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00:04stevenm Hi all
00:04stevenm When I go to watch tv, mythbackend gives me error: Unknown video codec: open: Device or resource busy
00:04stevenm open: Device or resource busy
00:04stevenm I have codec set as MPEG-4... What's wrong?
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02:37Sobek Do you developers have a faviorite mobo for myth?
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03:14Sir-Al Sobek: KT333 works well
03:14Sobek I will give that a read up.
03:15Sir-Al Sobek: it's been replaced by KT400 and KT400a (or something of the sort), but I have no experience with those
03:15Sobek I have actually had a run in with the kt400 and was very unhappt.
03:15Sobek unhappy
03:16Sir-Al maybe that's why i don't use it ;)
03:16Sobek what about for a p4?
03:16Sir-Al no idea, i prefer athlons
03:16Sir-Al hardly anyone i know uses p4's
03:17Sir-Al so i can't ask many either lol
03:17Sobek Me too but this was a freebee for research..
03:17Sir-Al Sobek: get one that supports dual channel ddr with 533mhz fsb
03:18Sobek Proc is hyperthread ready 800 fsb..
03:18Sobek Any particular chipset that caused major issues?
03:19Sobek I have found a few issues with a Asus a7n8x.. Very unstable..
03:27Sir-Al Sobek: try to avoid nforce chipsets
03:27Sobek Yea I learned that the hard way.. :-) I also avoid the ati stuff if possible..
03:28Sir-Al Sobek: ati is great... if you're in windows
03:29Sobek amen to that..
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03:49o_cee i forgot to set handle sigpipe nostop in gdb
03:49o_cee how can i resume the program ?
03:49o_cee anyone knows?
03:49o_cee ah continue
03:49o_cee nm
03:56Sir-Al heh
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04:10ShockValue do i get klined for askin a dumb support question here? Im getting no love in -users.. :)
04:11ShockValue well, here goes: is there a way to clear out just the music portion of the mythtv database? ive changed a bunch of stuff around, and would like to re-scan from scratch, but dont want to start completely over.
04:11Slaytanic Sure, just clear out the relevant table in the database.
04:12ShockValue that sounds logical.. unfortunatly i dont know sql commands, except by following the mythtv install docs
04:12Slaytanic It's easy... The command you want to execute is DELETE FROM musicmetadata WHERE 1;
04:13ShockValue thank you, ill go try that
04:13Slaytanic From the cmd prompt, type "mysql -u mythtv -p" and then enter your pw... It's probably "mythtv".
04:13Slaytanic Then enter "use mythconverg" to select the correct database. Then issue the SQL command above.
04:13ShockValue ok! afk to go try :)
04:14Slaytanic Oh, "use mythconverg;" of course. :)
04:18ShockValue thank you, that worked perfectly
04:25Sir-Al wow...
04:25Slaytanic Great. :)
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08:55avoozl the frontend segfaults when i go to program schedule.. (cvs checkout yesterday) any clues?
09:03niqo does not do that here, cvs from today
09:03niqo was it a clean checkout or update?
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09:19avoozl clean checkout
09:19avoozl but it might be caused by my odd configuration of channel, i dont think everything has channelnames and such yet
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10:26enki man i gotta say kde 3.2 is pretty sexy
10:40avoozl heh
10:41avoozl i hate those kinds of wm's
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10:41* avoozl uses ion (
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12:21avoozl how hard would it be to just use mythtv as a scheduler, and use a different capture program (like mp1e, which gives me far better quality/speed captures on my machine)
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12:27niqo avoozl: look at the libs/libmythtv/mpegrecorder* files
12:28avoozl niqo: thanks
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12:31gulliver hi all
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12:32gulliver I am just trying to undestand the mythmusic source code and I absolutely can't see how the UIManagedTreeList is filled, if show_whole_tree is enabled
12:32gulliver can someone help me with that?
12:34gulliver nobody around here?
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13:58thor_ gulliver, it gets passed a GenericTree object
13:59thor_ AllMusic::writeTree in metadata.cpp
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14:17gulliver thor_: I figuraed that out by myself, but where is this called for all_music? I only see this for all_playlists?!
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14:30stevenm hey, is it possible to run mythfrontend and mythbackend on the same computer ?
