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00:14mikegrb this site looks horrible
00:14mikegrb it has the anti-look of sites I like, the dark look common among "1337" sites, and a frik'n webmin module for mythtv?!?!?
00:14mikegrb can we please have iq tests before posting to any list? then there would be no need for seperate lists
00:22thor_ phew, it certainly needs cosmetic changes or a theme option
00:31Chutt heh
00:36Chutt captain_murdoch, what is F1 used for?
00:37Captain_Murdo| some of those v4l color controls right?
00:37Chutt nope
00:37Chutt not any longer
00:37Captain_Murdo| ok, great. I thought I saw those in keys.txt recently but I must be mistaken.
00:37Chutt so, i'm adding f1 as a global help key
00:38Captain_Murdo| can change that legend on playbackbox to use F1
00:38Chutt soon as i finish recompiling everything
00:38Captain_Murdo| or HELP that is. :)
00:38Chutt yup, did that already =)
00:39thor_ oh dear ... shared content server with upnp under Java ....
00:41mikegrb heh
00:42Chutt what the hell was niteowl going on about earlier?
00:50Captain_Murdo| not sure, somehow he can't select stop or delete from the playbackbox evidently. :)
00:59Chutt hrm
01:00Chutt not many patches to apply
01:00Chutt i like this
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03:02Lathi i've got "digital" cable; i guess that means i've got normal analog signals up to channel 1xx and then some digitalized signals for higher channels (notably not hdtv)
03:03Lathi are there any video capture cards that can record this without the use of a set top box?
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05:10o_cee Captain_Murdoch: great work on the adv rec screen, it makes alot more sense now :)
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05:38Spida moin
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09:00Dibblah1_ Hi. I think I found the bug that causes no recorded programs to be displayed with a fresh install from CVS. DisplayRecGroup is set to 'All' rather than 'All Programs' when the DB is first populated.
09:02Dibblah1_ Trying to find where this is set for a patch, unless anyone else has it to hand?
09:06o_cee dbcheck.cpp
09:09Dibblah1_ Thanks. Hmm. In fact, it's not getting set at all. Am I misunderstanding here, or should it be?
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09:12o_cee not sure
09:13o_cee haven't looked at it
09:13Captain_Murdo| that's set wrong in programs/mythfrontend/globalsettings.cpp, the settings page has "All" where I put "All Programs" in the playbackbox page. getting ready to fix now as well as adding the ability to set the default group to Default
09:13Dibblah1_ :) You're all just stars.
09:14Captain_Murdo| good catch.
09:14o_cee should be Default for Default
09:14o_cee blah
09:14mikegrb I have an urge to do do this when reading the -users list
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09:15o_cee Captain_Murdoch: nice touch to adv rec screen, alot better now :)
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09:16rkulagow morning. i committed a change last night on a spelling error type thing (global settings had "launchingthe" - no space). a few of the translation files in i8n had the same as their source. do i need to do anything before committing those?
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09:16o_cee rkulagow: all translation files needs to be updated by the translator
09:16Captain_Murdo| o_cee, thanks. Was David's suggestion I think, I just implemented it.
09:17o_cee the old one will be marked obselete
09:17o_cee it matches it from the original string (very stupid)
09:17o_cee Captain_Murdoch: worked great :)
09:17Captain_Murdo| Dibblah1_: bugfix is in CVS, and your irc nick is in lights in the commit log. :)
09:17o_cee oh so he gets to be in the commits log :P
09:18Dibblah1_ Woo! Now, to track down this issue with 16:9 and 4:3 :)
09:18Captain_Murdo| Dibblah1_: are you running current CVS?
09:18Captain_Murdo| meaning updated within the past 12 hours or so.
09:18Dibblah1_ (4:3 is sometimes with latest CVS getting bordered all-round)
09:18Dibblah1_ 15 minutes ago.
09:19o_cee rkulagow: you could manually change the .ts:es for the translations.. just change the source to your new translation and keep the translation as it is, should probably work..
09:19Captain_Murdo| Dibblah1_: ok, checking. I fixed a few things with the bordering yesterday.
09:19rkulagow o_cee: presumably they didn't make the same spelling error in their own language! but i don'y know what impact it would have if i commit the modules with an updated <source>field
09:19Dibblah1_ It's much better than it was - But some channels (I'm guessing the 704x576 res ones do that)
09:19Captain_Murdo| dvb?
09:19Dibblah1_ Ugh. Need more coffee.
09:19Dibblah1_ Yup.
