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---Logopened Mon Feb 09 00:00:49 2004
00:01* Niqo 'll shut up btw, i'm really mostly lost...
00:06Chutt max|home, your bug 29778 is because people are compiling it in /usr
00:06mdz Chutt: I stared at the code and I disagree with gcc on that
00:06mdz the code it complained about was using 2 GP registers. even on i386 that's not all of them
00:07Chutt mdz, all the stuff he pulls in from memory at the end?
00:07max|home Chutt: err?? how are they compiling in /usr? lemme read that again.
00:07Chutt max|home, it's a qt 'feature'
00:07mdz max|home:
00:07Chutt it creates a relative path (all those ../../../../) if compiled from /usr
00:08mdz Chutt: I'm mmx-ignorant...but I thought the mmx registers were separate from the normal regs, no?
00:09Chutt they overlay em
00:09mdz oh
00:09Chutt the fp registers, at least
00:09mdz I don't see the problem with that function though
00:10mdz even if that one inline asm statement clobbered all of the registers, it's not as if it needs them at that point=
00:10Chutt i dunno
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00:12max|home i don't get how the build starts in /usr -- unless /var/tmp is a link to /usr ???
00:12* Omnic reads ScheduledRecording::findAllProgramsToRecord and cries
00:12Omnic that's a *nasty* sql query
00:12Chutt dunno =)
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00:25Niqo Omnic: I thoght that was a classical 'putting the load on the database' query..
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00:26Omnic Niqo: yeah...
00:26Omnic Niqo: sadly, it's where I think I'd need to add the functionality of the option I want to add... it makes it difficult. :/
00:27Niqo :Q
00:28max|home so I'm QMAKE_PROJECT_DEPTH=1 supposed to make the relative paths problem go away?
00:37mdz max|home: apparently. that's what the trolltech guy said, but there's no mention of that variable in any of the docs. I haven't checked the source to see what it actually does
00:37mdz Omnic: I take offense at your analysis of my query
00:38mdz there are other ways to write it, and they are all worse
00:38max|home mdz, ok...worth a try...I noticed a psi project change where they added it to the .pro file.
00:39max|home though they set their's to =0
00:39Chutt i have no idea what that option will do
00:39Niqo Chutt: a short note one the increase in dvb_ stuff in capturecard; i intend to introduce a parameter that will rectify the situation somewhat..
00:39Chutt or how it'll break things
00:39Chutt niqo, great
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00:46mdz I think QMAKE_PROJECT_DEPTH has a pretty good chance of breaking the entire build
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00:47Omnic mdz: heh... it's not too bad when you start playing...
00:47Omnic mdz: is something like "foo like table.string + '%'" legal?
00:48Omnic (is + the string concat in sql?)_
00:48mdz Omnic: no, ||
00:48mdz I don't know whether it's valid to use a concatenated string with LIKE
00:48Omnic ahh
00:48Omnic I think it is
00:49Omnic in db2 it is:
00:49Omnic o an expression concatenating any of the above
00:49mdz what are the above?
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00:50Omnic oh, nevermind.. yeah.. I misread.
00:50Omnic what I want, is to substring match on the start of record.title...
00:50Omnic well, ok, select anything that has record.title at the start of program.title
00:51mdz I don't know whether the rhs of LIKE can be an expression which is dependent on the column value
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00:52mdz even if it is, that sounds very slow
00:52mdz it would definitely have to do a full table scan
00:53Omnic hrm.
00:53Omnic indeed, but it does anyway...
00:53Omnic program.title = record.title does a full table scan
00:54Omnic on the record table, which is small. ok
00:54Omnic hrm
00:54Omnic I wonder...
00:54mdz not on the program table? I can't see how it wouldn't, if you're doing a substring se
00:55mdz maybe MATCH would be better than LIKE
00:56Omnic hmm... sticking the % in the field, and using LIKE instead of = works.
00:56Omnic evil though
00:57Omnic so, equality does a full table scan on the rhs, and LIKE is the lhs ?
00:58Omnic what's MATCH do? never used that
01:02Omnic mdz: sadly, there is no other way of implementing what I want to do, without pulling your sql query out into the C++ code... unless I use LIKE like this
01:02Omnic looking at MATCH, it won't work..
01:04Omnic dammit, the more I think about this, the uglier it gets... once an entry to record is modified like this, it becomes pretty damned hard to delete.
01:05Omnic actually, it does... the returned data structure contains record.recordid, no? does it deleted scheduled recordings on that?
01:05pigeon anyone here using the grab_tv_au?
01:06Omnic indeed...
01:06* Omnic shuts up
01:07Omnic mdz: you're annoyingly non-discussive.
01:07mdz Omnic: that's a joke, right? I'm busy
01:08Omnic it was of sorts, but there is no reason you couldn't have told me that earlier :P no worries, I'll work on this myself, I think I have a method to my madness.
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01:13livesN[box] hey guys -- i got myth all setup with my pvr-350 card.. but I can't figure out what I do to get sound through it.
01:13livesN[box] anyone awake and have any help ?
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01:17banyan Here's the situation. I have an nvidia geforce4 ti4200, and I have my Sony TV connected to it with a DVI cable, and I have two issues.
01:17banyan Firstly, I only have 640x480 resolution. Secondly, there's a black border all round the TV picture.
01:18mdz Omnic: I didn't realize I was expected to report to you if I had any other plans :-P
01:19banyan So, should I be using the twinview setting? Or does use of the dvi output mean I should treat the TV like a monitor?
