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00:01Captain_Murdo| ok. need to upgrade my distro anyway, just repartitioned last night so I could install new but keep old around just in case. :)
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00:58rkulagow chutt: here?
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01:12Chutt yeah, what's up?
01:13Chutt hrm
01:13Chutt weird.
01:13Sir-Al hi
01:13Chutt rkulagow, you don't happen to still be in gdb, do you?
01:18rkulagow chutt: sorry, no.
01:18rkulagow but i'll see if i can get it to happen again.
01:19Chutt ok, thanks
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01:28rkulagow crap. syslog is showing "spurious interrupt" errors once i mount my LVM reiserfs partition.
01:29Chutt not good
01:30rkulagow i wonder if my top of the line circa 1998 P3/733 is ready for retirement
01:30Chutt heh
01:31Chutt i've retired all my machines except 3 (wife's laptop, my dev box, and the myth box in the living room)
01:31mdz rkulagow: how many of those messageS?
01:31mdz that's usually normal
01:31niqo time to replace a hd :( I/O error: dev 0b:00, sector 1072
01:31rkulagow mdz: really? i've _never_ seen them until recently. i usually get them on 7 and 15
01:32mdz rkulagow: do you get them just once when you mount it? or all the time?
01:32rkulagow and i'm also getting hard drive weirdness, and stuff like kernel: hdf: dma_timer_expiry: dma status == 0x61
01:33rkulagow mdz: just when i mount.
01:33Chutt mdz, remember that segfault on number keys in playback mode?
01:36mdz Chutt: yep, the one that didn't happen to anyone who could debug it
01:37mdz rkulagow: on several machines, i get exactly one "spurious interrupt" message on every boot
01:37mdz around the time it sets the clock or so
01:37Chutt mdz, i think my most recent commit fixes it
01:38Chutt i can see how it'd die
01:38mdz that one guy did say that activerecorder was null
01:39mdz what caused it to happen to only some people?
01:39Chutt nfc
01:40thor_ karma
01:40Chutt might've just been that they have the 'change channels immediately' option turned on, and neither of us do
01:40Chutt but i thought i tested with that..
01:40Chutt ah well, it should be fixed
01:40niqo damn, this must be my lucky day or something, amps left channel has gone dead, bah
01:40Chutt thor, is GenericTree meant to be subclassed?
01:40mdz rkulagow: that dma error is definitely bad though\
01:41mdz heh, with a name like that it ought to be
01:41thor_ I don't think so ....
01:41thor_ you still thinking about giving it objects and having it pass them back rather than doing all those lookups ?
01:42Chutt i dunno
01:42Chutt i'm looking at how to do the osd menu, right now
01:42Chutt and i want to subclass it
01:42Chutt so i can create the tree first
01:42Chutt pass it to my osdlisttree creation object
01:43Chutt and have that create the ui from it
01:43Chutt with some items possibly having different attributes
01:43Chutt so i want to store more than just ints in there
01:43rkulagow mdz: i've got a box that i'm building for a friend now, so i'm going to move everything over to it and see if i still get the error messages on mount.
01:43thor_ ah, right
01:43Chutt think this should work ok
01:44Chutt if it does, might simplify stuff elsewhere
01:44thor_ well ... I didn't deliberately design to _not_ be subclassed .... don't think I thought about it one way or the other
01:44Chutt heh, ok
01:45thor_ btw, keep meaning to look into it, but I'm pretty sure it leaks on destruction
01:46Chutt i think i fixed that.
01:46thor_ excellent
01:52Chutt hrm
01:52Chutt yeah
01:52Chutt i think this'll work out well
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01:56niqo hmm, ripped it out of the rack and reconnected it, and now it's working, yay
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02:06niqo clear
02:06niqo hmm
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03:06stimm anyone know if they fixed the mythtv problems with dual monitors?
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03:08Sir-Al stimm: what problem is that
03:08stimm Sir-Al, it streches accross both monitors
03:08Sir-Al stimm: it doesn't for me
03:08stimm just like mplayer
03:08Sir-Al it depends on how you have it configured...
