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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-02-19

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00:00mdz mythtv-debug has certainly taken off; almost 50% of deb users installed it
00:03Captain_Murdo| rkulagow: the slave backend segfaults?
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00:08Captain_Murdo| MainServer::PrintStatus() assumes the backend has m_sched defined and calls m_sched->GetAllPending().
00:09Captain_Murdo| probably should create a temp scheduler if m_sched is null and call m_sched->FillRecordListFromMaster().
00:11* Captain_Murd wonders if it was him who left the "#if 1" & "#endif" around that code that gets the schedule from the master when you run --printsched.
00:16* Captain_Murd points the finger at gigem after looking at recent cvs logs.
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01:16Chutt mdz, and there's been so _many_ reports from people using it :p
01:25thor_ easier to write watchdogs if you can see it break and then realize it's really complicated
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02:17Chutt hum
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02:20linagee is it possible to love a PVR more than say..... anything else? :)
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02:27mdz Chutt: how could you tell if there were? :-P
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02:30Chutt people usually say what they're using when they send in a backtrace
02:32mdz I got email from someone just today who was using it
02:32mdz of course, he was a debian developer
02:32mdz but there are a lot of those getting into mythtv recently
02:33Chutt heh
02:33Chutt a bug?
02:42mdz not sure
02:42mdz it seems gdb doesn't work right on threaded programs under 2.6
02:42Chutt 'course it doesn't
02:42Chutt nptl
02:43Chutt which debian developer?
02:43mdz hamish moffatt
02:43Chutt hamish moffat?
02:43Chutt heh
02:43Chutt read his posts to the -users list
02:43Chutt he asked for help writing a 3 line shell script to keep mythbackend running :p
02:43mdz "nothing works under 2.6"?
02:44mdz uh oh
02:44Chutt then got all pissy when i suggested that he should instead try to, you know, get a backtrace
02:44mdz first match has a subject line with >5 punctuation marks in it
02:44mdz oh, that's right, he's using DVB
02:45Chutt i told him why gdb wasn't working on the mailing list, why'd he bother you about it?
02:46mdz dunno, was that before Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 22:55:16 +1100 ?
02:46Chutt probably
02:46mdz that's when he mailed me
02:46Chutt he never responded on the list
02:47mdz he was asking how to use mythtv-debug
02:49mdz my goodness, he's been active on -users
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03:25Chutt there
03:26Chutt rkulagow, your segfault _should_ be fixed.
03:27Captain_Murdo| took the easy way out on those getallpending(), etc. cases. :)
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03:28Captain_Murdo| better to send them to the master http server anyway. could put a redirect on the slave backend's http to redirect to the master.
03:31Chutt yeah
03:32Chutt oh, oops, i didn't mention those changes in my commit message
03:32Chutt oh well
03:34Captain_Murdo| you said something about the backend assuming it has a scheduler object.
03:34Chutt oh yeah
03:34Chutt it's late =)
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03:36Chutt so, you know your program menu during playback?
03:36Chutt i'm going to get rid of it pretty soon
03:37Chutt once the osd menu stuff's closer to finished
03:38Captain_Murdo| good. :)
03:38Captain_Murdo| looking foward to the menu.
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03:49Chutt captain_murdoch, all i really need to do is the action system, implement some code to handle radio buttons, and it'll be ready for use =)
03:51Captain_Murdo| I didn't like using that dialog but it had been used before for other stuff so I kinda copied that. will this be usable as a popup menu in other places like the playback screen?
03:51Chutt naw
03:51Chutt this is OSD only, for now
03:52Chutt though, the uitypes version could be made into a popup for elsewhere fairly easily
03:53Chutt ah well, bed time
03:53Captain_Murdo| ok. thought I saw you and thor talking about it one day.
03:54Chutt yeah, we were
03:54Chutt it's just going to take more time =)
03:54Captain_Murdo| ditto, been doing system admin stuff at home tonight and stayed up way too late. but at least I accomplished some things I've been needing to do for a while.
04:03niqo morning (and gnight obviously)..
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06:30Spida_ re
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09:36shadowdragon | hello?
09:36shadowdragon | i need a little help
09:36shadowdragon | with mythtv
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09:46dja shadowdragon: note the topic :-)
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09:58dja Captain_Murdoch: you around?
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10:01shadowdragon | sorry
10:02dja no problem. :-)
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10:44o_c segfault damn you
10:44o_c YEAH
10:44o_c it segfaultet
10:44o_c i'm tha king
10:45o_c oh crap me
10:45o_c Captain_Murdoch: you here?