09:19o_cee rkulagow: no, they probably made it correct.. but now when you changed it the translation won't be found
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09:20o_cee rkulagow: but i'm not sure about it, i'd ask Chutt
09:21Captain_Murdo| Dibblah1_: if you find a bug and a solution, email it to the list and I'll commit it. gotta head to work now.
09:21o_cee i'm off to
09:21o_cee later
09:21Dibblah1_ OK. Thanks for your help!
09:23Matt well, upgrading to 0.14 went smoothly :&)
09:23Matt and knoppmyth works with my setup now too
09:24Matt which is great
09:24Matt now I can watch my recorded shows downstairs
09:24mikegrb :)
09:24Matt ayeaye mike
09:24mikegrb an xbox makes a perfect frontend ;)
09:24Matt hehe
09:25Matt dad's got a P4 1.9GHz laptop with TV out
09:25Matt so I suspect that'll work
09:25mikegrb :)
09:26mikegrb might be a bit slow
09:26mikegrb :p
09:38Spida Matt: which mythtv version does knoppmyth have now?
09:44Niqo .12
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09:54Slaytanic Does anyone know what the "QDateTime::fromString: Parameter out of range" error is caused by? works, I'm getting a TV image, but I can't switch channels when using "live tv" in mythtv. :/
09:54Dibblah1_ You done a mythfilldatabase?
09:54Slaytanic Yeah, lots of insert errors (duplicate entry), so I cleared out the program table and did a new mythfill... No errors.
09:55o_cee Slaytanic: you managed to fix you checkchannel failed?
09:55Slaytanic This error just occured 2 days ago... My Myth box has been working fine for 1-2 weeks, and now suddenly this strange thing happened...
09:55Slaytanic o_cee: Nopes, I think that occurs when scheduled recordings start...
09:56o_cee i'd say take a look at the 'record' table..
09:56Slaytanic How would that affect live tv?
09:57o_cee you said it happened when sched rec starts?
09:57o_cee i still think your channels table is messed somehow
09:58Slaytanic It looks just fine... I haven't changed anyting in it in days, today I added "PAL" to "tvformat" for all channels, but it didn't affect anything...
09:58o_cee should be Default, you set that someplace else.. it's just if it's different
09:58Slaytanic Neither chanid, channum, freqid nor sourceid have changed...
09:58o_cee you checked it for corruption?
09:58Slaytanic Yeah, I know. It was just a test...
09:58Slaytanic The DB? Not yet...
09:59o_cee and --verbose all didn't print anything more about the checkchannel failure right?
10:00Slaytanic You mean mythfrontend --verbose?
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10:01o_cee --verbose all
10:01o_cee at the backend as well
10:01Slaytanic Ok will do, hold on...
10:05rkulagow chutt: around?
10:06Slaytanic o_cee: What the... I restarted mythbackend with --verbose all and suddenly everything works again... EPG, channel switching, everything... Weird, very weird.
10:07Matt Spida, 0.14
10:07Matt in V4R2
10:09o_cee Slaytanic: that's what i told you all along ;D hehehe, now try without --verbose all again.. if it doesn't work then, it's spooky
10:09o_cee Slaytanic: i hope you tried restarting the backend right?
10:12Slaytanic o_cee: Sure did, I stopped mythbackend again and started it the "usual" way, and it seems to work fine now... I had this problem yesterday and tried rebooting the system, but it didn't help... I assumed it was a MythTV<->ivtv issue...
10:13o_cee Slaytanic: well.. just forget about it and be happy ;)
10:15o_cee Slaytanic: more time to play with the script ;)
10:15o_cee you do that while i pay a parkin ticket :/
10:22Slaytanic Ok, have fun. :)
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14:29o_cee Captain_Murdoch: adv rec screen, shouldn't the "Keep max episodes" thingie be disabled if autoexpire is disabled?
14:30o_cee microE: nice host ;)
14:31* o_cee is away, movie time
14:32Chutt hrm
14:32Chutt sounds like zap2it's datadirect service might be moving forward
14:37thor_ really?
14:37thor_ that would be a major hurdle out of a viable commercial product
14:39GreyFoxx What is their data direct service? People can subscribe and grab the listings in a standard unchanging format ?:)
14:40thor_ you pay small amount a month, get an xml feed
14:40GreyFoxx Sweet
14:40GreyFoxx no more xmltv ver xxxx doesn't work any more problems
14:41Chutt pricing and launch date are as yet unknown
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14:41thor_ so they've come to the conclusion that there is no reason _not_ to do it, just haven't decided how/how fast to do it ?
14:42Chutt apparently
14:43GreyFoxx The main problem I see is when Joe User in say New York subscribes, down loads it and allows others to grab it from him instead of buying their own subscription.
