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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-02-14

---Logopened Sat Feb 14 00:00:57 2004
00:01Omnic thor_: yes, I did chuckle at that one.
00:02thor_ something like four commits to keep track of adding and subtracting from a single variable
00:02thor_ very, very stupid
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00:12Chutt wonder how pahli_bar's doing
00:12Chutt and if he's had time to work on the ui scroll view thingie
00:12thor_ haven't seen him in ... couple of days I think
00:12Chutt yeah, he said he'd be busy this week
00:13thor_ nice if it was done, starting writing an mfd speaking client tomorrow
00:13Chutt neat.
00:13thor_ finally
00:14Chutt i may get some code written this weekend
00:14Chutt but, it's looking like i'll be fairly busy
00:14thor_ have some of the transcode/ripping plugin done, but need enough of a client so I can figure out how to deal with user input
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00:14Chutt what user input?
00:15thor_ do you want to import this CD?
00:15Chutt ah
00:15Chutt i figured that the frontend would just send commands 'bout that
00:15thor_ yeah
00:15Chutt give it a list of which tracks and associated metadata, etc
00:15thor_ but have to have enough of a client to fiddle with so my tiny brain can understand the steps
00:16Chutt start with the existing mythmusic source, etc
00:16thor_ yup
00:24thor_ lol
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00:24thor_ Mr. Hinkle is not the brightest bulb on the tree
00:25cmorgan heh
00:26cmorgan i like the reply ;-)
00:26thor_ heh
00:27thor_ spells almost as badly as stan
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00:28Omnic thor_: like your vs. you're ? (my pet hate)
00:28thor_ woud
00:28cmorgan hah
00:29cmorgan better woud than wood
00:29thor_ buidling
00:29thor_ iin
00:29thor_ but the whole thing about cat'ing /dev/video to a file and getting a blank screen
00:30cmorgan heh
00:30cmorgan i'm surprised he didn't try cat test.mpg > /dev/video16 and ask why that didn't work
00:30cmorgan i'd imagine he's all set now though
00:31thor_ two things that always amaze me about -users list
00:31thor_ 1) the number of people who haven't even done a cursory search of the archives
00:31thor_ 2) how many people can't seem to get lirc working
00:31Chutt lirc is setup pretty poorly
00:32Chutt they haven't put out a release in _forever_
00:32cmorgan its also very difficult to get both a remote AND a ir blaster working under lirc
00:32thor_ that I can understand
00:32cmorgan lirc has a poor ratio of users to developers
00:32thor_ but if you follow the lirc docs, it's really very simple
00:32cmorgan so its not like they can help it
00:33thor_ to set up a basic remote
00:33Chutt well, there's the confusion over what version to use
00:33Chutt since you need a prerelease for the pvr carsd
00:33thor_ I guess
00:33Chutt cards
00:33thor_ huh
00:34thor_ I am using 0.6.6 with a PVR-250 and a grey hauppauge remote
00:34Chutt no you're not :p
00:34duende winfast tv 2000 xp deluxe remotes only work fully with cvs or 0.70 pre-release
00:34Chutt it's only in 0.70 prereleases that they fixed the driver to understand the grey remote
00:35thor_ well, dunno what to tell you ...
00:35Omnic my bloody remote has left and right mapped to the same signal as chan up/down. *mutteR*
00:35thor_ checking
00:35thor_ yup
00:36thor_ 0.6.6
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00:36thor_ root@office:/usr/local/src/lirc-0.6.6# lircd --version
00:36thor_ lircd 0.6.6
00:37thor_ works just fine
00:37Chutt funky
00:37Chutt it shouldn't =)
00:37cmorgan slashdot article "Desktop Linux Share Overtaking Macintosh", wow, what a surprise
00:38thor_ little crappy thing plugged into the middle of the PVR card, grey remote
00:38thor_ ah ha!
00:38thor_ it's a Pinnacle grey remote
00:38thor_ nm
00:39thor_ so many of these damn things lying around
00:39Chutt heh
00:40thor_ anyway, that's my point .... I never remember anything about setting up lirc because it always takes all of about 4 minutes. Guess I've been lucky
00:42Chutt yeah, i've never had a problem with it
00:43Chutt except when the debian packages weren't buildable
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01:30Netslayer what's the status of the scheduler? I was reading some dev posts, is it somewhat stable?
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01:36Chutt what's in current cvs works fine
01:36Chutt no major changes yet
01:37Netslayer auh so i should update one of these days then, before the madness begins :-)
01:37thor_ madness?
01:37Netslayer i read the scheduler is going to overhauled in phases
01:37Netslayer can imagine what fun it will be
01:37thor_ heh
01:38thor_ about two months ago I glanced at some of the SQL in there
01:38thor_ mind boggling
01:38Netslayer actually is manual recording broken because for the life of me lately when it mysteriously misses recordings, manual record doesnt do anything
01:38Netslayer heh prob scare me even more
01:40Netslayer and NBC really pisses me off with all their weird start and stop times
01:40thor_ super sized Friends ?
01:41Netslayer ya it makes it hard to schedule other things around it
01:41Netslayer but for some reason the last 3 apprentices haven't been recorded, scheduler bug or just my machines
01:42Netslayer I actually reformatted the hd's (not root) and reduced my RAID to 2 drives, works great now, no more PCI bandwidth problems that i can see, and i had a faulty ata controller heh so no more errors in my logs about CRC and Seeks
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01:54CotMan looking for a forum where there is discussion of well supported Linux hardware to use with Linux in Video Capture from cable... Google provide many hits, suggestions for keywords to limit search would be appreciated
01:54CotMan (and have it work with mythtv)
01:54CotMan TIA
01:57Captain_Murdo| keyword to use is #mythtv-users (with and without the # for the mailing list and the irc channel)
01:59CotMan perfect. Thanks!
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01:59thor_ that was too easy
02:00Captain_Murdo| Chutt, the end to your dark-show commercial detection problems could be near if the shows have logos. I have the logo detection code working pretty good. just flagged Star Trek from some Gernam station and it was exactly right on and works very well on a few other U.S. cable broadcasts I've tested.
02:00Captain_Murdo| thor_: yeah.
02:00thor_ wow
02:00thor_ logo detection code
02:01Rince damned I hate the ivtv-wiki... it doesn't work well with mozilla
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02:03Captain_Murdo| yeah, it jumps through the video to a bunch of places and scans for 10 seconds at each spot looking for what looks to be a logo. it then takes the info from all those spots and sees if there's a consistent logo in 2/3 of the 12 spots scanned. then it takes that logo information and uses it as it scans the whole video. it uses a mask and checks the average brightness of pixels within the mask compared to pixels outside the mask.
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02:04thor_ does it concentrate on corners ?
