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00:03Snow-Man Night.
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00:10pmowry Hi, a commit dated Feb-5 mentions adding download link for recorded programs to mythweb; where can I find more info about using it?
00:11pmowry Could not find anything inthe dev oruser archives
00:12hadees anyone been having trouble with lines on the m179
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00:22billytwowilly| hi, I'm trying to edit the ati remote source to make a more usefull remote and I was reading the keys.txt file in mythtv. Is there a similar file for mythmusic and the other modules? I didn't see one and keys.txt doesn't appear to have any music related keys in it.
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01:16jforman maybe someone in here is more knowledable..i'm trying to delete a recorded program from a remote frontend. it does not delete. but i can delete it fine from a frontend running on the same machine as the backend..i get some odd sql errors and a file not found on the remote end. any ideas?
01:24jforman anyone have ideas?
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01:36billytwowilly| jforman: nope.. probably permission problem though.
01:37jforman i have backend running as root, files are -rw-r--r-- 1 root root . is that right?
01:37billytwowilly| I don't know.
01:37billytwowilly| I'm just guessing...
01:40billytwowilly| I'm trying to edit the ati_remote source to make it better for mythtv. It'll probably get included in knoppmyth as default config when I'm done.
01:40billytwowilly| I get this error:
01:40billytwowilly| ati_remote.c:151: `KEY_BRACKETLEFT' undeclared here (not in a function)
01:40billytwowilly| ati_remote.c:151: initializer element is not constant
01:40billytwowilly| for bracketleft, bracketright, bar and question.
01:40billytwowilly| anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
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02:02mchou has anyone experienced any frontend crashes lately while watching an "almost live" (maybe timeshifted by 10 min) program?
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04:55Slaytanic Hey, wasn't Jarod supposed to update his guide with PVR350 info last weekend? There's nothing new in the guide... :/
04:57Octane god damn jarod, he is such a slacker!!!
04:57Octane someone else should maintain that guide, he is no good!
04:59Octane gn ;P
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05:09Slaytanic Haha, now that's NOT what I meant. ;)
05:09Slaytanic It's just that he wrote "I've got a 350, and I've written up some stuff about it, but I haven't yet had a chance to roll it into this guide. I swear I will by the end of the weekend, so look for another update ever so shortly..."
05:19pigeon ahha
05:19pigeon fixed the mythweb preview thumbnail problem.
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05:47Slaytanic Me too, yesterday... Did you change the owner of the mythweb directory?
05:47pigeon well, turns out to be the permission of the actual video spool.
05:51Slaytanic Oh, okey... I had problems with that too before...
05:53pigeon i'm running mythbackend as myself, and so it creates thumbnail with my umask i think, which is 077
05:53Slaytanic 077?
05:54Slaytanic Doesn't sound logical...
05:54pigeon yeah, my umask
05:54pigeon my default umask that is.
05:54Slaytanic Oh, the umask... Not the actual permission...
05:54pigeon nod
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06:43pigeon hmm, is that possible to create new profile in a profile group other than just that four?
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09:15Spida hi
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11:00Chiphead anyone know if there are any issues with changing IVTV_MAX_MPG_BUFFERS to a higher value in the driver?
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14:56Spida May I ask some questions about a log entry?
14:58thor__ No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time
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15:04o_cee hahaha
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15:06dja ahh, I see it's that time of the year again (I especially love the "but if a forum provides all the features" statement :-)
15:06kvandivo you mean "it's that time of the week again"
15:07dja well, yeah...:-)
15:07dja I considered replying, but I got my sanity back...
15:07kvandivo not worth the muscle energy required to move the fingers on the keyboard
15:07Chutt see, just skip reading -users
15:07o_cee i seriously think i'll unsubscribe -users
15:07o_cee i have like 7000 unread mails in there
15:08kvandivo you might as well be unsubscribed already, then
15:08kvandivo hey... there's an idea.. i think -users might become digest for me...
15:08o_cee Chutt: is there a way to get a list of commits the time the mailings where dead?
15:08* kvandivo goes off to edit his settings.
