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02:36thor__ Chutt, you know of any easy way to calculate a limit on simultaneous CD access ?
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02:38thor__ cdparanoia and/or my trusty TDK drive seems to be able to serve out 4 different tracks to four different mfd audio plugins simultaneously, but I have no idea how to precalculate a limit?
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02:58ShockValue anyone have any luck getting dolby prologic out of mythtv? im stumped
03:00Netslayer interesting the clock strikes midnight and i get a frontend crash: Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busypure virtual method called
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03:30Chutt thor, i would've assumed that you only could do one
03:31Chutt shockvalue, default settings are to encode in plain stereo, which preserves any dolby surround encoding in the audio.
03:31thor__ heh
03:31thor__ nope, happy with 5 possibly more
03:33Chutt funky
03:33thor__ yeah, it's actually very cool
03:35thor__ on to the ripper/transcoder framework
03:35Chutt cool =)
03:36thor__ think I sorted out the segfault thing, and the answer was not that there's some high fallutin difference between a_pointer and &(*a_pointer)
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03:37Chutt heh
03:37Chutt what was it?
03:38thor__ it was getting deleted in two places .... I was just getting confused by all the threads
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03:42thor__ heh, that was cool
03:42thor__ just moving some files around in my music collection
03:42thor__ and iTunes suddenly updated
03:42thor__ still amazes me
03:59thor__ is it just me, or did image pre-scaling get a whole lot faster?
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07:47Spida hi
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09:08jDeGraw I have a PVR250 and mythtv working really nice. However, I do have a question. It seems the pvr250 captures video in mp1 format and video in mp2. When I load it up in an editing program like virtualdub it chokes on the audio. Lists it as unknown. audio: mp2/48000hz/stereo/384ks. video: mpeg1video. Do I have to convert the .nuv file using nuvexport or should I be using some other setting in mythtv?
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10:29_rkulagow chutt: did you change your stance on packaged binaries of CVS?
10:36_rkulagow mdz: here?
10:36Snow-Man I doubt he has, why?
10:41_rkulagow just curious; there's a message in the mailing list of someone offering either an RPM of .14 (which there already is one over at Thac's site) or of CVS.
10:41Snow-Man heh.
10:49kvandivo chutt said that he would allow something a week or so back.. don't remember the exact wording
10:49kvandivo it was relatively restrictive..
10:50kvandivo (he said it here.. not on the list)
10:50kvandivo (i'm pretty sure)
11:02_rkulagow anyone running debian unstable? i've done a build-dep mythtv based on mdz's stuff and i'm still gettng a "QSqlDatabase warning: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded" error.
11:02_rkulagow when i try to run mythfrontend
11:05_rkulagow huh. is there some way to get apt to tell me which package provides ""? aptitude doesn't seem to do that.
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11:13Snow-Man You can search on for it.
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11:39_rkulagow thanks. that helped. wonder why build-deps didn't catch that.
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11:47max|home can one of the devs suggest what other information I need to get from this user to figure out why his livetv is crashing?
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12:11Chutt max|home, without the output of the backend, a bug report is rather useless.
12:11max|home Chutt, ok I'll ask for that. thanks.
12:12max|home in fact I might be able to provide one myself...I noticed that symptom the other day, but really didn't have time to investigate.
12:12o_cee pahli_bar: the swedish translation doesn't seem to kick in when using mythgallery? not mythnews either.. your or my fault? :)
12:16pahli_bar o_cee: the translations files seem upto date
12:17Rince ppl with PVR350: has anyone already tried to give the Framebuffer-Stuff out on the S-VHS instead of Composite? Should this work out-of-the-box?
12:17o_cee Rince: yes.
12:17Rince hm. strange.
12:17Rince *testing*
12:17o_cee pahli_bar: does it work for you?
12:17Chutt max|home, it's probably due to the standard gentoo bug of crazy opts passed to gcc
12:18Chutt in which case, i don't really care =)
12:18max|home those darn gentoo users! :)
12:19max|home does the mythtv build system pluck CFLAGS from the environment?
12:19Chutt some parts of it will
12:20pahli_bar o_cee: how do you change the language
12:20o_cee pahli_bar: appearance settings
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12:20pahli_bar Svenska?
