>You couldn't tell me where to find the file that has those settings saved in it (what Setup->MythVideo reads)? My backend is virtually headless (ala I can't see the tv from the backend).
19:45<thor__>goes in the database
19:45<Dinki_>doh.. :D
19:45<Dinki_>should have known
19:47=paulproteus [] quit ("Client exiting")
19:50+cmorgan [] joined #mythtv
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19:59<Captain_Murdoch>dja, still around?
20:02=steelep [~signwatch@] quit ("me is bugging out")
20:04=Dinki_ [] quit ()
20:05<Chutt>hrmph, my mmx dither function doesn't seem to be working right when i stick it in mythtv
20:06<Chutt>tests out fine standalone, though
20:07=lmatter [] quit ("Leaving")
20:07<Captain_Murdoch>Chutt, logic question for you. that duplicate check method patch. currently if you tell it to only check subtitle, it assumes description is a match, and vice versa, and if you don't check either it assumes both match. is that the way you think it should work? I was thinking if it didn't check description then it shouldn't care whether equal or not so assume different.
20:08<Captain_Murdoch>ditto for subtitle
20:08<Chutt>i dunno
20:08<Chutt>you decide
20:08<Chutt>or ask on the lists, i'm sure bruce or david will answer =)
20:09<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, that's what I was thinking if I didn't find anyone in here. I'm going back trhough my old emails to see if we specified when we discussed it on the list before.
20:09<Captain_Murdoch>figured I'd ask since I saw you.
20:15=Viddy [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:17<Captain_Murdoch>just realized this patch doesn't account for checking the proper fields in Scheduler::findAllProgramsToRecord for duplicity either, it still checks all 3.
20:18<Captain_Murdoch>Alan Snyder has no clue how the commercial skip works or used to work....
20:18+r00fus [] joined #mythtv
20:22+virsys [] joined #mythtv
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20:29+Viddy [] joined #mythtv
20:35<Captain_Murdoch>Is it assumed that anyone using the advanced recording options screen knows what they're doing?
20:37<pahli_bar>Captain_Murdoch: why? something scary coming along :)
20:38<Captain_Murdoch>nah, just thinking descriptions are way too long. :)
20:38<Captain_Murdoch>some of them.
20:39<Captain_Murdoch>"record this program in this timeslot every day when the moon is blue and the sky is green"
20:39%Netsplit <-> quits: bdale, aaron_
20:39%Netsplit over, joins: aaron_
20:40%Netsplit over, joins: bdale
20:42<Captain_Murdoch>merging in that new duplicate check method stuff.
21:05+paulproteus [] joined #mythtv
21:09<Captain_Murdoch>cool, mysql supports bitwise "and". that will make fixing this patch easier.
21:15<kslater>thor__: you can put the multiple versions of libdvdread into your bag of answers for the "why do I get the DVDUDFVolumeInfo error" question. that was the problem. thanks again for the help.
21:26=mdz_ [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:27<pahli_bar>wohoo. 4-5 inches snow expected tomorrow.
21:27*thor__ checks mythweather
21:28<Captain_Murdoch>where's that at?
21:28<pahli_bar>mythweather info doesn't correspond well with what's happening locally :(
21:28<thor__>gotta be mid west somewhere
21:28<pahli_bar>Captain_Murdoch: illinois, USA
21:29<Captain_Murdoch>ah. company I work for hosts some TV station websites in central U.S. and they said to expect huge increases in bandwidth tomorrow because of the storm moving through.
21:31<Captain_Murdoch>traffic on sites goes to 10x normal when a storm goes through in certain cities.
21:32<pahli_bar>this place got it all. hot summers. tornadic falls. blizzardy winters.
21:33<thor__>almost Canada :-)
21:34<pahli_bar>watching the weather is like second nature here.
21:34<pahli_bar>thor__: :)
21:34<kslater>hey, 4 seasons are nice though.
21:34<pahli_bar>for us spring is like a month. very cold -> cold -> hot -> very hot (all within a span of a month)
21:35<kslater>better than salt lake city, they have 2 seasons, winter and summer.
21:36<pahli_bar>kslater: heh. it was blistering hot when we went there
21:37<thor__>better than London, which has 1 season (raining) and a 1/10th of a season ("I think I can make out the sun")
21:38<krash314>pahli_bar: what part of ill?
21:38<pahli_bar>krash314: champaign-urbana - central illinois
21:38<krash314>way south. i'm 3 minutes from wi.
21:39<pahli_bar>krash314: where?
21:39<krash314>richmond, yes illinois :)
21:39<pahli_bar>krash314: cook county?
21:40<krash314>mchenry co
21:40<krash314>pahli_bar: west of lake co. along wi. border
21:40<pahli_bar>krash314: ah... my friend used to work in crystal lake. i have spent some time there
21:41<krash314>pahli_bar: about 25-30 mins from me
21:42+mdz [] joined #mythtv
21:42=choenig [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:42<krash314>pahli_bar: how much snow on the ground there?
21:42<pahli_bar>krash314: about an inch from this weekend
21:43<rkulagow>captain_murdoch: still here?