01:19Niqo livesN[box]: since you where unable to find the 'Here' link under' I doubt you'll find anything here:
01:20Niqo secondly: the subject is still about that #mythtv-users channel right?
01:21Niqo banyan: ^
01:21banyan Whoops! Sorry.
01:22banyan Well, just a curious question: is it worth reloading my machine to go from red hat 9 to fedora?
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01:23Niqo suppose not, since apt-get (or what the heck) gives you it's sources
01:24Omnic mdz: heh.. I'm glad you have a sense of humour, unlike some.
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01:26Niqo like me, or?
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02:08Omnic Chutt: I'm trying to understand, buyt what does loadByProgram do?
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02:46Dibblah Just had an idea for duplicate detection - Why not just start recording the program (in cases where the subtitle is known not accurate) and compare closed captions / teletext subtitles?
02:47Dibblah (It'd need a fuzz-factor, but might be doable)
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03:15Chutt wouldn't be able to tell if it was a duplicate until after the recording had started, and therefore would be pretty useless for freeing up tuners for recordings.
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03:59Dibblah Agreed. But it would save disk space and annoyance factor.
04:02Dibblah Also, you could hack it around to miss out 'And now lets take a moment to talk about shop safety'.
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04:43pigeon hmm
04:44pigeon is that possible to get mythtv to offset the time by a little bit, like 5 or 10 minutes?
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07:07pigeon ok, mythweb settings still not saved after fixing up conf.php
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09:06rkulagow hrmm. seems like commit messages aren't getting sent? i made two commits to mythweb last night and they're not in my inbox yet.
09:06thor__ I think cvs is a bit wonky
09:07thor__ cvs itself is working, but web interface seems to be down
09:17o_cee ho ho
09:17bline ho
09:18o_cee thor__: the mfd stuff looked really nice, seems like it actually worked :D
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09:21o_cee FireFox, here we go :)
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09:26bline mfd does look pretty cool
09:28o_cee thor__: i can see a global music control popup thingie in myth before me :)
09:29thor__ heh
09:31thor__ o_cee, "global music control popup thingie" meaning http interface on 2345 ?
09:31o_cee withing myth
09:31thor__ ah, got you
09:32o_cee that'll be very cool :)
09:32thor__ powerful thing is that from within one pop up, you can control what's playing on any box on the network, and which content, anywhere on the network
09:32o_cee :]
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10:25sweetboy when trying to watch live tv i am getting the error "Error opening audio device (/dev/dsp):
10:25sweetboy /dev/dsp: No such device
10:25sweetboy but ALSA set up just find
10:25sweetboy err fine
10:26Spida afaik /dev/dsp isn't alsa
10:26thor__ unless you have alsa oss emulation installed
10:26sweetboy ok.. so what should i set my audio to in mythsetup then?
10:27o_cee you need to read the docs? hmm
10:29sweetboy hmmm... i did... must have missed something.. could you help anyhow?
10:30o_cee you need to install oss emulation or compile with alsa
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10:55kuhndog anyone know if using lm_sensors and ivtv is a bad idea?
10:56kuhndog lm_sensors can play up with some tv cards
10:59rkulagow chutt: here?
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11:15sweetboy ok read the doc and am looking for more information because i am still lost
11:16sweetboy i have ALSA installed
11:16sweetboy it works
11:16sweetboy i am loading the oss modules
11:16sweetboy in my modules.conf file
11:17sweetboy as far as i can tell i did everything and i mean everything correctly
11:17thor__ <o_cee> you need to install oss emulation or compile with alsa
11:17sweetboy it is installed thor
11:18thor__ what is ?
11:18sweetboy oss emulation
11:18kvandivo if you did everything, and you mean everything, correctly, it must be a bug in the compiler
11:18kvandivo there's no other plausible explanation
11:18sweetboy that is not what i am saying
11:18thor__ i am loading the oss modules <-- emulation ?
11:19thor__ or you just throwing oss modules on top of alsa modules ?
11:19sweetboy and <kvandivo> constructive assistance is welcome
11:19kvandivo :)
11:21sweetboy installed ALSA as the instructions called for, added the modules to the modules.conf file and tested.
11:21sweetboy it works
11:21thor__ define "it works" ?
11:22sweetboy /usr/bin/aplay /usr/share/sounds/KDE_Startup.wav
11:22thor__ so alsa utilities can find your device and make it do stuff
11:22sweetboy yes
11:23thor__ "installed ALSA" == built from source, or grabbed a package ?
11:23sweetboy apt-get
11:23thor__ ok, anyone who knows something about debian, what do you need to get ALSA oss emulation via apt-get ?
11:24thor__ sweetboy, "cat /usr/share/sounds/KDE_Startup.wav > /dev/dsp" ?
11:24sweetboy no such device
11:25thor__ so, no oss emulation
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11:31Snappi thor__, compile from source and set your flag to USE="oss" when compiling alsa I think
11:32thor__ if compiling ALSA from your source, you just need to build the alsa-oss-emulation tarball
11:32thor__ from source
11:32thor__ just don't know anything about debian
11:33Snappi me neither
11:34Snappi anyone know how I can set qt designer to use konqueror for help index?
11:35Snappi thor__, if u don't know debian isn't it better to switch distro?