12:20max|home Chutt, ah! that would definitely be a problem...know which parts? or would it be easier just to zero-out CFLAGS?
12:20o_cee yepp
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12:21Chutt not offhand
12:21max|home ok
12:22Rince Hmm... no, doesn't work yet
12:22Rince but ok... not a real problem...
12:22pahli_bar o_cee: one sec
12:22Rince o_cee: do you also use digital audio by any chance?
12:23o_cee Rince: nope
12:23Rince ok, then I will just try on ;)
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12:24pahli_bar o_cee: same problem here. investigating...
12:25o_cee okay, great
12:26o_cee partly afk
12:26pahli_bar hmm... music seems i18ned. only my plugins are not
12:28Chutt max|home, oh, it'd also probably be good to ask if there's any errors from the ivtv driver in the syslog from the time when mythbackend quit
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12:38pahli_bar o_cee: found the problem. typo in the path to search for the .qm files
12:39pahli_bar at least in mythnews. checking in mythgallery...
12:40Chutt heh, sorry
12:40pahli_bar heh. i wasn't sure whether it was me or you
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12:43Spida_ hi
12:44Chutt i actually approved a moderated message to the list
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12:58Chutt heh
12:58Chutt fix threading problems by removing all the mutex locks
12:58Chutt that's smart
13:00pahli_bar Chutt: QString a = tr("some string"). so from now on "a" should be the translated string, right
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13:03Chutt yup
13:03pahli_bar hmmm...
13:06vuud1 Anyone know why I would get i2c client addr not founds when I try to cat the video device (gentoo w / 2.4.24 and a PVR350)?
13:12pahli_bar funny.. it needs the Q_OBJECT macro for proper translation even if no signals/slots exist in the class.
13:12Chutt yup
13:13pahli_bar or use QObject::tr
13:13pahli_bar heh. nobody told me
13:16pahli_bar o_cee: both fixed.
13:17o_cee great:)
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13:27Octane does anyone else here sometimes get double mails
13:27Octane both on -dev and -users
13:28josephk anyone else experiencing ring buffer pauses with a pvr350 on channel changes ala;search_string=pvr%20stutter%20channel%20change;guest=2253331&t=search_engine#105081 ?
13:28josephk I'm trying to track it down now
13:28Chutt josephk, use cvs.
13:31Octane il take that as a no
13:36josephk no Octane
13:36josephk thanks Chutt
13:36josephk I should know now that I can never exist in release land
13:37Chutt heh
13:37Octane ty josephk
13:37Chutt doesn't hurt to try cvs before embarking on a debugging adventure
13:39Captain_Murdo| or like the guy on -users running month-old CVS complaining about duplicate recording problems.
13:39josephk yeah I should know...but I thought I might actually be able to use a release for once
13:39thor__ <Chutt> fix threading problems by removing all the mutex locks
13:39thor__ that in the music stuff ?
13:39pahli_bar heh. every developer seems to be following their preferred variable naming in uitypes
13:39Chutt thor, yeah
13:40pahli_bar m_wmult, m_context and then screen_area and then again drawFontShadow
13:40thor__ though that looked wrong
13:40josephk my new child is making me forget things
13:40thor__ pahli_bar, short = moe, long = me
13:40pahli_bar heh
13:41Chutt thor, i suggested how to better fix it
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13:41thor__ k
13:41Chutt but i obviously can't test
13:41thor__ he just needs to shorten the lock time, not rip them out
13:41Chutt yeah
13:42Chutt i said to try removing the lock for when it's sitting in select()
13:42thor__ hmmm
13:42josephk hey...using the ivtv patch for mplayer and playing divx files with a lavc filter only locks the box some of the time
13:42Chutt heh
13:45josephk apparently some files have an "evil aura"
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13:46josephk very repeatable though so I guess I could step through the movies to see what is causing it
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13:50racer hello?
13:52[DOA]Tarkie hello!
13:53josephk oye vey!
13:53racer i'm looking for a off topic answer
13:53racer can i control the speed of my cdrom (safe) for playing music
13:53racer it makes to much noise
13:53racer at 40
13:54racer x
13:54racer hdparm?
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13:57tmk racer: i've seen that discussed on the web
13:57tmk google it
14:00racer thnx Kev! allready did, but some say its better not to do!