14:43thor_ they must see all the hits and scrapes .... and be thinking, "hey, that's just money we're leaving on the table"
14:43GreyFoxx zap2it data "hubs" :)
14:43GreyFoxx thor_: probably :)
14:43thor_ better than getting it scraped day and night for free
14:43thor_ and they would still own the copyright
14:44GreyFoxx true, and even 1 person paying is more than noone paying :)
14:44thor_ so they could go after serious infgingers, if they wanted to
14:44thor_ infringers
14:44GreyFoxx Hopefully they provide a nice reliable service for it. I'd pay a couple bucks a month
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14:45Chutt better data, too.
14:45thor_ oh yeah
14:45Chutt actor info, better categories
14:45thor_ exactly
14:45GreyFoxx probably a lot more yeah
14:45Chutt series/episode info
14:45Chutt no probably about it :p
14:45thor_ proper repeat flags
14:45GreyFoxx I'd love to see something like season/episode numbers :)
14:46thor_ originially aired dates
14:46GreyFoxx It would be pretty sweet.
14:46Chutt downloads an entire day's worth of data _fast_
14:46thor_ no scrape, munge, parse
14:46GreyFoxx hehe no more scraping!
14:47kvandivo most importantly, no more random breakage
14:47Chutt naw, that's not important
14:47thor_ bravo for zap2it, first they played nice with the xmltv folks, and now they're thinking sensibly about how to make money
14:47kvandivo :)
14:53thor_ hmmm ... and vendors could sell boxes with, "6 months of zap2it included free of charge"
14:53thor_ or resell zap2it services under their own brand
14:55GreyFoxx Interesting, my EPG takes a LOT longer to render if I'm not the root user.
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15:03thor_ Chutt, so am I right in thinking that QSqlQuery::bindValue() stuff does all the special character substitutions itself ?
15:15Chutt thor, i believe so
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15:16thor_ certainly seems to ... I'm in the process of ripping out some regexp's and trying on the most diabolical filenames and tags I can think of
15:20Chutt the bind/prepare stuff escapes all 's with \', uses ' as the string delimiter
15:20Chutt and escapes all \s with \\
15:20Chutt so, should work for most everything
15:21thor_ yup, seems to ... really nice :-)
15:21Chutt (QSqlDriver and QMYSQLDriver::formatValue())
15:21Chutt if you have the source
15:21thor_ yup
15:22thor_ once again, thank god for Qt .... although they could be a little clearer about what's going on in the docs
15:22mdz mysql doesn't actually support prepared statements on the server side yet, does it?
15:23thor_ don't think so
15:23thor_ but Qt does it itself if the sql driver doesn't support it natively
15:23Chutt right
15:24Chutt it just treats is as a .arg() or whatnot
15:24Chutt and takes care of escaping strings and other data types for you
15:24thor_ except you can go way over 9 :-)
15:24mdz .arg is limited to 9?
15:24Chutt yeah
15:25mdz I wonder if it lets you substitute the same arg multiple times
15:25mdz I could really clean up the scheduler query with that
15:25mdz and make it faster
15:25thor_ you can do it positionally bindValue(6, "foo"), bindValue(7, "foo")
15:26mdz thor_: but can you then substitute value 6 into multiple places in the query?
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15:27thor_ you 'd do : SELECT ? FROM blah WHERE col1 = ? and col2 = ? and col3 = ?
15:27thor_ bindValue(0, "intid")
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15:27thor_ bindValue(1, some_string);
15:27thor_ bindValue(2, some_string)
15:27thor_ bindValue(3, some_string)
15:28Chutt i like the named way better
15:28thor_ or that
15:28thor_ it's pretty darn cool
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15:55rkulagow chutt: i just got the same email from the zap2it folks.
15:56Chutt yeah
15:56rkulagow chutt: did you see my question earlier about the i8n stuff? there was a typo in some of the help text in globalsettings.cpp; i commited a fix last night. some of the i8n modules have the same error; if i fix it there (by adding the space that was missing), do i need to do anything other than commit?
15:56Chutt figured :p
15:56Chutt if you fix it manually in the .ts files?
15:57mdz rkulagow, Chutt: can one of you forward a copy of this email?
15:57rkulagow chutt: yes.
15:57rkulagow mdz: sure
15:57Chutt rkulagow, that'd work, yeah
15:57Chutt and you can just commit it, or you can run 'lrelease' and regenerate the .qm files
15:57rkulagow mdz: sent
15:58rkulagow chutt: i'll just commit.
16:01Chutt cool.
16:02thor_ What if all (or most) people who already set up a forum, and there are quite a few, come together (well virtually off coarse)?