14:30thor_ playlists calls music
14:30thor_ (I think)
14:31gulliver hmmm... ok. although I don't see where the sense behind that should be...
14:31stevenm I just want a pvr program
14:31thor_ cause you can't load it till the playlists are donw
14:31thor_ done
14:31thor_ as playlist need all the metadata and all the other playlists to be loaded before you can see if they're valid or not
14:32thor_ stevenm, yes
14:32thor_ loaded != in the tree
14:32gulliver ok...
14:32stevenm thor_, how do I do this? both frontend and backend open /dev/dsp, and backend, seeing /dev/dsp occupied, bails on me
14:33thor_ stevenm, huh ?
14:33gulliver stevenm: what sound-service are you using?
14:33thor_ gulliver, one sec ...
14:33stevenm gulliver, am on alsa
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14:34gulliver strange, alsa should be able to handle multiple connects on the emulated oss device
14:35stevenm apparently not..
14:36thor_ gulliver, yeah, PlaybackBox::checkForPlaylists()
14:36thor_ shows Please Wait() ... till everything is set to go
14:36thor_ sorry "Please Wait"
14:37gulliver thor_: yes, I saw that, but I still don't understand how the entire collections get's loaded, if you have show_whole_tree is enabled...
14:38thor_ _loading_ is off in it's own thread, putting on the tree happens once loading is done
14:38gulliver I think if I would see the code which does the determination if show_whole_tree is on and loads the entire database then
14:38thor_ database is always completely loaded
14:39thor_ show whole tree is just a flag fro how to draw the GUI
14:39gulliver hmmmm
14:39thor_ main.cpp
14:39thor_ sets the loading going
14:39thor_ playback box is just asking if it's done yet
14:40thor_ and if it is, drawings something, either in show whole tree mode or not
14:40thor_ drawing
14:40thor_ stevenm,
14:41gulliver hmmm
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14:45gulliver another question: If I want to create key-events isn't it enough to simply do a REG_KEY("MyModule", "TESTCOMMAND", "just test", "t");
14:46gulliver and access it with gContext->GetMainWindow()->TranslateKeyPress("MyModule", e, actions);
14:46gulliver ?
14:46thor_ heh, dunno ... Chutt did all the KeyList stuff and I've never really looked at it
14:46gulliver because I tried that and I doesn
14:46gulliver 't work
14:47gulliver but if I add a command to a existing command-set (for example for "Music") it works fine
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14:47thor_ if you want _new_ set, you probably need to have it exist up in libmyth ... but I'm just guessing
14:48gulliver ok, could you point me to the files I have to look at?
14:48Chutt please write my code for me!
14:48Snow-Man Ok!
14:49gulliver hmmm, but when I think of it, this wouldn't really make sense, since every new module would need to modify libmyth, wouldn't it?
14:49thor_ no idea
14:49Snow-Man printf("Chutt sucks!\n");
14:49thor_ goto Snow-Man;
14:49Snow-Man hehe
14:49gulliver Chutt: could you possibly lighten up the darkness a little bit? (c;
14:50Chutt gulliver, no, figure it out yourself.
14:50gulliver thanks a lot, this is really friendly (c:
14:51Chutt you're being annoying
14:51* thor_ is going to go and buy some Diet Coke
14:52Chutt all your questions so far could have been answered by grepping through the sources.
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14:54gulliver as far as I see it from the sources a REG_KEY should do the thing
14:55Chutt that's because they do.
14:56gulliver Chutt: then I don't see, why it doesn't work for me?
14:56Chutt i wouldn't know
14:58* Captain_Murd wishes that QComboBox issued an activated() signal when you hit ENTER and not just when you selected an item using the mouse.
14:58Chutt change it =)
14:59Chutt i'm already overriding the keypressevent for that, aren't i?
14:59Captain_Murdo| oh, so the left/right is overridden? :) hmmm....
14:59Captain_Murdo| forgot about that.
15:00Captain_Murdo| or up/down, forgot which but I know what you mean.
15:01Captain_Murdo| and I was looking at mythwidgets.cpp last night but overlooked that function.
15:01thor_ Chutt, that segfault the same cause of rkulagow's ?
15:01dja_ Captain_Murdoch: are you working on the Recording Group View popup?
15:01gulliver maybe there is a way to check if the keys are registered the right way?
15:01Chutt the one just posted?
