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01:04Netslayer Chutt, u around?
01:04Netslayer do u know if viewcvs requires a mysql sb?
01:05Netslayer DB
01:06Chutt don't see why it would.
01:06Chutt 'course, don't see why you wouldn't just go to the appropriate webpage and look at the requirements, either.
01:07Netslayer their site has no docs on it at all
01:07Chutt ah, so of course you'd ask me.
01:07Netslayer :-)
01:07Billytwowilly| hehehe
01:07* Billytwowill bows to all knowledgeable chutt
01:08Netslayer i'm in the cvs channel but it's dead in there
01:08Netslayer i actually got CVS, and Pserver running, i'm quite pleased
01:08Chutt considering you don't have to actually do anything to do that
01:09Netslayer well not much ya, especialy with gentoo
01:09Chutt oh, wait, you have to add a line to your inetd.conf
01:09Netslayer but i got wincvs to connect to it so i'm happy
01:09Chutt that's tough, really.
01:09Netslayer ya compared with getting mythtv to work it's a breeze heh
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02:06thor_ bah
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02:23Billytwowilly| Is there anyway to tell mythvideo to not include certain sub directories in the "browse videos" selection? I have /myth/movies/ with a couple sub dirs and only one has actual movies in it. the others have tv shows that I don't want displayed in the browse movies selection because they make it clumsy and are much easier to get to through the video list view
02:25niqo nope, you could make a patch tho
02:25niqo morning, btw
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02:30niqo thor, the name of mfd's support lib is confusingly repeating: :)
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02:33Billytwowilly| niqo, Sadly, no programming skills over here...
02:33Billytwowilly| I was really hoping I just missed the setting;)
02:35niqo what about just linking the interresting dir/files out to a different place, and let it scan that?
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02:40Billytwowilly| I want all the dirs/files to show up in the tree view browser, but only the movies to show up in the browse mode...
02:40Billytwowilly| I don't think that'll work..
02:44niqo so how should the browse-mode tell the difference between what should be there, and not?
02:46Billytwowilly| Well, ideally there would be a place to put in a browse mode directory or a place to exlcude directories from browse mode.
02:47Billytwowilly| ie /myth is base dir and /myth/chris/movies is only dir that should be shown in browse mode, so either there is some place to put that, or some place to exclude all other dirs (in my case /myth/chris/funnymovies/ and /myth/chris/tvshows) from browse mode.
02:48niqo so a regexp match should be okay then?
02:48Billytwowilly| even more ideally the manager mode would have an option to select whether to display all movies or just the ones on display in browse mode.
02:48Billytwowilly| niqo, I really don't know. I have no programming experience...
02:48Billytwowilly| I don't know how to do it..
02:49Billytwowilly| niqo, Are you programming mythvideo?
02:49niqo not right now, no
02:50Billytwowilly| well, that feature would make me really happy.. probably lots of others really happy as well... I don't really know. Is there a place to submit feature requests? just the mailing list?
02:54niqo i thought you just did, this is a dev channel you know...
02:54Billytwowilly| yah, but it isn't really official.
02:54Billytwowilly| noone really mulls it over and it isn't part of any official record.
02:55Billytwowilly| basically I'm at your mercy to get it done because noone else is awake;)
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03:44niqo Billytwowilly: sorry, i was giving you the wrong info, it's possible, press a number key in the video manager....
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03:53lmatter ah, the downside of WAF. "It was working yesterday, why are you still messing with it?"
04:12Chutt lmatter, re the 'MythMusic is also there but it doesn't work yet.' note on your site -- just need to use a recent version of alsa for sound
04:33lmatter Chutt, thanks, I'll try that.
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04:37Billytwowilly| niqo, Thanks. that'll work I suppose... now to go change some 400 files..
04:38niqo he, use the mysql client, and do the flagging directly on the database..table videometadata, field browse..
04:42* Billytwowill is incapable of things complex like that.
04:42Billytwowilly| I really appreciate the help though.
04:43Billytwowilly| databases scare me
05:01bdale so, reading the commit message from cpinkham, I'm left wondering why having a frontend read from an NFS mount would be considered desirable relative to streaming to it from the backend? Is it just my historical, not-entirely-rational distrust of anything even vaguely related to NFS?