10:45o_c you really need to be here right now pretty please darling
10:45dja you the king. :-)
10:45o_c Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
10:45o_c [Switching to Thread 245776 (LWP 7644)]
10:45o_c CommDetect::SearchForLogo(NuppelVideoPlayer*, bool, bool) (this=0x44fb8938, nvp=0x44f0ead0, fullSpeed=false,
10:45o_c verbose=false) at commercial_skip.cpp:1311
10:45o_c 1311 nvp->GetFrame(1,true);
10:45o_c yeeeeaaah
10:45* o_c does the fuuuunkyy daaance
10:45o_c right
10:45o_c no, i'm not on speed
10:46* o_c pokes Captain_Murdoch
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10:48Rince *g*
10:51o_cee been getting that question all day
10:59o_cee bt sent to the list
10:59* o_cee is afk
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11:22o_cee hi thor my fellow viking
11:25thor_ heh
11:28bitbyte your last name isn't "Hiney" is it?
11:29thor_ me?
11:29bitbyte ya
11:29bitbyte :)
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11:48mecraw_ om
11:49thor_ nope
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13:05dja o_cee: are you sure you're not on something? :-)
13:05dja Captain_Murdoch: you around?
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13:35turdburglar ok i went to mythtv-users and noone would help me (there were only 2 people there..)
13:36turdburglar i'm getting a wierd dependency problem.. strictdep is looking for the wrong vmlinux.. any suggestions?
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14:09billytwowilly| anybody happen to know the commands required to be sent by my cable co to turn on the serial port on my dct2224?
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16:47* o_cee sings a little
16:47o_cee to aaaal the happy peple
16:48thor_ "but then again, too few to mention, ah ha ha"
16:48o_cee rite
16:48o_cee you saw my bt?
16:49thor_ don't think so ...
16:49o_cee gf was _pissed_ yesterday.. half an hour missing of her favorite show
16:49o_cee at the end.. heh
16:49thor_ bad
16:49o_cee very
16:49thor_ no milkshakes for you
16:49o_cee "so you can't really trust this thing to reord stuff"
16:49o_cee defenately not
16:49dja_ ack...I wish mysql had a timestamp field that wasn't a timestamp...:-)..
16:50thor_ it does
16:50dja_ any idea why chutt didn't use it?
16:50thor_ timestamp is very handy if you want a time stamp
16:50o_cee timestamp in 'program' is annoying as hell in phpMyAdmin.. when you want to edit something it sets the time to the current time if you don't unselect "NOW"
16:50dja_ I keep getting bitten by the fact that the start time is stored in a timestamp. I tried to update the 'recgroup' field forgetting that it would screw up the recordings (they all have a new start time :-)
16:51dja_ yes, o_cee, exactly. :-)
16:51o_cee you have to send it in there again, yeah
16:51o_cee !seen slaytanic
16:51dja_ now I have to go through all of my wife's recordings and try to reset their start time so she can watch them (they all say 2/19 9:32 AM right now :-)
16:51o_cee oh, maybe no bot here, heh
16:51dja_ wrong channel :-)
16:51o_cee dja: :)
16:51o_cee nah, just tried ;)
16:52o_cee blargh
16:52dja_ is that what "ChanServ" is in mythtv-users? (I'm still a newbie to IRC)
16:52o_cee logo detection works _awesome_ on at least one channel
16:52o_cee dja: chanserv give like ownership to a channel
16:52o_cee like nickserv gives ownership and stuff to nicks
16:53o_cee to lte you kick/ban ppl etc
16:53dja_ ahh, thnx.
16:53o_cee you saw that?
16:53o_cee maybe not
16:53dja_ saw what?
16:53o_cee nevermind, guess it's just me ;)
16:53dja_ :)
16:54o_cee i identified with nickserc and got +e (identified or whatever)
16:54o_cee anyway
16:54o_cee i need to add avl balancing to my binary search tree now
16:55thor_ o_cee, ah logo detection segfaults
16:55o_cee thor_: yeah, but only with multiple recordings i think
16:55o_cee almost as if it tries to do the one recording or s omething like that
16:55thor_ heh, beyond my comprehension
16:55o_cee :)
16:56o_cee you started doing the mfd client?
