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---Logopened Sun Feb 08 00:00:08 2004
00:00Octane text is always blurry, normal for tv output, have you tried video?
00:01vuud1 Octane, I was playing with the overscan / underscan percentages, but they seemed like they were not having any effect...
00:01vuud1 Video output to a monitor is fine...
00:01Octane to a tv?
00:01Octane youre not going to get clear text on a tv like amonitor
00:01Octane not even close
00:01Octane what kind of video card?
00:02vuud1 Octane, I am at the almost unreadable stage (like I cant read what the selections are on the record screen)
00:02vuud1 Its an Hauppauge pvr350
00:02Octane oh
00:02Octane sorry at a loss then
00:02vuud1 Does the overscan settings affect the gui also? or just playback?
00:02Octane i dont think it even effects the 350
00:03Octane but hey, what do i know
00:03vuud1 balz
00:03vuud1 oh well...
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00:04Octane sorry =(
00:05vuud1 s'okay
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00:15vuud1 "A goverment scientist accidentally revives a werewolf she fitter with a metal skin" - this is why I got mythtv? geeez the crap they will put on these days
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00:19Salec how well does the mythtv transcoder work?
00:19Salec would it be considered stable?
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00:25ofer yep, now you can skip the show andd watch the commercials
00:27vuud1 aw man... just when I thought it was okay... If I go into watch tv, hit M for the guide, then hit M again to go to a show it goes all black
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01:04pcjabber anyone here using a TiVo remote?
01:04pcjabber whoops, sorry, didn't realize we'd totally changed over to -users for support =)
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03:52pigeon hmm, how can i set the prefix for mythtv for make install? configure doesn't seem to be doing it with --prefix
03:54Chutt edit
03:57pigeon Chutt: thanks, that works.
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05:13bline morning
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05:27pigeon hmm
05:27pigeon never managed to get this xmltv thing right with mythtv.
05:30Slaytanic XMLTV for what country?
05:30pigeon australia
05:31pigeon the channel table looks right.
05:31pigeon but, for example, i cannot change channel while watching tv.
05:31pigeon mythepg tends to segv too
05:33pigeon i thought tv_sort might help a bit with tv_grab_au, but it doesn't.
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05:38Slaytanic Have you checked the frequency id's in the channel editor?
05:39pigeon where is the "channel editor"?
05:41pigeon there are programmes in the "program finder"
05:41pigeon but if i goto "program guide", there's nothing in it.
05:41pigeon and if I press an arrow key, it segvs.
05:42pigeon one thing, is that possible to run the mythtv without hiding the X cursor?
05:46pigeon hmm, it's all blank and "0" in the channel recording priorities setting screen.
05:47pigeon i guess this is not a good sign then.
05:50pigeon ok
05:50pigeon in the channel table, all the 'freqid' field are empty.
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06:52pigeon what should the freqid be in the channel table?
06:56Rroet moin all
07:02Rince pigeon: do you use ivtv? or bttv?
07:03pigeon neither
07:03pigeon got a saa7134 card.
07:03pigeon well, i have finally fixed the channels stuff.
07:03pigeon i guess, it's tv_grab_au's fault ;)
07:05Rince pigeon: here is an extract of mysql on me
07:05Rince mysql> select chanid,channum,freqid,callsign from channel;
07:05Rince +--------+---------+--------+----------+
07:05Rince | chanid | channum | freqid | callsign |
07:05Rince +--------+---------+--------+----------+
07:05Rince | 1000 | 16 | SE12 | 3Sat |
07:05Rince | 1001 | 1 | E5 | ARD |
07:05Rince | 1002 | 15 | E10 | ARTE |
07:05Rince chanid is myth-internal
07:05Rince channum is the number _you_ want to have it on your list
07:05Rince freqid is the frequency itself in the scheme-numbering
07:05pigeon right
07:05Rince callsign is the name of the channel
07:05pigeon i just manually fixed channum
07:05Rince ok ;)
07:05pigeon and then set freqid to be the same as channum
07:06pigeon and it seems to be happy now.
07:06Rince Hmm, shouldn\xC4t
07:06pigeon is channum and freqid supposed to be from the xmltv as well?
07:06Rince pigeon: I _guess_ you can and should take freqid from xmltv
07:06Rince but I can not really answer you this since I use ivtv, so I have a different viewpoint ;)
07:06pigeon the problem is... hmm, from the output of xmltv, channum and freqid are both blank, after mythfilldatabase.