16:02thor_ heh
16:02thor_ they'd need a forum for that
16:02thor_ or maybe they could do it on the mailing list
16:02thor_ lol
16:06Niqo chutt: how come the b_type stuff in avfd don't use the pts supplied by avc when it's available (seems to work better here, even with playing for hours)?
16:07Chutt look at the source to ffmpeg or ffplay.
16:07mdz rkulagow: thanks
16:07mdz rkulagow: how did you end up on that mailing list?
16:08Chutt signed up for the datadirect beta last year
16:09Niqo k
16:10mdz oh, didn't hear about that
16:10mdz I did GIST
16:10mdz for that week or whatever
16:12Niqo hm, look at the comment for output_picture2, i belive you've made my point
16:12Chutt err, no
16:12Chutt the code in avfdecoder is identical to what's in ffplay.
16:12Niqo yea, but it's only supposed to be used if the pts is omitted from the stream
16:13Chutt err, no
16:14Chutt the comment on top of the function is left over from the old libavformat api.
16:15Chutt comments are meaningless, read what the code is actually doing.
16:21Chutt and anyway, last time you asked about that, i tried it out, and it broke playback for me
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16:33Niqo i don't get why it works better, and why it broke for you, but michael sure knows his stuff :)
16:33Chutt he didn't write the libavformat stuff.
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16:36Niqo the av_seek_frame you mean?
16:37Chutt any of it.
16:40Niqo looked like he was writing a bounch the last time i was subscribed to the ffmpeg-dev list tho..
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17:05shorawitz so, wuts the latest recommendation for gentoo kernel sources these days?
17:06thor_ kvandivo, I think the imperial size for the oil pan lug is actually 1-1/15"
17:06kvandivo no kidding...
17:07kvandivo i thought that fish climbed ladders in red clouds
17:07thor_ seems that colourless green ideas _do_ sleep furiously
17:07mdz thor_: flour patties live healthy sprinklers?
17:08thor_ yesterday
17:08kvandivo we crack ourselves up
17:08dja and others...:)
17:10Omnic thor_: I hate to be picky, but "fix a few things" is really lacking in details.
17:10thor_ heh
17:11thor_ one of those times where I was fixing a bunch of things and couldn't remember what the hell I'd done when I was finished
17:11Omnic it'd be nice to know if what you fixed was ever mentioned on the list as a bug...
17:11Chutt if you don't want to be picky, so, try shutting the hell up?
17:11Omnic what exactly is your problem?
17:11thor_ well, if you look at the commits it was for the mfd, which I suspect about 6 people on planet earth have ever compiled
17:12Chutt a non-developer complaining about someone's commit message for something they're not even using?
17:13Omnic thor_: good, point, I missed that :P
17:13Omnic Chutt: in a community where there are a lot of very intelligent folk, a newcomer is wise to make sure that whatever he submits as a patch is *right*, which is what I'm trying to do.
17:14Chutt uh, no, it looked like you were bitching about thor's commit message for mfd
17:16Omnic fine, remind me never to make any comments again.
17:17* dja bits his tounge
17:17dja s/bits/bites/ sigh, I'll learn to spell some day
17:17kvandivo ^tounge^tongue
17:18* kvandivo smirks.
17:18dja ouch, that hurt...
17:18Niqo time to actually try to figure out why, reading some parts of the mpeg spec should be healthy sometimes..
17:18dja :)
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17:34--- User: *** czn is now known as czzzn
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17:56--- ---> choenig [] has joined #mythtv
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18:09--- User: *** solarace is now known as solarce
18:12--- <<-- linagee_ [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:14o_cee hi all
18:15o_cee the zap2it service doesn't mention swedish listnings, does it? ;)
18:15--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:16o_cee question for you guys; what's the easiest implementation of a binary search tree? linked style or array style? i'm going to write myself an avl-tree.. just want to do it the most simple way there is really :)
18:16Rince this is a philosophical question, right? ;)
18:17o_cee don't see how it could be that? :)
18:17--- <<-- m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:17Niqo changed the code back, and now the decoder start with prebuffering pause after little over an hour
18:18--- ---> Snappi [] has joined #mythtv
18:18Niqo could the cause be that we are not reordering buffers tho?
18:18o_cee Niqo: chutt quit
18:18o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you there?
18:19o_cee thor_: me one of those six people? :)
18:19Niqo ah, didn't notice, thanks, been reading
18:19o_cee :)
18:19Niqo late night work o_cee?
18:20o_cee yeah
18:21o_cee you got any pointers?
