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00:22<Netslayer>this is annoying, the slave backend wasn't connected so it was recording show A but not show B (conflict), then i rebooted master, and it switched to recording show B, I then reconnected the slave backend and no matter what I do I can't get it to record show A now, even tried manual record, still won't go
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00:35<billytwowilly>thor__: My theory is that darryl paid someone to write a virus (we'll call it MyDoom.c) to attack what every geek holds dear;)
00:35<billytwowilly>and he was funded by Bill G;)
00:35<billytwowilly>wow, fiction imitates life;)
00:35<thor__><thor__> Daryl's been busy
00:41<billytwowilly>bah... my story is much more elaborate.. meaning I must be procrastinating on something much more vile than what you're procrastinating on;)
00:46<thor__>Daryl wrote both, of course
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00:47<quink_>hey i know this isn't a support channel, but i am curious as to what you all like to use for your live tv defaults
00:47<billytwowilly>out of curiousity, what are you procrastinating on? I'm trying my best not to do a literature review for econ 299;)
00:48<billytwowilly>quink_: look in the documentation. it's there. I think under miscellaneous.
00:48<billytwowilly>a much better answer than what I would give as well.
00:48<thor__>it's a long list ... the highest thing on the stack is an optical drive watcher for the mfd
00:49<quink_>well yes i know that, but i was just wondering what people like
00:49<thor__>hmm econ 299, undergrad?
00:49<quink_>like what you find acceptable on your tvs(of various sizes) etc
00:49<billytwowilly>quink_: the answer in the docs is really better than anything i could tell you.
00:49<billytwowilly>plus you should really experiment because after you hit a certain range it really is a personal preference.
00:50<billytwowilly>thor__: Yah, undergrad econ. The course is fun, but the literature review (the first part of an eventual term paper) sucks because I've never done one before.
00:51<billytwowilly>the term paper will suck as well for similar reasons.
00:51<thor__>used to teach econ
00:51<billytwowilly>I know. you told me when we were talking about your tax situation.
00:51<thor__>oh yeah
00:51<billytwowilly>heh, wanna write a lit review??;) jk;)
00:52<thor__>oh crap, taxes
00:52<billytwowilly>econ299 = all the math stuff that they couldn't fit into other courses and/or wanted to go more in depth on.
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00:52<billytwowilly>My lit review is on three papers on Purchasing power parity.
00:53<thor__>PPP, big mac index :-)
00:53<billytwowilly>I made the mistake of reading the paper by Belassa first and I hurt my brain;)
00:53<billytwowilly>yah, the big mac index is mentioned in the paper by Rogoff.
00:54<billytwowilly>I personally think it's a poor index.
00:54<thor__>actually one of the best predictors of currency markets ('cause all the predictors suck)
00:54<billytwowilly>PPP or the big mac index?;)
00:54<thor__>big mac
00:54<thor__>you can't predict currency markets
00:55<thor__>so big mac tends to be least worst
00:55<billytwowilly>but it doesn't even measure the same product.
00:55<hadees>you can't predict any market, it all fluxs according to how scared people are at loosing all thier money
00:55<billytwowilly>because macs are different in different places.
00:56<billytwowilly>this reminds me of a variation of a bad joke;)
00:56<thor__>but every good is idiosyncratic (time and place)
00:56<billytwowilly>What do you call a nice smelling piece of shit?
00:56<billytwowilly>anyhoo, that's my crude joke of the day. I'll try and refrain from now on..
00:57<thor__>there's a scene at the beginning of The Jerk ...
00:57<billytwowilly>I think that's where it's from;)
00:57<billytwowilly>the original I heard was "what do you call a doctor with a 5 average? a Doctor."
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00:58<billytwowilly>what's your take on PPP then? do you think it's all a load of garbage?
00:59<thor__>it's a sound principal, if you want to try and compare goods/people/standard of living in two different places
00:59<thor__>just don't predict squat
01:00<thor__>err, principle
01:01<rkulagow_afk>slashdot's back.
01:02<billytwowilly>I don't think I have my brain totally wrapped around it yet. It seems like one of the assumptions it makes is that everything (labour and goods) are completely free to flow anywhere, and that isn't the case.
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01:05<thor__>no ... if you just take the spot market exchange rate for currencies, you get silly measures of how relatively expensive something is in one place versus another ... PPP is just a way to say that if $2 = 4 pounds, and _everything_ in the UK is twice as expensive as it is in the US, then the PPP exchange rate should be 1 (not 2)
01:05<thor__>plus a bunch of math
01:08<billytwowilly>hmm. Hust (2000) would disagree with you. He says that PPP is not a measure of what exchange rates should be, but that it is an equilibrium between prices and exchange rates and that they are both endogenous variables
01:09<thor__>I didn't say the exchange rate _should_ be anything, I said the PPP (adjusted) rate should reflect the difference in prices _and_ spot exchange rate
01:11<billytwowilly>so you would be referring to relative PPP then? My point on assumptions was regarding absolute PPP.
01:12<thor__>the spot exchange rate is a real thing (you can get it quoted to you all day long), PPP rate is people playing with numbers to try and get metrics that better reflect actual scarcity
01:16<billytwowilly>Ok, one thing I'm confused about is that Belassa (1964) talks about how, you get artificially inflated or deflated values for PPP because the non-tradeable goods sector in a country has to compete with the traded goods sector for employees so you get a higher price level that makes the currency look undervalued because the higher price level isn't reflected in the exchange rate because of the non-tradeable sector.
01:17<billytwowilly>So wouldn't that hint that the free movement of labour among countries with lower and higher efficiencies at producing tradeable goods be needed to compete down the cost of the less efficiently produced non-tradeable goods?
01:18<billytwowilly>sorry. I got carried away;)
01:18<mdz>I had to make sure it was mentioned somewhere in the last hour
01:18<billytwowilly>I forgot it wasn't #economics
01:18<billytwowilly>I just so rarely have access to trained economists late at night before an econ lit review is due;)
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01:19<thor__>last word, saying you want a "better metric" does not mean it is easy to construct one
01:20<billytwowilly>I just want to know if what I'm saying makes any sense;)
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01:21<thor__>even if the employees _can't_ move, if they're working in the tradeable goods sector, the goods can (and the goods compete with each other)
01:21<mclamb>hi all... topic says it ain't appropriate for support/config questions... is there a channel for that?
01:22<mdz>mclamb: #mythtv-users
01:22<mclamb>thanks mdz
01:23<billytwowilly>I know... but the non-tradeable goods sector employeees... nevermind;) I'll just write the thing and get the prof to mark it;) atleast he's getting paid to put up with my pestering;)
01:23<Chutt>mdz, hey, check this:
01:23<thor__>heh, think US <--> India code writing (and ignore the H1B's) ....
01:24<mdz>Chutt: ooooh
01:24<Chutt>though, i think it may require gcc 3.4
01:24<Chutt>and qt 3.3, of course =)
01:24<billytwowilly>thor__: That's still tradeable goods.. think services.. like the clerk at blockbuster...