03:09stimm which configuration?
03:09Sir-Al if you're running something like 800x1200, then yes, it would stretch
03:10stimm ?
03:11Sir-Al are you running mythfrontend or mythtv
03:11Sir-Al do you have Xinerama support?
03:11stimm its a twinview geforce card i am using twinview
03:11Sir-Al what option of twinview
03:11stimm and I dont remember because I uninstalled mythtv
03:11Sir-Al what command did you use to run mythtv
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03:16stimm Sir-Al, i am reinstalling right now because I bought a 250 wintv card
03:16Sir-Al ok cool
03:17Chutt just don't run xinerama, and you won't have any problems.
03:17stimm okay
03:17Chutt xinerama is essentially broken, and no one in their right mind uses it.
03:17stimm i am having issues getting a /dev/video0 with the 250 card
03:18Chutt that's a topic of conversation for another channel.
03:18stimm is there a special module now for 2.6 kernels?
03:18stimm Chutt, sorry
03:27tmk stimm: there are patches for it for 2/6
03:27tmk err 2.6
03:27tmk night folks
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09:45hadees hello everybody
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10:34macr0 Hello, I've got a backend running on a computer and the front end running on an xbox. Everything seems to work fine except that the audio comes out of the backend machine and not the TV. How do I remedy this?
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10:36dja macr0: check the topic :-)
10:37macr0 ah, ok. Sorry bout that.
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13:11oc !mhbe
13:11oc !mhbw
13:11Chutt err..
13:15oc whops
13:15oc :)
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13:20thor_ bah
13:20o_cee Chutt: the new osd menu stuff your working on.. uhm.. what is it? :)
13:20Chutt a menu for the osd
13:21o_cee with the difference from the current one? the one that popups when you try to change channel for instance
13:21thor_ no menu
13:21Chutt that's not a menu, right
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13:22o_c dammit.. ordered new Internet connection today.. this sucks
13:22o_c keeps disconnecting
13:22thor_ I see 2 connections here
13:23o_c yeah
13:23o_c lets kill it
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13:23o_c diieee
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13:23thor_ heh
13:24thor_ o_cee, in case you were eagerly anticipating it, all the playlist stuff is working in the mfd .... just in case you wanted to think about the 2345 interface
13:24o_cee cool, i'll do an update
13:24o_cee and check it out later
13:25thor_ no hurry, just if you feel like it sometime
13:25o_cee does it list all songs now? should be paged? kinda slow with much stuff
13:25o_cee yeah, i will :)
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13:25o_cee once i get the idea how to do it, that's all
13:25thor_ it can do anything you want it to ... just need someone who knows something about HTML
13:25o_cee :)
13:26o_cee hmm.. when going to the backend status page via mythweb it looses the encoding info.. odd
13:27bob-lad bleep
13:28bob-lad oops,
13:34Chutt thor, so it turned out to be pretty easy to fill the ui from a generic tree =)
13:34thor_ I looked at the diff's, didn't seem to be a lot of work
13:35thor_ that's what you get when you have developers with years of experience building classes for you
13:35Chutt i haven't added signals for various things yet, but those'd be tiny bits of code
13:35thor_ I've started building a client
13:36Chutt yeah, saw that initial checkin =)
13:36thor_ but I'm going in circles
13:36thor_ part of me wants gradual modifications to myth music
13:36thor_ part of me wants to rip everything out and build up everything from scratch
13:37thor_ ie. not a plugin, but *it*
13:38racer like the second part the most thor_ :)
13:39thor_ heh
13:39racer funny heh?
13:39racer sometimes i love myself! :)
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13:41thor_ anyway, I'll got some little hack working well enough to let me build out the mfd client library, then revisit the issue
13:41thor_ I'll get
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13:45Chutt heh, ok
13:46racer make: *** [sub-_-mfd-plugins-discwatcher] Error 2
13:46thor_ hmm
13:46thor_ racer, redhat problem
13:47racer hmm
13:47thor_ or you don't have paranoia installed ?