15:08Chutt they were all sent out
15:09o_cee kvandivo: all stupid people breaking threads for instance makes it impossible to read
15:09o_cee Chutt: ah, okay
15:09kvandivo ahhh.. now i'm digest on -users. i think my life just got incrementally better
15:10o_cee :D
15:10kvandivo (no comments on how sad that is)
15:10o_cee Chutt: you got your car real shiny?
15:10Chutt heh
15:10Chutt actually, no
15:11Chutt had a bit of pipe breakage
15:11thor__ weird, I just got back from having a headlight replace
15:11thor__ d
15:11o_cee (damn, that guy yesterday who made fun of my english really broke my self-conficence.. now i keep re-reading the stuff i just wrote to make sure it's correct.. blarh)
15:11thor__ huh?
15:11Chutt so instead, i cleaned water out of my basement
15:11o_cee hehehe, well that's almost as fun
15:11Chutt all good fun
15:11o_cee :)
15:11thor__ good thing you haven't finished framing :-)
15:11Chutt yup
15:12Chutt that part was done, though
15:12o_cee i didn't think you where supposed to have water in a basement..
15:12Chutt no drywall or anything
15:12o_cee inside pool maybe :)
15:12thor__ shower !
15:12kvandivo temperature related, or what was the cause?
15:12Chutt think so
15:12Chutt looks like it was just the inside of the spigot
15:12* o_cee looks up that word
15:13Chutt dunno how water got up inside there, i had things shut off inside
15:13kvandivo I'm in the (un)fortunate position of having my furnace down in the crawl space. This absolutely guarantees that I don't have freeze problems. It keeps the crawl space at a comfortable 70 degrees (and enough heat leaks out the side that it keeps all external connections well thawed as well)
15:13* o_cee now knows what spigot means :)
15:13Chutt heh
15:13kvandivo i've put insulation up on the crawl space walls, etc.. and it essentially means that I have heated floors of a winter
15:15o_cee some guy on users (the photo thread) had all cables and stuff on the other side of the wall, very nice..
15:15kvandivo all things considered, I'd rather it not be that way, but hey.. every house has its unique "characteristics", right?
15:15o_cee especially old houses :)
15:15thor__ 1905
15:15thor__ heh
15:15Chutt heh
15:15Chutt my house was built in 1982
15:15Chutt i'm just glad i have a basement =)
15:15kvandivo the main annoying thing about the furnace-in-the-crawlspace is that i have to crawl down their on my hands and knees periodically to change the furnace filter..
15:16kvandivo basements in my part of the country are very rare.. no hills, so there are water problems often
15:16kvandivo they've started doing basements in the past 10 years or so.. apparently technology has gotten them to a point where they can actually make a basement that doesn't perpetually leak
15:17o_cee amazing :)
15:17kvandivo it's strange.. houses built <1940 had basements, and they leak like crazy.. from 1940 -1990 or so they don't have basements..
15:17kvandivo and then the new ones are starting to have them again
15:18thor__ large leaks here ... but condo, so not my problem :-)
15:18thor__ at least not until it falls over
15:18kvandivo :)
15:19o_cee <input type="hidden" name="starttime" value="1076376600"> <-- what kind of starttime is that mythweb is using?? not the ones stored in the database? hmm
15:20thor__ seconds since Disco ?
15:20kvandivo looks like that to me
15:20o_cee ah crap
15:20o_cee need to delete something from the db that's wrong.. thought i could use it for the sql
15:20o_cee anyone got a translator for it? :)
15:21dja mythweb likes to work with the seconds from the epoch -- makes it much easier to do date comparisons...:-)
15:21thor__ QDateTime::fromTime_t(seconds_since_disco)
15:22o_cee thor__: a website or something?
15:22dja ... AND starttime=FROM_UNIXTIME(1076376600) ... should work
15:22thor__ it's a standard thing ... php would have it as well .... even mysql can do it
15:22o_cee dja: oh, cool, thanks
15:23dja yer welcome...:-)...
15:24o_cee it worked :) cool, will have to remember that.. happens sometimes that i get like 10hour blocks covering the right listnings..
15:24kvandivo did you search for "convert unix timestamp", o_cee ?
