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01:13Sobek anyone elso have problems when ripping a dvd and getting the wrong audio track?
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02:49Zman Anyone awake?
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08:13o_cee Chutt: i've been recording all night now, the segfault seems fixed, thanks :)
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11:20tz-afk heh
11:21tz-afk ok dumb question -- I'm running mythtv with qte
11:21tz-afk and I've got no keyboard or mouse (or even remote) hooked up at this time
11:21tz-afk I guess I should hook up that pvr350 remote for now
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12:48tz-afk hmm
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12:48tz-afk can I not run the setup program with my hauppauge remote??
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12:48tz-afk lircd is running and I have given it native support in mythtv, irw shows it's seeing the remote but the setup program just ain't taking it
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13:31tz-afk damn I am getting the sneaking suspicion I need to tell qte to use the pc mouse
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14:10tz-afk blech
14:10tz-afk qte doesn't seem to like keyboard input
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16:41niqo hmm, is `X -dpi <dpi>` supposed to override DisplaySize?
16:42ChaosExiguum | I think its just supposed to set the dpi
16:42ChaosExiguum | although that would affect the display size if you think about it
16:42niqo it managed to mess up the aspect stuff here, the display became 4:3 with -dpi 100..
16:42niqo yea
16:43ChaosExiguum | hmm, it should not change the aspect I dont think
16:43niqo would probably make sense to allow a override of display size (for tv output) in general setting
16:43niqo yea, new code in cvs, based on displaysize
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16:48niqo probably would be nice with a default mode setting too..i'll see about doing it soon
16:49_rkulagow chutt: docs sync please
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17:14niqo hm, would be cool to have style support in the themes
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17:42eco Should I spend money on a half height video card with TV (which I already bought but it was a piece of crap GeForce 4 MX440 and I was silly and didn't check before I bought it) or should I get a VGA to NTSC converter?
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17:44o_cee eco: topic please.
17:44o_cee niqo: sorry, haven't had time to try your patch yet :/
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17:45niqo i'm not in a hurry :)
17:48eco Oh, sorry
17:48eco I'd just been idling in here for so long, didn't even notice the topic change
17:49eco It'd be better if it was #mythtv-dev and #mythtv for users but that's just my opinion.
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17:53niqo bah, buzz off
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17:57niqo clear
17:57niqo damn keyboard
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18:05niqo okay, that's one more MythTV user satisfied (just got confirmation that the cam fix does great things for some ppl =)
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18:08billytwowilly| Heh, got anything I can use to fix my cable co?
18:08billytwowilly| Just got word that they won't enable the serial port on my dct2224 for any reason.
18:08billytwowilly| On the bright side, I got to write a letter of complaint to the BBB and to the CRTC..
18:18niqo hmm, guess your on your own there...
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18:22o_cee niqo: does your patch work? in that case, i can just fix up the diffs for the xmls.. or you could do that as well, but i can't try it at the moment
18:27niqo think so...
18:27niqo naw, can't you do the theme work?
18:27niqo i'm not very good with colors 'n stuff
18:28o_cee heh, sure.. just that i haven't got my dirs in order.. could just checkout a fresh mythtv-cvs, need to do that anyway
18:28o_cee i was just going to make it black for GANT
18:28knight- what patch?
18:28niqo there's no hurry...
18:29niqo relax, and let your tree settle
18:29o_cee bah, i hate this frigging tree
18:29o_cee i'll never ever use trees again
18:30niqo ;)
18:30niqo fun, ain't it?
18:30o_cee very:)
18:31knight- what patch is this?
18:31o_cee knight-: <pressed> to themes
18:32niqo knight-: more gui feedback
18:33niqo o_cee: was thinking about adding styles to themes, dunno when i'll look into it,'ll give you power over everything =)
18:33o_cee niqo: styles? what do you mean?
18:34niqo u know qtconfig, right? CDE,Motif,...
18:34niqo the look of buttons,combos,listboxes...
18:35o_cee yeah?
18:35o_cee isn't it better to add new qt styles?
18:36niqo so wouldn't themable styles be cool?
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18:36o_cee sure, but isn't that a qt thing?
18:37niqo yea, sure you can make a 'static' style, but would not that fit better together with the themes
18:37niqo and please stop pulling my leg..
18:37o_cee i'm not touching your leg :)
18:40knight- heh
18:40o_cee updating qt to 3.3 without restating mythfrontend gives you really fun error msgs :)
18:47niqo o_cee: u on gentoo?
18:48o_cee niqo: yeah
18:49o_cee "No error type from QSqlError? Strange..." <-- heheh
18:49niqo o_cee: can't belive that you have the time...does it really save you as much time as it takes building it?
18:49o_cee niqo: probably not
18:49niqo :)
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18:49o_cee but at least i think i know a bit more about how stuff works ;)
18:51niqo yea, that's true, move over to debian when you are tired of waiting for the ebuild, i really recomend it!
18:54o_cee heh, i have to try it someday
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19:03niqo User quote: "i actually get depressed
19:03niqo when i change from a digital channel to a "normal" channel and see how awful
19:03niqo tthe quality is
19:06o_cee heheheh
19:06o_cee i hate the mono audio most channels here have :(
19:08niqo on the sucject of mono, i've got channels that have mono norwegian in one channel and mono swedish in another, sounds very funny :)
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19:09niqo s/sucject/subject/
19:10o_cee haha :)
19:11o_cee how annoying
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19:12* niqo wonder what part of the mpeg spec that belongs to..
19:13o_cee probably dvb spec, no?
19:13* o_cee have no idea
19:15niqo the mpeg broadcasted through dvb should be mpeg compliant, the dvb is just a subset of mpeg, iirc
19:16o_cee right:)
19:38o_cee niqo: "emerge -u mozilla-firefox phpmyadmin blackbox php" and i'm off to bed ;)
19:39o_cee g'night
19:39niqo o_cee: "apt-get install mozilla-firefox phpmyadmin blackbox php", and i'm ready in 5'
19:39niqo g'night
19:40o_cee hehe, that's not as fun ;)
19:40o_cee and speed is good heh
19:41niqo hmm
19:41o_cee yeah well afterwards, when it's compiled ;)
19:42o_cee nighty night
19:42niqo can't say i can tell the difference, certainly feels like debian kde 3.2 is faster on my laptop
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20:01niqo Andrew Mahone really deserves CVS write access!!
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20:44thor_ people who don't know what a /dev is are running 2.6 kernels ...
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20:48bline this is something new?
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20:50simcop2387 hey i've got a question, i've finally gotten mythtv to record live tv well, but the problem i've got is that it isn't recording any audio
20:51simcop2387 its like the audio is coming from /dev/null wheres the option to check where the input audio device is?
20:53simcop2387 sorry didn't read the topic... i appologize
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21:12extremis how do I take a dvd+r and burn it to dvd-r at console?
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21:40dblevins where is the source for the MythInstall doc?
21:40dblevins I'd like to submit some patches to it, there are a lot of great posts in the archives that would be great additions.
21:40mikegrb cvs
21:41dblevins thanks
21:41mikegrb no problem
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