02:04Rince Captain_Murdoch: sounds like a good idea, especially since the logos are to change every second year (at least in .de)
02:04Captain_Murdo| one small problem arises when they start the logo late or end a second or two early. that could be fixed by searching for blank frames or soemthing around where it starts/stops or using the rewind feature.
02:06Captain_Murdo| thor_: it scans the whole frame when it's trying to determine what the logo looks like and where it's at. once it knows where it's at and it starts scanning the whole video then it only checks a box around the location of the logo so it's pretty quick. slows down as the logo gets larger or contains more pixels, but I'm trying to speed that up as well. on my Athlon 1300, it was doing 300fps on a CBS show last night, on the german
02:06Captain_Murdo| it was doing only 175 or so because the logo was much bigger so more pixels to test.
02:06Chutt captain_murdoch, that would be excellent
02:07thor_ exceedingly cool
02:07Captain_Murdo| Going to make a new detection method using just Logo for now and then try to get an "All methods" method working that uses all available info to get the best marks.
02:08Chutt how well's it deal with transparent logos?
02:08Captain_Murdo| cbs's is fairly transparent. it looks at the average brightness so it shouldnt' matter if it's transparent or not because the logo is always brighter.
02:08Chutt ah
02:08Chutt cool.
02:09Chutt and yeah, i was thinking of cbs's logo
02:09Captain_Murdo| gets a mask of the pixels in the logo and performs an average of the pixel brightness of the pixels in the mask and around the mask (a border 2 pixels around the mask)
02:10Chutt so can you recreate the logo later? =)
02:10Captain_Murdo| need to test it on color logos like VH1, I seem to remember it didn't do as well on that when I started coding this last fall.
02:10Captain_Murdo| it's kinda fuzzy but it has the basic shape. so not for display if that's what you mean. since it uses brightness to find the logo sometimes it isn't the exact shape, but enough to deetect later.
02:11Captain_Murdo| detect even.
02:12Chutt i was just curious
02:12r00fus are you trying to eliminate the logos from tv shows?
02:12r00fus like tv before 95?
02:12Chutt as to how accurate the internal representation is
02:12Chutt r00fus, err, no.
02:12thor_ slap a MythTV logo on top perhaps ?
02:12thor_ heh
02:14Captain_Murdo| I don't have a snapshot of the CBS logo, but here's what it detected in a couple other shows I am using to test.
02:15Captain_Murdo| r00fus: no, just detect commercials using logos.
02:15Chutt that's pretty cool
02:15Chutt someone give you example programs to test with or something?
02:15Captain_Murdo| the 1's are the pixels in the logo and the 2's and 3's are the 2-pixel wide border it uses.
02:16Captain_Murdo| I looked at some writeups by a few people on the net and a little code by some guy to get some ideas, but I haven't seen any actual code run that detects them other than this.
02:16Rince ah, Kabel1 and Pro7 ;)
02:17Captain_Murdo| has some info and source for a windows program but it doesn't look like it does much.
02:18Chutt very cool.
02:18Chutt when's it going to be in cvs? =)
02:19Captain_Murdo| just updated the webpage with a detected logo from CBS. since CBS does shading on theirs, it doesn't show the full logo, only the portions significantly brighter than the area around them.
02:20Captain_Murdo| hopefully by the end of the weekend, but that means sometime Sunday. wife would kill me if I spent the 14th working on Myth. :)
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02:20Chutt oh yeah
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02:20Captain_Murdo| Rince, so the first is Kabel1 and the 2nd is Pro7 ??
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02:23r00fus is axel's server down?
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03:15Chutt thor's workin
03:22thor_ heh
03:22thor_ going to bed now
03:22Chutt i just finished porting the uilistbtntype to an osd type
03:22Chutt well, 'finished' in that it compiles cleanly
03:22Chutt still untested =)
03:23thor_ wow
03:23thor_ cool
03:23thor_ really need to think about UI now ...
03:23Chutt workin on getting menus going
03:23Chutt so you can send messages to the frontend to popup stuff :p
03:23thor_ hurray!
03:24thor_ put in a blank cd-r doofus!
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03:24Chutt well, that's really a different thing than the listbtn
03:24Chutt but, that too =)
03:24thor_ yeah
03:25thor_ keeps making my head swim
03:25thor_ whenever I think about it
03:25thor_ what's "on" and what's in the menu
03:25thor_ bah
03:25thor_ well, hmph
03:26thor_ anyhooo, I gotta sleep
03:26Chutt same
03:26Chutt g'nite
03:26thor_ yup
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04:13Sir-Al ok i'm not getting this backend and frontend stuff
04:13Sir-Al what is the purpose of the backend? for capturing?
04:14Sir-Al those dirs in the settings/config on the front end, what machine do those refer to?
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09:20dja_ Captain_Murdoch: you around?
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10:27thor_ o_cee, that fixed it ?
10:28thor_ may be a gcc version thing ...
10:42Captain_Murdo| dja, am now but not for long.
10:43dja_ just wondering if I'm the only one having troubles with the delete button still...:-)
10:43Captain_Murdo| I'm testing something with that right now to see what's going on.
10:43Captain_Murdo| just saw the email on the list. is that you?
10:43dja_ cool...I thought maybe I had messed something up...yup - I'm Dave Alden
10:44Captain_Murdo| ok. I'm compiling a debug version now with some cerr's in it so I can see what's going on.
10:44dja_ me too...:-)...but I suspect you'll figure it out much quicker than I will...:)
10:47kvandivo i think that having that 'delete but rerecord' button might have exposed some underlying issues with the duplicate detection that might have been slipping under the radar before
10:48dja_ that's a good thing (that it exposed a possible bug :)
10:50dja_ the interesting thing I'm seeing is that my dupmethod is 15 -- that doesn't seem like a valid number. :)
10:50Captain_Murdo| yeah, it's a bug in the dup detection I think somewhere. for some reason dupmethod is 15 when I print it in that function. 15 is invalid but it has bit 1 set which means no dup checking.
10:50Captain_Murdo| :) seeing the same thing. :)
10:50dja_ wow, you type fast :)
10:50Captain_Murdo| you just typed faster.
10:50Captain_Murdo| or hit enter faster.
10:50dja_ :)
10:51Captain_Murdo| in the db my dupmethods are 1 or 6.
10:52dja_ mine are all 6.
10:54Captain_Murdo| I have one show with no dupchecking.
10:56dja_ dupmethod also has bit 4 set, is that bit used somewhere?
10:56Captain_Murdo| it works differently for shows with no recordid set in recorded. checking mainserver.cpp now to see what values it's filling in for dupin and dupmethod when the frontend requests the list of recordings.
10:57Captain_Murdo| bit 4 isn't used, 1 is none, 2 is sub, 3 is desc. probably should have changed the patch so none was 0.
10:57* Captain_Murd makes a note on his TODO to look into that.