07:07Rince hmm, maybe you have to type them in manually
07:09pigeon i also hacked mythfilldatabase to run tv_sort for the output of the tv_grab_*
07:10pigeon gr
07:10pigeon i missed charlie's angels on tv.
07:11Rince ;-)
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08:17o_cee Captain_Murdoch: your latest patches.. are those strings tr:ized? or do i need to do lupdate or something? ca'
08:17o_cee can't find "change recording group" for instance
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08:32Rule Hi all. Is there anyone working on CC/teletext/vps/pdc etc for mythtv ? finding stuff on these subjects proves surprisingly difficult using google :) (did Eric Arendse merge some code already ?)
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08:48o_cee there's cc support
08:50Rule ah nice
08:50o_cee as far as i know there's no work beeing done on the rest that i know about at least
08:51Rule ok, I saw some posts from Mr Arendse, but I now found his personal web page that states he stopped working on myth and started soing his own pvr :)
08:51o_cee ok
08:51Rule He is right in saying that for us Europeans, VPS or PDC would be extremely useful
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08:53Rule it seems he was doing quite a bit of work on myth, but never got the patches merged because of "high speed coders" :) seems cvs was a target moving too fast
08:53Rule bah :(
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08:57Rule_ eek battery failed
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11:36Captain_Murdo| o_cee, I didn't run lupdate/lrelease.
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11:58o_cee Captain_Murdoch: ran it myself, worked like it chould, got the strings now
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13:43Berto hi
13:43Berto noticed new station available (76 ENCORE), re-run --configure
13:43Berto noticed new station available (99 TBN), re-run --configure
13:44Berto what program do i --configure
13:44Berto i forget :)
13:44max|home setup
13:44max|home but this isn't a user support channel...
13:45Berto oh i see. well thanks anyway
13:45* Berto reads topic
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13:52o_cee Captain_Murdoch: isn't it possible to zoom when in live tv?
13:55max|home ugh...there's no way to build two drivers into lirc, is there?
13:55mdz of course there is, they're separate modules
13:55mdz except in the case of the variants of lirc_sir
13:56max|home mdz, yeah, thats what I mean
13:56max|home i need hauppauge and act200l
13:56max|home doing --with-driver=any doesn't enable the ACT200L #define...
13:57max|home (this is for packaging it on gentoo)
13:57max|home unless I'm missing something very obvious
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14:06mdz max|home: right, you can only build that particular module one way
14:07max|home thanks mdz
14:08max|home I did get the runtime stuff allowing multiple agents with the same install...oh well...users can build it twice: once with --with-driver=any and once with --with-driver=act200l
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14:27Captain_Murdo| o_cee, you could, there's just no way to turn on zoom mode in livetv right now. need a menu somewhere. :)
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15:03o_cee Captain_Murdoch: allright, that's what i thought :)
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15:14zaQer1231 hi, I have a problem with my LVM partition... df command reports ~27% utilization, but the disk is full. Any idea why ?
15:15zaQer1231 is there some kind of minimal block size per file that I might have set too high, causing a large number of small files to eat up all disk space ??
15:16Rince inodes?
15:17zaQer1231 don't know...
15:18zaQer1231 sorry, I guess mythtv-users is a little more appropriate;
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15:24zaQer1231 Rince: that seem to be it: for some reason, my lvm partition is only 20k inodes... Not sure what I have done wrong to create it with such a small number of inodes...
15:24o_cee anyone feeling bored and want something easy to code?
15:24* Rince can not code ... shellscripting yes, but no coding ;)
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15:25o_cee heh :)
15:27Spida Is there any way to see what frequency my tv-card (pvr 350) is tuned to?
15:31Rince Spida: test_ioctl -a
15:32Spida ah, thx
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16:35Octane Spida well done
16:35Octane anyone know how get mythtv to update 1 or 2 channels w/o clearing all channel information in setup?
16:35o_cee "update" as in?
16:36Octane -update?
16:36o_cee -update?
16:36Octane well
16:36Octane i thought youw ere saying mythfilldb --update
16:36Octane update as in, update two channels which have been changed
16:36Octane 108 used to be style for me
16:36Octane now its uhm
16:37Octane some other shit
16:37o_cee dunno if NA people are supposed to use the chan editor..