05:03Omnic I'm with bdale
05:03Omnic NFS blows :>
05:12lmatter bdale, I think that feature (use NFS) is for the case where your backend also NFS mounts its storage. No need to go from NFS server to backend to frontend.
05:12lmatter But the metadata in the db was not right unless your frontend was once a backend. Thus his commit message.
05:13Billytwowilly| I was under the impression that once the mfd stuff is done it won't really matter.. everything will just be done through that..
05:14Omnic Billytwowilly: I highly recommend you learn SQL/databases.. they're really powerful/cool when you understand them
05:14Billytwowilly| It's on my todo list;)
05:14lmatter Omnic, absolutely. Not that I'm biased or anything.
05:15Billytwowilly| Right after learning econ stuff and graduating with an econ degree..
05:15Billytwowilly| actually I shouldn't say that.
05:15Billytwowilly| I should add it to things to look into over the summer.
05:15Billytwowilly| would probably look good on a resume.
05:17lmatter geez, it's after 2:00. Time to catch some Z's.
05:17Billytwowilly| 3:17 am here.
05:17Billytwowilly| I'm past the point of being tired...
05:17lmatter Yeah but yer in school. I have to take kids to school. :-)
05:17lmatter later...
05:18Billytwowilly| hehe;)
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05:18Billytwowilly| it's reading week;)
05:18bdale lmatter-away: ok, I guess that makes sense, but one of my personal frustrations is that NFS write access is required for secondary backends... I'd much prefer they stream, too.
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06:46o_c wonder how many times i've lost connection last 24 hours..
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08:04dja o_cee: you should think about switching back. :-)
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08:23oc dja: to what?
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08:24dja to your previous IP provider...:-)
08:24o_cee ah no :) haven't swtiched yet
08:24o_cee going from .5 to 10mbit
08:24dja ahh...well then, you should get them to hurry up :-)
08:24dja wow, I hate you. :-)
08:24o_cee :)
08:25o_cee i just quit my current subscription.. will end on 0331.. :/
08:25o_cee but i'll probably be without any connection at all there for a couple of days upto three weeks, hehe
08:25dja ahh...I'm stuck with a cable modem (a somewhat saturated one at that)...I live too far from my CO to get something decent like DSL.
08:26dja I wonder how you'll live for those couple of days...:-)
08:28o_cee i have no idea either :)
08:28dja maybe you should schedule a vacation for that time...:)
08:31o_cee ooooh, good idea :)
08:31o_cee hehe
08:31o_cee nah, i'll be allright
08:31dja but what about your myth box? :-)
08:31o_cee need to unsubscribe -users by then or my email will be filled reeeaal quick
08:31dja :)
08:32o_cee yeah.. well.. i get 14 days of guide data.. :/
08:32dja again, I hate you. :-)
08:32o_cee waaah? :)
08:32dja we only get 9 days over here...
08:32o_cee oh :)
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08:38o_cee we haven't got categories in our listning.. uhm, does that make you feel any better? :)
08:45dja oh, much better, thanks. :)
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09:32bline 'morning
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10:58gulliver hi all
10:59gulliver someone here, who is familiar with mythmusic sources?
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11:10gulliver are you all sleeping?
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11:13gulliver anyway: how can I access the filename of the next track which should be played in the startPlayback-function?
11:15gulliver I need this, because I need to call a network-daemon with the filename, everytime a file is played
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11:32gulliver comeon, nobody here who could help me?
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11:56thor_ gulliver, you could just ask the generic tree what the next sorted child is
11:57bline hey thor, do you think anyone was use an nntp interface to the mail archive?
11:57thor_ to myth-dev -myth-user ?
11:57bline yeah
11:58bline i just finished it
11:58thor_ just finished what?
11:58thor_ :-)
11:58thor_ you have the whole archive ?
11:59thor_ (or most of it)
11:59thor_ and are willing to serve as a public news server for those "groups" ?
11:59sc00p_ Does the Chris Petersen ever come in here?
11:59thor_ nope
12:00bline i just finished the nntp -> forum server
12:01bline yeah, alex doesn't mind if i serve up the mail archive over nntp
12:01thor_ well, one way to find out if people would use it .... :-)
12:02bitbyte i'd sonner use nntp than a mailinglist
12:02bitbyte sooner
12:02bline well it's readonly (for obvious reasons)
12:03bitbyte well
12:03bitbyte in that case i'd use the archive on gossamer
12:03bitbyte i just hate having umpteen copies of the same thing over and over and over in a thread
12:03bitbyte because pp uncluse the originalmessage in the reply
12:04bitbyte ppl include*
12:04bitbyte that and i dont hav time to rut through gob and gobs of mail messages everyday, mucking up my mailbox
12:06rkulagow_ chutt: here?
