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00:03Niqo yra
00:04Niqo yea, that should be..
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00:08Niqo Capt.: having trouble with mythweb?
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00:09Niqo is the lists at slow?
00:12Niqo Chutt: any chance of becoming a cvs write member soon, or is my coding just to crappy (I can take it..mail me if i'm not around)
00:12Niqo :=?
00:16Niqo thor: here?
00:17thor__ yup
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00:22Niqo about your replay on -dev, can the mfd do automatic updates (when a backend connects), filetype transparrency (don't care if it's just a cache file), location transparrency and relocation (if a file is too big, can it be relocated or partially placed at a different location)?
00:22Niqo :)
00:22* Niqo thinks everything is possible...
00:23thor__ the file only "moves" when it is to be played ... so it's just a stream ... but you can seek in the stream, so it's just like having a local file
00:24thor__ and the metadata autoupdates across boxes (this is only for audio data so far)
00:28Niqo what about relocation/size issues, does it work with largefile?
00:29* Niqo (thor: remember that i'm considering moving my efforts onto your work, versus doing my own)
00:29thor__ well, not sure what you mean, but since it only takes the stream of the wire and decodes it out to an audio player, the client doesn't care how big the file is
00:29thor__ stream off
00:30Netslayer anyone get videolan working with mythtv files?
00:30Niqo i wnat to seek 32bits*2 + 1 into a file, is that going to work?
00:30thor__ yup
00:30thor__ if the files that big :-)
00:30Niqo ahh, so you have long long file indexes (ie longfile support) :)
00:31thor__ 64 bit
00:31Niqo yea
00:31Niqo long long
00:31Niqo anh, don't bother crushing me :)
00:32thor__ the best demonstration of what it does is to run 1 or 2 mfds and iTunes on a LAN
00:32Niqo so what about a file split across storage facilities, that's not implemented is it?
00:32thor__ nope
00:32Niqo finally, something i can work on :)
00:33thor__ heh
00:33thor__ there's _lots_ to work on
00:33Niqo what about a special device, such as a recorder (either audio/video/internet), any framework?
00:34thor__ no, don't think so
00:35thor__ (not exactly sure what you mean by "recorder")
00:35Niqo so every device/file is assumed seekable?
00:35thor__ Netslayer, it's on the mfd to do list, but that's a _long_ list and I'm not very speedy
00:35thor__ everything is a URL
00:35thor__ and URL's are seekable
00:36Niqo yea, but now always available is the data before now...but i imagine it beeing a small issue (without peeking)
00:37Niqo s/now/not
00:37Niqo first only,
00:38thor__ it's reasonably robust to things that were supposed to be there disappearing
00:38thor__ but that's always hard to do well
00:38Niqo thor, could you give a quick tour of the mfd (5 lines of so)?
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00:39thor__ that make any sense ?
00:39Niqo that's just one line (or two) =)
00:40Niqo but it'll probably doo!
00:40thor__ all the plugins have little README's as well
00:40billytwowilly| that's interesting. I had no idea.
00:41* billytwowill goes to read up on mfd
00:41billytwowilly| ;)
00:42Niqo Plugins can either
00:42Niqo present their own (socket-based) interface to the world
00:42Niqo now, this sound something linke I want :)
00:43billytwowilly| doh.. I don't see a video sharing plugin.
00:43thor__ crawl ... walk .... run
00:43Niqo yea
00:44billytwowilly| did you write all this code yourself thor? that's pretty impresive if you did. Seems like a lot of stuff here.
00:44thor__ heh, been toiling away on this for a while
00:44Niqo or as they say in the british parliament: aiiii
00:45thor__ Chutt's been explaining things to be when I do something exceedingly stupid
00:45thor__ to me
00:45* Niqo loves YAMUP...
00:45billytwowilly| that's still pretty nice.
00:45thor__ (C)
00:46thor__ really, go build it and run iTunes against it ... it's just very cool to see services being auto-discovered
00:46Niqo don't have iTunes :(
00:46billytwowilly| I don't own a windows computer or a mac;)
00:46thor__ ah
00:47* billytwowill has been windows free since roughly 2000ish
00:47thor__ well, 2nd best is to run two of em and point a browser at one or the other
00:47thor__ functional, but crude
00:48billytwowilly| nifty.
00:48Niqo 1st one: but, if I'd do a plugin, and some patches against the MythTV tree, would you help me?
00:48billytwowilly| well, I gotta go. I really look forward to mfd's feature completeness.
00:48thor__ heh, me too
00:48thor__ Niqo, I'm here a fair bit :-)
00:48billytwowilly| cheers, and keep up the good work.
00:49Niqo hmm, I should shift my focus from mythvdir too mfd then
00:50Niqo but the backend would need some support though
00:50thor__ yup
00:51Niqo thor: how does one unit on the same network discover another?
00:51thor__ Rendezvous/zeroconfig
00:53Niqo sorry, it was not an url, and user is to lazy to do so it's some sort of broadcast/multicast?
00:54thor__ yup:*checkout*/mfd/mfd/plugins/zeroconfig/README?content-type=text%2Fplain&rev=
00:54Niqo Plugins can either
00:54Niqo present their own (socket-based) interface to the world
00:55Niqo mmmm
00:56thor__ bbiab (5 minutes)
00:56Niqo you really have all bases covered for anyone wanting to join in, do you :)
00:56thor__ heh
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01:01Niqo I beet the Apple licence would be the hard part...
01:03Niqo Patch by Kenneth (ke-aa at to allow editing the scheduled
01:03Niqo recording entry for a recorded program from the playbackbox screen.
01:03Niqo I don't own this....
01:05thor__ that's why the zeroconfig stuff is a plugin
01:05thor__ code base is GPL
01:05thor__ plugin interface is LGPL
01:06thor__ plugins can be anything
01:07Niqo so mythtv becomes lgpl, which it is already because of avcodec
01:08thor__ no, myth is (and as far as anyone I know is concerned) will stay GPL
01:09Niqo ahh, it only becomes lgpl if it's included in a commercial library/project ;)
01:10thor__ no, just the specification of the plugin interface is LGPL
01:10thor__ so you can have plugins that are _not_ GPL
01:10thor__ and you don't taint either way
01:11Niqo but the avcodec (at least parts of it) implies lgpl and a commerial licence for every codec that is included...
01:11Niqo hmmm
01:11thor__ dunno about the libavcodec stuff
01:11thor__ but I'm sure Chutt does
01:11Chutt libavcodec in mythtv is gpl.
01:11Chutt not lgpl.
01:11Niqo yea, but i was sure the lgpl only covered an incarnation..
01:12Niqo Chutt: u 100% ?
01:12Chutt absolutely
01:12Chutt read the lgpl sometime.
01:12Niqo hmmm, i've got doubts bout that, at least if someone includes it in a comm app
01:13Chutt um.
01:13Chutt it's gpl.
01:13Chutt have you ever read the lgpl?
01:13Niqo hmm, not the statement you've made
01:13Niqo parts of the avcodec lib is lgpl, right?
01:14Chutt not the copy in mythtv
01:14Niqo so you have moved the bits? which?
01:14Chutt i haven't moved anything
01:15Niqo hmmmmm
01:15Netslayer Chutt, know anyway to get mythtv's mpeg4 nuv to be able play in videoLAN? Should I ask vidlan developers?
01:15Chutt netslayer, someone would need to add it to videolan.
01:15Chutt niqo, read the lgpl sometime.
01:15Chutt before wasting my time arguing with me
01:15Niqo yea,sure, Churr
01:15Chutt You may opt to apply the terms of the ordinary GNU General Public License instead of this License to a given copy of the Library.
01:15Chutt what the fuck does that say?
01:15Netslayer that's what i thought, wonder if they would do that..maybe i'll chat with them
01:16Chutt that's what makes the lgpl compatible with the gpl
01:16Chutt the license isn't, otherwise.
01:17Niqo Chutt: not to offend, but you need a lawyer, your reading things as you want them to sound like
01:17Chutt what?
01:17Chutt this is why you're never getting cvs access, btw
01:17Chutt you annoy me too much.