11:00Captain_Murdo| think I found the bug. compiling now.
11:01dja_ yea...:)
11:01Captain_Murdo| yeah, some "query.value(17)" index counts were off in mainserver.cpp.
11:01Captain_Murdo| 16,17,18 should have been 17,18,19.
11:01dja_ oops
11:01Captain_Murdo| the 15 was coming from the dupin field which is 15 meaning "all locations"
11:02* kvandivo wonders to himself if qt db query code supports query by column name instead of column number.
11:02Captain_Murdo| would be nice.
11:03thor_ eh ?
11:03* Captain_Murd doesn't know enough about Qt to know cause this is the first Qt program he's worked on.
11:03Captain_Murdo| thor_: the query.value(17) type items.
11:03thor_ ah, the responses
11:03thor_ err, results
11:04Captain_Murdo| would think there would be a way to get a QMap back or something.
11:04thor_ I don't think there is
11:04kvandivo i know in java i can request the equivalent of value(17) or value("idColumn").. i'm also pretty well a qt virgin, though
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11:07Captain_Murdo| cvs updated.
11:07dja_ thnx
11:10dja_ from the qt docs "For the sake of efficiency there are no methods to access a field by name"
11:10dja_ efficiency...yeah, right....:)
11:11thor_ it gets pretty hairy with all the types
11:11dja_ further reading states that the "QSqlCursor class does provide a method to access fields by name.
11:12thor_ what should QSqlQuery::getResultByColumnName("my_column") return? pointer to *void ?
11:12dja_ ok, you win. :)
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11:13Captain_Murdo| ptr to string which can be converted to int using ToInt(). :)
11:13Captain_Murdo| have to do that anyway with the query.value(1) stuff.
11:13thor_ well, I suppose it could .... and then you'd do QSqlQuery::getResultByColumnName("my_column")->toInt()
11:13thor_ heh
11:13thor_ yup
11:13Captain_Murdo| but at least you could use colum names.
11:14thor_ MythSqlQuery class anyone ?
11:14thor_ :-)
11:15dja_ anyone want to rewrite the QSqlQuery's as QSqlCursor's? :)
11:17dja_ cm: thanks -- now I can delete all of the shows from last night (my pvr250 screwed up)
11:18* Captain_Murd decides not to change dupCheckNone to 0 just yet since 0 is the value when there's no dupin/dupmethod info available so issameprogram() falls through and returns true which is probably a good idea.
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11:33r00fus this is strictly for development talk?
11:33thor_ or economic theory
11:34dja_ check the topic
11:34r00fus my view of the invisible hand is that it displaces the need for government reg of economic markets
11:34dja_ ok thor, you started it. :)
11:34thor_ odd to have a view of something that is invisible
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12:53Chutt neat
12:53Chutt the osdlistbtntype works =)
12:55Chutt 'course, controls aren't hooked up or anything
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13:12thor_ yeah commits
13:18rkulagow_ so our crappy little 19" TV has finally broken, and the wife says "lets get a new tv and move the upstairs tv downstairs". uh, "ok!". so best buy has the consumer reports #1 rated 36" for $599; sears has it for $649 + free financing for 1 year. plus they'll do a price match and give you 10% of the difference. guess i'm going to sears today. what a nice valentines day present.
13:21Captain_Murdo| I've been using a TV with a broken tuner for about 4 years now. tuner died on it and my grandmother was going to throw it away. use A/V cables for sat dish, vcr, Myth. guess yours is worse than that though. :)
13:22rkulagow_ yeah - the first channel that will tune is 7, and the A/V input doesn't work either
13:22* Captain_Murd thinks about the fact that 36" is almost double the previous 19".
13:23rkulagow_ it will be craptacular!
13:23thor_ HD?
13:23rkulagow_ nope. don't have it HD cable or anything like that. i haven't checked the price premiums on HD yet.
13:24thor_ I was just thinking the other day it would be nice to play with a pcHDTV card
13:24thor_ but I have no idea what the HD premium for a tube display is
13:24thor_ don't really know very much about televisions
13:25rkulagow_ the premium is still high. 36" toshiba for $599 vs. 32" sanyo HD for $700
13:25thor_ ah
13:25rkulagow_ (for best buy's in consumer reports)
13:25thor_ well, not insane
13:25Captain_Murdo| worth it if the HD has VGA input.
13:25--- <<-- jams [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
13:26thor_ + 200 for a pcHDTV card ... but you could probably convince them to comp you one
13:27Captain_Murdo| I'm just going to splurge on a projector someday. <echo volume=-1>someday</echo <echo volume=-2>someday</echo
13:28thor_ yup
13:28Captain_Murdo| although for some reason my wife thought that meant getting rid of the small 21" set in the living room. :) I told her why waste the projector on Trading Spaces, save it for movies. :)
13:28thor_ I've got a couple of those lying around for various work related things ...
13:29thor_ but never quite figured out how to get one into the living room
13:29thor_ without having cables dangling from the ceiling
13:29thor_ :-)
13:29rkulagow_ rip out the ceiling, of course!
13:30Captain_Murdo| considering hiding a rolldown screen behind a curtain valance. I used to work as an electrician so wiring is the easy/cheap part.
13:30thor_ heh ... the ceiling is 100 years old
13:30rkulagow_ buy a new house!
13:30Captain_Murdo| run it through those cheap X10 video sender units. ;)
13:30rkulagow_ you know, think outside the box here, thor.
13:30thor_ power supply ?
13:30rkulagow_ no, get a video over cat5 converter module.
13:31Chutt captain_murdoch, come rewire my house for me
13:31Captain_Murdo| with the room painted black, noone will notice the wires stapled to the walls.
13:31thor_ lol
13:31thor_ hmmm black duct tape
13:32rkulagow_ also, lesson learned. the windows 2000 services for unix NFS server is not good enough for video. found that out after discovering that mythtv had the first 3 minutes of friends and the first 10 minutes of survivor. the wife was not pleased.
13:32Captain_Murdo| Chutt, I'm backlogged here. I haven't got around to running the ethernet under the house. Still have a cable running down the hall and under the living room throw-rug across to the mythbox there. Just because it's easy doesn't mean I'm not lazy. ;)
13:32Chutt heh
13:32Captain_Murdo| wife isn't too happy about the cable but she loves Myth too much to complain.
13:33Chutt we're doing the basement, and the electrical box too much of a mess for me to be comfortable working in it
13:33Chutt hrm, i missed an 'is' in there somewhere
13:33Captain_Murdo| rkulagow_: thanks, good info. we debated trying that out for something at work but I'll keep that in mind.
13:33Captain_Murdo| new subpanel or main?
13:33Chutt main
13:34Chutt there's enough room, breaker-wise in there
13:34rkulagow_ i hope TMS gets the DD stuff figured out soon. i've been building myth boxes for friends, but will feel more comfortable once XMLTV isn't going to be an issue.
