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01:06o_cee Captain_Murdoch: yeah
01:07* Captain_Murd thinks (2 hours later) :)
01:07Captain_Murdo| not sure who wrote stickey-keys.
01:08Captain_Murdo| and did the "use program categories" thing make sense?
01:09o_cee :)
01:09o_cee yeah i think so
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01:09Captain_Murdo| it only applies to the playbackbox screen, allows you to display only a particular category as if it were a recording group.
01:10o_cee okay, so it's not a real group
01:10Captain_Murdo| yeah because categories already exist.
01:10o_cee yepp
01:10o_cee you think disabling stuff like the other thing in the settings would be possible?
01:10Captain_Murdo| it just gets a list of all categories from the recorded table and displays those as possible "groups" to view in addition to the existing recording groups as well.
01:11o_cee ok
01:11Captain_Murdo| which thing?
01:11o_cee sticky keys
01:11o_cee like to disable settings for sticky keys if they aren't enabled
01:12o_cee no logo code yet? i just woke up :)
01:12Captain_Murdo| on the main setup?
01:13o_cee yeah
01:13Captain_Murdo| was away watching a movie, doing a final test now actually. getting ready to go to bed here. :)
01:13o_cee :)
01:15Captain_Murdo| taking out all my debug statements that print junk to the screen when flagging runs.
01:18o_cee breakfast
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01:44Captain_Murdo| o_cee: logo detection code is in CVS if you want to play with it.
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01:56o_cee Captain_Murdoch: great, reading and updating now
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02:06o_cee won't be able to try it until this afternoon, have to run now.. later
02:15o_cee Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg2video, 720x576, 25.00 fps
02:15o_cee Stream #0.1: Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 384 kb/s
02:15o_cee Logo SearchSegmentation fault
02:15o_cee heh
02:16Captain_Murdo| that's a bug in current cvs I think. someone was complaining about segfaults when playing mpeg2 files on the list. I have one, let me try under the debugger.
02:16o_cee oh
02:16o_cee yeah, just fired up gdb here
02:16o_cee Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
02:16o_cee [Switching to Thread 16384 (LWP 11598)]
02:16o_cee 0x404a0dad in ff_mpegcontext_flush (s=0x8110d60) at mpegvideo.c:3595
02:16o_cee 3595 if(s->picture[i].data[0] && ( s->picture[i].type == FF_BUFFER_TYPE_INTERNAL
02:16o_cee Current language: auto; currently c
02:17o_cee is that enough?
02:17o_cee or maybe this is something for isaac
02:18Captain_Murdo| something for Isaac, he said nothing has changed in there but I wonder if something else had a side-effect.
02:19o_cee i'll send a bt to -dev then
02:19Captain_Murdo| my mythcommflag on a mpeg2 file is running fine. weird.. they were segfaulting earlier.
02:19o_cee hmm, short thread apply all bt full..
02:21o_cee there, send it
02:21o_cee need to run off now
02:21o_cee talk to you later, go to bed now :)
02:22Captain_Murdo| yeah, ttyl
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04:47yebyen mem
04:53Chutt captain_murdoch, you need to call GetFrame() before you can seek.
04:54Chutt you're not doing that in the logo detection loop.
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07:34CaCtus491 evening
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08:23Spida hi
08:24Spida is there an agreement with regarding ripping of weather data for mythweather?
08:25dja not to my knowledge (but I'm not the one who wrote mythweather :)
08:26dja I'd be more worried about zap2it.coom. :)
08:27Spida ?
08:27Spida I am thinking about patching mythweather to use other sources for weather-data
08:27dja there's no agreement with -- they could make our life hell by randomly changing the html in the tvguide data...image life without the guide...
08:28GreyFoxx There was talk here the other day that zap2it may be finally moving toward allow people o subscribe and get an xml feed
08:28Spida I am using a different guide, but I would probably have the same problem...
08:28GreyFoxx one with more data available than we can get now byu screen scraping
08:29dja Hopefully the data will be better...I've found zap2it doesn't always have the latest data (at least compared to my cable company)
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10:10Captain_Murdo| Chutt, you around?
