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00:12Octane anyone here on the mythtv community at orkut?
00:12Octane there are 70 people in it!
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00:30NetslayerZZZ | heh, guess i should clean these occasionaly:
00:30NetslayerZZZ | -rw-r--r-- 1 chris users 9700367455 Feb 11 19:20 mythfrontend.log
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00:44Captain_Murdo| Chutt, you around?
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01:54o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you saw my message? :)
01:55Captain_Murdo| bout what?
01:55Captain_Murdo| the delete popup?
01:55Captain_Murdo| or the background not drawing right?
01:56o_cee both three ;)
01:56o_cee mohahha
01:56o_cee uhm
01:56o_cee help popup legend thingie..
01:56o_cee those single letters aren't that obvious
01:57Captain_Murdo| yeah, I have to look them up in the source sometimes to remember. :)
01:57o_cee saw you commited a fix for the live tv thingie, great :)
01:57o_cee heheheh
01:58o_cee and yeah, the background drawing happens all the time here as well (the old ones still work like they use to)
02:02Captain_Murdo| and I took back out the "even if empty" dup method and immediately had a few recordings fire off that wouldn't have with the empty method. :)
02:02o_cee hahah, great ;)
02:02o_cee maybe i'll be able to use those things soon
02:02o_cee another swede here started doing a script that fixes up some listnings
02:03o_cee like, all re-runs just get a simple desc instead of a full desc
02:03o_cee so it finds the show it's a re-run of and copies its desc, making the identical
02:03o_cee also puts the episode number or something in subtitle
02:03o_cee so that'll hopefully be great ;)
02:03Captain_Murdo| yeah. need to write a pre-parser. keep old program info in the DB instead of removing daily, keep a month retention or something to match against.
02:04o_cee oh, okay.. (because of this issue i haven't really folloed the scheduler things)
02:04o_cee only annoyance i have is that it doesn't automatically use tuner2 when i'm watching livetv and a recording is about to start
02:08Captain_Murdo| yeah, my wife "discovered" LiveTV the other day. she had been switching back to our Sat dish to watch un-recorded TV then she found she could watch it through Myth. with only one tuner I tried to steer her away from that, but I have 4 up and runing now so it's no big deal except for the problem you describe.
02:09o_cee we're not that used using the pvr the other way yet :)
02:10o_cee one of the reasons beeing that it's nice to look at something else during a comercial.. and no, watching it afterwards to be able to skip all comercials feels strange to, heh, just not used to it
02:13Chutt captain_murdoch, hey
02:13Captain_Murdo| my wife is hating real live TV now.
02:13Captain_Murdo| chutt, was that patch better? :)
02:13Chutt much
02:13Chutt thanks
02:13Captain_Murdo| It hit me all the sudden, just eliminate the false items rather than trying to figure out the true.
02:13Chutt it actually makes sense
02:13Captain_Murdo| much less complicated.
02:14o_cee maybe it'll get easier to record what i want with better listnings
02:14Chutt stuff should be obvious what it's doing without having to step through it =)
02:16o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you'd want to change mythweb as well right?
02:17Captain_Murdo| for what?
02:17o_cee the dupecheck
02:18Captain_Murdo| ahh, yeah, need to eliminate that from the dropdown list. I have one other item I haven't committed yet to take that out of scheduler.cpp as well. getting ready to do that right now.
02:20o_cee "Same here I use 2200 for my card as well. I heard this is MPEG-2 quality." <-- that makes sense..
02:24Captain_Murdo| o_cee, mythweb updated.
02:24o_cee cool
02:28* Captain_Murd wonders why "IsSameProgram() always returns true for kFindOneRecord." according to bjm.
02:29* Captain_Murd goes and reads bjm's message on the -dev list instead of wondering.
02:29o_cee because it's supposed to record _any_ showing of a program?
02:30o_cee but just one time?
02:34Captain_Murdo| yeah, but that could be confusing if it's not documented right. I'd assume that if I said "find one episode" of CSI w/ subtitle "Early Rollout" that it would find one occurance of that episode, not any occurance of CSI.