11:35Snappi I can recommend a good distro if u want
11:36thor__ I think I'm ok, thanks
11:37Snappi np
11:39kvandivo you sure, thor? ;)
11:39thor__ I'll struggle through somehow
11:40kvandivo and you'll be a better man for it
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12:10zardus hello
12:11zardus does anyone know how to categorized SNES roms in mythgame?
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12:15zardus or, on that subject, does anyone know of any docs for mythgame at all?
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13:07o_cee my sql is rusty.. anyone know off hand how to move a column to the top (first that is)
13:07o_cee Chutt: this is a reminder to remind you of the thing i was supposed to remind you about today :)
13:07thor__ o_cee, row ?
13:07o_cee yeah
13:08thor__ uhm ... depends on the select call
13:08thor__ (I think)
13:08o_cee heh
13:08o_cee uhm
13:08o_cee i really need to read that sql book again.. haven't used it in a long time
13:09o_cee i'll just recreate the table :)
13:09o_cee trying to databa-ize a site
13:09o_cee with php
13:10thor__ if there's something that should always be coming off first, it should have an index that gets used in SELECT ... cause someone's gonna back up the table one day
13:11thor__ and restore it
13:11thor__ and SELECT *
13:11thor__ is gonna give a different result
13:11thor__ :-)
13:12o_cee yeah, i rearanged the id stuff.. but i'll start all over instead, easier
13:12thor__ heh
13:13o_cee this webhotel got a oooold version of phpmyadmin
13:13o_cee i'll email and ask em update it
13:14o_cee :)
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13:27o_cee damn, can't remeber the difference between primary and index..
13:34o_cee ah right. but wtf is index.. hmm, reading on, both mysql and php got nice docs :)
13:35thor__ index is just a column that mysql knows how to look up quickly
13:35thor__ primary is ... uhm ... the fastest (?) ... dunno
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14:02Shadowdragon | does anyone here use suse?
14:08deanrantala heh.. does anyone here use Slack?
14:10Shadowdragon | dean
14:10Shadowdragon | we get no responce?
14:11Shadowdragon | well dean disk 1 is done
14:11pahli_bar guys... if its not a development related issue, then this is not the right channel. see topic
14:11deanrantala ahhh..
14:12deanrantala my apologies
14:12Shadowdragon | ahh
14:12Shadowdragon | my also
14:12deanrantala well Shadow
14:12deanrantala shall we?
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14:12Shadowdragon | we shall
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14:15lmatter pahli_bar, how hard would it be to make mythgallery recurse subfolders?
14:16pahli_bar lmatter: recurse subfolders?
14:17Chutt pahli_bar, hey
14:18* pahli_bar hides as he didn't have time to do anything this weekend
14:18Chutt heh, no worries
14:18Chutt i didn't get any code done myself
14:18Chutt aside from a few tiny little things
14:18pahli_bar phew. :)
14:19lmatter pahli_bar, sorry, I mean with slideshows. I need to get to know the code sometime, I thought that might be a good one to start with.
14:20o_cee Chutt: reminder.
14:20o_cee :)
14:20Chutt o_cee, later
14:20o_cee yepp
14:20Chutt going to wash my car, since it's almost 40 outside
14:20Chutt get all the salt and crap off it =)
14:20o_cee what's that in C?
14:20Chutt slightly above freezing
14:21pahli_bar lmatter: ah... should not be to difficult.
14:21o_cee okay :) we've had a real nice day today with sun and a blue heaven
14:21o_cee pahli_bar: thought about the photoshop albums tags idea?
14:21o_cee and yeah, the car would really need a wash :) heheh
14:22pahli_bar o_cee: why only one app... there are so many apps out there
14:23o_cee pahli_bar: i meant the idea itself
14:24--- ---> m0j0 [~m0j0@] has joined #mythtv
14:24pahli_bar o_cee: i don't see the use for it. the tags will be tiny and barely visible on the screen
14:24o_cee uhm. the idea is that you select by tags what you want in a slideshow
14:24o_cee all images with friends and golf for instance
14:25o_cee or only golf pictures, where you also get those images from scandinavian masters last year
14:25pahli_bar o_cee: better thing to do would be allow building playlists for images
14:25o_cee pahli_bar: tags feels more flexible
14:25pahli_bar o_cee: sure. but not easy to do tagging without a mouse
14:26rkulagow chutt: there don't seem to be any commit messages coming through?
14:26pahli_bar or to create new tags
14:27o_cee pahli_bar: alot of the settings done in advanced recording isn't easy either :) the new grouping stuff also makes it posible to add new groups (tags) by entering names directly.. with the new OS keyboard that was on the list right before .14 it would be easy
14:27o_cee OS as in on screen
14:28pahli_bar o_cee: its not substantially different from the mythremotelineedit
14:28pahli_bar which is a pain to use
14:29o_cee pahli_bar: that one is impossible to use, the new stuff looked good at least
14:29o_cee i don't see shit with the old one
14:29o_cee also, creating new tags won't be done that often
14:30pahli_bar o_cee: as i said better option is be able to create playlists (maybe even have mythweb bindings for it).
14:31pahli_bar then you can take the playlists and make mythmusic visualizations from it
14:31pahli_bar or stream it across the network when mfd has support for it
14:33o_cee well you're the one coding
14:34o_cee but i can't see how a static playlist can be considered better
14:34pahli_bar o_cee: playlists are never static (or atleast shouldn't be). you can always add/remove stuff from them
14:35pahli_bar o_cee: sorry. its a pain to do lot of stuff with a simple remote. many users would not use something which is difficult to use with low returns. and its better not to confuse users with too many options.