12:08gulliver ah, hi all
12:08gulliver I was away some time
12:09gulliver thor_: would be really cool if you could point me to the function/callback, where I can do that, so that the server can be called, everytime a new song starts plaing
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12:16thor_ gulliver, PlaybackBox::next() moves to the next track
12:17thor_ you'd need to add something in there to get the one after the next one (since the "next" one is the one that is going to start playing now)
12:18gulliver thor_: is next() only called, when the user changes the song manual, or is it also called, if it's a regular songchange?
12:19thor_ PlaybackBox::handleTreeListSignals() gets fired when either the user navigates to a track and presses enter, or the previous song ends and playbackbox itself fires next()
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12:20Killerbun who is the developer of mythmusic ?
12:20gulliver ok, thanks!
12:21thor_ gulliver, yup
12:21thor_ btw, what do you need to call ?
12:22thor_ Killerbun, lots of people
12:23Killerbun i have some suggestion, and want to know if its worked on, people havnt tought about or they just dont care.
12:23thor_ suggest away
12:23Killerbun ;)
12:23Killerbun but who to ?
12:24thor_ well, I wrote large parts of it
12:24Killerbun nice :)
12:24Killerbun okey as far as i understand you have to ways of displaying the ID3 tag of a song.
12:24Killerbun and sort the tree by.
12:24Killerbun by ID3 or by dirs.
12:25thor_ yup
12:25Killerbun this might be a problem.
12:25thor_ well, dirs and filename greping
12:25thor_ vs tags
12:25Killerbun because if you want use tags.
12:25Killerbun and have a mixed folder, it will mess up the structure.
12:26Killerbun if you use folders it might show very long foldernames.
12:26Killerbun so would it be possible for it to sort by folders and use tags at the play-display ?
12:26thor_ I think you want to look more at playlists ... or perhaps a notion of folder based playlists
12:27Killerbun ut this demands that you acually make a playlist every time you add a new track.
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12:28thor_ well, perhaps add to an existing playlist
12:28thor_ but I'm not really clear on what it is you're suggesting
12:29Killerbun sec.
12:30bline Chutt: do you mind about the nntp server interface to the archive?
12:30Killerbun well im suggesting that you add an option which allows the user to use ID3 tags when the folder option is enabled.
12:31thor_ so where does a given track go in the tree ?
12:31Killerbun sort tree by folder..
12:31Killerbun display by ID3 tag when played.
12:32thor_ ah
12:32thor_ in the display bit, not in the tree
12:32Killerbun then you wouldnt have the long folder names in the display when you play a song.
12:33thor_ might make sense, but it would have to be (yet another) option in config, because most people who are doing sort by directory do so because their tags are messed up/missing
12:34Killerbun the tags option is fine, but the problem here is that if you let it do its buisness and you have a folder with mixed tracks, it goes amok.
12:35Killerbun makes a lot of artists with 1 song.
12:35thor_ well, you do have a lot of artists with 1 song
12:35Killerbun i know.
12:35Killerbun ;)
12:35Killerbun but this kinda disorganises the tree.
12:36thor_ you can have the tree do just genre album
12:36thor_ or just album
12:36thor_ or album artist
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12:39thor_ you can also just hit enter/space/ok at the album level
12:39thor_ and next prev
12:39thor_ without ever descending to artist, title
12:40thor_ but if what you really want is a list of songs from different albums to play, then I'm pretty sure that's a playlist
12:40thor_ :-)
12:41Killerbun well
12:41Killerbun my albums are well sorted with id3 tags.
12:41Killerbun but i want to pick the structure at which they are displayed in the tree..
12:42Killerbun but want to only see that ID3 tag when i play the songs.
12:42thor_ I hear you
12:42Chutt fix your tags to be correct, then
12:43gulliver thor_: can you tell me, how to convert a QString into a char* ?
12:43thor_ .ascii()
12:43thor_ or local8Bit()
12:43gulliver thanks (c:
12:43Killerbun so its is working like suggested, but my tags are fucked ?
