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00:37knight holy crap
00:37knight compiling recordingprofile.cpp seems to eat up like 150mb of mem
00:37knight on this xbox
00:44mdz knight: gcc 3.3
00:45knight mdz, eh?
00:45mdz knight: gcc 3.3 uses ridiculous amounts of memory compiling several parts of mythtv
00:45knight hmm
00:46mdz 3.2 was better, 3.4 is better
00:46knight gcc version 3.2.2
00:46mdz maybe it started earlier than 3.3.0
00:46knight well it was hanging on recordprofile.cpp which was odd
00:46knight i let it sit there like 15 minutes
00:47knight i'm trying a fresh recompile using distcc with only remote hosts
00:47knight wonder how it will work
00:47mdz globalsettings.cpp was the worst last I looked
00:47mdz uses almost 200M on my system
00:47knight heh
00:48knight /usr/include/pthread.h:165: `pthread_create' declared as function returning a function
00:48knight ack
01:05thor_ still can't believe that actually worked
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01:52knight can i test it with you?
01:54thor_ I'm just rebuilding some stuff, 'cause I want to test in the other direction
01:54thor_ give me an hour or so
01:54knight heh ok
01:55thor_ you'll need this:
01:57knight ok got it
01:57knight what should i build in it?
01:59thor_ anywhere
02:00thor_ you just need to be able to run the mDNSProxyResponderPosix command
02:00knight ok done. i built it
02:00thor_ k
02:01thor_ I've only got one machine that I can haul over and plug in outside my firewall, and I'm rebuilding Qt on that (old laptop)
02:01thor_ it'll be a while
02:01knight isnt the old qt still there?
02:01thor_ yeah, but it's old and mfd segfaults on a Qt error
02:01knight gotcha
02:02thor_ oh, you'll need a more or less cvs version of the mfd, of course
02:03thor_ and an iTunes would be interesting as well
02:03knight i have cvs of mfd as of like one hour ago
02:03knight and iTunes on windows
02:03thor_ k, that's good
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02:07o_cee wonder if that's enough sleep... hmm
02:08thor_ heh, go back to bed
02:08knight weird, mythepg fails on this xbox because of undefined references to FT_Seek_Stream, etc (freetype) stuff
02:08o_cee dammit
02:08knight but libfreetype is installed fine
02:08knight /usr/share/qt3/lib/ undefined reference to `FT_Seek_Stream'
02:08thor_ libxft ?
02:08knight oh?
02:09thor_ think so
02:09thor_ not sure
02:09knight ii libxft-dev 2.1.2-5xebian
02:09knight ii libxft2 2.1.2-5xebian
02:10thor_ dunno
02:11knight time to bust out nm
02:12knight xbox1:~/cvs/mythtv/mythtv# nm -D /usr/lib/ |grep Seek
02:12knight 0000e840 T FT_Stream_Seek
02:12o_cee Captain_Murdoch: newest cvs, distclean.. running in gdb right now.. it'll end in 8 minutes
02:12o_cee then we'll see
02:14knight grr
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02:14thor_ where did your Qt come from (was Qt compiled with -xft option) ?
02:15o_cee thor_: is there anyway to protect a mfd share? i mean without closing the fw?
02:15knight it came from a binary package
02:15thor_ knight, dunno if that's a problem or not ... grasping at straws
02:16knight yeah
02:16thor_ o_cee, daap includes an authentication system (well, http authentication) based on passwords
02:16thor_ just like in iTunes you can say, share my music but use this password
02:16o_cee cool
02:17o_cee that'll probably be a good idea ;)
02:17thor_ but, uhm, you don't really want an mfd running on the internet for practical purposes
02:17knight :)
02:17thor_ I mean, there's probably a gazillion buffer overflows in there :-)
02:17o_cee sure i want, i want you to listen to higi quality swedish music
02:18thor_ vpn's perhaps
02:18o_cee ah yeah
02:18thor_ I just shutter at the thought that anyone would leave this code I've written nakedly exposed to the net
02:18o_cee hehehee
02:18o_cee would be cool
02:19o_cee all of a sudden a new share pops up
02:19o_cee muhaha
02:20thor_ well, it's exactly the same as iTunes ... which makes me wonder why there aren't iTunes daap proxy mirrors all over the place ...
02:20thor_ err, mDNS proxy mirrors
02:20thor_ iTunes could really be one big honkin p2p network
02:20o_cee yeah
02:20Chutt doesn't it limit the number of machines?
02:21thor_ it limits the number of "authorized" machines for m4p content
02:21o_cee all i've seen is universitys using it, like the whole university rates your music taste :P
02:21thor_ but I'm not aware that it limits the number of basic daap connections
02:21Chutt ah
02:22o_cee wow
02:22o_cee it segfaultet again guys
02:22o_cee but at another place
02:23thor_ after a make distclean ?
02:23o_cee ye
02:23o_cee i think i did that before going to bed, heh.. yeah, i did
02:23o_cee Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
02:23o_cee [Switching to Thread 245776 (LWP 1862)]
02:23o_cee 0x41265bc7 in memset () from /lib/
02:24o_cee i'll email it instead
02:24o_cee wth
02:24o_cee (gdb) thread apply all bt full
02:24o_cee [New process 30530]
02:24o_cee lin-lwp.c:1371: gdb-internal-error: lin_lwp_thread_alive: Assertion `is_lwp (ptid)' failed.
02:24o_cee An internal GDB error was detected. This may make further
02:24o_cee debugging unreliable.
02:24thor_ heh
02:25o_cee wtf was that all about.. it just pooped
02:25linagee mythtv won't let me watch anything lol
02:25linagee it seems everything is a re-run. :(
02:25linagee is there a fix for this? some way i can throw a patch at the tv networks so they have something original? :)
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02:29o_cee Chutt: any suggestion?
02:29Chutt no, i'm not responsible for gdb errors.
02:29o_cee heheheh :) what's valgrind?
02:29o_cee should i try that instead?
02:30o_cee right, version 6.0 of gdb is availible.. i'll start with getting that
02:30thor_ I think you're going to have to keep talking to Captain_Murdoch on this one
02:31o_cee yeah.. Captain_Murdoch, you're not around are you?
02:31o_cee also updating gcc and some other stuff
02:32thor_ ah, if only I ran debian
02:33o_cee oh, so you're a suser? :)
02:33thor_ heh
02:33o_cee that's the worst i could think of, haha
02:33thor_ I've run slackware for a long time, and I'm just too used to it to change
02:34o_cee running gentoo, quite nice actually
02:35thor_ stupid really, I would have saved myself a lot of time by getting up to speed with another distribution
02:35thor_ penny wise and pound foolish
02:35o_cee heh
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02:38Chutt why can't people manage to copy an existing coding style?
02:38Chutt how hard is it?
02:38o_cee it isn't
02:38thor_ heh, I _still_ have problems with "stop at column 80" :-)
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02:39o_cee btw, you changed maxpowers menu alternatives and helptext right?
02:39thor_ me ?
02:39o_cee no Chutt
02:39o_cee maybe it was just the helptext
02:40o_cee dammit, it was Xavier
02:40o_cee setHelpText(QObject::tr("Media Monitoring should be turn on to "
02:40o_cee + "allow this feature (Setup -> General -> CD/DVD Monitor"))
02:40o_cee :)
02:40Chutt yes, i fixed it to be english.
02:41o_cee great ;)
02:41o_cee even worse than me
02:41thor_ ah, was worried a maxpowers patch had gone in
02:41o_cee wonder if that's the guy from the goldmember movie..
02:42o_cee thor_: hey, with that mfd stuff, you could have _my_ pictures in your mythgallery :D
02:42thor_ yup
02:42o_cee that would be cool
02:42o_cee you probably don't want them all, but, heheh
02:42thor_ iPhoto has a protocol called dpap
02:42thor_ for images and albums
02:43thor_ which I want to copy
02:43thor_ but I'll need to buy a Mac first, 'cause it's not available for Windows
02:43o_cee will it be?
02:43thor_ I dunno, they have no hardware to push for that ...
02:44o_cee true
02:44thor_ (other than macs)
02:45thor_ but the same idea, network transparent access to services
02:45o_cee seems nice
02:45o_cee and it's a good reason to get a shiny g5
02:46thor_ oh, that brings up a question ... Chutt, does the "native player" take a QFile as input ?