14:01racer because dvd speed is also affected
14:01josephk I remember that being a freevo option
14:01racer thought dvd is allways slower! :)
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14:10tmk racer: you should make a script to turn it slow then fast when cd is done
14:10Chutt tmk, yo
14:11racer think have to do that! thnx
14:11tmk sup chutt
14:11Chutt not much
14:12Chutt fixed some bugs wrt the pvr-350 in mythtv recently
14:12tmk oh?
14:12Rince what kind of bugs?
14:13tmk does it ff more than 3x yet? :)
14:13Chutt naw
14:13Chutt you should just update to cvs, is all
14:13tmk k
14:13tmk will do
14:13josephk the one I was snarfing about?
14:13Chutt josephk, yes, that's why i said to use cvs :p
14:13tmk chutt: has anyone else complained about remote backends not scheduling shows?
14:13josephk well it takes some time to compile
14:13josephk hehe
14:13tmk it works for livetv, but it won't record
14:14Chutt tmk, not that i've seen
14:14tmk k
14:14Chutt you have it set to the same video source as the main backend?
14:14tmk yeah
14:14tmk i redid it several times
14:14Chutt dunno
14:14Chutt run em with verbose turned on, see if there's anything in the logs?
14:14tmk yeah i haven't looked at it recently
14:14tmk the master knows about the slave
14:15tmk and the slave's picking up it's channel listings from the master
14:15tmk my db is probably messed up
14:15tmk when i move in a couple months (lord willing) i'll start from scratch
14:15Chutt logs might say more
14:15Chutt heh
14:16tmk thanks for myth btw. it's been working great for me lately
14:16Chutt i've just had one recent ivtv meltdown, too =)
14:16Chutt so my wife's happy
14:16josephk yeah...I'm warming my wife to it
14:16josephk "hey watch this"
14:17billytwowilly| josephk: The best time to talk to her is after she's just missed her favorite show;)
14:17josephk "see that nipple is immortalized and tivo doesn't know we watched"
14:17josephk lol
14:17billytwowilly| hehe;)
14:17billytwowilly| that works too;)
14:17josephk yeah...just have to make sure it never fails to record
14:18billytwowilly| mines been running 0.12 from when it was released up until the release of 0.14 never missing a beat.
14:18billytwowilly| It's now been running from the release of 0.14 to now without missing a beat either.
14:18josephk .14 is the best bar none
14:19billytwowilly| I'm using a bt848 based tuner card though, I think the drivers are a little more stable than the ivtv drivers
14:19billytwowilly| Yah, I agree. I switched from purple galaxy to gant.
14:19billytwowilly| beautiful.
14:19josephk only had one problem and Chutt fixed it...ivtv is holding strong too
14:19kvandivo so billy, it cold up where you are?
14:19billytwowilly| Plus WAY faster channel changing with my ati remote wonder
14:19billytwowilly| kvandivo: It was -50 with windchill (that's in celsius, not your puny farenheight;)
14:19billytwowilly| but now it's right around 0.
14:20josephk heat wave
14:20billytwowilly| I want to get a pvr-250.
14:20billytwowilly| the recording quality of my tuner card is crap.
14:20billytwowilly| just no money/time right now.
14:20billytwowilly| speaking of which, I gotta go.
14:20billytwowilly| cheers.
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14:40thor__ if I were interested in a 64-bit hash function, would it make any sense to do md5 and take, I dunno, every second byte ?
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14:50kvandivo whew.. just got done filing my taxes electronically. happy to have that over with
14:51thor__ if only
14:51o_cee thor__: hash function? i'm actually just reading a course about those kind of things :)
14:52thor__ I know nothing about hash functions ... and for annoying reasons it would be nice to have the hash by 8 bytes long
14:52thor__ be 8
14:52thor__ so I just need to choose something
14:52thor__ but I'm completely ignorant
14:53o_cee guess there's alot of them out there to use, i guess we'll have to write them ourselves later on
14:53mdz thor__: crc32?
14:53mdz oh, 8 bytes
14:53mdz why is that a requirement?