15:01thor_ yeah
15:01Chutt i wouldn't have any idea, as the guy cut off the part where it crashed
15:01Captain_Murdo| dja, the ability to hit ENTER instead of requiring OK? yeah, I was looking at that.
15:02dja_ :-) great minds think alike...I'm working on that exact issue myself...although you're far better than me, so maybe i'll just wait...:-)
15:02Captain_Murdo| I'm looking at it because you (or someone else) mentioned it a few days ago. :)
15:03dja_ I'm sorta there, I modified combobox to add an "emit accepted(currentItem())", but it just goes back to the previous view...was just working on why...
15:03dja_ must have been someone else, I've just been muttering under my breath about it. :-)
15:05Captain_Murdo| what do you mean "previous view" you mean the window closes?
15:05dja_ yup, but the view doesn't change
15:05Captain_Murdo| ok.
15:06gulliver doh, found my mistake... I had handled set to true...
15:07gulliver sry for being annoying (c:
15:09Captain_Murdo| c++ question. if I'm in a slot, can I trigger another slot to happen?
15:09thor_ slot's are methods
15:10thor_ you can just call them
15:11Captain_Murdo| so I can call accept() from within my own slot. thanks. c++ newbie trying to use Myth to learn more. :)
15:11Captain_Murdo| well, Qt newbie, c++ sorta newbie.
15:13thor_ you just need to be a little careful with stuff that are part of Qt event cycles, so you don't do things like generate a keyPressEvent while in the KeyPressEvent handler
15:13thor_ that kind of thing
15:14Captain_Murdo| ok, thanks.
15:14thor_ yup
15:16dja_ darn, got it changing the view, but the box doesn't go away until you click ok...almost there. :-)
15:16gulliver thor_ undestand the entire music-collection thing now. (now that I know, what conext is for (c: )
15:18Captain_Murdo| dja, it changed the view because PlaybackBox::chooseSetViewGroup() was called,
15:19gulliver thor_: I understand <- this is what I wanted to say (c:
15:19dja_ yeah, I did that. :-) Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get it to close the popup at the same time. :-)
15:19thor_ heh
15:20dja_ got it. yea! :-)
15:20Captain_Murdo| cool.
15:20Captain_Murdo| so it only closes if you hit enter if there's no password required for that group? ;)
15:20dja_ hacking myth can be too addicting :-)
15:21dja_ (I believe so, checking...)
15:21dja_ ack...:-)
15:21dja_ at least it doesn't change to group w/o the password. :-)
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15:44* Captain_Murd for kicks links in an .avi file in place of a .nuv file and then selects it to play from the playbackbox screen.
15:45* Captain_Murd is now pondering a "virtual recording group" that contains the videos from mythvideo's db with the option of calling out to the normal external player or using the internal.
15:45thor_ yup
15:46Captain_Murdo| would be easy to do, just add a little to FillList() in playbackbox.cpp.
15:46thor_ my significant other is constantly compalining that it makes no sense that some Sex and The City's are under "Video" and some are under "Watch Recordings"
15:47thor_ complaining
15:47thor_ vague plans to have mfd build a list of all available video metadata at some point ...
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16:01Captain_Murdo| wouild be nice to run a quick scan of the video so the seeklist is in the DB for something like this.
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16:20dja_ Captain_Murdoch: got it! I'm not sure that it's pretty, but it works. :-)
16:20G-funk|laptop| anyone know if support for sega genesis roms has been started for mythgame?
16:20G-funk|laptop| or even thought about...
16:21Captain_Murdo| dja, cool.
16:22dja_ once I've cleaned it up some, should I send a patch to mythtv-dev?
16:22Captain_Murdo| just noticed MythPasswordDialog() and probably will replace the recgroup dialog that pops up when you go into the playback screen and your default group neeeds a password.
16:22dja_ ahh
16:22Captain_Murdo| dja: there or to me is fine.
16:23dja_ ok
16:23Captain_Murdo| thanks.
16:24dja_ yer welcome. :-)
16:25dja_ so is it worth me sending the patch? if I understand what you said, then my patch won't be needed. :-)
16:25dja_ oh wait, yes it will...because combobox doesn't do the select thingy...nevermind. :-)
16:26gulliver can someone tell me, how I can set an alternative graphic to solid_showings.png as background for 2-bin UIManagedTreeLists?