01:17Niqo lgpl is not downgradable to gpl
01:17mdz Niqo: I think it's pretty clear
01:17mdz downgradable?
01:17Chutt upgradable.
01:18Niqo lesser general public...
01:18mdz paragraph 3
01:18mdz it's very explicit
01:19* Niqo says: this sounds like a war, and he does not have the arsenal...
01:20Chutt if (query.value(16) != NULL)
01:20Chutt heh
01:20Chutt whose code is that?
01:20Niqo ;)
01:21Netslayer Chutt, is there any info available on the custom nuv format that I might be able to pass on to videolan?
01:21Netslayer +people
01:21Chutt nothing besides the source
01:21thor__ Chutt, where is _that_?
01:22mdz Netslayer: format.h, NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp, etc.
01:22Netslayer ok, good q
01:22Chutt nuppeldecoder.cpp
01:22thor__ phew
01:22Chutt NVP.cpp doesn't have any codec stuff anymore
01:22mdz ah
01:22Chutt thor, what i pasted? mainserver.cpp
01:22Netslayer cool, okay i'll specify that then
01:22thor__ ah
01:22mdz then NVP.cpp is now inaccurately named :-)
01:22Chutt right
01:22Chutt it's just the player class now
01:23mdz 1.123 (cpinkham 05-Feb-04): if (query.value(16) != NULL)
01:23thor__ not unlike databasebox.cpp in mythmusic, which has not actually talked to a database in several months
01:23Chutt he committed it, i think its someone elses
01:23Chutt it used to :p
01:23thor__ yup
01:25mdz Chutt: the log message says Joel Feenstra
01:25Chutt or J Donavan Stanley
01:25Chutt or whatnot
01:25mdz it definitely seems like part of the duplicate checking stuff
01:26mdz as opposed to the 20 other things in that commit
01:26Chutt heh
01:26mdz he's worse than you in that respect :-P
01:26Chutt yeah
01:26Chutt well, i just do a bunch of patches all at once
01:26Chutt haven't had all that much time for much else, lately
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01:28Netslayer so this is generaly the file: mythtv/libs/libmythtv/nuppeldecoder.cpp
01:28Chutt yup
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01:29mdz Niqo: look again, you are mistaken
01:29* thor__ has found an old pen he used to use all the time under his desk
01:29mdz you can take any LGPL-licensed code and treat it as GPL-licensed
01:29mdz at your option
01:30mdz that is what paragraph 3 says
01:30Niqo mdz: If you publish printed copies (or copies in media that commonly have printed covers) of the Document, numbering more than 100, and the Document's license notice requires Cover Texts
01:31mdz Niqo: you are reading the GFDL
01:31Niqo the reason Mythtv sleeps in beauty is because of the ffmpeg lgpl licence
01:31mdz Niqo: you are talking nonsense and reading the wrong license
01:31Chutt niqo, you really need to lay off the crack.
01:32* Niqo Chutt: yea, laying the pipe asside for the event...
01:33Niqo 3. You may opt to apply the terms of the ordinary GNU General Public License instead of this License to a given copy of the Library. To do this, you must alter all the notices that refer to this License, so that they refer to the ordinary GNU General Public License, version 2, instead of to this License.
01:34Niqo okay then, damn ;(
01:34Niqo :Q
01:35Chutt which i didn't do, but that's nitpicking
01:35Chutt since it has to be gpl since it's included in a gpl program
01:35thor__ awk
01:35Chutt too lazy
01:35thor__ heh
01:36Chutt makes it much more difficult to merge in updates
01:36thor__ make ./configure run awk ? :-)
01:36Niqo your not reffering to any lgpl licences (unless theres some left in libavcodec),?
01:37Chutt heh
01:37Niqo only gpl or any later version, right?
01:46ofer anybody using the directshow filters to access a mythbackend?
01:47Niqo ofer: have not tryed yet, to buissy proteecting the myttv futurue, hehe!
01:49* Niqo is tired of waiting, gnitht!!
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01:50Chutt i'm bumping the version up to 0.15
01:50Chutt in case people care
01:50ofer cool
01:50thor__ oh dear
01:50ofer quick version change
01:55billytwowilly| anybody want to give me the three line summary of the apple public licence so I don't have to read the whole thing?
01:56Captain_Murdo| Nigo, I just gave Joel credit for that patch.
01:56Captain_Murdo| Chutt, I'm fixing the != NULL thing. :)
01:56ofer apple owns all
01:56Chutt captain_murdoch, i just did
01:56Chutt no worries
01:56ofer oh, 3 line, not 3 word
01:56Chutt toInt() returns 0 if it can't convert it, so there's no real need to test
01:57billytwowilly| but what does that do for distribution rights and such?
01:57thor__ billytwowilly,
01:57Captain_Murdo| anything else I mess up? :(
01:57ofer dunno, just wanted to be a wise ass =)
01:57billytwowilly| thor__: thanks
01:57Chutt captain_murdoch, nope =)
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01:59livesN[box] hi guys.. my wintv pvr-350 showed up today but I dunno how to get it installed in linux..
01:59livesN[box] any help?
01:59Chutt read the ivtv docs.
02:00livesN[box] k
02:00ofer is a good tutorial that covers the pvr
02:02Rincev6 livesN[box]: put it in the pci-slot ;)
02:03Rincev6 or
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02:12knight- it would be nice if my ivtv driver wouldnt keep timing out :)
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02:41hadees knight: some times they don't get init right just modprobe -r ivtv then modprobe ivtv
02:41hadees and try again
02:41hadees eventualy they will all work
02:42hadees you just cat each one after you modprobe ivtv again
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03:44ShockValue arg, this is drivin me nuts.. on boot, lirc works, but i get a black screen out of ivtv... when i unload and reload ivtv, i get tv, but lirc stops working. shesh
03:48Chutt arr, it's drivin me nuts
03:49* ShockValue kicks himself for screwing with things when they were working
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03:54Spida hi
03:54thor__ mmx?
03:56Chutt me?
03:56Chutt naw
03:56Chutt you never heard that joke?
03:57thor__ I guess not
03:57thor__ ?
03:57--- User: *** Netslayer is now known as NetslayerZZZ
03:59Chutt just google for it :p
03:59Chutt 'arr, it's drivin me nuts'
03:59Chutt not worth repeating =)
03:59thor__ heh, heard a slightly different version
04:01Chutt i'm done with the mmx for now
04:01thor__ I saw the commit
04:01Chutt want to mess with the music selection screen
04:01thor__ heh
04:01* NetslayerZZZ laughs
04:01Chutt i did the important stuff, anyway
04:02thor__ basic disc monitoring is working
04:02Chutt the stuff i optimized already is called way more often
04:02Chutt except when it's fading stuff
04:02Chutt thor, great =)
04:02thor__ streaming is not quite there ...
04:03thor__ but cool to pop in a CD somewhere and see an iTunes playlist appear
04:03Chutt neat
04:04thor__ is there any way that a_pointer = b_pointer is different from a_pointer = &(*b_pointer) ?
04:04Chutt i dunno
04:04Chutt possibly
04:05thor__ hmm ... confusing
04:05thor__ have to check a bit to see if it's repeatable, but I swear it makes a difference
04:05thor__ I make metadata collections in one place, then swap them into the real metadata holder by just passing the pointer
04:06thor__ and if I delete the collection with setAutoDelete(true) (so that the actual metadata objects get deleted) .... then it segfaults
04:07thor__ but if i do the &(*sillyness), it doesn't
04:07Chutt they being deleted somewhere else?
04:07thor__ but it may just be chance, haven't fiddled with it enough
04:07thor__ no
04:08thor__ right after I swap them up to the main holding area, the original pointers go to NULL, and then (next round) they get new'd
04:08thor__ so it's a terrible memory leek if everything is not getting deleted just right
04:08thor__ leak
04:09thor__ anyway, I'll fiddle with it
04:10Chutt sounds fun
04:10thor__ heh
04:10thor__ hours of amusement
04:10Chutt hours upon hours
04:10Chutt i think it's 4 am or something
04:11Chutt time to sleep
04:11thor__ oh crap, so it is
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04:54KaZeR hi there
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06:19Spida hi
06:26--- ---> o_cee [] has joined #mythtv
06:26o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you awake?