02:35Captain_Murdo| s/"find one episod"/"find one record"/
02:36o_cee oh.. i think it's supposed to be Find one showing of this program and record it.. like, for trying something new ;)
02:36o_cee dunno
02:37Captain_Murdo| I guess the terminology "Record one showing of this program" on the adv rec options screen explains it enough as long as it doesn't get lost in translation somewhere. :)
02:37Captain_Murdo| because single-record is "record this showing"
02:37o_cee btw, i just looked at playbackbox.. the recording group should be an indicator to show you what group you're browsing instead, very confusing not to see that actually.. there's room in the upper right above the list, temporarily at least
02:38o_cee yeah, i'm trying to translate things the right way ;) it's not easy
02:39Captain_Murdo| just not sure about making anothe container for that or what.
02:40Captain_Murdo| I gotta run. need to run do something and then hit the bed.
02:40Captain_Murdo| later..
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02:40o_cee uuuhm :) alriiight
02:40o_cee later
02:40o_cee bah
02:43o_cee Chutt: why did you say the other day that i wasn't up to date with cvs (the translation strings)? i updated after that, but it wasn't more than a couple of strings more
02:43o_cee or am i missing out something big? :)
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04:10FryGuy- is the mythweb guy lists at forevermore dot net?
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09:07rkulagow that can't be good: Device: /dev/hdf, SMART Usage Attribute: 194 Temperature_Celsius changed from 102 to 108
09:13dja I wish mine was only 102/104...:-) Mine is around 125...
09:14rkulagow really. huh - i'm trying to figure out why my LVMed myth store is going wonky; lots of DMA lost, type crap and i can't even mount it anymore. i was hoping it was heat related.
09:15dja I hope not, or else I'm in big trouble...:-)...I've got 4 drives that run between 1150 and 127
09:15dja time to go to a website and check specifications...:-)
09:17dja says 5 to 55 C, 41 to 131 F...I hpoe that the smart sw is mistating and is really showing F, not C.
09:21bline morning
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09:23dja hmm...I just ran smartctl -a on each of my disks and none of them show up as being more than 35...
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09:37dja rkulagow: have you run smartctl by hand on /dev/hdf to see what it's reporting?
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09:40silly1 does anyone know if there is a bug with the video playback x/y window adjustment?
09:40o_cee i know i used it last week
09:41o_cee with a geforce fx5200 running tvout
09:42silly1 o_cee i have that exact card and am getting a blue edge on the left and top of my mplayer playback window... no prob with the GUI
09:43silly1 i tried to adjust the x/y and it had no effect
09:43o_cee yeah well take a quick guess if mplayer stuff is realted to mythtv.
09:43o_cee related
09:44silly1 did you have the same problem?
09:44o_cee no.
09:46silly1 is there anyway for me to take a look at your XF86?
09:46o_cee not really
09:47silly1 anyway you could e-mail me a copy?
09:49silly1 o_cee ok so you guys know there is a bug with the x/y adjustment for playback.. i just wanted to let you guys know
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09:50o_cee <o_cee> i know i used it last week
09:51silly1 o_cee since you pointed out that it isn't an Myth problem that i am getting the blue.. can you suggest a forum for getting assistance on tweeking it so i can get rid of it?
09:52o_cee search google for the mplayer site? you said yourself it happens in mplayer.
09:53silly1 thanks for the suggestion... nothing out there .. checked the mailing ists for myth and general googling for the past day and found nothing
09:54o_cee listen, you're saying this is a problem in _mplayer_, not mythtv.
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10:02rkulagow dja: i ran smartd and grepped through /var/log/messages. i've shutdown the system and will let it cool down, then see how long it takes to get from ambient to whatever temp.
10:02dja you might want to run 'smartctl -a /dev/hdf' and see what it reports...I'm thinking the syslog'd message from smartd isn't correct...
10:03dja I ran smartctl -a /dev/hde and got back 38, but a syslog message from 30 minutes before reported "changed from 124 to 123"...
10:03rkulagow dja: i'l do that after daughter goes for her nap. thanks for the suggestion.