16:37o_cee --update in mythfilldatabase isn't what you want anyway
16:37Octane yah iknow
16:38o_cee --configure in that case
16:38o_cee but i know nothing about the NA situation on those things
16:39Octane maybe ill just reset my channels in setup
16:39Octane but i have taken out so many channels from the cahnnel tabl
16:39Octane e
16:42cmorgan Octane: still looking to fix your channel lineup?
16:43Octane lol yah!
16:43Octane only 2 channels, not as bad as yours
16:43cmorgan heh
16:43Octane the channel table it fine
16:43Octane is*
16:43cmorgan yeah, lots of channel changing for me
16:45Octane has your setupname.xmltv in .mythtv changed?
16:45cmorgan mine?
16:47Octane yah
16:48cmorgan i don't think so... how would it have changed?
16:48Octane well
16:48Octane whenever i update my channels
16:48Octane like take ones out
16:49Octane i update that as well
16:50cmorgan aahh,
16:50cmorgan if you run tv_grab_na --configure again it updates the channel list
16:50Octane oooh!!
16:50cmorgan i looked in the file and it has the correct channels now
16:50Octane i wonder if itll rewrite my tw.xmltv
16:51cmorgan now to run mythfilldatabase and then to check the web guide to see if it worked
16:51cmorgan doh, it reports lots of errors saying channels aren't available, telling me to rerun --configure
16:51cmorgan lets try that
16:52Octane im gonan back up my mythconverg
16:52cmorgan now the blah.xmltv file is back to its previous
16:53Octane backing up the 140,000 lines in my mythconverg lol
16:53Octane err records
16:54Octane reading all this pvr350 stuff on the ml im so happy i dont have one :)
16:56cmorgan blah, ran mythfilldatabase and my .xmltv files are back to their previous state
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16:57Octane wtf?
16:57--- User: *** solarce_ is now known as solarce
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16:59cmorgan whats wrong with the 350? works great for me ;-)
17:00Octane dude
17:00cmorgan alright
17:00Octane all tv_grab_na --configure do is create a new xmltv file
17:00Octane which is what you need
17:01cmorgan moved my .xmltv file out of the way, copied the .xmltv file from ~/.xmltv/ to ~/.mythtv/ and i'm all set now i think
17:02cmorgan so mythfilldatabase has the correct ordr
17:03cmorgan but according to the web channel guide it is still off...
17:04cmorgan i'll just wait until the filldatabase is done...
17:06Octane did you empty out program ?
17:06cmorgan ?
17:06Octane the program table
17:06cmorgan how would i do that?
17:06cmorgan manually?
17:06Octane in mysql
17:07Octane yah i think thats what you wanna do so that you mythfilldb updates everythign
17:07cmorgan oh, no
17:07cmorgan hmm
17:07Spida is it normal that I have to hit the record button to get sound in tv working?
17:07cmorgan Octane: did that fix it for you?
17:08Octane cmorgan: i already did that manually
17:08o_cee Spida: check your recording profile for live tv
17:08Octane i have the new channel list file and i renamed it to tw.xmltv
17:08Octane my config
17:08Octane im contemplatign what to do next
17:09Octane drop program and channel tables hmm
17:09cmorgan Octane: do i want to do the same with the channel table as well?
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17:09cmorgan maybe i can easily rename them ;-)
17:09Octane cmorgan: yah make sure you back them up though :)
17:09Octane or rename
17:09Octane use mysqlcc
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17:11cmorgan i'm using tora
17:11cmorgan ahh screwit
17:11cmorgan i'll just drop those tables
17:11cmorgan worst case i can reschedule the shows to record again
17:13Octane i just emptied them too
17:13Octane O_O
17:13Spida o_cee: anything special that I should check there? my profiles (livetv, default, highquality and lowquality) have all the same settings...
17:15Octane now to see if itll read my xmltv file :)
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17:17Octane cool
17:17Octane mythfilldb skips the "not channels"
17:17Octane actually thats xmltv
17:17Octane good bye
17:17Octane boy*
17:17--- User: *** ghlughlugh is now known as enki
17:17o_cee Spida: just an idea why you didn't have sound in live tv (live tv profile having wrong audio settings or something)
17:18Spida o_cee: is it normal that I have 5 default profiles in the db?