14:54thor__ this does not need to be secure, I just want to generate an 8 byte hash of content (mp3's, etc.) so that the mfd can tell if two things are the same
14:54* Captain_Murd sees Chutt decided to end the discussion on -dev and just apply the channel visible toggle patch.
14:54thor__ mdz, just so happens that both DAAP (for audio) and DPAP (for images) use an 8 byte "persistent id"
14:54pahli_bar md5 might be slow
14:55thor__ it's not an absolute requirement
14:55o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you been thinking anything more about the things we talked about? (no, no.. not that.. the other thing we talked about)
14:55thor__ but would be nice not to have to do workarounds
14:55o_cee thor__: what does daap use then?
14:55thor__ dunno
14:55o_cee ah
14:56o_cee (the thing i'm reading is about hash tables btw.. but i guess that's not what you reffered to)
14:56Captain_Murdo| haven't thought about it much. I think it would be best to put it somewhere else on the screen. also an info popup might be nice, my Dish Network receiver has something like that on the guide.
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14:56thor__ hmmm man crc32 : No manual entry for crc32
14:56o_cee Captain_Murdoch: i really think the space is as used as it can be.. especially if you use previews
14:56Captain_Murdo| was busy last night watching Myth and reformatting/merging-in the alternate scene change comm detection patch. now need to give it some testing.
14:57o_cee no use testing that here.. heh
14:57Captain_Murdo| o_cee, yeah, I'm thinking something at the top maybe that just indicates what group you are viewing. obviously everything in the list is in that group (unless you're viewing the 'All' group).
14:58Captain_Murdo| I need to make sure it didn't break existing stuff (looks like it's ok but want to verify). then if it does a better job than the current scene change stuff I might rip that out before committing.
14:58o_cee Captain_Murdoch: could work to yeah..
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15:00pahli_bar hmmm... might be a good idea to make layerset scrollable
15:02thor__ The resulting checksum is 128 bits (16 octets) long, 64 bits of which are redundant.
15:02thor__ that sounds promising
15:02thor__ DES cipher-block chained checksum
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15:04mdz thor__: what is the purpose of the hash?
15:06thor__ a checksum .... same file, same value .... different file (even by a "little" bit), different value
15:08thor__ md5 would be fine ... but I don't want to say, take every second byte, and then have someone who actually knows something about this say, "well that was stupid"
15:08thor__ you should have just done this ...
15:08--- ---> stesmi [] has joined #mythtv
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15:32mdz thor__: yeah, if the idea is to check for equality, that's probably no good
15:32--- User: *** cmorgan_away is now known as cmorgan
15:33thor__ I'm thinking crc with 64 bits
15:33--- <<-- virsys [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
15:34mdz I'd imagine crc32 is probably sufficient
15:34mdz (and a lot faster)
15:34thor__ ah ... just reading Numerical Recipes in C ...
15:34thor__ (haven't got to speed yet)
15:35--- ---> virsys [] has joined #mythtv
15:35mdz 64-bit math on 32-bit systems is much slower than 32-bit math
15:36thor__ hmm yup polynomials
15:36thor__ order 64
15:37--- Channel: changed the topic of #mythtv to: <-- 0.14 Released ... and this isn't a user support channel... that's at #-usemtvrsyth
15:38DogBoy doh
15:38--- Channel: changed the topic of #mythtv to: <-- 0.14 Released ... and this isn't a user support channel... that's at #-myth-users
15:38DogBoy sorry about that
15:39--- Channel: changed the topic of #mythtv to: <-- 0.14 Released ... and this isn't a user support channel... that's at #mythtv-users
15:41thor__ mdz insanely dumb to do crc-32 on two halves of a file ?
15:41mdz thor__: redundant, I'd say
15:41mdz thor__: why not just use crc32 and store the result as a 64-bit quantity?
15:42thor__ 32 bytes would be empty?
15:42thor__ which is fine, I guess
15:42thor__ sorry, 32 bits would be empty
15:43mdz I still don't think I understand the point of it in the protocol though
15:44--- ---> dja_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:44mdz and if the protocol requires this, why it doesn't define how it should be calculated
15:44thor__ daap is being reverse engineered
15:44thor__ there's no "spec"
15:45thor__ and I'm not actually going to use the has for talking to iTunes
15:45thor__ use the hash
15:45thor__ right now, two mfds that happen to have their music directories on the same nfs mount both see the data twice
15:46thor__ so I want them to be able to say, ah, that's the same file
15:46thor__ and the mfd's use daap to share music data
15:47thor__ and daap's a binary protocol
15:47thor__ and the only field I have left to play with is this persistent id thing
15:47thor__ which is 8 bytes long
15:48thor__ that make any sense?