10:14Captain_Murdo| replied to that email about GetFrame() and asked a question if you could take a look sometime.
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12:16o_c Captain_Murdoch: logo detection a couple of shows now.. the first one was like 90% succesful, it got confused by some comcercials the tv-station itself sends (for other shows) where they have an almost opaque logo.. and when it changed to the normal halftransparent it seems like it got a little confused.. but i'll need more testing with it
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12:18o_c ttyl, will bbl
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12:55mdz was seeking while paused knowingly broken?
12:56mdz pre-0.14?
12:57* Captain_Murd says wasn't me
12:57mdz Captain_Murdoch: is it broken for you too?
13:00Chutt knowingly broken?
13:00Chutt behavior changed
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13:07thor_ hit s to segfault
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13:13Captain_Murdo| can't test, at work now.
13:14* Captain_Murd uses S for something else so he changed the segfault key to ALT-S
13:14Chutt so that getframe bit worked?
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13:25mdz Chutt: what's the new behavior?
13:25mdz seek by one frame?
13:26Chutt yup
13:26mdz that's much less useful
13:26Chutt i think you can disable it somewhere
13:26Chutt no one complained when it went in =)
13:29mdz I didn't notice until today :-P
13:35Captain_Murdo| chutt, yeah fixed the getframe and replied to that email you sent. would you mind if JumpToFrame, ClearAfterSeek, and GetFrame were public instead of private? then I could just have a CommDetect->FindLogo(this) call in NVP instead of that big block of code.
13:35Captain_Murdo| or can you think of another way I could do less of that code in NVP and more in CommDetect?
13:36Chutt i replied to you :p
13:36Captain_Murdo| ah, ok. haven't checked in the past hour or so. :) busy with real work unfortunately.
13:36Chutt you can either make it public, or make it a friend class
13:36Captain_Murdo| ok, have to read up on friends. never used those.
13:37Captain_Murdo| actually just checked and I don't have that reply yet. I'll read it when it comes in.
13:37Captain_Murdo| thanks.
13:38Chutt heh
13:38Chutt allright
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14:50racer o_cee?
14:51racer anybody saw these theme screenshots? xlr8shun
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14:51racer oops
14:52racer i mean: see topic from : xlr8shun
14:53racer Nice icons!!!
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14:57GreyFoxx Those do look pretty nice
14:58GreyFoxx I like the transparent overlay look :)
14:59racer Overall MyHTPC looks nice but MYTHTV rocks with it TV functionality!
15:00Rince ;-)
15:00racer Icons are from the MYTHTV-G.A.N.T. theme!
15:01GreyFoxx God I hate waiting for stuff to finishbefore I can carry on with my work
15:02* GreyFoxx throws rocks at his machine to speed it up
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15:25o_cee hahahha, funny mail from Paul Koster :)
15:27o_cee Captain_Murdoch: does 'on-the-fly' logo detection work? like, do i press z when a comercial start?
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15:42Captain_Murdo| o_cee, no because it doesn't know what the logo looks like. only on-the-fly detection is blank-frame.
15:43o_cee okay
15:43o_cee maybe it should store it for that purpose
15:43Captain_Murdo| I think I mentioned that on the setup page in one of the help texts.
15:44o_cee messing with all translations, probably missed it
15:44o_cee running half english half swedish :)
15:45Captain_Murdo| I think it's for the combobox for the skip method.
15:46kvandivo cm, you are the one that committed that change to let per-channel commercial skip be set? where the heck is that setting actually at?
15:46kvandivo (in the gui)
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15:46o_cee channel editor
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15:47kvandivo where is the channel editor of which you speak?
15:47kvandivo ;)
15:48o_cee ./setup
15:48kvandivo i was going to play with that over the weekend, and spent entirely too much look looking through the settings and never did find it.