10:04dja I'm hoping you find the same thing I am...otherwise I think my HD's might start a fire...:-)
10:07rkulagow the other problem is that there doesn't seem to be a way to shrink an LVM partition without having a new drive/drives with enough extents on them to take the old one out of service (even if there is sufficient free drive space in the pool)
10:07rkulagow so, 350GB free, 250GB drive needs to come out of service, but can't seem to do it with lvm.
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10:12dja that sucks
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10:27kvandivo when i get to a point where I have 350 gigs (nevermind 350 gigs free) i'm sure i'll feel extremely sorry for you. :-P
10:29* mikegrb feels sorry for kvandivo
10:31rkulagow well, bbiab.
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12:21Chutt heh
12:23solarce[w] Chutt.
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12:31silly1 o_cee... guess what.. the problem isn't with mplayer... running playback in window it doesn't show a blue line
12:31thor_ heh?
12:32silly1 it would appear that it is either Myth or my nvidia driver... but it would seem that standard release of myth does have a bug in the X/Y adjust ment
12:33Captain_Murdo| silly1, I said there might be. it also may be the border of your window. I get that on my dev machine when I run fullscreen.
12:33Chutt no, i don't think there's a bug in the x/y adjustment
12:33Chutt people are trying to use it with their width/height set to fullscreen, though, and that obviously doesn't work.
12:35Captain_Murdo| yeah, too many ways to accomplish the same thing. I still don't see a difference between running in a window and not running in a window.
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12:36Captain_Murdo| amazing how much quicker "make install" is now that I put my source tree on a faster hard drive. :)
12:37silly1 chutt then i must have missunderstood what the playback X/Y adjustment is for.. i thought it was to adjust the X/Y positioning of the playback (ie xine, mplayer, etc) screen as you like
12:37Captain_Murdo| the x/y positioning is under the "TV" section of the setup so it only affects TV.
12:37Chutt it's for adjusting the x/y positioning of the mythtv window
12:37Chutt oh, that x/y positioning?
12:38Chutt who would use that?
12:38steelep ummm, I do, but differently
12:38silly1 thank you steelep
12:38steelep I use it to eliminate overscan
12:38silly1 there are 2 as you know
12:38Chutt you don't want to eliminate overscan :p
12:38silly1 one for the myth gui and one for playback
12:39Captain_Murdo| minimize, not eliminate. :)
12:39steelep I do, there is 60pixels!
12:39silly1 playback x/y
12:39Chutt right, but that's normal for tv playback.
12:39steelep cuts way too much off imo
12:39Chutt 5% on all sides is pretty standard for most everything
12:40Chutt that's why broadcasters don't put stuff on the outside edges
12:40steelep I just set the player to this:
12:40steelep /usr/bin/xine -BG 1168x660+24+6 -p %s
12:40silly1 if the playback x/y is not for positioning the window on the screen then what is it for exaxtly
12:40Chutt silly1, read the source.
12:41Chutt playback x/y doesn't touch the window positioning, it just affects the video inside the window.
12:41silly1 ok
12:41silly1 that makes more sense
12:42silly1 thanks
12:42Chutt which is why it's a pretty useless setting
12:42Chutt unless your display device is broken and has like 10% overscan on one side and 0% on the other
12:42Chutt and you'd want to compensate for that
12:43silly1 gotcha... sorry for dragging this out...
12:44silly1 i suppose that should have been obvious to me.. but somehow .. i was sure it was for the playback window positioning
12:45Chutt tv playback uses the same window as the rest of the ui
12:46steelep overscan is fine for live tv, I didn't like it for videos
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12:54gerhard Hi all, how do i get ridd of a playlist in mythmusic?
12:55Captain_Murdo| format c:
12:55thor_ highlight playlist, hit any number key
12:55thor_ or m
12:55thor_ or i (I think)
12:56* Captain_Murd was about to mention the -users list/channel. :)
12:56thor_ or ask on the -sers channel
12:56thor_ -users
12:56thor_ :-)
12:56kvandivo maybe he meant "get rid of the playlist via code, so that it never shows up at all"
12:56kvandivo that would be development...