16:56thor_ yup
16:56o_cee cool
16:56thor_ slow
16:56thor_ but it's coming
16:57--- ---> steelep [~signwatch@] has joined #mythtv
16:57o_cee steelep: you could always use autojoin you know ;)
16:57dja_ thor_: I just sent the mythdvd patch (to set use_yv12 to 1) :-)
16:58steelep yeah, I gotta fix this script
16:58o_cee steelep: took you 40 seconds to join #mythtv ;)
16:58steelep it was more like an hour, it was sitting there with a different nick for a while until I noticed :)
16:58o_cee i've been working today, feels strange
16:59o_cee oh :)
16:59dja_ anyone played with recording groups much? I'm having some troubles with new recordings ending up in 'Default' even though they're set to 'Mom'.
16:59o_cee dja: just tried it a little.. but then i just changed a recorded show to another group, worked well
17:00dja_ shucks...I wonder what I've done...
17:01dja_ I can move recordings just fine...but a recording that started 2 minutes ago is set to go into "Jane", but it's showing up in "Default". :-(
17:03o_cee strange
17:03dja_ yeah...I'm not sure where to start debugging with this one.
17:04o_cee maybe it pops into the right group when finished ;)
17:05dja_ I don't think so. A recording that started at 1:59PM today shows the group 'Jane' if I "Edit Recording Schedule", but it's showing up in the 'Default' Group.
17:05o_cee and the db i guess says default
17:06dja_ lemme check...
17:06dja_ yup...:-(
17:08o_cee and in 'record' ?
17:08o_cee it has to be right since you see it there
17:08dja_ 'Jane' in record and 'Default' in recorded...:-(
17:09o_cee yeah well it'll probably be easy for chris to fix if it's something wrong :)
17:09knight is there a way to force a user to stop watching a stream when the device is needed for a recording?
17:09dja_ yeah, that's what I'm hoping, but I haven't been able to catch him. :-)
17:09knight i.e. an override
17:09knight rather than just pop up that chooser
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17:11mdz Chutt: does that mythmusic/goom mmx change seem sane to you?
17:12o_cee doesn't goom need an update anyway? maybe it's fixed already?
17:13--- ---> Slaytanic [] has joined #mythtv
17:13Chutt i suppose
17:13Chutt goom development's dead.
17:13o_cee oh :(
17:13Chutt mdz, why, you want to commit it?
17:14Chutt i'd think that the next asm() statement in there would need the same fix as well, but what do i know =)
17:18mdz Chutt: I was thinking about it, but I can't get it to fail for me
17:18mdz so I wasn't sure if it was his gcc or something
17:19Chutt don't think it hurts anything
17:19o_cee Chutt: is the new osd menu possible to fire up somewhere?
17:20Chutt not yet.
17:20o_cee ok
17:20rkulagow o_cee: are you oscar, the G.A.N.T. person?
17:20o_cee btw, i had a great idea yesterday :) wouldn't it be good to be able to highlight menuitems in the mainmenu? like highlight conflicts when there is one so you don't have to enter it?
17:21o_cee rkulagow: depends
17:21rkulagow o_cee: depends on whether you want to do more work, or on something else? :)
17:21Chutt rkulagow, hey, you see my commit last night?
17:21o_cee rkulagow: heh, it's me
17:22rkulagow chutt: yes, i did. i'm going recompile now. was there also a fix in there for connecting to a non-master? i didn't see it mentioned i don't think... (or if anyone else was able to get the same error)
17:22rkulagow sorry, connecting to port 6544 of a non-master makes it segfault
17:23Chutt yes
17:23Chutt that should be fixed as well, unless i missed something
17:23rkulagow o_cee: i'm no graphics type of person, and what i've got right now for the user guide is pretty crappy. how are you with diagrams? would you mind contributing?
17:23rkulagow chutt: i'll let you know then. thanks.
17:24Chutt great
17:24o_cee rkulagow: oh.. uhm, i'm not sure i'm a graphics type of person either, but what is it that you need? :)
17:26rkulagow i'll send you the pdf of what i've got so far. let me know if you think you could improve on it.
17:26o_cee sure
17:27o_cee Chutt: you saw the logodetection segfault?
17:30Chutt yeah, can't see why it'd do that, so i'm leaving it to chris
17:30o_cee okay
17:33o_cee rkulagow: i think it looks good, really :)
17:34o_cee (and this guide is needed, i'll read it when i got some time)
17:36thor_ <dja_> thor_: I just sent the mythdvd patch (to set use_yv12 to 1) :-)
17:36thor_ thanks
17:36thor_ :-)
17:36dja_ yer welcome :)
17:38--- User: *** lmatter_away is now known as lmatter
17:38solarce Is anyone working on integration of dvd burning options into mythdvd? Or is that a good place to cut my teeth after I finish reading my shiny copy of C++ GUI Programming with QT 3?