13:34Chutt just too many old wires are still in that someone never removed when they changed stuff around before we bought the place
13:34Captain_Murdo| yeah, those can be a pain sometimes. mine in this house is too small. had to put in a couple of those mini-breakers when I added the upstairs room above the garage. not under-powered, just under-sized.
13:35Chutt rkulagow, would be nice
13:35thor_ would be _very_ nice
13:35rkulagow_ i wonder how many "mythtv boxes for sale" messages will start coming out if DD is available.
13:35thor_ more
13:35thor_ 'fer sure
13:36thor_ if they can put some kind of unique key for program name and/or episode, that's the input side of the whole collaborative filtering thing solved, at least for NA
13:37Chutt episodes have unique ids
13:37rkulagow_ 250GB for $129 at dell small business
13:37Chutt series have unique ids
13:37rkulagow_ (after rebates and stuff)
13:37thor_ sublime
13:37Chutt episodes link back to the series id in the episode tag
13:38thor_ solved problem :-)
13:38rkulagow_ it would be nice to have a "sort on episode number" so that you can get a whole season of whatever and watch in episode order rather than broadcast order
13:38thor_ season pass
13:38thor_ done
13:39rkulagow_ things like buffy, etc, where starting in the middle might be confusing
13:39Chutt rkulagow, i dunno if the episode ids are in order
13:39Octane another mythtv on ebay
13:39rkulagow_ well, we'll see what happens next week. tribune is right here in chicago...
13:40Chutt 'course, they didn't say they were launching the service
13:40thor_ just that they can't see a reason not to ?
13:40Chutt just seems like they're getting it moving a little bit more
13:40rkulagow_ yeah, but it seems silly to go through all this and then not do it.
13:40rkulagow_ there was a huge "dry spell" there for a while
13:41Chutt i did just try my account the other day =)
13:41Chutt still works, and they've updated their site a bunch
13:41rkulagow_ ok, got to feed the baby and purchase a new TV. maybe i'll setup a paypal link so you guys can help me pay for it.
13:41Chutt heh
13:42thor_ pay for the baby ?
13:42rkulagow_ also, chutt, you don't care what i use to write the user guide, right? i'm working in OpenOffice so I can wysiwig the graphics and such.
13:42--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
13:43Chutt naw, not at all
13:43Chutt i think it'd be nice to have an html formatted version for the website, but that doesn't say anything about the initial format =)
13:49rkulagow_ i thin OO has pdf and html outputs built-in
13:50rkulagow_ bbl
13:58Rroet hi all
13:58o_cee thor_: yeah, i haven't been able to kill it yet
13:58o_cee thor_: next/prev doesn't work, and it doesn't list my playlist.. but playing files works :)
14:02o_cee Captain_Murdoch: do you want sample clips from some swedish channels?
14:02o_cee for the logo detection
14:02thor_ next and prev only work on playlists
14:02thor_ and playlists are just being fixed
14:02o_cee okay then :)
14:02thor_ everything go back and forth to iTunes ok ?
14:03o_cee gcc (GCC) 3.2.3 20030422 (Gentoo Linux 1.4 3.2.3-r3, propolice)
14:03o_cee seemed like it
14:03thor_ 3.2.2 here
14:03o_cee maybe i should just share a small amount of files, easier to see if anything
14:03o_cee 's wrong
14:03--- <<-- Niqo [] has quit ("server# emerge unmerge gentoo; apt-get debian;")
14:03thor_ you should get time and size in iTunes now
14:03o_cee lemme check
14:03thor_ including for a cd if you pop one in
14:04o_cee no cd-rom :/
14:04thor_ oh yeah
14:05o_cee 14/Feb/2004-20:05:10: daap server plugin map the md5 checksum relationship between "GET /update?session-id=1025202362&revision-number=1 HTTP/1.1" and "AF9F628D4516B255F4E19A667572E6D3", win a prize
14:05o_cee wth? :)
14:05o_cee i won something? muhaha
14:05thor_ stupid apple security through obscurity
14:06thor_ it's just an md5 checksum (or something like that)
14:06thor_ but no one's been able to reverse it yet
14:06Rroet video root # gcc --version
14:06thor_ it'll happen
14:06Rroet gcc (GCC) 3.3.2 20040119 (Gentoo Linux 3.3.2-r7, propolice-3.3-7)
14:06o_cee maybe time for emerge sync
14:07Rroet o_cee: for gcc ?
14:07o_cee yeah
14:07Rroet I'm running ~x86.. just so you know
14:07o_cee me too
14:07Rroet then you're outdated about 3 months ;)
14:07o_cee yeah, guess so :)
14:07Rroet btw, offtopic:
14:08o_cee thor_: actually nothing shows up in itunes.. lemme restart mfd
14:08thor_ eh?
14:08thor_ same lan ?
14:08o_cee yeah
14:09o_cee it shows the share but nothing in it
14:09o_cee hold on
14:09thor_ wait
14:09thor_ that's the digest stuff ... takes a while at startup ....
14:09o_cee oh
14:09o_cee talk to you later
14:10thor_ idea is that the mfd will be running all the time, so startup penalties are better than slow use
14:10o_cee yepp
14:10o_cee tiem for the grand finale of our "survivor"
14:10thor_ k, later
14:10o_cee yep
14:10NiteOwl whay is mfd?
14:11NiteOwl what is mfd?
14:11thor_ myth frontend daemon
14:11Rroet daemon ?
14:12thor_ nicely oxymoronic, no ?
14:12Rroet aye
14:15racer where is the VISOR OSD Theme downloadable, please do not tell me on because as far as i can tell its not there
14:15Rroet isn't it broken ?
14:16racer i had it on my last mythbox but now i have a fresh new installed, and really like this OSD
14:24--- ---> holger_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:32--- <<-- holger_ [] has quit ("Client exiting")
14:33Rroet actually racer, you don't want themes prior to the middle of january
14:33Rroet some things have changed and have been added... the older themes miss items which will make the frontend crash
14:37Chutt the visor theme's on the website.
14:40--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
14:47--- ---> ofer [] has joined #mythtv
14:52--- ---> crib2 [] has joined #mythtv
14:52crib2 sup all
14:53crib2 my mythtv box constantly wont keep time
14:53crib2 i have to reset it every day with "date"
14:53crib2 is there any way to make it sync with a network time server?
14:56Rroet crib2: what distribution ?