02:46Chutt takes a path
02:47thor_ just a string of the path ?
02:47Chutt a url, really.
02:47thor_ but if it wants to seek, does it do C style seeking, or does it call QFile::at(), etc?
02:48thor_ or does that question make any sense?
02:48Chutt does c style seeking
02:48thor_ crap
02:48thor_ oh well, bit more work
02:48Chutt could be rewritten, of course
02:48thor_ yup
02:49Chutt captain_murdoch, you here?
02:49o_cee wonder what happened to bruce, he haven't mailed the list in a while and he haven't responded to the mail david or me sent..
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02:56Chutt o_cee, i believe i know what the crash is.
02:56o_cee oh?
02:56Chutt i'll commit a fix later tonight.
02:56o_cee great, i'll keep an eye on -commits
02:57o_cee i know how i trigger it
02:57thor_ well, if you know how to trigger it, someone could write a watchdog against that condition and then restart the backend
02:58Chutt that's a good idea!
02:59thor_ easiest thing would just be a gdb extension that catches all segfaults and reruns the executable
02:59o_cee going to try chris kennedys new ivtv stuff now.. bbiaw
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04:00thor_ it's just too friggin annoying how slow g++ is
04:01niqo yea, incredible slow
04:01Chutt yes, yes it is
04:02o_cee Chutt: building current cvs now
04:02thor_ watching libavcoded (gcc) versus libmyth (g++) is a nightmare
04:02thor_ libavcodec
04:03niqo anyone up for the task of rewriting in c, so that we all can enjoy fast compile times?
04:04thor_ we await your patches
04:04thor_ :-)
04:04thor_ knight, you still there ?
04:06niqo uh, cvs slow, u compiling on chutt?
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04:07Chutt machine's sending out email.
04:07_Da5iD_ is there a way to check for problems with mythgallery not using opengl transitions?
04:08niqo ah
04:11_Da5iD_ how do the gl transitions look anyway? are they nice? just wondering.
04:12Chutt all you have to do is enable them in the settings
04:12Chutt and yeah, they look fairly good
04:15_Da5iD_ I have enabled them in settings... and also used configure --enable-opengl.. all I get is standard flip transitions..
04:15_Da5iD_ I just want to see what can be improved upon in them.
04:16_Da5iD_ Hope I don't get bashed, but I love the way windoze media center does the slideshow.. great with music.
04:17thor_ abuse
04:18Captain_Murdo| Chutt, do you think that error o_cee is getting is related to using "unsigned char mask[loops][height * width];" instead of "unsigned char *mask = new char[loops][height * width];"
04:19Chutt captain_murdoch, well, the second won't work
04:19Chutt that's not proper syntax :p
04:20Chutt but yeah, i think you were overflowing the stack
04:20Captain_Murdo| :)
04:20Chutt see my commit a few minutes back?
04:20Captain_Murdo| no, I get those emails really late sometimes for some reason.
04:20Captain_Murdo| I'll look on the archive.
04:20Captain_Murdo| and
04:21Captain_Murdo| been up having to do real work during our nightly maintenance window.
04:21Chutt ah
04:22Captain_Murdo| when I just saw his gdb output on the -dev list I noticed it was on a line using mask and wondered if that was the problem.
04:22Chutt same
04:22* Captain_Murd is still trying to force himself into c++ syntax sometimes.
04:23Chutt then i realized how much you were allocating on the stack :p
04:23Captain_Murdo| yeah, and it's worse because he's doing full-pal resolution.
04:23Captain_Murdo| on my low-res 352x480 (or even worse my wife's 320x240 shows) ;) the problem wasn't prominent.
04:24Chutt heh
04:24Captain_Murdo| she'll never know.
04:24Captain_Murdo| as long as CSI is nice and clear.
04:25_Da5iD_ nevermind.. don't drink and compute.. it's bad.. I somehow figured it out with only 2 brain cells to spare.
04:26* Captain_Murd wonders how he accidentilly committed that method to commercial_skip.cpp with all those tabs.
04:26Chutt i was going to convert those, but was too lazy
04:27Captain_Murdo| just did so when I commit they'll be fixed.
04:27Chutt anyway, sleep time for me
04:28Captain_Murdo| yeah, back to bed for me. although my wife isn't too happy, I must have hit the snooze instead of turning my alarm off when I got up earlier. :(
04:28Chutt heh
04:28Chutt oops
04:29Captain_Murdo| and she doesn't know how to work my alarm so she just hit it a bunch of times. it's sitting beside me now because I just came in and unplugged it. :)
04:29Captain_Murdo| anyway, later. thanks for looking at/fixing that.
04:29Chutt i think my fix works
04:29Chutt i didn't test it or anything
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04:37o_cee i'm still building
04:38o_cee new gcc as well
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04:50o_cee Chutt: no immediate segfault like it used to :)
04:52thor_ o_cee, try:
04:52thor_ ./mDNSProxyResponderPosix "MythMusic (DAAP) on www" _daap._tcp. 3689 &
04:53o_cee one sec
04:53thor_ with an mfd running
04:53thor_ :-)
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08:27tz-afk are there instructions anywhere for compiling wiht qt/embedded? The latest /embedded is 3.0.7
08:27tz-afk and myth 0.14 says it wants 3.1+
08:27tz-afk am I using qt/embedded CVS (does such a thing exist)? or do I just hack the configure script to ignore that error?
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09:06niqo hmm, i have qte v3.1.2-2 here (debian:sid)
09:06niqo and the only thing you need to do is edit the file, and comment out the Xv stuff and enabling directfb, then point qtdir to the correct directory..
09:25niqo Chutt, looking at the 'HDTV playback & GF4' thread in -users, would it make sense to get rid of the OPTFLAGS in config.mak, and use the flags (except for debugging)?
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09:40gulliver hi all
09:41gulliver can someone tell me, how I have to define module-"actions", which can be called from a menu.xml-file?
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09:50tz-afk niqo: hmm ok thanks!
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10:10tzanger hmm qte was only 3.0.7 up on trolltech's site
10:11tzanger I'm an idiot
10:11tzanger nevermind thank you niqo
10:12kvandivo "Hopefully this will reduce questions to the mailinglist by about 50%. Great :)" Now _there_ is an optimist.
10:19rkulagow_ well, it's not like users are reading the error messages that they get _now_, but this will fix _everything_! :)
10:20tzanger hahaha
10:25tzanger should qte be compiled with threading?
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10:34niqo tzanger: yes
10:34niqo tzanger: and mysql
10:37niqo rkulagow_: if it wasn't for the fact that audio isn't working at that point, i would have made it play a repeating 'sound does not work, sou..' :)
10:41rkulagow_ well, if you're going to do that, then add bleep/bloop feedback to keypresses. that way you know if the IR receiver got the key you just pressed or didn't.
10:41kvandivo just copy the tivo sounds and make it complete
10:43mikegrb yeah
10:45niqo seriously tho, it will probably remove about 10%, because most of the messages are not about audio initialization problems, but that they record silence..
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10:50tzanger niqo: compile qte with teh mysql sql driver?
11:12niqo right
11:13tzanger ahh crap
11:13tzanger ok
11:13tzanger :-)
11:14tzanger I wonder how much work it would be to make mythtv's backend happy with ODBC... mysql's such a pain
11:14tzanger I wonder if sqlite has odbc support
11:14tzanger wild
11:15tzanger :-)
11:15tzanger I would suggest postgres but that's like using a cannon to swat a fly, and if you go for odbc you can satisfy everyone, even the MS Access weenies
11:17tzanger ./configure -no-stl -thread -depths 24,32 -plugin-sql-mysql
11:17tzanger sound good?
11:18tzanger (using pvr350 for output)
11:23niqo think u should remove the -no-stl
11:24niqo but seriously, read a howto, or search the -users/-dev list
11:25tzanger niqo: the howto does not describe building qt nor how to do the directfb version, which is why I was asking here
11:25tzanger but yeah I'll get into the lists
11:25tzanger I had mythtv up once, I can do it again :-)
11:25niqo last hint, enable all image types
11:26tzanger niqo: all enabled but gif
11:26tzanger png/mng/jpeg
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12:07Truin mornin'!
12:09Truin so, I found this great deal on a mobo/cpu on TigerDirect, it's a VIA C3 processor. So far, linux installed and mythtv build going well....