01:25<billytwowilly>but it appears as if the chan is starting to be used for mythtv stuff again so I should probably be quiet now;)
01:25<mdz>Chutt: it doesn't even list gcc as a supported platform
01:25<thor__>heh, back to code
01:25<mdz>or Linux at all
01:25<Chutt>mdz, it's in the release changelog
01:26<mdz>Chutt: speaking of qmake, somebody bothered trolltech about that stupid thing it does if you build under /usr
01:26<mdz>Chutt: and they responded with the name of some undocumented variable that they said would fix it
01:26<vuud>Any know of anywhere that actually has a Hauppauge tv pvr 250 in stock???? Everyone is out of stock!
01:26<vuud>Sorry, 350
01:27<vuud>mdz, newegg is out too
01:27<mdz>vuud: In Stock: Yes
01:27<Chutt>that's funny
01:28<vuud>mdz: where are you looking?
01:29<mdz>vuud: at the PVR 250
01:29<vuud>mdz, ahhh - I put a corrected line right after (350)
01:29<mdz>vuud: (ETA2/5/2004)
01:29<mdz>you can wait one day
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01:30<vuud>NotFro, I can't. I'm getting the rest of the hardware tomorrow
01:31<vuud>Notfro? I ment no, not really
01:32<billytwowilly>If you have shopper's drug marts where you are they sometimes carry it.
01:32<billytwowilly>They have the pvr-250 in my area for sure.
01:32<Chutt>the world will end if you don't get all your hardware today!
01:33<billytwowilly>Chutt: Don't tempt fate;)
01:33<vuud>heh... It just might
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01:37<rkulagow>captain_murdoch: here?
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01:40<rkulagow>scrollback has gone off the top of my buffer. too much gabbing about big macs. where did you want me to start poking around?
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01:41<Captain_Murdoch>bottom of NuppelVideoPlayer::StartPlaying. I think that's where the code checks for commercial auto-skip and for the cutlist skip.
01:41<rkulagow>let me look. brb.
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01:44<Captain_Murdoch>rkulagow: look for this: if (hasdeletetable && == 1 &&
01:44<rkulagow>found it. it's 1905.
01:45<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, wasn't sure if we were close enough in cvs checkouts for lines to match.
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01:47<Captain_Murdoch>so that checks to see if there is a cutlist (deleteMap/hasdeletetable) and if the current item pointed to by deleteiter is a start cutpoint and if to it then gets the next cutpoint (++deleteiter) and checks to see if it's the end of the video and if not it jumps to the cutpoint ( which should be a cut endpoint). then it increments again to set deleteiter to the next start cutpoint waiting to pass that position.
01:51<rkulagow>ok, i've got a bunch of cout's and i'm recompiling now.
01:54<Captain_Murdoch>ok, I need to go afk for a while. be back in an hour or so.
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03:13robbie hey all
03:13robbie does anyone knoe if nvidia has fixed the overscan problem in their latest drivers?
03:13robbie or should i just keep using 4363 ?
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03:27braindead_mor| I'm having trouble getting sound to work with .14 under debian unstable/alsa with a SB Live, can anyone help me troubleshoot?
03:27robbie dont use the debian alsa stuff
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03:28<braindead_mor| > I'm not, it is from the alsa-project site
03:31robbie did you turn up the volume
03:31robbie alsa loads with volume set to zero
03:32[DOA]Tarkie robbie, i believe overscan has not been fixed, but im not 100%
03:32braindead_mor| I get sound from alsa, xawtv works fine. WHen I mute the channel and set it to capture... I get zilch from mythtv
03:32braindead_mor| I
03:33braindead_mor| If I leave the channel un-muted i get the sound immediatly (and the video delayed) so it is out of sync
03:33[DOA]Tarkie robbie, you could try asking them here :
03:34braindead_mor| SOunds like it isn't capturing the channel for some reason
03:36robbie [DOA]Tarkie: ya, just looked, looks like there is no luck :(
03:36[DOA]Tarkie robbie, thought so
03:37[DOA]Tarkie if if ain't broke, don't fix it :)
03:38robbie [DOA]Tarkie: overscan -is- broke :(
03:42braindead_mor| robbie: I guess the short answer is yes, the volume is turned up
03:43robbie shouldnt be distro specific problem, im running unstable and alsa is working
03:44braindead_mor| I'm thinking maybe it is an alsa thing... I can't get arecord to record anything, though I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing with it anyway
03:45braindead_mor| I'm compiling the latest alsa now... Maybe that will help
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03:51[DOA]Tarkie robbie, in 4363?
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04:25robbie [DOA]Tarkie: nope, overscan is fine in 4363, its borken in every one after that
04:25robbie i could try a 2.6 patch i guess
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05:27Spida hi
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05:47knight- damnit ivtv
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06:48Spida where does mythweather get its data?
07:16choenig Spida:
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07:16Dibblah msnbc.
07:17Dibblah Hmmm... Use The Source, Luke?
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09:44kvandivo pahli_bar: if you go skiing... you ever been over to paoli peaks in indiana? I'm thinking about going over there sometime in the next few weeks.. tuesdays are buy 1 get 1 free
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10:11Spida my mythgallery only shows "Slideshow" "RotesteCCW" "RotateCW" "Import" and "Settings", all in english, and all in the top-left corner (not skinned). what did I break there?
10:36pahli_bar kvandivo: never been to paoli.
10:36pahli_bar Spida: no icons?
10:37pahli_bar Spida: path to gallery directory correct?
10:37Spida no icons, correct.
10:38Spida every other module has icons, though
10:39pahli_bar Spida: i still don't get what you are exactly trying to say
10:39Spida the gui of the gallery-module is broken
10:39Spida (for me)
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10:39pahli_bar Spida: define broken
10:40Spida it seems to display the internal? names of the functions, but not the names or the icons of the buttons
10:40pahli_bar this is how it should look like:
10:43Spida pahli_bar: I have these buttons in the top-left corner, but they are neither translated nor themed, just grey text.
10:44Spida and, btw, they don't work.
10:44pahli_bar Spida: did you read the docs?
10:45pahli_bar Spida: from the doc for mythgallery: The controls for MythGallery can be found in the README that comes with the application.
10:47Spida how did you create the screenshot?
10:50Spida pahli_bar: I can't even navigate through mythgallery, not even to import something
10:53pahli_bar Spida: repeating: read the README which came with mythgallery
10:54Spida pahli_bar: how can I Import something when I can't click the import button? I have no cursor... (not just no mouse, but no highligthted buttons for left/right/up/down keys either)
10:55Spida pahli_bar: I think you are not understanding me...
10:55Spida I am trying to get a screenshot
10:55pahli_bar Spida: no you are not listening.... if you read the readme it will say hit "M" for activating the menu on the left
10:58Spida hmpf. ok, I didn't see that even if I read it twice.... sorry.
10:59Spida but still, the menu isn't trasnlated
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11:00Snappi how can I add a shutdown button to mythfronted or is it on in .14???
11:01pahli_bar Snappi: see the user mailing list archives.
11:02pahli_bar Spida: humpph. i forgot to add translation framework for the menu. will add that
11:02Snappi k
11:02Snappi thx
11:02Snappi pahli_bar u got URL?