12:44Chutt if you've got things tagged differently than how you want them sorted, i'd say you did a poor job of tagging the files originally
12:44thor_ Killerbun, I think you may want to look at easytag and its ability to rewrite tags according to directories
12:44rkulagow_ chutt: i've got that frontend segfault in gdb again
12:45Chutt rkulagow, send me the bt again?
12:46rkulagow_ sure.
12:47gulliver thor_: is there a way to set the alsa-device, which mythmusic should use?
12:48thor_ settings
12:48rkulagow_ chutt: sent
12:49Killerbun =)
12:51Killerbun i think i messed something up thor_, and im sorry for have wasted your time.
12:51thor_ np
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12:52gulliver thor_: currently it's set to /dev/dsp for me, which sound like oss-emulation. what is the value for alsa?
12:53Chutt gulliver, you can't use alsa in mythmusic.
12:53thor_ I dunno, only ever used oss-emulation :-)
12:53Chutt rkulagow, ok, can you switch to thread 1 -- type 'thread 1'
12:53gulliver damn... so I can't change to a specific alsa-device, can I?
12:53Chutt and see if you can get a better backtrace?
12:53thor_ well, you could add native alsa support ...
12:53rkulagow_ ok, i'm in thread 1 now.
12:54Chutt just do bt
12:54Chutt and see if it shows more information than what you already sent
12:54rkulagow_ nope: (gdb) bt
12:54rkulagow_ #0 0x41298191 in select () from /lib/i686/
12:54rkulagow_ #1 0x41083640 in typeinfo for QMotifStyle () from /usr/lib/qt3/lib/
12:54rkulagow_ Cannot access memory at address 0x5
12:54Chutt meh
12:54Chutt how about thread 15?
12:54rkulagow_ nope
12:55Chutt how hard is it to reproduce?
12:55rkulagow_ well, it's happened twice now in a few days.
12:55Chutt ah
12:55rkulagow_ usually happens when i first go to select a program
12:55Chutt well, if it was happening all the time, i'd suggest valgrind
12:55rkulagow_ frontend screen goes black, then nothing.
12:55Chutt but that won't work since it's only occasional, most likely
12:55rkulagow_ (if i'm in gdb, i see the segfault)
12:56Chutt hrmph
12:57Killerbun thor_, apperently the ID3v2 was the problem.
12:57bline hey Chutt, did you see my question about an nntp interface to the mailarchive?
12:57thor_ Killerbun, easytag is your friend
12:57Killerbun im doing this from a windows machine.
12:58Chutt bline, 'slong as people's addresses are sufficiently obfuscated
12:58bline Chutt: k, will do
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13:08gulliver can mythtv use alsa for output?
13:09thor_ core myth can if it is compiled with native alsa support
13:09Chutt yes
13:09gulliver Chutt: how do I have to configure this?
13:09Chutt in the database.
13:09Chutt i don't know why you'd want to, though.
13:09Chutt oss emulation works 99% of the time.
13:10gulliver Chutt: situation is the following:
13:10thor_ .9
13:10Chutt i don't really care what the situation is
13:10gulliver I want to output the sound from mythmusic on another virtual alsa-device than the TV-Output
13:10Chutt search the mailing list if you want to find out how to turn it on.
13:10gulliver if both use OSS this is impossible
13:10gulliver if both would use alsa it would be possible, but mythmusic can't
13:11Chutt so submit a patch.
13:11thor_ you want to use your tv to play music somewhere else ?
13:11gulliver so I need the oss-emulation to play on the mythmusic device, and let mythtv use alsa
13:12Spida re
13:12gulliver thor_: music goes to different speakers, than tv
13:12gulliver Chutt: I don't think, that I am yet able to extend mythmusic for alsa-output!
13:13Chutt great, so that's the end of this discussion
13:14gulliver Chutt: I'd really like to do this, and I will if there's no other possibility, but I'd like to use the system before I have learned that
13:17gulliver thor_: I am looking for that PlaybackBox::handleTreeListSignals(). but I can't find it?!
13:18thor_ playbackbox.cpp
13:19gulliver thor_: this is the file I'm searching for it
13:19thor_ I can assure you it's there
13:20thor_ who the hell writes a C library with variables called class ?
13:21gulliver damn, I wasn't able to use the search-functions correct *g*
13:21gulliver lol, which library is that?
13:21thor_ mdnsd
13:21gulliver what's it for?