12:10rkulagow_ truin: a few people purchased it as well. check the archives; doesn't seem to work too well. (it's the $5 special, right?)
12:12Truin yeah, was the $5 special. So far, it seems to be working fine - of course, I don't actually have Myth RUNNING on it yet, just getting it built.
12:14rkulagow_ truin:;search_string=tigerdirect;guest=2381547&t=search_engine#107398
12:14* Truin runs off to go read the mailing list archive.
12:14rkulagow_ but, maybe it'll work for you.
12:14rkulagow_ and if not, it was cheap, right?
12:14--- ---> jams [] has joined #mythtv
12:14rkulagow_ :)
12:15Truin if not, it becomes a new cheap system for my niece. ;)
12:15--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
12:20Truin rkulagow_: yeah, looks like a couple people have had minor issues. But, I'm persistant, and confident that I'll get it all working. :) Everything ran in Windows just fine, and I can't see linux taxing the hardware more than a Macroshaft product would.
12:21rkulagow_ truin: ok, good luck then.
12:21Truin thanks for the warnings, tho - at least I'll know what to expect. :)
12:21niqo the problem would be the quality of the xfree video driver..
12:22Truin well, I plan on using a PCI video card with TV-Out, as opposed to the built-in video. We'll see what playback looks like, then I'll make the decision.
12:22Truin If possible, I'd like to use both PCI slots on the board for pvr-250's, and find some other device to sit between the vga port and the tv. But, as I said, it all comes down to the quality of the built-in video.
12:22niqo why not one pvr-250 and one 350?
12:23Truin that's also an option
12:35o_cee Chutt, Captain_Murdoch: mythbackend just segfaultet s\xE5 the comercial thingie is probably not yet 100% fixed. didn't have it in gdb tho, so i have to get back to you on that.. won't be today, probably not tomorrow either.. anyway, just wanted to let you know.
12:37niqo o_cee: about your twin channels issue; i've not done much testing with dual cards..since all i have is the nexus
12:37o_cee niqo: i think it was because i did mythfilldatabase --file with 0 instead 1 as sourceinput anyawy
12:39* o_cee is off having dinner and stuff like that
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13:15thor_ o_cee, still working at your end?
13:15o_cee thor_: i just closed down the proxy
13:15thor_ ah, ok
13:15o_cee but yeah, last time i checked it worked
13:15thor_ still running fine here
13:15o_cee feel free to use my music for testing
13:15thor_ heh
13:16o_cee i've got it open, bw is a little limited
13:16o_cee but do what you want with it :)
13:16thor_ heh
13:16o_cee well not what you want of course :)
13:16thor_ ... heh ... I need to write client code ...
13:16o_cee fire up 'the knife'.. or some of the cardigans.. or some sophie zelmani.. that's three great swedish groups/artists
13:17thor_ yup
13:17gulliver I'm just looking at the mythtv-playbackbox sources... The entire UI-thing is done different than in mythmusic, isn't it?
13:18o_cee thor_: does the binaries get slower if you build with debug? always do that nowdays
13:18gulliver for example there isn't the wireuptheme thing!?
13:19tzanger hmm
13:20tzanger it seems I will not be able to run Myth without X on the PVR350... the DirectFB subsystem does not seem to work with the PVR350's fb
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13:22Chutt why would you need directfb running?
13:24tzanger Chutt: that's what the mailing list seemed to suggest was needed
13:24tzanger if not that's great
13:24--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
13:24tzanger doesn't have anything for 'bare' fb output
13:25gulliver is a UIManagedTreeListType a list with two collums, like in the watch recordings dialog of mythtv?
13:25o_cee Chutt: i'll load up mythbackend into gdb and fire up a bunch of recordings tonight before i go to sleep and we'll see in the morning.. just have to remember to turn back the auto detection..
13:25tzanger Chutt: can I run the frontend on the PVR350's fb?
13:26tzanger without X11 I mean
13:26o_cee in that case with qt/e
13:26o_cee seen someone try it, not succesully i think tho
13:26Chutt tzanger, it doesn't need anything for bare fb output
13:26tzanger the frontend?
13:26Chutt you're using the pvr-350 for video display, not the fb
13:26tzanger not just video playback but the menus and everything
13:27Chutt that's what using qt/e does for you.
13:27tzanger ok
13:27tzanger just making sure. :-)
13:27Chutt of course
13:27Chutt it's much easier to just use X
13:27o_cee tzanger: you might want to check ivtv-devel, there's some intresting development going on
13:27Chutt using the framebuffer doesn't gain you anything
13:28Chutt and it's likely to be slower.
13:28tzanger Chutt: leaner system is all
13:28* o_cee is awy watching a move.. brother bear actually ;)
13:29Chutt yeah, i can't live without the 20MB that X and a window manager are using on my pvr-350 machine.
13:29tzanger no need to be a smart ass now
13:29tzanger I'm not demanding anyone make it work for me, just asking around and experimenting
13:29Chutt sure there is, you annoyed me.
13:30tzanger that's a shame
13:30niqo i must say i liked the faster startup time when trying qte the other day
13:31tzanger I have to admit that the primary reason I'm trying out mythtv is because I rather like the weather plugin. :-)
13:31tzanger recording tv is secondary :-)
13:31Chutt you can go use freevo now, since they ripped off the weather plugin pretty much exactly
13:31Chutt :p
13:31Chutt reused the graphics and everything
13:32tzanger haha
13:32niqo and myhtpc apparently ripped the icons out of G.A.N.T.
13:32Chutt everyone's using gant now :p
13:32Chutt it's an icon set, oc was just the first to use it for something like this
13:32tzanger actually I do have a question on the sql use -- was there an advantage to using mysql over something like sqlite? Myth doesn't seem to be a very heavy database hitter
13:32* jams prefer's onemyth :)
13:32niqo why don't they all just install mythtv
13:32niqo ah
13:32Chutt remote access
13:32Chutt sqllite doesn't do it.
13:33Chutt it also didn't play well with threads, last i checked
13:33tzanger true
13:33tzanger just curious
13:33tzanger there's an odbc plugin for sqlite now too but that doesn't solve the remote access parts
13:34--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
13:34Chutt qt has db access plugins for a bunch of databases
13:34Chutt so you can theoretically use whatever.
13:34tzanger yeah I was looking at that
13:34tzanger I want to get it running first, then start playing more
13:34--- <<-- AridWrk [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
13:35thor_ o_cee, I'm taking it down .. I thinkwe can call the experiment a success
13:40* niqo is looking forward to downloading xfree86 cvs source, patching it for cle266, and making debs out of it...
13:41tzanger hmm
13:41* tzanger is googling around to see if the 2700 satellite receiver can be controlled via serial
13:42jams apparently kernel 2.6 ivtv+patch AND lirc do not play well together
13:44niqo goddamn, the debian directory of the xfree source package is crouded..
13:54--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
13:55--- <<-- eco [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
13:57--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
14:10--- ---> AridWrk [] has joined #mythtv
14:10--- ---> rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
14:12rkulagow captain_murdoch: are you here?
14:14kvandivo are you here, Captain_Murdoch? It's me, kvandivo.
14:15Chutt heh
14:15Chutt rkulagow, hey, how's that users guide coming? =)
14:16rkulagow good. i just made some ringbuffer graphics and will use them to explain "how come channel changes happen right away in xawtv but not in myth?"
14:16rkulagow kvandivo: c_m might be lurking, you know. that's why i asked so nicely.
14:16Chutt cool
14:16Chutt can i see it? =)
14:16rkulagow sure, give me a second. i'll send you a pdf
14:16kvandivo of course, rk.. the wording just struck me as intriguing
14:17niqo mdz: around (about mythtv-database)?
14:17thor_ but ... but ... but ... couldn't the ringbuffer start later
14:17kvandivo Chutt, if compiling on your epia is anywhere even remotely close to being as slow as compiling on the xbox I can see why you don't do it very often
14:18Chutt kvandivo, it'd be about 50% slower, i'd say
14:18rkulagow chutt: on the way.
14:18Chutt rkulagow, cool
14:18rkulagow work in progress, yadda, yadda.
14:18Chutt i'm halfway through rewriting large parts of this cd audio writing patch to mythmusic
14:19kvandivo globalsettings.cpp is, literally, about a 2 hour compile
14:19Chutt so i wanted something else to do for a few minutes :p
14:19Chutt kvandivo, oh, well, that's faster
14:19rkulagow i never got my screenshots from the guy who was super-jazzed about helping. oh, well.