15:48o_cee heheheh
15:48kvandivo aha.. i had wondered if it was in setup
15:48o_cee the backend setup proggie
15:48o_cee :)
15:48kvandivo figures
15:48kvandivo methinks i'll add it to my todo list to move that into mythfrontend proper
15:49o_cee uhm
15:49o_cee the channels are on the backend
15:49o_cee should be in there where it is i think
15:50kvandivo by that definition virtually everything is on the backend
15:50o_cee channels are affected on all frontends
15:50o_cee that better? :)
15:50o_cee all settings are host specific..
15:50o_cee channels aren't..
15:50kvandivo no, not really. the choice of whether or not to flag commercials, by your definition, is also a backend setting
15:50kvandivo but you can make that choice from the frontned
15:51o_cee true.
15:51o_cee but then again, why at all have ./setup
15:51o_cee because you should be able to setup a backend alone
15:52Captain_Murdo| kvandivo: it's supposed to be in the channel setup. I'd like to convert that commfree field to a commMethod field to have per-channel commercial detection methods.
15:52Captain_Murdo| I didn't add that, I just applied the patch by someone else.
15:52kvandivo sure.. i understand. :)
15:53kvandivo it does sound like a firm definition of what goes in ./setup versus what is exposed by the settings option would be a good thing
15:53Chutt the channel setup could easily go in to the frontend
15:53kvandivo i'm sure that such a definition exists..
15:53Chutt since it doesn't really require any backend resources
15:54o_cee bah :)
15:54Chutt everything could be moved into the frontend if someone were to write a protocol to proxy all the local requests (v4l, dvb, etc)
15:54Chutt from the frontend to the backend that the user is configuring
15:55kvandivo makes sense
15:55Chutt i'm not interested in doing that myself, though
15:55o_cee Chutt: you want .ts updates when i'm finished or in smaller chunks? got _alot_ of new stuff now.. but ~150 strings left
15:55kvandivo ya.. well, it actually sounds like we are relatively close to optimal with the two binaries.. it's just a couple of things that could be moved, and otherwise it flows nicely
15:56Chutt whenever you want
15:56o_cee feels like i should back it up
15:56o_cee the things chris changed with some %1 and %2 stuff seemed to mess things up a little.. didn't have time to look at it more
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15:57o_cee pita to have 700 strings in the same subgroup, hehe..
15:58o_cee i also don't know why i got a CaptureCard now.. already have CaptureCardEditor..? subgroup of strings..
15:58Chutt they're different.
15:59o_cee hmm, allright
15:59o_cee you saw the untranslated string? i think i send it to the list
16:00Chutt yes
16:00Chutt i'm busy, haven't applied patches.
16:01o_cee np
16:01o_cee (would be easier with cvs access ;) hehe, j/k
16:02enki anyone know what processor core the a 2.4ghz celeron is built around?
16:02enki the same as a p4?
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16:10o_cee "Channel Recordings will receive this additional recording priority value." <-- does that refer to "Always record this program on this channel"?
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17:12Octane i just realized something which ive been too stupid to realize earlier. those who want more than one tuner and need a settop box, need a second settop box
17:13Octane it took me 5 months of mythtv to realize that!
17:21tmk eh?
17:21Chutt tmk, hi
17:21tmk sup chutt
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17:25o_cee sup means 'schnaps'/'dram' where i live (sorry, no american dictionary, that might be brittish) :)
17:25o_cee i sure hope that's not what you're saying :)
17:26sfr schnaps is swedish?
17:26o_cee snaps is swedish
17:27o_cee but yeah, same word
17:27o_cee :)
17:27sfr and means s/t containing 40% alcohol
17:27o_cee yeah >= 40% ;)
17:29o_cee sfr: if you enter the rec profiles settings -> transcoders.. what does it say at the top?
17:29o_cee translation stuff
17:29o_cee with german
17:31o_cee doesn't seem to translate that.. but i can't find it in the source.. probably sets the name of itself or something there, because there's no string to slap a tr() around as far as i can grep
17:31sfr o_cee: it just says 'Transcoders'
17:31o_cee good
17:32o_cee or, you know, not good, but same thing here
17:32o_cee Transcoders is translated already.. so
17:32sfr but i translated Transcoders in the selection menu
17:32o_cee exactly
17:33o_cee but if you grep for "Transcoders" you won't find it anywhere.. so it has to be the classname or whatever
17:33sfr o_cee: getting picky?