17:39thor_ that's a good place
17:39solarce cool
17:39solarce My other idea was a p2p client :>
17:40thor_ that's a bad place
17:40o_cee someone mentioned that italian guy selling mythtv boxes had a burn module?
17:40thor_ Leonardo
17:40kvandivo Da Vinci
17:40thor_ but it burns the dvd upside down and backwards, so you can only watch the credits in a mirror
17:41solarce thor_: I just thought "hmm, what is one more giFT client" :)
17:41solarce but one a serious note, the dvd burning will be a fun project to get me oriented
17:41thor_ yup
17:42thor_ but try and keep the functionality and the GUI at least somewhat separate ... as burning should eventually (...) go in the mfd
17:42solarce well
17:43thor_ or whatever, crawl, walk, then run
17:43solarce I was thinking the functionality would be handled by pre-existing tools
17:43o_cee heh, nooo :)
17:43o_cee no more dependencies dammit :)
17:44solarce wouldn't most people already have cdrecord installed?
17:44thor_ there's all the logic of which tracks to include, how long are they, are they the right format, how should chapters (if any) be organized, what should the menu background be, is there a blank disc in the drive, etc., etc., etc.
17:44o_cee i don't.. but i don't have any cd-rom/recorder in my mythbox ;)
17:44o_cee so i'll just stfu
17:45solarce thor_: hmm, I hadn't thought about from that complex a point of view, but I like that direction :)
17:46* solarce away homework
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18:56o_cee Chutt: you got my translation diff yesterday?
18:58o_cee hmmmmmmmmm.. i've got like all channels in 'channel' doubled.. one row with the correct info and one row with like no info in it?? is that the channel editor that fucked things up?
18:59--- ---> o_c [] has joined #mythtv
18:59o_c how unpleasant
18:59--- <<-- o_cee [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
19:00--- User: *** o_c is now known as o_Cee
19:00--- User: *** o_Cee is now known as o_cee
19:00o_cee i didn't see any response if there was any
19:01dja_ you didn't miss anything :)
19:01o_cee great ;)
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19:12--- Netsplit <-> quits: o_cee, linagee
19:12--- Netsplit over, joins: linagee
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19:26Sir-Al is mythdvd developed here?
19:27--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:28Sir-Al i'm getting compile errors for it, such as /usr/lib/ undefined reference to `XineramaIsActive'
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19:59shadowdragon | hi
19:59shadowdragon | i know this is a developers channel
19:59shadowdragon | but i need help
19:59shadowdragon | and the people in the users channel wont help
19:59shadowdragon | AT ALL
20:00shadowdragon | they are like read the how to
20:00shadowdragon | what is the need of a channel if noone helps you
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20:02cmorgan don't you want to go to mythtv-users ?
20:02cmorgan this is a devel channel...
20:03cmorgan what are we supposed to do if other mythtv users don't help? i mean seriously. its not like you paid a lot for myth
20:03shadowdragon | its not that its just the fact that its 1 small problem
20:03shadowdragon | and they are all like read the how to
20:03shadowdragon | well its not in the how to
20:03knight shadowdragon, you're committing huge sins by violating the topic.
20:03shadowdragon | like i said iam sorry
20:03vuud hey all... I have a command line utility for printing whats recorded, and other minor stuff like that (For emailing to myself). I was thinking about making a mythtv screen for it - is there any developers overview for making an add-on, or should I just breakdown an existing add on
20:04knight vuud, take a look at mythgallery, mythnews, and mythdvd
20:04cmorgan what isn't in the howto?
20:04cmorgan ask your question then
20:04knight vuud, arent there already a screen in mythtv that shows the recordings?
20:05shadowdragon | ok when i try to watch live tv
20:05shadowdragon | the sound is like 10 sec ahead of the video
20:05vuud knight, I was thinking about an add-on that lets you set up email notifications (like when Hogans Heros is going to be on)... stuff I already have in cron jobs, but for fun thought I would interface it. Stuff like: Notify me when the martha stewart trial is going to be on... etc.
20:06vuud I can't keep track of what I am recording anymore :)
20:06cmorgan shadowdragon: turn on the av sync in the options menu
20:06cmorgan that fix it?
20:07shadowdragon | is that in the front end or back end?
20:07cmorgan the frontend
20:07knight vuud, sounds good, perhaps you can make a pluggable notification system
20:07thor_ <shadowdragon>,
20:07shadowdragon | general or tv settings?