14:36o_cee building playlists with a remote isn't that nice either, and as you said this could be done with mythweb/mfd
14:37pahli_bar we should have better gallery ( support for mythgallery and that will let us do lot of stuff with a simpler/easy-to-use interface
14:37o_cee checking their site
14:38o_cee the way of just selecting a couple of tags appropriate for the audience you're showing the pictures for was a very slick way of making playlists on the run
14:39pahli_bar o_cee: and where do you create the tags?
14:39--- <<-- zardus [] has quit ("leaving")
14:39--- ---> livesNbox [] has joined #mythtv
14:39o_cee pahli_bar: that's probably best done with mythweb
14:40livesNbox hey guys -- are there any tools to let you watch the .nuv's with any other viewer ?
14:40o_cee doesn't people ever read topics?
14:40livesNbox doesn't people.. heheh
14:40pahli_bar o_cee: that is the problem. whenever you have to offload responsibilities to mythweb, it might not be the best thing to do
14:41pahli_bar livesNbox: his english is way better than your swedish
14:41pahli_bar livesNbox: now read the topic and scoot
14:41livesNbox yeah but who speaks swedish, seriously.
14:41o_cee pahli_bar: of course it's possible to do from the gallery as well, just select the picture, get a popup, select what category. you can't say there aren't that kind of stuff other places in myth
14:42livesNbox pahli_bar: nah
14:43pahli_bar o_cee: maybe you will do it. but tell me seriously how many users will sit and tag each of their 1000+ photos in their collection. i won't
14:44o_cee pahli_bar: nah, that's one point.. but that's a completely different thing :) maybe tag a whole directory?
14:45pahli_bar o_cee: how is tagging a directory very different that collecting it in a separate subfolder
14:46o_cee pahli_bar: (meant tagging all images in a dir with this specific tag).. but you wouldn't _have_ to do it that way, right?
14:47pahli_bar o_cee: i dunno... propose the idea to the mailing lists and lets see how many want it
14:47o_cee could be intresting
14:47o_cee problem is of course the initial work
14:47o_cee but after that, it's easier..
14:48o_cee importing images and select what tag(s) you want them to have..
14:48pahli_bar the immediate things to do for mythgallery are 1) add digital camera support 2) add exif info support
14:49kvandivo rock on
14:49o_cee yepp, nice :)
14:49o_cee at least i'll use the exif stuff
14:49kvandivo not that i have a digital camera hooked up to the computer, nor do i have a digital camera that has exif support, but I have plans..
14:49kvandivo probably shortly after PMA finishes i'll be getting a canon eos 300d
14:50pahli_bar kvandivo: the time is right. kodak has plans for stopping producing regular films or something like that
14:50kvandivo yep. my current digital camera is a 1 megapixel from 1999. i'm due.
14:50pahli_bar kvandivo: good choice
14:50o_cee kvandivo: i want one of those as well:) how much with the standard lens over there?
14:51kvandivo 999
14:51o_cee oh my
14:51o_cee lemme check price here
14:51pahli_bar does it come with the lens. i thought its only the body
14:51o_cee for that price i'd get it right now
14:51o_cee there's both with and without
14:51kvandivo 899 for the body, 999 with the kit lens
14:51--- <--- livesNbox [] has left #mythtv ()
14:51o_cee it's a damn nice camera, friend of mine got the 10d
14:51kvandivo i've been doing a LOT of research lately
14:52pahli_bar hmmm.... not bad. i will either go for that or the nikon 5700
14:52o_cee :)
14:52pahli_bar time to upgrade from the canon A70
14:52kvandivo lot of difference between the two (considering one is SLR and one isn't)
14:52o_cee best price here for it is: 1 415,22 USD
14:52kvandivo i think you can find grey market ones for closer to $900 here.
14:53pahli_bar kvandivo: size is also important for me. i don't want to have a camera which i can't take everywhere
14:53kvandivo is the 5700 the new one? a guy here has a 5000
14:53kvandivo the 5700 is to replace the 54, iirc
14:53kvandivo or something like that..
14:53pahli_bar yeah. that was the latest one (last time i checked)
14:54kvandivo i'm thinking the 300d with some insane amount of cash spent on lenses, of course
14:54kvandivo the kit lens isn't supposed to be super super sharp, but the price is hard to beat
14:54pahli_bar holy crap. they have the 8700 now
14:54pahli_bar 8MP
14:54* pahli_bar drools
14:55kvandivo ya, but sensor size is (arguably) a lot more important than pixel count
14:55pahli_bar i don't care. anything above 4MP would last me a long time.
14:56pahli_bar always been a big fan of canon's though.
14:56pahli_bar love their lenses
14:56kvandivo never had either. i'm really liking the looks of canon's IS lenses, though
14:56kvandivo i need to find a local store here that stocks the 300d so that i can go play with it
14:57kvandivo there a camera store on green down by garcias that i was planning to check out
14:58pahli_bar bestbuy might have it
14:58kvandivo nope
14:58kvandivo checked..
14:58kvandivo i asked, and i almost got the feeling they were laughing below their breath
14:59pahli_bar those jackasses know shit.
14:59kvandivo and barely that much
14:59pahli_bar hey if you are ever looking for a digital photo management app, remember to check out digikam (
14:59kvandivo at any rate, once i get that, my next plan is to go ultra large and do the digital stitching..