12:57--- User: *** warlord-afk is now known as warlord
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12:57kvandivo guess that wasn't what he meant...
12:57dja :-)
12:58thor_ a simple thank you would have been nice
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12:59gerhard thanks thor hitting 1 did the trick
12:59* kvandivo throws back his head and cackles with insane glee.
12:59* mikegrb punches kvandivo in the gut
13:00* kvandivo coughs loudy and sits back down.
13:03* Captain_Murd writes a new program called just L so he can have L-dev and L-users mailing lists.
13:04mikegrb pwahahaha
13:05thor_ np
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13:07gerhard thor: where u from you have a scandinavian name. I live in Norway
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13:12o_cee Chutt: the setup translation stuff _is_ working.. must have been something wrong with the .qm here
13:12Chutt heh
13:12--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
13:13o_cee :)
13:13o_cee so don't bother about that
13:17o_cee you started thinking about how you want to make the clock thingie?
13:17Chutt i mostly know
13:17Chutt just have been busy
13:17o_cee allright
13:18o_cee heard (read) about your job :/
13:20o_cee thor_: will it be possible for the mfd to grab music from iTunes?
13:21lmatter o_cee, that problem I mentioned to you that you said was fixed in cvs, was that fixed in backend or frontend (or both)?
13:22o_cee lmatter: it was a backend problem.. but you need to update both if you are going to do that
13:22o_cee Captain_Murdoch: was it you who made the new search listnings page?
13:22thor_ o_cee, assuming someone breaks their ridiculous "security" protocol
13:23lmatter o_cee, yeah, I was hoping I could track down the fix and "backport" it 0.14 so I could ship minimyth with 0.14.
13:23o_cee thor_: okay :/
13:23o_cee lmatter: you better ask Chutt about that
13:24lmatter Chutt, the problem with stuttering in recorded programs but not live tv, o_cee said it was fixed in cvs.
13:24Captain_Murdo| o_cee, no, david or bruce, can't remember which.
13:25lmatter Chutt, I'm trying to find it in the commit mails, but haven't found it yet. Can you help me narrow it down?
13:25o_cee lmatter: wasn't it live tv?
13:25--- <<-- steelep [signwatchr@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
13:25lmatter o_cee, live tv is perfect, recorded programs stutter.
13:25o_cee Captain_Murdoch: oh, okay.. just acts up if there's no categories in the database.. why aren't they here? blergh :)
13:25o_cee lmatter: this is with live tv going nuts when the ringbuffer is full and you switch channel (i think it was)
13:26lmatter o_cee, no not that. I remember that one. Index not getting reset or something.
13:27lmatter o_cee, This problem just happens on recorded shows. Prebuffering pause about every 20 secs. Live tv plays perfectly.
13:28o_cee ivtv-version?
13:28lmatter 0.1.9
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15:28Chutt lmatter, i've not seen the stuttering in recorded programs at all
15:39lmatter Chutt, it's been mentioned a few times on users list. Bizarre. Live tv at 720x480 is smooth (on me6000).
15:39lmatter Chutt, recorded at 480x480 stutters.
15:42warlord i've actually seen the livetv stuttering myself a couple times -- generally after several hours of livetv.
15:42warlord but I'm using cvs from shortly after 0.14, not current cvs
15:42warlord and I haven't looked into it much.
15:43kvandivo my god, won't they let the c++ thing die!
15:43Chutt warlord, that's the bug that should be fixed now
15:43warlord Chutt: yea, i thought so -- just haven't pulled down cvs recently ..
15:47lmatter So difference between live and recorded is seektable right? Anything else?
15:47Chutt not much
15:48lmatter would the seektable affect how it is streamed?
15:49Chutt nope
15:49thor_ I have a long hand version of K&R written by God himself, and it clearly states, "++i is the preincrement operator and i++ is Freudian shorthand for a large class of neuroses"
15:50thor_ and everyone should just write i = i + 1;
15:50warlord thor_: then god himself has been over-ridden by dogmatic law.
