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00:00Niqo yea, sure you can install and play with it, upgrade later if it does not decoder dast enoguh
00:00Niqo hu!
00:00dopez hu!
00:00dopez ;)
00:00Niqo ;)
00:01SarahEmm *nods*
00:01* Niqo belive it's (in lame mans terms); using those cells!
00:02* SarahEmm needs to build a dedicated backend box with a few cap cards and massive disk space, and then just run two small frontends..
00:02Niqo soryy bout that, just had to
00:02SarahEmm but that's a future plan.
00:02* Niqo thinks epia/eden is a nice platform
00:03dopez i need a backend with more pci slots :)
00:03Niqo or more backends ;)
00:03dopez the room is allready hot enough with 5 pc's running 24/7 :)
00:04dopez and noisy
00:04Niqo hmmm, nice in the winter though, dunno bout summer time...
00:05dopez thats kinda a problem here, its still winter here (or at least 5-10C outside)
00:05Niqo hmmm
00:05dopez and no heater on
00:05Niqo like -10-15c here usually
00:06dopez thats cold :)
00:07Niqo not really, when i was in (required) military service, i was located even further north, which usually went below -30c, now that's cold!
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01:12stevenm Hi all
01:13stevenm I try running mythsetup, but get error: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'
01:13stevenm What is wrong / how to fix?
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01:21niqo rich_: wrong about not beeing modules (as long as the boot is different that is), as you can include the module in initrd
01:23niqo nUm: pppconfig?
01:25niqo ops
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02:10thor_ hmmmm cvs appears to be down
02:10thor_ nm
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03:38Octane anyone have any idea why my tv playback volume is really low and there is a hiss coming out whenever there is audio? this is not the case with non-mythtv playback. this just started happening too
03:40Octane sb live, alsa me thinks. but this wasnt happening before and i didnt touch anything, i swear! :D
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07:22o_cee hmm
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07:56o_cee where are everyone?
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08:53Spida hi
08:54Spida Rince: you here?
08:54Rince yes, why?
08:54Spida Just read your mail...
08:55Spida Rince: query?
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10:39enki hmmmm
10:39enki anyone know an alternate location of the winischhofer drivers for the pundit?
10:40enki the link on the HOWTO isnt resolving for me
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13:53o_cee Chutt: hello.
13:56* Captain_Murd wonders if you can do direct assignment/copy of one qmap to another.
13:56thor_ yup
13:57o_cee yeah.. yeah, of course.. duuh.. eeeh :) right
13:57thor_ but watch the hell out if there in different threads
13:57thor_ they're
13:57Captain_Murdo| cool, so I've been wasting my time making for loops in some cases to copy one existing qmap to another existing qmap.
13:57Captain_Murdo| these are all in the same thread.
13:58* Captain_Murd makes a TODO item to fix those.
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13:58thor_ even if you mutex the copy procedure, the QMAP is implicitly shared
13:58thor_ so if there's another thread that will touch them
13:58thor_ you need to be careful
13:59Captain_Murdo| this is the commercial flagging stuff, the method receives a qmap that I copy another qmap's entries into.
14:00thor_ "receives" a qmap, that some other thread then does anything with ?
14:00thor_ (after it's given it to you)
14:03Captain_Murdo| no, the commflag thread is using a commDetect object and it just calls a method to get the generated commbreak map from the object so it can then save it to the DB.
14:03Captain_Murdo| only 1 thread involved at all and that's the commflag thread.
14:04Captain_Murdo| receives was a bad word. maybe pass by reference, so I call a method and pass it a qmap. the method fills in that qmap with the commercial break info.
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15:51enki any pundit owners in here?
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16:03kabau hi
16:04* Captain_Murd wonders if he was too sarcastic in his response just now on the -users list, then decides not.
16:04mikegrb never can be
16:05Captain_Murdo| about people using cvs and complaining about a bug on the -users list but not paying attention that the bug was fixed a few days ago.
16:05mikegrb heheh
16:05mikegrb I'll be sure to not delete the whole thread right off
16:05mikegrb subject?
16:06Captain_Murdo| that one about empty watch recording screen.