17:33o_cee yeh:)
17:33sfr good!
17:33o_cee good sign, isn't it?
17:33o_cee :)
17:34niqo profilegroup.cpp:88
17:36o_cee niqo: i think that's the choice for the screen before?
17:37niqo yea, right
17:39niqo its in the database...
17:40o_cee but it's translated on the first screen
17:40o_cee ah well
17:41niqo and that's in dbcheck.cpp..
17:41niqo 152+
17:42o_cee don't think i want to change in the database
17:43niqo you could code a translation of those strings on load..
17:49o_cee Chutt: translation for ./setup.. wouldn't it make sense to be able to configure the language if not set when you start it up? i mean, it's set from the frontend, and when you're about to run the setup for the first time you don't have any other lang specified..
17:52Chutt sure
17:52Chutt it could ask first thing
17:52o_cee yeah, at least if the db hasn't been created or something
17:53o_cee feels rather pointless translating everything if no-one will see it ;)
17:54Chutt could just see if the language setting is blank and ask otherwise
17:54Chutt code it up :p
17:54o_cee right after i'm done translating it ;)
17:57Chutt great
17:58Chutt thor, i'm breaking out the GenericTree into its own file
17:58o_cee hehehe
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17:59mdz wouldn't it be more sensible to just pay attention to the LANG environment variable?
17:59mdz instead of prompting the user?
17:59Chutt sure
17:59mdz I would expect Qt to already do that
17:59o_cee mdz: i don't have it set.. i don't want a swedish OS
17:59o_cee :)
17:59o_cee i run english os all the time
17:59kvandivo you da man!
18:00o_cee it could to like: "Found your using language: "blah"; is this correct?"
18:00kvandivo Language detected: "blah"
18:01o_cee but that's out of my league now.. :)
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18:37thor_ Chutt, didn't we have problems with Brent Hill's thing ?
18:37thor_ Hills'
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18:52rkulagow thor: still here?
18:57thor_ yup
18:57rkulagow hey, do you use itunes on Mac or windows?
18:57thor_ windows
18:58thor_ well ... as a debugging tool ... don't really _use_ it
18:58rkulagow ah, ok. i was just wondering if all the coolio featyres had been tested on the windows version.
18:58thor_ yup
18:58rkulagow ok.
18:59thor_ still looking for someone to try a few things on a mac version in fact
18:59rkulagow don't have a mac, so i can't help you there.
18:59thor_ yup
18:59thor_ they seem rare :-)
19:00thor_ probably buy one soon anyway to get photo sharing to work with iPhoto (not available for Windows)
19:01--- <<-- sfr [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:01rkulagow sounds like an excellent plan. buy me one too, while you're at it.
19:01thor_ heh
19:01thor_ put a paypal link in your docs :-)
19:01rkulagow conflict of interest.
19:02thor_ yeah
19:02thor_ write a book on "Installing and Using MythTV" ?
19:03thor_ make coin on the dead tree version
19:03thor_ "Free copy of myth tv with every Book purchased ! "
19:03thor_ then buy a mac
19:03rkulagow waiting for a publisher to get back to me. we'll see. first, have to write it. editing is easy. words are hard.
19:04thor_ heh
19:05rkulagow well, if i get a book published, i'll make sure i buy _you_ a mac. how's that sound?
19:05thor_ heh
19:05thor_ you're on
19:07rkulagow weirdest billboard i saw today: cow hydroponics
19:07thor_ growing dope in cow manure ?
19:07lmatter rkulagow, I was going to write up some notes on using mythgallery to add to your docs. Can I just send ascii text or do you want some other format.
19:08rkulagow lmatter: ascii is fine. i'll sgml it myself. if you have a special request just put an inline comment, since i basically read everything anyways.
19:12lmatter rkulagow, ok will do.