11:03Spida pahli_bar: thx
11:03pahli_bar Snappi: . at the bottom
11:03Snappi thx
11:05Spida pahli_bar: wouldn't it be better to activate the menu when you start mythgallery?
11:05Spida would be _ALOT_ more intuitive....
11:06pahli_bar Spida: if you activate the menu all the key presses will go to that. users usually want to navigate/see-pictures more than rotate/import
11:07Spida pahli_bar: ok, perhaps you could activate the menu when there are no pictures in the gallery?
11:07pahli_bar its like the epg in live tv. nobody tells you what the key for that is. you read the docs and find out. or go by intuition where M/Menu is the key for all menus
11:08pahli_bar in mythtv
11:08Snappi pahli_bar still can't find it
11:09pahli_bar Snappi: mailing lists at the bottom of the page. second link for each list
11:09Snappi yes but I can't find it in the list
11:09Snappi *lists
11:09Spida pahli_bar: but I can just import pictures that are on the root-level of all media?
11:10pahli_bar Snappi:
11:10pahli_bar Snappi: 52 search lists for shutdown buttons.
11:10pahli_bar s/buttons/button
11:11Snappi sry searched for halt
11:11Spida pahli_bar: pictures in subdirectories won't be imported?
11:11pahli_bar Spida: recursively gets all subdirs
11:11Spida hmmm
11:17Spida ok, thx
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12:00rkulagow anyone getting protocol mismatch errors between a remote frontend and the masterbackend with CVS?
12:06mdz rkulagow: the protocol version did change recently...are you sure they're both running exactly the same code?
12:09rkulagow they should be, since i compile on one box and then make install on all the rest from an NFS mount.
12:09rkulagow i'
12:10rkulagow ve just make distcleaned and checking again.
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12:27Rroet hididho
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12:29--- Netsplit over, joins: mdz
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13:16* meth is away: 36 Hottie's 6th Floor Hideaway - 3.2 Urban Terror CTF ut_sliema 0 of 20
13:17mikegrb meth: damn you are soooo cool how can I be like you
13:19Chutt pahli_bar, translations for the btnlisttype?
13:20thor__ is there something equivalent to select() for ioctl() ?
13:20DogBoy hehe
13:21thor__ more directly, there must be some way to have a drive tell me it's media has changed, rather than asking it every 5 seconds
13:21thor__ its
13:22Chutt thor, nothing standard
13:22thor__ crap
13:22thor__ well, at least the MEDIA_CHANGED question imposes almost no cost ... but it's still annoying
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13:48mdz thor__: you might be able to do it with hotplug these days
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13:49quink hey, i think there is a problem with mythvideo. it loads up and all, but the way it loads it loads behind hte mythtv window
13:50thor__ quink, fix your wm focus policy
13:51thor__ mdz, but not everyone has hotplug up and running ... or would they ?
13:51quink well isn't myth set to be on top by default?
13:51mdz thor__: if they don't, they should
13:51quink i have been using E, so maybe its time to switch wm
13:51thor__ well isn't your wm set up to do silly things?
13:51mdz if they use USB, they can't do much without it
13:52quink not really. the focus settings stay with the active window until a mouse click
13:52thor__ hmmm ... maybe check for hotplug, fallback on polling ...
13:53thor__ quink, there is little point in arguing about it, as your video is not coming up in the right place, ergo your wm is not doing what _you_ want it to do
13:53quink yes i know
13:53quink i wasn't arguing.
13:53thor__ oh, sorry, this is getting hit on the head lessons in here
13:53mdz your window manager has the final say about where to place and stack windows
13:54quink yeah i was just agreeing. didn't mean to make it sound like i was unable to understand what you said
13:54quink what window manager do you use?
13:54mdz oh, sorry. this is abuse
13:54mdz you want room 12A
13:54mdz I use fvwm
13:54thor__ I'm sorry but I'm not allowed to argue unless you've paid
13:55thor__ (hummdy hum hum hum)
13:55quink heh fvwm....ghetto
13:56mdz yes, so ghetto that it works, while your setup doesn't
13:57quink :P
13:57quink i need to work on that and fix my recording profiles
13:57mdz this is a set top application. you want a window manager that stays out of your way
13:57quink yeah
13:58mdz E is the polar opposite
13:58quink good point.
13:58quink btw, i know you guys will say read the docs, i have, but what does 'transcode after recording' do? if you set your profiles, let say the default one, doesn't it use that setting to encode it?
13:59thor__ read the docs
13:59thor__ :-)
13:59quink i did.
13:59quink back to front
13:59quink and hte mailing list.
13:59quink its still very ambiguous in my mind.
13:59thor__ you have a PVR-x50 ?
13:59quink no.
13:59quink bttv
14:00thor__ then it's not really of much use to you
14:00quink ah.
14:00thor__ unless you want to pull out commercials for archiving
14:00quink gonna upgrade to pvr soon.
14:00thor__ bt's make smaller files
14:00thor__ PVR-x50's have nice encoding quality
14:01thor__ transcoding let's you start out with PVR-x50 nice quality, and end up with bt-like smaller files
14:01rkulagow ok, that's nuts. i've make distcleaned, and the frontend and backend are still fighting over PROTO_VERSION.
14:01rkulagow 2004-02-05 12:32:52 MainServer::HandleVersion - Client speaks protocol version 2 but we speak 1!
14:01rkulagow 2004-02-05 12:32:52 12 REJECT[]:[]1
14:01quink yeah. my problem at the moment, specially for live tv, is if i set the encoding too high, things get choppy(yes dma is on and i have a fast proc), but if i go too low it looks like shit. When i do recording, i get huge files that are low quality
14:01mdz rkulagow: your backend is not running the same version of code as your frontend
14:01mdz rkulagow: the protocol changed from 1 to 2
14:02rkulagow i'm trying to figure out why that's happening, since i've make installed from a single compile source.
14:02rkulagow right, and i can see that myth_proto is set in mythcontext.h
14:02thor__ quink,
14:02mdz rkulagow: maybe the code you compiled is not the same as the code that you're running?
14:02quink holy smokes i never saw that
14:02rkulagow wait, i wonder if i've got an extra mythbackend hiding somewhere.
14:02quink i went from the docs on the front page all teh way down
14:02thor__ rkulagow, /usr/lib/* versus /usr/local/lib/*
14:03thor__ ?
14:03Chutt probably from when mdz made his changes to
14:05Chutt hrmph
14:05thor__ mmx?
14:05mdz if qmake had any useful documentation, I wouldn't have to do that
14:05Chutt lack of a mmx divide is going to kill my hopes of text blending
14:05Chutt well, unless i want inaccurate alpha
14:06mdz mmx has to have bitshifting at least, that's close enough :-P
14:07thor__ knowing nothing about text blending and even less (if that's possible) about mmx, recipricol multiplication ?