15:50thor_ hmmm ... there's a footnote here about. "and hey, try and be nice to each other"
15:51thor_ screw _that_
15:51warlord heh
15:52bline dogma was such a great movie
15:52warlord it was
15:53kvandivo what happened to it?
15:54warlord it was released on DVD and rarely heard from again.. ;)
15:54thor_ excellent, we can move from a debate about pre/post increment operators to one about English verb tenses
15:55* kvandivo grins evily.
15:55bline heh
15:55* warlord smiles at the method to his madness
15:55thor_ smiled
15:55warlord mmm.. past imperfect :)
15:59* Niqo was happy with sid on his laptop, so he trew the debian testing cd in his desktop, and installed...then thoght: but hey, didn't I have a MythTV dev tree in there? hmmm
16:05solarce[w] :>
16:10Chutt niqo, you lose stuff?
16:12thor_ ... didn't I _use to_ have a ...
16:12Niqo mostly desktop improvement stuff, but i had almost given up on it because of uitype
16:13Niqo and some small bits here and there
16:14Niqo thor: yea, sorry, native vikings don't speak well english :)
16:15Niqo ah well, better start remembering..
16:16thor_ huh
16:16thor_ me speak good
16:16thor_ (oh this is silly, perhaps we could go back to ++i vs i++)
16:17Niqo yea, i'll use i++ whenever i feel like using it, ok?
16:18--- <<-- DogBoy [] has quit ("Leaving")
16:18thor_ fine, if you want to just throw away perfectly useful cpu cycles
16:19kvandivo i've always been a fan of increment(i); where i is passed by reference. That way, different people can plug in libraries that do the increment however they feel is most appropriate
16:19Niqo btw, how many?
16:20thor_ according to the tattoo I got after a long evening of drinking with K&R, you should really be doing ii+
16:20thor_ (should probably move this discussion to the forum)
16:21Niqo yea, and increase the traffic on it by a couple of %
16:21kvandivo if i can't access the forum using my newsreader, i'm not interested
16:29--- <<-- steelep [signwatchr@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
16:49--- ---> flash [] has joined #mythtv
16:49flash Can anyone help me with a bttv video delay problem?
16:50o_cee lmatter: you say "<lmatter> Chutt, recorded at 480x480 stutters." and LiveTV at other resolution _doesnt_ stutter.. you know what you could try in that case? i know..
16:50thor_ flash, mute your line in and set it as the recording source
16:50flash I'm using a wintv card in an Athlon 1.4ghz machine, and the video is about 3 seconds behind the audio...
16:51thor_ <thor_> flash, mute your line in and set it as the recording source
16:51Niqo thor: he's deaf!
16:52flash No, just confused, I didn't realize he was talking to me...:-)
16:52o_cee that's why he first wrote your nickname you know
16:52o_cee like i didn't
16:52o_cee Niqo: hey
16:52Niqo Hey o_cee, what's up?
16:53flash Hey now, are you expecting me to actually READ the responses to my questions? ;-)
16:53o_cee Niqo: translating myth to swedish.. heh
16:53thor_ beats reading the mailing list
16:53o_cee i don't read it anymore
16:53o_cee it's alot easier to live that way
16:54o_cee me viking, you jane
16:55Niqo hmm, i should probably do norwegian, should be fairly easy, since you've already done most of the work :)
16:55flash You have just moved me one step closer to tossing out my ReplayTVs...
16:55flash Thanks.
16:56thor_ maybe I'll do a Swedish Chef translation, "Vatch de Bouncy TV"
16:56thor_ flash, yup
16:56o_cee thor_: that would be fun
16:56Niqo but, no, i don't care to, there was another norwegian looney toon in here earlier today...
16:58o_cee Niqo: Slaytanic started working on a nifty thing that will search up re-runs (wich you know are all empty here almost (dunno if no is the same)) and fill them in with the description from the showing it's a re-run of, making the mythtv dup code actually work here
16:59o_cee should be easy to get running in .no listnings as well since they're pretty much the same
17:02o_cee i always seem to scare people to silence
17:02Niqo reading up on dpkg-dev, sorry
17:02flash Any idea why I would start getting Seg fault when I try to view the channel guide?