16:06mikegrb thanks
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16:06mikegrb still have three other lists first until I get there ;)
16:07Captain_Murdo| I spend maybe 5-10 minutes a day perusing the -users list, too much junk in there. mainly look for subjects about things I've touched recently in cvs or commercial flagging stuff.
16:07mikegrb yeah
16:07mikegrb I spend about 5-10 minutes there too
16:09mikegrb my first list is quite large, higher traffic then -users and unfortunatley is not technology oriented so many people don't reply properly for threading and the like
16:10* Captain_Murd ponders suggesting that you suggest creating a forum instead. :)
16:11* Captain_Murd (who probably needs sleep) laughs at his lame joke.
16:11mikegrb heh
16:12mikegrb :p
16:21o_cee thor_: haha :)
16:21Captain_Murdo| looking to see why NBC wasn't working too well with the logo detection commercial detection code and realize it's because NBC used 2 different logos during this show. they show one for a short while after the commercial then they switch to another. and they don't display it 100% of the time.
16:22o_cee :/
16:22Captain_Murdo| annoying.. :)
16:22o_cee bastards
16:22solarce ouch
16:22Captain_Murdo| no need testing logos with that recording until I can get the "All detection methods" method working.
16:24o_cee commit time soon then? :(
16:24o_cee ops
16:24o_cee :)
16:25o_cee Chutt: you here? found an untranslated string.. is it just to slap a tr() around it and run lrelease?
16:25o_cee bah, lupdate
16:25Captain_Murdo| maybe. just testing a few things. have been modifying some stuff cleaning things up so I need to retest with my original recordings to make sure i didn't break anything. :)
16:26o_cee okay :)
16:26Captain_Murdo| think you need lupdate and lrelease. lupdate regens .ts files and lrelease regens .qm files right?
16:26o_cee yeah
16:27o_cee but a tr() is enough? guess i could submit a patch for it
16:27Captain_Murdo| might need qobject::tr if the object doesn't ?inherit? qobject.
16:27o_cee uhm..
16:27o_cee i'll submit a patch with just a tr and see what isaac says
16:28o_cee type->SetText(tr("Any"));
16:28o_cee was type->SetText("Any");
16:28o_cee bah, that should be right
16:28Captain_Murdo| if it needs the qobject and you don't have it the comiler will choke compiling so you'll know.
16:28o_cee okay, trying compile then
16:30o_cee didn't die..
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16:32Captain_Murdo| logo detection speed varies greatly depending on the size of the logo. seen some do 130fps full-speed and video I'm testing now is doing 450fps.
16:33o_cee where do you look for the logo? everywhere?
16:35Captain_Murdo| when it tries to determine what the logo looks like it looks in the 4 corners. It actually excludes a band up the middle and horizontal across the middle to do this. then once it has figured out where the logo is, it just checks the pixels in the logo mask (which is what was on that webpage)
16:35o_cee maybe it'd be speeded up a little if you specified where they keep their logo?
16:36Captain_Murdo| basically divides the screen up into 9 pieces I think, almost equal in size. then looks for the logo in the 4 corners.
16:36o_cee out of the 4 corners
16:36Captain_Murdo| initial detection only takes a 5-10 seconds normally.
16:36Captain_Murdo| once it knows where the logo is then it just checks the pixels in the mask.
16:36o_cee okay :)
16:36o_cee slick
16:37Captain_Murdo| initial detection is between 8 and 12 sections of 10 seconds long. so 120 seconds of video max is scanned to find the logo.
16:37o_cee what happens if the initial five minutes is comercials?
16:37o_cee are
16:37o_cee hmm
16:38Captain_Murdo| each section is 10 seconds long and are separated by 1 minute, so it scans the 8-12 sections over 8-12 minutes.
16:38o_cee okay.. guess people don't have _that_ much preroll
16:38o_cee and that much comercials
16:38Captain_Murdo| and increasing the max to 20 or so wouldn't be too much of a problem either because it does stop looking once it finds what it thinks is the logo.
16:42o_cee "duplicate location" is hard to translate..
16:42o_cee sub & desc as well (to make it taht short)
16:43Captain_Murdo| yeah, we need help somewhere on that screen.
16:43o_cee and more space, heh
16:44Captain_Murdo| yeah, tabbed or something.