13:21thor_ I'm trying to not use Apple stuff to do zeroconfig on the client side of the mfd stuff
13:22thor_ should probably go figure out howl
13:23Killerbun i turns out that mythtv doesnt support ID3v2 ?
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13:25Chutt it does id3v2 just fine.
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13:28* niqo is getting annoyed by qte/directfb!!
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13:46niqo love the last post on -users
13:53--- ---> sfr [] has joined #mythtv
13:56Billytwowilly| any of the developers running a 2.6 kernel? I'm curious because I've seen lots of posts about trying to get it to work by users (it's my opinion that you shouldn't try anything that the developers haven't/won't use)
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14:12gulliver Billytwowilly: I no developer (at least not yet (c; ), but myth runs fine here on 2.6 (cvs from 1 week ago, or so)
14:13Billytwowilly| nifty.
14:13Billytwowilly| thanks.
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14:22* niqo and now qt is messing with the directfb header..
14:24niqo err
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15:52gulliver were can I find the table for TranslateKeyPress("Music", e, actions);?
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15:56o_cee gulliver: you change the keybindings in mythweb
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15:56gulliver o_cee: I need to add a new one
15:57niqo grep RegisterKey
15:58gulliver niqo: is this in database, a configfile or in the source?
16:00niqo src
16:01gulliver ok, if I understand it right now, mythdialogs.cpp provides a function called RegisterKey(), with which a module can register a keybinding, correct?
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16:02kro I can't figure out how to cut out commercials if they aren't be autodetected.
16:03niqo yup, and it will overwrite any global keybinding, iirc
16:03kro When I hit E and go to the editor, and then hit enter, it asks me if I want to delete before or after this frame.
16:03kro but I want to specify a range to delete.
16:03gulliver ok. and where do I have to call this? in the dialog-initialisation?
16:04Chutt kro, so, uh, seek to the next place you want to insert a cutpoint
16:05kro if I set a cutpoint in the middle, and then say cut from here to the end, I can't move to the right of that cutpoint.
16:05Chutt yes, you can.
16:05kro lemme try it again.
16:05Chutt that's the entire point.
16:05o_cee will the backend be alot slower if i run it in gdb? had crucial segfaults here this evening :/ i'll have to sleep on the couch i guess, hehe
16:05Chutt o_cee, yes.
16:05o_cee :\
16:06o_cee updating everything now with the resync and the fix
16:07kro ok, I'm a dumbass as usual.
16:07kro Chutt: thanks
16:09* niqo hates when the kernel crash...
16:10o_cee Chutt: i think i need to send you .ts update soon.. pain in the ass when cvs updates, messes up my changes.. and yeah, i should checkout another tree, that'd help to :)
16:11gulliver niqo: where are the general keybinding for a module set?
16:12niqo anyone gotten the directfb stuff to work (no, i'm not looking for goddamn support, just a yes or no, before I tear my head off!)
16:14Chutt gulliver, can't you grep for it?
16:14Chutt in the module?
16:14niqo gulliver: cd mythmusic; grep REG_KEY -R
16:14gulliver thanks (c:
16:14niqo arg
16:16kvandivo wouldn't that look for REG_KEY in a file called -R
16:16gulliver kvandivo: at least it takes a very long tim
16:17gulliver it's running ~2 minutes now
16:17Chutt because it's not how you're supposed to run grep.
16:17gulliver what way am I supposed to run it?
16:18niqo bah, stdin is cool
16:19Chutt you're trying to modify code, and you don't know how to use grep?
16:19Chutt scary
16:20gulliver Chutt: I never was able of keep in mind how to use grep )c;
16:20Chutt rkulagow, think i may know what's causing your segfault.
16:21o_cee gulliver: man grep
16:21--- <--- kro [] has left #mythtv ("ERC Version 4.0 $Revision: 1.577 $ (IRC client for Emacs)")
16:21gulliver have it (c;
16:22gulliver main.cpp
16:27o_cee Chutt: hope i didn't screw things up when i fixed the file
16:28Chutt when you fixed what file?
16:29o_cee you've got mail
16:30o_cee soon at least
16:30Chutt no i don't
16:30o_cee takes a while across the ocean sometimes
16:31o_cee ah crap, linguist added this to the top: <defaultcodec>iso8859-1</defaultcodec> dunno if it's needed, guess not
16:31--- ---> Billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
16:35niqo YAY
16:36* niqo scratches his head, and wonders what the heck he did..