14:07mdz thor__: mmx operates on integers I think
14:07thor__ heh
14:07Chutt arbitrary value
14:07Chutt and it's only ints
14:07--- User: *** Spida_ is now known as Spida
14:08Chutt using a lookup table puts it back to barely better than the c version
14:08thor__ pure assembler bit shift ? (I'm practically making this up)
14:08--- ---> Drikus [] has joined #mythtv
14:09Chutt i'd bit shift if i was dealing with ints :p
14:09thor__ looping subtraction
14:09thor__ (I'll shut up now)
14:13rkulagow agh, that was it. had a version in /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib.
14:13mdz SSE and 3dnow support division
14:15Chutt right, but i'm writing for something that'll work on my epia-m :p
14:15mdz I thought that thing broke
14:16Chutt naw, i just wish it did
14:16quink any of you have an fvwm config file you'd want to share so my lazy ass doesn't have to do anything ?
14:16mdz quink: contrib dir in the source
14:16quink heh
14:16quink i don't see the source use gentoo, but i'll get me a copy thanks
14:17mdz that needs to go in a fortune file somewhere
14:17quink my last day off before the new semester of school starts. gotta get the remote working and tweak this mythtv thing :)
14:17mikegrb quink: you can get that file from viewcvs on the mythtv site
14:18mdz you're using a distribution whose only claim to usefulness is access to the source code
14:18mdz and you don't have the source?
14:18quink yeah but i don't see it
14:18mdz it had to download it in order to install mythtv
14:19quink yes, but it takes care of it for me
14:21--- ---> richard_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:22richard_ Finally got mythtv working , but no program schedule.. (when i hit "i" it just shows a blank bar) and up/down arrow don't change channels (the screen frezzes for a moment then continues on the current channel) Any ideas?
14:22quink mythfilldatabase
14:23richard_ Error in 1:1: unexpected end of file
14:23richard_ Data is already present for Thu Feb 5 2004, skipping
14:23richard_ Sais it has it...
14:23quink it won't work until you get mythfilldatabase correctly
14:23richard_ how can i tell if it is correct?
14:23quink ummmm
14:23Chutt richard, see topic.
14:24richard_ doh
14:24richard_ sorry, dev chanel i guess eh?
14:24Chutt yup.
14:25richard_ off to mythtv-users I go, sorry all
14:39--- <<-- Snappi [] has quit ("\x97I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n\x97 2.0 Build 2520")
14:40--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
14:41lmatter anyone else seeing a memory leak with mythgallery (0.14)?
14:41lmatter I'm still tracking it down, but just wanted to check on other's experience.
14:42thor__ valgrind with leak check on, send results to -dev ?
14:43lmatter er, a bit tricky for me, as I'm running a custom "lite" distro, but I'll try to get that included and get back to you.
14:43lmatter didn't want to go through the effort if it was already known
14:43thor__ not that I'm aware of, ask pahli_bar when he's around
14:43lmatter ok will do.
14:46--- <<-- mdz [] has quit ("Client exiting")
14:46--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
14:50pahli_bar here
14:50pahli_bar what's up lmatter
14:52lmatter pahli_bar, I'm seeing memory sucked up when using mythgallery. Frontend even crashed with a VM error when I left it running a slideshow.
14:52lmatter I'm still investigating but wanted to see if it was a known issue.
14:53pahli_bar lmatter: not that i'm aware of.
14:53lmatter ok, I'll keep digging and send to the dev list.
14:53pahli_bar lmatter: slideshow as in regular ones or opengl ones?
14:53lmatter regular.
14:53pahli_bar lmatter: how long before things break
14:54lmatter less than 30 minutes, I had stepped away so didn't time it exactly.
14:54--- ---> quink_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:54quink_ well fvwm is nicer for myth
14:54pahli_bar ok. i thought i had valgrinded it. i will check again
14:55lmatter I had it on random transitions, I'll check each one.
14:55quink_ and now i can watch movies, though mplayer does not respond to any keyboard command
14:55thor__ change your focus
14:56quink_ i used hte example file
14:56Chutt pahli_bar, first line of SingleView::loadImage()
14:56racer pahli: i installed a new mythtv machine but the transitions don't work
14:56lmatter pahli_bar, it might not be mythgallery, but maybe X. I'm using the latest EPIA patches, etc.
14:56pahli_bar Chutt: just saw that.
14:57Dibblah is it possible that mythgallery is leaking file / inode handles? I'm seeing a difficulty umounting a mounted FS after mythgallery has failed to open a number of images (permissions errors)
14:57* pahli_bar beats self with a broom
14:57racer pahlie: what do i need to install to get the opengl transitions
14:57pahli_bar lmatter: found the problem
14:57lmatter ok, cool. Let me know if you want me to try a patch.
14:58--- ---> virsys [] has joined #mythtv
14:58Chutt pahli_bar, how are you going to do the translation stuff for the button list?
14:58pahli_bar lmatter: line 407 in singleview.cpp. change if (!m_pixmap) to if (m_pixmap)
14:58pahli_bar Chutt: tr should do it.
14:59Dibblah racer: Did you install from source?
14:59Chutt right, but you need to compare the actions against a list later on
14:59pahli_bar Chutt: only i have to make sure to do a == with the tr ed string
14:59racer yes
14:59racer dibblah
14:59Dibblah racer: what did you tell configure to do?
14:59Chutt i was thinking you may want instead to have a list of actions/item text
14:59Chutt instead of just the item text being the action
14:59racer oops, sorry iknow the problem!!! :(
14:59Dibblah racer: ;)
14:59racer heh
15:00pahli_bar Chutt: could do that too. i have actually changed the uilisttype quite a bit. and so can you pointer pairs
15:00pahli_bar s/you/use
15:00Chutt just might be a little cleaner, is all
15:00--- ---> Zeiss [] has joined #mythtv
15:00Zeiss Two questions: Will MythTV run OK on my (somewhat old) Diamond Viper 550 video out card?
15:01pahli_bar Chutt: yup. i just finished modifying (local copy of) mythnews to sync with the changes. will start hacking on mythgallery now
15:01Chutt cool.
15:02Zeiss As in, is there any real advantage to using an accellerated video card with MythTV?
15:02Zeiss Or will any reasonably fast unaccellerated card work>
15:02Zeiss ?
15:02pahli_bar Zeiss: see the topic.
15:02Morph Zeiss: note the topic.
15:02Zeiss Oh. OK.
15:02Chutt zeiss, see topic.
15:03thor__ where do I find the topic?
15:03pahli_bar lol
15:04--- <<-- quink_ [] has quit ("leaving")
15:05Morph there is no topic.
15:05pahli_bar lmatter: let me know if that fixed the problem
15:05Zeiss And, since this is not user support, it is improper to ask where the user support channel is. :)
15:05Chutt mailing lists.
15:05pahli_bar or #mythtv-users
15:06lmatter pahli_bar, trying it now. I'll let it run for a bit and watch the size.
15:08lmatter pahli_bar, looks better already
15:10pahli_bar good to hear that.
15:10pahli_bar lmatter: thanks for reporting it
15:11pahli_bar that sucks big time. now 0.14 is out with this buggy mythgallery
15:11thor__ been there, done that
15:12--- <--- quink [] has left #mythtv ()
15:13Dibblah Is it a leak just within the module, or is it persistent?