18:21Niqo slapper av med en dram og litt mpeg lesing jeg, hmm, p\xE5 en fredag :|
18:22o_cee en dram? what's that?
18:23--- ---> oberman [] has joined #mythtv
18:23--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:25Niqo that stuff that makes your head spin...
18:25Niqo dunno about your linked lists/bin search tree/whatever tho...
18:26Niqo what in that tree anyways? wood? (dooh, that's not funny! :)
18:27o_cee Niqo: oh, never heard that word
18:27o_cee Niqo: it's just a task for a course
18:28o_cee if i'd use it i wouldn't write it myself :)
18:28o_cee but they clearly thinks tha we should have written our own tree at least once, heh
18:33--- <<-- AridWrk [~josh@] has quit ("Leaving")
18:33Niqo ah (not that i've ever done it..)..
18:33o_cee :)
18:33o_cee why would anyone do it, heh
18:34Niqo to learn i guess..
18:36o_cee pita
18:37Snappi will there be problems with mythgame if I use znes insteed of snes9x?
18:38o_cee keep your questions to mythtv-users, no need to ask twice
18:38Niqo can anyone explain why overwriting libmythtv while the frontend is running is corrupting the lib?
18:39--- ---> schwin97 [] has joined #mythtv
18:39--- <--- schwin97 [] has left #mythtv ("Client exiting")
18:40--- <<-- thor_ [~thor@] has quit ("All this beeping is driving me crazy")
18:42--- <<-- Niqo [] has quit ("i don't have sound turned on")
18:43--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
18:46--- ---> thor_ [~thor@] has joined #mythtv
18:48o_cee welcome back
18:48o_cee again
18:48o_cee i'm bored
18:48thor_ make an mfd http interface :-)
18:49o_cee right
18:49o_cee i'll update and look at it
18:49o_cee saw you changed something
18:49thor_ things changing all the time
18:49thor_ :-)
18:50o_cee yeah
18:50o_cee :)
18:50o_cee done alot of http stuff lately tho
18:50--- <<-- Snappi [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:50--- ---> exism_ [] has joined #mythtv
18:51thor_ the http plugin is still a terrible quick hack
18:51thor_ but you could start thinking about what should be there and what it should do
18:51o_cee i thought you knew that :)
18:51thor_ well ...
18:54o_cee whoaow, errors
18:56--- <<-- engie [] has quit (Connection timed out)
18:57o_cee everyone's so quiet today
18:58Niqo thor: wanna correct the repeat_pict calculation in avformatdecoder.cpp in accordance with the comment in avcodec.h:482?
19:00o_cee thor_: i love the code of the html :) everything on one line, muhahahha. anyway.. i'd really want you to mockup what you want.. don't have any ideas really
19:01Niqo the mfd archive displayed in konqueror would be nice :)
19:02--- <--- oberman [] has left #mythtv ()
19:02o_cee that's what the http page will do
19:02Niqo oh
19:02--- <<-- Spida [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:03Niqo hmm
19:03o_cee or does.. just not very nice atm ;)
19:03thor_ o_cee .. well, it should do what it does ... Status, Audio, Video, Images
19:03Niqo oh, so talking about looks then
19:03thor_ just not horrendously ugly
19:03o_cee thor_: right.. i'll see if i can think of something
19:04o_cee what's ufpi?
19:04thor_ ultra fancy pants interface
19:04o_cee oh. neat
19:08--- <<-- enki [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:14--- ---> livesN[box] [] has joined #mythtv
19:16Niqo coool, my backend just crapped out (or the card actually) (in livetv), and my frontend exited and displayed a popup about a problem on the backend ;)
19:16livesN[box] hey guys -- I got everything working except for a.) my sound and b.) -- I need to figure out how to get mythtv's menu on my screen
19:16livesN[box] both issues involve my PVR-350 I think
19:16thor_ o_cee, try it now
19:16livesN[box] if I go to "watch tv" the picture shows up on my tv.. but none of mythtv's menus doe
19:17o_cee thor_: compilin
19:17thor_ k
19:19--- <<-- livesN[box] [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:19--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
19:37o_cee how's previouslyshown in mythconverg.program used?
19:37--- <<-- exism_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:43--- <<-- bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:47--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:48Niqo o_cee: doesn't look like it's used for anything but storage...
19:48Niqo at least from a quick grep of libmythtv/mythbackend/mythfrontend in that order
19:49Niqo does libavcodec always use low_delay?