16:26Captain_Murdo| I'm just talking about when you initially go into the playback screen. if your default group requires a password, a dialog will popup currently. but it would be better if I just popped up Myth's password dialog rather than using my own.
16:27dja_ ahh...gotcha...should I remove the "OK" button from the popup?
16:28Captain_Murdo| I think it needs to stay for cases where there is a password.
16:28dja_ btw, what I thought you were talking about was not prompting for a password until after the user has selected the group...
16:28dja_ kinda like if you were entering the watch recording screens initially and it prompted for a password...
16:29Captain_Murdo| that might be a good idea as well.
16:29dja_ I think it would flow better...
16:29Captain_Murdo| yeah and would be less confusing.
16:29dja_ :-)
16:29dja_ (then I could remove that "OK" button I'm dying to remove :)
16:30Captain_Murdo| could put a text box on the group chooser that says "password required" or something maybe.
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16:31Captain_Murdo| yeah, I don't like the idea of the ok button but thought it would be less confusing than automatically closing the dialog whey they got the right password (which also means empty if it's empty).
16:32dja_ the way I envision it is that it won't close until you have a "working combination" (either no password and a group with no password, or the correct password and a group that has a password)
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16:33dja_ what I mean by "won't close" is that the select button doesn't do it won't ever "automatically close", it'll only close if you press select
16:33Captain_Murdo| well, if no ok button and a seperate password popup, I would think it wouldn't close until you hit enter.
16:33Captain_Murdo| enter/select. :)
16:33dja_ yup -- that's what I mean (probably not what I said :-)
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16:34Captain_Murdo| different terminology. I think that's much smoother than the current way I have it setup. I'm terrible at intuitive gui stuff. :)
16:35Captain_Murdo| I made a note on my TODO list to look at using the MythPasswordDialog() and changing this unless you want to mess with it.
16:35dja_ yeah, I'm not bad at complaining when it doesn't feel right, but I'm not any good at designing it. :-)
16:36dja_ I'll take a look at it and see if I think I can tackle it...I'll let you know if I get anywhere. In the meantime, I'll send you my patch for the current method. :-)
16:36dja_ btw, did you check in my patch for the recgroup database insert?
16:37Captain_Murdo| ok, I'm going to be working a bunch over the next few days but I'll try to get it in soon. the db insert patch for the recorded table? I'm pretty sure. said something in the log about doing 99% of the work and leaving the 1% up to the user to implement. :)
16:38dja_ yeah, I saw that...for some reason a "cvs diff -u ." from the top of my mythtv tree is acting as if it wasn't...
16:38Captain_Murdo| it's in ProgramInfo::StartedRecording() in my tree and doesn't show up as a change from cvs when I do a diff.
16:39Captain_Murdo| did you do a -D anytime recently?
16:39dja_ interesting..."cvs diff -u" must only see what differs in my tree versus the exact same revision...:-)
16:40dja_ (doing an update now)
16:41Captain_Murdo| yeah, that's the way it works.
16:41dja_ I learn quite a bit each day. :-)
16:42thor_ MythPasswordDialog() is very simple .... only slightly clever thing in there is it puts a timestamp in the settings table
16:43Captain_Murdo| that's done in mythvideo right not in mythpassworddialog.
16:43thor_ yup
16:43Captain_Murdo| thought so. was looking at the mythvideo code and that's how I noticed mythpassworddialog. :)
16:44Captain_Murdo| thor, were you envisioning the mythvideo files just showing up all under one "title" in the normal watch recordings screen?
16:45thor_ no idea, hadn't thought that far
16:45thor_ just vague thinking that every mfd should have a list of audio content, a list of image content, and a list of video content
16:46--- <<-- ChaosExiguum [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
16:47thor_ perhaps tree structure from dir structure for videos ?
16:47Captain_Murdo| I might give it some thought over the next few days since I won't have much time to do actual coding. I was thinking if there was a "MythVideo" title, the subtitles and descriptions could be from videometadata. or maybe a different info box for videos from videometadata table. could try to move some of mythvideo functionalitiy into the lib so things like the code that plays the consecutive parts would work.
16:48Captain_Murdo| yeah, that could work. could mean too many levels for existing display code but that could be reworked.