17:03Niqo yea, that's a nifty feature!!
17:03lmatter o_cee, what can I try? (Sorry, putting out fire at work)
17:03--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
17:03o_cee lmatter: sounds fun :)
17:03o_cee lmatter: try the same settings as LiveTV of course
17:03o_cee Niqo: yeah.. and it'll also fill in like "Avsnitt 1 av 50" in the sub-title
17:04o_cee Niqo: and hopefully flag movies with category
17:05--- <--- flash [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
17:05o_cee hehe
17:05Niqo ok, I already have the last two, is he going to submit to xmltv (is it actually in there)?
17:06o_cee nope, it's not in there.. and it's using another script called TV-tabl\xE5
17:06o_cee (not sure if it supports NO)
17:06o_cee but this will use php directly against the db anyway
17:06lmatter o_cee, tried that too. What I want to try is to watch a recording in progress just before it finishes, and see if stuttering starts when it finishes recording.
17:06o_cee this isn't the work of the grabber, the grabber is just supposed to grab the info as it is
17:07o_cee lmatter: just go to live tv and hit r?
17:08o_cee wow, mail to -dev showed up real quick :)
17:08o_cee mdz: response to you btw
17:08o_cee Niqo: what do you parse the movie for?
17:08o_cee Niqo: what characteristic?
17:09o_cee (hey, let us vikings write crappy english, m'kay?) :)
17:10Niqo hu?
17:10o_cee heh
17:10o_cee how do you search the listnings to find movies?
17:13Niqo genre
17:15o_cee uhm
17:16o_cee you mean you search the descs for all possible genres? not just movies that have genres in the desc
17:36Niqo most series have '\.*<genre>serie\.*' so i assume that '\.*<genre>\.*' is a movie, works okay
17:38o_cee oh, allright.. yeah maybe that's true
17:41Niqo how's he doing it?
17:43o_cee php
17:49--- <<-- silly1 [] has quit ("")
17:56Niqo mdz: thanks for including dvb support in the mythtv debs!
17:58Niqo ah, you did that a long time ago :)
17:58--- User: *** solarce[w] is now known as solarce[h]
17:59--- User: *** Ksoze is now known as KeyserSoze
18:33--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:34--- ---> enki [] has joined #mythtv
18:37--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
18:45--- ---> steelep [signwatchr@] has joined #mythtv
18:46--- ---> holger [] has joined #mythtv
18:52o_cee trying to translate
18:53o_cee what does this one mean "Delete oldest over Max" ?
18:53o_cee on adv rec page
18:54--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
18:54steelep checks the max age, then deletes anything older
18:55thor_ 'cept I think it's max _number_, then the oldest
18:55o_cee hmm
18:55thor_ keep 3 most copies of the evening news, if you end up with four delete the oldest
18:55thor_ (I think)
18:55o_cee okay
18:55o_cee yeah, probbly right
18:57--- ---> exism [] has joined #mythtv
19:02Captain_Murdo| o_cee, with that set it will delete the oldest recording when it records a new one and it's over the maxEpisodes. With it unchecked, it will just stop recording new episodes.
19:03Captain_Murdo| that screen needs a help section at the bottom for the various items, or popup context-sensitive help. :)
19:04* enki considers a wireless keyboard as an alternative to a remote/lirc
19:04o_cee ooooh, so yeah okay..
19:04* Captain_Murd reinstalls a fresh copy of Linux on his old work laptop before turning it back in. :) "give it back to them in better conditiion than when I got it since it came with Win2k"
19:04o_cee enki: very wise
19:04o_cee hah
19:04o_cee Captain_Murdoch: yeah a section at the bottom just like all settings have would be great for that screen
19:05o_cee and two pages probably
19:05Captain_Murdo| enki, need both so you don't have to break out the keyboard all the time.
19:05enki well i figure ill use the keyboard for most channel surfing etc...and ill have a usb joystick so i can play two gamers on emu games that need such
19:05Captain_Murdo| o_cee, yeah, I have it on my TODO to take a look at that if I get a chance. :) need to delve into globalsettings.cpp to understand how that all works. I never used Qt until I started messing with Myth a little over a year ago.