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07:02jDeGraw Ive noticed that mythtv records video with mp1 compression and audio with mp2 on my PVR250 card. Is there a way to change the capture type of the audio to say mp1? Otherwise, programs like virtualdub choke on it when trying to convert to divx.
07:04--- ---> Slaytanic [] has joined #mythtv
07:05Slaytanic Hello everyone. What user is supposed to own the TV files? I've suddenly ran into problem with Mythbackend not being able to write to the files, despite that it runs as root...
07:06o_cee -> mythtv-users
07:06Slaytanic ok
07:07jDeGraw does anyone know what formats sound can be captured in other than mp2? PVR250
07:08o_cee mp3
07:08o_cee check the ivtv wiki
07:09jDeGraw Ok. I wasnt sure if it was set by ivtv or mythtv. My video is captured in mp1 and my sound in mp2. Is that the norm??
07:10* jDeGraw runs off to read at ivtv
07:10Spida o_cee: In the channel-editor, I have channelname, channelnumber, callsign, videosource, tvformat, rank, icon, videofiltres, xmltvid
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07:50o_cee Chutt: i started looking at qt linguist now.. doesn't seem to hard.. but what do i do with obselete stuff? should it be deleted?
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09:13o_cee is mythfilldatabase --manual necesarry now when we have the channel editor??
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09:43Spida o_cee: IMO, yes, until the channel editor can import xml-files
09:44o_cee import xml-files?
09:44Spida aeh... am I thinking about mythsetup --manual?
09:44o_cee no idea
09:45Spida one of them can import xmlfiles and get the channel names from there
09:45o_cee never used that, but okay
09:46Spida I used that yesterday to get my channels in
09:46Spida one thing that I didn't like about the channel-editor was that after editing a channel, the thing scrolled all the way back to the top of the list
09:46Spida and did not stay on the channel
09:47o_cee fix it and send the patch to -dev
09:47Spida just cosmetic, but an improvement
09:48Spida I am not much of a programmer lately... last thing I did was java, haskell and prolog at university... some php and delphi in between, but I am not good for that
09:48pahli_bar oh crap. the cvs server crapped out right in middle of my checkout
09:48o_cee doh
09:49Spida the other thing I noticed (I am not sure if I am right in that) is that there seemed to be some problem in setting the video-source for a channel... it seemed to set the vieo source of the channel I did edit and the one below
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09:56pahli_bar thor__/Chutt: around?
09:59--- ---> Drikus [] has joined #mythtv
10:03kvandivo that what's causing mythnews compiles to fail, pahli?
10:03kvandivo well, if it was a checkout, it shouldn't be...
10:04kvandivo serious issues with UIListBtnType
10:04pahli_bar kvandivo: mythnews broke with last nite's commits in libmyth
10:05kvandivo ahh.. ok
10:05pahli_bar kvandivo: my local copy has been updated for the changes. i need to commit it. cvs is down currently
10:05kvandivo fair enough. it's on the tail end of my mega compile, so everything else compiled to completion
10:05kvandivo up for me..
10:05kvandivo at least to check out
10:06pahli_bar checking again.
10:06pahli_bar kvandivo: still down. maybe you are accessing the anon cvs
10:07kvandivo yep. that's most definitely what i'm accessing
10:11o_cee new moz on monday :)
10:12--- ---> gerhard [] has joined #mythtv
10:12pahli_bar nowadays i'm more excited about a new firebird release. stopped using mozilla few months back
10:13o_cee yeah meant firebird :)
10:14o_cee pahli_bar: looking at mythgallery now.. the translation that is.. "Modified;" and "Created;", should it really be ; instead of : ?
10:15o_cee Folder is the same thing
10:15pahli_bar o_cee: yeah it should be :
10:16pahli_bar o_cee: what language is that?
10:16o_cee swedish
10:16pahli_bar beat up the translator
10:16o_cee heh
10:16o_cee i'm updating it now
10:16o_cee i meant the original string
10:17o_cee strange, must be the tool that's confused
10:19pahli_bar o_cee: is swedish sv
10:19o_cee oddly enough, yeah
10:19o_cee should be se imo
10:19pahli_bar o_cee: that sounds right. kde uses se
10:20pahli_bar o_cee: heh. linguist seems really nice
10:20o_cee yeah.. works pretty well actually
10:42--- User: *** quink__ is now known as quink
10:44--- ---> bma__ [] has joined #mythtv
10:47--- <<-- bma [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
10:49o_cee pahli_bar: you familiar with the i18n stuff?
10:50pahli_bar o_cee: bit
10:50pahli_bar o_cee: more familiar with kde ones.
10:50o_cee i managed to make all of the entries obselete... somehow..
10:51pahli_bar o_cee: in linguist?
10:51o_cee no, with lupdate..
10:52pahli_bar o_cee: nope. sorry looking at it for the first time
10:52o_cee apparently i had no idea what i was doing, heh
10:52o_cee okay
10:56--- User: *** bma__ is now known as bma
11:09gerhard Hi all, trying to setup an extra frontend and set asks for "port the server runs from" where do I find the port number for the server?
11:10Spida gerhard: netstat -lnp on the server
11:10gerhard thanks
11:16o_cee Chutt: you up yet?
11:17--- ---> mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has joined #mythtv
11:21--- <<-- gerhard [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
11:24--- ---> steelep [~signwatch@] has joined #mythtv
11:27--- ---> kees-jan_ [] has joined #mythtv
11:28o_cee pahli_bar: managed to restore the file..
11:28o_cee $ lupdate
11:28o_cee :)
11:28o_cee but i'll take a look at mythgallery first
11:30pahli_bar o_cee: cool
11:32o_cee you know if am i supposed to remove obsolete entries?
11:39o_cee pahli_bar: you want a diff for mythgallery swedish translation?
11:44--- ---> Spida_ [] has joined #mythtv
11:44--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
11:45--- <<-- Spida [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
11:45--- User: *** Spida_ is now known as Spida
11:46--- ---> m0j0_ [] has joined #mythtv
11:53--- <<-- m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
11:53pahli_bar o_cee: sure.
11:59--- ---> kees-jan [] has joined #mythtv
11:59--- <--- kees-jan [] has left #mythtv ()
11:59--- ---> dilate [] has joined #mythtv
12:01--- <<-- jams [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:02--- <<-- dilate [] has quit (Client Quit)
12:14--- ---> max [] has joined #mythtv
12:16max howdy folks...can one of you gurus look at this patch: ? Some gentoo kernel 2.6 users are having problem building myth. Apparently this patch fixes it, but it's out of my league. Is this worth applying?
12:19--- <<-- warlord-afk [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
12:20pahli_bar kvandivo: mythnews updated in cvs
12:22--- <<-- KaZeR [~kazer@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
12:25Captain_Murdo| max, better to ask Chutt about that, he usually syncs libavcodec
12:25max Captain_Murdoch: thanks
12:28--- <--- skywarper [] has left #mythtv ()
12:29--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch [] has quit ("X-Chat!")
12:45--- ---> Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
12:45_rkulagow captain_murdoch: looks like it didn't work. i still get playing into the commercial. i'm installing the "more debug" version of nuppelvideoplayer now.
12:46_rkulagow also, i carefully noted what i do this time.
12:46_rkulagow select prorgam from "watch recordings.". hit "e". hit "z", go back to 1 second into the recording, mark "
12:46Rince Hmm, question: since when do we have a mythbackend version 3? my mythweb doesn't want to work anymore because it claims to be version 1...
12:47--- <<-- max [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
12:48_rkulagow delete after this frame." go forward using right cursor until i see that the intro to the daily show is over. mark "delete before this frame." hit page down to advance to the next cut point. backup a few seconds (since the daily show often has a few seconds of stuff where they're just rolling over the studio audience before going black)
12:49_rkulagow mark the new cut point, select "move this cutpont to the current location". hit page down to skip over the commercial. move the cut point again, because daily show often has stuff like "to get tickets, call...". repeat until done. exit out of edit mode.