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20:36thor_ wooo hoooo better Generic Tree's
20:37thor_ if you can handle multiple sorts in the same tree, I'll be a happy camper
20:40Chutt i dunno
20:40Chutt just converted it to use the internal qt sort algorithm
20:40thor_ ah
20:40Chutt might have changed how stuff was sorted, but that's easy to fix
20:40thor_ heh
20:40Chutt didn't really test, these are changes from awhile ago
20:40thor_ just looking at it
20:40o_cee oh there's an issue with the sorting, maybe that's sorted (haha) now
20:41Chutt simplified some things by cutting down on redundant functions
20:41o_cee with small vs large chars, sorted a and A seperately
20:41o_cee you guys familiar with matlab?
20:41thor_ from a long time ago
20:42o_cee okay.. seems they changed \ into / in newer versions.. extremely odd
20:42o_cee x=A\b should be x=A/b now.. heh
20:42mikegrb unless I totaly messed up I don't know why people have so much trouble with pvr cards and the ivtv drivers
20:42thor_ Chutt, am I right in recalling that someone looked at the Brent Hill's patch and had a problem with it
20:43thor_ Hills' (again)
20:43o_cee mikegrb: me neither
20:43mikegrb tool 5 minutes to get the drivers, compile install etc
20:43mikegrb s/tool/took/
20:43mikegrb of course now I have to shut the machine down and put the card in :p
20:43o_cee hehehe
20:43o_cee damn
20:43o_cee no hotswap? :)
20:43Chutt thor, yes
20:43thor_ thought so
20:44Chutt the combo box was my issue
20:44thor_ ah yes ...
20:44Chutt since it doesn't really seem like those 4 options should be mutually exclusive
20:44thor_ right, right
20:44mikegrb o_cee: I'm not that brave :p
20:44thor_ ok, phew, thought I had just overlooked it
20:44thor_ worried I had
20:44o_cee Captain_Murdoch: you here? when selecting a group to view in watch recordings it'd be good if you could press select without actually going to the ok button.. but just press select in the listbox.
20:45o_cee also Chutt, is there a way to open listboxes without the mouse now when it's disabled everywhere? i mean to get a look at all options?
20:47Chutt nope
20:47thor_ will usually crash the decoder within minutes
20:47o_cee :/
20:47thor_ " "
20:47Chutt exactly :p
20:47thor_ becomes bah
20:48thor_ so I"m going to respond to Brent then
20:48Chutt ok
20:48Chutt thanks
20:48thor_ yup
20:50--- ---> Billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
20:51o_cee 805/955 ~84% swedish translation finisihed now... mostly setup left i think
21:03--- <<-- dja_ [] has quit ("Client exiting")
21:03--- ---> jams_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:04--- <<-- jams [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:13--- <<-- nulltank [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:17o_cee Chutt: think i should put a picture for the disabled shutdown menuitem in gant?
21:17o_cee watermark that is
21:20Chutt i wouldn't bother
21:20Chutt i don't even know if that works
21:21o_cee hehe
21:21o_cee just found it in the xml when i translated it
21:22o_cee you know what happened to geoff? haven't seen any mail from him in months
21:23o_cee would be nice to have mpeg2 cutting
21:24Chutt he said he'd be busy for a month or two
21:25o_cee okay
21:26o_cee really excited about the logo detection, it could work really well here.. didn't have time to play with it thatmuch today..
21:26o_cee anyway, it's 3:30 now.. time to get some sleep. g'night
21:27mikegrb o_cee: yup it works :p
21:28mikegrb o_cee: so 5 frick'n minutes of work, what everyone bishes about I know not
21:28Captain_Murdo| mikegrb: what works?
21:29mikegrb I just got a pvr-250 card this evening :p
21:29mikegrb go me!
21:29Captain_Murdo| oh, ok. thought you meant you had tested the logo stuff.
21:29mikegrb though it is as much for my wife as me
21:29mikegrb oh, no not yet :/
21:30mikegrb our myth backend hasn't gotten much use lately as a mythbackend
21:30mikegrb it has been server 3 remote x sessions lately so bttv card was just too much work for it
21:55--- ---> nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
21:57Teflon hmmm dvb-mplex eventually loses a/v sync.