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16:12--- User: *** AAA is now known as NiteOwl
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16:43[DOA]Tarkie does livetv mute the sound when playing static?
16:45* jcw is away: I'm busy
16:49mdz thor__: yeah, I see
16:50_rkulagow mdz: good news, i'm now looking at CVS myth on my Xbox. bad news: i still need to get lirc configured so that i can do anything with it.
16:50mdz _rkulagow: you'll need the corresponding kernel-headers-x.y.z package for the kernel-image-x.y.z package you have installed
16:50mdz _rkulagow: or, rebuild your kernel from source
16:51mdz hopefully the xebian guys provided a kernel-headers package
16:51_rkulagow i'll check and see.
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17:06vuud1 anyone pls: I am running myth on a pvr350... when I go to watch tv, I get a blank full screen monitor... is it trying to go to the pvr350 cards out or something?
17:07vuud1 I also get a bunch of errors about writing strings: QSocketDevice:writeblockL Invalid socket
17:13--- ---> DogBoy [] has joined #mythtv
17:20[DOA]Tarkie run up mythbackend with -v all
17:20[DOA]Tarkie and watch the errors
17:21vuud1 [DOA]Tarkie, okay, I gotta run out - try that when I get back
17:26_rkulagow got all sorts of these though: Couldn't save cache cache image: /home/mythtv/.mythtv/themecache/blue.640.480/uparrow.png i guess nothing is explicitly creating the .mythtv directory if it doesn't already exist?
17:36--- <<-- [DOA]Tarkie [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:39cmorgan Octane: you figure out how to fix the channel lineup?
17:43--- ---> quink [] has joined #mythtv
17:43quink nyone here have any sound issues? after ~20 minutes of live tv my sound goes funny
17:51--- <<-- Sir-Al [~EXiT@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:52--- ---> chris [] has joined #mythtv
18:14Spida Is there somebody with a pvr*50 card who could send (or let me download) a small live-tv-recording _with_audio_ for testing? That wiould help me very much...
18:14Rince Spida: is nuv enough?
18:15Spida when I can just put it in my recordings file and play it, yes
18:15Spida lets try
18:15Rince I fear that doesn't work
18:17Spida Rince: perhaps with the matching entries of the db...
18:19Spida Rince: just the length would do, I guess
18:20Rince Hm. other question: does the user running mythtv have the rights to use /dev/dsp and so on?
18:20--- <<-- DogBoy [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:20Spida Rince: I have audio when I run mythmusic....
18:21Spida so I believe that it isn't a permissions thing
18:21Spida video root $ id
18:21Spida uid=1000(myth) gid=100(users) groups=100(users),18(audio),19(cdrom),27(video),80(cdrw),85(usb)
18:21Rince Hmm, then I really do not know, sorry
18:21Spida Rince: can you give me a recording?
18:35vuud1 Whoa - after days of banging my head against things - I got a tv picture... friggin amazing!
18:35--- ---> DogBoy [] has joined #mythtv
18:36--- ---> Vanquish [] has joined #mythtv
18:38Vanquish what does "Found changes in the todo list" mean?
18:39--- <--- Vanquish [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
18:43--- <<-- chris [] has quit ("leaving")
18:43vuud1 Now I am having a problem getting X to go to the television... I followed the ivtv howto for a PVR350 and everything works exept when I start X.. I get a black screen with XFree log errors about FBDEV(0) FBIOPAN_DISPLAY: Invalid argument
18:46NiteOwl what does /var/log/messsages say when you load ivtv-fb? What is the framebuffer device?