12:49Spida can I enter raw frequencies instead of freqid in the channels table in the db?
12:50_rkulagow during watching, the first skip happens ok (usually around 30 seconds). it's the next one that often does the playthrough
12:51Captain_Murdo| rince, upgrade mythweb.
12:51Rince Hmm, I did that.. *wonder* checking again ;)
12:52Captain_Murdo| mythweb should work with current CVS as of last night. I'm running CVS as of last night for mythtv and mythweb.
12:52Rince ah, ok
12:52Rince thx!
12:53kvandivo pahli_bar: will get to it when i get a chance.. been busy working on the real job. :)
12:53Captain_Murdo| _rkulagow: I'll try to simulate here as well. just to verify, do you use 'Z' while watching the show or just let the cutlist do the skipping for you?
12:53Chutt hrmph
12:55Chutt think i can say that mythtv has 'dozens of regular contributors'?
12:57kvandivo scores, tens, multitudes
12:59Captain_Murdo| maybe over 2 dozen if regular is more than once or twice. and counting the theme translators, etc..
13:00Chutt there's 13 people with cvs write access now
13:00Chutt so, i dunno
13:00Chutt just trying to come up with a good number for ye olde resume
13:01o_cee Chutt: i started mucking around with linguist..
13:01Chutt great
13:02--- ---> m0j0__ [~m0j0@] has joined #mythtv
13:02o_cee yeah.. am i supposed to remove the obsolete elements?
13:02Chutt i dunno
13:05o_cee heh, okay :)
13:05--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
13:06o_cee Chutt: the fix for the backend problem seems to have worked for me at least.. if you where unsure ;)
13:07--- ---> meloncully [] has joined #mythtv
13:07meloncully uhh, quick questino.
13:07meloncully im configuring the backend for myth
13:07meloncully and i am using gentoo. i dont know where the setup file is that ims supposed to use
13:08meloncully should i.. donwload the package from the myth site and use that one?
13:08Slaytanic What setup file are you talking about?
13:08Chutt meloncully, see topic.
13:08kvandivo _rkulagow: you need to add a note at the beginning of the docs that if people are looking for a file they should do 'updatedb ; find filename'
13:08meloncully Switch to the setup directory and run the setup program:
13:08meloncully $ cd setup
13:08meloncully $ ./setup
13:09meloncully oh,
13:09meloncully k
13:09--- <--- meloncully [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
13:11o_cee Chutt: at least now i know how i _shouldn't_ be doing with the .ts files.. managed to wipe the stuff i've made already.. ah well
13:11Chutt heh
13:12o_cee i send an update for mythgallery to pahli_bar anyway, so that's a start..
13:12o_cee later, time for some quality time
13:12Slaytanic Good work.
13:12Slaytanic The swedish interface has been neglected. :)
13:13kvandivo you never could count on the swedes...
13:14Slaytanic What can you expect from former vikings and looters? ;)
13:16_rkulagow c_m: once i have everything marked i usually just sit back and let the cutlist do the work, so in these problem cases i don't hit "z" until i see that it's played through.
13:16_rkulagow and sometimes "z" then does the right thing, and sometimes it just loops back to the start of the commercial.
13:17_rkulagow bbl.
13:19--- <<-- m0j0_ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:19Chutt pahli_bar, hey
13:20Captain_Murdo| _rkulagow: did you look at the cutlist value in the recorded table to see if it looked correct?
13:22--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
13:28--- <--- quink [] has left #mythtv ()
13:38--- ---> skywarper [] has joined #mythtv
13:38skywarper hello!
13:39Slaytanic Hi
13:40skywarper do you know if i can use one of those
13:40skywarper oh uh.. waitt
13:40skywarper *poff*
13:45_rkulagow ok, here's how it looks so far. at this point, we've just executed a 20 second jump that was manually inserted into the cutlist, starting from ~ 5 seconds in. this worked correctly.
13:45_rkulagow framesplayed: 0
13:45_rkulagow setdeleteiter going to break
13:45_rkulagow 2004-02-06 12:39:50 Changing from None to WatchingPreRecorded
13:45_rkulagow framesplayed: 90
13:45_rkulagow setdeleteiter going to break
13:45_rkulagow in block
13:45_rkulagow first deleteIter (key,data): 1051,0
13:45_rkulagow totalFrames: 53520
13:45_rkulagow executing JumpToFrame, deleteIter.(key,data): 1051,0
13:45_rkulagow framesplayed: 1050
13:45_rkulagow in setdeleteiter block before increment, deleteiter (key,data): 151,1
13:45_rkulagow in setdeleteiter block after increment, deleteiter (key,data): 1051,0
13:45_rkulagow framesplayed: 1050
13:45_rkulagow setdeleteiter going to break
13:45_rkulagow deleteIter != deleteMap.begin() block before decrement, deleteiter (key,data): 1051,0
13:45_rkulagow deleteIter != deleteMap.begin() block after decrement, deleteiter (key,data): 151,1
13:45_rkulagow back from JumpToFrame
13:45_rkulagow second deleteIter (key,data): 1051,0
13:46_rkulagow it's playing in real time. i expect the next one should happen around 10 minutes into the program, so it'll be a few minutes. the next one is where "Z" was used to import the skip list into the editor and the in/out points were manually adjusted.
13:46_rkulagow let me open mysql in another session.
13:48Captain_Murdo| so that one worked correctly?
13:48_rkulagow yes, first one went ok. got 5 seconds of crank yankers, then it jumped to jon stewart monologe.
13:49_rkulagow ok, i've got 3916 rows in recordedmarkup for this program, let me roll the SQL to narrow it down some more.
13:49Captain_Murdo| look at the cutlist field in the recorded table.
13:51_rkulagow | 151 - 1051
13:51_rkulagow 21024 - 26012
13:51_rkulagow 35759 - 41222
13:51_rkulagow 46948 - 50868
13:52Captain_Murdo| ok, so right after frame 21024 it should jump to 26012
13:52_rkulagow ok, let me go see where it is.
13:52_rkulagow brb
13:54_rkulagow ok, it played through the commercial, and i don't have any debugging on the console.
13:54_rkulagow (meaning what i've pasted so far is all it's dumped)
13:55Captain_Murdo| so it played through where it should have skipped?
13:55_rkulagow c_m: yes
13:55_rkulagow c_m: do you want a diff of my changes to NVP?
13:56Captain_Murdo| yeah, email it if you can.
13:56_rkulagow address?
13:56--- ---> vuud [] has joined #mythtv
13:56_rkulagow ok, just a second.
13:56--- <--- vuud [] has left #mythtv ("Life calls")
13:57skywarper does any of you guys use some satellite tv-card?
13:57skywarper like those hauppauge dvb or whatever they're called
13:57_rkulagow ok, on the way...
14:01Captain_Murdo| looking at it now.
14:03Captain_Murdo| and this time you haven't pressed any keys right? just went into edit, marked the stuff, then let it play.
14:03_rkulagow correct.
14:03Captain_Murdo| trying to figure out where setDeleteIter() was called from.
14:04Captain_Murdo| ahh, because it calls do fastforward.
14:04_rkulagow well, i pressed "p" to pause/unpause to see where i was in the stream, but after the unpause (which was still within the commercial break) it just picked up where it was and didn't skip.
14:05skywarper you can't watch one satellite show and record another at the same time, right?
14:05lmatter join #minimyth
14:05skywarper if you don't have several cards that is
14:06_rkulagow weren't some of the DVB people talking about recording mulitple shows on one card as long as they were still on the same transponder or whatever it's called?
14:06--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
14:07--- <<-- Slaytanic [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
14:07--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
14:10Captain_Murdo| _rkulagow: I'm checking something out now.
14:10_rkulagow ok
14:11_rkulagow ok, the program played all the way through, went from watchingprerecorded to none. the only skip was the first one.
14:12--- <<-- paulproteus [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
14:12Captain_Murdo| ok, thanks. I'm going to do some tests here in a couple minutes.
14:12_rkulagow great.