19:49o_cee allright, maybe the new sched will use it
19:51--- ---> qnetjoe [] has joined #mythtv
19:55--- <<-- mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
20:01Niqo no wonder i was confused about the avfd b_type stuff, i actually thought i was b and b was i...hmmm
20:03Niqo but i still don't get the point of assigning the last non-b-pts to the current non-b-frames
20:07Niqo chutt: for the repeat_pict in avfd, have a look at avcodec.h:482
20:24o_cee Chutt: did you try that keyboard patch thingie?
20:33Captain_Murdo| o_cee, the max episodes thing doesn't have to have autoexpire turned on to work. if you're over the max, it will be expired whether auto expire is on or not.
20:34Captain_Murdo| auto expire means let the program expire if you need disk space.
20:34o_cee ooohhhhuummm.. let me think
20:35o_cee didn't know that
20:35o_cee maybe it should be disabled if global autoexpire is off?
20:35o_cee don't think i got it enabled
20:38Captain_Murdo| yeah, or maybe it should override global expire being off. have to think about that, one of them needs to be fixed probably. bbl, going to dinner now.
20:40o_cee bed soon
20:40o_cee [mythtv] [PATCH] new uitypes and use in the program finder
20:45Chutt niqo, right, but myth needs a tiny bit of support code to handle repeats better
20:45Chutt o_cee, part of that patch is applied
20:45Chutt i'm planning on rewriting the rest of it a little, as i didn't really like how it worked
20:48o_cee Chutt: okay, cool.. just came to my mind
20:48o_cee one of the .pngs looked really crappy tho, the transparent one..
20:48Niqo i see
20:49Niqo chutt, do you know if avcodec always does low_delay (reordering b-frames), or if the flag is needed?
20:49Chutt low_delay means there's no b-frames, afaik
20:50o_cee trans-phoneshell.png.. there's like 'dust' in the image heheh
20:50Chutt anyway, i'm outta here for now
20:50o_cee okay, later
20:51o_cee tiem for bed here
20:52Niqo i'm reading it as it could be b-frames, but that they are certain to be ordered
20:52Niqo but then again, i'm mistaken a lot, later
20:56Niqo anyways, there is definatly something strange with it, my frontend been playing for almost 1 1/2 hour now, and it's not prebuffering anymore, this is with the modified last_p_pts
20:58--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:02--- <<-- Niqo [] has quit ("really sleepy")
21:04--- <--- josephk [] has left #mythtv ()
21:04--- ---> josephk [] has joined #mythtv
21:05--- ---> cfreeze [] has joined #mythtv
21:09cfreeze #mythtv-users seems sorta dead
21:12NiteOwl just built myth, want to run it standalone in it's own directory - I have set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. The backend runs. The frontend can't find it's themes
21:12NiteOwl so...
21:13NiteOwl I rebuilt after modifying PREFIX to point to /usr/share instead of /usr/local/share, still no go...what am i missing
21:13thor_ "want to run it standalone in it's own directory" or you want it to use "/usr/share" ?
21:14NiteOwl i didn't explain well...I want to run my own copy without overwriting the executables and shared libraries. It's ok, if it wants to get theme and setting info from other places
21:14NiteOwl I did not do a make install.
21:15thor_ and how were you expecting theme files to appear in /usr/share ?
21:16NiteOwl /usr/share/mythtv/themes is where atrpms puts them for Mythtv 0.14
21:16NiteOwl so they are there now
21:16thor_ and you are building cvs ?
21:16NiteOwl yes. cvs
21:16thor_ and the theme files have changed ...
21:16--- ---> exism_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:16NiteOwl oh ok. They changed?
21:17thor_ parts of them
21:17NiteOwl is there an environment variable I can set so it will look at the versions I checked out from CVS?
21:17thor_ don't think sp
21:17thor_ so
21:18thor_ should work off your prefix setting
21:18thor_ but trying to run two different versions with two different sets of libraries is an exercise fraught with peril
21:19NiteOwl perhaps...Shouldn't be too bad as long as the right shared libraries are accessible. That's what LD_LIBRARY_PATH is for.
21:19--- ---> G-funk|laptop [] has joined #mythtv
21:19NiteOwl ..unless I'm missing something here...
21:20NiteOwl give me a clue if I'm clueless
21:20thor_ you'd have to keep chaning LD_LIBRARY_PATH and rememering to run ldconfig every time you switched
21:20thor_ changing
21:21thor_ plus you'd be playing havoc with any version changes in the database schema
21:21NiteOwl actually running ldconfig does not seem to be necessary.
21:21NiteOwl true
21:21NiteOwl are there any changes in the schema at the moment?
21:21thor_ mmuisc
21:21thor_ mmusic
21:21thor_ that I'm aware of, don't know about others
21:22G-funk|laptop| can someone tell me how to get a joystick to work with fceultra?