20:07cmorgan who knows
20:07o_cee shadowdragon: you excpect everything to come on a silver plate to you?
20:07thor_ bah, dinner
20:07o_cee you got _lots_ of help in #mythtv-users
20:08cmorgan heh
20:08knight vuud, i.e. it would be nice to be able to send alerts to all myth frontends via mfd that a show is coming on, or perhaps send a broadcast packet on the network, and all listening computers would display the message
20:08o_cee you said you fixed it
20:08o_cee unthankful bi.. hmm
20:08cmorgan shadowdragon: fixed now?
20:08shadowdragon | checking
20:09shadowdragon | nope
20:09o_cee <shadowdragon> WOOHOOO
20:09o_cee <shadowdragon> i fixed it
20:09o_cee check your friggin rec profiles
20:09vuud knight, easy there... I've done a lot of development, but not in C++ so I am getting ramped up. Have no idea what MFD is... Lemme get the simple stuff down, maybe by then I'll have a better clue :)
20:10o_cee how the hell do i ban with chanserv? bah
20:10knight o_cee, you cant
20:10o_cee no? wtf
20:10cmorgan shadowdragon: you tried the experimental sync stuff and it didn't work? hmm.. no ideas man. pvr-350 has no trouble keeping things in sync
20:10o_cee cmorgan: that option isn't for that
20:11knight vuud, mfd is a daemon being written by thor. It runs parallel to the backend, and offers services like DAAP (itunes) to all computers on the network, and vice versa
20:11knight vuud, also, you can put a cd into one machine running mfd, and play it on any of the other mythfrontend
20:11knight s
20:11knight the idea is to seperate all services into threads in mfd
20:11cmorgan o_cee: i know. i never had the problem
20:11knight allowing mythtv to be more flexible, etc.
20:11cmorgan i think it did fix some sync issues on my other pc though with a normal video out
20:12o_cee cmorgan: bttv
20:12lmatter shadow dragon has bttv card and he is having trouble getting capture set right on the sound card. Usual stuff.
20:12cmorgan ahh
20:12cmorgan those bttv cards cheap cards?
20:12--- <<-- linagee [] has quit (Client Quit)
20:13o_cee yeah, no acceleration
20:13--- ---> linagee [] has joined #mythtv
20:13vuud knight, so there are provisions for the threads to communicate?
20:16Chutt oh my
20:17Chutt most offtopic question to -users ever
20:17o_cee hehehe
20:17* o_cee looks
20:17o_cee "Is this possible? Is it a job for my ISP, and not MythTV?" that one? hehehhe
20:18Chutt exactly
20:18Chutt oh, and yeah, i got your .ts patch
20:18o_cee :)
20:18o_cee good
20:18Chutt just been too lazy to go through and apply people's patches yet
20:18o_cee had serious problems with my connection yesterday
20:18o_cee np :)
20:18knight vuud, i cant quite say really... mfd is fairly new. it's been in cvs for some time now
20:18knight vuud, but really, you'd want to create something in mfd that would send out notifications
20:19knight then, other mfd daemons or other apps could respond
20:19knight i.e. a little app sitting on a winxp box that shows the notification on the screen
20:20--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:22--- ---> Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
20:22vuud knight, yeah hook into an IM system :)... Well I am still at the point where I get error messages that make me go "WTF does that mean"... Don't expect something new tomorrow :)
20:26o_cee "Things that I had otherwise
20:26o_cee been told were impossible, such as using Mythgame with the PVR 350,
20:26o_cee worked flawlessly using KnoppMyth. I could never get any emulator to
20:26o_cee work before with Gentoo and my 350, but they all work with Knoppmyth." <-- hmmm
20:26o_cee that, i'd love to know how he did, hehehhehe
20:28--- <<-- linagee [] has quit (Client Quit)
20:28--- ---> linagee [] has joined #mythtv
20:28--- ---> KeyserSoze [~gazicm@] has joined #mythtv
20:30dja_ o_cee: I think I fixed my recording group problem, I'm waiting for the next recording to start to confirm it. :-)
20:30o_cee oh? what was it?
20:30--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
20:31dja_ if I'm correct, chris forgot to include recgroup when writing the data to the recorded table. :-)
20:31o_cee makes sense :)
20:34dja_ cool, it worked. I'll send a patch to mythtv-dev.