15:00* pahli_bar is ashamed of his plug
15:00kvandivo does it output html pages suitable for web page viewing?
15:00pahli_bar yup.
15:00kvandivo Albums HTML export.
15:01kvandivo so what makes it better than all the other things out there that do the same thing?
15:01pahli_bar on linux?
15:01kvandivo ok.. that's something..
15:01--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
15:02pahli_bar even with other platforms... i'm sure we compete fairly well
15:03kvandivo xml is used for saving the comments.... are they inserted into the jpeg comment block?
15:03pahli_bar nope.
15:03pahli_bar who wants to mess with the images?
15:04kvandivo it's self contained. that's the nice thing about it. doesn't require additional files to have the metadata
15:04kvandivo there are some nice xml specs out there for describing pics.. who's in it, where it was, etc etc
15:04pahli_bar kvandivo: true. but not portable across image formats. risk of losing your image while editing comments.
15:04kvandivo yep. all true
15:05pahli_bar second is the biggest thing. users will kill me if anything like that happens
15:05kvandivo only once..
15:05pahli_bar once is more than enough :)
15:07kvandivo The eos 300d is not in the list of supported cameras in digiKam. Can you add drivers for it?
15:07* kvandivo giggles softly to himself.
15:08pahli_bar kvandivo: it is. update your gphoto2
15:08o_cee pahli_bar: question is if anyone got the time and energy to tag pictures. ah well, i still don't know :)
15:09pahli_bar kvandivo: but i do get the joke
15:09kvandivo :)
15:10o_cee wonder what it'd cost to order a 300d from the us and ship it here.. might need to pay customs and stuff to as well, +25% :/
15:10pahli_bar should get back to work. bbl
15:10o_cee later
15:11o_cee app looks nice btw :)
15:17--- ---> Rule [] has joined #mythtv
15:41--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit ("toedeledoki")
15:43--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
15:43--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit (Client Quit)
15:49--- ---> hontu [] has joined #mythtv
16:13--- <<-- hontu [] has quit ()
16:18--- <<-- paulproteus [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:26--- ---> randall [] has joined #mythtv
16:26randall Heya
16:26randall nevermind
16:26--- <--- randall [] has left #mythtv ()
16:28kvandivo come back anytime
16:28Rule hehe
16:37--- ---> KeyserSoze [] has joined #mythtv
16:43--- ---> paulproteus [] has joined #mythtv
17:00--- User: *** czn is now known as czzn
17:02--- <<-- kuhndog [] has quit ("</bullshit>")
17:14o_cee when doing 'SELECT * FROM..'.. is there any way to change the order i get the result in? (not a-z)
17:15Omnic ORDER Y
17:15Omnic er..
17:15Omnic ORDER BY
17:15Omnic google for an SQL reference.
17:15o_cee checking
17:15o_cee is great
17:18o_cee any way to change the 'internal' order of the rows?
17:18o_cee without ordering
17:18Omnic what do you mean?
17:18Omnic what 'internal order' ?
17:18o_cee so that select * returns them in the order i want
17:18Omnic no.
17:19thor__ o_cee, you still on that
17:19o_cee yeah :) this is the menu.. i want the menuitems to be in a specific order, but i don't want to hardcode it.. ah well
17:19Omnic o_cee: select into a data structure, then order them yourself in code or something.
17:19o_cee then i might just make it all manually
17:19Omnic what are you trying to order by?
17:20o_cee it's just the order i want the menu items to be in
17:20--- ---> killerbun [] has joined #mythtv
17:20Omnic yeah, *by* *what*? what in the database defines the order?
17:20thor__ if you want it to always come out in a given order, you need to have something to order by
17:20o_cee yeah, don't have that atm
17:21Omnic then you're sol :P
17:21o_cee :)
17:21thor__ SELECT foo FROM bar ORDER BY my_made_up_index ;
17:21o_cee let's add an index then :)
17:21Omnic hmm.. thor__ how many channels and days of programming to you have?
17:21Omnic e.g.: select count(*) from program;
17:21--- <--- Rule [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
17:22o_cee 4371 :)
17:22thor__ 18936
17:22Omnic thor__: sounds good...
17:22thor__ but that's a dev box
17:23thor__ that's never been properly configured
17:23Omnic run this query for me, and tell me what time you get for it... (last line)
17:23Omnic (hang on, have to throw it up on a page somewhere)
17:24Omnic thor__: that's ok... there's some stuff in your record table, right?
17:24thor__ 75 rows in set (8.54 sec)
17:24Omnic ok... hmm
17:25Omnic ok... restart mysql (clear caches), then try bob2.sql at the same location
17:26o_cee you want me to do it too?
17:26Omnic if you want.
17:26o_cee hold on
17:27o_cee uhm, Unknown column 'record.recorddups' in 'field list'
17:27Omnic dunno what you've done, it's just a query out of the source that I'm modifying...
17:27Omnic it's likely you have an older db layout
17:28o_cee nope, cvs
17:28Omnic *shrug* then. bob2.sql is just the query in scheduledrecordings.cpp
17:28o_cee describe record; anyone?
17:28thor__ 75 rows in set (0.16 sec)
17:28Omnic aww crap.
17:28Omnic ok, it makes it bloody slow.
17:29thor__ rather
17:29Omnic fuck, there's no other way to do it though.
17:29Omnic ok, thanks. I'll go away and have more of a think again.