15:24dja I wish Chris hung around here...I'm wondering what he thought of my recent mythweb patches...oh well, I'll be patient...:-)
15:24o_cee kvandivo: something like that..
15:25o_cee ah, hehhe :)
15:25o_cee nope, that's not mine
15:26o_cee later
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16:00pigeon can i have more than just 4 recording profiles in a profile group?
16:00--- <--- mchou [] has left #mythtv ()
16:00Chutt no.
16:19o_cee Chutt: you ever thought about including that bootsplash i did?
16:19Chutt not really
16:20Chutt thought about it, that is
16:20o_cee been using it for a long time now, pretty nice.. don't see it that often tho :)
16:20o_cee was going to make one for gant as well
16:22NiteOwl Hi o_cee :-) Myth works fine except a few (but important) issues - actually I think it's all one issue (PVR350, tvout, ivtv-fb) and there seems
16:23o_cee NiteOwl: huh?
16:23NiteOwl to be discussion on the problem.
16:23NiteOwl on the ivtv-devel mailing list
16:23NiteOwl o_cee: what is confusing you?
16:23--- User: *** solarce[h] is now known as solarce[w]
16:23o_cee what you're talking about?
16:24NiteOwl A few problems I'm seeing 1) OSD of EPG causes hard lockup of system requiring reboot
16:24o_cee why'd i care?
16:25NiteOwl ahh...when I was setting up, you answered a question or 2...w/in the last week
16:25o_cee doesn't make me your personal support guy
16:25o_cee i'm gone
16:26NiteOwl o_cee: I didn't ask for any additional fact I was sort of saying thank letting you know it all worked out
16:31o_cee right, okay, you're welcome ;) the epg issue is known btw, no fix at the moment
16:31Chutt and it's an ivtv problem, not mythtv's
16:32o_cee Chutt: got some lang updates for sweden (xml files).. will run them thru another swede first, then you'll get a diff
16:33Chutt cool.
16:39kvandivo in just the past hour and a half i've noticed a decrease in the mail arriving in my inbox. digest mode rocks
16:43Chutt heh
16:43Chutt but now you can't reply properly!
16:44Chutt that's a big deal!@!#!
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16:45--- ---> jforman [jforman@jforman.registered.freenode] has joined #mythtv
16:45jforman i'm still confused bout this transcoding thing, getting it down to i turn on "auto transcode after recording" in the software encoders part or the transcoders part of the dialog ?
16:46NiteOwl o_cee: thank you again. My research also uncovered that the OSD EPG issue was a known bug. Looks like it may fix all my probs too...but I won't get into it. I just sent an email to two ppl involved asking them
16:46NiteOwl to summarize what the problem they are working on may also fix.
16:46NiteOwl to myth-users
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16:46Chutt keep ivtv crap off of mythtv-users.
16:46Chutt i don't understand why people insist on mailing the users list about ivtv problems.
16:47NiteOwl oops
16:47kvandivo they figure that it will be automatically dispatched to the right place
16:47NiteOwl no more chat about that
16:47NiteOwl no, it slipped in becuase the two are very connected
16:47NiteOwl sorry about that
16:47Chutt they're not connected _AT ALL_
16:47krash314 maybe it would be easier if it was a forum :-0
16:47* krash314 ducks
16:48Chutt yeah, because then i wouldn't be reading it at all
16:48NiteOwl I think you know what i mean, they are hard to tell apart problem wise, since nothing else I know of is using ivtv
16:48krash314 :-D
16:48NiteOwl anyway - enough of that
16:57mdz heh
16:57mdz I was just thinking it would be good to have a "record once" record type and I see bruce committed one a few days ago
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17:00Chutt wonderful how that works =)
17:02--- <--- jforman [jforman@jforman.registered.freenode] has left #mythtv ()
17:02Chutt snow-man, lists are slow
17:03Chutt load on the machine's only 10 =)
17:07--- ---> jforman [jforman@jforman.registered.freenode] has joined #mythtv
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17:09Chutt 'course, i'm adding to that
17:10--- ---> Dibblah [] has joined #mythtv
17:19* mdz peers at search.php in mythweb
17:19mdz it seems impossible that php does not provide a way to unify access to GET and POST data
17:20Chutt heh
17:21--- ---> gerhard [] has joined #mythtv
17:24o_cee Chutt: what's the best thing to do here:
17:24o_cee <text>DVD</text>
17:24o_cee <text lang="DE">DVD</text>
17:24o_cee or leave it with no trans?