22:00--- ---> Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:02--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
22:05Chutt if people have time and are able to test cvs, i'd appreciate that..
22:06thor_ what have you done with Chutt ?
22:06Chutt (because of the ffmpeg update)
22:06--- ---> pcjabber [] has joined #mythtv
22:06thor_ anyone know the office of homeland security number for reporting suspicous activity ?
22:08pcjabber sorry, not me
22:10--- ---> livesNbox [] has joined #mythtv
22:11livesNbox hey guys...
22:11pcjabber i'm having a problem (no clue what it is), but i know this isnt the place to ask for help -- #mythtv-users
22:11pcjabber "no clue what it is" = no clue what it's related to
22:11pcjabber hello livesNbox
22:11livesNbox is there any plan for a windows based frontend ?
22:11thor_ mute your line in and set it as the recording source
22:12pcjabber livesNbox, there is one already for cygwin
22:12livesNbox really.. hmm...
22:12pcjabber thor_, who were you talking to? =)
22:13livesNbox what about plans for any windows native frontend ?
22:13thor_ I was trying to divine your problem by using mind reading
22:13Billytwowilly| livesNbox, That kind of defeats the purpose...
22:14pcjabber yep,
22:14pcjabber thor_, sorry to burst your bubble, but your mind reading doesnt work =)
22:14thor_ crap
22:14pcjabber =)
22:14livesNbox Billytwowilly: what purpose is that ?
22:14thor_ well, you'll probably have that problem in a day or so
22:15Billytwowilly| livesNbox, The complete and utter destruction of everything that is windows;)
22:15pcjabber uh, sure, whatever you say ;-)
22:15livesNbox Billytwowilly: good luck!
22:15pcjabber lol agreed, Billytwowilly
22:15livesNbox Billytwowilly: seems like the purpose would be to make mythweb the most popular and best pvr software out there.
22:15Billytwowilly| livesNbox, I'm just joking;) I don't think there has been enough interest by developers to make one for windows;)
22:15pcjabber thor_, my problem is this: when i am in myth, in the menus, i get fine feed.
22:16livesNbox Billytwowilly: hmm.. doesn't seem like it would be too difficult...
22:16Billytwowilly| livesNbox, Have you ever programmed for windows?
22:16livesNbox yeah...
22:16livesNbox it's what I do.
22:16thor_ have at it
22:16livesNbox hehe..
22:16livesNbox i might
22:16Billytwowilly| then go nuts dude.
22:16pcjabber in the TV (any tv, watch prev. recorded, live, etc), I get feed with green bars every few centimeters (i am in the US)
22:16pcjabber even in the OSD
22:16livesNbox seems like it might not be all that nessisary though
22:16Billytwowilly| a windows frontend would do nothing but benefit the project.
22:16livesNbox if you do post-recording transcoding..
22:16pcjabber im positive its not my feed - it was working today
22:17pcjabber earlier*
22:17livesNbox you could just have a web interface that would stream wmv's
22:17livesNbox hit up the mysql db for data.
22:17thor_ pcjabber, sounds like bad ground somewhere ... what's your video out ?
22:17pcjabber livesNbox, you are sounding like Snapstream/BeyondTV
22:17pcjabber composite out on the Pundit (RCA jacks)
22:18thor_ fuzzy green bars, or tight crisp perfect borders ?
22:18livesNbox pcjabber: nothing bad about that I guess....
22:18livesNbox pcjabber: they make a pretty decent product.
22:18pcjabber fuzzy
22:18pcjabber yes they do livesNbox =)
22:18pcjabber i used that before i used myth =)
22:18livesNbox but I like myth better...
22:18pcjabber me too
22:18thor_ I'd bet a reasonable amount of money your pundit outlet is not grounded
22:19pcjabber hmm
22:19thor_ or you've got some RF wonkiness inside the case
22:19livesNbox however, I 'd like to flexibility to stream the recordings anywhere on my network
22:19livesNbox linux, windows, or anything else.