17:19o_cee probably
17:19o_cee there's different groups
17:19Spida o_cee: maybe choosing the wrong group...?
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17:22o_cee Captain_Murdoch: the thing you commited that lets you jump x amount of minutes from within livetv, it's not possible to use if you have the direct channel switch option turned on right? or how does it work?
17:22Octane [mythtv@mythtv .mythtv]$ mythfilldatabase
17:22Octane QTime::setHMS Invalid time 28:00:00.000
17:22Octane QDate::setYMD: Invalid date 2935-93-02
17:22Octane whats that all about
17:22cmorgan Octane: doh, mythfilldatabase failed, tables not found ;-) heh
17:22Octane cmorgan, silly should have emptied them not removed them :)
17:25--- <<-- stesmi [] has quit ("Complexion reset by fear")
17:25cmorgan oh, i'll just rerun the backend config app
17:29cmorgan hmm, that didn't appear to create the table
17:30Octane want the sql statement to create it?
17:31cmorgan i found some stuff in dbcheck.cpp
17:31cmorgan trying to figure out how to cause that to be run
17:31Octane thats for .13
17:31Octane but it has the program db
17:31Octane actually one sec ill send you a .14 one
17:32Octane there you go
17:32Octane .14
17:32Octane need channel too?
17:33Octane there is channel
17:33cmorgan thanks ;-)
17:33Octane accept :)
17:34cmorgan alright, think i can cause it to happen without executing those sql commands
17:35Octane running mythfilldb here
17:36Octane everythings looking good
17:36Octane its amazing, before i manually took out some channels from the channel table, i had around 600 channels. now i have 167
17:38cmorgan i'm thinking that the backend should be creating those tables if they aren't present
17:38cmorgan Chutt: would that be an acceptable patch?
17:39o_cee that would mean you've mucked with stuff, meaning you should fix it yourself, no? :)
17:40cmorgan perhaps. its easy to correct automatically so why not?
17:40o_cee true
17:41cmorgan it also provides a pretty easy way of allowing lineup changes by simply dropping the programs and channels tables and letting them be rebuilt on the next startup
17:43Chutt why would you drop them?
17:43cmorgan Chutt: i was hoping they would get recreated.
17:43Chutt it's not trivial to recreate them, because they're initially created with an older version and then updated
17:43cmorgan Chutt: oops ;-)
17:44Chutt all you have to do to clear them out is say yes to the second question setup asks
17:44cmorgan ahh
17:44o_cee Chutt: hi
17:44cmorgan and that would take care of channel lineup changes?
17:44Chutt heu
17:44Chutt err, hey
17:44o_cee :)
17:44Chutt cmorgan, of course
17:44cmorgan is that in the faq? it might be good to have an entry for that ;-)
17:44Chutt aside from channel based records
17:44Chutt cmorgan, figured people would have run setup once or twice
17:45cmorgan yeah, so show recording is broken right?
17:45o_cee Chutt: you got room for an easy (i think) twoliner?
17:45cmorgan it will be recording the weather channel justl ike it was ;-)
17:45o_cee room = time
17:45Chutt cmorgan, right, since it's tied to chanid
17:45cmorgan Chutt: its easy enough to correct for that
17:46Chutt <shrug>
17:46cmorgan Chutt: by deleting and recreating the scheduled shows
17:46Chutt o_cee, not at the moment, but, what?
17:46Chutt how?
17:46Chutt manually?
17:46cmorgan yeah
17:46o_cee Chutt: the new behind real time thingie, it should warn when hitting exit as well i think..
17:46cmorgan we might want to detect lineup changes and fixup the database for the end user
17:47Chutt sure, that'd be fine
17:47o_cee an additional check when leaving.. i'll see if i can find it myself, but i doubt it ;)
17:48Chutt o_cee, ok, remind me of it tomorrow?
17:48o_cee i'll try
17:53o_cee wish we had better guidedata here.. all the dupechecking is useless for me:/
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17:56pigeon very nce.
17:56pigeon nice
17:57--- ---> krash314 [] has joined #mythtv
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18:00o_cee what's "Channel recording"? is it when you record a program anytime it's on a specific channel?
18:00o_cee (trying to translate) heh
18:01Spida the sourceid that "mythfilldatabase --file " expects as first parameter, is that the xml-source-id, or the card-number?