17:24o_cee wich is faster/more efficient
17:27Chutt doesn't matter
17:27Chutt it's just load time
17:27Chutt easier to see that it's finished if it's in there
17:27o_cee okay
17:30--- <<-- Spida__ [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
17:33--- ---> holger_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:34Chutt hrm
17:34Chutt lists look to be catching up, actually
17:34Chutt it's just mailman that's taking forever to process stuff
17:35o_cee :/
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17:45mdz I hate php so much
17:46o_cee mdz: i wrote my first php page yesterday :)
17:46mdz I want to add something completely trivial to mythweb and it breaks every time I change anything
17:46mdz the code isn't even indented properly
17:46o_cee that's why
17:46Dibblah Chutt: Thanks for fixing dvbchannel.cpp (appending stuff to a query)
17:49Dibblah Now... I'm going to be annoying. Can I work on / submit a patch to clean up the requirements for dvb_t? The labels in setup don't appear to be marked correctly as to what is required. They only seem correct for s / c...
17:49Chutt i don't care
17:49Chutt i don't do anything with the dvb code
17:49o_cee Dibblah: email kenneth about it
17:50Dibblah Thanks! Sorry - You may have noticed, but I'm new here ;)
17:50o_cee we're very friendly towards new people here..
17:51kvandivo i don't know whether to laugh or cry
17:51o_cee mouhahahhahaa
17:51Dibblah Hmmm... Sounds like #tivo.
17:52Chutt so, counting the pro and anti-forum posts in the latest thread
17:52kvandivo actually, as long as people remember the topic, and have memorized i suspect that most channels are nice to new people
17:52Chutt i make it out to be around 4:1 against a forum
17:52Chutt how is that a majority of people, in any sense of the word?
17:53Dibblah Because the majority are too dumb to post?
17:53o_cee Chutt: i really don't understand how you can read all those mails :)
17:53kvandivo if they were on a forum, it would be a lot easier on him..
17:53mdz Chutt: yes, 4:1 does sound like a majority
17:54* kvandivo snickers.
17:54Chutt mdz, sorry, for one
17:55mdz that doesn't count all of us who ^D-ed the thread instead of reading it
17:55pahli_bar splitting the ML might help
17:55mdz that group is clearly againts a forum, since it's harder to kill threads
17:55--- ---> KeyserSoze [] has joined #mythtv
17:55kvandivo ya, let's split it.. let's have a users list and a developers list..
17:55o_cee only thing that would be positive with a forum is that people wouldn't be able to break threads :)
17:56kvandivo sure they would... they'd just start 6 threads for the same topic
17:56Chutt i'm considering an -offtopic list
17:56pahli_bar if you split out a gentoo specific list... :)
17:56kvandivo just call it !mythtv
17:58o_cee hmm: Thank you. For some reason on 0.13 the Channel Editor never worked on my
17:58o_cee system.
17:58o_cee duuh
18:01--- User: *** solarce[w] is now known as solarce[h]
18:02o_cee anyone intrested in a gant bootsplash screen?
18:04o_cee Chutt: i'm not nagging about this, i'm just reminding you in case you forgot.. :)
18:04o_cee updated .xmls soon probably btw
18:05Chutt what was it again?
18:05o_cee warn about buffer on exit
18:05--- <<-- marc [~Marc@] has quit ("Leaving")
18:05Chutt hm
18:05Chutt does that make sense, though?
18:06o_cee well
18:06o_cee really annoying to loose it if you press the wrong button
18:06o_cee but no, not entirely
18:09kvandivo make it an option!
18:09o_cee heh
18:09o_cee i was about to say that but didn't
18:10o_cee haven't read the thread.. but what the hell does these guys smoke? [mythtv-users] mythfilldatabase tip - random start time
18:10o_cee well what a great idea.