16:44o_cee a help popup could work too, guess you don't need to see the help all the time when you're familiar with it
16:44niqo remove the description?
16:44Captain_Murdo| thought about that.
16:44o_cee or make the description poup on "i"
16:44o_cee (programinfo)
16:44niqo you read my mind
16:45o_cee also, i don't think it's very easy to understand that you exit the screen and accept it by pressing space/enter
16:45Captain_Murdo| a lot of people including me goto that page straight though so it helps to have access to that info. if we had a program info popup on the playbackbox screen it could be used here as well.
16:45o_cee there should be a button for it
16:45o_cee exactly
16:49Captain_Murdo| could be just a popup like InfoDialog that could be created/exec-ed from anywhere.
16:50Captain_Murdo| 'cept a popup instead of a full-screen thing.
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17:12Omnic way cool.. how new is this 'logo detection' ? when a friend first told me about myth, and it's commercial flagging, I instantly thought of that as a method...
17:12Omnic Captain_Murdoch: sounds interesting!
17:14Captain_Murdo| Omnic: it's not in cvs yet but will be in a little while. it works best on stations that show their logo all the time during shows and not on commercials. if they turn it on/off during the show it may not work correctly. I'm going to be creating another detection method called "All Detection Methods" that will utilize all detection methods (blank-frame, scene change, logo) to try to be as accurate as possible.
17:15Omnic that sounds good...
17:15Omnic does the logo detection work with stations that display a slightly opaque logo? (I'm guessing it does)
17:16--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
17:18Captain_Murdo| it can detect those yes, but it's still being tuned as well.
17:20Omnic as an aside, have you ever noticed, that when trying to tune a TV to free-to-air stations, they'll always be in a commercial break when you want to work out which station it is? bloody murphy.
17:21Sir-Al what is the purpose of the backend?
17:21Sir-Al is it just for capturing?
17:23thor_ capturing, scheduling, scheming, coordinating with other backends for all of the above
17:23thor_ err, streaming
17:23Omnic heh.. scheming
17:23* Omnic wonders what sort of scheming it does.
17:23Omnic world domination?
17:24Omnic or serial muder?
17:24Omnic +r
17:24thor_ whether it should acutally record something it doesn't approve of
17:24thor_ actually
17:24thor_ sheesh
17:24Omnic lol
17:25Omnic good to see it doesn't have delusions of granduer
17:31r00fus sorry to ask a user question, but if i have yet to do tv-out and am watching mythtv on the computer, should the display on my monitor be as good (if not better) than it looks on tv?
17:32r00fus b/c it is not, and I am wondering if that is strictly due to a really bad vga vid card in the computer
17:33Omnic most capture cards have crappy tuners... fwiw.
17:35o_cee Captain_Murdoch: the adv rec group.. where's it located in the source?
17:36Captain_Murdo| which part?
17:36Captain_Murdo| it's referenced in several files.
17:36o_cee the screen.. with the labels and stuff like that
17:37Captain_Murdo| oh, the adv screen. sorry, thought you meant recording group stuff. :) the adv screen is in scheduledrecordings.cpp but the desc/info box at the top is created in programinfo.cpp.
17:37o_cee think you put a tr() to much in there
17:37o_cee okay, thx
17:37Captain_Murdo| ok.
17:38o_cee setLabel(QObject::tr("Recording Group"));
17:38o_cee addSelection(QObject::tr("Default"), QObject::tr("Default"));
17:38o_cee should default relly be translated?
17:39o_cee does that follow everywhere else?
17:39o_cee like, is this the only place it's ever set?
17:39enki hey you have that link to that page that has the different ivtv patches for the avermedia m179 ?
17:40o_cee is it translated the same way the other places its used is what i'm trying to say
17:41o_cee switching betweek translations will probably mess up that
17:41Captain_Murdo| o_cee, default value for the table column is "Default" (english). I was wanting it to be in the user's language so every "Default" elsewhere should be wrapped in tr() I believe.
17:41Captain_Murdo| yes it will mess up if you switch. could unwrap all the "Default" strings.
17:41Captain_Murdo| enki:
17:41o_cee or it should look in the .ts to find out, euhhmm..