18:01--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
18:01Chutt sourceid in the database
18:02Chutt video source # generated when you created a video source in step 3 of the setup program
18:07thor__ so I think I'm going to go with first 1024 bytes of the file + file length + last 1024 bytes of the file as a message, run it through openssl md5 digest, and take all the even bytes as my persistent content id
18:07thor__ objections ?
18:08o_cee that should work ;)
18:09thor__ going once ...
18:09o_cee i saw your commited html stuff
18:09o_cee haven't looked at it
18:10thor__ it's a mess (the code) ... let me clean it up a bit before you try and make it proper
18:12o_cee heh, okay
18:12o_cee you got any idea what it should look like?
18:12Chutt thor, i'd use slightly more than 1k
18:12thor__ going twi ... oh
18:12thor__ 2? 4?
18:13Chutt 2 or 4 would be better
18:13Chutt just thinking that depending on metadata, etc
18:13thor__ o_cee, it should look as nice as the status stuff :-)
18:13Chutt you're no longer guaranteed unique, you know, if you only use even bytes
18:13o_cee right :)
18:14Chutt i'd store the entire thing in the db
18:14Chutt and drop bytes for when you need less
18:14Chutt and only when you need less =)
18:14thor__ Chutt, yup, ok .... just nice to be able to do everything with a uint64_t
18:14Chutt right
18:15Chutt could always just use a 16 char array, though, no?
18:15Chutt 64-bit math isn't all that fast
18:15thor__ yup, but QIntDict's have to become QMap's (not a big issue)
18:15Chutt ah
18:16Chutt heh
18:16Chutt i wonder if QMap is better implemented than the map<> in gcc 3.2
18:16o_cee is qt3.3 final now?
18:16Chutt std::map is way too ram hungry
18:16Octane man that bruce dude aint shutting up
18:16Chutt o_cee, yup
18:16thor__ needs to be fast .... every new piece of metadata that arrives, lookup "have we seen this unique id before"?
18:16o_cee Chutt: anything useful?
18:17Chutt yup
18:17Chutt nothing that can be used in mythtv yet, since i'm only requiring 3.1
18:17Chutt anyway, back later
18:17thor__ k
18:17o_cee bah, people just need to upgrade :)
18:17o_cee later
18:20--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:20--- <<-- bline [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:22o_cee thor__: what should be displayed on the page?
18:23--- <<-- enki [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:23killerbun anyone with a nvidia card wanna help me a bit ?
18:23thor__ o_cee, easiest thing is to build it ... it's a small table that (currently) lets you play audio
18:24o_cee i'll co it
18:26thor__ top row of table/interface should/will be all available mfds, next row "buttons" for Satus, Audio, Video, Images (etc?)
18:27thor__ it's but ugly right now, but I'm sure you'll have thoughts on how to make it useful
18:27thor__ butt
18:28o_cee building it
18:35o_cee ah, it's done
18:35o_cee now what :)
18:35Octane muuuust get second pvr
18:35Octane card
18:35thor__ make install ; ldconfig
18:35thor__ mfd
18:35thor__ then browser to localhost:2345
18:36thor__ (you may need to kill off an mtd if you have one running)
18:36o_cee hmm
18:36thor__ actually cd mfd, ./mfd -l 10 is better
18:37o_cee This app was compiled against libmyth version: 0.15.20040206-1
18:37o_cee but the library is version: 0.14.20040123-1
18:37solarce Has anyone heard of a line of STB/Brooktree tv tuner cards?
18:37thor__ ah
18:38thor__ you running bleading edge cvs ?
18:38o_cee yeah
18:38o_cee (of course) ;)
18:38thor__ change libversion in settings to 0.15
18:38o_cee i'm the stupid kind that don't think things get broke
18:38o_cee okay
18:38thor__ sorry bout that
18:38o_cee :)
18:38o_cee rebuilding
18:42Spida what should I dod when my cableprovider has two programs on one channel (some childrens-channel in the morning/day, somthing else in the night)? how can I make sure that mythtv gets the epg-data right?