18:10o_cee just mess up the epg by settings all programs start at random times :)
18:10o_cee ah, it was about the cron ;)
18:11kvandivo i've randomly set mine at 11:57pm
18:11kvandivo quite randomly on purpose
18:11kvandivo 11:59, i meant..
18:16--- ---> Sir-Al [] has joined #mythtv
18:17kvandivo for -offtopic to work well, the forum-like ability to "move" threads (and actually enforce the move) would be a handy thing.
18:18kvandivo then you could just say "ahh.. an ivtv topic" and shove it off to -offtopic
18:18--- ---> blackadder [~signwatch@] has joined #mythtv
18:18o_cee is it possible to do that?
18:21--- <<-- gerhard [] has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.52B [Mozilla rv:1.6/20040113]")
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18:31o_cee Chutt: made up your mind? :)
18:32Chutt dunno
18:33o_cee it could be an extra setting "Also warn on exit".. but, as always, to many settings..
18:35o_cee Chutt: would you accept a .qph in i18n as well? a wordbook kind of thingie for common translations, so that things get translated with the same phrases if different people work on it?
18:36Chutt long as it's not too large
18:36o_cee probably not..
18:37o_cee i'll start doing one and see
18:45Slaytanic Good idea, o_cee
18:45o_cee Slaytanic: yeah, thought so too.. :)
18:45Slaytanic My neigbor (who's living in Shanghai at the moment, yay) actually works as a technical translator... He could help us out a bit, o_cee.
18:46o_cee Slaytanic: there's some real tricky translations :)
18:46Slaytanic Indeed!
18:47Slaytanic Chutt: Are the translators credited anywhere? Except CVS commit notices... :)
18:48Chutt some of em are, if they added themselves to the authors file in one of their patches
18:48Slaytanic Haha, so they submit a patch to the "authors" file to be credited... :D
18:49Chutt i'm not going to bother, otherwise
18:49o_cee i'll fix that Slaytanic ;)
18:49Slaytanic You deserve some credit, o_cee .)
18:49o_cee you too ;)
18:50Slaytanic Those guys doing the german translation must have a hell of a time trying to fit those long sentences into the limited screen space... Swedish is bad, but German is far worse when it comes to word length.
18:50Chutt 'guy'
18:50Chutt most of it's sfr
18:51o_cee i'm going to beat him as to having the most translated myth
18:51Slaytanic Good goal.
18:51o_cee ;)
18:51Slaytanic What's his percentage?
18:51--- <<-- schwin97 [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:51Chutt the japanese translation's the most complete
18:51o_cee dunno, but pretty good
18:51Chutt at least wrt mythtv
18:52o_cee oh.. :) well then going to beat that
18:52Chutt german is 74% complete
18:52o_cee no problem
18:52Chutt current swedish translation is 45%
18:53Chutt japanese is 92%
18:53o_cee nice
18:53Slaytanic o_cee: What you at now, 80%?
18:53o_cee no idea
18:53o_cee Chutt: how do you check that?
18:55Chutt lrelease -verbose
18:55o_cee oooooh :)
18:56o_cee 717 finished, 29 unfinished and 202 untranslated messages
18:56--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
18:56Chutt you're not up to date with current cvs
18:57o_cee no?
18:57o_cee should be pretty up to date
18:58o_cee but might need lprepare
19:01thor__ there are 20 messages on what to do with the messages
19:01o_cee huh?
19:02thor__ people just write too many damn pointless things
19:02o_cee oh
19:02o_cee yeah
19:03thor__ oh crap, now I have to wrap my head around a thread patch
19:04thor__ heh, nm
19:04o_cee Chutt: odd, translations for setup doesn't seem to work? are they really supposed to be in mythfrontend_sv.ts?
19:06o_cee hmm, i'll have to get back on that one
19:06o_cee no, it doesn't work..
19:12o_cee and it doesn't show the right lang on the menu either..
19:17o_cee updated now:
19:17o_cee 713 finished, 33 unfinished and 203 untranslated messages
19:18o_cee dropped obsolete as well
19:23--- ---> bdale [~bdale@] has joined #mythtv
19:24o_cee anyone feel like applying a patch?
19:24--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:28o_cee off to the list then.