14:14Captain_Murdo| JumpToFrame calls DoFastForward which calls ClearAfterSeek which calls SetDeleteIter, but when it calls SetDeleteIter, FramesPlayed is still set to the old position so I'm wondering if that's causing part of this.
14:18--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
14:18* thor__ ponders why Chutt would be working on his resume
14:19kvandivo you don't keep yours up to date?
14:19thor__ don't even have one
14:20Chutt oh, heh
14:20Chutt losing my job end of this month
14:20kvandivo sorry to hear that
14:20Chutt no big deal
14:20Chutt i just may have to get a real job where i have to wake up and get dressed in the morning
14:21thor__ should take all of about 12 minutes to get another one
14:21Chutt scary
14:21kvandivo you mean i might not continue reading your old messages from 4 in the morning?
14:21Chutt heh
14:21kvandivo you know, its funny.. i've said to myself more than once as i read your messages when i get up of a morning, 'He must not have to go into work early, or he needs a heck of a lot less sleep than i do'
14:22Chutt work from home, make your own hours
14:22Chutt long as stuff gets done, at least =)
14:22thor__ heh
14:22thor__ hmmmmm
14:23_rkulagow chutt: setup up a paypal link, live off of that.
14:23_rkulagow you know, the huge bux from all the appreciative mythtv users.
14:23Chutt heh
14:23kvandivo i wouldn't bank on that. open source users/abusers are a stingy lot
14:23Chutt i told my wife 'if i had $10 for every download of the last release, neither of us would have to work'
14:24thor__ write a non free Windows/Mac desktop myth client, sell it for $10 a pop
14:24kvandivo did she say, "why don't you?"
14:24_rkulagow plus, it will keep you releasing more often.
14:24Chutt heh
14:24Chutt naw
14:25thor__ strike a paternship agreement with a listings service, run the code for that
14:25thor__ start an offshow casino, build a myth module to play blackjack on your tv, live off that
14:25_rkulagow will that release you from your NDA/no compete as far as the recommendations stuff? i remember you saying that because of your job you wouldn't/couldn't
14:25Chutt yeah, in a few months
14:26Chutt i'd have to look up how many
14:26kvandivo you are still bound to that even if they axe you?
14:26thor__ 99% of non-competes are non-enforceable
14:26Chutt for a couple months
14:26Chutt something like that
14:27Chutt i'm not worried about it :p
14:27thor__ get somebody like IBM to look seriously at Myth as an entree into the set top box market, consult to them
14:28Chutt i figured i'd put my resume up on the website
14:28thor__ heh
14:28Chutt might get a bite or two
14:28kvandivo i've got about 300 message in my spam folder from people that would be willing to help you out...
14:28Chutt hah
14:28thor__ erectile dysfunction ?
14:28kvandivo well, that too
14:28thor__ sorry to hear about that
14:29kvandivo supposedly the new stuff lasts for 36 hours...
14:29kvandivo personally, i'm not sure that would be desirable... but I digress..
14:29thor__ especially if you mainline it
14:31thor__ Chutt, any interest in leaving ... uhm ... where do live (Ohio?) ?
14:31_rkulagow cialis, the hard-on drug that wans you that if you have a 4 hour erection it's time to go to the emergency room.
14:31Chutt don't really want to relocate, but will if i have to
14:31_rkulagow (priapism - see how fun science can be?)
14:32Chutt obvious preference would be to continue working from home, but i doubt that that'll happen
14:32mdz the job market is fucked
14:32mdz I hope you find something quickly
14:32Chutt eh, i'm stingy
14:32Chutt we've got enough saved up for awhile
14:32kvandivo i've been thinking to myself that it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a few months of rainy day fundage..
14:33thor__ well, at least you'll finish framing the basement
14:33Chutt that's almost done
14:33mdz Chutt: I'm the same way
14:33mdz I also update my resume every month or two :-)
14:33Chutt we just need to go get more 2x4s
14:33thor__ heh
14:33Chutt 30 or so, to finish off the wall of what's supposed to be my office/computer room
14:34thor__ anything code related is fine?
14:34Chutt yeah
14:35thor__ hmmmm
14:41thor__ need something with benefits (you covered by your wife's health care), or more entrepreneurial ok ?
14:42Chutt i don't have any benefits now =)
14:42bma doesn't matter
14:42bma since he never leaves the house
14:42thor__ ah
14:42bma :)
14:42thor__ well, he has to go and get 2x4's occassionaly
14:42Chutt hey, i went out to get the mail yesterday
14:42thor__ and those can give you a nasty splinter
14:43bma I think Chutt should take the TiVo job
14:43bma it'd be continuing in the emusic->freeamp sense of things
14:43bma without the threatening letters
14:44Chutt but the threatening letters were fun
14:44thor__ heh
14:44Chutt and if i had renamed emp3 to emusic about 2 weeks earlier than i had, i would have been totally in the clear :p
14:45bma heh
14:50Captain_Murdo| _rkulagow: still around?
14:52--- ---> NetslayerZZZ [] has joined #mythtv
14:53--- User: *** NetslayerZZZ is now known as Netslayer
14:54--- ---> AridWork [] has joined #mythtv
14:58--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit ("toedeledoki")
15:02--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
15:11--- ---> sfr [] has joined #mythtv
15:15kvandivo pahli_bar: you need to learn to not hold back in your replies to mythtv-dev. You need to let it all out and tell everyone what you really think
15:16Chutt heh
15:16Chutt pahli_bar, do you have the source to your uibtnlist test app for the music stuff?
15:23--- ---> Allan [] has joined #mythtv
15:24--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:26Chutt captain_murdoch, so you fixed the bug? =)
15:27_rkulagow captain_murdoch: yes.
15:28pahli_bar Chutt: hi.
15:28pahli_bar Chutt: i have been looking at the music code and have a feq questions
15:28Chutt i'd like to start with your test app
15:28pahli_bar s/feq/few
15:28Chutt ah, heh
15:29_rkulagow c_m: i'll go ahead and sync to CVS and see what's going on. i'll let you know shortly.
15:29pahli_bar Chutt: the listview seems to be ingrained into the metadata classes.
15:29Chutt it does
15:29Chutt that'll probably have to be ripped out
15:29thor__ uh oh, someone's looking at the music code
15:29Chutt and replacements written for the new ui stuff
15:29pahli_bar Chutt: the generic tree is what you want it be based on?
15:30Chutt i dunno yet
15:30Chutt i was going to look at stuff =)
15:30pahli_bar Chutt: i was thinking of a new uitype - uitreelistbtntype
15:30Chutt that sorta wraps the listbtntype with automatic creation of sublevels?
15:30pahli_bar Chutt: it will be a nightmare with using only the current listbtntype
15:30pahli_bar Chutt: yes.
15:30Chutt i was thinking that myself =)
15:31Chutt it'd handle the tree stuff for the user of it
15:31pahli_bar Chutt: i need to make the container size static with interior area size dynamic
15:31pahli_bar Chutt: like a scrollview and viewport
15:31Chutt i'd like to play with your music test app
15:31Chutt if you've still got that code
15:32pahli_bar Chutt: sure. its nothing but set of listbtntypes on a scrollview
15:32Chutt yeah, but it's a starting point
15:32pahli_bar Chutt: yes. but i want to make the treetype embeddable on any dialog
15:32Chutt right
15:32Spida when I use "cat /dev/video0 > /path/file.mpeg" with " -f pal-europe $Channel", I get sound, when I use mythtv i have no sound. why?
15:32Chutt well, the scroll view would be embeddable
15:32Chutt the treetype would just be in there
15:32pahli_bar Chutt: and not make it depend on mythscrolldialog
15:33Chutt isn't mythscrolldialog just a frame, though?
15:33Chutt so it should be able to go anywhere
15:33pahli_bar Chutt: hmm... right now the mythscrolldialog is a top-level dialog
15:33Chutt i thought it just inherited from qscrollview
15:33Spida ok, wrong chan
15:34pahli_bar Chutt: yes, but to fix the background (make it static) it needs the entire background and so has to be full container
15:34Chutt ah
15:35pahli_bar Chutt: i was thinking more of a pure uitype (no widgets)
15:35Chutt not use qscrollview?