22:19livesNbox and it "seems" like that would be easy.
22:19livesNbox with the transcoding.
22:19livesNbox and the right player.
22:19livesNbox without really doing anything special
22:20thor_ livesNbox, go write a plugin to make myth talk VidoeLan, then you can watch the stuff anywhere
22:20thor_ VideoLan
22:20thor_ even on a PDA
22:20livesNbox anyone build a homebrew ir transmitter for lirc ?
22:21pcjabber thor_, im not getting bad feed on everything
22:21pcjabber just in the "watch tv" stuff
22:22pcjabber X and myth menus work fine
22:22thor_ pcjabber, ah
22:22pcjabber so is that still the probable cause?
22:22thor_ still could be a ground problem on the input side
22:22pcjabber and how would i check those things?
22:22thor_ but I don't really know very much about electronics
22:22pcjabber (RF and ground)
22:22thor_ or electricity
22:22thor_ $4 ground tester
22:22pcjabber oh
22:23thor_ ask Captain_Murdoch if he shows up
22:23thor_ he seems to know lots of things about wiring
22:23pcjabber ok thanks =)
22:23thor_ yup
22:23pcjabber any other possible problems/solutions?
22:24pcjabber because it worked fine 12 hours ago
22:24thor_ ah, probably your cable feed
22:24pcjabber around 8-10 hours ago it stopped working
22:24pcjabber but even watching old recorded programs, i get bad feed
22:24thor_ eh?
22:25pcjabber when i watch pre-recordeds, i get the green bars in it
22:25pcjabber and i know they dont have that
22:25thor_ older than 12 hours ago ?
22:25pcjabber yep, maybe a week ago
22:25thor_ heh
22:25thor_ gremlins
22:25pcjabber lol
22:29pcjabber i am going to try something..just a sec
22:30Teflon hmmm replex works real nice.
22:31pcjabber hmm...seems i screwed around with my XF86Config file, and thats 1/2 the prob =)
22:32pcjabber ive got to go for now, but ill bb later =)
22:33pcjabber thanks for your help
22:33thor_ yup
22:35--- ---> o_c [] has joined #mythtv
22:38pcjabber ill take a picture of the screens tomorrow, and tell you what ive tried so far
22:38pcjabber thanks =)
22:39* pcjabber goes to sleep
22:39* pcjabber is away: Sorry, AFK atm...Will be back soon! (XChat 2.0.7)
22:39rkulagow captain_murdoch: here?
22:41--- ---> FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
22:47Captain_Murdo| yeah, off an on.
22:48rkulagow looks like the modulo math or something else is off in the new min:sec OSD: i had it popup and let me know that there was a 3:60 commercial
22:49rkulagow but, let me double check and let you know the exact message. brb.
22:49Captain_Murdo| ok.
22:52rkulagow ok, got it now. it's missing a padded "0" if the seconds < 10. 3min, 6 seconds should be 3:06, but comes up 3:6
22:52--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
22:52rkulagow unless you wanted it that way
22:54Captain_Murdo| nah, guess I should use something other than the QString("Skip %1:%2") method. :)
22:55Captain_Murdo| thanks. I'll add that to my TODO to fix.
22:56Captain_Murdo| will fix it in a little while.
22:57rkulagow great.
22:59rkulagow breaking out my commodore-64 basic hat, that would be: seconds$=right$("0"+str$(skipped_seconds),2)
22:59rkulagow right?
23:01rkulagow just got an email from zap2it on their new service (maybe) thing.
23:06Captain_Murdo| :) think I'll use QString's sprintf() since that's used everywhere else.
23:13rkulagow looking at the questionaire, they've got:
23:13rkulagow If you use a digital video recorder (DVR), please indicate it below:
23:13rkulagow Freevo
23:13rkulagow MyHTPC
23:13rkulagow MythTV
23:13rkulagow SageTV
23:13rkulagow SnapStream
23:13rkulagow DISH Player-DVR
23:13rkulagow ReplayTV
23:13rkulagow TiVo
23:13rkulagow Cable system DVR
23:13rkulagow Other DVR
23:13rkulagow I do not own a DVR
23:13rkulagow How many hours per week do you spend watching movies in the theatre? (Please round to nearest digit)
23:14rkulagow How many hours per week do you spend playing computer games? (Please round to nearest digit)
23:14rkulagow (last question): . How many hours per week do you spend reading? (Please round to nearest digit)
23:14rkulagow i wonder what the results of the survey (if everyone fills it out) will tell them?