18:44mdz Spida: /topic
18:46o_cee mfd is running on a host called dragon
18:46o_cee we're in business
18:46thor__ yeah
18:47thor__ also, run iTunes somewhere
18:47o_cee ah shit, it grabed my songs from somewhere
18:47o_cee argh
18:47o_cee i'll see if i can do that
18:53--- ---> rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
18:54thor__ bbiab, daughter's bath time
18:55o_cee okay
18:55pigeon hey hmm... is the settings on mythweb per session only?
18:56o_cee no
18:57pigeon hmm somehow everytime i go there again, it's lost the settings.
18:57pigeon (All I've set is the date format)
18:57--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:57pigeon time format in fact.
18:57o_cee pigeon: check conf file, you need to specify a host there ( think the readme says that as well)
18:59o_cee thor__: this ain't good
18:59o_cee i think
18:59o_cee 09/Feb/2004-00:59:44: WARNING: daap client plugin cannot talk to iTunes because
18:59o_cee it uses a totally undocumented Client-DAAP-Validation header
19:13o_cee lalala
19:23o_cee thor__: it's getting late, get back here dammit :)
19:24thor__ heh
19:24thor__ 09/Feb/2004-00:59:44: WARNING: daap client plugin cannot talk to iTunes because <-- that's ok
19:24thor__ can't share iTunes content (cause iTunes is stupid)
19:24thor__ but iTunes should see your myth content
19:25thor__ and you should be able to make the box the mfd is running play content via http://localhost:2345/
19:26o_cee oh, okay
19:26o_cee yeah, itunes found it
19:26thor__ stick a CD in the mythbox
19:27thor__ audio CD
19:27o_cee have to try it when i've got the audio running
19:27o_cee got no cd-rom in it :)
19:27thor__ ah
19:27thor__ k
19:27o_cee itunes didn't report any size tho
19:27thor__ streams (doesn't know)
19:27o_cee okay.. there where lengths
19:28thor__ well, it does know, but doesn't bother to figure it out
19:28o_cee hehe
19:28o_cee are there any other daap client thingie?
19:28thor__ other software ?
19:29o_cee yeah
19:29o_cee instead of itunes
19:29thor__ at least a dozen or so, more coming I suspect
19:29o_cee any good?
19:29thor__ not particularily
19:29o_cee :)
19:30thor__ but they're getting better
19:30o_cee all music is on this computer.. so it goes from here, to myth, back here :)
19:30thor__ heh
19:30thor__ if you had oggs and stuff, you could play them too (in iTunes)
19:31o_cee Please complain to Apple at: <--- hehhe, yeah, like they'd care :)
19:31thor__ can't hurt :-)
19:31o_cee oh.. only got mp3's tho
19:32thor__ via the mfd, you can even play wma's in iTunes :-)
19:32thor__ the 2345 should be a standin client .... make audio play, see images, etc.
19:33thor__ the server is built in, so we can make it do whatever we want
19:33--- <<-- dilate [] has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
19:33o_cee looks very impressive :)
19:33thor__ I just made it for debugging, but it could be quite powerful
19:34thor__ gotta run , and I think you have to sleep, but if you have any thoughts on what/how the 2345 stuff should work, I'd be more than happy to implement them
19:35thor__ and you want to do a "mfdctl stop" to shut it down, or the zeroconfig entries won't go away
19:37o_cee okay:)
19:37o_cee yeah, i'm going to bed very soon
19:37o_cee later
19:56--- <<-- Omnic [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:00mdz does iTunes not support vorbis or wma out of the box?
20:05solarce nope
20:14--- ---> jforman [jforman@jforman.registered.freenode] has joined #mythtv
20:15jforman i just finished the cable provider setup of myth, and i exited out of that menu, and now i just get a progress meter showing at 50% with no net,
20:15jforman HD or Proc activity
20:15jforman using version .14 on gentoo
20:15--- <--- jforman [jforman@jforman.registered.freenode] has left #mythtv ()
20:17Octane you know what would be cool, a history function that would support 3 channels
20:20Chutt octane, what would be even cooler would be a history function that supported any number of channels
20:20Chutt oh, wait, that's what the history function in mythtv does :p
20:20Octane LOL
20:20Octane damnit
20:22Octane on second thought most of the time you want the history channel to just do 2 chans i guess
20:24mdz yeah, I guess it would be nice to have a feature which made it simple to use it either way
20:24mdz oh good, that's EXACTLY WHAT IT DOES ALREADY
20:24Octane cute
20:25Octane was just thinking out loud
20:33--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit ("dead")
20:34--- ---> enki [] has joined #mythtv
20:35--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
20:42--- <<-- killerbun [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
20:56--- ---> Spida_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:13--- <<-- Spida [] has quit (Connection timed out)
21:16--- ---> niqo_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:17--- <<-- Niqo [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
21:17--- User: *** niqo_ is now known as Niqo
21:25--- ---> ChaosExiguum [] has joined #mythtv
21:36thor__ mdz, no
21:36thor__ no flac
21:36thor__ nor flac
21:45--- ---> newtroot [newt@] has joined #mythtv
21:45newtroot does anyone have any experience setting up mythvideo with the PVR 350?