17:42enki ty
17:42sfr o_cee: it's already translated 'somewhere' (read: it's in the *.ts files already, i think for the fontsize selection)
17:42enki also...anyone know the fate of ?
17:42Captain_Murdo| well, if people switch back and forth between translations it wouldn't find any records and the watchrecording/playbackbox screen would be blank.
17:42enki im tryin to get the sis binary xfree driver for the pundit's integrated video
17:42--- User: *** cmorgan is now known as cmorgan_away
17:42enki but the host is down
17:42o_cee Captain_Murdoch: your call :)
17:43enki oh nm
17:43enki the site is back up
17:43Captain_Murdo| I'd say remove the tr() around "Default" everywhere. I can do that in my current tree so it should be committed when I commit the logo stuff.
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17:43o_cee allright
17:44o_cee or you'd need to add a translation to the source
17:44o_cee for it to fix it up on the go
17:45Captain_Murdo| yeah, would get kinda hokie. if someone setup under english then switched to native language they'd be missing their recordings unless they changed groups in a bunhc of places.
17:46o_cee having something untranslated is annoying too tho.. heh
17:46dja_ not to everyone. :)
17:48Captain_Murdo| o_cee, yeah. is there a way to go back (ie, translate back to english)? like an untr()
17:48o_cee don't know
17:48o_cee lemme check
17:48Captain_Murdo| cause could just translate onscreen and untranslate for internal use.
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17:49--- User: *** SPida is now known as Spida
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17:49Omnic hmm... can you use one argument to a QString twice?
17:50--- <<-- Kablooie [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:51sfr hm, afair addSelection can display one string in the gui but save a different one in the db. i'd say there is one tr() too much in o_cee's example
17:52o_cee who's "cattin"?
17:52Captain_Murdo| sfr, for the font selection code, it's lowercase 'default' I think. does it still translate that or is it case sensitive?
17:52o_cee sfr: wich example?
17:52o_cee Captain_Murdoch: sensitive
17:52o_cee as hell
17:52Captain_Murdo| thought so.
17:53o_cee Ok OK O.K. O.k. is in there
17:53sfr o_cee: the tr(Default), tr(Default) one from above
17:53o_cee ooh look Captain_Murdoch
17:53Captain_Murdo| where? :)
17:53o_cee addSelection(QObject::tr("Default"), QObject::tr("Default"));
17:54o_cee addSelection(QObject::tr("Default"), "Default"));
17:54o_cee right?
17:54o_cee or something like that
17:54o_cee maybe other way around
17:54--- ---> G-funk|laptop [] has joined #mythtv
17:54sfr Captain_Murdoch: case sensitive? it's 'default' yes.
17:54o_cee this should be the same in the translation setting i think, it saves something else there
17:55sfr o_cee: compare with the language selection setting. that should be the same case
17:55Captain_Murdo| have to think about that for a sec. that would use "Default" internally and translate for display. then would need to translate in the comboboxes used in playbackbox.cpp as well.
17:56o_cee Captain_Murdoch: oh... hmm. can't you just do the same there? assume there's a 'Default' all the time?
17:57Captain_Murdo| mythcombobox takes just a list of strings, doesn't take pairs like addselection does.
17:57o_cee oh
17:57sfr anyone knows what that %SUBTITLE|% string in the *.ts files is used for?
17:57o_cee nope
17:57o_cee asked myself that too
17:58Captain_Murdo| osd stuff I think but not sure where it's used.
17:58sfr looks like it shouldn't be translated to me, like the %1 variables used in other places
17:59o_cee don't see why it should be translated either
18:01Captain_Murdo| it's in ./themes/themestrings.h but that's the format used by the theme & osd's SetText() replacement functions that take a QMap and substitute in programinfo to make the OSD and theme's more flexible as to field content onscreen.
18:02o_cee uhm, shouldn't that be something for theme stuff instead of translation stuff?
18:03Captain_Murdo| it is for theme stuff. I'm not sure why that's there. the %SUBTITLE|% tells the code to display the subtitle if it's non-empty.