17:29thor__ yup
17:30Omnic hrm... so I'm not too fucked in the head, can you fetch bob.sql again, and re-run that? it had an extra LIKE that should have been =.
17:31Omnic if too much hassle, don't worry
17:31--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:31thor__ 75 rows in set (6.85 sec)
17:31Omnic ok, cheers.
17:31thor__ yup
17:31Omnic hmmm... does mysql's SQL short-circuit?
17:32* thor__ looks around
17:32Omnic e.g.: WHERE (foo = 1 AND bar like baz) - does the like happen if foo != 1 ?
17:32thor__ no idea
17:32Omnic hrm.
17:34Omnic I'll be a prick again... (my db is too small to get decent timings..) could you run bob.sql again? (refetch)
17:34Omnic (last one)
17:34o_cee Chutt: is record.recorddups supposed to be gone in current cvs? :)
17:35mdz Omnic: it'd be in the docs
17:35thor__ 75 rows in set (0.18 sec)
17:35Omnic oh good. it does
17:35Omnic mdz: yeah, I thought it would be, but where woud be a good question..
17:35mdz in the section on boolean operators
17:36Omnic ok, so this looks like it might be practical with a flag
17:36mdz doesn't say apparetnly
17:38mdz Omnic: so it'll only be ridiculously slow if they use the feature
17:45--- Netsplit <-> quits: donour
17:48--- Netsplit over, joins: donour
18:10Spida I got it working. all. *dance* *party*
18:12sc00p is the autoexpiration code supposed to work properly for recordings on non-master backends?
18:13--- ---> WastedMat [] has joined #mythtv
18:15--- ---> enki [] has joined #mythtv
18:21--- <<-- Snappi [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:28--- <<-- Spida [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:29--- <<-- killerbun [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:31--- ---> duh [] has joined #mythtv
18:32duh did anyone have trouble with VCDimager?
18:32duh i am having trouble getting the make to work
18:33duh plzzzzzzzz help!
18:37solarce[h] duh: /topic
18:38duh sorry?
18:38solarce[h] read the topic
18:39--- ---> jforman [jforman@jforman.registered.freenode] has joined #mythtv
18:39duh ok... thought i would try here because you guys are know for being so helpful
18:40pahli_bar we need to lose that reputation
18:40solarce[h] how'd we get that reputation?
18:40--- ---> duende [] has joined #mythtv
18:40--- <<-- jeffpc [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:41duh found it in several mailing list messages
18:41solarce[h] they must have been fabricated
18:41duh and why would you want to loose it... isn't it the basis of linux... working together
18:42thor__ Kumbaya ...
18:43duh shoot guys and gals.. i don't care one way or the other.. just going on what people had written
18:44--- <--- jforman [jforman@jforman.registered.freenode] has left #mythtv ()
18:44duh i always like sharing my knowledge with those who need help
18:44duh but 2 each his/her own i suppose
18:45o_cee don't you want the developers of myth focusing on coding instead of stupid questions?
18:45solarce[h] o_cee: well that depends on if I have stupid questions or not, doesn't it :>
18:45pahli_bar or not relevant to mythtv questions
18:47duh not to go on the defensive... but VCDImager is part of Myth.. and part of the installation process.. sooooo... not sure how it is stupid or off subject
18:47o_cee part of myth? right
18:48pahli_bar where?
18:48o_cee but, as the topic says, this is no user support channel
18:48pahli_bar he said it with so much confidence, i had to go back and check
18:49solarce[h] pahli_bar: in one of those unofficial install guides, I bet
18:49duh Read your MythDVD INSTALL
18:49solarce[h] hmm
18:49duh developers my foot
18:50ChaosExiguum | I think the point that is trying to be made is that while mythdvd might require vcdimager, vcdimage is not a part of mythtv itself
18:50pahli_bar there there no need to get worked up.
18:52* solarce[h] homework
18:52duh lol... no... i am not trying to upset anyone.. I was hoping to get some help.. hell i have been scouring the Internet and googling my buns off for about hours trying to figure out why all my other src is compiling and this one fi***ing thing won't that my eyes are crossedlists
18:52pahli_bar reading the readme.... the vcdimager requirement for mythdvd is actually for xine
18:53pahli_bar if you want "xine working with the vcdx plugin" ... so its not a mythtv or mythdvd requirement
18:53duh and could not focus enough to read the topic on entering
18:53pahli_bar and so .....
18:53pahli_bar (calm like a hindu cow)....
18:53pahli_bar ....
18:53pahli_bar go fuck yourself
18:53thor__ ... oh lord, Kumbaya
18:54duh oh now.. kiss kiss
18:54* pahli_bar winks at thor__
18:55thor__ Chutt, on the off chance you've missed this on scrollback, cvs-commits mailing list and cvs web access do not seem to be working
18:55o_cee pahli_bar: :D
18:56o_cee that car must shine by now
18:56Captain_Murdo| o_cee, record.recorddups is gone in favor of the new duplicate checking code which uses record.dupin and record.dupmethod.
18:56o_cee Captain_Murdoch: great, got scared there for a sec :)
18:57Captain_Murdo| o_cee, on your liveTv info problem, did you mean in browse mode or just when pressing 'I'.
18:57o_cee Captain_Murdoch: just when pressing I, but i haven't verified it, and thinking about it i doubt it would have been missed. so i guess the program was just overdue
18:59Captain_Murdo| I'm checking now. I don't remember if it offsets the time, but I'll see. curiosity.. :)
18:59o_cee :)
19:00Captain_Murdo| started up LiveTV and paused it since it's right before the hour.