16:38--- <<-- racer [] has quit ()
16:41niqo damn, no i have to fix the directfb driver..does not reinit buffers properly..
16:55thor_ AAGGGHHHHH
16:56--- ---> dja_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:57Chutt thor?
16:57thor_ harumph
16:57mikegrb Snow-Man: ping
16:58--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Connection timed out)
16:58thor_ making changes to mfd <--> mfdclient change the protocol, make install libmfdlib, make install clientlib, make install hacked client application, see if it works
16:58Chutt heh
16:59Chutt time consuming?
16:59thor_ too many friggin windows
16:59Snow-Man mikegrb: eh?
17:00thor_ I can, however, happily report that the client will find the mfd's using zeroconfig without any Apple code (all GPL)
17:00o_cee Chutt: got it yet? my mail hsa been odd lately
17:00mikegrb Snow-Man: would you mind greping your mail error/warnings log for my backup mx says he is getting lots of myth mailing lists traffic for me comming through him
17:00Chutt o_cee, nope
17:00Snow-Man mikegrb: Maybe later, leaving work right now.
17:01mikegrb Snow-Man: no problem
17:01Chutt Feb 18 16:56:08 colo sm-mta-mqueue[2995]: i1ILmvB1002821: timeout waiting for input from during client greeting
17:01mikegrb interesting
17:02Chutt Feb 18 16:52:05 colo sm-mta-mqueue[2743]: i1ILjKjg002704: timeout waiting for input from during client QUIT
17:02Chutt Feb 18 16:52:10 colo sm-mta-mqueue[2743]: i1ILjKjg002704: timeout waiting for input from during Draining Input
17:02mikegrb thanks Chutt I'll look into it
17:02mikegrb oh!
17:02mikegrb I know what it is!
17:02Chutt same for each attempt
17:02Chutt same 3, rather
17:02mikegrb thanks that solves the problem
17:02mikegrb I have noticed in the past myth traffic comes via ssl
17:03mikegrb currently experiencing 0 entropy problems on, it is a uml
17:03mikegrb I'll disable the ssl or perhaps sym link /dev/random to /dev/urandom
17:04dja_ mikegrb: what os are you running on your mail server?
17:04mikegrb that is gentoo
17:04mikegrb but it isn't distribution specific
17:04mikegrb other people have experienced it in debian
17:05dja_ I was just going to mention that I've run into in in RedHat
17:05dja_ :-)
17:05mikegrb ahh
17:05mikegrb fix it?
17:06dja_ did the link thing...:-)
17:07o_cee Chutt: send with another account now.
17:07mikegrb ahh
17:07o_cee sent even
17:12--- ---> dopez [] has joined #mythtv
17:14mikegrb dja_: was this an smp or uml?
17:14dja_ smp
17:16mikegrb which fits :/
17:16mikegrb well thanks for the input
17:20--- <<-- Billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
17:21o_cee gotta get up early tomorrow.. g'night
17:27--- ---> pcjabber [] has joined #mythtv
17:27--- <<-- bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
17:32--- <<-- engie [] has quit (Connection timed out)
17:34dja_ thor_: you around?
18:11--- <<-- Killerbun [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:12--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
18:17--- <<-- sfr [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:18--- <<-- niqo [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
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18:31--- ---> solarce [] has joined #mythtv
18:35--- ---> T-Squared [] has joined #mythtv
18:36--- <--- T-Squared [] has left #mythtv ()
18:37--- ---> JonnyRo [] has joined #mythtv
18:38JonnyRo hello
18:40--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
18:40--- ---> Teflon [] has joined #mythtv
18:41thor_ dja_, I am now
18:41JonnyRo Is RTjpeg much faster than mpeg4 encoding?
18:44dja_ thor_: I was wondering if you remember why you set "use_yv12" to 0 on some of the entries in dvdtranscode? :-)
18:44thor_ heh ...
18:44dja_ I've been having a problem with ~25% of my dvd's coming out upside down, the FAQ says to use "-V" to fix it...
18:45thor_ all those entries came out of the transcode examples in the html documentation
18:45thor_ it's entirely possible I just got something wrong though
18:45thor_ you PAL ?