18:04--- <<-- livesNbox [] has quit ()
18:05o_cee k
18:06Captain_Murdo| actually that's probably a mistake anyway. the part after the | is what to display before the subtitle. it goes %SUBTITLE|prefix|suffix|alternate-text%
18:06Omnic Captain_Murdoch: hmm, before I wonder what I've busted, can I do something ugly like QString("Foo %1, Bar %1, ...") .arg(FirstArg) .... ?
18:06Captain_Murdo| Omnic: I think so but not sure.
18:06Omnic hmm.
18:06--- <<-- choenig [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:07sfr Omnic: should work but only up to 4 args afair
18:07Captain_Murdo| of course when I grep for "%1.*%1" in the libmythtv directory I can't find a good example but I found a bug or two.
18:08sfr mythmusic/mythmusic/dbcheck.cpp line 117
18:09Captain_Murdo| make that 3 bugs.
18:09sfr how come?
18:09sfr it works ;)
18:09niqo omnic, read the docs:
18:10thor_ Omnic, up to 9 arguments
18:10o_cee Captain_Murdoch: bugs? :)
18:10thor_ but not the "right way" to build SQL queries ... in case that's what you're doing
18:11Octane every time i write a support email to the list, i never get a reply
18:11Octane even when i write poetry about mythtv i get no reply
18:11thor_ heh
18:11Octane :'(
18:11Omnic thor_: yeah, I knew the 9 args bit.. was just hoping I could reuse one. looks like I can, cheers
18:11thor_ ah, yup
18:11Octane then some ass writes the 51,234th email ask if his hardware setup is OK and he gets a million replies
18:12thor_ or why he doesn't get a menu when he runs "mythtv"
18:12thor_ that always kills me
18:12Octane seriously
18:13Omnic hrm.
18:15o_cee "If you have configured an exit key on the System Shutdown menu, you will be given the opportunity to exit MythTV or halt the system completely. Another possibility for this field is poweroff" that's not true anymore, is it?
18:17Captain_Murdo| o_cee: bugs but just for message display. probably screw up translation files by changing them though
18:17o_cee "This enables support for monitoring your CD/DVD drives for new disks and launchingthe proper plugin to handle them." missing space
18:17o_cee Captain_Murdoch: screw ahead :P
18:18o_cee pain in the ass that changing that space will mess the translations
18:18Captain_Murdo| changed them in my source. 3 places had %1 2 or 3 times instead of using %1 %2 %3 (they meant to use %2 & %3, not %1 3 times.
18:19o_cee hmm
18:20--- ---> widget [] has joined #mythtv
18:23o_cee wtf
18:23Captain_Murdo| like dvbchannel.cpp had a string that contained "out of range (min/max:%1/%1)") but min & max were arguments 2 & 3.
18:23o_cee bjm??
18:23Captain_Murdo| he doesn't come in here.
18:23o_cee wth is he doing.. he sent stuff to me and engel for review, on some theme changes
18:24o_cee now he cmmited stuff without commenting on my comments.. hmm
18:25o_cee Captain_Murdoch: when chaning stuff like that, the old string will be greyed out here (obsolete) so that you can copy it to the new translation.. so it's not that hard updating it
18:26o_cee but it seems he did it another way that'd be better..
18:28--- <<-- r00fus [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:30Captain_Murdo| ok, thanks, the translated strings would need to be changed from %1 to %2/%3 as well.
18:30o_cee just do it, no point in having stuff broken, the translations will be updated
18:31o_cee eventually ;)
18:34o_cee Chutt took the weekend off?
18:34Captain_Murdo| these are just informational messages anyway, nothing too important.
18:34o_cee sure, but it's better to fix them now
18:35Captain_Murdo| they're corrected here so when I commit the logo stuff they'll go in.
18:35Omnic hrm.
18:35Omnic this is 'busted', but I cannot see why.
18:37Omnic unless mythweb is fubared
18:38o_cee Captain_Murdoch: great
18:38sfr for adults only:
18:38dja_ that's sick. :)
18:39sfr agreed. at least she could have gotten shaved before the show.
18:39dja_ :)
18:40o_cee hahha
18:40Omnic bahaha.. that's good
18:41Captain_Murdo| Michael & Justin? :)
18:43o_cee the date format.. the day names and so on.. comes from the system right?