15:35pahli_bar Chutt: thats the plan
15:35Chutt sure, long as it's fast enough =)
15:35pahli_bar Chutt: its not very difficult. let me hack up something over the weekend
15:36Chutt cool.
15:36Chutt hmm
15:36Chutt that way, you probably don't even have to biblt the background pixmap all the time
15:37Chutt to work around the qscrollview =)
15:37pahli_bar Chutt: hmmm... will still have to. any scrolling will include a complete repaint
15:37Chutt right, but you can just clear to background
15:37Chutt have only the stuff being scrolled on there
15:37pahli_bar Chutt: clearing to background almost always results in a flicker
15:38Chutt really?
15:38thor__ in MythThemedDialog ?
15:38pahli_bar Chutt: fairly sure
15:38Chutt that's what i'm doing elsewhere
15:38racer yeah i know this from my Windows programming
15:38pahli_bar Chutt: if its not fast enough
15:38Chutt the thememenu stuff just clears to background
15:38racer clearing to background results in flicker for sure
15:38pahli_bar Chutt: with alpha it will prove to be slow
15:38Chutt and so does stuff like the watch recordings dialog
15:39Chutt i don't see any flicker there, do you?
15:39racer i mean for scrolling purposes!
15:39* thor__ wonders if he should say something about double buffering?
15:39racer :)
15:39Chutt yeah, that's why there's no flicker =)
15:40Chutt the thememenu has all the non-active buttons drawn into the background image
15:40pahli_bar Chutt: even if you are double buffering, if you clear first ... it will flicker
15:40Chutt so, when it changes buttons, it clears the previously active one to background
15:40Chutt the watch recordings dialog, for example
15:40pahli_bar Chutt: must be happening very fast. i will look at it
15:41Chutt draws the lowest level image (the big dark rectangle) into the background pixmap
15:41Chutt and just clears to that
15:41Chutt instead of re-doing that alpha blending every redraw
15:42pahli_bar Chutt: don't have a backend on this computer, so no recording to watch... :(
15:42Chutt heh
15:42Chutt well
15:42pahli_bar Chutt: any other dialog
15:42Chutt it's not really redrawing to background
15:42Chutt clearing
15:42Chutt use visor
15:43Allan Is anyone else working on getting DVB-T going easily? I've seen the bits in the mailing list, but it's still not pretty enough for the end-user...
15:43pahli_bar Chutt: installing visor
15:44Allan The DVB channel editor is a great improvement over hacking SQL, though :)
15:44Chutt pahli_bar, anyway, whatever works for you =)
15:44pahli_bar Chutt: ok ready now
15:44Chutt doesn't matter how much it draws, 'slong as it's fast
15:45pahli_bar Chutt: i have seen wherever i do a clearing it flickers pretty bad. especially with the listbtntype
15:45pahli_bar Chutt: what did you want me to do with visor
15:45Chutt just move around in the menu
15:46Chutt stuff doesn't flicker, does it?
15:46Chutt though, i suppose that some of it's redrawing the background
15:46Chutt and some's not
15:46pahli_bar Chutt: nope. its clearing here?
15:46Chutt i dunno
15:46* pahli_bar looks at myththemeddialog
15:46Chutt yeah, active->inactive buttons are just getting erase()d
15:47Chutt anyway, do it however you want =)
15:48kvandivo 'slong as it's fast....
15:48Chutt yup
15:48thor__ heh, I wrote large parts of MythThemedDialog, so what it _should_ be doing and what it _is_ doing may well be different things
15:49--- ---> paulproteus [] has joined #mythtv
15:49pahli_bar its not actually clearing. but painting the background and then doing painting all the uitypes on it
15:50pahli_bar better option is use a clipping region, subtract out all the uitype regions and then paint the background
15:51thor__ iirc, it paints the background elements once onto an image at startup, then bitblts all of that for a clear
15:51thor__ something like that
15:51Chutt <shrug>
15:51Chutt anyway
15:51Chutt that's a nice tangent =)
15:51pahli_bar heh
15:52Chutt i'm really looking forward to having a new music ui =)
15:52thor__ right time to do it
15:52--- ---> akaihola [] has joined #mythtv
15:52pahli_bar Chutt: i will create the uitreetype. maybe you can help in integrating it into the music ui
15:52Chutt i will
15:52pahli_bar cool
15:52Chutt i'd do the treetype as well, if you didn't want to
15:53Chutt but if you do, i certainly won't stop you =)
15:53* pahli_bar imagines Chutt is itching to get it done
15:53Chutt naw
15:53Chutt i've got enough other things i can keep myself occupied with
15:53pahli_bar heh.
15:53akaihola Any dvb-kernel gurus around? I'd like tips on debugging occasional DVB-C tuning problems.
15:53pahli_bar just kidding
15:54pahli_bar the uimanagedtreelist is not used anywhere, is it?
15:54Chutt music playback screen
15:54pahli_bar ah..
15:54Chutt video list, i think
15:54thor__ yup
15:54Chutt and mythgame
15:55Allan I'm pretty sure I just found a bug in dvbchannel.cpp - Line 254 in current CVS.
15:55Allan (It's appending a SELECT onto the end of a SELECT query... Which doesn't tend to work too well)
15:55Chutt heh
15:56Chutt fun
15:56* pahli_bar wonders if he should reply to derek's mail
15:56Chutt allan, i'll get that fixed
15:57thor__ pahli_bar, let it go
15:57Chutt though, i believe that's only for error reporting
15:57Allan Great! I'm pretty sure it's not what's causing my issue, though. dvb_insert_channs has dumped a little bit of crap into dvb_channels. Trying to debug it now.
15:57pahli_bar thor__: good idea. but.... difficult... to ....
15:58thor__ ... UHM ... calm as Hindu cows ...
15:58Chutt heh
16:00pahli_bar thor__: heh. its OHM... (and i'm a christian)
16:00thor__ heh, it's a quote from Fight Club
16:01kvandivo that doesn't change the fact that hindu cows are calm
16:01thor__ non-denominational
16:01pahli_bar you will be surprised :)
16:01pahli_bar i myself have almost been gored by a couple of them
16:02thor__ darn .... and it was such a nice image of peace and serenity
16:03pahli_bar heh
16:06akaihola Any dvb-kernel gurus around? I could use tips on debugging occasional DVB-C tuning problems. Also, I believe mythtv could be made more tolerant for temporary tuning failures.
16:07akaihola Now it simply hangs...
16:07pahli_bar thor__: btw, you were right. themeddialog maintains a foreground pixmap and just bitblts it over the updated region
16:08--- ---> gerhard [] has joined #mythtv
16:09gerhard hi all, I'm back for more question, thanks for all the info I got so far.
16:09Netslayer what program does nuvexport use to goto mpeg2?
16:10gerhard I try to set up another frontend and I got everything working exept for the videos which are on a seperate usb disk on my backend system
16:11--- User: *** czzn is now known as czn
16:11--- <<-- gerhard [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:11--- ---> gerhard [] has joined #mythtv
16:12gerhard I got disconected
16:17thor__ ah, that reminds me, pahli_bar, do you speak Hindi ?
16:18pahli_bar thor__: yes i do
16:18pahli_bar want to learn some indian cusswords? :)
16:19thor__ two questions, does yara (or some close transliterated equivalent) mean "friend", and is Nadim a common name (and, if so, does it mean anything) ?
16:20pahli_bar yes, "yara" (and some variations) means a friend
16:20--- <<-- gerhard [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:21pahli_bar Nadim is not a hindi name, its an urdu/persian name.
16:21pahli_bar but quite common in india
16:21thor__ ah, ok that makes sense
16:21thor__ thanks
16:21pahli_bar don't really know what it means though, sorry
16:21pahli_bar np
16:28--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
16:28pahli_bar hmm... anyway i can fit a member function pointer in a void*
16:28--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
16:29thor__ believe so, but probably less confusing to cast to the object and then call the member function, no ?
16:30pahli_bar yes. but what if you have multiple member functions in same object you want to call
16:31thor__ some sort of a callback structure ?