21:43<pahli_bar>add tomorrow's stuff and will make for good sledding this weekend
21:43<krash314>pahli_bar: we have about 8 inches here still
21:43<pahli_bar>krash314: heh
21:43<krash314>do you have hills there?
21:44<pahli_bar>krash314: nope. pure 100% corn country. i can see chicago from here :)
21:44<krash314>starts to get into rolling hills a little here
21:44<Captain_Murdoch>rkulagow: yeah
21:45<krash314>still lot of flat ground though
21:45<pahli_bar>krash314: i know. we drove up to wisconsin to do some skiing when we went there
21:45<krash314>close by or further up into wis.?
21:46<pahli_bar>krash314: close by. right on the border. don't remember the name though
21:46<krash314>pahli_bar:wilmot maybe?
21:46<pahli_bar>krash314: bingo.
21:47<krash314>pahli_bar: 10 mins. from the house
21:47<rkulagow>c_m: anyone mentioned any weirdness with commercials? i've had a few cases where importing the commercials into the cutlist, then exiting out and viewing ends up with the situation where when i hit the commercial it doesn't automatically jump. before, if i imported and had a commercial from 5:00 to 6:00, then when i got to 5:00 mythtv would skip straight to 6:00. now, not so much.
21:47<pahli_bar>krash314: it was bit a sorry excuse for a hill. but hey for illinos crowd anything goes
21:47<rkulagow>this is with auto-skip off.
21:47<krash314>pahli_bar: yeah, wilmot is big for ill. :)
21:48<rkulagow>explanation make sense?
21:48<pahli_bar>anyways gotta run now. nice talking to you krash314. maybe we will bump into each other at wilmot :)
21:48<Captain_Murdoch>rkulagow: I think I remember someone saying something about cutlist not working once but not sure if it was commercial related.
21:49<krash314>pahli_bar:k. nice talking to you too. maybe so
21:49<Captain_Murdoch>I was watching the superbowl (commercials) last night and it was working OK for me. I cut out all the football so my wife could just watch the commercials straight through.
21:49<rkulagow>well, for me it's definately related to importing the commercials. every morning, i do it for last night's daily show, and noticed that the jumping isn't always happening.
21:50+hfb [] joined #mythtv
21:50<hadees>anyone been having quality issues with a m179?
21:50<Captain_Murdoch>does it work anytime after importing?
21:50<krash314>rkulagow: someone posted a message on mythtv-users today about the commercial skip working wierd
21:50<rkulagow>ok, just wanting to be the canary in the coal mine. i'll for sure try to see if i can narrow it down.
21:50<rkulagow>krash: really? i'm not caught up yet.
21:51<rkulagow>c_m: yes, works most of the time. it's just happening once in a while. hitting the skip after realizing that i'm in commercial always makes it do the right thing.
21:51<Captain_Murdoch>krash314: that alan snyder guy doesn't know what he's talking about.
21:51<krash314>oh. sorry
21:51<Captain_Murdoch>wonder if somehow the position is being lost in the cutlist so it thinks it's not time to skip yet.
21:52<Captain_Murdoch>do you ever use auto-skip?
21:52<rkulagow>c_m: but when i enter edit mode when it didn't skip i see that the pointer is in the "red space"
21:52<rkulagow>c_m: used to. wasn't accurate enough for 24.
21:52<Captain_Murdoch>that reads the cutlist when you enter edit mode. there is a pointer into the cutlist that is used during playback though. I"m wondering if that's getting off somehow.
21:53<thor__>anybody out there got a Mac with iTunes < 4.0.1 ?
21:53<rkulagow>c_m: possible. i'll try to get a test case. not sure that compiling for debug is even worth it on mandrake, since chutt always complains that my bt
21:53<rkulagow>'s are pretty useless.
21:54<Captain_Murdoch>so if you go back into edit mode the cutlist is correct still right?
21:54<rkulagow>c_m: yes.
21:55<[M-M]>ooh, are we talking about the cutlist stuff not working right? :)
21:57<Captain_Murdoch>when done editing, the code saves the cutlist then reloads then sets the pointer with SetDeleteIter(). then as it's playing it checks to see if the current frame is greater than the one the pointer points to in the the deleteMap.
21:57<Captain_Murdoch>m-m: yes
21:57*[M-M] scrolls up to see what he missed
21:59<Captain_Murdoch>rk, you could put some cout's in NuppelVideoPlayer::StartPlaying() around line 1905 or so near the bottom of the function and see what's going on when it doesn't skip. would be nice if it was repeatable though.
21:59<Captain_Murdoch>m-m, basically saying cutlist isn't working sometimes after copying the commercial skip list into the cutlist and returning to watching the video.
21:59<[M-M]>I notice that too
21:59<rkulagow>i'll take a look and see if i can tell what to put in there.
22:00<[M-M]>for me, it'll play into the commercials. If I go into edit mode and then exit right away, it'll jump ahead to where it was supposed to go in the first place
22:00<rkulagow>i'll determine if it's repeatable within a particular program or not. i've for sure seen it happen more than once though. first time i thought it was error on my part, but then it kept happening.