19:01Captain_Murdo| nope, it broke. displayed the current show info not the timeshifted info.
19:02o_cee oh
19:02o_cee :) hehe, great
19:05o_cee time to get some rest
19:05o_cee g'night all
19:05thor__ yup
19:05Captain_Murdo| o_cee, I have an idea on how to fix that, will try to test tongiht to see.
19:06Captain_Murdo| current code wipes the buffer if you change channels right?
19:06o_cee Captain_Murdoch: what do you mean?
19:07Captain_Murdo| if you change channels in LiveTV and you're 5 minutes behind, then it takes you to realtime on the new channel.
19:07o_cee yeah
19:08Captain_Murdo| ok, so my idea might work. I was thinking it wouldn't work if you cahnged channels. I'll let you know (or you might see a commit message if it works). :)
19:08o_cee btw, got a really odd idea for fast channel switching.. requires 2+ tunes. when you're watching say channel 4, card2 keeps recording channel5.. so when you switch, it's an instant switch (time to change stream?).. could be pretty cool on 3 tuner systems
19:09o_cee Captain_Murdoch: sounds good :)
19:09thor__ 1 tuner per channel, that's the only solution
19:09o_cee huh?
19:09--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
19:10o_cee (tired, so i might be mumbling)
19:10thor__ if you have 110 cable channels, then you use 110 backends, instant channel change !
19:10Captain_Murdo| and as always, one solution causes a "problem" elsewhere, cause I'd need more hard drive space for recording. :)
19:10o_cee yeeeaah yeah :) it could be small ringbuffers only, like 200mb
19:11o_cee just to make the channel switch fast
19:11thor__ plus, you just do away with scheduling recordings, just record everything
19:11thor__ much simpler
19:11thor__ :-)
19:11o_cee why not :)
19:12Captain_Murdo| when we get those new terabyte usb keys and can just plug a bunch into a usb 2.0 hub.
19:12o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you think it'd be possible to add more dupechecking stuff?
19:12Captain_Murdo| like what?
19:12o_cee like..
19:12o_cee all my re-runs (swedish listning)
19:12o_cee only says "Re-run from 3/2"
19:13o_cee dunno if it'd be possible to regexp something out of it
19:13Captain_Murdo| that's in the subtitle or description right?
19:13o_cee desc
19:13o_cee got no subtitles at all
19:13--- <<-- duende [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:14Captain_Murdo| but how does it know if you recorded it on 3/2?
19:15--- ---> subcoder [] has joined #mythtv
19:15Captain_Murdo| would require a lot more logic somewhere than the current methods.
19:15o_cee thought so too :/
19:15o_cee best thing would be to fix the listning before it went in
19:16Captain_Murdo| yeah, that's what I was thinking.
19:16Captain_Murdo| cause the next listing from somewhere else might come along and put in a different regex then you've got to check multiples or give the user something to specify what to use to check. would get hairy.
19:17o_cee probably
19:18o_cee worth a try :)
19:18--- ---> jeffpc [] has joined #mythtv
19:21o_cee now i'm off to bed :) later
19:21Captain_Murdo| later.
19:21Slaytanic Nightie
19:22--- <<-- mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
19:27--- <<-- subcoder [] has quit ("Client Exiting")
19:31--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:50--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:00--- <<-- duh [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:12billytwowilly| is browsing cvs online borken?
20:12billytwowilly| I can't seem to access it.
20:14billytwowilly| anyone happen to have the list of keys used by mythtv and what they do handy? I was going to grab it off of cvs, but I can't seem to get access.
20:17--- <<-- enki [] has quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
20:18Captain_Murdo| someone in #mythtv-users might have the answer, developers don't need no stinking keys.txt. :)
20:19Omnic speak for yourself
20:19billytwowilly| heh, I thought I saw it on cvs, but I can't browse cvs via the web. It keeps timing out.
20:20Captain_Murdo| yah, cvs web is down right now I think.
20:20--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:20billytwowilly| anyone want to do me a favor and dcc me a copy of keys.txt?
20:20billytwowilly| I'm trying to modify the ati-remote wonder code to get an optimal remote.
20:21billytwowilly| it's going to most likely be the default remote config for knoppmythj
20:21billytwowilly| err. knoppmyth
20:22billytwowilly| Captain_Murdoch: You are a golden god;)
20:23Captain_Murdo| see if it works though.
20:23billytwowilly| hmm. yah.. are you behind a NAT too?
20:24Captain_Murdo| definitely.
20:24billytwowilly| doh..
20:27--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Client exiting")
20:55--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
21:03--- ---> pridkett [] has joined #mythtv
21:09pigeon hmm, how can i get mythweb to generate preview picture for recordings? or it's automatic?
21:10Omnic appears to be automatic. you made the cache directories writable by the webserver, right?
21:18pridkett has anyone else noticed oddities with mythtv 0.14 and qt 3.3 when it comes to window location? I've been hacking at it and no matter what the values that are provided to setGeometry it doesn't seem like anything happens
21:30--- ---> NinerFan [] has joined #mythtv
21:39--- ---> GreyFoxx [] has joined #MythTV
21:41sc00p pigeon, I think many people are having the same problem
22:03--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
22:03Netslayer have a quick question about CVS if anyone is around
22:04Netslayer if i implement it myself for a team project, do those members need shell access on a server or is there a web interface that will work?