14:19Chutt since i have 256MB of ram
14:19Chutt kvandivo, distcc
14:19thor_ hmmm
14:19thor_ cool
14:19kvandivo ya.. as soon as the 'box hits swap things really start crawling.. in particular because it is using a loopback filesystem
14:20--- ---> p0lar69 [~p0lar@] has joined #mythtv
14:20--- <--- p0lar69 [~p0lar@] has left #mythtv ()
14:20kvandivo i've got the cachecc stuff going.. haven't messed with distcc yet.. as you say, one tries to not compile on the slow boxes unless absolutely necessary. :)
14:22Chutt i've been using distcc on the epia-m
14:23Chutt just have it set to compile on my xp1800+, so it only uses the local cpu for linking
14:23niqo and preprocessing..
14:23Chutt yeah, but that doesn't take much time at all
14:24niqo thanks for committing
14:24Chutt rkulagow, looks good =)
14:25--- ---> buritto [] has joined #mythtv
14:25Magick -----Original Message-----
14:25Magick From: []
14:25Magick Sent: Thursday, February 19, 2004 10:24 AM
14:25Magick buritto:
14:25Magick Subject: [Full-Disclosure] RE: Multiple WinXP kernel vulns can give user
14:25Magick mode programs kernel mode
14:25Magick Alun Jones spouted this
14:25Magick > These are not vulnerabilities at all. This is how the SeDebugPrivilege is
14:25Magick > supposed to work.
14:25Magick No its not.
14:25Magick This could be used for bypasses host based IDS for one thing, I think
14:25Magick thats pretty useful from an attackers point of view no? Theres quite a few
14:25Magick prodcuts that try and protect the NT kernel from modification by hooking
14:25Magick the SCM calls and NtSetSystemInformation(and \\device\physicalmemory of
14:25Magick course) so that you cant load a .sys file. Also this allows you to modify
14:25Magick the kernel without having a .sys file which is kinda cool.
14:25Magick Its more informative than the 'gayer than aids' thread anyway
14:25Magick _______________________________________________
14:25rkulagow chutt: thanks. lots of it are just straight block copies from other stuff i had lying around, so the "flow" isn't there yet. plus, you can see why i wanted o_cee to help with graphics.
14:25Magick Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
14:25Magick Charter:
14:26Magick that sucked
14:26Magick sorry about that
14:26Chutt rkulagow, yeah
14:26rkulagow at least it wasn't a paste of something you were going to post in an S&M group
14:26Chutt it's a start, though =)
14:26Magick heh yah
14:27rkulagow chutt: yup. going to incorporate keys.txt into a prettier version in the guide.
14:27rkulagow bruce has helped a bunch
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14:28--- User: *** buritto is now known as taco
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14:32--- ---> buritto [] has joined #mythtv
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14:38--- ---> taco [thomppj@] has joined #mythtv
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14:38--- User: *** buritto is now known as taco
14:50knight thor you around?
14:50thor_ yup
14:50knight sorry i disappeared last night
14:51knight Ive been sick, and I went to lay down to watch tv, and didn't anticipate that I'd fall asleep :)
14:51thor_ that's ok, it was getting late :-)
14:51knight Yeah
14:51knight Still interested in playing with it?
14:52thor_ I played with it with o_cee last night, but there's one other thing I'd like to check, give me 5-10 minutes
14:52knight alright
14:55* niqo puts a spell on his vim so it looses the ability to insert tabs
14:56kvandivo that easy enough to set in your vimrc file
14:58niqo Chutt, audiooutputoss.cpp:~89, you inserted a return in the while, why?
14:59niqo and just below that, you still have the perror, even though the verbose has strerror..
15:00kvandivo did you go over 80 columns?
15:00Chutt because it should return there
15:00Chutt that's a fatal error
15:00Chutt no need to keep retrying it.
15:00niqo k, modify the error message then :)
15:03--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
15:07thor_ knight, you still around ?
15:09mdz niqo: ?
15:13--- ---> curreyr [] has joined #mythtv
15:14niqo mdz: i've made some cvs builds based off of your debs for mythtv, but every time i install/upgrade, the mysql.txt file gets changed (chown 660), isn't this kinda intrusive? I guess it's not a big problem for once per month releases, but.. (i know how to fix it myself, just wanted to inform)
15:15knight thor, yeah
15:15thor_ can you update to mfd cvs of a few minutes ago ?
15:15knight thor, sure, hang on
15:16mdz niqo: no, I don't think it is...why do you want it to have different permissions?
15:16knight thor, done
15:16thor_ built and running ?
15:16knight yep
15:16thor_ try ./mDNSProxyResponderPosix "MythMusic (DAAP) on www" _daap._tcp. 3689
15:17knight ack wait
15:17knight i think mfd cr
15:18knight just crashed my myth box
15:18thor_ heh
15:18knight heh, i lost ssh, and cant get back in... let me power cycle
15:18niqo mdz: i always to changes here and there, and at least the other debs usually have the courtesy of asking.. (dunno, only about a week old on the debian method anyways)
15:18thor_ it's emailing your cc details to Uzbekistan
15:18knight haha
15:19mdz niqo: it would be a little silly to ask about the permissions on every file. I think what you want is dpkg-statoverride
15:19knight well, just so you know, i ran mfd when mythbackend wasnt running
15:19thor_ doesn't care about mythbackend
15:19thor_ (yet)
15:19knight thats what i thought
15:20niqo mdx: thanks; `man dpkg-statoverride`; read manpage :)
15:22niqo mdz: yup, that's it!
15:22niqo mdz: sorry to bother you..
15:22mdz niqo: however, I just noticed that while the script tries to honor dpkg-statoverride for mysql.txt, it doesn't actually work due to later changes I made
15:23mdz niqo: I'm going to fix it though
15:23--- ---> sep [] has joined #mythtv
15:24niqo mdz: yea, i can see that now..
15:36--- ---> nulltank [] has joined #mythtv
15:48knight damn
15:48knight nothing in syslog about the hang
15:48knight i bet it's ivtv
15:49thor_ i doubt it's the mfd
15:49thor_ :-)
15:49knight well, mythbackend and mfd have been causing the hangs
15:49knight because of ivtv
15:49knight the box stays up when neither are running
15:49thor_ ivtv
15:49knight but i get all kinds of wicked hangs
15:49knight yep
15:49knight mfd calls stuff in libmyth that talks to ivtv right?
15:49thor_ nope
15:50knight weird
15:50thor_ just talks to the database
15:50knight then i wonder why mfd caused the hang
15:50knight let's try again :)
15:50thor_ k
15:50thor_ only hardware mfd touches is optical drives
15:51knight hmm
15:51knight lemme tail some logs
15:51niqo mdz: any chance you'll enable alsa and arts? or will that just bring to much of a depend chain?
15:52knight -rw------- 1 root root 1300175676 Feb 20 12:52 messages
15:52knight yikes, i should clear that out
15:52knight hah
15:55niqo i really vote for some sort of general plugin support, so that package maintainers can build packages like mythtv-plugin-arts with only the needed deps..
15:56niqo because one thing i really hate is having a bunch of unneded packages...
15:56thor_ for example ...
15:56knight yeah, what is needed is another layer of plugins
15:57knight and in that layer, all the abstraction code can exist
15:57knight then any mythplugin can utilize any subplugin
15:58knight I think what would be nice is the ability to have mythplugins loaded with no GUI
15:58niqo thor_: bet the mfd alrady has pretty good plugin code..
15:58thor_ well, it's all plugins
15:58knight then they can all talk to each other, and only the one with "user focus" is showing
15:58niqo hence..
15:58thor_ but I have no idea if they're "good"
15:58knight then you can interact with all mythplugins at once.. i.e. play music in mythmusic while browsing in mythnews
15:59thor_ yup
15:59niqo like arts alone requires 10-15 packages, iirc
16:00knight well, people installing release packages have very little dep issues
16:00knight since they refer to all the dependancies
16:00niqo but it would also have enabled binary packages like mythtv-plugin(-xvmc-nvidia|-xvmc-i810)
16:00knight it's us cvs users that have problems handling all the deps
16:01niqo the binary package users are missing some features..