14:56Rroet probably you need to install ntp or rdate
14:56Rroet ntp is the preferred application. (ntpdate)
14:57Rroet good thing you said it, mine was off -1.381726 seconds
14:59crib2 actually i found an easier way
14:59crib2 rdate + cron
15:00crib2 rdate + kcron actually
15:00crib2 set it to run every 2 hours
15:02--- ---> Spida [] has joined #mythtv
15:03Spida hi
15:04Rroet crib2: rdate is outdated afaik
15:12--- <<-- ofer [] has quit ("Leaving")
15:13--- <<-- steele|away [signwatchr@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
15:24--- ---> KeyserSoze [~gazicm@] has joined #mythtv
15:25tmueller i can't connect to could someone please send me the sis drivers (sis_drv.o_4.3.0_gcc3_current.tar.gz)?
15:26Matt hey guys
15:26--- ---> pvr250 [] has joined #mythtv
15:26sfr tmueller: not only you
15:27Matt just had an intresting thought
15:28Matt one of the other MEng project groups in my final year at uni was working on a sort of accessability enabled PVR
15:29Matt basically to utilise the spare processing power of the philips STB
15:29Matt which has a MIPS processor and an mpeg2 decoder, amonst other stuff
15:29Matt but they were looking at implementing a catchup feature
15:29--- <--- pvr250 [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
15:30Matt so you drop 1 frame in 10, and speed up audio by 10% to match
15:31Matt and what you got was some only just perceivable sync problems with audio and video, but your video ran that bit faster
15:32Matt which meant if you'd paused it previously, you could gradually catch up with real-time video
15:33Matt that ought to be implementable in mythtv
15:33--- <<-- Spida [] has quit ("Client exiting")
15:34sfr why would you want to catch up with live-tv?
15:34Matt ok, say you're watching tv, and the phone rings
15:34Matt so you pause it
15:34Matt and that puts you, say, 10 mins behind real-time
15:35Matt but there's a tv program you want to watch on a different channel after the one you're watching is on
15:35Matt if you only have a single tuner, you lose 10 minutes of one program
15:35[M-M] perhaps not if there's commercials
15:35Matt not if you're watching something on BBC
15:36Matt you get maybe a minute of commercials, if that, and only between programmes
15:36[M-M] true... that's why I said if :)
15:36Matt they did some perceptual testing, and discovered people can quite happily watch video at slightly faster than the correct speed without really noticing
15:36thor_ unless they have perfect pitch
15:37Matt and if your gaps between dropping frames isn't too big, you don't get massive sync problems
15:37Matt they did a test mpeg to demonstrate
15:37--- ---> FryGuy [] has joined #mythtv
15:38Matt it's something I'd have found useful on several occasions
15:38thor_ heck, Turner networks has been known to show movies at accelerated frame rates to squeeze in more ads
15:38thor_ but it drives people with perfect pitch crazy
15:38Matt heh
15:39thor_ like showing 24 fps film on 25 fps PAL without altering it
15:39Matt but it's not something you'd want enabled all the time
15:39Matt only when you wanted to catch up
15:39thor_ wouldn't bother me, I'm pretty darn close to tone deaf
15:39Matt heh
15:40Matt it doesn't bother me either
15:41Matt the only time stuff like that bothers me is when I'm trying to play along with a musical instrument
15:41Matt while I'm quite capable of playing by ear, if you shift everything by a semitone, it puts things in really awkward keys
15:55--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
16:00Niqo Rroet, I get that also, and don't even have to copy a file, top with high refresh does the job very well..
16:01Rroet Niqo: lower your res to 800x600x16 ..
16:01Rroet that will fix your glitches when watching liveTV only :)
16:01Rroet or recordings..
16:01Niqo i'm sure i tried that
16:01Rroet Cozzap made a good point and is working on it. It seems to be a mythtv issue ..
16:02Rroet Niqo: watching it right now :)
16:05Niqo i'll try it later, busy upgrading my server from gentoo to debian
16:07--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Client exiting")
16:08[M-M] is it just me, or does the frontend crash if you push a number key (ie/ try to change the channel) while watching a recording?
16:10thor_ 1 or 2 people have reported that ... bt ?
16:10[M-M] I can't; my gdb doesn't like threads :(
16:10[M-M] for some reason :(
16:11sfr hm, live-tv/playback of old recordings is slightly broken in latest cvs. the lower ~15% looks like the previous pixel line is smeared down vertically. this happens with 640x576 in PAL mode.
16:15sfr and it's independent of the 'use GUI size for TV' setting
16:19sfr seems only to affect mpeg2 playback (recorded using a pvr350). an old h/w mjpeg card based recording plays back fine.
16:21sfr [M-M]: just tried it. happens here too.
16:21thor_ sfr, bt ?
16:21[M-M] I'd love to poke at the code to see if the problem jumps out at me, but I'm not familiar with the structure :/
16:22sfr thor_: hm, tomorrow. it's late here
16:22thor_ k
16:28sfr another point for the distorted playback. a test recording played back with mplayer confirms that it's a frontend problem
16:34--- <--- gulliver [] has left #mythtv ()
16:39--- ---> FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
16:40--- <<-- FryGuy [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
16:40--- User: *** FryGuy- is now known as FryGuy
16:46--- <<-- Niqo [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.9")
17:00Chutt sfr, i haven't changed any of that recently
17:01sfr my previous cvs checkout from 01/31 doesn't have this problem
17:02Chutt huh
17:02sfr s/have/had/
17:02Chutt any chance you can narrow it down further?
17:02Chutt i'm not seeing that here at all
17:03Chutt i can't record in pal mode, obviously
17:03sfr i'll reload the ivtv later on, maybe it's confused
17:03Chutt if it's playing back of old recordings in software mode, i doubt it's ivtv
17:03sfr err, or not as it affects playback of recordings as well
17:04sfr i'm getting old :)
17:04kvandivo we all grow old together. some of us just have a head start.
17:05sfr Chutt: any idea/tips on how to narrow it down?
17:06cmorgan if it is a source code issue a binary search might make sense
17:06cmorgan get cvs from a week ago, if it works then split the difference
17:09sfr cmorgan: i'll do that. does cvs handle a 'downgrade' or should i do a full checkout?
17:10cmorgan use -D
17:10cmorgan like cvs update -D"1 week ago"
17:10cmorgan just pick a time when you know it worked as your first try
17:12kvandivo safe to say that cvs does it all, as long as the "all" you are talking about doesn't involved getting rid of anything
17:16cmorgan yeah, i use the binary search at work maybe once every 6 months when there ahve been a load of changes and you just can't tell
17:17cmorgan its one of those things that is mostly a background task, update then wait for the compile to finish....
17:21sfr should 'cvs update -D"1 week ago" mythtv' give any output? i ran it from the mythtv root directory.
17:23sfr a cvs checkout mythtv afterwards seems to work
17:53--- <<-- Drikus [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:54sfr hrm, the distortion doesn't seem to occur in the small tv picture inside the epg.
17:55cmorgan sfr: you'll want to run it from the mythtv directory where the mythtv source is
17:56cmorgan it should show some output as it reversions your files
17:56sfr cmorgan: thx, i figured that out by now :)
18:00sfr the live-tv picture in the epg is definitely ok.