22:08Captain_Murdo| cvs can be used without shell access but if you want secure it can use ssh for access. current anonmoous cvs is publicly accessible but read-write for Myth uses ssh.
22:09Netslayer is there a web interface that allows team members to actually submit code to cvs?
22:10Netslayer i don't need anything fancy, but setting up shell access for my group is kinda annoying
22:10pridkett Netslayer: doesn't work like that, you need a shell for secure
22:11Netslayer ok, so anyone know a way of restricting users to their home dirs? don't want em going through my whole server
22:12pridkett chroot
22:12Netslayer how would i apply that?
22:12pridkett man chroot?
22:12Netslayer basicaly, i can do some research online
22:12Netslayer k
22:12Netslayer i'm kind of suprised there isn't a secure web based cvs solution out there
22:13Chutt how could it be web based?
22:13pridkett Netslayer: you'll want to look at something else then, like Subversion
22:14Netslayer well uploading files might be annoying i guess
22:14Chutt annoying would be an understatement.
22:14Netslayer heh
22:14Chutt unuseable would be more appropriate.
22:18mdz subversion is "web based"
22:18mdz it runs over http
22:24pigeon sc00p: hmm
22:25pigeon sc00p: in fact, i've seen it work before, when i was using mythtv deb package.
22:25pigeon i've just switched to latest stable source.
22:31--- ---> FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
22:41Netslayer pigeon, know any examples that i could take a look at?
22:42sc00p pigeon, yeah, I think it's a new problem. It happened to me mid 0.13, if I recall correctly. I haven't really looked into it though.
22:42pigeon Netslayer: hmm, examples?
22:43Netslayer i meant mdz oops
22:43Netslayer mdz
22:43pigeon ah :)
22:43pigeon sc00p: ic
22:45--- ---> livesN[box] [] has joined #mythtv
22:46livesN[box] hey guys.. I got my myth box up and running fine, built an ir transmitter and tested it -- it works... only problem is, my reciever is really slow at picking up remote control commands (even from the remote control) == does anyone know what values I might try tweaking in lircd.conf ?
22:48Netslayer u want to slow it down?
22:48Netslayer add pauses to your channel change script
22:49livesN[box] Netslayer, I think I did that
22:49livesN[box] you mean like sleep 2; etc ?
22:50Netslayer ya
22:50livesN[box] yeah that didn't help
22:50livesN[box] I almost think it's the frequencies themselves.
22:50Netslayer in your or whatever
22:50livesN[box] or the "zero one widths" which are mentioned in the config file
22:50Netslayer does it work at all?
22:50livesN[box] yeah it works.
22:50livesN[box] but not every time every press..
22:50livesN[box] if i try the same key a few times, it'll work
22:51Netslayer u build the capacitor one?
22:51Netslayer transmitter
22:51livesN[box] yeah
22:51livesN[box] the red led lights up fine every time
22:51Netslayer red? as in your status led
22:52livesN[box] yeah
22:52livesN[box] which is basically wired right into the ir led's
22:52Netslayer increase sleep times and test
22:52livesN[box] yeah i've been playin with those for like the past 30 minutes :)
23:00livesN[box] here's a wierd twist -- if I plug the transmitter into my windows laptop -- and use winlirc -- everything works flawlessly
23:00livesN[box] i'll email the author
23:04--- ---> Teflon- [] has joined #mythtv
23:07--- <--- NinerFan [] has left #mythtv ("Is that a blonde..")
23:11--- <<-- livesN[box] [] has quit ("Leaving")
23:32--- <<-- sc00p [] has quit ("Leaving")
23:32--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
23:33--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
23:34--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:41Netslayer hrm i can't access cvs tree on the site
23:43Netslayer k it's back up
23:46--- <<-- vagrant [] has quit ("Client exiting")
23:47Chutt mdz, thanks for committing that italian translation update
23:47mdz Chutt: I know you're tired of applying so many patches :-)
23:48Chutt yeah
23:48Chutt leaves less time for real coding
23:48Chutt you didn't run lrelease, though to update the .qm
23:49mdz hmm
23:49mdz and it fails
23:49Chutt i still need to merge in the japanese patch
23:49mdz it has a conflict marker in it
23:49Chutt there's a couple things i need to change in
23:49Chutt ah
23:49mdz that is to say
23:49mdz the patch he sent had conflict markers in it
23:49mdz which I didn't notice
23:50Chutt couple other people have done that recently
23:50Chutt yay, the commits messages got sent out
23:50Chutt both cron and apache got fucked up on the cvs uml
23:51mdz is Snow-Man running that experimental ubd=mmap stuff still?
23:52Chutt dunno
23:52mdz cvs commit should print a warning if there are conflict markers in the file
23:52Snow-Man Sure, why?
23:52Snow-Man I think I am anyway. :)
23:52mdz Snow-Man: because of things like cron and apache getting fucked up
23:53Snow-Man Ah, come on. :)
23:53Chutt cron's been dead for about a day
23:53mdz what happened to them?
23:53Chutt still running, but not
23:54Snow-Man Hrmpf.
23:54mdz is the uml very busy?
23:54Snow-Man I don't think so..
23:57Chutt i'd imagine it's relatively busy
23:58Chutt cvs can't be that low overhead
23:59Chutt ah well
23:59Chutt i'm going to bed.
---Logclosed Tue Feb 10 00:00:58 2004