20:38dja_ patch away (sent to mythtv-dev)...time to get some wife-time (spent way to much working on myth this evening :-)
20:42--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
20:43o_cee no mr. pinkham today :/
20:44--- <<-- shadowdragon [SuN-28307@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:45--- ---> hfb [] has joined #mythtv
20:46--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit (Client Quit)
20:49--- <<-- Sir-Al [~EXiT@] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
20:50--- ---> Sir-Al [~EXiT@] has joined #mythtv
20:55thor_ where is the setting in myth to control the fluoride level in my drinking water
20:59o_cee general -> water settings of course
20:59thor_ backend or frontend ?
21:00o_cee backend (because you know you have the fridge in the back..) so, it's the back(end) of all eternity
21:00thor_ k
21:01o_cee it's in the howto
21:01thor_ can't read that, don't own a mouse
21:02o_cee dang
21:02thor_ just a pile of scroll wheels
21:02o_cee you got one pointing frim your fingers to your elbow?
21:06o_cee thor_: you got time now to do the thing?
21:06thor_ o_cee, if you want to try the trans-atlantic mfd thing, you'll need this:
21:06o_cee allright
21:06thor_ to proxy my machine as a "local" daap resource
21:07o_cee lemme grab it
21:07thor_ and I need to flip a couple things arounf
21:07thor_ around
21:07o_cee Length: 3,012 [text/html]
21:07o_cee blah
21:07thor_ free registration required
21:08o_cee k
21:08--- User: *** warlord is now known as warlord-afk
21:08knight thor, trans-atlantic?
21:09thor_ heh
21:09vuud Can someone tell me if channel.channum could ever not be numeric? Its varchar now.. Is there a reason?
21:09thor_ gonna see if o_cee can play my content via mfd <--> mfd
21:10o_cee "Please make up a question and answer that you will remember to help us verify your identity if you forget your password:" i really hate those
21:11knight thor, _pimp_
21:12knight thor, are you tunnelling?
21:12--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
21:12thor_ building on a laptop, then going to put that outside the firewall
21:13thor_ crap, old ssl .... this may take a little while
21:13knight i.e. how are you connecting across the web? custom socket code to broadcast the rendevous across, or a tunnel?
21:13knight s/web/internet/
21:13knight I can't believe I just said that.
21:13knight I called the internet "the web"
21:14o_cee *ahem*
21:14thor_ daap server and client is just socket stuff, need the Apple dns proxy to make o_cee's machine realize there's a daapserver out beyond the first router hop
21:15thor_ I have to tell him the IP and port number
21:15knight ahhh, then you wrote code to connect to it?
21:15thor_ it's not designed (by, uhm, design) to work beyond the lan
21:15knight right
21:16thor_ mfd has both daap client and daap server built in
21:16o_cee uhm, what do i need to do with this file?
21:16thor_ compile it
21:16o_cee wich dir
21:16thor_ on its own
21:16thor_ /usr/local/src/
21:16thor_ or whatever
21:16knight thor, yeah i was just trying to see how you were connecting them... so the dns proxy
21:17knight run it on each end, and have each end talk to the other proxy?
21:17thor_ the Mdns proxy, yup
21:17thor_ just for discovery
21:17knight yep
21:22--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
21:30--- ---> FryGuy- [] has joined #mythtv
21:31--- ---> Captain_Murdoch_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:31o_cee there you are :)
21:32Captain_Murdo| yeah, saw you looking for me and was hiding.
21:32Captain_Murdo| haven't had a chance to look at that segfault yet, getting ready to.
21:32o_cee thought so :)
21:32o_cee cool
21:32o_cee only think it happens if there's more than one recording..
21:33* pcjabber is away: Sorry, AFK atm...Will be back soon! (XChat 2.0.7)
21:33o_cee logo detection is working really well btw.. at least on one of my channels, havent' had that much time to try it on the other yet
21:33* pcjabber is back (gone 00:00:03)
21:33Captain_Murdo| hmm, each recording should have it's own commdetect and player.
21:35Sir-Al can't compile mythdvd-0.14
21:35Sir-Al complains about xinerama even though i have nothing to do with it
21:35o_cee wrong channel
21:37Captain_Murdo| o_cee, so you had 3 recordings total. two started, then one finished and started flagging while a third started recording. is that right?
21:38o_cee yeah, that should be right
21:38* pcjabber is away: BRB...going to load up some tune-age =)
21:39o_cee at least there was 2 in progress, but i think a third one started as well
21:39o_cee ah yeah it did
21:40Captain_Murdo| why is it saying it recorded "Omaka systrar" twice at the same time on the same channel/card/input.
21:41o_cee one sec, lemme check
21:41o_cee where do you see that?