18:00thor_ so just watch that :-)
18:01sfr thor_: and get a 50" tv?
18:01thor_ or use a magnifying glass
18:02sfr which i already have, one for each eye ;)
18:02thor_ audio is pretty over rated in any case
18:04sfr sometimes i love the black bars in movies :)
18:09o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you here? please say you are :)
18:10o_cee Captain_Murdoch: got four sample 30 sec clips for you...
18:12o_cee thor_: 15/Feb/2004-00:10:45: mythmusic watcher plugin built simple list of 5745 audio files in 4.64 second(s) and iTunes works now..
18:12o_cee anything speciel i should try?
18:15* o_cee is lonely
18:15thor_ heh
18:15sfr only this evening i hope.
18:15thor_ I'll playlists in shortly
18:15thor_ I'll have
18:16thor_ mock up for 2345 ?
18:17o_cee hey, it's been valentines day :)
18:17thor_ ah
18:17o_cee itunes is reporting length and size okay
18:17thor_ cool
18:17o_cee yeh
18:17thor_ have another mythbox somewhere ?
18:17o_cee not yet :/
18:17thor_ darn
18:18o_cee i'd need an epia, got a spare one? :)
18:18thor_ not that you'd want
18:18o_cee think we'll make a frontend for the bedroom with a tft or something..
18:19thor_ you have any music files iTunes won't play ?
18:19thor_ ogg, flac, wma, etc. ?
18:19o_cee only mp3's.. but i could try it somehow, encode something
18:20o_cee maybe monkey audio somewhere
18:20thor_ works here, but not very tested
18:20o_cee they're .a something?
18:20thor_ which one's ?
18:21thor_ wma is .wma (I think)
18:21o_cee monkey
18:21thor_ dunno
18:21o_cee guess it's not supported then ;)
18:21o_cee know i encoded something with .ape (that's it) a while ago for a friend.. don't think i've got it tho
18:21thor_ ah
18:22thor_ well, anything you could come up with for 2345 would be great
18:22thor_ nicer with playlists (in a sec)
18:22o_cee in meantime ;)
18:22thor_ well, a minute
18:22thor_ or 10
18:22o_cee :)
18:23thor_ just have a weird segfault on exit I'm trying to sort out
18:23o_cee how did you sort out the other problem?
18:24thor_ the thing wherei it was segfaulting for you last night ?
18:24o_cee yeah
18:24o_cee 3_20040215000000_20040215000000.nuv these friggin filenames are driving me nuts :)
18:24thor_ say that it was dying after a cast, figured I'd try a C++ cast .... just a guess
18:24thor_ saw
18:25o_cee good guess ;)
18:25o_cee it seems
18:25thor_ apparently ... casting iterators .... would feel more comfortable if I knew what the hell I was doing ....
18:26o_cee don't ask me
18:26--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
18:29o_cee heya kenneth, you using an epia for a frontend right? wich sort and how does it work? thinking about another frontend
18:31Niqo m10k, working very well, tiny bit noisy, maybe you should wait for the eden 1ghz...
18:32o_cee oh? got any info? is it possible to playback mpeg without the accelerator?
18:34Niqo mpeg2 in myth with the xv output and libavcodec is very close to workin, but with the hardware accell it's fine ~20%
18:34Niqo divx are also very playable
18:34o_cee another deal for you guys... i've built my own (very sweet, pictures comming soon) case thingie.. and it's probably not grounded.. the PSU is grounded as it should, but is that enough? read somewhere about tuning problems if it's not grounded correctly.. my pvr-cards are a litle sensitive to the incomming signal
18:34o_cee Niqo: allright, sounds promisin.. googling for the 1ghz now
18:35Niqo i think
18:36o_cee thx
18:36Niqo damn this dist switch is taking time...
18:39o_cee how fast is the cpu of the m10k?
18:39Niqo 1ghz
18:40o_cee uhmkay.. what's the difference then? this is a jungle ;)
18:40Niqo eden is fanless
18:41o_cee aaaaah :)
18:41o_cee sweet
18:43o_cee any idea when they'll be availible?
18:45--- <<-- Niqo [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:47o_cee that will sure be a popular frontend ground
18:54sfr the playback distortion thing is a driver issue most likely. it only happens on the laptop but not on my other frontend
18:56--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
18:58--- ---> r00fus [] has joined #mythtv
19:01sfr Chutt: ^^ fyi
19:01--- ---> racer32 [] has joined #mythtv
19:04--- ---> nulltank_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:08* o_cee sings a little
19:10o_cee "The M10000 is powerful enough to decode the DVD in software."
19:13Niqo "MythTV and the X11 drivers is not quite fast enough for it to happen"
19:14Niqo at least the open-source, what about closed, Chutt?
19:15--- <<-- cfreeze [] has quit ("reboot")
19:15o_cee okay :/ but i guess it's possible.. good to know
19:15--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:15--- <<-- nulltank [~nullman@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:16--- <<-- hfb [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:16--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:16--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
19:17--- <<-- tmueller [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:18--- <<-- GreyFoxx [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:18--- <<-- racer [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:19--- <<-- r00fus [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:20--- ---> tmueller [] has joined #mythtv
19:26--- ---> bdale [] has joined #mythtv
19:27--- ---> GreyFoxx [] has joined #MythTV
19:33o_cee ""This recording will start in 17 hours and 55 minutes using encoder 1 with the 'Default' profile. This recording is in the 'Default' group."" does that look ok for the statuspage? added what group its in
19:40sfr maybe make that ... in the 'Default' recording group.
19:40o_cee ah yeah
19:44sfr hm, the distortion on the laptop doesn't happen when i force a 4:3 movie into 16:9 aspect ratio via the zoom option.
19:46sfr hitting 'w' once after entering live-tv that is.
19:49--- ---> holger [] has joined #mythtv
19:51--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:52--- <<-- sfr [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:54o_cee This recording will start in 19 hours and 18 minutes using encoder 1 with the 'Default' profile and is in the 'Default' recording group.
19:54o_cee does that make sense?
19:55o_cee or should i change over to something like
19:55o_cee Profile: Default
19:55o_cee Rec Prof: Default
19:55o_cee Start in: blah blah
19:55o_cee ?
19:56o_cee could fill in more info that way too maybe
19:56o_cee feels stupid to do: this recording this, this recording that, this recording something else..
19:58--- <<-- Niqo [] has quit ("reboot")
19:59o_cee hmm
20:03--- ---> Niqo [] has joined #mythtv
20:10--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
20:10Netslayer any of u guys try subversion?
20:10o_cee subversion?
20:11Netslayer it's an alternative to CVS
20:12o_cee oh. nope
20:20--- ---> bitbyte [] has joined #mythTV
20:22Slaytanic Clever name.