18:45dja_ nope
18:46thor_ if you'd like to do a test or two that shows explicitly how the settings should change, I'd be happy to change them
18:47thor_ but I'm a little confused ... as this is the only time I've ever heard of this happening
18:47thor_ perhaps a post to -users first to see if anyone else is having the same problem
18:47dja_ ok....although looking at the doc's it looks like "-V" is warranted 99.9% of the time...:-)
18:48thor_ I agree
18:48dja_ I'll see if I can figure out why you set it to 0 on the 4 entries...
18:51--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
18:52dja_ duh...correction on my ~25% -- it's only ~3% of all my dvd's, but it's 25% of my "problem" rips. :-)
18:52--- <--- josephk [] has left #mythtv ()
18:53thor_ heh ... I just had a look at dbcheck.cpp in mythdvd, and I can't for the life of me figure out what I was thinking ....
18:54lmatter thor_, check the commit comments. :-)
18:54dja_ does that mean I don't have to try to convince you to change it? :-)
18:56thor_ lmatter, hasn't been changed since initial import
18:57* pcjabber is away: bb shortly
18:57thor_ dja_, tell you what, flip the bool on those 4, try with your problem rips and get back to me
18:57--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
18:58thor_ crap ... I'll need to write some upgrade SQL
18:58dja_ already did's ~20% done on the rip...:-)
18:58dja_ you want a patch?
18:58thor_ k
18:58thor_ can't just patch against the C++ code, cause in most cases the tables already there
18:58thor_ so it'll never run
18:58thor_ need a version bump in dbcheck.cpp
18:59dja_ yup...I've done it in mythtv before (although Chutt did it in a different way and didn't need my patch :-)
18:59thor_ ah, well then sure, that'd be great
18:59thor_ :-)
18:59dja_ :)
19:11--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch_ [] has quit ()
19:17dja_ thor_: since you're always using vob as the import module, can we just do away the column, or do you want to leave it for future expansion. :-)
19:19dja_ gotta eat...bbl
19:27--- Netsplit <-> quits: o_cee
19:27--- ---> linagee_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:28--- Netsplit over, joins: o_cee
19:32--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:34thor_ dja_, the moment we take it out, someone will complain, better to leave it in there
19:41--- <<-- linagee [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
19:42--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:56--- ---> Justin__ [~justin@JA2.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has joined #mythtv
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19:59--- ---> Justin__ [~justin@JA2.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has joined #mythtv
20:05dja_ thor_: that makes the patch easier. :)
20:07dja_ hmm...anyone had the Recording Group View not show all the groups?
20:09--- <<-- Justin_ [~justin@JA2.FREEDOM.RESNET.ALBANY.EDU] has quit (Connection timed out)
20:21--- <<-- mecraw_ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
20:25dja_ is anyone using the recording groups? I'm having odd issues where a recording is set to group "A", but it appears in group "B" and group "A" doesn't show up with the "M" key...
20:31dja_ ok, I think I've figured it out...empty groups don't show up with "M" -- got it. :-) But, if I try to move a recording from group "A" into group "B", and group "B" is empty, it "stays in" group "A" (although the advanced recording screen shows it in group "B").
20:37--- <<-- Morph [gareth@] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
20:37--- ---> Morph [gareth@] has joined #mythtv
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20:57--- ---> AridWork [] has joined #mythtv
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21:13--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
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21:27--- ---> KeyserLaptop [] has joined #mythtv
21:30--- <<-- KeyserSoze [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:33billytwowilly| are there any plans to split mythfrontend and mythbackend into seperate packages?
21:34Chutt no.
21:35billytwowilly| that's too bad.
21:35--- Netsplit <-> quits: cmorgan, bob-lad, dja, [M-M], ChaosExiguum, Omnic, yebyen, Spida
21:35--- Netsplit over, joins: Rroet, kvandivo, Magick
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21:35--- ---> Spida [lmegvgct@] has joined #mythtv
21:36--- Netsplit over, joins: bob-lad, ChaosExiguum, dja, Omnic
21:36--- Netsplit over, joins: cmorgan
21:37Chutt why?
21:37Chutt what possible point would there be to splitting it?
21:38billytwowilly| less compile time on frontend machines.. less requirements for frontends..
21:38thor_ heh, less compile time
21:38Chutt um
21:38billytwowilly| There's probably more/better reasons.
21:38Chutt the requirements are exactly the same
21:39billytwowilly| the frontend uses lame to encode mp3s?