13:47thor_ let me add the fix from mythmusic
13:47racer could be its a new mythtv build so will have a look
13:48thor_ just do a locate "cdda_interface.h"
13:48thor_ or ./configure --disable-discwatcher
13:49racer '/usr/include/cdda/cdda_interface.h
13:49thor_ yeah, redhat thing
13:49thor_ hang on
13:49racer 'k
13:52thor_ ok, try it now
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13:54o_cee Chutt: you want cc:s of my response to david and bruce? you appeared there when i hit reply all ;)
13:56Chutt whatever
13:57racer thnx thor will try
14:05racer thnx Thor works!
14:06thor_ cool
14:06thor_ got iTunes somewhere on the same LAN ?
14:06racer discwatcher plugin will watch "/dev/cdrom" (no cd and dvd r capabilities)
14:06racer normal?
14:06thor_ yup
14:06racer yes
14:07thor_ normal if it's a dvd-r
14:07racer right
14:07racer i have itunes
14:07thor_ fire it up
14:07racer why?
14:07thor_ heh
14:08thor_ you'll see
14:08racer i know mfd is serving daap
14:08thor_ pop a cd in the mfd box
14:08racer ok will try
14:08thor_ _audio_ cd
14:09racer ok did it
14:10thor_ see it in iTunes ?
14:10racer nope
14:10racer still mp3
14:10racer mfd did not detect cd i think
14:11thor_ is it an _audio_ cd?
14:11racer yes
14:11racer 17/Feb/2004-20:06:11: discwatcher plugin "/dev/dvd" being removed from things to watch since it is the same as "/dev/cdrom"
14:11racer 17/Feb/2004-20:06:11: discwatcher plugin will watch "/dev/cdrom" (no cd and dvd r capabilities)
14:11thor_ that's ok
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14:12thor_ you see MythMusic (DAAP) on _your_hostname in iTunes ?
14:12racer yes
14:12YamahaBrez Is it possible to use an IR eye to change the channel on a sat receiver instead of the serial
14:12racer with a triangle in front
14:12thor_ click on it, then the grey triangle
14:14thor_ when the grey triangle is pointing down ( \/ ), you should see your playlists, and one of the playlists should be the CD you inserted
14:14racer its pointing to the right
14:14thor_ click on it
14:15racer i did several times
14:15thor_ interesting
14:15racer have to update to 4.20/
14:15racer ?
14:15thor_ no
14:15thor_ you running windows or mac ?
14:15racer if i start it it is asking this
14:15racer windows
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14:18racer heh
14:18racer stupid
14:18racer :)
14:18thor_ if you've got a huge log to send, just e-mail it to me (
14:20racer heh
14:21racer sorry think cd is working though
14:21thor_ good
14:21racer but its next to the mp3 list
14:21racer so did not see it
14:21racer does the cd have ratings in itunes (default)
14:21racer ?
14:22thor_ defaults to 50 /100, or 2 of 5
14:22racer 2 stars
14:22racer because i have the same cd also as mp3
14:22racer think the stars is from cd?
14:23thor_ if you play it, either the cd drive will spin or it won't
14:23racer yeah i know have to walk to downstairs
14:23thor_ in iTunes
14:23thor_ ah
14:24thor_ if you right click and do Get Info
14:24thor_ it'll tell you if it's a wav or mp3, plus the size
14:24racer wav audio stream
14:24thor_ that's the cd
14:24racer ok
14:24racer so why the 2 stars?
14:25racer no prob for me, just a question!
14:25thor_ have to default to something, 50 /100 is midway
14:25racer ok
14:25racer nice man! mfd i gonna rock!
14:26thor_ just to clarify, do you see "CD ~ Artist ~ Album" in the playlist list ?
14:26racer Next thing your second idea about mythmusic and everybody is happy!!!! :)
14:26racer album song genre time artist my rating
14:27racer so everything is filled
14:27thor_ uhm, in the playlists on the left under the Shared Music Tree
14:28racer can i send you a windows screenshot?
14:28racer dcc?