15:14lmatter pahli_bar, I'm running top and looking at %MEM, it's up and down (37-69%) but it seems to have a ceiling.
15:14lmatter pahli_bar, I'll let it run a while and let you know.
15:14pahli_bar Dibblah: leak within the module. but as modules "become" part of the main app, its going to be persistent
15:15Dibblah Ok.
15:17pahli_bar Chutt: possible to update the tarball on the website with the fix?
15:17Chutt pain to do so
15:18Chutt if the binary packages are using the opengl stuff, i'd say leave it as is
15:19pahli_bar Chutt: ok. maybe i will send out a mail to the mailing lists asking people to stick to the opengl slideshows
15:19Chutt or just update to cvs mythgallery
15:19Chutt should be compatible, i think
15:19Chutt well, until you get your uitype changes in =)
15:19pahli_bar Chutt: should be. just one change
15:19pahli_bar heh. that too. forgot about that one
15:20pahli_bar pvr 350 users are not going to happy
15:21Chutt hm?
15:21pahli_bar opengl runs like molasses on the ivtv fb X (atleast according to a user report)
15:22Chutt ah, yeah
15:34lmatter pahli_bar, it's been almost 30 mins and hasn't gone above 69%. Looks good. Wife loves it, btw, nice work.
15:35pahli_bar lmatter: thanks. wish though i hadn't made that stupid mistake.
15:36thor__ hah, that's nothing:
15:36--- <<-- Aridhol [freesco@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:37--- <<-- etcp [] has quit ("leaving")
15:44--- ---> sfr [] has joined #mythtv
15:52Chutt sfr, hey
15:52sfr Chutt: hi
15:52Chutt have you updated to cvs recently?
15:52Chutt i think i fixed your 'backend going to 100% cpu' problem
15:53sfr Chutt: cool. no, my last resync was just before the 0.14 release. i wont have time to resync next weekend probably.
15:54--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
15:54Chutt ah, ok
15:55* steelep wonders how difficult it will be to make mythtvideo support atomfilms hi-def, might be basically impossible due to licensing
15:55sfr but i also updated to ivtv 0.1.9 and haven't noticed the problem yet again.
15:55Chutt well, it's only after channel changing with a pvr-x50 in live-tv
15:55Chutt is what i fixed, at least
15:55sfr sounds very much like what i experienced.
15:56Chutt problem was libavformat's index builder
15:56kvandivo crazy libavformat index builder.. you can't trust it for anything.
15:56Chutt well, instead of using a list or whatnot to hold the gop indices
15:57Chutt they used a static array
15:57kvandivo oops
15:57kvandivo but it worked every time they tested it!
15:57Chutt and for inserting in the middle, it just realloced and memmoved things
15:57sfr aha ;) /me doesn't have a glue what an index builder is in video encoding
15:57Chutt so after a channel change, the pvr-x50 resets the timestamp to zero
15:58Chutt and libavformat started inserting at the beginning of its array
15:58Chutt if there's enough data in the array, moving all that memory around takes a lot of time
15:58Chutt silliness
15:59sfr can a lot mean a couple of minutes?
15:59--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
15:59Chutt yeah, it'd keep getting longer and longer
15:59kvandivo yet another reason to not actually watch live tv, in my book
15:59Chutt bah, i fixed it :p
16:00--- ---> Chiphead [] has joined #mythtv
16:00sfr hrm, actually it is/was my remote frontend using more cpu
16:00Chutt same thing would happen on the frontend
16:00Chutt after a channel change
16:00sfr ah ok.
16:00Chiphead anyone recall where the comercial editor code is? or a key word I can grep?
16:00Chutt NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp
16:00Chiphead thc
16:00Chiphead thx
16:02jams Are the kerneldeint and linearblend the only deinterlacing filters available?
16:04sfr next item on my ask-Chutt-to-fix-list: get my 2nd tuner (a h/w mjpeg tuner card) working again. somehow whenever the 1st tuner (a pvr350) is recording and i try to watch tv, the frontend fails to connect to the backend. i probably should post the log files on the -users list.
16:04Chutt weird
16:05sfr one of the frontend messages is 'audio buffers lost'.
16:06Chutt does the mjpeg tuner work if the pvr-350's disabled?
16:09jams It seems the only way I can get a smooth picture is to use xvmc via tvout and let my tv do the deinterlacing. However doing this cause a loss of quality for dvd, any suggestions on how to get clear smooth picture ?
16:09sfr i haven't tried that (yet). i checked it with xawtv and it also failed, so i switched back to the latest released driver and then xawtv worked again, but not mythtv. as i said i won't have much time in the next weeks but will do more debugging on this issue. I _think_ it all started with the change from QSocket to QSocketDevice in iirc util.cpp back in December.
16:17Spida where can I get help on how to get nxtvepg to work?
16:18sfr ;)
16:18--- <<-- virsys [] has quit (Connection reset by peer)
16:19Spida sfr: I have had this help for +-3hours now...
16:19sfr Spida: -> #mythtv-users. what's not working?
16:23pahli_bar Chutt: looks like the new uilistbtntype and scrolldialog are ready(read usable). screenshot of a dummy test here:
16:23thor__ hot diggity
16:24Chutt neat
16:24Chutt tri-state checks?
16:24pahli_bar not very visible?
16:24Chutt eh, not sure
16:24Spida sfr: I have a hauppauge pvr350. as I understand, this card is generally compatible with nxtvepg. is that right?
16:24Chutt yeah, it's good
16:25pahli_bar ok will ramp up the grayscale on that a bit
16:25thor__ the /\ \/ at the bottom for PageUp PageDown
16:25thor__ ?
16:25pahli_bar for scrolling through and active list. shows if you reached the ends of the list
16:25thor__ ah
16:25thor__ got you
16:25pahli_bar s/and/an
16:25sfr Spida: yes, but the driver support for vbi is still in development. i'd before trying to use it.
16:26sfr i'd wait... that is
16:26thor__ this thing understand GenericTree 's ?
16:26pahli_bar thor__: heh no.
16:26Spida sfr: what can I do without nxtvepg?
16:26thor__ could be a drop in replacement if it did .... hmmm
16:26pahli_bar thor__: its only a dummy module i created for testing.
16:27thor__ still, looks very sweet
16:27Chutt yeah
16:27Chutt i like it
16:27pahli_bar thor__: not sure if i should make a generictree type or do everything on the module side
16:27Spida sfr: I have no channel data, so mythbackend doesn't start, and with mythbackend down, I have no tv. (Or did I understand anything wrong?)
16:27sfr Spida: there is/are some perl scripts available. i use the one for prisma-online.
16:27pahli_bar thor__: problem is each uitype is independent of each other
16:28thor__ heh, cut 'n paste
16:28sfr Spida: update to 0.14 and use the channel editor to set up your channels
16:28pahli_bar Chutt: patch?
16:28Chutt sure
16:28--- Netsplit <-> quits: Torey
16:28--- ---> KeyserSoze [] has joined #mythtv
16:28pahli_bar how do you create a patch for new files
16:29Spida sfr: <- that one?