20:30o_cee Chutt: i found an untranslated string.. line 949/1021 File: programrecpriority.cpp.. you want a patch or will you fix it yourself?
20:50--- <<-- holger [] has quit ("Client exiting")
21:01o_cee :|
21:27--- ---> Billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
21:42--- ---> Salec [] has joined #mythtv
21:42Salec hey guys i'm upgrading from 13 to 14 and my myth database didn't upgrade during build and now hwen i run mythbackend i get several sql errors
21:43Salec is there any script i can manually run to fix the database?
21:45Billytwowilly| setup.
21:45Billytwowilly| run setup
21:46Salec mythsetup?
21:46Salec i just ran that
21:46Salec i got database errors when updating channels and it i didn't see any signs that it was fixing/upgrading the mysql db
21:47Billytwowilly| I don't know then.
21:47Billytwowilly| Try asking in #mythtv-users
21:47Billytwowilly| as they keep reminding me, this is a devel channle;)
21:48Salec :)
21:48Niqo any of the programs should have upgraded the database schema the first time after upgrade, unless you have messed with the DBSchemaVer in settings...
21:52--- <<-- Billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
22:26--- ---> graysky [] has joined #mythtv
22:26graysky anyone know why a new install of 0.14 would have created a dir: /myth/pretty
22:27kvandivo you have to kinda wonder about people that log on from a username of urinalcake
22:27Niqo dunno, might be because mythtv is not pretty, but just in case it ever becomes pretty, we have a directory ready...
22:28graysky odd think about it is that my pvr-250 makes the mpeg-2 files in /myth/tv and a 'sister' file is created in /myth/pretty
22:28graysky nearly same size also mpeg-2
22:28graysky ?
22:29Niqo u using the script?
22:29Niqo they are links most probably
22:29graysky actually, I am using knoppmyth
22:29graysky hmmm... not the exact same file size, but close
22:30graysky in /myth/tv for example
22:30graysky 1005_20040214200000_20040214203000.nuv which is 1,472,654 KB
22:30graysky in /myth/pretty
22:30graysky 02142030_Crank_Yankers_Kevin_Nealon which is 1,471,218 KB
22:30kvandivo wonder if some transcoding is going on
22:30Niqo now that is bewildering...
22:31graysky I thoght that too... but I only setup a pvr-250
22:31graysky that has onboard mpeg-2 encoding
22:31kvandivo have you searched the archives?
22:31graysky it's capturing a show right now... and I have 99.8% idle as per top
22:31graysky I did a search for /pretty
22:31graysky got 2 hits
22:32graysky no help though...
22:32graysky wonder what will happen if I nuke that dir
22:33kvandivo other than possibly causing a rip in the space-time continuum i'm sure you won't suffer any personal damage
22:34graysky :)
22:42graysky well
22:42graysky just did a: mv pretty prettydumb
22:42graysky playback and recording seems to be fine
22:42Niqo :)
22:43graysky is there a way I can add an option to my masterbackend's quit menu to quit myth and shutdown the pc
22:43graysky right now it's just exit or not
22:46Niqo yea, look at the mythsetup/general i belive..
22:47graysky ?
22:47graysky secs of idle
22:47graysky nothing about adding an option
22:48Niqo there is some power management stuff in mythsetup somewhere...
22:49Niqo ...which will make the option you are looking for available
22:49graysky mythtv-setup you mean?
22:49Niqo okay then, if you want to be picky
22:50Niqo actually it's only setup when compiling from source
22:50Niqo Chutt, why can't this be installed in the source as well?
22:54--- <<-- jams [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:56graysky hmm
22:56Niqo Chutt, last time i submitted a patch against the last_p_pts stuff, i was inverting the b_frame check. Currently i have it completly commented you, would you like to test that? (sorry for nagin)
22:56graysky I went through all the options in there... nothing about that
22:56graysky only idle time before a shutdown
22:56Niqo under general, no?
22:56graysky right
22:57graysky nothing about exit and halt or the like
22:57Niqo sorry, it's under setup/general (2nd page) in mythfrontend, just checked..
22:58graysky hmmm
22:58graysky what do you have in there
22:58graysky I have a blank to allow me to give it a halt command
22:58graysky but
22:58graysky only still just 2 options when I ESC out (yes, quit and no)
22:59Niqo there was about 5-6 settings there..
22:59graysky damn
22:59graysky just a sec (I must be blind)
22:59--- <<-- tmueller [] has quit (Operation timed out)
22:59Niqo only had a quick look, then went back to my save position..hehe
23:01--- ---> tmueller [] has joined #mythtv
23:02graysky Niqo: what do you have your's setup to do?
23:02--- ---> ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
23:02graysky what is your key
23:02graysky and what is your shutdown command?"
23:02Niqo esc and `/sbin/poweroff`
23:02graysky ok
23:03Niqo from memory at least
23:03graysky and when you ESC out of the GUI how many options does it give you
23:03Niqo exit + shutdown + no, I want to continue Mything :)
23:03Niqo not exactly those word tho
23:03graysky mine is messed up
23:03graysky only give me 2 options
23:04graysky yes, exit and no
23:04graysky I have the same settings you do
23:04graysky 1. yes, exit
23:04graysky 2. no
23:04graysky that's it:(
23:04graysky I need a shutdown
23:04Niqo i belive there is something in mythtv-setup as well, on the general page
23:05graysky I was looking in there, all I could find was a section that allows me to specify a timeout
23:05Niqo don't have mythtv installed on my laptop, so i can't check right now
23:05graysky damn
23:05graysky ok
23:05graysky thanks
23:05Niqo \xFFea, that's it
23:05graysky but I dont want it to shutdown automatically
23:05graysky only when I exit
23:05Niqo the timeout stuff, around there
23:05Niqo timeout to 0
23:06--- <<-- jeffpc [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:06Niqo = no timeout
23:06graysky right
23:06graysky can't find anything that looks like it would control the ESC menu
23:08graysky some people on the list say you can't have an exit/shutdown option in 0.14 on a masterbackend
23:09Niqo now that i'm in there, i have halt for shutdown cmd
23:09Niqo hmm
23:10graysky do you have 3 options when you ESC out
23:10graysky just halt
23:10graysky no /sbin/
23:10graysky hmmmmm
23:10Niqo yea
23:10graysky you're using 0.14 as a masterbackend right
23:10graysky does your mythtv-setup have anything
23:10Niqo but my frontend is not my backend...
23:10graysky right
23:10graysky my frontend machine has 3 options
23:10graysky but
23:10graysky my backend does not
23:11Niqo you have to set the wakuptime command, i belive
23:11Niqo in mythtv-setup that is
23:11graysky wakeuptime, eh?
23:11graysky is there a doc on this somewhere?