21:22G-funk|laptop| or sdl in general...
21:22NiteOwl ahh ok. I'm not using that at the moment. My main focus is mythTV and I want to track down some annoying issues - like why deleting a program in progress breaks the front and backends
21:23NiteOwl G-funk|laptop: I don't think you are on the right channel. I think there is an sdl channel on one irc server - not sure if it's this one
21:23o_cee NiteOwl: it doesn't :)
21:23cfreeze I've had it crash doing the same, but not always
21:23NiteOwl o_cee: You squished that one ?
21:23cfreeze that was with .13
21:23o_cee NiteOwl: i don't squish things
21:24o_cee but i know it's working ;)
21:24NiteOwl ok, fixed that bug
21:24NiteOwl :-)
21:24NiteOwl I'll try it with my brand new CVS build as soon as I get the frontend to find it's theme
21:26NiteOwl I actually got by the theme location issue by copying them to ~/.mythtv/ I need to sort out finding the menu file: mainmenu.xml
21:29o_cee i've always been using cvs
21:34josephk I tried to not use cvs
21:34josephk just doesn't work out
21:36josephk hmmm...don't you just love when you change channels and it pauses on the last image from the previous channel
21:37josephk I now realize why most digital boxes show black in between
21:37josephk people can make some scary faces
21:37josephk hehe
21:38NiteOwl ahh: found it. The environment variable I need is MYTHTVDIR
21:39NiteOwl nope actually...
21:42--- ---> DJ_Rican [] has joined #mythtv
21:43DJ_Rican hello ppl
21:43--- <--- DJ_Rican [] has left #mythtv ()
21:44--- ---> DJ_Rican [] has joined #mythtv
21:45NiteOwl actually that was it :-) export MYTHTVDIR="/usr" - only needed /usr not /usr/share
21:48Chutt josephk, i've found that channel changes feel like they take longer if it's just displaying black
21:51josephk some things just shouldn't be displayed that when you're trying to escape from kathy lee gifford's's not right
21:52josephk I can understand how it would look longer especially since the next channel is showed buffering
21:53josephk shown
21:53--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:53josephk maybe we can play a game in between channel changes. that would make it seem like less time
21:54josephk hehe
21:54thor_ Amiga boing ball in the osd
21:54Chutt easiest way to make the channel changes faster is use an analog card
21:55thor_ glMap the fast frame of the channel your leaving onto one fact of the boing ball ... have it bounce around the screen .... when the next channel is ready map it to another facet and zoom out to live
21:55Chutt heh
21:56josephk I was only comparing to digital...not using it
21:56thor_ fun fun fun
21:56Chutt yea, i know
21:56josephk I don't really care either way
21:56josephk I'm not going to complain about the time delay either
21:57josephk its definitely liveabl
21:57josephk e
21:57NiteOwl o_cee: I just tested trying to delete a program while recording it...for me at least, it seems to still lose connection to the backend
21:57josephk but you do have to admit, that if you're watching something incriminating, your wife has plenty of time to see it...haha
22:00Chutt niteowl, i'm unable to reproduce that.
22:00josephk had that problem on the old box
22:02josephk that and the epg crashing the box, watching a recording killing it, etc
22:03Chutt so, ivtv problems
22:04NiteOwl josephk: what is the diff between your new box and the old one
22:04NiteOwl Chutt: sounds like ivtv problems
22:05Chutt no, the two things he mentioned are ivtv problems
22:05Chutt no 'sounds like' about it :p
22:06NiteOwl ok. Who is working on those? Do you know?
22:06--- ---> McQuaid [] has joined #mythtv
22:06Chutt the ivtv driver guy?
22:07NiteOwl yeah him. From the list it looks like Chris and Matthias and perhaps Derek. Anyone else you know of I should contact if I'm interested in helping
22:07Chutt um
22:07McQuaid anyone use xinerama with nvidia's twinview? my understanding is that with twinview neither screen get hardware overlay so kinda makes using xinerama with nvidia and myth useless no?
22:08Chutt it's kevin thayer.
22:08Chutt as it says on the ivtv website.
22:08NiteOwl ok, I'll contact him. Thanks.
22:08Omnic McQuaid: hmm? I do
22:08Chutt mcquaid, xinerama's a broken idea anyway, so using it in general is rather useless
22:08Omnic McQuaid: not with myth though
22:09McQuaid omnic so you use twinview and use myth's xinerama abilities and have hardware overlay on the tv?