21:41* pcjabber is back (gone 00:02:53)
21:43Captain_Murdo| hmm, must have been cause I used the scrollbar to scroll up instead of cursoring up in vi. :)
21:43Captain_Murdo| nevermind. :)
21:43o_cee hehhe :)
21:43Captain_Murdo| thought it was weird.
21:52o_cee Captain_Murdoch: confusing?
21:53Captain_Murdo| yeah, got interrupted for a bit though.
21:54o_cee i don't wanna know (or do i) hmm.. this work thing isn't good for me, i've been on speed all day
21:54Captain_Murdo| there was only 1 flagging running because there's only 1 "recordingonly to none" and 2 concurrent recordings going on also.
21:54pcjabber Semi-OT: I am planning on developing a picture for the LPP startup screen ( for Myth. Interested?
21:55o_cee i've done oen alerady
21:55pcjabber really?
21:55pcjabber cool
21:55o_cee of course
21:56pcjabber do you have a screenshot?
21:56o_cee nope
21:56o_cee no digital camera
21:56o_cee but i can send it to you
21:56pcjabber k cool
21:57pcjabber thank you =)
21:57pcjabber how did you do that?
21:57pcjabber Sorry, i'm semi-new to IRC =)
21:57o_cee send the file? hehe..
21:57o_cee it's 4 am here.. heh.. won't explain that
21:57o_cee :)
21:57pcjabber lol
21:57pcjabber I know its DCC
21:58o_cee weh:)
21:58pcjabber better read up on IRC =)
22:00pcjabber looks great
22:00pcjabber even better, for bootsplash =)
22:01o_cee got something for gant here as well, but i haven't had time to finish it up
22:01pcjabber extract to /etc/bootsplash/ ?
22:01o_cee never restart it
22:01pcjabber heh
22:01o_cee can't help you there, too long ago i mucked around with it
22:01pcjabber k =)
22:11--- ---> holger [] has joined #mythtv
22:12Captain_Murdo| o_cee, and had this successfully flagged any programs before or had you just used mythcommflag to flag them?
22:13o_cee you mean if i've ever used the auto flagging?
22:13Captain_Murdo| with logo detection. just curious since I never actually did that. :)
22:14o_cee well
22:14o_cee i can't say for sure
22:14o_cee i think so, but i'm note sure
22:14o_cee not
22:14--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
22:15o_cee i can try recording just one show now.. have to edit the db and change the autoflag setting
22:16Captain_Murdo| I'm going to setup one, will know in about 15 minutes.
22:16o_cee k
22:18Captain_Murdo| actually with the start-early/end-late I can find out quicker. :)
22:18o_cee clever :)
22:31Captain_Murdo| recording a 5-minute recording now under gdb
22:35thor_ Chutt, you about ?
22:38Captain_Murdo| o_cee, how recent of cvs is that?
22:39o_cee Captain_Murdoch: before isaacs last three commits i think
22:40o_cee haven't got this: "Log Message:
22:40o_cee Redo some of the DB connection stuff in the TV/NVP classes. "
22:40knight how can I make just the frontend?
22:40knight (I'm installing mythfrontend on an xbox with linux)
22:40o_cee cd programs/mythfrontend && make?
22:41knight gotcha
22:41knight I still need the libs though ofcourse
22:41Captain_Murdo| o_cee, ok, thanks. my one test recording went OK. going to schedule a back-to-back one and see if that shows anything.
22:43knight hmm, this xbox has qt 3.0.3
22:43knight will that work?
22:45o_cee think the req is 3.1
22:46knight i thought so too
22:46o_cee 0.13 -> Qt 3.1 is now the minimum required for MythTV.
22:48--- <<-- holger [] has quit ("Client exiting")
22:48knight thats what i thought
22:50--- <<-- DrVali [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:53knight bah
22:53knight stupid xebian
22:53knight dependancy issues
22:56--- <<-- niqo [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:00Captain_Murdo| o_cee, 1 flagging and 1 recording running currently and no problems so far. :(
23:01o_cee hmm.. i have to go to sleep now, 5 am..
23:01o_cee but i'll cvs update tmorrow and try it againt
23:01o_cee there's no other settings that could affect the way it does things?
23:04Chutt thor, yeah?
23:05thor_ just wanted to let you know that I just finished playing some of o_cee's content across the atlantic
23:05Chutt heh
23:05Chutt neat
23:05thor_ so I think the daap stuff in the mfd is pretty solid
23:05Captain_Murdo| o_cee: yeah, I tried to make it as simple as possible. :) on/off.