16:31pahli_bar similar. like storing actions (ptrs to functions)
16:31pahli_bar don't worry about it. i got a workaround.
16:32thor__ good, I was already confused
16:32pahli_bar its all very greek to me too
16:33kvandivo some people are too busy wondering whether or not they can to think about whether or not they should
16:33kvandivo that's what i say
16:33* pahli_bar is floored
16:37_rkulagow captain_murdoch: here?
16:41_rkulagow captain_murdoch: if you see this in scrollback, the bug is gone. it's now doing the jumps correctly.
16:41_rkulagow thanks
16:43--- ---> Slaytanic [] has joined #mythtv
16:45Slaytanic With mythbackend running as mythtv, and the mythtv user ownning the entire /mytv/tv directory, does anyone have an idea why I get "Couldn't read file: /myth/tv/1008_20040206183000_20040206185500.nuv" in the backend log and failed recordings?
16:47Captain_Murdo| _rkulagow: thanks.
16:48billytwowilly| did you delete it without going through mythtv?
16:51--- ---> fulbert [] has joined #mythtv
16:56hadees is everyone else getting this prebuffering pause error?
16:57sfr it's not necessarily an error
16:57Slaytanic billytwowilly: Nope, nothing like that.
16:59lmatter hadees, I am, and it's keeping the WAF at an all time low. I'm on an EPIA though, which maybe makes it worse.
16:59Allan hadees: Is this livetv?
17:01Captain_Murdo| should tell Kevin Kuphal to rewrite his channel visible patch so it supports multiple users so each user can see their own channel list. my Dish Network receiver supports 4 custom channel views I think.
17:03hadees Allan: yeah
17:03--- ---> warlord [me@DOGBERT.IHTFP.ORG] has joined #mythtv
17:05akaihola Any dvb-kernel gurus around? I could use tips on debugging occasional DVB-C tuning problems.
17:13Netslayer anyone know of a way of testing a drives integrity? should i just move stuff back and forth?
17:13o_cee pahli_bar: let me know when you need help with the music ui things.. ;)
17:14o_cee Captain_Murdoch: have you thought up something good about the things in the email?
17:14o_cee Chutt: you know if its possible to backport the .qm files back to .ts? as i said, i managed to fuck up the .ts, but i still have the .qm. hhe.
17:15o_cee thor__: you want a sweet kiss?
17:15o_cee who did i miss
17:16sfr o_cee: kvandivo. he probably hides under the table (once again)
17:16o_cee pahli_bar: did the translation file look ok? you know anything about that header?
17:16o_cee right :)
17:16kvandivo do what?
17:16o_cee sfr: i started working on the swedish translations.. got any tips?
17:17o_cee kvandivo: make love to sfr? i dunno
17:17thor__ I want you to hit me as hard as you can
17:17o_cee fight club again
17:17sfr o_cee: no, thanks
17:18o_cee thor__: that scene with the airplane, when it crashes.. i tested it on my new (kind of) home cinema.. it's very quiet before that scene.. i almost pissed myself, heh
17:18sfr o_cee: not really, linguist is rather easy to use.
17:18o_cee sfr: yeah.. annoying that everything is in QObject tho..
17:19thor__ best test of dolby/thx is the car crash ... especially just after the crash with the rain falling ... on a nice 5.1 setup you should really hear rain everywhere in the room
17:19--- <--- skywarper [] has left #mythtv ()
17:20pahli_bar o_cee: some more translation strings added (just committed). the menu needs translation
17:20o_cee thor__: haven't watched it with 5.1 yet actually.. but i'll remember that
17:20o_cee pahli_bar: oh, allright.. i thought there was stuff missing :)
17:20o_cee i'll update
17:21pahli_bar o_cee: ok. i will wait for your translation
17:21akaihola Netslayer: run the smartd service and check your drive status every now and then with smartctl
17:22akaihola Netslayer: you'll spot degenerating drives early on
17:22o_cee pahli_bar: doesn't seem like cvs has cought up yet..?
17:23--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Client exiting")
17:23pahli_bar give it a few minutes.
17:23o_cee allright :)
17:24pahli_bar o_cee: the webcvs looks like in sync now
17:24pahli_bar oops forgot to update the translation files
17:24o_cee hehe :)
17:26Allan Is alsa output working OK in CVS? It appears OK in all the ther modules, but in mythtv I'm getting Error opening audio device (alsa:spdif):
17:26Allan ther == the other
17:27pahli_bar how are you supposed to update the .qm files?
17:27o_cee uhm
17:27o_cee lrelease i think it's called
17:27o_cee lrelease
17:27o_cee I THINK
17:28o_cee oh but
17:28o_cee that's when you want new .qm
17:29pahli_bar maybe lupdate.
17:29o_cee don't you want to update the .ts's?
17:29o_cee lupdate does that yeah
17:29o_cee (that's how i wiped my translations away..)
17:29pahli_bar uh oh.
17:29o_cee but i did it all wrong
17:30o_cee like lupdate ../* or something :)
17:30sfr but it's a good way to do away with all the <obsolete> tags :)
17:30o_cee just use the file and it should be fine
17:30kvandivo lrelease
17:30o_cee sfr: you removed them right?
17:30pahli_bar ah... lupdate
17:30kvandivo oh.. never mind..
17:30o_cee sfr: is there a way to remove them _after_ i'm done?
17:30sfr o_cee: not yet, but i might in the future
17:30o_cee okay
17:31o_cee won't bother then
17:31kvandivo < Chutt> in the i18n directory, just do 'lupdate'
17:31kvandivo 22:37 < Chutt> to regenerate the .ts files
17:31kvandivo 22:37 < Chutt> and 'lrelease' will create the .qm files
17:31pahli_bar kvandivo: thnx
17:31sfr o_cee: don't know if it's possible from linguist. you could try to remove them with a utf-8 editor.
17:32o_cee sfr: yeah..
17:34o_cee pahli_bar: how's it goin?
17:35pahli_bar o_cee: some warnings. trying to chase it down
17:35o_cee ok
17:36pahli_bar o_cee: i removed the Q_OBJECT from iconview and lupdate doesn't seem to like it. seems like only a warning.
17:36* o_cee doesn't know anything
17:38pahli_bar o_cee: committed
17:38o_cee updating
17:38o_cee 5 strings, correct?
17:38pahli_bar o_cee: yup
17:39pahli_bar here we will run into trouble. i have rotate cw/ccw. translators will have fun translating that
17:40--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
17:40pahli_bar in any case uilistbtntype has pixmap support now. so need to create some arrow pixmaps
17:40o_cee pahli_bar: no problem, but it'll be longer
17:41o_cee i'm done.. cvs commit or something :)
17:41o_cee sending you a diff instead blergh
17:41pahli_bar go ahead
17:41kvandivo unless it is chinese, and then they probably have a character that means "rotate counter clockwise"
17:41kvandivo i figure with a 2,600 letter alphabet they have to cover the common ones..
17:42pahli_bar hmm.. should have dropped the obsolete strings
17:43--- <<-- linagee [] has quit ("Leaving")
17:45o_cee pahli_bar: msg sent, and it's a diff
17:45kvandivo has the AVerMedia UltraTV PCI 350 for a low $75.99.. anyone heard of that?
17:45pahli_bar o_cee: ok. thanks
17:46pahli_bar kvandivo: its a bttv card
17:46pahli_bar marketing gimmick
17:46kvandivo ahh.. ok..
17:46kvandivo figures
17:46o_cee pahli_bar: ah shit, i might have messed up.. i'm sending another diff, i think i forgot to save the file :)
17:47--- <<-- Spida [] has quit ("Client exiting")
17:48o_cee pahli_bar: new mail sent
17:49o_cee pahli_bar: got mythnews updated for you as well..
17:52--- <--- bma [] has left #mythtv ()
17:57pahli_bar o_cee: all committed. thanks
17:58o_cee great
17:59o_cee pahli_bar: i haven't actually checked this out, will do tomorrow, so there might be adjustements..