16:01knight thor, ok, i have a couple logs tailed, here goes with mfd again
16:01--- ---> _bitbyte [] has joined #mythTV
16:01knight thor, is there a way to enable runtime debugging in mfd?
16:02--- <<-- bitbyte [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:02--- User: *** _bitbyte is now known as bitbyte
16:04--- ---> Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
16:10thor_ knight. ./mfd -l 10
16:10thor_ give a _lot_ of information
16:11thor_ gives
16:11knight thor, ok, hang on
16:11knight I'll redir that to a log
16:11thor_ mfd -d -l 10
16:12thor_ write a log
16:12thor_ writes
16:12knight oh ok
16:12thor_ somewhere :-)
16:12knight hah
16:12knight probably from where you execute it right?
16:12thor_ probably /usr/local/share/mfd.log
16:12knight ok
16:13thor_ /usr/local/share/mythtv/mfd.log
16:13knight i'm rechecking out sources with my script, hang on
16:13thor_ or mfdctl -l 10
16:13knight oh neat, you wrote a control script
16:13thor_ yup
16:14thor_ but it has to be installed (make install) or you end up running an old version w/ old plugins
16:14knight yep
16:15knight question about faad2... autoreconf -vif just shows syntax of autoreconf for me
16:15knight how are you compiling it?
16:16--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:17--- <<-- racer [] has quit ()
16:20knight warning: AC_TRY_RUN called without default to allow cross compiling
16:20knight automake: libfaad/ not supported: source file `codebook/hcb.h' is in subdirectory
16:21knight etc
16:21thor_ you need cvs of libfaad
16:21knight yep
16:22knight this is cvs version
16:22knight as of minutes ago
16:22thor_ yeah, it may just be their cvs is broken
16:22knight doh
16:22thor_ anyway, you don't need it
16:22knight so i'm sol
16:22knight ok
16:23thor_ I have to step away for a few, minutes, but whenever your mfd is up and running:
16:23thor_ ./mDNSProxyResponderPosix "MythMusic (DAAP) on www" _daap._tcp. 3689
16:23knight alright...
16:23knight will it proxy my iTunes on windows on the same network too?
16:24thor_ that's proxing my mfd to your local lan
16:24knight ok
16:24thor_ anyway, back in a few minutes
16:24knight k
16:26thor_ back
16:26knight that was quick
16:26thor_ then you'll need http://localhost:2345/ to do anything
16:26knight localhost being the mfd box?
16:26thor_ yup
16:26knight k one sec
16:27knight viper mfd # mfdctl -l 10
16:27knight you don't want to do anything, so I won't
16:27thor_ mfdctl start -l 10
16:27knight start i'm guessing
16:27knight yep
16:28knight ok it is scanning my music in the db
16:28thor_ that'll take a while
16:28knight yep
16:28thor_ you can go ahead with the mDNS proxy thing
16:28o_cee thor_: you beeing unfaithful to me? damn you woman :)
16:29thor_ heh, made a change to see if it will go to hosts without names
16:29knight Service MythMusic (DAAP) on www._daap._tcp.local. now registered and active
16:29thor_ yup
16:29thor_ you have my metadata
16:29o_cee i just shut down my mfd, let me know if you want it up for testing..
16:30knight ok it's still scanning my music
16:30thor_ o_cee, just really wanted to test this one thing
16:30knight i'm waiting for some ugly hang :)
16:30thor_ knight, try http on 2345
16:30knight ok
16:30thor_ you should be able to play my content
16:31--- ---> sfr [] has joined #mythtv
16:31knight ok
16:31knight let me try
16:31knight btw
16:31knight I see your stuff in iTunes on this desktop too
16:31thor_ play something
16:32knight load and clear
16:32knight loud
16:32o_cee he's got great taste, doesn't he? :)
16:32knight yeah
16:32knight heh
16:32thor_ ok, I'm going to pop out a CD, iTunes should gracefully remove the CD ~ playlist and next refresh on http://2345 should show less content
16:33knight what content is the cd?
16:33thor_ Joy Division
16:33knight hang on i dont see that in itunes
16:33o_cee press the triangle
16:33o_cee to expand
16:33thor_ it's already out
16:33thor_ hang on. I'll put it back in
16:33knight what triangle?
16:33thor_ k
16:34knight heh
16:34knight i dont think itunes is seeing the full list :)
16:34o_cee you see it when there's more stuff
16:34knight i only see 99 songs in itunes
16:34thor_ that's right
16:34knight ok
16:34niqo cool
16:34knight in itunes i see the triangle
16:34knight and the CD
16:34thor_ cool
16:34knight remove it
16:35thor_ out
16:35knight boom
16:35knight real quick
16:35o_cee it's glorious
16:35thor_ sweet
16:35knight indeed
16:35knight i love it
16:35o_cee it really is
16:35knight one step towards being able to view/listen content at work :)
16:35knight assuming i ever go back to the office and stop working at home :)
16:35o_cee yeah, i thought about that too:)
16:35thor_ not that if you play something in iTunes, it's doing ogg to wav conversion on the fly
16:35thor_ note
16:36knight oh really?
16:36knight beautiful
16:36niqo sweet
16:36knight i saw that in the cvs commits
16:36thor_ iTunes only understands mp3, aac, and wav
16:36knight let me ask you this
16:36knight in itunes, i cant rate songs on your server
16:36thor_ nope
16:36knight is that an itunes thing?
16:36thor_ yup
16:37knight so you havent rated your stuff i'm assuming?
16:37knight it's all 2 stars
16:37thor_ this is just a temporary laptop hooked up outside my firewall
16:38knight gotcha
16:38knight I really like this
16:39knight 20/Feb/2004-13:35:17: mythmusic watcher plugin updated metadata for audio item "8005"
16:39knight damn i guess i dont have enough music ;}
16:40o_cee i bet that impresses all the girls.
16:40knight bahya
16:40knight yes, they seduce me when i show them my mp3s
16:40knight blowjobs while ircing
16:41knight thor, any way to keep track of outbound/inbound traffic via the mfd?
16:43o_cee om my, chris kennedys work on ivtv is working :) time to try the EPG.......
16:43knight o_cee, which part of ivtv?
16:43--- <--- sep [] has left #mythtv ()
16:44thor_ knight, well, everythings in the log
16:44thor_ but it's not calculating total bits transferred or anything like that
16:45knight thor, that might be interesting to add a bits/s
16:45knight perhaps be able to define the localnet, and show stats of localnet and extranet
16:46knight but anyways, excellent work
16:47o_cee THE EPG of myth with ivtv is FINALLY WORKING! hurray for chris kennedy
16:47o_cee he da man
16:47knight o_cee, yay
16:47o_cee yeah very very very much so
16:47o_cee and the fb seems alot faster as well, the menus and stuff
16:47thor_ knight, can you try playing a CD track, for some reason that was not working with o_cee last night
16:47knight thor, also, what ports does daap use?
16:47thor_ 3689
16:47knight sure, load one up
16:48thor_ it's in, Joy Division
16:48knight oh i dont see the triangle
16:48knight in itunes
16:48o_cee thor_: it would require 1,2mbit, i only got 0.5mbit atm
16:48thor_ yeah
16:48o_cee it was working, just not very well :)
16:48thor_ right
16:49knight hmm
16:49thor_ just want to make sure it was bandwidth and not something stupid I did
16:49knight so yeah i dont see joy division listed
16:49Chutt might be better to transcode to mp3 instead of wav
16:49thor_ right click in iTunes , disconnect, then reconnect
16:50Chutt or at least present the option to do so
16:50thor_ Chutt, yeah, but wavs easy
16:50thor_ :-)
16:50Chutt yeah
16:50o_cee faster cpus should be able to do it
16:50thor_ and lossless
16:50Chutt naw, real time mp3 encoding doesn't take much cpu
16:50knight certainly making it by choice would be nice too
16:50thor_ version 2.0
16:50knight when doing it on local lans, wav is nice for lossless
16:50thor_ heh
16:50Chutt and the libmp3lame library is really easy to do that with, it's only a few lines of code
16:51knight thor, the cd is in?
16:51thor_ yup
16:51knight thor, any reason itunes hasnt received the update?