19:28o_cee time for some sleep.. g'night all
19:38--- ---> dja_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:40bbeattie Anyone have an idea why when I added a new card (maybe unrelated) all my "scheduled recordings" show "don't record" / "never record" ?
19:41bbeattie I've got the latest cvs, and am using mythweb to verify the latest cvs didn't fix it.. Starting sunday it's not worked, I tried last night, and again today for the latest cvs.
19:44--- <<-- mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
19:50pahli_bar major osdn failure? slashdot,freshmeat, sourceforge(partially) down
19:54Dibblah Seeing it from the UK, so maybe.
19:58--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
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20:08mythtv_ hmm, anyway to get a history? I'm at home and am wondering if anyone had replied to my question
20:08--- User: *** mythtv_ is now known as brandon2
20:08mikegrb mythtv_:
20:08mikegrb but this channel is for dev stuff not user support, see the topic
20:23--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
20:30--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
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20:37Niqo Hi
20:47--- ---> KeyserLaptop [] has joined #mythtv
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21:54* Captain_Murd wants to know if we can have the #mythtv channel made into a forum also.
21:55thor__ let's take a friggin vote
21:58thor__ Chutt, any idea what happens if the database version is higher than what's expected ?
22:00Captain_Murdo| I think nothing would happen. it checks for specific versions then performs actions based upon the found version.
22:01thor__ about to find out in any case :-)
22:01* Captain_Murd creates an alias to /dev/null so people can send in their forum votes.
22:01thor__ I vote for ... ah
22:01thor__ nm
22:04Chutt thor, if it's higher?
22:04Chutt hmm
22:04Chutt stuff probably won't work, but it won't complain at all
22:05thor__ add columns to music metadata
22:05thor__ mfd
22:05Chutt and i'll respond to that email you sent me soonish, really, i will =)
22:05thor__ no hurry here
22:05thor__ :-)
22:05Chutt ah, if it's just added columns, i don't see it being a problem
22:05thor__ figured, will know soon enough in any case
22:05Chutt i'd appreciate it if the changes happened in either mfd or mythmusic, though
22:06Chutt just so everyone has the same set, and stuff doesn't conflict
22:06thor__ ah, yup
22:06Chutt if, say, steelep ever gets that arbitrary query stuff done =)
22:06thor__ I need it for mfd, but I'll add it to mythmusic as well
22:06Chutt err, not either 'both'
22:06Chutt you understand what i'm sayin =)
22:06thor__ yup
22:06* Captain_Murd laughs at the -offtopic list comment
22:07Chutt which comment?
22:08Chutt not that people would move over to the -offtopic list
22:08Chutt but maybe it'd get used eventually
22:08Captain_Murdo| yours
22:08Captain_Murdo| :)
22:08Captain_Murdo| literally laughed out loud
22:09Chutt it was that funny?
22:09Chutt heh
22:09Captain_Murdo| done with perusing (and ignoring) all the forum messages now.
22:09Captain_Murdo| just hit me as funny I guess. after all that, talk of forums, and other mythtv-* lists, and you comment on an -offtopic. :)
22:10Chutt wasn't that what the original thread starter said?
22:10Captain_Murdo| get me in a good mood before I go off to pay a bunch of bills.
22:10Captain_Murdo| yeah, he said he was suggesting other myth lists like mythtv-ivtv, mytthv-setup, etc..
22:10Chutt ah
22:10Captain_Murdo| probably one of the few sensible suggestings out of all the people against the status quo.
22:10Chutt oh well
22:11Captain_Murdo| anyway, enough forum talk, don't want anybody in here to get any ideas.
22:11Chutt if i split it, -users would be stated to be for actual mythtv issues
22:12Chutt and -offtopic would be for hardware, help me install l1n|_|x d00ds, etc
22:12Captain_Murdo| ahh, ok. :) I thought it was meant as a joke.
22:12Chutt naw
22:12Chutt heh
22:12Captain_Murdo| ok, makes sense now.
22:13Captain_Murdo| must have taken it out of context since I didn't read what you were replying to.
22:13Captain_Murdo| as if it was a place for people to go discuss forums.
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