21:53--- <<-- Niqo [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:06--- ---> bline [] has joined #mythtv
22:06--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
22:15Niqo damn, second server crash in a couple of hours :(
22:20Niqo running a -pre kernel though, so I'm to blame
22:21Niqo I'm thinking of changing distro from Gentoo, how fast is sarge out with new packages (like kde 3.2)?
22:27--- ---> Omnic [] has joined #mythtv
22:28Omnic mdz: hmmm... appears I forgot to open this channel when I restarted irssi
22:28mdz Niqo:
22:29--- ---> ofer [] has joined #mythtv
22:29* mdz mumbles about debian questions in #mythtv and mythtv questions in #debian-devel
22:30Omnic mdz: :P leave one then :)
22:31Omnic mdz: anyway, what I was going to ask... probably to the general channel population.. has there ever been a method of scheduled recording that works as a substring match on program title suggested before?
22:31mdz Omnic: not that I recall
22:32Omnic it would be very very useful here... the local network has a pretty crappy stream of data for programming information...
22:32mdz they can't even get the title right?
22:32mdz Omnic: what would the UI look like?
22:33Omnic take your pick from "Title: With Episode", "" or "Title", "With Episode" or "Title : With Episode", "" or "Title: .." or "Title - .." etc etc.... no consistency.
22:34Omnic mdz: I was thinking, take the title that you selected - an example - Thursday here, at 8:30PM, we have "Third Watch In Lieu Of Johnson".
22:34--- ---> eco [] has joined #mythtv
22:34Niqo mdz: Excelent! (I'm getting tired of compiling every upgrade, even with a dual 2.8mp+2.2xp+800celery in distcc..)
22:35--- <<-- Niqo [] has quit ("(Rebooting to 2.4.25-rc1)")
22:35Omnic take that title, and put that up in a dialog box. the left and right arrows remove/add words from the right hand side until you get the title of the show. then the scheduler can look for program.title LIKE 'record.title%' - if that make sense?
22:35Omnic I plan to write a patch that implements this... does it seem reasonable?
22:36mdz I've never had a need for anything like that, so I'm not sure
22:36Omnic heh... I do :)
22:36--- <<-- Justin_ [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:36mdz if you can make it fit into the UI without disrupting what's there, I don't see why not
22:37Omnic mdz: mainly because here, like i mentioned, the networks have a crappy data feed. and the feed even has contents that change...
22:37mdz Omnic: maybe it would be better implemented in xmltv
22:37mdz rather than mythtv
22:37--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
22:37mdz mangle the data into a consistent form before it gets imported into mythtv
22:38Omnic mdz: hmm, perhaps, but xmltv then needs a way to know what title's you've previously had to know which to set right...
22:38Omnic How do you decide what the title is in "Third Watch In Lieu Of Johnson", without storing something somewhere? in mythtv, you get this in a table.
22:38Omnic and, it can also traverse channels in mythtv.
22:39Omnic (personally, I think xmltv is a piece of crap anyway..)
22:41Niqo hmm, I think it's pretty darn versatile..why crap?
22:42Omnic Niqo: it just feels really inelegant...
22:42Omnic doesn't help that tv_grab_nz is in python.
22:45Niqo blame the nz is in perl, and mine has been tweaked nicely to add features :) love it
22:47Omnic yeah... I don't like local tweaking. everything should be upstream... :/
22:47Omnic (the other bad bit is that silly _nz uses a source that gives 7 days, when there's another available with 14 days
22:48Niqo some things is local, like my 100+ lines of regexp to match description keywords, than in effect makes my mythepg colorfull ;)
22:48Niqo it's ugly and not worth adding to the mainline
22:49Niqo Omnic: then rewrite a grabber to use the new source, and do it well
22:49Niqo the output format is just perfect (almost)
22:50* Niqo is going to stress test his server now, back in a bit
22:50Omnic Niqo: meh... that means I'd have to learn everything about xmltv. I'd rather not, I have a life :)
22:52Niqo oh
22:52Omnic I'll look at it one day
22:57Niqo yea, do that, my tv_grab_sn is ~700 lines with comments, and not all that to understand...