16:51thor_ hang on, let me make sure
16:51thor_ yup
16:51thor_ oh, I probably have done something slightly wrong somewhere
16:52thor_ would be easier with access to the iTunes source :-)
16:52o_cee to easy
16:52knight hah
16:53knight indeed
16:53--- ---> [DOA]Tarkie [] has joined #mythtv
16:53knight here i just disconnected it and reconnected
16:53knight playing cd now
16:53thor_ yup, saw that
16:53knight rebuffering :)
16:53knight clear but rebuffers
16:54o_cee Chutt: the ivtv stuff from chris k. seems _very_ nice. your epg finally looks awesome ;)
16:54knight but works none the less :)
16:54knight o_cee, how does the epg look different/
16:54thor_ right, how big is your connection ?
16:54knight thor, 1.5mbps
16:54o_cee knight: it's transparent
16:54knight o_cee, oooh screenshot
16:54knight oh wait
16:54knight i saw that before without the 350
16:54o_cee knight: better ask chutt about that, i have no idea how to do that without a dig camera :)
16:55thor_ convert to wav to mp3 on the fly on the to do list
16:55knight thor, when i get my other firewall box up today, i'll try from my 3mbps cable
16:55knight o_cee, :)
16:55thor_ k
16:56knight thor, looks great. mind if i add some stats?
16:56thor_ note that if you go to you can force me to listen to music
16:56thor_ sure
16:56thor_ just beware you need to use something like log() and warning() to pass information around
16:56[DOA]Tarkie have you seen the web interface for the empeg car stereo?
16:57knight eh?
16:57jams MFD Ultra Fancy Pants Interface <=well put
16:57thor_ the existing plugins all have log() and warning() methods which get around the fact that everything is in its own thread
16:58thor_ just sends events
16:58thor_ not sophisticated
16:58knight well, couldnt we create a statistics thread that is thread-safe that the other threads could send a signal to?
16:58thor_ or a method in the mfd that serializes access, yup
16:58knight yeah that would be nice
16:59thor_ but there's bits being sent all over the place
16:59thor_ knight, you have an HTTP/1.0 browser ?
16:59knight oh you didnt abstract the sends and receives?
16:59thor_ well, there's http
16:59knight probably not, i bet lynx is 1.1 compliant
17:00thor_ it's sending 1.0
17:00knight if you were to abstract the sends and receives, you can put the calls to bandwidth tracking there
17:00thor_ heh
17:00thor_ version 3.0
17:00knight hah
17:01thor_ hmm
17:01knight real quick, give me a line number with some send code
17:01kvandivo 3293
17:01knight hah
17:01o_cee [DOA]Tarkie: url? (seems i might end up doing that part)
17:01o_cee :)
17:02thor_ knight, look in mfdlib/httpresponse.cpp
17:02knight thor, so all the daap stuff is over http 1.0?
17:02thor_ 1.1
17:02knight ok
17:02thor_ but it's spitting out errors here about your browser being 1.0
17:03thor_ who is that "hello"
17:03knight eh?
17:03knight I've used iTunes and Firefox
17:03thor_ ?
17:04* niqo is a thor_ client ;)
17:04thor_ heh
17:04niqo just had to
17:04thor_ thought there was someone else on there
17:04niqo sorry
17:04thor_ cool, it crashed
17:04knight hah
17:04niqo that was 'halt', btw
17:04thor_ heh
17:05thor_ it didn't crash
17:05thor_ niqo shut it down
17:05thor_ heh
17:05[DOA]Tarkie o_cee, i'll dig it out, there should be a complete source tree as its an opensource add-on
17:05[DOA]Tarkie sec
17:05niqo this is much fun
17:05knight thor, how about emitting a signal from HttpResponse::sendBlock to a statistics thread?
17:05knight it'll tell us which client, etc.
17:05* niqo remembered reading the readme
17:06thor_ can't do Qt type signal (easily) from within all the threads
17:06knight why not?
17:06[DOA]Tarkie o_cee, complete source tree here : (17mb)
17:06o_cee oookay, thanks..
17:06[DOA]Tarkie o_cee, there will be tons to throw away, as that is a kernel module for the empeg
17:07o_cee oh..
17:07o_cee i'll have to look at it tomorrow
17:07niqo does someone have a 5min problem i can work on (i'm bored)
17:07o_cee niqo: lemme think
17:07Chutt thor, signals don't involve the eventloop at all
17:07Chutt thor, they're just function calls
17:07knight yep
17:08knight so we'd just have to serialize it in the statistics thread
17:08--- ---> Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
17:08o_cee niqo: dunno about 5 mins, and you probably never touched that code.. but i'd like a "pressed" state in the menus to be able to make gant menuitems all black when they're pressed/loading
17:08thor_ " QObject and all of its subclasses are not thread-safe. This includes the entire event delivery system."
17:09Chutt thor, yeah, but signals aren't events
17:09Chutt postEvent/sendEvent aren't thread safe
17:09thor_ yeah, but they fire right away
17:09thor_ the signals
17:09thor_ so you've got to make sure everything at the other end is thread safe
17:09niqo signals = function calls
17:09knight yep, which is fine if we serialize
17:10thor_ however, I have been operating under the mistaken assumption that QApp::postEvent() was thread safe
17:10Chutt heh
17:11thor_ it cannot be hard to serialize that though
17:11Chutt postEvent is, sorry
17:11[DOA]Tarkie o_cee, here are pictures of the web interface -
17:11thor_ thought so
17:11thor_ well ... hoped so
17:11Chutt sentEvent is less safe
17:12knight anyways
17:12jams holy crap, commerical skip really messed up this time. It only kept the commerical's and cut the program
17:12[DOA]Tarkie lol
17:12Chutt jams, that's why you're supposed to check things :p
17:12knight we can just add an emit in sendBlock()
17:12thor_ sure
17:13jams good thing that was a test run of removing the strict checking
17:13knight and then connect each instance of httpresponse up with a single statistics thread
17:13thor_ not sure you need a thread just to do adding up ...
17:14knight well, you'd want one otherwise the statistics could be old :)
17:14Chutt "This will create directories as Ripping."
17:14--- ---> holger_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:14Chutt ok, what the hell does that mean?
17:14knight haha
17:14o_cee hehhehe
17:14o_cee ah
17:14thor_ all your rippings belong us
17:14o_cee maybe that it'll create the dirs as it rips
17:15knight all your ripping are belong to us
17:16Chutt it's for the cd burning stuff.
17:16Chutt to put it into more context
17:16knight thor, so i guess an emit at lines 547 and 553 would do eh?
17:16--- User: *** czn is now known as czzn
17:17--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
17:17thor_ well, that's definitely not the only place data flows out
17:17knight well, for file data it is right?
17:17thor_ but, it's a start
17:18o_cee Chutt: you better ask him:) maybe it'll create dirs on the cd? nah..
17:18thor_ and that would skip the header bytes
17:18thor_ but it would be the vast majority of it
17:19knight right
17:19o_cee Chutt: when getting backtrace, does any --verbose make sense as useful?
17:19--- ---> Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
17:20o_cee ah crap, forgot i had a recording going on now while messing with the backend.. blargh, ah well
17:20Chutt not really
17:20o_cee okay
17:20o_cee will see after this one finishes
17:20thor_ knight, see also streamFile()
17:21knight yeah but streamFile() calls sendBlock
17:21knight which even the header is sent through
17:21thor_ ah yes, so it does
17:21knight sendBlock() would have almost all the content
17:21thor_ bit of a mess that class ... all the conversion stuff should be in a subclass
17:21knight readBlock() is the same but the other direction
17:22knight yeah
17:22knight it should be abstracted a little more
17:22thor_ crawl, walk, run
17:22knight but it's not horrid
17:22thor_ bit silly to have all that in every response object
17:22knight actually, scratch the readBlock() comment
17:23knight silly to have sendBlock()?
17:23thor_ no, all the conversion stuff
17:23knight ahh yep
17:24knight at most, the response should hold the data, and facilitate the communications to a lower socket object
17:25--- <<-- Octane [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:28--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
17:37--- <<-- Captain_Murdoch [] has quit ("X-Chat!")
17:38Chutt blah
17:38Chutt 2 more functions to rewrite.
17:39thor_ heh
17:39thor_ quite the "patch"
17:39knight heh
17:41--- <<-- holger_ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:41Chutt the guy's just never used c++ before
17:41Chutt or qt
17:41kvandivo which patch is it?
17:41o_cee Chutt: it's written in java?