19:06o_cee qt seemse pretty easy to use
19:06thor_ globalsettings is easy (just cut and paste)
19:06thor_ ah, but that's not a globalsettings dialog
19:06thor_ nm
19:07o_cee enki: using a wireless keyboard is very nice, then to that i use a MX500 uni remote to emulate the keyboard. works _very_ well
19:07--- <<-- holger [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:07Captain_Murdo| thor, yeah so it'd be a big rewrite of that screen. :)
19:07thor_ yup
19:08o_cee hard to translate now since there's no room for anything
19:08o_cee and the sometimes longs descs i have always pushes everything to hell
19:08Captain_Murdo| o_cee, yeah.
19:08o_cee did you figure out that 1inch darkening?
19:11Captain_Murdo| haven't looked at it yet.
19:11o_cee allright.. shouldn't it just be a flag to the popup constructor to tell it to darken the background? and no, i've not looked at that code at all :)
19:15--- ---> Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:16o_cee wb
19:16o_cee :)
19:17Captain_Murdo| just fired up the laptop.
19:19o_cee :)
19:19o_cee i've got a cat in my lap
19:19o_cee lap != laptop
19:19o_cee laptop != lapdance
19:20o_cee proof that girls are evil:
19:20o_cee girls require time and money..
19:21o_cee girls=time*money
19:21o_cee time is money, therefor:
19:21o_cee time=money
19:21o_cee therefor:
19:21o_cee girls=money*money=money^2
19:21o_cee and we all know that money is the root of all evil
19:22o_cee money = evil^0.5
19:22o_cee and
19:22o_cee girls = evil^0.5^2 => girls = evil
19:22o_cee tadaa
19:22o_cee i'm bored
19:23Prozach Your Analytical mind is trully bewildering
19:23o_cee thanks.
19:23Prozach truely even
19:24o_cee sqrt(evil)^2 maybe looks better..
19:25billytwowilly| the one problem with that is that girls require time AND money.
19:25billytwowilly| thus it's addition.
19:25billytwowilly| not multiplication;)
19:26o_cee that is true
19:26billytwowilly| so you'd get girls= 2*money
19:26billytwowilly| and girls=2 * sqrt(evil)
19:27* billytwowill is cleaning his room.
19:27billytwowilly| normally I wouldn't touch this argument, but hey, it lets me procrastinate on the room cleaning;)
19:28o_cee heheh :)
19:28o_cee 1:30am now.. maybe time to go to bed
19:28billytwowilly| girls are evil sounds so much better than 2 times the root of evil.
19:28o_cee hehe, yeah :)
19:29billytwowilly| if you go to bed I'll have to clean my room :(
19:30o_cee tough one
19:30o_cee thor_: i really need to see what you did with a commit msg like that
19:31--- ---> flash [] has joined #mythtv
19:31--- <--- flash [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
19:37--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
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19:48o_cee gnight
19:48--- <<-- exism [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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20:30--- ---> dinki [] has joined #mythtv
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20:46--- <<-- fulbert [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:51NiteOwl theory: epg osd display hang is due to improper use of osd mythtv api interfaces. BrowseInfo osd displays fine - so I'm examing these two areas of myth for ideas on the bug
20:52NiteOwl anyone else have thoughts on this theory?
20:58josephk Chutt has commented that they do nothing different for the EPG
20:58josephk tmk thought of that a while back
20:59--- <--- dinki [] has left #mythtv ()
20:59josephk have you tried setting the alpha under enable pvr350 output to a higher or lower setting?
21:00NiteOwl josephk: ok, so they covered that theory...
21:00NiteOwl josephk: no, the thought did occur to me to try making it completely opaque
21:00NiteOwl NiteOwl: josephk: have you tried changing it?
21:01josephk no...I have no need
21:01NiteOwl ok, what value would be completely opaque?...