23:06--- ---> Justin_ [~justin@JA2.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has joined #mythtv
23:07--- ---> bdale [] has joined #mythtv
23:11--- <<-- Niqo [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
23:12--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
23:13Niqo damn, still infected...
23:34--- ---> max|home [~max|] has joined #mythtv
23:35max|home Chutt, for whenever you have a chance ... I got that user to post a full changelog of the crash. I certainly can't make heads or tails of it, but you're the expert. (it's in the last comment of: )
23:35max|home err... s/changelog/log/
23:36--- <<-- enki [] has quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
23:37Chutt -funroll-loops
23:37Chutt why do people do that?
23:38max|home dunno.. should I have him try without it? should I filter that out as part of the build?
23:38Chutt naw
23:38Chutt i was just commenting
23:38Chutt it's an ivtv problem.
23:38Chutt ivtv: giving up waiting for DMA pending clear
23:38max|home i haven't made the switch to ivtv so I'm not privvy to there a different one he should try?
23:39Chutt and the:
23:39Chutt Couldn't read data from the capture card in 15 seconds. Game over, man.
23:39Chutt ivtv dying
23:39Chutt mythtv reports it as such
23:39max|home any idea what would cause that?
23:40Chutt i'd say to try it with a stock kernel
23:40Chutt but i doubt that that'd help
23:41Chutt it's a semi-common driver bug
23:41Chutt doesn't happen to anyone who can fix it, though
23:42max|home ok, thanks
23:42Niqo i've had severe problems with gentoo-sources (although with other half-open drivers, so I didn't bother with it)
23:42Niqo max|home: are you the gentoo mythtv maintainer?
23:42max|home Niqo: yup
23:43Niqo is the dvb part of it still commented out?
23:43Chutt there have been a number of reports of people having problems with the gentoo kernel
23:43max|home i enabled it as part of .14-r1
23:43Chutt and they say that using a stock one helped
23:43Niqo thanks :)
23:43max|home Chutt: good to know, I'll have him try it. thanks again
23:45Chutt just for future reference -funroll-loops generally does bad things :p
23:45Niqo yea, I belive there is either something with the timer change or the preemtible stuff
23:45Chutt it _can_ be a speed-up
23:45Niqo but mostly leeds to bloated code
23:46max|home interesting
23:48--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
23:49Chutt max|home,
23:51max|home uhm
23:51max|home i wonder if thats an amd64 box...I think I got one of those bugs...lemme check..
23:52Niqo -g and -fomit-frame-pointer, does the omit have preferece?
23:53* Niqo guess that a read on the gcc-man is in order
23:54Omnic Chutt: did you see my conversation with mdz earlier about a scheduling method?
23:55--- ---> Noshter [] has joined #mythtv
23:56Chutt max|home, no, the bug is that all those optimizations broke the compilation
23:56Chutt max|home, it ran out of registers
23:56max|home ah
23:56Noshter I'm looking for a decent tuner card for a mythtv box. Looking at the Compro VideoMate which uses a SSA7133 chipset. Anyone know if this works under Linux or could point me to a good compatibility site?
23:56mdz max|home: gcc is already funny about that code; it didn't compile without -fomit-frame-pointer for the same reason (ran out of registers)
23:57Chutt well, the asm statement is using too many regs is all
23:57max|home so it maybe safest to just unset CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS for the mythtv build? If that'll save bug-reports, I'm totally willing to add it. besides, you already optimized the hell out of the build, no?
23:58Chutt people will still see 'hey, it's not using all my l33t cflags!' and go in and manually change things :p
23:59Niqo but then we could at least see it when they bring their broken builds...
23:59Niqo it has some mmx/sse (mostly in filters and decoder (check the ffmpeg ebuild))
23:59--- <<-- Noshter [] has quit ("leaving")
---Logclosed Mon Feb 09 00:00:49 2004