23:05thor_ even sent me deltas as he copied files into his music dir
23:06Chutt captain_murdoch, how's the combined 'use all methods' stuff going?
23:06Chutt thor, excellent =)
23:06knight thor, neat, i cant wait to try that :)
23:06o_cee Captain_Murdoch: dunno then, but i'll see if i can to die again..
23:06Chutt captain_murdoch, just been noticing that a bunch of shows i've watched in the past couple days aren't exact about starting the logo when the program returns from a commercial
23:07o_cee Chutt: there's a rewind thingie
23:07thor_ kind of nice actually, if you have a mythbox at work and a mythbox at home, you can mDNS proxy them ... fairly easily, but since there's no automatic discovery system, it's still not a pure P2P network
23:08Captain_Murdo| Chutt: yeah, that's why I want to create an "All" method that takes blank frame, scene changes, logos, etc. all into account. so it can do things like see that the logo came 2 seconds after a blank frame and a period of high scene change rate and will determine the blank frame actually started the show not the logo start.
23:09Chutt heh
23:09Chutt one show started the logo a good minute after the show started
23:09Captain_Murdo| it wil be flexible, still working some parts of it out in my head but I think I can use all available info and get it more accurate than each of the individual methods by themselves.
23:09Chutt cool.
23:10Chutt oh, does the blank frame stuff work on white frames as delimiters?
23:10Captain_Murdo| no, just does dark right now. I need to write a function that checks for a true "blank" frame no matter what the color.
23:10Chutt i was flipping around earlier in the week
23:11Chutt forget what show it was, but it was going to a white frame instead of black
23:11knight man i hate debian
23:11Captain_Murdo| check all pixels and see if they fall within a range of X-Y where Y-X is like 20 or whatever number makes sense when I look at some.
23:11Captain_Murdo| Chutt: I think I've seen a few shows like that.
23:12o_cee Captain_Murdoch: two recs in progress, should end anytime now
23:12knight grepper, how do i get that?
23:13Captain_Murdo| made it a note on my TODO to try to get the blank frame code detecting non-dark blank/empty frames.
23:13Captain_Murdo| o_cee: cool. are all your recorders hardware or some software?
23:13o_cee Captain_Murdoch: all hw
23:15Chutt captain_murdoch, cool =)
23:15Captain_Murdo| o_cee, ok.
23:17o_cee btw.. there seems to be some kind of error with watching in-progress reocrdings.. sometimes it just kicks you out to the menu, as if it thinks the file is finished (and doesn't save the bookmark).. very odd
23:17o_cee weh
23:17o_cee segfault
23:18o_cee can i get you any more info than you already got from gdb?
23:18o_cee CommDetect::SearchForLogo(NuppelVideoPlayer*, bool, bool) (this=0x8191b08, nvp=0x8109b08,
23:18o_cee fullSpeed=false, verbose=false) at commercial_skip.cpp:1311
23:18o_cee 1311 nvp->GetFrame(1,true);
23:18o_cee but i'll cvs update tomorrow and try again..
23:20Chutt o_cee, when's the last time you did a cvs update?
23:20Chutt and a distclean?
23:21o_cee cvs update before your database changes
23:21o_cee distclean, can't remember
23:21o_cee doing it now
23:22o_cee i'll let you guys know tomorrow.. g'night
23:22Captain_Murdo| nvp isn't null right there so I don't see why it is segfaulting on that line. it happened before with only one commflagging thread and even if there were multiple threads, they each have their own nvp (which each have their own commDetect object).
23:22Captain_Murdo| ok, thanks.
23:24Chutt nothing's deleting that nvp before it can get to it, right?
23:28Chutt valgrind might help..
23:28Chutt 'course, that makes stuff reallllly slow
23:29knight anyone running mythfrontend on an xbox?
23:32Captain_Murdo| nvp::flagcommercials calls commdetect->searchforlogo(this, ...); then searchforlogo calls nvp->getframe(). no place it could disappear. and in his backtrace, the value of nvp inside searchforlogo matches the value when the nvp was created in tv_rec.cpp
23:32Captain_Murdo| he's doing hardware encoding, he could suffer through valgrind. ;)
23:33Chutt yeah, i dunno
23:46--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:49--- <<-- dblevins [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:53--- ---> dblevins [] has joined #mythtv
23:55knight finally, mythtv compiling on the xbox :)
23:55--- <<-- KeyserSoze [~gazicm@] has quit ("Client exciting")
---Logclosed Fri Feb 20 00:00:35 2004