23:12Niqo will be sometime, but don't hold your breath :)
23:12graysky hehe
23:12graysky so your backend is a standalone box
23:12Niqo i belive the doc maintainer (rkulagow in here) is working on user docs
23:12Niqo yea
23:12graysky damn
23:12graysky I gotta get this working!
23:13Niqo it should work if you set the wakeup command to /bin/true, just to test
23:13graysky I don
23:13graysky I don't understand that
23:13graysky wakeup?
23:13graysky auto powerup?
23:13Niqo yea, you set the bios wakup timer
23:14graysky hmmmm
23:14graysky doesn't support it
23:14Niqo but if you just set the wakeup command to /bin/true, it will just run /bin/true and think that it's okay
23:15graysky so... if the shutdown timer is disabled (0)
23:15graysky and the wakeup command is set to /bin/true
23:15graysky you think it'll give me the option to quit and shutdown like the backend does?
23:15Niqo that is for running the shutdown command (at the bottom) if there are no recordings for a while
23:16graysky hmmm
23:17graysky lemme give it a shot
23:17graysky sec
23:17Niqo yea
23:17* Niqo pokes mdz
23:21graysky sorry dude
23:21graysky didn't work
23:22Niqo hmm, let me take a look at the code...a sec
23:23--- <<-- Salec [] has quit ("Leaving")
23:25graysky Niqo: I gotta get some sleep dude
23:25Niqo yea, disabled by code if the frontend is on master backend
23:25graysky damn
23:25graysky any way around that
23:25graysky without recompiling?
23:25graysky I'm using knoppmyth
23:26Niqo comment out line program/mythfrontend/main.cpp:487 if you want it
23:26graysky it's packaged into nice debs
23:26Niqo have to recompile, any source packages available for knopp?
23:26graysky dunno
23:26Niqo you can rebuild debs
23:26graysky entire os is in a nice iso
23:26graysky ahhaha
23:26graysky not me
23:26graysky I'm waaaaaaaaay to LINUX green to do that
23:26Niqo oh yea, simple
23:27Niqo try reading a small doc about it on
23:27graysky hheheh
23:27Niqo :)
23:27graysky so that's the only way around it
23:27Niqo yea
23:28graysky dammit
23:28graysky I can't add a button to a text menu or something
23:28graysky that calls a script
23:28graysky ?
23:28Niqo hmm, actually YEA
23:28Niqo didn't think of that
23:29graysky cool
23:29Niqo hold on
23:29graysky where is that menu :)
23:30Niqo there is a file named mainmenu.xml, try looking at that
23:30graysky hahaha
23:30graysky I did
23:31graysky I don't understand it
23:31graysky :)
23:31graysky I'm pretty new to linux
23:31Niqo the bottom of it, try removing the <!-- and --> around the SHUTDOWN stuff
23:33Niqo if that won't work, you can add an item with type EXEC, but i dunno all the details right now
23:35graysky didn't work
23:35graysky dammit
23:35graysky man
23:35graysky if you can get this to work and email me the details I would be very happy :)
23:35Niqo you got an extra menu item, yes?
23:35graysky script should be nothing more than
23:35graysky #!/bin/sh
23:35graysky sudo halt
23:35graysky no
23:35graysky I messed up the menu
23:35graysky dammit
23:36Niqo i have no method of testing, because my backend is headless
23:36graysky hehehe
23:36graysky seems like I need ot create a button
23:36graysky but I don't udnerstand the syntax of this
23:36Niqo it's xml
23:36graysky :)
23:36graysky I don't understand xml
23:36graysky <-- no programmer
23:37Niqo hmm, what about editor
23:37graysky ?
23:37graysky what do you mean
23:37Niqo you can edit the simple textfile called mainmenu.xml?
23:37graysky yes
23:38graysky but I don't understand what I'm reading
23:38Niqo at the bottom theres some clauses about shutdown
23:38graysky <!--
23:38graysky is that a comment
23:38Niqo right
23:38graysky ok
23:38graysky uncomment it
23:38graysky ?
23:38graysky I see
23:38graysky action is SHUTDOWN
23:38graysky here is that defined?
23:38graysky <button>
23:38graysky <type>SHUTDOWN</type>
23:38graysky <text>Shutdown</text>
23:38graysky <action>SHUTDOWN</action>
23:38graysky </button>
23:38Niqo edit out (remove) only the '<!--' part of it, as that is the start of a comment
23:39Niqo looks ok
23:39Niqo then you need to restart the mythfrontend program
23:39Niqo to reload this file
23:39graysky i'll have to test it tomorrow
23:40graysky wife has shows getting captured now :)
23:40graysky you're saying all I need to do is uncomment that last bit
23:40graysky and there'll be a button called 'shutdown'
23:40Niqo yea, but stopping and restarting mythfrontend should not hurt that, as long as you keep mythbackend running
23:40graysky right
23:40graysky but
23:40Niqo yea
23:40graysky hmmm
23:41graysky <action>SHUTDOWN</action>
23:41graysky where is that defined
23:41graysky other actions call menus
23:41graysky which I see in the dir
23:41graysky ...there is no shutdown
23:41--- ---> SarahEmm [] has joined #mythtv
23:41graysky do i need to make script called shutdown
23:41Niqo yea, because you need to restart mythfrontend
23:41Niqo no you don't need that
23:41graysky hmmm
23:41graysky so <action>SHUTDOWN</action> knows to shutdown -h now
23:41graysky ???
23:42SarahEmm i have an existing mythtv setup running a backend/frontend on one box (celeron 1.7GHz, runs nicely) using MPEG4.. i'd like to add another frontend for viewing only (no encoding on it, no cap card in it).. i have a K6-2 450 in it, will that be enough to do decoding in, or should i get a new mobo/cpu/etc ?
23:42Niqo but this might only bring forth the shutdown menu which is available with esc
23:42graysky yea
23:42graysky can we swap email addresses?
23:42graysky I don't wanna risk killing it now
23:42Niqo if this is the case you need to create a new clause in mainmenu.xml with the <type>EXEC</type> and some other bits
23:42Niqo i'm on the mailing lists
23:43graysky k
23:43graysky thanx man
23:43Niqo sure
23:43graysky sleepy time for me now
23:43Niqo i'm bored
23:43--- <<-- graysky [] has quit ("no matter how beautiful she is, some guy, somewhere is sick of her shit...")
23:44Niqo k
23:45Niqo night
23:47SarahEmm i guess i can install it and play with it on the 450, and upgrade later if i can't decode fast enough.
23:49--- <<-- KeyserSoze [~gazicm@] has quit ("Client exciting")
23:57Niqo hu?
23:57SarahEmm hu?
23:57dopez hu!
23:57Niqo hu!
23:58--- <<-- NiteOwl [] has quit ("Client Exiting")
23:59SarahEmm hu! (?)
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