16:29--- <<-- fulbert [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:29Chutt cvs add it first
16:29sfr Spida: yes
16:29pahli_bar Chutt: okey-dokey
16:29Chutt i think
16:29Chutt then i think diff -uN will work
16:29Spida sfr: but where can I get it?
16:30pahli_bar Chutt: ok
16:30sfr Spida: is /dcc ok?
16:30pahli_bar need to run now. will the send the patch(es) tonite
16:31Chutt cool.
16:31Spida sfr: won't work, I am behind a nat-router
16:32--- <<-- jbeimler [] has quit (Connection timed out)
16:34--- ---> tdb30_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:34tdb30_ where is the user support channel or is mythtv unsported via irc?
16:36thor__ #mythtv-users
16:36tdb30_ maybe putting that in the topic wouldn't be such a bad idea ;)
16:37--- Channel: changed the topic of #mythtv to: <-- 0.14 Released ... and this isn't a user support channel... that's at #mythtv-users
16:38Spida btw, why do you have #mythtv and #mythtv-users, and not #mythtv and #mythtv-dev?
16:39Chutt because this is my channel.
16:43--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
16:45--- ---> steelep [~signwatch@] has joined #mythtv
16:50--- ---> etcp [] has joined #mythtv
16:51robbie theres a -users chan
16:51robbie excellent
16:51--- <--- robbie [~rob@] has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
17:00--- User: *** czn is now known as czzn
17:08--- <<-- Zeiss [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
17:19--- ---> kc135 [] has joined #mythtv
17:21kc135 anyone in here using a scan converter with the mythtv setup?
17:26Captain_Murdo| Chutt, I'm getting ready to commit those changes. will change protocol version because of the new dup method and commfree flags. should get the alternate scene stuff cleaned up and in tonight sometime but that shouldn't mess with anybody's patches since it's mainly affecting commercial_skip.cpp
17:27kvandivo i love the word shouldn't
17:27Captain_Murdo| hey. you snooze, you lose... get those patches committed so you don't have to remerge your patch after someone commits theirs. ;)
17:29--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
17:29_shad_ A program says is starts at 9:59, and I'm recording a program from 8-9, is there a setting to force the one at 9:59 to not conflict, and record anyways?
17:30_shad_ gah
17:30_shad_ wrong channel
17:36kvandivo Captain_Murdoch: good idea.. good idea..
17:39--- <<-- sfr [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:40--- <--- kc135 [] has left #mythtv ()
17:41Captain_Murdo| prepare for a long commit log message...
17:43hadees did anyone figure out what was causing those prebuffering pausing errors
17:48racer pahli?
17:50--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
17:53--- ---> virsys [] has joined #mythtv
17:56--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:11Chutt heh, that was a very long commit message
18:23--- <<-- schwin97 [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:24--- ---> enki [] has joined #mythtv
18:31--- <<-- virsys [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:31enki my avermedia m179 came in today...yay
18:32enki is there a link to the ivtv patch?
18:34--- ---> max [] has joined #mythtv
18:34max howdy folks...I'm fixing up the gentoo ebuilds...can I ask a few questions?
18:36pahli_bar max: no. see the topic
18:37max pahli_bar: i realize that, but I didn't think maintainers had to go to a user change....
18:37max err... channel
18:37pahli_bar max: oops sorry.
18:38pahli_bar max: i thought you were yagu (yet another gentoo user)
18:38max pahli_bar: heh...great acronym
18:38max no, i'm trying to keep the yagu's out of here by doing the ebuilds right
18:39pahli_bar max: what did you want to ask
18:39max first, the native arts support, would it make sense to change the default *_LIBS= to `artsc-config --libs` in (would be the same as what directfb is doing)
18:41pahli_bar max: yeah should be fine. right now it seems to hardcoded to suse defaults
18:41max second, i just wanted to confirm that this is correct: for arts and dvb, we add headers to the INCLUDEPATH but for directfb we add to this intentional?
18:41pahli_bar max: or you can just use the gentoo defaults
18:42max pahli_bar: gentoo different defaults for 3.1/3.2...I'll just make it use artsc-config...seems safe
18:42pahli_bar max: both do the same thing. but more logical thing to do is to put it under INCLUDEPATH
18:42max pahli_bar: ah, ok...should I let someone know to change that for future releases or is it really not a big deal?
18:43pahli_bar max: send a mail to the dev list.
18:43pahli_bar max: most packagers just tweak the before they package it
18:43max pahli_bar: cool, thanks!
18:44pahli_bar max: np
18:44--- <--- sc00p_ [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
18:45--- ---> sc00p_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:47max ls
18:47max gah, sorry
18:49pahli_bar Chutt: patch on its way. mythnews/mythgallery will break once you commit it
18:51--- ---> virsys [] has joined #mythtv
18:52rkulagow captain_murdoch: you here?
19:10--- ---> DrewZ [] has joined #mythtv
19:13--- ---> schwin97 [] has joined #mythtv
19:15Captain_Murdo| rkulagow: am now.
19:16Captain_Murdo| enki: for the M179 ivtv patch.
19:17Captain_Murdo| Chutt: yeah, I usually try to keep track of what changes I've been making to my source tree so when I commit I can just cut-and-paste. I don't actually spend that much time typing that up when I commit. :)
19:19--- <--- max [] has left #mythtv ()
19:21enki Captain_Murdoch, which patch would you recommend i use, ie which set of ivtv source should i build?
19:21enki cvs, stable, blah?
19:22--- <--- DrewZ [] has left #mythtv ()
19:22--- <<-- paulproteus [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:22Captain_Murdo| try 0.1.9 and the corresponding patch.
19:23Captain_Murdo| cvs isn't stable. :) it's in the middle of a rewrite.
19:26rkulagow c_m: well, it happened again, but i'm obviously not looking for the right thing.
19:26rkulagow in block
19:26rkulagow first deleteIter (key,data): 49370,0
19:26rkulagow totalFrames: 53325
19:26rkulagow executing jump, deleteIter.(key,data): 49370,0
19:26rkulagow second deleteIter (key,data): 49370,0
19:26rkulagow i'm compiling for debugging now so i can use gdb instead of cout's
19:26rkulagow brb
19:27Captain_Murdo| were the "first deleteiter" and "second deleteiter" after the ++deleteiter or before or what?
19:27enki ty Captain_Murdoch
19:28Captain_Murdo| Chutt: my long cvs commit message also gives people something to read while they wait for globalsettings.cpp to recompile.
19:29pahli_bar heh
19:30--- ---> paulproteus [] has joined #mythtv
19:32rkulagow if (hasdeletetable && == 1 &&
19:32rkulagow framesPlayed >= deleteIter.key())
19:32rkulagow {
19:32rkulagow cout << "in block" << endl;
19:32rkulagow ++deleteIter;
19:32rkulagow cout << "first deleteIter (key,data): " << deleteIter.key() << "," << << endl;
19:32rkulagow cout << "totalFrames: " << totalFrames << endl;
19:32rkulagow if (deleteIter.key() == totalFrames)
19:32rkulagow {
19:32rkulagow eof = 1;
19:32rkulagow cout << "eof just set to 1" << endl;
19:32rkulagow }
19:32rkulagow else
19:32rkulagow {
19:32rkulagow cout << "executing jump, deleteIter.(key,data): " << deleteIter.key() << "," << << endl;
19:32rkulagow JumpToFrame(deleteIter.key());
19:32rkulagow }
19:32rkulagow ++deleteIter;
19:32rkulagow cout << "second deleteIter (key,data): " << deleteIter.key() << "," << << endl;
19:32rkulagow }
19:32kvandivo gave me something to read while i wonder what was going to have conflicts as i did the cvs update
19:32rkulagow making risotto, so bbl.