17:42Chutt the cd burning one
17:42kvandivo nod
17:42knight yay :)
17:42o_cee :)
17:43knight Chutt, I've been putting some thought into the one plugin at a time issue... what if we had all the plugins loaded and "running" at once, and hid the gui's so they could talk to each other?
17:44Chutt they are all loaded and running at once
17:44knight doh
17:44knight so nothing is stopping them from running at once?
17:44Chutt there's just nothing running with any of them right now
17:44Chutt nope
17:44knight gotcha
17:44knight so we just need to write a messaging mechanism to get them to interact?
17:44Chutt already has one
17:44knight hah
17:44knight shows how much i've been paying attention
17:44Chutt qt's event stuff passes messages quite nicely
17:44knight i should really get out from under this rock
17:44knight indeed
17:45Chutt there's already a message passing wrapper written that goes through the context
17:45Chutt which is global
17:45Chutt all objects have to do is register with the context that they want to get messages
17:47knight i should look into that
17:47lmatter so, for example, it wouldn't be difficult to play music during a gallery slideshow?
17:47knight correct
17:47lmatter cool.
17:47Chutt well
17:47knight or to be in mythmusic playing songs, and select songs to burn, and send off the batch
17:47Chutt that's going to use mfd
17:48Chutt that's what it's there for =)
17:48thor_ ah ha!
17:48jams Anybody care to point me in the right directon for why the OSD causes tv playback to pause for about a second?
17:49Chutt your cpu is slow?
17:49thor_ achingly slow computer?
17:49bitbyte thats what i wa thinkin, but i dont know anything
17:49bitbyte ...bout myth
17:49bitbyte or a slow drive
17:50jams eh it's a 1.6p4 with 90% idle
17:51bitbyte what are the div specs
17:51bitbyte drive
17:51thor_ crappy video card with no XV?
17:51--- <<-- Killerbun [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
17:52jams well at the risk of violating the channel support rules. It's a nvida 5200fx, binary drivers(4363). 7200RPM with dma enabled
17:52o_cee jams: to late
17:53o_cee Chutt: you took a break from the osd stuff?
17:53Chutt need to get patches applied
17:53o_cee heh :)
17:53Chutt so i have to stop development to rewrite crappy patches
17:53o_cee that's not like you
17:54o_cee :)
17:57niqo rewriting stuff is very boring and repetetive stuff..
17:57* niqo wonders if there's much possibility of him putting some more stuff in there
18:01jams wow kerneldeint=2 looks better then live tv. Well done !!!
18:01--- ---> Captain_Murdoch [] has joined #mythtv
18:02o_cee haven't tried filters at all.. maybe i should
18:03--- <<-- knight [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:03--- ---> knight [] has joined #mythtv
18:03knight what was my quit message?
18:04--- User: *** knight is now known as knight-
18:04o_cee <-- knight har avslutat (Remote closed the connection)
18:04o_cee har avslutat = has quit
18:04knight- ok
18:06o_cee Captain_Murdoch: is there any verbose level for the backend that shows comercial detection stuff?
18:06o_cee like mythcommflag shows
18:10--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:19--- <<-- sfr [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:21--- <<-- m0j0 [~m0j0@] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:22mdz niqo: ALSA and arts in what?
18:23--- <<-- mecraw__ [~mecraw@] has quit ("Trillian (")
18:23--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
18:23niqo the debs..
18:24niqo from what i could see from your patch of, you only have oss support
18:25mdz the ALSA support in mythtv didn't work the last time I checked
18:26mdz I didn't know about arts; that must be new
18:26thor_ knight, I'm going to shut this down
18:26knight- sure
18:26knight- my itunes hung trying to connect anyways
18:26knight- hehe
18:26niqo what happened? worked fine here when i tested the audio dialog box (short period only)
18:26knight- it's still saying CONNECTING
18:26thor_ heh, iTunes is a bit braindead
18:27knight- yeah
18:27knight- I click "STOP" and it does nothing to stop it
18:27knight- hah
18:28thor_ you have to kill it from the task manager
18:29thor_ which is part of the reason it was serious pain in the ass to get the DAAP stuff working
18:29o_cee gnight
18:33--- <<-- [DOA]Tarkie [] has quit ("\x97I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n\x97 2.0 Build 3515")
18:39niqo wonder why mythtv never creates .mythtv...
18:51--- ---> {FDN}Alpha9 [] has joined #mythtv
18:51--- <<-- rkulagow [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
18:53--- ---> KeyserSoze [~gazicm@] has joined #mythtv
18:54--- <<-- bbeattie [~bbeattie@] has quit ("Client exiting")
18:58--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
19:00--- ---> josephk [] has joined #mythtv
19:06--- User: *** cmorgan is now known as cmorgan_dinner
19:08--- <<-- hfb [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:15--- ---> rkulagow [] has joined #mythtv
19:17niqo help: o_cee requested a pressed genericbutton, i've done the parsing and loading (simple), the select handler in TMP needs a slightly modified paintButton call before and after the select, right?
19:17mdz odd, qmake didn' tupdae the dependencies for filter_postprocess.c
19:18mdz didn't update
19:18* niqo detached..
19:22* niqo reattached..
19:22niqo what's that mdz?
19:23niqo didn't inluce the avcoedc in the makefile?
19:23niqo damn, drunk and tired
19:24niqo sad, ain't it
19:28--- ---> G-funk|laptop [] has joined #mythtv
19:29knight- Chutt, I'm still having a hard time deciding where in the theme selector to put the theme downloading feature
19:29knight- Like, whether to create a new screen that pops up to choose which to download
19:29--- <--- josephk [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
19:33--- User: *** niqo is now known as niqo_zzz
19:37--- User: *** niqo_zzz is now known as niqo
19:38niqo o_cee: i failed, can't figure out where to set the image/parameters, shout if you want the patch anyhow...
19:38--- User: *** niqo is now known as niqo_zzz
19:38--- <<-- lmatter [] has quit ("Leaving")
19:39--- ---> josephk [] has joined #mythtv
19:50--- ---> josephk_ [] has joined #mythtv
19:57--- <--- curreyr [] has left #mythtv ()
20:04--- <<-- josephk [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
20:07linagee are mythtv's mysql connections persistant, or does it make a new connection every time it needs to make a new query?
20:09--- ---> Dyrty [] has joined #mythtv
20:10--- <--- Dyrty [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
20:11linagee someone needs to make a module for mythtv, where it has the website that every channel owns. say for the program Monk... it will do a google search for "monk" and deliver the first result. :)
20:16--- User: *** cmorgan_dinner is now known as cmorgan
20:21mikegrb hahaha
20:21mikegrb mythtv is mentioned if you open a bios in a hexeditor
20:21mikegrb pwahaha
20:21knight- hahaha
20:22knight- which?
20:22mikegrb "mikegrb<3mythtv"
20:22mikegrb and I'm not even directly responsible
20:22knight- mikegrb <3's mythtv
20:22knight- haha
20:22-!- Irssi: #mythtv: Total of 62 nicks 0 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 62 normal
20:32linagee mikegrb: what bios is this? lol
20:35--- ---> Snappi [] has joined #mythtv
20:39--- ---> Dyrty [] has joined #mythtv
20:39Dyrty got it :p had to remove -fPIC from my compile options
20:47--- <<-- Dyrty [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:08--- ---> kslater [] has joined #mythtv
21:08mikegrb linagee: it is an xbox bios
21:09linagee mikegrb: i don't get it.... why would it have your nickname in there?
21:09mikegrb umm
21:09mikegrb well I'm rather involved with xbox stuff
21:09linagee mikegrb: did you help edit the xbox bios, or is this a custom job...
21:09linagee mikegrb: so you work for microshaft? :)
21:10mikegrb and the particular person that added that to the bios has had many debates with me about mythtv and tivo and which is better
21:10mikegrb no
21:10mikegrb I'm a developer for xbox-linux and xbox-windows
21:10linagee mikegrb: oic. when you said xbox bios, you mean xbox-linux bios. :)
21:10mikegrb right
21:11linagee mikegrb: interesting. now everyone will have to grep their bios for your nickname and go, oh look. :)
21:11mikegrb heh
21:15linagee do we really need AC in our houses? hrm...
21:15* linagee wonders if you could make a fully DC house...
21:15linagee (afaik, AC is needed for the long distance transmission of power, but what about inter-house?)