18:44Captain_Murdo| format to use comes from Myth, day names comes from system.
18:44o_cee how'd i make my system swedish? :)
18:45Octane anybody have *any* idea why my volume suddenly (and yes, i mean suddenly :)) got lowered significantly. all my mixer and mythtv settings are at 100%
18:46Octane this is only for mythtv, xine, mplayer, and even past recordings are at normal volumes
18:46--- ---> Slaytanic [] has joined #mythtv
18:47Captain_Murdo| o_cee, maybe this:
18:48Omnic ok, so it's mythweb, to an extent.
18:49o_cee Captain_Murdoch: hmm
18:49o_cee oh yeeah
18:49o_cee root@dragon i18n # export LANG=sv_SE
18:49o_cee root@dragon i18n # date
18:49o_cee m\xE5n feb 16 00:49:54 CET 2004
18:49o_cee cool :)
18:50Omnic o_cee: "LANG=sv_SE date'
18:50Omnic er.. "
18:50o_cee err?
18:50Omnic no need to export for one program.. (unless you want it to stick)
18:56Omnic Captain_Murdoch: what's the definitive way to know if mythbackend will record something?
18:56o_cee look at the statuspage
18:56o_cee :2345
18:56Omnic :6544 ?
18:57o_cee that one is pretty damn defenitive
18:57Omnic eh? 2345 ?
18:57o_cee http://blah:2345
18:57o_cee or mythbackend --printsched
18:57Omnic yeah, but that's not listening on my box
18:57o_cee ah dammit
18:57o_cee 6544 yea
18:57Omnic oh good.
18:58o_cee sorry, dunno where i got it from :)
18:58Omnic right, so I'll just go on with mythweb being stupid.
18:58o_cee hah
18:58Omnic now I just need to do the UI for this feature... :/
18:58Omnic can't do that till I get home
19:11--- ---> skywarper [] has joined #mythtv
19:11skywarper do i really need xmltv to use mythtv?
19:11o_cee very much so
19:12o_cee you need something to fill the programguide with, in xmltv format
19:12Octane anyone? any ideas on why my volume suddenly dropped in mythtv?
19:12Octane mixer + volume settings aer all 100%
19:12o_cee Octane: check your rec profile
19:12Octane o_cee: been done that :)
19:12o_cee then i dunno :)
19:12Octane :)
19:18Omnic Octane: cable?
19:19Octane yah
19:19Octane 'svideo/rca
19:20Octane from a digi cable box
19:20Omnic no, I mean, check your audio cable.
19:20Omnic *thwap*
19:21o_cee Octane: call your cable company
19:22o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you here?
19:24--- <<-- sfr [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
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19:53o_cee Captain_Murdoch: shouldn't "Use program categories as display groups" be recording groups isntead?
19:53o_cee or maybe it's just on the view recs screen
19:53o_cee nm
19:59skywarper can i use mythtv to just watch movies on my television in a nice way, without having a tv-card?
19:59skywarper (i have tv-out of course)
20:00o_cee mythvideo
20:04--- ---> nianderson [] has joined #mythtv
20:04nianderson how does the pvr-350 remote work?
20:05o_cee topic
20:05nianderson is it infra-red?
20:05Slaytanic Yeah
20:05nianderson so it has to be oointed directly at the sensor right?
20:05nianderson s/oointed/pointed
20:05skywarper yeah
20:06skywarper or somewhere in that region
20:06thor_ or you can bounce it off the back of your retina
20:06Slaytanic Precisely. The sensor is on a pretty long cable, so you can place it wherever you want.
20:06nianderson does a sensor come with the pvr-350? i just ordered one and started to wonder
20:06dja_ please read the topic!
20:06nianderson ah
20:06nianderson im not here for user support
20:07nianderson im not using anything yet
20:07dja_ you're not here for developing either
20:07Snow-Man mythweb needs a way to delete lots of things more easily.
20:07Slaytanic What's wrong with rm -rf / ?:)
20:08o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you know the sticky keys section? it would make sense to disable some items there if sticky keys aren't used..
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20:40meth anyone have a sony clie?
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23:22Captain_Murdo| o_cee, you around?
23:42--- User: *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
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