14:28thor_ firewall, but email is good
14:29racer moment
14:35racer damn visitor brb
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14:55YamahaBrez Is there a feature that would allow me to use an IR eye connected on a satilite receiver instead of a serial connection? I seem to be lacking a serial port on my receiver.
15:00racer thor
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15:00racer i see what you mean
15:00racer cd ~ artist ~ album
15:00thor_ on the playlists
15:00thor_ ?
15:00racer under the triangle
15:00thor_ excellent
15:00racer mfd shows now:
15:00racer Error trying to open /dev/hdc exclusively (Device or resource busy). retrying in 1 second.
15:01thor_ heh
15:01thor_ that you're /dev/dvd ?
15:01thor_ your
15:01racer yes
15:02racer '/dev/dvd & /dev/cdrom
15:02thor_ probably have a kde automount or something running
15:02racer maybe
15:02racer ?
15:03thor_ rm ~/.kde/Autostart/Autorun.desktop
15:04thor_ something like that
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15:05racer dir is empty
15:05thor_ I dunno, that error message (Error trying to open /dev/hdc exclusively (Device or resource busy). retrying in 1 second.) is not from the mfd
15:06racer ok
15:06racer thnx
15:06thor_ yup
15:07racer so now mythmusic based on mfd?
15:07thor_ that's the plan
15:14racer where is pahli? he'd better stop working on his music interface
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15:15racer Add the cdda include path for silly Redhat
15:15racer heh, btw its fedora
15:16thor_ they're both silly
15:16racer heh
15:16racer what do i need?
15:17thor_ no, they're fine as distros, they just sometimes do silly things: everyone puts this header _here_, lets put it _there_ instead
15:18racer ok next question what distro do you use?
15:18thor_ slackware
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15:18thor_ that's not an endorsement, btw
15:19racer hmm endorsement? school is long time ago!
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16:19lmatter rkulagow, I sent you the mythgallery blurb to your rocketmail acct.
16:31rkulagow ok, thanks lmatter.
16:32rkulagow lmatter: i just looked, and it's not here yet.
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16:39lmatter rkulagow, that's wierd, I sent it like an hour ago. It's just about 20 lines, shall I send it over IRC?
16:40rkulagow sure.
16:41rkulagow crapped out. try again?
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16:41lmatter ok. Never done this before, anything special to it?
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17:14pcjabber has anyone ever seen an S-VIDEO to coax cable (RG-5 i think?) adapter?
17:17pcjabber nm, found one --
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17:43o_c stupid bostream, connection's been wonky all day
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19:06houn Hey, #mythtv
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19:11Chutt Snow-Man, did the CVS uml die?
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19:21Snow-Man_ Chutt: I dunno, maybe?
19:22--- User: *** Snow-Man_ is now known as snow-man
19:22--- User: *** snow-man is now known as Snow-Man
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19:32o_cee any new exciting commits coming up worht waiting for? if not, i'll go to sleep ;)
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19:47tz-afk just a quick question -- got my pvr350 today but compiling the ivtv driver complains about not finding videodev2.h -- where is that found? I thought v4l was part of the kernel
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19:48tz-afk ahh nevermind
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19:53DrVali Are there online instructions for bt878 card setup in the 2.6 kernel?
19:54DrVali I have a pair that I know worked and I want to use them in a gentoo mythtv box, but I'm not getting video after modprobe bttv
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20:08Chutt snow-man, that was more along the lines of 'can you please restart it' =)
20:09Snow-Man Oh yea, sure, gimme a few.
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20:25bline anyone here use nntp?
20:29tz-afk has anyone here got a PVR350? I'm trying to just do some test captures off svid and am getting timeouts waiting for input
20:30bline nntp:// if anyone wants play with the nntp server i just wrote, it's the mail archive
20:33bline hrm, should that be news:// heh
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21:11emcnabb I have a mythtv server and I'm trying to watch a show from my laptop; do I have to wait until it's done recording before I can start watching the show?
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22:56* emcnabb is away: studying...
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23:41* emcnabb is back (gone 00:45:36)
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