21:15mikegrb ac would still be better in house
21:15mikegrb much more efficient
21:15linagee mikegrb: but 60Hz is everywhere. ;)
21:16mikegrb it is in our body too
21:16mikegrb hook yourself up to an osciliscope
21:16mikegrb ;)
21:16linagee mikegrb: no, your body just acts like an antenna for 60Hz. ;)
21:16mikegrb that is one of the reasons 60Hz is so bad for getting shocked
21:16mikegrb nope
21:16linagee mikegrb: get a battery powered o-scope and go outside. hrm...
21:17mikegrb in my electonics school this was an often discussed topic with the professors
21:17linagee mikegrb: i suppose you could hack an existing o-scope and bypass the power transformer circuitry.
21:17linagee mikegrb: deliver DC right into it.
21:17linagee mikegrb: then you could hook it up to a battery and test it out.
21:18mikegrb it wasn't 60hz it was in the neighborhood of 58 point something
21:18linagee mikegrb: afaik, we don't have 60Hz going through us. if you say it's because of our hearts, people have different heart rates...
21:18mikegrb right
21:18linagee mikegrb: i do know there are low frequency things happening around your brain though
21:18linagee mikegrb: that's the very basis of an EEG. ;)
21:19linagee mikegrb: (low frequency = less then 200Hz)
21:19mikegrb people have different rates but the actual impulse that fires our muscles and heart is not dc
21:19mikegrb it is actually ac
21:19mikegrb appearantly
21:19linagee mikegrb: it's not DC or AC. ROFL
21:19linagee mikegrb: neuron -> neuron -> neuron -> etc...
21:19mikegrb yea
21:19mikegrb and there is an electical signal
21:20linagee well, of course it's going to switch off an on a bit as the muscle is needed/not needed
21:21linagee mikegrb: that would be like calling DC as AC because individual electrons are not in one constant stream. :-P
21:21linagee (on a sub microscopic level)
21:23mikegrb no the thing is there are naturally occuring signals in the body at around 58hz
21:23linagee mikegrb: surely that would change with heart rythm
21:23mikegrb because of this being so close to 60hz, 60hz ac has a more significant affect on the body
21:23mikegrb no
21:23linagee mikegrb: hrm
21:23mikegrb it doesn't
21:24mikegrb fairly constant from person to person
21:24linagee mikegrb: so WHY is AC 60Hz then... seems a little silly/scary. lol
21:24mikegrb it isn't 60hz everywhere
21:24mikegrb 60hz works great for things like clocks though
21:24linagee mikegrb: 50Hz/60Hz, pretty much the same thing. :-P
21:24linagee mikegrb: naw
21:24linagee mikegrb: not for TVs either
21:25linagee mikegrb: they haven't made a clock dependant upon 60Hz AC or a TV dependant upon 60Hz AC for decades.
21:25linagee lol
21:25mikegrb yes they have
21:25mikegrb many lowend clocks today are
21:25mikegrb have you not opened one?
21:25mikegrb I note that I am a nuclear electronics technician by trade
21:25linagee mikegrb: i guess i don't have many low end clocks. lol
21:25mikegrb where low end is less then about $30
21:26linagee mikegrb: you would think that 60Hz would work great for TV. divide it in half and you get 30Hz, fairly close to 29.97
21:26linagee mikegrb: but it turns out AC is way to unstable for that. :)
21:26mikegrb not really, the frequency is rather constant
21:26mikegrb reason being multiple generators
21:26linagee and the phase? that is too? ;)
21:27mikegrb if one is a little off, it gets pulled in phase by the others
21:27linagee frequency, phase, and possibly amplitude would be dependant upon any circuit running "right off the AC" :)
21:27mikegrb that is one of the principal checks before paralleling to generators
21:27linagee hmm..
21:27mikegrb not when the source is any magnitude larger then the loads
21:28linagee mikegrb: not really sure...
21:28mikegrb though voltage typically sags temporarly as a new large load comes on, frequency and phase stay pretty much constant
21:28linagee mikegrb: if i had a recording oscilloscope, i could test the AC... :)
21:28mikegrb yup
21:28linagee mikegrb: and if i set a freq generator in phase, i could see the disturbances. :)
21:29mikegrb heh
21:29mikegrb I worked at a nuclear power plant until about 7 moths ago
21:29linagee mikegrb: but i don't have a o-scope, let along freq gen. :(
21:29mikegrb heh
21:29linagee mikegrb: they replaced you with a computer? lol
21:29mikegrb that is what work is for
21:29linagee mikegrb: good ones are in the thousands, really just never got around to it
21:30mikegrb yeah
21:30mikegrb just get a job somewhere with one ;)
21:30linagee mikegrb: they did replace you with a computer? lol
21:30mikegrb sush
21:31linagee mikegrb: what did you do for the nuclear power plant
21:31mikegrb I worked on the control and safety systems
21:31mikegrb maintenance, repair, and testing
21:31mikegrb and then run them, ie set in the drivers seat
21:32linagee mikegrb: isn't it mostly computerized though? i never understood the need for an operator at a nuclear power plant. lol
21:32mikegrb monitor the console
21:32mikegrb but the computerized systems I also work on
21:33linagee i see..
21:33linagee mikegrb: did the govt own this nuclear power plant, or a company, or what?
21:33mikegrb .mil
21:34linagee mikegrb: San Onofre?
21:35mikegrb no
21:35mikegrb nuclear sub
21:35linagee oic...
21:35linagee when you said "nuclear power plant" i thought you meant a land based one
21:35mikegrb so we actually got to do things like parallelling the multiple ac generators
21:35mikegrb paralleling ac generators with shore power and stuff
21:35mikegrb so variables of an ac signal come up quite a bit
21:36linagee not sure i exactly understand...
21:36linagee when you were at shore, you would share power?
21:36mikegrb yes
21:36linagee odd...
21:36linagee i never knew nuclear subs did that kind of thing
21:36mikegrb well for one if you shutdown the reactor the battery doesn't have enough power to start it back up
21:37linagee huh? lol
21:37linagee if it gets shut down, it can't start back up without tons of power?
21:37mikegrb yes
21:37linagee sounds like a car without an alternator. lol
21:37mikegrb for all the computers :p
21:37--- <<-- Snappi [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:37mikegrb well with a bad battery
21:38linagee so if you were at like 10% battery left, you couldn't just say, ok, let's start up the nuclear generator now... ;)
21:38mikegrb no
21:38linagee scary
21:38mikegrb but you don't shut the reactor down unless you have shore power anyway
21:38linagee i see.
21:39linagee do they have the same problems with batteries dying after a while that everyone else always has? lol
21:39linagee (when i say dying, i mean refusing to hold a charge)
21:41mikegrb well in large industrial settings batteries are closely watched
21:41* linagee goes off for dinner
21:41linagee ohh
21:41mikegrb ie each individual cells voltage and current is watched when charging and discharging
21:41linagee hm
21:42linagee then they just change invididual cells if need be...
21:42mikegrb yeah
21:43* linagee goes off to eat
21:45knight- whats the best way to compare a string to a QString? if (! new QString("blah") ) )?
21:45knight- for equality
21:51knight- guess i'll just do this: if ( ( !fi->fileName().localeAwareCompare( QString(".")) == 0) &&
21:54--- ---> billytwowilly [] has joined #mythtv
21:54--- <<-- josephk_ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
22:16Captain_Murdo| knight-: why don't you just do this: if (myQstringVariable == "the string I want to compare")
22:16knight- yeah I was doing that, and it wasnt matching
22:16knight- well, fi->fileName().latin1() wasnt anyways
22:17rkulagow captain_murdoch: i added some docs to keys.txt on the recording groups. is there a way to move multiple programs all at once? ie, 10 episodes of "mythbusters", and i want them in the "bob" container.
22:17Captain_Murdo| rkulagow: no, I wonder if I could make it do something like that if you're not on a show but are on the left-hand title side.
22:18rkulagow c_m: that would rock.
22:19rkulagow the other thing i noticed is that if you change a group you need to go down to the "OK" button, as opposed to changing it using left/right and then just pressing select/space/CR.
22:20Captain_Murdo| yeah, o_cee asked about that as well. I looked at that and need to see if I can figure out a way to do that.
22:20rkulagow crap. got to reboot; Nero has wedged. bbiab.
22:22--- <--- rkulagow [] has left #mythtv ()
22:27--- <<-- billytwowilly [] has quit ("Leaving")
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