22:09Omnic < Omnic> McQuaid: not with myth though
22:09McQuaid ah
22:10Omnic at work, I use an nvidia card for dual head... it sucks
22:10McQuaid well i'd like to have hardware overlay, opengl to be functional on both the monitor and tv and for that i read just simply activate tv out but then the monitor has to run at 60hz
22:10McQuaid so then i thought about randr and if i could switch from 85 to 60 on the fly for tv out
22:11McQuaid in the end, i'm confused about what option to use for tv out and myth
22:12McQuaid if i set up 2 x servers i've read only the first has hardware overlay so I'd think to make the tv the first, not sure what limitations that poses on the monitor being the 2nd connection
22:12Omnic perhaps your problem is related to the topic
22:13McQuaid i know, i know, just seeing what other people use, not directly asking 'how do i fix this, it's broke' questions
22:21Chutt hrmph
22:21--- <<-- exism_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:21Chutt bruce's new recording type is fucking things up
22:21Snow-Man So fire him. :)
22:22Chutt heh
22:22josephk hire him, then fire him
22:23Snow-Man Chutt: That's not the fucknut from the mailing list, is it?
22:23Chutt naw
22:23Snow-Man Oh, good. :)
22:23Chutt bruce has write access
22:24thor_ which fuck nut were you refering to ?
22:24Snow-Man ah, so you're saying he busted cvs. :)
22:24josephk noooo
22:24Snow-Man thor_: I dunno, that guy who got kicked off the list.
22:24thor_ ah
22:24thor_ I miss stan
22:24josephk cvs busted? cool, let me update
22:24josephk hehe
22:24Chutt it's been broken for a little while
22:25Chutt ever since he reordered the order of recording types
22:25thor_ Snow-Man, ah you mean the pro-White Male anti-anti-drug fuck nut ?
22:26Snow-Man thor_: I guess, Chutt would know better, he's the one who pointed him out to me, I don't actually follow the lists at all. :)
22:26thor_ wise
22:26Snow-Man I'm on plenty of lists already. :)
22:26Snow-Man Besides, I just bug Chutt if I run into problems. :)
22:28Chutt that was brad allen
22:28Chutt not bruce :p
22:29Snow-Man Sorry, they both started with br. :)
22:29Chutt ah, fixed the problem.
22:30Snow-Man Chutt rocks. :)
22:31Chutt 'course i do
22:31Chutt heh
22:32Chutt 'want some rye? 'course ya do!'
22:32Snow-Man hehe
22:33thor_ that rye is sure strong stuff
22:33Chutt wonder if i have the discs for that game anymore
22:33--- ---> haxwell [~jeff@] has joined #mythtv
22:40--- <<-- McQuaid [] has quit ("Client exiting")
22:42--- <<-- qnetjoe [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:06--- <--- haxwell [~jeff@] has left #mythtv ("...")
23:13--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
23:22--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
23:24--- <<-- FryGuy- [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:25--- ---> FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
23:29--- User: *** solarce is now known as koudesntr
23:32--- User: *** koudesntr is now known as solarstnr
23:34--- User: *** solarstnr is now known as solarce
23:35--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
23:35billytwowilly| thor_: hehehe best commit message ever: "The extent of my stupidity is almost incomprehensible"
23:35billytwowilly| ;)
23:38--- ---> vuud [] has joined #mythtv
23:48--- ---> linagee [] has joined #mythtv
23:49--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Lost terminal")
23:52vuud Can anyone point me at development docs for mythtv? I am trying to write a small reporting utility and would like to find more information on the mythlibs and if they could be of use to me
23:52--- ---> littlezoper [] has joined #mythtv
23:53--- <--- littlezoper [] has left #mythtv ("wrong channel...see you in #mythtv-users :P")
23:53thor_ I should really get some sort of prize for that one
23:53solarce for what?
23:53cmorgan vuud: i don't believe such a thing exists. reading the code is probably your best bet
23:53thor_ <billytwowilly> thor_: hehehe best commit message ever: "The extent of my stupidity is almost incomprehensible"
23:53solarce werd
23:54vuud cmorgan, okay
23:54cmorgan vuud: i mean if you are able to write code you should be able to look around and read the code. do you have any specific questions?
23:56vuud cmorgan, yes I can understand code. Its nice to have some docs to look through... like javadocs or something. No specific questions now - mostly I am going after the database anyway
23:56cmorgan vuud: its just sql using some qt sql interface
23:57vuud cmorgan, yeah I know that. I was wondering if DAO's or anything were available from the libs already. No sense in re-inventing the wheel if they were.
23:57--- <<-- jams [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
23:59* solarce pokes around in mythplugin.cpp
---Logclosed Sat Feb 14 00:00:57 2004