21:01josephk but its there for the changing
21:01josephk don't know...try higher or lower
21:01NiteOwl i'll check the source and try it
21:02josephk you can always check the normal settings with ivtvfbctl
21:02NiteOwl you mean the default settings. I think myth plays with them when you go between tv and gui modes
21:03josephk actually it has no need
21:03josephk but its possible
21:03josephk that could just be the localalpha and globalalpha settings
21:04NiteOwl That's what I'm thinking of, is that how osd is overlayed? or are those different settings?
21:05josephk well if it was you wouldn't see video:)
21:05NiteOwl oh..ok :-)
21:06josephk so I guess it's the same principle as the osd, at least when you specify a different alpha settings to show the epg at the same time
21:06josephk but Chutt says there's nothing special about it
21:07josephk so who the hell knows...unless they take a look for themselves or take Chutt's info
21:07NiteOwl Did Chutt write most of the code?
21:08josephk yeah
21:08NiteOwl The browsinfo display definately has an opaque background, in fact it gets the theme background from somewhere
21:08NiteOwl which code areas?
21:09NiteOwl if you know..probably not
21:10josephk you could look in libmyth for decoder-ivtv files
21:11josephk or videout
21:11NiteOwl I mean which areas did he write?
21:12josephk je pretty much wrote mythtv/mythvideo/parts of mythweb adn mythweather I think
21:12josephk sorry...burping the baby
21:12josephk lol
21:12NiteOwl ahhh :-)
21:14--- ---> Sir-Al [~EXiT@] has joined #mythtv
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21:30--- <<-- nulltank [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:31--- User: *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
21:36NiteOwl josephk: found isaac's most recent checkin of videout_ivtv.cpp...looks like he turned off the program guide on Jan 28 - probably to avoud this
21:37NiteOwl issue with crashes. Yet he also changed one or two lines so that the alpha value is fetched from the PVR350 specific settings
21:37--- ---> exism [] has joined #mythtv
21:38NiteOwl I'm still running Myth 0.14, wonder what would happen if I rebuilt with the latest from CVS, removed his disabling of the epg, and turned off usealpha - might get opaque :-)
21:43--- ---> bdale [~bdale@] has joined #mythtv
21:45--- <<-- enki [] has quit ("Well it sure beats a sharp stick in the eye!")
21:45--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:50josephk I still have the program guide
21:52--- ---> quink [] has joined #mythtv
21:54quink hey, just curious but in the /configfiles dir, i noticed that there is no packard bell remote lircrc file, might you guys be interested in me sharing mine for future releases?
22:14--- ---> flash [] has joined #mythtv
22:14--- <<-- exism [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
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22:53--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:56NiteOwl josephk: you using the pvr350?
22:58NiteOwl josephk: before i go changing code, i will try setting alpha to 0 and also 255 - one might make it opaque.
22:58NiteOwl (gotta wait 6 mins though - recording in progress)
22:59NiteOwl josephk: The code for browseinfo and for display of the epg looks very different to me so far - maybe If I dig enough they both get to the same level of detail
23:07--- <--- quink [] has left #mythtv ()
23:13--- ---> linagee_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:14--- <<-- linagee [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:29--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
23:33--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit (Client Quit)
23:38--- ---> exism [] has joined #mythtv
23:40NiteOwl what tables do i need to modify to kill a currently recording program - I'm getting annoyed with this ui bug that doesn't let me do it
23:42Captain_Murdo| can't do it in a table, the backend sends a message to stop recording.
23:43NiteOwl if I remove the scheduled prog from the database, then restart the backend it won't think it needs to do anything
23:43NiteOwl just want to be sure i touch all the correct tables.
23:44NiteOwl I just hacked it by messing with the clock, then resetting...still curious about the tables though
23:45Captain_Murdo| you said kill though, didn't say you didn't mind restarting the backend. :)
23:45Captain_Murdo| just remove from record table.
23:46NiteOwl :-) ahh ok
23:46NiteOwl what is oldrecord?
23:47NiteOwl err oldrecorded - are they shows that already were recorded?
23:52Captain_Murdo| yes
23:52Captain_Murdo| used to detect duplicates.
---Logclosed Fri Feb 13 00:00:16 2004