21:39thor_ I've personally shaved off 10 years from heat death of the universe in the last 2 days
21:39Chutt mythbackend is _smaller_ than the frontend
21:39Chutt and compiles much quicker than it.
21:39Chutt billytwowilly, it uses it to decode them, yes.
21:40billytwowilly| it just seems strange that they are together. I don't know the technical reasons why they are together. I was just curious.
21:40Chutt because they're absolutely no reason to split them?
21:41billytwowilly| It just seems illogical to me to have them together because they are very seperate programs...
21:42billytwowilly| Don't worry about it Chutt I was just curious if there was a plan to split them up.. no worries.
21:42Chutt no, they're not.
21:43billytwowilly| they're seperate enough to be run on different machines and still work.. That seems pretty seperate to me..
21:43billytwowilly| It's not important though. It was just a curiousity.
21:44billytwowilly| peace;)
21:44Chutt then why the hell are you still babbling on about it?
21:45billytwowilly| probably because you're still talking about it.
22:01--- User: *** Justin__ is now known as Justin_
22:11--- User: *** linagee_ is now known as linagee
22:32solarce Does anyone have an idea what chipset the card with the following lspci entries might use? 00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: Brooktree Corporation BtV 2164 (rev 09)
22:32solarce 00:0d.1 Multimedia controller: Brooktree Corporation BtV 2165 (rev 09)
22:39--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:42--- ---> FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
22:46--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
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23:19thor_ If not, I'd like to let the developers know about this feature request.
23:19thor_ so kind
23:21Chutt i'm pondering redoing the db connection stuff
23:22Chutt have an object that makes a connection pool for it
23:22Chutt so there's never any problems with thread safety
23:26thor_ I thought that was already all serialized
23:26thor_ shows what I know
23:26Chutt well
23:26Chutt the TV / NVP object are being told to use the default connection
23:26Chutt and that's what's causing rkulagow's segfaults, i believe
23:26thor_ hmm
23:27Chutt so, i could just create a new connection for em
23:27Chutt but that doesn't _really_ address the underlying issue
23:28thor_ QSqlDatabase is not thread safe
23:28Chutt right.
23:28thor_ crap
23:29thor_ well, slightly expanded MythSQLDatabase with a mutex lock on in and out, then a pool of those
23:29thor_ that the idea ?
23:29Chutt yup
23:29Chutt call a function in the context or whatnot to request a db connection
23:29Chutt call another function to put it back in the pool
23:30Chutt i dunno
23:30Chutt lotta work
23:30Chutt so i'll probably just make a new connection for the player object
23:30thor_ and everything has to place nice to return it
23:30thor_ pay nice
23:30thor_ play nice
23:30thor_ sheesh
23:31--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
23:31--- ---> rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
23:31thor_ why not have everything that wants to talk to the database get settings from gContext and open their own QSqlDatabase ?
23:31Chutt that's what it does now
23:31Chutt i've just used the default connection in places where it could, before
23:31Chutt this is just one i overlooked =)
23:31thor_ ah
23:32thor_ right
23:32thor_ right, give it it's own and be done with it
23:32thor_ its
23:33thor_ or you could have a look at my handy dandy dynamic thread pool stuff :-)
23:43rkulagow chutt: do you have a preference for "episode" vs. "subtitle"? the duplicate detection policy uses "subtitle", but the program information screens in mythtv and mythweb both refer to it as the "episode".
23:43Chutt i dunno
23:43Chutt it's generally used for the episode name
23:43Chutt but in the db and xmltv format it's called the subtitle
23:43thor_ episode
23:58rkulagow huh. connecting to a non master backend to port 6544 makes it segfault
23:58mdz I don't think I've seen it used for anything besides an episode title or description
23:58mdz from tv_grab_na anyway
23:58rkulagow Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
23:58rkulagow [Switching to Thread 16384 (LWP 18536)]
23:58rkulagow 0x08081d34 in Scheduler::getAllPending(std::list<ProgramInfo*, std::allocator<ProgramInfo*> >*) (this=0x0, retList=0xbfffdef0) at scheduler.cpp:496
23:58rkulagow 496 QMutexLocker lockit(recordingList_lock);
23:59rkulagow is this a "doctor, doctor, it hurts when i do this" situation?
---Logclosed Thu Feb 19 00:00:38 2004