18:00o_cee shouldn't be any problems :)
18:00pahli_bar okey-dokey
18:04Netslayer wow this is a cool card, looks to be better then the 250, but without any outputs. It can do mpeg2 hardware encode or capture raw avi
18:04Netslayer WinTV-PVR-pci
18:04Chutt it's a crappier card than the 250
18:05Chutt it's older, and it costs more than a pvr-350
18:05Netslayer really
18:05Netslayer huh, never saw it before
18:07o_cee Chutt: it's not possible to do .qm->.ts right?
18:07pahli_bar o_cee: nope
18:07o_cee :/
18:11--- <<-- mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
18:17* Netslayer jumps with joy as a copy of 50GB didn't trigger any seek errors
18:17--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
18:21Netslayer hrm Can't open video device: /dev/video0
18:21* mdz reads jdeyoung's message
18:22--- <<-- m0j0__ [~m0j0@] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:24mdz "Hi I use gentoo. I compiled an old version of mythtv and ran into problems with <foo> [which is already fixed in the latest release]. So I commented out all of that code. I think it was in these files but I'm not sure. now nothing works :-("
18:25--- <<-- Ksoze [] has quit ("Client exciting")
18:25o_cee mdz: hmm? :)
18:26--- ---> ming [] has joined #mythtv
18:26mdz o_cee: mythtv-dev
18:26ming anyone have any experience connectin mythtv to a 4:3 hdtv via vga?
18:26ming #mythtv-users
18:26ming sorry hehe
18:27o_cee mdz: reading :)
18:28--- User: *** czn is now known as czzn
18:28o_cee hah
18:31mdz he's going to send a patch though as soon as someone helps him figure out why it's crashing
18:32--- <<-- sfr [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:33o_cee good for him :)
18:49Netslayer what's the best de-interlace filter? the default one, linearblend, kerneldeint
18:50Allan linearblend == the default one.
18:52Netslayer oh when u checkmark the de-interlace it uses linuearblend?
18:55mdz correct
18:56Netslayer kerneldeint does look a bit better, but it's kind of odd
18:58--- <<-- ming [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:58--- ---> deadsock [] has joined #mythtv
18:58--- <--- deadsock [] has left #mythtv ()
18:59--- ---> shorawitz [] has joined #mythtv
19:00--- <<-- virsys [] has quit (Connection timed out)
19:09--- <<-- akaihola [] has quit ("L\xE4hd\xF6ss\xE4")
19:11--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:14--- <--- kees-jan_ [] has left #mythtv ()
19:25--- <<-- bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:46o_cee translating is pretty boring
19:48pahli_bar o_cee: hey. can you create rotate cw/ccw icons for mythgallery?
19:48o_cee hah
19:49o_cee doubt it..
19:49pahli_bar i suck at icon drawing.
19:49o_cee me too
19:49o_cee :)
20:01--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
20:03--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
20:24--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:26--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:34cmorgan how to deal with your cable tv provider changing the channel mappings?
20:34cmorgan running mythfilldatabase didn't appear to fix it
20:38o_cee use the channel editor?
20:38--- ---> skynetos [] has joined #mythtv
20:38cmorgan o_cee: that new?
20:38o_cee Chutt: you want the translation i've done so far or do you want it all at once?
20:39o_cee cmorgan: yeah, check the backend setup prog
20:39cmorgan ahh ok
20:39cmorgan thanks ;-)
20:39o_cee but
20:39o_cee you in NA?
20:39cmorgan yep
20:39o_cee you shouldn't need it then since you have channelinfo there right
20:39cmorgan and i'm recording the god damn weather channel now instead of tnt
20:39o_cee hah
20:39cmorgan they changed it like last week
20:40cmorgan i thought that xmltv would have noticed somehow
20:40o_cee dunno really.. maybe mythfilldatabase --configure?
20:40o_cee check the listnings manually if they did that first
20:40cmorgan there wasn't anything in the mythtv faq
20:40cmorgan ?
20:40cmorgan i know for a fact they changed it
20:41o_cee great :)
20:41o_cee i'd just wipe my channels table..
20:42cmorgan and hope it got rebuilt?
20:42cmorgan i'm not looking to lose the recordings and other stuff
20:43cmorgan i guess i can just edit the table directly, it isn't that it is difficult, was just looking for a way to do it automatically
20:44o_cee since i'm not in NA i don't know for sure
20:44o_cee since i don't have channelinfo at all in the listning i have to do it manually anyway
20:48o_cee g'nite
20:50--- <<-- Sir-Al [~EXiT@] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:53--- ---> Sir-Al [~EXiT@] has joined #mythtv
21:20--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
21:31--- ---> SuperID [] has joined #mythtv
21:32SuperID I want to create VOB files from my mythtv recordings that are in *.nuv format. can I use the standard transcode toolset or do I need to use mythtranscode first? I've tried the example at but it produces an empty audio and video file
21:33--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Client exiting")
21:40--- ---> schwin97 [] has joined #mythtv
22:12--- <<-- SuperID [] has quit ("Pear Pimples for Hairy Fishnuts")
22:23--- ---> pmowry [] has joined #mythtv
22:43Octane will running mythfilldb --update update channels?
22:43Octane like with new ones?
22:44cmorgan some channels moved around?
22:44Octane yah
22:44Octane 2 new chans
22:44Octane i edited the xmltv file manually
22:44cmorgan ahh. in my case i'm recording the weather channel instead of tnt. as of last week
22:44Octane that didnt do it obviously
22:44Octane lol!
22:44Octane i dont care too much for FitTV or ToonD
22:45Octane but its nice to have things flawless :)
22:45cmorgan yeah, came as a surprise to me when trying to watch it ;-)
22:45Octane that sucks!
22:45cmorgan running mythfilldatabase didn't seem to fix it
22:45cmorgan i'm not sure if there is a way
22:45Octane i found a bug today too
22:45cmorgan someone here ought to know... let me google
22:45Octane i think the only way would be to dump all chan settings
22:46Octane if mythtv tries to record, while the dialogue for "you're behind on the buffer" comes up, it crashes
22:46cmorgan ahh
22:47Octane also, pressing OK on "Delete after" or "Delete Before" this frame doesn tdo anything
22:47Octane okay im done :)
22:51josephk anyone have stable use of divx with their 350's?...hehe
22:51Octane lol
22:51Octane I have already started putting together the user guide/feature guide.
22:51Octane It will be pretty.
22:52Octane Robert K said that
22:54cmorgan someone else reported the same issue
22:54cmorgan today even
22:54cmorgan no replies yet
22:54cmorgan Octane: so maybe someone will know how to fix the channel issues and post it ;-)
22:57--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
22:57--- <<-- skynetos [] has quit ("Leaving")
22:58--- <<-- aaron_ [] has quit ("Client exiting")
23:10Octane cmorgan which issue? the OK button thing?
23:10Octane on -dev?
23:14--- ---> Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:14cmorgan Octane: the channel lineup change issue
23:16--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
23:21* Octane is thinking of tring to add support for genesis to mythgame
23:23--- ---> ofer [] has joined #mythtv
23:24ofer anybody use the DirectShow myth filters?
23:33--- ---> virsys [] has joined #mythtv
23:34--- ---> quink [] has joined #mythtv
23:34quink hey can anyone offer me a starting point to fix a problem? after about 10-20 minutes of live tv sounds goes 'weird' but recording hour long shows and i have no issues
23:36--- Netsplit over, joins: Magick
23:36--- Netsplit <-> quits: tdb30_, Rince, vagrant, bitbyte, jfm__, StuartL, Snow-Man
23:36--- Netsplit over, joins: Rince
23:36--- Netsplit over, joins: StuartL
23:36--- Netsplit over, joins: bitbyte, jfm__
23:36--- Netsplit over, joins: vagrant
23:37--- Netsplit over, joins: Snow-Man
23:38--- <<-- pmowry [] has quit ("pmowry has no reason")
23:43--- ---> tattrdkat [] has joined #mythtv
23:51--- <<-- virsys [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
23:51--- User: *** tattrdkat is now known as virsys
23:53--- <<-- quink [] has quit ()
23:56--- ---> stesmi [] has joined #mythtv
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