18:51vuud1 NiteOwl, which part would that be? There is a line saying it attached to the ivtv card... then just after it says fb1: .... tv out frame buffer device
18:51vuud1 is that is
18:51--- <<-- hadees [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:54--- <<-- choenig_ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:03--- ---> Sir-Al [~EXiT@] has joined #mythtv
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19:37--- ---> solarce [] has joined #mythtv
19:42--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:55solarce hmm, no /dev/video entries, cute
20:04--- ---> dilate [] has joined #mythtv
20:04--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
20:14Octane cmorgan: i have not
20:14Octane man its so lame, remember that guy selling the oem pvr's on ebay?
20:14solarce yeah
20:14Octane like a dozen people already have reauctioned it and are making 20-60 dollars off of it
20:14solarce oi
20:15solarce oi
20:15Octane i think thats all the same person
20:15Octane look at the names
20:15Octane they are identical
20:16solarce yeah
20:16Octane the name of the auction that is
20:16Octane yah same guy
20:16Octane im emailing him a rant
20:16solarce haha
20:28quink anyone here have any sound issues? after ~20 minutes of live tv my sound goes funny
20:44solarce blah
20:56--- ---> Spida_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:01--- ---> ofer [] has joined #mythtv
21:02* solarce cries
21:13--- <<-- Spida [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:30--- <--- quink [] has left #mythtv ()
21:33--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
21:34Netslayer is someone working on mpeg2 myth transcoder support for those of use using mpeg4?
21:35Captain_Murdo| Netslayer: use nuvexport if you want mpeg4 -> mpeg2, ask on the mailing list or -users for more info.
21:39Netslayer i use it already
21:40Netslayer just thought i heard something
21:51--- <<-- DogBoy [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:56--- ---> zardus [] has joined #mythtv
21:56zardus hello
21:57zardus does anyone know why mythtv would connect to localhost?
21:57Octane put that in
21:58zardus that's what I meant
21:58zardus i've tried telnetting to the port, too
21:58ofer is mythbackend running?
21:58zardus i can do it from my laptop, but not from my desktop (which is running the backend)
21:58zardus yup
21:58zardus by "do it", I mean telnet
21:59ofer when you telnet to your desktop, your not using
21:59zardus no, i'm using the actual ip
21:59ofer try to input your computers ethernet ip address
21:59ofer instead of
22:00zardus ok, one sec
22:02--- <<-- Netslayer [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:03--- ---> tmk [] has joined #mythtv
22:05zardus well, it no longer just sits there trying to connect. now it actually tells me the backend isn't running
22:05zardus when it is
22:07ofer zardus: heh
22:09zardus hmm.. if I set the server ip in myth-setup to then no matter if the backend is running or not the frontend freezes as soon as it tries to connect to it
22:10ofer for me both the server ip and the frontend ip are the machines ip address
22:10zardus this thing gets a different dhcp address every day, though, so that's tough to set up
22:11ofer ahh
22:12zardus gah. i don't think the frontend cares about the backend at all
22:13zardus with 127 it just hangs regardless of the backend's status, and with the actual ip it just says its not there, again regardless of the backend's status
22:13ofer do you have some sort of firewalling enabled?
22:13zardus nope
22:16zardus hmm, you know what, i think this box is screwed
22:16zardus can't ssh to itself either
22:16ofer that's a good diagnostic
22:16ofer can it ping itself?
22:17zardus hmm.. can't ping localhost and gives a "connect: invalid argument" when I try to ping the hostname the dhcp server gave it
22:24zardus i am a moron
22:24zardus didn't have the loopback interface defined in /etc/network/interfaces
22:25zardus the test installer broke on me halfway through and i had configured the box myself. forgot that part
22:27ofer hehe
22:27ofer good you figured it out =
22:27ofer =)
22:28--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
22:31zardus yup
22:37--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Client exiting")
22:40ofer anybody here use the dsmyth filters?
22:48--- ---> jeff_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:48--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
22:48--- User: *** jeff_ is now known as enki
23:03* jcw is back (gone 06:17:57)
23:21--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Client exiting")
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23:28--- ---> racer [] has joined #mythtv
23:50--- <<-- KikoV [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:58vuud1 hey all - when I put X to go to my television I have two problems : either of which any advice would be good on... #1) the myth interface and tv picture goes off the edges of the screen, #2) the text is all blurry and hard to read... any ideas?
23:59Octane vuud1
23:59Octane do you ahve overscan set?
---Logclosed Sun Feb 08 00:00:08 2004