22:00<[M-M]>but if I hit the skip ahead, it goes forward, then jumps back to the start of the cut and keeps playing into the commercial
22:01<Captain_Murdoch>m-m, do you have auto-skip on or off?
22:01<rkulagow>m-m: i've seen that as well. sometimes the skip just won't go forward and i have to do the "jump" to get past it.
22:01<[M-M]>off, I believe
22:02<rkulagow>c_m: auto-skip off for me too.
22:02<rkulagow>anyway, let me look at the code.
22:02<[M-M]>um.. yeah.. it's off...I have it set to tell me where it wants to skip.... I only see this behaviour when I load the commercial cutlist explicitly
22:02=enki [] quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
22:03<Captain_Murdoch>commercial cutlist only or even a hand-made cutlist?
22:03<[M-M]>not 100% sure, but pretty sure it's with manual as well
22:03<[M-M]>I was going through a show marking the commercials manually, to use nuvexport on
22:04<Captain_Murdoch>and still messed up?
22:04<[M-M]>I'd mark a commercial section, then when I'd go to watch the next section, it would jump back to the start of the commercials I had just cut out
22:04<[M-M]>at first I thought it was a "safety" feature... so that I could be sure I cut the right stuff :)
22:05<rkulagow>c_m: wife is calling, time to go use mythtv. (instead of breaking it)
22:05rkulagowis now known as rkulagow_afk
22:06<Captain_Murdoch>m-m, yeah that's what it is, problem solved.... :)
22:06<[M-M]>hehe :)
22:08<[M-M]>after marking the commercial, I had to jump a little bit past the end of the cut... then it would continue playing properly. If I didn't jump ahead a bit, it would go back to the start of the cut
22:09<[M-M]>the nuvexported version seemed to be fine though; all the commercials were cut out
22:09<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, it has an easier job because it doesn't allow you to skip around.
22:09<Captain_Murdoch>the pointer (iter) into the deleteMap must not be getting set properly somewhere.
22:10<[M-M]>I was going to try poking around to see if I could figure it out, but I'm totally unfamiliar with the code, so I figured someone else could fix it faster :)
22:14+skynetos [] joined #mythtv
22:14=skynetos [] quit (Client Quit)
22:17<Captain_Murdoch>if you want to poke or try to debug, you can look at the area I pointed rkugalow to earlier. that's where it's supposed to skip but isn't.
22:23*[M-M] starts reading through the function
22:23<[M-M]>uh huh... all looks to me so far... ;)
22:23<[M-M]>all looks good to me so far... ;)
22:26=linagee [] quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:26+cbreen_wk [] joined #mythtv
22:26<cbreen_wk>hey all
22:27+linagee [] joined #mythtv
22:28<cbreen_wk>gentoo ebuilds for mythmusic and mythvideo tell me to run a metadata.sql, however they don't this a problem?
22:45+Netslayer [] joined #mythtv
22:49*Netslayer needs to buy a new dvdrom drive :-/
22:52+bjohnson [] joined #mythtv
22:53<bjohnson>does mythtv take mpg files and output them in mpg like a streaming server to a xine client?
22:53<bjohnson>I don't have a tuner card but have a dvd-rom and other mpgs that I would like to stream to a remote machine running xine
22:54<thor__>I think you probably want to look at VideoLAN
22:54<bjohnson>I get the impression that mythtv output is in mpg2 format
22:55<bjohnson>and I like the idea that the same setup can be used for output to tv with addition of a tvout card
22:55<thor__>depends on the coder, but it won't stream arbitrary files in any case (at least, not at the moment)
22:55<thor__>depends on the _encoder_
22:56<bjohnson>you mentioned videolan .. have you used it?
22:56<bjohnson>I was also looking at darwin from apple
22:57<bjohnson>another home project is to hook up web cams and on internal lan I thought streaming mpg might be suitable (instead of jpgs like most cams do)
22:57<thor__>trust me,
22:57<bjohnson>ok ok ok
22:57+FryGuy- [] joined #mythtv
22:58<bjohnson>little cool item .. intended client hardware is ipaq pda on wifi running familiar/opie linux
22:58<bjohnson>vlc client is already available
23:03=bjohnson [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:04=cmorgan [] quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:06<Netslayer>is NV's 2.6 kernel driver working good these days? Anyone know if it works with overscan
23:10+mchou [] joined #mythtv
23:22=josephk [] quit ("Bye")
23:29+billytwowilly [] joined #mythtv
23:30+icarus [] joined #mythtv
23:30=DJ_Rican [] quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:32<icarus>NE1 using mythtv on the xbox w/ the M$ DVD remote?
23:39+McQuaid [] joined #mythtv
23:40=r00fus [] quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:52<mchou>sometimes for reason I can't fathom the EPG fonts turn real small (like 9 pt.) in myth. I first started observing this behavior in myth .13. Anyone else seen this?
23:56=kslater [] quit ("Client Exiting")
23:56<thor__>wow, there's something you don't often see:
23:59<thor__>Daryl's been busy
23:59<icarus>Is that a sign of the apocalypse?
23:59<thor__>Fifth horseman, chapter and verse
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