16:48thor_ lots of ways this could go, a little thinking up front certainly wouldn't hurt
16:48Captain_Murdo| yeah.
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17:48Teflon FYI is so amazingly cheap for DVD-R blanks.
17:48avoozl how cheap
17:48* avoozl checks
17:50avoozl hum i dont see anything on the site if its canadian or us dollar
17:51thor_ apart from the red maple leaf and the words "Prices in Canadian dollars" ?
17:53avoozl oh i was using lynx
17:53avoozl that is pretty cheap
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18:16--- User: *** avoozl is now known as avoozzzl
18:30AridWrk I'll 3rd that recommendation
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19:26dja_ Captain_Murdoch: you around?
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19:34dja_ Captain_Murdoch: I've sent the patch to the mailing list (I don't have your email address :-). It uses MythPasswordDialog for password prompting.
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19:47bainster alo
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20:26Captain_Murdo| dja, cool.
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20:37quink anyone know what might cause this error: Waited too long for decoder to pause ?
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21:30* Captain_Murd wonders why all his recordings (except the mpeg2 ones) started playing back with chipmunk voices and in fast motion.
21:58Chutt you selected the 'play back like the chipmunks' option in settings?
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22:04Captain_Murdo| must have missed that commit message. slow email I guess. :)
22:04Captain_Murdo| didn't remember that option.
22:05Chutt heh
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22:28Captain_Murdo| Chutt, any opinions on a what key could be used to tag items on the playbackbox screen. for instance if you wanted to delete 5 programs at once or move 10 programs to a different recording group, etc..
22:30knight- Chutt, I am still having a hard time figuring out where to place the theme downloader stuff in the UI... Perhaps a button on the section with the theme selector that says DOWNLOAD THEMES or something, that presents anew popup window
22:34Chutt sure
22:34Chutt that'd work
22:35Chutt captain_murdoch, i was pondering changing over the playback screen internals to use the uilistbtn stuff
22:35Chutt like in mythnews
22:35Chutt well, needs the tree level handling and stuff
22:36Chutt and it currently looks a little different than the existing stuff, so i'd like to make it so it can look similar to now
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22:37Chutt but i think that'd be a better framework, as it should be easier to do more levels
22:37Chutt and selection-type stuff
22:37Captain_Murdo| ok. so it will make things easier by reusing code.
22:37Chutt yeah
22:38Chutt i think it's a better framework than the list type that's drawing that screen already
22:38Chutt simpler
22:38Chutt at least =)
22:38Captain_Murdo| yeah, lot of code in there just to handle the list.
22:38Chutt i want to get mythmusic's selection screen converted to using it
22:39Captain_Murdo| which one's going first? music?
22:39Chutt music, yeah
22:39Captain_Murdo| :) remember you saying you were using it a lot lately.
22:39Chutt heh
22:39Chutt been busy
22:39Chutt but not for much longer =)
22:40Chutt so hopefully i can get some serious amounts of code written
22:41Chutt knight, i think there's a settings button type already defined that should help with all that
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22:41Captain_Murdo| will this be pre-0.15?
22:41Chutt the music stuff, at least
22:41Chutt i hope
22:42Captain_Murdo| so most of playbackbox will get rewritten as part of this right?
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22:42Chutt potentially
22:42thor_ heh
22:42Chutt if stuff works out with the music tree
22:43knight- Chutt, point me in the right direction :)
22:43Chutt knight, channel editor
22:43thor_ mythmusic being rewritten from two directions
22:43knight- thanks
22:43thor_ perhaps a 0.15 before the chaos begins ?
22:43Chutt i dunno
22:44Chutt i've just been busy too much recently
22:44thor_ the fixes for live tv versus 0.14 would be nice to get out before completely nuking stuff
22:44thor_ :-)
22:45Chutt eh
22:45thor_ I dunno, something about the avformat static structure screwing up live tv after a while
22:46thor_ maybe that's already in 0.14 ... I never have time to actually use Myth :-)
22:49knight- thats no good
22:58* Captain_Murd debates whether it's worth it to apply the code he just wrote to allow tagging multiple items on the playbackbox screen since it only works with changing recording groups for now and will need to be rewritten anyway.
22:59Captain_Murdo| will be nice if you can tag multiple items for delete/play/etc. when it uses the new type.
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