23:14thor_ Do your hobbies include (tick as many as appropriate): Golf, Bridge, Masturbation
23:15mdz rkulagow: thanks for the forward
23:15rkulagow well, the welcome email said to share it with others who have my interests, so if you're interested go to and put in Certificate code: TGYN-JE4M-CBUT when you go to setup a new account.
23:16jams_ hey guys any plans to have a visual indicator for lirc events to account for delays ?
23:18Chutt heh
23:20Chutt why does zap2it want to know how many hours a week i read?
23:20mdz so that they know what to try to sell you
23:21rkulagow We have 9 registered users
23:21rkulagow The newest registered user is rkulagow
23:21Chutt there's only one thing they could sell me
23:21Chutt that's silly, apparently you have to answer the question about 'what other DVR app are you thinking of using'
23:22rkulagow yes, that got me too.
23:23--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch_ [] has quit ()
23:24rkulagow ok, so they've got a perl grabber. that's good.
23:24Chutt yeah
23:24Chutt the old one still works
23:25mdz oh, good, xtvd
23:25mdz because we didn't already have a standard
23:26Chutt the xmltv stuff doesn't fit their data
23:26Chutt since, well, their data is much more complete
23:27Chutt episode data is separate from specific showings
23:27mdz how different can it be that it couldn't add some new tags and attributes?
23:27Chutt it can be converted, but you lose some info
23:28mdz the program table doesn't really fit their data either, then
23:28mdz has someone written a converter already?
23:28Chutt there was one last year
23:28Chutt and yeah, the current db scheme doesn't fit their data
23:29mdz so you've probably already thought some about what to do to get this data into mythtv
23:29Chutt if they ever launch this service for real, i'll modify mythtv to support it more
23:30Chutt a tiny bit, but that was all last year
23:30Chutt so i don't really remember what i thought of changing
23:32Chutt if you want to look into doing that, i'd help =)
23:33mdz I'm not particularly motivated yet
23:33mdz maybe the next time their normal web service implodes
23:34Chutt heh
23:34--- ---> ming [] has joined #mythtv
23:34ming #mythtv-users
23:34ming sorry hehe
23:36mdz I'm trying to port UML to iai64
23:36mdz ia64, that is
23:36Chutt scary
23:36--- <<-- livesNbox [] has quit ()
23:36mdz it's a lot of annoying header mangling mostly
23:38jams_ chutt would you rather have bugs reported here or on the dev list ?
23:39Chutt the dev list
23:39Chutt if they're actually mythtv bugs, of course.
23:41jams_ pretty sure it is, I can consistently make the backend crash via the epg/recording
23:41Chutt just get a backtrace
23:41jams_ sure thing
23:41Chutt and steps to reproduce
23:41mdz jams_: there are instructions in the howto
23:41Chutt else i'll be likely to ignore you =)
23:41jams_ thanks mdz
23:43jams_ Let me ask this, is there a place to see what bugs have been fixed other then the commit list ?
23:43Chutt nope
23:43jams_ no point in wasted effort it's already been fixed
23:44--- <<-- Billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
23:45* Captain_Murd syncs up with cvs and starts getting the "Can't find a register in class" error message.
23:47Chutt oh, oops
23:47Chutt change to -O instead of -O0 for debug mode
23:47Chutt i'll fix that later
23:47Captain_Murdo| ok. thanks. was searching the mailing list. :)
23:49Captain_Murdo| is that because I'm on an old compiler?
23:50--- <<-- linagee [] has quit ("Leaving")
23:55Chutt naw, it's because there's some shady inline asm
---Logclosed Tue Feb 17 00:00:08 2004