19:33--- ---> holger [] has joined #mythtv
19:35--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
19:38Captain_Murdo| rkulagow: looks like either deleteIter didn't get changed or else there are duplicates in the cutlist. can you go into NuppelVideoPlayer::SetDeleteIter() and put a line in there inwide the while loop to print out the key and data to see if the cutlist looks weird.
19:44rkulagow ok, i'll do that after dinner.
19:44rkulagow i'll also let you know my methodology, if it's significant. bbl.
19:46Captain_Murdo| ok
19:46--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
19:51--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:54Spida I finally got it working
19:55Spida (2 AM here)
19:55Spida Cool Software!!!!
19:55Spida Thx && Good Night
19:55Netslayer i'm guessing those filter docs that were on the list never made it onto the site?
19:57--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
20:02--- <<-- Spida [] has quit ("Client exiting")
20:02--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
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20:06--- ---> krash314 [] has joined #mythtv
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20:24--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
20:24--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
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20:35--- ---> ming [] has joined #mythtv
20:35--- <<-- drd- [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:36ming anyone have any experience hooking up to a 4:3 hdtv monitor? I'm having a problem finding the correct modelines...
20:42--- <<-- DrewZ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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21:15--- ---> hfb_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:25--- ---> mechou [] has joined #mythtv
21:26--- ---> virsys [] has joined #mythtv
21:27mechou anybody else seen this problem: sometimes fonts on epg get real small (like 9 pt.). Once it gets that way you have to quit mythfrontend and restart to get "normal" fonts back.....
21:41Netslayer nope
21:42billytwowilly| nope.
21:43mechou hmm, I wonder how come I'm the only one.....
21:45Captain_Murdo| anybody running current CVS less than 2 hours or so old?
21:47--- <<-- enki [] has quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
21:50rkulagow c_m: i'm in a loop right now; the frontend played into the commercial break, and pressing skip just loops it back around to the start of the commercial again. i'm probably going to have to FF to get to the program.
21:51--- <<-- virsys [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
21:51Captain_Murdo| this after editing anything or just watching a program like normal?
21:51rkulagow of course, i haven't installed the new version with all the couts yet, so i don't have much more information than that.
21:52rkulagow there was a previously loaded commercial skiplist brought into the cutlist. all i did was start watching.
21:52rkulagow first deleteIter (key,data): 26012,0
21:52rkulagow totalFrames: 53520
21:52rkulagow executing jump, deleteIter.(key,data): 26012,0
21:52rkulagow second deleteIter (key,data): 26012,0
21:52rkulagow in block
21:52rkulagow first deleteIter (key,data): 26012,0
21:52rkulagow totalFrames: 53520
21:52rkulagow executing jump, deleteIter.(key,data): 26012,0
21:52rkulagow second deleteIter (key,data): 26012,0
21:52rkulagow you can see it just looped back to the beginning.
21:53Captain_Murdo| so you have a cutlist but were using Z as well
21:53--- ---> virsys [] has joined #mythtv
21:53rkulagow no, sorry, let me start again. yesterday i started the editor, brought in the commercial skiplist and then exited out. today i'm watching; didn't start the editor before starting to watch it.
21:54Captain_Murdo| did you see my previous message about deleteIter not incrementing or maybe the cutlist has duplicate entries in it?
21:54Captain_Murdo| can you see what's in the cutlist field in the DB for this show?
21:54rkulagow yes; i've put in some couts, but the frontend isn't running that version yet.
21:54rkulagow what do you want me to check?
21:55rkulagow i'm in mysql> now.
21:56Captain_Murdo| just select the row from the recorded table for that show. then look at the cutlist field and see if it looks abnormal. it should have a bunch of numbers in pairs separated by hyphens. I'm wondering if there's duplicate numbers in there somehow.
21:56rkulagow i have to go back to watching right now, but i'll have cycles later. bbl.
21:59Netslayer While I was fiddiling with De-Interlacing I noticed the picture to be a lot sharper with de-interlacing off, are there any of those new filters that de-interlace better? or just improve the picture?
22:03--- ---> monkeyBox [] has joined #mythtv
22:03monkeyBox Help! I'm recording a show, and I'm trying to watch it as it's recording, but when I select the recording it just exits back to the select recordings screen!
22:03monkeyBox I see this error in mythfrontend:
22:04monkeyBox Couldn't find a matching decoder for: /pvr/1003_20040205205900_20040205220000.nuv
22:06--- ---> knoppix [] has joined #mythtv
22:06rkulagow c_m: another weird symptom. at the next commercial break, it played through again. hitting skip just made it loop back to the beginning of the commercial. OSD said "skipped 173 seconds", even though it didn't. let it play in the commercial for a few seconds, hit FF. immediately jumped out of the commercial break, even though at FFx1 it should have taken about 30 seconds or so. hit "play" to exit out of FF mode and it started play
22:06monkeyBox I just got done watching a recording.. I don't understand why this is happening!!
22:06monkeyBox should I restart the backend?? what happens if I do that in the middle of a recording?
22:07Captain_Murdo| monkeyBox: it will stop.
22:07monkeyBox Captain_Murdoch: any idea why I'm getting this problem though?
22:07--- <<-- knoppix [] has quit (Client Quit)
22:07Captain_Murdo| rkulagow: how far are you into the program and what is the frame number? does that agree with 29.97 fps?
22:08Captain_Murdo| not sure if it's the framesPlayed off or the cutlist hosed. doesn't make sense that your 2nd iter cout was the same as the 1st iter cout.
22:08monkeyBox What would you suggest I do? I'm supposed to be recording ER for my wife :-P
22:08--- ---> kslater [] has joined #mythtv
22:09rkulagow so far this only seems to start happening after the second or third commercial "zone"; when i record the daily show i usually get the tail end of crank yankers. so before watching, i'll go to edit mode, hit "z", backup to 1 second into the program, say "delete after this frame", move forward until after the daily show intro is done, mark "delete before this frame" and exit. when it's time to watch, i'll get 1 second of crank yankers a
22:09Captain_Murdo| not sure. never seen that error. search the mailing list.
22:09Netslayer monkeyBox, if u restart the backend it will just make a new recording, and keep the stopped one
22:09--- <<-- richard_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:09kslater would there be any interest in hosting the myth howto in Plucker format? I'll be converting it for my own reference anyway..
22:10monkeyBox ok.. I restarted the backend...
22:10monkeyBox looks like it's working now...
22:10monkeyBox I wonder why that happened??
22:10rkulagow c_m: i'm about 20 minutes into the program at this point.
22:10rkulagow ok, bbl.
22:11Captain_Murdo| rkulagow: so you have a cutlist to skip the first part of the program but then use the commercial skiplist and the Z key to skip the commercials?
22:11rkulagow c_m: yes.
22:12rkulagow so when i'm in edit mode i have a few "red" sections; the first is usually the one that i've done manually, then there are a few that are brought in when i import the skip list.
22:13Captain_Murdo| ok, that gives me something to go on. probably getting confused between using Z and the cutlist.
22:13rkulagow ok, bbl. i'll have a debug version running after the wife goes to bed.
22:14Captain_Murdo| ok, I think I might know what it is.. I'll look at it and see if it looks like that's the problem.
22:22rkulagow ok, just a refinement, if it matters. if i'm in a commercial loop, pressing FF a _single_ time will immediately do the jump.
22:27Captain_Murdo| yeah, I'm pretty sure I know what it is.
22:29rkulagow excellent.
22:30Netslayer do u think mythtv and the encoding to mpeg4 would have any performance boost with a 2.6 series kernel?
22:32--- <<-- schwin97 [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:32Captain_Murdo| not sure. might help if 2.6 is more responsive.
22:33Netslayer it has a different scheduler so processes will act differently
22:34Captain_Murdo| yeah, so maybe recordings won't get screwed up if you're doing other stuff on the box. or maybe it won't miss as many frames on slower boxes.
22:38rkulagow so, if you're able to fix this the next thing i need to reproduce is to figure out why myth sometimes doesn't change the channels. (using PVR-250 card). on the day of the superbowl we ended up missing the first 15 minutes of survivor because that card (even though the backend log said it was changing to channel 1002) was actually recording "most extreme elimination challenge" along with one of the _other_ cards in the system. so i wa
22:39--- ---> FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
22:43Captain_Murdo| rkulagow: when you're ready to try a quick fix, goto the 2 places that call DoSkipCommercials() and put a line below them to call SetDeleteIter();
22:43rkulagow ok.
22:44rkulagow looks like the first is at line 1893?
22:44rkulagow so before the UnPause video?
22:45--- <<-- kslater [] has quit ("Leaving")
22:45rkulagow ok, found them. i'm compiling now..
22:47rkulagow distcc is my friend.
22:48Captain_Murdo| yeah. the problem is that when you use 'Z' or 'Q', it wasn't resetting the current deleteIter location in the deleteMap map. so the automatic cutlist skip wasn't working. when you hit FFWD, that calls ClearAfterSeek() which sets the commercial skip commBreakIter and also sets deleteIter for the cutlist.
22:50rkulagow i understood everything you said right up until you said" 'Z' or 'Q'. :)
22:50Captain_Murdo| still not sure about the 2nd iter value being the same as the 1st in your cout lines.
22:50Captain_Murdo| commercial skip keys
22:50Captain_Murdo| I thought you said you were using those to skip sometimes.
22:50rkulagow yes, i know. i was joking.
22:51rkulagow ha, ha.
22:51Captain_Murdo| ok. I was up too late last night working. brain isn't functioning at 100% right now. :)
22:51--- ---> D-side [] has joined #mythtv
22:51rkulagow well, i didn't go to sleep until 0330. distcc was _not_ my friend last night.
22:51Captain_Murdo| I was on a conference call at that time until about 5:30 or so.
22:52rkulagow note: don't let a multi-job make get ahead of itself, otherwise later stages fail because earlier stages ain't done yet.
22:55--- ---> ofer [] has joined #mythtv
22:56ofer does anybody use the directshow myth filters?
23:00--- <<-- D-side [] has quit ("Gone.")
23:15Netslayer ya
23:16rkulagow huh. with distcc on a P4/2.4Ghz and a P3/733 a full distclean to make with -j4 takes 18 minutes. regular make on the P4/2.4Ghz takes more than 40.
23:17ofer have you upgraded to myth 0.14? does your dsmyth still work?
23:20--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:23--- <--- mechou [] has left #mythtv ()
23:25--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
23:26Niqo at least a user's notice in the subject, yay!
23:27Niqo I wonder, I have a backend with two dvb card's in it, would a third overload it?
23:27--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Client exiting")
23:27Niqo :)
23:29Niqo wow, Chutt is at least present in the users list, done playing with your dell?
23:31Niqo have a Hewlett-Packard myselft, lets see if I want to buy that brand after my query for a new keyboard... (hehe)
23:41Niqo noone here as always?
23:42ofer aparently not
23:42Niqo what about my -dev suggestion about virtual directory / storage?
23:42ofer im not a myth developer =)
23:42Niqo ofer, what's up?
23:42ofer dont suppose you use dsmyth
23:43ofer im writing a windows myth front end
23:43Niqo dsmyth, what's that?
23:43ofer direct show myth filters
23:43Niqo filters, what do that help windows?
23:44ofer i wanna know if they work ok with v 0.14 of mythtv
23:44ofer windows uses these filters to read the nuv files and to communicate to the myth back end
23:44--- <<-- monkeyBox [] has quit ("Client exiting")
23:45Niqo huh, so then you don't care to help the linux community at all, and thus is supporting the sco group, bye
23:45ofer um
23:45ofer ok
23:45Niqo or?...
23:46ofer mythtv runs on linux
23:46ofer the backend
23:46ofer i want a windows frontend
23:46ofer which i'm writing
23:46Niqo that's a start
23:46ofer and releasing under gpl and lgpl
23:46Niqo have you tried the latest kde? 3.2?
23:47ofer i tend to like gnome better
23:47ofer i'm running fedora as the mythbackend
23:48Niqo if you could tell me what is the most wanted feature of kmail, i'd like to help you ;)
23:48ofer (and frontend on another machine)
23:49Niqo only kidding, we suppport qt, aand that's it :(
23:49Niqo :(
23:49Niqo :(
23:49Niqo :)
23:49Niqo hmm
23:49ofer no problem with qt, myth uses it, just prefer the look of gnome
23:49Niqo sometimes, i'd agree with you...
23:50ofer take a look at gaim
23:50ofer its prettier than anything else out there =)
23:50Niqo kde always gets better, gnome seems to be at some sort of turning point (admitting they have lost)
23:51ofer huh? i doubt that, especially not with novel owning ximian
23:51Niqo yea, you got the hammer in your hand
23:52Niqo now, what to do with it?
23:52ofer we'll see
23:52ofer as it is, i really like evolution
23:52Niqo see my point though?
23:52ofer i like gnomevfs
23:52Niqo evolution rocks!!
23:52ofer i really like gstreamer
23:53Niqo not as much as evolution
23:53ofer althoguh thats more general than gnome proper
23:53ofer gimp is really nice of course
23:53ofer gnome is not dying
23:53ofer neither is kde
23:53Niqo and gstreamer is worse that kde
23:53ofer gstreamer is not related to either really, that was a bad example on my part
23:53--- ---> Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:54--- <<-- hfb_ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:55ofer is the pchdtv card worth the extra dough over the hauppauge pvr's?
23:55--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:59--- <<-- hfb [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:59--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
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